A Little Part of Me (2010) Movie Script

We need to get this out right away.
Morning? It's practically lunch time.
I don't know how you do it, Nina.
Really. I just don't have the discipline to get up every morning and go to the gym.
It's really not that bad.
I mean...once you get used to it.
Just get up...Do it.
That's how you get started with your day.
Hi girls.
Hey Margo.
How was your weekends?
I ran a marathon.
That's amazing!
I didn't even know you were training for a marathon.
Well, you know I wasn't...
technically training....I...
jumped in...did my thing...
And I..uhh..placed first!
Oh my god. You are too much.
How about you Reggie?
Well. Quinton and Marlo decided to separate after they decided the baby wasn't theirs.
Are you serious? Another episode of Russell's Hearts?
Tell us about your weekend.
I watched reruns of Restless Hearts.
You need to give her a break.
Reggie that is great!
There is nothing in this world...made by nature or man...
that beauty is not commendable.
Hey ladies.
Hi. Have a good weekend?
You know. I'm just worried about her.
We all are. I mean...
She lost Max, what like, a year ago?
A year ago last month.
She needs to move on.
I..think it's kind of romantic.
Pining away...her forgotten love.
You totally would.
Don't take it personally. It's just...
You can't live your life mourning somebody that you lost.
It's not like the trashy books that you read all the time.
They're romantic fiction, I'll have you know.
They're not trashy!
Maybe if you worked on your brain from time to time, instead of your muscles.
OK. You know what girls?
Seriously, you need to stop fighting.
OK. You're both really beautiful.
And when you get like this...the energy gets so ugly.
My shakras are getting so unaligned!
And the energy in here is so terrible you have to stop fighting.
Marg...stop it.
We didn't mean it. We didn't mean it.
we're sorry. Please don't be upset.
Thank you for keeping your negative energy in check.
Because what we really need to do right now...
...is we need to come together.
We need to align.
Like the planets.
For Linda. We need to help her.
Because she's missing out on so many beautiful things in life...
...because of her grief goggles.
I don't know about "grief goggles", but I do agree she does need to get out more.
And maybe if she went out got some exercise...
...release some endorphins, you know...
Hey. Maybe she just needs to meet somebody new.
You know, I mean, she'll never forget about Max, but maybe somebody new will help.
You know what?
I think it's time for a good old fashioned emotional intervention.
That's what I think.
You know?
As crackpot as that sounds...I think...
...you might be right.
I am right. I know it.
Meet at Linda's tonight then?
Put the hands in girls.
Put 'em in.
That's right.
We'll do it.
thank you ladies for coming.
I know how I've been.
It's just that I can't seem to shake it.
Seems like he's still here.
It's not over.
I think what your missing is closure.
That's totally understandable.
I mean he left in such a rush and so unexpectedly.
No wonder why you feel like he might still be around.
Did you ever think that...maybe...he still is around?
Linda, do you ever feel an unearthly presence?
Maybe like someone's softly whispering into your ear?...Like...
You need some good old fashioned exercise!
You know?
Get the blood going. Kick around the old medicine ball.
No Nina. No. You're wrong.
What we need to do right now...
Is we need to fix your spirit.
...not your body.
Linda you need to open your third eye.
You need to look at the world and see what the world can give you. Not what the world took away.
Again, thank you ladies for coming to do this.
It really shows how much you care.
It's just that...
...I feel guilty that I'm still alive...
We're all so young...
...and so much promise...
...taken away from him.
He didn't have a choice.
You know that he chose to be an organ donor against his parents' wishes?
Yeah he did.
Shows how much he cared about helping and healing others.
He was always thinking about everybody else.
Where I just sit around...
...stress out about whether we're going to be in business next week.
I just sit around and think about myself.
He was just so caring and selfless.
Why am I the one that's still alive?
Oh! Oh.
I have an idea!
Maybe we can find out where his body parts were donated to?
See who has 'em?
And see what good they're doing?
Then maybe it won't feel like his death was for nothing.
That's a beautiful idea, Reggie.
What do you know!
It's gonna be really hard to find those parts.
This is highly unorthodox. I should really not be giving out this information.
I should really not be doing that.
No..no..no. Please don't cry.
Come on.
Hey. Hey.
Okay. Alright.
Okay. I'll do it. I'll get you the information.
Thank you.
I really should not be doing this. You know that?
Only for you. You know, Max was my friend to.
I know how important it was to have his legacy live on.
I did pull some strings to find out.
So you can contact all the people who got...his parts.
You did? Yes i did.
You know you mean more to me that Max's wife. You are my friend.
I think Max would actually appreciate it, that I'm around in your life still. You know?
I know, Paul, but...
...sometimes it's difficult to see you.
Why is that? Someone so dashingly handsome.
Thank you. Your welcome.
Anything for you.
Linda. Thank you.
So good to finally meet you.
Good to see you.
Oh no. What's wrong?
Oh, I'm sorry Daniel. It's nice to meet you to.
It's just you...you really do have his eyes.
I mean I assume that you would.
But there they are.
It's almost as if he's....If I focus on them long enough, it's almost as if he's...
...right there with me.
Wow! What are these?
They're pine needles.
It's a pine tree.
See there. I was blind as a bat. But then suddenly...
...there's this whole new world.
Sure. It took a few moments for my eyes to focus, but when they did...Wow!
Us as human beings don't really appreciate the beauty surrounding us!
The cracks in the sidewalk or the clouds in the sky!
Oh my god! I'm sorry.
Hi. Hi.
I...I, uh, wasn't watching where I was going. Me either.
It's a ...beautiful day.
The sky's amazing right?
Oh, well, look at the time. I've got to get going.
Daniel...Margo. Margo...Daniel.
You two are going to get along wonderfully.
Nice to meet you Linda.
Bye, Linda.
Have you seen the whole park?
This is my favorite park.
This have significant meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism.
But to me it's their intrinsic beauty that inspires me.
I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life.
Was it you that did this?
I can't imagine what it would be like...
...be given the gift of sight after not having it.
Must be like nothing you've ever seen before, huh?
You're like nothing I've ever seen before.
You're the only person I've met since this miracle happened....
...but when he understands the loveliness...
...of the world that surrounds us.
People just take it for granted.
They don't know what real darkness is.
If you can't see the beauty in the mundane, the spectacular loses its fire.
I think I've finally seen spectacular.
For the first time in my life.
Check me out for the first time, huh?
Oh my god!
Putting it in my mouth....my face.
Do you like watching me? I like watching you baby.
It's amazing.
Are you ticklish? Are you going to admit it?
That's nice.
I wanna get on top of you.
I wanna grind on you.
You want to put it in? Yes baby.
It's so good. So good.
Just grind on it? Yes.
You feel so good inside of me. You feel so good inside of me.
I just want to please you.
Just like that baby.
Have you ever practiced Kama Sutra? No baby.
I could teach you.
Just become one with the universe.
Oh my, we're becoming one.
It takes me like 8 hours to come. I'm tantric.
It's like the fucking planets are aligning right now just for us.
Make all those rocks just explode!
Pollinate me! Come on.
Do I get to watch? I get to watch you inside of me.
I don't think I can hold the orgasm.
I can't hold out my orgasms.
Give me your mouth.
We are planets colliding right now!
We are fucking colliding right now!
I love you!
Yeah baby!
Oh more!
Don't take it away from me!
Don't take it away.
I want to feel every inch of you.
Oh my god, I don't!
I can't take every inch, I guess.
Spit on that please.
I need to lay down for a second. OK?
Give me your mouth. Give me your mouth.
Just open wide now.
You going to come baby?
Hi Roger, My name is Linda. You don't know me, but...
How are you Linda. What can I do you for?
Like I said. You don't know me, but you have something very important of my husband's.
Hey Linda, good to see you. How are you?
This is a really nice place you got here.
Sorry I'm a little bit early.
I just decided to run over.
There's nothing like a good run in the morning.
Whew! Feel these packs.
Feel. Solid as rocks right?
I need some coffee. Do you have any coffee?
Isn't coffee so good?
Yeah. The kitchen is right there.
I could go for some ice coffee now. That would be great you know!
You know that coffee I get in the morning. I get too crazy!
So. How did the accident happen?
It was a harrowing tale.
There I was.
It was 4th and 10.
It was only 5 minutes left on the clock.
I knew that the game was entirely in my hands.
The center takes his position.
He grabs the ball. Steps back. QB's got the ball.
He throws the ball, perfect spiral down the field.
I find myself in the end zone. All alone in the end zone.
Hands are up. Ready to catch the ball.
And all the sudden!
An arrow hit me. Right in the lung. Collapsed it.
An arrow? Yeah.
The archery team was practicing on the field next to us.
You know. Don't let people tell you that flag football is not a dangerous sport.
Just because there's no contact involved, doesn't mean there's no risk involved.
It's my life's goal to spread that knowledge to everyone.
Well, Roger, goals are good.
I want to thank you.
Your husband made the ultimate sacrifice so I could be here and healthy today.
I can't imagine how difficult it's been on you.
Both you and your husband have been completely selfless and that's incredible.
I just wish that I had more than words to offer you.
I really mean them from the bottom of my heart.
That means more to me than you could ever know.
Are you single?
Linda, I wasn't trying to put moves on you.
I was just trying to be polite you know.
No no. That's not what I meant.
You're very handsome.
You're quite kind, but...
I honestly don't think I could keep up with you.
But I think I might know someone who can.
Come on patsies. I've seen girl scouts give higher kicks than that.
Two. Three.
It's...it's simple!
I could do this...
...for hours.
Come on.
Let's give it a break.
You know Rog. You've got to focus your energy.
I know you're excited to get it all back, but don't just waste it away.
Got to focus it.
You're a slave driver you know that?
I'll take that as a compliment.
Yeah. I meant it as one.
Are you blushing?
Is the mighty Nina blushing?
I never blush. I could see you blushing. I never blush.
What are you doing?
Well, now that I've got my energy focused I know what to focus it on.
That's not football.
You scoundrel!
I am not one of those prissy little cheerleaders you flirt with relentlessly.
I'm...I'm sorry.
That was awful. I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
I'm packing up my stuff so I don't say anything else to push you further away.
Come on. Stay.
Why so you can torture me some more?
Only...if you ask...very...
...very nicely.
You know, I think you're the only one who keeps up with me.
You think you're ready for the challenge?
As long as you're involved.
I'm up for anything.
That was amazing!
Do you realize how many calories we just burned?
Oh, Linda.
You look absolutely amazing!
Paul what are you doing here?
Well I thought I would come back and check up on you.
You look like you are a little busy now.
Ow. That's really sweet. Yeah, I'm on my way out now.
A date maybe?
I don't think so, but you never know.
Oh, hang on a second you want to come in?
You never know.
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm going to have to get going.
I just realized I'm really late.
Some other time. Sure sweetheart I'd love to.
Can I help you?
Are you Lucas?
I am.
How can I assist you?
Hi Lucas.
My name is Linda.
I found out that you recently had a heart transplant?
And I wanted to come by and see...
...how it was going for you because...
...you have my husband's heart.
Here Linda, please, please come in.
Please, please, just make yourself comfortable.
Thank you.
You know...
Ever since I got your husband's heart...
...I've become a new man.
I'm so happy to hear that.
I mean, I was sick, and I was dying now look at me.
My body's functioning and I'm full of faith and love.
There's nothing out there but bounty!
...and opportunities!
Well, I'm so happy for you.
I'm delighted to hear that the procedure went well.
And I really do hope that you'll keep in touch.
Wait, wait, wait, you don't have to leave.
I don't know how that must have sounded.
Stupid! Stupid!
Lucas, you're anything but stupid.
Was your husband a loving...kind man?
One of the most.
I can tell.
Ever since the procedure, I've just had this passion in me!
I never had it before.
I was cynical, skeptical, but...
not anymore!
I'm just full of love and faith...
Sometimes it gets the better of me and I start talking about the bounty.
He'd be delighted to know that you have a second chance at life.
I wish I could've known him.
You do.
Would you do the honor of being my bride?
Oh, Lucas, No!
I, I, I, uh, I'm sorry. It's just that you're so pretty!
I have his hea...I am so, so sorry.
Lucas, don't apologize.
I think I know someone you should meet.
Oh my god.
Come in. Let me put those in some water.
Please come in. Oh my... Thank you.
Lucas, your place is beautiful.
Can I offer you some wine?
You know all by itself, it's just a place.
It's the things that are inside that make it truly beautiful.
Regina....You can call me Reggie.
What's that?
Reggie? The girls at work call me Reggie for short.
I guess it's kind of my nickname.
Take the power away from Regina?
The...the traditional name for a queen.
Strip you from your royalty?
I would rather die!
I'll always know you as Regina.
So...what's your favorite TV show?
No, no, no let me guess.
Ummm...Restless Hearts!
How did you know?
I can spot a Cohen lover anywhere.
The chiseled features...
...the strong jaw line and the big muscles.
What do you look for?
Don't lie to me.
Of course, honestly.
Smart, sensitive guys.
Who wear glasses.
And serve me a glass of wine before spending time with me.
Men who aren't afraid to be romantic.
And open up their hearts.
And don't mind if I do either.
Men who have a couple glasses of wine with me and then ask me what kind of men I like.
Men you know full well.
It's you.
That sounds awfully specific.
You must have terrible luck.
You know I think your luck is about to change.
Yes, my Highness.
I love you.
I love you.
I said it first.
I'm telling you guys. This retreat was amazing!
All we did was commune with nature and each other.
Uhh, god.
Lucas and I snuggled all weekend.
And watched reruns of Restless Hearts.
Oh, what a surprise.
Oh Hell.
Roger and I we did it to Gavelon(?).
And we even had time for a ....afterwards.
I hate to admit it but, I think he may actually wear me out.
Oh impossible.
Well, well, well, if it isn't our old friend Linda.
Hello ladies.
How was your weekend.
Good Linda. How are you?
How are the boys?
Don't tell me something happened to the boys!
There wasn't rejection was there?!
I'm not talking about the dumping kind of rejection.
I'm talking about organ donating.
Was there rejection? Please tell me there wasn't rejection.
No. No. Nothing like that.
OK listen.
The last couple of days we've all been talking...
...and we're all just sad.
I mean you're so brave Linda.
You are so brave.
You went out there on your own. You found these men.
You brought them to us.
Look at how happy we are!
Who do you have?
You know but like we can't help but feel guilty.
How can we be happy when we know...you don't have anybody?
I mean we....we feel miserable.
You all are amazing!
Adorable imbeciles.
I did find someone.
I found myself.
Look at me.
I am not that same person that was sulking here 6 weeks ago.
I miss Max.
But I'm learning, I'm growing, and I'm accepting.
See Lucas, Roger, and Daniel was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.
See how Max lives on.
And how his sacrifice made all of my friends happy?
Is the most amazing thing I could have ever experienced.
I am so happy for all of you.
And for myself.
Look at that, you made me cry. You bitch.
Come here.
Well, I guess there's a first time for everything.
Group hug. Let's bring it in.
My dear Linda. When I saw you the other day, my heart sank.
To see my friend so sad and lonely.
My heart felt like someone was just squeezing it.
And it just hasn't stopped.
I feel the only thing that will take the vice off is to know that your well and happy and that I made you so.
Linda, I realize my feelings for you transcend friendship.
I know this may be hard to hear, which is why I could not tell you in person.
But if you feel the same way...you know where to find me. All my love, Paul.
Come in.
Hey stranger. Linda what a pleasant surprise.
Good to see you too. You too.
I know you miss him. We all miss him.
I know.
It's just that, now that I really let him go...
I'm scared that I'm going to be lonely for the rest of my life.
I'd never let that happen.
I know.
So what's new with you? What's that smile about.
You've been there all along. Offering your help and your heart.
And I didn't even see it.
Well I knew you'd come around to it sometime.
Sorry it took me so long.
I've got all the time in the world. You're well worth it.
So what's going on with you?
I met all of them.
You did? How did it go?
Amazing! Heart-wrenching. Painful, but beautiful.
Well it kind of comes with the territory. You know that right?
You know, I thought I was going to find a piece of Max in all of them.
Aside from the actual pieces inside them. And I...
...I didn't. I realize something though.
It's not Max's body that I miss.
It's his spirit.
Well, what if I told you that I actually donated Max's penis to another man?
Oh, you didn't did you?
No, no. We didn't do that.
Oh, then it really wouldn't matter.
Thank you for waiting.
Well, thanks for finally realizing that Max is greater than his parts.
The sum of his parts that is.
You're a nerd.
How about dinner sometime?
I'd love that.
I have a confession though.
What? I'm a hell of a cook. What! I don't believe that.
You're going to have to prove it to me.
That can be arranged.
So would you care for a glass of wine?
I'd love to. You would? Thank you.
Take her shall we? Just a little bit.
I found your sweet spot. Is that where it's at?
You got one more there.
You like that?
Yes. Yes.
Where you going? Nowhere.
I'm hungry.
You hungry. You made me work up an appetite.
Where's my romantic dinner?