A Mermaid's Tale (2017) Movie Script

A great poet once said that
all the secrets of the oceans...
...can be found in just one
drop of water.
Now, I don't know if that's true
or not, but I do know that...
...the ocean holds more than
just a few secrets,...
...and one summer,...
...I discovered one that
would change my life...
Your mom and I used
to come here all the time.
- Really?
- I...
Your mom loved the Central Coast.
She would come and stare
at the water for hours and hours.
Your mom only met your
grandpa once.
I can tell you
he liked her a lot more...
...than he liked me,
that's for sure...
What about grandma?
Did they get along?
Your mom never met
your grandmother.
Heck, I never met your grandmother.
Like, never ever or you
just don't remember?
You know, ask your grandfather
about her but...
He didn't like to talk about
her much.
Listen, Ry...
...I know this move's gonna be
tough for you.
You know, leaving your friends.
Leaving your school.
I get that...
You know as grumpy
as your grandfather is,...
...we're the only family he's got.
He needs us right now, as much
as he would hate to admit that.
I'm gonna miss San Diego too.
You're gonna love Santa Carla.
I promise.
No, you are not singing
opera right now.
Santa Carla!
Please stop.
Okay, don't text and drive, ever.
When you're older, do not text
and drive. Do you understand?
99 cartons of milk on the wall,...
...99 cartons of milk.
If one of those cartons
happen to fall...
Pass it around!
I don't know that part.
How do you not know this song?
- When we were younger...
Yet you know opera.
...we used to sing it with beer,...
...but you're not quite legal yet,
Ry, so we won't be doing that.
Check it out. Santa Carla.
Gorgeous. Huh?
How far to his house?
Almost there.
Yo! Jay!
Hey, man!
What happened to you?
You know,...
...I've been meaning to come back
sooner. I just got super busy.
- No, I mean you got old.
- Very funny.
You know, you're not a
spring chicken yourself.
Come on. I think I make
middle-aged look pretty good.
You must be Ryan.
I've heard good things.
Really? Where?
You know, your old man
and me, we get to talking...
...when we're out in the ocean.
That is,
when he feels like talking.
Where is he? Is he up at the house?
No, he's right where he always is.
Working on the engine.
He just got out of the hospital.
He's supposed to be resting.
Yeah, well,
maybe he'll listen to you.
Hey, I'll let you go.
All right, buddy. Be good.
Bye, sweetheart.
- Bye!
- Good meeting you.
Did you get all those traps
off-loaded yet?
Hey, Pop!
Still taking it easy, I see.
What day is it?
What, what day is it?
What, what day is it?
- Tuesday?
- It's Tuesday.
You're early.
Sorry about that. Traffic...
...was light.
I see the old girl is
still seaworthy.
Speaking of old girls,
you remember Ryan.
Last time you saw her she was
barely walking and talking.
Not that she does much of
the latter any more.
Well, I'll expect you'll want to
know where to put your stuff.
It's good to see ya.
Yeah, that's,
that's your room right there.
Right here.
Well, it's beautiful.
I really like the color.
a fresh coat of paint anyway.
This mural is so pretty.
Friend of mine did that.
Well, I really like it.
Settle in.
What's the matter?
You don't like your fish?
I guess I'm just not that hungry.
Well, can't say I don't blame you.
It's not local.
it's not even from the ocean.
They bring it in
frozen from some...
...farm somewhere.
You know what?
it's gotten to the point where
you can't put any fresh food...
...on your table anymore.
It's like, I can't even
remember the last time...
...that I caught anything
edible around here.
Dad. Dad, Dad, Dad, listen.
About that.
I think you should listen
to your doctors and,...
...take a little break
from fishing just...
...just for a little while.
I think, you should take it easy.
- Take it easy?
- Take it easy. For a little while.
Okay, you know? And,
why don't you let me,...
...try my luck at it?
All right? While you...
- You?
- Yeah. All right?
While you rest up, and get well.
I thought
you were here to help me.
Well I-I...I am.
We, we are...
...here to help you. Yeah.
Well, then help me already.
I mean, you've been
here five minutes...
...and already you're telling me
what to do.
That kind of help I don't need!
All right. Dad, listen.
You've got to rest up a little bit.
Yeah. I can take it easy...
...when I'm dead.
Well, if you keep at this pace,
you will be.
You know what my doctor said?
He said take a..n.
I got a..n.
We put out first thing
in the morning.
I suggest that
you get some rest,...
...my son.
You do not have to finish that.
I have a feeling I'd
better get used to it.
Hey, dad.
Well, the old man doesn't whip out
the paint brush for just anyone.
So you're saying
he's not always this cheery?
No, you, caught him on
a good day. What are all these?
Mom's. Yeah.
Huh. The Fisher King.
You know what it's about?
You have to read it.
You know, reading's
not really my thing.
Why don't you give me the
Cliff Notes version?
I can't do that but how about
I give you the plot?
It's about a wounded ruler...
...who's kingdom
slowly but surely...
...is becoming
a barren wasteland.
And since he can no longer
leave the castle to fish,...
...his son has to fill his shoes.
Are you messing with me?
No. Oddly enough.
What happens at the end?
Well I can't tell you that.
No spoilers.
You'll just have to
read it and find out.
Man. When did your mom
inscribe this to you?
The hospital.
About a week before.
And no one's here.
Caf around the corner...
Food, have fun...
Be home by six.
I miss you, Mom.
It's okay, it's okay!
I got you! I got you!
I I got you!
Oh, my gosh, come here!
It's okay, it's okay.
Wait! Stop!
Wait, stop. Come back.
Stop! I can help you!
My necklace!
No-no-no-no! Wait!
No! Where'd it go?
So how do you
like our little town?
It's all right, I guess.
You all right?
Dad, I lost my locket today.
What? Where?
Down at the docks. I don't,
I don't even know what happened.
The docks? That's no place
for a girl your age.
It's too dangerous out there.
- Your grandfather's right, kiddo.
What's the big deal anyways.
It's just the water...
...and it's not like I don't know
how to swim, Dad.
No, still the same, you should
only go down there...
...if you're with your
grandfather or I, okay?
All right, why don't you go wash
up? Dinner's almost ready.
Take this.
Put that on the plate,
but don't! It's hot!
- Hey, Dad?
- Yeah?
Why would someone
set a net at the docks?
They wouldn't.
They would.
If you want to catch
something big.
Dad, please don't go
on about this.
Go on about what?
Trust me.
You don't want to know.
There's a reason why there
ain't no more fish around here.
Dad, come on. Let's not fill her
head with crazy fishermen tales.
- Come on, let me ask you then,...
...how many fish
did we catch today?
None is how many and
you know why.
- Don't say it.
- Mermaids.
He said it. Okay, look...
Dad, listen it-it-it has...
It's the dolphins.
It's the seals, okay?
It's, it's not the mermaids.
No, I know, I know. But it's both.
I know you think
I'm just a crazy old man...
...but I know what I know.
Dad, she's twelve. I don't need
you filling her head with your...
...tall tales of mermaids,
or sirens, or vampires...
...or God knows what.
What would you know about it?
I mean you left here years ago...
...when the going got tough.
You ain't been here.
Yeah, well, we're here now,
okay, and I'm asking you...
No, you can't hide her
from the truth forever.
I can't. I won't.
Ryan? You all right in there?
Ryan? Are you okay?
I'm just taking a bath.
Right, well you've been
in there for a while.
I just wanted to make sure.
I'm fine, Dad.
Really, I'm, I'm okay. Thanks.
Ten minutes?
Okay, it has to be here somewhere.
Is someone there?
If you're the girl I saw
...I won't hurt you.
I promise!
I just want to be your friend.
I am crazy.
I must be.
Absolutely crazy.
I think this is yours.
Oh, my gosh.
I thought I lost it.
Wait. Didn't you have a...
...a tail?
You can't walk with a tail.
Well, thank you.
So, so much.
Thank you for helping me yesterday.
Of course.
So you're a mer...
Coral. My name is Coral.
I'm Ryan.
It's called a handshake.
I have to go.
My mom's calling me.
I don't hear anything.
Close your eyes and listen.
It's beautiful.
One more thing...
Don't tell anyone
about what you saw.
You promise?
I promise, but what did I see?
You do have a tail!
Coral! Wait! Come back!
There's so many things
I want to ask you!
How was your day?
It was great. Just,,...
...rode my bike around town.
Well you...
...found your locket so that is
Yes. That is something.
That is definitely something.
And it is the funniest
something. It turns out...
...it was right here the whole
time and I didn't do anything.
Fine, fine, fine. You got me.
It was down at the lower
docks where I knew it was.
So, should I punish you
for lying to me...
...or for disobeying my orders.
Dad, you cannot punish me more.
This whole situation is
punishment enough.
All right. Fine.
But no more lying,...
...and no more going down to
those docks unsupervised, okay?
- Deal.
- Deal?
I said deal.
Quick question,...
Did you ever stop to think that...
...maybe, just maybe
Grandpa isn't so crazy?
Come on, Ry, you are too old
to believe that sort of stuff.
Grandpa believes.
Yeah, well, grandpa is a
crazy old man, okay?
Mermaids are his obsession.
There has to be some element
of truth to our myths.
Don't you think?
I mean there has to be.
You are more like your
mother than you know.
And you're too clever
for your own good.
Hey, what do you say we go
out to dinner, just you and I.
I don't know about you
but I am sick and tired...
...of fish and vegetables. I can't
do it anymore. I can't do it.
- And trust me. Me too.
- All right. Come on.
That sounds amazing.
I'll be down in five.
Thanks, guys, for coming in.
- Thanks.
- Have a great night.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're not too late, are we?
Only by about 20 years.
Jenna, wow. Has it been that long?
You look great.
- Hi.
Please, come in. Sit down.
- Well, hi!
- Hi!
Aren't you just the
prettiest thing.
- Thanks.
- What's your name?
- Ryan.
- Ryan.
- She, gets her looks from her mom.
- Yes, clearly.
And, and her brains, too.
She sounds like quite a woman.
She was.
She... She passed away.
I am so sorry, Matt.
Yeah, it's, it's all right.
It's been a little while now.
Well, it's, really nice
to meet you, Ryan.
- Yeah, you too.
- I'm Jenna.
I'm an old friend of your father's.
Anyway, I'm going to leave
you guys alone with the menus...
...for a couple of minutes.
- Okay.
...know what you want?
What am I thinking?
What am I thinking right now.
I am thinking, I'm thinking
that you and her used to be...
...a lot more than
just old friends.
That's what
I'm thinking right now.
All right.
Have I told you lately...
...that you're too clever
for your own good?
There is no way you're
getting off the hook that easy.
I need details.
Just pick something to eat,
okay, just pick something...
...because she's coming back. Pick
something, just pick something.
Anything? Okay, okay, okay.
Hi. So what can I get you?
I would like a strawberry cupcake
and a vanilla milkshake, please.
- Okay.
- For dinner? No. No.
Daddy, you said anything.
You know what?
We will have two of those.
Two cupcakes and milkshakes
coming right up.
Okay, she's gone again.
Details now or details later?
Shut up. Shut up.
So, how was it?
So good.
Without a doubt, best meal
I've had since we've gotten here.
When did you guys get in town?
We got back a few days ago.
How long are you staying?
My dad is sort of having
some health problems...
...so we're here indefinitely.
I'm sorry about your dad,...
...but, I hope I get to see
more of you guys around.
You can count on it.
wasn't awkward at all, right?
So, before Mom,
you and Jenna were...
Close. Yeah.
And, what exactly
happened there?
I mean,
Dad, why did you leave?
- Wow, you are really curious.
- Yeah, I am.
Look, I just had to get out of this
place, okay?
I had to try something new.
And, you're sure this doesn't
have anything to do with...
...the fact that Grandpa
believes mermaids...
...are driving the fish out
of the water.
Grandpa believes a lot of things.
And think about it, nobody
has ever agreed with him.
No wonder
he's so cold and grumpy.
Well, he used to
not be so grumpy.
What happened?
Look, all this mermaid business
didn't help but...
...this town was thriving once.
Things dried up.
Everything went south.
The fish left.
People left,
but not your grandfather.
He stuck it out through
thick and thin.
Look, I know he seems like
the grumpiest guy in the world...
- Yeah, yeah. He does.
- But he does love you,...
...and I can tell that he sees
your grandma in you.
Come on. Get up. Up!
it is five in the morning. Why?
Because in this family we
earn our keep. Come on.
- All right, buddy.
- Thanks.
All right, we'll be back by dinner.
Have fun.
Yeah. Loads of fun.
Don't worry, buddy,
we'll be good.
All right.
Now, see these holes right here?
Right? Even
if there was fish to catch,...
...we're not catching
them with these.
So, I need you to go to that
storage bin right there,...
...and find some lines so we
can patch these up, okay?
- Got it.
- Okay, all right.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you again.
I felt bad about leaving
so fast the other day.
Well, what if somebody sees you?
Don't worry. I've cut holes
in all the nets around here.
That ought to keep 'em
busy for a while.
"That ought to keep 'em
busy for a while." Sure.
So that's what you were
doing the other day.
Ryan! You find that line yet?
Just a second, Jay,
I'll be back in a minute!
Wait, you're one of them?
No. Jay is just my Dad's friend
who needed help, and I'm...
Your father is a fisherman?
Well, my grandpa too, actually.
Well, they all are. But...
But the fisherman hunt my kind.
Well, not my family. Or Jay either.
He's sweet. I swear.
And he's not going to hurt you.
Are they sweet like you?
Ryan! The line!
Okay, look, I have to go...
...fix these nets.
But I promise I won't do
a very good job.
And I should be done soon so can
you meet me at the lower dock?
- Sounds good.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- See you then!
What in the World
was taking you so long?
I have been looking everywhere...
...and I just cannot seem to
find it.
Wow, you must've been
looking real hard.
You meant inside the green thingy.
You knuckle head. Think fast.
- All good.
- Come on.
That is absolutely amazing.
It is?
Are you kidding?
People would freak if they
knew you could do that.
And they look just like real legs.
They are real legs, silly.
What did you expect?
Okay, I don't know,
but certainly not this.
How do you do that?
My people have always had the
power to shift from sea to land.
So long as we're not out of the
water for too long, that is.
What happens?
Then we can't go back.
So, what now?
I don't know. I've never
had a human friend before.
What do humans do?
I'll show you. Come on.
You sure?
Of course. Yeah, yeah.
You'll love it. I promise. Come on.
If you say so.
...what's it like?
Out there?
Like home.
You know, I think my grandpa
feels that way too.
I don't know, just...
...more at home out
on the water.
But, he's getting old now
so we moved back here...
...to try and keep him
on dry land.
as much as possible anyways.
How is that going so far?
Not too great, actually.
Do you like it?
- What?
- Living on land?
I don't know. I guess I never
really thought about it.
I've never seen very much of it.
Tell you what.
I'll show you some of my world...
And I'll show you some of mine!
- Here, I'm coming.
- Come on in, Ryan.
It is absolutely freezing!
- It's perfect.
So, like,
you can breathe underwater?
No. We're not fish, silly.
Think of us like dolphins.
We come up for air. We can just...
...hold our breath
for a really long time.
I guess that would make sense.
My dad can hold his breath
for a really long time too.
That's why he got into free diving
when he was younger.
Yeah, apparently I can hold
my breath for pretty long too.
One of these days we'll have to
find out just how long.
Yeah, I'd like that!
You know, your family seems to
have an affinity for the water.
Maybe you're not such
land-lovers after all.
What's wrong?
Something, something stung me!
It's just a jelly fish!
That's easy for you to say!
Get on land.
It hurts so bad!
Hurts so bad!
What are you doing?
- I can fix it.
Trust me.
How did you do that?
Did anyone ever tell you
you ask a lot of questions?
Yeah. All the time, actually.
I don't know, it's just an energy
my people have always had.
The power to heal...
Are you ok?
Yeah, I'm just I'm just tired.
It takes a lot out of us to heal
another living thing.
Yeah, I can imagine.
Maybe that's enough for the
visitor exchange program...
...for one day?
- Two days?
- Yep.
Got to head out
to deeper waters.
What about Ryan?
I can't just leave her alone
for two days.
Why not? She's perfectly capable.
I left you longer when
you were about her age.
Yeah, I know. Look, Dad,
I can't do that, okay?
She's, she's just a kid.
Okay, bring her with. It's time
she learned how to fish anyway.
Do her some good.
- Yeah, I'm sure she'll love it,...
...seeing as how much
she loves eating fish.
You do what you want, okay?
But I'm heading out first thing
in the morning,...
...with you or without you.
Hey, hi.
Hi. Matt.
Wow. I don't see you
for 20 years and then...
...two visits in two days.
You must really like my milkshake.
I do. I...
...I love your milkshakes.
I-I-I mean,...
- Coffee?
- Yes. Coffee.
But also, hey...
...I also have a huge favor to
ask you.
Jenna, I really, really
appreciate this. Thank you.
No worries.
We girls know how to have fun.
- Yeah.
- All right.
And you, just
behave yourself, okay?
Well, that's not necessarily
fun, Dad.
Thank you.
You know, you're really just
adding to the list of things...
...that you have to
make up for, right?
I'm in enough trouble as it is.
Just don't get me into any more.
- Be safe. Catch a big one.
- Bye, Dad.
- Got it.
- Thanks.
So, big plans for the day?
I'm going to go meet a friend
and hang out at the beach.
Cool. Well, when you're done,
if you guys want to come back,...
...I'll teach you how to make
my world-famous cupcakes.
- Sweet.
- That's the idea.
Okay, so what do
you want to see today?
Okay, well that's kind of
a tall order, but...
...how about we start
with this dress?
- Human clothes!
- Yeah, I think it should fit!
- Okay!
- Come on!
Take over.
Keep going uphill.
So, what are we goin' for?
We're not out here
to fish at all, are we?
You know what, Jay? Turn the
boat around. We're going home!
You're not in charge here!
You wanna know why there's
no more fish in this bay?
Because you and all your
greedy fisherman friends...
...fished this place bone dry!
You think you're so smart, huh?
You got all the answers?
Well, you don't know anything.
Just wait! You'll find out.
You'll find out.
What do you think?
Does it look okay?
Are you kidding?
It looks better
on you than it does on me.
This is so fun.
I've never tried on clothes
like these before.
I think I just figured out
what we're doing today.
- What?
- Shopping.
What's shopping?
More and more clothes!
Let's go.
How about this one?
Are you sure?
Of course.
It would be great on you.
- You really think so?
- Definitely.
- Okay, I'll try it.
- Please try it.
Give it up
Here we go
Give it up
Here we go
Here we go
It doesn't even look real.
There's no way that's real.
That's a cool kind
of family photo.
So, do you have
brothers or sisters?
No, I'm an only child.
Me too.
My father and grandfather...
...were both taken by the sea
a long time ago.
Around the time I was born.
I'm really sorry, Coral.
That's life, I guess.
Now it's just my mother
and grandmother...
...and the rest of our people.
I lost my mom.
About eight years ago.
I get it.
I believe that...
...wherever our loved ones
go after they die,...
...they can still see us.
Me too.
I like the green hair
on this one.
I love that.
Is that what you think we do?
Sit on a rock brushing
our hair all day?
Actually, most people don't
even think you exist, but...
How does it not get tangled?
Teach me your ways.
It gets tangled.
So, do you have
any legends about us?
Well, I wouldn't call them
legends exactly.
Why don't we listen to
some of your music...
...or any games or anything?
- Tell me.
My people
aren't exactly allowed...
...to interact with humans.
In fact,...
...it's strictly forbidden.
That's just the way
it's been for centuries.
My grandmother
always warned me...
...that humans can be
selfish and cruel.
But not you, Ryan.
In fact if they only
got to know you,...
...maybe they'd change
their minds.
Then why can't we do that?
Why can't you take me there
and we can show them...
...that our people can co-exist...
...and not only
co-exist but be friends.
I want that,
but that's just it, Ryan.
If I bring you there...
...they might not let us be
friends anymore.
They're going to find out
sooner or later anyways.
I feel like it's better to try
before they ground you...
...or is that different
A little bit.
Can we?
Can we try?
Look, okay,...
...say we were to do this,...
...how would you get...
...to the island?
Your dad could maybe
do it as a free diver but...
But you'd have to hold your
breath for a really long time.
Like, how long?
Like, really long.
Practice can make it perfect.
Just over 10 minutes.
That's really good, Ryan!
Well, for a human anyway.
I can do better. I know I can.
Can we go again?
This ought to do it.
What's that?
It's called a wet suit.
Scuba divers and
surfers use them.
Why do you need a suit to get wet?
It keeps you warm, silly.
You really think you'll need it?
Let's just say you and I have
very different concepts...
...of what constitutes cold water.
Can I help you
girls with anything?
- I'm good.
- Hi.
- I'm Zach.
- I'm Coral.
- Duh, hi.
It's a handshake.
I'm Ryan.
I'm going to be over here...
...looking at things.
Ok, if you want
to try on that wetsuit,...
...there's a changing room
right there.
Even better.
You-you new around town?
I mean, I really haven't seen
you around before.
My family's been here for years.
I guess I don't get out much.
But that's been changing lately.
Okay, right on. That's cool.
...there's this beach
barbeque thing...
...and you should totally come.
You and your friends.
Yeah, I guess...
...we'll be there?
We'll, we'll be there.
- Yeah? Okay. Awesome.
Well if you need anything else,
just let me know.
- Okay, see ya'.
- See ya' around, you know...
...just floating arou...
It's good. It's all...
It's all fine. I'll see ya!
See ya.
Oh, my God, I've never talked
to a human boy before.
You like him, don't you?
Stop it!
What? There's no kissing
in the sea? No merboys?
You know what? Why don't
you try this thing on already.
We gotta start our trial run.
Changing the subject.
You definitely like him.
And hold your horses.
Hey, Ryan?
What's a beach barbeque
by the way?
They're not going to hurt
the beach, are they?
You ready for this?
Then follow me.
Hey! Wait up!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where's your friend? I thought
we were going to make cupcakes.
She had to go home.
I'm still up for it, though.
Come on.
Come on!
Little light reading?
You don't...
You don't believe
all this stuff, do you?
I don't know, man.
I never used to.
But you see things when
you're out on the ocean.
Things you can't always explain.
Come on.
I think you've been out here
too long.
Yeah maybe.
Or maybe there's more to
life than we know.
The ocean's a big part of that.
Ryan said the same thing.
Smart kid.
A little bit of oil.
Very good. You can dump that in.
- There we go.
Right in the middle?
Very good. Mix it up a little bit.
Nice, now I'll pour this water
in while you're mixing.
Stir, stir.
Just keep going. Very good.
And then,...
...put just a...
...pinch of salt in...
...to bring out the flavor.
Are you still with me, sweetie?
Yeah, sorry, I just...
...spaced for a minute.
Are you thinking about
your dad and your grandpa?
I'm sure they're fine.
They know what they're doing.
No, it's, it's not them.
Is it your new friend?
Hey, Jenna?
Can I ask you something?
And promise you won't laugh.
I cross my heart.
Have you ever seen a...
A mermaid, you say?
Yeah, I'm It probably
sounds crazy.
Maybe once I did,
a very long time ago.
Really? What do you remember.
Well, I was...
...about your age and...
...I was swimming in this
secluded cove off Morro Beach.
It's not far from here.
And I used to love to dive,...
...as deep as I could go,...
...just explore the exotic
ocean world down there.
And that's when I saw her.
This beautiful woman with...
...hair unlike anything
I'd ever seen before.
Way beneath the surface.
And then as quickly as she
appeared she was gone.
It was probably just some
childhood fantasy, I guess.
An illusion.
- It wasn't an illusion, Jenna.
Mermaids are real.
Hey. I was just writing you a note.
Are you hungry?
There's cupcakes in the fridge.
They turned out very well.
- Yum.
Just do me a favor
and don't tell your dad...
...that you're eating cupcakes
for breakfast. Okay.
And since we are doing
this whole,...
...keeping secrets thing,...
...can our little chat about "you
know what" be one of those?
My lips are sealed.
Good, 'cause I don't think my dad
needs to know about...
...that one either.
Big plans for the day?
Actually, yes. Coral and I are
going to head down to the beach.
Coral. Is that your new friend?
All right. Have fun.
Just don't swim too far
from the shore.
I will do my best.
Keep walking.
Hey, Zach!
- Ryan, what are you doing?
- Coral.
Are you all doing anything today?
'Cause I could like...
You know what?
I'll just see you all around.
You did great yesterday,...
...but today we're going to
stay under even longer.
You ready?
I don't actually have to wait
45 minutes after eating, do I?
That's just a myth.
Well, so were you until
a few days ago.
Come on, this'll be fun.
Okay, okay.
Where are we, Coral?
We're at the outskirts
of the island.
There. Just a little while longer.
You're gonna love it, I promise.
We made it.
This place is deserted.
What is this?
Why did you bring me here?
This is my peoples'
greatest secret.
Hidden away from humanity
in plain sight for centuries.
Your hand has so many powers!
What have you done, Coral?
I wanted you to meet my friend.
My very best friend, Ryan.
- Hi!
You know better than
to bring a human here.
It goes against our most ancient
and sacred laws.
But we can co-exist with humans.
She's the proof. She's been
showing me their ways...
...and I've been showing her ours.
This proves nothing except
you've put us in grave danger.
She may bring others.
No. She would never do that.
I promise. She can be trusted.
I wouldn't do anything
to hurt you...
...and I would never tell anyone.
I promise.
Our entire survival depends
on your kind believing us to be...
...nothing more than myth.
You wouldn't want to jeopardize
that, now would you, Ryan?
I would never.
Then you may be able to...
Stay here.
I shouldn't have come here.
I've gotten you in trouble.
It's not me I'm worried about.
Thaleia wants to see you.
Both of you.
So who's Thaleia?
Our Queen.
And my grandmother.
Your grandmother's the Queen?
That is so cool.
Wow. This is amazing.
This is amazing.
Tell her what I told your mom.
No. You mustn't speak in here
unless you're spoken to first.
Come closer, child.
Not you, Coral.
How did you come to be here, child?
Coral showed me the way.
But how?
You did not come by boat.
We swam from the mainland.
You have been exposed
to our world.
Your knowledge of our existence
has put my people in danger.
I mean you no harm.
It's not her fault. I was the one
who took her...
What's done is done.
For this you can never go back.
We can be together.
No, I would miss my family.
I can't...
I'm sorry, child.
But to protect my people
it must be so.
Don't you want to be together?
I do, but...
...but not like this.
I need my family, Coral.
...just like you need yours and...
And my dad and
my grandfather...
Your family does not deserve you!
Her grandfather.
- No.
He's the fisherman
you warned us about.
She cannot be allowed to return.
Is this true, child?
Come closer.
You look like him.
So beautiful.
You, you know him?
A long time ago.
Before his heart was broken...
...and he became
hardened to the sea.
And because of that,
we have kept the fish away...
...from these waters.
To protect the ebb and flow
of nature and its delicate balance.
He and his people have
overfished these waters;...
...taken and not replenished.
Please, don't take me away
from my family.
Do not cry, young one.
All will be well.
You will take the girl with
you back to her home.
And if she betrays her word?
She won't.
Will you, child?
I promise.
With all my heart.
You are never to return
here again...
...or even speak of our existence.
It is forbidden...
...for humans and
merfolk to mingle.
Now go.
I can't believe
I'm losing my best friend.
We may be forbidden
for being friends...
...but you will always be
my sister.
Coral, this means a lot to me...
...and I want a part of me
to always be with you.
Goodbye, Coral...
Ahead! Dolphins!
Where there's dolphins
there's mermaids!
Jay, come here. Take over.
Get ready to toss the nets.
No, no, no, Dad. No. I'm not
going to let you do it, Dad.
Just-just toss the nets!
Dad, you're acting crazy.
It's not happening. No!
Okay, okay. I'll do it myself.
Now get out of the way.
- Dad, stop. Dad! Dad!
- I'm gonna do it myself.
Jay! Call the Coast Guard, now!
Dad, just take it easy, okay?
Be well, young one.
Just put the cash in the Office
and just lock everything up.
Ryan, honey, where have you been.
Oh my God.
I've been looking everywhere
for you.
Sorry, I was,...
...just swimming with Coral.
What's wrong?
It's your grandfather, honey.
There's been an accident.
Let's go.
Are you going to be all right
if I step away for a while?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
So, I'm just going to go
lock up the caf...
...and I'll be back soon, okay?
- Okay.
Your dad will be here
in about 45 minutes.
Don't go.
Don't leave me.
Where am I?
It's, it's okay.
You're in the hospital.
You, you passed out, Grandpa.
No. You need to rest.
- No!
- No!
- You need to rest.
That necklace.
Where did you get that.
It's just...
...something I bought
while I was shopping.
No, no, no.
No, we both know that's not true.
You've seen them, haven't you?
Yes, you know.
Do you know where they are?
Grandpa, I, I can't.
I made a promise, and...
- You don't understand.
- Then help me to.
It was a long, long time ago.
I was a young man.
Back then, fish would practically
leap off the lines...
...and into the boat.
One day, I caught something big.
At first I thought
it was a dolphin,...
...but as a reeled it in,...
...I saw exactly
what I'd caught.
A mermaid.
I was immediately
struck by her beauty.
It was as if all the colors of the
ocean were in her eyes.
I was in love.
We both were.
We agreed we had to
keep our love a secret.
I was a fisherman;...
...their worst kind of enemy.
And if people knew...
...that mermaids were real,...
...they would destroy them.
That's why I promised to
keep their secret.
For a time we were happy.
I wanted nothing more than
to be with her...
...for the rest of my life.
But it wasn't meant to be.
Her father had found out about
us and forbid her to see me...
...'cause she was
to marry another.
She told me she was also
heir to her throne...
...and she couldn't
betray her people.
I pleaded with her to come back.
I returned to the beach every day
where we'd met, hoping,...
...praying that she'd
come back to me.
And she never did.
She never came back.
Days turned to weeks, weeks
then turned to months and...
...turned to anger.
So, I fished.
I set lines, laid traps,
fished, scouring,...
...looking for any sign of her
or her people.
And I never saw her again.
I never saw any of them.
They just...
...late one stormy night,...
...I found a baby at my door.
A son.
She gave me a son.
How could she have left me?
How could she have abandoned me?
Abandoned him.
I have to know why,...
You have to tell me...
...where they are.
Jay! Cast off the bow line.
Art, what are you doing?
Move aside. Come on.
Move aside, Jay.
I can't let you do it.
You're in no condition
to go back out there.
Appreciate your concern,
now get out of the way!
Come on.
- I already tried.
Look, it's my boat, all right?
You either stay on or you get off.
Either way, I'm going.
All right, fine.
But I'm going with you.
That's my Jay-Jay.
Is the life raft still on board?
- Yeah. Of course.
- Good.
Come on, cast off the bow line!
Hold one second.
Santa Carla Hospital.
Art Love's room, please.
Okay. It appears Mr. Love
has checked himself out.
Checked himself out?
That-that's impossible.
I'm sorry but our records
show that he checked out...
...with his granddaughter
about half an hour ago.
Okay. All right, thank you
very much. Thank you.
I'm almost back to the hospital.
How's your father?
He's gone.
He checked himself out.
Ryan's with him.
Where do you think they went?
My guess is the dock.
You don't think he'd go back
out, do you?
That's exactly what I think.
Look, there's a tracker
on the boat, okay?
I'm going to try and access it...
...so it can tell us where they are
all right? I'll meet you there.
Okay. I'll be right there.
Okay, yeah.
Well, I've contacted
the Coast Guard.
- Any news?
- No.
Boat's gone. I tried calling
Jay, but he isn't picking up.
There's only about three hours
of daylight left. I swear, if...
If anything happens to Ryan,
I will never forgive myself.
She's going to be fine.
She's strong, just like her father.
- Hey, Art?
- Yeah?
What's our heading?
Due west, towards the channels.
The channels? Why?
They're headed to the
channel islands. Come on.
- She made it back okay?
- Yes.
I know her friendship
means a great deal to you,...
...but your heart will
heal in time.
I'm going for a swim.
The fishermen.
I have to warn the others.
What's that?
Up ahead of us.
What is that?
Hey! Over there!
Look over there!
It's a mermaid!
It's a mermaid. It's a mermaid!
It's caught in the net!
It's Coral!
- Get the hoist!
- Coral!
- It's all my fault. Go, go!
- He'll get her! Go get her!
Get the hook off!
Get a hold of her!
Get her out of that thing!
- Coral!
- Oh, God.
- Come on.
It's all my fault.
- Good job, good job, good job.
- Coral, please breathe.
Coral, don't you die on me!
Breathe, breathe!
Quick, get the net off.
Come on, breathe, Coral!
Coral, you can't, please!
We're not going to hurt you.
Ryan you saved me!
I don't know.
Maybe I had some of your power...
...when you healed me
the other day...
...but I didn't do anything.
This had nothing to do with me.
This power was inside you
all along, Ryan.
- No, oh! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa!
- Grandpa! Grandpa!
Whoa-whoa-whoa, you're fine.
Coral, give me your hand!
We're not strong enough, Ryan.
We can't do it alone!
The island.
We have to get him to the island!
- Jay, just trust us, please, go!
Stay with us, Grandpa.
Come on, buddy, hang in there,
buddy, we're doing good!
- Help!
- Hey, buddy, you're doin' good!
Grandpa, please,...
...please don't leave me,
I'm sorry, this is all my fault.
I'm so sorry, this is all my fault
and brought you here,...
...we shouldn't have left.
Coral, where is everyone?
Why aren't they coming?
They're afraid.
Please help him,
he's gonna die!
Dad, he's sick!
- You crazy old man.
What were you thinking?
I'm sorry.
Just take it easy, Pop, all right?
Just take it easy!
Look, they can help us! I know
they're here, and they have to.
If they'd only come out, please!
- There's nobody here.
There's nothing anybody can do
until the Coast Guard gets here.
Coral, can you please try?
I'll do what I can.
Stay with us, Pop.
I can't.
His condition is too grave.
I'm so sorry, Ryan.
Please, somebody!
What the...
Hello, my love.
- Am I dead?
- No, no.
You are very much alive.
I missed you so much.
I was so ang...
None of that matters now.
What? Would someone
like to tell me what...
...what I just watched?
They're mermaids.
Yeah, right.
Of course.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry for breaking my
promise not to come back.
I didn't know what to do and...
- I'm not.
What a good man you've become.
Why do I...
Why do I feel like
we've met before?
Because I've always been
there watching.
From the sea,...
...in your dreams...
You're my son, Matthew.
Tonight signifies
a new beginning,...
...a bridge between our world...
...and theirs.
This signifies our bond of trust...
And of family.
Let the sea breathe new life
into this valley,...
...let the fish flow
through its waters.
How long you think they've
been down there? All night?
I guess they had a lot of
catching up to do.
Love is love, no matter
how old you are.
Whoa-whoa-whoa, where
do you think you guys are going?
Where do you think we're going?
All right, well,
just be careful, okay?
I'll take good care of her,...
...Uncle Matt.
Have fun!
Man, that's gonna take some
getting used to.
I guess a lot of things are.
Life's a journey.
The fish did return to
Santa Carla...
...and my dad and granddad...
...each began new chapters
in their lives.
And me?
Well, my dad was right all along.
I grew to love my new home.
In the end of
that magical summer,...
...I learned that the ocean wasn't
just a place of mystery,...
...wonder and secrets.
I learned that it was a teacher.
And if you listen hard enough,
you learn about love,...
...and, in the end,...
...maybe that's the most
important lesson of all.
Hey, Coral!
Friends forever?
Family forever.