A Match Made at Christmas (2021) Movie Script

[light whimsical music]
- [Holly Voiceover]
Growing up, I was convinced
my great Aunt
Lillian was a fairy.
She had this way of just knowing
when two people
belonged together.
[crowd cheering and clapping]
To my knowledge, she's
never been wrong.
Not about Sally and
Richard Forsythe.
[crowd cheering]
Not about Dan and
Betty Clarkson.
[crowd cheering]
And definitely not wrong
about my brother Spencer.
[gentle airy music]
He fell in love with
my best friend Angela
long before she noticed him.
But Aunt Lillian has a
way of showing people
what's right in front of them.
I've always pictured
what he'll be like.
[relaxed piano music]
He'll be sensitive
and yet strong.
[flies buzzing]
Someone who knows me deeply
who I could talk to for hours.
[man snoring]
And definitely romantic.
- Ah, yes!
- Yay!
[whimsical music]
All right, now I
can stop sweating.
- [Holly Voiceover]
One day, that'll be me.
But that day hasn't come yet.
[bells chiming]
[upbeat music]
Not that I have time for
romance right now anyway.
Lights on the tree
You here with me
Mistletoe above
For the one I love
A Merry Christmas baby
I wanna hold you in my arms
I wanna make this love go on
- [Holly Voiceover] I learned
a lot about running a business
in the last five years.
[phone ringing]
- Thank you for calling
Castaway Fly Fishing.
This is Holly, how
can I help you?
- [Holly Voiceover]
Stuff I'm sure
will serve me well in life.
When I figure out
what that looks like,
I'll let you know.
I just try to find
the romantic moments
where I can while I'm
here minding the shop.
- Mom, mom, he's here!
Oh god!
Oh, I'm so glad he's home!
- [Holly Voiceover] With
my brother moving home
to get married,
he's set to start taking care
of some things around here.
Merry Christmas baby
I wanna hold you in my arms
I wanna make this love go on
- High, high.
Up, up and over, there
we go, that's it.
[Holly laughing]
Thank you.
[light whimsical music]
- [Holly Voiceover] I await
my future with bated breath
because I can feel it
just around the corner.
This Christmas is going
to be the best one yet.
[upbeat jazzy music]
[guests chattering]
- I'm so excited.
- Holly, look who's here.
- Oh, Mr. Brad, hi.
I'm so glad you could make it.
- Well one of Tom's
kids is getting married,
I wouldn't miss it.
- Aw.
- Lori was just telling me
how you're still holding
on to the old bait shop.
- Mhmm.
- And I'm so glad to hear it.
This community wouldn't
be the same without it.
- Oh, well, I do my best.
Aunt Lillian, hello.
- Don't you look darling.
- Oh, thank you.
But I'm not the
darling of the evening.
She's over here.
- You simply must have a
live band at your reception.
My niece had one for her
wedding in California
upon my advisement.
You could have your
reception in the town square.
Wouldn't that be
lovely in the spring?
- Actually, we're planning
on getting married
just before Christmas.
- This Christmas?
- Mhmm.
- But that's so soon,
only a few weeks away.
- Surely you wouldn't want
to make this wonderful couple
wait a whole year now would you?
- Aunt Lillian.
- Congratulations, darling.
You and Spencer make
a wonderful couple.
- Thank you.
- Lillian, so glad you
could make it to the party.
I suppose you have your eye
on a happy new couple tonight?
- We'll see.
- Quick, make your
escape while you can.
- Okay. [chuckling]
- Okay, what do you want to eat?
- I'm starving, everything.
Oh, is Spencer here yet?
- No.
I don't know why he
thought it was a good idea
to go to the airport himself
the night of the party.
- Well, he might not have
if he knew what you meant
by a small engagement party.
- This is small, ish.
- [Spencer] Come
on, we better hurry.
They're waiting for us.
- So I'm guessing my
presence at this party
is non-negotiable?
- How bad could it be?
Good food, good people.
Who knows, you might
actually have some fun.
You can take your camera,
get some pics of the event.
- That's just a hobby.
I thought the idea
was to clear my head
while I try to figure
everything out.
- It is, it is.
You can stay here
as long as you need.
Hey, how do I look?
- You got something
on your face.
- What, where?
- Oh wait.
I think it's your face.
- I think it's your face.
- Everyone's so excited
to celebrate with you.
- No, everyone's excited
to celebrate a wedding.
I think I might elope
just so I don't have
to plan the thing.
- And that's why you have me.
- Oh, yeah.
- Hey, hey, what are you
boys doing with that?
Hey, come back.
Peyton, Mason, come back here.
Peyton, Mason, hey,
come back here.
Boys, you can run all you want
but you have to come
down at some point!
And those flowers
better be in one piece.
- [Chris] Little
too late for that.
- Huh?
[romantic music]
Thank you.
- Hey, sis.
Sorry we're late.
This is my old college
roommate Chris.
Chris, this is my sister Holly.
- Hi.
- Where's Angela?
- Oh.
She's in there.
- Okay.
Come on, Chris.
- Nice to meet you.
[jazzy holiday music]
- [Cheryl] Finally, the two
lovebirds are getting married.
- [Holly] I know.
- I remember the
first time they met,
he was absolutely starstruck.
Almost thought he would propose
right there on the spot!
[Holly laughing]
I don't get why everything
is so complicated these days.
You like each other
and you get married.
- Well, it has only
just been a year.
- You gotta snag them while
you can, right, Holly?
I know it must be hard for
you to see your brother
and best friend move
forward without you,
but don't worry, there
will be someone for you.
I'm betting Lillian's next
pairing will happen soon.
Who knows?
This just might be
your lucky night.
- Here's hoping.
- Mhmm.
- Oh, look, it's Mrs. Randall.
- Oh, I've been trying
to catch her all night.
There's hope for
you still, dear.
Don't give up.
[lightly somber music]
- What are you looking for?
- Nothing.
It just doesn't feel
like Christmas without
snow, you know?
I don't know, I just love the
way it makes everything look.
It's like [sighing]
the whole world
is wrapped up in this
peaceful, comforting blanket.
Are you enjoying the party?
- Not exactly in a
celebratory mood.
It's a little
crowded for my taste.
- Do you usually prefer
to celebrate alone?
- Everyone has a tendency
to want to weigh in.
And sharing the latest
gossip of couples and romance
doesn't hold my interest.
- Yeah, well it can be a lot but
they do mean well.
Do you have something
against romance?
- No.
Sappy love songs, grand
romantic gestures,
adorable nicknames are all...
If you believe in
that kind of thing.
- Well, I mean, that's
not all that romance is.
- Sure.
- You know that's
awfully cynical of you
seeing that I mean, you
are at an engagement party.
- I call it like I see it.
- What a supportive friend.
- Well I'm very
happy for Spencer.
I'm glad everything worked
out for him and Angela.
They got lucky.
- Well, they did also have
some help in coming together.
- Don't tell me you actually
believe all that crap
about the old
lady's predictions.
- That old lady
happens to be my great aunt,
and she's never been wrong.
- You'd have to be
pretty desperate
to think that's the
only way to find love.
- Yeah, well, we will
just have to agree
to disagree on that, excuse me.
I have a celebration to run.
[glass clinking]
Thank you everyone so
much for coming out
and helping to celebrate two
of the most perfect people
that I know, and
their coming marriage.
Congratulations, kids.
- [All] To Angela and Spencer!
[glasses clinking]
[light whimsical music]
- You're such a good
friend to them, Holly.
But I wonder, perhaps
it's time that you
started thinking of yourself.
- [Holly Voiceover] Is this it,
the moment I've
been waiting for?
- [Holly Voiceover] Oh I
just know he'll be perfect.
- Sometimes we
focus on one thing.
And we miss what's
right in front of us.
[music swelling]
- Chris, Chris, come
on, wait a second.
It's just a small
town tradition!
- [Angela] Holly,
Holly, wait, wait.
- That had to be the
most humiliating moment
in my entire life!
I think Aunt Lillian has
actually lost her marbles!
Him, really?
He's a cynical snob with
absolutely no filter!
- Guess you and Chris didn't
exactly experience any sparks.
- I don't appreciate
random strangers
butting in my private life.
- I wouldn't think you'd
set any stock by it.
- No I don't.
But you do, and they do
which I find absolutely absurd!
- You know I'm sure Chris
is a really great guy
once you get to know him.
- I'm never speaking to
him again if I can help it.
- Come on, Holly, you
love the tradition
of pairing people together.
- Please tell me you're not
actually finding this amusing.
- Mmm. [laughing]
wait, where are you going?
- Somewhere to die
of mortification.
- [Spencer] Chris, come on.
- I'm sorry to make
you leave the party.
Can we go?
[birds chirping]
[cutlery clinking]
- You ready for today, Holly?
- Should be.
- Today is the opening day
at the Everton
Christmas Tree Farm.
You should come with us, we
could show you around the place.
- Maybe later.
- Spencer tells me
you're from Dallas.
- Originally yes, but
now I'm based in Chicago.
- Oh, do you have someone
special waiting for you there?
- [clears throat] This was
really good, mom, thank you.
We need to get going.
- Just let me finish my coffee.
- You can drink it on the way.
If I summon up
the confidence
To give romance a whirl
Then I'll break the
change in common sense
Say baby won't
you be my girl
Would you meet me
at a Friday dance
And give romance a whirl
Let's take a
chance on happiness
Baby won't you be my girl
Well I've been
waiting, anticipating
Feel my foolish
heart palpitating
Me and you, coming to
That's the reason
for celebrating
[trumpet solo]
- [Customer] Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Merry Christmas.
- Yup, Merry Christmas.
[chime tinkling]
- [Holly] [sighing] This sucks.
- Tell me how you really feel.
- I think the only
thing I've heard
more than "Are you
and Chris going out?"
Is maybe, maybe
"Merry Christmas".
- Well now you know to be
careful what you wish for.
[Holly sighing]
Oh come on, this'll all
blow over in a week or so
and no one's even gonna
remember that it happened.
- [Holly] I will.
- Well, you're just
gonna have to get over it
'cause I can't have my
maid of honor moping about.
[Holly gasping]
We have far too much
to do.
- What?!
I would be so honored!
Oh, I'm so happy.
- So I see you
finally asked her.
- Yeah.
- Oh, this is gonna be
the best Christmas ever.
- I'm glad you're
excited about it.
I thought you might be
mad about how it'd look.
- About how what would look?
- Well, with Chris being
my best man and all.
- What?
- What do you say we split
this joint and have lunch?
- You're kidding, right?
- That was a horrible way
to break the news to her.
- But we should make our
escape before she explodes.
- Spencer Alan Everton!
It's cold enough to snow.
- Oh, it definitely is.
Oh mama, another
successful opening day.
We had over 80 trees sold.
- That's wonderful.
Just put that here, Chris.
Thank you, dear.
- Wow, what are we having?
- Soup, and Chris
helped with everything.
He is great in the kitchen.
- [Angela] Really?
- [Mom] Mhmm.
[Holly sighing]
- So, not only is Chris staying
with us until the wedding.
Spencer's also asked
him to be the best man.
Maybe next we could
just adopt him.
- I could see why things
are awkward between you two.
- No, awkward?
- But you could be more polite.
- Yeah well I'll
start when he does.
- Chris is a lovely young man
which you might learn if
you let go of your contempt
long enough to actually
get to know him.
He's had some bad
luck in life recently.
And Spencer invited
him here to get away
for a little while.
Maybe you could show some
respect for your brother
trying to help out a friend?
[cutlery clinking]
Thank you.
So Chris, I hear you're
looking for a new job?
- Yes.
I'm hoping to have one
squared away by Christmas.
- Well what kind of job
are you looking for?
- My degree is in Marketing
and Statistical Analysis so
something along those lines.
- Wow, sounds like
a profitable career.
- What happened to your old job?
- I got fired.
- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah, and totally
unfairly too.
Chris has never put
a toe out of line.
He's a great standup guy.
Don't you think so, Holly?
- I'm sure he is,
though I wouldn't know.
- Spencer says you're leaving
right after the wedding.
Are you going home to
Dallas for Christmas?
- Actually, back to Chicago.
- Oh, so your
family comes there?
- I'm not really close
with any of my family.
Usually work through
most of Christmas anyway.
Oh, I don't mind.
I'm not a huge fan
of the holidays.
- How could anyone
not like Christmas?
- This coming from the
queen of Christmas.
Even Holly has to admit she
has a tendency to go overboard.
- You have no room to comment,
as your fiancee, after all
wants a Christmas wedding.
- That's true.
[Mom chuckling]
- I mean come on, it's
the time to celebrate
the best things in life.
Food, friends, family.
- Love.
- What could there
possible be not to like?
- I just find the whole
thing overly commercialized.
I mean the competitive
market has ruined
what I'm sure started out as
a small heartfelt celebration.
But now it's all boxed
gingerbread sets,
and catchy jingles full
of fake platitudes.
- [scoffing] Well no wonder
you hate the holiday.
You have missed
the point entirely.
- I speak from experience.
- Sounds like you need to
get some new experiences.
So let me get this straight.
You think that Christmas
is just a big fake
and all of us that
love it are what?
Suckers with loose wallets?
- It's the oldest marketing
trick in the book.
You tag an emotional
response to a product,
you are 10 times more
likely to sell it.
- When you analyze and
ascribe dark motives
to an innocent holiday,
you are 10 times more
likely to hate it.
- Well I prefer to
keep my eyes wide open.
- Then surely you can see
all the joy and happiness
that Christmas brings people.
- Appears to bring.
Let's not forget all
the stress and debt
that come along with it.
Some people are so
desperate to fit themselves
in the little box
society's made for them,
they'd do anything.
- Well, some people are
so desperate to be unique
and aloof that, well,
they become arrogant jerks.
- I think what Holly
is trying to say is
we hope you can at least enjoy
your time while you're here.
Christmas is a really special
time for all of us so...
- Yeah, perhaps Holly might
be able to change your mind.
- It's okay.
I'll do just fine
without any help.
- [laughing] Clearly.
- If you'll excuse me, I
think I'll head to bed.
Thanks for dinner.
- Of course.
[kooky music]
- Can I have the butter please?
[whimsical music]
- [Angela] Are you sure
this is gonna work?
- Don't worry about it.
A little cut here,
a little trim there,
and your mom's dress is
going to be brand new.
- If you say so.
- [Holly] Trust me, okay?
- Did you see the
dress I sent you?
- [Holly] Yes.
Oh, it's so pretty.
- [Angela] Mhmm.
- But ooh, that price tag.
- I know, but,
when I tried it on
it was just perfect.
You know?
And they even had it in my size.
No alterations needed.
- It's like a thousand
dollars over budget, Ange.
- Well.
Is there something that
we could cut back on?
- I mean I can try but I
was really hard pressed
to get the budget where it is.
I'm sorry.
But I mean, you know,
this can be romantic too,
getting married in your
mom's wedding dress?
[light music]
- Yeah, I guess you're right.
It's wonderful!
- I know it's a
little unconventional
but you said you wanted
small and intimate,
I promise this is perfect.
- This is beautiful.
Sorry about all
the teasing lately.
- I'm so glad that somebody
finds it all entertaining.
- It was a good
chance for payback.
- Spence, you and Angela
actually liked each other.
This is not like that at all.
- I know.
I promise to zip from now on.
Besides, I don't think I'm the
one you need to worry about.
- [Holly] Hi, Cheryl.
- [Cheryl] You can put
your coats right here.
- Perfect.
- Please, make
yourselves at home.
Ooh, I forgot to warn you.
Our book club always meets
here on Monday mornings.
But I figured you
could just ignore us.
You said you wanted to
see the living room?
- [Holly] Yes, yes please.
- Well, here we are.
I've certainly never
heard of hosting a wedding
in a living room, but you know,
whatever the young folks
thinks is trendy these days.
- So what I'm thinking is
a winter wonderland theme.
We can do all white
with just like
a splash of red, green.
- I've got to get
back to my meeting.
Stay as long as you like.
- Thank you so much, Cheryl.
[light music]
And also we can
have marching one,
and we'll have the
aisle go this way.
- Holly is such a
smart, capable girl,
don't you think?
- And line the chairs.
And then we can have...
- [Cheryl] You
haven't had a chance
to meet my friends
yet, have you?
- No?
- Ladies, meet Chris.
- Oh, hi, Chris.
- Hi, Chris.
[light kooky music]
- We were just talking
about what a wonderful job
Holly is doing with
planning the wedding.
- Oh, that's right, just like
what Cheryl was saying before,
she's such a strong
capable person.
- And so pretty too.
- Hey Cheryl, we
just had a quick-
- So supportive, taking care
of her mom all these years.
- Oh, she'd be willing to
take care of the whole town.
- Don't you think that's an
admirable trait in a woman?
- She's been unlucky
in love though.
- [Cheryl] It's sad to see.
All Holly's ever wanted
is to be married.
- Um.
Spencer needs you.
It's a best man emergency.
[light kooky music]
- Wait, aren't you
gonna take your book?
- Oh, look, you're
under the mistletoe!
- Well what are you waiting for?
Give her a kiss!
- Just give me a peck
on the cheek, it's fine.
- No.
- They're not gonna
let it go until you do.
- I'm not going along with this.
- You are going to
make it worse, please.
- I'm not gonna kiss you!
[Holly sighing]
[somber music]
- [Chris] Good afternoon.
- Could you just not right now?
I'm not really interested
in any further humiliation.
Thank you.
What, got nothing
to say for yourself?
Gee, Holly.
I'm so sorry for embarrassing
you in front of everyone!
- You embarrassed yourself.
- Yeah well since
we are both stuck
in this ridiculous
predicament together,
I thought I might just
have your support.
- Why are you going
along with this?
- Because rumors will spread
regardless of what we do!
But if you make a
big deal out of it,
it just makes things worse!
- Rumors spread because
you won't correct them.
You have a voice and a say.
- Yeah well unlike some people
I don't really wanna be a jerk.
- They're the ones
acting like jerks.
And you're welcome, by the way
for standing up to them.
- It's not like I actually
wanted to kiss you either.
No offense.
- None taken.
- And I'm sorry that
everyone's put you
in this ridiculous predicament.
- I'm sorry that it was
embarrassing for you.
- From now on, I say
that we just ignore it.
We are here for
Spencer and Angela.
- Right.
Spencer and Angela.
- Right.
[lighthearted music]
Well, yes, yes, Mr. Hanson.
Your license should remain valid
through the end of the year.
You can bring it in
and I can look at it
but I'm sure you're covered.
See you soon.
Some good memories, huh?
- Some of the best.
So I have something that I
need to talk to you about.
- You wanna give up dad's
store to paint houses?
- No, I wouldn't do it.
I'd hire people to do it.
I run the company,
they do the painting.
This is a very
successful franchise
and since I have an in,
I don't know why I
shouldn't go for it.
I know we all imagined I would
want to take over the shop
when I graduated, but
with dad gone, I
can't help but feel
that there's nothing
for me there.
- [Lori] Spencer, starting
your own business,
that's a lot of work
and uncertainty.
- [Spencer] I know it's
not my area of interest but
that's not the point.
The point is to get experience
with building a business.
Once this one is
safe and running
maybe I can move on
to bigger franchises.
[light somber music]
- I don't know.
[Spencer laughing]
- That's like me.
[Lori] It might be her.
- No.
[Angela] There's someone walking
around town with my face.
- [Spencer] I've seen her.
- I thought I should travel.
- [Angela] Travel?
- [Lori] Are you talking
about your college trip?
- Yes, I,
could go away for a little
bit after the holidays.
Breathe some new air,
get a fresh perspective,
go away for a couple weeks
and come back ready to
dive into things around here.
- Sounds like fun.
- Yeah, you should do it.
- Mhmm.
[Angela chuckling]
- [Lori] Gosh, yeah,
sounds like a great idea.
She's got it all planned out.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- [sighing]
Traveling's expensive.
- [chuckling] Well,
you could wait a year,
save up some money.
- No, I don't want
to wait another year.
- Maybe Chris can help you.
- You sure you don't want
me to go with you, mom?
- [Lori] I'll be fine.
- [Chris] Help you with what?
- Oh, my trip.
I stayed up last night
working on the budget and
I'm not really anywhere close.
I mean I do have
some savings, but,
currently the tree farm
is like my main source
of extra income so
if I could increase
sales, I mean,
it might just be enough.
- Sounds like you need a
new marketing strategy.
- Or just one in general.
- Do you have a website?
- Mhmm.
You wanna take a look at it?
- Sure.
[keyboard clacking]
- [Holly] What's wrong with it?
- There's hardly any
information on it.
Too few pictures, color scheme?
- Well what would you
do to make it better?
- Well we could start by
putting some new photos up.
- What's wrong
with these photos?
- People connect to visuals.
These ones, they're flat.
Barely any depth of field
or interesting angles.
- You think you
could do any better?
- I know I could do better.
[light guitar music]
[camera clicking]
- Hey, did you get
some of the shop?
- Yep.
- Ooh, and the sleigh?
- Got that too.
- You wanna try over to
the left just a little bit?
- You want to take the photos?
- Just wanna make sure
we got everything, sorry.
[gasping] Wow.
- Happy?
- Yeah, those are
actually really good.
- Well, aren't you
two just the cutest!
- Hi, Miss Maggie.
- [Maggie] Hi.
- Did you come to get
your Christmas tree?
- Oh, I already have my tag
but I just wanted to say how
wonderful it is to see you here
after that little
misunderstanding last week.
I really didn't mean to make
things so difficult for you.
- Oh, well, I wouldn't say-
- But I see you're
taking pictures.
Would you like me to take
one of the two of you?
- No, thank you, Ms. Maggie.
Chris is actually
just helping me
with some marketing stuff.
So we're not together.
- [Maggie] Oh.
- Yeah.
Just working partners.
- Mhmm.
- Right.
Okay, well.
Well, have a nice day.
[light kooky music]
- That hurt coming
out didn't it?
- No need to get smug
about it. [sighing]
I mean, I like 'em, I just
feel that they're, [sighing]
they're not really
put together enough.
- Well, that's because
they're candids.
If you want more
control over everything,
you're gonna have to start
telling all these people
what to do.
- Hmm.
Do some posing, huh?
[light guitar music]
[camera clicking]
Did you get it?
Let me see, let me see.
Why do I look so awkward?
- It's because we're not
shooting a fragrance commercial.
Just walk down the path.
- [Holly] Walk how?
- I don't know, just act like
you're shopping for a tree.
- No, really?
Why else would I be on
a Christmas tree farm?
So right here?
- Right there.
[camera clicking]
- [laughing] This is so awkward.
- [Chris] Hey, that
laughing looks good.
- Yeah?
- Do it some more.
[Holly laughing]
Yeah, that's it.
[camera clicking]
- Hey, can I see the
photos really quick?
- Here you go.
Hey, Holly, give
me my camera back.
- Smile!
- Okay, okay, yeah, that's good,
- Just a little fun, come on.
[camera clicking]
No, you could delete
that, I look so stupid.
I don't know, I don't
like that one at all.
That one's fine.
You're here early.
I thought we weren't
starting till seven.
Is it already seven?
- Oh!
Right, invitations.
- You forgot?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's just, we got short
staffed at the restaurant
and then you know, Spence
and I still haven't found
a new place, and I just-
- Okay, well, it's fine.
You're here now, so let me
just finish this really quick
and then we can
start on it, okay?
- Hey babe.
- Hi.
Hey, Holly?
I really don't think
I can do them tonight.
I just, I need a
break from everything.
- But guys, they have
to be done tonight.
They have to be in
the mail tomorrow.
- No, uh-uh.
Tonight's my night with my girl.
We're gonna relax and destress.
- I'll do them first thing
in the morning, I promise.
- What?
- I didn't say anything.
Where do you plan on going?
- Huh?
- When you travel,
where are you going?
- I'm gonna go to east coast.
I'll see the Atlantic,
Washington DC,
and then maybe
someday after that
I'll get over to
Europe, you know.
Just do the obvious ones,
just to say that I've done it.
- And then what about when
you get tired of traveling?
- [Holly] Who says
I'll get tired of it?
- I can't imagine you'd want
to leave your home forever.
- No, I guess I do
have a life here.
Just waiting for me.
[Angela and Spencer
chatting indistinctly]
- So what do you think about
Spencer's new business venture?
- I hope he's really successful.
I told him that.
- But it's not what you feel?
- It's not that.
I thought we had a plan.
He was supposed to go to
school and then come back
and take over dad's shop.
- And now it's all
left on your hands.
- Yeah, it's okay though
because it's my dad's, you know?
He build it from
the ground up and so
I am happy to keep it going.
- You know, maybe if you
say that enough times
you'll actually
start to believe it.
- What am I supposed to say?
I mean Spencer's so excited
about his new business
and all that.
I just can't rain on his parade.
- Look, maybe it's
none of my business but
you cannot put your life
on hold for other people.
- But they're my family.
- You're not doing
anyone any favors
by pretending you don't
feel the way that you do.
You should be honest with them.
- Yeah but I couldn't
disappoint them like that.
No, I mean if this
is the best way
that I can support
my family then
it's just what I have to do.
- Well, shouldn't
they support you too?
What's the worst
that can happen?
- Spencer would let
his new business die
to take care of dad's shop?
And he doesn't wanna do that.
And then I would have to live
with that on my conscience
for the rest of my life.
- If you do nothing,
nothing will change.
Are you really prepared to
spend the rest of your life
in that shop?
- So I'm just supposed
to drop everything?
Why didn't you say
something before?
- I wanted to.
You made it very clear
what you wanted, Spence.
I didn't wanna go against that.
- But you are now.
- I don't know what
the solution is.
All I know is that I have run
the shop for a very long time
and it's not what I want.
- And it's not what I want.
And I feel horrible
for saying it.
- Your dad would
have understood.
- So what do we do now?
- Maybe I could do
both for a time.
And maybe we could hire
someone to run things.
- We can't afford to
bring somebody else on.
Honestly, I do a lot more work
than I get paid for as it is.
- I think it's time to take
the next step in moving on.
I think we should sell.
Your dad's friend Brad
was just asking about it.
[sentimental music]
- Mom, it's dad's.
We can't sell.
- Mom, you'd be okay with that?
- Your dad loved that store.
But you were what
mattered most to him.
I am completely sure he
would have wanted you
to follow your own dreams.
[Lori] I swear you already
tested that strand.
I see everything
on the last string.
So nice.
- What, um?
I can just put this here.
- Okay.
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
- Someone named Spencer.
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
And a happy new year
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
[wall knocking]
- [Holly] Hey.
- Hey.
- You wanna come join us?
[Indistinct chatting
and laughing]
[light music]
Good tidings we bring
To you and your kin
Good tidings of Christmas
And a happy
New year
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
And a happy new year
Happy new year
[chill jazzy holiday music]
- [Chris] Merry Christmas.
- That hurt coming out
a little bit, didn't it?
- A little bit.
[Holly laughing]
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- [Angela] You are
such a good dancer.
[family laughing and chattering]
[energetic holiday music]
- All right.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- Have a good one.
- You too, bye.
- See ya.
Hey man, how you doing?
- [Man] Good.
- It's been a while.
- I know.
- I just don't wanna
spend the whole summer.
- Yeah, yeah, that's how it is.
[kooky music]
- Who are we spying on?
- Gosh, you scared
me, come here.
Come here, come here, go.
- [Chris] What are you doing?
Potential new boyfriend?
- What? No!
- Oh, old boyfriend.
- Not entirely that either.
We were never official.
We just like went
on a couple dates.
- What's wrong?
Your aunt didn't pair
you two together?
- [laughing] So funny.
- [Chris] So?
- You're not gonna
let this go, are you?
- If you prefer, I
could go ask him.
- No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
It's not that interesting
of a story, promise.
He's a great guy and all,
we just had different goals
when it came to relationships.
He wanted somebody
fun to hang out with
and I wasn't going
to commit to someone
who I didn't see
getting serious with, so
when I called things off
he didn't take it so well.
Said that I didn't give us
a chance to get serious.
- Well, you only went
on a couple of dates.
- Yeah, but shouldn't it
only take a couple of dates
before you know it's somebody
you could get
serious with or not?
[laughing] I don't know
why I'm talking to you
about this, I'm sorry.
- No, no, I get it.
I do.
Why keep up the pretense
of a relationship
when you know it
can't go anywhere?
It's not fair to anyone
in that scenario.
- Sounds like some
sore history there.
- There's someone I thought
I was serious about but
didn't work out.
- What happened?
No, no, no, no, no.
I told you my story, you
have to tell me yours.
- All right, fine.
We met in college and
I followed her to Chicago.
Things were going great.
I was building a career.
One day, about five months
ago she just up and left.
Turns out she never was that
serious about the relationship.
- And then on top of
it, you got fired?
- Which has me
questioning where I am now
and how I got here.
[somber guitar music]
- Wanna help me make
a million cookies?
[jazzy holiday music]
So this is a tradition
that Angela and I started
a couple of years
ago. [laughing]
- I don't think I've done this
since I was about
seven years old.
- [Holly] What, done something
to actually celebrate Christmas?
- Christmas is always a huge
blowout in our house actually.
My mom liked to try to
make the holidays special.
There's not much frosting
and wrapping paper can do
to hold a broken
family together.
So what about you?
- [Holly] Hmm?
- [Chris] Why is Christmas
so special for you?
- It brings back good
memories of my dad.
He loved, like loved Christmas.
He's always trying to make
it special for everyone.
It's one of the main
reasons he started
a Christmas tree farm.
- How old were you when he died?
- 19.
I was packing my bags
for my college trip
when I got the call.
- You went to college?
- Well I was supposed to,
but mom also got really
hurt in the wreck.
And Spencer was you know,
halfway through
with his degree and
someone had to be here
to take care of her.
- You've given a lot
up for your family.
- It's what they needed.
What about you?
What did you go to school for?
- Business and marketing.
- Oh, I knew that.
- Well.
Actually, I first
started with photography.
- Okay, that makes sense.
Were you like,
going to freelance?
- Well,
The more I studied,
the clearer it became how
impractical it would be
to make a life out
of being freelance.
Unpredictable hours and pay,
always having to promote and
market your own business.
When weighing the
risk and consequences,
it made sense to make a career
out of something more stable.
- Seems like a shame.
- Why is that?
I have a steady
life, steady income.
Or had.
- Well, because you're
actually pretty good at this.
And you seem to
really enjoy it, yeah?
- Just a hobby now.
- What if it wasn't?
I mean, you just happen to
be out of a job currently.
Wouldn't now be like
the perfect time
to revive an old dream,
travel the world?
Photographer, freelancer
- Hey, traveling is your thing.
- Why not give
freelancing a try?
Think about it, no boss.
You have flexible hours.
It's just you, you can
do whatever you want.
- I like stability.
- Mmm, right.
I forgot how boring you are.
[Chris laughing]
[camera clicking]
- [Chris] What are you doing?
- Proof.
That Christopher
actually did something
to have fun at Christmas.
- Hey, give it here.
- [Holly] Uh-uh, nope
nope nope nope, no.
- [Chris] Holly.
- Not on your life.
- [gasping] You did not!
Okay, you're right.
This is your camera.
I should not be messing with it.
Two can play this game.
[fun lighthearted music]
No, no!
[Chris laughing]
No, no, no, no, no!
[Chris laughing]
I'm sorry.
[romantic music]
- [Angela] All right,
who's ready to make coo...
What's going on?
- He started it.
- We should go...
- Clean up, yeah
that's a great idea.
- Right.
[kooky music]
- Mmm, Holly.
These cookies you and
Chris made are delicious.
What is your secret ingredient?
Is it true love?
I guess Aunt Lillian
was right all along.
- It's not...
[sighing] Nothing has changed.
- I don't get it.
What is the big deal?
You like him, he likes you.
- No, no, no, no.
I have it all planned out.
I have to finish planning
the perfect wedding for you.
You're off on your
romantic honeymoon,
I'm off to the east
coast for three weeks
and he is back off to the city
never to be seen again.
- Or, you could see him again.
- Nothing's changed.
He's still cynical and brooding
and he hates Christmas!
What more of a sign do I need?
- Methinks the lady doth
protest a little too much.
- I'm not protesting.
I am laying out a
logical, rational-
- Mmm, you still have
frosting in your hair.
- Where?
[kooky music]
I'm just laying out an argument
as to why this would never work.
- Holly.
You have a man of the tall,
dark and handsome variety
who might be falling for you
who Aunt Lillian
matched you with.
Now can you explain to me
which part of this scenario
doesn't line up with
what you always wanted?
I don't get why this is always
such a big thing for you.
- What do you mean always?
- This always happens.
You start dating a guy
and then you backpedal
because you're worried
that things aren't
going to work out perfectly.
I've just never seen you do it
before you've actually
gone on a date.
- So what, I'm just supposed
to chase Chris into the sunset
and start our lives together?
We just met.
- You don't have to make a
decision this very minute.
Just get to know him
and see where it
goes from there.
[light music]
- Seating, flowers, rings.
Bachelorette party.
[bell ringing]
- Hey.
Just thought I'd come by and
see how things are going.
Where's Angela?
- She bailed on me, again.
- Anything I can do to help?
[kooky music]
Thank you.
- [Customer] Thank you.
- Have a Merry Christmas.
- [Customer] You too.
[chime tinkling]
- Our evil plan is working.
We're definitely
drawing new customers.
- You gonna be able
to meet your goal?
- Mhmm, just barely.
Woo, New York, here I come!
Well, eventually.
If I can ever get this
bachelorette party scheduled
and figured out.
I need opinions since
Angela's not here.
- Not sure I'm the
ideal candidate.
- She says that we don't
have to do anything big.
She'd like to just relax.
We can save ourselves
any expense.
- But?
- This is just a once
in a lifetime event
and it just feels
wrong to rob her
of not celebrating it properly.
- Sometimes,
less is more.
- [chuckling] Less is less.
I, Holly Everton, can do more.
[gentle music]
- That could be your slogan.
- What's that mean?
- Seems like every
time I turn around
you've undertaken a new
task for someone else.
You ever think you
might be doing too much?
- Nope.
I'm happiest when
I have a lot to do.
And especially when it's helping
people that I care about.
- And that's why you do it?
- Of course.
- I think,
you need it.
You like being in the
middle of everything
and being needed by everyone.
- I like helping people,
making life easier for them.
Is there something
terribly wrong about that?
- No.
Just as long as it's
what you actually want.
- [Holly] I love
Christmas, okay?
- [Chris] Okay.
I kind of already knew that.
Just a little bit.
[Chris laughing]
- You knew that?
- You'll forgive
me if I don't offer
to help with the crafting.
- Oh, come on now.
You can't be that bad at it.
- How many do you
have to do tonight?
- All of them.
Sure you don't wanna help?
- Hey.
[gentle music]
[phone buzzing]
- Everything okay with your mom?
- She's,
upset I didn't answer her call.
Wants to know when I'll
be coming for Christmas.
- And that's a problem because?
- Because I won't be
coming for Christmas.
I haven't been home for
Christmas in seven years.
She insists I go into this
little ritual every year and
I'm not playing her game.
- It just seems a little
bit harsh, don't you think?
- Yeah, well.
I'm not going through another
round of guilt tripping.
As if having me there
would change anything.
- I'm sure that's
not the case, Chris.
She obviously misses you.
Maybe you if you just
give it a chance, things-
- Look, Holly.
My family's not
like yours, okay?
It's messed up.
My mom deals with it
by pretending like
nothing's ever wrong
and we could just
sit down at dinner
like one big old happy family.
- And the way you seem
to be dealing with it
is pretending that
they don't exist.
- This isn't something
that needs to be fixed.
I had a good reason for
walking away from them.
You don't get it.
You have everything
here with your family.
- No, you're right.
You're right, and
I can't imagine
what that must be like.
Don't you see,
before you know it
seven years is gonna
turn into 20 and
then it's gonna be too
late to make things right?
- I'm not the one who
needs to make it right.
- Well if you do nothing,
nothing will ever change.
Hey, I'm not saying that you
need to go home for Christmas
or that you should even call.
Maybe you just start
with a text or something.
If she does ever
decide that she wants
to make things right with you,
don't you want her to know
that the door's at least open?
[door clacking]
[light pensive music]
[Holly sighing]
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Coffee?
- Thank you.
And thank you for
doing all this.
- I wanted to say thank you
for your advice last night.
I thought about
what you said and...
- You texted her?
- It's a start.
It feels good.
- I'm glad, but you
definitely did not
have to do all of this.
- Well, I-
- But,
thank you.
- You're welcome.
[gentle music]
If you did wanna repay me,
I will let you take
me out to dinner.
- Oh.
It doesn't seem
very gentlemanly.
- Right, right.
Well then, I guess you have
to let me take you out then.
- I will check my schedule.
[phone ringing]
- This is Chris.
That might be something
I'd be interested in.
[chime ringing]
- Wow, congrats, man.
That's good news.
You're getting your job back?
- I thought they made a
mistake at first, but no, man.
They even apologized
for firing me.
- They realized they were
desperate without you.
Is this one ready
to go out, Holly?
- No, no, I have a system.
[phone ringing]
Holly Everton.
If you're looking for a
wedding planner, press one.
If you're looking for a
Christmas tree, press two.
- [Angela] Hahaha.
You left a message.
- Yes, it is four days
until your wedding
so I'm gonna need
you to pick out a day
for your bachelorette party.
Please and thank you.
[Angela] Ugh.
[Spencer] So, when do you start?
- Honestly, I haven't decided
if I even want to go back.
- Oh, what else would you do?
- I don't know.
I just don't wanna get stuck
in the same place I was.
- [Angela] Can we just
do it like the night
before the wedding, Holly?
- Right.
Yeah, yeah, that works.
- [Angela] Great.
Right, gotta go, bye.
- Okay, bye.
Oh, shoot!
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, totally fine.
I'll make it work,
I'll make it work.
Okay, these have to go in here.
- Want a what for the
bachelorette party?
Is that what Angela wants?
- Mom, Angela doesn't
know what she wants.
She's left it all up to me.
And this is her last night
as an unmarried woman
so it deserves to be
adequately celebrated,
don't you think?
- [Lori] It just
doesn't seem like her.
- Well I'll do something
with just me and her
after the party.
I just can't wait to
see the look on her face
'cause she is not gonna
see this coming at all.
[whimsical holiday music]
[upbeat music]
- So what are we doing here?
- [Everyone] Surprise!
- Ladies, we have the
bride in the house!
[ladies cheering]
You look so good.
Are you surprised?
- Yes I am.
- Come on, come on, come on!
Oh here's Rachel!
Angela, you remember Rachel.
- Yeah, from high school!
- Yeah.
- Congratulations!
Oh my gosh, I'm so excited
for the party tonight.
Like I love to party.
- I've gotta go
check on the food.
- [Rachel] Okay.
So how are you feeling,
like for tomorrow?
- [Chris] Holly?
[music swelling]
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hope I didn't keep you waiting.
- No, no.
You look so nice.
- Well.
I believe that
should be my line.
[Holly giggling]
Proof that I can in
fact be romantic.
[light jazzy holiday music]
Wedding prep seems
to be going well.
It looks great.
- Aw, thank you.
- Are you happy with it?
- You know, I am.
I was a little nervous
there for a bit.
I wasn't sure if I
was gonna be able
to put everything together but,
it turns out I kind of have
a knack for it. [chuckling]
- You know, perhaps it's
something you should do more of.
Event planning in general.
You could start your
own business, freelance.
[both laughing]
- That's a thought.
Excuse me, I need to run to
the ladies room really quickly.
Jordan, I'm so glad
you can make it!
- Hi.
- Excuse me.
- [Bartender] What
can I get you ladies?
- Who are these people?
- Come on, I mean it's a party.
Just order a drink,
order a drink.
Food's gonna be here any minute.
Oh, they're here, perfect.
- Vodka soda please.
- You guys, we should totally
do shots tonight! [laughing]
- She does like to party.
Where were we?
[dance music]
Say who's ready to be
a bride? [laughing]
Oh, cute.
Okay, I gotta pee.
- [Waiter] Would you like
to start with drinks?
Or appetizers?
- Yeah, that would be great.
[Holly laughing]
Look, this rose is gonna die.
I am gonna see if I
can get some water.
I will be right back.
[Holly laughing]
[guests chattering]
- Do you need to leave?
You seem a little
distracted tonight.
- No, no, not at all.
I want to be here.
With you.
Ladies, to Angela.
May your marriage be
blessed and your lives
be filled with love.
- [Everyone] Cheers!
[crowd chattering]
- Sorry.
I got a call from the caterer.
Just had to deal with
that for a second.
- Angela.
What's going on?
- What do you mean?
- Let's go get dessert,
that's something-
- I mean with you, Holly.
Where have you been all night?
- Right here. [chuckling]
- And what is up with
this party anyways?
I thought we were gonna
have a quiet night.
- I thought this would
be so much more fun.
Come on, come on,
let's just go back.
- No, what is going on?
What are you doing?
I'm gonna go.
- Angela.
Angela, you can't
leave your own party.
Please, Angela.
- I was really looking
forward to having a good time
with you tonight, Holly.
I guess you had
other places to be.
- Chris, Chris, wait, please.
- I don't even know what to say.
- Yeah, that didn't
look good in there.
But if you could
just let me explain-
- Did you really think
I wouldn't notice I was
only getting half a date?
And never mind me.
How could you do that to Angela?
- Well, there wasn't
another night.
You're leaving soon, and,
I wasn't gonna let it slip by
without at least trying
to make something happen.
I mean if you do nothing,
nothing will ever change.
- Don't throw my
words back at me.
- I thought some time
together would be better
than none at all.
- Yeah.
It's really not.
Not like this.
- Wait, Chris,
please, please wait.
I really did wanna see you.
I have something that
I wanted to give you.
That is the number
and address for
one of Chicago's
biggest magazines.
It's a long story
but I know someone
who knows someone who
works there and...
Well she talked to her boss and
I got you an interview.
- An interview?
- Yeah.
To be one of the photographers.
Isn't that perfect?
You could get into photography
without having to
go into freelance.
And the best part is that he
can meet with you next week.
I got you in right before
the Christmas break so
it's all scheduled
and everything.
You just have to show up.
[somber music]
- What is this?
- I wanted to help
you move forward.
- What makes you think
I need your help?
- You don't have to go.
I was just trying
to give you options.
- Oh.
So this is supposed
to be for me?
- What's that supposed to mean?
I was trying to be helpful.
- No.
You were trying to make
me your perfect dream guy.
I'm not gonna pretend
to be someone I'm not
just for you.
- You just seemed
miserable at your other job
and I didn't want you to have
to go back to that, sorry.
- 'Cause you know
what's best for me?
'Cause that's the only
way you'd fit in my life,
when I need you
to fix it for me.
- You're wrong, you know.
You were heartbroken and
miserable when I met you
but heaven forbid anyone
actually try to help you.
No, you have to do all
of it on your own, right?
- Your help looks an awful
lot like desperation.
Stop meddling in
other people's lives
and why don't you try
finally living your own?
[Holly sighing]
[door knocking]
- Angela?
Can you open the door please?
Listen, I'm really, really
sorry about the party.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I just, I had a bunch of other
things planned for the night
like just the two of us.
I was thinking
maybe we could just
forget about what
happened and we could-
- Why don't we do that?
Let's just forget
the whole thing.
It wasn't anything
important anyway.
I mean it wasn't the
night before your wedding.
- Please, just tell me how
I can make it up to you.
[Angela sighing]
- You could have just told me.
Instead, you went behind my back
and planned that whole
charade of a party?
Because I thought I
had been pretty clear
about what I wanted.
You know, part of me
isn't even surprised.
- What's that mean?
- You were always gonna do
whatever you wanted to do.
- That's not fair.
I've done absolutely everything
to make this wedding
perfect for you!
- I don't care about
it being perfect!
Or how many tiers
my wedding cake has
or whether my shoes
match my earrings
or whether the venue has
blue Christmas lights
or white Christmas lights.
But I have to care,
because you care.
- That's what being
a bride is, Angela.
- No, that is what your dream
of being a bride is like.
Because let's face it,
that's what this is all
really about, isn't it?
You don't have your
guy and your wedding
but you can pretend
through mine.
- It's not true, you know.
Ange, you know
that I love you and
I just want to help.
- You don't just help.
You take over.
And you steamroll
over everyone else
because you always think
you know what's best.
When was the last time
you asked me what I wanted
and actually listened? [sobbing]
I hate this dress. [sobbing]
I hate it.
But I am gonna wear it tomorrow.
Because that was the plan.
And we can't go messing
up Holly's grand plan.
- Why didn't you say anything?
Why even ask me
to be your planner
if that's the way that you felt?
- Honestly?
Because I knew how hurt
you would be if I didn't.
- I just wanted to make
it special for you.
[somber music]
- Yeah.
Well, I'm still waiting
to feel that way.
Now if you'll excuse me I
have a lot of packing to do.
- [sobbing] Mom.
Angela was right.
I am jealous.
She's getting everything
while I'm just here stuck.
I mean I'm 24 and what have
I done with my life, nothing.
- You put your life
on hold for me.
You sacrificed so much
for me when I needed you.
I'm okay now.
I have no doubt
that you will find
what you're meant to do
and who you're meant to be with.
- Can't I just stay right here?
- [chuckling] Home will
always be here for you.
I will always be here for you.
But there is a
beautiful, wonderful
life out there for you.
- [Holly] Hey.
- Hey.
- First of all I just
wanted to say thank you.
For being honest
with me last night.
I really needed to hear that.
And I wanted to
say that I'm sorry
for steamrolling you,
for not considering you,
for being jealous of you.
I ruined what should have
been a really, really special
memory for you and I'm so sorry.
Can you forgive me?
- I forgive you.
And I still want you
with me here today.
Is that breakfast?
- Yes.
[both chuckling]
I also got you a
little wedding present
but I need you to
close your eyes, okay?
[light music]
Okay, open.
- Oh!
[airy music]
- You deserve to
walk down the aisle
in what you actually wanted.
- How?
- Oh, I checked with
the shop this morning
and they still had
the one you tried on
so I bought it.
- But Holly, this
was so expensive,
how could you even afford this?
- Oh, I used the travel fund.
- Oh, no no no no no no.
- I don't need it.
I don't.
Honestly, traveling
was just a way for me
to run from what I didn't
wanna face anyways.
Besides, I can travel anytime.
But you only get to
marry my brother once.
- [Angela] Thank you.
- I love you.
- [Angela] I love you.
- Really I'm sorry
for everything.
We gotta pull it together.
And we have a very
strict schedule to keep.
- Okay.
- If we're gonna get
you to a wedding.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Okay.
[bright music]
[door knocking]
- Hey, I brought the rings.
- Thanks.
- [sighing] Okay,
don't think about it.
Just do it, just do it.
[door knocking]
- Is there something else?
- Yeah.
We left things in a really
bad place last night
and I really want to apologize
and explain everything
but you know, it's a wedding
and it's kind of crazy
and so just for today,
can we put it behind us?
For Angela and Spencer and
then tomorrow can we talk?
What time do you have to
leave for the airport?
- I got my flight
moved up to tonight, so
I'll be leaving as soon
as the wedding is over.
- Really?
- Figure it's best if
I didn't stick around.
- Oh, okay.
[door knocking]
- Holly.
- I'm sorry.
But I have some things
I have to say to you.
And if this is my only chance...
Look, I'm really, really
sorry about last night.
It was presumptuous of me to
force that interview on you
and I had absolutely no right
to butt into your
life like that.
But well I had
a very long night to think
about everything that you said.
And you were right.
About everything,
especially about me.
It's like you said, I
should just be honest
with how I feel.
And I like you.
Chris, I like you a lot.
And I'm so ready to just,
to stop trying to
control everything and
just see where this goes?
- I think we've seen that that's
not a good idea.
[somber music]
- Well, at least I tried.
- See you at the wedding.
- Bye, Chris.
[light piano music]
I used to think I
wanted to be famous
I'll be recognized
out in a crowd
But the funny thing is anytime
I've gotten what I want
It lets me down
But now I just
wanna look more
Like love
I just wanna look
more like love
This whole world
is spinning crazy
And I can't quite keep up
It's the one thing around
here that we don't have
Quite enough of
So I just wanna
look a little more
Like love
I used to think I
need all the answers
I used to need to
know that I was right
I used to be afraid of
things I couldn't cover up
In black and white
But now I just wanna
look more like love
I just wanna look
more like love
This whole world
is spinning crazy
I can't quite keep up
It's the one thing around
here that we don't have
Quite enough of
So I just wanna
look a little more
Like love
And the more of
anything I do
The thing that
always ends up true
Is getting what I want
Will never be enough
So I just wanna
look more like love
This whole world
is spinning crazy
I can't quite keep up
So I just wanna
look a little more
Like love
[crowd cheering]
- I love you so much.
Oh, have the best time.
- Thank you for
everything, Holly.
It was perfect.
All of it.
- I love you so much.
- I love you.
- Send me pictures.
- Okay.
- Bye.
[crowd cheering]
- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
[light piano music]
- [sighing] The
stars are so lovely.
- Well.
Contrary to popular belief,
turns out you can be mistaken.
- I can, can't I?
- Yeah.
Sorry to disappoint you.
- I don't think I'm the
one that's disappointed.
- You just couldn't help
yourself, could you?
I understand you enjoy
fabricating these
little love stories
and maneuvering
couples together.
But what gives you the right
to interfere with other
people's lives, hmm?
What makes you think that
just because you decided
that two people
should be together,
it would actually work?
People don't need your
advice to be happy.
- Are you angry because
I pushed you together?
Or because it didn't work out?
- I didn't ask
for your meddling.
I'm the one who decides
what I do or don't want.
- Yes.
Yes, you are.
Good night.
[light piano music]
- Hey, mom.
Just checking in.
How are you doing?
- [Lori] Holly?
- In here.
- You okay?
- I think so.
I just wish it would snow.
Doesn't feel like
Christmas Eve without it.
- Listen, I can't
find the cookie trays.
Did you take them
out to the gift shop?
- Cookie trays?
- Yeah, the ones we always use.
Can you run out and get 'em?
- Right now?
- Just go get them.
It won't be hard.
- Okay.
[gravel rustling]
[soft airy music]
[music rising]
[music swelling]
- I knew how much
you missed the snow.
- Chris.
- I know it's corny, but
I thought I'd better
make it impressive if
I had a chance of
winning you back.
I got the job.
- What?
- The magazine job.
- [gasping] You did?
- Yeah, I went to the
interview and they hired me.
I wanted you to know that
it's because of you.
You pushed me.
Because somehow you know
what it was that I needed.
So I wanted to come
here to thank you, and
I just found that
I missed you terribly.
I'm so sorry for all
the hurtful things
that I said to you and
for giving you the cold
shoulder at the wedding.
Holly, you brought
out parts of myself
that I buried for a long time.
And I don't wanna
lose them again.
- Oh.
This is all so beautiful.
It's everything
I've ever wanted.
- If you can't forgive me, then
I understand.
- No.
No no no no no no.
It's not that.
- Then what is it?
- We would just end
up hurting each other
again, Chris.
- Holly, I didn't come here
to try to convince you
that I'm the perfect guy
or that nothing will
ever go wrong again.
Because we will
disagree and argue.
And I will never,
ever love Christmas
as much as you do.
[Holly laughing]
And yes.
We might hurt each other.
I promise you that I will
come back every single time
to make it right.
Because I love you.
- You love me?
[tender music]
Oh my gosh, it's...
[Holly laughing]
- So what do you say?
Will you give this
another chance?
- I think I'd be okay with that.
[music swelling]
- [Holly Voiceover] My
one day finally came.
He's everything I
thought I wanted.
Romantic, sensitive, yet strong.
Someone who knows me deeply
and who I can talk
to for hours on end.
So, I have to
thank Aunt Lillian.
She pushed me to
face the reality
that love is nothing
like I imagined.
It can be so much better.
[light music]
They Christmas
decorated in town
Among all the tinsel and
lights I'm strolling around
Just wondering where
you have gone to
Are you just around the
corner or in Kathmandu
And whether or not
you're with somebody new
Still I wish you
The merriest Christmas
I hope it will be
all that you dream
I have nothing
but love for you
You can trust
that to be true
Yeah I wish you
The merriest Christmas
Of all
I built myself a new life
From the ground up
A beautiful wife, two kids
And a dog pup
Still sometimes I wonder if
you're near or off yonder
Though I couldn't
tell you why
But wherever you are
Near or far
Outside my door or
in some liquor bar
I still wish you
The merriest Christmas
I hope it will be
all that you dream
I have nothing
but love for you
You can trust
that to be true
Yeah I wish you
The merriest Christmas
Of all
Girl I wish you
The merriest Christmas
I hope it will be
all that you dream
I have nothing
but love for you
You can trust
that to be true
Yeah I wish you
The merriest Christmas
The merriest Christmas
Of all