A Korean in Paris (2015) Movie Script

I wanted to talk
with a Korean woman.
I don't remember much of Korea.
And Korean language,
I've almost forgot everything.
I was adopted when
I was 5 years old.
And you?
How long have you been here?
Hey you drunks!
If you fight,
I will give you 10 euros!
10 euros if you fight!
Fuck, what shitty luck!
Are you Korean?
What's it to you?
Hey dude!
Come have a drink with us.
We often see you,
but we don't even know your name.
I won't hurt you.
Come have a drink.
Where are you from, Asian friend?
Good evening,
your attention, please.
France still wants to
fight against prostitution.
Get involved.
Tomorrow there will be
a big demonstration at 1 pm,
Place de Clichy,
to stand up for your rights.
Your customers will be punished for
any offence. We support you.
Here it is. At 1 pm.,
Place de Clichy.
Get involved. You have rights.
Claim them.
He is a great guy.
He wants to change things.
He is like you.
He never gives up.
Have you seen her?
Have you seen her?
Have you seen her?
Have you seen her?
Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I am sorry to bother you.
I would like to ask you
if you could help me,
Any spare change
so that I may eat?
I have been unemployed
for three months.
Chang, aren't you
coming back home?
No, we have already talked about it.
Hey you!
Dirty pervert!
Are you all right?
Leave me alone!
I don't know what got
into me the other night.
I heard about you.
I just wanted to talk.
I have nothing to say.
See you next time.
I am Chang.
Me too, I'm of Korean origin.
I want to do it again.
Darling, I'm afraid of waten
When I look at water,
it feels like something draws me into it.
You have too much imagination.
That's why you often
have strange dreams.
What is he saying?
We are Korean.
Yes, Hello?
Hey, tourists!
Do you want to buy a book from me?
So I can give some food to my dog.
This is a book about the Louvre.
I'll sell it cheap.
In Paris, there are many
beggars and dogs.
But how can this beggar take
care of his dog without money?
It is the government that gives money.
Parisians have more pity for
dogs than for homeless people.
Such a poor dog to inherit
a beggar for his master.
Dogs are really happy if
they have a loving master.
Darling, the book we
bought was cheap, right?
Yes, this is a new book. It's good
because we're going to the Louvre.
Oh, I don't really enjoy
touristy sights like the Louvre.
If you come to Paris,
you should go to the Louvre.
I want to see the lively side of Paris.
Oh, I'll show you this
side of Paris, too.
Darling, what we saw in the
cinema was really something, right?
No, it was nothing special.
He was a prostitute, right?
He gave him money after.
How does a man fuck another man?
it's something dirty.
Darling, there must be a reason.
There's no reason.
It's dirty, that's all.
They are prostitutes, right?
Hmm, I don't know.
What's that bus for?
They gave me a lot of condoms.
Yeon-wha, why did you take them?
Why not?
Yeon-wha, what's the matter?
Darling, lick me.
Do it quickly,
Oh no, the ice cream is all melted.
Why didn't you eat it?
Why don't you wear
your wedding ring?
Oh, because it's annoying
when I wash my hands
Still, it is our wedding ring.
I can put it
Give it to me.
Come here.
It's okay like this, right?
Haha, yes. I'm going
to buy some cigarettes.
I am sorry
Do you really think that
she was kidnapped?
Don't get me wrong.
I just wanted to know.
What are you going to do
if she's left on her own?
Yeon-wha, she's my wife.
I'll bring her back to Korea.
It's my father.
See you next time.
You come back whenever you want.
How are you?
Take off your clothes.
Chang, I am old.
Don't try too hard.
I am a whore.
Have you seen her?
Have you seen her?
Hello, how are you?
There aren't any
new Korean girls here.
Good luck!
You will be better accommodated,
you will be able to go to sleep.
Breakfast in the morning.
Leave me alone now.
I don't want to go anywhere.
Come take a shower. It'll be nice.
Oh no, this is my home here.
Ah at least take
a bottle of water then.
Good luck anyway.
- So, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Good evening everyone!
- Good evening!
You can go to your room
and take a shower.
Have breakfast,
the service is almost finished.
- Do you want a coffee?
- No, thanks.
- I want to sleep with you.
- What?
You must find your wife.
It's my life, I'll decide what I'll do.
You're just like everyone else.
All you see in me is a whore.
Yes, you are a whore.
The money isn't enough?
Get out!
Not me,
but it's okay with your father?
You're just a prostitute,
what do you know about it?
Why not me? Fuck!
I am sorry.
Good bye.
Have you seen her?
Have you seen her?
Show me the photo again.
She said that she's seen this
woman before in Marseille.
She said that when she was in Marseille,
this woman lived next to her room.
But she wasn't Chinese.
If we go to the bathroom,
I'll give you more money, okay?
Money first
What a dirty homo!
Hey, dude, hey.
You can't just go like that?
We're going to have fun,
both of us. You will get your money.
You know, we don't like foreigners
who take advantage of our country.
I washed your clothes.
They stank too much.
Sweetheart, we lived so happily together.
Thank you for having lived with me.
What's your name?
Where are you from?
South Korea or North Korea?
South Korea.
Ah, South Korea! That's good,
they played well in the World Cup.
They are good players, they are good players.
Well, as you know, I promised
I would drop you off in Marseille.
But I can't. I can drop you
a little bit before there.
Is it okay?
Come here, sweetheart!
Come and relax with us.
We have the most beautiful girls.
We have Asians too.
We have Chinese girls.
We have Japanese girls.
We have Koreans girls.
Do you have money, sweetheart?
Here, have a drink while waiting.