A Lover Betrayed (2017) Movie Script

You wanna tell me what happened?
I can't say.
It's okay, honey,
just take a deep breath.
You can tell me anything.
Just tell me, are you okay?
He... put his hands on my...
And he tried to kiss me.
I pushed him away,
and he, he bit my lip.
And then he... then...
Okay, okay, who did this?
Was it one of our students?
No, it was...
It was Principal Timmons.
[bell ringing]
[soft music]
Are you sure she's
telling the truth?
I don't know, I don't know.
She was so upset,
she had a bloody lip,
and she has never lied to me.
Just... it doesn't make sense.
We've known Blake,
what, five, six years?
He's always been
a straight arrow.
People just aren't
what they seem to be.
Tess, you realize
if you go to the police
you're gonna ruin
this guy's life,
you're gonna ruin his family.
Everybody in the community's
gonna be against us.
Look, I don't wanna do
this any more than you do,
but I don't have a choice.
Hey, Mason, I think that
I've got some apple pie.
I just don't know
where I put it, so...
All right, slow
down there, tiger.
[suspenseful music]
Honey, what's wrong?
You have a beautiful
family, Tess.
Blake, what're you doing here?
I don't have any other choice.
You've taken everything
from me, Tess.
This crazy, put the gun down.
Let's talk about this.
Mason, go on upstairs.
He stays.
[intense music]
Come on, people,
20 seconds, you can do it.
Nice work, Susan,
keep getting it.
All right, don't wimp out
on me, little sister.
Show me what you got,
show me what you got.
Time's up everybody,
okay, grab a water.
Great job, you guys,
nice work, ladies.
Hey, you're good.
What is this, boxing class
or should we do yoga?
Oh, it's like that?
All right, ladies,
sorry about this.
No break, everybody back
on the speed bags.
- Give me a break.
- We're going round two.
Thank you to my little sister.
[mellow music]
Good morning, Mason.
I know it's not
your birthday, but...
World Series starting next week.
Remember when we used
to watch it together?
Still waiting to hear
from my publisher.
Keep my fingers crossed
on our book deal.
And tonight,
I am doing my very
first public reading.
Your dad said he'd be there.
It'll be good to see him again.
It's so cool, 'cause
it's not only helping me,
but Mason, it's helping
a lot of other people too.
Seven years ago, a scared little
girl came into my office.
I wanted to help her, so I did.
Our principal was
a dangerous man,
and I stopped him from
hurting other girls.
A part of me was so proud
I was making a difference.
But sometimes when
you help one person
you end up hurting another.
And this man had done
something so terrible
he was going to jail.
He thought his life was over,
so he came and found me.
No... he stays.
He's just a kid,
he's just a kid, Blake.
[suspenseful music]
Mason, get upstairs and
get into bed right now.
- Mason, go, now!
- It's gonna be okay.
Blake, please, please
don't make this any worse.
Than what?
Than it already is?
I'm about to lose
everything, Tess.
How much worse can it get?
Go home, go home, Blake.
I made a mistake, Tess.
One slip.
Why can't you just
forget about it?
I'm so sorry, but
I can't do that.
You know I can't,
I have to report this.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, you don't.
You don't have to do anything.
I can make a deal
with this girl,
and it'll just go away.
Then we can just
forget about it.
- You know I can't do that.
- Tess, Tess.
Maybe you can, just stay calm.
Let's just hear
what he has to say.
Maybe we can work something out.
- She's not gonna listen.
- Yes, she will.
- Tess!
- Okay, look.
I'm willing to forget
that you've come here
if you would just please leave.
That's not good enough.
If I never get to
see my boy again.
If I'm gonna lose
everything that I love...
- So are you.
- Mommy, Mommy!
- Shut up!
- Mason, go to your room!
- Now!
- Look,
you are not a murderer, Blake.
- You don't know me.
- I do, I do.
You just told me,
you're a family guy.
You made one mistake,
please God.
Please, please,
just don't do this.
Come on, Blake.
- Oh, no.
- No, no, no, no!
[mixed shouting and gunshots]
Blake, no, no, no, Blake!
- Don't, Blake, Blake!
- No!
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God, Rodger, call someone.
Yes, I need to
report a shooting.
- A suicide.
- Rodger.
Rodger, why can't I hear Mason?
Mase, Mase, Mase!
Mase, Mason, Mason!
I can still smell
the bullet smoke.
I lost my son.
Then I lost my husband.
And I almost lost myself.
Until one day
I realized that every day
that I spent in that dark hole
I was disgracing
my beautiful boy.
So I had to live on for him.
"No longer mourn
for me when I am gone,
then the surly sullen bell."
Grieve your loss but don't
ever let it become you.
Thank you.
[soft music]
You're my hero.
Thank you, thank you so much.
- It was very moving.
- I appreciate it.
- Wow.
- It meant a lot to me.
- Thank you so much.
- Great turnout.
Combining the reading
with the blood drive
really paid off.
I'm sorry Rodger didn't show up.
I really wanted him to as well.
Okay, I'm gonna grab us
a coffee for the road.
- Oh, please.
- Be right back.
"For I love you so that
I in your sweet thoughts
would be forgot if thinking
of me should make you woe."
That's Shakespeare, right?
Wow, a solider that
knows his sonnet.
You'd be surprised
what you end up reading
- out of boredom over there.
- Wow, I bet.
What you said,
it really hit home.
- Well, um...
- Wow, I'm sorry, I just...
Your blog kept me
alive overseas, ma'am.
I've been wanting to shake
your hand for a while.
I'm sure it's not all the blog.
You really have to give
yourself a lot of credit.
Right, you gotta move on,
like in your speech.
I really think it's the
start of something for me.
Wow, that's just so sweet, Mr....
Winters, like the
season kind of winters,
and I already know
yours, obviously.
Look, if you, if you ever
need to, you know, talk...
A cup of coffee would be nice.
Oh, oh.
You know what, actually,
I've been having bad dreams.
Haven't been sleeping that well.
Maybe an evening
coffee's a bad idea.
How about tea?
Yeah... okay.
So, this is actually one
of my favorite spots.
- Really?
- Hey, Tess.
Hey, Sharon, can I get two teas?
You got it.
- So, how about that speech?
- So, you're in the military.
I'm sorry, I'm so used
to just talking to people
- behind the computer.
- No, it's okay.
I've been talking to the same
15 guys for the last year.
They ain't nearly as pretty.
Seriously, it was miracle
if we talked about anything
- besides the Dodgers.
- Dodgers?
- That's my team.
- No kidding?
- Yeah, I'm a baseball lifer.
- Really?
I pitched in high school,
but went army instead.
You know what else I love?
- What's that?
- Pie.
Apple or pumpkin,
one, two, three.
- Apple.
- Apple.
Sharon, can you get me and
Ms. Nolan apple pie, please?
[calm music]
No, seriously, I don't know what
it was with these insurgents
but they had kick ass
video game taste.
Tiger Woods, Halo, Madden.
Oh, Madden, do they even know
what American football is?
Hand to God.
That is amazing.
- Well, don't be stingy.
- Yeah?
- It's whiskey.
- I'm a writer.
Goes with the territory.
So, tell me, was it weird
going into strangers' homes?
At first, but once
you find an IED
in a baby's crib, it goes away.
I don't know how a mother
could possibly do that.
I don't know, my captain
used to say searching a house
is like any other part
of the battlefield.
Good guy.
Hey, was that the
one that you lost?
We were in this town
to help stabilize it.
And I was just there
doing my job, but,
our captain took this family
and helped them out a lot.
But he went missing.
So, I tracked the family down,
searched the house room by room.
Found a hidden basement.
God, it smelled so nasty, so...
we started digging.
And we only had one shovel, so,
I was on my knees,
using my fingers.
I dug through the sand,
then the clay,
and then... hit his boots.
[melancholy music]
He just wanted to
help that family,
and they bury him
in some dirty hole
while I am at base playing
stolen video games.
Hey, hey, you know none
of this is your fault.
- Right?
- I'm sorry, I just...
the whiskey, and...
I've never shared
that with anyone.
Yeah, well, I get it.
'Cause I definitely have
those nightmares too.
You got it?
Wait, wait, the door,
the neighbors.
[dramatic music]
Oh goodness, oh, Conall.
I think maybe this is just
maybe going a little too fast.
I don't feel like
nightmares tonight.
Do you?
No... no.
[birds chirping]
How'd you sleep?
Very good.
Me too.
I haven't slept that
good in ages.
Tess, it's Rodger!
Sorry I'm so early.
Who is that?
That is my husb... my ex husband.
- Your ex?
- Yeah, look, um,
I'm really sorry about this,
but I don't want any of this...
- I get it, I get it.
- Okay.
- Back door?
- Yeah.
[mellow music]
Hi, am I too early?
Actually, you're too late.
Sorry about that too.
I heard you went up,
and you were amazing.
Could I talk to
you for a minute?
Yeah, come on in.
You sure, I thought I heard
someone else's voice.
Oh, well, I had the TV on.
Oh, okay, so are you
happy with how it went?
Actually, it was,
it was really great.
Oh, I'm so happy to hear that.
Uh, Tess, I wanted to come.
What can I say?
Same old story, I just...
it's too hard for me with
everybody knowing our business.
Yeah, you know, people
are actually telling me
that this is helping them too.
That's great, for me, you know,
I just can't get past it
reminding me of what happened.
It makes me relive it and I,
I just... I can't do that.
I get it.
No, I don't think you do.
I miss you.
I miss what we had.
You divorced me, so...
I know I did, and I messed up.
You and Mason were the best
things that ever happened to me.
I know that we can't be mother
and father anymore, but...
maybe we can still be a family.
I, I've thought about that.
I have, I don't know, maybe
there's just been too much time.
I just want one last try.
One last chance, for Mason.
[intense music]
I'm not gonna stop writing
or visiting Mason.
That's, that's fine,
anything you want.
I just wanna do right by you.
Rodger, I mean, wow.
You'll see, I'm gonna spend
every day of our life
making it up to you.
[glass breaking]
- What was that?
- I... just... one second.
- Oh wow, what the hell happened?
- I mean, it was cracked,
but I just didn't
think the whole thing
- would fall apart like that.
- You don't have any shoes on.
Why don't you let me clean
this up, let's go grab
a trash bag or something.
What about soldier boy?
You should be happy for
me, I'm moving forward.
By getting back together
with your ex-husband?
Okay, solider boy, he was nice,
but Rodger, he's family.
I get it.
I don't like it, but I get it.
I'll go slow.
You have never gone slow
a day in your life, sister.
I guess I'll just
have to give up my dream
of seeing you
with the commander.
Too bad.
[mellow music]
Hey, beautiful.
So, last night
was the first time
I've slept through the night
since I got home.
I had a really good time too.
- But...
- But you're done with me.
Conall, it's, it's complicated.
You know, and we were drinking,
and the speech,
and all the emotions.
So I was a drunk mistake.
I thought you were
a woman, Tess,
not a girl, I told you things.
And I can still be here for you
if you want anyone to talk to.
Did I scare you, my story?
You know, look, you and I
have been through a lot,
and it's just...
we're just a bad idea.
Am I too young, you don't think
I can handle your past or what?
Look, the man that
showed up at my house,
he's the father of my child.
He was.
Look, I'm the only one who
understands your loss, Tess.
What you feel every
day, I feel it too.
We're connected.
[suspenseful music]
I'm really sorry, Conall.
[dishes clanging]
Oh, you need some help there?
No, I'm good, I'll get it later.
Here you go.
Oh, oh.
Yeah, it's...
I eat out mostly.
Cooking for one
is a little lonely.
I like my chicken well done.
Yes, I remember.
Thanks for coming.
I miss having dinner with you.
I really like your place.
Ah, it's a little
boring, but you know,
I couldn't stay
at the old house.
[melancholy music]
I'm still trying to
sell it, by the way.
Speaking of which, um,
I was thinking of taking
the day off tomorrow.
Do you think that I could
come visit Mason with you?
Yeah, I mean, if,
if you're ready for that.
I'm ready to try.
Unless you think
it's moving too fast.
I'd hate to rush you or us.
I'd really like that.
[eerie music]
Just the way I remember it.
Oh, what is... what was that?
I don't know.
Stay close.
What knocked that over?
I'm not sure, I've been hearing
raccoons the past few nights.
There's probably a whole
family of 'em or something.
- I'm gonna go grab a broom.
- Mhm.
You don't have to do this.
It's ay, I can do it.
Sometimes I just talk to him.
What do you say?
[somber music]
Hey, buddy.
I think about you
all the time, um...
I miss you so much.
And I know that I failed you,
but you'll always
be my little boy.
And I'm never gonna
stop fighting for you.
[car engine whirring]
I'll just be an hour.
All right.
[suspenseful music]
I think going off
your medication
might be a little rash.
You're doing great
on them, why change?
I don't need them anymore.
The pills helped a lot, but meds
are for people that are sick,
and I'm feeling
really healthy, so...
This have anything
to do with Rodger?
Okay, how did you
just know that?
Eyes are the window to the soul.
Yeah, very poetic.
And my window opens
to the parking lot.
I'm happy for you.
No one understands
you better than him.
- Better than who?
- Rodger.
Yeah, that's right, mhm.
I just wanna make sure
you're looking after
your health, not his.
[phone dialing]
What're you doing here?
Just in the neighborhood.
I'm waiting for someone, so...
Look, uh, I miss you.
Conall, I know that
you felt something...
A connection... and I
know you felt it too.
Even if it scares you.
Um, have you ever thought about
maybe talking to someone here?
Maybe they can help you
out better than I could.
Are you pawning me off?
Why, you'd rather swap
spit with your ex?
Okay, I'm really, really
sorry if I mislead you,
but this has to stop.
I'm just being
honest, unlike you.
What do you think
Rodger would think
about me being in your bed,
having pillow talk
with his wife?
Think he'd wanna
try one last time?
For Mason?
Now you need to stop.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How'd it go?
- Good, good.
Um, you know, can I,
can I stay at
your place tonight?
- Is everything all right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's just, um...
can I stay?
Yeah, I mean as long
as you don't think
we're moving too
fast or anything.
No, I just don't wanna alone.
Okay, sounds good, great.
Rodger, Rodger, listen to this.
It's from one of my readers.
"I was lost when I first
read Tess Nolans' blog,
but she really listened.
She saved my life."
Wow, who wrote that?
It's an anonymous.
You really are changing lives.
"And I know her too,
we are connected.
I finally know what I want,
and nothing will stop
us from being together."
Anything wrong?
It's just stupid internet stuff.
[mellow music]
I feel safe in bed with you.
Hey, you remember
those family photos
we used to have
around the old house?
You think you could help me
place a few around here?
If you're gonna be
staying for a while.
Yeah, that'd be good.
[intense music]
Go ahead, Stephanie.
I wanna get healthy.
I want a life.
I miss my daughter, and...
I don't even know
where to start.
There's just... there's
no rules for any of this.
When a child loses their
parents, they're an orphan,
but there's no word for when
a mother loses their child.
Sorry, I don't
mean to interrupt,
but you have room for one more?
Um, you can't be in here.
Oh, this is only for women?
All right, but, um,
there aren't many
of these groups,
and I don't really feel ready
to open up to other men.
We understand.
We can make room, right, Tess?
[dramatic music]
Thank you, ma'am.
And please, go on.
Well, I was just saying
that when I first
lost my daughter...
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,
can we just...
may I please have
a word with you?
What are you doing?
You said I should see someone.
You know what I meant.
Tess, but I'm a victim of loss.
Okay, so this,
this is not a joke.
You, you really... you
have to leave right now.
Maybe I could tell these women
how you use your authority
to take advantage of
young, damaged soldiers.
That could be the theme
for your next article.
Relax, I won't tell our secret.
You just gotta
give me a chance...
Get, get out, get out!
Right now, thank you.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Please, Stephanie, continue.
That's a good one.
Hey, Tess, perfect timing,
I want you to meet a neighbor.
This is Conall Winters.
That's me over there.
It's nice to finally meet you.
Rodger goes on about you.
He moved in a few months
ago, military man.
Neighborhood feels
safer already.
Yeah, bang, bang.
- That's so convenient.
- Yeah.
Anyway, glad you came
by, got your number.
Good luck tomorrow,
don't be late.
Absolutely not, sir,
hey, no more of this.
- Good idea.
- Thanks again, sir.
Pleasure, take care.
Welcome to the
neighborhood, Tess.
[eerie music]
He's been there a few months?
Yeah, good kid.
And what was with the number?
Oh, he needed a job so I put him
on one of my construction crews.
Uh, Rodger, do you think
it was really such a good
idea to hire that guy?
I mean, soldiers, you know,
they can really be a little off.
Tess, he fought for our country.
What kinda man would I be
if I didn't help him?
Rodger, there's something
I have to tell you.
[doorbell ringing]
That's weird.
Who could that be?
[suspenseful music]
- Hey!
- Come on in.
- Oh my God.
- Brought some Pinot.
Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
- Hey you!
- Nice to see you, how are you?
- Good, good.
- Good to see you, Rodger.
Why don't you guys
just head through?
The kitchen's to the
right, here, take this.
- Great, all right.
- I love this.
I figured a nice
little surprise.
Have everyone
together again, huh?
- Yes.
- Like the old days.
That's great.
[male #1]
So Rodger, how's the
construction business?
It's going pretty well,
I've a got project
in El Padena that's paying
the bills right now.
It's a 3,400 square
foot house, two-story.
Pretty sweet pad actually,
you wanna check out the plan?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Let's go this way.
You good?
No, actually, I am not.
So, you know Rodger's
neighbor across the street?
He's the solider boy
from the library.
- You're kidding.
- And there's something else.
- We slept together.
- What?
- How could you not tell me?
- It happened so fast.
Well, I bet it did, what.
I'm not talking about that.
The problem is,
he is everywhere.
Seriously, he is at
my therapist's office,
he's at my support group.
- You think he's following you?
- Yeah.
- And he threatened me.
- To hurt you?
Well, not exactly, it's just...
you know, Rodger and I
are doing so good,
and he just sort of hinted that
he wants to get in the middle
of it, and he wants to
start some sort of trouble.
Okay, my advice, even
if you sound like a bitch,
you lay down the law.
Good solider boys
understand that,
and if he doesn't back off,
I will help you kick his ass.
Really, you're gonna fight
my battles for me now.
Haven't I always?
Come on, sis, listen, as
much as I hate to admit it,
Rodger's actually...
he's doing pretty good.
[soft music]
[phone buzzing]
Can't sleep?
Look, I am calling to tell
you that this is over.
We are not happening ever.
Be honest with yourself, Tess.
Rodger left you, okay?
He abandoned you at your lowest.
I never will, ever.
You think because
you read my blogs
and you follow me around
that you know me.
Well, I know you're a liar.
You tell Rodger about our
amazing night together yet?
Go on, go tell him
how much of a little
slut his wife is.
Or maybe I will.
[dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
Really, really?
You're not gonna pick
up the phone now?
You're just gonna ignore me?
I thought you were a man,
but really you're
just a little boy.
You call me back,
we are not done.
You look a little tired,
you sure you're okay?
It's nothing I can't handle.
What the hell?
You believe this?
Damn kids.
This neighborhood's
really gone down hill.
Doesn't look like
they stole anything.
I think that we need
to call the cops.
No, no, no, no, no, I'll
call them from the road.
I got a meeting in 45 minutes.
Son of a bitch, I gotta
drive this thing to work.
Hey, let's not let
it ruin our day, okay?
- Wanna meet up later?
- Mhm.
- You going to the gym?
- Yeah.
I'll be there this afternoon.
Maybe we'll get in one of our
workouts like we used to, okay?
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
All right.
[car engine starting]
[suspenseful music]
No, no, no, no, no!
[camera shutter clicking]
Hey, hey!
Hey, stop!
Where did you get this hat, huh?
Where did you get this hat?
Did a man give you this hat?
You're scaring me, lady!
[breathing heavily]
[rock music]
Finished at the site,
I figured I'd come by
and join you for
a little workout.
Oh, that's great.
And I brought a friend.
Let's do this.
Why did you bring him?
I don't know, he seems like
he's kinda lonely, you know?
I figured it might be nice to
work out with a man rather than
getting my ass kicked by
your sister all the time.
Rodger, hey,
enough fooling around.
You and me, let's go.
- I'm ready for you, kid.
- No, no, no, Rodger, Rodger.
You don't even know how to spar,
let's just hit the bag.
What's the worst thing
that can happen, huh?
Whoa, whoa, guys, at
least some head gear.
We're not riding bikes,
ladies, the men are boxing.
- Good?
- Oh, I'm good.
The question is, are you good?
Keep those arms up, old man.
- Rodger.
- Told you to keep 'em up.
No, no, it's okay.
Good, just watch this, huh?
Okay, enough!
Rodger, come on, please stop.
It's okay, I got him
right where I want him.
No... come on.
Okay, Conall,
that's enough, please.
- Don't!
- Hey, that's enough!
- Oh my God!
- Enough!
Rodger, Rodger!
Rodger honey...
hey, you okay?
Are you okay?
Son of a bitch.
So Nora is patching up Rodger.
Did you get what you wanted?
You know what I want.
You really think
I'm gonna go running
into your arms after that?
Just thought you might wanna
see what a real man looks like.
[tense music]
[breathing unevenly]
Oh, how was Mason's
this morning?
Don't you say his name.
You stay away, you hear me?
You stay away from my family!
[dramatic music]
I cannot believe
he attacked you.
I'm fine, he just got
a little carried away.
No, he didn't.
Rodger, there's something
I have to tell you.
Conall and I...
we went out,
- and we slept together.
- What?
We met the night that
I spoke at the library.
We were alone, and we were
both feeling the same thing
at the same time, and it
just... it led to a mistake.
I didn't know that
you knew him, I swear.
But this happened before
we got back together, right?
Yes, and then I broke it off
the next day...
at least I thought I did.
- Tess.
- I should've told you,
- and I'm sorry.
- And you think
that he hurt me on purpose.
Look, he's been following
my blogs overseas,
and now he is stalking me.
That's why he bought
the house across the street
and that is why
he trashed your truck.
He's been playing me
the whole time.
[soft music]
And he's been to Mason's grave.
He defaced the tombstone.
Son of a bitch!
You know, that crazy look
I see in his eyes, I've...
I've only seen that
one other time.
Look, we have to go
to the police.
- We?
- Yes, we.
I abandoned you once before,
I'm not doing it again.
Thank you.
No more secrets, okay?
Tess, uh, look...
I've gotta ask,
does he mean anything to you?
[eerie music]
So, what happens next?
I'm gonna bring him in,
but I can't make an arrest
because you two were
in the ring voluntarily.
But I'll let him know
what's gonna happen
if he continues to follow you
and take it further.
- You think that will help?
- Let me check something.
You said his name
is Conall Winters?
Yeah, that's right.
- He's a veteran.
- Does he have a record?
- What is it?
- There's already
a restraining order, ma'am.
Corporal Winters filed it
this morning against you.
- There's gotta be a mistake.
- Can you two wait outside?
I'm gonna get
to the bottom of this.
No, no, the issue is one minute
we're horsing around,
the next minute,
the guy hits me while I'm down.
You invited me to that gym, sir,
and you threw the first punch.
[mixed remarks]
Enough, enough!
Look, Conall, I served too, son.
I get coming home is confusing.
Tess, I can't imagine
what you've been through
the last few years.
Can we solve this
as adults right now?
- Was there a relationship?
- Yes, sir.
- We met at a reading.
- It was one night.
Yeah, and the next day
she told me
she was still with her ex.
And that she wanted me
for bedroom stuff.
Oh, God, that's ridiculous.
And I said no,
I'm not a homewrecker.
Okay, you're totally
twisting the story.
And then she started
harassing me
even at her support groups.
Are you kidding me? Come on.
I told you, ask Stephanie
from our group.
She saw the way Tess treated me.
You're supposed to feel safe
at those things.
Oh, my God, he's
totally lying right now.
He came there
and he started harassing me.
I spoke to Miss Friedman.
She said that you
were angry at Conall
and that you had
some kind of meltdown?
No, it was not a meltdown,
it was just me trying
to get him to leave.
Conall, what's this business
about you moving
across the street
from Mr. Nolans?
I rented that place
several months ago.
I didn't know
he was married to her.
Is it illegal
for someone like me
to rent a house
in his neighborhood?
No, but you have to admit
it's a strange coincidence.
Yes, sir, it is,
but when we got together,
she brought me to a house
on the other side of town.
So how am I supposed to know
she had a place for herself
and another one with him?
So you have two residences?
- No, we don't.
- Yes, we do.
Okay, so that doesn't matter.
Obviously he found out
about my husband
and he was trying
to get to me through him.
Ma'am, the way I see it,
you moved across
the street from me.
And then you started calling me?
- Remember?
- No.
Really? Really?
You're not gonna
pick up the phone now,
you're just gonna ignore me?
I thought you were a man,
but really you're
just a little boy.
You call me back,
we are not done.
That right there is
completely out of context.
She, uh, started
making angry threats
about wanting me back,
and I didn't want
- to pick up the phone.
- Oh, my God, that's a total lie.
He was threatening me!
All right, look, Detective,
I know my wife,
she's a good person,
she's not gonna make this up.
You wanna see what he wrote
on my son's tombstone?
Where's the photo?
I had the photo in here.
It was right before
I saw the boy.
- What boy?
- There was a boy,
and he was wearing Mason's cap
and he was running through the...
[somber music]
Can I go now?
Not you.
We have to discuss the rules
of your restraining order.
God, the audacity of the...
I cannot believe that
that detective took his side!
Wait a minute, you didn't
actually believe
anything he said, right?
I think maybe we should
make an appointment
- with your therapist...
- Rodger!
You have got to believe me!
Tess, I'm not sure
what to believe, okay?
Oh, my...
[suspenseful music]
- What are you doing?
- Calling the detective.
He said he wants proof?
It's written on our damn wall.
[radio talk]
This is breaking and entering.
- You can arrest him now, right?
- Could be.
Did you lock up before
you went to the station?
- Always.
- Maybe leave a window open?
Maybe if I was a marine,
you'd believe me.
Ms. Nolans, I wanna
end this for everyone.
I agree that there's
something off with the kid,
but I have to work within
the law, do you understand?
All right, now I have
your blood sample
and I'm gonna get his, too.
I will have
your results tomorrow.
Now, "Connected,"
why would he write that?
Well, he keeps repeating it.
He thinks he's in love with me.
If that's his blood,
the kid's in big trouble.
But if it's yours...
[soft music]
I'll show myself out.
Forget about him.
You were right.
Something terrible happened
to that kid over there,
and he latched onto something,
and that something,
unfortunately, was you.
I just... I don't know what to do.
It'll be okay.
- Just try to relax.
- How do I do that
with him across the street?
Look, why don't you
pour yourself
a nice glass of wine,
go up, take a bath.
I'll stay down here
and stand guard.
I won't let him hurt you, okay?
[water running]
[tense music]
Room for one more?
Come on, it's nothing
I haven't seen before.
Rodger is downstairs
and he has a gun.
Let's end your pain right now.
- No, no, stop it!
- Tess!
- Get off of me!
- Tess, stop fighting me.
- Wake up!
- Stop it... no!
- Tess!
- I will kill you!
- Stop fighting me.
- I will kill you!
- I will kill you!
- Wake up, Tess... Tess!
Wake up! Shh!
It's okay, it's okay.
It's me... shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh, Tess,
what did you do?
I was having a really bad dream.
- What's this?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
Tess, listen to me.
I need to know how many
of these you took.
I need to know if I need
to get you to the hospital.
I just wanna
keep you safe, sweetie.
No... none,
those aren't even mine!
- Tess.
- What?
[eerie music]
Rodger... Rodger, I threw
those out, I threw them out,
that means somebody
must have put them there.
Sweetheart, who?
Who... I was downstairs
the whole time, sweetheart.
Please, just tell me
how to help you.
Please, please.
- Hey, Tess?
- Rodger, I'm in a hurry, sorry.
Where are you going, Tess?
We, uh... we need to talk
to you for a minute.
What's going on?
We're officially not
looking into Mr. Winters
for what happened last night.
Can I ask why?
I think you know why.
It was written
in your blood, Tess.
No, no, that wasn't me.
- This was Conall.
- Tess, it's okay.
I donated blood last week
when I spoke at the library.
- Maybe he stole it.
- I'm gonna have to ask you
if you're on any medication
or drugs or any prescription
- of any kind.
- Nothing like...
[sinister music]
Did you tell him?
It's for your own good, Tess.
- How could you do that to me?
- Tess, please.
- You son of a bitch.
- We're just trying to help.
I am not crazy here!
I am gonna keep
an eye on Conall.
You need to stay away from him.
And maybe you should
see your therapist.
Thank you, Detective.
- Tess, I'm so sorry...
- Don't... don't...
don't you even
touch me right now.
Look, we need
to make an appointment
- with your doctor now.
- No, I'm not going
- to see a doctor.
- Tess.
I'm trying to help you.
We're in this together.
Are we?
Tess... Tess!
[soft music]
Dishonorable discharge?
"There's no choice but to submit
immediate discharge
for Winters' violent assault
on unit member Marcus Lyle."
[suspenseful music]
Hi, um, are you Marcus Lyle?
I'm Marcus.
My name is Jessica Powell
and I'm a reporter,
and we're doing a piece
on Special Forces.
I heard that you were
recently overseas...
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I can't talk about
any of that stuff.
Wait... wait, wait,
wait, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I lied.
My name is actually Tess Nolans,
and I'm being stalked by a man
I think you may know.
His name is Conall Winters.
[soft music]
Conall was a good soldier.
Really, he was.
He was just... messed up.
- From the war?
- Yeah.
But it goes deeper
than just that.
Conall and I were like brothers,
and our captain
was like his dad.
They were really close.
Did Conall tell you
after he found Cap's body
he tried to kill
the whole family?
Conall just went haywire.
Said he kept on
getting abandoned,
and he wanted revenge,
so he went after them.
And then you two fought?
I just grabbed him.
I said, "Captain was a soldier,"
and then I told him
that it wasn't like
Cap was his real dad.
That's when he just popped...
cracked me in my knee
with an M4,
and went at my throat
with his knife, too.
I mean, how was
I supposed to know
Conall's dad committed suicide?
He committed suicide?
Yeah, four years overseas
and he never told me.
His dad worked at a school.
I guess he was some kind
of pervert or something.
Got in some trouble, then...
[eerie music]
That's why we're connected.
He didn't latch
onto my blog, it was me.
He was after me.
"Blake Timmons is survived
by his former wife Terry
and his only son, Mark Timmons."
You're breaking
your restraining order.
Yeah, I know.
Go home, Tess,
it's not our time yet.
You were right.
You and I are connected...
Mark Timmons.
Don't call me that.
I get it, I do.
But I lost someone
that night, too.
So you leave now
or I take this to the cops.
You actually think
I was in love with you?
That figures, I guess.
You do believe everything
you hear, right?
Like that bitch
that lied about my dad?
Yeah, two sluts.
Birds of a feather, I guess.
You don't know.
- You weren't there.
- Yeah, I wasn't there.
You took my father from me.
- Don't.
- And I'm gonna take
your whole world.
[intense music]
Back off!
You know Conall isn't
even really his name?
He had it changed legally
once his father died.
[soft music]
And Conall was
dishonorably discharged
for nearly killing
his best friend.
You know why?
Because he said one thing
about his dad.
Now the guy can barely walk.
You know what?
I am gonna get that asshole
on tape threatening me.
Tess, no.
No, I'm telling you,
this is the only way.
No, that is way too dangerous.
Look, we need to take this
to the cops right now.
They'll listen to us this time.
This doesn't actually
prove anything.
Yeah, it's motive,
but it doesn't incriminate him.
At least it's a start, right?
Don't you see?
That's exactly what he wants.
He wants me to feel
like his dad.
A sexual scandal
that ruins my family
and then my career.
Not having it.
So what, you're
gonna feed yourself
to this snake instead?
You said he threatened
to kill you.
Yes, but this time
I'm gonna get it on tape.
Tess, stop!
[somber music]
Why don't you ever listen
to the people who love you?
I know you feel like
I abandoned you again,
and I know you're feeling
all alone right now,
but you are not.
So please just don't put
yourself in danger like this.
Just all I'm asking
is sleep on it.
If you still feel
this way in the morning,
then you'll have us
to back you up.
I'm with Rodger on this one.
[tense music]
No, no, no, no, no, please, no!
Wait, no, no, wait, don't...
[screaming and gunshot]
Yes, I need
to report a shooting.
- Suicide!
- Rodger.
Rodger, why can't I hear Mason?
[suspenseful music]
Rodger? Rodger?
Oh, Rodger, no.
We need to talk, man to man.
All right, come on in.
Rodger, no.
No... no, Rodger!
No, Rodger!
[phone ringing]
911, what is your emergency?
Hi, my husband
is being attacked.
- Attacked?
- Yes, right now.
We're at 92...
[glass shattering]
Shouldn't have done this, Tess.
Where is he, you son of a bitch?
If he is hurt...
Feel alone yet?
No, I'm telling you,
he has Rodger.
- Conall took him.
- Take a look, he's not here.
She's the one
who broke into my home
- and threatened me.
- Hold on a second,
do you wanna know
why we are connected?
Because his real name
is Mark Timmons.
He is the son of Blake Timmons,
and he is blaming me
for his father's suicide.
Is that true?
Where's Rodger?
- I don't know anything about it.
- You're such a liar!
Did you kill my husband?
Did you kill him?
- Where is he?
- Take her to the station, now.
- Wait, what?
- We're holding you
- for breaking and entering.
- What?
You're gonna stay right there.
No, you're making a mistake!
- We're not done here.
- Where is Rodger?
Where is he... no!
[somber music]
You're making a mistake!
He was my old man, sir,
but I didn't wanna keep his name
for obvious reasons, okay?
All right, look, I didn't know
she had anything
to do with his suicide
- when we hooked up.
- That's hard to believe, Conall.
Hey, Alvarez.
We got something.
[soft music]
Blood... tech said
it's pretty fresh.
A couple hours at most.
Tear this place apart.
Find me a body or a crime scene.
Neighbors did confirm
the sound of gunfire.
I told you.
And he's got Rodger,
and you should be out there
looking for him.
We are.
But nobody saw Rodger
enter Conall's residence.
It's dark and people
are sleeping,
- but I saw it, so...
- Tess, we found blood
in your vehicle.
- It was Rodger's.
- No, no, no.
Your husband told me
he was worried,
he told me about your history,
you're battling depression.
He also said that you
were yelling something
about wanting to kill him.
- I was having a nightmare.
- You were angry at your husband
last time we all spoke.
Don't you get it?
This is him.
This is Conall, all of this.
He has Rodger, he's been
watching me for months,
he's running surveillance on me
like he's still in the army.
I am his mission.
Ms. Nolans,
Conall's a messed up kid.
Barely graduated
from high school,
he's not smart enough
to do this, but you are.
Okay, have it your way.
But I know you've made mistakes,
and I'm gonna find 'em.
[mellow music]
Over here.
Mark it for blood.
She used the neighbor's garbage.
Not smart enough.
Looks like I dodged
a bullet, huh, Detective?
Hey, Alvarez.
Good bit of blood
down here, too.
Looks like our crime scene.
[officer #2]
Hey Detective,
found this in the chimney.
Bag it.
- Nora?
- Tess.
Oh, are you okay?
Wait, did you post bail?
- Of course.
- How much was it?
We have the house
and the gym as collateral.
No, Nora, no!
Yes, it's already done.
So they have charged me
with breaking and entering,
and now they wanna
charge me with murder.
- What?
- This is getting really bad.
Okay, I am here with you,
and we are gonna
figure this out together.
Come on, come on.
Tess, we should head back.
Or we could just go in.
[soft music]
baseball, apple pie.
He always knew
exactly what to say
and when to say it.
Come on, that's enough.
Let's get out of here.
He set me up...
and I walked
right into his trap.
And he's taken everything.
He's won.
He's won!
No, he hasn't, come on.
Let's just sit down.
Tess, I told you.
I am your big sister...
and I have your back.
[tense music]
I love you.
So what's next?
We figure out
his next move, right?
Or we go first.
Just tell me what to do.
- I need you to leave.
- No.
- Tess, no, I am with you.
- I know, I know.
- I'm not leaving.
- I know, but he wants me alone
and broken.
I haven't suffered
enough for him,
and I swear, if I get one more
of my family members hurt,
I couldn't live with myself.
Tess, no.
Trust me.
- If that's what you want.
- Yeah.
Keep driving.
I saw you in the house.
And yet I'm here.
Oh, yeah!
Where's Rodger?
This is between me
and you, remember?
Well, then you shouldn't
have brought him into it.
Collateral damage, Tess.
It's one of the hardest things
to get used to in a war.
Yeah, you see, you're not
over there anymore,
- and this isn't war.
- Sure it is.
And it started a long time ago
when you took away
the only person
that ever loved me.
Take me to Rodger now.
All right.
You're not gonna like
what you find.
He'd better still be alive.
You brought him here.
My old house.
You're scared.
[suspenseful music]
All right, get out.
Move it!
[car beeping]
Rodger, it's okay, I'm here.
It's okay.
Rodger, I'm here.
It's okay.
What the...
[sinister music]
Welcome home, sweetheart.
- What?
- I told you
- you wouldn't like it.
- Wait a second.
You... you helped him?
No, no, no, no,
see, he helped me.
He and I have
a lot in common, Tess.
You ruined both of our lives.
- Rodger!
- I told you to wait.
I pleaded with you
not to be a hero.
But no, no,
you were more concerned
about saving strangers
than you were about
protecting your own family.
You killed our son, Tess.
- You did it.
- I lost him, too.
I lost everything,
isn't that enough?
Shoulda been.
Oh, it definitely shoulda been.
But instead, you had
to broadcast our tragedy
to the whole world
with your blogs
and your support groups.
You know, I never
told you, Tess.
He was still alive
when I got to him in our room.
I had to watch
our little boy die...
in front of my eyes.
And you've made me relive that
every day of my life since...
and now I'm gonna pay you back.
No, Rodger!
It's not so fun being dragged
through the past, is it?
What... what, you don't
think she earned it?
See, when I first met
this poor kid, he was lost.
He was a ball of raw anger,
but I gave him purpose.
You used him.
Time to end the nightmares.
Who's that?
Who is that?
Is that Nora?
- All right, keep her quiet.
- No, no, no!
Rodger, no!
Nora, thank God.
- Where's Tess?
- Thank God you're here.
Are you okay?
She wasn't supposed to be here.
She's inside the house,
he's got a gun.
Did you call the police?
No, I just came
straight over here.
That was stupid.
[intense music]
Nora, Nora!
You son of a bitch!
You have yourself
to blame, Tess!
I'm sorry.
Don't you see?
Don't you see he's using you?
- No.
- Oh, my God,
think for yourself, Conall!
He's going to kill you too.
Don't you know that's
the only reason he needs you
is because you're his out.
No, Rodger trusts me.
Would you please
look at what's going on?
He's helping me, okay?
- Look, my dad...
- Your dad loved you.
Don't talk about my dad, okay?
Didn't Rodger tell you
that you were the last thing
he talked about?
How much he loved you?
Yeah, he did.
He loved you so much.
He loved you so much,
he couldn't live
one day without you.
He made a mistake, Conall,
he just made a mistake
like you're doing right now.
But it's not too late.
Listen to me,
you and I are connected.
We are connected
because I needed you
to be with me
right here, right now.
You're a soldier.
You wanna do good,
you wanna help people,
now is your time.
You still have a chance.
You can still be a good person
and a good son.
Do this for your dad.
Make him proud of you!
[sinister music]
What the hell are you two
talking about?
It's time to shut you up
for good, Tess.
No, no, no, no.
What is it with you, Tess?
You keep getting people hurt!
And with everything
that's happened with you,
no one's even going
to question it.
First you lost your son,
then you went crazy,
you killed your ex-husband,
you killed your lover...
even your sister.
- No.
- Then you ended your own life.
You bastard!
I told you I would never
stop fighting for him.
Neither will I.
Game over.
I'm not going to jail, Tess.
You're gonna have to kill me.
Oh, my God, you're okay.
Call 911!
Call 911.
Okay, it's gonna be okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
Hey, it's about you and me.
You were right.
I just... I just wanna see my dad.
No, Conall, Conall, I need you.
I need you, okay?
I need you to save my life.
I need you to tell the police
what really happened.
Hey, hey, can you do that?
Soldier, I need you to fight.
I need you to fight for me.
You need to fight for me!
[soft music]
I have to ask you
a few more questions
at the hospital.
He's gonna make it.
I managed to get
a few words out.
He told me what happened.
I'm sorry, Tess, I was wrong.
We all were.
My book got accepted
by the publisher!
I am going on a nationwide tour.
Can you believe that?
I'm gonna be able to help
other people who have lost
the most precious thing
in their life,
and help them find the courage
to live and be happy again
just like I have.
[birds chirping]
I love you, Mason.
'Cause no one can
predict the future,
but I know who I'm gonna be
living it for,
because that's all
that really matters
is living for the ones
that you love
and for those that love you.
Well, I hope my words
have helped you
as much as they've helped me.