A Little Help (2010) Movie Script

(Parrot screeching)
Rinse please!
Hi! I'm Laura.
Sorry I'm late.
Parrot: Late!
I saw you last time
you were here, right?
Man: Uh, no, maybe
a year or two ago.
Listen, I need to be
at work by...
Don't worry, I'm gonna
get you all polished up
and out of here in no time.
Open up.
(Parrot screeches)
(Drops tool)
Rinse please!
Don't Rinse!
I wasn't going to.
Here, just gonna get
another one of these.
Rinse please!
Shut up!
Okay, open up.
So, any teeth problems?
(Somewhat garbled) Uh, just a
little sensitive to cold sometimes.
To coal?
No, cold.
Oh. I was gonna say...
Flossing regularly?
Oh, yeah. Uh-huh.
Just don't use that
super-waxy stuff.
I try to tell my husband
that, but he just...
ignores me.
He's, um...
I mean, he's great.
you know... great.
It's just the flossing thing,
But, I mean, I should
really say something, right?
There's so much...
wax on that stuff.
It doesn't scrape
any of the...
(Chokes up)
The plaque?
Parrot: Rinse please!
(Children chattering)
# You're down in a hole
and you gotta stop diggin' #
# You're down in a hole #
Man on radio: And the Dow Jones
dropped a whopping 3% today...
Closing at its lowest level
thus far for 2002.
In local news...
Mayor Mike Bloomberg will hold
a news conference tomorrow
to discuss the city's plans
for commemorating
the first anniversary
of the terrorist attacks
of last September 11th.
Though it's been
over ten months since
the World Trade Center Twin Towers
were destroyed in those attacks
cleanup is expected to continue right
up until the ceremonies begin.
WCLX news time
is 3:41.
# Raise your hands up #
# I know you got 'em #
# Down to the bottom #
# Raise your hands #
Laura: Denny! Dennis!
# I know you got 'em #
Whoa! Ugh!
Hi, honey!
# I'm walkin' in the rain #
# Tears are fallin'
and I feel a pain #
Man on radio:
# Wishin' you were here by me #
# to end this misery #
Dad was supposed
to pick me up.
Yeah, he had
to work late again.
I don't know.
How was camp?
I saw a girl's tit.
Ooh. How was it?
"How was it?"
I don't know, I just...
She jumped into the pool and her
bathing suit came down for a second.
Besides, she's only eleven,
it wasn't much of a tit.
Still, it's something.
I thought he wasn't going
to work so much this summer.
- Who?
- Dad.
I thought you were gonna start
doing fulltime at the dentist
so he wouldn't have
to work so much.
What happened to that?
I, I haven't...
What's that smell?
What? That's from
like a year ago.
God, you are such
a liar, mom!
Hey. Hey, ow!
Ow! Come on!
That's illegal, you know!
# Wishing you were
here by me #
# to end this misery #
Hey, wanna sing along
to the radio like we used to?
Open the windows!
(Dog barking)
(Continues barking)
(Dog continues barking)
(Phone rings)
Dennis: I'll get it!
Oh, hi, aunt Kathy.
Fine. Yeah, hold on.
What happened?
The phone dropped.
Did you get my message?
About tonight? The barbecue
for the twins' birthday?
Oh, yeah.
Well, gee, thanks so much
for the call back, Laurie.
Don't start. I'm begging you.
But you're all coming, right?
Um, yeah.
When is it?
(Phone rings)
I'm almost home.
Laura: My sister and Paul
are having a barbecue.
We have to go.
What? Laura, I'm exhausted.
We have to go. Otherwise,
it's a whole thing.
What is it with these people
and barbecues?
I mean, do they own
a fucking cattle ranch?
We're leaving now,
so see you there.
No, no, wait, all right?
I'm literally pulling into...
(Tires screech)
Hi, dad.
Hey, buddy.
# And how could it be
my valentine #
# Okay, let's go #
That's my favorite part!
It's a hit, though!
It's a hit!
Totally vibin'
on this right now! Ow!
(Music continues)
- Stop it!
- Stop what?
Stop encouraging him.
Who, Kyle? He's good!
Oh, I'm sorry, maybe he's not up
to your standards. He's no Seal.
That's not funny.
He actually told me the other day
he doesn't want to go to college.
Congratulations, I know that's
what you're secretly hoping for.
What, I am not...
Okay, first of all,
college is expensive.
Maybe it's not for him.
Anyway, shouldn't it
be his decision?
No! He's an idiot!
So are most
professional musicians.
Have you ever heard Keith
Richards speak? Have you?
- All right, whatever...
- Okay, I rest my case.
Did you even light
the grill yet?
There's nobody here.
My parents are here, and Laura and
Bob and Dennis are on their way.
Would you just cooperate with
me one time in your life?
Just once,
as a novelty.
And what is wrong
with Seal?
He happens to be
a genius.
The face thing is weird,
I don't know...
Okay, boys, time to stop now!
Stop please!
(Music continues)
Rehearsal's over, honey.
Help your father
light the grill and set up.
# You get down on the world #
# The world
get down on you, too #
# You get down on the world #
# The world
get down on you, too #
# It'll meet you halfway #
# About the most it'll do #
# You get down on the world #
# The world
gets down on you, too #
# You're down in a hole
and you gotta stop diggin' #
# You're down in a hole
and you gotta stop diggin' #
- Nice shot, bro.
- Thanks.
Wendy, that is way
too many deviled eggs.
It's not.
I'm making them into a pattern
like in the book.
This is for if you're
having a big party!
Mom, go away!
(Sighs) Fine.
So, darling?
Yeah, mom?
With Bob having
to work so much...
I was wondering, how are
you managing with Dennis?
What do you even mean?
Just the boy seems so attached to
his father these days, that's all.
Well, we're having
a great summer.
We're doing a lot
of stuff together.
Such as?
Today, we sang in the car
on the way home from camp.
I know...
Bob needs to be home more, and
I've talked to him about it.
I can't imagine this
is helping matters.
Hey, there's the hottie!
How you doing? You good?
Is the grill lit yet?
Yes, Kathy, the grill is lit.
You can die a happy woman now.
Dad! I had those in a pattern!
It looks a little vaginal.
It's a starfish!
Why does everybody have a comment?!
It's really ridiculous!
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's goin' on, Roberto?
Not much.
It's hot out, isn't it?
I know.
So, it's good to finally
get you over here.
You missed our last couple
of cookouts, huh?
Yeah, yeah, I just, uh...
You were gonna work less this summer, I thought.
Wasn't that the big plan?
Yeah, that was the plan,
but the...
This commercial office space
is still flying, so...
Well, that's certainly
not a bad thing.
No, no, no, I just thought real
estate slowed down in the summer
especially this year,
with interest rates back up.
I thought I read that
in the times.
I don't know, maybe not.
Yeah, well, we, uh...
We have a lot
of overseas clients.
Overseas, got it.
Got it.
God damn it, dad!
Let's watch the language.
There are, like, so many rich kids at
this tennis camp, it's disgusting.
Well, you're not exactly
in the slums here, darling.
That's not even the point,
grandma. They're spoiled brats.
Then they should elect you
their queen.
Shut up!
Kathy: Please don't fight
on your birthday. Thank you.
Wendy: It was six days ago.
Speaking of fights,
I saw myself on TV last night.
They showed the first
Clay-Liston fight
on that ESPN Classics.
I was there, of course,
covering for the post...
And when Liston
threw in the towel...
First man in the ring, kid!
Yeah, yeah, you told me
that once, actually.
I actually caught the end
of that last night, Warren.
You see me, Paul?
First man in the ring.
Yeah, yeah, no, I saw you.
I'm pretty sure you
were third guy in, though.
No, no, I'm not including
Liston and Clay!
I'm talking about reporters!
Yeah, no, no, I know,
I just think that two reporters
got in right before you.
That's impossible.
Who was in before me?
- Dad, calm down.
- I said who was in before me?!
Calm down, dad.
One guy had a hat on,
I think...
That is a lie!
I'm gonna call
the network right now
and I'm gonna get
a copy of that film!
Warren, don't start
calling people.
Then tell the man
who was in first!
You and the guy with the hat
were pretty darn close...
So I'm gonna give you second.
Hey, you were second!
First, God damn it!
It's documented! Come on!
Grandpa, relax.
He's just shitting you.
why would you do that?
It's a joke.
That was so mean, dad.
First man in, wiseass.
And you know what I said
to Clay when I ran in?
I said, "Cassius,
you are the greatest!"
And that's where he got
the moniker...
from me.
Okay, now that's bullshit.
- It's what?
- Bullshit.
Bullshit bullshit!
Grandpa, it splatter me
every time you do that!
What's wrong with you?
Paul: Warren, you need another?
Yeah, I want a cheeseburger
with two pieces of cheese on it.
One for Clay and one for Lister.
Jesus, take it easy, will ya?
It's only my third.
Yeah, right.
Fuck, it's hot out there.
What do you want?
Look, let's just skip
the dance, okay?
If you wanna say something,
just say it.
- What do you think I wanna say?
- I have no idea.
I think you do know,
because you just said that
like you knew what you thought
it was I wanted to say.
You know,
you're a delightful drunk.
You're paranoid and incoherent.
It's a beautiful combination.
How come
you're late so much?
Working. Is that
a tough concept?
Then how come I get your
voice mail all the time?
Probably because when you
call me, I'm in a meeting.
Well, what about this,
what's-her-name, Julie?
Why doesn't she pick up?
Where's she?
'Cause she's in the meetings
with me, okay?
Laura, now you wanna drop this?
I'm not in the mood for this.
I've been feeling like crap all day,
and I'm not gonna talk about this.
Are you getting sick?
No, I'm not.
It's just...
Dennis is disappointed that you aren't
coming home as much as you promised.
Then why don't you
do something with him, huh?
I walk in the door,
you know where he is?
He's in front of the computer,
and where are you?
You're sitting in the kitchen
and you're swilling beer!
We're doing the cake
for the twins now.
- I have to light the candles.
- I'll do it.
- Oh, no, that's all right, dear.
- Mom, I'll do it, okay?
I'll light the candles,
I'll bring out the cake...
And everyone will sing,
it's gonna be awesome, okay?
So I've got it. Thank you.
Buh-bye, buh-bye.
- Well, then do it now, please.
- I'm doing it, okay?!
They're in the drawer
right there.
See, I've got it. Thank you,
okay. Good-bye. Good-bye.
Thank you.
Do you want me
to help you?
Was one of your meetings
at the Cherokee Hotel?
I found the receipt
in your pants this morning
when I took it
to to the dry cleaner.
Oh, Christ...
It's the Iroquois Hotel,
all right?
Get your fuckin' indians straight,
and yeah, you know what?
It was a meeting, okay?
It was a lunch meeting.
And I submitted it
for reimbursement.
What did you submit?
It was in your pants.
You got me, Columbo.
You're brilliant!
Oh, my God!
I can't believe it!
You know what?
I'm not fucking Julie, okay?
I'm not fucking the one-armed
recycling guy or anybody else.
You got a lot
of fucking nerve
bringing this on me,
too, all right?
You checked out of this
marriage way before I did.
No, no,
I checked out after you.
Way, way before.
After you! After you started
working late all the time
and not wanting
to have sex any more!
Yeah, after you stopped
taking care of yourself
and being somebody a person
might wanna come home to!
Correct me if I'm wrong.
What are you doing with the candles?
All right, they're 15, they're not 80.
Laura, come on!
Laura, stop it.
Don't leave it open!
It's rude!
Laura, stop it!
Normal, normal,
normal, normal.
I was halfway home,
you know.
They called me
back for this.
Well, what do you
think it was?
There was no chest pain, right?
No, no, I was dizzy,
I couldn't get a full breath,
and it was just a lot of that.
Happened before tonight?
Um, yeah, a few times,
and actually earlier today.
You didn't tell me that.
Well, it wasn't that bad.
Well, what were you doing when
it happened the other times?
I was just in meetings.
Use drugs, cocaine?
No, never.
That's true, actually.
Ever feel it
when you're exercising?
I haven't worked out in a couple
weeks 'cause I've got a bad ankle.
During sexual intercourse?
I don't...
We haven't...
It's been
a couple of months.
I don't really remember.
I think the last time
was Memorial Day.
Because that's when my parents
took Dennis...
All right, I don't think
he needs to know everything.
I was just trying to answer
his sexual intercourse question.
You had an anxiety attack,
my friend.
You eat a couple of Xanax before
those killer meetings of yours.
Pay up front.
So you're really okay?
I am really okay.
Get some sleep.
It's late.
Can you pick me up
from camp tomorrow?
We'll see.
I will try.
I lost two pounds.
Goodnight, buddy.
I love you.
I love you, too, dad.
Will you close the door
or kill the light please?
I'm sorry
about tonight,
what I said...
It was stupid.
I trust you.
I want you
to know that, okay?
I'm sorry.
And I'm gonna start taking
better care of myself.
I wanna look good
again for you.
I'm gonna stop smoking and
drinking, and work out.
And I'm gonna ask for more hours at work
so you can be home more often, okay?
Okay, honey?
Laura, please.
I love you.
I love you, too,
but honestly,
just not...
It's okay.
You don't have to do anything.
All right, hey, hey, hey.
No, you don't have
to do anything.
I want to, okay?
Oh, God.
Laura, stop!
I'm sorry. What?
I don't know. Ow!
Help me!
I'm sorry.
Open again, please.
Yeah, there's definitely something
going on with that molar.
I'm gonna have Dr. Kellman take a look
after we finish with your cleaning.
Woman: Laura?
What are you doing here?
Well, right now
I have Mr. Daniels,
and then I have a 10:00
and a 10:30.
Laura, today
is your husband's funeral.
Not till 3:00.
# Darlin', do be alarmed #
# the other foot's
about to fall #
# and the wicked ways
of your love #
# are catching up to you, doll #
# Now whoever's been sleepin' #
# in your bed is gone #
# Your eyes on the bottle #
# your clothes on the lawn #
# You stand alone, sweetheart #
She actually came to work today.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
Well, you know, they say work
can be therapeutic.
Not in my office, it ain't.
That doctor was only
in there for five minutes.
He didn't take a family history,
he only did one stupid test.
He might as well have
just killed Bob himself.
Just strangled him
with piano wire.
More cake?
These things are so sad
and awful.
Yeah. Actually, this is
my second one this year.
My father died
back in January.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, yeah, thanks,
but it was for the best.
Oh, had he been ill?
Wait, I'm trying
to explain something.
I was the only reporter
Reggie Jackson would talk to
the entire season, and not
because I went easy on him,
because I understood the
complexities of his situation.
You gotta use your brain.
It was a whole different universe back then.
You gotta understand.
When I lost my husband, God rest his
soul, I thought my life was over.
But you know what?
Here I am. Here I am.
I play tennis twice a week,
and I'm on the board
of three major charities.
Does that sound like
my life is over?
No, it doesn't,
does it?
Man on TV: When the Mets
desperately needed it,
on a day when Mike Piazza
has left base runners...
they pitch...
How ya doin', champ?
What's going on?
I feel like I'm in trouble
or something.
Don't joke, Laura.
I wasn't.
Look, Laurie,
it's nothing bad,
we just want to help you
sort out some things right now.
I mean, you're devastated,
we all are,
but there are things
that need to be taken care of...
Important things that no one was
thinking about until two days ago.
Like what?
Well, first of all,
What's the situation?
Like, what investments, how much life
insurance did Bob set up... do you know?
Um, not offhand.
But, overall, are you set up
to get enough income?
I don't...
You don't know?
You don't know if you're gonna be able to
pay your mortgage and feed your child?
Not offhand.
Kathy, just...
Keep going.
All right, look,
Paul and I know a good lawyer.
Now, he is willing to sit down
and go over things with you
and help you figure out
where you're at.
You already talked to him?
About me?
Yes, Laura, I talked to him
about you, because obviously
you're not thinking about
these things right now.
Did you consider
asking me first? It is my life.
She is only trying to help you.
Now, frankly, I think you
should show her a little bit...
(Warren urinating)
For Christ's sake, Warren,
close the door!
I'm trying to stay
in the conversation, all right?
(Warren passes gas)
(Starts urinating again)
Go and talk
to the attorney, Laura.
There is something else, too.
Your father and I feel
very strongly that,
when the school year begins,
you must switch him from public
school to Newbury Friends School.
Now, we are prepared
to pay his entire tuition.
Mom, I told you this
six months ago,
he doesn't want to go, okay?
We only applied
because you made us.
He needs the structure.
He needs the attention
they can provide.
Mother, it doesn't
make any sense
for us to commute from Port
to Huntington.
It's a half-hour drive, he doesn't
know any of the other kids there.
You listen to me,
young lady!
Without his father around,
that boy is in trouble...
Deep trouble.
And he needs more help
than he can get from a mother
who is nothing more than a spoiled,
self-indulgent teenager.
You do this, you know.
You bring this on yourself.
Okay, then.
- Hey.
- Hey.
He's getting really,
really good.
I know, isn't he?
When he was a kid, he was just
this sweet, dumb fuck-up,
but he always had soul.
It was just a matter
of how it was gonna come out.
- Well, there it is.
- Yeah.
Maybe taking him with me
to the radio station
all these years,
maybe that helped.
I don't know.
You're a good dad, Paul.
(Siren wailing)
Man on radio: And it's back
to school day, kiddies...
pencils, books, dirty looks,
the whole nine yards.
I had to drag my kids
into the car this morning.
Of course,
it was 4:00am.
Gee, they hate it
when DJ Dad has to carpool.
For those feeling
their pain,
here's Long Island's own
Eddie Money.
# Baby, hold on to me #
You really have your kids now,
or was that just bullshit?
Huh? Your kids.
They living with you again?
(Chuckles) No, the ex wants
to take 'em back to Pakistan.
You believe that shit?
Fuckin' cunt.
I bet if you went
to Pakistan, she'd stay here.
(All laugh)
It's not funny, asswipes!
What the fuck
are you laughing at, fucker?
# Think about it, baby #
# I'm gonna take you
to the top #
- It's supposed to be...
- (Both) A great school, great school.
Yeah, I know.
Well, it is.
And it's a chance
to make...
New friends.
I'm sure I'll make thousands.
# Would you hold on to me? #
Can I come in with you?
Just today,
because it's the first day.
Why not?
It's gay.
I have time.
It's up to you.
People, make sure to leave
plenty of time for the rain,
'cause as my ol' grandma used
to say, it's a mofo out there!
(Bell rings)
No, no, it has to happen
this month, Alan.
Because it has to,
that's why.
Yeah, okay, fine, then just tell
him it's not gonna happen at all.
'Cause this isn't a game, Alan.
This is not a game! Come on!
I'm sorry. I had to take that.
It's fine.
Lot of dishonest,
scummy people out there.
Not a problem.
Okay. So, I went over all
the material that you sent me,
plus what I got
from your accountant.
Here, let me give you that.
What is it?
Oh, it's just a summarized version
of your financial information,
your equity, your debts, your
protected income, blah, blah, blah.
It's all summed up
on the last page there.
Do you mind if I set this down?
No, go ahead.
I don't wanna put it
on the horse books.
Oh, here, I'll take it.
- Really?
- Sure.
- Careful, it's dripping a little.
- So it is.
I don't even know why I drink those, because
they just make me have to pee so bad.
Do you now? Because...
Uh, no, no, no.
Actually, yes, but I can wait.
My dad would never pull over
the car on long trips,
so holding it in is kinda
a skill from my childhood,
if you can even
call that a skill.
Can you just tell me
if I'm broke or not?
Look, Laura, you're probably
gonna be okay here.
Um, did your sister not mention anything
else that we might be discussing today?
Like what?
She didn't mention anything
at all?
Can you give me a hint?
No, I'm happy to tell you,
I just thought that she would...
Are you aware
that I'm a litigator?
Your sister sent you to me
because I'm a litigator.
I specialize
in medical malpractice.
(Bell rings)
(Children chattering)
Hey, are you that
Matt Herschel kid?
What are you, stupid?
Herschel doesn't
even go here any more.
Plus, he's not that fat.
He looks like him, man.
Here's the thing... the EKG
ruled out heart attack, right?
But as we now know, it wasn't
a heart attack, it was...
- An arrhythmia.
- An arrhythmia, right.
Good, good, which actually
is visible on an EKG,
but it's very small,
very hard to spot,
especially if you're looking
for heart attack,
which shows up like blowing,
like an earthquake.
So he just didn't see it?
Obviously not,
but more importantly,
he missed a huge clue
that it might be there.
Now, when Bob collapsed,
he was running.
Is that correct?
He was running down the street?
I assume my sister
told you that?
Uh-huh, yeah, she filled me in on
a few of the basics, you know.
What other basics,
that I was drunk
and we got in fight
and he had to chase me?
No, no, nothing, nothing, no.
Anyway, the point is,
Bob was running,
so his heart rate was elevated
at the time.
That's the thing that should have
made this schmuck's radar go up.
Now, when Bob had his fatal attack,
I'm sorry, what was he doing then?
His heart rate
was definitely elevated.
See, there you go.
What was he doing?
He was...
I was...
Doing a sex act.
Oh. Okay.
A normal one.
Nothing with like ropes or...
(Chuckles) I guess the fight
was over then, huh?
Anyway, you see what I'm saying.
The doctor could have saved Bob's
life with a proper diagnosis,
but he was negligent,
Bob died, so here we are.
Now, would you like to proceed
with the lawsuit?
I don't think so, no.
You don't think so?
It's just that, um,
lawsuits and suing people,
it's not my thing.
So, no.
Laura, I don't think
you understand...
This is an open-and-shut case.
The insurance companies will
not even let this go to trial,
we are gonna settle in the high
six figures, maybe seven.
This is what I know from
22 years of litigating.
No, thanks.
Look, here's the thing...
He did ask.
The doctor, he asked Bob
if he was exercising or...
having sex the other times
he got the symptoms,
and Bob said no,
that he was just at meetings.
That's possible,
an arrhythmia can happen...
What if he was lying?
- Who?
- Bob.
About his heart rate being
elevated the other times.
What if he was lying?
Why would he be lying?
Because I was standing there.
So, if he was lying,
that changes things, right?
I mean, as far as malpractice
is concerned, right?
No, no.
This, this lie
is purely hypothetical,
it's unprovable.
- But, wait, wait, no...
- It's not relevant what might have...
If Bob didn't tell the doctor
the truth about...
Laura! Stop!
Look, you're obviously a very moral, honest
person, I've got nothing against that.
But, let's look at
the big picture here, okay?
You are the victim here.
You're the victim
of other people's mistakes.
That is precisely
why insurance companies exist,
to protect people like you from getting
wiped out from other people's mistakes.
Wiped out?
What do you mean wiped out?
- Well, I didn't wanna alarm you.
- You said everything was okay.
No, I said things
would probably be okay,
and quite frankly, I thought you'd
be proceeding with the lawsuit.
I just assumed that you would.
But the fact is Bob,
as we say in the legal trade,
fucked up, okay?
He should've set up a trust
for you, he didn't.
He should have more life
insurance for you, he doesn't.
By the time you pay
your estate taxes,
you will have basically
nothing left to live on.
I have my job.
What does the dentist pay you?
Forty, fifty thousand?
Thirty-eight five.
But they are really nice
and I can get more hours.
Mm-hmm, well, unless they're
nice enough to let you
and your son live
in their office,
you have a problem.
Can I pee now?
Hey, buddy.
Don't sweat this too much.
You still got your amp out here if
you wanna come out and practice.
Just move it against the wall so
there's room for your mom's car.
That's why she's
making me stop the band?
So she could park her car
in her precious garage again?
No, no, no, we talked.
We both decided you need to
focus on school for a while.
Hey, tenth grade,
it all counts now, right?
School blows dogs.
Well, I don't know
if it blows dogs... per se.
Got a message for your wife...
She got what she wanted,
so she can go fuck herself.
Give her that message.
Okay, uh, should I have her call you
if she has any questions or...?
What's going on there?
Ah, she really wants him to stop playing
for a while so he can get his grades up.
You agreed?
Yeah, well, you know,
she does have a point.
Oh, Jesus!
(Children chattering)
Yo, guys, I gotta go, all right?
- See ya, Dennis.
- See ya, guys.
Hey, mom.
Hey, honey.
Hey, so it looks like you made
some friends after all, huh?
Yeah. Come on, let's go.
- Mrs. Pehlke?
- Yes?
Hi. I'm glad I caught you.
Hi. I'm Lilly Gallagher.
I'm Dennis'
social studies teacher.
Oh, hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Look, I'm sure you
need to get going,
but I just
wanted to, um...
I heard about
Dennis' father.
Oh, yeah...
I guess he told some of the other
children, and word got around.
I am so sorry.
It's tragic.
Thank you.
- I can't imagine how hard it's been for both of you.
- Yeah...
Anyway, I just wanted to say,
for whatever it's worth,
he was a true hero.
(Dog barking)
- You have to tell the truth!
- No!
Dennis, your father
did not die in 9/11!
I know,
but what's cooler, okay?
What's a cooler way to die,
9/11 or a u-rithma thing?
- Dennis!
- What's cooler?!
9/11 is cooler, but...
It is cooler!
If you don't tell the truth, I'm
gonna call the school myself!
No! You can't!
Everyone'll think I'm a freak!
You can't!
Well, I can't just let people
think that...
What do you even care,
The school's like
five towns away!
- It doesn't affect you!
- That's not the point!
You can't just lie
to people like that!
Oh, my God!
All you ever do is lie!
You make up all these lame excuses
to people for not being somewhere!
You lie to dad about
how many beers you had!
You say you don't smoke
but you really do!
Those are different!
Those are tiny little things!
And they don't involve
major events of world history!
(Dog continues barking)
What's wrong?
I wanna kill that dog
so much!
Okay, what did
you say, exactly?
That his real estate office was in
one of the towers, or something?
I said he was a fireman.
He brought three people out
and went back in.
- Why did you say that?!
- It's cooler!
Why did you say any of it?!
- I don't know!
- Why?!
I don't know!
I just said it!
Some kid was asking me stuff about
myself, and I just said it!
Shut up!
Come back here!
Come back here!
(Computer beeps)
(Computer beeps)
(Computer beeps)
Mrs. Pehlke,
did you love your husband?
I'm sorry, could you speak up,
Yes. Yes, I can speak up.
And I loved him. Yes to both.
Were you happy
in your marriage?
Were you satisfied and content
with the relationship?
Yes, it always made me
very happy and proud
to be married
to such a brave...
fireman, like him.
And I'll always be proud
of the fact that,
before he died,
he was able to save those...
three people.
What was the last thing
he said to you that morning?
I don't remember, exactly.
As I told you before,
I was a little intoxicated.
And do you remember
what you said to Dr. Bronstein?
About the last time you and your
husband had sexual intercourse?
We hadn't had sex since...
Memorial Day.
Oh, that's so sad.
(Horn honking)
Wendy, come on!
Where is she?!
Probably having a grand mal
seizure from the honking.
She's the one who wanted to get
in early for debate club.
Wait, why are you here?
Shouldn't you be at work?
I had some stuff to do first.
I couldn't find my hat!
My God!
- Bye, Wendy.
- Bye, daddy.
- See you tonight.
- All right.
See ya, dad.
(Cars honking)
God, this traffic is...
You know what my dad used
to say when I was little?
The Long Island expressway is the
biggest parking lot in the world.
(Fake laughter)
Well, it was funny
at the time.
(Turns up radio)
(Runaround Sue playing)
Come on.
Here we go.
# I should've known it
from the very start #
# The girl would leave me
with a broken.. #
- Wrong.
- Come on, sing!
No way.
You used to love it.
Yeah, when I was one.
# I miss her lips
and the smile on her face #
# hum-da-hey-da-hey-da-hey-hey #
# The touch of her hand
and that girl's warm embrace #
# hum-da-hey-da-hey-da-hey-hey #
# So if you don't
wanna cry like I do #
both: # Keep away
from-a Runaround Sue #
# hum-da-hey-da-hey-da-hey-hey #
# oh #
All right,
that'll be enough of that.
(Turns off radio)
Do not smile.
I love that song, don't you?
Of course, that was Dion,
with his great classic
Runaround Sue,
and I am absolutely thrilled
to tell you
that we have the man,
the innovator himself
right here in our studio...
Living legend Dion DiMucci.
- Welcome, sir.
- Thank you.
Dan, great to see you again.
Well, apparently you don't age,
because you look
just like the kid
who came out of the Bronx.
Yeah, right. Sure.
I'm glad we're on radio here
so no one can dispute that.
So you've got a new record
coming out, right?
- CD.
- Yeah, that's the word.
Yeah, but they look like
little records, don't they?
So tell me,
these are all new versions,
new masters of your classics,
right? How'd that come about?
No way.
Just a labor of love.
I have a great band.
You know, the old records are short.
We wanted to lengthen them.
It's a party album.
Oh, oh, it's like
Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts?
That kind of stuff?
# Nuts #
both: # Hot nuts #
# You get 'em
from the peanut man #
So what happened exactly?
How'd you lose the filling?
Man: Ah, I was eating popcorn.
Last night,
I was at the Coliseum
for that
Ultimate Fighting thing.
Oh, I love U.F.C.
I wouldn't have
guessed that.
Anyway, I felt kinda silly... I mean,
I'm whining about my toothache,
meanwhile there's a guy in the
ring bleeding from both ears.
What's with that bird, anyway?
It's supposed to be soothing.
What, you're not soothed?
It fucking creeps me out,
You like that thing?
In a casserole, maybe.
You're pretty sassy
for a hygienist, aren't ya?
# Walk downtown, baby #
# Have your fun #
# Downtown, baby #
# Have your fun #
# If you wanna rock and roll #
# I'm the one #
# Jackie told her brother,
mama told her cousin too #
# The woman got a mind, knows
exactly what she's gonna do #
# Drop down, baby #
# Yeah, let your daddy see #
# You wanna rock and roll #
I know, right?
# I can set you free #
Okay, check it out.
Try something.
I don't know where
he gets it from.
All right, all right.
I'm gonna take lessons
from you.
(All laugh)
So what did they finally get for that
place across the street, do you know?
The Fishbecks? Last I heard they
dropped it to like a million four.
I talked to Miranda, that
realtor we know, yesterday.
She said a million two.
They took one...
No balls, man,
no balls at all.
The Fishbecks?
No, The Fishbecks have plenty of balls.
He's got one, and the wife
has got half a dozen, at least.
What the hell
are you talking about?
- The Fishbecks.
- Would you just stop?
And by the way,
why did you tell Miranda
that I was
three years older than you?
I didn't say that.
She said you said three.
It's one.
Why would you say three?
I don't know...
I rounded up?
You look younger with your hair
longer, I've told you that.
Kathy looks very good
for her age.
Yeah, 90.
By the way, smarty, how'd you do
on your math test today?
"Fine"? What does that mean?
Does that mean you passed or...?
- He wasn't in school today.
- What?
You little twat.
He can't call me that!
Punish him!
I can say "twat."
He just said "balls."
I wasn't referring
to an actual pair of testicles.
And I wasn't referring
to an actual twat.
Stop that!
Don't encourage him.
What is wrong with you?
Come on,
what the hell did I say?!
Okay, everybody, please.
Thank you.
Now, why weren't you
in school today?
Not that it's gonna prevent
your punishment, but why?
I took him down to the station
with me... to meet Dion.
"Dion"? Dion who?
Dion DiMucci.
You know... Dion.
I... I'm stunned, Paul.
I thought that we were gonna try
to help our son get an education.
- I know, I know, but...
- Your son is failing math.
I know, but Dion is a legend.
His music will be around
a lot longer than math.
Oh, right,
it's a joke again, right.
Oh, I guess I'm just too old
to understand.
You know what? I am done.
You raise your son by yourself.
And you know what?
You can just take him out of school
and go on tour
with his band.
I don't care any more.
Kathy, it was one time.
I once picked up buddy holly...
Oh, stop it.
- Hello?
- Oh, my God.
Hey, hi.
Sorry, you scared me.
You scared me.
I thought you were watching
the game with my dad.
Yeah, no, I was.
I just came out here to...
Oh, okay.
Well, I just came out
for a beer and a smoke myself.
The other kind.
Ah, a little impromptu
degeneracy festival.
That's exciting.
Come on up.
Mm, no, thanks.
Pot makes me
kinda paranoid.
All right.
Look, your mom!
Oh, God.
(Both laugh)
Oh, God damn it.
Wow, you start off paranoid.
Oh, no,
that's all I need right now
is for my mother
to catch me smoking pot.
What could she do?
What could she possibly do to
you at this point in your life?
I don't know.
More of the same, I guess.
So does Kathy know
you come out here to...?
God, no.
Are you kidding?
She'd pass out.
And on the way down,
she'd call the FBI.
(Both laugh)
No, I keep my weed stash
well hidden...
Just right next
to my kiddie porn.
- You don't have kiddie porn.
- No...
Not kiddie.
I don't know...
What's the cutoff?
Stop it.
You're making me wonder.
Oh, no, I'm just a mid-level
perv, nothing exceptional.
Although, I guarantee you,
every man worries what his wife
will find in his closet
if he drops dead one day.
Oh, God. I am sorry.
That's was what you call... right there,
that's what you call a faux pas.
(Both chuckle)
Don't worry.
It's the weed.
They should
make this stuff illegal.
So, how you doing
with all that, anyway?
What, widowhood?
Fine, I guess.
I don't know, I mean, I'm a
mess, but I was a mess before,
so I don't know
what's from what.
It's gotta be
different, though.
I guess.
The lies are different.
Oh, here's something
that's different...
Um, a guy asked me out today.
What? Who?
This guy, a patient,
but not one of mine usually.
I was covering for Donna.
Um, he's a computer
Goin' out with him or...?
No. No.
I mean, he's okay looking,
and he's nice, but...
I don't know, it was just
weird that it happened,
you know, just like
out of the blue.
Well, you've got that allure,
Laura Pehlke. That allure!
Yeah, I think it was the bloody
smock that put him over the edge.
(Both laugh)
Oh, man.
When I was on the tennis team
in high school,
I used to check you out all the
time from the practice courts.
You and those other two girls,
always smoking behind the gym.
Oh, um, Brittany Nuzzolese
and Rhonda Calvaruso.
- Yes! Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
You had those red jeans.
(Both laugh)
And that laugh.
Oh, that laugh...
It made me nuts.
I used to purposely hit the ball over
the fence and go, "a little help!"
You remember that?
I think so.
Yeah, you never helped.
I'm sorry. I was kind of
oblivious back then.
I still am, I guess.
But you knew I was in love with you
since, like, seventh grade, right?
- (Laughs) No.
- Come on.
How can you be
that oblivious, Laura?
I used to talk to you
every day...
About some stupid
homework assignment
or whatever crazy thing
I could come up with.
And you were always really polite
to me, which I appreciated,
but then as soon as you
could manage it, you'd...
Pfft! Just walk away.
I remember I thought
you were funny.
Oh, well, that's nice.
No, I didn't mind
you walking away.
Then I got to watch you
go down the hall.
You had that great ass...
Oh, had.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I'm such an idiot
- And I'm gonna shut up.
- No.
Mmm. (Kisses)
Can I admit something really strange
and disturbing because I'm stoned?
(Both chuckle)
Um, this is gonna sound...
Okay, wow.
Okay, the main... not the main
reason, but a big reason
that I married Kathy...
Was that she
was your sister.
I always thought that
if I could be married to you,
everything would be okay.
But that wasn't
gonna happen, right?
So there was your sister.
She wasn't as pretty as you,
but she wore her hair
longer then.
And from certain angles I could
kind of imagine that she was you.
So I married her.
How's that working out for you?
Not so well.
Where were you?
Having a cigarette.
Don't start.
I wasn't going to say a word.
Paul: Back from my walk!
God, he's obsessed.
He walks even in a blizzard.
(Phone rings)
So, I spent a few minutes
with Dennis.
He seems all right,
Yeah, he's all right.
So, the new school
is working out, then.
In its way, yes.
Okay, sweetheart.
Kathy: She's right here.
Hang on a sec.
Laura? It's for you.
It's mel.
Mel? Why is he
calling me here?
He said he's been trying to find you
all day, so he decided to try here.
You gotta be picking up
your messages, kid.
I can't be hunting you down
like this when I need you.
Sorry. What's up?
How well do you know
this girl who worked with Bob...
Julie Cantoni?
What about her?
The other side called her in
for a deposition.
Tomorrow afternoon.
Any idea why?
She's the one, right?
She's the girl?
Yeah, well,
don't sweat it too much, kid.
I mean, really...
Even if she does tell,
it won't kill the case.
It just might make them
feel more bold, that's all.
- Meaning what?
- Oh, I don't know.
These things
are such psych-out games.
The worst case is they
lowball us on the settlement
and we're forced to go
win this thing in court.
Now, how well do you know
this Julie character?
Think she'll say anything?
I don't...
Are you eating?
The thing is,
our life would be a lot easier
if she didn't say anything
at all about...
You know...
But what are you gonna do?
It is what it is, right?
What can we do?
I know it's late.
I'm gonna let you go, Laura.
Have a good night.
(Phone beeps)
So, what's going on?
With the lawsuit.
How far along is it?
Um, it's...
I think I'm gonna
drop it, actually.
Drop it? Now? Why?
Kathy, I hate this thing
so much.
I can't keep...
I just need to move forward,
you know?
That's insane, Laura!
I know that this isn't fun,
but right now
it's your
whole financial future!
I can figure out a way to manage.
People do it.
We can move
into an apartment or...
No, but you're so far
into it now!
Mel said the depositions
are almost over!
If you know that, why did you
just ask me how far along it was?
I don't know all the details.
I ran into him at a party and he mentioned it.
That's all I know.
Kathy, why don't you
just do it?
Why don't you sue Dr. Bronstein and
tell me how it all comes out, okay?
- Oh, will you just grow up!
- What? It was your idea in the first place!
I'm obviously just getting
in the way here!
Oh, I am so sick
of this family
treating me like
an overbearing witch!
My brother-in-law was killed
by an incompetent doctor...
Am I not supposed to care?
You care too much.
Do you care at all?
Go to hell.
Because I
really wonder sometimes...
Do you even slightly appreciate
what you got when you married Bob?
What you
were lucky enough to get?
Yeah, lucky.
Being pretty is luck, Laura,
that's all it is.
(Phone rings)
Woman: McDare and Arnold?
Yeah, this is Julie. Who's this?
Um, I don't, uh...
I mean, I really wanna
help you, Mrs. Pehlke.
It's just that lawyer guy
said it's, like, illegal to...
No, I know.
Well he just said
if I don't tell the tru...
Okay, I will.
# God bless America #
# Land that I love #
# Stand beside her #
# And guide her #
# Through the night
with the light from above #
# From the mountains
to the prairies #
# To the oceans
white with foam #
# God bless America #
# My home sweet home #
# God bless America #
# My home sweet home #
Lucky Laura.
Brian, hi.
- Hi.
- Hey, Laura.
- Hi, sorry I'm late.
- Hey, don't worry about it.
I missed it a couple of times.
I didn't know it was in a...
Really? I think I said that
when we spoke the other night.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
- Oh, well, I'm here.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
I'm glad you changed your mind
about getting together.
To be honest, I didn't
expect to hear from you.
Well, you did.
Yeah, and you look
pretty great.
(Truck beeping)
It's probably making
a delivery or something.
You know how those trucks are.
Hey, guys. Can I get you
something to drink?
Beer, glass of wine?
Double vodka on the rocks.
Yeah, um, same.
I'll take the same.
- All right, coming up.
- Thanks.
What do you do again?
Do I smell oatmeal and salad?
(Laugh track)
Oh, yeah! Oh!
Oh, you fucking bitch!
Tell me I'm the best!
I'm the fucking best, right?
Yeah! Oh! Oh!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh. Oh.
Oh, yeah. Ahh.
Well, I certainly would,
if my own room had been...
Oh, yeah.
(Continues panting)
God damn! Phew!
Hey, hey, can you not
light that in here?
My mother died
of lung cancer.
Yeah, well, my husband
died in 9/11.
# Now welcome back
to the ground #
# Now settle in,
there's no doubt #
# That you've already taken #
# The easy way out #
# There is no pleasure
in working #
# You over the coals again #
# Since it looks like
you're learning #
# You're not match
for what you've gotten in #
Mrs. Pehlke?
Oh, hi.
I just wanted to make sure that was
you and not a burglar or something.
Yeah. I just need to go change.
- Dennis is...
- What?
Oh, just, Dennis is in the den,
watching TV.
He finished all of his homework
except for the math.
I didn't even understand it, so I
couldn't really help him. Can I show you?
See? It's like
metric conversion stuff.
We never even
learned this at Schreiber.
It's like
decimeters and stuff.
I told him
you might know it because
I figured you learned it
at hygienist school, maybe.
Hey, mom.
I'm showing her the math.
- She won't know it.
- Maybe she will.
- Did you?
- What?
Did you learn metric conversion
in dental hygienist school?
Uh, yeah. I don't know.
Listen, Amanda, you can go.
What do I owe you?
Twenty, but I was gonna do
the dishes first.
Oh, no, that's okay,
you can just leave.
I would've done them before, but
the homework thing slowed me down.
It'll only take a minute.
(Dog barking)
Hey, mom, this kid from school asked me
to go to his birthday party tomorrow.
Can you take me?
It's in Glen Cove.
I think so. I have to meet with the lawyer tomorrow.
I don't know what time.
Please, just leave them.
You know what my mom says?
When you babysit, leave the
kitchen cleaner than...
Leave them!
Leave 'em.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Good night, Dennis.
See ya.
What's with you?
Where did you even go tonight?
I went out with a friend.
Now go to bed.
(Dog continues barking)
Did something bad happen?
God damn it,
why won't you just shut up?
- I just asked if...
- Please stop! Please!
- Mom! I didn't...
- It's the dog!
It's the fucking dog!
Hey! Douchebag!
You want the ball?
You want the ball?
Come on! Get the ball!
Get the ball! That's right!
Get the ball! That's right!
Get the ball!
Hey, asshole! Fetch!
Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?!
Why are you doing that
to my dog?!
- Oh, shit!
- Come back here!
I saw what you did!
Go get my dog!
That's my dog! Ginger!
I saw what you did!
I saw what you did!
You come back here!
Mrs. Cosolito,
what happened?
Your son tried to kill my dog!
He tried to kill my dog!
What?! Dennis!
Where's the dog?
I don't know,
she ran after the ball!
She's never been out of that yard,
she'll get lost! She'll get killed!
Good! That stupid dog
should get killed!
What kind of mother raises
a monster like that?!
You're a terrible mother!
A terrible mother! I hear things!
Fuck you! Shut up!
You shut up!
Haven't you done enough already?!
Find my dog!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'll find her.
Find Ginger,
or I'll tell the police!
I have a nephew with
the nassau county police!
I'll tell him
what your son did!
I'll tell him what kind
of a mother you are!
What kind of monster
you raised!
(Computer beeps)
You suck!
And this... cannot...
Be... in my... house!
What are you gonna do? Huh?
Tell everyone the truth?
- Go ahead, I don't care!
- No! I don't care!
You can tell people that your father
was Spiderman, I don't give a shit!
You are such an asshole to me!
I don't care any more!
- Good! You suck, anyway!
- You suck! You!
(Door slams)
(Children chattering)
This offer is bullshit.
It's just bullshit.
Can I see it?
No, 'cause it's bullshit.
Can I see it?
You wanna see
I wanna see the paper.
It's 150,000.
That's a big
"go fuck yourself."
We can thank bush for that,
that vicious little prick.
He's got his buddies down there in the
insurance companies playing so rough now...
I wanna get a response
back to them today.
I'll take it.
No, you're not gonna
take it, Laura.
When someone says,
"go fuck yourself"
you don't go fuck yourself,
do you?
Listen to me, the courts in this
district are solidly pro-plaintiff.
We will win this judgment, it's just
might get a little bloody, that's all.
They're gonna bring up
Bob's affair with the girl.
She told?
Yeah. Yeah, she tried to lie,
but they tripped her up.
It was kinda comical,
But don't worry about it,
trust me, okay?
In fact, I think it's gonna make
the jury more sympathetic to you.
Mel, 150 is enough.
I can manage on that.
- Laura...
- I just want this to be over!
We're gonna win this case, okay?
God damn it!
Do you wanna live
Don't you want
a little security here?
Let's think about
David here, huh?
How long's it gonna take?
Two years, maybe three.
# This is where
you'll see when #
# It's no secret
that you're hurting #
# You are now
and you were then #
# The darkest part
of the dead-end #
# There is no glory
in taking #
# You back
under my wing #
# Since it looks like
you're learning #
# You're no match
for what you've gotten in #
Everyone thinks the pitcher has the ball,
but really the first baseman has the ball,
and everything's
going good for the other team.
Cool party, huh?
Uh, yeah.
So everything's going good.
There's a man on first and a man on third.
I may not be able
to stay the whole time.
Me and my mom were maybe gonna head
down to Ground Zero a little later.
But if the pitcher
goes on the rubber,
then it's a balk,
and then you get your base.
You get a free base.
So when the runner
takes his lead...
We've got news and weather
comin' up,
but right now,
Jerry Rafferty on WCLX Classics.
Enough of this Dion shit, let's
get Avril Lavigne down here, huh?
Avril Lavigne?
Are you listening to this?
What? I'd bang her. Put a bag
over her head first, but...
You wouldn't need to.
There'd already be a bag over your head.
Ho! Ho!
Yeah, Rhonda?
You have kind of a weird call
on line two.
She wouldn't
say her name.
Sounded like
she was crying.
Dan: Ooh, maybe the hooker
from the Queensborough bridge.
The tranny!
So, what's going on?
We used to all
skate here. Remember?
The security guy told me they're
not opening it at all this year.
They're gonna redo
the whole thing.
So is that why
you called me here?
No. I went...
I went to a bar.
I shouldn't have called you.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. Hey.
What did you wanna tell me?
I can't. I can't, Paul.
Just tell me.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay. What?
I wish I would've returned
your tennis ball.
In high school?
When you said,
"a little help"?
I wish I would've helped.
We had a whole basket
of balls.
But I didn't help.
I didn't help.
I didn't do anything
I should've done back then.
I didn't understand
anything back then.
I didn't understand anything until
about two months ago, and now...
Now, what?
I don't know. It's just...
You know like when you said
you had those feelings for me,
like, if you were with me,
everything would be okay?
It's the reverse.
It's the reverse.
We were just
20 years too late.
God, you're such
a beautiful girl, Laura.
(Children chattering)
We should get out of here.
Oh, this bites.
Why do I have to be here, anyway?
Because he's your cousin and he
went to your birthday party.
That's 'cause
you invited him.
I don't know any kids here, mom.
They all go to his school.
Well, I have errands,
so you're here.
Deal with it.
I'll see you at 5:00.
What are you doing?
I need gas.
I've been below "E" since yesterday.
I'll never make it home.
You want me to pull over
and wait?
No, just go on to my house.
I'll be two minutes behind you.
(Horn honks)
Nancy Feldman.
Seth Feldman's mother.
Our sons were in the same group
at day camp this summer.
Oh, right! Hi, hi.
So, how ya been doing?
Oh, okay.
Laura, I was so shocked when seth
came home from camp that day
and told me that Dennis' father
had, you know...
Died. Yeah.
Heart attack, right?
I'm so sorry.
How's Dennis dealing with it?
He's okay.
He's at Newbury Friends
this year.
It's been good for him.
Oh, Newbury Friends?
My husband's cousin's son
goes there... Adam Walton.
In fact, I just dropped
Seth off at his birthday party.
Oh, yeah, Dennis is there.
He's at the party.
He is? (Laughs)
What a small world!
Is that funny? Is that funny?
Yes, it is. It is funny.
Oh, in fact,
it's actually a Godsend
because seth didn't know
any other kids there.
And I'm sure that Dennis will be surprised
to see one of his camp friends, huh?
Yes, he...
Oh my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, God.
What? Are you okay?
Oh, God. Oh, God.
(Horn honks)
Hey, I know that kid.
I went to camp with him.
What's with the tattoo?
His father died in 9/11.
Huh? Where'd you hear that?
(Engine sputtering)
Oh, my God. You gotta be kidding me.
Come on! Come on!
There she is...
I have him waiting
for you over there.
It's all right.
It's all right. It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right. It's all right.
It's all right. It's all right.
It's all right. It's all right.
It's all right.
# Sweet nothing #
# standing with me #
# Who do you think #
# you're fooling? #
# Stranger in your home #
# wondering always #
# You're nothing #
# lost here with me #
# One of the many #
# drifting #
# I'm lucky #
# Lost with you #
# Finding out #
# there is something #
Anyone home?
Oh, hello, sweetheart.
Where's your mother?
Um, Kathy's car is gone.
Did they go out?
Oh, right, the girls
went out shopping.
It is saturday, right?
Are you looking
at old pictures?
Yeah, a little stroll
down memory lane.
What the hell else
do I have to do?
God. Look at us.
We're so young.
I tell ya,
blink of an eye.
I remember a moment here,
a moment there.
The rest...
Gone in the breeze.
Look at you, though.
Oh, God, such a beauty.
(Both chuckle)
Much prettier
than your sister.
Don't tell her I said so.
You've told her...
Many times.
Yeah, yeah, but always while I was
complimenting her on something else,
like her
organizational skills.
(Both chuckle)
Which are first-rate,
by the way.
You were always
my pride and joy.
Such a free spirit.
I don't think your mom or Kath ever
really appreciated that about you.
But you did.
Yeah, sure.
Then why didn't you
stick up for me more?
Hey, look at this...
That's me and Tom Seaver,
right after the Mets
won the '69 series,
and Seaver's
pouring champagne on me.
No, look, 'cause Paul is always saying how
Seaver was pouring champagne on Howard Cosell,
but look, look how wet
my sport jacket is, huh?
The point is, sweetie,
I was there.
I got my story.
Front page.
I know.
I'm not talking about the sports
section, I mean the whole paper.
I know.
Honey, listen to me,
nobody handed that to me.
'Cause when all
is said and done,
everybody has to make
their own way through.
I don't know.
That's just the way it is.
I love you, daddy.
Where's Paul?
I don't know.
He came in, then he said
he had to go for a walk.
I didn't know you could play.
I can't.
I just taught myself this one
riff when I was in high school,
so people would go, "hey, man,
you're good, keep playing,"
at which point I would decline, appearing to
be admirably humble about my musical gift.
Did it work?
I never had the guts
to actually try it.
This was my first chance,
and I blew it.
So there you go.
I knew you weren't
gonna show up, Laura.
- I'm so sorry, Paul.
- No, it's okay.
Don't apologize.
It's funny, I had this feeling as soon
as I pulled away from the gas station.
Like it was inevitable.
Something happened.
Well, inevitable things
always do.
That's how they get
their name, right?
You helped me so much, Paul.
Well, truth be told,
you also h...
# I hear you come #
# your pockets have change #
# on down the street
a little again #
# The busy people,
they've taken their seats #
# stranded us
on our feet #
# The sunday papers
are stacked up high #
# Tomorrow happens
in the blink of an eye #
# Ain't nothin' movin'
down the line #
# Ain't nothin' lookin'
much alive #
# But the wind screams
and without lights #
# You belong to me since
you left your mother's side #
# Everything's slowin' down
to a crawl #
# This ain't no season,
this ain't no season at all #
# We can't get right,
we can't get left #
# We can't get out
from under it #
# Nothin' floats
and nothin' sinks #
# I've been dragged out
behind the ship #
# All this country
and all this steel #
# Everything's far off,
nowhere's near #
# Over valleys
and over hills #
# It looks like spring happened,
but just not here #
# Come out of the background
into the front #
# your punches in bunches
and all at once #
# This ain't summer,
it's nothin' like fall #
# This ain't no season,
this ain't no season at all #
# Rainbows are grounded
like they were dust #
# We been down under
the blacked out sun #
# My heart is open,
but it's filled with love #
# It's the sale of the century,
you still want some #
# weddin' fiddles
are playin' loud #
# beyond the borders
of the sleepy town #
# Bite the apple
on down to the core #
# the sweetest parts
have yet to come forth #
# I walk the interstate
and into the void #
# These streets are too narrow
for this kind of joy #
# I see the moon
slippin' over the wall #
# This ain't no season,
this ain't no season at all #
# Looks like
you're just wakin' up #
# You'd think the circles
would disappear #
# They don't #
# They wanna walk,
but you're not tryin' it #
# They wanna talk,
but you're not buyin' it #
# You can say one thing
to take it back #
# But you won't #
# You can dream
it went a different way #
# Close your eyes
and fly the lie away #
# Rewrite the endin'
of the play #
# and take a shot
and fly your heart away #
# Your heart away #
# well #
# The belle
has finally left the ball #
# still waitin'
for that other shoe to fall #
# some basic rules,
but you don't follow them #
# gaggle of fools,
but you don't bother them #
# You make it all up
as you go along #
# but you're not
goin' anywhere #
# You can dream
it went a different way #
# close your eyes
and fly the lie away #
# Rewrite the endin'
of the play #
# and take a shot
and fly your heart away #
# I can be the canvas
and the clay #
# If you let me through #
# just stick around
for just another day #
# and help me help you #
# you, you #
# You can dream
it went a different way #
# Close your eyes
and fly the lie away #
# Rewrite the endin'
of the play #
# Just take a shot
and fly your heart away #
# I can be the canvas
and the clay #
# if you let me through #
# Just stick around
for just another day #
# and help me help you #