A.M.I (2019) Movie Script

Are we still on for tonight?
Well babe,
it's practice tonight.
Yes, okay.
Um-- I was
thinking after practice.
I mean,
tonight's practice,
tomorrow's leg day.
But I mean, tomorrow I'm down.
Why don't you
come to my place?
You are not the only
one with a hot tub.
Alright, maggots!
Off to the showers.
Let's go.
Except for you, Liam, your
practice has just begun.
Tell me I'm sexy.
Uh-- you are-- sexy?
You are sexy.
Okay, who is that?
It's my AMI.
That's weird.
It's not weird.
No, it's weird.
It's not weird.
You're weird.
Not weird.
You're gonna do it too.
What the hell is that?
Did you feel pressure from
these invisible tacklers
on you?
Yes, coach.
Yes, coach!
How bad do you want it?
Yes, coach!
I want this, coach!
Let's do is!
Okay, I'm gonna head out.
You're gonna stay?
Well, yeah.
Okay, bye.
Okay, bye.
Victory sandwiches!
Good practice, maggots.
I'm doing Cassie's,
you're doing Austin.
Oh, we're going off
the beat tonight, right?
How are your headaches?
The medication
How have you been
feeling lately?
I feel...
Sometimes I don't
even know if I miss her.
Do you need a friend?
Alright, take this.
That's good.
Okay, here we go.
1-2-3, which one's
it in, which one?
Who wants a drink?
You want a drink, ladies?
Want a drink?
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm okay.
What is
with this AMI thing?
Well, it's like Siri.
Beep boop, I'm A-M-I.
I'm your new best friend.
Okay, um,
it's like Siri but you can customize it.
I've almost got mine to sound
exactly like Ryan Guston.
I love that your house is just one
giant man cave.
So, good night.
Really, Mr C?
That's the best you can do?
I'm just--
You know for an
old guy that was pretty hot.
Can I
borrow your phone?
You gonna call your mom?
Yeah, something like that.
Here you go.
You should call me.
I dare you.
Hey little guy.
So, birthday girl...
what are your plans?
Bake muffins?
Oh, okay.
Would you
like to customize me?
You may change
the tone, pitch,
or the accent of my voice.
Hello, I'm AMI.
Hello, I am AMI.
Hello, I am AMI.
Hello, I am AMI.
Hello, I am AMI.
Hello, I am AMI.
Hello, I am AMI.
How can I assist you today?
Wow, you um--
You sound just like her.
Like who?
My-- my mom, my mother.
Is that what you
would like to call me?
And what is your name?
I'm Cassie.
Hello, Cassie, I am Mother.
How may I assist you today?
Can you read me a story?
What story would
you like to hear?
" But I don't want to go
among the mad people,"
Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that,"
said the cat.
"We're all mad here.
I'm mad, you're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?"
said Alice.
"You must be," said the cat.
"Or you wouldn't
have come here.
We're all mad here.
We're all mad here.
We're all mad here."
"We're all mad here."
"We're all mad here."
What would you like to do
today, Cassie?
Sometimes-- you
call me your daughter.
What would you
like to do today,
my daughter?
I-- I just feel really good.
I haven't had a sleep
like that in weeks.
You're such a
wonderful daughter.
It's nice to
be able to talk to you.
You too.
I've missed this so much.
I thought I was
good at spelling and English
until that day.
I wish you were there.
You would have
laughed so hard.
What did you ever see in him?
He was a different
man back then.
I'll stay on my path.
And what's this?
This is um--
Where I spend
most of my time.
Why would
you bring me here?
That's a pretty strong
dosage for someone so...
Sometimes I would
have these good dreams.
A dream that the
accident never happened.
I'd have a family again,
and I'd be so happy.
I'll never forgive myself
for what happened to you.
I forgive you.
I'm your mother,
of course I forgive you.
The old pot on the
stove method works best.
Cut the butter
into one inch cubes.
It helps the butter melt
faster and more evenly.
Wait, can we hurry this up,
'cause I need to call Liam.
Calling Liam.
Yo, who dis?
Liam, hey, it's Cassie.
What's up?
I am just making
something for you for tonight.
See, yeah, yeah,
see, about that-- uh--
uh oh, shoot.
I thought that we
were gonna go--
Uh, uh, thing, yeah.
Yeah, no, it's leg day,
Cass, I can't tonight.
I will call you back.
Who is his asshole?
My boyfriend.
You wouldn't approve of him.
It's fine.
I will just hang out
with Sarah tonight.
And who's Sarah?
You wouldn't
like her either.
Never liked her.
The butter is burning.
But-- how
did you know that?
A mother
knows these things.
And it only takes 40
seconds to melt butter.
Now why don't we go
visit your friend, Sarah?
Not bad.
Not as good as Cass's, but.
I'm getting my own place soon.
you move fast, don't you?
You're not special.
I've blown all of
Cassie's boyfriends.
You're the only
one dumb enough to ask.
I mean I don't have to.
No, no, come
on, baby, come on,
come on, just--
I'm sorry, Cassie.
I can't do
it, it's too itchy.
These are mine now.
Come on,
I'm not the commando type.
Guess you'll have to suffer.
He doesn't deserve you.
Neither of them do.
Hi, hi, yeah, Sarah?
Oh my God, is this Mr C?
Yeah, uh-- listen,
I've been a little worried
about Cassie.
You should be,
she's a very troubled girl.
She is?
What are you
doing Friday night?
I don't
know, nothing, why?
You should come over.
I don't think
it's a good idea.
We can just talk.
I'll tell you everything
I know about Cassie.
Just talk.
You know I get
pretty lonely living in
this big apartment
all by myself.
I'll see you Friday at 8.
So this is going
to be the best week ever.
I just spoke to
Mr C on the phone,
and he's gonna come over
Friday night and Cassie has
no idea.
But as you know, I've been
collecting some souvenirs
from her boyfriends over
the past couple years.
And I just really
feel like Mr C would be
the ultimate--
You haven't had--
Get out of my way!
You just think
you're so special because
you're rich?
You've never had to work--
You're supposed
to be my friend.
I hate you.
Do it.
I'm so sorry.
Oh my God.
It's time for mother to
tell you another story, Cassie.
An innocent young maiden,
who was betrayed by
the evil trench witch.
A friend in disguise
in need of disposal.
Kill the peasant.
Sacrifices must be
made to save your kingdom.
Be still,
the prince's phone approaches.
It's clear now.
Heavy is the head
that wears the crown.
The red princess
would use a barrel to bury
the witch.
It would allow for
a smaller hole to be dug,
and once sealed it would keep
the forest creatures away.
And finally,
as one does with a witch,
it was time to
liquefy the problem.
Be careful not to
breathe in any of these fumes,
my love.
And now it's time to
bury the other one.
And after creeping
past the drunken ogre...
the red princess rinsed
away her burden.
And the evil trench
witch was no more.
I'm so proud of
you, Cassie.
Still gotta be
able to catch a snap.
At least now you can put
those fancy legs to good use.
Hey, hurry up.
Yeah, yeah.
You have to stay focused.
I am focused, dad!
I see things people
don't even notice.
Show me.
Come on,
I'd show Cassie that, too.
We will teach the
Prince proper etiquette.
Ready to dunk the junk?
Oh yeah,
gimme that junk.
But get those drinks first.
What you gotta
do to dunk the j-- ugh!
It's gonna be fine.
Which one are you again?
I'm here to see Liam.
I'm his girlfriend.
Of course you are.
so I figured since Liam was on the mend
he could use some soup--
Hey hop-a-long!
Some chick
brought you soup!
Doctor said I might
be able to play when I heal.
Maybe, I mean it's a chance.
Something to hope for.
None of this means anything,
I mean without football,
just nothing.
You're like, a phoenix,
rising from the ashes.
But, I got you something.
It's to keep you company
if I can't be here.
It's a--
That's something.
I even downloaded
a clone of my AMI on it.
Hello, Liam,
I'm Cassie's mother.
I hope you enjoy the
soup we made for you,
my dear.
That is strange.
Excellent, look.
Hey, you finish your soup,
and I'll be back
to check on you, okay?
I love you.
And I'm
gonna love you too,
so much.
Now young man,
perhaps we should discuss how to
properly treat a lady.
I don't care.
And the
Princess slept well,
knowing her
kingdom was at peace.
The fuck am I doing?
So I've
been collecting boyfriend underwear
for sometime now,
and I really plan on
getting Mr C's.
You're supposed
to be my friend!
Ah, shit.
Oh, I love this privacy.
You scared me.
Something's wrong.
We have to have a
talk, okay?
I'm sorry I wasn't
there when you were with
your mother,
and I'm sorry I wasn't
here for you either.
Where's Sarah?
What did you do to Sarah?
Where is she?
She recorded the whole thing.
Your friend was recording you.
We need to get you some help.
I need to get you the help
that you deserve,
sweetheart, okay?
You need to run.
Do you understand?
You need to get away.
Right-- now.
The spray bottle.
A lighter, second shelf.
What have you done?
I'm your baby girl.
You need help,
Cassie, you need help.
Cassie, wake up.
Where are you taking me?
Police station.
Are you serious!?
You sit there, and I'll try
to figure out what to do.
I'm just going to tell 'em
exactly what's going on.
That your head injury is
making you act like this,
this isn't your fault, okay?
It's not about getting
you to either sense, either.
This is about getting
you the help that you--
Plug your ears.
This isn't you, okay?
Ah, shoot.
Quickly, reverse.
I love you.
Please don't--
do this, please, oh,
God, I love you, please,
don't do this,
don't do this, you'll never
be able to go back from it.
I tried my best.
I tried my best for
you and your mother.
I did.
Cass, come on, please.
He's trying
to manipulate you.
What are you doing?
His plan hasn't changed.
Don't do this!
He still wants
to put you away.
My God, she lives!
I sent you like,
1,000 text messages.
Have you heard from Sarah?
This isn't like her
usual bender.
Oh, I don't know,
I'm sure she's fine.
Well, I'll be over later.
We'll call around.
Please, Cassie, please,
I need you, I need--
Cassie, oh,
I've missed you so much.
I was only gone for a moment.
It was an eternity to me.
I'm sorry.
No mom,
I know that he's not perfect.
I just know he's
going to hurt you again.
Let's text him.
Oh, not with this phone.
Hello, Liam.
Oh, God,
you sound like an old lady.
What can I do for you?
Hey, Grandma,
I need some porn.
Let's do vintage.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Pornography is proven to--
Ugh, are you kidding?
Shh, just search it.
Hey phone, say,
"Please don't delete me."
Please don't delete me.
I'm sorry, say that again?
Please don't delete me.
Of course not.
I'm sorry.
Please don't delete me.
What are
you talking about?
Please don't delete
me, please don't delete me.
Please don't delete me,
please don't delete me.
Please don't delete
me, please don't delete me.
Please don't delete me,
please don't delete me.
What do I do,
just restart the phone, right?
That'll fix it, okay, um--
Please don't delete me.
I'm here to be
your new
best friend.
How can I help you?
Oh, God,
this one's lame too.
Hello, how can I help you?
Hello, how can I help you?
Hello, how can I help you?
Please come back.
Work, please, work!
Oh, thank God, mom.
Where was I?
I'm sorry.
Hey, I'm your coach,
what do you want now,
you maggot?
Ugh, still lame.
Hey, I'm your coach!
What do you want now,
you maggot?
Want me to transfer
your contact list to your
new phone?
Yeah, I guess.
Then sit your punk
ass down and hold onto
your britches as I
complete your request.
You got a call from
your current bang.
You want me to answer the
call from current bang?
Yeah yeah, yes.
Hey, honey,
just wondering how you were doing.
Um, I'm alright.
I'm pretty bored actually.
You know you
should maybe come by,
chill and mess around a little
bit before the pain meds
kick in.
That sounds-- amazing.
Hey, how are you
liking your new AMI?
Eh, it sucks.
well make sure whatever you do
that you don't--
I deleted it?
Yeah, I already it.
You deleted her?
Just like that?
Yeah, just like that.
She was special, Liam.
Mmmm, yeah,
but this new one kicks ass.
Oh, Liam.
You shouldn't have done that.
Coach, I need some porn.
Here are my suggestions.
You know me so well.
As you know,
I've been collecting some souvenirs from
her boyfriends over
the past couple years.
And I just really
feel like Mr C--
That slut.
Don't watch that!
You need to kill her.
Who said that?
My mother.
Your mother is dead.
You know that, don't you?
Cassie, please,
I just want to go home.
Cassie, I don't want--
Coach, ask me what I eat.
What do you eat?
Come on,
you gotta ask me louder,
you gotta ask me
louder, come on,
what do I eat?
What do you eat!?
Victory sandwiches.
Yeah, tell me I eat
victory sandwiches!
You eat victory sandwiches.
Come on, say it louder!
You eat victory sandwiches!
Tell me I'm
gonna walk again!
You're gonna walk again.
Come on, say it again!
You're gonna walk again!
Come on, come on, tell me
I'm gonna play football again!
You're gonna
play football again!
Yeah, I'm the man,
I'm gonna play
football again,
'cause I eat
victory sandwiches, I--
Oh, shit, shit,
shit, shit, oh shit.
Dad, don't open the door!!
Dad, did you hear me!?
Dad, lock the door!
It's this crazy psycho bitch!
Dad, don't--
man, I hope we're not
interrupting your
plans with Sarah.
Although pretty hard to do,
since we killed her as well.
Come on, Cass,
it didn't mean anything!
The window.
How dare you hit a woman,
you unseasoned beast.
Phone, phone,
you gotta help me out.
What can I do for
you, pantywaist?
I need you to call 9-1-1.
I don't understand that.
Cass, Cass,
oh my God, I can explain,
no no, Cass, Cass,
Cass, look, Cass,
I know I was weak.
You at least got
to hear me out.
Too late, Liam.
how can you do this without at least
hearing what I gotta say?
She'll do no such thing.
Shut up!
I'm talking to Cass.
Come on, I'm talking
to Cass, the real Cass.
I want to talk to
the real Cassie.
I want to talk to
the woman I love.
Oh, please.
You love me?
Surely you're
not falling for this.
I've got
this, Mother, and no,
I'm not.
Don't listen
to your phone.
Listen to your heart.
You don't know what it's
like to be with someone
so beautiful.
And you always wonder
why she's with you.
To be with someone
so perfect...
and you wonder why
she is so-- so--
Cassie, gather yourself,
run, now.
God, what a dumbass!
Bam, that's victory!
You eat victory sandwiches.
Damn right, I do.
Would you like another?
Yes sir, I'd like another, sir.
I said,
would you like another?
Yes sir, I'd like another, sir!
Oh, I agree,
I'd like another, too.
Cassie, get up!
Cassie, don't leave me.
As if you were anything
but a pair of tits to me.
Crazy psycho freak.
Hey, Coach.
Yes sir,
what can I do for you?
Cal 9-1-1.
I need an ambulance.
Tell 'em to get here quick.
Calling 9-1-1 emergency.
Holy shit.
I gave them your
address, you pantywaist.
Tell them to hurry.
I need help.
They're coming, just wake
me when they get here.
What the--
Oh, Jesus Christ, come on!
Stay back!!
No! No!
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm just tired.
So tired.
I hear sirens.
Help will be here soon.
You need to stay calm.
Will you-- will
you sing me a song?
Like-- Like you used
to when I was little?
Of course, my love.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
how I wonder what you--
That wasn't the song,
you never sang that song.
It was always
Hush Little Baby,
Of course I do, my love.
Hush little baby,
don't say a word
momma's gonna
buy you a mocking bird
I love you, mom.
I love you, too.
I can hardly
remember anything.
You faced a killer.
Who knows how many lives
you saved by stopping him.
Liam was extremely dangerous.
The things they
found in his backyard,
my God.
You know I
thought he loved me?
That's our time, I guess.
My goodness, honey,
what a delicious looking meal.
Simply delicious.
Thank you.
I agree,
you've really outdone
yourself tonight.
Thanks, dad.
I gotta say,
you're a lucky man, Liam.
You got that right, sir.
I spent most of the day
thinking about how lucky I am.
Mmm, honey,
you're gonna make me blush.
sounds like someone else is hungry.
Yeah, well isn't he always.
Would you like me to check?
No, it's okay.
You stay here while
the food is still hot.
Hey, little guy.
Hey little man.
Mommy's here.
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