A Merry Scottish Christmas (2023) Movie Script

I could hear that
guy's bagpipe music
through his headphones
the entire flight.
All 13 hours of it.
Welcome to Scotland.
Aye, two of the
MacMistletoe mochas, please.
Thank you.
Are you sure we have
enough nurses to cover
Christmas to New Year's?
Oh, Merry Christmas.
Not you, Anna.
I mean, I do hope you
have a merry Christmas,
but you know what?
Let me call you back just
before the clinic closes.
Hi there.
Can I get a MacMistletoe mocha?
Sounds delicious.
Brad, it's Lindsay.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Linds.
Yeah, merry Christmas.
Oh, that's for us.
I'm sure you guys are tired
and don't feel like talking.
I can find something else.
No, your mom sent
a car for all of us.
She timed the flights.
And we need to catch up anyway.
We haven't seen you since--
Christmas at dad's.
It's been a while.
Yeah, I guess time just got
away from me with work and all.
Your brother's in the
same boat at his new firm.
His boss works him
into the ground.
Speak of the Scrooge.
You're on Christmas vacation.
He knows that.
It's fine.
No, it's not.
You need to decompress and
get into the holiday spirit.
I am in the holiday
spirit, Sarah.
Come in.
You wanted to talk
to me, Josephine.
Yes, their
flight's just landed.
They should be here
in a couple of hours.
Are their rooms ready?
Yes, Brad and Lindsay
are next to each other,
as you requested.
Thanks, Graham.
Is that all?
tidings of comfort
and joy, comfort and joy.
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.
Glencrave is supposed to be
one of the premier destinations
for Christmas in Scotland.
Their website said the
Highlands are at their greenest
during the winter months.
I can't believe
your mom grew up here,
and you two never visited.
She never talked about
it much growing up,
so it was never
really a priority.
And what's with the
last minute trip, anyway?
I had to cancel a million
things to be here.
I think she just wants us all
to spend Christmas together.
She couldn't have
done that in California?
I don't know.
There was something
different in mom's voice.
I think something's going on.
Well, it must
be something big.
The last family
vacation she took us on
was a Christmas folk
festival in the desert
when we were teenagers.
We stayed in a teepee.
That's when she told us she was
taking that job at the music
school in Santa Cruz.
It wasn't a teepee;
it was a yurt.
Right, a yurt.
What's a yurt?
Mom's idea of an
upgrade from a tent.
Or maybe she just misses us.
Well, she thinks trapping
us in the wilds of Scotland
so we can have this
whole Christmas kumbaya?
She's going to have better luck
finding the Loch Ness Monster.
Thank you, sir.
Is this the hotel?
Unless we took a wrong
turn between Buckingham
Palace and Downton Abby.
Wrong country.
Why don't we see if there
are rooms under our names here
before we alert Scotland Yard?
Also in England.
There it is.
That's the sense of
sarcasm I missed.
That's one way to
slay a Christmas song.
Can you imagine taking
care of a place like this?
But it's incredible.
Fit for a king and queen.
Actually, generations
of dukes and duchesses.
The castle's been in
the Glencrave clan
for over 700 years.
Well, come on in.
The tour is starting.
Oh, no, no.
We're not on a tour.
Welcome to Glencrave Castle.
My name is Hamish, and I'll
be your Merry Christmas
edition tour guide for today.
The property dates back
to the 14th century.
Here at Glencrave, we cannae get
enough of the holiday spirit.
One Christmas tree
feels sad and lonely,
so we have 30 right
from our own hills.
And you won't have to hunt long
for a place to hang a stocking,
as lots of our cozy
bedrooms have a fireplace.
And I know what
you're all wondering,
how does Santa have the time
to fill up all those stockings?
Well, here at Glencrave,
we like to give
old Saint Nick a wee
break and fill him
up with mince pies and whisky.
And there's plenty
of spare bedrooms, 22
to be exact, just in case he
needs a short winter's nap.
But we're just getting started,
so follow me, lads and lassies!
I guess we're
definitely on the tour.
Thank you.
But first, we have
the castle's keep.
This was the first
room assembled when
the castle was built in 1491.
This was to be used
as a place of refuge,
should the rest of the
castle fall to its enemies.
All the pieces here at Glencrave
can be traced back to battles
or have been gifted by
foreign dignitaries.
If these walls could talk.
I bet Christmas was
legendary back then.
Aye, and also forbidden.
This painting depicts
the last Christmas
at Glencrave before the Scottish
Parliament banned it in 1640.
For religious reasons,
celebrating Christmas was
actually a crime up until 1958.
You have the right
to remain cheerless.
The families played
an impressive role
in Scottish history while
looking after the community.
You'll notice the
official Glencrave clan
crest throughout the castle.
The family has worn it proudly
for over eight centuries.
Right this way, please;
still lots to see.
Now we have the
upper foyer, which is
a rarity in castles like this.
Who's that?
Ah, our most recent
duke, Daniel Glencrave.
He, uh, passed away a
couple of weeks ago.
Right before
Christmas-- how sad.
Was this his family?
Aye, it is.
Well, next we have
the grand ballroom.
Kings and queens have
danced its floors.
You made it!
Oh, merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas, mom.
My babies.
Merry Christmas, mom.
My babies.
Oh, I've missed you all.
We are going to have the
best Christmas ever together.
Is this where we're staying?
How did you pick this place?
I grew up in the
immediate area.
It's the best place in
Scotland for the holidays.
Is this whole place a hotel?
You could say that.
We have 20 guest rooms
on the third floor.
Tours run from 10:00 till
3:00 on the two main floors
here and below, and guests
are free to roam the gardens
and grounds as they wish.
However, the rest of
Glencrave is strictly off
limits to the public.
Graham Frazier, Butler at
Glencrave at your service.
Nice to meet you.
How long have you worked here?
Oh, 50 years.
We really should get
you to your bedrooms.
You must be tired.
I'll sort your cases.
This way.
Come on.
Now, you're in
here, Ms. Morgan.
Oh, you can call me Lindsay.
As you wish, Lindsay.
May I help you to unpack?
Oh, no.
I spent my whole life
without a butler.
What's one more week?
Brad and Sarah, you're
right through there.
Dinner at 8:00
OK for everyone?
- Yeah.
- No, mom.
I'm-- I'm so jet lagged, and
the clinic is still open,
so I was going to be
handling some calls,
and I was just going
to grab something
and maybe bring it to my room.
I really need to talk to
you all about something.
Well, can it
wait till tomorrow?
No, you should have no issues
with Wi-Fi, and the password
is on the dresser.
Good night, honey.
Got lots of Christmas
activities planned for us.
Can't wait.
Thank you.
Feeling festive.
Oh, really, Brad?
I've got your--
Yeah, I have yours.
This is-- this is
quite a sweater.
Sarah and I are missing our
ugly Christmas sweater party
this year, so she
must have packed it,
figuring we could still use it.
I hope you're not skipping
dinner because of me.
This place might be
the size of Vermont,
but we can't avoid each
other for a whole week.
I think mom has
this idea that we're
going to have this merry--
Morgan Christmas.
Exactly, and there are
all these expectations
around the holidays for
families to play Secret Santa
and be singing around the piano.
And wear bad sweaters
and drink eggnog.
So let's just keep it cordial.
Yeah, give mom the
Christmas she wants.
Yeah, and then we can
just go on with our lives.
- Works for me.
- All right.
All right.
Thank you.
Oh, come on.
Can you hear me?
I'm heading outside.
Can you hear me now?
OK, great.
No, but that's the thing.
It wasn't due until
after New Year's.
OK, just look
somewhere on my desk,
and just use my
electronic signature, OK?
All right, thanks.
Beautiful, eh?
Yeah, it really is beautiful.
I was referring to the lights.
There's thousands of Christmas
lights here at Glencrave.
Oh, that's-- that's
a lot of lights,
and they are very pretty.
Listen, if you're
sticking around,
there's a big bonfire to
celebrate the Christmas
solstice in a few days' time.
I don't think I'll be
here long enough for that.
Well, that's
not enthusiasm I'd
expect at such an enchanting
time and place, the romance,
the history, the lore.
Glencrave's straight out of a
fairy tale at Christmastime.
Well, that sounds
lovely, but sadly I
don't think that's
the kind of Christmas
I have in store this year.
Even so, Nollaig Chridheil.
Excuse me?
It means merry Christmas.
I'm not even going to attempt
that, but merry Christmas.
Look what I got for Lindsay.
You didn't even look.
You know, you should try making
more of an effort with her.
It's the holidays.
You know how people
always say when they
haven't seen someone
for a while that it's
like no time has passed?
You just pick right
up where you left off?
That's not how it is
for me and Lindsay.
I never understood you two.
I mean, you were super
close as kids, right?
Yes, we were, but
we're not kids anymore.
It's easier for you.
You do everything with
your sister and your mom.
No family is perfect, Brad.
At a certain point, the
statute of limitations
runs out on everything,
including trying to rekindle
a long lost bond at Christmas.
Does that apply
to spouses too?
I'm going to take a walk.
You seen mom?
That's the fourth floor.
It's off limits.
Why is she going up there?
No idea.
Well, I'm going to
eat and get some sleep.
Where's the snooze
button on this guy?
Oh, hey.
Did you get mom's text?
She's at breakfast.
Sarah is still sleeping.
Yeah, I'll be down
there in just a second.
Wait, the fourth floor are
the private rooms, right?
So don't you think it's weird
we saw mom going up there
last night?
I guess.
So what, you're going up there?
Lindsay, no.
Hey, just ask her.
Hey, let's go, Nancy Drew.
Are you--
Can I help you?
Um, hello.
We were just--
We were just
looking for our rooms.
These are the private
quarters, ma'am.
Oh, right.
You know what?
I think we must have
come up one floor too many.
We did.
An extra floor.
OK, sorry about that.
So sorry.
All right.
OK, I told you
this was a bad idea.
Let's get out of here before we
get caught for real this time.
She came here for a reason.
Lindsay, she said
this is a private area.
Do not--
I know, but I want to know.
--go in there.
There's mom's sweater.
Look at this room.
It is huge.
We're not supposed
to be in here.
Hey, this is a bad idea.
Let's go.
Look at all this.
Hey, stop snooping around.
Look at this.
It's mom.
Look at this, May 27, 1963.
12th Duke and Duchess of
Glencrave welcome heiress.
That's mom's birthday.
Merry Christmas
and a happy New Year.
Oh, hello.
What are you doing in here?
That might be a question
we should be asking you.
Did you really bring us here
just to celebrate Christmas?
You know how much
I love Christmas.
OK, but are you a duchess
who loves Christmas or?
I was supposed to be.
What's going on here?
Well, I suppose it's
time you learned the truth.
Where are you going?
I thought everyone
had gone to bed.
I saw the car
lights from my window.
The American's
outside, isn't he?
You know how mother and father
feel about him, and the music.
I don't care.
I'm going with him.
Going where?
We're going to
travel with his band.
But it's Christmas tomorrow.
Please don't leave without
talking to mother and father.
They won't understand.
When are you coming back?
You're coming back, right?
This place, this world,
it isn't me, Danny.
Despite your constant
irreverence to this family,
this is who you are, and
you can't change that.
When I sing, I feel free, and
I'm always reminded of the path
that's been chosen for me.
I don't accept that
anymore, Danny.
If you walk out that
door, mother and father
may never take you back.
Don't go.
Merry Christmas, Danny.
I love you.
I love you too.
So there you have it.
Glencrave and the title to
it are my family birthright.
You told us your
parents had a sheep farm.
And they died in a car
accident before we were born.
They did die in
a car accident.
After we were born?
Why did you lie to
us all these years?
It's complicated.
Well, enlighten us, please.
Everyone knows how
glorious Glencrave is,
but I didn't fit in here.
I just wanted to be
normal, but that was never
going to happen because as
Lady Josephine, as the eldest,
I was to be the duchess.
So you just left?
When I was 20.
We moved to America,
started our folk group,
and then our little family.
So Daniel became the duke?
It was a massive
responsibility I didn't want.
Danny was much
better suited to it.
In the States, I was finally
in charge of my own life.
I wanted you both to have
that too, a normal life.
Did you stay in
touch with him?
For a while.
Eventually, months
passed without a call,
and then years until
then finally Danny
and I weren't in touch at all.
I did try and reach
him just recently.
I wanted to see him, but
he died of a heart attack.
Did he know about us?
So you cheated him out of
knowing us and us knowing him
and our grandparents too.
I guess part of me
just wanted to protect
you from my family drama.
Protect us?
Mom, you kept your identity
hidden all these years so you
could embrace your true self.
Yes, while the whole time
denying us our true selves.
I'm sorry.
It was wrong, and I will
live with regrets every day
for the rest of my life.
But it is my fondest
wish that this trip can
be a moment of healing,
to all have a nice family
Christmas together.
You need this; we all need this.
What I need is some air.
You might say we're
known for our knight life.
Get it?
I heard the news!
And to think I was in
the presence of greatness
yesterday, and I hadn't a clue.
No, no.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is my
great honor to present to you--
No, no, no.
Just-- just-- just-- just--
just boring Americans.
Yeah, nothing to see here.
Have a good tour.
Such humility.
I can respect that.
I feel like I am in the middle
of some twisted royal tale.
I know, but it's
actually happening.
I mean, you go through
your whole life believing
one thing, and
then boom, the rug
is pulled out from under you.
It's just so backwards.
I feel cheated.
We should have known about this.
This should have been
part of our lives
if it wasn't for mom keeping
all these secrets from us.
I know.
To not have known our
uncle and our grandparents?
Known about this castle?
Look at this place.
What do you think
will happen to it?
I don't know.
Sarah's back there with mom.
Maybe she'll get to
the bottom of it.
You guys OK?
You seem off.
Well, it's a lot to unpack.
Do you want to talk about it?
Not really.
You haven't exactly been
part of our lives, Lindsay.
Of course I have.
You were gone before the
first toast at our wedding.
Because you
booked your wedding
the weekend before my med
school entrance exams.
And you know what?
You never even showed
up at my graduation.
That was the
day before tax day
and our biggest client was
going through an audit.
I tried.
I mean, the last time we saw you
was two years ago at dad's, and
you never come to our ugly
Christmas sweater parties
You stopped inviting me.
I'm going to change my flight.
You're leaving?
I mean, is there
a reason to stay?
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Easy, lass.
Hi again.
Sorry about that.
Bonnie's a Clydesdale.
Very sweet, but also
very temperamental.
I see.
Do you-- do you work here?
Glencrave property
manager, Mike Bell.
I'm Lindsay Morgan.
This is my brother, Brad.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Any chance you want a tour?
I'm about to head out.
No, that's very--
Actually, Lindsay was
just saying that she
would love to see the grounds.
- What?
And you?
Yeah, I actually have
to get back to my wife,
but I'll catch you later.
I-- but I--
Look, if you're
busy, I understand.
No, it's just--
I'm trying to book
a seat on a flight.
Aye, aye.
So you've come all the
way over to Scotland,
and you're going
to leave before you
get the opportunity to discover
your family and your land?
Not to mention missing all
of our holiday traditions,
which is the greatest ever.
So you've heard?
These walls can talk.
You know what?
A quick tour.
Yeah, just a
little, little tour.
Come on.
Up you get.
I wasn't exactly
myself last night.
Things have been a little tense.
Family's a lot, especially
during the holidays.
You throw in 30,000
acres of history,
and you're bound to
be a bit overwhelmed.
This place is 30,000 acres?
Did you know your
family has 30 bathrooms?
Why does anyone
need 30 bathrooms?
Oh, it's better than
fighting with your big sister
who hogs the one
bathroom that you share.
Scottish for "crazy."
Are you two close?
Well, it used to be we
fought all the time as kids,
but she's my best friend now.
Actually, she's just had a
baby girl not too long ago.
Oh, so you're an uncle.
The greatest thing, having
a wee one in the family.
This woods are the best
Christmas trees in the world.
And you're responsible
for all of this?
Call me a Mac of all trades.
So this bonfire, is it for
that party you mentioned?
The winter Christmas
solstice, yeah.
It's a celebration of the
longest night of the year.
It's a big thing at Glencrave,
with Shetland ponies, all
the townspeople and workers.
They bring their families.
So what do you do,
Lindsay Morgan?
- I'm a doctor in California.
- Oh.
A general practitioner.
I run a clinic.
Do you like it?
You know, it's a
little bit more paperwork
than I bargained for, and I--
I do miss being more
hands-on with the patients,
but the promotion was nice.
Paper can never
replace people.
You're right; it can't.
And your brother?
He's a tax attorney.
Good to have one of
those in the family.
Yeah, sure.
You're not, um, close
with your brother?
Well, I think we're
kind of maybe the opposite
of you and your sister.
We were really
close as kids, but I
guess not so much anymore.
Maybe the best way to
explain it would be this tree.
It's beautiful.
It's strong.
But the more you cut
away and cut away at it,
eventually it falls down,
and it never grows back.
We've just kind
of drifted apart.
Well, I see things
a little differently.
You mind digging a hoe?
Every plant, every tree that
I cut down, if you nurture it,
eventually it'll grow
back stronger than ever.
It's too bad this tree is
going to turn into firewood.
It's such a perfect tree.
I don't know.
We could do with another
Christmas tree at Glencrave.
Because the 30 you
have aren't enough?
No, we need one
decorated by you.
I hope you stay till Christmas,
Lindsay Morgan of California.
Hey, Sammy.
Another tree?
Do you guys want to
help me decorate it?
Why don't we put
it up in there?
I'll go and get a tree stand.
Yeah, maybe we--
I'll just wait right here.
Should we try and--
- Yeah.
On three.
1, 2, 3.
Yeah, no.
We should wait.
That is super heavy.
This one for the
tree in the keep.
The big ones draw the eye.
It's what people
want to see, Lindsay.
That's all you're
going to be able to see
from halfway across the castle.
Mom, I still don't
understand what
was so terrible about
this place that you took
a wrecking ball to your family.
That you would keep an
entire branch of our family
tree a secret from us.
Lindsay, do you
remember how badly
you wanted to go to med school?
Well, of course.
Imagine if I'd forbid
you from doing that.
And, Brad, what if I told you
you-- you couldn't marry Sarah?
I was told I had to go
to a certain school.
I had to marry into
a suitable family.
I was taught how to walk,
how to talk, how to wave.
It was all about duty before
personal desires and interests.
Yeah, but why not tell us?
I mean, we would
have understood.
I should have,
but to move forward,
I felt I had to close the
door on that part of my life.
It was too painful.
Jo, what's going to
happen to Glencrave?
Well, as you know,
Danny left it all to me.
But I can't run this place.
I don't even know if I'm
welcome around here anymore.
I think Danny knew that, so
he had a wish in his will
that I spend one last
Christmas here at Glencrave
and bring all of you.
Mom, you didn't
answer the question.
What's going to
happen to Glencrave?
If you're interested,
I'll pass it down to you.
You mean like we just
own it, just like that?
You can live here
and run the estate,
keep Glencrave in the family.
Mom, this isn't Downton Abbey.
And what?
We just, like, become
a duke and a duchess?
I have total control
of Glencrave now.
Lindsay, if you want to be a
duchess, you can be a duchess.
Brad and Sarah-- the same;
you can also hold the titles.
And what if we don't want to?
We just, like, put a giant
for-sale sign on the grounds?
I'm meeting with an
attorney and an estate agent
to weigh our options,
but essentially yes.
And how would Danny
feel about that?
Not good, but expected.
Why does it feel like we
would be letting down a man
that we know nothing about?
I'd like to show
you something.
What is all of this?
Danny's work.
He was an expert craftsman.
He spent the entire year
working towards Christmas.
He'd play Santa for the
solstice celebration
and give it all
away to the kids.
All the time that
must have taken.
He always used to say
it was like Christmas
all year round in here.
He'd spend hours when he
was a little boy in here
with our grandfather.
Danny had a real gift.
And he was generous with it.
He had several serious
girlfriends over the years,
but he never
married or had kids.
He always took care
of everyone else.
Why don't we hit the
town tonight, hm?
The Christmas Highland
dancers are performing,
and there is a wonderful market.
We could get some
Christmas shopping done.
All right.
Is that Hamish the tour guide?
Hamish is a Highland hunk.
Lord of the prance.
Look at those moves.
How does he defy
gravity like that?
Brad, Sarah, come on up here.
The more the merrier!
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Oh, come on.
You know you want to.
Are you afraid?
You did not just say that.
Oh, let's go.
Yes, come up, lads!
Nice moves.
- None for you?
- No, no, no.
I really don't dance.
We should change that.
Come on, let's go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.
You cut a fine
rug, Lindsay Morgan.
You're not bad yourself.
Until next time.
Morgan clan!
Thanks for coming to
our Christmas show.
I'm honored.
You were amazing.
How did you get so good?
Well, you might say it's all
about impressing the ladies.
Oh, look.
Oh, we could make kissing
bells to promote fertility.
I'm still hoping for a
grandchild in my future,
you know.
There it is.
It only took you 24 hours, mom.
An old lady can
wish, can't you?
Yes, and merry Christmas.
Is that you?
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
This is my son Brad
and his wife Sarah,
and this is my daughter Lindsay.
This is Elspeth, my
best friend growing up.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Come through.
I will.
We'll pay for these
and meet you inside.
I suppose we will
take all of these.
Beautiful store.
You always had an
eye for fashion.
Thank you.
So how have you been?
All right, under
the circumstances.
I'm sorry about your brother.
He was a good man.
This town loved him.
I know.
He was a man of the people.
I missed you after you left.
I'm so sorry I
never said goodbye.
I knew what you
were going through.
I just wish I'd
been there for you.
Oh, Elspeth, you were, as
much as you could have been.
We were 20.
Are you all in
town for Christmas?
We are, yes.
It's so beautiful here.
Oh, please say you're
staying for the Glencrave
Christmas ball.
It's the best night of the year.
Sounds like fun.
I didn't want to spring
everything on them all at once,
but we can go if you like.
We'll discuss it later.
Your dresses are so
gorgeous, Elspeth.
Oh, thank you.
Brad, why don't you and
Lindsay go grab a pint.
And just in case, Jo and
I can pick out a dress.
Yeah, why not?
Grab a drink?
- Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Back in a bit.
Hey, hey.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Welcome to Salinger's.
I'm Charlie.
What can I get you?
Well, what do you recommend?
Are you feeling
daring tonight?
I am.
How about a Bad Santa?
It's a whip cool,
bourbon, and eggnog.
Too many of those,
and I will definitely
be on the naughty list.
All right.
Americans, eh?
Yeah, San Francisco.
Los Angeles.
Ah, sunshine.
You know, there's a
saying here in Scotland.
We have two seasons--
June and winter.
And if we didn't
have Glencrave here,
I'm not sure anyone
would make it
to our wee neck of the woods.
Does anything not revolve
around Glencrave here?
Apparently all roads lead
back to our long-lost family.
Thank you so much.
He means, long may
your chimney smoke.
He wishes you good health.
- Oh.
- And to you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas.
It's a wee bit strong, eh?
Yes, but great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
People are so nice here.
Oh, they're so nice.
I know, and there's no smog;
there's no cars honking.
No 15-hour work days.
So are you going
to tell me what's
going on with you and Sarah,
or is it going to take
another couple of these?
It's still
complicated, Lindsay.
I get it.
I know.
I'm probably the last person
you want to talk to about all
this stuff, but you
got to get it out,
everything that's bottled up.
You're not the last person.
It's just not like
you and I have
been in the feeling
sharing business
for these last few years.
Sarah and I have been going
through a bit of a rough patch.
When we married, we
thought that we'd be
better off just the two of us.
Being children of divorce,
we didn't want any kids.
Yeah, I understand.
And it was a choice.
But now, with the
window closing,
Sarah really wants
a baby, and we've
been trying IVF with no luck.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, yeah.
So it's been really hard on her.
And-- and to be honest,
I don't even know
if I'm cut out to be a father.
I mean, look at our role models.
We are products of folk rock.
OK, look, I don't think
folk rock is a prerequisite
for being a bad parent.
I think you'd make a great dad.
Thank you.
I don't know what
we're going to do.
Well, you got to communicate.
Well, sometimes
it's-- it's not so easy.
I mean, if anyone
knows that, it's us.
What do you-- what
does that mean?
Sometimes you can make a
little bit more of an effort.
- So could you.
- See?
This-- OK, that's-- that's
why I don't ever have this
conversation with you
because you immediately
go on the defensive.
No, I don't.
I'm just trying to talk it out.
I mean, it works both ways.
Lady Josephine abandons
her family for America,
leaves the duke by himself.
Now we either get
her or her children
with no connection to Scotland.
I shudder to think what
will happen to Glencrave.
You know, you don't
look a day over 30.
Ach, you're off your head.
You're the one who looks bra.
It's like mom popped out
of a Scottish time machine.
Oh, it's been too long.
Talk later.
I'm going to stay
until after Christmas.
And we are too.
Just no more secrets.
No more secrets.
Lindsay, wake up!
Come in.
- Lindsay, I need your help.
- What's wrong?
Mac's fallen off his horse.
He's hurt.
Please, come with me now.
Of course.
I'm-- I'm going to get dressed.
How's the pain now?
It's getting better.
We're definitely
going to the hospital.
That's a couple of hours away.
I can go to the clinic in town.
Look, I don't
think it's broken,
but just in case, does this
clinic have an X-ray machine?
Not likely, but-- but trust
me, the clinic is just fine.
All right, if this doctor
thinks you need an X-ray,
I'm taking you to the hospital.
If you say so, but--
No buts.
Let's go.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Is Lindsay still asleep?
Mac fell off his horse, and she
went to the doctor with him.
Thank you so much.
I hope he's all right.
She said he seems fine.
Could I have some
coffee, please?
Breakfast is served.
We have black pudding,
kippers, smoked Arbroathies,
porridge, and haggis.
What's haggis?
It's a local delicacy made
of tender cuts of mutton.
Yes, we take a sheep's
heart, and we dice--
You know what?
Never mind.
Can I just have some toast?
Well, here in Scotland we
like a hearty breakfast.
It helps to put meat on the
bones for the harsh winters.
Now I get why you
moved to California.
I'm glad someone
can laugh about it.
Pure barry.
Oh, no.
His name is Mac.
It's an old Scottish
saying for brilliant,
as in what were you thinking?
This is Lindsay, Dr.
Morgan, she did the splint.
Nice work, Dr. Morgan.
Thank you.
This boy is accident-prone.
Eight broken bones,
broken nose from a run-in
with a rugby goalpost, and a
dislocated shoulder from trying
to move a car off the road.
- Really?
It sounds like you guys have
known each other a long time.
Since November the 1st, 1981.
Dr. Bell is my mother, Amelia.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
I bet you are very, very
busy with the nearest
hospital being two hours away.
Well, thankfully we got Shelly
McGregor in on time last night.
She had a wee little
lad, 12-pounder.
For the 12 Days of
Christmas, apparently.
Yeah, I'm a
general practitioner now,
but I worked in
obstetrics my first
three years out of med school.
I've delivered a lot
of babies round here
who don't want to
wait for the hospital.
Lindsay manages
her clinic too, mom.
Oh, impressive.
Well, no offense, but for me,
that's the most painful part
of the job.
- I am so glad you said that.
Me too.
Well, managing
people is like herding
cats, and the paperwork.
Yes, and the red tape.
And the regulations.
Thank you.
I think you got lucky.
Looks like just a sprain.
But no more riding for a
while, and careful managing all
that firewood for the solstice.
I'm serious.
Too busy to have you coming
through my door again.
She is.
I saw the waiting room.
Well, long hours,
house calls, and the pay
hasn't made me a rich woman.
I need two of me,
but the resumes
aren't exactly piling up.
You mean you weren't
happy with the candidates.
She's a wee bit of a
perfectionist, my mom.
I see.
But it is worth it?
Aye, it is.
I love this town.
You know, it reminds me of
one of those little Christmas
villages that you see
on top of a mantel;
has all of these
cozy little houses
and everyone looks so
happy and cheerful.
Yeah, well, that's the
Christmas spirit for you.
Hey, very cute.
Oh, those are cute.
They remind me of these
matching Christmas plaid
pajamas my mom used to get us.
Before my parents divorced.
I feel like that was one of
the only times of the year
we'd actually take
a family photo.
I bet you looked lovely.
Oh, well, of course I did.
I just wish we were still
just as close as a family.
Well, sometimes in
order to go forward,
you have to take a step back.
Oh, speaking of my mom.
Hey, mom.
How's Mac?
Uh, he's right here.
Hold on.
I'll put you on speaker.
He's doing all right.
Thankfully, nothing's broken.
Just my pride, Jo.
to hear you're OK.
Listen, Elspeth just called.
It's last minute, but her
husband owns a distillery,
and he's asking if
we all want to be
judges in the annual Christmas
whisky competition today.
You too, Mac.
I'd love to.
Thanks, Jo.
Wait, no, no, no, no.
I don't know anything about
whisky, other than I like it.
You're half Scottish.
It's in your blood already.
He's right, Lindsay.
It'll be a new adventure.
And free samples.
OK, not too many free samples.
I-- do you really
want to do this?
- Yeah, of course.
- OK.
You know what?
We're in.
We'll see you later.
OK, I have no
business judging whisky.
Mark Twain once said
too much of anything
is bad, but too much good
whisky is barely enough.
Ladies and gentlemen,
merry Christmas.
Welcome to Kilbride.
We've been making scotch
whisky here for 200 years.
But today, it's all about
blending the perfect holiday
spirit, a Christmas
whisky that will capture
the heart of the
Highlands, maybe
take top spot at the
Glencrave Christmas ball.
Anyone can distill malted
barley into whisky,
but by law, it can't
be called scotch
unless it's aged in an
oak barrel in Scotland
for at least three years.
When the process we saw
downstairs is complete,
the alcohol is poured into
these oak casks to age.
44 bottles of scotch whisky
are shipped around the world
every second.
If a year's output
were laid end to end,
it would reach to the North
Pole and back 60 times.
Who is ready to judge?
Ladies and gentlemen, the
cards have been counted,
the bribes have been pocketed.
It's time to
announce the winner.
Before I do, I'd
like to thank all
our judges, particularly our
new friends from California.
The winning whisky,
the blends that
will be served at this year's
Glencrave Christmas ball,
is 'Tis the Scotch.
Excellent choice.
Did you pick that one?
That one was my favorite.
That was so much fun.
Hey, do you remember
the Christmas
when we entered the
neighborhood hot cocoa contest?
We threw everything in ours.
Pretzels and marshmallows
and cookie crumbles.
Peanut butter, and-- and--
and you called it the dirty--
- Reindeer.
- Yes.
Yes, dirty reindeer.
I remember they came home
wearing it on their shirts.
These two could get
so messy together.
My mom would lose it.
Mom was never bothered by it.
No, you were all
about having fun.
I just wanted you
to be yourselves,
whatever that meant.
Great job, Morgans.
You're naturals.
So Uncle Daniel, did
he ever host this event?
He didn't just host
it; he started it.
Yeah, he loved whisky and a
good party, for that matter.
The title comes
with a lot of perks.
Duke perks, I like it.
Yeah, they're good.
But Jo will tell
you that Glencrave,
it's not all play and no work--
budgets, staffing,
farming, infrastructure.
Hmm, never thought
about it that way.
It's a big job, but the
payoff is even bigger.
It's a rewardable role because
when Glencrave is a success,
everyone's a success.
It's what keeps our
little town ticking.
Morgans, come try our new
whisky and fig Christmas cake.
Uh, yes!
Oh, Mac.
You got to ease up
on the sales pitch.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry for piling on.
I just-- I wanted
you to understand
the reality of Glencrave,
I know, but no one
here even knows us.
And we wouldn't know the first
thing about any of that stuff
you were just talking about.
Yeah, I can help you.
I know every nook and
cranny of this castle.
Budgets, balance sheets,
Daniel taught me everything,
and I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here to help
you if you need me.
Thank you.
That really does mean a lot.
But I can't just up and
leave everything behind.
You know?
And Brad and I, our
relationship is tenuous at best.
And without that--
You seem to be getting along.
Yeah, it's better.
It's just we have years
of walls built up, and I--
I don't know that one
Christmas vacation in Scotland
is going to tear them all down.
Oh, Lindsay.
You're up early.
Are you going to
help me to decorate?
I have to get ready to meet
Mac in a minute, but yeah.
I have time.
They're kiltness
shortbread cookies.
Oh, so you bake.
I am the baking butler.
So tell me, how
has your trip been?
You know what?
I love Scotland.
It's so beautiful, and
the people are just--
Yes, they are
wonderful, aren't they?
Yeah, they are.
I think I've just been having
a little bit of a hard time
digesting everything,
you know, all
of the Glencrave family stuff.
And Brad and I, well, you know
we're sorting through things.
But I'm hopeful.
I'm sure we've all
had our ups and downs.
Well, I've seen
it all, you know,
50 years of family dramas.
Try this perspective.
This morning, I decided
to try a new Christmas
pudding souffle recipe.
Now, every time I took the
souffles out of the oven,
they fell.
And the more I tried,
the worse it got.
So I decided to take a
deep breath, a step back,
and I made some freshly
baked cookies instead.
So a fresh start.
All right.
What are you up to?
- Hey.
Where are you going?
I got a text from
Mac about rounding
up some Shetland ponies for
the solstice celebration.
Yeah, me too.
Is Sarah coming?
No, she's going to
hang back with mom.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Maybe you should just go.
I don't want to be a
third wheel on your date.
We should both go.
Are you sure?
Yeah, totally sure.
I'm just going to get dressed,
and I'll meet you downstairs.
Look at the Shetlands.
They're so--
I was going to say
cute; that too.
Shetlands have
always been associated
with the holidays in Scotland.
I like to think they
have some deep meaning,
but really people just love to
see the little baggers pulling
the kids around in wagons.
You know, they eat,
sleep, and roam together.
Some can get ornery; others
are a bit more easygoing,
but they always stick together.
Have a look around.
There's a wee cafe
just down the way,
if you to grab something
to warm you up.
I can meet you there.
- Sure.
It reminds me of when we
went to see Santa at the zoo
that one year when we were kids.
They put the red nose
on that reindeer.
That was a really
patient reindeer.
It was.
Yeah, that was the
last Christmas before mom
and dad got divorced.
And we had no idea
what was coming.
Just two kids
enjoying the holidays.
You know, after they told us,
you really looked out for me.
That's what big brothers
are supposed to do, right?
You were the one person
who made me feel safe.
Why did you say that I
would make a great dad?
You took care of
me like a dad would.
Look at us.
This is way more than
a cordial Christmas.
These things are huge.
I'm used to having just
a sprig of mistletoe
hanging over a door.
I can only imagine the passion.
Sarah, I hope
I didn't overstep
at the Christmas market.
You and Brad would make great
parents, but it's your life,
and you both have to do
what's best for yourselves.
I just want you to be happy.
Thanks, Jo.
That means a lot.
You know I'm
always here to talk.
Now I've got to
get to a meeting
with the financial people
and an estate agent.
Oh, so many affairs
to get in order.
Sometimes the simplest
things are the best.
I know.
Why can't everything
be like this?
What is it?
I'm just thinking.
I don't know.
We got to talk.
What are we going to
do about Glencrave?
I don't know.
I mean, I'm not sure I'm
brave enough to just dive
into something like this,
just drop everything
for a new country, a title,
especially after I just
started this new job back home?
And Sarah, I don't know if
she'd want to leave her family.
But at the same time, there's
something about this place.
I can't explain it.
I just feel refreshed.
And focused.
You too?
Yes, but are we
really just getting
caught up in the fantasy?
You know, it's Christmas
time, and there's a castle,
and our family's secret.
You know, are we just caught up
in the ghost of Christmas past?
Have you talked
to Sarah about it?
We're already going
through enough as it is.
Brad, you have to talk to her.
You guys have this thing that
I have always hoped to find.
You have this ability to be
on the same page in life;
you get each other.
Thanks, but not lately.
I think you need to
remember why you fell in love.
You need to find that again.
Thanks, Linds.
Thank you.
All right.
That hot chocolate,
it's looking--
it's looking a little boring.
It does.
Butter all ready.
- That's for you.
- Yep.
Has to have some of this.
Last sprinkle for good luck.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, it's just like
the good old days.
I see you've been busy.
It's called a dirty reindeer.
Do you want one?
Why not?
One more hot cocoa for this
fine gentleman, please.
Oh, wow.
Thank you so
much for your help.
Yes, miss.
I mailed a letter to
Danny just before he died.
Have you any idea if he got it?
No, I don't.
But Daniel used to
collect his own post.
I could try to find
it if you wish.
It's OK.
I've looked everywhere.
Thank you so much
for bringing us.
Hey, I'm hosting a party
tonight at Salinger's,
just a few friends and family.
I hope you can make it.
How'd the kissing bows go?
And the ponies?
Let's just say Rudolph has
a solid B team this year.
Sarah, there's a thing at--
Mac's having a party at--
Salinger's, Yeah.
Can we just have fun
tonight, like we used to?
Just a few friends?
Well, you didn't get
dressed up for no reason.
Come join us!
Lindsay, you're just in time.
I could use your hand back here.
What should I do?
Uh, just pour and serve.
These good folks
will do the rest.
Sounds good.
This is amazing.
Hey there.
Merry Christmas.
You sure know how
to throw a party.
Well, it's go big or
go home in Scotland.
You know, I never got to ask
you how you became the property
manager at Glencrave.
Well, my dad did it as
long as I can remember.
I worked for him until
he died, and then
Daniel asked me to take over.
I'm sorry to hear
about your dad.
Yeah, thanks.
You know, you
mentioned your sister.
You said that when
you guys were little,
you used to fight a lot.
Yeah, we were
very competitive.
Do you have any
regrets with her?
Who doesn't when it
comes to siblings?
The main thing is is
that we figured it out.
How'd you do that?
An appreciation
for one another.
I think when dad died, we
understood how important family
can be, and it does us
no harm that we live
down the road from each other.
We talk about everything.
Dr. Bell, merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
And please, I tell
everyone to call me Amelia.
We're all family here.
Come in.
Sit down.
This is my sister Ayla
and her husband Thomas.
It's very nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
I'm sorry.
Do-- do I know you?
Have we met before?
Uh, no.
But I get that a lot.
You've made
quite an impression
on my brother and my mother.
All right, boyo.
Is it on?
Oh, it's on.
Here we go.
May I have your
attention, please?
Last year, I finally
managed to dethrone
the master of the slip
step and skip change.
But he says he wants a rematch
for the Christmas crown.
And apparently he's
been practicing a lot!
So what do you all think, eh?
Are you ready?
What do you reckon, take
the dance floor or what?
No, it'll take me two years.
Come on.
Oh, rubbish.
Hey, come on.
Show her.
- Show her?
- Show her!
Come on, let's go!
We have a new contender.
What are you doing?
I only know how
to waltz and tango.
Not here.
Here we do the Highland Fling.
The what?
What's happening?
It's the moment we've
all been waiting for.
All those for Mac.
All those for Hamish.
All those for
Thomas and Lindsay.
Scotland forever.
Oh, why not?
Scotland forever!
I see Brad's come to
help me lick my wounds.
What did you think?
I think you fought valiantly.
Weird question-- what do you
wear underneath those things?
It's OK.
I get asked that all the time.
You could be a true Scotsman,
but hey, I prefer shorts.
So Mac was saying
that you might take
over Glencrave with Lindsay.
We're-- well, we're--
We're not exactly sure
what we're going to do yet.
Whoever it is, I hope
they're as nice as Daniel.
He paid for our daughter's
eye surgery, you know.
That's incredibly kind.
That was Daniel.
He came to this
Christmas party every year.
He was quite the dancer.
Is that normal, for a
duke to hang out like that?
Didn't used to be.
Dukes and duchesses
were somewhat stodgy.
Times have changed.
All right, everyone.
This is the holidays
in the Highlands.
Come on, enough of
this; more of this.
Come on, let's dance.
Yes, come on.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
Sleep well.
Thanks for bringing us home.
Did you say home?
I did.
I meant Glencrave.
Sorry about your crown.
I bet you didn't know I was
such a fierce competitor.
You can be on my side of
the battlefield any day.
It was really nice
to meet your sister.
Your mom is so great,
and your friends.
It was really fun.
I don't think I've had that much
fun at a party in a long time.
You fit right in, Lindsay.
I am half Scottish.
You're a bonnie lass.
Isn't that what
you call your horse?
It means beautiful.
That was really nice.
But I think I probably need to
figure things out before I--
Say no more.
I'll see you at the
solstice tomorrow.
See you there.
Are you sure you
want to do this?
Looks like it's going
to be a perfect bonfire.
Aye, it will.
Mac, about last night.
Let's just enjoy Christmas
and see how this goes, eh?
I'm going to go
get ready inside.
I'm looking forward to it.
OK, who's ready
to light the fire
and hear the Christmas legend?
Come on, let's get in.
Come on.
Get down.
Get together.
Let's light it up.
Whoa, whoa.
Legend has it that tonight,
the longest night of the year,
is controlled by the
troublesome spirits that
roam the Earth,
spreading their evil
to stop the sun from returning.
But we need to scare these
spirits away, so we can
have the best Christmas ever!
Hey, hey?
Are you ready?
3, 2, 1.
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Have you all been good girls
and good boys this year?
Well, then you get
a present from an elf.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Danny would love this.
Aye, he would.
I can tell you've been good.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
You were really great today.
Everyone here just makes it
seem so effortless, you know?
They're just happy.
How it should be.
This break from my boss
has been invigorating.
You know, I haven't returned one
of his calls since the airport.
The break from my
family's been nice too.
And do you know how good it
felt to be appreciated today?
To be called Santa
and not the tax guy,
the same disgruntled
people wandering
through my door every day?
Yeah, it was fun.
The bagpipes are
even growing on me.
Brad, we need to have
an honest conversation
about where we're going.
I know.
Do you want to keep trying?
Are you talking about our
marriage, kids, this place?
I don't know.
Maybe it's all the same thing.
Can you see us here?
In a way, yes.
I never thought
I'd be saying that,
and I guess that is why
trying to have children
has been so hard.
I just can't bear
to see you so sad.
But no matter what, there's
one thing that I know.
I love you.
Just think, you could
celebrate this every year.
I see the way your family's
embracing Glencrave.
You're very persistent.
How many people can
literally say they've been
given the keys to the castle?
It's the gift of a lifetime.
This isn't real life
for someone like me.
Well, who makes the rules?
And what's real
life and what's not?
It's whatever we want it to be.
My mom needs a
partner at the clinic.
Glencrave, the people,
we have fallen for you.
It's yours for the
taking, Lindsay--
all of it.
You said it yourself, though.
Glencrave at Christmas
time is a fairy tale,
and fairy tales aren't real.
Well, maybe we are.
And now form the kneaded dough
into a circle, just like that.
Yule bread symbolizes the sun
in the darkest days of winter.
You know, when Christmas
was banned in Scotland,
bakers had to pass along
the names of all those
who asked for a yule
loaf to the police.
Now, what we're
going to do is we're
going to hide this wee
Scottie dog in the dough
and bake it inside.
And whichever family
member finds it,
they'll have good
luck all year long.
Now, who would like
to do the honors?
I will.
Well, of course.
Please pick one.
Thank you.
Hi, it's Jo.
Now, just leave those
to rise for a while.
I'll be back shortly.
Remember when you used
to bake all the time?
I miss your candy
cane sugar cookies.
I can make those for you.
What if we let whatever's
going to happen happen
and just be us for a change?
Being together is
what matters, right?
I love you.
I love you too.
That was the real
estate attorney.
He's advising we subdivide
the estate and break it up.
He says we'll have more
buyers interested that way.
Now, what about
the town, the people?
We need to talk to Lindsay.
Now, this evening's cocktail
is a Highland Snowball--
eggnog with a hint of whisky.
Thank you, Graham.
You're welcome.
So, Mom, are you really
going to break up the estate?
I don't have it
in me to run it.
And since it's so
new to you both, I--
I just wanted to know your
thoughts before I do anything.
Well, we think we should
keep Glencrave in the family.
There's no way we can
allow it to be carved up.
It would take away the
heart of this entire area.
And this estate is
responsible for the livelihood
of so many people.
What's going to happen
to all the families
who work on the property?
How could this work?
I don't know.
It's not exactly like we
know anything about managing
a property this size.
Maybe we could hire someone
to look after it, and--
and then visit whenever
we need to or want to.
Mac knows everything
about Glencrave,
and he's been offering to help.
I like it.
To new beginnings.
To new beginnings.
A text from Lindsay.
Mac's in.
What can I get
you tonight, eh?
Guinness for me, please.
I'll have a Scottish sparkle.
Oh, that's perfect.
So have you decided what
you're doing with Glencrave?
It's the million dollar
question around here.
We're keeping
it in the family,
and Mac's going
to run it for us.
But you'll be the
duke and duchess.
I'm not even sure we
deserve titles like that.
My two pence?
Castles and titles aren't
what make Glencrave special.
It's blood.
You're part of a family
that has survived
500 years of royal feuds
and revolutions, plagues,
floods, and even famines.
But through it all, your
family has taken care
of this town and its people.
You have the soul of Glencrave
coursing through your veins,
and that's a very
sacred thing here.
Now, I hope everyone is
excited about attending
the ball this evening.
Yes, I'm getting a
dress today from Elspeth.
Just one final point--
how would people
like to be announced
as they make their entrance?
Jo Morgan is fine with me.
Lindsay Morgan works.
So we've been thinking
a lot about what
we discussed last night.
We barely slept.
We want to take the
titles of duke and duchess
and move to Glencrave.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I-- I can make the announcement
myself at the ball tonight.
I thought we had a plan.
We do.
You could move here too.
But you just
made this decision
without even talking to me?
Brad, you're going to
move to another country
and just expect
me to follow suit?
I thought we were
in this together.
We are in this together.
Lindsay, wait.
You know what?
Nothing in this
family ever changes.
Merry Christmas Eve, Danny.
We'll miss you at
the ball tonight.
I can just imagine you're there,
life and soul of the party.
We're all here for Christmas,
just as you wanted.
No surprise, there's
a family drama,
but we'll get through that.
I'm sorry, Danny.
for everything.
I love you with all my heart.
So this is our family, huh?
The entire Glencrave clan.
I know this is
really hard for you.
I'm so sorry.
Are you doing OK?
I don't know.
Here I am thinking
that Brad and I
are going to have
this new start,
and now he's moving to Scotland.
You should be happy for
them, and for Glencrave
and all the people here.
Yeah, I think I'm
just worried we're
going to drift apart again.
I mean, how can we do
this together if he's here
and I'm not?
Oh, sweetheart.
It's not about where you live;
it's about the effort you make.
If my relationship with
Danny has taught me anything,
it's that.
You know, I sent him a
letter right before he died.
I told him I was sorry,
that I loved him,
and that I wanted
to see him again.
But then he died.
Now, I have to live
with what I did.
You followed your heart.
You can never go wrong.
Just don't have regrets.
You and Brad always had
a special relationship.
Honestly, after the divorce,
he was more of a parent
to you than I was at times.
He is a good man, but you
are a great mom who went
through a really hard thing.
I love you so much, mom.
Oh, I love you too.
Please say you'll go tonight.
I just want us all
to be together.
It can be my Christmas present.
Looks like we
have the same idea--
last minute Christmas shopping.
Listen, Brad tells me
he and Sarah are staying.
They are.
Do you want to
sit for a moment?
I'm going back to California.
Just like that?
It wasn't an easy decision.
Can I ask you something?
What's really important to you?
My family.
Well, your brother's
staying here.
What else?
My patients.
I love seeing the difference
I can make in their lives.
You know how valuable
you can be to this town.
You can make a difference here.
I mean, I know you have for me.
I hope you follow your heart.
Come in.
Danny would be proud of you.
You think so?
Well, you're keeping
Glencrave in the family
with those amazing
children of yours.
They have the biggest
of hearts, Jo.
I found the letter that
you wrote to Daniel.
He kept it in a
special wee box here.
He opened it?
So it appears.
I also found this.
It's for you.
I'm almost afraid
to look at it.
And I'm afraid that you'll
regret it for the rest
of your life if you don't.
Are you all right?
He forgave me!
As is right.
Presenting Frank and Moira,
Duke and Duchess of Dundee.
Presenting Graham Fraser
and Josephine Morgan.
You look beautiful, Sarah.
Oh, thanks, Mac.
Brad, the coat
looks good on you.
I went with the shorts.
Good call.
Thank you.
Have you seen Lindsay?
I'm not sure if she's coming.
I haven't talked to
her since this morning.
I know you'll work things out.
Enjoy the night.
You too, Mac.
May I have this dance?
Presenting Lindsay
Morgan of California.
Hi, Mom.
Oh, sweetheart.
You're beautiful.
Thanks, Mom.
And you.
Excuse me, Sarah.
May I have this dance?
Thank you.
- You came.
- Of course.
I couldn't miss my
brother and sister-in-law
being announced to the world
as the Duke and Duchess
of Glencrave.
I'm sorry I got upset.
I really am so happy for you.
I'm sorry we didn't
talk to you first.
Lindsay, I don't want to go back
to the way things have been.
We've lost too much time.
I know.
I was too stubborn to realize
the biggest part of me
was missing.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Me neither.
I've missed you so much.
So much.
So I'm going to come
visit you all the time.
And we will come home to
see you, and for the weather.
Of course.
May I have this dance?
Ah, yes.
You are stunning.
And you are very,
very handsome.
Scots are hot.
What can I say?
They are.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
And thank you for coming to
the Glencrave Christmas ball.
Tonight, I have a
special announcement
to make on behalf of my brother,
the 11th Duke of Glencrave,
who is sadly no longer with us.
He was a wonderful man,
beloved by this community.
On this Christmas Eve, our
family turns a new page.
So without further ado, I
officially present to you
Brad Morgan and his wife
Sarah Morgan, the 12th Duke
and Duchess of Glencrave.
Love it.
Thank you.
Thank you all so much.
It's not too late.
Thank you.
Thank you all.
Thank you.
I have something for you.
I want you to consider it
an early Christmas present.
I'll wear it with pride.
I know you will.
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas.
Oh, Merry Christmas.
Well, I say we're
the matching Morgans.
It is a merry
Morgan Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I couldn't leave
without saying goodbye.
Merry Christmas, Lindsay.
These are for Bonnie.
Not for me?
This is for you.
It's Christmas pajamas.
It's kind of my thing.
I was hoping you'd come by.
It's the Glencrave crest.
This is beautiful.
Thank you.
May I?
So you're leaving tomorrow?
Yeah, first thing.
This is the best Christmas
I've had in a long time.
I'm glad.
You're a special person.
Goodbye, Mac.
The car is ready.
I'll be driving you
to the airport myself.
Thanks, Graham.
In your own time.
What's all this?
They came to see you off.
You're a part of Glencrave now.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you so much.
I'm going to miss you so much.
I love you the best.
You know that.
I love you more.
One more gift.
Your key.
Graham, turn the car around.
You know what?
If I can figure out how
to run my own practice,
I can figure out how
to make this work.
I mean, this is the
first place that's
felt like home in a really long
time, and we're a team, right?
Then let's do this-- together.
And you, how do you feel
about dating a duchess?
It would be my honor,
Lindsay Morgan of Glencrave.
Oh, that has a
nice ring to it.
Oh, she's here.
Ainsley's first Christmas.
And she looks so beautiful.
You're going to have a great
life, aren't you, Ainsley?
And you're going to forge
your own little path.
And she'll be whatever
she wants, as long
as her family's by her side.
She's our wee
Christmas miracle baby.
Why don't we take
a family photograph?
- Perfect.
- Right there.
You ready, honey?
Now, let's have a
big Christmas smile.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.