A Long Way Off (2014) Movie Script

Morning Jose! How are you doing?
Good morning Mr. Abraham! How are you?
I'm good, lose the whole mister thing,
you wouldn't have called me that a month ago.
A month ago you were just Jake.
I still am: save the Mister Abraham for my father.
-Alright --Alright
Hey, we still on for lunch?
Of course, wouldn't miss it for anything!
Okay we'll uh- see you in about an hour.
Sounds good!
[Jose Narrating] I've never seen such a change.
Jake Abraham wasn't always this way
His brother Seth, well... he was born good from his mothers womb
But Jake.. Jake grew up with a chip on his shoulder as bigger as a Sierra Madres
It wasn't that long ago when it blew up.
They're not doing much out there..
Well, we had a glitch-
They're just standing around, it's frustrating!
Just take them some waters, tell them to relax, we'll get this thing sorted out, okay?
Ooh, I would hide if I were you..
.. your brother has been looking for you, he's in one of his moods.
Ah, that's a shock.. I'll be in here.
Jake, you changed the invoicing program.
Yeah, I told you I was going to.
You did it even though I asked you not to.
I know, and now we have a more efficient system.
That's unacceptable.
Okay, what do you want to do, dad, do you want to fire me?
We aren't selling widgets, Jake, we're selling the best grains and produce in the state..
..and this program you brought in-
The new program is faster than the older one, so what's the problem?
No one knows how to use it..
..so we missed another order this morning because you haven't properly trained-
Do you expect me to do everything around here??
No.. I just expect you to do your job.
Well.. you're up early.
You've got to be kidding me, Mrs. Grey?
Why did you let him in??
What's the matter? Somebody not doing their job?
If you're here to chastise me, dad beat you to it.
You know we didn't get that order in..
I know that.
That means we had guys standing around doing nothing today.
I heard that too..
It costs us money, Jake!
I know.
You know this could have been avoided if you would have gotten here on time today.
Instead of rolling in late.. hung over.
Great.. anything else?
[mumbles] Pathetic.
I told you to hide.
Why don't you ever knock??
Why should I?
So you don't give me a heart attack, Mrs. Grey, I tend to day dream and
believe it or you're not your not the girl I'm on the beach with.
I like beaches!
Not gonna happen.
Well we've got a problem-
The engine parts for the tractor haven't arrived and the acreage in the south field is
scheduled for planting when? Tomorrow..
-Okay, um, tell Seth to have the foreman take care off it..
.. delegate some responsibility.
Need I remind you this is something else that could have been avoided
If I had shown up on to work on time, I know..
The rest of us have been here since seven..
Forget it.. call Benward, order the parts.
No, Benward??? No!
Yeah, if we go with Benward we can get the engine fixed today.
They use cheap materials, it won't even last one season!
Well, you know, it's either that or we leave a field full of workers doing nothing all day.
Seth won't like that-
I don't care what Seth thinks, just do it.
Ah, someone's testy...
[Jake] Hey. [Mr Abraham] Hey.
So, have you thought anymore about our conversation yesterday?
Which one?
About the extra vacation week?
I just thought it was only fair, I've been working in these fields since I was five-
-You're always devising ways to get away from here.. why is that?
It's nothing to do with you dad, I just...
.. this isn't my life.
-Well, what is your life?
I don't know.. something more interesting than vegetables.
You know farming is not glamorous.. I give you that.
But it's noble work we do, and it's necessary
Yeah I know, and I know that it's your dream to have me stay and work on this farm,
but it's not mine.
And for once I would love to be able to go out and have a good time and not come
back home and expect a sermon, you know?
I'm not expecting you to be perfect, you know?
--I'm so glad you found time to take a break from your busy day.
You're coming with me today to talk to the customers.
Because they're going to be mad, and I'm tired of covering for you.
Oh, well I don't deal with customers, so too bad.
Then what is it that you DO here?
You know what Seth? I wouldn't expect you to
understand what I do, especially since you never
Never what?
.. Nothing.
No, come on, PLEASE say it.
Huh? Never what? Never went to college?? No, I had to stay here and work.
I didn't have the luxury of wasting time hanging out at parties and skipping classes
Calm down..
No, you're right, hey Seth, THANK YOU!
Thank you SO MUCH for sticking around, because we all know how hard it is to find
someone who can drive a TRACTOR.
[Mr Abraham] SETH!
You're a disgrace to this family!
Admit it, you're jealous!! -Yeah!?
Yeah, you always have been!!
.. Just go..
..What are you waiting for? Just leave!!
Make our lives easier and just get out!!
I'm sorry Seth, I didn't know that was yours..
.. Don't worry about it.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine..
I switched back to the old invoicing program.
You know Seth, got that hot temper..
You know, he's got a point though..
..I don't know what I'm still doing here.
What do you mean?
I mean I want to leave.
You can't just do that..
Yeah, I can, and I want to, I mean, I...
I need to live my life and I'm not doing that here..
I quit, dad..
..and since I'm quitting, maybe we should talk about a severance package.
It usually doesn't work that way..
Well, then I need some money to get started.. make some investments.
How much are you asking for?
What about my inheritance?
I take that now and I could double it or more by the time I would have received it.
.. I'd have to think on it.
.. Think about it and let me know.
Cause either way, I'm gone as soon as I get my stuff together.
Mrs. Grey..
.. Would you get Mr. Ferris on the phone for me?
I'll take it in my office.
Sure.. will do.
So how's Seth doing? How are his roses?
The garden is beautiful.
-Hey Mr Ferris.
Jake! Haven't seen you in a long time.
Yeah, it's been a while
So, uh.. so how's this all work?
Well, there's a few steps we have to take..
.. Well how many steps can there be?
Down at the bottom of the page here is what your going to be receiving as your share
of the inheritance, you're going get it all in one check,
but there is some paper work we have to do to finalize all of this.
Well, are you sure you want to do this?
Yes, yeah, I told you I was.
Okay, I'm your father, you know? I love you, I want to make sure you're alright.
I'm fine, okay? I'm an adult, I can take care of myself.
Mr. Ferris, go ahead and draw up the papers.
They'll be ready first thing in the morning.
There you go. -Thank you, Jake.
And this is for you.
Thank you, thank you so much.
A fool and his money..
Do you know where you're going to live?
Not yet.. I'll figure it out.
Here.. take this.
.. This is grandpa's watch.
Yeah.. I want you to have it.
Does it even work?
Yeah, it works well.
But um, mostly just uh..
.. just take it.. I want you to have it.
A lot of people are going to miss you, Jake..
A lot of people? Come on dad.. it's better for everyone that I'm going.
You're not doing this for us.
No, you're right.
I should.. I should get going.
Take care buddy.
Thank you.
Alright, drive careful.
[Radio DJ 1] I'm Andy Greenberg, and I'm going to change the way you think.
You know how often you have read, and people have told you, "Believe In Yourself"
That's right, you tell it to people, people tell it to you,
But you know what? That's absolutely WRONG, I-
[Radio DJ 2] -It used to be that a man's word was his bond; but in the city?
I mean, it's still that way in the rural areas, but in the cities?
You better watch out for the sharks!
[Radio DJ 3] As I was saying, don't let women beguile you; some women use men,
In other words, they can out use their abusers.
[Radio DJ 4] Because if you're obsessed with what someone else has,
instead of with what you have, you'll never be happy, you'll never be at peace.
We all want to connect with other people, but the great thing about family connections
is they are utterly indestructible, you can't take away the-
[Radio Music]
We've only got in the one..
Yeah, I'll take it.
Excellent! But.. will it go with your new sports car?
Which is your favorite out of these here?
- My favorite? - Yeah.
This piece here, it's stunning.
If I could, I'd get it for myself.
It is beautiful..
I'll take that as well.
Is it for your wife, or.. girlfriend?
It's for you.
For me?
Yeah, for you.
You're joking!
You look like you deserve it..
Oh my gosh..
Who is she?
Oh that's Laura.. she's an actress also.
We recently worked together on a film called "A Box for Rob".
And this is Frank.
Good evening.
Frank owns the place, Frank, this is Jake.
Hi, Jake.
-Hey, nice to meet you. -Yeah, pleasure.
-So are you enjoying yourself? -We are.
Well, you should be, you have lovely company.
If I can get you anything, let me know.
Ok, will do.
Arial, comp this table.
So, an actress, huh?
You really like her.
Yes, it's obvious.
Cheers ladies-
- to a great night.
Drink up, we need another bottle.
Can I buy you a drink?
Do I know you?
Not yet.. I'm Jake.
Are you new to the city?
Just moved, actually..
What do you do?
I do lots of things.
Okay, well.. how about your job?
Okay.. I'm an investor.
Stock market?
Amongst other ventures, yeah..
Are you any good?
Where do you live?
Nowhere, yet.. I've been staying at The Lux.
Oh, nice.
Why? You know of anywhere decent?
Do you have a pen?
There's a condo for sale in the building where I live.
Your building? Wow..
That's uhh.. a leap of faith, don't you think?
I could be a serial killer..
.. so could I.
So I hear you're an actress?
[Laughs] What have you heard?
Just that. Been in anything I might have seen?
Probably not, but I will be.
Have a good night.
- Goodnight, Jake. - Goodnight, Frank.
He's gone down the wrong path, Cid..
Abe, trust God.
You know, at passover, we were instructed to smear the blood of a lamb on a door post.
But what most people miss, is that blood was for the whole mishpocha- for the whole family.
Trust God.
When was the last time you heard from your son?
We haven't..
Hi! I see you found your condo, congratulations!
I did, thanks to you.
Now you owe me.
I do.
Big, big, big-big-big..
See, I didn't realize that..
Barely had an inch of rain in the last three weeks..
[Joel Wallach] They're the ones who have been the financial and the health demise
of America, and together, using the 90 Essential Nutrients, we can save America.
You want a healthy energy drink? We've got a healthy energy drink.
Rebound has a hundred nutrients in it, all the other-
[Sean Hannity] -whirlwind world that you live in,
but now it's time to go home. Return to your traditional moral values, don't wait any longer!
You've gotta go, ok? Now, when we come back, we'll be talking with Mark Andrew Olson,
he's the co-author of "Animal Colony", now it's a quick-read allegory
with a phenomenal track record of transforming liberals into conservatives.
Now that's coming up next, straight ahead.
[Patrick Maguire] - right now, "thecancermd.com", and you'll receive a free newsletter
for the "Top 10 Cancer Warning Signs"-
[Bev Smallwood] You know how it is, one day you can be on top of the world,
and the next day, the world's on top of you.
I was talking with a man just yesterday, who had come into a lot of money,
and he didn't know how to treat that money, in fact he flaunted it.
And believe me, he didn't like the results of that. I told him,
"you know, you want women to like you for who you are, not for what you have".
Otherwise, you're going to attract the wrong kind of woman.
Having a hard time figuring out what you want?
Yeah, sorry.. it's my first time in here.
Well, what are you in the mood for?
I don't know.. something with a little style.
What about a Raspberry Mocha?
Yeah, that sounds stylish.
No, how about um.. an espresso romano?
So, do you live near by, or just passing through?
Yeah, I bought a place a couple of doors down, the plaza building.
The whole building?
No, no, just one condo.
That will be four fifty.
Uh.. do you need change?
Oh, yeah, sorry, that's all I have.. can you break it?
- Yeah, its fine. - All right, sorry about that.
Oh, do you have wi-fi here?
Yep.. this is the password, and here's your change, Mr. Trump.
You know, Donald is just an alias.. my friends call me Jake.
Well, if any of those friends come in, I'll have the matre d' escort them to your table.
Please do.
I'm Summer, I'll be your barista.
.. Mr Trump. [Laughs]
Thank you.
I.. sorry, I just came over to borrow some eggs.
Eggs, yeah- some neighbors borrow eggs from each other from time to time, so..
.. I was going to do that.
When do I get them back?
The eggs? Cause your borrowing them?
Yeah, uh.. Okay, I just wanted a excuse to see you.
You need a excuse to see me?
Do you wanna have dinner with me?
Of course she'll have dinner with you.
Welcome to the neighborhood, Jake.
Thank you.
You know, pally, you better get a better game on.. eggs is kinda weak.
- Happy scrambling.. take care babe. - See you, Frank.
So.. you want those eggs?
Uh, yeah, eggs..
Yeah, come on.
.. good, okay..
Two.. three.. dozen?
We're gonna take care of you, Sam.
We have a nice severance package.. you've got a lot of skills.
Should be able to find something long before the money runs out.
Thank you.
It's gonna work out.
It's been an honor to work for you.
It's been my honor, too.
What's wrong with Sam?
I had to let him go.
We're that bad off??
It's the drought, Seth..
We're producing half as much as we usually do..
[Singing] The Coffee Shop
You're my one stop shop
I love the Coffee Shop
[Performer] Thanks so much, its been such a fun night,
and my Tribute Cd is available around the counter, thank you.
You know we have live music here?
Hey! Sorry, did you say something, or?
I said we have live music here..
The singers, it's kinda what they'e here for..
Right, I see how that might look bad..
.. I wasn't listening to music though.
You were.. playing a video game?
I'm researching..
What? The effect of video violence on impressionable minds?
"Impressionable"?? Pretty sure I moved past "impressionable" a few years ago, thank you.
But no, this is a company that I bought stock in,
and they make a lot of these games, apparently make millions off them.
Off of video games?
See, I study what the market wants, right? And this is a beta version that's due out next week.
So you think its going to be a big hit?
I think that it's going to make over $200 million in sales in the first week.
So, yeah.
Alright.. you're on.
If you're right, free romano's for a month.
Oh, wow..
Okay.. and if I'm wrong?
Then you have to get a real job, right here, bussing tables.
Oh yeah, my father would be proud of that..
Yeah, he seems to think I'm mortified by manual labor.
Ah.. and- he's right?
AND, it doesn't matter, because I'm not going to lose..
Ah, that's awfully confident.
Besides, I bought 1000 shares already, so..
What if you lose?
I'm not going to? I know what I'm doing.
Okay, so.. say this big gamble goes bad..
What do you do, just move back home?
No, no.. cause it's not going to, trust me.
It's not that I have don't have faith in your "ability",
but it's not really like you have any control over it, right?
I mean it's just gambling.
Well there is an inherent risk, yeah, but..
.. alright, worst-case scenario, I break even, or I lose some cash in the short term
if the game doesn't sell as well as I think it will..
Which won't happen because I'm not gonna lose..
Yeah, you just lose 10.. 20 grand, no big deal.
So.. how did you make all this money, anyways? Rich parents?
It's alright, it's none of my business..
No, no, it's fine.
I left home with a.. good chunk of change, yeah..
Must be nice.
It's not like that, I mean..
I came here for a reason, obviously..
I don't know, I had to get out of there, it was just..
.. stiffling, you know?
Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean..
Why'd you move here anyway?
Same reasons.
Just had to get out, do something on my own.
"Find myself", all of that..
Uh, anyways, my shift is up, so I'm going to this thing..
Uh.. It's a book fair?
A book fair? Are you in middle school?
Yeah.. there's going to be some cool authors there, you know?
You should come!
It'll be fun!
Yeah, it definitely sounds interesting.
Yeah, yeah, I'll be there, just let me pack up my stuff.
Okay. -Okay.
It's just nice to get out and do something different, you know?
This certainly is different.
Well, I love books, so..
I just have enough for one..
One book?
Come on, your not going to get ONE book, I've got this.
You really don't have to do that for me.
No, I want to..
.. especially since you're going end up owing me a months worth of romanos.
- You remember that deal? Don't forget. - Oh yeah, I do. Okay.
Um, just make it out to "Summertime".
- That's really bad. - Yeah, I know..
Don't disappear!
So who should I make this out to?
"Summer Squash".
And who's this for?
"Summer Lovin'"
Here you go.
"The Sicilian Nobleman's Daughter"
Yep, it's a good read.
I'll add it to the collection.
Actually, I'm going to buy this for you.. just kind of my way of saying
thank you to my noble man.
That's cute.. come on, you ready?
- You didn't have to get ALL of them. - Don't mention it.
Hey, Mr. Foster!
Hello dear! Nice to see you!
You too! Did you hear about the book signing?
That's why I'm here.. I see your friend took advantage!
Sure did!
Just can't get enough of the good word, huh?
Nope, sure can't..
Jake, this is Mr. Foster.
Very nice to meet you, Jake!
Good to meet you.
Jake's new in town.
Oh, well welcome, welcome!
Do you have a church home yet?
No, no I don't
Well you would be certainly be welcome at the New Life Fellowship,
it's right down the street on the right.
You should come!
It's perfect for people who just want to dive right in.. I hope to see you there.
You take care!
Yep, bye.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Hey Seth.. take a seat.
If these are the projected numbers, then there's not much more we can do..
We have another option, dad..
No Seth.
Come on, use it!
We're not going to use your money..
It's either this or we lose everything!
I would rather lose everything than leave you with nothing.
This farm is my life, dad..
You let me drive that tractor when my feet could barely reach the pedals..
.. I grew up here, I'm going to die here.
Come on babe, let's hurry up, let's get this over with..
Oh, Frank, it's "fashionably late", it's the best thing about going to parties,
people expect you to be late.
Well, for you maybe.. I'm tired of going to these things, I'd like to stay home one night.
Who brought you these things?
The flowers.. where did you get the flowers?
Jake brought them to me.
Can you zip me?
He wanted to think me for recommending the place.
How nice of him.. a little skimpy, don't you think?
You never complained about me before?
Not you.. the flowers.
I mean, big, big investor..
.. looks like he got them at a K-Mart.
He seems pretty good at what he does, you know?
He could be useful for both of us..
.. You're always looking on an angle, aren't you?
You'd love the car he drives.
Really? What's he drive?
A Maserati.
Oh, I'm just SO thrilled..
I know!
You know.. come on, let's go to this thing..
Come on.
You like the dress?
I like what's in it.
Nice to see you again!
The usual?
Please.. can you make it to go?
Sure, you're not sticking around to check your stocks?
Nope, I've got somewhere to be.
World-Conquering seminar?
What's wrong with your friend?
I don't know, he's been weird ever since the bookstore the other day..
What happened at the bookstore?
I don't know..
Maybe he's got a lot on his mind..
.. You take care.
I wouldn't go in there, not a good time!
We got a problem.. the engine on the tractor is dead!
I thought we had gotten a new one?
We did, but Jake ordered from Benward!
- Well didn't someone tell him about them?! - I tried to, but he didn't want to listen!!
Well how bad is it??
We've got to replace the whole thing..
- We don't have the money. - Well, we've gotta find it somewhere, or we're DONE!
I'll have to figure something out.
[Scott Rasmussen] Sometimes the best way to find out what somebody's thinking,
is to ask a little bit indirectly.
When we asked people to rate the economy, if their company is hiring,
they say the economy's in good shape, if their company is laying off, they say the economy
is in poor shape. So, if you want to know what somebody thinks about the strength
of their own company, ask them how the economy is doing.
Any interest in sharing this with me?
Oh, you're celebrating?
I'm celebrating.
Okay, what are you celebrating?
Oh nothing, just.. made a killing today.
How much of a killing?
Let's just say I could have sailed over here in my new boat.. if I wanted to.
- Really? - Yeah.
So um.. you're going to celebrate with bad champagne?
Bad.. champagne?
Yeah, really bad..
The guy at the store said this was good..
No? Okay..
I actually have a idea on how we could better spend your money..
You do?
I'll show you how to party.
.. Prove it.
Jake, this is Evan, he wrote the amazing movie script I was telling you about.
So what is this amazing script about?
Well, it's about the hollowness and angst of living in today's world.
All the pressures that come with the chaos that's swirling all around us.
It's about the inner luminosity that we have going dark and coming out..
Sounds.. deep?
There's a great role for a lead actress.. I know it's going to make a lot of money.
We just need to get some investors behind it.
It's got box office hit written all over it, these are the kinds of scripts
that are trending all over the world.
Sounds great.
We just need to find a lead investor to show other investors that someone
believes in the project, and then other investors are just gonna jump on board.
A lead investor?
So this is the better way to spend my money?
It's not a lot of money just enough to break the ice
How big an ice pick are we talking here?
Well, from what I understand, it's about a day and a half of work for you.
A good day and a half, maybe..
You should do it.
Why don't you do it?
Well, I've had my time in show business.. I'm in the restaurant business now.
You should help Laura, she's a great actress.
- Goodnight babe. - Goodnight.
Listen, the best thing about being the lead investor is that you would have to meet
other investors.. you know, people with a lot of money around here?
Which is definitely the circle you want to run in.
That's true..
Probably get you involved in some other projects too, you know?
You could be somebody important.
Still, that's a hefty chunk of change..
Yeah.. but think about all the rewards.
[Radio] All the market indexes are up today for the sixth straight session.
It's 7:00, good morning, and it's time now for our Success Profile of the day,
and on the phone with us right now is author, speaker,
and world renown personality, Dr. Joel Wallach.
Dr. Wallach, tell me a little bit about these products, and the well-being they bring?
I'm here to teach you how to live to be well beyond 100 chronologically, say, 110, 120
130, 140, 150, 160, while being biologically 30, 40, or 50, if you have problems.
If you're a baby boomer, you were born between 1946-1964, you have a problem,
because you've listened to doctors, you've lowered your cholesterol,
and you've got Alzheimer's Disease, Type-II Diabetes, and Erectile Dysfunction?
Every cell in your body is unhappy, because every cell-
Good morning.. rough night?
Something like that..
The usual?
Yeah, can you make it a double this time?
What's wrong? You don't seem like your normal self.
Nothing.. I just have a lot going on.
Is there anything I can do?
Well you just don't seem as happy as you were when you first moved here..
I'm happy.
Yes, really.
Jake, I wanna be here for you, I wanna help.
Yeah, I know..
Look, I don't know what's going on, but I think you should just let God handle all of it,
I mean, he knows how its going to end.
You REALLY sound like my father right now..
You know what I think?
I think that this is going to be good for you.
What is?
Just being away from your family, you know?
It will remove all the distractions and maybe make you come face to face
with yourself and find your purpose.
You know, you don't have to worry about me, okay? I'm fine..
Well my small group is getting together later, you should come.
Yeah, uh.. maybe, I just.. maybe another time, I have a lot to do.
I just thought that it would be nice to spend some time together.
You're right.
-I have to.. - Wait, hold on, Summer, hey-
..I'm gonna try to make time for you.
I just have a lot I'm trying to balance right now so..
.. it'll happen.
.. Yeah.
No way..
.. No- WAY!
What's going on?
Check this out.
I'm not really sure what I'm looking at, but,
I guess I'm going to be owing you some free coffee.
All month long, baby.
Then I expect my tips to be a little bigger.. BABY.
I.. will.. consider that!
Oh yeah? Okay great!
No, I'll stop by later on that'll be fun.
Hey, if you've got a minute, stop by.
There's someone I think you should talk with.
Okay, bye.
Is he coming by?
Yeah, he'll be here in a few minutes.
Do you want ice?
No, I'll take it neat.
So you think it's worth doing this, huh?
Yeah.. he made 80 grand in one day.
Looks like he knows how to make some money.
You think it'll help you with the movie deal?
Yeah, I do.
Well, let's hope for the best.
Larry get the paper work prepared, a guy name Jake Abraham will be in tomorrow afternoon.
Yeah, the amount we discussed.
No, I understand that, no, I think this guy's a winner.
- There you go. -You won't regret it.
I'm sure I won't.
Let's celebrate!
You celebrate.. I've got to go somewhere..
- Cheers. - Cheers.
Have you given any more thought to the movie?
Maybe.. why?
Because I invited the producer.. he's over there.
You did?
Give me a minute, would you?
Hello dear!
Have you seen today's paper?
Is that your friend's family?
Sorry, I- I have to go..
Hello boys.
Enjoying the party?
Just talking shop.. you?
Jake, right?
Some dude just yacked in your dishwasher.
I'm not going to lie, it was pretty sweet.
You just want me to run the dishwasher?
Yeah, yeah, fine..
.. run it on pots and pans; it really gets in there.
[Apartment Speaker System] Jake?
Jake, are you in there? Can I come in?
Excuse me..
.. Can you give this to Jake?
See, Ken, what I'm saying is if we get a lead investor to put some money up for the project
and show that they really believe in it then other investors
they'll put money up too, they'll be on board.
It's not a lot of money, just enough to break the ice.
Another hang over?
No.. I just don't feel too well.
- Could I get another- - No.
What do you mean "no"?
Jake.. forget the coffee, I'm trying-
You really stepped up the service in this place, haven't you?
You know, I thought that you were a nice guy.
Yeah, you can be a jerk sometimes, but..
Jake, you really don't have to keep living your life like this..
What.. are you talking about?
Look, you came here to make something of yourself
Yeah, and I AM.
Are you?
You know, I really don't see how this is really any of your business to begin with.
- Well, I thought.. - Well, no.. no, okay? It's not.
Don't think that you can CHANGE me somehow, like you can make me a better person.
Alright? I'm fine on my own, understand?
.. Yeah.
What?? No..
.. no, no, no, no..
[Reading] Due to irregularities in the companies earning reports,
the SCC today froze trading on the stock.
No, no, no, no, that's not possible..
Come on!
Hey, come in.
So I talked with my producer, and I was wanting to talk to you about investing more money.
Hey, what's going on?
It's all gone..
- What's all gone? - The money.
What do you mean?
I mean the company lied to the SCC about how much
capital they had on hand to make this big deal.
They wanted to inflate their stocks artificially so that they could use it to borrow against,
that way they would have enough money to manufacture the product.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about THEY LIED.
Laura, they lied, and the government found out about it.
So the assets, the stocks.. everything is frozen by the SCC
which means you and I now own shares that mean nothing.
We can't do anything with it, we can't share them, we can't trade then, we can't sell them.
They're stuck.. ok? They're stuck, just sitting there in the account, doing nothing.
It'll take a lawsuit to get our money back..
How long's it going to take?
Months? Years, even, who knows? Even then, we'll only get pennies back on the dollar.
- Yeah, we're toast. - No, YOU'RE toast!
Frank made the investment on YOUR recommendation.
Yeah, well, he KNEW it was a risk he cant hold that against me
Do you understand what an IDIOT you've made me look like in front of all my friends
saying that "we're going forward with this movie project"? You're disgusting..
Alright, settle down, okay? All we have to do is think of a new plan..
No, no, no, I don't know if you've noticed, but there's no more "we"..
[Phone Ringing]
.. Hi.
Look, I know your mad at me, but have you seen Frank?
Yeah.. um.. he thinks you lied about everything.
- I didn't. - Doesn't matter.
He's out half a million dollars because of you.. he's coming for his money.
I don't have it!
He's not going to stop until he finds you, Jake.. he'll kill you.
Okay, okay, fine tell him.. look, tell him he can have the condo, alright?
The car.. I-I'll leave the keys for him.
Jake, that's not going to work..
Frank isn't exactly the kind of person to hold a garage sale..
.. You're gonna have to come up with the cash.
I lost WAY more than he did!
He doesn't care..
I can't pay him, okay?
Then you better disappear.
May I help you?
Yeah, I need to talk to Jake.
Jake is not here right now.
You know when he'll be back?
I have no idea..
You have any idea where he might be?
No, he didn't let me know where he was going.
Jake? JAKE!!
Here you go, sir.
Thank you, have a good one.
Hi, uh.. Number 6, please.
It's not going through, sir.
It's a new card, try that..
Im sorry, sir..
Uh.. that.
That one doesn't work either, sir.
Alright, thanks..
Hey.. hey, it's me, um..
Look, I need your help..
Your boyfriend's still after me..
No, you're not listening, I need.. I just need a place to crash!
Anywhere! I don't care! Friends, relatives, someone you don't know,
Just, I need.. I need ANYTHING! Anything will help, please!!
Tell me where you are, I'll come and get you.
Where is he?
Bridge on Hawthorne..
Tank? Meet me in about five minutes..
Look, Frank..
Frank, these things happen, okay? It's not my
You make me chase you all over town?? You make me chase you like I'm some chump?!?
Have my car, my condo, it's yours, ok?
I want my money, you understand?
I want my MONEY!! THAT'S what I want!!
You've got a week!! Tell 'im!!
What happened to you?
Long story..
Usually is..
I need a gun.
Have you ever used one?
You've gotta get training to be able to use it safely.
Here.. can I trade this for one?
We don't do trades here.. we aren't a pawn shop.
I don't have money.
Well, I can't do it.. that looks like a special watch.. you ought-a keep it.
Names Al.
First piece of advice.. your sob story is not any better than anybody else's in here,
so don't think you'll win any sympathy.
I never said that..
Where do they get the food from anyway?
People fulfill the needs of other anonymously through "My Neighbor in Need"
Yeah, I saw that on the way in.
It's true; strangers are helping strangers everyday.
Let me guess: you were on top of the world.. rich and popular.
College degree?
Well, how 'bout that? We've got ourselves a speller!
Maybe you could help some of the boys with their signs.
Number two: Don't pan-handle at the gray house down the street.
They're Canadians; takes forever to get rid of those quarters.
Three: You need to have prepared answers for the two
most common questions you'll get in here.
Yeah? What's that?
"Why are you homeless?"
I always answer "by choice".
It takes them a while to come up with a follow up.
And the second question?
Well, this place is run by a church, so they'll wanna know if you need prayer.
What do you say?
I always say "yes"..
.. but you'll need to come up with your own answer.
Practice: Do you need to pray with someone?
I'm fine.
Yeah.. I don't think you'll get away with that answer..
Why not?
'Cause you're lying.
I'm going to get some food.
You'd think after fourteen hours of work I could get some sleep.
You have a job?
I'm homeless, not jobless.
Where do you work?
On a farm.
Yeah, it's a pig farm.. nothing glamorous, but it pays the bills.
I use to work on a farm.
You don't look it.
Yeah.. yeah that's cause I gave it up.
Of course you did.
For all of this..
There may be some work on the farm if you decide to get back into it.
No, no way.. I am DONE with farm life..
It's the Dickenson Farm north on 17.. if you change your mind.
Thanks, but.. I'm good.
Is that you?
- Hey, Al.. - You came!
Yeah.. yeah, I came..
Did you come to work? Because we've got plenty of work.
Yeah, actually, that'd be great.
Good, good..
Sorry, can I look at that?
- This? - Yeah.
Come on kid, lets go to work.
Yeah, okay.
You know, it's hard to believe..
What's that?
Well, not that long ago, I was buying a speaker system for my condo..
Yeah, surround sound..
Was it any good?
I don't know.. I never got to use it.
- Too bad. - Yeah.
You know the fall from the top is a LOT shorter than you might think?
- No one ever tells you that either - Jake.. it's real simple.
What is?
You have a home.. go back to it.
No, no, I can't go back to the farm..
Why not?
Because, they wouldn't take me
They're your family.
No, you don't understand, I abandoned them, okay? I betrayed them..
Well you have a choice: you can stay here with the pigs,
or you can go back home with the people that truly love you.
How do you know they love me?
Well earlier you said your father is a man of faith, right?
If that's true, then he understands a love that's greater than all sin.
You know, I have a friend who predicted this..
What's that?
Just that I would come face to face with myself.. with God..
.. I don't know..
.. maybe I could earn their love back, you know?
Go back, work on the farm for no pay, just for food.
Hey.. whatever gets you out of this pig pen.
Oh, this is going to be a LOT more painful than losing all my stuff, I'll tell you that.
Well, I wouldn't know.. I never had surround sound.
Thanks Al.
Yeah, sure thing kid.
I need you to call these guys makes sure they are still on board with us, okay?
Well, do you want me to email them the new numbers too?
Absolutely, they have to know that we're still viable, okay?
My dad has some new numbers.
Dad, do you have the new numbers we can give to the vendors?
.. Dad?
I messed up, dad, I lost it..
.. I lost everything.
No, you didn't lose us.. you didn't lose me.
You're my son.. you'll always be that.
I'm so glad you're home...
.. I'm so glad you're home.
So, uh.
.. so what's going on? I read an article that the farm was closing down..
Our church gave us everything we needed.. our Father provided.
All our prayers were answered.. all of our prayers!
Hey everybody! Look who's here!
[All cheering]
It's time for a celebration!
You never gave up on me, dad..
Hey, Jake?
I got these for you.
Where did you get these?
I got those before you left.
.. and the clothes?
The clothes I got for you.. just in case.
And I got this ring I want you to have..
Look, dad, I don't deserve any of this
You don't have to do anything to deserve it.
I love you.
You're throwing him a PARTY?
Well.. your brother has returned..
All these years I've worked for you, I followed your guidance,
I've done everything that you've asked of me..
.. you never celebrated me like that.
..I have withheld NOTHING from you.. everything I have is yours.
Jake comes crawling back here, after wasting everything on who knows what,
and you want to celebrate that??
We're all together again.. and we are celebrating your brothers return home
because he was dead, and now he is alive..
.. he was lost, now he is found.
Right on top, right on top the hotdog, thanks Ms. Grey.
I'm so glad to have you home, honey.
Hey, good to see you.
Good to see you guys.
Oh ok, I see how it is.. you did it, dad!
I mean, we haven't had a party like this since
Since the day you left.
Alright, wow, a sense of humor!
Yeah, yeah.. I found it the other day, you like it?
I'll have to get used to it..
So dad, I was thinking.. I know what I want to do for the farm.
My two sons, I love you.
We love you too, dad.
I heard you served coffee in here.
Wow, looks like you got yourself a proper job.
Yeah.. told my father I wanted to learn the company from the ground up, so..
You went home?
Yeah, I did..
That's good.. good for you.
I was a jerk, Summer.
- .. yeah. - Yeah.
And, um.. I'm sorry.
I really am..
.. Do you forgive me?
Um.. you think maybe we could just start over?
Start what over?
Well, I make deliveries on Wednesdays now, so maybe next week I can take you to dinner..
What do you say?
Well, um.. something expensive?
Yeah, I don't.. really have that kind of money anymore..
.. Perfect.
I was just about to close up, do you want something?
Actually a regular coffee would be great.
- There you go. - Thank you, much needed..
Hey.. I missed you.
I missed you, too.
How have things been here? Busy?
- Yeah, good. - Yeah?
No uh, you know, Mr. Trumps coming in or anything..
Oh right, no, no ones throwing down Benjamin's?
Those days are over, I guess.
[Jose Narrating] And that's Jake's story.. a man who squandered it all
and in return was given something he never expected: a second chance.
Jake had a chip on his shoulder as big as a Sierra Madres,
but his stubborn spirit was no match for a father's unconditional love.