A Man Betrayed (1941) Movie Script

I'm coming your way.
Hear me calling what a happy day.
For sale. For sale.
Sunshine for sale. For sale.
Please give a man a dime
for a cup of tea, mister?
If I had my teeth, they'd be chattering.
Oh, you poor man. Give him five dollars.
Don't despair.
Thank you, ma'am. Thank you, sir.
He probably has to cut in
Boss Cameron for half.
You wanted to go slumming.
- You think we'll be safe in there?
- No!
Oh, then let's go in!
Look you go on now and
beat it, will ya?
These educated college squirts.
They can't hold their liquor.
Sure glad I flunked in kindergarten.
Hey why don't you watch
where you're going?
What's up?
I'm Casey from the Globe.
It looks like the mister up
there finally got sore.
And decided to put the finger
on our fair city.
You got the wrong guy.
You wouldn't print that,
would you, Casey?
Not and hold my job.
Maybe the chap just suddenly died
of a fractured skull from the fall.
Look, copper.
Cameron don't put enough cement on
these streets to dent whip cream.
But I wouldn't print that either.
That bruise wasn't for the lovetap.
Where'd he come from?
I saw him come from the Inferno.
I thought he was just another drunk.
The Inferno, huh?
Who is he? Anybody important?
I'd hate to disappoint you, madam.
But I'd say he ain't very important.
Just local stuff.
We'll, I'm not Philo Vance
or Dashiell Hammett.
That S on his sweater means
he's one of the visiting basketball team
from Spring Valley.
I always knew this
town was pretty raw.
But I never knew lightning to use a 38.
That man was shot right
through the lungs.
Holy cats.
This is news that even
Cameron can't stop
Cameron ain't gonna be
too pleased about this.
You should oughta know he ain't
gonna stand for rough stuff.
You should oughta work with
these, like I do, Tomato.
Please, I've been telling
you the name is D'Amato.
D'Amato! D'Amato! See?
You're still a vegetable peddler
to me, Tomato.
Why you come down to my joint?
Why don't you stay uptown
and leave me alone?
I just wanted to see how
your half lives. And dies.
It's a funny thing. You've been
getting away with murder for years.
But it took lightning
to pin it on you.
You know if I was you I'd pack
my bags and not see the boss.
Or I'd see the boss
and not pack my bags.
I'll change the name of the place.
That'll pick things up.
Yes. I'll change the name.
I read that a guy named
Shakespeare says
a rose by any other name still stinks.
Where the coroners? Lightning come yet?
They always come fast
like in moving pictures.
Why didn't body moved?
What do you got there?
Too busy. Counting these.
Gee, they're pretty.
Where you got them?
Off this stiff only he
wasn't a stiff then.
Pretty and green and stuff.
Like grass.
Love grass.
Love everything pretty.
You didn't see anything on him?
I mean nothing that could identify him?
No, no.
I put one of them cards like we give out
to to the hicks down at the station.
- In his pocket. Good advertising, huh?
- See?
I run this town with ballots.
Not bullets.
You know that, Amato.
What you do with your dice and
your wheel is your business.
But using a gun makes it my business.
Boss, it was an accident.
The hick lost at craps.
Don't they all?
The greatest of these
lose at crooked dice.
And Spider cracks them like an egg.
Gee it was pretty.
But he wouldn't shut up.
He kept squawking about
calling the cops.
I should've taken away your gun when
I took away your vegetable stand.
You won't use your brain.
You won't play smart like Tom and me.
- Mr. Cameron. My bro.
- Yes?
Get away from my train.
I covered you on that Smith jam by
making young Carney take the rap.
But this time...
I don't know.
This is just what the district attorney
has been waiting for.
I'd let Pringle hang you with your own
rope if it wasn't for the river wards.
Even those votes may not help now.
Every reform leader in town
will be crying for my scalp.
Every newspaper yelling bloody murder.
Globe's headline oughta be pretty.
You mean Casey?
At the bat.
It's a mess. Coming just
before election means suicide.
Why yes... that's what it'll be.
Where is it? Where is it?
I've gotta have it now I tell you.
Here it is, chief.
You're going to give me
a raise for this head.
Divine wrath strikes city. Casey.
The moving finger writes and
having writ spells Cameron.
Omar Khayyam and Casey.
No no that's not it
yes I know.
Here it is. My garden.
When fertilized with vitamin X the
pansies turn their little faces
laughingly to the sun.
No wonder mine have been frowning.
I use vitamin P.
Oh it don't make sense.
Hitler wants to play
London Bridge is falling down.
Cameron's dumb henchman commits murder.
And you worry about the facial
expressions up pansies.
What happened to this. Exhibit A.
Pringle and the good citizens have
been trying to get of Cameron for years.
I had a call.
Hello, boys.
Just happened to be in the neighborhood
and thought I'd drop in for a nightcap.
We're as dry as Kansas.
I'll send the boys over with
some of my private stock.
Bourbon or rye?
No drink. Ulcers.
Well I gotta be moving along.
- Claustrophobia?
- Yes.
Unhappy in tight places.
Nice seeing you again, Bob.
We haven't had a chat for a long
three months four days six hours
seven hours you forget daylight saving.
Incidentally you really helped
me out with that sewage story.
The switch in contracts came a
little bit late but
I always like to see the right
man get the job and keep it.
How's your wife?
Okay and my son's alright too.
Oh that's fine.
He must be old enough
to play basketball now.
Next year.
Too bad about that basketball
player from Spring Valley
committing suicide tonight.
- Hadn't you heard?
- No.
Well it's a good thing
I tipped you off.
I always like to take
care of the Globe.
The publisher's a pal of mine.
Yes before I came to town
for the first time.
Lost all his money gambling.
Was afraid to go back home.
Too bad but
you know how those things happen.
I don't but our publisher does.
I hear you've become quite a gardener.
I wouldn't take it too seriously.
It might interfere with your job.
Good night, Bob.
Remember me to your wife.
Someday I'm going to print the truth.
And then I'll have nothing to do
but grow the biggest asters in Newburgh.
Who are you gonna call?
A murdered boy just committed suicide.
Excuse me.
Smelling new-mown hay?
I hate to trouble you, ma'am but uh...
this is the first time
I've been in this city and...
I'd never guess.
In fact that was just going to ask you
the way to the aquarium.
I know a girl like you back home.
But she doesn't get by there not much.
Well now that we're so friendly, just
where is our home sweet home?
Spring Valley.
Let's see. There's Temple City.
We're about 10 miles north.
There it is.
There. That's a fly speck.
It isn't a very a big town, ma'am.
Matter of fact,
we haven't got a rail road.
See when our canning factory burned...
No railroad.
That's all very interesting.
But I'm here to give information.
Not take it.
Well that's what I was trying to
get around to, ma'am.
Where can I find the Tri-State insurance
So you're one of those boys that knocks
the door down seven in the morning to
collect a dime a week.
Nope, I'm an attorney.
Or just plain lawyer, ma'am.
Could you please stop
calling me "ma'am"?
It's Miss.
Oh I'm very sorry.
I'm not much good at telling
a woman's age by her face.
Entertainment as you like it.
As long as you like it.
But I'd told you our company pays
on death from natural causes
accidents and murder
but not on suicide.
And I told you, mister
Wilson, that it's not suicide.
I read what the papers had to say but
Johnny wouldn't kill himself.
They just won the game.
He just won his letter.
Look, don't you see?
He'd saved his money
to buy the Jones farm.
He and Effie were gonna get married
right after graduation.
No Johnny wouldn't kill himself.
He had too much to live for.
And I suppose you're inferring
he was murdered.
That's just what I mean.
Then you'd better go see
the prosecuting attorney.
I'm going to lunch.
And he's on a diet.
But I can't figure out who
would wanna kill Johnny.
Don't look at me. We just prosecute
crimes. We don't commit them.
Look here. As a prosecuting attorney, I
appreciate your professional interest.
But everything's been taken care of.
Why don't you go on back home
and forget it?
Your clients will need you.
Nothing to collect around my office.
But dust.
This is my first case.
Besides there's more to
it than just business.
You see, Johnny and I were sorta like
His mother she feels mighty bad
thinking Johnny got in a
mess and killed himself.
So I figure to stay around till I can
prove it was murder.
I suggest if you feel there's
something crooked about this case,
that you see Cameron.
He took a personal interest in it.
That's all I heard
since I hit this city.
Who is this Cameron?
Know who wrote the Bible?
Well there's been conflicting reports.
Here you are, Mr. Hollister.
Cameron's little furnished walk-up.
Thanks, Elmer.
If you ever come to Spring Valley,
look me up.
There I'm a man about town.
Small town.
Hey, gardener, here's your load.
How do you-.
Miss Sabra isn't 60.
She doesn't need supports.
It seems Miss Sabra it doesn't need any.
I caught her on the first bounce.
Turnabout is fair play, chum.
Magazines the mailman just handed me.
- I uh...
- We don't want any magazines.
And I don't care if you
ever get through college.
Aunt Terry said she'd rather face the
Germans than election in this city.
Or electing France. Mr. Cooper?
Not three years and my favorite
father's son..
My darling.
I know it isn't polite to barge
in on you like this when
you haven't been invited.
But as one Cameron to another,
if you wait around for invitations
you don't get anywhere.
Looks as though I've suddenly got
a smart young lady on my hands.
If you've been on your own as
much as I have, you have to be.
- Sabra, I...
- I wanted to come back before.
And yet...
it was like
like when you remember
a place you used to love.
Well, you had fun.
You wanna go back and yet
but you're afraid to because
things might have changed.
My barber says I've changed.
I had three less hairs this morning.
Well I'm not worried about my father.
Somehow you're all Boss Cameron now.
Maybe I should've stayed
with Aunt Harriet.
You don't mind my being here, do you?
Do you?
You're like that first breath of
spring the poets write about.
And that sulfur and molasses
tonic your mother talked about.
And made me take.
You've trying to flatter me.
I like that.
In case of emergency, break the glass.
You've changed, Sabra.
You've sort of grown-up.
You've done all right too.
You're a regular Beau Brummel.
Who's this Beau Brummel?
I know Bo Schultz and Bo Boratsky.
But I don't know no Beau Brummel.
Pardon me, sir.
Will you please send my mail
to the butler, sir?
What's this?
My resignation, sir.
Where was the fight?
At the door.
There's a Mr. Lynn Hollister
in the library.
He said not to hurry.
Just so he gets back to Spring Valley
in time to color his Easter eggs.
Spring Valley?
That jack rig.
Slim says he's in town.
But I didn't think he'd have
nerve enough to show here.
What is all this?
Who's George's pugilistic friend?
Oh a big fella. A little lawyer.
Not just some rube trying to
put the beat on your father for a job.
Don't tell me you're still being
bothered by every Tom Hick and Harry.
Everybody has to start by knocking on
some door.
But they don't have to break them down.
Kid's against us.
A new sable.
I'll not only get him out of house
but send him back to Spring Valley.
I'll take that bet.
Sorry this is a family affair.
As head of my family
I'll take care of Mr. Hollister.
Now darling.
He may be a sensation in the
But you don't need brains
under soft lights.
Now you just relax.
And watch second-generation
Cameron go to work.
Try a cigar from that box.
You know I don't smoke.
I said have a cigar.
I get it.
What the-
You derailed them.
Sorry. I only wanted to make you detour.
Well, I thought it was that
anti-social butler, ma'am.
Sabra Cameron and I'll call you Lynn.
Sure got introduced in a hurry.
I must look awfully silly down here.
Yes you do.
Well, I'll get up.
You and father should get together.
Well that was my idea.
This is not only his hobby
but his pride and joy.
Way back somewhere he started
out to be an engineer but-
Well I wanted to be one too but
somebody willed mama a
set of law books so.
I took up law.
You know uh...
You're just what I expected.
You got me there.
I didn't know what to expect.
Jimmy told me all about you.
Yes he's always falling off
those polo ponies of his.
It is sweet of you to take
me out for him tonight.
Well there must be some mistake.
I know a Jimmy back home.
But he wouldn't be falling
off any polo ponies.
Because all he's got as an old car with
a lotta
corny wise cracks written all over it.
No I came to see your father.
While personally I'd like to
be the other fella, I'm not.
Dear father isn't home.
My blind date must be so blind
he can't even see the house.
Well, I guess that leaves me a damsel in
I'd like to take you where you
wanna go.
Oh I wouldn't want you to do that.
It seems a shame to let you sit here
alone when you're so all dressed up.
Oh just a little something that Cat
Reilly threw together between errands.
For a lady under fire,
she didn't do bad.
- My wrap please, George.
- Yes, ma'am.
Shall we go?
Well I hope you don't mind my getup.
Oh no.
I almost had a tux made on purpose once.
When Cousin Ally counted on getting
But although Cal's draft number didn't
come up the joined the army anyway.
A piece of beefsteak
would help that eye.
Beefsteaks? I never. I am a vegetarian.
Looks like you got nothing to lose but a
daughter now.
Seedy bloke.
She ought to have his hair cut.
A lady cut Samson's hair.
And if I know my daughter,
history will repeat itself.
Where are we supposed to go?
How about the Union Station?
Too big.
All right. You name it.
I'd like to go to a place
called the Club Inferno.
You are starting off the hard way.
Well that's the last word.
- Good evening.
- Howdy.
When they pinch you in this
town, they do in a big way.
Hadn't you better pull over to the
curb while they're still polite.
That's my escort.
My father has them follow
me everywhere I go.
It's loads of fun.
Compared to you, a goldfish is a hermit.
Looks like the fella who owns this
place knows where he's heading.
Wants to get in the mood.
I sure do know where I was heading.
Good evening, Miss Cameron.
So nice to have you with us some more.
- How's your father?
- Fine thanks.
Mr. Amato,. Mr. Hollister
when he gets up.
How do you do?
Can I check this for you?
No thanks. I'll just keep it with me.
Give Miss Cameron the
best table in the house.
Gee, she's pretty.
Yeah. But there but there's
something phony about that fellow.
He can look you straight in the eye.
Good evening.
One of our debs.
She's coming out next week.
She may be coming out but
she ain't going any place.
I know.
You must know everyone.
It isn't mutual.
There's so much petty envy
and jealousy in politics.
People resent my father because he's
so much smarter than anyone else.
I wouldn't know.
It took two fires and a cyclone to
get me outta school.
Please, may I have your order?
Frank 75.
- Ever drink one.
- No.
But I shot one on the courthouse lawn.
It gave me an awful kick.
Same idea.
What's your pleasure?
Throwing eggs at an electric fan.
But that's out a season so
just give me a cup a coffee.
Are you being taken
care of, Miss Cameron?
You should feel flattered.
This is Mr. Hollister's
first evening in town.
And for some reason or the
other, he wanted to come here.
I am flattered.
Pleasure or business for you, pal?
Well, I couldn't very well
say I was just business.
Seeing how there's a
beautiful lady present.
I don't want to keep you two
boys from getting together.
So if you'll excuse me if I think
I'll put in an order for a sable coat.
Going to be with us long?
Maybe yes, maybe no.
Depends on how long it takes me to
clear up the death of a friend of mine.
Suicide? That's what the paper said.
But me and the papers sort of disagree.
Gambling over there?
Anybody ever win?
Yes. Why you ask?
Oh Johnny always won.
That's the fella I was
telling you about.
Yes sir. He was really
lucky with the ivories.
The only thing I could ever beat
him at was pitching pennies.
I'm gonna mosey over and
see what's going on.
This is our big number in the show.
Plenty exciting. Plenty hot.
Yeah, plenty interesting.
With that noise, a gun could go off
and nobody'd ever hear it.
Why did you me do that?
You know I never drink my own stuff.
Take Spira.
Them's honest dice.
You said you wouldn't be
caught dead with them.
Now I'm afraid I'll be
caught dead without them.
I said let that hick win.
- Win?
- You heard me. Get going.
Someday that man'll come back
and take us both to the boohas.
I hope you're as lucky at everything
as you were in there.
- I hope so too.
- Bye.
I'll be back again soon.
Oh I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I don't think Mr. Amato will
care about seeing you again.
- Frank 75.
- Coffee.
Look I'm not very
I'm not very good at talking about me.
I wish there wasn't any one named Jimmy.
I have a confession to make.
There isn't any Jimmy.
That's what I figured.
I can tell by the way tapping
your foot in the library.
See I used to watch a lot of
trials back at the courthouse.
I could always tell when a witness
wasn't telling the truth.
Women keep tapping their feet.
Man keep drumming their fingers.
Funny, isn't it?
Very... Mr. Hollister.
I'm afraid you're a little
too smart for my good.
I don't know why you did it but...
It's a lot more entertaining
than sitting around the YMCA.
If I want you to stir my
coffee, I'll let you know.
- From a hick?
- Yeah.
When they win, I take it back.
It's good business.
More of the phony stuff you can't spend.
That mail-order lawyer came down
to my place last night.
It's your daughter, snooping around and
asking a lot of embarrassing questions.
I don't like it. See?
We don't like it either.
- You told him?
- Who me?
- Why Tomato.
- D'Amato.
You should not to go around casting
incriminating remarks against your pal.
And you, councilman?
What does he mean?
Youse is on the ticket.
Morrie had photostats of an
interesting bank deposit by Hughes
after turning over the racing tape.
He's out.
- Slade?
- In.
Oh no. Oh no!
You don't pull a fast one like that.
You promise me that there was a
shakeup, the next soft bed was mine.
That still good, see?
Are you telling me what to do?
In spades.
You not only jeopardized the Progressive
Party with this college kid jam
but you've just told me what to do.
You're through...
in spades.
You can brush me off like that.
You can't get along without a thug.
And that am I. See?
- Yes?
- Yeah!
Cheer up, D'Amato. The price of fruits
and vegetables is rising with the river.
You might think you are a funny guy.
I lay you 20 to one,
you will not be elected.
Suppose you let me
lose sleep over that that.
Doctors say I'm getting
too much anyhow.
You know something.
You guys too dumb to take this thing
comfortable like laying down.
Replace every straw boss in the
river wards with men we can trust.
We'll stuff those ballot
boxes so full of votes,
we'll make a scarecrow
look like a Santa Claus.
What are you two doing?
Just settling an election bet.
Before election?
Before Morrie leaves.
I wasn't going nowhere.
Oh yes I was.
He's still a Beau Brummel.
That stuff's preying on my mind.
I even joined
the Book of the Month club.
I still don't read nothing
about no Beau Brummel.
Your Beau Brummel is my new councilman.
So I guess.
Bad news not only to travels fast,
it nearly knocked me down
at the elevator.
My father looks well this morning.
How is Boss Cameron?
He is never around when you're here.
Then may I talk to my father about him?
You may accuse him
of anything short of murder.
Some of his friends
I don't like.
You look tired, darling.
It's a restful tired.
The kind your mother to have
after a good days housecleaning.
You're a lot like her, Sabra.
Laugh. Walk. Talk.
Things would've been a lot different if
she'd lived, wouldn't they?
I mean we wouldn't have
been separated so much.
Well I'll make up for it.
Because now I'm home to stay.
Of coarse.
I may have to go south for the winter.
I wouldn't want to stay here and
freeze in my tenement mink.
What, no stable?
No sable.
There, paid off.
You don't seem too disappointed.
Well, Mr. Hollister is rather nice.
If you like the Milky Way.
But he's still determined to see you.
I hope you have better luck with Lynn-
with Mr. Hollister than I did.
You just relax
under your soft light
and you sit back and watch a
first-generation Cameron go to work.
- Nice crowd tonight.
- What?
- I said nice crowd tonight.
- Yes loud tonight but good.
When are they gonna shut the place down?
I haven't had any real
excitement since I left home.
Didn't you hear a shot?
- No. But I know who you are.
- Yeah?
Bugsy North from Chi.
I seen your picture in Crime Report.
I'm afraid you got your
finger prints mixed up.
I'm Lynn Hollister.
I don't care where you're from
but she's going back to Kokomo.
Here's something I borrowed
from your brother.
He's a nice neighborly sort of chap.
Sabra, I was just on my way to your
Am I too late for dinner?
Well the soup's a bit cold.
And father's very upset.
Oops, got nothing on us.
This is Pop.
Pardon my not shaking hands but
my hands a little bit raw.
Looks like I just can't
meet a Cameron standing up.
Anything I can do for you?
Can I bring you something?
Liniment for three. No cream or sugar.
This way. Please.
She told me to bring my asbestos hat.
Certainly had a hard time getting
together with you, Mr. Cameron.
Of course, we did alright down there.
I think I'll leave you two on your own.
I'll try my luck in the other room.
I'm afraid you'll need more than luck.
This ought to be quite a contest.
The boss, maybe he ain't mad no more.
Maybe he wants us back.
That young fellow. He likes us too.
T, something worrying you?
Me worry? Me T Amato worry?
I wasn't getting any place
with the prosecutor.
So when he said that she had taken a
personal interest in the case,
I figured you were the one to see.
I did take a personal
interest in Johnny.
I felt even with the worries
of the coming election,
he was more important.
That's mighty fine of you, Mr. Cameron.
Putting the humanity ahead of politics.
Thank you, Lynn.
I want you to know that I
did everything I could.
But every report proved suicide.
That's too bad.
Only thing left for me to do
the way you put it is to forget it.
Go back to Spring Valley.
I'm afraid so.
Rest assured, if anything new comes
up, I'll advise you immediately.
And after election, I might
find a spot for you here.
There should be one for a bright
determined young man like you.
That is of course, if you don't
mind associating with a politician.
Oh I like politicians. They're clever.
Old Squire Cane was the
smartest man in our town.
He had a good heart too.
Puts $20 in that collection box
every Sunday morning
and cheats the boys at poker
every Saturday night.
I don't play poker.
If I left tonight, I can make
connections for Spring Valley.
Yes sir. If I hurry, I can
just about make that train.
I'm sure Sabra will be glad
to see that you get there.
Who's going where and when?
Lynn's going home tonight.
I thought you might drive
him to the station.
It's like we both won.
You sure you won't go with us?
No darling, I'll walk.
Need the exercise.
Keep the old ticker in shape.
I didn't know Inferno did such a good
business, Amato.
I'll have to-
Miss Danielle ever come
to see me social like but
just to show you that
there's no hard feelings.
Thanks, boss.
Good night.
My hands feel better now.
Goodbye, Lynn.
Good night, sir.
Good night, darling.
Maybe you got no hard feelings.
But my bat swings good. See?
Amato. How can you talk
politics on a night like this?
Look at that moon.
Have you no poetry in your soul?
I just want a little side bet.
Too much success might go to my head.
Good night.
Morning, baby.
Morning, darling.
It'll be nice to see the old girl again.
Give me some eggs and some crispy bacon.
Whole-wheat toast. And uh -.
What's this?
My reputation, sir.
Good morning.
Looks like I'm always
holding you folks up.
But I get such a kick outta those
gadgets in your shower that
I almost forgot breakfast.
Steak. Rare.
I thought you'd decided to leave us.
Well I uh-
This way, sir.
After 20 years of faithful service I -.
Miss Sabra won't let me go.
That goes for me too.
But it only took me 20 minutes.
Lynn told me about Johnny last night.
I know you're still trying to help
them no matter how busy you are.
Because my favorite father's like that.
Now we have a boarder.
I'm not gonna stay
here without repaying you.
Back home, we figure that if you
borrow a cup of sugar you ought
to return a cup and a half.
That's fine.
I got to thinking about a lot of things
last night.
About that job you had for me.
I said after the election.
Seems like closing the barn door after
the horse is gone.
You won't need much
help after election.
I'm a spot right now so
I figured let's start now.
That's fine.
It might work out in a lot of ways.
I was sort of using
the same napkin ring.
Titus so close together that.
Were bound to run into
something about Johnny.
Splendid idea.
And as you put it, we can sort
of look after each other.
What's the matter?
PS, Lynn got the job.
And in closing let me say...
My hands feel like a flock of bananas.
You're on in 20 seconds.
20 seconds?
Your speech, pal.
- Oh I've got my speech.
- Nun-uh.
This is from Cameron's office.
This is station CAM,
the voice of the city.
The following is a paid
political broadcast.
The opinions of the speaker...
do reflect the opinion
that this station.
Ladies and gentlemen, Lynn Hollister.
The Progressive Party speaker.
Mr. Hollister.
In presenting Morris Slade as...
our candidate, I have
the honor to present...
a man you'll never forget.
A perfect specimen of manhood.
A man every mother wants her son to be.
Hard-working, loyal,
honest. Honest?
Morris Slade's private life
should be a lesson to every voter.
His interest...
in our great city...
is a glowing torch of unselfishness.
Look, folks, there's been a little
accident here in the studio.
And I'd probably have trouble getting
the right words...
for my candidate on the air
without my papers.
You're probably all vote
for Mr. Slade anyway so...
I'd better talk about a man I know a
little more about.
Mr. Thomas Cameron.
And in thinking about...
him it reminds me of a fish fry we had
back in Spring Valley.
Most of the fellows splashed around
in the water and made a lot of noise.
But a quiet fisherman came to
the party with all the fish.
Back home, we call them fish fries.
And here we call them elections.
I remember that fish fry.
Your Lynn got a bone, mister.
And my Johnny got Dr. Joe away
from his wedding.
To help him.
Time is getting short. And our
candidate's face is getting long. So...
when you vote for the
Progressive Party and...
Morris Slade for
councilman next Tuesday...
remember you're...
voting for some councilman.
You have just heard Mr. Lynn Hollister.
Good speech, huh?
Pretty good but I still
prefer Gene Autry.
Good afternoon, Mr. Hollister.
Nice work.
But I couldn't quite tell whether
you're for Slade or agin him.
Maybe that was the idea.
Better hurry up and get
in here before someone
thinks you're a fugitive
from a swing band.
D'Amato will think I'm a
fugitive from another
dinner plate when I miss
that banquet tonight.
I got your phone call and uh-
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
The skating party was awfully dull.
Father's kept you must too busy lately.
And I missed you.
I sort of missed you too.
You and the police force.
- Dizzy?
- Nice dizzy.
Round and round she goes.
Where she stops nobody knows.
Maybe I spoke out of turn.
These things break down once in a while.
Figure it will take long to fix it?
I don't know.
Don Dylan got stuck
in one back home once.
Went up a boy and came down an old man.
Say if a couple night owls flew by,
we could have a game of bridge.
At least we're alone up here.
Not quite.
Only well be as soon as I
give that star a Sunday punch
for winking at you.
It's so quiet and peaceful up here.
Makes you feel so away from things.
I like it.
Then you'd like Spring Valley.
Because it's always
quiet and peaceful there.
And friendly.
Even the boats on the river
in front of our house.
Blanket each other sort of neighborly.
They seem to shake hands as they pass.
They shake their fists at
each other in the city.
I'd like Spring Valley.
The fellows are so slow
at fixing things it would
take them a month to wind
an eight day clock.
It's a bit chilly, isn't it?
Oh I'm sorry.
I was thinking. Here.
You know you'd be lovely if you had
brown hair.
I have brown hair.
You know something?
This is the first time I've
ever really been kissed.
You know something?
Here comes a second.
Hey, mister!
If you want me to hold this thing any
longer, you gotta give me more dough.
- Good morning.
- Morning, baby.
You missed your breakfast.
I haven't seen much of my
favorite father these days.
I haven't heard any
complaint about Lynn.
George can't even put
him out with the cat.
Don't change the subject.
Where are you going?
- No.
- Sure?
You're much too bright and
too inquisitive for a young lady...
that's been coming in
pretty late nights.
I give up.
How's about a kiss on election day?
For luck?
Thanks, baby.
We will win, won't we?
By hook or crook.
Telephone for you, sir.
Yes I'll take it in my room.
Why did you look so funny when I said
by hook or crook?
You're imagining things.
That comes from those late hours.
I'll have to talk to Lynn about
that and some other things too.
You know I don't mind
his using my razor.
I draw the line at his singing
spirituals in the bathtub.
Now you run along do your shopping and
you leave this election to me.
Where's Pete and Louie?
They're in the baggage car.
They wanted to get used to riding in it
before Cameron found out what we did.
Pardon me.
Could you tell me where I could
find Mr. Cameron's house?
Who's got my bulletproof vest?
Hey Skimpy.
You know how easy I catch cold.
Your tip was right, boss.
Amato is raking them out of town
like the skin files. All three.
Thanks, Al.
Amato and his big boys are
headed for the fifth precinct.
Maybe I should ought go meet my pals.
This is my business.
Get all the help you need.
And step on it to the fifth Precinct.
Amato don't believe in pillow fights.
How far can we go?
I didn't hear a word after I said.
"Step on it."
You boys know what to do.
I'm counting on you, see.
Take Butch and Vito
to the soup kitchens.
Some more of the boys will
be over to help you out.
Get going. Get going.
I don't get it. Why the rented car?
Well I figured that wit with you driving
all the time that
I never get a chance to...
We could do it in my car.
Old man liked it so
I gave it to him.
I get should wait till tomorrow.
I'd ordered new tires.
Darling, why all this sudden
excitement about going to the polls?
As long as I'm a little face
in this big puddle,
I thought it might prove interesting
to look at the other little fish.
Alright, we'll go to the soup kitchens.
I'd like you to see how well
father feeds those poor men.
The soup kitchens.
Take it.
Oh hello.
I didn't recognize you, Mr. Hollister.
I heard a lot of your campaign speeches.
And that's good work.
This is Miss Cameron.
How do you do?
I haven't had the pleasure
of meeting you before.
Now I can see what your
father keeps you under glass.
Excuse me.
All right, boys. Get going. There's
lots of other polls to cover.
We gotta work fast. Come on.
Business looks good.
Feed them right and they'll vote right.
The boss says a man never
listens on an empty stomach.
Yeah, all right. Excuse me, will you?
I gotta get moving along.
You know how it is, don't you?
Hey, why don't they show?
These guy's been voting already.
What's the idea?
I just thought that maybe you could
do a change to this big bill.
You want change. Ask for it.
That's my racket too.
All right. All right. All right.
Could you change this
for me, Mr. Hollister?
It's a fifty.
I'm sorry, Floyd.
I know he still printed that big.
No ma'am, I ain't working.
At present,
I'm sick and relief from relief.
How's the food?
This caviar is delicious.
You're pretty.
James Brown?
James Brown? Over there.
Henry Jones?
Henry Jones?
Soapy to my pals.
Over there.
Monroe. Gilbert Monroe.
Monroe? Not here.
Voting and eating. Eating and voting.
Getting in a rut.
- How many times you voted?
- Only three.
The guy behind you is four ahead.
I got a get over to that fifth precinct.
I hear they're giving
away a set of dishes.
Nice meeting you again.
Oh, I'm sorry, Sabra.
It's okay.
How about going over to the
fifth precinct? Do you mind?
But if I had known this
was gonna be a cook's tour,
I would've brought my roller skates.
Bugsy! Oh Bugsy!
But I want to see my Bugsy.
You know I favor the Oriental custom
keeping the woman
confined to the home.
Look why don't you go back to Kokomo?
Looks like a run on Social security.
Pardon me a moment, Sabra.
Port I wrote
Henry James.
Ed North.
Jack Merlin.
John Mason.
Paul Cerf.
You get around pretty fast, Mr. Brown.
I thought you'd wait
for dessert at the soup kitchen.
Never was there in my life.
You know me. Pat Mullen.
Sure I married your sister.
- How is this?
- Fine, fine. Next.
Dave Jones.
Get your dishes?
Getting the old runaround, eh, buddy?
You must be new around here to worry
about a little wholesale voting.
You must be a reporter.
How come the savvy?
The pencil marks around your ears.
Old Luke Mura on our Dispatch has them.
Buddy you're alright.
Let's snag a ringside seat and
twirl a couple of sparklers
while the big folks shoot
off the fireworks.
Stranger, here's a scoop for
old Pencil Mark Luke.
Because I can't print it.
You can't get away with kidnapping me.
Kidnapping you? Ain't kidnapping you.
Just wanna look at you. That's all.
Look at the flowers.
Who do you think I am? Ferdinand?
Flowers is pretty.
Like you. Pretty.
I take it it isn't good
to see things around here
that Cameron doesn't want you to see.
There's a lotta guys vacationing in
health resorts that ain't in bad health.
Well, goodbye, stranger.
It's every man for himself now.
If you hear any noise
around them cracker barrels,
it won't be mice. It'll be me.
I ain't gonna hurt you.
Just want you to my girl.
Lynn! Lynn!
I ain't gonna hurt you, really.
I like you.
Oh, darling!
Gee I've never been so glad
to see you in my life.
You're going home.
He's done his business for the day.
I said you're going home.
No I'm not!
- No?
- No!
We had an ornery stubborn mare once.
Didn't have sense enough
to leave a burning barn.
But she went.
This way.
What's the idea of this
caveman stuff anyway?
There's bound to be a shooting spree.
We gotta get out here!
There's no reserved seats with my girl.
I said you're my girl.
- Let me go!
- No!
I see you've got your dishes.
What's that? I can't see.
Some of Amato's cops are playing tag
with your father's phony voters.
He doesn't have to win that way.
Well then he's going to walk awful
lot of trouble for nothing.
If you don't put me down,
I'll call the police.
You'll find them on the
bottom of the pile.
Don't unwrap her till you get her home.
Bugsy! Oh Bugsy!
I'm glad I'm going back
to Kokomo tomorrow.
First-time I have any fun.
And you have to faint.
Hey, you can't watch.
That's what I thought too.
That guy knows too many words.
He ought to have music to go with it.
Oh, Lynn.
Mrs. Smith.
Home sweet home.
Cameron's butler said I'd find you.
I suppose you forgotten me.
I haven't forgotten.
Mrs. Smith.
- Mrs. Smith.
- Mrs. Smith, huh?
Somebody call for an ambulance.
- Address?
- Spring Valley.
- Johnny's mother?
- Yeah.
No lightning but on a clear day
you can still see Cameron.
Read all about it!
Cameron party four more years!
Extra! Four more years!
Extra extra! Read all about it!
Cameron's wins again.
Extra extra! Get your paper here!
Extra paper! Read all about it!
Thank you, Mayor.
Why of course I deserve it.
It's always nice to hear you say so.
So long.
Oh good morning, Governor.
Yeah, thanks.
How about coming over to dinner Friday?
Alright, we'll make it some other time.
I've been trying to see you
ever since I left the hospital.
Sabra and I have been celebrating with
little gift given by our new Councilman.
I would have kept you
waiting till now but
as Ring Lardner says
it's hard to rise with the lark when
you've been out on one the night before.
George evidently didn't
expect me in last night.
Or he thought my room
needed a little airing...
after the election.
George thought that now you'd
probably be going home.
That's mighty nice of him.
Seems like a lot of people have
been doing my thinking for me lately.
I've been doing a little on my own too.
About you and Amato and
Johnny Smith.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Look here, man.
I have several appointments.
Sabra invited you to be our house guest.
And you repaid our hospitality.
Now the party is over and the
guest is leaving.
Do I remove myself or...
will the coroner do it for me?
I just want to be up on your etiquette.
I know what you're driving at.
There's nothing you can do about it
- now.
- No.
Johnny's mother is in the hospital.
Whether she lives or dies, I'm
gonna find out who killed Johnny.
If I have to take you and
your whole machine apart
I think you'd better go.
I oughta be pretty well packed now.
I'm glad I came back though.
A lot of things have cleared up.
That business about polo ponies and no
Your asking me to the house.
You two work pretty well together.
- My daughter-
- Father.
Mr. Hollister is going.
Yes I shoulda gone a long time ago.
Funny thing here.
You think you know people and
suddenly you meet somebody believe in.
I guess you believe in
them because you want to.
Oh you wouldn't know
what I'm talking about.
You won again.
You won because you should.
Because people wanted you.
Oh darling, I'm so proud of you.
Come on. How's about a smile?
When did you come in?
Just now.
Imagine that stupid hick
blaming you for Johnny.
You couldn't know anything
about that, could you?
Could you?
No, baby.
Did you go shopping yesterday?
I've been so busy I forgot to ask.
Yes but...
There were so many people everywhere.
All I brought home was a
a red checkered tablecloth.
I believe you're on the level
about splitting with Cameron.
What can I do?
Cameron's got me sewed up tighter
than Hitler has Mussolini.
We still have four more years of it.
My father.
They fought a different kind of war.
Look, Mr. Pringle.
Stay right here like get back, will you?
I'm not going anywhere fast.
- Look I finally-
- Sshh!
I will catch up with
this guy Beau Brummel.
But I don't catch the foreign lingo.
I declare elegante hommes.
Well-dressed men.
Well, can you beat that?
I've been waiting all this
time looking for myself.
Hiya, sucker.
I'll tell Sabra I saw you.
She's sort of taken the chill off
since you got the breeze.
You can take books out of here!
Hiya, sucker.
I remembered this from law school.
I don't get it.
This is nothing but an old civil war
statute passed to protect slaves.
Yeah but it says you can't
take away the rights
of a citizen secured
by the Constitution.
And among those rights, the
right to a free and honest election.
That election was about as honest
as a three dollar bill.
So what? I lock up a game.
Next day, bail and no trial.
And then the merry-go-round.
But if you look at the
bottom of the page,
you'll see we can hold
our boys without bail.
I figured if you pin a wolf up
long enough, he's bound up to howl.
We've got 'em
the wolves glee club.
Well, what are we waiting for you?
I've been waiting for you!
Yes Mrs. Pringle, just a moment.
Tell Mrs. Pringle I won't be home for
lunch or dinner.
Or all night.
Why Mr. Pringle, at your age?
Can I help you, Mr. Brown?
Or is it Mr. Mullen?
Get moving.
All aboard!
Chicago Limited.
Sorry, boys.
But we change your reservation
to drawing room down at the jail.
Take them away, men.
Come on. Come on. Get out of here.
Fine married life.
And the first time he's
come home in a week.
I'm afraid you're wasting
your time, Lynn.
My men cleared everyone
out of here so fast,
they didn't even leave footprints.
I just got a hunch. I think
I'll still take a look around.
Okay. I'll see you in the lineup.
If Cameron doesn't wiggle out of
this one, I'll have you to thank.
You and my father.
If this works, we'll have Pop
enlarged and framed in gold.
Leave it alone.
My money.
It's pretty. It's mine. Give it to me!
Men came. Lotta me. Gonna
take me back to the place.
I was smart. I hid.
I ain't going back there.
It's dark. It's got bars.
They tie me up and hurt me there.
You ain't gonna take
me back there either.
Because I won't go. Because I won't go!
You left some of your money.
I can't. I can't. I can't
go back to that place!
I won't go back there. Please please!
Please don't take me back there!
I won't if you tell me why
you killed Johnny Smith.
I don't know nothing. Nothing about it.
Why did you shoot Johnny Smith?
He made me do it. Made me do it.
He gave me money.
Lots of pretty green money.
I can't tell you. I can't. I can't.
He said if I ever told anybody,
It hasn't come and take me away again.
I can't tell you. I just can't tell you!
Listen to me!
I promised I wouldn't
let them take you away.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah I remember yeah.
All right. Who made you do it?
All right. All right. I'm ready.
I'll tell you.
Listen, Don.
I don't pay you $25,000 a year
to come to your office.
I'm sorry, Tom. I'm a
little pressed for time.
This vacation idea is a
little sudden, isn't it?
Well, no.
My wife Jesse hasn't
been feeling so well and...
Jesse's fine and you know it.
You're running out on me.
Because a couple of roughnecks
start playing Pop Goes the Weasel.
And a hick lawyer sees it.
Who do you suppose would believe
that confession outside of Pringle.
Dead men don't make good witnesses.
Funny thing. That statute is binding.
With Slade going the way he did,
some of boys don't feel so well.
It won't be pretty
if they start to sing.
I didn't tell you before, Tom...
things have been
happening so fast and...
The next election,
I'm running for mayor.
Now what about it?
As mayor of this city,
I can't do a thing.
I'm afraid the old days are gone, Tom.
As I intend to run for
governor next term,
Here are your plane reservations, sir.
Oh, thanks. Thanks.
Going somewhere?
Why yes. Thought would
take a little vacation.
I know. Your wife isn't
feeling too well.
But Governor.
I put you in office.
I could use you then.
And now, I'm through.
Well, I may run for president next time.
Excellent drink.
Inspired by the gods. Ruined by butlers.
Stop in and have one with me sometime.
That's the first social invitation
we ever got together on.
Aren't you going away someone?
No no.
I'm disappointed.
I thought our rats left together.
Oh you're soaking.
And me with a nice fire
going up in smoke.
I waited dinner for you.
Yes baby I...
I forgot.
Apology's accepted.
I thought you might be hungry so I made
an omelet for you like mother used to.
Probably not as good but then, I never
spent much time in the kitchen.
It's not such a small world carried
on your shoulders is it, darling?
No, baby.
Don't you care?
Boss Cameron is dead.
Long live my father.
You know?
Guess I've known a lot of things for a
long time.
I tried to kid myself.
Being away from you so much.
School and traveling with Aunt Harriet.
Your friends.
I didn't like Boss Cameron.
But whatever my father did, I
know there was a reason for it.
Your mother left us too soon.
I wanted to give you
everything she missed.
It was like a game.
Out with the other fellow.
Feel inside that you had to win.
And you won.
Success like straight whiskey.
You want more and more.
Until you realize the futility
of it and want to stop.
But you can't stop.
It's gotten bigger than you.
It's no good.
Nothing can lick my father.
Look, darling.
There's a boat sailing for
South America tonight.
Let's take a trip and.
And then go somewhere
and start all over.
And leave this city?
Why it's my...
It's impossible that
a boy from nowhere...
That one push can topple an empire
that's taken me years to build.
Don't mention it, please.
He's bossy and rude.
And stupid.
And you love him.
Darn it.
What's the matter, baby?
He don't like me.
He doesn't like me either.
I won't let anyone say
things he did about you.
I couldn't.
Why we even talked about Spring Valley!
Imagine me being dopey enough
to marry a jack-legged lawyer.
And live in a dull little town where...
where riverboats shake hands.
Not favors.
Darling, we're off to Rio tonight.
A glorious trip. New faces. Excitement.
A nice long vacation and then...
Time enough to worry about them then.
Yes, baby.
What's the matter?
Where are you going?
We haven't got much time.
George can pack for us.
Darling, haven't I always taking care
of everything?
- Uh-huh.
- All right then.
Don't worry. And don't wait up.
He's a fine boy, Sabra.
Remember that.
This is sensational!
This little gadget not only
digs but deworms. Fertilizes.
And plants seeds all at the same time!
Wonderful invention.
I hate to take up your time.
But one of Cameron's henchmen Scarface
just sang out about that sewage mess.
Only 30 died of typhoid fever, remember?
But Cameron will probably worm
out of it. He always has.
I don't care if he does.
I'll print this.
Yes, sir. Sweet spirits of Rosemary!
- I'll print this!
- Oh boy!
I'm just dying to try
out this little gadget.
Well, that's 30.
Tell the new Managing Editor if anyone
asks for me I'll be in my garden.
Yeah... Yeah... holy cat!
Oh boys!
Tell our publisher to hurry
that new managing editor.
And bring me new ribbon
for my typewriter.
Six hams on rye. And a jug of coffee.
And an osteopath. Holy cats!
Would you mind letting me in on this?
Cameron just gave himself up to Pringle.
Call my wife and tell her
not to fire the gardener
I beg your pardon, Miss Sabra.
But that Mr. Hollister is here again.
I told you not to let him in.
I didn't let him in.
You'll find him on the front steps.
Are you hurt?
How dare you hit him!
Oh he didn't.
I ran against the door.
But I put the door there.
Why didn't you answer my phone calls?
I can't hear.
Then why didn't you answer my notes?
Can't read.
And my flowers?
I know. You can't smell.
Well, this makes the picture perfect.
Now you can't see.
You're still as stubborn and
ornery as our old mare.
We finally had to shoot her.
If you think I'm going anywhere
with you, you're crazy.
That's not the scenery moving.
It's us.
What's so funny?
And thinking about how a
politician can't change his spots.
Your father tells me he's going
to learn how to play poker now.
So I can out battle old Squire Cane.
Boy, that'll be a bout
Spring Valley will never forget.
Spring Valley?
I'm getting out of the
next filling station.
Well, what are you grinning about?
Well, it takes 50 muscles to frown
Only 14 to grin.
I guess I'm just plain lazy.
We're exhausted.
Dust on them for a week.
We thought you'd never come.
- Howdy!
- Howdy!
Good afternoon.