A Model Murder (2024) Movie Script

[mellow music]
[maxine] hey, guys.
It's me maxine.
[sighs] wish you guys were here
to take care of me.
You know how much I hate
to be alone.
[computer chiming]
Truth is roger and I broke up
Or maybe we're just
taking a break.
I don't know.
All I know is
he's out of my life
And I feel relieved.
[computer chiming]
[chuckles] you guys are great.
I knew you guys
would make me feel better.
[computer chiming]
One sec.
[computer chiming]
[suspenseful music]
I'm back.
[computer chiming]
[camera chimes]
[phone chimes]
[suspenseful music]
Hey, so it looks like
I'm gonna be coming over.
One of my fans
is creeping me out.
Okay. Yeah. Bye.
[doorknob rattles]
[tense music]
No. No!
-[glass shatters]
[breathes heavily]
No, please, no.
[doorknob clanking]
-[camera shutter clicking]
Here we go. Here we go.
Face forward.
Yes, yes, yes.
All right. Fantastic.
You're on fire right now, kara.
That's right.
Bring the hand back up.
Perfect, baby. Beautiful.
Stunning. Stunning.
You heard about maxine?
Emily just sent me the link.
I...I can't believe it.
You two dated, didn't you?
A little while, yeah.
I don't suppose you know
what happened.
The police haven't made
a statement yet.
She was always so nice.
I don't understand who would
wanna hurt her.
Don't know.
Dex, you gonna be okay?
I should, uh, write up
a post or something.
-I'm so sorry.
-Oh, thanks.
Oh, before I forget...
From today.
-You killed it.
You're welcome.
[birds chirping]
[ominous music]
[woman] hey. How it'd go?
[car engine revs]
[reporter] the body
of 22-year-old maxine madison,
A top influencer
on the popular site, modelfans,
Was found in her home.
Sources inside the lapd tell tmi
That a homicide unit was called
in to investigate.
Modelfans claims to connect
models and their fan base,
But has recently become
With suggestive adult content.
The real tragedy here,
We have an epidemic
of young women
Who view self-exploitation
on social media
As a viable and legitimate
career choice.
Now, I ask you, is it any wonder
Someone whose whole life
Is for the purpose
of getting attention
Could also attract unwanted
attention as well, hmm?
Why can't they just leave
this poor girl alone?
It's just a website,
for crying out loud.
Bea, you didn't have
to do all that.
I know the news is upsetting
but you still have to eat.
-My pleasure.
-See you tomorrow.
So any word back on that
self-tape we did for that pilot?
Not yet.
But I do have an audition
Tomorrow morning
for another project.
-Oh, really?
-[kara] uh-hmm.
Producer saw my demo
And asked me to read in-person.
Oh, that's a big deal.
Who knows, maybe I'll finally be
able to put modelfans behind me
And build a career
that uses all my talents.
It'll happen, okay?
And once the dui expires,
you'll get your license back
And you won't have to take car
services to all your auditions.
One day. [chuckles]
Well, meanwhile,
It does look like a certain
someone has shot up
In the subscriber rankings.
See for yourself.
You're in the top five.
And only one person had to die.
Oh, come on. It cannot
all be attributed to that.
You know she and dex
used to date?
Oh, model and photographer?
Color me shocked.
Well, he seemed genuinely upset.
I should post something
in her memory.
Something to balance out
all the crap
They're saying about her.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
That is more than enough moping.
You know what? I have something
that'll cheer you up.
-Fan mail.
-[chuckles] anything good?
Let's see. Okay.
No. No. Ew. No.
Okay. Here's something.
"my sweet kara..."
Shut the front door.
One of my fans actually
started a message
With something other than
"hey, hottie"?
-I know, right?
Okay. Listen to this.
"your grace and charisma,
Along with your prodigious
Have enchanted us all.
It's not merely your beauty
that captivates me
But the essence of your being
that deeply touches my soul."
A poet.
"I want to know you better
And explore the potential
of a connection
That transcends the boundaries
of fame and admiration.
I won't be without you.
I won't be without you?
Yeah. He was doing okay
until that, huh?
My first stalker.
-Well, you know what?
Not for long.
And blocked.
Don't you just love technology?
[ronald] social media,
Which was supposed to be
a great tool
For connection
and self-expression,
Has turned into a platform
where privacy is compromised
On a daily basis.
and where does all this lead?
[ronald] therapy.
And I'm not kidding.
We're seeing an incredible
uptick in anxiety,
Depression, not to mention,
a profound sense of violation.
-[ronald] we have to learn
To treat this new digital realm
with caution and vigilance.
Shut up.
[sirens wailing in the distance]
[alarm ringing]
Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I am a force
to be reckoned with.
I am a force
to be reckoned with.
I am a force
to be reckoned with.
As a little girl,
I was always told to conform,
To fit into a neat little box.
But society's expectations
cannot contain me.
I've never been one to blend in.
I embrace my imperfections,
My heartache, my pain.
And so I vow to speak up.
To use my words as weapons.
To challenge the very--
Yeah. Okay.
-Oh, that's good.
-I'm almost finished.
Let's just skip to the part
where you take your shirt off.
[chuckles] I'm sorry?
Your shirt.
Is there a problem?
I just...
I thought this
was an independent film.
It is.
"klassy kara."
What do you think your
two million followers
Really wanna see?
Look, do you know how many girls
are coming in to audition today?
In that case, don't let me take
up any more of your time.
Oh, please. It was one audition.
I'm never going to be taken
seriously as an actress
If I do projects like that.
Kara, I've been trying to tell
you this for a long time.
You're not gonna be considered
for those type of roles.
Those types of roles?
You mean serious,
legitimate parts?
Kara, did you even look
at the list I sent you?
Why don't we work
on one of those roles?
Music video babe?
Dead woman in alley?
Are you serious?
And you need
to be realistic, okay?
Producers and streamers
are not scouring modelfans
Looking for their next star.
All you gotta do
is get me in the room.
I keep trying to tell you,
you're not getting in the room.
You're not even
getting in the building!
Then maybe it's time
I consider new representation.
You know what?
You're right.
We should have parted ways
a long time ago.
You're dropping me?
[bobby] good luck, kara.
-Bobby, please. Let me just--
-[phone beeps]
[kara] hey, everyone.
Having another bad day today.
I mean, I was already upset
about maxine and then...
Well, I had a bad audition.
And my agent dumped me.
But you know what they say,
what doesn't kill you...
So I'm not going to give up.
I'm going to keep fighting
until I get a role
That can show everyone
what I can really do.
So I just wanna say thank you
to each and every one of my fans
For your encouragement
and support.
You all mean so much to me.
[kara] and I'm going to be
thinking about you tonight
When I go to the opening of la's
newest nightspot, locomotive.
[upbeat music]
[indistinct chatter]
- [paparazzi] kara!
- [paparazzi] kara!
[paparazzi] kara! Right here.
Right here.
-[paparazzi] step across.
-[paparazzi] kara, over here!
Any thoughts on
what happened to maxine?
-[paparazzi] kara, over here.
Well, how does it feel now
that you've taken her place
-On the top five?
-Hey, man.
Can you just let her grieve
the loss of a friend in peace?
Show some more leg
while you're "grieving".
-Come on.
-Okay. Okay.
[paparazzi] kara!
-Kara! Come on!
-[paparazzi] thank you, kara.
[upbeat music playing
over speakers ]
[indistinct chatter]
-Pink lady.
-[emily] tequila.
-[indistinct chatter]
-Come on.
[upbeat music continues ]
-I missed this.
-I missed you.
I can't wait till you
actually come to a game.
You can't?
I don't like traveling alone
all the time.
You could get a dog.
Keep him in your gym duffle.
-I'm serious.
-Me too.
The guys in the dugout
would love a little pomeranian.
Come on, kara.
Come on the road with me.
You know I can't.
What, models aren't allowed
To have boyfriends now?
I want to maintain the illusion
Of being available.
You've already got a lot of guys
Following you on your dumb site.
A boyfriend
is not gonna change that.
That "dumb site"
is what pays my bills
While I get my acting career off
the ground.
It even lets me keep emily
on payroll
To help manage my profile
So I have more free time
to spend with you.
My agent renegotiates
my contract this year.
I already make good money,
but after the season I'm having,
I'll be making more than enough
for the both of us.
Wait. You think I'm just gonna
drop everything
And let you take care of me?
What's wrong with that?
What if I don't wanna
be taken care of?
What if I wanna be able
to take care of myself?
Let's be real here.
Every waitress from here
to tarzana
Has a headshot in their bag
right now.
You really believe in me
that much?
Oh, hey, so...So that's it?
You're just gonna do
the whole model pout thing now?
Just stop.
I think you should be
a little more appreciative,
-You know that?
-Excuse me?
There's hundreds of girls
out there who would kill
To be standing where you are
right now.
Well, good for you.
Maybe one of them would love
to go to all your games.
We belong together, kara.
When are you gonna understand
-You're mine.
-Gabe, you're scaring me.
If you leave right now,
this is over.
-You understand me?
Do you understand me?
Let me out.
You want this footage
to end up on tmi?
Please, let me out.
You'll be sorry.
[emily] gosh.
What a self-centered jerk!
I honestly don't know
what I ever saw in him.
Well, six-two, broad shoulders,
-Abs for days.
You know what I mean.
He just doesn't get that I'm in
control of my life, not him.
Don't worry.
He will be the one who's sorry.
I don't know.
"you see that girl
up there on stage,
Winning the oscar
for best actress?
I used to go out with her.
Now, what kind of motor oil
would you like for your car?"
-You're bad. [laughs]
-I know.
Trust me, somewhere out there,
There's a guy who will not
only appreciate your hard work
And dedication, but who'll
encourage your career,
Who'll jump to his feet,
Applauding proudly
when your name
Shows up on screen
at your first big premiere.
"and kara woods
as dead woman in alley."
Well, we all gotta start
[suspenseful music]
[camera shutter clicks]
[suspenseful music]
[kara] so you're not going
to send an officer?
Well, like I said,
it was a message.
I mean, I could send you
the photo he attached.
I just thought
since you are the police
You could do something.
Yeah. Bye.
[dexter] all right.
Give me a three-quarter turn.
Yeah. Towards me.
Leg pointed out.
Right. Good.
Okay. Arch your back.
Give me some energy. Come on.
Look alive. Look alive.
-Yup. Just like that.
-[camera shutter clicking]
Let's try some on
the chair, yeah?
-Yeah. Okay.
-Go ahead.
All right. Here we go.
Right there.
Let me help you.
How about we take this leg here,
-Put it here.
And then
we're gonna move you back.
Lay back.
Good. Very good.
Let me get your arms.
Okay. You're good.
-You all right?
Uh-huh. Very nice.
-Here we go. Come on, kara.
-[camera shutter clicking]
[dexter] come on.
Give me some more life, baby.
Come on. Kara.
Kara, I need...
I just needed a second. Um...
I'm fine.
You know...
If you're gonna make it
in this world,
You're gonna need to learn
how to lie better.
"I'm never giving up
until the day you're mine."
What is this?
Emily and I blocked him twice
and he keeps coming back.
Did maxine ever mention someone
doing anything like this?
Not to me.
Have you talked to the police?
They said they're
"evaluating the situation".
[dexter] just ignore him.
I'm sure eventually
he'll wander off
And find someone else
to bother, all right?
Yeah. Maybe.
Why don't we call it a day, hmm?
Did we get what we needed?
We got enough.
Do you want me to hang around,
keep you company?
No. I'll be fine.
-[dexter] you sure?
All right.
[dramatic music]
[kara] no messages
from him today.
[emily] oh, good.
But I still think we should
get you some good security.
I've been checking out
some cyber security influencers
-And I--
-that's weird.
[emily] what?
I just got an email
from a company called fortitech
Offering me free cyber security
for six months.
They say it's because
of my modelfans ranking.
Oh, yeah. The ceo
is one of the influencers
I was looking at.
He's super cute too.
At fortitech,
we understand the importance
Of building a strong
digital presence
While keeping your personal
information secure.
That's why our team
of security experts
Use state-of-the-art technology
to detect
And prevent cyber attacks,
Keeping your online
reputation intact.
Our vigilance and expertise
means that you can rest easy,
Knowing you are always
And nothing is more valuable
than peace of mind.
-Not bad.
-And nothing better than free.
Yeah. I'll do it.
Great. Call me later?
Sure thing.
[computer chimes]
[computer chiming]
[breathes deeply]
I could tell something
was bothering you,
So I made your favorite.
-You're the best.
Is this about gabriel?
About a lot of things.
You know,
when I was around your age,
There was this guy
Who was friends
with a bunch of my friends
Who made it known
how much he liked me.
Well, of course, bea.
You're a catch.
I don't know about that.
This guy was incredibly
Like brad pitt gorgeous.
[chuckles] oh.
All the girls were
clearly jealous.
But you didn't like him?
Swore like a sailor,
smoked like a chimney.
-you couldn't have paid me.
The point is you have to do
what's right for you,
Not what other people think
you should do.
You're lucky you grew up
before social media.
But this head
is full of a lot of good sense.
You'll figure it out.
Thanks, bea.
I'll be in the kitchen
if you need me.
-Thanks you.
-Of course.
[dramatic music]
I wanted to personally
welcome you.
It's nice to meet you.
Klassy kara...
In the flesh.
Are you one of my fans?
Well, I don't visit modelfans,
But social influencers
are a growth market
For us right now.
I read about you in tmi.
Then you've heard
of maxine madison?
And you're worried
whatever happened to her
Was because of her fame
And the same thing
could happen to you?
What's this?
A homicide report.
Oh, my god.
I tend to throw around buzzwords
like risk management,
Data protection,
and threat mitigation,
But at the end of the day,
It's really all just
Access to it
and how to use it wisely.
That's what we do here.
As I always say, the internet
can be a fantastic tool
Or a dangerous weapon,
It just depends who's sitting
behind the keyboard.
When you say "weapon" ...
Well, let's take you
for example.
What about me?
Let's see.
Kara woods. Twenty-four.
Born in worcester,
Graduated high school
with a 3.5 gpa.
Planning to study
at umass dartmouth,
But you met a talent scout
who convinced you to move
To los angeles
and become an actress.
He ended up scamming you
for a bogus acting class,
Which is where you met maxine,
Who introduced you to modelfans.
And while you still audition
as much as you can,
Your main source of income
is that site.
Wow. Okay.
Oh, and your license
is suspended
Because of a dui
but you tell people
That you take driving services
Because you don't like
looking for parking.
You rent a house in the hills
and you have a housekeeper
-Named beatrice.
[cody] that was one hour's worth
of research.
Imagine how much time
this, uh ...
"rocket" has had.
The good news
is you're here now,
And my company can protect
that data.
-[cody] I'll scrub it.
And what I can't have removed,
I'll encrypt or protect
With a firewall that not even
the pentagon could get through.
I got a stack
of subpoenas to prove it.
With all you'll be doing for me,
It seems like
I should have to pay.
Well, if you're happy
with the service,
I just hope you spread the word.
-It's good business.
-Of course.
And cost isn't the challenge
in a case like yours.
-Thank you.
-What do you mean?
We all know what modelfans
really is.
You mean a platform
that allows creators to share
And monetize content?
Explicit content.
It's interesting how people
are quick to judge women
For expressing their sexuality
But don't bat an eye
when men do it.
I guess I just hold myself
to a certain moral standard
And it's reflected
in my company.
I didn't come here
to be morally policed.
I wasn't trying to offend.
I just was trying to point out
That the nature
of modelfans' content
Invites a certain security risk.
More risk than a ceo
of a major company?
I find that hard to believe.
It's different.
I'm an entrepreneur, cody,
Not a porn star.
I don't meet up with people
And I don't film myself
having sex.
I model...On my terms.
Now, that may offend
your moral standards,
But I refuse
to apologize for it.
Thank you for your time.
[door closes]
"empower" a brand new
energy drink
Created specifically for women
who lead busy and active lives.
-[jane] packed with all --
-feel good?
-- Natural ingredients
and essential vitamins.
Empower provides a refreshing
burst of energy
Without the crash
Associated with more
traditional energy drinks.
-What about flavor?
-[hannah] our tests
Have shown
that our target demographic
Prefers fruity flavors.
-Strawberry, raspberry --
-[phone chimes]
-[hannah] -- mango.
-Sorry, I thought I silenced it.
We're looking for web-based
Such as yourself
to help us build
-Credibility and trust --
-[phone chimes]
-- with a highly-engaged
and motivated audience.
not sure what's going on here.
-[phone chimes]
Are we interrupting something?
Uh, no, it's nothing.
[hannah] kara?
I'm so sorry.
I obviously just got hacked.
Oh. [clears throat]
Sorry. Where were we?
[dramatic music]
[emily] you said you're gonna
sign up for security.
I know. But I went fortitech
and the ceo was rude.
Okay. Well, who cares
if the hot ceo has bad manners?
-We need security.
-I know.
[emily] and we needed
that sponsorship deal.
If we're gonna continue to grow
your online profile,
We need some real
marketing muscle.
And that comes from landing
a big client.
Then we'll find someone else.
It's not that easy.
A lot of companies
don't wanna deal with modelfans.
-I know.
-[emily] look,
I'm trying as hard as I can
But it doesn't all just happen
spontaneously, you know?
Managing a social media presence
is a full-time job
And hell, sometimes it feels
like it's my whole life.
We need to nip this in the bud
Before it gets any worse.
-Thank you for coming.
-Yeah. I was, uh,
Surprised to hear from you.
Thank you.
Look, before we get started,
I owe you an apology.
That's not necessary.
No, actually, I think it is.
I was out of line.
And I made
generalizations about you
That were completely unfair.
I'm sorry.
And I want you to know,
I'm gonna use every tool
-At my disposal to help you.
-Thank you.
Okay. So this guy hacked his way
Into your secured
-Seems so.
-[cody] well, the good news is,
Just because the company didn't
take security precautions,
Doesn't mean that we can't.
You got the information I sent?
I did. I did. I've reviewed
all of your messages
And blocked anyone
that seemed problematic.
As for your friend rocket,
I've scrubbed his dms,
Cancelled his subscription
to modelfans,
And reported him to his isp
For violating
his terms of service.
He won't be a problem anymore.
Really? That easy?
Here's the thing.
Oftentimes with cyber-stalking,
The person is someone known
to the victim.
So you're saying this guy
Might not be some random fan
from the site after all?
Could you think of anyone that
have a reason to bother you,
A rival model
or a jealous ex maybe?
[sighs] there's a guy...
Well, was a guy.
It was a fling, mostly.
So it wasn't serious?
Not at first, but then...
I wanna focus on my career
and he didn't understand that.
Would you say it ended amicably?
Not really, no.
What's his name?
I'll check him out.
Gabriel walker.
The baseball player?
You've heard of him.
Didn't he get arrested
last year?
It was something
about a fight in a club?
Yeah. Fan of another team
threw a drink in his face.
Hmm. Yeah.
With a history like that,
I would definitely say
he's a suspect, so.
We'll keep an eye on him.
Right. Thank you.
[phone chiming]
[suspenseful music]
[phone ringing]
Kara, it's me.
We have a problem.
[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[floor creaking]
[suspenseful music]
-[emily] who the hell are you?
How did you get in here?
Well, the door was open.
-[man] seriously.
The place was like this
when I got here.
Whoa. Get back.
Wait, are you "blaze,"
or "fireball,"
Or is it "rocket" now?
I honestly can't keep track.
I'll ask you again.
Why are you in my apartment?
I-I just ...
I just thought that kara
might be with you.
Get out!
How'd you get my address?
Uh, klassy kara's konnoisseurs.
[cody] you've been doxxed.
Internet slang for your personal
information's been made public.
This is insane.
[kara] there's gotta be
something we can do
To help her out for now.
Get them to take
the information down?
That's the thing,
once it's out, it's out.
And even when I get the sites
remove the information,
It'll be impossible to find
all the sites
That have reposted
the information,
Social media posts.
There's no way
to fully remove it.
So I'm gonna have
to move? Great.
That's not necessary.
She doesn't really
have to move, does she?
This guy's done
a real number on her.
Just tell me,
when does all this end?
When I catch him.
And when will that be?
That's impossible to predict.
But I ... I'm trying.
Look, you can stay with me
for a few days.
Few days? You heard him.
We have no idea
how long it's gonna take.
I know but I feel terrible.
Please, what can I do?
I don't know. Maybe I'll just
get a hotel or something.
-I'll pay for it.
-[emily] that's not necessary.
Please, em, just let me help.
It's okay.
Just give me a couple of days.
I just need to clear my head.
Of course. Whatever you need.
You'll be all right?
No. But I'll manage.
Just promise you'll let me know
how you're doing?
Of course.
She'll be okay.
Can you guarantee that?
Let me catch him, then yeah.
Did you have a chance
to look into gabriel?
Started the process.
It's hard to get
that information
From an internet service
provider without a court order.
And, and that could take weeks,
if not longer.
But luckily,
the service provider
Owes me a favor, so.
With any luck,
we should have it within a week.
Oh, I should get to work.
I'll be in touch though, okay?
Do you need anything?
-No. I'll be okay.
I promise I'm gonna take care
of you and emily, all right?
Thank you.
[sighs deeply]
[insects chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[automated male voice]
you've reached the los angeles
Police department.
Please hold for the next
available dispatch.
[phone dial clicking]
[phone ringing]
[cody] hey, is everything okay?
-[kara] there's someone here.
-[cody] at your house?
I tried calling the police but--
[cody] no need. I'm close by.
Just make sure
your doors are locked.
-[lock click s ]
-okay. Please hurry.
[phone dial clicking]
[phone ringing]
[emily on voicemail]
hey, you've reached emily.
Leave me a message
and I'll get back to you
As soon as I can.
[dial ends]
Hi, sorry to bother you.
I just saw some guy
standing outside my house.
Cody's on his way, but well...
I'm freaking out.
Please call me.
-[knocking on door]
[suspenseful music]
[knocking continues]
-whoa, whoa!
I saw someone out back.
Okay. Just stay here.
[suspenseful music]
[phone chimes]
[kara gasps]
I couldn't find him.
Whoever it was.
I can't believe
he found my phone number.
Not too subtle, is he?
The number is blocked.
Here, let me see.
Sometimes if you hit 69
And then it unblocks the number.
-[phone ringing]
I think I hear something.
[continue ringing]
[cody] it's right there.
[phone ringing continues]
Oh, my god!
This is gabriel's phone.
[suspenseful music]
[kara] I just don't understand.
Why would he do
something like that?
He's probably angry
you turned him down.
He's a professional athlete.
I'm guessing rejection
isn't something he's used to.
[phone buzzing ]
-Ms. Woods?
-[kara] yes?
-Thank you for your patience.
This is detective parker.
Hi, detective.
[parker] you called
and spoke to my partner
About your ex-boyfriend,
gabriel walker,
You have reason to believe
he's been stalking you?
Yes, we, um, we found his phone
outside my house
And I saw someone
outside watching me.
And you felt certain it was him?
Well, it was dark
but it was definitely a man.
Hi, this is cody johnson
from fortitech cyber security.
I'm in charge of ms. Woods
online security.
And my client has been waiting
for a response
From the police for hours.
Now kara said she saw
someone here tonight
And no one is taking this
But I wanna know if you've
looked into gabriel walker.
Yes. We looked
and mr. Walker has an alibi.
[scoffs] really?
And you verified that
With more than one source?
Yeah, we have about
45,000 sources
Who saw mr. Walker score
the winning run tonight.
-That good enough for you?
Now please put
ms. Woods back on.
Hi, I'm here.
[parker] it is possible
that your boyfriend
Dropped his cell phone
last time he was over.
And the figure you saw
was a teenager
Or a nosy neighbor.
But there's a guy that's
been stalking me online
-And I just --
-[parker] rocket?
- Yeah.
- [parker] just because
A guy's creepy online
doesn't mean
He's gonna act on it
in real life.
They usually don't.
But look, I'm gonna come over
tomorrow with my partner,
We'll gonna take a look around,
if that makes you feel better?
Yeah. Thank you.
A dead end.
Not necessarily.
How many people knew about you
and gabriel's relationship?
Not many.
We kept it pretty quiet. Why?
Because whoever did this,
Went through a lot of trouble
to set him up.
I'm gonna get this back
to the office,
See if I can find
anything on it.
With any luck, they've left
some kind of digital footprint.
-You gonna be okay?
You're more than welcome
to join me
If you don't wanna be alone.
I appreciate that but...
It's been a rough night.
I just need to relax
and go to sleep.
Let me know when you hear
from the detectives.
I will. And thank you.
[door opens]
[water running]
[keyboard clacking]
[knocking on door]
I'm coming.
[knocking continues]
[knocking on door]
Who is it?
[loud knocking continues]
-[officer] police. Get back.
show us your hands. Stop!
-[office r ] stair is clear.
-[officer] hallway is clear.
-[officer] kitchen's clear.
Get down on the ground.
Get down.
Get down on the ground.
Get down!
Spread out your arms and legs!
Now interlace your fingers
behind your head!
Is there anybody else
in the house?
Is there anybody else
in the house?
[parker] people who make
false swat calls
Usually cover their tracks
But we'll look into it.
It's gotta be him...
Whoever was here last night.
We looked around the house
and didn't find anything.
I checked the doors and windows,
they're all secure.
Have you post anything
on your site profile lately
-That might provoke or upset?
-Uh, excuse me,
I'm in charge
of ms. Woods' security.
-Are you okay?
-I think so.
-Have you talked to your lawyer?
Can we help you?
Oh, I think the police have done
quite enough already, don't you?
Excessive force?
Entering without a warrant?
Probable cause...
Probable ignorance.
If you would like to make
a formal complaint
Then we can take you down
at the station with us.
-Mr. Johnson, I presume.
Uh, and I'd like to see a copy
of the swatting call.
[parker] get me a subpoena.
I'll even throw in
the transcripts.
These are the pictures
I posted last week.
They're pretty standard.
Are we done here?
We? Uh, I don't know.
Detective, are we done?
Thank you, ms. Woods.
We will be in touch.
We look forward to it.
You sure you're okay?
[door closes]
[siren wailing in the distance]
[cody] pizza delivery!
You know,
you don't have to stay.
I can easily go to a hotel
or something.
And miss this magnificent feast?
Sans anchovies,
per the lady's request.
Will I ever feel safe again
alone in my own house?
I get it.
It's scary having someone poking
through your personal life
But...We will get him.
- You can't know that.
- Yeah.
Fortitech has a pretty strong
success rate.
You're supposed
to protect me online,
Not be my personal bodyguard.
I just wanna make
you feel better.
You do?
Is it working?
Who would have thought that
in offering me free security
You'd end up having
to watch me all the time.
It's my pleasure.
It's a little ironic that
in order to find a stalker,
I had to hire a stalker.
Hire a stalker.
That's good. I should use that.
You hungry?
I'm starving.
Are you sure I can't make up
the guest bed for you?
Yes. The couch is fine.
Besides, I can't keep
an eye on the house
If I'm sleeping, can I?
Got it.
Tomorrow I can upgrade
your security system,
So that way we can
monitor it remotely, okay?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Goodnight, kara.
[crickets chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
Cody, are you there?
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
Cody, wake up.
-[cody] kara, wake up.
[breathing heavily]
Hey, are you okay?
Having a bad dream?
Yeah. I'm okay.
I just wanted you to know,
I have one
of my technicians downstairs,
He's installing more cameras.
Oh, and I figure
you might be hungry,
So I made breakfast
for whenever you're ready.
Just, no rush.
[breathing heavily]
So we are installing
at all points of entry.
And smart locks.
Plus, we have glass break
sensors on all the windows.
And the best part is,
you can view the live feed
Any time through the app.
And who has access to all this?
You're asking if it's possible
for someone to hack in
And view without your knowledge?
Is it?
Well, there's two-factor
authentication at the login,
Aes encryption
on the video feed,
And I'm installing a vpn
on your network.
I have no idea
what any of that means.
-It means, no.
Not possible.
This looks delicious.
I'm impressed.
Not every bachelor
survives on cold pizza and beer.
What, you never touch the stuff?
No. No, no, no.
Not since last Wednesday.
So I ran our friend's aliases
To see if we could get a clue
into their true identity.
Blaze, fireball, and rocket
Happen to be characters
from a popular video game
Called fire storm.
So all we've got on this guy
Is that he has an interest
in a video game?
And presumably, our friend
doesn't live at home
With his or her parents.
Wait, it might not be guy?
At this point, I'm not taking
anything off the table.
[chuckles] well, between
that and all this food,
There's not much room left
on the table.
That was funny.
Are you always this funny?
Or is it just when
your life's in danger?
I'm funny, huh?
You're hilarious.
I've been called worse.
And it's a shame,
Because I think if people took
the time to get to know you,
And I mean really know you,
not just klassy kara,
They'd be pleasantly surprised
by what they find.
Present company included?
[phone chimes]
No, it's just spam.
It's funny, I haven't heard
from emily at all.
It's only been a couple of days.
Didn't she say
she needed a couple of days.
Yeah, but it's not like her
not to answer
My phone calls or texts.
She probably
just wanted to unplug.
Hey. I'm sure she's fine.
In my line of work,
no news is usually good news.
So how long is the technician
gonna be here for?
Probably another hour.
But if you've got
somewhere to be,
I can lock up when it's done.
I have my photographer
coming by at 10:00.
Really? That could be fun.
To watch you work, I mean.
Who said
I'm gonna let you watch?
Relax. My interest
is purely professional.
Uh-huh. I'm gonna go get ready.
-[dexter] nice. Beautiful.
-[camera clicks]
[dexter] beautiful. Yes.
[camera clicks]
All right.
Hold that right there, and...
[camera shutter clicks]
-Look at me.
-[camera shutter clicks]
I got those. How about, uh,
-We do a little warrior?
[dexter] let's go.
You are my favorite model, kara.
All right. Let's go, hip...What.
Are you working out?
Rock-solid abs, girl.
Come on now. All right.
I'm gonna curve right here.
Let's bring you right here.
Very nice.
Okay. Let's keep going.
Perfect. Yeah.
Good job, kara. There we go.
-[camera shutter clicks]
Kara, is everything okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Kara, this is gonna take forever
If he's out here
distracting you.
He can stay. I want him here.
I'll stand right here.
[chuckles ]
All right.
[birds chirping]
[cody] and now,
you can use the track pad
And the camera will pan
over just like that.
-Got it.
So how well
do you know that guy?
Dex? Why?
I didn't like the way
he was touching you.
He's a photographer.
That's how most of them are...
And so that makes it okay?
Hmm. He takes good pictures.
Just be careful.
You think he's the guy?
Like I said, I'm not taking
anything off the table.
Looks like we are all set here.
Thanks. This is all a big help.
Well, that's what I'm here for.
If you need anything else,
just call me.
[suspenseful music]
[phone chiming ]
Go for dex.
[kara] hi, it's kara.
Oh, hey. What's up?
My ranking, it's plunging.
Well, it's been forever
since you posted to the site.
It's been a few days.
You know how fast
this world moves.
You gotta be posting five,
six times a day minimum.
I know, I know. It's just...
I'm trying to be careful.
I mean, the stalker had my house
swatted the other day.
Wow. That's major.
Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea
if you, you know...
Took a break?
You mean give up?
[dexter] I mean, take a break.
Time for yourself.
I've worked too hard
to build up a following.
If I give up now,
then I'm letting him win.
All right.
[kara] when I get off the phone,
I'll post
The exercise photos
that you took
Of me the other day.
I'll take selfies
while making breakfast.
You could try a live stream.
Do something different
this time.
That's a great idea, dex.
Guys love a live show.
If you want to build your base,
It's the best and fastest way.
[suspenseful music]
[sighs] it's you!
Are you talking to someone else?
Oh, sorry, dex. I got to go.
Sure, I'll be around.
[kara] I'll call you later.
All right. Ciao.
Man, you scared me.
How did you get in?
Smart lock using the app.
-Just didn't wanna wake you up.
that was dex on the phone?
Did you know maxine had
a restraining order against him?
Penal code 646.9.
Any person who willfully,
And repeatedly follows
or harasses
Another person and who makes
a credible threat
Is guilty of the crime
of stalking.
Oh, my god.
[cody] now, that doesn't mean
he did anything to her,
But I'd feel a helluva
lot better
If you stayed away
from him for now.
And stayed offline.
I can't do that, stay offline.
Kara, come on.
I'm trying to do my job.
I know ...
But keeping up my profile
And my following is my job.
If I stop showing up online,
then I'll lose everything.
Okay. Can you at least let me
oversee your profile
For the time being
until emily gets back?
That way we can make sure
you're safe.
Okay. Just until emily is back.
I understand.
First thing I need you
to help me oversee
Is getting my follower count
back up.
All right.
Do you have something in mind?
[cody] finished scanning
the rootkit.
No signs of malware or spyware.
I have no idea what that all
means but it sounds impressive.
It means that we are all set.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
I dm'd all my subscribers
so they know I'm going live.
I'll stay.
I need to do this on my own.
Break a leg.
I'd prefer not to.
[suspenseful music]
[soft dramatic music]
[upbeat music playing
over speakers]
Hey, guys.
So...It's been a long few days
And I know I haven't been
As much as I usually do.
Just been dealing
With some life stuff over here.
But I have missed you all,
So I thought I'd give you
a special show today.
What are you doing?
[upbeat music]
[cash register sound dinging]
Oh, I missed you guys too.
[cash register sound dinging]
[upbeat music]
[cash register sound dinging]
I guess I don't need
this skirt anymore.
[upbeat music]
-What the hell?
And you get to decide that.
Kara, you are better than this.
-"better" than this?
-You're smart.
You're beautiful. You have a
good understanding of business.
That's right I do.
That's why I'm in charge, cody!
No one else.
It's my body, it's my content.
And the financial stability
means everything to me.
Now, turn it back on
and get out.
Have fun.
-What are you doing here?
-Saw your show.
-I'm just curious.
You can do that live stream
for thousands
Of complete strangers
but you can't call me back?
What are you talking about?
I've been calling you.
-You've been ghosting me.
You haven't replied
to any of my calls or messages.
What messages? What calls?
I swear I haven't
gotten anything!
Look, you don't believe me.
I thought you weren't
messaging me back
Because you needed space.
I don't understand.
My phone said you'd read
the messages.
I promise ...
It wasn't me.
Then, who was it?
[object clattering]
Kara? Are you here?
[cody] yeah, once we get
the native deal over the line,
I don't see there
being any issue with the --
-[cody] -- foreclosures going
Ahead of schedule.
Yeah, just give me that contract
by the end of the day.
Now, I should be back
at the office very soon.
-I think we get that deal--
-what are you doing?
-[cody] I gotta go.
[chuckles] you scared me.
I said, what are you doing?
Oh, I was just installing
some new equipment.
That's odd because
she told me this morning
That she hired someone new.
Oh, she changed her mind.
If I call her,
she'll confirm that?
I don't see why not.
[muffled screaming]
Thank you.
Bea, I'm home.
[foreboding music]
Her purse was gone
but her car was still there.
Maybe a friend picked her up.
It's just not like her to leave
the groceries out like that.
[norris] it could have been
an emergency.
-She had to go quickly--
-and her phone is off.
She always has it on
so that I can reach her.
Look, we understand
the circumstances are unusual
But there's no evidence
of foul play.
[norris] if there's no sign
of her by tomorrow morning,
We'll start calling around.
By tomorrow?
It could be too late.
With missing persons,
we have to wait
24 hours for them to show up,
Because they usually do.
I just...I have a feeling
This has something to do
with my stalker.
Maybe he did something to her.
We've found that guys
that stalk women
-Like you online--
-women like me?
You put yourself out there
for men to look at
And eventually,
one of them gets obsessed.
the stalking stays online
And eventually falls away.
Was maxine being stalked?
That case is still
under investigation.
What about
the restraining order?
What restraining order?
The one she got
for the photographer? Dexter?
Has anybody checked out
his alibi?
Cody found it online
and showed it to me.
We haven't seen anything
that suggest that she had
A restraining order out
against that man.
[cody] obviously,
they're misinformed.
They're misinformed?
They're the police!
They make mistakes all the time.
Do you wanna see a copy of
the report again for yourself?
Why did you ghost emily?
-She's been trying to reach me
All week! Why didn't
you say anything?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
We've both been texting
and calling each other
And neither of us received
the other's messages.
Maybe there was a glitch
in the firewall I set up.
Looks like
we have a little problem.
What kind of problem?
I can fix it right now.
But it looks like my coding
Cast the net too wide
And blocked
some of your contacts.
I'll send you the messages
as we speak.
Who else has been trying
to contact me?
Kara, I'm sorry
But it's better to be
too careful
Instead of not careful enough.
Besides, maybe it's good
You got some time
on your own to...
Take a look at your life.
What are you, my therapist?
-I'm suggesting--
Maybe you could
surround yourself
With some better people.
Emily is my best friend.
She left you
When you needed her the most.
I think that you deserve better.
I know what I deserve.
So, you know what?
Stay away from me.
[upbeat music]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] there it is. There it is.
[camera shutter clicking]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] thank you.
[camera shutter clicking]
Oh, easy, buddy.
You on the list?
I'm with her.
I don't know you, man.
I'm her security.
Then you gotta get on the list.
[sighs] I'm gonna get my card.
-Just this once.
[upbeat music]
Hey! Pretty good.
-Hey, girl!
-Hey! How are you?
I'm so sorry about bea.
What did the cops say?
-They're investigating.
-And cody?
I told him to stay away.
I'm gonna put towels
on all of the cameras.
Wait, you think he's rocket?
No, I mean, he was there
when I saw someone.
I just think
he's way overprotective.
[emily] yeah, and obsessed.
It started out so normal though.
I thought we could
actually date.
Yeah. Well, that's not
gonna happen.
Yeah. [chuckles]
-I missed you.
-I missed you.
[gabriel] kara! Kara! Hey!
What are you doing here?
I've been wanting to call you.
I got a new phone.
I lost my contacts.
Look. Why don't we--why don't
we go somewhere and chat?
We can talk here.
I've been thinking
about what you said.
And you're right.
I shouldn't have been like that.
You're... You're independent.
And you know what, I like it.
-So, if you wanna have a career
With your whole modeling thing,
I'll play along.
Play along?
You know what I mean.
Uh-huh. You mean
to be condescending.
-We need some time alone.
-Ow! Stop.
-Just five minutes.
-No, thank you.
Hey, buddy! Touch her again.
-I swear to god.
-[kara] stop it!
Stop! Have you lost your mind?
-You're not safe here.
-Yeah, with you here, I'm not.
-You hired me to protect you.
-And now, you're fired.
-Effective immediately.
Somebody get this man
away from me.
Is there a problem here?
No. No problem.
I was just leaving.
Are you all right?
-[gabriel groaning]
-are you okay?
If this is what it takes
to get you to come over,
I'd hate to see what it takes
to get you to spend the night.
[chuckles] you might have
to lose a limb for that.
-[both chuckles]
No jokes. Please.
Listen, there's something
I wanna know.
You said you got a new phone?
Yeah. I lost my old one. Why?
The other night,
I saw a guy outside my house.
Cody came over--
Whoa! Cody?
What? The guy from the club?
Well, we found your phone
outside my house.
Wait. So he stole my phone?
[sighs] you, dex, cody, I don't
know who to trust anymore.
No, maybe he's been the one
Stalking you this whole time.
You need to go to the police.
Every time I get in touch
with them, they blow me off.
They say they're still
-cody's possessive and jealous
But I'm not certain
he's the stalker.
Well...You can stay here.
I'll protect you.
[chuckles] I already told him
to get lost.
he leaves me alone now.
I know I made a mistake.
-but you can trust me.
I swear.
You've worked hard
and it wasn't fair of me
To ask you to give that up.
The truth is, I'm...
I'm miserable without you, kara.
I'm willing to do whatever
it takes to get you back.
Because you're worth it.
You mean that?
[eerie music]
[grunting, panting]
[phone line trilling]
[kara] hi. This is kara.
I'm not around right now,
So please leave a message.
[loud knocking on door]
All right. Coming.
-What are you doing here?
-Is she here?
Hey! It's none of your business.
-She spend the night?
-None of your business.
Why are you playing games
with her?
-Sorry. Didn't she fire you?
-Yeah. She didn't mean it.
Sounded pretty certain to me.
You don't deserve her.
I'm sorry?
You think I don't know
about you?
About the other girls
you're in touch with?
Monique? Eva?
[sighs, chuckles]
Yeah. I'm guessing kara doesn't.
Just like I'm guessing
she doesn't know about the text
You sent jacqueline
20 minutes ago
Asking what color underwear
she had on.
You hacked my phone?
Yeah. I'd back up if I were you.
You're gonna come to my house
and threaten me?
You don't deserve her.
She's mine.
And I won't be without her.
[knocks on door]
-[kara] hey.
Come on in.
So I got your message.
What happened?
-What do you mean?
-I mean, he came into my house.
Wanted to know where you were.
-Did you tell him?
-[gabriel] hell no.
The guy's a weirdo.
He said he
"wouldn't be without you."
Are you sure that's
what he said?
Yeah. Why?
Oh, my god!
He set this whole thing up.
Set me up
from the very beginning.
God, I feel so stupid!
I mean, you could tell he was
overprotective and jealous
But how could you have known
he was the stalker?
You've got to go
to the police now.
Yeah. I can't wait to tell them
that the guy I hired
To watch me
was really watching me.
That detective is gonna laugh me
out of the station.
She already finds me ridiculous.
I have an idea.
How about we do the work
for them and expose cody?
Let the whole world see
what a creep he is.
And how do you propose
we do that?
We're going to let him
do it for us.
Hi, boys.
I haven't exactly been
feeling like myself lately.
And I know you haven't
been getting
The attention you deserve.
The truth is,
I've missed you all so much.
So I thought
I'd make it up to you
With a very, very special show.
So please,
Join me tonight for my most
intimate live stream ever.
Just you and me.
And who knows, maybe this time,
I'll show you everything.
[inhales sharply]
Hey, guys!
So, I have a very special
surprise today
For all my "klassy
I know you all have been asking
for this for a long time.
So today, I'm inviting you
into my bed.
I'm sure you all have
some naughty questions
That you're just dying
to ask me.
So send me your messages.
What the hell!
I got a tip.
New clues are going
to be revealed.
Oh, I bet there's gonna be a lot
more than clues revealed.
I'm feeling so open
and vulnerable right now.
I feel like
I could tell you anything.
-[cash register sound dings]
John in hollywood wants to know
What my favorite position is.
I'm sure you're talking
about whether
I'm a side or stomach sleeper.
But the thing is, john,
If you're coming over...
I doubt either of us
are getting any sleep.
-[cash register sound dings]
Are you guys having a good time?
I'm hoping to hear
from all of my fans today,
Including my biggest fan.
Where are you?
I know you're out there
[tires screech ing ]
-[cash register sound dings]
Let's see.
Anymore questions from you guys?
[dispatch] emergency services.
How may I direct your call?
I'm calling
from 58 deerfield road.
There's an intruder outside.
[dispatch] you said
the intruder is outside?
- [thuds]
You know what,
You guys just hang tight
for a second.
I'll be right back.
[gasps] emily!
He's here.
You know what to do.
Come on.
[suspenseful music]
-there you are.
Hi, cody.
Or should I say, rocket?
You got me.
Pretty clever.
Manipulating me into hiring you.
I knew if you got a chance
to know me,
You'd come around.
Not bad.
You think so?
I mean,
Going the extra mile like that
Just so we could be together?
You knew this was gonna
happen eventually.
You were right
When you said I deserve
better people around me.
You surprised me at the club.
But...I realized I want a man
Who fights for his woman.
Why did you reject me?
Sometimes a girl
just likes to be...
Pursued? Huh!
It isn't' fun if it isn't
just a little dangerous.
I didn't think
you had it in you.
I thought you knew me
better than that.
[cody] oh...
I do.
Prove it.
Parker! We gotta go! Now!
I've been watching you
for a while.
You have?
Watching me do what?
In your bedroom.
In the night club.
Sounds a little like stalking.
Like you said. "it's not fun
If it isn't just
a little...Dangerous."
Guess I should be flattered.
You should be.
-What about maxine?
-What about her?
You watch her too?
Forget about her.
Come on. I wanna know.
Did you two...
She had her chance.
But her heart wasn't in it.
So you got rid of her?
[breathes deeply]
Her loss...
Is your gain.
How right you are.
What is this?
Are we live?
I guess I had to take care
of my stalker myself.
You wanna show all the guys
watching at home
-What a big man you are?
-[sirens blaring]
Bet you got 'em all riled up.
Don't worry.
I already doxxed
your home address
And your office, so they know
exactly where to find you.
[sirens blaring]
How are those moral standards
working out for you now?
Going somewhere?
[phone ringing]
Thanks to you, we got him.
Not only for the stalking
charges in your case,
But for the murder
of maxine madison.
-What about bea?
-[parker] she's fine.
My guys found her
in his basement, tied up.
No injuries. A little shaken up.
Thank god.
[parker] look, kara,
I misjudged you.
I should have taken you and
your concerns more seriously.
Thank you.
I'm just curious
about something.
Did you really make all
his personal information public?
I could have.
But why bother?
It's not like he's going home
any time soon.
You're certainly right
about that.
-Need a ride?
Oh, before I forget.
Since your agent dropped you,
I happened to get a call
from the casting director
-Of that pilot this morning.
-Someone's getting a call back.
Oh, plus, you'll be happy
to know that your live stream
Broke pretty much
every record modelfans had.
Klassy kara is now number one.
Wow. That's great.
But kind of thinking
it might be time
For klassy kara to go
into retirement.
Oh! Go out on top, huh?
So...What would my manager
say about me
Taking a chance on my career
as an actress?
I'd say...It's about time.
Let's get out of here.
[tense music]