A Mother's Worst Fear (2018) Movie Script

- Help!
Help, someone!
Maddy your going to be late.
Coming mom.
I could walk to
school, you know.
It's only five blocks away.
- I prefer to take you.
That way, I know
you got there safe.
- Mom, you're gonna have
to let me go at some point.
I'm turning 18 in a few months.
I'm almost an adult.
- Yeah well, turning
18 doesn't give you
automatic good judgment
and experience.
You have to learn those things.
- And how am I supposed to
if you never let me
do anything on my own?
- Honey, the world is
full of dangerous people.
I just don't think you're
ready to deal with it all yet.
- Maybe you're the one
not ready to deal with it.
Hey, let's call Dad.
- Honey, I don't know if his
plane has landed yet.
- Hey Dad!
- Hey, kiddo!
- Say hi to Mom.
- Hi!
- Hey, babe.
- How's everything?
- Yeah, it's fine.
I just checked in to the hotel.
I got a meeting in like an hour.
- Sounds good, let
me know how it goes.
Oh, the permit office called.
They weren't too thrilled
with the blueprints
we submitted last week.
- Dad, can I go to a
party at Nicole's tonight?
- I already told you no.
- But why?
My grades are almost all
A's, except for math,
I finished all my
college essays,
and I'm two sections
ahead in my SAT prep.
- 'Cause I know for a fact
that Nicole's parents
are in the Bahamas
and you are too young to go to
a party that's unsupervised.
- Being a cop made you paranoid.
- Yeah listen honey,
can you handle that,
since you're there and
you're the one that said no?
- Okay, just don't
forget to ask them
why the materials are so cheap.
The permit office is
worried that they're subpar.
- You got it, I'll do just that.
Alright, I'll talk
to you guys later.
Hey Maddy, listen to your mom.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Bye.
- I was a hostage
negotiator, not a cop.
And I'm protective of you
because I know what's out there.
Okay, so I will meet you at 4:00
for your meeting
with Mr. Hammer?
- Fine.
- Hey.
I love you.
- So that's why you embarrass me
by dropping me off at
school like I'm a freshman?
- I liked you a lot better
when you didn't talk back.
- Perfect, I'll never
talk to you again.
- Ha ha, very funny.
Laughing all the way to work.
Good morning.
- Oh wait, she just walked in.
Good morning, Alice.
I have Tony Materelli
on the phone for you.
- Tony, what is his deal?
- Um--
- Rhetorical question.
- I'll put her through.
- Hey, Tony.
I'm sure he will be there.
Yes, he has other
meetings today.
Alright, will do.
I'm sure he will be there.
Talk to you later.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, strange.
Tony from the construction
company called.
Said he went to pick
up Brent at the airport
and he wasn't there.
- Oh, he already
checked into his hotel.
He doesn't meet with
them until tomorrow.
- Did he call you?
- No, I called him.
I had a question
about the electrician.
- Ah, okay.
Well, he seemed very worried
like Brent didn't
actually make the meeting.
- I don't know.
- Hey, I'm sorry you
didn't get to go.
I know you were counting on it.
It's just, I have
so much work here
while Brent is in New York.
- I totally understand.
That's what assistants are for.
- Let's see here ...
- Large skinny latte
with two shots for Alice.
- Thank you.
- Whoa!
- Oh geez, I'm so sorry.
- Alice!
It's not the first time
you've spilled coffee on me.
- I am so sorry.
- No you didn't get--
- Did I get you?
- It's fine, let
me call you back.
How are ya?
- Great!
- Yeah?
- I'm great, yeah.
- It's good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
- You got a minute,
you wanna sit?
- Yeah, sure.
- Great.
- So, I see you can't
get away from uniforms.
- Yeah, it's my
calling, you know?
How's civilian
life treating you?
- It's good.
Three years have flown by.
- Three years, wow.
And Maddy must be a
what, a junior now?
- She just started senior year.
- Senior year, that was fast.
- Crazy.
- Can I get you
something over here?
- Uh yeah, could I
get a double espresso?
- Coming right up.
- Thanks.
And how's Brent?
- Yeah, he's, he's Brent.
A mover and a shaker.
We are trying for a new
development deal on the Strip,
so he's in New York meeting
with contractors and investors.
- Some things never change.
- Some things do.
- Sometimes.
- It was good to see you, Steve.
- Yeah, it was really
good to see you, Alice.
Hey Alice listen, if you ever
need anything, I'm around.
- I know.
- So as you can
see, she's right on track.
- But the math.
- It's not that important
when you're applying
for creative writing programs.
- Yes.
Can we talk about the
practicalities of this major?
- Mom!
- I want you to be able to
get a job when you graduate.
- There are many options.
Most students that
graduate from Ainsley
they already have
books commissioned.
- Ainsley,
as in Ainsley College
in New York City?
- Yes, well, technically
in Brooklyn, but...
- Mom just--
- We'll talk about
this when we get home.
- Yeah, right.
- I believe in Maddy.
She'll be fine no
matter what she does.
- Right.
You're not ready to be on the
other side of the country.
- Dad is there for work
literally all the time.
- What if,
what if you need us and
we can't get to you?
Plus, there are plenty of
excellent schools here.
- It's the one I wanna go to.
Plus, Josh says I'd
meet the right people.
- Josh, first name basis?
- What, he's nice!
- I bet.
- Hey, kiddo.
How was your day?
- Awful.
Mom won't let me go to the
college I want to apply to.
- Okay, well uh, look,
I've actually had a
really long day myself,
and I got a lot of
meetings tomorrow.
So, can we talk about
this when I get home?
- Did you even hear what I said?
- Yes, I did.
Uh, college,
and your mom and I will discuss.
- Fine!
No one cares what I want.
- I care!
- Yeah, about work, and money.
- Hi.
- Will you lighten up on
her a little bit please?
- She's not ready to be in
New York City all by herself.
- Look, you've always
been overprotective,
but honestly, it's getting to
a point where it's ridiculous.
Kid doesn't have a
chance to breathe!
- New York, no way!
- LA is not much
better than New York.
- You know what?
Let's sidebar this.
- Whatever you say.
- I'm just trying to get her
to adulthood safely, okay?
And alive.
Tony Materelli called
the office today.
- What did he want?
- Said he went to pick
you up at the airport
and you weren't there.
- He said that?
- Yeah, something about wanting
to show you around New York,
like you haven't
been there before.
You are in New York, right?
- Where else would I be?
- I don't know.
You don't have the
best track record
of telling me the truth.
- Okay, Tony is Tony, he's--
- He's a shady
guy is what he is.
- He's paying us a lot of money.
- Yeah, money coming
from God knows where.
- You really wanna do this now?
- You know what?
It's late, you
should get some rest.
We'll talk about this tomorrow.
Just don't forget to tell them--
- I know, I know, check about
the materials, I got it.
- I'm just trying to help.
- I know you are, okay?
I'll handle everything here.
You handle Maddy.
I love you.
- I love you too.
- Large
cheese, extra pepperoni.
- Thanks.
- You got it.
- Hey!
Losing it.
- What?
- Hey Maddy?
Honey, pizza's here.
- I'm not hungry.
- What did you eat today?
- Hmm, nine cheeseburgers,
a box of cookies,
and not a single vegetable.
You wanna see the receipts?
- Did you do your homework?
- No.
- Maddy!
- Mom, yes!
That was a joke.
- Very funny.
I love you.
- What did Josh say to your mom?
- He told her he thought
I could get into Ainsley.
She like freaked out.
- Of course she did.
Tell her to take whatever's
lodged up her ass, out!
- Seriously, she knows all
I wanna do is go there,
and get away from her.
It's so annoying.
She wants me to be able
to get a stable job.
- Why?
That school is amazing.
My dad would be so happy if
I could even get in there.
- I don't know.
She thinks I should
stay home for college,
'cause she doesn't think I'm
ready to go out on my own.
- What are you, 12?
- She thinks I'm 10.
- Man, your mom's got issues.
- Hey Nicole, can I
have some of this?
- Yeah, go for it.
- Can I get some of that?
- Mmhmm.
- You should take a shot.
- No.
- Come on, Maddy.
- No, I'm just fine.
- Is that you saying
no, or your mom?
- I'm just kinda tired.
- You don't look tired to me.
- I'm really just not thirsty.
- Ooh, it's tasty.
- Next time, I promise.
- Yeah right.
- I think I'm gonna go, though.
- Okay, be safe.
- See you tomorrow.
Be safe.
- Okay.
- Text me when you get home.
- Bye.
- Wow.
I can't believe it.
- I know.
- Good night, honey.
- Stop!
- Hey, cutie, you're
at the office early.
- I wanted to make
sure to be here
in case you needed anything.
- What would I do without you?
- I don't know.
You haven't been spending
much time with me lately.
- Is this about you
not coming to New York?
- We were gonna have a
romantic week together.
Champagne, hot tub, remember?
- I know, I know, but
you know, things came up.
- You said that last time.
- Look, it turned out
to be a very busy trip,
back to back meetings,
we wouldn't have any time
to spend together anyway.
And besides, Alice is in LA.
- Alice, can she do
anything herself?
- You are our assistant.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
- You're never gonna leave her.
Are you or are you not?
I'm so tired of
this back and forth.
- I will, okay?
And then you and I can
run the business together,
but it's not the
right time right now.
- It's never the right time.
I knew when you canceled
my ticket to New York
that you weren't
gonna follow through
with any of your promises.
- Victoria, listen to me.
- No, I will not listen
to anymore of your lies
and broken promises.
- Okay, so Costa Rica?
Costa Rica was a lie?
I remember that being
a very good time.
- That was two years ago.
- Look, I have to go.
I gotta get to a meeting.
Can we talk about this later?
- Fine!
- Yes, I'm en route,
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
He said what?
- Maddy!
You're gonna be late!
Maddy, why are you still in bed?
Maddy, wake up, honey.
Maddy, we don't
have time for this today.
Maddy, are you trying
on those shoes again?
Where are you?
Maddy, where are you?
- Mom?
- Honey?
Are you okay?
What's wrong?
- Someone has me.
- What do you mean
someone has you?
- I was kidnapped.
- What?
What are you talking about?
Who took you?
- I don't know.
They had a knife to me.
- Oh my god.
Maddy, listen to me.
Everything is gonna be okay.
Ask him how much he wants.
- How much do you want?
He says, don't call the police.
- Maddy, Maddy, listen to me.
Your job right now
is to do whatever you
can do to stay alive.
Do you understand me?
- Yeah.
Now, put him on the phone.
- She wants to talk to you.
- I don't know who you
are or what you want,
but you better be ready,
because I'm coming for my girl.
Do you hear me?
- Please.
Please, just let me go
now, I won't say anything.
- Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
Come on, pick up.
Pick up.
- You've reached Brent Gould.
Leave a message.
- Oh.
Brent, you need to call me
back as soon as you get this.
The car.
Hi it's Alice Gould.
- Hi Alice, how are you?
- Uh, great, how are you?
- I'm good.
- Hey, I have a
favor to ask you.
I know I shouldn't
be doing this,
but there was a car parked in
my neighborhood last night,
and I was just wondering if you
could run the plates for me?
- No, I can't
do that.
- Yeah, I know.
I just don't want to
get the police involved
in case it was just a
neighbor or something.
I don't wanna seem paranoid.
- Don't tell
anyone, but I'll do it.
- Really?
That would be fantastic.
Thank you so much, thank you.
I will send the
image right over.
- Okay, this is so not like her.
- It's really weird.
I'm gonna call her.
- You have
reached the voicemail box of--
- Hey, I've texted you
like a thousand times.
We've been waiting for you
and school's about to start,
but you're not here.
Wanted to make sure
you got home okay.
Anyways, text me back,
I'm kinda worried.
- Cheryl, thanks for
getting back to me so quick.
Any hits?
- Yeah.
I got a Steve Jenkins.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Absolutely positive?
- Give me his address.
- 2928 Meadowlark Lane.
- Okay.
Thank you Cheryl, I owe you.
Call Victoria.
- Good morning, Alice.
- Hi, good.
Okay good, you're in already.
- Yep, I got here early.
I had to take care
of a few things.
What time will you be here?
- That's actually
why I'm calling.
I'm not gonna be in today.
- Um, you have the meeting
with the potential
new tenants today.
You have to be here.
- Maddy's sick, so,
I need you to
actually reschedule
those meetings for me today.
- No offense,
Alice, but she's 17.
She can stay home by herself.
- Don't tell me how
to raise my daughter.
- I'm sorry, that
wasn't what I intended.
I didn't realize
it was so serious.
Do you want me to call Brent
and get him out of that meeting?
- No, no, I'll deal with Brent.
I don't want to worry him.
Just go ahead and
cancel my meetings,
all of them, for the whole week.
- For the week?
- Yeah.
Yeah, Maddy's got something
and I need to be with her.
- Okay, sure.
I hope she feels better.
- Who are you?
Why are you doing this?
I could scream.
Someone will hear me.
Okay fine, I won't.
But my mom meant what she said.
She's gonna find me.
She was a hostage negotiator,
so she knows how
to do these things.
- Maddy?
Maddy, are you in there?
Maddy, are you in there?
- Alice, what are you doing?
- Where's my daughter?
- What?
- Where is Maddy?
Is she in there?
- What are you talking about?
- I said is she in there?
- Why would she be in my garage?
- You took her last
night, didn't you?
You kidnapped her.
Tell me!
- Whoa, whoa.
I didn't kidnap Maddy.
- You're lying.
Where is she?
Open it.
I said open it right now!
- Alright, alright, alright!
- Maddy?
- See?
She's not in here.
- I don't understand.
I don't under ...
Who took her?
What's going on?
Talk to me.
What's going on?
- I don't understand.
- Talk to me, talk to me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
come here, come here.
Come here, it's
alright, it's alright.
How long has she been gone?
- I don't know.
Since sometime last night.
- And the kidnapper
didn't say what he wanted?
- No.
Maddy asked him and he just said
don't call the police.
- No money?
- No.
You know what that means.
- It's personal.
- Why were you outside
my house last night?
- I don't know, I was,
you know, after I ran
into you yesterday,
and you told me Brent
was out of town,
I got a little worried.
I knew you and Maddy
would be home alone.
- Have you done that before?
- Maybe once or twice.
- Sounds stalkerish.
- I just wanted to
make sure you're okay.
I know Brent's business dealings
haven't always been
on the up and up.
- , Steve, he promised
me that that's all over with.
- Yeah, right.
Look, the cop in
me won't go away.
What can I say?
Once a cop, always a cop.
Though not anymore.
- I still feel
responsible for that.
- Yeah well, you're not,
but it's weird, you're in a
very similar situation now.
- I just hope that it
turns out differently.
- Hey, hey listen to me.
This will turn out
differently, I promise you.
- I don't even know
where to begin.
I only negotiated the releases.
Where do I even start?
- Let's just break it
down one step at a time.
Can you think of any reason
someone would want to
hurt any one of you?
- No.
- Is Brent in debt again?
- No, I keep a close
watch on the books.
- What about you?
Have you been
contacted by anyone
from your days with the police?
How about Nick?
- No.
- No emails, no letters?
- Nothing.
- What about Maddy?
- Maddy?
Maddy's just, she's a kid.
Who would go after her?
- Kids get mixed up in all
sorts of bad stuff these days.
- Do you think it was
someone at the party?
- Nah, this doesn't feel like
within the capabilities
of a teenager.
- I mean, I don't know.
There could have been
older kids there.
Plus, Nick was 23, barely
older than a teenager.
- Whose party was it?
- Nicole.
- I have to go to the bathroom.
I have to go to the bathroom.
No, like I have to go, go.
- Okay, now you know you have
to stop by the front office
for a pass, Mrs. Gould.
- Absolutely.
- Nicole!
- Mrs. Gould, how's
Maddy feeling?
Josh said that she was sick.
- She's, really sick.
- Yeah, she hasn't
even been texting.
- She's sleeping right now,
so she doesn't have
the energy for that.
- Oh, well, tell her that
I hope she feels better.
- Uh, do you mind.
- Can you give us a moment?
Thank you.
- Nicole, Maddy told me
that she was at your
party last night.
- Uh-oh.
Are you a cop?
Who are you?
I know that you used
to work in the police.
- I'm not a cop, I'm a
friend of Mrs. Gould.
- He's definitely not a cop.
- Was she at the party?
- I, I don't know, I didn't--
- Nicole, cut the crap.
Was she at the party?
- Maddy left as soon as
everyone started drinking.
Maddy doesn't drink.
Please don't tell my parents.
I'll get in so much trouble,
and they promised to take
me to Paris for my birthday,
and if they find out, then
they'll cancel the trip.
- Nicole, honey, it's fine.
I'm not here to
get you in trouble.
I just need to know
who was at the party?
- I don't know, just
some friends from school.
I really don't wanna get any
of them in trouble either.
- Did anyone else leave after
you guys started drinking?
- Um,
Yeah, he yeah, he left like
pretty soon after Maddy left.
His parents are really
strict too, no offense.
- And, do you know
where we could find him?
- He and his friends sometimes
hang out at a coffee shop
around the corner after school.
I see them here sometimes.
- Okay.
I think I've seen that.
Maddy's talked about him a few
times before.
- Ow!
- Mine.
I think she wore
them to the party.
And one came off when
he took her, apparently,
because I found
it in the street.
- Like Cinderella?
- More like Rapunzel.
- We're gonna find her.
- I just, it's my fault, again.
- What is?
- All of this,
this whole thing.
I am so overprotective of her,
and I don't trust her to
make the right decisions,
but she did.
She made the right decision.
She left the party when
they started drinking.
- You got a great kid there.
- Yeah, she's the best.
I gotta take this.
- Babe, what's going on?
- Where have you been?
- Your message
sounded kinda urgent.
- I have something very,
very difficult to tell
you, sit down, please.
- What, is, is Maddy okay?
- She's alive.
- Are--
- But, she's been kidnapped.
- What?
- I know.
- Kidnapped, by who?
- I don't know, I don't know.
- Did you call the police?
- No, whoever took her
said not to call the police.
- Of course he said
not to call them.
- Brent, please!
- What does he want, money?
- No, I don't think so.
- What else could
be want, Alice?
What did he say?
He didn't say anything.!
You know what, I'm
getting on a plane
and I'm coming home right now.
- Okay, have Victoria
book you a flight out.
- What are you gonna be doing?
- I'm trying to find her.
- How?
Who's that?
I thought you just said
you didn't call the police.
- Steve is here with me.
- Steve, nice.
- Hey, Brent.
Listen, we're gonna
do everything we can
to get her back, okay?
- Yeah, I'm sure you told a
lot of people that, Steve.
Didn't always work out the
way you planned it, did it?
- You know what Brent, I'm
here to help, that's it.
- Sorry about Brent.
- Uh, he's under
emotional distress.
It's quite a shock.
Do you see this kid?
- Yeah, I think that's him.
- Order for Hunter?
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's him.
Let's go.
- Hey, hey,
what are you doing?
- I need to have a
couple words with you.
It's alright.
- Terrible report card.
- What are you're doing?
- Just have
a couple questions.
- Hey, your Maddy's mom, right?
- That's
Maddy's mom, alright.
And you're going to tell us
what happened with
Maddy last night.
- What do you mean
what happened with her?
Nothing happened.
- You left the party after her.
- Did you follow her?
- No!
- Where'd you
go after the party?
- I just went home!
- Why'd you leave
right after her, Hunter?
- Dude, if my parents
caught me underage drinking,
they'd kill me.
It's gonna jeopardize
me getting into Harvard
or so they say.
- You followed her
last night, didn't you?
Where is she?
- No, I did not, I don't know.
Why would I even do that?
- Oh, come on, Hunter.
You know, she's a cute girl.
And you, heh, you obviously
think a lot of yourself.
- No, man, it's
not even like that.
Plus, she's not even into me.
She likes Josh.
- Josh?
His name keeps coming up.
Who's this Josh kid?
- Kid, it's a teacher.
- Excuse me?
- Mr. Hammer.
- Hey, man,
thanks for your time.
Sorry to interrupt you.
- Yeah, alright.
For sure.
- You have a good day.
- You too.
- I'm gonna kill him.
- What are you thinking?
- Hi.
- Don't act
so excited to hear me.
- I have a lot on
my mind right now.
- Yeah, I know.
That conversation we had
was really unpleasant.
- No, no it's other things.
- What is it, Brent?
You seem upset.
- No, I can't, alright?
There's some stuff going
on with Maddy and Alice.
- Babe, you can tell me,
that's what I'm here for.
- Yeah, I can't get into
this with you right now.
Did you book my ticket?
- Yeah, I was just forwarding
you the information now.
A car will be there in
15 minutes to pick you up
and take you to the airport,
and you should be
back in town by 10:00.
- Thank you.
- Brent,
come and see me
when you get back.
I'll help you cope with
whatever is going on at home
and we can work
out our problems.
- No, I just need to
be with my family.
- Brent--
- Victoria, I'll
talk to you later.
- Ugh!
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
I grabbed it before I left.
I don't even know why I did it.
- Good instincts, do
you know her password?
- I can guess.
- Angiovanni?
- The sparkly shoes, she's
obsessed with that brand.
- Alright, let's look
at her search history.
- Okay.
Hemingway, Fitzgerald--
- Pretty smart kid.
- How to sneak out without
your mom finding out.
- And there's the teenager.
Here's something.
- How to tell if an older
guy likes you, oh my God.
At least we know we're
on the right track.
- Any addresses?
Maybe she was trying to
find out where he lives.
- No, let's check her emails.
- Okay.
- Okay, open up.
Oh no.
He's sending her poems.
Your hair is like a gleaming
chestnut in the sun.
She's 17.
I'm gonna to kill him.
- What does the
latest email say?
- Okay, here's one
from three days ago.
Can't wait to talk in person.
Let's meet in my office.
Best not to tell
your mom for now.
- What a creep.
- Would he really keep
her at the school?
- Well, let's go find out.
- Come on, man.
- Nick, we're gonna
talk about this.
- I'm gonna kill her.
- Nick, calm down.
- Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick,
you've got nowhere to go!
Easy, easy.
Come on, think about this!
Think about this, don't do it!
- Nick.
Nick, come on, please.
- No, no, no.
- Come on, okay.
Put the knife down.
- I can't, I love her.
- Is this how people
show love, Nick?
By abducting them and
holding them at knifepoint?
- Don't come any closer!
- Hey, okay.
- Don't do it, man, come on.
We just wanna return Lily safely
to her parents, that's it.
- Why?
They don't love her.
They wouldn't even
let her see me!
They kept answering
the phone for her,
telling her not to see me!
- Everything is gonna be okay.
- It's all lies!
- Nick, don't man, think
about this, think about it.
- Nick, we'll talk
to her parents.
We'll let them know.
- Why should I believe you?
- We'll tell them that you
need to be able to see her.
Just put the knife down, Nick.
- Lily, will you tell them
that you wanna be with me?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Nick, putting
my gun away, okay?
Gun's going away,
stay calm, stay calm.
- I wanna be with
you, I love you.
- You don't wanna do this.
- I swear.
- Don't do it, don't do it.
- I don't believe you.
- It's true!
- Liar!
- No, no, no, no!
- You alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine, I think.
I just drifted off
there for a second.
- All the doors are locked.
There's cameras everywhere.
I don't think we're gonna
have any luck breaking in.
- So, what do you
think we should we do,
just sit out here all
night, 'til he comes out?
- Well, it's
getting pretty late.
Are you sure that's
his car over there?
- Yeah, I mean it's the
description that Nicole gave us,
and he wasn't at his house.
He's gotta be here.
- Who's there?
- Ow!
- Oh, you again.
- Can I help you?
- Help me?
You're the ones trespassing
on school grounds.
- My daughter goes
to school here.
- Yes, I know, Mrs. Gould.
That doesn't give you the right
to be on school
property after hours.
- Who's this again?
- The traffic attendant.
- I do security here.
I'm gonna have to ask you
to vacate the premises.
- What is your name, again?
- Marilyn.
- Marilyn.
Marilyn, can we ask
you for a huge favor?
Mrs. Gould's daughter
is very sick,
and we need to get
into her locker
to get her college applications
so she doesn't miss
the filing deadline,
and do you think there's any way
you could help us out with that?
- Please.
- That was very smooth.
You had her eating
out of your hands.
- Yeah, I have that
effect on women.
- Some, maybe.
Alright, I think his office
is right around here.
A struggle you think?
- Yeah, maybe,
It looks like he just freaked
out and tossed the place.
- Well, it's obvious
he isn't keeping her here.
Look at this.
- That might explain something.
- Motive for despair?
I think I know.
- You know
about this place.
- I helped Maddy
bring chairs down here
after one of her readings.
- You really think
he's holed up here.
He could be anywhere
in the school.
- Yeah, this is
definitely the place.
He keeps all of his
equipment in there,
lights, microphones, podium.
- It was his fault, not yours.
- What are you talking about?
- You said you felt bad
about ending my career.
You didn't, Nick did.
- I pulled the trigger.
I shouldn't have, I
was never a great shot.
- He made the first
move towards violence.
We did what we
were trained to do.
- No, I should have gone
for her, not the gun.
- Your bullet only grazed
her leg, it didn't kill her.
The knife did, okay?
- No, not gonna
happen this time.
- No, it's not.
- Where is she?
- Where is she?
- Who are you?
Mrs. Gould?
- Where is she?
Where is Maddy?
- She's at home, she
was sick, I thought.
- Do you flirt with all
the 17 year old girls
or just Maddy?
- What is he talking about?
- Come on, cut the crap!
I saw the emails that you
sent her, romantic poems!
She's 17, you creep!
- That was from
our critique group.
You've been to the readings.
She was in the process of
submitting something to Ainsley,
which you didn't approve of.
They were her poems,
I just critiqued them.
Look, I'm sorry, but,
she's got a lot of
passion and talent,
and I'm not gonna
let you stifle that.
- He's lying, trying to
throw us off the scent.
You're too close to these kids.
Josh this, Josh that.
- I learned from
my mistake today.
Moving forth, they're gonna
start calling me Mr. Hammer.
- Oh god, he's
telling the truth.
- Did you go in my office?
- We did.
- So you saw it, the
rejection letter.
- Alright, Josh.
Alright, you're young enough.
You'll write a book one
day worth publishing.
Let's get him outta here.
- Mrs. Gould.
- Watch your step.
- I'm really sorry about
what I said to you earlier.
- Easy, easy.
- I really think you're ...
- Take it easy, Josh, and
stay off those kids, okay?
- Thanks, Steve.
- Young girls?
- Hey, Steve ...
- Yeah,
man, you got him?
- Hey, Tony, I'm sorry, but
we've had a bit of an emergency.
Brent had to fly back
to be with our daughter
who's very sick.
Yes, he will reschedule
when she's feeling better.
I am sure.
No, we are not going with
another construction company.
I promise.
Okay, Tony, I gotta go.
We will be in touch, okay?
Yep, I promise, okay.
- Who's that?
- Tony, the owner of
the construction company
that Brent was supposed
to meet with in New York.
He keeps texting me about this,
thinking we're replacing him.
It's starting to
get on my nerves.
- Should we look at
Maddy's email again?
- No.
I think we've exhausted everyone
in her life at this point.
It might be time to visit Nick.
- Who would you though?
- Nick, put them through.
- I didn't believe them
when they told me who
was here to see me.
- It's been a while, Nick.
- Well, time flies when you
have nothing left to live for.
- You did that to yourself.
- No, I did not.
You did this to me,
and you,
but mostly you.
Well anyway, I've enjoyed
this jaunt down memory lane,
but I'm in for life
and time's a-wasting,
so unless you have anything
else you'd like to say,
I think I'll be going.
- Sit back down, we're
not finished with you yet.
- Okay.
Well, enough of the niceties.
Let's get down to
why you're both here.
- We find ourselves in
a very similar situation
that we were in three years ago.
- Someone ran away
from their parents
to be with the man she loves?
- Nick, we know that's
not what happened.
- So, what do you want from me?
- Wanted to get some
insight from you.
See what it's like to be
inside the head of a kidnapper.
- Well, Alice, I can
call you Alice, right?
You'd know better than
me for two reasons.
First of all, you're
the professional.
Second of all, and I
don't know how many times
I need to tell you this,
but I did not kidnap Lily.
She ran away to be with me.
- I don't care
about your opinions.
Just wanna know why you did it.
- Well, love of course.
- You didn't love her,
you didn't even know her.
- Of course I knew her.
She was my girlfriend.
We were getting married,
have kids, a family,
and you two messed it up.
Ruined my life,
thank you for that.
- She was a girl who
worked in a coffee shop
that you became obsessed
with and you stalked her,
like you did to many
other young women,
we came to discover.
- Our relationship was special.
- We've heard you have
a pretty keen interest
in keeping up with
who's in and who's out,
and have plenty of phone
calls with the outside.
- Well, that isn't
a crime, is it?
- No, certainly not.
But if you asked any
of your little buddies
you made in prison
to do anything,
say, kidnap another
little 17 year old girl,
now, that would be a crime.
- Are you accusing me
of conspiring to kidnap
a sweet innocent little girl?
I want my lawyer.
- You're not entitled to one.
- Uh, yes I am,
I know my rights.
- We're not working
for the police
and this isn't an interrogation.
This is just us coming
in here as civilians
having a friendly conversation.
- Oh, this is so friendly,
accusing me of conspiring to
kidnap a sweet, innocent girl.
That's exactly what friends do.
- Are you involved?
- What if I am?
- Are you?
- Answer the damn question
or I will kill you right now.
- No, I'm not.
- You haven't asked
anyone to kidnap someone?
Hinted they might do it?
Told them how you abducted Lily?
- What would I get out of it?
I'm stuck in here
for life, remember?
You think I did
it out of revenge.
Who's is it?
You had a kid, didn't you?
- She's 17, just like Lily.
- Someone has abducted her.
- What do they want?
- I don't know.
- There's no money involved?
- No.
- Sounds very personal.
Let me assure you
that I am absolutely
no way involved.
But I am absolutely thrilled
that this is happening.
Well, y'all have
a nice life now.
Oh, and tell your daughter,
if you ever see her again,
come by and say hi.
I'd love to meet her.
- Enjoy your time here.
- Have a nice life in prison.
- No.
It would be a lot easier to
eat if I could use my hands.
- Ow!
- Oh stop, no, no!
What do you think?
- It's definitely not him.
- Ugh, back to square one?
- Steve, I don't understand.
It's obviously personal,
but we've gone through
everyone in her life,
and it's not any one of them.
And even Nick, he was a
long shot, but it's not him.
- There's only one person left
in the family to check out.
- Sorry.
- Anything?
- No, it's just this Tony guy,
wondering when Brent is
gonna reschedule the meeting.
It's almost midnight there.
Why is this guy so desperate?
- How well do you know this guy?
- Not very well.
Our assistant, she
made the introduction
between Tony and Brent,
but I didn't have
anything to do with it.
- Sounds fishy.
- No, Brent wouldn't go there.
- But he did.
- Steve, no.
- I think it's
time we take a look
into Brent's
financial activities.
- You've
reached Brent Gould.
Leave me a message.
- I don't want this over.
I know you've been
distant lately,
but I love you so much.
And you said that you
would leave Alice,
and she's still
your wife, not me!
you are going have to hold
up your end of the bargain,
or there's no
telling what I'll do.
- I don't understand
why he doesn't keep this
stuff at the office.
- He's paranoid
about our employees
having access to too
much information.
- It seems like
access to information
is necessary to run a business.
- When your own employee
turns you in to the FBI,
you're gonna take a
few more precautions.
- If you're not
doing anything wrong,
you got nothing to hide.
- Spoken like a true cop.
And he was never charged.
- Doesn't mean he didn't do it.
- Look, he hid some
things from me,
and he got involved
with the wrong people,
but I don't think he set
out to do anything wrong.
- Okay.
- Steve, there's no way.
- Wait.
What are these deposits from?
- It's payments from
apartment buildings
we manage in New York.
- I thought you guys
just developed property.
- I convinced Brent
that we needed
more dependable
streams of income
in case our development
deals failed.
- Okay, very practical.
Looks like a good decision too.
You're just breaking
even at the moment.
- That'll change once
we get the funding
for the new building.
- And who's handling that?
- Brent.
He'd prefer I deal with all
the property management,
since it was all my idea.
- Why is he trying to cut
you out of everything?
It sounds like he
doesn't trust you,
or he's hiding something.
- No, he,
he trusts me.
I have access to everything.
Here look.
Here's our agreement
with the investor.
- That seems like an
awfully large percentage
this investor gets when the
building produces profit.
- No, it's just the standard.
Wait, somebody changed
this after I saw it.
This is not what we agreed on.
- Who's this company again?
- M & G Holdings.
- M & G Holdings.
- I don't know much about them.
There's not that much on the
internet about them, either.
They don't even have a website.
- See if there's any owners
of the company listed.
- No, nothing.
Just a P.O. Box in Delaware.
It's not unusual.
- You know what?
My partner joined the
FBI when I retired.
Why don't I call her and
see if she knows anything?
- Okay, but just don't
say anything about Maddy.
- No, of course not.
- Who changed this?
- Yeah, Dana Cohen?
Steve, she knows who it is.
Yeah have her call me back.
Okay, thanks.
She's gonna call me back.
I don't know what
to tell you, Alice.
Thanks Dana, yeah sorry
for calling so late.
Say hi to Dan and the kids.
- Well?
- It's not good.
- Just tell me.
It could be linked to Maddy.
- The feds have been
looking at M & G Holdings
for a while now.
- So, they survey
a lot of companies.
- There's all sorts of
nefarious activities,
Loan sharking,
drugs, trafficking.
- Trafficking?
- With ties to the
mafia, run by ...
- Tony Materelli?
- Mmhmm.
Do you think Brent knew?
- I don't know how
he couldn't have.
Dana says they're
investigating Brent as well,
and she thinks he's been
laundering money for them.
- No, I don't believe it.
- She has
surveillance photos
she's gonna email me.
- No, no he promised me that
he wouldn't do this again,
that he wouldn't get involved
with people like this again.
- He broke that promise, Alice.
- If he lied to me again,
I am gonna kill him.
- Listen, listen to me.
You need to just chill
out for a minute,
and take a breath and
get some food into you.
- Get some food?
I need to find her.
I'm sorry, I ...
- It's okay, it's
alright, it's alright.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Come on.
- This is
good, thank you.
- You keep very nice
ingredients in your house.
- They have very expensive
grocery stores in Beverly Hills.
- Yeah, apparently.
- I wonder if she's hungry.
It's been almost 24 hours.
- Hey, we'll get her
whatever she wants to eat
when we find her, alright?
- Thank you, uh--
- Sorry.
I've really missed you.
We became pretty close
during Lily's case.
Did Brent ask you to
cut off contact with me?
- He did.
- Yeah, I figured.
He always seemed to try
and control you too much.
- Sometimes he
disregards my feelings,
but he's not controlling.
- But you stopped
returning my calls.
- Yeah, not 'cause
he asked me too,
but because I knew
we were getting ...
Look, I would be risking
my family and my marriage
if I was to stay in
contact with you.
- That's very noble of you.
- I'm sorry if I
hurt your feelings.
- No, no listen,
it's understandable,
especially now that
I know the reason.
Probably Dana.
- What did she say?
- Do you know when
these were taken?
- Yeah, Victoria and
Brent went to meet
with the investment
company last month.
- Alice, it's ...
- So he's a liar and a cheater.
I can't believe this ...
He's cheated on me
with our assistant
who introduced him to this
man with mafia connections,
who probably
abducted our daughter
in order to force Brent to
go through with the deal
or to sell her to
some sex trafficker.
- Do you know where he is now?
- His should have landed by now.
I'll tell him to meet
us at the office.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
- Ah!
I don't care if you kill me.
I am not going
back in that room!
It's you!
- What are
we looking for?
- Anything having to do
with Tony's companies,
a receipt, an invoice,
something that has an
address on the West Coast.
- Are you gonna make
him sleep in the office?
- He's done it plenty
of times before
when he's pulled all-nighters.
Oh god, that's why
he didn't come home.
- Any idea where she is?
What the hell, Alice?
- This is all your fault.
You did this, with you and
your little girlfriend.
- What the hell are
you talking about?
- Stop,.
I, I have seen photos
of you kissing Victoria
outside of Tony's office.
- Where did you
see these photos?
- Steve has a
contact at the FBI.
Turns out, Tony owns both
the construction company
and the investment company,
but you knew that, didn't you?
- We are in debt, Alice.
In order to make this
project work and get us out,
I had to make a lot of money.
- We're not in that much debt.
I keep track of the books.
I know exactly how much
money goes in and out.
- No, you don't.
I had to borrow a lot of money,
and open up credit cards
that you don't know about.
- Why?
- To keep us afloat,
to build the business,
to provide for our family.
- How bad is it?
- Bad.
- We could have just
declared bankruptcy.
- No, I was not gonna
fail for a second time.
We're gonna finish building
this condo building,
and it's gonna be a success.
- Yeah, with dirty money.
- You didn't think I
tried to find funding
from any other source?
No one would touch me, Alice.
I got a failed project,
debt up to my eyeballs.
Tony was the only person
that was gonna
lend me any money.
- People like Tony
prey upon people
in a situation like yours,
and by associating with him,
you put your daughter in danger.
- There's Steve, lurking
in the shadows huh?
I'm sure you're
loving this, man,
just waiting to step in here,
make me look like the bad guy
so you could save Alice.
- I don't need saving.
- Steve has been present
in our relationship
for a long time.
- Brent, Alice and I
were only ever friends.
- But, you have
feelings for my wife.
- Brent!
- No, I wanna hear him say it.
Do you have feelings
for my wife, Steve?
Well, there it is.
At least now it's out in the
open after all this time.
- , none of this
is important right now!
Our daughter has been kidnapped,
and Tony's cronies
probably abducted her
in order to force you to
go through with the deal.
- Brent, is there any place
they would have taken her?
A West Coast office or
warehouse, anything, man.
- No, I don't know any of
Tony's contacts out here.
I think it's probably time
we reached out to the police.
- We are not calling the police.
- Alice, it's been 24 hours.
We don't have the
skills or the resources
to deal with Tony's people.
Alright, desipte Steve of
there playing cops and robbers.
- Whoever took her said
not to call the police,
and I am no letting what
happened to Lily happen to her.
- At some point, someone is
gonna realize she is gone.
How are we going to explain it?
- Alice called the school
and told them she was sick.
- I forgot to call them.
- But, Josh said the secretary
told him she was sick.
- No, I didn't call them.
- And, her friend
knew she was sick too.
- Why would you do this?
- Two reasons, really.
First, to test your
father's loyalty to me.
- His loyalty to you,
but, you're the one
who works for him.
- His loyalty to me
personally, not professionally.
- I don't understand.
- I needed to see
who he would run to
if something went wrong.
You see, your father and I
have been having an affair
for over two years.
- I don't believe you.
My dad would never
cheat on my mom.
- He promised me
he was gonna leave
your mother for me,
and that we would continue to
build this business together.
- He loves my mom and
would never leave her.
- But lately, he's been
distant, canceling dates,
and spending more
time with your mother,
and cutting me out of meetings.
- He'd never leave me, either.
- And, we were supposed to
go to New York together,
and meet with Tony
about the building,
and have a romantic
trip, but he canceled!
So, I decided to conduct
a little experiment.
If something traumatic
in his life happened,
say, his daughter was abducted,
who would he run to for comfort?
Me, or Alice?
- That's sick.
- So, I'd have confirmation,
once and for all.
And if he went to your
mother instead of me,
I'd be in the perfect position
to hurt them very badly.
- She wouldn't do this.
- No, it's her, I know it's her.
She's the only person that
I told that Maddy was sick.
- Maybe there's something
on her computer.
- Just look for
anything, something.
- We need to call the police,
tell them what happened,
and let them take it from here.
- Password protected.
Would she keep her at her home?
- No, she lives
with two roommates.
There's no privacy there,
and she wouldn't do it!
- Do you
have a key for this?
- Somewhere, yeah,
and when we open it up and
see there's nothing in there,
we're calling the police.
- Just get me the key.
- You alright?
- Do you think we
should call the police?
- The longer she's gone,
the less likely we'll
recover her alive.
You know this better than me.
You were the negotiator.
- I know.
I just needed to
hear it from you.
- So, we agree, we're
gonna call the police?
- Yeah, we agree.
- Why are you still here?
- It's my shoe.
She was wearing this.
- Uh, don't tell Tony
for obvious reasons.
I don't want Brent to find out.
Yeah, I'll be there in
30 with the merchandise.
- You're selling me?
- What choice do I have?
You've ruined my perfect plan.
When your father came
to me for comfort,
I was going to dump
you in the canyons
for some early morning
hikers to find,
but then you had to go
and pull off my mask.
- No, you aren't
taking me anywhere.
I didn't know until
I saw your face,
but this is my parents'
office building.
One step closer,
and I'm screaming.
- Everyone has gone
home for the day,
and I've bribed
the security guard.
Men will do anything if
you wear the right outfit.
Come on.
- Help, help!
- Victoria, Victoria
pick up the phone please.
Where the hell
are you, Victoria?
- I'm sorry to call so late.
It's just that she has these
papers that I need tonight.
Okay, she's not there.
Thank you.
- Hey, Cheryl, thanks
for calling back.
Um, any luck tracking the phone?
No worries, thanks for checking.
Uh, she must have
disabled the GPS.
She gotta be using a burner.
- Brent, where
would she keep her?
- I don't know.
- There has to be someplace
that you can think of.
- I can't think of
any place right now.
- Maybe some place you
guys kinda went together,
private and secluded?
- We were having
an affair, Steve.
Everywhere we went was
private and secluded.
- What?
- We used to sneak off at lunch,
to a storage room
in the basement.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- I told you, nobody's coming.
- My Mom will, she'll find
me and you're going to jail.
- You know, you're a handful.
I don't think I want you for
a step-daughter after all.
Huh, too late, Brent.
You landed over an hour ago.
You made your choice.
Now at least, I'll make
some money off of your brat.
- Where is this room?
- It's right here,
it's right here.
She's not in here.
- They were here.
- What?
- They were here!
Where was ...
- Maddy!
- Baby!
- Stay back.
- Please, let her go.
- I don't think so, Alice.
- Why are you doing this?
- Why?
Well let's see.
You've canceled how
many dates recently?
I could tell what
was happening, Brent.
I said stay back!
- What was happening, Victoria?
- You were breaking up with me.
You promised me you
would leave Alice for me
and that we would go
on and build a life,
and this business together
and you're going
back on your word.
- I'm, I'm not.
- He isn't.
He told me before
he left for New York
that he was leaving me.
- You're both liars.
- Victoria, Victoria
listen to me.
There's no way out of this.
Just calm down, calm
down, put the knife down.
You can do it.
- Everything is gonna be fine.
Okay, just please,
just let her go,
and everything will be okay.
- No, it won't.
This was your test, see?
If something went wrong, who
would you run to for help?
Me or Alice?
- Don't hurt my
daughter, Victoria.
- This is your test
and you failed.
And now I'm gonna hurt
you like you hurt me.
- Now.
- I loved you, Brent.
- I told you I was
coming for my girl.
- What
time did you arrive?
- I got here
early in the morning.
- How early is early?
- 7:00 a.m.
- I knew you'd find me.
- Maddy, I'd go to the ends
of the Earth to save you.
- This was my fault, I
should have listened.
- No, you were right.
I'm way too
overprotective of you.
I should have trusted you more.
- Yeah, but, I lied and I
snuck out to go to the party.
- You did, but I heard
you left the party
when they started drinking.
You can make the
right decisions.
- But if you had
known where I was,
you would have known
something was wrong
when I didn't come home.
- I always say no when
you wanna do something
that makes me nervous,
but I want you to feel like
you can tell me the truth
no matter what I'm feeling.
- I will from now on, I promise.
- And I promise to
trust your decisions.
I mean after all,
you're nearly an adult.
- Yeah, but I still need my mom.
- The police are done
taking our statements.
We can go home now.
- Okay.
- Alright, let's get a
nice bath, cleaned up,
some food, that sound good?
- Dad, how could
you do that to Mom?
- Maddy, it's alright.
- I don't know what to
say other than I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, and I ...
I just love you
guys both so much.
- Okay, all I care
about right now
is that Maddy gets
home where she belongs.
Alright, we'll deal
with all that later.
- I'll walk you out.
- She say anything?
- Not yet.
- Whoo ...
You're a real piece
of work, Victoria.
- It wasn't my fault.
- Here you go, man.
Alright, bring it down
to the station, alright?
- Yes, sir.
- Wow, what a crazy day.
- Yeah.
I don't know what I would
have done without you.
- It was all you, Alice.
You saved her.
- Oh, Victoria,
you're fired.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Do you want these photos?
- The lawyer said we had
to turn over everything.
- I seriously doubt the FBI
is gonna want our
family pictures.
- I'm sorry to see it go.
- Not as sorry as I am,
for everything.
- I know you are, Brent.
- How's Maddy coping?
- She's good.
I think this experience has
made her stronger in a way.
- My apartment will
be ready this weekend.
You think it would be okay
if she came over and spent
a little time with me?
- If she wants.
- Well, she wanted me
to check with you first
and assure you everything
was safe over there,
considering that my past behavior
put our family in danger.
- Just promise me that
she won't get kidnapped,
and I'll agree.
When's your hearing?
- Next week.
Will you be there?
- I'll think about it.
What did your lawyer
say about jail time?
- He said I could
probably avoid it
because no money had
actually exchanged hands yet.
- That's good, for Maddy's sake.
I filed this morning.
I'm not gonna be vindictive
and go after
everything you have.
I want it to be a fair split.
My priority is the health and
happiness of our daughter.
- I appreciate that, Alice.
It's more than I deserve.
- Hey.
- You ready?
- Yeah, just
let me grab my purse.
- Alright.
How's it going, Brent?
- You know, it's been better.
- Just keep your head up,
man, things will improve.
- Thanks for the words, Steve.
- You know, I want you to
know, I was telling the truth.
About Alice and I.
- I know.
I was just jealous.
Hey listen, if I end
up going to prison,
will you watch my girls for me?
- Yeah man, I'll
definitely do that.
- Okay, you ready?
- Yeah.
- We'll see you later, Brent.
- See ya.
- So where do you wanna go?
- I don't know, maybe the
coffee shop next door?
Or do you think they'll remember
that we roughed up some
kid in their bathroom?
- Yeah, we had a lot
of good memories here,
but the new house is cute.
- Kinda small though.
- Aw, we don't need
a house this big.
And with the business
gone, it's a little much.
- So, what
are you gonna do now?
- I think it's time
for a new adventure.
- Like what?
- I don't know.
There's plenty of possibilities.
- And, do any of the
possibilities include Steve?
- Maybe, we'll
see how that goes.
- Yeah, I like him.
- You do?
- So, speaking of
new adventures,
can I go to a party
tonight at Hunter's?
- Absolutely not!
- Mom!
- No, you have to stay
in and finish that poem,
so you can make the
filing deadline.
- Really?
- Yes, really!
- Oh, my
god, Mom thank you.
- It's gonna be hard
for me to let you go.
- Mom, you know, we could
take a trip to New York
to check out the
security of the dorms.
- We can do that.
- And we need to have
weekly call scheduled
so that you know
that I'm doing okay.
- Okay.
- Mom, maybe you could just
like text me every night
before I go to bed so
that you know I'm home?
- Okay, I think you're
going a little overboard.
- No, but Mom, there
are frat parties.
You definitely need to
periodically remind me
about the dangers of
underage drinking.
- Oh boy, I've
created a monster!