A Mother's Nightmare (2012) Movie Script

[siren wailing]
(Dispatch): Mercy Hospital,
we're on route with a
sixteen-year-old male.
Echo 25, code blue.
[distant crying]
I loved him too,
you know.
Let go of me!
Police say they don't have
any evidence to connect you.
Looks like you're moving
again, Vanessa.
It wasn't easy getting a
placement on such short notice.
Fairview Heights.
Great, some rich guy
to stick his hands
down my pants.
Yeah, well we're all running
out places to put you.
There's only so much
this department can do
to protect a ward
of the state.
Why do I have to sign that?
Well, you don't.
You could stay at
the safe house.
In six months you'll be 18
and no longer
my responsibility.
And then you can do
what you want.
Things will get better
when you're back in the
swing of things, babe.
You'll feel better.
Hey, hey...
Don't forget this.
All charged and ready to go.
I'm a jerk.
I don't know what I would do
without you.
Probably just download
another mom off the Internet.
Now, get going!
How's the book coming?
It's not.
Steve asked me
for a divorce.
Get out!
Huh... he's marrying
the cheerleader.
She's not a cheerleader.
She's 26 but
according to Steve,
she's one of his
best reporters.
Has she ever seen him drunk?
I don't know
and I don't care.
I haven't told Chris yet,
he keeps hoping that we're
going to get back together.
Does the school know
he's been depressed?
He doesn't want them to know
so I said he has mono.
I don't know, I mean
he's got to go back
or he's gonna fail
his junior year.
And I can't keep
making excuses,
missing deadlines.
Of course not, honey.
You know, you need to start
spending some more
time on yourself.
Teenage love's a killer
but we lived through it.
And speaking of
getting through it...
No way.
I love you Lynney but
I'm not gonna troll
cougar bars with you.
With my luck, I'd meet
some whacko!
I don't troll, I prowl.
25 school homicides
in one year,
nation wide students are
killing each other.
Makes you wonder if we did the
right thing dispensing with...
with uh, corporal punishment.
So what can I do for you,
Mrs. Stewart?
I'll get right to the point,
Mrs. Overburt.
Chris did not have mono,
he's actually been depressed.
His first girlfriend recently
broke up with him.
Most students are depressed,
Mrs. Stewart,
one reason or another.
Try and get Chris refocused
on his education.
All this melodrama wastes
their precious energy,
I suspect it also leads
to a lot of that violence.
Coach Brody!
How are you Mrs. Stewart?
Chris returned to school today
so he'll be at practice.
Mrs. Stewart...
I was hoping that
you could show him
a little extra patience
until he gets up to speed.
You know we've got that
annual meeting republic
six weeks away.
This team is really
important to Chris.
With all due respect ma'am,
Chris has missed
too many practices.
Now, in competition,
a track team is only...
He can do it.
You tell Chris he better
bust his butt.
Look at me, mom.
Wait till your daddy sees how
beautiful you are.
Just a second!
Bro, you missed the sickest
launch party for Dead Risen.
I have been trying to beat that
sucker 24/7 every night since.
Dude, speak English.
24/7 every night?
Well, see my mom's doing her
night school thing again,
so I'm hiding my controllers.
I mean, she hides them when
she goes out so I figured,
why not hide them
from her first?
She's like, tearing up
the place yelling,
"Cameron Lowell, hand over
those video thingies!"
I'm like, Mom did you forget
where you hid them again?
Move on, yo.
She's rubbing my face in it.
Dude, she's rubbing
your whole head in it.
She's messing with
your head, man.
I know, I know.
What do you want
with that skank?
I mean, she's probably
got STD's now,
a bunch of them.
Hey, come on.
You guys wanna chill
after practice,
til my mom gets back,
goes ballistic
and rips the box
out of the wall?
Sure, whatever.
I said whatever, come on.
You'll be continuing
with Doctor Bauer,
state appointed psychiatrist...
avoiding drugs and alcohol...
may I ask why you're forbidden
to engage in relations
with the opposite sex?
I forget to do my homework
when I have a boyfriend.
Okay, so...
read these over, especially
our rules of conduct.
I run a tight ship.
Welcome to Fairview Heights,
[bell ringing]
You don't wanna get caught
with that out here.
They're gonna expel me
on my first day?
Wow, sassy.
Nah, they'll just make
you attend Mr. Gersham's
tobacco diversion class.
Believe me that is way,
way worse.
I'll show you where
you can smoke.
Nah, I'm good.
Where you from, transfer?
Here, there...
I've moved around a lot.
My dad was in the army.
Well, I'm Jake.
Mmm hmm.
What do you say you
and me go...
Let's go for a
school tour, huh?
Look what you just
made me do!
I'll get it.
No, I'll do it.
I'll do it!
I said I'll do it!
You guys go ahead,
I'll be right back.
No need to go psycho!
You okay?
You look like you could use
some help.
Yeah, he wouldn't stop
hitting on me.
That sounds like Jake.
That should be all of it.
Thank you, that was really
sweet of you.
Of course.
Of course.
Sweet and sexy... hi.
You're not so bad yourself.
Sorry, I... I wasn't
That's okay, that's what
they're there for.
You don't usually see anyone
transferring mid-term.
I know, my parents decided
to move.
They didn't even ask me,
middle of my senior year.
Well, I could show you
around if... if you want.
You probably have a
boyfriend for that...
I'm only a junior, actually.
No, I don't have
a boyfriend.
I thought that'd be easy
for you.
Not that you're easy, I
just meant that that'd...
probably be easy...
for you to get a guy.
I start here tomorrow.
I go to this school.
Awesome... yeah,
well I've gotta bounce
but I'll see you around, okay?
Hey, funny guy.
Any idea where I can find
a tour guide around here?
Yeah, no I have practice
so um...
as soon as it's over.
Oh... uh, never mind.
No, no I want to,
I really want to.
It's just that um...
I've been sick and I've missed
a bunch of practices
and um... my coach would...
Yeah, who cares.
I'm Chris, Chris Stewart.
Vanessa Redlann, two N's.
You stay right here.
I have to get rid
of these clothes
but you wait right here,
I'll be right back.
Okay, I'll stay right here,
I'm not gonna move.
You can move.
I'll be right back.
So then Jake's lawyer dad meets
with the superintendents
of the schools
and they just um...
they overruled Overburt.
Next thing we know
Jake's back in class,
he gets caught selling
weed to freshmen.
He's an idiot.
You see that cigarette he has
over his ear all the time?
Like it impresses anybody...
it doesn't, it's ridiculous.
Sorry, your turn.
Hey, what does that
taste like?
Like vanilla always does.
Yeah, kinda.
Sorry, you have it everywhere.
Do you wanna try it?
Mmm hmm.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you...
with any other guys
in Fairview.
Just saying.
So do you get in trouble
for missing practice?
Cam will cover for me.
He's my best friend.
Him and Matt are
my best friends.
I really like you,
But you have a girlfriend?
No, no I'm girl free.
I mean, I'm not gay
or anything.
Not that I have anything
against gay guys.
I had a girlfriend, Cheryl.
She kinda dumped me.
Well Cheryl is really stupid.
If I was her, I'd never
let you go.
Oh, crap!
I gotta peace for dinner.
Right now?
Yeah, sorry.
Can I walk you home?
No, I'm good.
I'm fine.
Okay, um...
I'll see you at school
I guess.
Yeah, I'll see you at school.
Okay, I'll see you
at school.
Someone's feeling better.
Mom, you'll never guess
what happened today.
I met the coolest girl.
Her name is Vanessa,
she just started at my school.
She's so cool
and down to earth.
You okay?
Yes, just a nick.
Who could that be?
Probably just selling
I'll go check.
Oh... I thought you were...
I'm locked out.
How did you know
where I live?
Who is it Chris?
Hi, I'm Vanessa Redlann,
Mrs. Stewart.
I forgot my key and my parents
are working late
so I was just about to ask Chris
if maybe I could wait here?
She's the one I told you
Well of course.
We were just sitting
down to dinner,
would you like to join us?
Um, yeah!
That would be awesome.
Come on in.
When did I tell you that?
I don't know why but she
seems to genuinely like me.
All right, where we eating?
Two for one day at Bravo's.
Man, we had pizza yesterday!
You always want pizza!
Wait till you see her,
this kind of girl doesn't
usually even talk to us.
You must be Cam and Matt?
I'm... I'm Matt.
Chris's good looking friend,
less geeky than Cam.
Two for one.
Two... two for one pizza
at Bravo's.
That sounds awesome Cam,
I'm starving.
Hey, I hope you don't mind
me crashing.
Of course not!
Crash away, please.
[bell ringing]
They're funny!
I know, they're hilarious.
They're idiots though.
I like them.
Racing to school.
Okay, so I'll meet you here
after your last period?
Um, no I can't miss practice
Is that her?
Don't worry, I don't
do jealousy.
All right, I have a make-up
test this period.
Okay, go.
Yeah, I actually have to
finish something, so...
Okay, good.
Well, I'll see you later.
Thanks for coming with us.
All right, bye.
I'll see ya.
Stay away from Chris.
Excuse me?
You heard what I said.
You had your chance
with him.
Did you forget to finish
getting dressed?
If I see you near him
one more time...
I'm gonna smash a lead pipe
in your face.
[cell phone ringing]
Hello, Tina speaking.
Vanessa Redlann?
No, I've never heard of her,
I just found this phone
on the street.
He's different.
I think you'd really
like him.
His name is Chris.
I miss you, Mom.
[Sexy whistling]
Hey yo, Vanessa!
Yo Vanessa, wait up!
Hey Lew, I didn't see
you there.
that's a sexy get up.
Where you been Vanessa?
Shipped me off to Fairview, I
didn't have much of a choice.
Hey yo, I got cops
crawling up my ass.
Asking me a lot of questions
about Kale.
What kind of questions?
Did I know he was
gonna do it?
Where'd he get the dust?
Kale's mother told
the cops it was me.
Lew, chill out... okay?
This whole thing
is gonna blow over.
Mojan said that the cops
don't know anything.
Uh... I gotta get that bus,
How was the first day?
Ugh, I am so ready
to get outta here.
Are you ready?
No, I have track practice.
okay, well I guess
I'll be seeing ya.
Hey Vanessa, wait up!
You don't mind?
Where did you get all these?
I cut myself sometimes.
I don't know, it feels good.
It feels good
to cut yourself?
It distracts me
from other things, okay?
It's getting pretty late,
we should probably get...
I was totally kidding.
I fell through a plate glass
window last summer playing tag
with my little brother Kale.
That's not funny!
You can't do...
you can't do that.
I thought you were crazy.
Let's go.
I'll walk you home.
No Lynn, it's not like that.
Chris knew he had a
dentist appointment.
He's a sixteen-year-old boy,
Cut him some slack.
So, is it tough being
a foster kid?
It is what it is.
I don't feel sorry
for myself.
What happened to your
real parents?
Well, I never knew
my read dad...
and my mom couldn't afford
to pay for two kids.
So I was the oldest,
she decided to keep Kale
and give me up.
At sixteen?
No, at ten.
I thought you said you were
playing tag with Kale
last summer.
Not Kale, Kyle.
My little foster brother
so I'm that way.
I'm this way.
I'll see you in school.
See ya.
It's not Vanessa's fault her
foster parents are dicks, Mom.
Please, it's just
for one night.
I didn't even realize Vanessa
lived with a foster family.
Never mind.
Still... that they'd lock you
out is beyond me.
Don't they watch the news?
I doubt it, they're way old.
They go to bed
right after dinner.
They only took me in
so that the state would pay
for their grocery bill.
I... guess I'll make up
the spare room.
Love you till you die
my love,
never leave my side.
I'll love you till I die,
my love.
Are you awake?
Are you awake?
Yeah, what's up?
I had a nightmare.
Can I sleep here?
Yeah... yeah sure.
You have to sneak back out
before my mom wakes up, okay?
What do you mean she's
there every couple of nights?
You need to put
your foot down.
I've tried!
Believe me, but
I get distracted
and the next thing I
know Chris is there
saying she's locked out
and has nowhere else to go.
Maddie, your house is not
a hostel.
Why do you let these two
kids push you around?
Just like you let...
At least talk to the foster
No way was I your first.
Was I okay?
I just died and went
to heaven.
Stop it.
Do you ever wonder what
it would be like to die?
What brought that on?
I thought you said
I was good.
I mean it.
I used to feel pretty bad
when my dad came home drunk
and shoved my mom around.
I thought about
dying sometimes.
Not really but just to get
away, you know?
My dad's a great guy,
he just...
he can't handle alcohol.
What about you?
I'm scared of living.
you're not alone.
Chris are you in there?
Can't you knock?
Why aren't you in school?
I had that English essay
that I needed to finish.
And you, Vanessa?
I wasn't feeling well
this morning.
Well then you should've
stayed in bed,
in your bed!
Chris go put the groceries
Chris and I don't usually
entertain in our bedrooms,
that's what the living room
is for.
She just worries about me.
Yeah, well she doesn't have
to be so mean and bossy.
Why do you always listen
to her?
Because she's my mother,
At least you have one.
Chris, it's 3 o'clock
in the morning.
Mom, I got it under control.
Vanessa's not tired yet.
Vanessa, Chris needs
to get up for school
so it's time to go
to sleep.
Are you kidding me?
Good night!!
Bye Mom, thanks for making
my sandwich.
You treat me like
a little boy.
It was 3 o'clock
in the morning!
I'm sixteen!
I could run away, I
could live with Dad.
Chris, I apologize
if you felt...
Count me out for dinner.
Well, what time
will you be home?
Stop trying to control
my life, Mom.
Hi, this is Madeleine
Chris's mom.
The boy that Vanessa's
been seeing.
Didn't she tell you?
For about a month now.
I thought I'd just call
to say hello.
I understand Vanessa's
been with you
since she was a little girl.
I don't follow...
How recently?
Hey cutie.
Hey babe.
Where you running to?
Making up another test,
Skip it!
Come celebrate my new job
with me.
I can't, babe.
Wait, you got it?
Mmm hmm.
I could make it
worth your while...
Three creams, two sugars.
Memory like an elephant.
Shall we sit?
Ninety-six days
without a drink.
That's great, Steve.
Good for you.
So what's the crisis,
I'm having a hellish morning,
my E.A.'s sick.
I need you to look into Chris's
new girlfriend, Vanessa Redlann.
Are you serious?
Maddie, it's normal
for boys this age
to pull away from
their mothers.
Young girls are a... a
pretty powerful hook.
I am serious and I need you
to take it seriously too.
She is disturbed.
The girl is monopolizing...
Vanessa's whole life
is a fabrication.
Everything she's told Chris
is a bunch of lies.
I had a long talk with her
foster mother this morning,
that's why I called you.
Vanessa told Chris and I
that she's been with
this foster family
since she was a ten year old.
This family met her
one month ago,
the same day Chris
and I did.
She's some emergency placement
from another district.
Well, teenage girls are
drama queens.
Maybe she thought
she sounded better
if she had a stable
family life.
Does she sound better inventing
a little brother named Kale?
Someone who supposedly
lives with her real mother...
and her mother's dead.
Do these foster parents feel we
have anything to worry about?
That's it...
other than what I've told you,
they know nothing about her.
They just get a bunch
of red tape
when they try to find her file.
Leave it with me.
You're a good mother,
Look this way, yeah!
One... two... three.
Awesome, okay.
Big smiles, okay?
Guys over here, look.
I've really gotta go, babe.
Just ten minutes, okay?
My mom's gonna kill me.
So, this is where I work.
All right.
I have a surprise
for you.
Where'd you get it?
My foster dad's
liquor cabinet.
What's your problem,
I don't drink.
I told you about my dad.
Stuff like that
could be hereditary.
Do you think you could break
your rule for one night?
No, babe.
It would be fun!
Mmm hmm?
I don't even taste it anymore.
I know, it's so good
right now.
What's that?
You'll see.
Mmm... it's the smell,
just the smell.
Did you cut yourself?
Give me your thumb.
What'd you do that for?
Your life's blood flows
through my veins,
for all time we
will remain,
like a vice that
cannot bend,
you and me until
the end.
That's pretty.
What is it?
It's a lullaby that my mom
used to sing to me.
We used to sing it together.
Love me till you die,
my love.
Never leave my side.
Now we're eternally bonded.
That's beautiful.
It was my dad's.
He died when I was
really young.
I want you to have it.
You're not gonna be sad
Come here.
Chris, I was worried sick!
Are you drunk?
I'm gonna barf.
I'm gonna barf.
Chris, you know what alcohol
has done to this family!
I hope you learned
your lesson.
I don't want you seeing
Vanessa anymore.
You can't do that,
I'm sixteen.
Besides, it wasn't even Vanessa
who got me drunk.
It was Matt and some
other guys.
Wait, you're not going
out tonight.
It's not optional.
Is that a wedding ring
you're wearing?
No, it was Vanessa's father's.
And she gave it to you?
Christopher, you don't
even know her...
I'd love you yak Mom,
but I'm going to be late.
[bell ringing]
Hey lover boy!
Hey guys.
Dude, I've been calling
you all week...
leaving messages, man.
You should see yourself,
you look like crap.
Listen bro, I really need to
see your science notes again,
chapters eight to ten.
Go ask your girlfriend.
Oh hey, coach asked us
to pass on a message...
miss one more practice man,
you're off the team.
[cell phone ringing]
(All): One... two... three.
Come on, stretch 'er
down now ladies.
(All): One... two... three...
four... five.
One... two...
Well, well, well...
thought you'd drop by
for a visit, Stewart?
What do you say fellas?
Stewart here decided to honour
us with his presence.
Must be some kind of special
holiday, huh?
What are you, Santa Claus?
Easter Bunny?
No sir.
We got a meet in eight days,
Now this team has been
working hard.
I'm ready to bust my ass,
Well let's see if you can
still run that 4:40.
All right.
So... make it up to me.
Okay, maybe I will.
Let's see what you've got,
what you got?
Are you challenging me?
It's a total challenge.
What's going on,
Oh, hey Chris.
You know Jake, right?
I need to talk to you,
come here.
What was that about?
It was nothing!
You're hanging out with
Jake Rearden and it's nothing?
Jake really loves animals.
He wants to come and check
out the pet shop tonight.
I mean, you can't make it.
Vanessa, if I blow off
this practice I'm off the team.
All right?
I come with you every night
instead of doing homework.
I skip class to be with you.
I'm failing Science!
Do what you want.
Hi guys!
Burns, doesn't it?
Yeah, it's really bad
for my running.
Not that it matters anymore.
You'd do anything
to make me happy.
I got kicked off
the track team for you.
Is that not enough proof?
It was open.
What are you doing here
so late?
You found something out?
Her real name was
Vanessa Lynn Redlann.
Redlann was her
mother's stage name.
Her mother was a dancer,
a good one.
Sonya Lynn Redlann.
Uh... married an American,
emigrated from Europe
and had Vanessa.
Unfortunately Sonya
suffered from something called
Delusional Disorder
and Vanessa's father eventually
walked out on them.
Sonya committed suicide.
Vanessa was six and was put
into the system.
God, that poor little girl.
Maybe... But your instincts
were bang on.
I did some digging,
a guy I know works at mental
health and according to him,
Vanessa suffers from similar
issues to her mother.
She's got some sort of
death obsession.
She's convinced that
she can communicate
with her dead mother.
She's also a pathological liar.
In the past 12 years,
she's been through
nine different foster homes
all over the state.
There's something else...
There was a teenage boy
in Vanessa's last home.
Star soccer player,
grade-A student...
his name was Kale Davis.
Her imaginary little
brother's name...
Vanessa got involved with Kale
shortly after she went
to live with the Davis's.
Six weeks later...
he committed suicide.
Hey Dad.
What's going on?
Can you come in here and sit
down for a second, please?
What are you doing here?
Your mom and I have something
we need to tell you.
Are you guys getting
back together?
It's about Vanessa, Chris.
What do you expect me to do,
First day I meet you say,
hey want to be my boyfriend?
My last boyfriend
killed himself.
You could've told
me later though,
we've been together for
over a month Vanessa.
Okay, you had just been done
with being totally depressed.
I wasn't gonna lay that
downer stuff on you.
Do you get it?
Yes, I get it.
What are you doing?
I promised I would
give this back.
They were freaking out,
We can still have
lunch together.
I thought you were different.
[bell ringing]
Why the long face,
beautiful girl?
Hey Jake.
Is your boyfriend not taking
care of you?
What boyfriend...
Now I bet I can put a smile
on that pretty face.
You look like you could
use a friend.
Wanna go for a walk?
Let's go!
What's his deal anyway?
So she's hot, right?
You don't get yourself kicked
off the school track team
over some girl.
Dude, I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe it's his folks
breaking up.
I mean, Chris has his head so
far up his butt these days...
Hold on.
Is that who I think it is?
Let's get outta here.
Chris is gonna blow
a gasket.
Tell me about it!
Five... Six... Seven... Eight!
Okay everyone,
that was awesome.
So Sunday is just more of
the same.
Good job, ladies.
I was out of line...
Save it!
Chris was the only person
who talked to me
when I moved here.
I know it was stupid but I
was just being territorial.
I mean, look at you...
you're gorgeous.
I felt threatened.
You don't know what it's like
being shipped around the state.
Foster home to foster home...
having to switch schools.
I don't care!
Do you feel like hitting me?
Hit me.
That's how we settle things
at my other school.
For the record, I think
Chris is a dick too.
You're crazy.
I'm Cheryl.
I know... Vanessa.
See ya.
I bet it's so hard being
a cheerleader.
No, it's fun!
You guys are so good.
How do you learn routines
like that?
Uh... I don't know,
you just practice.
because you would've
been pretty good.
Are you there?
Come on, put on your video.
I looked for you
everywhere at lunch.
After school too.
Come on, don't be like this.
Talk to me!
Vanessa, you know...
I love you!
[Distorted voices]
[cell phone rings]
Babe, where were you?
I wanna kill myself.
Don't say that!
What's wrong?
I just can't take anymore.
I always end up alone.
You're not alone, babe.
Where are you, the kennel?
I'm on my way, babe.
I'm on my way.
No Chris, don't come here.
Don't ever come here,
No, please!
Look what you've done to me,
Mom... Please...
make them go away.
Shut up!
Please, please please stop!
Shut up!!!
Please... please...
Daddy you weren't supposed
to be here.
Heavenly... heavenly...
Never leave my side...
I got here as fast as I could.
What happened?
I can't tell you.
Hey... whatever you say
is okay.
He said we were
just going for a walk...
Who just wanted to go
for a walk?
Did... did he do something
to you?
Did Jake hurt you?
He said we were just gonna
go to the ravine and talk.
Nobody even helped me.
That's it, I'm calling
the cops.
No! Don't tell anybody.
No, if Jake hurt you he
can't get away with it.
No! Give it to me!
Okay, don't you understand?
You'll never see me again.
Nobody cares about me.
Vanessa, I just wanna
help you.
You can't help me Chris,
Cuz you don't get it.
You have a perfect life
and a perfect mom.
I have nothing!
I have nothing.
Babe... hey.
Vanessa, I'll do anything.
Love me.
Okay babe, I do love you.
Come here.
Here you go.
I know what we can do.
We can make a hot video.
It'd be fun.
It would really cheer me up.
Will you wear this for me?
Okay... Okay.
How much do you love me,
Roll it, babe.
I'm cold babe.
Where are you?
Hey baby.
There you are.
Tell me how much
you love me.
To infinity... and...
No, no... stand up.
Yeah, that's good.
You'd do anything for me,
right baby.
Better believe it.
I think I require more...
So hot right now!
My face is...
Your life's blood flows
through my veins,
for all time we
will remain...
Can I have a kiss?
Why aren't you kissing me?
Why aren't you kissing me?
How much do you love me?
Babe, your face.
Well you know how you asked
me if I still needed proof?
I think I know how you can
prove it to me.
Let's get you out
and changed, okay?
You wanna come with me?
Let's go.
Let's go!
I'm coming.
Mrs. Stewart...
Where is he?
In the back.
We were just hanging out.
I've been knocking
for five minutes.
Calm down!
Chris... get up!
We're going home.
Here we go...
Vanessa... hey Vanessa...
Mom, I'm gonna stay here
with my girlfriend.
It was unbelievable.
She stood there
challenging me.
I wish Steve answered
his phone at night.
It's not his fault, Lynn.
He's on a flight to St. Lucia,
he doesn't even know.
I'll call you back, there's
somebody at my door.
Good morning.
Detective Harcroft ma'am,
I'm looking for Chris Stewart.
I'm his mother.
What's this about?
I need Chris to come with me
and make a statement
regarding Vanessa Redlann.
Chris is no longer
involved with Vanessa.
He's still gotta come with me,
Vanessa has accused your son
of rape and battery.
You're not listening.
She incapacitated him.
She tried to stop me
from taking him home.
Does that sound like rape?
I'm gonna ask you
again Chris...
if you didn't assault Vanessa,
how did she get
those scratches?
I don't remember
any scratches.
Vanessa called me,
she was crying.
She needed help so I...
went tot he pet store.
she already closed it down.
...so we drank and talked
and that's it,
I don't remember anything else.
That's a hell of a story,
Vanessa gets raped and you
get amnesia.
You want my version?
I think you stopped
by the pet shop
hoping to get Vanessa back
after she dumped you for Jake.
Maybe she threw him up
in your face
and it was like Cheryl
all over again,
and you were humiliated Chris
so you forced her to have
sex with you
and now you're trying to pin
it on Jake Rearden!
That's not how it happened.
Oh yes... Chris...
your best friends,
Matt Vernon and Cam Lowell are
prepared to provide statements
backing Vanessa's claim that
she dumped you for Jake.
Do not say anything sweetheart.
[cell phone ringing]
Got it.
It might be time to take me up
on that offer
and get your boy a lawyer.
The clinic confirmed semen
in Miss Redlann.
We're gonna need a swab
from Chris.
Ma'am, for the time being
he's to refrain from talking
about this matter at school
with anyone.
Miss Redlann's been given
the same order.
It's okay.
We'll figure it out.
I mean we had such a great day,
everything was fine and then...
it's like he switched
into a different person.
He had this look in his eye
that I just... uh, I'm sorry.
It's just hard, you know?
I never thought he would do
something like this.
Like, the bastard had me
face down on the floor
getting his rocks off...
and then I have to relive
the story for this cop...
he says don't tell anyone.
He was planning
on doing nothing.
[bell ringing]
You guys didn't say a bunch
of crap about me and Vanessa
to the cops, did you?
We're late man, we should
probably get to class.
Cam, we've been best friends
since kindergarten...
What am I supposed
to believe Chris?
You're supposed
to believe me!
Dude, our parents think it'd
be best if we just play it cool
until this thing
sorts itself out.
I'm sorry.
I hear you breathing.
Stop calling here.
[phone ringing]
So are we breathing
or swearing?
Who is this?
That is a bold-faced lie!
Turn that thing off.
There must be something
you can do.
I've already spoken
with Vanessa.
She maintains
she is not involved
in any smear campaign
against Chris.
Can't you just track their email
back to their IP addresses,
get their names?
You know she's behind this,
She broke her gag order!
Can't you at least talk
to her?
You're a nasty drunk, Chris.
Vanessa, I can't
remember anything.
But I know I wouldn't have
hurt you.
No, you just raped me...
Why are you telling
people that?
We were a couple, I
didn't have to rape you.
Besides, I didn't even know
about you and Jake today.
You made it sound like
he had hurt you.
You are the one who hurt me!
Why won't you at least
admit it to me?
Why... why would I do that?
I loved you.
Because you're just like
your father.
Oh God...
I must've blacked out.
I... I didn't, did I?
Please, Vanessa...
It was partly my fault.
You warned me and I gave you
all that alcohol.
You were so mad
about Jake.
I feel sick...
How could I?
I know, baby...
You didn't mean it.
Hey, I'm gonna go
for a walk.
Chris honey... come here.
What is it?
What if I did rape her?
You didn't.
I can't remember.
I was hammered.
You didn't rape her.
Mom, you don't know.
You weren't there.
I could be just like...
just like Dad.
A violent drunk.
You wouldn't even love me.
I know you better than anyone
on this planet.
You are not capable
of such violence.
I need to go for a walk.
What's up bro?
Huh? How you doing?
Get him!
Hey, come here!
[phone ringing]
Hello, who is this?
It's Detective Harcroft,
Sorry Detective, we've had
crank calls.
I see...
I wanted to let you know
the semen analysis match Chris.
However, it also confirmed
a non-match.
Sorry, a non-match?
It means Chris's story
might hold water.
Vanessa stated she didn't
have sex yesterday
other than your son's
alleged rape.
She's obviously lying.
I thought you'd wanna
know that.
I did... I do.
Thank you Detective.
You're welcome.
I ran a medical check on
her files but they're sealed.
I did some intel
on her caseworker,
a guy by the name of uh...
Donald Mojan, but no luck.
I'm still investigating,
I'll be in touch.
Okay, thank you.
[phone ringing]
Yes, this is Madeleine
Oh... okay...
Mercy Hospital Emergency,
I'm on my way.
Okay, so besides his knee
and some bruising on his
ribs and his abdomen,
he looks good.
I'd like to keep him
for another night just
to make sure
there's no signs of
internal hemorrhaging.
He's lucky the guy was
walking his dog.
Chris, Mrs. Stewart...
I'm Officer Tate.
I'd like to ask Chris
a few questions,
if that's okay with you both?
Can you tell me what happened
last night?
I was just going for a walk
to clear my head...
Did you know any of
the individuals involved
or were they strangers?
No, I'd never seen
any of them.
They were wearing hoods...
I just booked it.
Would you recognize any
of them from a photograph?
No, I didn't see their faces
at all.
Thanks, Chris.
That's enough for now but I
will be in touch, all right?
Thank you both
for your time.
Have a good day.
Mom, stop.
It's fine.
Hey, we're closed
for the night.
Mrs. Stewart, I didn't know
you had a pet.
Don't mess with me.
Your thug friends touch
another hair on Chris's head
and I'll...
I'd be really careful
making threats.
I'm still a minor.
So you haven't spoken to
or tried to get into contact
with Chris in any way?
No, not since that night.
I mean, why would I?
Nice phone.
It has video, right?
Yeah, but the resolution
Don't happen to have
any bills handy?
Say, from the last month
or two?
I don't usually keep
my cell phone bills.
But I know how to access it.
I think I know how to find
what I'm looking for.
Suit yourself.
My battery's fried.
Is it?
I'm getting a new one
if you wanna come back.
Next time, I'll have
a warrant.
Whoa, look at you!
I thought you deserved
a treat.
I felt so bad, you were
on your way to see me.
Who were those guys?
Hell if I know.
Cops said they were probably
casing the neighbourhood.
Of course my mom no doubt
thinks you were behind it.
I miss being with you,
Well, I could come climb in
your window right now.
I lied to my first cop
last night.
You didn't lie, you just left
out where you were going.
I miss you.
Really bad.
God, I need to see you.
Hi... I'm looking for the
number of a Donald Mojan
in child social services.
Yes... Vanessa.
My son Chris met her in school,
they got involved.
Does your son
still see Vanessa?
No, but his life has gotten
out of control
since he tried to end it.
I don't even know
where to begin
but I am afraid of what Vanessa
may be capable of.
Forgive me but I am not
at liberty to discuss
Vanessa's history with you.
Mr. Mojan, Chris was depressed
when he met Vanessa.
He's not coping well,
I can't protect him if I have
no idea what may come.
Jessica was one of Vanessa's
foster mothers
and Marjory was a neighbour
of another one.
Good day to you
Mrs. Stewart.
I'm Maddie, I just spoke
to your mom.
He looks so much like Chris.
Kale had such
a bright future.
Vanessa stole it.
Played mind games with him,
purposely made him jealous,
told people Kale had done
things he hadn't.
I begged Kale to end
the relationship
but Vanessa always managed
to convince him
that I didn't understand her.
Or made him feel guilty
because she didn't
have a mother.
Kale started doing drugs
with Vanessa.
He could barely remember
his name some days.
Coroner said he was full of PCP
when he hung himself.
This ring...
this ring that Kale's wearing.
Vanessa gave it to Kale
when he turned sixteen.
She said it was her father's.
He didn't have it when he
was buried?
No, he wasn't wearing it
when they found him.
How could you know that?
Because Vanessa gave Chris
the same ring.
Donald Mojan gave me
your name.
I listened to your message,
I can't talk to you.
Marjory, it's important.
Anything you can tell me...
I didn't know her,
it was my son.
Maybe I could talk
to your son.
Randy killed himself
two years ago.
He overdosed on angel dust.
Did Vanessa ever give
Randy a ring?
I can't talk about Randy.
I have to go.
Did Vanessa ever give Randy a
silver ring with a red stone?
A silver wedding band
with a red stone.
Answer your phone Chris,
please sweetheart.
Answer the phone!
Please, you have to send a car
immediately to my house.
1381 Blueridge road.
My son is in terrible
Please, do you hear me?
Blueridge road.
Is my son all right?
Nobody answered the phone
or the door.
I checked the perimeter,
there's no sign of a break-in.
I can do a walk through
to be safe.
Ma'am, I should go first.
Chris, you here?
We're too late.
[siren wailing]
She drugs them with PCP,
they don't know what
they're doing.
We just need to establish how
long Chris has been gone.
It would've been after 2,
That's when I left for lunch.
Up to three hours ago...
It's okay, we don't know
if they left right away.
Do you know where they
would've gone?
Um... Vanessa works
at a pet store.
It's called Groom n' Board,
it's on East Brighton.
I'll come with you.
No, Officer Brooks
will stay with you.
But I know exactly
where it is.
Trust me, they may
come back.
I can't be too long, okay?
An hour, tops.
Hey, look at all this stuff
I got for our picnic.
Is something wrong?
I forgot our sandwiches
and cookies...
Sounded like life or death.
I'm not too hungry anyway.
I came here to see you,
not a sandwich.
Okay... Cherry soda?
I get why you did
all that stuff.
All the kids calling
and emailing...
I know I deserved it.
I can't ever drink again.
Let's just find a nice place to
sit down and drink this, okay?
Come on, Chris.
Take a taxi... Take a taxi.
The cab company.
Hi, this is Madeleine Stewart
at 1381 Blueridge Road.
Um... you picked
up my son today,
I need to know where
you took him.
It would've been
about 2:30 or later,
he was on crutches.
Please, my son is
in grave danger!
Whitefall Park?
Whitefall Park!
Oh God... Chris.
Officer Brooks?
Officer Brooks?
Okay, look... just
call the police
and get a hold of
Officer Jan Tate.
I can't tell you
just please do it!
Just tell her that Maddie's on
her way to Whitefall park.
You're empty again.
It'd be cool to fly, huh?
Mmm hmm.
I could do it.
Look how high he is.
Look at him.
He's above the trees.
Fly bird... Fly...
Fly bird...
Look at him.
I think I know how
you can prove your love.
If you love me you have
to understand me.
This is what I do.
Here, try it.
Come on, take it.
Come on.
Doesn't that feel good?
It doesn't feel like anything.
Do it again, baby.
Come on.
Hold on.
I have to tape this.
Oh my God.
Oh, you're doing
so good babe.
I can't believe
it doesn't hurt.
You're doing so good.
Now do you believe
I love you?
You're all the same.
I have to go now.
But someone's
gonna find you.
Now you won't be able
to hurt anybody else.
Get away from my son!
Get away!
Chris, Chris!!!!!!!!
The police are
on their way honey!!!!!!
The police are on their way!!!
Leave him alone!
Oh my God!
I gotta stop the blood.
I'm here, Mommy's here.
You're gonna be fine.
You are not gonna die!
Oh God!
No, wake up!
Chris, wake up!
Leave him alone!
You're ruining him.
Get away from my son!
Leave him alone,
let him die!
Just let him be.
I could kill you!!!!!
No! No!!!!
It's okay.
It's okay.
[siren wailing]
It's okay. it's okay.
Oh my God, Chris!
Not getting a pulse.
On the count of three,
One...two... three!
Are we get anything?
We got signs.
It's okay.
It's okay, he made it.
Oh my God.
Yeah, we were actually just
talking about it yesterday.
He said I could bring Matt
and Cameron if I wanted to.
Hmm... Are you gonna go?
No, but you'll
have fun.
I love you.
I love you.
Lunch time.
Not hungry today, Vanessa?
Oh... Sorry about that.
Why don't you take a break,
You probably spilled that juice
because you're working
too hard.
Maybe for a minute.
Is that you?
Me and my mommy...
and daddy.
When Daddy was sweet.
Your life's blood flows
through my veins,
for all time we
will remain...
Like a vice that
cannot bend,
you and I until the end.
Love me till you die, my
love never leave my side.
I'll love you till I die,
my love.