A Model Kidnapping (2019) Movie Script

Ah! Let me go! No. No, no, no!
Please, please, please, don't.
Please... No!
All right.
Keep goin'.
Shoulders back just
a little bit. Turn to your left.
This is for matching,
work it a little more.
Now try to do
something different.
Take a... Take five.
- I gotta change cards.
- Something wrong?
No, everything's fine.
Well, feel free to let me know
if there's something
I could be doing better.
I've been having a hard time
getting any calls from agencies,
Yeah, I'm not surprised
you're having a hard time.
- Why is that?
- 'Cause...
You're, you're playing it
too safe.
I mean, it-it's-it's vanilla.
I'll tell you what. Let me take
a look at your portfolio.
Yup, same.
These make you look like
you're trying to book gigs
for retail ads
in the Sunday paper.
Do you really want this?
More than anything in the world.
Then you're gonna have
to step up your game.
Show a little more skin.
I don't know.
It's not really me.
Never mind,
I don't think you have
what it takes
to make it in this industry.
You know, working models,
they take risks.
All right.
That's more like it.
All right, now step back
into the light.
You do have what it takes.
Now you gotta start to feel it.
All right. Head up just
a little bit, shoulders back.
Yeah, make it look like
you love this.
Take your top off.
Don't be a prude, I've got
connections with magazines
that'll pay you some
really good money for nude pics.
You mean, like, porn?
Dude, no way!
Tasteful nudity has made,
made girls like you very rich.
Look, just give me back
the photo card.
You already have my money.
We can get
some really good pictures.
It's up to you.
Think about it.
I can change your life.
I can help you
become very, very wealthy.
It's your choice.
I'm out of here.
I can help you go places.
Didn't you check the guy out
before you gave him your money?
Uh, yeah,
I mean, his ad looked legit
and he was the only one
I could afford.
Now I guess I know why.
I mean, I still don't get it.
Why do you want this so bad?
You're an amazing artist.
Okay, you should come to school
with me in Miami.
You've been talking to my mom
again, haven't you?
I just think
you're really talented.
And I don't think
you should throw it all away.
I'm not throwing anything away.
Matt, I was
the bucktooth military brat
who moved from base to base.
Completely invisible.
I got through it by burying
myself in fashion magazines,
just dreaming of being
one of those girls one day.
I love you.
Matt, what do you want me
to say?
I'd like you to say something
that makes me
feel like you care about me.
I'm just not ready to say it
right now, okay?
You know this.
I'm sorry.
- Hey. Ready?
- Hey.
Oh, no. I have to work
another hour. Lisa's sick.
Well, you wanna wait for me?
Um, no, I'll just take the bus.
How did your photo shoot go?
It was good.
You know,
it's not too late to tell
the college you're enrolling.
I mean, tomorrow's the cut-off.
You could always model
Tomorrow's also the cut-off
for us to keep having
this conversation
over and over again.
I told you already,
that's not how it works.
If I'm gonna do this,
I have to be all in.
Honey, there are
a million girls, just like you,
all trying to be stars.
Thank you, mom.
No, look, I know what it's like
to have your head in the clouds
and everything's great,
but... I just can't stand here
and watch you throw away
an incredible opportunity.
You just really don't believe
in me, do you?
Honey, that... No, that is
not at all what I'm saying...
Mom, this is what I want, okay?
I-I just love you,
I love you so much.
I'll see you at home.
"Dear Grace,
thank you for your submission,
but we are sorry to inform you
that, unfortunately,
you do not have the look
we are searching for right now."
"Connecting models and
photographers with one click.
No experience necessary,
just exceptional beauty.
For the right girl,
we'll provide bus ticket,
models' apartment,
portfolio photos
and introductions to top agents.
Photographer's fee will be paid
on the back end."
It's too good to be true.
And... sent.
- Hello?
- Hunter Kelly.
you answered my ad
last night on Model Match.
Oh! Of course, uh...
Sorry, I'm just waking up.
No problem.
Well, I can call later.
No. No, no, no. It's fine.
I saw something special
in your photos.
I mean,
you should head down to Miami.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Really.
- That would be amazing.
Sorry if this comes off wrong.
Would you mind sending me
some of your work?
I've just been kind of burned
in the past.
Of course, I can.
- Where are you coming from?
- Uh, Pensacola.
All right,
my assistant, Nicole,
will send you the details.
- Talk soon.
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
He photographed her?
No, no, Grace.
Grace, I got your note.
We really need
to talk about this.
- Grace?
- Nicole?
You got her.
Welcome to Miami.
How was the trip?
Long. I think we stopped in
every small town along the way.
Oh. Annoying.
Um, you can get cleaned up
at the studio.
Car's out this way.
- Here, I'll take your bags.
- Oh, thanks.
First time
out on your own?
Is it that obvious?
I was the same way.
I moved here from Shreveport
a couple of years ago.
- Oh. Why did you move?
- Uh...
My boyfriend asked me
to come with him.
It didn't really take
a lot of convincing.
Broken home, drugs.
Same old sob story.
So where is the studio exactly?
Oh, it's about an hour
from here.
Very peaceful.
And the models' apartment?
Oh, that's back downtown.
I'll take you there later.
This really is
the middle of nowhere.
Just the way Hunter likes it.
- Oh, did I scare you?
- A little.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
to my humble abode.
- That's amazing.
- Mm-hmm.
The landscaping is so beautiful.
If I lived here,
I'd paint it all the time.
You want me to show you around?
- Sure.
- Yeah.
you mind grabbing the stuff?
This is where the magic happens.
You know what?
Stand right there.
- Right now?
- Yeah. Right now.
Shouldn't I put on some makeup
or something?
No. No, no, no. You look...
Natural, naive...
We'll never capture you
this way again.
Can you help out
with the lights, please?
Thank you.
What's that?
Oh, I'm so sorry, I...
I was gonna eat it in the car.
I just...
I have one rule. One... rule.
Totally slipped my mind.
Won't happen again.
I'm sorry,
I have a deathly nut allergy,
and sometimes I go nuts.
- Totally understand.
- Cool.
Let's just shake it off, okay?
Okay, good.
A little smile.
You're so beautiful.
- You're a natural.
- You made it easy.
Let's give you
some more of that.
We are out of Chianti.
Nicole, would you mind
running to the store for me?
- Sure.
- Oh.
Um, I'm actually pretty tired.
Is there any way you could
drive me to the apartment now?
Nicole will be right back
and then she'll take you, right?
Well, it's a pretty long drive,
so I should probably go back.
I'll be right back. Promise.
Food is my vice.
I don't do a lot of drinking.
And my friends,
I had a bunch of friends
who passed away from drugs
in this business, so...
Oh, um, Nicole mentioned
that you helped her out
with that.
Yeah, she's doing a lot better.
It's all about empowerment.
You know, a lot of people
see modeling
as vain and mindless...
but when I look through the lens
at my subjects,
I see them come alive.
Confidence grows.
Like, you today.
There's power
in the photos I take.
I never really thought about it
that way.
Well, here's to you.
Small-town girl
became a superstar.
Well, I hope
I don't disappoint you.
It's not possible.
The model
stuck her tongue out
at the very last minute.
And it made the cover.
Oh, my God!
Yeah, I know.
Hey, what happened to Nicole?
Oh, yeah, right. Let me check.
Oh, I missed her text.
She, uh...
She's not feeling well,
so she went home.
Uh, what should I do?
We have a guesthouse
in the back.
The models use it all the time.
All right.
It's so pretty here
at night.
- Yeah, right?
- Hm.
- It's nice.
- Mm-hmm, told you so.
Anna Karenina. Scarlet Letter.
You have a thing
for empowered women.
Yeah, like I said, empowerment.
You should have
everything you need.
Coffee maker's in there,
towel, hairdryer.
I know I'm being silly,
but would you mind
just checking for a car?
- Of course.
- Thanks.
There are no cars nearby. Sorry.
Well, I guess I can stay
for just one night.
All right.
See you bright and early.
Don't forget to lock the door.
Oh! My bag.
Of course.
Hunter! Hello?
What's your emergency?
Hi, I'm trapped in a guesthouse
outside of Miami,
but I don't know the address.
Can you help me?
Get comfortable.
You're gonna be here a while.
What? Hunter?
So you just haven't heard
No. No, maybe
something will strike you.
I mean, I hate to go through
her stuff, but...
I already went through that,
there's nothing there.
I mean, I guess I could go
through her computer, but...
Matt, this is all my fault.
I pushed college too hard.
You can't blame yourself,
Ms. Somerville.
Okay, I did the same thing. We
spoke the other night about it.
It's just hard not to be
overprotective, you know,
knowing that she's out there
by herself.
Rise and shine, beautiful.
- What do you want from me?
- Eat first.
I'm not hungry. I wanna go home.
This is your home now.
I think it's a great home,
by the way.
Don't even look at it.
The door's locked.
If you let me leave,
I p-promise I won't tell anyone.
You'll never see me again.
But I have such big plans
for us!
Some of my past stars.
You're gonna have
your very own TV channel.
Wanna know the name?
Lonely College Girl.
You're finally gonna be a model,
Don't worry. Don't worry.
We'll start off slow.
No nudity to begin with.
It'll be like a movie trailer.
We hook 'em. We reel 'em in.
You're insane.
I will never do that.
Every day you'll perform
a new theme.
What sets us apart
from every other site
is that you're almost like
a girlfriend
to the rest of our viewers
around the world.
There's a bittersweet beauty
in convincing people
of false intimacy.
All of our girls
stayed here before.
Where are they now?
They're doing great.
Europe, Asia.
I would rather die
than ever do this.
You love your mother, don't you?
How do I know
you didn't pre-record that?
Walk past her mother.
Drop a napkin.
That's not magic.
That's happening now.
You have the power
to keep your mother safe...
if you just do what I say
and accept this.
I'm gonna need this, though.
I'm gonna need
all your security passwords
and your social media.
- Never.
- Never?
Uh, 12-01.
Military brat number one.
Good girl.
Now, your family's
not gonna be thrilled
with your new occupation,
but they'll get over it
Oh, and one other thing.
I disconnected
your cellular signal.
Not traceable.
We're a team now.
We're gonna have fun. Come on.
Your, uh, alter-egos
are all hanging in there.
Great. Pick it out.
We go live in 15.
Memento mori.
We're dying every minute.
You're gonna be a celebrity.
Trust me.
Which outfit for your debut?
I'm thinking
the cheerleader outfit, yeah?
Think it'll look cute on you.
Please, no.
Put it on.
Put it on!
There you go, the pom-poms.
Let's see here.
Grace, I just saw your photos.
I'm glad you're okay,
but I really need you
to call me, please?
Um... I'm just really worried.
I love you.
Hello, Ms. Somerville.
Any news about Grace?
She just posted some photos.
Okay, hold on. Let me check.
I see 'em.
Well, I guess...
At least we know she's okay.
I know, but it's so unlike her
not to call.
All right,
well, I'm gonna message her now.
Okay. Just let me know
if you hear anything, please.
I will.
"I love you?"
So now you say it?
- Hey.
- Hm.
When we're done in here,
do you wanna hang out? Just us?
Ah, maybe.
I got a lot of high hopes
for this one.
Okay, twirl for me.
We go live in five,
four, three,
two, one...
Okay, now, uh...
use your pom-poms.
Move your hips nice and slow.
Okay, simple.
Now take off your top.
Okay, Grace,
now turn around
and show your fans
what you've got.
Turn around.
That's more like it.
Can you smile for me?
Come on, cheerleaders have pep!
Smile, Grace.
Please help me!
I'm being held captive.
Call the police!
Please, you have to help me!
You disappointed me today.
I had so many expectations
for you.
A few rules,
you will not call for help
or give any sign
that you are distressed.
Or there will be consequences.
You should know that
these videos are not traceable
because I scramble
the IP address every hour.
that's what
the delay button is for.
I'm not an unreasonable guy.
I'm not.
I know how tough it can be
for the first time.
But the more you do it,
the more comfortable you'll get.
I know it's the first time
you've done this.
I understand.
But I'll be there to guide you.
Grace, please.
Please call me.
I need to know you're okay.
We have something to celebrate!
You are a hit.
The most views for a debut yet.
The Scared College Girl worked.
This is so great.
I can see your storyline now.
Timid to temptress.
Have your bourbon.
I don't want any.
Oh, come on! A little bit.
It's time to enjoy.
Okay, fine. Suit yourself.
It's a $100 a bottle.
Books are such a great escape,
aren't they?
You know what?
We should do a librarian theme.
We haven't done that yet.
Bun, glasses.
It'd be great!
It's quiet enough in here.
Just take this away from you.
I don't think
my message is being...
clear enough to you.
Let me show you something.
Take a look at this.
Beats one of my better photos.
- What did you do to her?
- Only what I had to.
It's very simple how things
work around here, Grace.
Do what I say
and you'll have a good life.
Don't do what I say
and you won't.
You're a celebrity now.
We go live tomorrow.
Get some rest. Oh...
And a bomb blast
won't scratch that.
So the lamp probably won't,
Why the long face?
You told me
when the last girl left
that the next one wouldn't
take up so much of your time.
What about our plans
to run away to Mexico, huh?
Why are we still here?
This is what I do.
- Hm.
- You know that.
She's gonna run her course
just like the rest of the girls,
then I'll cut her loose.
I care about you, you know that.
I don't know.
It's hard to tell sometimes.
I rescued you
when nobody else would.
I kept your secret.
All this I do, I do for you.
We'll be together forever.
I promise.
- Easy. Easy, Hunter.
- You know...
You know you want it, Grace.
Oh, my God. You called me Grace.
I have a lot on my mind.
I don't believe you.
- Come here.
- No.
You can do this.
Okay, remember,
timid to temptress.
We go live...
in five, four, three,
two, one...
That's more like it, Grace.
Everybody loves it.
Yeah. And what about you?
As long as she keeps doing
what she's doing, I'm happy.
I'm going for a run.
Matt, I'm coming to Miami.
Nicole? Thank God.
We have to get out of here.
Hunter has me trapped!
Stop leading him on.
You're not his girlfriend.
What are you talking about?
Get out of my way!
What are you doing?
Hunter and I don't have secrets.
You're in on this?
Ho-how could you be with him?
He-he trapped me and he
killed someone! He's the one.
He's the best thing that's ever
happened to me. I love him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Where do you think you're going?
- She tried to kill me.
- She attacked me.
what are you doing in here?
Oh, you've got to set
some boundaries with her.
How many times
have I told you?
Comparison is the thief of joy.
Now go inside and think about
what you've done.
And don't ever come out here
again without my permission.
Don't worry about her.
She's weak.
She does this
with all the new girls.
You're what matters now.
What if she tries
to hurt me again?
She won't. I promise.
Thank you for saving me.
I really thought
she was gonna kill me.
What did Nicole say to you?
That I'm leading you on.
Are you?
Did you like that?
That wa... That was nice.
You're smarter
than the other girls.
You remind me of my mother.
You'd never leave me alone,
would you?
Okay, you say she's been texting
the both of you.
Posting photos
all over social media
from some, uh,
modeling-gig thing she's at?
But somehow you think
something happened to her.
Yes, Grace would never go this
long without talking to me.
Well, how long has it been?
Two weeks.
Oh, no. Please don't look at me
like that.
Call it a mother's intuition,
I know something's wrong.
No, I'm telling you,
she's right.
Look, Grace wouldn't do
something like this.
You know...
do you ever just think
that maybe she doesn't want
to be found?
Look, the...
The longest that I have gone
w-with not speaking
with my daughter...
has been one week,
and that was because
she was at summer camp.
So, please, detective,
you have to help us find her.
Look, all the evidence points
to her being alive and well,
and so...
I wish there was more
I could do, but...
W-w-w-what about her computer?
- Can't you just go through her...
- I brought it...
No, I brought it with me,
it's in the car.
No. No, I can't.
I need a warrant for that.
What about tracking her phone?
I mean...
At least I'll know for sure
she's in Miami.
I mean, I pay the bill.
It's a joint account.
So-so that's it? That...
I thought the police
were supposed to help people.
I mean, what...
What if she's being kidnapped?
I mean, she...
T-taken out the country?
- Just...
- No. Y-you don't know, you're...
Now there's no evidence
to point to that.
- Why don't you help me?
- No. No-no.
There's no evidence that points
to that, okay?
Why don't you help?
You don't know... Oh, my God...
I-it's like he didn't even care.
I know. But listen, we're not
gonna give up on her, all right?
I'm gonna stay on him
every single day.
This is a nightmare, Matt.
I know. I know.
What are you gonna do now?
I'm gonna stay in Miami.
Did you see all those girls
on the wall?
If he's not gonna find her,
I am...
even if I have to go
to every photography studio
in this place.
Hey. I'm gonna help you, okay?
We're gonna find her. Come here.
What's all this?
You never told me
it was your birthday.
I didn't realize...
No calendars in here.
- Yeah, there's none of those.
- Yeah.
Open it.
It's not gonna bite you.
- It's beautiful.
- Put it on.
Be right back.
I love it.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
Could you spin for me?
You look amazing.
You're the first girl
that I've ever considered...
I want us to be a team...
in every way.
That's nice.
Can you teach me
about what you do?
I'd like that.
What if I posed as, like,
a sexy art student?
I could paint a naked portrait
or I could even paint my body.
I love that.
I just need to get
to an art store.
Yeah, I-I'll get you
the supplies.
I'll get whatever you need.
Well, I'm pretty picky
about my supplies.
Maybe I could go with you.
We could go out,
like a real couple.
I, I-I don't think
that's a very romantic date.
Um, just give me a list...
we'll get everything you need.
- Hi.
- There you are.
We're not streaming
for a few hours, right?
- We're not?
- You wanna do something?
Can you go to the art-supply
store and get me a few things?
- I'll text you the list.
- Okay. Uh, what's it for?
It's for the performance
Good news.
Nicole will get your supplies.
Oh. Great. Uh...
Well, I need her to pay really
close attention to the list.
The paints on there
are really specific.
- And the linseed oil...
- Well, don't worry, don't worry.
It'll be fine.
I was thinking about
what you said.
You do deserve a treat.
How about I take you out
on a date?
Maybe take you shopping?
- You mean it?
- Yeah.
No more old clothes.
A whole new wardrobe.
Thank you.
Let's make a day out of this,
You're the first girl
I trust this much.
Oh. Insurance policy.
Don't worry.
Can I help you with anything?
No, we're just gonna
look around a bit.
Oh. Here we go.
This is nice.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
- Have fun.
- Hm.
- You're doing okay in there?
- She's fine.
Let me know if you need
another size, okay?
Um, actually, could I get this
in a smaller size, please?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
You know what? I'll take that.
Get your things.
If you make a sound, it'll be
the last one you make and hers.
We'll come back later.
Excuse me.
Uh, stop, please.
Hey! Stop!
Get back here!
- That's...
- What do you wanna do, huh?
Can't fuckin' believe
you'd do that.
- Get out of the car!
- Ah. Ah!
Come on, bitch!
Give me the bag.
Give me the bag.
Put on your outfit.
We're going live!
- I'm sorry.
- I told you not to lie to me!
- I told you not to lie to me!
- Please, I'm sorry!
- Why would you do that to me?
- Well, I'm sorry! I-I'm...
- Why would you do that to me?
- Sorry! Please, I won't...
You said you'd never
leave me alone!
Take it. Just take all of it.
I'm so sorry.
I'm, I'm sorry!
I real...
I'm so sorry!
I won't do it again, I promise.
I promise,
I won't do it again, please!
Now you'll pay.
No, no! No, I'm sorry!
Please, don't do this to me!
We go live
in five, four,
three, two, one.
There's something
you're gonna wanna see.
I don't think so.
What did you say happened
to your girlfriend, again?
She got a modeling gig. Why?
I don't think she's modelling.
- Ow!
- Oh, my God!
Don't look.
She would never do this.
H-how much do you know
about computers?
- It's my major.
- Well...
Can you track this IP address?
Enough. Cut.
Nice work, Nicole.
I know it hurts...
but it's temporary.
No, it's not.
He's a monster, Nicole.
He's a killer. He has pictures.
He showed me...
Go to the main house.
Apparently, your boyfriend
saw your performance today.
He claims he's coming after me.
Wipe that grin off your face.
Call him
and tell him to back off.
Hi, Matt.
Grace, where are you? Listen,
I'm coming to get you right now.
Just tell me where you are.
I'm fine.
Look, it's over between us.
This is what I want.
No! No, I don't believe you!
Grace, who's doing this to you?
No one.
The videos are tastefully done.
They have launched
my modelling career.
I'm really happy here.
This is what I want
and you just have to accept it.
- I have to go now.
- Grace, don't go. Please.
- Just...
- Goodbye, Matt.
- Grace...
- I love you.
He's becoming a real problem.
What are you going to do?
Take care of the problem.
Leave him alone.
Please leave him alone! Please!
Hey, I just left, uh,
another photography studio.
Another dead end. Um, any news?
Yeah, but it's not good.
Tell me. Come on.
She's on a pornography site.
No, not Grace, no. No.
It has to be somebody else.
No, it's not.
I got a call from her.
And I think she's being
held against her will.
I mean,
she told me she loved me.
She's never told me
she loves me.
Uh, can you contact
the owner of the site?
I can't. I-I've tried.
We did have a breakthrough,
My roommate was able
to get into her computer.
W-w-what did he find?
Well, apparently,
she went on to some website
called Model Matchup.
She responded to a post
by some photographer
with the handle Beautyclick.
But, I mean, there's no way
to respond to him.
The post's been taken down.
Ah, damn!
Um... Well, I have a meeting
with the detective tonight.
And his shifts goes up
at, at 8:00.
I'm gonna keep seeing
what I can find.
I'll meet you
at the police department
later tonight.
All right, um...
Let's see if we can find
a similar add
to the one
that Grace responded to.
I mean, maybe this guy is using
a different handle
with the same MO.
- I don't know.
- I'm on it.
Het, Matt, where are you?
I'm-I'm at the police station.
Um, I'm gonna go in.
I'm so sorry for what happened.
I promise it won't happen again.
- I know it won't.
- What did you do?
Exactly what I said I would.
Matt won't be available
for calls.
It was the right thing.
He was coming in between us.
Matt was my past,
but you're my future.
This is my home.
And I'm sorry I betrayed you.
Do you expect me to believe that
after what you did?
I'll do whatever it takes.
Do your art project.
We'll start from there.
Full nudity...
like we discussed.
What's the matter with you?
I saw the pictures, Hunter.
You snooping through
my computer?
Yeah. And I didn't sign up
for this.
- What, are you gonna leave?
- You lied to me.
You told me
you took those girls home.
What else was I supposed
to tell you, Nicole?
- I think I'm done.
- Oh, you think you're done.
- Yeah. Really?
- I don't think you are.
Because you're a killer, too.
So you're not gonna tell anyone,
because if you do, you're gonna
end up just like them.
But it, it was
in her search history.
Well, these online ads come up
and go all the time.
Okay, they probably
just shut down...
But she-she responded
to a-a post about a job.
Can't your computer people
track it down?
Again, there's no sign
of any foul play here.
Okay, you told me her boyfriend
got a call from her
just the other day.
We think that whoever has her
forced her to make that call.
You don't know that for a fact,
do you?
All right, listen, look...
I got some intel
on your daughter's phone.
Turns out, it last pinged
on a tower
near Miami train station.
- That mean anything to you?
- No.
My gut tells me
that she's come back into town
on her own free will and she
just doesn't want to be found.
When was the last time
that her phone was on?
It pinged off a tower
about two weeks ago.
Oh, but she could be using
a, a wireless network,
so that certainly helps.
Don't you find that odd?
What 19-year-old cares enough
about her cell plan
that she keeps doing it
for two weeks?
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- Matt, I'm so glad you're here.
Matt, I was just about to tell
Mrs. Somerville here
that, um, I'm sorry
I wish I could do more.
But I really can't devote
anymore manpower,
searching for a girl who's just
posting all over social media
about how a wonderful life
she's having and...
We're gonna keep looking for her
with or without your help.
Come on, Matt,
let's get out of here.
I wish I could do more,
but I just...
Thought I'd tell you myself,
we go live in ten minutes.
This better be good.
Let's do this.
Five, four, three,
two, one.
Your body is the canvas.
Now your breasts.
Don't let me down,
11th-grade chemistry.
Do you hear that?
Stay here.
Come on. Car keys, car keys.
Can I help you?
Hello? Hello?
Help! Help me, please! Help!
- Help! Help!
- Go back to bed!
Help me!
I might lose my eye
because of you.
Oh, my God!
Could you stop? Just...
10-23, Robertson approaching
front door.
- How can I help you?
- Good evening.
We had a 9-1-1 call
from a woman.
Just makin' sure
everything's okay.
We had a little fire in the
guesthouse, some art materials.
I put it out really quick,
so, uh, she hung up.
Where's your girlfriend now?
She's asleep.
What happened to your eye?
Can you believe it?
First time I've ever had a fire
extinguisher and used it before
and-and it blew back
and hit me in the eye.
It's got a kick, that thing.
Mind if I take a look around?
Yeah. Of course.
Come on in.
Be my guest.
Evening, ma'am. Everything okay?
Couldn't be better.
Well, except that my boyfriend
almost took his eye out.
- You need medical attention?
- No.
The patch makes it look worse
than it is.
Sorry you had to come
all this way.
- No worries. That's my job.
- Let me show you out.
Hey, uh, you never did say,
was there
any damage to your guesthouse?
No, just smoke.
We're lucky.
I thought you said
there was a fire.
If you don't mind, I'll take
a quick look at the guesthouse
before I leave?
Sure. Right this way.
Please! Help me, I....
Where's your key?
Here it is.
All units,
we got a reported
multiple-vehicle accident
on Route 40
near the Woodbury Road exit.
Officers in the vicinity,
please respond.
Copy that. On my way.
Hey, it looks like
everything's under control here.
- I'm gonna respond to that.
- Yeah, sure.
- I'll walk you out.
- Thank you.
Come back!
Oh, look, I found it.
I found this ad.
It's exactly like the one
that Grace went to.
It has the train ticket,
the model apartment.
Look. Can you trace it?
Probably it's gonna run into
the same problems as before.
What if we respond to the ad?
That I can do.
It's him.
What did, what did he say?
What did he say?
He's asking if our girl
would come to Miami right away.
A new girl's coming
from Jacksonville. Go get her.
Is there a problem?
Are you having second thoughts?
'Cause I can fix
those second thoughts.
What time does her train get in?
Hey, she's not here.
What do you
mean she's not there?
I don't know. I mean,
the, the train station's empty.
Everyone left already.
Matt, did you find something?
Yes, I'm on the way to Grace
right now.
Wait, wait! Where-where are you?
I'm coming.
No. It's too dangerous.
Look, I'm gonna bring
Grace back. I promise.
No, Matt, wait! Wait!
The girl never came.
What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do, Grace?
What am I gonna do, Grace?
What am I gonna do, Grace?
Hunter, if you give me another...
Give you another chance?
I've already given you!
I've given you so many chances,
but it's-it's over.
You've used it all up. You...
You used it all up.
It's over.
I've already dug your grave.
- What do you mean?
- I've already dug your grave.
I, I've already made a hole
for you.
I-I-I-I-I know...
I know,
I know what I'm gonna do.
I mean,
it's so, it's so obvious.
I'm gonna film it.
I'm gonna film...
I'm gonna film...
I'm gonna film it.
I'm gonna film me...
killing you.
- Yeah, on camera.
- You can't.
I'm gonna k...
Yes, oh, I can.
A-a-and no one's ever done it.
No one's ever done this.
Oh, my God, yes.
Hunter, if you give me
one more chance...
No, there're no...
Stop talking, stop talking.
- I'll do whatever you want.
- I just need you to be there!
Just be there.
I just need you to be there.
Be there.
Hunter? Ugh...
I know how I'm gonna finish
my piece.
I'm gonna do away with her
- What?
- It's so simple.
- It's so simple.
- Hunter, this is crazy.
It's not crazy.
I don't know
why I even try to explain it
to you in the first place.
- Matt, are you...
- No, no touching!
No touching.
- Matt, are you okay? Matt...
- I told you.
No touching.
You should do a private show
for Matt.
Go put on something pretty
for Matt.
- Matt! Matt!
- No, don't touch.
Don't need to touch.
I have one rule.
One rule.
What's that?
Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm...
I was gonna eat it in the car...
"I'm so sorry, I was gonna eat
in the car. I forgot."
I have
a deathly nut allergy.
Sometimes I go nuts.
Get ready for your kiss, Hunter.
Morning, boyfriend.
Clock's ticking, Grace.
I have one rule.
One rule.
What did you do?
- What's happening?
- Don't worry about it.
- We have to run, sweetheart.
- Now.
Help me.
My Ep-Ep... Epipen!
- I lost my keys.
- O-okay.
- I can get Hunter's.
- No, no, we gotta keep running.
There's nowhere to go,
he'll find us!
That's a wrap.
Honey, you amaze me.
Look how beautiful...
I'm so proud of you.
All that you went through...
that's a lot of courage.
Thanks, mom.
I'm proud of you, too.
I can't believe you're finally
following your dreams
of becoming a lawyer.
And maybe we can carpool
to classes together.
- Ooh, can we, please?
- Yeah, okay.
What is so funny?
Oh, nothing.
I think I'll take a walk.
You know, you really look
Well, it's not exactly
what I pictured
when I dreamt of being a model,
No, it's even better.
I love you.
I love you, too.