A Mother's Crime (2017) Movie Script

[Baby crying]
Who was it this
time, Danielle?
There wasn't anyone...
Quit lying to me!
I'm telling the truth!
We'll see about that...
[Baby crying
in background]
Let me go!
Where are you
gonna go, Danielle?
Away from you!
You're pathetic,
no one's gonna take you in.
I said let me go!
Get back here!
[Someone being smacked]
[Baby crying]
[Baby crying]
Hi darling.
Ma, what are
you doing?
You know we pay the
gardener for this.
I know, son.
Whatever Ma, I don't have
time for this right now.
Where were you?
I didn't hear
you come in.
Well, I'm in.
You could at least try to
be here when I get home.
who do we know in
the 5-2-0 area code?
You're checking
the phone bill?
We have unlimited calling.
Who do you
know in Tucson?
Maybe your mom
knows someone there.
I mean it's her house.
Dani, who do you
know in Tucson?
I don't know
anyone in Tucson.
Just like you didn't
know anybody in Santa Fe?
How did you...?
Oh come on, Danielle!
You're not as clever
as you think you are.
You never wondered
why he stopped calling?
What did you do?
I didn't do anything.
But the guy that I hired,
now he did a number on him.
I think it's time that
we give Mr. Tucson
here the same message.
Maybe this time you'll learn
a lesson about respect.
Come on, we're gonna
go for a little walk.
Yeah yeah,
shhhh, it's okay.
It's okay.
No! No, no, no!
Oh no!
Hold my hand
till the
courage sticks
Shine the light
till the darkness lifts
Hold me up,
so I don't look weak
soon I'll stand
on my own
I don't know how
you do it, Nikki.
I'm exhausted and I'm
just an innocent bystander.
Well, this year I
wised up and I told Becky
she could only invite her
nearest and dearest friends.
By the way, I really
appreciate your date
just jumping in
and helping out.
He's not my date.
His brother is
married to my sister.
But he's a lawyer,
just moved back in town,
and is recently divorced.
Birthday cake!
But he makes
really good burgers.
Can we have
the cake now?
Your wish is
our command.
Birthday cake,
birthday cake!
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Becky,
happy birthday to you!
[Clapping and cheering]
Electronic music
[Cell phone ringing]
Hey, what's up?
I did it, Gunnar.
I finally did it.
Did what?
I killed him, just
like you said I should.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
that was just talk.
I never thought you'd...
No, no... he was
acting crazy.
He said he was gonna hurt
the baby and I had to stop him.
Okay, you call the cops?
If you had to do it...
No! You know my record.
And my mother in law
is connected in this town
and nobody will believe me.
I gotta get away.
I need to be with you now.
Yeah baby, of course.
I have to finish my shift,
then I'll collect my pay
and get on the road.
Meet me at that motel
in Las Cruces that we use.
I can be there by morning.
And listen, you can't use
your ATM or credit cards,
they'll track you.
Same with the phone.
Toss it after you
hang up. You have cash?
No... but I know
where to get some.
Electronic music
Hey Becky.
Do you know me?
I'm your Aunt Danielle.
Hey Becky, what's wrong?
Hi, sis.
We just need a place
to stay the night.
You got knocked up,
good for you.
Now please leave.
I didn't get knocked up,
I got married.
But you used up all my
good will up years ago.
My husband and
I had a big fight
and I will go in the morning
and I will make up.
I just need-- seriously,
just for the night.
I don't want you
around my daughter!
Everything okay?
Hi, I'm Danielle,
Nikki's sister.
Hi, I'm Jacob.
Nikki and I teach
third grade together
for eight years
and I didn't know
Nikki had a sister.
Well, I just stopped
by to spend the night
and let Nikki get to
know her little niece...
if that's okay, sis?
Of course...
Hush little baby,
don't say a word.
Daddy's gonna buy
you a mockingbird.
If that mockingbird
don't sing,
daddy's gonna buy
you a diamond ring.
I've been meaning
to get rid of that.
I didn't think I would
have any use for it again.
I was so sorry to
hear about your husband.
He left you a
beautiful home.
Not sorry enough to come to
the funeral or send a card.
I was in a really
bad place at the time.
Prison or rehab?
What's her name?
She was born in the
middle of the summer
and the air conditioning
went out, so...
muy caliente.
It's a cute name.
See you in
the morning...
Away we go.
[Baby crying]
Sweetie, are you okay?
[Crying continues]
Oh my God.
Oh my God,
you're burning up.
[Crying continues]
You're gonna be fine,
you're gonna be...
[Baby crying]
Ma'am, what's wrong
with your baby?
Ma'am, we're going to
take care of your baby,
I just need to get
your information.
What's your name?
Nikki Hansen.
Do you have insurance?
Could you just
put it on the card?
Okay, umm...
go and take a seat.
[Baby crying]
That's just
what she does.
Did Aunt Danielle
leave a note?
No, she didn't sweetie.
Why do you
hate her?
I don't hate
her, Becky.
But you're kind
of mean to her.
Well, your Aunt
Danielle has made
a lot of bad
choices in life.
But mistakes happen.
That's what you say.
But they're not mistakes
if you do them on purpose.
And if you do
them knowing that
they're going to
hurt other people,
well, that's what
your aunt does.
She seems nice.
Maybe you're right,
maybe she's changed.
We'll see.
Now off you go,
before we're both late.
Hey you!
You obviously
don't know...
Know what?
What are you
going to do?
Call the police.
Well... I mean,
she's your sister.
That's never
stopped me before.
Hush little baby,
don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy
you a mockingbird.
If that mockingbird don't--
Doctor says she'll
be fine as soon as
the fever comes
down a little more.
Umm, could you watch her
while I go to the bathroom?
Thank you.
Doctor Benson, 463.
[Cell phone ringing]
Hey, I'm not far away.
Hey, I'm at the hospital.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just my baby got sick,
but she's fine now.
Baby? You brought
your baby with you?
Well... yeah.
When you said you
wanted to be with me,
I thought you
meant just you.
But she's my baby...
I'm not going on
the run with a kid.
You got a decision
to make, me or her.
If you want my help,
I'll swing by
the hospital in a
couple of minutes.
Meet me out
front... alone.
Thank you.
This isn't the life
I wanted for you.
You know that, right?
I thought we'd have
a daddy and a house
and everything
would be great.
Then your mom went and
fell for somebody else.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry...
Just remember I'm always
gonna be your mommy.
I'm always gonna
be your mommy.
I love you.
Love you.
You want to see if we've
got someone named Hansen?
She just pushed
the call button.
[Baby cries]
Nikki Hansen, come down
to the front desk.
Nikki Hansen please
report to the front desk.
There she is!
Code grey!
[Phone ringing]
Yes, this is
Nikki Hansen.
You've got to
be kidding me.
No no, just give me a
few hours to get there.
[Heavy sigh]
Hi, I'm here to
pick up Cali Newman.
I'm Nikki Hansen.
The real Nikki Hansen.
Can I see
some ID please?
the only thing I have
is a teacher's ID.
[Doorbell ringing]
Thanks for
coming over tonight.
I really needed to
talk to a lawyer,
and since you already
know part of the story...
It's not a problem.
Glad to help.
I just came from Las Cruces,
as you can see...
You have a baby.
Not what I was expecting
when you called.
So, umm...
what am I going to do?
What do you
want to do?
Danielle is probably going to
be charged with manslaughter.
She's claiming that she
was protecting the baby,
but a jury may
not buy that.
And it will be tough
for the prosecution
to prove a
premeditated murder.
And the baby?
Your sister was captured leaving
the hospital without her child.
Which means technically,
she abandoned the baby.
Now because she did
so at a hospital,
that falls under
Safe Haven law.
No charges will be
filed against her.
But child services is likely
to rule that doing so
means she gave up
her parental rights.
And the father is dead?
So technically, the baby has
no legal parents right now.
Child services will next
look to a suitable relative
to place the child with.
And the grandmother?
I just got off
the phone with her.
First, there's her age.
Secondly, Danielle
just killed her son.
She is a wreck and there's
no way she can take a baby.
Ultimately that's gonna
be up to child services,
but that leaves you.
or the other option.
Hey you guys.
Oh, so precious.
Oh my gosh.
Hey sweetie, I'm heating up
a bottle in the kitchen.
Could you go get it?
Thank you.
Hi, hi!
Well, you didn't
waste any time.
Well, what am I
supposed to do?
Danielle is going to prison
and I can't take the child.
If you put her
up for adoption,
Becky's going
to be heartbroken.
I know.
Can I feed her?
Thank you!
Yeah, I guess
you're old enough.
Okay so, you
need to cradle her
in your arms like you
do with your dolls.
Good, wow.
You're going to
make a great mom.
That was my
birthday wish.
I'm so happy my
birthday wish came true.
Thank you so
much Millie,
for picking her
up from school.
Hey Becky, will
you do me a favor
and walk Millie out
for me? Thank you.
Oh my goodness, I know.
Thank you,
thanks Millie.
Boy oh boy oh boy.
there you go.
These are the
custody papers.
They state that you are giving
up your parental rights
and your sister, Nikki,
will legally adopt the baby.
You will not have
the right to interfere
with Nikki's
raising of the child.
You knew.
You knew that you
could abandon your baby
and I would take her in.
That I would
clean up your mess.
That's right.
I knew Saint Nikki would save
the family screw up once again.
Why did you kill him?
Why didn't
you just leave?
Because I'm not the kind of
mother they give custody to.
And I couldn't risk
him getting custody
when I knew he
would hurt the baby.
And I didn't think any
character witnesses
would speak on my behalf.
That's right, Danielle.
You're my
sister and I love you,
but I can't think of one
good thing to say about you.
Give her a
good life, Nikki.
Make sure she's happy.
Upbeat dance music
Upbeat dance music
What do you think?
What do you think?
Mommy, is Grandma
Beatrice coming?
Sweetie, you know
she can't drive
because of her
eye sight, right?
I know, I just miss her.
Well, she did
send you a present.
Is it a puppy?
That's what she wished for
when she blew the candles out.
Hey! It was supposed
to be a secret.
Like she doesn't
already know.
Let's go look
at the presents.
Now, where were we?
Who's this creep
with the camera?
He was on a public
street, but you know.
An older guy watching little
kids leave a birthday party...
No Jacob, I
completely understand.
I'll run his description
through the database.
Listen, something similar
happened last year.
Turned out to be a divorced
dad who missed his son.
Yeah, maybe that's it.
You bet.
See ya.
See you.
Hey wait, you
didn't have breakfast.
I made pancakes.
I'm not hungry.
But you love pancakes!
Okay, what did
I do this time?
Now is not the time.
It's never the time.
Okay, now
is the time.
Look, Jacob
is my husband.
But he's not trying
to replace your father.
Could have fooled me.
He's my dad.
Please do not grow up
to be a bratty teenager.
No promises.
All right, get your stuff.
Got it?
Next time I ask you if
you have your lunch,
be sure to check if you
actually have your lunch.
Hey... can you
come over here?
I think someone
broke into the house.
No, I'm just sure.
The door was open, but
I'm sure that I closed it.
And Cali's bear...
...you know how she
always wants him
to face her while
she's sleeping...
but he's not.
They're fine,
they're in the car.
He's here.
You guys all right?
Well guys, there's no
sign of forced entry.
The alarm system's working.
What do you
think he wanted?
I don't know, Nikki.
We ran his description,
but came up empty.
There have been a few
break-ins in the area,
but not by anybody even
close in age to your guy.
You're a lawyer, Jacob.
Anyone want to
get back at you?
No, but I'll check
with the other partners.
See if they've had
anything similar happen.
All right.
I'll go check with
your neighbors.
The best I can do right now
is have extra patrol cars
swing by as often
as they can.
You going to
be warm enough?
Tuck you in.
Is Mister Bear
watching me?
He sure is sweetie.
We're all watching you.
Okay, love you.
Love you too!
Good night.
Good night!
[Car honking]
Hey, you won't believe
who I just saw.
Yes, how did you know?
I made some phone calls.
She was a model prisoner.
But why weren't
we notified?
Only the victim's family
would've gotten a call.
And that means
Beatrice, not us.
Apparently they've released
her to a halfway house
for the remainder
of her sentence.
A halfway house, where?
I've got the address.
Oh God...
text it to me.
Hi Nikki.
What are you
doing here?
It's my turn
to do dishes.
What are you
doing here?
They assigned me here.
I guess they thought
it would be helpful
to be near family to help
with rehabilitation.
You didn't suggest it?
No, believe me.
A place that Cali lives
just a few miles from?
I was the one that told
you not to bring her
to the prison because
it would frighten her.
You're her mom.
I get it, believe me.
And when I've
done my time,
I will move away and I'll
leave a forwarding address
and if she never wants to
contact me, I'll understand.
I'll keep that in mind.
Come on, you
have a second?
You want to look around?
These are the snacks.
Everything's free, and
that's where we sleep.
The drinks,
which aren't free,
and then this
is the kitchen.
So at least tell me,
is she a happy kid?
She's a happy little girl,
everyone loves her.
I'm glad to see that
you're doing so good.
I heard you got out.
Oh my God,
oh my God.
Oh I've missed,
I've missed smelling you.
Oh my God, come on...
Seven years in prison
is totally worth it
if it means we get to
be together like this.
I missed you too.
What's the deal
with this place?
I just have to put in my time,
and then I'm free and clear.
Speaking of which, you have
to leave in like 20 minutes.
Yeah, sure.
They'll kick you out.
But once you're
free and clear,
then you and me can...
We can go wherever we want.
We can do anything we want.
What about your kid?
She's with my sister.
You don't have
to worry about her.
No, I...
I've been
thinking lately that,
maybe she wasn't
What do you mean?
I was with you a lot
more during that time
than I was with Junior.
Are you saying
she might be mine?
All I can say is maybe.
I don't know anything.
Well no.
I've been thinking
lately, you know?
I'm getting older.
Might be nice to have
someone to take to the zoo.
Teach to fish.
Do you mean it?
Yeah, I was wrong,
A kid should be
with her mom.
With you. Us.
You know, maybe we could
get a house somewhere.
Maybe a dog.
Kids love dogs, right?
I want that too.
I want that so much,
I just had to push
it down inside
and pretend I
didn't, because...
...because of me.
I am so sorry, Danielle.
I'm going to do everything
I have to to make it right.
Me too...
I thought this
neighborhood looked familiar.
Danielle, what
are you doing here?
All right, family meeting.
Everybody on the couch.
Team, here we go.
Ladies, we have something very
important to talk to you about.
I didn't do it.
Me neither.
No, nobody is in trouble.
I just got one mile to go.
Your house looks
great by the way.
You just happen to be
jogging by my house
at the exact moment I'm
outside getting my mail?
I just want to see her.
Aunt Danielle's out?
Last week.
She moved to
a place nearby
and she wants to have
a visit with you.
She does?
Oh my God, you know it
wasn't even 24 hours ago
you were feeding
me that bull.
It wasn't bull,
I meant it.
I didn't contact
you for seven years,
and then all of a sudden
you show up at my place
and fill my head
with thoughts of Cali.
What did you
expect would happen?
It will be her decision.
I'm just asking
that you ask her.
Why? I already
have a mommy.
Well, we're not going
to do anything
that you're not
comfortable with.
That's why we're talking.
But it has to
be on her terms.
Of course.
I need to feel her out.
Well, let's see how she
does at the halfway house.
Give her some time and if you
wanna do it, just let me know.
How's that?
Fine, I will ask her.
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you!
I mean it, don't
do this again, okay?
You wait for me
to contact you.
Hey, I thought
you'd be glad to see me.
I am, I just had
a really hard
first session, so...
Well, I was hoping
you'd call me back.
I got tickets to the circus.
Kids love the
circus, right?
Oh, yeah.
No sure.
When is it?
I have to call her.
No, it's tonight.
Is that a problem?
We can go pick her up
after school, right?
Throw the ball to your
friends, they're waiting.
Do you know who I am?
What did Nikki
tell you about me?
That you were in jail
for a long time
and before that
you had a baby.
Do you know who
that baby is?
That's me.
That's right.
I think about you
so much, Cali.
I love you so much.
Hush little baby,
don't say a word.
Do you remember
that song?
I used to sing that to you all
the time when you were a baby.
I don't remember.
I do.
I used to feed you and I used
to put you to bed every night.
Because I was your mommy.
I am your mommy!
Do you want to
call me mommy?
Mommy is my mommy.
Don't you want to be
with your real mommy?
I mean, we could do
whatever you want.
Do you want to go
to the circus?
We could go to the circus.
I have tickets, we could go.
Cali, we could go to
the circus right now.
Do you want to come?
Cali, do you want
to go to the circus?
Come on!
I want to go back
and play now.
No Cali, you have to listen to
me because I'm your mommy.
What are you doing?
I had her!
Are you crazy?
You were going to
snatch and grab her
off the playground in
broad daylight?
You're the one that
said we should get her.
Yeah, I thought she was
going to come with us.
I didn't know you had
to kidnap your own kid!
I almost had
my baby back.
All right...
this look nice!
For you.
Thank you.
How come we're not
going to the circus?
That's because Becky
is afraid of clowns.
They're terrifying!
The makeup and
the weird hair...
I don't know,
I guess I just didn't
think of it, sweetie.
Why the sudden interest
in the circus, Cali?
My other Mommy
said she'd take me.
You mean your
birth mother?
Yeah, she said she'd
take me there tonight.
When did she
talk to you?
At school today.
On the playground.
Oh my God, Danielle
was at the school.
You saw her?
I was on the playground
and she talked to me.
Tell me exactly
what happened.
Mom, don't scare her.
Becky, be quiet.
This is important.
Go ahead and start
from the beginning.
what did she say?
She said she would take
me and I would love it.
I'm going to send her
a letter citing the law,
telling her we're not
gonna call the cops yet.
But if she comes within
100 feet of Cali again,
we'll have no choice.
Then it's on her.
It won't be your fault
if she screws up again.
[Cali giggling]
Do you want to
play hide and seek?
Mommy, come and
play with me.
I'm going to get you!
You little stinker.
Cali, where are you?
[Cali giggling]
I'm gonna get you!
Get you!
do you remember
my birthday wish?
Oh, look at this one.
Did you see this one?
So cute!
You're in trouble now.
She's so soft and warm!
We could call
her pancakes.
Everybody loves pancakes.
What do you think, mom?
It was her birthday wish...
Let's go home
and talk about it.
Talk, talk, talk.
Can't we just
do something?
I'll take care
of her, mom!
Okay, look...
You have school tomorrow
and Jacob and I have to work.
If we got the
puppy tonight,
who would take care
of it during the day?
So wouldn't it be better
to get him on a weekend?
When we have everything
ready for him
and we can research
vets and dog walkers
and all that stuff before
we bring him home.
You're kind of no fun.
I know, I know.
Just being a mommy.
Come on you guys,
say goodbye.
Goodbye cuties!
I mean they're
pretty cute, right?
You guys hungry?
I'm hungry.
Mom! Where's
my gym bag?
I don't know, where
did you last see it?
The car.
Take this!
I'm coming.
Oh, where did
that come from?
Thank you!
You didn't buy it?
This is the best
birthday present ever!
So it's just a coincidence
that the exact dog
Cali was looking
at last night
showed up on our
doorstep this morning.
Oh my God, I
bet she loved it!
Did you take pictures?
Okay, fine.
I read Jacob's letter...
I never got
closer than 100 feet.
She didn't even see me.
You were within 100
feet this morning.
You left the dog
on the porch!
There was a door
between us.
Jeez, you cannot
be serious.
You just don't
get it, do you?
No, we set up rules to see
if you could follow them.
If you followed the rules,
you would be rewarded.
But... God, Danielle,
every time you go out
of your way to prove
that you're the most
selfish, untrustworthy--
What goes on in that head
of yours, Danielle?
I really want to know.
It's not my head,
it's my heart!
It's my heart, Nikki!
I understand, Danielle, but
she doesn't want to see you.
You didn't even ask her!
I did!
You're a liar!
I want my daughter back!
When I adopted Cali,
let her into my heart...
I made an unspoken vow to
protect her no matter what.
And if that means
sending you to prison,
that's what I'm gonna do.
You ready?
All right.
Hello, sweetie.
Oh look, you
have a puppy!
How's my girl?
I need to talk
to your mommy.
So why don't go
outside and play
with your puppy and I'll
see you in a minute.
Okay. Love you.
Love you too.
You hired a goon to
break into my house?
Mr. Holt is
hardly a goon.
He's a highly respected
private detective.
He also doubles as my driver,
which is a waste of his talents,
but very helpful to me.
Why would you hire someone
to break into my home?
I thought that we had
a good relationship.
We do.
You're a wonderful person.
I always enjoy your company
when you bring Cali around.
Which could be a
little more often,
but I suppose every
grandma thinks that.
You know Nikki, there was
a brief period of time
when I actually
loved your sister.
Thought she'd be
good for my boy.
But then she exposed
her true nature.
She said your son
was a danger to Cali.
And yet she took
a plea bargain.
Because she's a born
liar who knew the truth.
And she knew that stabbing
a man in the back
usually doesn't make
you look innocent.
Why are you here, Beatrice?
To see if you still have a soft
spot in your heart for Danielle.
No, I don't trust
her one bit.
And yet a moment
ago it sounded
as if you just might
believe her story.
Which is why I
hired Mr. Holt.
When Danielle killed
my son, she ran here.
When I heard she was
getting out of prison,
I wanted to see if you were
going to take her in again.
Well, I haven't.
You folks put a lock on
that school gate yet?
More spying?
For all your
bluster about how
you don't want her
around your family,
there she is,
around your family.
Specifically Cali.
She's your sister
and you're never
truly going to cut
her off, are you?
What is this?
My application with the
court to take custody of Cali.
You can't be serious,
Cali is my daughter.
Who you have endangered
by allowing her
to have unsupervised contact
with a convicted killer.
My God, Nikki,
she snapped once,
don't you think she
could do it again?
Beatrice, you're going blind,
you can't take care of Cali.
Macular degeneration.
It limits me, but
I'm not going blind.
Besides, I can
hire good help.
My husband is a lawyer,
so you won't succeed.
I have lawyers too.
And I just need a sympathetic
judge who's more worried
about the welfare of
a seven year old girl
than your
sister's feelings.
You see, dear, I'm old
and I'm falling apart.
And at this point
in my life,
the only person I
care about is Cali.
Then why are you trying
to take her away from me?
Because it's just a matter of
time before somebody else does.
What choice do
I have, Nikki?
What choice have
you left me?
I'm going to go play
with my granddaughter
for a few minutes...
while I still can.
Nikki will cause
some trouble,
but I'll make sure Cali
knows the dog came from me.
She loves the dog,
she'll love me.
So, I was thinking...
you've still got time to
do at the halfway house.
Maybe I should head
out to California.
Get some work for a bit.
I can come back when
you're free and clear.
Maybe you can sort things
out with the kid by then.
Yeah, that makes
a lot of sense.
Let's get some
chips to go with this.
Do it!
What the hell was that?
Huh? And where did
you get a gun?
It's easy to get a gun in
a house full of criminals.
And that...
was insurance.
What are you
talking about?
I don't think the
security cameras
got a good look
at my face,
but you really stood out.
Are you crazy?
Seven years ago, you told me
that we could be together
if I could find a way to
get rid of my husband.
No, I said--
And then you said that
I should dump my baby.
And now you're coming
back into my life
and you're making
a lot of promises
and they are promises
that you're gonna keep.
Because if I have
to do this alone,
and I get caught,
I'm gonna tell the cops
exactly who did the
convenience store job.
We are gonna be a
family with my daughter.
And you're going to
help me make that happen.
Now, my sister is
becoming a problem.
We have to find a way to bypass
Nikki and get Cali alone.
She's not wrong,
you know.
So she could
just take Cali?
No, this is a
nuisance filing.
She's not wrong about Danielle
being a bad influence on Cali.
I tried to
keep her away.
I did everything
I could.
She just sticks her nose
where it's not welcome.
Honey, your instincts
about her are always right,
but you never
follow through.
You want me to
send her to jail?
If that's what
it takes, then yes.
Nikki, she won't listen!
She thinks she's being
cute now with this dog thing.
She can stay a
hundred feet away,
but that dog ensures that Cali
is always thinking about her.
We're not getting
rid of the dog!
That's not
what I'm saying.
Look, the only reason we had
a creepy guy taking our picture
and running around in our
home is because of Danielle.
Face it, if we get
Danielle out of our lives,
we rid ourselves of
most of our problems.
Oh, no, teacher, do I
get a written warning now?
No, that's a court
order moving you
to another
halfway house.
This is halfway
across the state.
How would I get
to see Cali?
That's the point,
you can't.
You got a couple days to
get your things together.
The van picks you up
Friday, 9 AM sharp.
If you're not ready,
bad things happen for you.
...the white ball to
hit the stripey ball
in the pocket, okay?
Hit it like that.
Hey, there you go!
Okay, so we need to
talk about Danielle.
Yes. This is the
last time, I promise.
She is going to be
moved to a different city.
Far away.
Because she was bad,
and when you're bad,
there are consequences.
Like when she
went to jail?
We told her not to contact
you and to keep away from us.
And she did not
follow those rules.
So it's very important
that if Danielle comes around,
you say no and then you
find daddy or Becky or me.
But my other
mommy is a grown up.
Why does she have
to follow rules?
Oh, for God's sake.
Your birth mom
does stupid things
and she's a
bad influence.
There, I just saved
us half an hour.
What is going
on with you?
How did I do at
the science fair?
That's right, you
didn't even know
there was a
science fair.
Because everything
is about Cali now.
That is not true!
This situation
affects the whole family.
I liked it better when the
family was just you and me.
Sorry, squirt.
I just...
Sorry, Cali.
She's a...
A teenager?
Yeah... yeah.
I think I found
a way around Nikki.
Where have you been?
Mom, have I ever
not come home?
Have I ever not gotten
all my homework done?
Have I ever not
gotten straight A's?
I think you can
give me some space.
You hurt your sister.
If you hate
your stepfather...
I don't hate Jacob.
Then what?
Jacob didn't know dad...
and Cali never met dad.
It's like I'm the only
one who remembers him.
Oh, really?
And what about me?
I used to hear you talk to
his picture all the time.
When's the last
time you did?
He's been replaced in
the family by someone new.
If I disappeared tomorrow,
would you just
replace me too?
Is Danielle
a bad person?
I don't know if
she's a bad person.
But she's done
some bad things.
Does that mean
I'll do bad things?
Is that what
you're worried about?
That because your
birth mother is one way,
you're gonna be
that way too?
Oh, come here.
it is really
up to you, angel.
Everyone gets to
make their own choices.
And hopefully, I've raised
you to make the right ones.
Yeah... I think
you're gonna be great.
Thank you.
Wait here.
Hey, Becky.
So awesome to run
into you like this.
Isn't it a
beautiful day?
What are you doing?
I was just out for a walk,
but this is great.
It gives me a
chance to talk.
Let me guess, you want
to talk about Cali?
No, about you.
We're family and there's so
much about you I don't know.
Like what?
...And then your mom threw up
all over the cafeteria floor.
No way!
I know, little Miss
Perfect, right?
You know Becky, I've made
a lot of stupid mistakes,
but I'm not a monster.
I know...
It's like with the dog.
I thought I'd get
the dog for Cali
and it would
make her happy.
I was just...
I didn't think how
that would affect you.
Oh, we all
love the dog.
I'm glad.
Is Cali doing her part?
Is she walking him?
Is she feeding him?
Oh my gosh, she
loves walking the dog.
Every afternoon
around dinner time,
we take him to the dog park
down the street for a bit.
I cannot imagine your mom
sitting around a dog park.
She doesn't.
It's usually just
Cali and me.
That sounds nice.
A little sister
alone time.
Well, I should let you
get back to studying.
I am so glad we had a
chance to talk like this.
We're good to go.
We can do it today.
Come on, let's take
Pancakes for a walk.
I don't know, I'm
feeling kind of sleepy.
Why don't we all go?
It's okay, I think we
need some sister alone time.
Yeah, sister
alone time.
Okay well, be
back before dinner.
And it's getting dark
early, so be sure to...
Yes, mom.
We'll be sure to look
before crossing the street.
Stay close, Cali.
Hey, I'm serious!
Hi, Cali.
Oh, hi.
What's your dog's name?
Well, you and Pancakes are
going to go on a ride with me.
Aunt Danielle,
what're you doing?
Aunt Danielle,
what're you doing?
Becky, help!
Okay, tell me about the car and
I can get an Amber Alert out.
Becky, it's important.
It's my fault.
What's your fault?
It's all my fault!
No sweetie,
it's gonna be okay.
There was nothing
you could do.
No, you don't understand.
She told me she wanted
to get to know me better.
I told her about how we
walk the dog after dinner.
I'm so sorry mom!
You were right
about Danielle.
She's a monster.
If anything happens to
Cali I'll kill myself...
Whoa, no no no.
Don't talk like that.
We're going to
get Cali back.
We're going to keep
this family whole.
Do you understand?
My sister is such
a tricky person.
She gets people to
believe her all the time.
I always fall
for her lies.
But you, you just need
to be strong right now, okay?
So you can help us
help your sister.
Listen Becky, the
first minutes are crucial.
I need any information
on the car
so I can put out
the Amber Alert.
Two doors.
One of those cars guys
are always working on.
A muscle car?
Maybe I could look
at some pictures
and see if I
can pick it out.
That would be
such a big help.
You're doing so good.
Get me a coffee
or something.
It's not that
kind of pit stop.
How much is this?
Hush little baby,
don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy
you a mockingbird.
If that mockingbird
don't sing,
daddy's gonna buy
you a diamond ring.
If that diamond
ring don't--
You... you have
to be okay.
You can just do this.
What did you do?
You were taking so long,
I didn't know if you
needed some help.
Why haven't you
done it yet?
Shut up!
Where's Cali?
She's asleep in the car.
You left her alone?
You idiot!
I swear she was
fast asleep.
How long?
14 hours.
Please don't
let them hurt her.
I promise I will do
better next time.
And I won't let Danielle
hurt her ever again.
So if you could just
talk to someone up there?
I'm counting on you, dad.
I'm so sorry.
Who is he?
Did he take Cali?
He's your
sister's boyfriend.
Look, I'm bending
some rules here,
but I need you
to come with me.
Where is she?
Where is my daughter?
Nikki, listen to me.
We found him driving
near Whitney and Main
and we ran his info.
His car matched the one used
in a convenience store robbery.
The security tape shows him and
your sister leaving the scene.
But it was before
they took Cali.
Then where the
hell is my daughter?
Tell her what you
told me, Gunnar.
I don't know.
After Danielle and
I picked up Cali,
we drove around
for awhile.
We stopped to get some gas
and get her some food,
when we came back her
and the dog were gone.
Danielle and I split up
and then Danielle was gone.
That's it?
That's all you've got?
Some deadbeat who can't
even keep up with a child,
let alone my crazy sister?
I know, but we've got
an APB out on Danielle,
and an Amber Alert on--
Then you've got nothing!
I will continue to
look for her on my own.
What kind of an animal
kidnaps a child like that?
Danielle told me that
Cali might be mine.
Did you get any proof?
Yeah, that's what
I thought.
She played you.
Danielle was right.
Cali belongs
with her real mom.
That's right you bastard.
I'm right here.
Should we go to the
store where she disappeared?
Look around?
They've already got a lot
of people doing that.
We should go back to the
house in case Danielle calls.
No, she would
call me on my cell.
Then we should go search.
I hate to say this,
but I really think we need
to change our approach and
try something different.
The silver car.
He followed
Danielle everywhere.
Who followed Danielle?
The guy who was
in our house.
He drove a silver car
just like that one.
I don't understand.
Beatrice knew
Danielle's every move.
Knew that she saw Cali
at school that day
because she hired
him to follow her.
So, when was the last
time that you looked
into the backseat of someone's
car when you passed by?
So whoever took Cali must have
known that she was in the car.
It wasn't just some
random stranger.
You think he managed
to track Danielle?
Yes and I think he waited
for his chance to grab her.
It's a long shot.
But we've got
to take it, right?
Yeah, let's go.
If I'm not back
in three minutes,
come in,
call the cops.
I miss my mommy.
Oh honey, I know.
I know you do.
I'm right here, sweetie.
It's okay, Cali.
We're going to be leaving
in a few moments.
I don't think so, dear.
I came here alone so we
could do this quietly
and not upset
my daughter.
But if I'm not
back in a few minutes,
my husband's
gonna call the police.
Despite my warnings,
you let Danielle
walk right up to Cali
and kidnap her.
The only kidnappers
are you two.
We rescued her from
a dangerous situation
and we're not going to
return her to a mother
that leaves her
constantly unattended.
You must have put a tracking
device on Gunnar's car,
that's how you
followed them.
Pretty sure that's illegal.
Do you want the
cops finding out?
Let the police come.
I'm sure they and
the press would be
more interested to hear
the story of Mr. Holt's
dramatic rescue of
a neglected little girl.
I understand why you
did this, to a point.
But if you don't
let go of my daughter,
I'm going to beat
you silly.
You are trespassing
on private property
and you just threatened
the owner of that property.
I am well within my rights
to keep you from harming her.
Now leave.
Now you're assaulting me?
I'm not afraid
of you anymore.
Run to your mother.
Cali, get back here!
Cali, run to the street.
Daddy and Becky are
waiting for you, okay?
Get off me!
I'm not going to let
you hurt my daughter!
She'll never be
your daughter!
It's a letter from
your birth mother.
I'm in a tough
position here.
I don't want my sister to
have a bad influence on you.
That's why I
sent her to prison.
But if getting
a letter from her
makes you angry or
shut the world out,
I think she's still having
a bad influence on you.
She tried to steal me
from you and daddy.
She is not a good person.
This is really
hard to explain.
If somebody is sick,
we don't blame them
for being sick, right?
That would be mean.
We just hope that
they get better.
It's kind of like your
birth mother is sick.
So she'll get
better some day?
No sweetie, I
don't think so.
Look, you don't
have to love her.
Maybe you don't have
to even like her.
But I think it's
really important
that you
don't hate her.
I don't want
to read it.
That's my girl.
I'm so proud of you.
I'll save this
for later,
when you're ready.
Hey, all right...
Here we go.
If I never told you
that I'm grateful for
all that you've done
If I never told you
that I owe you much
more than you know
Well, that proves
I'm a fool
and I'm hoping you
will forgive me
This life can
change so fast
one day you're here,
the next you're gone
Oh you're gone
and I know, I know
But I prefer knowing
how it's going to be
It never works out
being surprised
it's never what you
wanted it to be
And I prefer knowing
how it's
going to end
So I can best
prepare myself
the only way
I know how
So if I ever
told you
that I hated the way
you made me feel
If I ever told you
that nothing was
all I wanted
Well I'm sorry
for that too
It's not like I
know what I'm doing
I'm just trying to
get through this life
day by day,
best I can
What you gave me
and all my time
But I prefer knowing
how it's going to be
it never works out
being surprised
it's never what
you wanted it to be
And I prefer knowing
how it's going to end
So I can best
prepare myself
the only I know how
Come on!
So if I don't
get to tell you
then all this
gets left unspoken
If I don't get
to tell you...