A Near Death Experience (2008) Movie Script

[ Siren ]
[Girl]: Ellie, please help me.
[Crowd]: Oh!
[ Applause ]
Thank you. Thank you.
It is such a pleasure to have
you all here this evening
to join me in celebration
of the official opening
of our Train Museum.
You all have worked so hard to
make this dream a reality
and we couldn't have done it
without the help of such
generous sponsors.
[ Applause ]
As you all k
Trains have always
been a part of my life.
Until his death, my father
was a train engineer.
I grew up listening to him
tell stories of his
travels across America
driving these great engines.
And it seems I've inherited
his love of trains
because I am thrilled
to be the curator
of this wonderful museum.
[ Applause ]
You have all been so great
and there's food and drinks
and I hope you
enjoy the evening.
Thank you for all of
your help and support.
You were great, Ellie.
Really impressive what you've
managed to create here.
Now if you cou
into meeting someone,
that would really be
worth celebrating.
Maggie, do we have to
discuss this right now?
Hey! How are you, Mike?
I'm good, Ellie. Billy's
taken his first few steps.
But more importantly,
he's finally sleeping
through the night.
Actually, I was just telling
Mike that I've got a friend
who's dying to meet you.
I'd marry him myself,
only Bill and the kids
might not appreciate it.
Only she says she's not ready.
How long has it been?
Coming up on two years.
Who's to say how long it takes
to get over these things, huh?
But I wonder, Ellie, if it
had been you that day,
wouldn't you want Brendan
to get on with his life?
To be happy?
Anyway, gotta go.
Joan's with the baby
and I need to get back.
Great party, El. See ya.
I'm just saying
I'm not ready, OK?
I'm just not there yet.
It is time, Ellie, whether
you feel like it or not.
It's just coffee, OK? I'm not
asking you to marry the guy.
You know that I won't
stop until you say yes.
Maggie, please,
just give it a break.
I will... tell you...
You OK?
Water. I need water.
What's going on?
My chest!
- I can't...
- Ellie!
Oh my God!
Somebody please call a doctor!
What happened?
What was that?
Help! Somebody!
Ellie! Ellie!
Are you OK? Ellie! Please!
No, wait.
Not yet.
Ellie, not yet.
Not yet.
[ Breathing heavily ]
Oh, thank God!
Where is he?
Where did he go?
It's OK, sweetie.
Where's Brendan? I need...
You're in the
hospital, all right?
You've been unconscious
for a few hours
but you're going to be fine.
But... I just saw him.
You were at the
museum, remember?
Do you remembe
You went into
anaphylactic shock.
They think it was probably
an allergic reaction
to the macadamia nuts
in the appetizers.
But he was just here.
Hey, don't worry.
You're fine.
You can go home
later on today, OK?
I'll get the nurse.
[ Knocking ]
She knew we were
coming this morning.
Anybody home?
Where is she?
Ah, my sister will never change.
She's always running late.
I told her we were
going to be by at...
What the hell?
Oh my God!
Call 911!
Melissa, 911, now!
Oh my God.
I'm leaving the hospital now.
No Maggie, I don't need a ride.
It's OK. I'm fine.
I'll call you later, OK?
[ Crying ]
[ Crying ]
Are you OK?
It's OK.
Don't be afraid.
Are your mom and dad around?
Are they in the hospital?
You think maybe you
should go find them?
I bet they're looking for you.
Can you come with me?
Your mom and dad in there?
Well, shouldn't we go in?
Hey, come on.
It's going to be OK.
I can't go in there.
I can't.
What about your mom and dad?
Aren't they going to be worried?
You go.
You talk to them.
Tell them I didn't mean it.
Tell them I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Hey, whoa.
Hold on a second.
OK. You wait here
and I'll go first.
You know, this might be a little
easier if I knew your name.
Nice to meet you, Tamara.
My name is Ellie.
You sure you don't
want to go in?
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. I don't mean
to interrupt, but...
Tell them I'm sorry.
Tell them I just
want to go home!
Can I help you?
I promise I'll be good.
Please tell them.
He's not listening to me.
Are you OK?
I promise.
I won't do it again!
I just want to go home!
Don't go!
Don't go!
$1,500 a month, fully furnished.
And worth every penny,
I assume cash is OK.
Yes, but you can't just walk in.
There are application
forms to fill out.
Of course. No problem.
But here, what do you say
I pay you a month in advance,
then we get the
paperwork to you later?
I don't know.
It's just, we're kind of tired.
We've been on the road.
I'm sure you know what
that's like, with a kid.
I guess.
But I will need
damage deposit as wel
Oh, look who's back!
You're better, yes?
Maggie told me what happened.
It's OK, really.
I'm fine.
She's a wonderful tenant.
Hope you're hungry!
I brought you Italian.
Guaranteed 100%
macadamia nut free.
You didn't have to do that.
Are you kidding?
I wanted to see you.
I wanted to make
sure you were OK.
You all right?
I don't know.
What do you mean?
Something happened, Maggie.
Something's changed.
It's OK.
You just had a
bad scare, that's all.
But you're OK.
You're going to be fine.
So what do you say we just
open up a bottle of wine
and enjoy this food
before it gets cold, OK?
[Brandon]: Ellie...
Not yet.
[Tamara]: I can't go in there.
I can't.
You go.
You talk to them.
Tell them I didn't mean it.
Tell them I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Don't go! Please!
Ellie! Ellie!
Please help me! Please!
[ Indistinct voices ]
[Woman]: Ellie,
I need your help.
Do you hear them calling?
They're calling for you.
They need you just
like that little girl.
Just like me.
There are more, Ellie. More than
you can possibly imagine.
Who are you, and how
do you know my name?
It's like blood in the water.
They can sense you.
They can feel you.
And they're coming.
Stop right there.
Don't come any closer.
They will seek you out.
They will find you.
And when they're ready, they'll
reveal themselves to you.
You can give them.
You can give us the one thing
we want more than anything.
The one thing we can
A voice.
You can give us a voice.
No. This isn't happening.
Please, don't be afraid.
I won't hurt you.
Why me?
It's the light, Ellie.
You touched the light.
Or maybe more to the point,
the light touched you.
My name is Dwayne.
I mean you no harm.
I don't want to scare you.
But I need your help.
[ Bell over door ringing
Come on. It's OK.
Hi. Can I help you?
Yeah. Hi.
You're Matthew, right?
I'm sorry.
I know you're going
to think I'm crazy,
but I have a message for you.
From your brother.
From Dwayne.
I'm sorry, miss.
You must be mistaken.
My brother died.
In Vietnam.
A long time ago.
Come on. What are
you waiting for?
I'm sorry.
This was a mistake.
Ellie, please.
Don't go.
Do you have any idea
how long I've waited
for a chance like this?
OK. I'm sorry.
I know this must
sound crazy but...
he's here.
OK, what are you?
A psychic or something?
No. Believe, me.
This has never happened
to me before.
I need you to talk to my mother.
Her name's Mary.
Could you come out
here for a second?
She doesn't remember.
Tell her about the pictures
she keeps by her bed.
He wants me to tell you about
a picture you keep by your bed.
It's of all of us, taken after
a softball game when I was 8.
It was taken on a day you
all played a softball game.
Of Cub Scouts.
Matt and I look angry
because the moms just
whipped our butts 10-0.
I remember how...
...years later you
all had a good laugh
when you told them
that the moms tried everything
you could not to win
but the boys were so lousy,
you couldn't help it.
Please tell her, Ellie...
that I'm here.
Tell her that I know.
Even now,
even after all these
He wants me to tell you that
he knows there's still
a tiny little part of you
that clings to the hope
that maybe,
just maybe one day you'll
pick up the phone
and Dwayne will be on the
other end, that maybe...
...they'll be a
knock at the door
and I'll come walking in, just
like I'd never been away at all.
Sometimes they declare a man
missing in action...
...to give hope when
really there is none.
Sometimes there's
just no greater cruelty.
I guess that's it.
He isn't saying anything more.
Tell me...
My son,
is he at peace?
No, I'm not, Ellie.
It's her. It's her
pain that holds me here.
Tell her she can love me,
she can always love me,
but it's time to let me go.
Come on, Ellie.
Tell her.
The answer's yes.
He is at peace.
No, that's not what I said!
Now he says it's time
for you to let go.
He says,
it's time for you,
for both of you,
to move on.
[ Door opening ]
Oh my God! Are
you all right?
I cut my hand.
Let me take a look at it.
It doesn't look too bad. Still,
we better get it
I don't think we've met.
My name's Ellie.
I'm Jamie.
My dad and me just moved in.
Well, nice to meet you, Jamie.
What do you say we
go get that hand fixed?
Come on.
Come on in.
Have a seat.
My dad had to go buy some stuff,
so Mr. Valinsky said he'd take
care of me for a while.
Mr. Valinsky?
So where is he then?
He fell asleep watching TV.
I decided to skateboard.
Skateboarding's always fun.
In other news, meteorologists...
Let's see if we
can get that fixed.
All right...
You OK? Does that hurt?
Just hold that there.
If you can try to keep a
little pressure on it, OK?
So, where you from?
You guys new to this city?
Well, Boston is a great town.
You're going to love it.
Hey, neat!
Where did you get it?
Oh, I work at the Train Museum
over on Adams Street.
Hey, if you like, I could
show you around some time.
All right, let's see.
That ought to do the trick.
Tell you what.
Why don't we take you back
to Mr. Valinsky's apartment?
With any luck, he'll never even
know that you were gone.
I'll get your
skateboard. Come on.
...now searching for
Mr. Daniel Nicholson,
husband of Dr. Taylor
whose body was
discovered two days ago.
The police have confirmed,
Daniel Nicholson
who has be
along with his
7 -year-old son James,
how now been identified
as a possible suspect
in connection to
his wife's murder.
At this point, police are
warning the public
that Mr. Nicholson is believed
to be armed and dangerous.
With the opening, you've been
working so hard.
You're just very tired.
Enjoy the time off.
It's times like this, Maggie,
I miss Brendan the most.
These past few days,
I can't even begin to tell
you how strange it's been.
What do you mean?
Ever since the hospital, I...
Come on, Ellie.
Talk to me.
If there's something wrong,
I want to know about it.
Come on, girl. Don't
keep me hanging here.
You know what? I'm fine.
[ Knocking ]
Look Mag, someone's at the door.
I'll check in later, OK? Bye.
Later. Bye.
Oh, hey. Sorry
to bother you.
Hi. My name is Gabe Tanner.
I'm Jamie's father.
I just wanted to thank you for
helping Jamie this afternoon.
Ah! Mommy! Mommy!
Ah! Ah!
Shh... It's OK, buddy.
It's OK, it's OK.
It's just a bad dream.
It's nothing. He's OK.
[Woman]: Ellie, I'm here.
[Woman]: Ellie,
please help me.
Please... Ellie...
You can see...
Please, Ellie.
Ellie, I need you.
[Man]: I need you to tell her.
You have to tell her.
[ Woman sobbing ]
[ Sobbing ]
Ellie, help me.
[ Screaming ]
Who is there?
It's me, Ellie.
What are you doing?
You want to give me h
I thought I heard something.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. I didn't
mean to scare you.
Ellie, come. I think we
should get out of here.
And I think you
should rest more.
Ellie, now we are friends
for a long time now
and I want you to
listen to me seriously.
Don't worry.
I'm almost ready.
I didn't say anything.
Hey, I'm in no rush.
I'm enjoying watching you.
Sorry, honey. We're
late enough as it is.
I brought you something.
It's in honour of
our first anniversary.
Did you just pick
this from the garden?
Heh heh... It's the
thought that counts, right?
Honey, come on.
Sorry. It'll
never happen again.
Here, let me help you with that.
I can fix that.
I'll help you fix that.
You're a big help.
I do what I can.
- OK.
- OK what?
Maybe we're not in that
big of a rush after all.
What about the party?
It doesn't matter.
We're late enough as it is.
Another 5 minutes isn't
going to do anything.
Five minutes? You trying
to tell me something?
You know, this
isn't really fair.
You're the only
one dressed here.
I think you're right.
It's not fair in the least.
Let's do something
about that, shall we?
Yeah, let's.
Candlesticks up in flames
Burning sweet
History is a game
Can't stop me now
Always by you
Come play around
It's just a moment
Come to the ground
Always be yours
What goes around
Is a fever
Oh, my man
Loves so profound
History is a game
I love you so much.
Can't stop me now
[ Sighing ]
Jamie, I'm sorry,
but we can't go.
That's all there is to it.
Give me that wrench.
But Dad, you promised!
Jamie, that's enough.
When did they say
it would be ready?
Uh, it's looking like tomorrow
morning at the earliest.
Can I give you
guys a ride somewhere?
Uh, no thanks.
We're good.
You sure? I don't mind.
Yeah. But thanks, though.
Sorry. You said your
name's Gabe, right?
Yeah, that's right.
I don't know if
you guys have plans,
but I was telling Jamie
I work right down the street
at the Train Museum.
If you'd like,
I could show you around.
No, that's OK.
But thanks though.
It would be just us.
The museum's closed today.
Kind of like our
own private tour.
Well, in that case,
how can we say no?
[ Train whistle ]
Whoa, cool!
Can I do that again?
Go for it!
[ Train whistle ]
What do you think? You got a
future engineer on your hands?
He'd make a good one.
The boy's got eagle eyes.
[ Whistle ]
Wonderful mother,
outstanding doctor,
the best business partner
you could ask for.
I don't care
what kind of problems
she and Daniel might have had,
she didn't deserve
to die like that.
You have my condolences.
I can only imagine
what you and your family
must be going through.
I understand you got my
name through Kenny Marco.
He tells me you're
the man to talk to.
I take it you're a gambling man.
I've been known to place a
bet every now and then, yeah.
So, what can I
do for you, Doctor?
Kenny tells me
you're one of the best
investigators in the business.
Twenty-five years Concord P.D.
before going private sector.
I think I know a few things.
He tells me you have a
reputation for being discreet.
I can be, when I have to.
He says you're a man
who gets the job done.
You want me to find your
brother-in-law Daniel?
Tell me about him.
I unde
I understand he has a
history of mental problems.
I knew he had problems,
but I can't believe it.
I can't believe what
he did to my sister.
So we have to find them.
And we have to find Jamie.
Because if anythin
I couldn't live with myself.
[ Train crossing bell ringing ]
Here we go! Food!
Oh! You didn't
have to do that!
Are you kidding?
First rule of junk food:
calories don't count if
you eat it with friends.
I'll keep that in mind.
This is great.
I can't thank you enough.
You made his day.
What am I saying?
You made his year!
Well, I'm glad.
He's a good kid.
Yeah. Yeah, he sure is.
Hey, Dad!
Let's go over here!
Help me!
Be careful.
You're in danger.
Hey, Ellie!
Come over here!
[Woman]: Ellie... Ellie...
Please help me.
It's me...
Please, Ellie...
We just have to stay
out of sight for now.
I know it's hard for you,
but believe me,
everything's going
to be OK, Jamie.
I'm not going to let
anything happen to you.
Let's go.
How is this possible?
Who are you?
And why are you
following these people?
That's my husband and son.
And he has to pay
for killing me.
It's unbearable.
No one should have
to suffer like this.
At first, it felt
like I'd been kicked.
[ Gunshot ]
And then,
it turned to fire.
And it burns and it burns
and I can't make it stop.
And do you know
what he did then?
I was trying to
get to the phone...
It wasn't enough
that he shot me.
No! Not for him!
It wasn't enough!
| | He put the gun to my neck
like, like I was some kind of
animal in a slaughterhouse!
[ Gunshot ]
And then it was over.
My son...
my life.
It was over.
Why would he do this?
I don't know.
I just don't know.
He just killed you out
of the blue for no reason?
All I know is he is sick!
He is a murderer!
But surely there
had to be a reason.
Were you fighting?
I mean, there had to be
something that led up to this.
Think about it.
What were you doing
before this happened?
...too easygoing...
Taylor, let's talk...
You're right.
There was something.
We were fighting.
About what?
I don't remember.
Don't you have any idea?
I wish I did!
All I know is that
you have to help me.
You have to help my little boy.
[ Thunder ]
He's killed once already.
What is to stop him
from killing again?
[ Door opening ]
Now go to bed!
I told you I'll be
back in 5 minutes!
I don't want to stay by myself.
I'm just going
to the store, bud.
I told you,
I wanna come.
OK, come on.
Let's go.
I think it's time
you called the police.
Are you all right?
I've had better days.
You probably don't know, but
this is all kind of new to me
and it's a lot to
take in all at once.
You know what I mean?
Then you should call the police.
The sooner the better.
You do realize that I can't
say anything about you, right?
I can't possibly explain this.
All I can do is tell
them where they are.
Anything more, they'll
think I'm crazy.
Fine. Let's get
on with it.
I'll deal with it first
thing in the morning.
I have a feeling there's
something you're not telling me.
[ Phone ringing ]
Hey Sarah, you see that funny
ringing thing on your desk?
It's pretty cool, actually,
'cause it you pick it up,
it stops ringing.
This is Detective Hale.
How can I help you.
Yes, I'm calling about a crime,
I believe took place
down in Concord.
What kind of crime?
A murder.
Her name was
Taylor Nicholson.
She was killed a few
days ago, I think.
I have information about her
husband and her little boy.
And what would that be, exactly?
I think I've seen them.
Where was that, ma'am?
Here, in Boston.
Well, let's start by getting
your name and address, OK?
Do you need that?
Is that really necessary?
Is that a problem?
[ Detective snapping fingers ]
No, it's just I don't really
want to get involved.
I understand.
And I assure you
we will do everything in our
power to respect your privacy.
Ma'am? Are you there?
Have you had direct contact
with Mr. Nicholson or his son?
Have you reason to believe
your personal safety
may be in jeopardy?
No. I mean, I don't...
...her husband...
Sorry. I'll have
to call you back.
No, ma'am! I...
Please tell me you
got that, Bobby.
No problem.
The number's up in Boston.
...that on the day
Dr. Nicholson was murdered
she had been notified
through her attorney
that Federal prosecutors were
about to issue an indictment
charging her with multiple
counts of fraud
stemming from an ongoing
into fraudulent medicare
billing practices.
According to the indictment,
Dr. Nicholson siphoned
over $1.5 million in fraudulent
medicare billings
through a numbered holding
company controlled by herself,
her husband, and her brother,
Dr. William Shaw.
We are told that
her brother, Dr. Shaw
has denied any
knowledge or involvement,
and has since pledged
his full cooperation
with the authorities.
Possible sighting, I take it?
What do you think?
May be legit?
I don't know. Maybe.
She sounded scared.
Think we should call Boston?
Let's do it.
This woman's hiding something.
I want to know what.
Will, it's a
Mr. Mader calling for you.
Oh, OK.
Thanks, sweetheart.
Listen, give me a minute?
Yes. Dr. Shaw.
Quick question for you, Doctor.
Does the name Eleanor Lorene
Daly mean anything to you?
No. No, I don't think so.
Why? What's going on?
Well, police got a tip.
Nothing firm as of yet,
but it might be something.
So what does that mean?
You going to go check it out?
Well, I got to get your OK
first. It's your dime.
No, no. You don't worry
about that, all right?
You just worry about
finding Daniel and Jamie.
Whatever it takes,
just find them!
Come on, Jamie!
You still in bed?
I brought us some breakfast...
Jamie, what is this?
I found them in the hall.
I thought people would see them,
so I took all of them.
So, here's the question
of the day, kids.
Why does a civil servant never
open his eyes before lunch?
He's gotta have something
to do in the afternoon.
Coming from anybody else,
they'd be fightin'
words, my friend.
For a guy who's
gone private sector,
you can't get enough of
the place, can you?
I'm doing a little freelance
work on the Nicholson case.
In fact, I spoke to the boss.
He tells me you got a
promising tip out of Boston.
Boston P.D.'s checking
on it as we speak.
Yeah? Tell me about it.
[ Knocking ]
I'm Detective Brock, Bost
I'm looking for Eleanor Daly.
I assume that would be you?
Can I help you?
Just following up on a request
from the Concord P.D.
Apparently you called in
about a possible sighting
in the Nicholson case.
I spoke to Concord.
They're going to scan
a few more pictures
and send them over
here within the hour.
Thank you.
Assuming that's necessary.
I mean, come on.
Let's keep it real.
It is not that complicated.
Either these are the people
you saw, or they're not.
Why don't you tell him, Ellie?
Why are you protecting him?
Either way, I fail to
see what the problem is.
You tell us where they are,
we go check 'em out,
if it's not them, so what?
No harm, no foul.
But on the other hand,
if it is them,
the killer gets
brought to justice.
That little boy gets to
go home to his family,
and you get to be the hero.
Everyone lives
happily ever after.
Doesn't that sound nice?
Unless there's a
reason why you feel
you need to protect this guy.
Tell him, Ellie.
See, if that's the case, we're
talking a whole other ball game.
Dammit! Tell him!
Tell him now!
I'm sorry.
I was mistaken.
These aren't the people I saw.
I don't know why,
but something in my gut
tells me you're lying.
She sure as hell is.
And why is that?
You know what?
Am I under arrest?
If I'm not, I need to leave.
And if I am, I'm not saying
another word without a lawyer.
Hmm-mmm. Well,
you're free to go.
Just so we're clear,
if you're lying to me,
I'm going to find out.
And if that happens,
in other words, if I find that
you've been withholding evidence
and/or aiding and abetting
a wanted fugitive in any way,
I'll see you do time.
You have my word on that.
What is wrong with you?
How can you do this?
I trusted you!
You have to tell him!
- You lied to me.
- What are you talking about?
Something about being
indicted for fraud?
Some kind of bogus medicare
scam, I think they said.
Does that ring any bells?
I think they said it was
close to $1.5 million.
Even for somebody rich,
that's not the kind of
thing you usually forget.
I forgot. I'm sorry,
I just forgot.
How convenient.
I didn't mean to.
Just out of curiosity,
is there anything
else you forgot here?
Any other little details
you neglected to mention?
It doesn't matter.
It changes nothing.
Says you.
What do I have to
do to convince you?
Why won't you listen to me?
My dad used to say there
are 3 sides to every story.
Your side, the other guy's,
and what really happened.
I want to know what
Are you insane?
Do you actually think you
can reason with this man?
Just leave me alone, OK?
I just need to think.
I don't need you, I don't need
the police, or anyone else
telling me what to do.
What? You never seen anyone
talk to a ghost before?
You're a fool!
Did it occur to you that by
the time he's finished talking,
they'll be a bullet
through your brain!
[ Footsteps ]
Hey, buddy.
Mind if I talk to
you for a second?
I know you miss
your mom. I do too.
Come on. Have a seat.
There's something
I need to say, OK?
Something I need you
to try to understand.
This isn't right.
We can't live this way.
I can't do this to you.
It's OK! It's OK!
Just hear me out.
Let me finish
what I have to say.
I've made a decision.
I'm going to go to the police,
I'm going to turn myself in.
No! No! You can't do that!
But first I'm
going to get a lawyer.
We can move again! It's OK!
No. I have to, Jamie.
We just didn't go far
enough! That's all!
I'm sorry, but no,
that's not the answer.
Yes, it is!
Jamie, no! Just stop.
Let me say what I have to say.
I'm so sorry.
I was such an idiot. I don't
know what I was thinking.
I panicked. Plain and simple.
I panicked.
All I did was make
things 1,000 times worse.
You said that if you go to the
police, they'll put you in jail.
Maybe not.
What if they do?
Daddy, what if they
put you in jail?
Found them.
I'm outside their
building this very minute.
You're sure of this?
You're absolutely certain?
Yeah. I saw him myself.
That's excellent, then.
That's great news!
OK, so my question to you now
that I've found them,
what do you want me
to do about it?
Just sit tight, OK?
You don't want me
to call the cops?
No. Just hold off on that
if that's OK with you.
I'd like to be there for that.
You really think
that's a good idea?
Keep your phone on
and I'll be in touch.
What's going on?
Nothing important.
Just hospital business
I got to take care of.
OK. Don't be long, honey.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm not the best
company right now, am I?
You're just tired.
We'll get you home
and straight to bed.
You're too good f
I don't deserve you.
And as long as you
always remember that,
we'll be just fine.
Yeah, I will.
Hey, a couple more weeks,
I'll put the
Anderson project to bed.
What do you say you and I,
we go to the beach?
I'd love that.
That sounds...
[ Tires screeching ]
He's still in pain, you know.
How do you know that?
I can feel him.
He can't move on.
He cannot rest.
His work here isn't finished.
Just like me, not until I see
Daniel brought to justice.
Not until I know
my baby is safe.
How do you know that?
Have you seen him?
Do you know where he is?
Why should I tell you?
Why would I help you?
You're not my friend.
I want to help you, Taylor.
I really do. I want
to do what's right.
I just don't know what that is.
They cremated my
body this morning.
I watched them do it.
I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter.
It wasn't me.
There was no pain.
When they were done,
they handed my
ashes to my father.
He's a proud man, my dad.
A good man.
He raised my brother
and me all my himself
after my mother died.
In all my life, I only
saw him cry twice.
Once on the day we
buried my mother,
and today.
My father cried today.
He cried for me, Ellie.
He cried for me.
Daniel is a killer.
He's already killed once,
and if you don't stop him,
there's a hell of a good chance
Thank you so much. I sure
appreciate your help.
I shouldn't be too long.
Don't worry.
Take your time.
We've got lots of
work to do, huh, Jamie?
OK, buddy. You be
good, all right?
I'll be back before you
know it. I promise.
OK, Dad.
Come on, Jamie.
We have to take from the
whole locker and empty it,
because new people come...
[ Elevator bell ]
Oh, sorry.
No, it's OK.
You know.
Have you told anyone?
It's not what you think.
Tell me what happened.
This isn't your business.
I'm afraid, actually, it is.
They're looking for you.
Your picture's on the news...
[ Elevator bell ]
One sound and I'll
blow your head off.
You got that?
Be careful, Ellie.
Be very, very careful.
Don't do this.
Shut up!
This isn't a good idea.
I said shut up!
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Just sit tight, OK?
Any word on a ETA, Doc?
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
[ Sighing ]
Watch what you're doing, Ellie.
I don't care what they say,
the fact is, guns
actually do kill people.
This isn't going to
help Jamie or you.
Go! Come on!
I told you to shut up.
What's wrong with you?
I'm just trying to help you, OK?
I'm trying to help.
Please, this isn't the way.
This isn't you.
You don't know the
first thing about me.
That's not true.
I know more about
you than you think.
I know you love your son.
I know you'd do
anything to protect him.
I know you don't want to do
this. I can see it in your eyes.
Just put the gun down.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Just go.
It's OK. I'm not
going to hurt you.
I never wanted to hurt anybody.
He is a liar! Don't
be fooled by this man!
Go, like he said! Go now!
I want you to
tell me what happened.
I never meant for it to happen.
I never wanted to hurt her.
It was my weekend
with Jamie, you know?
I went to the house that
night to pick him up.
It was not a good time.
Taylor and I, we were in the
middle of an ugly divorce.
It was getting brutal.
Taylor was trying to obtain
sole custody of Jamie.
She even tried to have me
declared an unfit parent.
I could have you
arrested, you know?
This isn't your house anymore.
You can't come in here
without my permission.
I believe they call
that trespassing.
But that night, all I wanted
was to pick up Jamie and go.
I came for Jamie. It's my
weekend, remember?
He's at Alexander's. I told
Chanel he could stay over.
Well, fine.
Call her and tell her
I'll pick him up.
I wish I could say
I was surprised.
This wasn't the first time she'd
pulled a stunt like this.
And it wasn't the first time
she'd talked about
killing herself.
That's not true.
This time, it was different.
She was beside herself.
She said she was going
to lose everything.
Her practice, her reputation,
her house, her money...
Even worse,
there was a good chance
she'd lose the one
thing she truly loved
more than anything else:
She was afraid she was
going to lose Jamie.
No way I'm going to lose Jamie!
Because it seems there
was a very good chance
she was going to jail.
for a long, long time.
It turns out her lawyer had told
her that very afternoon
that she was about to be
indicted on ch
I tried reasoning with her.
You don't understand.
I can't go to prison.
Hoping to calm her fears.
- I won't!
- Just calm down. Let's talk.
I don't want to talk!
It was as though
she could no longer hear
anything I was saying.
It was like, I just
went numb, you know?
Maybe it was just
the alcohol talking,
but she was completely
out of control.
I'll never see him again!
You'll take him away!
Please, calm down. You're
not going to lose Jamie!
One thing was clear, though.
When she said she was
going to kill herself
this time, you could
tell she meant it.
That's not true, Ellie.
I would never!
All I could think of was my son.
My boy.
If he was to lose his mother,
if he was to
lose her like this...
And then, I did something
very, very stupid.
It happened so fast.
I don't think I can even tell
you exactly what happened.
All I know is
we fought for the gun,
shots were fired,
and that was it.
Let go!
[ Gunshot ]
I didn't mean to kill her.
Oh, really?
God knows, I didn't mean to.
Then why am I dead?
Go ahead, ask him!
I'm not sure I follow.
What happened next?
Well, I don't really know.
I fell, I hit my head...
The next thing I remember is
waking up the next morning.
At first, it took a minute to
remember where I was.
But then I found her...
[ Car door opening ]
But that was just the
beginning of this nightmare.
Will and Melissa were there,
my brother and sister-in-law.
I panicked!
I couldn't think straight!
She knew we were
coming this morning.
No matter what I say or do,
they're going to blame me.
[ Knocking ]
Jamie? Anybody home?
So I ran!
I was such an idiot!
- Oh my God!
- Melissa, 911, now!
I panicked! All I did was
prove I was guilty!
No, Ellie! He isn't
telling the truth!
I know what I felt!
This, I remember.
This was no accident!
So, that's all?
You didn't shoot her again?
You're certain of that?
Of course I didn't!
It's my brother! He's here!
It's not too late. You could
still turn yourself in.
They're in 104.
Did you call the police yet?
No. I'll go do that now.
Sorry, Mr. Mader.
Nothing personal.
Just the cost of doing business.
He's got a gun. Ellie, my
brother, he has a gun.
You've got to get
out of here now!
Hurry! You've gotta go!
OK! I get it!
What are you doing?
We have to go.
Taylor's brother is here.
I thought you
didn't tell anyone.
I didn't.
Then how do you know he's here?
Hurry, he's on the way!
- Daniel, you have to trust me.
- I don't understand.
I just know, OK?
He's got a gun.
Just like I know he's got a gun.
Come on! Let's go!
Daniel, I'll explain later.
You have to trust me.
No! This way!
This way!
[Will]: Daniel!
What the hell's going on?
What was that?
[ Dialling ]
Down! Get down!
That was close!
You psychic or something?
You have your phone?
- The Train Museum.
- Wait!
Go! Go!
[ Car alarm ]
Do you still have your gun?
Yeah. It's all yours.
It's not going to
do much good, though.
No bullets.
I have a kid at home.
Remind me never to
play poker with you.
Come on.
Why is he doing this?
I don't know!
[ Beeping ]
This way.
- Stop!
- Wait!
[ Gasp ]
He had a gun, and ran
after them in the street!
All units in the vicinity,
we have a report of shots fired
at 300 Adams St.
That's the Train Museum.
That's where she works!
[Will]: Listen, lady.
I don't know who you are,
or what he told you,
but Daniel murdered my sister,
and he's going to
have to pay for that.
It's OK. He's
gone the other way.
He's going to find him.
A few rows over.
Show me.
[ Gasp ]
He's going to find him.
Hey! I'm over here!
No! I'm here! I'm here!
Stay right there, Daniel.
OK, come on out
and show yourself!
I know you can hear me.
OK? I've got Daniel
right here!
You come on out,
everything will be fine!
No, don't. That's
a bad idea, Ellie.
Come on out and show yourself!
I'm going to kill
him if you don't!
Get out here! I'm not
asking you again!
What are you going to do?
Kill me in cold blood?
Why not? Wouldn't
be the first time.
You'd be my first time.
But so help me God, you
hurt him, I'll do it.
Now put the gun down.
It was him.
He was there.
Yeah. You're damn
right I was.
I was there the
whole time, Daniel.
You never had a clue.
[ Gunshot ]
Unlike my sister,
when I start something,
I finish it.
[ Gunshot ]
Why would you do this?
It wasn't like I planned it
this way, but what the hell?
When I saw what happened,
it was like the answer
to all my problems.
Just think about it, Daniel.
Two of you in the middle
of a bitter divorce,
indictments coming
down for fraud...
You end up killing each other.
Wouldn't be
unreasonable to assume
this was all about your
little medicare scam
blowing up in your face,
would it?
You son of a bitch! I had
nothing to do with that!
Neither did Taylor.
But who's going to know that
when you're both dead?
[ Click ]
[ Click ]
But unfortunately,
things didn't quite
work out the way I'd hoped.
And they say I'm the one
with psychiatric problems.
That was kind of a nice
touch, don't you think?
The media sure
ran with that one.
OK, that's enough!
This is the police! Put your
weapons to the ground!
Do it, slowly.
Drop them. To the floor.
Good. Now put your
hands above your heads.
All right.
Thank you, officers.
My name is William Shaw.
I'm unarmed, and I'm a doctor.
This man here with the gun
He's wanted in Concord.
He murdered my sister.
He's a liar!
It wasn't him!
He's innocent!
This isn't right!
You can't let this happen!
- Who you talking to?
- Don't let it happen!
I asked you a question!
Help him, dammit!
You've got the wrong
person! It was him!
He's the killer! He confessed!
I heard it myself!
He's alive.
Before Will came to you,
he drugged a man and threw him
in the back of a car.
Wait! Please!
If you hurry, you
can still save him.
There's a man.
He's been drugged.
[Cop]: what are
you're talking about?
In front of our apartment.
In a blue sedan.
In a blue sedan,
there's a man in his car.
- He's been drugged.
- He's dying, but there's time.
Hurry! He's dying.
I have no idea what
she's talking about.
Hurry, please!
This is ridiculous, officers!
I need a quick search.
We are now looking
for a blue sedan.
In front of 2700 Northcook.
The vehicle is
supposed to be located
in front of 2700 Northcook.
This is Carlucci.
I'm at 2700 Northcook
We are proceeding a search
of your vehicle.
We found it.
Good. I need you to
look in the back seat.
Do it now.
OK, this is ridi
We have a man unconscious.
Central, we need an ambulance.
I know nothing about this!
There's a syringe
with William's fingerprints
all over it.
There's a syringe there.
I'm sure it has his
fingerprints on it.
Do you see a syringe in the car?
We have a syringe.
So what? I'm a doctor!
I use syringes all day long!
Anyone could have taken it.
They could've planted it there!
The ambulance is on its way.
He's still alive.
I'm checking the apartment.
Don't worry.
He's going to live.
It's not his time.
I guess he's right.
We'll have to wait and see
what the man in
the car has to say.
Hey, I wouldn't worry.
I mean, if you're as
innocent as you say you are,
I'm sure it'll all be
sorted out just fine, right?
No! No!
Stop! I'm innocent!
I didn't do a thing!
I'm innocent, you hear me!
No! I'm innocent!
Are you OK?
Yeah. You?
[ William screaming ]
[Cop]: Let's take control of
the situation, guys. It's OK.
Hey, buddy!
I'm so sorry that
this had to happen.
Are you OK?
I'm sorry. This will
never happen again.
Are you OK?
I should've known, Ellie.
My brother's been
troubled his whole life.
I'm so sorry.
I know.
You saved us, Taylor.
From William.
You saved our lives.
Will you do me a favour?
One day, will you tell
them how much...
I will.
I promise.
Excuse me.
I just wanted to tell you
you were right about
the guy in the car.
He's going to make it.
And I guess he had a lot to say
about our friend as well.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ellie, thank you.
It was you who saved me.
Brandon's waiting for you.
I don't know how you
knew all that stuff.
All I know is...
I can't even begin to thank you.
Sorry guys, we have
to go to the station
and fill out some paperwork, OK?
Um, can we have just a minute?
I wanted to tell you.
I need to tell you something.
Only, I need you to trust me
and not be afraid no matter
how crazy it sounds.
And believe me, it's
going to sound crazy.
Remember when you asked me if
I was psychic or something?
Look at this place.
Nothing special, is it?
How people drive by every day
and they think nothing of it.
You never know so many
lives would change forever.
I've missed you so much.
I knew you'd find me, Ellie.
Look, I need you to know,
I didn't suffer.
The truth is...
I hardly remember it.
But for you...
Ellie, it's like you've
never left this place.
Then why are you still here?
Because of you, Ellie.
It's all my fault, Brendan.
I should have been paying closer
attention to the road.
I should've...
It was perfect.
I don't understand.
My love,
it's time to say goodbye.
Ellie, you have to let me go.
What is it?
There's someone else.
I can feel her
energy around you.
Ellie, she needs your help.
Look, this is help
only you can offer.
People are waiting for
her, but she won't go.
You can change that with
this thing you have.
This gift.
You can make all the
difference in the world.
Do I know who she is?
I think you've met.
Remember me?
What are you doing here?
You don't have to
be here, little one.
I have to talk to my mommy.
I have to tell her something.
This gate...
My mama.
She thinks she didn't lock it.
She thinks it's her fault.
But it was me.
I know where she hid the key.
I did it.
I unlocked it.
Tell you what.
What do you say you and
I go talk to your mama?
What if she doesn't listen?
What if she doesn't believe you?
Don't you worry about that.
But how?
I don't know yet.
But I promise you, sweet girl,
between the two of us,
we'll find a way.
My name is Ellie.
I have a message
from your daughter.
[ Indistinct voices ]