A Nashville Legacy (2023) Movie Script

You keep watch, OK?
We're supposed to
be in Bible class.
I will.
Better get in there.
They're waiting for you.
Now you know what to do in case
you see any one of our dads.
Remember the signal?
It's all right, guys.
Get in place, please.
Time is money.
I don't have much of either.
All right, let's roll.
Cloud, from the top,
just like rehearsal.
Lonely as a Clouds.
Hold on.
Every morning
when I wake up, I smile.
Because I found peace
in a world so loud.
I know I'm more than
just a face in the crowd,
so secure with this
joy I've found.
Now I'm limping.
Nothing gets to me.
I'll be floating along happily.
A decision.
Life belongs to me.
Loving it myself.
Feel so free.
Woo hoo.
Mama, you got that music in you.
That's right, baby.
And I'm giving it to
your daughter..
I got your favorite
for the table.
Oh, thank you.
They sure light up the room.
Remember Naima, music
is the greatest evidence
of God's presence.
It leaves behind something
Right, Gammy.
You guys mind if I join y'all?
Yeah, come on in.
We going do this together.
Now there's
nothing standing in my way.
Save my troubles for rainy day.
Now I'm limping.
Nothing gets to me.
I'll be floating along happily.
A decision.
Life belongs to.
Me Loving myself feel so great.
To be lonely as a cloud.
As the world going round.
To be lonely as a cloud...
You did it, Gammy.
I'm in your old haunts.
I just wish you were
here to show me around.
I'll be right with you, darling.
Thank you.
Yes, please, black.
You at Vanderbilt?
No, Tennessee Central.
I'm getting my doctorate there.
Ooh, aren't you fancy?
But I'm also interning
at the National
Museum of African-American
Music for no pay.
So fancy is a bit of a stretch.
Well, you're going
to be a regular here.
They all are.
What you studying over there?
Ah huh.
Now say that 10 times fast.
I know, I know.
It sounds pretentious.
But basically, I'm focusing on
mid-20th century urban music.
Oh, back in my day, we
called it RandB, soul and jazz.
That also works.
I'm trying to narrow down a
topic for my dissertation.
But it's just so hard
to choose one thing.
Oh, you asking the wrong person.
Around here, we love
everything about all of it.
Me too.
So what does one do with
that kind of schooling?
Well, no one ever became rich
with this kind of degree.
But I can teach, I can write.
I can spend all my
time around music.
Well, money isn't
everything, baby.
If it was, I would have got
rid of this place long time ago
and got me a rich husband.
Instead, I got this one.
I heard that.
I wanted you to.
I'm going to get you some of
my famous sweet potato pie,
seeing as you are a regular now.
This is why we're in
trouble, Livy Always
giving away the goods for free.
What good is heaven, if you
can't share with others, Dex?
I was going to pay...
Uh-uh, uh-uh.
I appreciate that.
But she won't let you.
When my wife gets her
mind on something, it's...
Check out the
jukebox, if you want.
That's free too.
This is amazing.
What section is this?
The Rivers of Rhythm corridor.
This is my favorite section.
Here, visitors can
learn about the growth
of African-American music,
from the golden age of gospel,
to the Black
influence in ragtime.
My grandmother would
have loved this.
She was the music
connoisseur too?
Oh, yeah.
She raised me on all of it,
Ray Charles, James Brown,
Etta James.
And of course, absolute
faves, the Loving Cubs.
My mom died when I was a baby.
And my grandmother
lived with us.
Well, she had impeccable
taste, your grandmother.
I think I really
would have liked her.
Yeah, everybody did.
Oh, Reggie, this is Naima.
Naima, like the Coltrane song.
I was named after it.
She's going to be interning
for us for school credit,
while she's getting
her doctorate at TCU.
Well, welcome to
the family, Naima.
You're going to love
it here so much,
you're going to forget
you're not getting paid.
I already have.
Can I borrow you for a second?
Have a look around.
And I'll come find you in a
bit and show you to your desk.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
OK, so this right here is
one of my favorite artists.
It's Charlie Parker.
Does anyone know Charlie
Parker's nickname?
China, you know?
Anyone want to
take a stab at it?
Ah, trumpet guy?
Trumpet guy?
You say, take a stab at.
I did.
It was Yardbird.
Well, at least in his
childhood, anyway.
And then later
shortened to Bird.
Looks like we got a late
addition to our group.
And guess what?
The young lady is
correct, gold star.
Before Charlie became
rich and famous,
he used to play
with tons of bands.
He had a great relationship
with Miles Davis, who
was our legendary trumpeter.
They developed a new
sound in the Avant Garde
late nights of
Harlem, New York City.
Ah, sorry.
Got to correct you there.
So the Harlem jam
sessions actually
started with Dizzy Gillespie.
And then Miles Davis
replaced Gillespie
later on in his career.
I mean, Cohen, she
definitely sounds confident.
But are you sure?
I may have written a
paper on Miles Davis once.
And I may have a
photographic memory.
Is that so?
I said I may have.
You know what?
We'll just settle this little
thing right here with my group.
You guys have been
with me all morning.
You guys know who
the smartest one is.
And who is it, me or her?
Definitely her.
Are y'all for real?
Come on, y'all.
After all I taught you?
You know what?
This is how we're going
to settle it, all right?
I'm going to place
$5 on the table
that it's Miles Davis first,
Dizzy Gillespie second.
You know my
grandmother always said
if you want to
double your money,
you should fold it in half and
put it back in your pocket.
But how about this,
loser has put their money
in the museum donation box.
OK, smart, beautiful, and kind.
You see, I say kind
because it's going to be
your $5 in that donation box.
And I'll take that bet.
Woo burn.
She got you good.
So she did.
So she did.
But it's all good.
Well, listen up.
The video is going to be
starting in the exhibit
down here on the right.
Follow your teachers
right in there.
And I'm going to
see you guys after.
I'm going to talk
to our new student.
I'm very sorry about that.
Sometimes I just
can't help myself.
No, it's OK.
I mean, I can admit
when I'm wrong.
I was wrong.
And it's not often.
So what was it?
Is it $1 we betting?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Wait a minute.
Who are you?
Patron, benefactor, ringer?
Hey, Bianca.
I see you've met
Naima, our new intern.
Hello Naima.
Damian just so happens to...
...be one of the
dedicated volunteers.
Yeah, I can tell that you're
passionate about what you do.
Yes, I am.
Come, I will show you
where you will be working.
Bye Bianca.
Naima, if I have any questions
about jazz, I know who to ask.
This is the reason we are so
happy to have you with us.
When the museum
opened two years ago,
the donated items
piled up so fast
that we couldn't
catalog everything.
Much of it turns
out to be worthless.
But I have found a few gems
to put in the exhibits.
I love this sort
of thing.
It's like what treasure are
we going to find in here.
I will be bringing on another
curatorial intern soon.
But it has been so hard
to find someone like you
with such a vast knowledge
of music history.
So, in the meantime, I
will be helping you out
as much as my time allows.
Why Nashville, of all
places, for your doctorate?
My grandmother was from here.
They moved to Mobile
when my dad was little.
But she would always talk
about the growing Black music
industry and
watching it develop.
She really wanted
to be a singer.
Like everyone else in this town?
You know that might be
an interesting topic
for my dissertation.
Like, why do some artists
make it and others don't.
If you ask me, it's only
10% talent and 90% luck.
Those hard luck stories
are on every street corner.
But you can find some
feel good ones too.
Yeah, the history
here, you can feel it.
It's like all the independent
labels started, Savoy, Sun,
Berryhall Records.
And they went on to
become household names.
Now you are going
to fit right in.
Franklin Berryhall is actually
one of the biggest supporters
of this museum.
In fact, he's going to be at
the fundraiser next Friday.
Franklin Berryhall?
Is going to be here?
In this building?
Wait, am I going to be there?
Interns are invited
to the fundraisers.
Yes, we need all hands on deck.
You have a formal dress?
With what you're not paying me?
I'll get one.
Well, I'll be back
to check on you.
It's like somebody's lost.
You, what are you doing here.
I'm an alum.
I mentor the students here.
Oh, wow, real philanthropist,
donating his time
all over town.
I mean, isn't that what
people with good hearts do?
Some even say I'm a great guy.
I'm sure they would.
You don't believe me?
I have no reason not to
believe you, Mr Great Guy.
Are you going to be at
the Museum for the auction
next week?
I work there.
So, yes.
Maybe I can get your number.
Maybe not.
No, what you mean?
You heard me.
I have to...
I have to check you out first.
You know, ask around the Museum
see, what I'm dealing with.
Don't want to end up on
a True Crime episode.
Yeah, I can dig it.
Got ourselves an academic
and a researcher.
Or maybe I just know
that it's better
to go slowly in the
right direction,
rather than quickly
in the wrong one.
So she speaks from experience.
She does.
Your 0 to 16 relationship
not end well?
It did not.
Well, for me, when I see
something that I want,
I go after it.
And what exactly do you want?
What I want is for you
to save the dance for me.
Is that slow and
steady enough for you?
See you Friday.
I'll see you Friday.
Oh, wait.
Get your number?
Can you show where
the music building is?
I would love to.
This way.
It's right over here.
The purpose of your dissertation
is to ask a targeted question,
then research your own answer.
My office hours are
posted on the board.
I want to hear potential topics
within the next few weeks.
Now let me be clear.
It's important that you find
something that speaks to you.
So ask yourself this, what
stirs you within your very soul.
There you go, worthless.
You win some, lose some.
What do you do with the rejects?
Ah, give them to
charity, thrift stores.
I even got to keep a flute once.
You play?
I never learned.
But one day.
For now, it just sits in
the corner, taunting me.
Oh, look what I found.
They're gorgeous.
And there's two of them.
One for each night
of the weekend.
Or maybe a duo?
Maybe it was Tina Turner's.
They always had
extras for the road.
And she grew up in Tennessee.
They're two different
sizes, though.
And there's no
information in there,
no deed of gift, no tags.
Do we know who donated it?
Not a clue if nothing
is in that bag.
You know what?
A lot of that stuff
came from old studios
on Music Row that closed
when technology took over.
Well, I bet it has
a story to tell.
Take a picture and upload it,
and do a reverse image search
and see what comes up.
If there's history behind
it, you'll find it.
And if not, I think you've
just found your outfit
to the auction.
So what's in there?
Oh, these are auction items.
I need you to write
the catalog and label
descriptions for them.
Documentation verifying the
history and authenticity
is attached.
Why would the Museum
part with them?
Most of them are duplicates.
If we can make a few
bucks, all the better.
Charlie Patton?
I feel like I'm holding
history, the man who
would play the guitar behind
his head or with his teeth?
He was quite the showman.
That one is going to
fetch us one pretty penny.
My grandmother had this.
Where are her albums now?
Well, there are
people in the world
who think that valuables are
junk and junk are valuables.
I'm in the former group.
And you have a huge pile
of the ladder downstairs.
Look at you.
Big day?
Nothing like that.
It's the auction at
the Museum tonight.
I just figured I'd come here
first, get a quick bite.
They have food at those things.
But those finger foods doesn't
compare to your cooking.
Well, you're going
to fit right in that outfit.
Thank you.
Wow, you look beautiful.
Where'd you get that dress?
It's vintage.
It's donated to the museum.
I looked high and low for
any historical significance.
Couldn't find anything.
No reason.
I just... you just
look so pretty in it.
You going take all the
men's breath away tonight.
Thank you.
Oh, Olivia?
My dad said he
and my grandmother
may have come here when
he was little, Millie
and Thomas Williams.
No, that doesn't ring a bell.
But you know, baby,
a lot of people
have come through those
doors over the years.
You just let me know when
you're ready to order.
Olivia, I heard what
you said to her.
You've got to tell
her the truth.
That's Millie's granddaughter.
Sweetheart, we have enough
to deal with right now.
We are going to work
all of that out.
We are not going
to lose this place.
But Livy...
Dex, the past is a
place to learn from,
not a place to live in.
You clean up nice, Naima,
like the Coltrane song.
Thank you, Reggie.
You look like you can be in
Martha and the Vandellas,
the Loving Cubs.
Or the Supremes, they were
something back in the day.
There's still something now.
I think we put too much focus
on the Marvin Gaye's and Stevie
Wonder's of the world.
But if you ask me, the Old
Girl Groups, they really shaped
the music of the '60s.
They deserve more credit.
Maybe you can shine a light on
that, once you become a doctor.
Hey, do you know Olivia, from
the diner down the street?
Oh, yeah, that's sweet
potato pie route.
Oh, it sure is.
So what's her story?
Same as everyone
else, I suppose.
Another day, another dollar.
Trying to get by.
OK, I'm going to go look around.
Hey, maybe you can include
the Daffodil Girls,
once you start shining
your light on all the girl
groups, Dr. Naima.
The Daffodil Girls?
Oh yeah, I knew them when.
There's a story there.
Look it up.
Lonely As A Cloud.
But that's the Loving Cubs,
which is a great song.
It's my grandmother's favorite.
A great story too.
Oh yeah, that's a hot item.
It's actually
the coolest record in here.
But it has zero bids.
I don't get it.
Ah, it's probably
not shiny enough.
Yeah, probably not.
So did you do the
background check on me?
I haven't had a chance yet.
You know, some of us
have school, and work,
and other things.
No offense.
No offense taken.
Know what I noticed?
Nobody's dancing.
Oh, my gosh.
Is that Franklin Berryhall?
The man,
the legend, the myth.
You don't seem very impressed.
I see him every day.
I do a little work
at the Record Label.
To be there every day, if
those walls could talk.
Yeah, they'd say time is money.
Now you need to
get back to work.
I grew up
listening to every record
that Berryhall produced.
Mm yeah.
Me personally, I think the
label could use a facelift.
That's just me.
Well, here's your
chance to tell him.
No you want to
hear that from me.
I think I'm going to
introduce myself to him.
Do you think that's
or dumb, annoying?
Nah, nah.
I mean, you know, I hear he
really appreciates someone
who's not intimidated by him.
Oh, I'm very intimidated by him.
But I wouldn't forgive
myself if I didn't meet him.
OK, I'm going to do it.
Wish me luck.
Yeah, get him.
Sorry to bother
you, Mr Berryhall.
My name is Naima.
I'm an intern here.
And it is such an
honor to meet you sir.
Huh, I'm a huge Coltrane fan.
So were my parents.
You musician?
No sir.
I'm in academia.
I want to write and teach.
I'm getting my doctorate
in ethnomusicology.
An admirable aspiration.
Well, if my company can
ever be of any assistance,
please don't hesitate
to reach out.
Excuse me, Naima.
I need to borrow Mr Berryhall
for a few announcements.
Oh, yeah.
We're announcing
that we're displaying
a retrospective in honor of the
60th anniversary of Nashville's
own Berryhall Records.
Right this way.
Very nice to meet you.
It's my pleasure.
Hey, you.
Why are you standing
over here by yourself?
Waiting for my ride.
No, you're leaving?
Can't leave.
The night's too young.
I got an idea.
You like sweet potato pie?
I could tell you real
passionate about what you do.
Mean, yeah.
Like, how lucky are that
we get to live our dream?
This doesn't happen
for everyone.
My grandmother, she really
wanted to be a singer.
And it just didn't
work out for her.
How about your parents?
Well, my mom died
when I was a year old.
And my dad has worked
at the same printing
company for 33 years.
Yeah, it's been super
busy just trying
to make ends meet so
that I can make my mark.
Sounds like an exceptional man.
No, he's a really great guy.
And in a few years,
he's going to retire.
I'm going to take care of him.
See, I knew you
were good people.
So what about you?
Well, my parents
divorced a few years ago.
It was for the best,
though, you know.
Like they're both happy now.
My dad's remarried.
My dad is a tough
love tight, you know.
Prides himself on
being self-made.
So anything I ever wanted
when I was growing up,
till now, I had to
go get it myself.
My dad didn't give me nothing.
And, are you?
Am I what?
Making it yourself?
Oh, yeah.
Mm-hmm, I'm getting
after it, man.
I got a... I got
an artist I can't
wait for people to see him.
Yeah, so I'm doing
music on the side.
To take to Mr Berryhall?
Ah, maybe.
I don't know.
I'm thinking about it.
Let me tell you something
about Franklin Berryhall.
He is a man who knows
what he wants, OK.
And he doesn't bend.
So much in secret, though.
He's not
the only game in town.
No, he's not.
And, like you said,
he's stuck in the past.
But you are forging the future.
Well, and that's
exactly what I'm doing.
Have you ever heard
of a girl group, 1960s,
called the Daffodil Girls,
from right here in town?
No, I don't think so.
Are they a Berryhall Group?
I'm not sure.
But Reggie from the museum,
he mentioned them tonight.
So there's a story there.
No, I don't know.
But I'll tell you,
you ask Dexter.
He knows everybody.
Dex, you got... you got a second?
Have you ever heard of a girl
group called the Daffodil
Ah yep.
The Daffodils?
I think they were backup
singers or something.
Never amounted to anything.
Nothing there.
Ah that was weird.
Hi, Professor Toler.
I'm Naima Williams.
I'm one of your students.
Of course.
What can I do for you?
So I wanted to talk to
you about my dissertation.
I'm thinking about doing
it on African-American girl
groups from A to Z.
And what exactly
does A to Z mean,
from a narrative perspective?
Well, I'm not entirely sure yet.
But maybe it's the known
and the lesser known,
why some made it
and others didn't.
Well, that's a start.
But if you're going
there, go deeper.
Like, what went on
behind the scenes,
the stories that wouldn't be
featured on Behind the Music.
What do you know about the
song Lonely As A Cloud?
By the Loving Cubs,
one of the many one-hit
wonder groups from
back in the day.
Well, a guy know
mentioned that there might
be a story behind that song.
Yeah, I think it was based
on an old Wordsworth poem.
That's it?
As far as I'm aware.
He also brought up an old girl
group, the Daffodil Girls.
No, that doesn't ring a bell.
But there were a lot of
groups back in the day,
who never went anywhere.
Well, I'm not sure how
they relate to each other.
But I just have this feeling
that there's something people
aren't saying about them.
Then keep scratching
beneath the surface,
because that is where
the truth lives.
And maybe you found a lead
for your dissertation.
Will do.
Hey, Naima.
So I literally can't find
any digital footprint
on this girl group,
the Daffodil Girls.
Have you heard of them?
Are they new?
Apparently they
were backup singers
who may have released a
few songs in the '60s.
But several people
have acted very strange
at just the mention
of their name,
like so cryptic and weird.
You can check our
digital archives.
But I've never heard of them.
Yeah, I already did.
It didn't sell?
Oh, it did for $5,000.
Yes, this has been one of the
most successful auctions yet.
And it has been
requested by the winner
that it be
hand-delivered, by you.
By me?
Who was the highest bidder?
That would be one Mr Berryhall
at Berryhall Records.
Looks like someone made
quite an impression.
And that always helps the Museum
look good when that happens.
Good job, Naima.
Five thousand dollars?
I'm Naima Williams.
I have a delivery
for Mr Berryhall.
Hey, Naima.
Thanks for coming.
You're welcome.
I've got a package
for Mr. Berryhall.
Is he here?
He most definitely is here.
Do I leave this here with you,
or should I go look for him?
Oh, I see what's going on.
You saw the name Berryhall and
you were expecting my father.
I'm sorry, your father?
That's the same
reaction I always get.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
No, I'm actually
just processing.
You had no urge the other night,
while I was fangirling over him
to say Franklin
Berryhall is your father?
Naima, I didn't think it was
appropriate in the moment.
I understand what's
going on here.
You're one of those
rich entitled guys.
You like to play games, used
to getting anything you want.
I am absolutely not that guy.
I've dealt with
your type before.
And I'm flattered.
But it's a no, for me.
Goodbye, Damian.
Hey, wait.
Naima, hold on a second.
Naima, Naima, wait.
Will you stop?
Look, I'm sorry.
But no matter what you
think, that's not who I am.
Oh, it's not?
No, it's not.
I get treated
differently at the Museum
from the volunteers
because of my dad.
The fact that you saw me as
Damian, and not Mr Berryhall's
son, felt good, you know?
Yeah, I get that.
How about we hang the
record right here?
This wall is all
Berryhall artists.
And Payton wasn't on Berryhall.
Good point.
Record that special probably
belongs in the sanctuary,
There's a church here?
Well, I'll show you.
It's gorgeous.
This is one of
the few clubs that
allow Black artists to perform.
I mean, all the
greats played here.
It eventually went
out of business.
Then my dad bought it,
turned to recording studio.
So why do they call
it the sanctuary?
Because when they played
here they come see.
I thought big recording
studios like this
were becoming obsolete
now in the digital age.
Well, somewhat.
You see, producers
and artists learn
there's one thing that
digital can replace,
that's the vibe of the room.
You see, there's an energy here.
It's inspiring.
See this mic?
It's beautiful.
This is the same
exact microphone that
recorded Lonely As A Cloud.
What's the story with that song?
That is the song that put
this record label on the map.
You know, my dad said if
it wasn't for those three
girls in the... in
the neighborhood,
he'd still be repairing TVs
in my grandfather's basement.
And that's it?
I mean, yeah.
I mean, they
recorded a few songs.
And they went their
separate ways.
And you can still use this mic?
Oh, yeah.
I'm a firm believer
lightning strike twice.
Yeah, I have a
feeling it will too.
I don't believe it.
What's that?
That's my dress.
And that looks like
Olivia, standing
in front of the Loving Cubs.
Drifting lonely as a cloud
And I'm not coming down.
Listen to me when I say...
not gonna, not gonna...
Nothing can bring me down.
Everybody stumbles sometimes.
That's OK.
I get up so much faster.
Now that I know.
Loving myself...
Yeah, they're not good.
Their performance is way off.
and gentlemen, that
was the Loving Cubs
performing their new hit
single, Lonely As A Cloud.
That was a great performance.
Say Wanda, now is it true that
the inspiration for the song
came from that famous
poem by Wordsworth?
Olivia is definitely not
one of the Loving Cubs.
Well, I guess you
could say that.
Yeah, but there's
something going on.
If you saw the way she
looked at me in that dress...
OK, fine.
We'll talk to her tomorrow.
Tonight, we have plans.
Oh, is that so?
We have plans?
OK, let me rephrase.
Naima, I would like to take
you out tonight, if you'd
be willing to give me a chance.
What do you have in mind?
Some good old Nashville,
Tennessee fun.
When it's sly
striking a man lighting a fire
and feeling the burn
every last minute blow
the gas off the cliff just
got big love don't hurt me.
I do you many and
it's a good thing.
I do you many and
it's a good thing.
Well, it's a good thing.
I mean, that kid is the future.
And we're working on a song
right now that is so good.
Wait, are you going to
take it to your father?
Every time I bring it up to
my dad, he's just like, son,
stick to what we know.
But it was fun, and
energetic, and innovative.
It's what I'm saying.
I'm surprised that
he doesn't like it.
I try to tell him.
I don't know.
I mean, my dad's old school.
And when I bring it to
him anything, he just,
I don't know.
He just refuses to listen.
So tell me about 0 to 60 guy.
Oh, my gosh.
He was persistent.
And maybe two dates
in, it was love.
Oh, wow.
Two dates, huh?
And then it just wasn't,
at least for him, anyway.
It's funny.
It's like you can be
so sure about somebody,
and then so wrong about them,
all at the exact same time.
I was just saying this.
OK, so, oh, my ex-girlfriend,
she was a singer.
She tried to pretend like she
didn't know who my dad was.
And then it finally came out.
She was like,
what, I didn't know
your dad was a super producer.
But, I mean, it's just whatever.
I ignored the red flags.
And I made a promise to
myself that I will never
let that happen again.
So I lived my life
with eyes wide open.
Yeah, same.
So aren't you
going to ask me why
I was so persistent with you?
Oh, I thought it was my smarts,
and my beauty, and my kindness.
Is that what you said?
I mean, amongst other things.
You remember.
But sometimes, people
ignore the signs, right?
When you are in tune yourself,
your faith, universe, like,
the possibilities are out
there, just begging to be seen.
Sometimes you just
got to open our eyes.
Together we make a palindrome?
Del Ray, I mean,
what are the chances?
I have to say the
chances are pretty slim.
When I first saw you, you so
eloquently put me in my place.
And it was...
I don't know.
There's just something
cool about you.
And it's like I got hit by
a proverbial lightning bolt.
And then I noticed this.
Like something drew
you to Nashville,
same way something drew me to
work at the Museum that day.
This can't be random.
We were always told in church
that nothing is random.
Or maybe our guardian angels
are leading us to the truth.
You have to give people a
chance to see who you are.
That's the truth.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe that's the approach you
can take with your father, too?
Enough about my father.
This right here, you and me,
this is too powerful for us
to ignore.
It would feel like a slap
in the face, if we did.
And it will be to tempt fate.
I certainly wouldn't want
to disappoint the gods.
Neither would I.
I know we're on the same page.
Me too.
Hey, pretty lady.
Look what the cat dragged in.
And together too.
How you doing, Miss Olivia?
I'm good.
How are you?
Y'all here for breakfast,
lunch, or dessert?
I actually just want
to ask you something.
Anything, baby.
So I'm doing research
for my dissertation
on African-American girl groups.
And I saw this.
Where did you get that?
That's been on the walls
at the studio for years.
Like, I never noticed it.
But she saw it.
That's you, right?
Standing in front
of the Loving Cubs,
wearing the dress that I
was wearing the other night?
You're making a mountain
out of a molehill, baby?
But it is you, right?
You knew the Loving Cubs?
You know, you should
never wake sleeping dogs
from their slumber.
What does that mean?
That means I'm done
talking about this.
OK, I don't understand.
If she knew them, why
wouldn't she say something?
I don't know.
Maybe it was one of
those situations where
she got kicked out of the group,
you know, then you bringing it
up, that'll upset her.
You know what?
There's this guy who has
a record store in town.
I mean, maybe he can help.
Yeah, because there's definitely
something she's not saying.
Excuse me.
Are you Tubby?
It's not what my mama named me.
But it's what I got.
I was told that
you might be able to help
me find a first edition copy
of the Loving Cubs Album.
I need to see the
original liner notes.
What you think you're going
find on those old liner notes?
Someone I may have worked
with them back in the day.
But it's all a bit of a mystery.
Yeah, there's a lot of secrecy
surrounding that group.
Yeah, there is.
Probably on account
of all the rumors.
What rumors?
There's old legends says the
Loving Cubs didn't actually
sing Lonely As A Cloud.
What are you talking about?
Of course, they did.
Again, still rumors fueled
by a clip of those girls
on the old TV Show
America's top hits.
They stumbled their
way through that one
and never performed live again.
I saw a video of
that performance.
They were definitely
off that day.
More than off.
Stranger than the $3 bill.
But people also say the
moon landing was fake.
So there you go.
But, wait.
If they weren't the ones
singing, then who was,
according to the rumors?
Why care about this so much?
You a reporter or something?
I'm a doctoral student
working on a project.
But Lonely As A Cloud?
That's the music
of my childhood.
And if there is a
story there, then I'd
love to bring it to light.
There's a guitar player back
in the day, Scoots McGee.
Session guy, he like
to spin a tall tale.
But he swore up and down
that he played on that song.
And these three backup singers,
they are the talent behind it,
not those three
girls on the TV show.
Backup singers?
Yeah, there were
a lot of them back
in the '60s, biding their
time behind the headliner
until they hit it big.
But unfortunately,
most of them didn't.
There was Sheila Shake, Walter
Lillie, the Soul Sisters,
the Daffodil Girls.
Wait, the Daffodil Girls.
I've been trying to find
information about them.
I can't find anything.
That's probably by design.
In the early days
before the internet,
it was easy to erase people.
Why would anybody
want to erase them?
I don't know.
But if Scoots was
right, maybe it's
because they were the ones
behind Lonely As A Cloud.
Why wouldn't they just put
their own name on the song?
I mean, everybody's
looking for a hit.
And this is where
my information ends.
Like I said, Scoots wasn't
the most reliable source.
Also liked his drink.
So take it with a grain of salt.
I really need to find
out who they are.
Is there anything else you
can tell me about them?
According to Scoots, they
sang backup for Chuck Berry
in the early days.
But unfortunately, that's
all the information I have.
No, this has been
incredibly helpful.
Thank you, Tubby.
You were a backup singer?
And Gammy too?
Hey, baby.
Naima, what's wrong?
You knew her.
You knew my grandmother.
And you didn't tell
me when I asked you.
I saw a picture of you two at
one of Chuck Berry's recording
I can't talk about it.
Yes you can.
She didn't just
want to be a singer.
She was a singer.
And if she had left
her mark on the world,
then I need you to tell me.
Were the two of you
in the Daffodil Girls?
Please say something.
I can't.
Why not?
I suggest you talk to
Damian's daddy about this.
Franklin Berryhall?
He knew my grandmother?
That's all I'm going to
say about this, baby.
Wait, Olivia.
Lonely as a Cloud?
The Daffodils.
OK, and listen to this in
vacant or in pensive mood,
they flash upon that inward eye,
which is the bliss of solitude.
And then my heart with
pleasure fills and dances
with the daffodils.
This is the poem that inspired
that song, the one that Wanda
from the Loving Cubs look
like a deer in headlights,
when they asked
her about it on TV.
I don't know, Naima.
This just sounds crazy.
But the poem, it
mentions daffodils.
And it would certainly
explain Dex's reaction,
when we mention them.
All I know is the Loving
Cubs are the Loving Cubs.
And they didn't steal
a song or anything
from these Daffodil Girls.
I mean, come on.
I mean, like, what
are we talking about?
I don't know.
But I just know
when I asked Olivia,
she said to talk to
your father about it.
No, there's just no way that
anyone else sung song, no way.
I mean, I'd know.
I mean, everybody would know.
Naima, it's my father's
signature song.
And it's not about my
dissertation at this point.
It is about my family.
And I need to know the truth.
That picture on the wall, Tubby,
my grandmother, this book.
Remember when you
told me about signs?
Well, they are staring at me.
And I cannot close
my eyes to them.
I just... I won't.
I'll give my dad a call.
And I'll see what I
can find out for you.
Thank you.
Good morning, Naima.
Morning, Reggie.
I have a question for you.
Ask away.
You pointed me in the direction
of the Daffodil Girls.
I'm curious, why?
Did I?
Yes, Reggie.
You did.
Well, sounds like you
learned a little something
about those old gals.
I'm still in the
information gathering stage.
Ah, so there's information
to be gathered?
Oh, yeah, it would
seem that way.
Look, Naima from
the Coltrane song,
I want those girls get they
do just as much as anyone.
But this is a small community.
It's best to exercise
some discretion.
What are you talking about?
What girls?
Just be careful who
you talk to about it.
There are some powerful
people in this town, some
even attached to this Museum.
They won't take too
kindly to a PR nightmare.
You have a good day.
Hey, hi.
I didn't expect
to see you today.
Yeah, I just came by to see dad.
Wasn't at the office today.
He decided to work from home.
He's in the study.
How are you doing?
You are coming to Friday
Night dinner, right?
Yeah, of course.
So when are you going to let
us meet the new girl you've
been seeing?
What are you talking about?
I have eyes everywhere.
Are you spying on me?
Oh, no, I wouldn't dare.
But I can't speak
for your father.
Oh, my gosh.
Tell me about it.
But you know what new.
Besides I don't want
you guys to scare away.
Oh, we wouldn't do that.
Besides, I haven't seen
this twinkle in your eyes
in a while.
We just met.
You should
invite her to dinner.
I'm... I don't know.
OK, fine.
All right, I'll see you.
Hey, son.
Hey, hey.
This is unexpected.
How you doing?
Ah good, good, you know,
just came in check on you.
Hey, dad?
Real quick, what's the story
behind different groups singing
Lonely As A Cloud.
Those are just ugly rumors that
resurface every now and then.
Lonely As A Cloud was sung by
the Loving Cubs, Tommy, Jenny,
and Wanda.
They're just three friends
from the neighborhood.
That's it.
That's it?
I bet you guys filmed tons
of sessions back in the day.
You know, I'd love to check
them out with you one day,
when you're free.
Well, it wasn't like we
could just whip out a phone
and create a...
create a tic tac.
Look that was... that
was back in the '60s.
I don't even think
there was a video of it.
Back then during
the early sessions,
we just recorded on audio.
So you don't remember a group
called the Daffodil Girls?
Because I think Miss
Olivia at the diner,
I think she might have been one.
No, Damian, I don't.
And you want to know why?
Because if they were
anything special,
I would have signed
on the Berryhall.
And you would have
already heard of them.
Now son, there's no
there, there, OK?
Those are just a
bunch of ugly rumors
that I swear are going to plague
me, till the day that I die.
Now is that really what you
came in to see me about?
Or are you here to talk to
me about your music again?
Ah... I mean, I am working
with this new artist.
I believe he's going to be
the next big thing, dad.
It's even on CD, old school.
It's like you like it.
Tell you what?
I will give this CD a listen.
But I need you to
get back to work.
And I'll see you on Friday.
I love you, boy.
Love you too, dad.
Hey, Damian.
Hey, hey.
Hey, listen.
Naima, I spoke to my dad
about what we talked about.
And there's nothing to it.
It's turned out to be rumors.
He didn't even know the
Daffodil Girls were.
So sorry.
It's like there's
no there, there.
Oh, OK.
Thanks for asking.
I got to get to class, OK?
Hey, daddy.
I've got about 10 minutes
between classes, OK?
And I got about 10
minutes before work.
I cannot wait till you never
have to work another shift,
Yeah, you, me, and my
feet on the same page.
I got your message about Gammy.
So she never mentioned anything
to you about her musical past?
I'm just as shocked as you are.
Singing back up for Chuck Berry?
Huh, man.
All she ever said
was she had dreams.
But they weren't meant to be.
Daddy, I think that Gammy, and
Olivia, and this other woman
were the actual
singers of Lonely
As A Cloud, and not
the Loving Cubs.
I mean, what else would explain
her connection to that song?
I mean, that's a nice song.
Maybe that's all it is.
No, but the poem in the
book, and her favorite flower
was the daffodil.
It's just... it's too
much of a coincidence.
If Gammy had done something
spectacular in her life,
then the world needs to know.
We owe that to her.
Baby, we don't all get to leave
our footprints on the moon.
Yeah, but this is her legacy.
I know this is hard
for you to hear.
But we don't all get
to matter, Naima.
I just... I think we get
to do more than that.
If she wanted us to
know about any of this,
she had a million
opportunities to tell us.
Maybe she couldn't.
How do you mean?
That's what Olivia said.
Maybe they were scared.
Or it was a legal
issue or something.
I think I should talk to
Franklin Berryhall myself.
And I think you need to think
long and hard about what
you're doing, what you
could be sacrificing.
Some things are worth the risk.
Thanks for seeing me, Professor.
I'm a little stuck.
What is the overarching
question you're answering
with your dissertation?
I'm still trying
to figure that out.
I guess I want to...
no, I need to shine a
light on the inequities
of the early days.
So you focus more on the
groups of the '50s and '60s?
You know the Shirelles
were the first girl group
to have a number one with Will
You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Everyone wanted to
recreate that magic.
But yet they were paid
pathetically low session fees
and cheated out of
their royalties.
They took whatever
opportunity was
presented to them, no
matter how meager, and just
said, thank you.
Here they were, these
women, influencing
the trends of this
male-dominated industry.
But behind the glitz, and the
glam, and the amazing music
were real people who were
being taken advantage of.
So find me some concrete
examples of that.
And get me your research
by the end of the quarter.
OK, I will.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Said I'm never.
Never going let love... love...
go... go.
Now that I found you.
Now that I found you, baby.
Said I'm never, never,
never going to let love go.
Now that I...
Oh, baby... I found you.
Never going let love go.
Said I'm never...
That's what I'm talking about.
Ruben, ladies, you
guys sounded great.
It just keeps getting
better every time.
Thank you, man.
Ruben, I'm going to send
you the mixes in a few days,
then we'll go from
there, all right?
Thanks, D. I'll
see you later, man.
That was really good.
And I hope you're
paying the background singers
well too.
Ah, Naima, it's
a different time.
I know.
I just want to make sure
that the artists are
being treated fairly.
I know my dad can
be a lot of things.
But he's not the monster
you made him out to be
in your mind.
I'm just trying to
get to the truth.
That's all.
And what if a lot of people
get hurt in the process?
Like, he's not just
my father, Naima.
He... he has hundreds
of employees worldwide
that rely on him.
I know.
And I don't want to put
you in an awkward position.
I really don't.
I just think this is
bigger than both of us.
You're right.
You're right.
Matter of fact, you talk to him.
And then he could tell
you what he told me.
Do you really think that?
Yeah, I have no reason to
believe my dad would lie to me.
We can go to my parents' house.
We can have dinner.
And he can tell you himself.
And once you hear that, we'll
put it all behind us, move on.
Did you really like it?
I loved it.
Hey, Naima, here are some
more Berryhall items.
Can you write up the
description for the exhibits?
Yeah, of course.
Oh, and a bunch of us
are getting takeout
from Olivia's,
while we still can.
Do you want something?
What do you mean,
while we still can?
What's going on?
You haven't heard?
Now I am...
I haven't been over
there in a while.
Their landlord raised the rent.
And they haven't been
able to make the payments.
You know how things go
in Nashville nowadays.
All the institutions get
pushed out by big business.
So what are they going to do?
Nothing they can do.
They're closing down at
the end of the month.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
I know.
Me too.
Can we order you anything?
No, nothing for me.
I'm having dinner at Damian's
parents' house tonight.
Is that right?
Look I understand that you have
been searching for something
that could impact Mr
Berryhall and his business
in a pretty big way.
How did you hear about that?
This music community
is small, Naima.
The walls have ears.
I'm not trying to
hurt him, Bianca.
I just want to know what
role my grandmother played
in the industry all
those years ago.
And I think he knows.
Listen, we are having the
Berryhall exhibit open up
in a few weeks.
And he is a big
benefactor for us.
So I'm going to put
this delicately.
This is not a bear
you want to poke just
as we're about to honor him.
You get what I'm saying?
This is your parents' house?
This is it.
Guess when a man
doesn't come from much,
and then becomes self-made, he
goes and buys the biggest house
around, because he can.
There's no need to get nervous.
My family's cool.
They're going to like you.
Just don't leave me alone.
I don't have a GPS
for this house.
I won't.
Naima, you look amazing.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You ready?
I'm ready.
All right.
Let's go.
Well, down there,
goes to the kitchen.
And right here, is the backyard.
Ah huh.
Watch it now, huh.
So I didn't realize when you
said dinner with your parents
you meant your entire family.
Yeah, I mean, we go big.
It's the Berryhall way.
It's actually really nice.
There they are.
Uh, oh.
Hey now.
Hi, Phyllis.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Something smells good there.
What you cooking?
You'll just have
to wait and see.
Stay out of my kitchen.
And this is Naima.
Naima, it is so
nice to meet you.
Thank you for having
me, Miss Berryhall.
Oh, no.
None of that.
Not in this house.
Call me Phyllis Sciences.
OK, Phyllis.
So hey, where's our dad?
Oh, he's right down there.
Got that... Oh.
I'm going to introduce
dad to Naima.
You ready?
Hey, two What is that?
Take off.
Two, go you.
Oh, Oh, Oh, wait, wait.
My back, my back.
Get back.
Boy, you can't hurt steel.
Hey, son.
Hey, dad.
Oh, Miss Naima, good
to see you again.
Welcome to our home.
Thank you for having me.
And you better hide, son.
The kids are looking for you.
They're going to recruit you.
Too late.
Big Damo has always been one
of the favorites of the kids.
It's probably because he's
just a big kid himself,
as are we all.
I guess we are.
So I hear you want to
discuss something with me.
Damian told you?
Let's go to my study,
talk about it, shall we?
Wow, this collection?
You know, they used
to say that you
can tell a great deal about
a person from his record
So what does mine
tell you about me?
That you're a man
of impeccable taste.
And clearly, you are
a woman of impeccable judgment.
So how do you like
our fair city?
It's exactly as my
grandmother described it,
just with a few more superstores
than when she lived here.
Millie Williams,
that was her name.
Did you happen to know
her back in the day?
So why don't you ask me what
you don't want to ask me?
Was it the Daffodil
Girls singing on Lonely
As A Cloud, and not
the Loving Cubs?
Think about what
you're saying here
and what the repercussions
would be for a great number
of people, if that were true.
All I can think of
is the repercussions
for three girls who didn't
get a chance to shine.
I'm sure you're aware that I've
launched the careers of dozens
of artists, men, women,
both Black and white,
not to mention engineers,
producers, publishers,
secretaries, even
session musicians.
And we even established the
very first publishing company
for African-American
right here in Nashville.
Your contribution has been vast.
And I'm not trying
to diminish it.
Ah, Miss Naima, sometimes
things aren't what they seem.
Sometimes they're
exactly as they seem.
Millie Williams was a part
of a trio of backup singers
from right here in town.
It consisted of her, Olivia from
the diner, and another lady.
And they called themselves,
the Daffodil Girls.
Well, they were never any
Daffodil Girls on my label.
So, I'm sorry.
But I can't help you with that.
You know, my grandmother was
the only mother I ever knew.
My mom died when I was one.
I'm sorry to hear that.
She would sing me to
sleep every night.
And just before we go
to bed, she would say,
every morning, you
have two choices.
You can continue to
sleep with your dreams,
or you can wake
up and chase them.
I never understood why she
pushed that on me so hard.
All I can say is, as
a parent, you want
what's best for your children.
She didn't get to
live her dream.
And I think you
took it from her.
Like I said, sometimes
things aren't what they seem.
I just want to know the
truth, Mr Berryhall.
Why would Olivia tell
me I should ask you?
I don't know.
Or maybe, just maybe
you should stop
poking around in matters that
don't really concern you.
Just make it in the studio, man.
I'll see y'all.
Thank you for driving me home.
I just didn't want
to stay for dinner.
I hope your stepmom
isn't insulted.
Oh, she's a sweetheart.
Just couldn't sit there and
pretend like nothing was wrong.
Hey, Naima, wait a minute.
Maybe it's time to end this.
What are you talking about?
This mission, you know.
I mean, nobody's
telling you anything.
And you have asked everyone.
There's got to be
a reason for that.
I can't just let this go.
Naima, you're talking
about my family here.
And I'm talking about my family.
There's a vault at Berryhall,
right, with the session tapes?
What are you asking me, Naima.
I just want to see the
tapes for Lonely As A Cloud.
They're probably just audio.
You don't want to know?
Damian, please.
This is the last thing, I swear.
And if there's nothing
there, I'll let it go.
I promise.
Welcome to the vault, 500
square feet of climate
controlled chaos.
If those recordings still
exist, this is where they'd be.
To see the names on
these tapes, this
is like the
soundtrack to my life.
To see this, to touch this,
I somehow don't feel worthy.
Oh, you definitely
worthy, because I wouldn't
risk this for just anyone.
I know.
And I hate that I'm putting
you in this position.
But you're kind of
doing it anyway.
So over here is where we
keep the really old stuff.
I feel like I'm back at work.
1974, 1988, not even
close to the correct year.
Wait a minute.
Think I got something.
You found it?
It's a video.
Yeah, everything
transferred to VHS.
It's empty.
Yeah this one is too.
Someone must have taken it.
Someone who wants
to hide the truth.
So I take it you're not
letting this one go.
I have to go and
see Olivia again.
Hey, hey, Miss Olivia.
Hey, you two.
I'm really sorry
about the restaurant.
Really wish there was
something I could do.
You and me both.
But we had a good run.
So I went to see Franklin.
And now I just have
more questions.
Is that right?
All he said was sometimes
things aren't the way they seem,
whatever that means.
Well, it means what
it means, baby.
Nothing else matters.
My grandmother's life mattered.
I know that.
I guess no one can run me out
of town if I'm already leaving.
What are you talking about?
Have a seat.
So we were just kids,
May, Millie, and me.
We grew up singing in your
great granddaddy's church.
He was the pastor, big powerful
man, pillar of society.
Yeah, he died before I was born.
But I've seen pictures of him.
Well, we sang our
hearts out every Sunday.
We had a gift.
And he would come to us and say,
y'all save that
singing for the Lord.
So, one day, May came
to us and told us
that she was picking
up some extra cash
singing for the record
companies, session work.
And me and Millie, we
liked the sound of that,
because we didn't have
any money for ourselves.
So we teamed up and
started getting booked.
We sang gospel first,
and then a little RandB.
Before long, it was rock
and roll, blues, all of it.
Now all this was
done on the sly,
because we knew that
our fathers were not
going to be happy with their
daughters running around,
singing the devil's
secular music.
We had to be careful.
So everything was done
after school or Bible study.
Then May started
seeing this boy,
a guitar player
named Scoots McGee.
He thought he was
the next Chuck Berry.
He was no Chuck Berry.
But he was doing
some session work
for a man who was starting
his own label in his daddy's
My father?
It is well.
It is well.
With my soul.
With My soul.
It is well.
It is well with my soul.
This is where girl groups
were all the rage, you see.
And Franklin took a shine to us.
And we started working
up a few songs.
Psst, Olivia, It's a song.
One day, while Millie and I
were bored in English class,
we came across this poem.
And that set
everything in motion.
That's going to be our name.
So we brought the
song to Franklin.
And he loved it.
And we recorded it.
He bought us dresses
and everything.
He was going to make us stars.
Look out, Cheryl's.
The Daffodil Girls are in town.
But we never got a chance
to perform in those dresses.
We couldn't.
One of the deacons in your
great granddaddy's congregation
saw us going down in
that basement one day.
And it didn't take
long for Millie's daddy
to track us down.
That was great.
That was great.
This is a hit.
Let's go for take two.
What's going on down here?
Daddy, what are you doing here?
I'm sorry guys.
I'm sorry.
So here Franklin has a song
that can launch his career,
and a very angry
pastor threatening him
for corrupting young girls.
You never told
anyone about this.
It was actually singing?
Who's going to believe,
a couple of teenagers?
Besides, girls like us, we
don't get to be big stars.
Yeah, but Loving Cubs did.
And they didn't even have
the talent to back it up.
Baby, we did what we were told.
We told the lads...
that our daddy said.
We found some papers that
we didn't even understand.
And we promised
under the fear of God
to never speak about it again.
And then your daddy
gave us $500 each.
And that felt like a
small fortune back then.
And every time you
heard the song?
Sometimes it made me smile.
But nobody knows it was you.
Well, we knew.
And believe me, it hurt.
But what sense would
it have made for us
to bring down the Loving Cubs
because we didn't get a chance
to have our moment?
At least our music was heard.
I even went to see
them perform once live.
That's the picture
you found on the wall.
But everyone can know
the truth now, Olivia.
There are tapes.
You saw them?
But we know they exist.
Look, if you come
forward with me,
you can finally get your due.
We can do an unveiling
at the Berryhall exhibit.
Baby, I don't need that.
I've made a great
life for myself.
I have Dex.
I have four beautiful children,
and nine grandchildren,
and no regrets.
You deserve more credit,
you, my grandmother, May.
May is gone, too.
I'm the only one left.
And I do not want to go to
war with Berryhall Records.
That was a lot.
Look, Naima, I get it.
It's your family.
And you got to do
what you got to do.
I know it means a lot to you.
But if Berryhall
Records goes down,
it affects everyone,
past, present, and future.
I mean, it's my dad.
I can't be involved in
taking down my family,
and everyone involved in that.
There's legacies there.
Is this about her or you?
She deserved more.
They all did.
Yes, they did.
This was their legacy.
We can't focus on what we had.
Got to focus on
what we're building.
You're our legacy now, Naima.
You're doing something special
on behalf of this family.
And I couldn't be
more proud of you.
The small things matter too.
Dancing to their record, you
got to share this with her.
You just didn't
know it at the time.
What do I do?
You follow your
heart, sweetheart.
And it'll never lead you wrong.
All right.
Well, this is going to be good.
Hey, son, you just in time.
I'm making one of my famous
Berryhall sandwiches.
You want one?
No, not tonight, dad.
Are you sure?
All right.
You're not going to get
any of mine when I finish.
I know everything, dad.
Well, that's quite
a statement, son.
Nobody knows everything.
About the Daffodil Girls, dad.
The Loving Cubs,
Lonely as a Cloud.
Yeah, I know.
And I know why you did it.
You knew the song was
going to be a hit.
There's no way you could
have let that sound go.
Even when they
threatened you about it.
It's how you built all this.
That's why you are who you are.
And I'm sorry if it seemed
that I was accusing you
of something underhanded.
I have no right to tell you
how to run your business.
And can you forgive me?
Don't worry about it, son.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you work.
Love you, dad.
You too.
I'm sorry, we're closed.
Hey, Frankie.
Livy, Dexter.
Long time.
Yeah, it's been too long.
I need to talk to you.
I need to talk to both of you,
actually, if you don't mind.
What are you doing here?
Franklin asked us to come.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I
have your attention, please.
Looking around here is quite
the walk through memory lane
for me.
Literally every
corner in this exhibit
brings back a special
moment in my life.
And for that, I am grateful.
And I want to thank you
all for sharing it with me.
But there is one...
one thing that's missing.
One very pivotal
thing that's missing.
If you please turn your
attention to the screen.
I'm sure a lot of you
have heard the rumors.
They've been plaguing me for
years about this song, Lonely
as a Cloud.
Well, I'm here to tell you
that those rumors are true.
So I'm not a perfect man.
I've made some mistakes.
The real artists
singing this song
are Millie Williams,
May Friedland,
and Miss Olivia Brown.
The only remaining
member of a group
known as the Daffodil Girls
who I wanted on my roster
more than anything.
But circumstances just...
just made that impossible.
And standing right
next to her is...
is Naima Williams, the
granddaughter of Miss Millie
Williams, one of the singer,
songwriters of the song that
made me a household name.
I should have compensated
you all in the way
that you deserved.
But I was just afraid that
even the slightest gesture
would open up a can of worms.
It's never too late to be
the bigger man, Franklin.
That's very true.
Which is why today I want to
announce that Olivia's Soul
Food isn't going anywhere.
Today I just purchased
the building for Olivia
and her husband, Dexter Brown.
So now and in the
future, if you ever
have any complaints
about your landlords,
you only have
yourselves to blame.
And I'm going to throw in
a little something extra.
As for Miss Millie and Miss
May, who've both sadly passed
on a scholarship fund has been
established in their names
for their heirs, both
current and future.
And the proceeds from the song
will now go to you all as well.
I've had 60 years of success.
But there comes
a time when a man
has to know when to hang up
his hat and pass the torch.
So I am thrilled to
announce that from this day
forward, my son, Damian will
be the president of Berryhall
It's your time, son.
And your daddy is
extremely proud of you.
Take us to the future, son.
I worked
hard for 60 years.
Y'all go celebrate with me.
That was unexpected.
For both of us.
You didn't blow the whistle.
It wasn't my whistle to blow.
Still a lot of story to tell.
Maybe we could do, you can.
I've been thinking about writing
a book about the Daffodil
You should.
Because I see it
being a best seller.
Hey, babies.
All right.
You're going to tell me now?
Tell you what?
Oh, come on, Reggie.
You had a dog in this fight.
What was your role?
Ask the lady who was
the lookout when they
were recording in the basement.
And not a very good
lookout either, Reggie?
What you talking about?
Come on.
There you go.
Shall we?
We shall.
I'm just a face in
the crowd, so secure with joy
I found.
Now I'm limping.
Nothing gets to me.
I'll be floating along happily.
I appreciate every
one of you coming out
to the Museum tonight.
I still can't believe that
my book is a number one
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And there are a
few people in here
who played an important
role in that, starting
with my dad, Thomas Williams.
Thank you for your support.
And then the original
Daffodil Girl, Olivia Brown,
and Mr Franklin Berryhall.
Thank you both for allowing me
to tell this incredible story.
And then finally, to my
fiancee, Damian Berryhall.
Thank you for your
love, and your support,
and your encouragement.
I love you.
Thank you.
Every morning
when I wake up, I smile.
Because I find peace
in a world so loud.
I know I'm more than
just a face in the crowd,
so secure with this joy.