A Message from Brianna (2021) Movie Script

Say thank you daddy
for our new house!
You're welcome
Bri, my baby cakes.
Hopefully mommy helps daddy
with some work around here.
What do you think, mommy?
Is that gonna happen?
No, but I still
love you though.
Hey guys, can you stay
on this side please?
Thanks guys.
Hold this for me, hold this.
All right babe, I'm
gonna take her in.
It's getting chilly out.
Okay baby, I'll see you later.
Bye baby!
My first house.
I don't got time
Don't play with mine
Got stopped like a sign
I'm back on my grind
Look how I'm flexing on them
I'm living reckless, mama
Look how I'm
stepping on them
I don't got time
Don't play with mine
Get stopped like a sign
I'm back on my grind
Look how I'm flexing on them
I'm living reckless mama
Look how I'm
stepping on them
Foot on they neck as I'm
counting these dividends
Baguettis drip off my
neck I got plenty and
I'm gonna run it up
Run through the city
with all of my woes
Foot on they neck,
man I'm so rude
Boss man who I talk to
Young man making boss moves
Diamonds dripping
just like voss do
Fuck your conversations
keep it Ben Frank
Shit, I ain't
trying to meet you
I'm with all kind of divas
And you know that they
rocking all kind of sneakers
Her name is Coco, she
rocking Chanel though
Dia she rocking Dior
I got an itch for Allegra
Versace, she call me papi
I plant my seed in her
If I said I I meant it, I'm
rocking these Sentiments
Galliano look
like letter mail
Yeezy always send
me special mail
Babe, you think you're
gonna be done soon?
You know everyone's
gonna be here in an hour.
And look at you.
All sweaty.
I mean fine, but sweaty.
I need you to help me come
in here and set up, babe!
Okay okay, I'm done.
Get out here before
I squirt you, girl!
You better not!
You know better than that.
I'm not changing neither.
I look good in dirt.
Don't you think?
You better not bring
all those dirty clothes
into my newly freshly
cleaned house.
Oh your house huh?
Hurry up!
Okay, maybe I get it
Gotta start tracking
who I'm dripping
Rock in my hand, got
a rock on my hand
Rock out like a
bandstand on two feet
No pivot
I'm on my Ps and Qs
Great minds together
like me with you
All of your dollars
play peek-a-boo
Okay, maybe I get it
Gotta start tracking
who I'm dripping
Rock in my hand, got
a rock on my hand
Rock out like a
bandstand on two feet
Gosh, I love what
you did with the place.
It looks great.
I don't know.
I'm still trying
to get settled in.
I'm not feeling it yet.
Girl, listen, you
know you can call me.
Contact me anytime.
I will.
You know I will.
I'll be calling you
in about an hour.
I love you so much.
I love you too.
Don't forget, call me.
I will.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Let's go, Bri!
It's my baby's birthday today!
She's three!
That's pretty!
Say thank you, Liz.
You're welcome.
My little diva.
I wanna see that one.
Come here, Bri.
Come here, you can do it.
Come here.
Girl, she does not wanna walk.
All she wants to do is crawl.
Trust me, we've been trying.
We get the call from
the doctor tomorrow.
I'm scared.
Damn baby, you
acting like she's
going in for surgery
or something.
I know Kathy
If killing a vibe was a person.
Oh really?
Gonna do me like that?
It's okay, my baby walk
soon enough, right Bri?
Another one?
You did not have to do that.
Thank you.
What's in here?
A teddy bear.
Not a teddy bear.
It's a nanny cam.
A nanny cam, okay.
Yes, you can stalk her
on your phone all day long.
And it is a camera.
For the bedroom!
You would.
Don't we all wish.
Shut up.
Who you know
stepping like this
Based on how I walk through
Reason that I bark too
God we're all dog food
Young man bust moves
24 karat on my wrist
Drip, drip
Who you know
stepping like this
I can't believe our baby
just turned three today.
And we're all comfortable
in our new home.
I'm just so happy I'm done.
All the paperwork, the
moving, the fixing.
Has me exhausted.
I bet.
I mean we lucked up though.
Being able to buy this house
so cheap from your grandfather.
It was either us or the bank.
At least it gets to
stay in the family.
And we get to pass
it on to our kids.
Babe, I'm not having
anymore kids.
At least not for a while.
Bri is more than enough.
"Whatever goodnight"?
Okay, that's what we're doing?
Goodnight baby.
Home sweet home.
What a day what a day.
All right baby, you're
gonna sit here and play
with your new toys while
mommy cooks dinner.
Here you go, baby.
You want this?
Here's her brush.
Here's her brush.
Tell me what you want.
Why you looking at me like that?
I want you, girl.
Sorry, I was thirsty.
The door.
Why'd you leave the door open?
I didn't leave that door open.
You probably did.
Oh I did?
You definitely left
the door open.
Babe, I really didn't
leave this door open.
So you got amnesia again?
Are you gonna stare at it
or are you gonna close it?
And you brought dirt
into my kitchen?
Babe, what are
you talking about?
Clean it up and go
feed the dogs please.
Anything else?
Yeah, I'll let you know.
All right,
so who do we have next?
We have little miss Brianna.
Therapist said she's done well.
No signs of autism or
any physical defects.
Her x-rays look good.
So do our MRI reports.
So what are you thinking?
Well it's complicated.
My first thought was
Rhett Syndrome.
What makes you think that?
Well as you know, with
Rhett Syndrome children
between one and four years
of age lose the ability
to perform skills
they previously had.
The loss can be rapid,
could be more gradual,
occurring over weeks
or even months.
That actually seems to fit
Brianna's clinical picture here.
Yeah, but that's it.
She hasn't experienced any
pain in her lower extremities
and her head growth is normal.
So what are you thinking?
My first thought was
Acute Benign Myositis.
Yeah, but usually
you have leg pain
associated with that as well.
Yes I know, but the
difference is with
Rhett Syndrome you lose
the ability to walk.
Brianna's x-rays and MRI report
show no structural damage.
So what do I tell the parents?
I mean I don't wanna
scare them and we're
not really sure what
we're dealing with.
I would just be truthful.
There's a chance Brianna won't
resume walking for a long time.
They'll need to understand
and accept that.
All right.
We'll continue to run tests.
Dr. Dickerson's on the phone!
Okay babe, coming!
Hey Leonard.
How are you guys making out?
Good good, finally
getting settled in.
That sounds great.
You guys deserve it.
Well I hope I have some
good news for you.
So I looked at Brianna's tests,
all of her tests
came back negative.
Her MRis are negative,
her x-rays are good.
She really doesn't show any
sign of developmental problems.
You guys seem kinda down.
No, no, not down at all.
It's a great thing.
I'm just a little
confused because...
I mean she's still not
walking, so I was just
hoping to maybe get
some type of answer.
Listen, we just
gotta give it some more time.
We'll continue to
do the therapy,
we'll run some more
tests, and hopefully
we'll have a breakthrough soon.
Time and patience it is then.
And listen, you
guys have a great evening.
Thank you.
You too.
Thank you.
She's okay.
I'm just...
You know.
I know.
She's good.
She's gonna be great.
Res got that sauce
I got a nice turn
A nice thing thing
to turn turn
My gal is a high fan
It's 3 AM, I call
her my night thing
Why don't you
knock me rising
Can't keep him
down any morning
Do you hear her moaning
Do you hear her moaning
Baby, why are
the dogs barking?
I don't know.
I'll figure it out in a few.
Please can you just go check
my Fufu and your
big ugly ass dog?
Are you serious?
You gonna stop me in the middle?
Look at this, babe.
And you want me to
go to the porch
to check on two hungry dogs.
You better tuck it in then.
What the hell are
you guys barking at?
Come on, y'all want your food?
Got your food, but
you wanna bark.
Keep barking.
All right come on, that
should be good enough.
Come on.
Back in there, come on.
Come on come on.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Now stop barking and eat.
What was it?
Oh nothing, I guess
they were just hungry.
Barking like that?
I don't know babe,
it was kinda weird.
When I was walking back
up the back door opened.
Shut up, stupid.
You need to stop
trying to scare me.
I'm being serious.
Why you holding me so tight?
I thought you weren't scared.
You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take
Come to mama.
Come this way.
My sunshine away
We still not gonna
walk today huh?
You can do this, okay?
You can do it.
Hello women of my life!
Look who it is!
It's time for some mommy time.
Mom, you don't want daddy?
Come on girl, we're
gonna get a whirl!
Look at that!
Oh look, look look,
is this yours?
Is this yours?
Not today, Ti-ti.
Babe, why's the
nanny cam on the bed?
Oh I must've forgot
to put it back up there.
I had to change the battery.
Oh okay.
Raw life, but I run on it
Shine bright like
the sun on it
Wipe your nose with a slap
Babe, did you bring my tea up?
Babe, what...
Why are you in the bed so early?
Waiting for you,
my sexy housewife.
Now we can record it.
When you don't wanna give
me some I can just watch it.
No you did not.
You are so silly.
Look babe, I'm
all ready to go.
I'm not doing this with you.
My sexy ass husband.
I just started my period.
Aw babe, for real?
I know-
- You said tonight.
I've been looking forward
to this all day.
What do you want me to do?
It just popped out of no where.
Sue me.
Oh okay, Mr. Attitude.
I love you.
Is my hubby mad at me?
Are you mad 'cause you can't
get any and you gotta wait?
Wake up!
Wake up!
What's wrong babe?
When you got up last night
you must've taken her
out of her crib.
What are you talking about?
Why would I do that?
Are you hurt?
Are you okay baby?
Let me see.
Let mommy look at you.
Are you hurt?
She was in our bed?
No, she was laying on
the floor next to her crib.
Are you messing with me?
How did she get out of her crib?
Probably got out her
crib the same way
you left the refrigerator open.
I mean I know I got up
and I went to the kitchen,
but I just don't
remember picking her up.
But maybe I did.
Yeah, you don't remember.
Just like you don't remember
leaving the refrigerator open!
Okay, okay, okay.
I just can't believe I did that.
Me either.
Come here, Bri.
Daddy's sorry, pumpkin.
Can you just go feed the dogs?
What the fuck?
Did you just shit in your food?
Both of y'all?
Come on.
Come on come on come on come on
come on come on come on come on.
Can't believe y'all
just did this shit.
Stop digging in
the grass, Titus!
Titus stop digging
in the grass, buddy!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Titus.
How was your
shower, my sexy man?
I needed it.
What's up?
Something wrong?
Those dogs still
aren't eating.
We need to just let
them out of those kennels.
If they poop on the rug oh well.
I mean you know my
dog always eats.
She greedy.
Not today she isn't.
Hasn't touched her food all day.
This morning I was
really pissed.
What she do?
Shit right in the food bowl.
Right on top of the food.
Who knows.
Maybe it's the food.
New house.
I don't know.
That's weird.
Maybe they're sick.
Who knows.
It's something.
Dang babe, what?
That was the weirdest thing.
Our daughter.
She was staring
at me wide awake.
Babe, are you sure you
just didn't dream that?
No, it wasn't a dream.
I know what I saw.
Her eyes were wide open.
Okay, well she's asleep and
that's what I wanna be doing.
Can we please just go
back to sleep babe?
Come here come here come here.
Come here baby.
What the hell was that?
I don't know, but I'm
about to find out.
Oh my god.
Wait, you cannot
leave us in here!
Just wait a minute.
Let me see what the
hell is going on.
I'm gonna call the police.
What's wrong buddy?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Are you not gonna
get the door?
Hi sir, Sheriff Lee Boyd.
Yeah, I heard about your
situation and wonder
if I can please ask
you a few questions.
We're trying to investigate
what happened.
All right.
So tell me, Leonard is it?
Is that the correct name?
Yes, Leonard.
Sorry, I'm bad with names.
So explain to me what happened.
Me and my wife were sleeping.
All of a sudden we heard a
loud bang like a door slam.
Did a door slam, or did just
sound like a door slammed?
I think a door slammed.
I don't know exactly, but
that's what it sounded like.
Kathy, please babe, sit.
Have a seat.
It's all clear out back.
No signs of a break in.
Okay, no sign of a break in.
We jump up.
My wife grabbed the baby.
And that's when I
went to the porch.
And I found my dog all bloody.
And that's you realized that
the other dog had
been eaten alive?
Yes sheriff, thanks.
Well, I'm sorry to tell you,
but we have to call
Animal Control.
So what you're saying is you
guys are gonna kill my dog?
No no no I'm not saying that.
That's exactly what he's saying.
Your dog killed my Fufu
and we have a daughter!
And she's not safe in the
house with that goddamn dog!
So here's what's gonna happen.
The dog will not
necessarily be put down.
But he will definitely
be quarantined.
Do you know what rabies are?
What the fuck is a quarantine
going to do?
Get your dog out of here now!
Kathy I got it!
I hear you!
Do you have it?
They will come around and
pick up the dog within 12 hours.
That's all right.
I'll take him when
I go into work.
Do you want to take him?
You take your fucking dog now!
Grab your clothes.
Grab my clothes?
Grab my clothes.
Use your pillow.
You gonna play with me?
You ready?
- Peek-a-boo!
- Peek-a-boo!
- Peek-a-boo!
- Peek-a-boo!
Open the door, mommy.
Get the fuck away from me!
Open the fucking door, mommy.
Open the door, mommy.
Open the door, mommy.
Baby come home.
Come home.
Open the door!
Come home.
I'm in here!
Hurry hurry!
The camera.
The camera.
The camera?
Where's Bri?
She's fine.
No she's not!
She's fine, she's
crawling around the room.
No she's not!
She chased me!
Oh my god, she's
right behind me!
Okay, hold on!
Yes Mr. Taylor, I am.
What's wrong?
I need your help sir, please.
Excuse me?
I'm in my house.
Wait, wait.
Leonard, are you here?
Please bless this house.
Mr. Taylor!
Is that you?
It's Pastor Hunt.
Not Brianna, Pastor Hunt.
You're not welcomed here.
In the name of
the holy spirit.
I order you to leave this house
of God and to
release this child.
No no no!
You will release this child.
You have no place in this home.
In the strength of the holy
spirit, I cleanse this child.
What's wrong, pastor?
In the strength of the holy
spirit, I cleanse this child.
I rebuke this demon out of here!
I rebuke this demon out!
I rebuke this demon out!
I rebuke this demon out of here!
I rebuke this demon out of here!
I rebuke this demon.
Pastor Hunt, how
did this happen?
We go to church every Sunday.
We're good people.
Mrs. Taylor, a demon can
just come across your path.
So is our child possessed?
I wouldn't say she's
possessed, but I do think
whatever or whoever is
using her as a passageway.
A passageway?
When I came to
the house tonight
and saw Brianna I
asked if it was her.
If she was possessed
she would've
said yes just to get to me.
She answered no.
I just felt there was
more she wanted to say.
So you telling me a demon
is trying to speak
through my daughter?
Well I'm afraid so, but we're
not sure if it's a
demon or a spirit.
But what the hell is it?
I don't know yet.
But I won't stop
until I find out.
I promise.
So what does that mean?
That she'll turn into
that thing again?
I would say no, but with
the dog being murdered
so viciously, I don't
know what will happen.
Leonard, I don't feel
safe in this house anymore.
Mrs. Taylor, I understand
how you're feeling,
but the spirit has made a
connection with your daughter.
So you're saying it doesn't
matter if we leave or not.
Yes, I'm afraid so.
So how am I supposed
to handle all this?
How am I supposed to
protect my family?
The Almighty One
is your shield.
If you sense another
episode is starting,
you need to start
praying loudly.
Find a scripture
that's very meaningful
to you and say it with passion.
Do not fear.
Because it will
feed off your fear.
Be very firm with it.
And pray, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor.
Don't worry.
You'll get through this.
Are you Brianna?
I love you so much, baby.
How you guys doing, baby?
Honey, you okay?
Honey, you okay?
Please babe, don't be upset.
How can I not be?
I'm scared to death
of my own child.
I can barely even look at her.
We have to stay
positive, all right?
"Stay positive."
Shit, how?
How am I supposed
to stay positive?
Kathy, listen, Kathy.
We'll figure this out together.
Kathy, are you drinking now?
Yes I'm drinking, Leonard!
I'm losing my goddamn mind here!
Okay, okay.
And you're not doing anything
to help the situation
by the way.
What am I supposed to do?
A lot more than
what you are doing.
Kathy, maybe you need to get
out of the house for a while.
All right?
You're right.
I need to get out of this
fucking house period!
Shh, breathe.
Kathy, please, you're
not the only one.
Did it kill your dog?
It didn't.
It killed mine.
Kathy we're a family.
It's after me!
Not you.
You know what, you're right.
I do need to get out of here.
I'm gonna go to
this spa with Liz.
And when I come back
home, if I come back,
maybe I'll be a lot
more positive.
Come here, baby.
Come here.
It's okay.
Come here.
It's okay.
Whoa, here we go!
I want mommy.
Everything will be all right.
Daddy's here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Come on, shh.
This is for you,
close your eyes.
Everything will be right.
Daddy's here.
Mr. Taylor.
It's Pastor Hunt.
How are you two making out?
Good, good.
Kathy ended up at the spa.
She's been gone most of the day.
I see.
Well we all handle stressful
situations in our own way.
Pastor Hunt.
I don't know how
much more of this
she's gonna be able to take.
It's a very
upsetting situation.
How are you holding up?
Just put Brianna down to sleep.
How was the child's
interaction with you two today?
As if nothing ever happened.
Well I have some things
I wanna share with you,
but I wanna come by and talk
to you and your wife together.
Good things?
Yes and no.
There's some positives
and some negatives.
How bad are the negatives?
Well the
biggest negative is time.
We may not have as
much as I thought.
That's why I'm
headed your way now.
I'll be there in 45 minutes.
Okay, good.
Kathy should be back by then.
I'll see you soon.
The Lord is my light.
And my salvation.
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the
strength of my life.
She's mine!
Though I walk in the
valley of the shadow
of death I shall fear no evil.
Keep praying!
Mr. Taylor?
The Lord is
the strength of my light!
Of whom shall I be afraid?
Mr. Taylor.
Of the shadow of
death I shall fear no evil.
The Lord is my light
and my salvation.
Leonard, hey.
Come on.
Come on come on.
Come on.
Come on come on.
My bishop doesn't think
it's an exorcism.
Your daughter's not possessed.
Like we spoke about before,
she's being used as a messenger.
She has something
to tell one of you.
The connection in the house-
- I think it's me.
What are you talking about?
The spirit came to
me in the kitchen.
I actually saw its face.
A face you recognize?
Are you sure?
When I was little, a girl came
to live with us for a while.
With you and your parents?
My parents died in a car crash.
I lived here with
my grandparents.
This girl came and lived with
us when she was a teenager.
One day.
She just left.
My grandparents
said she ran away.
And how old were you?
Little, seven.
It was her face I
saw in the kitchen.
Baby, I don't know.
It was her.
It was her.
You still have the footage
from the video camera correct?
Yeah, it's on the nanny cam.
Can I see it?
Yeah, of course.
Is a new device.
With many video cameras, a
tiny amount of information
from the infrared
spectrum is recorded.
This can filter that
and enhance it.
So if this fits in
here, we can pretty much
see anything that comes
across the screen.
It's standard,
so it should fit.
Is this an easy process?
This machine-
- No, the spirit.
When will this all be done?
Mr. Taylor, how can we
know the answer to that?
How can we know when the
spirit will be heard?
The visual is a little blurry.
When you hit this.
Oh my god!
Please turn it off!
I'm sorry.
You don't need to see this.
My peers are the ones
that need to see this.
They will have the answers.
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to put you...
I'm sorry, man.
She's having a really hard
time with this whole...
I mean I am too.
No need to apologize.
But if what you're
saying about the girl
is true you need to
get more information.
I mean is there
anyone else you can
talk to who might know more?
My grandfather
might have been able
Haven't tried to talk
to him in years.
Well maybe it's time
you gave it a try.
Give me back my medicine!
Give me back my medicine!
Barbara, he didn't
take your medicine.
Yes he did.
Get outta here.
Excuse me!
Only family members
can come in before 3.
I am.
Bernard's my grandfather.
You're not on the list, so.
But he's my grandfather.
Mr. Jones
said he wants you
to bring him them meds.
Tyree, I can't right now.
Can you just do your job?
Jesus Christ.
He's eating plants!
Can you please stop
him from eating plants?
I don't think you understand.
Bernard hasn't had a
visitor in 15 years.
I mean the man doesn't
even speak, so I don't know
what makes you think
he'd wanna talk to you.
No offense.
My grandfather raised
me since I was three.
He's like a father to me.
I want him to see what
I've grown to be.
Oh my god.
Please don't deny me that.
All right, look,
you have 20 minutes.
Not a minute more.
You can sign in over there.
236 is up the
stairs to the left.
20 minutes.
People on this wing
can be a little touchy.
I'm just letting you know.
Grandpa, it's Leonard.
I know it's been a
long time, but.
I'm married now.
Beautiful baby girl.
You got a great-granddaughter.
Grandpa it's me-
- It's me.
Hey, hey!
What did I tell you?
He's strong for an old man, huh?
And he quick too.
That old man strength
ain't nothing to play with.
I know I haven't
come to see you.
And I have no excuse for that.
But I'm coming to you
now in need of help.
I don't know what's going on,
but my family's in danger.
I've seen things that
I can't explain.
Your time is up.
Please, just a
few more minutes.
It's his medication time.
It's time for you to go.
I saw her.
I saw Crystal.
Grandpa please!
She has control my baby girl!
Get this man out of here now.
Hey, I'm sorry, you
have to leave!
You have to leave!
No grandpa!
You were pretty like
that girl once.
But you changed over the years.
Your heart grew cold.
A young girl in the house.
You look so beautiful
in this dress.
Was trouble.
Hey, let me help you out of it.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Pretty just like her mama.
Not everybody loved
that baby though.
How long have you
been watching me?
Got this for you.
Do you have a
crush on someone?
You do.
You wanna put it in?
It's beautiful.
Well I think you're
pretty special too.
But you can't peek on girls
while they're getting dressed.
But since you're my
special little cuddle bug
I guess it's okay this time.
You two better get
on to the party.
I remember it like
it was yesterday.
You remember what?
You remember what?
What'd you do?
Okay you need to leave now.
My baby girl doesn't
deserve this, grandpa!
This isn't over!
Pastor Hunt.
I think I know what happened.
Meet me at my house,
I'm almost there.
Okay, wait wait wait.
I know what happened.
He has something to do
with crystal disappearing.
I know he does.
He who?
My grandfather.
This dirt was in
my house before.
As soon as I retrieve her
body this will all be over.
Her soul will be at rest.
That bastard.
I see we got the same taste.
Crystal, go ahead
and finish up
those dishes before
you go to bed.
You understand?
Yes Camille.
And honey.
Yes baby?
I put Leonard to bed.
And I'll be home
around 8 AM, okay?
Have a great night.
You too, baby.
Love you.
Love you!
Love you more.
Go upstairs, brush your
teeth, and get into bed.
But she asked
me to put the dishes away.
What did I say?
Talking about my girl
My girl
Stop please!
Honey would you
like bacon and eggs?
Would you like some fruit?
I have some apple here.
Here you go.
How's that look?
All right, great honey.
Crystal, would you like
to have what he's having?
Quite an appetite
this morning for you.
Here you go sweetie.
Get this out of my house now.
It's done.
You were like a mother to me!
You let him break me!
Over and over!
You never cared!
Why didn't you help me?
It's you.
Hey, hey!
I need to see him now
before the sheriff gets here.
He's about to be
arrested for a murder.
Nah, I haven't heard that.
You were there, you heard him.
Nah, I haven't heard that.
There isn't much time!
Tyree, Tyree, we
need to help this man.
We got a 1029, roll the ambo.
Good morning, Mr. Taylor.
These are the rest of your
grandfather's possessions
the DA's office turned in to us.
If you could please sign here.
Thank you man.
At least he don't gotta
go on trial for two.
Deputy Timmons.
I guess there's no harm now.
The coroner found out she
was pregnant when she died.
Yeah man.
Sorry man.
Have a good day.
What's all this?
Some stuff the
sheriff dropped by.
Stuff they got off grandpa.
Let me see that picture, baby.
How could you?
She can't have her!
Stay away from her!
What, what?
What, who?
Why won't she walk
for me, Leonard?
She never calls me mama anymore!
Kathy don't.
No, something changed.
Ever since we moved
into this house!
Kathy it's okay, baby.
You said when you
dug up the bones
that it was gonna be it.
That's what you said!
No no no, babe, you're
just having a bad stretch.
No, you don't understand!
She's not haunting your
dreams every night for months.
No, stop it!
Kathy, Kathy!
She can have her.
Kathy what are you-
- That is not my baby.
What are you talking about?
That is not my baby.
That's not my daughter!
Listen, you have
to get it together.
I need you.
This is something we have to do.
There's not other option, Kathy.
Leonard, I love you, but
I cannot do this anymore.
We can start over!
We will start over.
We'll pray all night long.
Without her!
We're gonna start
over without her.
What the hell are you
talking about, Kathy?
We can have another baby!
It's obvious that
Crystal, the spirit,
or whatever the fuck
it is, wants Brianna!
And if you can't tell.
That is not Brianna anymore!
There's not enough prayer
in the world that
could change that.
Why are you giving
up on your faith?
Why are you giving up on us?
I can't fight this!
I can't fight this anymore.
What do you want
me to do, Kathy?
I want you to man the fuck up!
We're giving this baby away.
I can't believe you
wanna give her away!
Leonard, we don't
have a choice.
How are we supposed
to do this Kathy?
A shelter.
An orphanage.
I don't know.
I don't care if we gotta go
to a goddamn police station.
Stop it.
Are you ready?
Leonard look at me.
Look at me.
Baby look at me.
I know this is hard okay?
I don't wanna do it
either, but we have to.
We have to.
We gotta go.
It's okay.
You'll be all right, baby.
Daddy loves you.
Daddy loves you.
Daddy loves you, okay?
Let's go!
Babe, you know what I could
really go for right now?
I don't know.
Let me guess.
I always do that.
But you would go really good.
With some chocolate
chip cookie dough.
So you want me
to go to the store
and get you some ice
cream when you got
this sexy chocolate
brownie right here?
Oh you gonna go on
top of the ice cream.
Baby if you go, you'd be
the best husband ever.
Plus I got a little
surprise for you tonight.
A surprise?
But I'm only gonna tell you
if you get me the ice cream.
You know I like surprises.
If I go all the way to the
store and get you some ice cream
I want the freakiest sex
ever when I get back.
Okay, that's a deal.
I'm serious, Kathy.
I'm serious too, baby.
Look, you go to the store.
And while you're gone.
I'll get in the shower.
And by the time you get
back, I'm gonna be naked.
Matter of fact, I'm not even
gonna dry off after the shower.
You know I like that.
I can't believe
I'm pregnant again.
Thank you God.
Yes sir.
You got a good man, girl.
It's about to go down.
It's about to go down.
I got the whipped cream
and the strawberries!
It's about to go down!
I've been waiting for you.
Do you have a gift for me?
I miss you, my
little cuddle bug.
Pastor Hunt.
What's going on with you?
How you doing man?
- Good, good.
- Mr. Taylor.
So I haven't seen
you guys in a while.
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
So far.
How's the family?
How's Kathy doing?
She's great.
A changed woman.
Wow, well that's
excellent news.
Well I gotta get back.
I was just in the area.
Decided to stop by and check in.
Okay, I appreciate that.
Pastor Hunt.
Appreciate you for looking
after Bri until Kathy...
I had a feeling she
would come back around.
You have a good one.
You too, man.
How you doing?
I see we got the same taste.