A Lady Without Passport (1950) Movie Script

I've been looking all
over new york for you.
Get in.
You can't get away
with that money, ramon.
Palinov wants
to see you in havana.
Get in!
Get back.
Come on, please get back.
Stay back, everybody.
He's crazy.
Stand back, folks.
All right.
Stand back.
Step back.
Victim's name,
ramon santez.
He had it tattooed
on his chest.
Victim's address,
This stuff was found
in his pockets.
What good's half a thousand
dollar bill to anybody?
No good
without the other half.
We really drew a blank
on this guy.
Wait a minute.
These are given away
free on airlines,
and so are these.
Looks like we better
start checking flights.
Thanks, doc.
All right.
Morning, miss.
Good morning.
They tell me
you recognize
the man
in this picture.
Yes, i remember him.
Flight 30,
yesterday morning.
Yesterday morning?
Yes. Nonstop to new york from miami.
Did you notice
anything unusual
about this man's
Well, he was looking
sort of greeny,
so i gave him the inhaler and some gum-
any-anything else?
Miami, huh?
All right.
Thank you very much.
Well, your man
recently walked
through a field
of ripe sugarcane.
We found traces
of it in his shoes
and the cuffs
of his trousers.
Not in new york?
Not in miami either.
This red clay we found on his shoes
is typical of cuba.
Miami and cuba?
Well, this is a job
for the immigration boys.
from flight 26 for miami,
now arriving at gate 5.
Lieutenant lannahan?
I'm chief control
inspector westlake.
Hi. Got something for me?
That i have.
A picture
of a dead man,
a half-thousand
dollar bill,
some chewing gum,
an inhaler,
and a lot
of questions.
That's quite a haul.
Come on.
We will prepare a dossier
on santez for you,
but you will find only
one item of interest.
Since i'm starting
from scratch,
one would be a help.
Santez was associated
with a man named palinov,
owner of
the gulf stream cafe.
Our information on seor
palinov's activities
will be included
in the dossier.
Thank you.
In appearance,
this palinov is-
seor, he is charming.
He is refined,
However, i am certain
he is not so considerate
toward the laws
of the united states.
those relating
to the smuggling in
of aliens?
Pues, s.
5 or 6 aliens
make an appearance
at his cafe
every week or two.
They are to be found
sipping drinks
at a table.
Then suddenly, poof,
they disappear.
And the next week,
a new group.
Well, that's for me.
I'll try to do
as much for you
That we will offer
any assistance
goes without saying.
I regret we are unable
to arrest him for you,
but we, like you,
we have no laws
preventing aliens being
taken out of the country.
I understand.
Thank you very much.
A suerte.
A word of caution.
Palinov is also
arrogant and clever.
He has spotted
every man
we have assigned
to his cafe.
I don't intend to walk in
and wait for him to spot me.
I want an invitation.
I'm gonna let seor
palinov come after me.
We talk americano just
like all us americans.
Oh, this makes 5
since noon.
Today, nobody
will be refused.
Marianne lorress.
Here you can
see everything.
They come
in their finery,
trying to cling
to their dignity,
trying to hide
the desperation they feel.
You will not
keep me
out of
the united states.
not here to keep you out.
We're glad
to admit you
if you're eligible.
I am eligible.
Just fill in
those forms.
Your new application
will be dated as of today.
Application? How long i
have to wait this time?
Hungarian quota?
About 3 years.
3 years? I don't wait 3 years.
Let them wait
3 years, not me.
The spell is broken.
Now nobody will be
admitted today.
Oh, monsieur,
excuse me.
I, too, have just come from the embassy.
So many
so foolish laws.
So many facets.
I overheard
I view your problems
with great sympathy.
Save your sympathy.
Oh, well.
Oh, allow me,
Would you do me the honor
of having a drink with me?
You pay?
I drink.
You will like
what's offered here.
The usual.
Yes, i know how
a man like yourself
must resent those idiotic
regulations of the united states.
I resent them?
I spit on them.
Who are you?
I am palinov,
and this is
my humble home,
my business,
my hobby.
I don't think
much of it.
I am joseph gombush.
Are you, too,
a hungarian?
Ah, only when the occasion demands.
I'm a levantine.
I was brought to
your establishment by-
he was going to pay.
On the house.
I could hardly ask a new
friend to wash glasses
to pay
for his drink.
You are insulting.
Oh, i was joking.
Put it away.
I heard you speak
of the laws
the united states.
You overheard.
One overhears more
interesting things.
I will have another
of the same.
On the house.
You were saying.
One would think
i had enough to do
running the
gulf stream cafe,
but, no,
i had to be plagued
with a soft heart.
It's hardly
When i hear
of people
who want to enter
the united states,
i am moved.
And what do you do?
What can i do?
i put someone
in touch with a man
who might help him.
I would pay.
I wouldn't dream
of it.
Any price
within reason
for you
or anybody else.
Miss lorress.
I understand the embassy
couldn't help you.
Will you help me?
How anxious
are you to go?
Very, or i wouldn't
have come back.
I try not
to get sentimental.
I run a business.
The fee
for my services
is $1,000,
payable in advance.
I haven't the money.
As i say, i try not to get sentimental,
but sometimes-
if i had $1,000,
you wouldn't expect
all of it here.
It would be
torn in half
to ensure
good faith?
Good faith
on both sides.
You said
you'd take me
to charleston,
south carolina.
When i get there, i
may be able to pay you.
Trusting a woman
as beautiful as yourself
is very sentimental.
How can i be sure of you in charleston?
Good faith.
In view of
the circumstances,
the arrangements will take
less time than i anticipated.
Nothing has changed.
The same in havana as
it is in paris or vienna.
Allow me.
If you'll be
good enough to wait.
Hit by a taxi.
I couldn't get
the half bill.
The police.
I tried, but-
but we may
be visited.
New york cops. How they gonna
figure a havana connection?
Don't underestimate.
We all leave tracks
to our past.
Not me.
Questions might
be asked.
Would i have to tell the
truth when i answered?
Again, you
A shrewd man
never asks questions
until he has gathered enough information
to be able to distinguish
between lies and truth.
There's a mr. Gombush in the cafe.
There is no reason
to assume
that he is anything more
than he claims to be.
I think, however,
something more
than a routine check
is indicated.
This place is
like a morgue.
I am joseph gombush.
Before this gloom descends
upon my soul, too,
i offer to buy everyone
a drink personally.
At least to enliven
the atmosphere
and to loosen tongues in
intelligent conversation.
No, thank you,
I withdraw my offer.
Another glass,
gloomy one.
In it is
the best company
to be found
in this place.
I never inquired.
You are not,
by chance, hungarian?
No matter.
As a favor to me,
don't be surprised
at anything i say.
Mr. Joseph gombush.
Miss marianne lorress.
I thought,
since you were both
hungarians in havana,
you might be lonesome.
You are hungarian?
Um, my dear friend,
you mean to say
you didn't recognize
the name?
Mayor of budapest.
One of the most
famous men in all hungary.
Oh, that lorress.
Of course, if not
the most famous,
at least
the most infamous.
What a charming
scoundrel he was.
Miss lorress here
is his niece.
The rumors around budapest about him,
and the parties.
Nowhere have there been
such banquets,
such orgies
of the gourmet.
Do you remember the story
about the visiting princess?
I can't say
that i do.
This you must hear.
You will forgive me,
miss lorress.
This i must tell seor
palinov in private.
I waste my time telling
a smart man like yourself,
but never trust
a beautiful woman.
I trust everyone.
As you wish,
but she lied to you.
Are you sure?
Of course
i'm sure.
There was never a mayor
lorress in budapest.
Good day, miss lorress.
He says that you deliberately
knocked down his fruit.
Is that right?
Nothing of the sort.
The man is insane.
He's a fool.
Stupid fool.
The gentleman was not
familiar with the cuban laws.
He will pay you
for the damage.
I don't sell nothing
but the best fruit, seor.
None of it ruined.
Will this
take care of it?
Oh, s, seor.
Muchas gracias.
Gracias, mi capitn.
An expensive method, seor,
to get rid of a pursuer.
Well, i didn't think it
was a good idea for him
to see me walk into
the police station
or to know that i was
trying to shake him.
A made a good contact with palinov,
but i can't count
on that alone.
Pues, no. You people have an expression.
A cat can be skinned
9 different ways.
That's right, but
i've got to have a lead
to this bunch
of immigrants
he's going to
smuggle in.
That thought,
it occurred to us, too.
They might have objected to
having their pictures taken.
You may wish
to send these on
to the united states,
It will make
identification easier
should they enter
your country.
You've been a great help, lieutenant.
I think i've got
myself a lead.
Good evening.
Is miss lorress in?
If she is, she must have
squeezed through the keyhole.
But i wish
to see her.
Maybe if she had
distinguished callers like you,
she would not have
been locked out.
You see, no money,
no room.
You know where
she went?
I'd try the street
of the cafes.
Go fast, go fast.
A beautiful girl don't remain on her own
very long in havana.
For me?
For you.
Oh, merci beaucoup.
Ce, c'est
trs gentil.
i'm a guide.
You want
a guide?
You need a guide
here in havana.
you want to go.
I can show you all the places in havana.
You can't
walk around
without a guide
in this town.
You know,
i can show you.
No matter where
you want to go,
i can show you
you want to go.
All the beautiful places in havana.
let me show you.
Some other time.
Some other time.
Take your hands
off the seorita.
She's under arrest.
Yes, only the police has
the right to paw me.
She's in my costume.
It is mine.
She must remove it.
You'll appear
tomorrow on charges.
What are
my charges?
Come along.
Seorita, my costume
- take it off.
What? Here,
right now, in the street?
When you are charged tomorrow,
you'll get back
the costume.
Marianne, what
foolishness is this?
You'll step
aside, please.
Police, i will
take care of this.
It would serve you right
if i were to step aside.
Lucky for you, i have
a forgiving nature.
Come. I will
take you home.
Well, the police
may object.
Why? I have said
i forgive you.
The seorita,
an alien,
took employment
in cuba
without a work permit.
to the statutes,
this offense
is punishable
by arrest
and deportation.
This is ridiculous. I,
joseph gombush, say so.
You are a man
of the world.
The lady and i
She sometimes thinks i don't
know what is best for her.
She has a temper.
So you were
going to prove
that you could get
along without me.
My friend, what
is one to do
with a stubborn
This girl, whom
i love so dearly,
we forever have lovers'
quarrels. There is nothing-
i can do nothing
for you.
I am totally
with the laws
of my own country.
There is not
so much difference.
I say, the girl
is innocent.
That is for
the judge to say.
Come with me.
She did not take
This means to work.
To work is to be paid. Were you paid?
I should pay to get myself
charged as a criminal?
Do you know that
this was not a lark,
dressing in costume,
pretending to be cigarette girl?
True. Every word of it.
I swear she has
never worked.
It was only joke.
to the statutes-
the girl is not
a criminal.
No harm
has been done.
Discuss the matter
with your chief.
You may quote me-
joseph gombush.
He will agree.
If not, you know
where to find her.
These facts on
your papers are accurate?
Oh, yes.
You can be reached
at this address?
I'm no longer-
uh, just today,
a change.
She is at my hotel,
the vincente.
Next time, perhaps
you will listen to me.
Look at yourself.
I'm ashamed to be
seen with you.
my costume.
Be thankful
you're not in jail.
In jail?
Hotel vincente.
S, seor.
The vincente.
to police records,
this is where
i'll be living.
Gracias, seor.
Muchisma gracia.
Your hotel?
You would not
have liked the jail.
I understand it's rather overcrowded.
Hotel rooms, too,
may become overcrowded.
Miss lorress, one may leave a hotel room
whenever one wishes,
but in jail,
i believe,
there are certain, uh, formalities.
A room
for miss lorress.
Yes, seor.
Yes, of course.
S, seor.
Never mind.
I know where it is.
Get some wine
right away.
S, seor.
Next to your own.
This girl could
sell me cigarettes,
and i don't smoke.
I smoke.
Thank you,
mr. Gombush.
Uh, may i?
You're no longer ashamed
to be seen with me?
Only in public.
I think it's only fair
to warn you, mr. Gombush,
you're quite right.
I am stubborn, and i do have a temper.
Then i shall take care
not to arouse it.
Uh, that little matter
we quarreled about.
Oh? What was it?
I seem to have
I believe it
was your refusal
to kiss me
good night.
We could
quarrel again.
As i told
the policeman,
the lady doesn't always
know what is best for her.
He was very
No policeman's
For 10 years,
they've driven me
and everyone like me
across the world.
"You can't
stay here.
We have laws.
Get out."
But where,
where can i go?
Now i'm in cuba.
I may stay,
but i can't work.
The law says, "don't earn your living,
"or you will
be deported.
Find your bread
on the street."
You live with anger.
There are more pleasant
Another souvenir
of the law-
Come in.
The wine, seor.
Sometimes even when it seems
there is nothing to celebrate,
one can find cause
for mild rejoicing-
the avoidance
of arrest
or perhaps...
just getting rid
of a man
who has acted like
an insensitive boor.
Good night,
miss lorress.
Seor, l-
it was a mistake.
Start talking.
Please, seor,
i will tell you.
This room looks
like any other room.
I didn't know it.
That one has
a hard head.
I have found nothing.
Gombush, gombush.
We've had to do with the police before.
This is just
the first time
a cop's moved in
on a girl you want.
The girl had nothing
to do with it.
She just likes the
rooms at the vincente.
Other girls
like them
at the gulf stream
Shut up.
Never can tell what
she's liable to whisper
in that cop's ear
some quiet night.
The girl knows nothing.
She can tell nothing.
Just one way
to be sure.
If he is killed,
he will be replaced,
perhaps by
a smarter man,
certainly someone
we won't know.
It's no trouble to keep an eye on him.
Who's there?
Marianne lorress.
Come in.
Oh, i don't
think so.
Do you?
You suspect me,
don't you?
Why don't you say
what you think?
Last night after
bringing you to my hotel,
i had visitors
for the first time.
A remarkable
One encounters coincidence frequently.
Who would guess
that in havana
i would meet
the beautiful niece
of mayor lorress
of budapest?
If there was a mayor
lorress in budapest,
i know nothing
about him.
And i don't know why palinov
chose that introduction.
As for the visitors,
well, let's say the
visitors were just thieves.
I'm prepared
to ignore
the whole incident.
I came here
this morning
to thank you
for your kindness.
Any gentleman would
have provided a room
for a lady
in distress.
But not every gentleman would
have been so considerate.
Thank you.
Uh, wait.
Havana can be
Surely you can find
the company you want.
I have.
I hoped i had, too.
I'm sorry we're both
You wouldn't want to
knock on the door again?
We could pretend
you just arrived.
I would
open the door
and be so pleased
to see you.
I'd bow, wish you good
morning, invite you in.
We'd go to breakfast
together, spend the day.
Good-bye, mr. Gombush.
Come in.
Good morning.
Buenos das.
Havana looks
different today.
Maybe it's because
i'm seeing it with you.
You knew without my
telling you, didn't you?
A little kindness means
a great deal to you.
Kindness has been a stranger
to me for a long time.
But anyone
who came along,
right man or wrong,
if he was gentle,
Not anyone.
Havana does
look lovely.
It's a way station,
the last one,
then the
united states.
Is it everything
people dream about?
I don't know.
It is what many
have dreamed.
Others whose dreams
have edges
which are too round,
colors too bright,
they are
Oh, i'm not looking
for streets
paved with gold.
A home, respect,
and neighbors
who want the same thing.
Marianne, don't hope
for too much.
I'm just beginning
to hope.
Even if things go
as you expect,
i've been to
the united states.
A little thing like an
accent, a foreign name
can set you apart.
There's always
someone who laughs.
I can't be bothered
with things like that.
Joseph, what is it?
You're going away. We will be separated.
Oh, we'll go
Palinov will
arrange it.
He hasn't yet.
But if you have the
money, there's no reason-
you have no money.
How will you go?
I'll go.
I'll make
my arrangements.
I'll speak to palinov
about you.
I'll speak
to palinov myself.
You are taking
miss lorress
to the united states.
I demand
to be taken also.
It occurs to me that
you are in no position
to demand anything.
Don't expect me
to plead.
I pay for what i get
in cash.
Go on.
I must leave havana
and get to
the united states.
Have you tired
of havana so soon?
Are its charms
so ordinary
that they may be
easily cast aside?
You, go on.
Why the hurried
Is there anyone you
wouldn't care to face
when the facts
are known?
When i go,
i don't go alone,
and i don't promise
transportation is paid
to assure me
of companionship.
You use lies
as bait.
A blackmailer should know
all about lies.
No better than
a policeman.
It's out
in the open.
Where the stench can reach any nostril.
I got a personal
interest in you, palinov.
From now on,
you're for me.
Don't let anyone else
squash you underfoot.
Save yourself
until i get ready.
Hello, mr. Westlake.
Pete karczag.
This thing's blowing up
pretty fast,
probably in my face.
This guy knows who i am.
He also knows
we can't touch him
unless we get him
in the states.
We can't let this one
blow up, pete.
There's got to be
a way to salvage it.
What about
the lorress girl?
I got the report
you mailed.
She ought to be a lead.
Well, i wouldn't
count too much on her.
yeah, but i don't-
well, maybe i'm not
the right guy
for this job anymore.
Replace me.
Maybe i will.
Meanwhile, you stay
with that girl.
Don't let her
out of your sight...
and get the answers.
Yes, sir.
You saw palinov?
You go, i don't go.
Am i the reason
he won't take you?
When do you leave?
At night,
i think.
How will you go?
Tell me when
you find out.
At least i'll be able
to wave bon voyage.
Joseph, you know
what it means to me
to go to america.
Some are not
so impatient.
They wait
to enter legally.
I would enter legally
if i could.
I must go with palinov
or not at all.
No one has asked you
to make excuses.
My father is
in the united states.
For 10 years,
we've waited.
He's fortunate
his daughter
has her own ways
of joining him.
He can't help me to get in.
He's an alien,
illegally in
the united states.
I've never said that
to anyone before.
No need to tell me.
I have a home waiting
for me, joseph, a home.
I don't want
to hear it.
I've destroyed your
chance to get to america,
brought you nothing
but unhappiness.
Oh, people like us
shouldn't have emotions.
I don't know
what we've done,
but somehow, we're robbed of the future.
You have just told me
about your future.
You have made a choice.
Don't you
My father, a home,
a dream i've had
for 10 years.
All this weighs the
scales heavily on one side.
What do you
want me to do?
Whatever you wish.
if you'd ask me
to stay,
that would outweigh
Ask me to stay.
Don't go.
We'll find some way.
I'll see you
in a minute.
Go away.
I like to watch you.
You better learn
to do as you're told.
In my family, the men
give the commands,
and if they are
not obeyed-
what happens?
Dear marianne,
each time i see you,
you look lovelier,
more desirable.
I have wonderful news-
a change of plans.
We'll leave
tonight at once.
I've changed
my mind.
I'm not going.
He clutters up
my life.
Because of him, i must
leave a day earlier.
Because of him, i must be
deprived of your company.
I would hate him
if he were not
a member
of the united states
immigration service.
You're lying.
Why do you suppose
he sought you out?
Why does he try
to worm information?
Get out.
You have only
to ask mr. Gombush,
if that is
his real name.
are you police?
Marianne, what-
answer me.
No, i'm not
a policeman.
I was going
to tell-
you deal
in technicalities.
You're an immigration
listen to me.
I came to havana
to get palinov,
but when i
met you,
I told you
the truth to-
Sit down.
If this letter
were mailed,
there'd be no
search for you.
I'll send jos.
Wait for him.
mail the letter.
Good night,
mr. Gombush.
Walk over there.
Push your face
through that wall.
Drop it!
You're gonna talk.
But, seor,
i do not know
what this is
all about.
What is it,
Get the police
- lieutenant carfagno.
S, seor.
Where's palinov?
I do not know.
I swear by
my mother, seor.
He goes tonight.
That i know.
How? As always, by airplane.
From where?
I do not know,
They-they speak
only of the airfield.
I have never
been there.
If i knew, seor, believe me, i would-
i don't
believe you!
What's the pilot's name?
I've heard them
speak of a seor james.
That we check.
The other way!
Hold it!
Get me mr. Westlake
of the immigration
service in miami.
Karczag. Pete karczag, immigration.
Mr. Westlake?
Karczag, sir.
Palinov and the aliens
are flying out of here
sometime tonight.
The pilot's name
is james.
Hold it, pete.
Jack, that civil
aeronautics folder.
A licensed pilot
named james.
Know anything about what
kind of a job they fly?
What kind
of a plane is it?
What kind of a plane?
It flies.
It flies.
With that kind
of a load,
it'd have to be a twin engine job.
Hang on, pete, till
we check on that pilot.
Let's see.
1, 2, 3.
Maximum range,
full load.
His home field
will have to be
in our district.
Here it is.
Archer delby james,
based right here
in miami.
Twin motor plane,
scenic flights,
flying lessons,
private ferrying jobs.
Out of the city
about half the time.
Plane number
Get through to the south
miami airport. Quick.
On the nose, pete.
A wrap-up if i
ever saw one.
It better be
a wrap-up.
I'll be back tonight.
You... come on!
That's right.
Plane number
nc54860. right.
Took off 4 hours ago,
didn't file a flight plan.
No idea
where he's going.
Hold it a minute.
He's in flight to cuba for the pickup.
Time's like a dream.
He's our man.
We want him.
Take this guy,
will you?
And there's a dead man upstairs,
the one who
followed me.
Palinov is
flying out tonight.
Do you know where?
It's probably a private
airfield somewhere.
Can we cover them?
But there are dozens
on the island, seor,
maybe hundreds.
It could be
in a clearing
or a strip through
a sugarcane field.
I can get you
the plane number.
Of what use
if we don't know
where to look?
But i've got to get them
before they take off.
Why not
in the states, seor?
There you get them
on two charges-
illegal entry
and smuggling.
You get not only
but the people
he's smuggling in.
Yeah. I thought
of that, too.
Want to have
a look?
cmo no?
Have i forgotten
anything? Check me.
No, sir.
The minute that plane
sets down anywhere
from south carolina
to texas, we've got him.
I figure they'll
take off from cuba
in time to cross the
united states coastline
before daybreak.
An early morning
landing in-
border patrol.
Westlake speaking.
This is east savannah,
georgia, municipal airport.
That airplane you're
studying about-
well, she's been standing
right here on the field
ever since 5:30
this afternoon.
Sure, i'm sure.
Hold it.
I don't get this
at all.
Instead of flying
south to cuba,
james has flown north
to savannah, georgia.
Well, maybe he's-
any passengers?
Oh, no, sir, there
were no passengers.
James flew in alone
and headed up to town
like he always does.
I expect he'll be
hitting the spots
for the next
couple of days.
Ok. Thanks.
We've fallen
flat on our faces.
James isn't our man.
James, my friend,
good to see you again.
How was the flight?
Like all of them.
Flew the other plane
to savannah,
left it on the field
like a sitting duck,
then picked up
this one.
Who's gonna shepherd
this flock?
I am.
Personal reasons.
Please, will
you all board the plane?
This is your pilot.
You are now going
to the united states
without all
the annoying delays
of more prosaic travel
across foreign borders,
without the worries
of custom, health,
or immigration
Will you all make
yourself comfortable?
You'll have to sit
on your baggage.
We have no seats.
That's right.
A twin engine job.
Pilot and plane
registration unknown.
Carrying 3 men
and 3 women,
on teletype.
Please impound plane
and all passengers.
Thank you.
Maybe if we had time
to get these sketches
to every airfield-
well, they've got
the descriptions.
Have you any idea
how many planes
are gonna land in this territory today?
Our only hope is that they'll
come down on a small field
where the attendants know
every plane and every pilot.
But wouldn't they land at a larger field
for just
that reason?
I wonder.
There's one disadvantage
to breaking the law.
It gives you
a sense of guilt.
Your tendency is to be
overcautious and hide.
Now, put yourself
in that pilot's place.
At a big field, there
are too many people.
One of them might be a smart
law enforcement officer.
you're a smuggler,
and too many people
watching you
makes you uneasy.
At least i hope
you're uneasy.
If not, you and your load of aliens
are going
to land here,
and there's not
a thing in the world
we can do about it.
My friends,
soon you will be in the
land of your choosing.
Now, there are
a few instructions.
First, the papers we have
so carefully prepared-
you better
check them.
Social security,
driver's licenses,
credit plate,
and bankbook.
Everybody got them?
Good. Now as
to destination-
you, mr. Sandring, will be
met at east savannah airport.
You take me
to chicago.
You'll be flown there in another plane
by mr. -
by our pilot.
After landing at a private airfield,
we will drive to east savannah airport.
From there,
you'll be flown
to new york
or chicago,
except, of course,
miss lorress,
who wishes to go
to charleston.
She and i will
leave you at savannah,
and i will
escort her
to charleston.
Heading for
the promised land.
Dimitri matthias, 17,
Refused visa on account
of contagious disease.
A. Sestina, 47.
Naturalized in 1929,
stripped of u.s. Citizenship
and deported in 1938.
Will you sit down
and relax?
I guess he figures the
competition isn't so rough
in the rackets
these days,
and he
wants in again.
Elizaveth alonescu,
The lady doesn't believe in paying duty
on the jewelry she
brings into this country.
Marianne lorress.
Hello, sir, jack.
Did you get her?
We located
james' plane.
It's been on the ground
in savannah since yesterday,
and he's off on a tear.
That's great.
We don't know when or
where they're coming in,
and the odds against
picking them up-
well, you can figure
that for yourself.
Cheer up, pete.
You did a good job,
and we might
get him yet.
The worst
that can happen
is that this bunch
will get through.
that's the worst.
What are you doing?
Soothing, isn't it?
Like an elevator.
Why are you
going down?
We're stopping at
jacksonville to refuel.
James, you're crazy to make
stops in this hot plane.
Got a heavy load.
Anyway, relax.
We're not stopping
at the main jacksonville airport.
We are stopping
to refuel.
No one will get
out of the plane,
and you will try
not to be seen
peering out
of the windows.
Ain't never seen
that plane
around here before,
have i?
Make yourself
at home.
It'll just be
a few minutes.
Get you right quick.
Sure, he gave me
the message, baby,
but how many times
do i got to tell you
not to call me here?
The boss catches me
using the phone,
i'll get canned.
Yeah. I'll
see you tonight.
Hey! That gas you-
hello. Hello!
What's the matter?
on our tails.
The guy spotted us.
That plane, the one
immigration wants,
landed here.
Taking off now.
I think he got scared.
Hold it.
He just banked,
and i think he's...
heading due south
after takeoff just now.
8 people aboard.
Twin engine plane.
The color is...
yellow with green
stripe on sides.
Just took off from
south jacksonville airport.
Lieutenants carter,
maxon, and lynch,
take off and locate.
Control tower
to carter.
Patrol southwest area 6.
Control tower
to lynch.
Patrol area two,
Control tower
to maxon.
Patrol area 4,
due south.
Due south? Do tell.
From naval
air station, jacksonville,
we have 3 boys up, and they
can do 100 miles an hour
faster than the ship
we're looking for.
We got them off the ground in time,
so this plane of yours
can't be far away.
Keep you advised.
Thank you.
Have you contacted
civil aeronautics
to radio every plane
in the area?
All private and commercial pilots
have been
report in
as they spot
the plane.
There'll be
no slip-up this time.
Just like we had him
in a sack.
Havana to jacksonville
is 550 miles.
They didn't refuel.
With that plane
and that load,
they've got
maybe enough gas
for another 300-
if they had
an auxiliary tank.
Well, they're
smart enough
not to fly
a heavy load in
auxiliary gas.
There isn't a field
where they can land
without being caught,
and every plane in the
territory is on the lookout.
I don't think i'd like to
be in that ship right now.
We stopped for gas,
then no gas. Why?
The pilot, he run
to the plane
like a man
with fright.
One does not
stop to refuel
if there
is no need.
There was need,
but no fuel.
You don't tell
sestina to be quiet.
Why no gas?
You say we fly to
savannah. That's north.
But i see the sun.
We go south.
My friends, no man
and no scheme is perfect.
There was always a chance
for a slip-up.
We have encountered
unforeseen difficulties.
Now, there's no need
to be excited.
We're merely
changing our plan.
We'll find a field
and land,
get a car, and-
there's a plane
following us.
Well, i'm sitting
in his lap.
What do i do now?
Report location,
direction, and speed.
5 miles
due east of lake marion.
Altitude, 2,000.
Air speed, 140.
That is all.
About 175 miles
from jacksonville.
He's got to come down
in the next hour.
Sit down anywhere, and they're
over you like a blanket.
Might be best
at that.
Do you like jail?
I can get along
without them,
but a 2-to-5 rap's the
worst they can hang on us.
You're wrong,
my friend.
Once we're caught
and they investigate,
there's the matter
of murder.
Not me.
Talk for yourself.
Not me, either.
Why should i
kill a man?
But there have been killings
under orders from an organization.
You and i are
that organization.
We both share
the responsibility.
You know, it gets
pretty tiresome
playing tag with a guy
when he won't run.
Why, i should have brought
along some papers to deliver,
like when i
had a bicycle.
Anyway, we're
trotting along
over lake okeechobee.
He's still heading south.
Friend of mine
has a boat
near the mouth
of the shark river.
It'll take us
to havana.
What will the navy
be doing?
He won't be around.
He can't follow
where we're going.
There's not
enough gas
to take us
to the keys.
In a very
little while,
we'll be going down.
Maybe we can slog through to the coast
if we're
still alive
after we land
in that.
South of okeechobee.
He's over
the everglades.
He must be almost
out of gas.
He must be
out of his mind.
Why doesn't he head
for someplace to land?
Any field. This is
committing suicide.
it follows.
What kind of
a country is this?
Even in the air
of the united states,
police follow.
Say, uh, what's
for dinner tonight?
And if it's stew
again, i'll-
hey, wait a minute.
Why, that crazy dope
is going down.
He's gonna try
and crash-land.
We're over
the shark river.
They got themselves
a raft.
Them things
only hold 3 or 4.
What good is it
for 8?
A guy on the raft just
shot one of the other men.
There's two men
and a woman
going downriver
on a raft.
4 others heading
into the jungles,
where they'll be bait for
crocodiles or water moccasins.
It ain't good.
Well, i'm heading
back now.
Somebody better get
after these characters.
You figure the two men
on a life raft
must be palinov
and the pilot,
but why did they
take the girl?
Maybe they were afraid
they'd get lonesome.
They're headed
Let's go
after them.
Wait. Palinov
went downriver.
I know, pete.
Well, there's an even
chance of losing him.
He may have a boat
in one of the inlets.
Maybe he'll get away.
Maybe we'll get him
next year.
That's a chance
we got to take.
those poor devils
won't last a day
in this country
unless we find them.
That's more important than palinov.
If i've got a choice
between preventing
4 people from being chewed
up, bitten by snakes,
or dying of exposure
or picking up a couple of smugglers,
well, it's ok with me if they get away.
Mr. Westlake.
You're right.
I've got no argument,
but one of the people
on that raft is an alien.
I want to go after her,
not palinov.
Look. I'm not gonna
send you downriver
after two killers
even if
the two of us
could find those
characters in there.
The girl's in a spot,
and i put her there.
Watch yourself, pete.
Hung up
on a root.
The raft's gone.
Let's get them
out of here.
my leg.
Above the knee.
You two better
go ahead.
There's no use of us all getting caught.
You'll find the key on the
boat near the fuel tank.
We can't
leave him here.
I intend to be 12 miles
at sea by daybreak.
We've left people
here before,
he and i.
He's right.
Go ahead.
Well, try
and get up.
I'm sorry, lady.
I better be quiet until they pick me up.
We can't help.
You! There
in the boat!
Who are you?
I've been waiting
for you, palinov.
Stay where you are.
This is the end
of the line.
I'm prepared to make a deal.
You're in no position
to make a deal.
You're wrong.
We both have something the other wants.
If you try to keep me here,
you'll only take
one of us alive.
It won't be
the one you want.
What do you
want me to do?
Start the motor
of that boat.
The key's next
to the fuel tank.
Find it. Quickly.
Get out
on the pier.
Cast off astern.
Now get to the far end
of the pier.
We're coming out.
Throw your gun
in the water.
or i'll shoot.
Keep your gun.
He'll kill you.
Wait, marianne!
Untie the bow.
Hold the rope
till we get on-board.
Miss lorress,
you may go with me
or stay,
as you wish.
If you stay, this man will arrest you.
You'll face jail,
If we return
to cuba,
nothing will
happen to you.
Next time, we'll get through.
Would you
arrest me, joseph?
I've got to, marianne.
I'll stay.
Cast off.
Look out,
Are you all right?
He isn't going as far as he thinks he is
with no gas.
He'll be caught as soon as it's clear,
and with his gift
for languages,
my boss will want
to hear him talk.
This boss
- he'll want to hear me talk, too.
Yes, and i'll do
some talking.
Millions of people
right now
are pretty happy to be
right where they are,
but when someone wants
to go somewhere else
so badly that they'll risk their lives,
then it's time
for me to help them,
not turn them away.
I've learned
something, marianne.
I'm glad, joseph.
Not joseph-karczag.
Pete karczag.
Pete karczag.
A real american name.