A Mighty Heart (2007) Movie Script

The day after 9/11,
Danny and I flew to Pakistan.
He was the South Asia Bureau Chief
for the Wall Street Journal
and I was working
for French Public Radio.
Thousands of journalists from
all over the world arrived in Islamabad
to cover the war
in neighboring Afghanistan.
On the 7th October the bombing began.
The forces of the Taliban Government
were rapidly overwhelmed.
And with the end of the war,
many journalists moved on.
Danny and I stayed.
Reporting on nuclear weapons,
Al Qaeda, secret Jihadi training camps
and the million refugees
still living in Peshawar,
the birthplace of the Taliban.
As the hunt for Bin Laden
continued in the mountains of Tora Bora
many fighters slipped back
across the border into Pakistan,
Looking for a safe place to regroup.
And many people in Pakistan
saw America as the enemy
and the Taliban
as their Muslim brothers.
By the end of January,
I was five months pregnant
and we were ready to go home.
But there was one more interview
that Danny wanted.
We flew to Karachi,
one of the largest cities in the world.
The main port of entry to
and departure from Pakistan.
A vast, sprawling, chaotic city
where there are so many people
nobody knows how to count them.
How do you find
one man amongst all this?
Okay, thank you.
-Hi. How's it going?
Yeah, it's okay.
-Where's Mariane?
-She's in bed, I think.
Do you know where the
headquarters of Cybernet is?
Cybernet? Yeah. Why?
-You know Richard Reid?
He sent an e-mail to his handler here,
it's a Cybernet address.
-You wanna go there?
Hey. How are you feeling?
Huge. Pregnant. I stink.
I'll show you stink. Make a lot of stink.
This time tomorrow we're gonna be
in an air-conditioned hotel in Dubai.
-How's my little embryo?
-I have a name for him.
-You do?
-Sheraton haven't got any cars today.
-Okay, khuda hafeez.
-I need one as well.
It's not a problem.
I'll get Shabir to get you guys a taxi.
As long as it doesn't take too long.
I can't be late.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
All right, I gotta roll. I love you.
-I'll call you. Leave your phone on.
I'll see you at the supermarket, okay?
Take care of her.
-Do you have a boy?
-I have a daughter, one, sir.
-How old?
-Maybe eight and a half months.
Daughter good. No problem. Life.
-Boy too much problem, life.
Danny. Kaleem Yusuf.
-Danny Pearl.
-Nice to meet you.
Please, come through.
Would you care for some tea?
I want to ask your advice
about something.
I'm supposed to meet tonight
with Sheikh Gilani.
-Where are you supposed to meet him?
-At the Village Restaurant.
Provided you meet him at a public place
you should be all right.
-Just be careful.
-Okay, I will.
It's not just religious fundamentalism
that we are fighting.
It's a combination of tribalism,
retrogressive cultural values
and a totally decayed
criminal justice system.
So what is your focus, your solution?
-Tonight you go?
-Tomorrow, yeah.
Why, my friend?
-You know Dubai?
-I know, sir, Dubai.
-Have you been there?
-No, no. Only Karachi.
So I'm trying to find someone
who's using Cybernet as his lSP.
I have the e-mail account name
and I was wondering if you'd
be able to give me the IP number
or the name of the account holder?
It is possible but I guess everything
here is very confidential
and we are not supposed to leak
any sort of information to anybody.
Asra? Yeah, I'll be there in 10 minutes.
Danny. How are you?
Is everything okay?
Yeah. No, I'm all right,
I'm on my way now.
Okay. Is Mariane going with you?
-No, she's not. She's gonna stay home.
-No? That's good.
-Why? Is there a problem?
-No, no, there's no problem.
As long as you meet in public,
there shouldn't be a problem.
All right.
I mean, it's what everybody tells me.
Yeah, because that's true.
Good luck for the meeting.
Yeah, thanks.
Hey. Hey, baby.
-Hey, where are you?
-I'm at the supermarket.
-What are you cooking?
Oh, yeah? Excellent.
How are you?
How was your day?
It was all right.
They didn't tell me much.
-What time will you be back?
-I'm hoping 9:00.
I'm sitting in a parking lot right now
but hopefully we'll get moving
and I'm still hoping 9:00.
-Listen, I love you.
-Love you.
Pakistani and Indian troops
are still massing
on the disputed Kashmir border...
Asra, how much time do I have?
It's okay. We've got lots of time.
Don't worry.
Glasses, glasses.
The number you have dialed is not
responding at the moment.
Please try later.
Excuse me.
How far are we going?
-How's it going?
So, it's just helping.
-What is it that you're doing?
-It's a cabin crew job. Qatar Airways.
-That is the toughest job in the world.
-lt is. Waking up at 4:00 in the morning.
-How much are they paying you?
-I love the way she says Urdu.
At least I can say "water"
as opposed to "water."
No-one says "water" here. Okay?
We all say "water."
-Hey, this food is really good.
-Yes, it's very nice.
It's a Cuban dish.
-ls that where you're from?
-No. My mother's Cuban. I'm from Paris.
-Where's that CIA agent, man?
-How do you mean?
All the American journalists
are CIA agents, aren't they?
I work for the Wall Street Journal,
so does that make me a CIA agent?
But what do the Americans
really know about Pakistan?
What do they know about Afghanistan?
Apart from bombing it all the time.
That's why I'm a journalist,
to let people know.
-That's a romantic idea of journalism.
-I don't think so.
Read the papers here,
you'll be definitely more cynical.
-Sweet Indian maiden.
-Yeah, whatever.
That sounds so wrong.
Please try later.
But that's how you guys
say it, right? "Hot."
-Thanks for dropping in, dude.
-See you soon, inshallah.
Say salaam to your dad, right?
I still can't get through to Danny.
Well, maybe they took him
to a madrasa out of town.
No, he would call me.
I'm going to check his computer.
Maybe his battery is low or something.
"Dear Mr. Pearl,
thank you very much for your articles.
"I have passed the printout
to Shah saab.
"He has gone to Karachi for a few days.
"I will arrange an appointment
with the Sheikh in Karachi for you
"on Tuesday or Wednesday.
"Please give the Sheikh
my regards. Bashir.
"Sheikh saab is expecting you
at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday
"and hopefully
you will get at least half hour with him.
"Looking forward
to hearing from you. Bashir. "
How's it going?
I found the e-mails
setting up Danny's meeting with Gilani.
His contact is lmtiaz Siddique, 01300...
-Yeah. Yeah.
There's another number, hold on.
His brother's mobile.
Okay. Where was it?
No, this line is disconnected as well.
It's not working.
That e-mail address, "Nobadmashi."
In Urdu it means, like, "no wrongdoing."
It's a weird e-mail address.
The brother's number is bullshit
and Siddique's number is bullshit.
It's bullshit.
"Jamaat Ul-Fuqra."
-Fugra, Fuqra, who cares?
Community of the Impoverished.
Their aim
is to purify Islam through violence.
"Ten unsolved assassinations.
"Seventeen firebombing cases
between 1979 and 1990.
"Possible link to Richard Reid,
the shoe bomber.
"They are suspected
to have connection to terrorists
"who bombed World Trade Center
in '93."
I didn't know Gilani was that serious.
No, Sheikh Gilani is a peaceful man.
He's always upset when people die.
So he was upset that
the World Trade Centers were bombed?
Yes, because many of his followers
are American.
Do you know who's behind the attack
on the World Trade Center?
-The Jews.
-The Jews.
Mossad are the only ones who
could have organized such an event.
Do you know that 4,000 Jews
who normally worked in the Towers
didn't turn up that day?
What are you? A Christian?
No, Jewish.
The American Consulate,
Corporal Bailey speaking.
How can I help you?
Hello, my name is Mariane Pearl
and I'm calling
because my husband is missing.
He's a journalist. And he was...
Ma'am, I'm afraid the Consulate
is closed at the moment.
If you can call back in the morning
and ask for Randall Bennett,
he's Diplomatic Security.
He gets in pretty early, okay?
Hi, can I speak to John Bussey, please?
-John Bussey.
-Hi, John, this is Asra.
Hey, Asra. How are you?
How's the book?
Yeah, it's going really well.
John, listen,
I'm with Mariane Pearl in Karachi
and Danny went for an interview earlier
on today and he hasn't come back yet.
Oh, okay.
Well, who's he interviewing?
-Ruth, it's Mariane.
Judea? It's Mariane.
Is everything all right?
Danny had an interview
and he's not back.
He didn't come home last night.
Mariane, this is Judea.
Who was he interviewing?
A religious leader.
His name was Sheikh Gilani.
Does anyone there
know that he's Jewish?
No, I don't think so.
Mariane, just let us know
as soon as you hear anything. Okay?
Okay. Bye, Ruth.
Sorry, I'm so late.
I love you. I'll call you, okay?
-Hello, I'm calling for Randall Bennett.
-Randall Bennett speaking.
Hello, my name is Mariane Pearl
and my husband is Daniel Pearl.
He's a journalist
for the Wall Street Journal.
I know your husband.
-You do?
-Yeah, I met him yesterday.
-Daniel Pearl, yeah.
Randall Bennett, Diplomatic
Security Service. How are you?
I wanna ask your advice
about something, if you don't mind.
I'm supposed to be meeting later
with Sheikh Gilani.
And I wanna get a sense from you
whether you think
that that's a good idea.
-Who arranged that meeting for you?
-My fixer in Islamabad.
-Is he going to be there?
I mean, I left him in lslamabad.
-Masud, it's Mariane.
-Hi, Mariane. Is everything okay?
-Danny did not come home last night.
What do you mean
he didn't come home last night?
I need a number for Bashir.
I have the number to the contact
but I don't have the number to Bashir.
Who is your contact?
His name is Arif.
He met him in Rawalpindi.
Driver, please stop near
the Hotel Akbar lnternational.
-Hi. I'm Danny.
-What's your name?
Hello, Bashir, nice to meet you.
You know, Sheikh Gilani
is a direct descendant of the Prophet.
He is a Pir.
-A holy man.
-The holy man.
Most of the journalists who come here,
they come
with only one story they want to write
and that is,
they want to write about terrorism.
Is that what you want?
Honestly, I can't tell you that
until I meet him.
I don't know that until I meet him.
Sheikh Gilani
does not want to meet journalists.
I understand.
Listen, I have a number of articles.
If you'd like to see them,
I'd be happy to show them to you.
Is there a way
for me to get in touch with you?
My e-mail address is on there.
Bashir is a Jihadi?
-It's possible, I'm not sure.
-Is he connected to Al Qaeda?
I'm not sure. I'm not sure at all.
I'll call Arif
and I'll call you straight back.
-This is serious, actually.
-Yeah, you call me straight back.
Give me Danny's computer.
Look through all the papers in here
and put them over there.
Is this your house?
-Yes, it's my house.
-Your name?
Asra Nomani.
Have you got any ID?
Yes, I have my passport.
I'm from India.
There are some codes.
That's his shorthand.
He's a journalist.
Do you have
a photograph of your husband?
There's a bag with a circle, a polka dot.
Look under the bed.
-Is this your husband?
Give those pictures to me.
-Hi, Mariane, this is Masud.
I was calling Arif
but his mobile is switched off.
Get down here. Okay?
I'm a bit afraid of police,
can you please protect me from them?
-Get down here. Okay?
-Okay, fine.
Is he coming?
-Yes, I'm Mariane. Who are you?
Javed Habib. I am SSP CID.
-He's Dost, MI.
-What is that?
-Military lntelligence. I am Chief of CID.
-The unit in charge of counter-terrorism.
Randall Bennett has called me.
Randall Bennett?
Can you help me to understand
what is this?
The most important thing for us
is to find your husband.
Look, Asra and I are your best ally.
Right? We are both journalists
and we should work together.
I would not like
to have it any other way, Mrs. Pearl.
I need your support. I need your help.
-We have Danny's computer.
-Okay. Could I see it?
I'll go and get it.
Who took him to the restaurant?
Did you get the taxi for Daniel Pearl?
-Yes, sir.
-Where did you get the taxi from?
Sir, from Two Swords.
Get out.
What's your name?
Hello, son.
What's your name?
-Harris, sir.
-What's that?
-Can you translate that?
We'll find your Danny.
You must take care of yourself
and the baby.
-You didn't see anyone at 7pm?
There was no foreigner here yesterday?
Yesterday evening,
did you see a foreigner here?
No, sir.
The Al Qaeda suspects, seen on
their arrival in Cuba earlier this month,
are the subject of renewed concern
over how the United States
is treating its detainees.
The number you have dialed
is not responding at the moment.
I'm really sorry about Danny.
-Have you heard any news?
Can you tell us what you know?
Danny wanted to meet Gilani.
He went with Arif.
And we spoke with Bashir...
-And who's Arif?
-I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
How did you meet him?
-I got his number from a friend of mine.
-Okay, so who's the friend?
-I can't tell you.
-You can't tell us? Why is that?
Is that because
they paid you for Danny?
How much did they pay you for Danny?
I was doing my job, helping Danny.
I don't think you understand
how serious this is.
We need that name to find Danny.
Danny is missing.
He may be able to help me find him.
Okay? I need the name.
I promised him not to give his name.
Do you understand that maybe
you can make the difference
of helping Danny or nobody finds him?
Maybe nobody finds him because
you won't give the fucking name!
Yeah, hello?
Hello, Paracha, this is Masud.
I'm with Mariane Pearl.
They want to talk to you.
You gave them my name?
Hello? Can you tell me anything
that you know about Arif?
I met Arif at Harkut-ul-Mujahideen.
He's just a Jihadi.
But what's his full name?
I don't know. I don't know
anything about him personally.
A few weeks ago
they were having this organization legal
but now they've all gone underground.
Okay, look,
I don't need a political speech.
Can you just give me some information?
He had short hair, skinny
and was wearing glasses.
We found one person.
I told Danny
not to contact Bashir directly.
-Can you describe Bashir for us?
-I can try.
-What is your name?
-Aqeel Nawaz.
We've brought you something.
It was the best we could find in Karachi.
I'm Randall Bennett.
-It's nice to meet you at last.
-Nice to meet you.
-This is Philippe Scaerou.
And Veronique Laurent
from the French Embassy.
And from the FBI
we have Maureen Platt...
Mrs. Pearl, we're gonna need
to look at Daniel's computer.
These gentlemen
need to copy the hard drive.
If you need anything, don't hesitate.
Goodbye, Mariane, be brave.
-How are you?
I haven't been introduced
to this gentleman here.
Javed Habib, Chief of CID.
He's leading the investigation
on the Pakistani side.
Interesting. Thank you.
-Agent Platt.
-Excuse me.
We have been discussing
how important it is
that everybody shares information.
-Of course.
-It's kind of a private call.
Do you think
you can you clear the room?
All right. Come on, gentlemen. Today.
Let's go. Let's move it out.
Thank you, gentlemen.
This is for you.
It's as much
as I could get together in 24 hours.
There's a lot about Gilani
and some other people
that are beginning to appear.
Why have we not heard
from the kidnappers?
Well, they're gonna wanna get Danny to
a safe place before they make contact.
And we've got
the police doing everything they can
to make it difficult.
I want you to know that they consider
Danny a high-value hostage
and they'll wanna keep him alive.
Reid going to Boston.
And then we tally the number.
So now we have one piece of news.
-Finally we have found the taxi driver.
-What did he say?
He took Danny
to the Village Restaurant for 7:00.
Danny received a phone call
and then he told taxi driver he could go.
I'm gonna let you go, okay? Thank you.
Yeah, but do we believe that story?
Waiters at the restaurant
corroborate his story.
Okay. Right.
And no luck so far with Gilani.
-Or Bashir or Siddique?
And what about Masud?
What's happening with him?
He's here.
We are sending him back
to Islamabad tonight.
He has to look for Arif.
He's here with his brother-in-law,
who's a journalist.
He's a journalist? He's here?
He works for Takbeer.
A Jihadi newspaper. Very anti-US.
-What? Where is he?
-He's outside.
What is this? Who are these people?
Why are you bringing them
to my house?
-Why is there a journalist in my home?
-This guy is torturing me.
He's a torturer.
He's going to go with me to Islamabad.
-What is this?
-Help me.
It's not true. It's not true at all.
You need to find Arif
and you need to find Bashir.
And don't bring people to my house
that don't like Americans.
Danny's American.
-And don't write shit.
-Sorry for that.
Come on, get them in the car.
Go on, move it.
Make sure nothing goes wrong.
We're conducting
a proper investigation.
How long have you been here?
One year, sir.
How many children do you have?
Sir, only one child.
-Only one?
No, but just tell me.
That's what I'm saying.
The ISI came to my parents and asked,
where did this girl come from?
From India?
I understand but you know
I'm not involved in any of that.
I know that but...
He won't come back.
His family will never let him come back.
Some lntelligence guys
went over to his house,
said I was some kind of an Indian spy
and that they'd make a big scandal
for his family.
He's afraid of his family?
Connect those lines.
Mariane. Hi.
-How are you?
-I'm all right.
-Any news? No.
How was the honeymoon?
It was good, yeah. It was good.
I brought loads of stuff,
a computer, printer, phones.
How many lines are you getting us?
Six lines.
Where are they coming from?
We're cutting off
the neighbors' phone lines.
What will happen to their phones?
They'll have to use yours.
Hasan, this is Steve.
You speak Urdu?
Steve and Danny
worked together in Islamabad.
Okay. You knew Mr. Pearl?
So, they still need to find Arif,
the go-between,
Bashir in Rawalpindi,
Imtiaz Siddique here in Karachi
and Gilani, wherever he is.
And Danny.
And Danny.
Check everybody's ID
before you let them through.
My mother is here and she wants me to
marry someone who I really don't know.
-What, like an arranged marriage?
-It is, 100%.
Have you seen this article
from The Independent?
What's that?
The Journal's bureau in London
sent it through.
It's about a British Pakistani,
Omar Saeed Sheikh.
It claims that he wired $100,000
to Mohammed Atta just before 9/11.
How does that connect to Danny?
Well, he's based in Rawalpindi
and he specializes
in kidnapping Westerners.
-Can I see it?
-Do you know him?
-I know him only by reputation.
-It's John Bussey.
Let me talk to Mariane, please.
-Hey, Mariane. It's John. How are you?
I need you to come here.
I'm thinking maybe the best thing
for me to do is to go to Islamabad first.
No, no, to Karachi.
To make the diplomatic rounds with us.
Okay. No, that makes sense to me.
-Soon, yeah?
-Yeah, very soon. Very, very soon.
-All right.
-We pretty much can write him off.
Captain, can I talk to you?
Danny is not a religious man.
But he's Jewish, by birth.
Who else knows this?
He didn't advertise it
but he would never deny
if somebody asked him.
But don't tell anybody.
I won't.
-Look at this.
-What does it say?
It says Danny is suspected
of being a Mossad agent
and of having relations
with India's Intelligence Agency.
Give it to me.
-Who was it I gave that picture to?
-Military Intelligence.
They think he's Mossad,
they're going to kill him.
What is everybody doing?
What the fuck is everybody doing?
Very silly.
Is this the address?
Yeah. Yeah, I got it.
Okay, yeah, I've got it.
I've got it. Thanks.
-There's an e-mail from the kidnappers.
"The National Movement for the
Restoration of Pakistan Sovereignty
"has captured CIA officer Daniel Pearl
"who has been posing as a journalist
of the Wall Street Journal.
"Unfortunately he is at present being
kept in very inhuman circumstances
"quite similar, in fact, to the way
"that Pakistanis and nationals
of other sovereign countries
"have been kept in Cuba
by the American Army.
"If the Americans keep our countrymen
in better conditions
"we will better
the conditions of Mr. Pearl
"and all other Americans
that we capture."
Jang claims he's Mossad
and now they're claiming he's CIA.
These things they do to shock you.
They're asking
for the release of jet plane.
-Hello. Captain.
I need the original e-mail
so we can see the header.
Well, this is a copy.
The original
was sent to the Washington Post.
-I need the original.
-Here are the photographs.
-This is all of them right here?
This is the only document that came?
-When did you get this?
-Half an hour ago.
Can we get someone to figure out
what kind of camera this was?
Yeah, but it wasn't sent to the Journal.
-Are these Danny's clothes?
-Can you print this out for me please?
-This photo doesn't look real.
I think that's a doctored photo.
I don't think this is Danny.
Look at this,
you compare the dimensions here
with the dimensions here.
That's Danny.
-Let's send it off to the lab anyway.
-Do what you wish.
Dost, can you get on this right away?
We're gonna
have to get this to Washington.
It's his mother.
It's Danny's mother. Hello.
Have you seen them?
-The photos of Danny.
-It's good news, Mariane.
It means Danny is alive.
Yes, of course he's alive. Yes.
The people here,
they don't think it's real.
They don't think they're really Danny.
Of course they are.
I recognize his hands.
Listen, they're going to
release him, okay?
I mean, no one would ever
want to hurt Danny.
You see that?
He's smiling.
He has a gun to his head and he's
smiling and he's telling me he's okay.
He says "fuck you" to them.
She'll be fine. She'll be fine.
I appreciate how difficult this meeting
is gonna be for you, Mrs. Pearl.
We need the Minister to authorize
a national force to look for Danny.
Just because he was taken in Karachi
doesn't mean he's still here.
Minister. Good to meet you.
-This is Mariane Pearl.
-How do you do?
Thank you for meeting with us.
Mrs. Pearl, let me tell you something.
There were 3,000 journalists in
Pakistan during the war in Afghanistan.
Not one of them got into trouble.
Danny and I
were two of those journalists,
so I'm sorry,
I don't understand your point.
Why did your husband
have to meet with these people?
He's a journalist.
I don't think this is the business
of a journalist.
Forgive me for correcting you,
but it is absolutely
the business of a journalist.
-Mrs. Pearl.
We do have information
that the Indian Intelligence Services
are behind this kidnapping.
You really believe that?
I don't think...
They are trying to embarrass Pakistan
by blaming Islamic extremists or the ISI
for the disappearance of an
American journalist. Don't you see it?
I think we must conclude at this point.
Mr. Bauman, I am slightly busy
and I do have some prior engagements.
Thank you. Mr. Bauman.
-Mrs. Pearl.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, Mr. Bauman.
Have you seen this person?
I'm looking for somebody who
stayed here called Chaudhry Bashir.
Here is his number.
How long do we have to stay here?
Until we find him.
I'm sorry I was unable to come
sooner. I've been away.
But I have here a list of all the calls
that Danny made from the 19th.
Didn't you meet with Danny
the day that he was kidnapped?
That's right. Danny told me
he was meeting with Gilani.
In fact, while he was with me,
he received two phone calls.
Right, I'll be there.
We work with telephone numbers.
We start with Danny's number
and Arifs,
Imtiaz Siddique's and Bashir's.
From these numbers
we find their contacts
and then we obtain the numbers
that they called and so on
until we find the kidnappers.
This is our business.
And let me assure you,
we know what we're doing.
They're sourcing the IP
from Bashir's e-mail, right?
That's what they're trying to do.
-And no luck so far?
We're coming to you from
the Los Angeles home of Daniel Pearl,
the journalist who has been
kidnapped in Pakistan.
A group calling itself
the National Movement for the
Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty
is claiming responsibility
for the kidnapping
and says it's hoping for better treatment
of US prisoners held in Cuba.
Excuse me, sorry.
Are you sure this is the right way?
This is the right way?
Yes, sir.
Do you have a map?
No. Sorry.
The scene outside the house
is out of control.
-We have to respond.
-I think you should handle most of it.
Great. We've gotten hundreds
and hundreds of requests.
You have an authority that
nobody else has to say who Danny is.
And they've already said
that he's Mossad.
They've already said he's CIA.
By not responding we're tacitly allowing
these things to go unchallenged.
We also have been talking
to Colin Powell.
Colin Powell has been talking
to President Musharraf.
-Asking him to do what?
-We also got a...
I'm sorry.
We've also issued a statement
saying that Danny
did not work for the Government,
that Danny did not work for the CIA.
The CIA has then agreed
to issue a statement confirming that.
-They're gonna confirm that publicly?
-The CIA?
We're doing everything we possibly
can do to make sure that Danny is safe.
Okay, we're on our way.
Masud, where's the coach station
for Muzaffarabad?
Is Arif going to Muzaffarabad?
From Pirwadhi Bus Station?
Is Arif here?
Seventy-three numbers have now been
recognized as possible suspects.
Our analysis
is beginning to yield results.
One of the numbers that Bashir called
is a land line in Lahore.
And that land line
belongs to a Sony TV dealer.
And the Sony TV dealer was frequently
calling another man in Karachi.
And this person was frequently calling
another man in Punjab.
Where is Hashim's house?
Where is Hashim's house?
Where is Hashim?
We want to search the house.
Why are you all coming in here?
Now, the important thing is,
Hashim also goes by the name of Arif.
-That's great.
-We have a photograph of Arif.
-You found Arif? Great.
But his family
claims he died in Afghanistan.
He told Danny he was going to Kashmir.
-Well, is there a body?
-No. There's no body.
We do not believe
he's necessarily dead.
His group
has a lot of fighters in Kashmir.
We think
he may have gone to Muzaffarabad.
-Hey, Asra. It's John Bussey.
I just wanted
to give you guys the heads-up.
We got another e-mail
from the kidnappers.
I have a message. I have a message.
I have a message.
Yes, I have a message.
I have three different points
I wanna talk about.
Mariane, how's it going in there?
-Good. I'm coming.
-Okay. You look great.
One moment.
That's good, that's great.
-Asra, come on. We should go.
It's Danny's.
Okay, let's go.
That's perfect.
Jesus Christ.
Come on, you guys, let's go. Come on.
Come on, help us push.
Watch your toes, John.
Yeah, we'll give you a holler, you get in.
There we go.
One question?
You know, emphasize the baby.
Emphasize the fact that you and Danny
are both journalists working here.
-Bussey, she's fine. Just relax.
Mrs. Pearl,
the group holding your husband
has given a 24-hour deadline for the
United States to meet their demands
or else they say
that they'll kill your husband Daniel.
Do you have a message to that group?
Yeah, I have a message.
Three different points
I wanna talk about.
The first one
is that I want to remind them
that my husband and I
are both journalists.
We are two people who met
and fell in love
because we have the same ideal.
He's someone who...
I never saw him say a lie.
In his journalism,
I've never seen anyone so honest.
And how are you coping with this?
I haven't slept for six days
if that's what you're asking.
But I have hope.
I'm not desperate
because I believe that if I stop trying
to create this dialogue,
then I stop believing in everything else
and I can't do that.
I'm pregnant.
And if you could say one thing to your
husband now, what would you tell him?
And if you could say one thing to your
husband now, what would you tell him?
I love you.
Yeah, okay. Let's cut there.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
-All right.
-Thank you. Great.
-Great, Holly.
-Thank you, John. I'll ring you.
I like the fact
that you held yourself together.
You wouldn't know her husband
has been kidnapped for six days.
We gotta figure out a way
to get Mariane to eat more.
I think it's important for her.
For her health.
She's a pregnant woman,
she's gotta feed this baby.
Just so you know,
I'm not a very good cook.
You know, maybe it's a matter
of if we're all eating together.
"You cannot fool us and find us.
"We're inside seas, oceans,
hills, graveyards, everywhere.
"This cycle will continue
"and no American journalist
could enter Pakistan."
With respect to Mr. Pearl, we're deeply
concerned about his safety
and our hearts go out to his family,
and I know that his colleagues
at the Wall Street Journal
are deeply concerned.
We're doing everything we can
to try to locate him and rescue him.
I have spoken
to President Musharraf in Pakistan
about the situation and I know
that he's doing everything he can.
The demands that the
kidnappers have placed
are not demands that we
can meet or deal with
or get into a negotiation about.
The detainees at Guantanamo
are being treated humanely.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Don't you collapse now.
Everybody else can collapse
but not you. Don't you collapse.
The Pakistani authorities are very,
well, they're very embarrassed by this
and they are not gonna go easy on
the bad guys, I'll tell you that right now.
I mean, the methods they use over here,
these guys are gonna tell us
what we wanna know.
I'd like a front-row seat
when they hang them up by their feet
and beat them with sticks.
Right, goodnight.
And we'll see you,
you stay all night, yeah?
You stay? Yeah?
All night?
Put here, please.
Thank you.
-So we have a chef?
John got him from Mr. Bauman.
He normally works at the US Consulate.
"Baffling questions
about Indian lady in Pearl case."
That is the perfect word for Asra.
"Security agencies
are probing several baffling questions
"pertaining to the Indian Muslim lady,
Asra Q. Nomani."
Is there a photo of me there?
"Miss Nomani is staying at a house
in Karachi
"that the latter
got on a monthly rental of Rs. 40,000."
They're putting
how much rent I'm paying?
-Rs. 40,000?
"As her address in lndia,
with her phone number 91-223..."
-It has my address?
How can they get
that kind of information?
It's obvious.
Security agencies. Who else?
That's their job, they're doing their job.
-You better change your phone number.
-It's a Pakistan and India thing.
What do you think of this, Shabir?
He is saying God is raining.
God is coming down with the rain.
This is the main attraction.
-You want me to carve it?
-I believe you're good with a knife.
The American Consul really knows
how to survive in Pakistan.
Let's enjoy our food.
This is a Cotes du Rhone.
Wow, vinegar.
Steve's a good name.
Because you've got Stephen.
You've got Steve, you've got Stevie.
Jonathan, Jon, Jonny.
-Formal, nickname, sex name.
-So, it'll be like...
You know what's pretty is Alison.
-Ali, Alison, Al, for instance.
-Jonny's like a little boy's name.
-You know, it's really old-fashioned.
-Mother Theresa.
-Hey, Captain, what's up?
-I'm afraid there's bad news.
What is it?
Danny's body has been found.
-He's in the morgue.
Dost is on his way to collect you.
-Okay, thank you.
We've gotta get over there.
Better get the guy here before we go.
Where's the guy?
Where's the waiter guy?
John, fuck the bill.
What are you fucking talking about?
What did he say?
What did Captain say?
He said they've got the body
in the morgue.
I come to you with a tragic development
in the case of Daniel Pearl,
the Wall Street Journal reporter
who's been missing for 10 days.
According to Karachi police,
we can confirm now that he is dead.
His body was found dumped outside
of a car in downtown Karachi.
He had several bullet wounds.
Can you open the mouth?
-It's not Danny.
-What do you mean it's not Danny?
Well, he's got braces in his mouth...
That's not fucking Danny.
-It's not fucking Danny.
So wait, wait. I'm sorry.
Are you doubting the fact
that I saw this?
Are you actually asking me
to get you a second source?
Hello? Yeah, it's not
fucking Danny.
No, it's a fucking lranian student,
for God's sakes.
It is not Danny.
-Are you coming over?
I just wanted to get you,
well, you should know.
All right, okay.
I can't believe that they just
announced it without any confirmation.
Yeah, in the middle
of Super Bowl Sunday.
I can't imagine who
those sources were.
Everyone's calling the
Journal for a quote.
-It's not Danny, you know that?
-I know.
I've been talking to the Journal.
Just, you know, be strong.
I know. We will be.
Who's this gentleman Daniel Pearl
you keep mentioning again and again?
I'm not asking you about
his whereabouts, I just want to know...
I don't know.
I've told you earlier,
I've never heard of this man before.
I'm saying, what's your
opinion about his articles?
I've never read his articles.
What are you trying to get at?
No, we have the mails which says,
"I spoke to Sheikh's secretary yesterday
"and he told me
that Sheikh Sahib has read your articles
"and that
you are welcome to meet him."
You gave the appointment.
You read the articles.
It says Bashir wrote to Daniel.
Bashir wrote to Daniel Pearl,
why don't you ask Bashir?
Why don't you ask him?
We have caught Gilani.
He was in Muzaffarabad
but he is here now.
-What did he say?
-He's not involved.
Wait, wait, wait.
I thought Gilani was the guy?
He was just the bait.
He was used as a bait.
-So, there's no Gilani involved?
We go back to Arif,
we go back to Siddique and Bashir.
I don't see this as a negative
thing, I have to say.
This is a set-up.
I mean, if Gilani has nothing
to do with this
-some of these letters are bogus.
-It's worse than that.
It means that they've been
planning something for weeks.
And for weeks he thinks he's meeting
with Gilani and there is no Gilani.
And whoever these people are,
they're thinking about
doing this for weeks.
It is disappointing.
It's just taking away one piece,
I don't see this as a negative thing.
It's not a dead end,
I think it's quite the contrary.
Well, now, the good news is Zafir and
Farooq have traced one of the e-mails.
It was sent from a server
in Noman City Apartments.
There's a team of people
who are searching for the computer
that was using the server
when the kidnapper e-mail was sent.
What's your name?
Farhad Naseem.
Is this computer yours?
-This computer is mine.
-Turn it on, please.
It can't be switched on
because the hard disk has crashed.
What happened to the hard disk?
There was a virus on it
and it crashed.
I took it to repair two days ago.
-It broke down two days ago?
Take him in.
How many computers
have you connected in that building?
In that building, twenty or more.
Is this your job?
Yes, this is what I do.
We are looking
for Daniel Pearl's photograph.
We have new software
that can recover deleted files
from your hard drive
just like that.
Whatever you know, just tell us now.
You won't have any difficulties.
If the Americans find out,
you'll be in big trouble
and we won't be able to help you.
There was no-one else?
You did it on your own?
No, sir, my cousin
Suleiman was with me.
-Okay, he's your cousin?
Where does he live?
-He lives in Karachi.
-ls he in Karachi now?
-Come on, let's go.
Well done.
In the morning prayer,
everybody will come to know.
So we have to find Danny tonight.
Quickly, quickly.
This is the place.
There he is.
That's him.
Yes, he's the one.
Come on, move it.
Get out of the way.
Give me his phone.
Tell him what I told you to say.
It's Suleiman.
-He says he's not there.
-Do you have his cell number?
-Then let's try it.
Be quiet.
Suleiman speaking.
-What do you want?
-I need to speak to you.
I need to meet you urgently.
Not now. We'll meet up early
tomorrow morning and talk. Okay?
Hello? Hello, Adil?
Sir, he's saying we'll
speak tomorrow.
Sir, he's saying we'll
speak tomorrow.
Take down this number.
Open the door.
Sir, this is the phone company.
Yeah, this is Javed Habib,
CID Chief.
I need some information about the last
phone call made on this phone.
Which cell tower received a signal
on the last phone call?
We don't have any time, you bastard.
Let's go. Let's go.
Yeah, Randall, come along.
Excuse me. Excuse me, sir.
We need to trace a number.
Sorry, sir, the office is closed, we can't
give you any information right now.
What do you need
to do with this number?
I am CID Chief Javed Habib.
You know what I can do?
Screw your confidentiality,
I need that information.
A man has been kidnapped, a foreigner.
If something happens to him,
Pakistan will have a bad reputation.
-You okay?
-Yeah, man.
We just have to go a little careful
with this one.
-Oh, he's a Jihadi.
He was in Afghanistan.
-He's a police officer as well.
-In my unit.
Oh, God. I love this town.
-Who's there?
-Don't move.
-Put your hands up.
-Take him away.
You'll be sorry.
God is great.
God is great.
Where is Daniel Pearl?
I don't know.
What do you know?
I don't know anything.
Tell me whatever you know.
I don't know anything.
What do you know?
What do you know?
Just tell me.
What do you know?
What did you do?
I don't know anything.
-What do you know?
-What do you know?
Who asked you to e-mail?
Who are you working for?
Who asked you to e-mail?
Sheikh Omar.
-Dost, come in.
-I'm here, Captain.
Quickly, come on.
Check all the rooms.
Search everything.
Who are you people?
Is this the way to come into
respectable people's homes?
Where's Sheikh Omar?
You must have a contact number.
Where is Sheikh Omar?
-We don't know anything.
-Give me Adil's phone.
Come on.
Give me Adil's phone.
We've got Omar's number.
Omar Sheikh?
It's Javed Habib speaking,
Omar Sheikh.
We have all the information,
we know everything about you.
Farhad, Adil, Suleiman,
we have all of them.
Check your caller ID.
He's cut the phone.
Come on, bring them out.
Adil told us
that he met Omar in Afghanistan.
Suddenly I realized
Bashir was Omar Saeed Sheikh.
-Are you sure?
The FBI found Danny's photos
on this guy Farhad's computer
who is the key to Sheikh Omar.
So we've had this article
and we just put it away
and it was about Omar Saeed Sheikh.
I have it here somewhere.
Okay, look, here it is, here it is.
"British born and educated.
A known Jihadist.
"Arrested for kidnapping
four tourists in India,
"one American, three British.
"The four were freed unharmed."
-They were freed unharmed?
So this guy is a serious, serious player.
He was arrested in 1994
for this kidnapping
and put in an Indian prison until 1999.
and put in an Indian prison until 1999.
-Why was he released?
-There was a hostage swap.
An Indian airplane was hijacked
and flown to Afghanistan.
He's Al Qaeda.
He has connections,
yes, we know. But...
Close connection, it says, to Al Qaeda.
We arrested his two cousins.
We will fight kidnappers
with kidnappings.
Are you okay?
-Mariane, what's wrong?
-Yeah, I'm all right. I'm all right.
Are you okay?
Fetal heart sound and the
blood pressure is quite normal.
I will give you some medicine.
You will feel definitely better. Okay?
Okay. Thank you.
"Making a habit of not urinating
when you feel the need
"increases the risk that your inflamed
bladder may irritate the uterus
"and set off contractions.
"So don't hold it in."
-I'll remember that.
-That was in caps.
-So don't hold it in.
-So don't hold it in.
Do you wanna go share
those notes with Mariane?
Do you think I should?
Is there anything on breast-feeding?
There's a lot on breast-feeding
but we're not there yet, Steve.
Do you have kids?
Come on, look happy.
Right, you're a happy girl.
Happy girl.
There it is. Now I can tell all my friends
that you are happy.
You can get old and fat
and gray and grumpy.
-And curvy.
-But don't lose your smile.
Oh, shit.
It does smell like that picture.
You're so uncultured.
There's a potential
new e-mail from CNN.
"We had informed the US if our
demands were not met within 24 hours
"we would kill Daniel Pearl.
"Now Mr. Bush can find his body
in the graveyards of Karachi.
"We have thrown him there."
-Do we think it's another hoax?
-Get all the phones on silent, shall we?
Let me call Captain.
Why Danny?
The Journal, a few weeks ago,
handed over to the CIA a computer
which had information
about Richard Reid
and his attempts to blow up
the American Airline flight.
And then you guys
told everyone that you did that.
Mariane, look at this.
The Wall Street Journal is telling
everybody it's co-operating with the CIA.
We turned the computer over
because we had no choice.
-Okay. Okay.
-lt was a matter of national security.
To an outsider it could look like
the CIA are in bed with the Journal.
So, what, you think it's no factor?
Just ignore it?
I don't think Danny was taken because
he worked for the Wall Street Journal.
We don't know.
They know where he works
and they say CIA. It's something.
Let's be honest about it,
they call everybody a spy.
If you're an Indian in Pakistan,
you must be an Indian spy.
All right, here's what I think.
Two days before Danny
was kidnapped
the US asked Pakistan
to hand over Omar Saeed Sheikh.
Now, Omar was supposed to have sent
money to Mohammed Atta prior to 9/11.
Now, rumors are
that this money came from
Lieutenant General Mahmood Ahmed
who was the head of the ISI.
Now, on October 7th,
Musharraf dismissed the General.
Now, was that
because of his involvement?
-We've got Omar Saeed Sheikh.
Is Daniel Pearl still alive?
I haven't a clue.
Do you know where he is?
I wish I could help you.
Who is holding him?
I don't know.
That was the whole point
of the operation,
so that each person
knows as little as possible.
Why did you kidnap him?
-Why did you kidnap him?
-He was an American.
-He was an American? Just that?
You think you are a good Muslim?
At least I have the strength
to stand for something I believe in,
unlike others in this room.
How old is your son?
He's a baby, Captain.
Cute little baby.
-You miss him?
You want to see him?
Inshallah, if Allah wills then
it will be so.
-What about your baby?
-We can arrange for that.
Do you want to see your baby grow old?
Omar Saeed Sheikh handed himself in
over a week ago, on February the 5th.
It was the same night that
the raid was made on his aunt's house.
Where has he been?
He handed himself
in to Brigadier Ejaz Shah.
He is the Home Secretary of Punjab.
This guy is ex-ISI.
He's connected to Omar's family and he
kept Omar's arrest a secret for a week.
-Was he being interrogated by the ISI?
-We don't know.
Omar is gone for a week?
He's gone for a week?
What does he say about Danny?
He doesn't say anything
about that. Yet.
British-born militant Sheikh Omar
arrived at court heavily guarded,
his face covered.
Do you know
where Daniel Pearl is being held?
No, I don't.
Do you know if Daniel Pearl is alive?
As far as I know
he is not alive.
On February 5th,
I spoke to my brothers on the phone
and I told them
to take the patient to the doctor's.
This was a code to release the hostage.
But it was too late.
So it's bullshit.
They're just liars,
they're just psychos and liars.
I think if he was not alive,
with all the pressure that we are putting
I think we would have got his body
from somewhere.
And whatever Mr. Omar Sheikh lately
has said that maybe he's not alive,
I don't believe him.
He's been switching sides
and switching his statements
a number of times,
that is what I am told.
He may be trying to get
us off the track.
So I think really, maybe I hope
and I pray that he's alive.
Nuri, hello. It's Steve.
Peshawar, Pakistan.
As a Muslim and an ethnic Pashtun,
Fazal-e-Maula has some sympathy
for the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan.
But on September 11,
as he watched television replays
of airplanes crashing into
the World Trade Center in New York,
he knew what to do. Buy Afghanis.
-How's Nuri?
-She's good.
What's the due date?
Amazing you can love somebody
you've never met.
Hello? Yes.
It's Danny's phone.
-They're speaking Urdu. Talk to them.
I would let you speak to her,
but she doesn't speak Urdu.
Whatever you want.
Whatever you want.
No, he just hung up on me.
It's fine. They were making contact.
That's good, that's fine.
But they don't say what they want.
They don't say what they want.
No. They're still toying with us.
They know we're getting close.
Do you think they'll call back?
Well, unless we get to them first.
Hello. John Bussey.
Yeah. Yeah. What?
No, don't bring them over there.
No, we'll come over there. Yeah.
-Who was it?
We gotta go.
Hey, Farhan, let's...
Where did they go?
They just got a phone call
and they had to go out.
I'm gonna get my phone.
I can't get through to Bussey.
I tried Bussey and I've tried Steve.
-I can't get through to either.
-Try Randall.
Okay, it's ringing.
Randall's phone is ringing.
Hi, Randall. It's Asra.
Can you call me as soon
as you get this message, please?
His line is not connecting.
Why would they do that?
-Hey, Steve.
-Hey, John, how are you?
-So what have you got?
-It's a tape.
We got it a half hour ago.
John was contacted
by a local journalist.
-Hi. Are you John?
-Yeah, I am. How are you doing?
Here is your thing.
It's original.
-Have you seen it?
-Be careful.
Guy in the striped shirt. You see him?
We're gonna need to X-ray this.
Yeah, come on.
Is there a tape in there?
This is it.
Oh, my God.
It's Asra. Hello.
Hello. Randall.
It's Asra. Look, where are you?
-Hello. Hang on a second.
-What's going on? Randall?
I just lost her.
-He hung up.
-No, no.
-Where are you going?
-I don't know.
-Will you call me a car?
-Where are you gonna go?
I don't know. Call me a car.
I'm sorry.
Danny didn't make it.
No! No! No! No!
No! No!
No! No! No!
No! No! No! No!
How do you...
How do you know?
How do you know?
No, because...
Because we've, you know,
been through this before.
-They can...
-We have a video.
They had a knife and they used it
in a way that leaves no doubt.
What does that mean?
He was beheaded.
Oh, God. No, no, no... What?
What? No, no.
You watched that?
I never, never want to see it!
Turn off the fucking phone!
I love you.
I'm here, Mariane.
The day my brother arrived
was the day of Eid-ul-Adha.
The day when every Muslim family
sacrifices an animal to God.
In remembrance of Ibrahim's
willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael.
The meat is then
divided into three parts,
one for the family, one for the neighbor,
and one for the poor.
Mariane, thank you so much
for being with us today.
You came to Pakistan in peace.
You came here seeking the truth,
with your husband.
Now you leave Pakistan as a widow
after your husband
was brutally murdered.
What message do you have
for the people of Pakistan?
Danny was killed this month.
But also 10 other people
were killed by terrorists
and they were all Pakistani.
So they are suffering
as much as we are, right?
Well, how do you address some
Pakistanis who have sympathies
for militant groups such as those
who killed your husband?
Karachi is in some way
the front line of this battle.
It is not just a group
of extremist Pakistani.
It is a vast and international
network of terrorists.
And wherever there is misery,
they find people
and there is misery, you know,
in lots of parts of the world.
Certainly that may be the case,
but have you seen the videotape
of what they did to your husband?
Have you no decency?
How do you ask me that?
Mariane, I'm...
Thank you for being with us today.
Okay, I think we're done.
-That's okay.
-And a middle name, please, Satchi.
Okay. Excuse me.
I'm sorry. Back, back.
Is there another way out of here?
Yeah, I know another way.
Please follow me.
-Please. Come. This way.
Fucking mob.
-This way, please.
Yeah. Sure. Yeah.
Thank you, Kasim. We
appreciate it. Thank you.
It's crazy, they're everywhere.
Pearl is 38 and graduated from Stanford
before beginning a career in journalism.
He joined the Wall Street
Journal in 1990.
That's great.
One more of these.
I just wanted
to say something to everybody.
I want to, I want to thank you
for all of your work and all of your effort
and your kindness
and I know how much you wanted
to find and bring Danny home.
You did not fail, you know?
Danny's dead, but the kidnappers,
their point is to terrorize people, right?
I am not terrorized.
And you can't be terrorized.
I am very grateful to all of you.
Very, very grateful. So thank you.
So please, let's eat.
Everything looks very good. It's great.
This is terrific.
Bye. Take care.
Thank you so much. Take care.
All right. I'll see you.
Oh, my daughter.
You are so beautiful.
In Buddhism there is no god.
The aim of Buddhism
is to draw out all the strength,
courage, wisdom and goodwill.
You make me happy
every time you smile.
We're gonna create
a beautiful world together.
The wine represents joy.
The breaking of the glass
symbolizes the fragility of human joy.
And also the breaking of innocence.
They found Danny's body
cut into 10 pieces.
Nobody told me this.
I learned it in an e-mail
that was attached by accident
to another e-mail sent to me.
I decided that, before Adam is born,
I have to confront everything
that happened to Danny.
He was held in an isolated shack in a
compound on the outskirts of Karachi.
One day, when he was unshackled
to go to the toilet, he tried to escape.
They caught him
and chained him to the engine of a car.
Another time he tried to break loose
when he was walking with his captors.
Once he shouted to a passerby.
Then, one day, probably February 1st,
three men who spoke Arabic
were brought to the compound.
Danny argued with one of them.
Then they turned on the video.
My name is Daniel Pearl.
My father is Jewish.
My mother is Jewish. I'm Jewish.
Maybe they made him say this
but I know he was undefeated
because of the next thing that he says.
Something the kidnappers
could not have known.
In the town of Benei Beraq in Israel
there's a street
called Chaim Pearl Street
which is named
after my great-grandfather
who was
one of the founders of the town.
I force myself to imagine all of it
and when it is over I know
there is nothing that can happen
that I won't have the courage to face.
This film is for Adam.