A Lonely Woman (2018) Movie Script

(wistful instrumental music)
(sentimental instrumental music)
(bright rock music)
Hey you!
I'm home!
(pensive instrumental music)
(pensive rock music)
No, Dad, please, no!
No, Dad!
Oh Dad, no, please, no, Dad!
No, Dad, no!
No, Dad, no!
- Come on in, come
on, don't be shy.
This is your new home now.
(pensive instrumental music)
- Annie, listen to me.
Did you shoot your parents?
(pensive rock music)
- Where's Annie?
Why isn't she here
Does she know about
the funeral servic
I have been calling
and her phone is o!
- Frkin' Annie, I swear to God,
we don't have time to be dealing
with her bullshit right now.
- We have friends
that don't even know
about the funeral service.
- Well, then chop to
it then, Aunt Laurie.
Got a couple hours,
keep callin' people.
Shh, Jesus.
I gotta go.
Steve, I need to talk to
you real quick, come on.
- Annie, it's eight
o'clock Monday morning.
We're having your
parent's funeral service
at four o'clock at the
Woodlands Funeral Home.
Where are you?
(sentimental instrumental music)
What about Annie?
She gets nothing
- She's under the same
provisions that you are.
Roger's been given
stus to oversee
your welfare and Annie's.
- Aren't you gonna say anything?
Do we have to be under
Roger's discretion?
Steven is better
suited for this.
- What are you trying
to say, Laura? Huh?
Now, be cool now, you're
gonna get the same as always.
(pensive instrumental music)
- And to make matters worse,
my woman, I tell ya,
does not understand me.
She think I'm cheatin'
on her (laughs
Can you believe that?
Where am I gonna get the tim
I'm here almost all the time.
Where am I gonna find the time?
Yeah, I do talk to these girls.
- Hey, do you know something?
You are boring the
hell out of me.
(clears throat)
- Hell! That's what
I'm a tell her.
"To hell with you woman!
(laughs) You are somethin' els
Awe hell.
- Hey poker player, remember me?
Small world, bitch.
You cheated me out of my bik
You think that's enough?
You're comin' with us.
You're gonna make us real happy.
Turn around.
Turn around or I'll
shoot you right here!
(pensi instrumental music)
- Listen amigo, you
got your bike, go home.
- I said you're comin' with us!
You're gonna pay for
being such a little whore.
(panicked grunting)
(pensive instrumental music)
- [Man] Hey!
(sentimental instrumental music)
- Ah, mi amigo, Hector.
(pensive instrumental music)
- Rose!
- We're just gonna
have a little chat.
Names, I want names.
Give me their names.
- I don't know their
names, I'm telling you!
I dont know know their names!
Come on, I need a doctor!
Can you see that I'm bleedin
- No, no.
- Bill, Bill!
Bill knows!
He took us!
Come on, I'm bleeding,
I need a doctor!
- Oh, shut the fuck up!
Okay, now, let's
talk about this Bill.
- He works, he works at
this DeLorean place.
- DeLorean?
- Yeah
That's all I know, I
swear to God, come o
- Ai!
(pensive instrumental music)
- El pega?
I'm talking to you!
Does he hit you?
Si dice a la polcia about me...
I'll be back.
And I won't only kill you.
But I'll kill this
little creature too,
and the fucking dog too,
you understand? Hmm?
Hey, do you understand?
- Si.
- Ai!
- Hey!
(pensive instrumental music)
(mid-tempo rock music)
(weighty electronic music)
(match sizzling)
(weighty electronic music)
- Who are you?
You're the daughter?
- What?
What did you say?
Hey you, come on.
- [Bill] Please don't kill me.
- But how do you know
I'm the daughter?
- Max hired me to
rob your folks.
He said they had a daughter.
- Max, who's Max?
Please don't die, please!
Please don't die on me!
I'll take you to the
hospital, please!
Who's that, Max?
- Max said you weren't
supposed to be there.
We were to just
shake the ace down.
Make it look like a robbery.
- To make it look
like a robbery?
Why? What other reason were
you supposed to be there for?
Tell me about this Max.
- I only know him as Max Black.
He's just a hired gun.
- A hired gun?
Who hired him?
Who hired him? Please
don't die, please!
- The son.
It's for the inheritance.
- Wake up.
Wake up!
Wake up!
(weighty instrumental music)
- The son?
What the hell?
What the hell?
- Who are you?
Hey, hey, there's no money here.
You shot me, you bitch!
- You have a lighter?
- What?
- Are you stupid? A lighter.
- No, I don't have a lighter.
Yeah, yeah.
In there.
My secretary smokes.
In her desk.
- That sounds like a good idea.
Now, if you move from there,
then I shoot you again.
Do you understand?
I'll be back, don't go anywhere.
- You fuckin' crazy bitch!
- I told you, don't move.
- [Man] What do you want?
- We're gonna have
a little chat.
We need to talk about
the Arlington's will.
- Arlington?
- Shut the fuck up!
Who paid you to change it?
- I dont know what
you're talking about.
It was Roger!
It was a deal with Roger and I!
Dave changed the will,
and left everything to you,
and I dont know how
Roger found out.
He came to me.
- You son of a bitch!
Then you two murdered
my parents, huh?
I had no idea Roger
was gonna kill anybody.
I mean, that's crazy.
I changed the will after Dave
and Martha were already dead.
- Who's Max Black?
How about Bill?
- I dont know.
- And Hector, have you
ever heard of them?
- I dont know'em.
I'm tellin' you the truth.
I dont know 'em.
I dont know any of 'em,
I'm tellin' you the truth!
- And you never will.
Because I took care
of them already.
Was Steven involved?
- I don't think so,
I mean, I dont know.
I was dealing with Roger,
and he never said
Steven was involved.
I dont know.
- So, I guess now
it's your turn.
- No, no, please don't kill me!
No, please, please!
I can fix it!
You need me Annie, I
can't say anything, right?
I would go to jail!
You're robbing me?
This is a donation...
For the Foundation of
Abused Women of Texas.
You call Roger,
and then Max Black,
and you tell them...
Tell them Jezebel is coming.
- [Man] Who?
Are you aware you're
a crazy bitch?
I know.
Next time you call
me crazy bitch,
I'm gonna kill you.
(sentimental piano music)
(slow piano music)
- Hey!
Wake up! Get up! Come on.
- Hey.
- I need you to grab all
your stuff and get out.
Because I'm movin' in.
- What?
- [Roger] Come on
now, you heard me.
You don't live here anymore.
- What do you mean?
- This house is mine now.
And I don't want you here.
- Are you giving me
money to get my own place
because my cards were cut...
- Money?
You're out of your
freakin' mind.
With the keys.
The keys to the DeLorean.
They over here?
Get all her shit out of the car,
put it in this bag,
and bring it back
when you're done.
- Asshole!
- And where am I supposed to go?
I have no money, my credit
cards were canceled,
you were supposed...
- Get a fuckin' job, Annie!
I really don't freakin' care.
Get a fuckin' job.
(slow instrumental music)
- I can't take it anymore!
I can't take it!
I'm in Limbo.
I'm in Limbo.
The nightmare I left behind
when they brought me here
has come back to trap me again.
This time it won't let go.
I feel dead.
I don't want to be alive.
But I don't wanna be dead.
I don't wanna sleep.
But I don't wanna be awake.
I don't wanna be alone.
But I don't want
anybody with me.
They took everything I had.
Now, I'm back at the orphanage,
and this time, no
one's coming for me.
I'm a walking dead.
(weighty instrumental music)
- How come you didn't
mention that to us before?
How do I know you didn't just
pick it up out of the park?
- Aren't you gonna check it out?
- I find it very interesti
that you've never
mentioned it before.
- So what?
Hey listen, this
could be a lead, oy!
Why would anyone
living out of town
be running by my house, huh?
Why? Think of it!
- Okay.
If looks could
kill, I'd be dead.
- Hi! How are you?
Come here.
More, come here, closer.
Sit next to me.
This is for me?
Thank you.
You're very sweet.
What's your name?
You don't wanna
tell me your name.
At least you like me,
but you don't wanna
tell me your name, huh?
Ah, that's okay.
You can't hear.
And you can't speak.
My name is Annie.
I'm your new neighbor.
(mid-tempo intrumental music)
(weighty instrumental music)
- And just tell this guy to just
get out of the car,
you know what I'm sayin'?
- Uh-huh.
- I keep calling you.
You never return my calls.
Have you gone to Houston
to talk to that guy?
- Okay, you listen
to me carefully.
- No, you listen to me,
you haven't done shit!
You are a good for
nothing useless cop,
that's what you are.
If you're not
gonna do anything...
- I'm getting
really tired of you.
Okay, I understand your pain,
but we're doing our
job and you don't...
- Are you gonna
do something about
my parent's murder, yes or no?
Because if you're not,
then I will.
(bold instrumental music)
- What are you trying to say?
- And believe me,
you won't like it.
- What are you doin'?
You're hitting my target.
(romantic acoustic music)
- Okay, are you gonna stand
there and look stupid?
Or are you gonna help me?
- Wow, okay, okay.
Do you see that nine?
You wanna aim right
for that nine.
Shoot for the heart.
Always shoot for the heart.
Like this.
(bright rock music)
Let me give you some advice
Here's a little solution
Don't be afraid
Tomorrow's still another day
Do you wanna be
apart of my revolution
It's not a game
Tell me if you wanna play
With the crown
I dream in the rain
And half the time I go insane
And touch the sky and
get as high up as the stars
- Do I have to be like this?
- What? Are you like a ninja?
Squeeze it...
Oh geez.
Alright, we're
gonna switch sides.
When you shoot
you shoot to kill
And always aim for the heart
(bright rock music)
And with a crown
I dream in the rain
And half the time I go insane
And touch the sky and
get as high up as the stars
- So, I'm good, my gun.
- You're a natural, yeah.
As soon as dark
And the one thing that
I learned from the start
Is when you shoot
you shoot to kill
And always aim for the heart
(romantic acoustic music)
- You're funny looking.
Always the heart, huh?
- Yes.
It's fast...
And definite.
(romantic acoustic music)
- I understand your pain,
but we're doing our
job, this is for us.
(pensive instrumental music)
- I told you not to
call me at this number.
What do you want?
No, and it won't be
taken care of this week.
And don't call
me, I'll call you.
Hey, Jez, how are you?
- Hey.
I got your present, thanks.
- It's untraceable.
- It's what?
What does that mean?
- Don't worry,
it's a good thing.
- How much did it cost you?
- Yeah, don't worry
about that either.
I get a big discount.
- Okay, well, don't
come for me tomorrow.
I won't be here.
- Really?
I thought you wanted to
try out your new toy?
You know, shoot a
little, ride a little.
- No, well, I'll be out of town.
- When you comin' back?
- I dont know yet.
But I'll call you okay, bye.
- Wait, Jez.
(gallant instrumental music)
Give me a beer.
- What kind?
- I don't give a
shit, a cold one.
- [Man] I'll see that last card.
(pensive instrumental music)
- [Man] If you come
I'll give you a tip.
And your phone number.
(gallant rock music)
- Who's the owner of
that bike outside?
- It's mine.
(slow acoustic music)
- Are you man enough?
- What's the bet?
- Your bike.
- Two.
(bold instrumental music)
- You bitch, there
were five aces.
(voices over television)
(high-tempo rock music)
(high-tempo rock music)
- I want a beer.
Charge it to him, okay.
(upbeat techno music)
(soft instrumental music)
- So, this is my little place.
- Oh, this is one
of your pieces?
- Yeah, that's one
of my recent pieces.
- So, where is your art?
- My what?
Oh, yeah, I'm workin'
on a few pieces.
- Where are they?
I wanna see them.
- Later, here, drink your beer.
Let me play some music for ya'.
(slow jazz music)
- What are you doing?
- Relax, it's okay.
- No.
I said no!
I'll take that.
Sorry if I mislead you,
but I have to go okay, so.
- You're not goin'
anywhere, bitch!
(weighty instrumental music)
(bold instrumental music)
(slow instrumental music)
(slow instrumental music)
(pensive instrumental music)
(slow instrumental music)
- Send Max after before
she finds out the truth.
She's gonna come after you.
Believe me.
Don't mess with her,
she's a bad ass.
Look at me!
There is no other way.
You gotta do her too.
Call up your guy Max,
and have him take care of it.
Man, you should've
seen her eyes.
It was like lookin'
at death itself.
- You don't know
worry about anything.
I've got a plan.
- Hello, Annie.
You haven't called me.
You know, we checked on him.
The wallet you gave us.
- [Annie] You did?
- Yeah, sure did.
You don't wanna know
what we found out?
We found him.
Except we couldn't get
a statement out of him
because he was
riddled with bullets.
- Let me get this right.
Was it A, you were looking
for him and found him dead?
Or B, somebody else
found him dead,
and you realized it
was the same person?
- Annie.
Could I take a
look at your bike?
- What do you expect to find?
- Nothing in particular.
Unless, you have
something to hide.
- No, of course not.
And the answer is no,
I don't want you
to check my bike.
- Well, I insist.
Can I please check
your bike, Annie?
- I said no!
- Annie, I insist that
I check your bike!
- Okay.
As you wish.
(pensive instrumental music)
- Okay.
See you soon, Annie.
- Are you into
fashion detective?
- No, just a nice jacket.
- Well, you know, they don't
sell it to some people.
- What do you think?
- Why all you girls
hate each other?
- What?
- She looks different, huh.
- Yeah, she does.
Listen, I want you to
follow her for a few days.
- That won't be a problem.
I like the new look,
shoot, she look good.
- You pig.
(pensive instrumental music)
- You're the one that convinced
me not to do my sister,
and now she's out
being some rambo.
A God damn vigilante.
- (laughs) Your sister?
(laughs) You're funny, Steven.
- There are two pictures of her.
- This is the angel?
- [Steven] She's goin'
after Roger right now.
When she takes care of him,
you take care of her.
- You'll be informed.
- Hey, you know, that talkin'
about that round of golf?
What about next Thursday?
- [Man] Yeah, Thursday.
- Okay, Thursday it is.
- Hey neighbor, it's
easy, it's a girl.
I never forget a favor.
If you do this, you're in.
(gallant instrumental music)
(gallant instrumental music)
(weighty instrumental music)
- Hey!
I'm unarmed!
Don't shoot.
(gallant instrumental music)
- Do you have a lighter?
Are you stupid? A lighter.
- No, I don't have a lighter.
- Hey, I know what
you're thinking.
This crazy bitch is just gonna
shoot me in the head, huh.
Nah, why would I do that?
We're just gonna
have a little chat.
Then I'll shoot you in the head.
- Oh shit!
(match sizzling)
(bold instrumental music)
- Annie.
Annie, you scared
the hell out of me.
- Surprised to see
me here, brother?
- Well, yeah, I'm surprised.
How did you get in?
Annie, look...
Lizette and Johanna
aren't here right now.
- I know your wife is not here.
But you and I...
We're gonna have a little chat.
(bold instrumental music)
I think you should answer that.
- Hello?
Yes, he's my brother, why?
Bad news? What?
Oh my God.
At his house, are you sure?
Yes, detective, I'll be
there as soon as I can.
- Does the name
Antoine ring a bell?
- Antoine?
- I'm sorry, you
might know him as Max.
Max Black?
- Nope, never heard of him.
Now, look, I've gotta get
to the police station.
What's goin' on?
- He's gone too, you know.
He won't be able to help you.
You remember Proverbs 28:13?
Whoever conceals their
sins does not prosper,
but the one who confesses them,
and renounces them finds mercy.
- Annie, I have no idea
what you're talking about.
- Oh really.
- Are you out of
your fuckin' mind?
- I gave Roger the same
chance I'm giving you.
You better start
renouncing your sins.
- I have no idea what
you're talking about.
- I'll count to three.
If you don't come
clean, I'll shoot you.
- Roger had nothing
to do with it.
You killed an innocent man.
It was just me.
I had no choice.
Please believe me,
I had no choice.
And then he said
he was gonna take
Roger and me off the will.
And leave everything to you.
Please don't kill me.
I've confessed.
- Steven...
I didn't know.
- What?
- If I had known, you
wouldn't be alive right now.
- What?
What are you talking about?
(weighty instrumental music)
- No...
You have no idea what you did.
You not only killed our parents,
but you also killed me,
and the worst part of
it, I'm still alive.
I'm a walking dead.
And now it's time for
you to go to hell.
Annie, think about Lizette.
Annie, think about Lizette.
If you kill me, she'll be
fatherless just like you were.
(weighty instrumental music)
You'll need these.
Goodbye, my brother.
- You go and kill that bitch.
You go after here and
you kill her, okay.
You go and kill her!
(bold instrumental music)
- Jezebel, we need to talk.
Let's meet up tomorrow
night at Watermans.
Hands on the table.
Put your hand on the table...
- Sir.
Can I get you
something to drink?
- Coffee, decaf.
- Okay.
- Jez...
Or should I say Annie?
I didn't know it was you.
You gave me a fake name,
and the picture looks
nothing like you.
I'm truly sorry.
- I'll kill you.
- You need to walk away.
I know Steven will give
you anything you want,
anything you need.
And forget all this.
- You and Steven are dead.
- Steven is my client.
If you want him,
you have to go through me.
- Okay.
So be it.
- God dammit! I could
have killed you yesterday,
and I didn't.
- We all make mistakes.
- You don't have a chance.
- We'll see.
- You're so...
- Tomorrow.
6 AM.
I'll be waiting for you,
you know the place.
- Listen to me, and
listen to me carefully.
If you don't walk away,
I will have no mercy on you.
You can't win.
Let it go.
- Don't be late
or I'll find you.
- Jez, look, you and
I, we're special.
We're the same.
We can't face off
against each other.
That's not fair to you
and that's not fair to me.
- [Waitress] Here you go.
- You're all I have.
You're a lost
soul, just like me.
I've never even told
anyone my real name before.
We have a connection
that's out of this world.
Killing you would be
like killing myself.
Please, I'm begging you.
I don't wanna lose you.
- You son of a bitch,
I'm nothing like you!
You killed my parents
for money, filthy money!
How much you got paid, huh?
Was it enough, huh?
- They weren't even
your real parents.
Why can't you get that
through your head?
And you tell me about killing?
Those two guys you killed,
they weren't aware of my
intention to kill your folks.
I brought them along to
make it look like a robbery.
And Roger?
That drug addict didn't have
nothing to do with anything.
Killing is killing
regardless of the reason.
It was not for money.
- Whatever the reason.
- They were criminals, okay.
And I did what I had to do.
- Please, spare
me your stupidity!
We are all criminals!
We all are, and we all
deserve to die for this
for whatever reason.
- My parents were not criminals.
- Your parents were
also criminals.
That's why I do what I do.
- My parents...
- There is no one
clean on this earth.
Yes, I kill for money,
but they had something
in the closet
that they should die for.
I just don't care
to find that out.
- You're out of
your freaking mind.
You have no idea what
you're talking about!
Why in the hell would
my parents be criminals?
- Well, for raising two
kids like Steven and Roger.
That's criminal enough.
- And I thought I
was the crazy one.
- If I get up from this table,
you become just
another target to me.
Don't break my heart.
- Get out of my face.
- You know what?
You should have seen them.
Poor old bastards.
Don't shoot me,
please don't shoot me.
Yeah, and what I told them,
"Here's a little present
from your son, Steven."
(weighty instrumental music)
(shouting angrily)
(soft-hearted acoustic music)
(pensive instrumental music)
(engine humming)
(weighty instrumental music)
Go get her!
(suspenseful instrumental music)
- Antoine.
- Using my real
name won't help you.
- Give me a second chance.
A duel.
Let me die the way I want.
- A duel?
You still think you can beat me.
- You fuckin' coward!
- Fine, if that's the
way you wanna die...
You'll get your duel.
(pensive acoustic music)
(uplifting instrumental music)
It's behind you!
(gallant instrumental music)
- Always the heart, huh.
- Smart, but not fair.
- Life is not fair you
worthless piece of shit!
- Go to hell, bitch.
- You go first.
- [Antoine] You won't Jez.
You can't kill me.
- Dammit.
- I'll be back,
don't go anywhere.
- Awe shit.
(ruminative rock music)
- Max, it's Steven.
I haven't heard from
you in a few days,
I need to know what's goin' on.
I need you here with me,
now talk to me, call me back.
(pensive rock music)
- Daddy!
- Oh, hi sweetheart!
Oh my gosh!
Now, Daddy's making a call,
so you go play.
Don't go near the
water though, okay.
(pensive rock music)
(weighty rock music)
- Oh my God!
(weighty rock music)
- [Lizette] Mom.
- [Johanna] Are you okay, honey?
Don't look, don't look sweetie.
Oh my God!
(weighty rock music)
(pensive rock music)
(climactic instrumental music)
(pensive instrumental music)
(slow piano music)
(slow instrumental music)
- What happened?
- You were in a coma.
For almost six or seven weeks.
I've already called Johanna,
and she's on her way
over with Lizette.
- Lizette?
- She was able to fool that
man who murdered your parents.
Steven and Roger, they
hired that hit man
And he shot you too,
don't you remember?
- And Roger too?
This man, he turned
against them,
and ot Steven.
- And Roger?
- Roger, they found him
dead with two prostitutes,
died from a heroin overdos
(alarm whistling)
- Hello Annie, listen...
Could you see the
man that shot you?
Could you tell us about
him to our sketch artist?
I know he shot you
at point blank.
I know you probably
saw something, right?
- No.
- Annie, come on, he
murdered your parents.
He almost killed
you and your niece.
Just think for a moment.
He's leaving bodies everywhere.
You've gotta remember,
please try, try to remember.
We can't find...
- Detective, enough, enough.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
Ashton, our hero, he
found the revolver
in the guy's apartment.
The one that he
used to shoot you,
and the same one he used
to murder your parents.
We even found your
picture in his apartment.
Ah, I'm glad you're
doing a lot better Annie.
Let's go Ashton.
Brought your favorite cookies.
Catch you later.
- Annie, omorrow
we're going home,
and we're gonna be a
family, a real family.
- A family.
(slow instrumental music)
Aunt Laura!
You bastard!
(upbeat rock music
(hard rock music)