A New Husband for Christmas (2020) Movie Script

(film clicking)
(dramatic chord)
(dramatic music)
(soul music)
It's alright
Gonna be okay
Just keep on praying
till he makes a way
He might not come when you want him
But he'll be on time
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
- Smells good.
Looks even better.
How are we doing?
- Oh, we are great.
- That's what I want to hear.
- How's breakfast, Jade?
- Good.
- That's good.
All right, babe, enjoy.
- All right.
Gonna be alright
Well maybe that's not your testimony
- Oh baby, thank you for my lunch.
- You're welcome, baby.
- [Man] Gotta go,
- Mmm, you have a great day.
- Girl, don't start
anything with me, round two.
Gonna be alright
Gonna be alright
Gonna be okay
Just keep on praying
till he makes a way
- You know he can do that by himself.
- I know but that's my baby.
- I know that's your baby
but your baby also needs
to be self sufficient.
- Okay.
- Come on, I'll race you to the bus stop.
All right, five o'clock?
- Yes.
- All right.
Ooh, mmm, I see why I married you.
Bye, don't be late.
It might seem dark but your
future's looking bright
So just hold on.
It won't be long Blessings Coming
Gonna be alright
Say, gonna be alright
- Come on man.
- Why is she steady calling your phone?
Hello, hello?
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
Weeping may endure for a night but..
Listen to me
Joy is coming
It's coming in the morning
It's gonna be alright
- Good day to you too.
Its gonna be alright
- Hey, Mrs. Anderson.
- Good morning, honey.
The lord has never failed me yet
Its gonna be alright
- As always, thank you for tuning in
to Mix 99.5, the heart
and soul of St. Louis.
This is your girl signing out,
Dee Marie from Be the Voice Live
and I know you guys are
out there in those streets
trying to get that last minute turkey
but please slow down
because it's cold out there,
they said the snow is coming,
but the most important
thing I want to know
who is inviting me over for
that Thanksgiving dinner?
'Cause I know y'all's making it.
Gonna be all, gonna be alright.
- Tell me why they denied
my vacation request.
- First of all, good morning.
- Well, it's not a good morning to me.
- What's going on Renee?
- This stupid office
and their stupid rules.
They're gonna deny my vacation request
for the Friday after Thanksgiving?
- Did they say why?
- She's talking about that
I don't have enough days,
even after I already told
her that you approved it.
- Okay, so who denied it?
- Mary.
- Give me a sec.
- [Renee] Yeah, call her.
(dramatic music)
(phone rings)
- This is Mary.
- Yes, Mary, this is
Kelly, your office manager.
I have Renee standing here at my desk
and she stated at you
denied her vacation request
after she told you it was
already approved by me?
- Yes, Kelly, that's true,
but Renee has already used all
of her personal and vacation days.
- Yes, I understand
that, but I approved it.
So I'm telling you as your manager
to place the approval
slip in her files, okay?
Thank you.
(phone beeps)
(phone clatters)
- How am I ever gonna
be successful at my job
if she keeps overriding everything I say?
- You must talk to her and
tell her how it makes you feel.
- She's never gonna listen.
Excuse me.
- All done, it's approved.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Ain't nothing like having
your girl as a boss.
(both laughing)
- Look, I do not understand
how you be out there in all that mess.
- With finances like mine,
you have to go to Black Friday
for that free TV, that Keurig.
- And I'm pretty sure it's Keurig.
- Whatever Kelly, thanks boo.
(Renee laughs)
(both kisses)
- Keurig.
(Kelly chuckles)
- Hey, what was that all about?
- Oh, Mary tried to deny my vacation time.
I had to get my girl Kelly
to put her in her place.
- I wish Kelly was my supervisor.
She seem real cool.
- Yeah, that's my girl.
Uh oh, here come your boy Thirsty Rick.
I'm bout to act like I'm doing some work,
you can listen to him.
- You wrong.
- Hey Renee.
- No Rick.
- Why is she always acting
busy when I come around?
- Probably 'cause she don't want
to be bothered with you, bro.
Just give it up, Rick.
(Dance Of The Sugar Plum
Fairy by Tchaikovsky)
- So Julie, are you
still not wanting to know
if you're having a girl or a boy?
- Oh girl, no, I definitely want to know
and I'm really hoping for a boy.
I just want my family to be complete.
- Oh, that'd be so perfect.
- Right, you have your girl
and your boy done and out of the way.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- Oh, I'm so happy to be a teetee again.
- A teetee?
When are you gonna join
the club and be a mommy?
- Right, come join the club.
- Trust me, that won't be
happening any time soon.
- Why not, Kelly?
- Tasha girl, me and Stan
have too much going on
to be bringing an innocent child
into this mess of a life of ours.
- [Tasha] Girl.
- Anyway, how is baby boy doing
at his new school girl?
- He is doing so good.
He is making so many new friends.
He even got invited to a
birthday party next week.
He is so excited about that.
- That's so good, Tasha.
I'm so happy to hear that.
- [Kelly] Yeah.
- I think I'm done with it.
I really need to sit down.
So I'll take it.
- Uh uh, girl, go ahead,
I'll take care of this.
- Thank you, girl.
So ladies, what are you asking
Santa for for Christmas?
- Girl, I'm not asking Santa for anything,
but I'm asking Jesus for a new husband.
- Kelly, what are you talking about?
- Clearly, there is something
you need to get off your chest.
What is it?
- So y'all know how close
me and Stan used to be.
We were like Bonnie and Clyde, baby.
But since I've given my life to Christ,
it's like we can't see
eye to eye on anything.
- [Julie] Really?
- Girl, it's gotten so bad,
I can't even stand to
see him walk in the room.
- Oh my God, so what you gonna do, girl?
- Have you all thought about counseling?
- Girl, please, Stan ain't gonna step foot
in nobody's church, let alone counseling.
- Well go to a counselor
that's not at the church.
- I've been married to the man
long enough to know he
is not going for it.
- Happy holidays, ladies.
- Mommy, mommy, daddy got me an apron.
- Oh really?
Look at that.
Now you get to help mommy
cook in the kitchen.
Will you put it away for me?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- That is so sweet.
James, you're such a good dad.
- Hey Kelly, tell Stan I said,
if he thought last year's
turkey was banging,
this year, he's gonna
bite his fingers off.
- Hey, if it's better than
what it was last year,
I might bite my fingers off too, shoot.
- You just might.
(women laughing)
- My God.
- Y'all are still coming
to Friendsgiving, right?
- Girl, I guess.
- You better.
And don't forget about
the theme this year.
- We are, okay?
- [Julie] Great.
- I gotta go.
Sorry, I got to head out.
- Did I interrupt something?
- Uh uh, no you fine,
I just got to pick up a couple
of things before I head home.
- I'm gonna go ahead
and head out with Kelly.
- [Julie] Okay.
- Oh don't y'all forget
to mail your check in
and your contribution.
- Already done.
- Thank you, much!
- Hey, thanks ladies so much
for helping me out today.
- You're welcome.
- All right girl.
- Bye.
- Did I just walk in on something?
Is something going on?
- Nothing, just girl talk.
Did you bring me something?
- We keeping secrets now?
- No, babe, Kelly going
through things with Stan.
You know how it is.
- Look, Kelly's not going
through anything with Stan.
Kelly going through it by herself.
- Why would you say that?
- Kelly and Stan were doing just fine
before Kelly got all
into church like that.
She needs to let that man be.
And you know what?
The same way God was all patient
and long suffering with her,
she need to extend that same graces.
If you remember, Kelly
ain't always been saved.
- Mommy, can we bake cookies now?
- Yeah, let's go wash our hands
and we will bake those cookies.
- Hey Boo.
- Hey.
- Is everything okay, out here?
- Yes.
- Good, good, good, good.
Oh girl, make sure you check
out on the lipstick line.
We got some colors that will pop on you.
Welcome ladies to the grand
opening of Nettie Kelly.
I see you divas finally made it.
- Yes we did.
Ebony, this is beautiful.
I love it, girl.
- Eb, this is so nice.
- Well thanks to the finest
designers in the city, baby,
- You know, this has
Candice name all over it.
- Well, I'm glad you noticed.
- Noticed?
Candice, this looks amazing.
You did your thing, girl.
- Thank you so much, my loves.
Y'all just missed Julie.
- Yeah, she told me she could
only stop by for a minute.
You all are coming to the
Friendsgiving this year, right?
- Of course we are.
The question is will you be there?
- What's that supposed to me, Ebony?
- So anyway, Eb,
I know this location had
to cost a pretty penny.
What you do girl, hit the
lottery, didn't tell us?
- Um, excuse me?
Don't worry about how
I get what I get, boo.
You just keep on doing you.
Let me get mine how I get mine
and you get yours however you get yours.
And I ain't even gonna
charge you for that.
That's stay in your lane, 101.
- Whatever Ebony, you crazy.
- Um, excuse me, I don't
even have that much left.
And these are for the people I don't know.
Here, drink mine.
Welcome ladies to the grand
opening of Nettie Kelly.
Have a mimosa.
- [Woman] Thank you.
- Y'all been wonderful.
Follow your boy on social
media, I'm Steve, the comede.
I'm out.
(audience applauding)
- Keep giving it up for bead-a-bead Steve.
That boy is funny.
(audience applauding)
Be sure to come out every Wednesday night
here at Lowes Cafe for open mic night.
Be blessed.
(audience applauding)
- You doing your thing
huh? Ole bead-a-bead!
- Come on now man.
- What up James?
- Trying to take over man?
- Yeah.
- Hey, you really trying to take
this comedy thing serious huh?
- You doggone, right, I mean,
did I do my thing or what?
- He did all right.
- All right, he did great.
- Henry you were laughing, hard.
- He was laughing hard.
- You was dead laughing.
- Don't worry about it Donte,
you know its always one
hater out the bunch.
- Come on man, you did
your thing bead-a-bead,
I'm just messing with you.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
you had me dying man.
You a clown boy.
- That's what's up, but excuse me fellas,
I gotta go entertain one of my many fans.
- [Henry] Go do your thing player.
- That dude is hilarious man.
- Yeah.
- Straight up, straight up.
Hey but Stan, I mean you gonna apply
for my old position or what man?
- Man you know what man,
it's crazy that you're
asking me that right now
cause I have been thinking
about it real tough lately.
- You should.
- Man, you might as well.
You're the team lead so gone
and climb that corporate ladder dog.
- You sure right.
Cause you got Henry and Steve on.
My potna put my name
on his application, he
aint even get hired.
- I'm so glad I didn't put that
boy name on my application.
- Scott, Scott, Scott, it
wasn't even like that man.
Stanley look,
I really need you to apply
for that position man.
And I know where you at,
I know that look man,
look I felt like I was disqualified to,
you know for the position I'm at
but I just went for it man,
and the rest is history man.
- I guess.
- What's up lames?
- Dog, what's up.
What it be like, what it
be like, what it be like?
- Finally showed up, what up dog?
- What's happening, what's happening.
- You missed the show.
- I know, I know man, I had
to handle some business.
- I get it.
- I know you did your thing.
- What's up boy?
Big money Tuan.
Man I tell you, when your wife got
that makeup lounge going on.
What kind of loan you had
to take out for that one?
- Its one of them loans that
you gotta mind your business on.
(men laughing)
- Well I'm glad Tasha's
content with her eight to five.
- Hey whoa, hold on now.
You gonna have to keep your eye on Tasha,
cause if she come up with a
game plan man, on something,
you gonna be investing in it.
- Hold up, all y'all
know each other wives,
and y'all hangout like
they do in the movies?
- Sure.
- Yeah.
- So y'all are happily married huh?
- Yeah.
- Man that's not the case
with me, man I'll tell ya.
- Don't look at me, I'm happily single.
- You know what I can honestly
say, I'm happily married man.
(men laughing)
- I thought I was the comedian.
- Okay, wait a minute, wait, wait, wait.
So y'all honestly don't think
that it's possible to be happily married?
- [All] No.
- Absolutely not.
I mean you can pretend
to be, but you're not.
- Well wait a minute, wait
a minute, now wait a minute.
You all really going to sit here
and tell this man that
he could not be married?
Happily married?
- Yeah.
- To his wife, his true love.
- Hey look, Jesus, let me tell you
from me and Kelly stand point.
- [Man] Enlighten me.
- Look man, at one point in our marriage,
I can honestly say that we was happy.
But right now I can't say the same thing.
So check this right,
I just don't understand how is it
that we can go from doing everything
up under the sun together,
to now, its like we hate each other.
Look bro, I can tell you
that she hate the sight of me coming,
and to be honest the feeling
is starting to become mutual.
- And you know, I feel you man,
cause you know, everybody
know my situation.
Me and EB, she crazy as all get out.
- [Man] crazy.
- I mean when we good, we good.
But when she started that
woody woo woo, it's bad.
- [Man] The who?
- Hey, but it's 50, 50,
it wight itself out.
So I take it.
- Well shoot, You know my
wife, she a workaholic bro.
So that kinda worked
out for the both of us.
You know what I mean?
Man I don't know if she happy or not.
So I guess I'm safe.
- Safe?
Man its not safe, matter
of fact you tripping.
You better know if your
wife happy or not man.
- Hold on, why it always
important that they always happy?
What about us?
Man we need to change that mindset.
- Listen, now you talking.
- Well truth be told, the
bible did say be careful
how you treat our wives,
lest our prayers be hindered.
- Yup.
The liquor most certainly
started to kick in.
Man every time this dude get to drinking,
he start quoting scripture.
- Hey, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold on.
He aint lying though.
The bible does say that.
- Yup, this most definitely
about to be a long night.
(dramatic music)
- Hey mama.
- [Mama] Hey baby, what you doing?
- [Kelly] Nothing just
At Style-Taneous Styles
looking for something to wear
to the company Christmas party.
- Oh that's right, that
is coming up isn't it?
Send me a picture of your
outfit when you get it.
I'm just going to wear
something I already have.
- Now make sure it's burgundy
because you know that's the
color we wearing this year.
- Oh yeah, that's right.
Did you start your Christmas shopping yet?
- Not yet, but I will soon.
I know you're probably already done.
When you get finished, in June?
- child, you know I don't mess around.
I don't have time to be in the store
with all those crazy folks.
Anyway, I was just
calling back from earlier.
Call me when you get done.
- Oh mama.
- Yeah baby?
- Never mind.
- What is it Kelly?
- Nothing.
It's just Stan.
I'm getting really frustrated.
I feel like he's not for me anymore.
- Oh, here we go, singing
that same old song.
Did you do what I told you to do?
- Yes, I demanded that he get it together,
but he has not changed.
- No.
You have to tell him that he either
has to get it together
or he needs to leave.
I mean, he sitting up in that house,
you serving God and he's
disrespecting you and God,
and want to act like the devil himself.
Aint nobody got time for that.
- Right, and do, you know, the other day
I kept calling him over and over again
and he wouldn't answer
his phone for nothing.
And when I got home, he was sitting
on the couch with his
friends, playing a video game.
He spent all his free time
doing that, it's so frustrating.
- That don't make any sense.
You could have been stranded on
the side of the road or anything.
- That's what I'm saying.
- Now did you put blessed oil over
the house like I told you?
- No mama, I haven't done that.
- Child, that's what you need to do.
Put it on his pillow, put it in his shoes,
on his toothbrush if you have to.
I mean do what you need to do.
Pray those demons right
on up out your house.
- Wait a minute, on his toothbrush mom?
(Kelly laughing)
Look, I know you serious
but that is hilarious.
I really appreciate you
talking to me ma, I do.
But look, I'm going to go ahead
and try to find what I need to
get and get on up outta here.
I'll call you later, okay?
- [Mama] All right, baby.
- I love you.
- I love you too, baby.
(paper crinkles)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
- This dude is a beast man.
It is no stopping him.
Hey what's up babe, you good?
- I'm fine.
- That you most definitely are.
You look real good in that
dress girl, fine, fine.
Like a whole snack, come
on over and sit down.
- Stan I am not in the mood, okay?
- Yeah, of course you're not.
You're never in the mood.
I wasn't doing nothing but
giving you a compliment anyway?
- A compliment?
I could care less about
a compliment from you.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
I don't need your reassurance.
- Is that what you learned
at church today Kelly?
- I'm not about to put up
with your sarcasm today.
I'm not gonna do it.
- Look, you the one that came in here
with his little attitude
and being that you just came from church,
I'm just trying to see.
Is that what you learned today?
- What ever Stan, I have every
right to have an attitude.
When are you going to get it?
- Get what Kelly.
- That I've changed.
- Oh, have you?
- Yes, but you won't acknowledge it,
look, I'm ready for you to come on.
- Come on and do what, what?
- Quit dragging your feet.
Get your life together and live for God.
- Is that what I was doing when
we first got married Kelly.
- No and neither was I,
and what does that have
to do with anything?
Look, I'm ready for you to come on.
You're supposed to be the head
and I'm supposed to be following you.
I'm to follow you as you follow Christ,
but you're not even following him.
You make it so hard for me.
- Look, let's just calm down
because I've been in this house all day,
waiting for you to come home from church
so I can enjoy the rest
of the day with my wife.
But instead you want to come here
with this whole little attitude.
- You know how your day
could have been enjoyed?
If you would've came to
church with me, Stan.
- You know what?
I'm just going to go
get me something to eat.
- Leave Stan, that's what you do best.
Blessed oil.
Father in the name of Jesus.
God, I come to you right now
praying against all these
spirits in my house.
Lord, especially for my husband.
He is allowing the enemy to use him.
I need you to help him to understand.
Oh my God, Mrs. Anderson, what,
how did you get, what, is
there something you need?
- It sounds as if there's
something you need, honey.
So I'm here to check on you.
- Look, I'm fine, I'm just praying
and about to put blessed
oil over this house
and pray these demons
up out of my husband.
- Whatever are you going
to do that for dear?
- Look, I need to see a change in Stan.
- And you think you're going to see
change by putting blessed oil everywhere?
- I don't know, but I'm
willing to give it a shot
because things have gotten
too far out of control.
- Sweetheart, please just
hear me out, that's all I ask.
- Sure, go ahead.
- All right, now listen.
When I say this, it is coming
from a place of love, all right?
Okay, listen.
The first thing you need
to do, honey is to pray.
- Mrs. Anderson, I was praying.
- Yes, I heard you, sweetheart.
It sounded like the prayer
of the self righteous,
which availeth not much, honey.
Listen, you must first pray
and ask God to change you.
- Change me?
- Yes.
- Trust me, Mrs. Anderson,
I have definitely changed.
- Sweetheart listen, you
are the one who proclaims
to be the believer in
this marriage, right?
- Yeah.
- So that means that you've
given God permission to use you.
- Well, I do let him use me.
I serve and worship him faithfully.
- Do you really Kelly?
Listen, the Bible tells us in Romans 12:1
that we are to present our bodies
as a living sacrifice dedicated
to his service and pleasing unto him.
- Now Mrs. Anderson.
- Now that there is the true worship
that you ought to be offering up.
- Okay, so you really don't have
to throw all this word at me
because I know it very well.
Trust me.
- Child you do know your word,
but it's not enough just
to know it, now is it?
The Bible tells us to be doers of the word
and not hearers only.
Deceiving your own selves.
- But it's so hard and
I'm getting tired of Stan.
It takes two to make a marriage work.
- Well sweetheart I'm not a firm believer
in all them little popular
sayings y'all have today.
I don't know if it takes two
to make a thing go right.
Will it make things easier, maybe.
But let me tell you what
I do believe sweetheart.
I believe that if there's
at least one willing vessel
that will allow God to have his way.
Well then you at least have a chance
of seeing things turned
around for your good.
- Well you are speaking the truth.
You sure do have a lot of wisdom
when it comes to marriage,
how long have you been married?
- I think its been, it seems
like it's been about 2,000 years.
Honey, that man was
crazier than a road lizard.
I want to tell you, we had
our share of ups and downs.
And you know what, I'd be willing
to be your accountability partner
if you will allow me to.
- I'm willing to do.
- All right, good.
Now your first point of focus is to pray
and ask God to change you, okay?
And oh, may I make one
more suggestion honey?
- What's that.
- You know you can't always
take everybody's advice, all right.
Even those who are closest to you.
- Yes ma'am.
- Happy holidays sweetheart.
(dramatic music)
Together we walk side by side
That's how it was meant to be yeah
You see nothing else matters, no
Our love is for eternity
And you are my shining star, yes
Our love will never depart
Holding your hand
with my hand in yours
It is such a wonderful feeling
This Christmas holiday we share
I believe in you and me
I believe in you and me
And our love will always be
I believe
I believe
Dance with me baby, step with me sugar
- And so that will be your total need.
That actually concludes my
presentation this morning.
So again, I thank you all
for choosing Erickson insurance agency
for your insurance needs again,
I am Susan Erickson and
I will be representing
you guys from the Northern
division moving forward.
Thanks again for your time.
- Thank you Mrs. Erickson.
The information you
shared was very valuable.
- [Susan] No problem.
- Renee, will you be sure to have
my meeting minutes out by noon tomorrow?
- Sure Mary, I will have
your meeting minutes out by noon tomorrow.
She aint the boss, but she
always tell me what to do.
- Renee, Renee, you want
to take a break and go get some lunch?
- Sorry Ricky I have to work
on these meeting minutes.
- Come on Renee, you gotta
take a break at some point.
- I'm fasting and as a matter of fact,
I'll be fasting all month.
- Renee, right?
- The one and only.
- And you're Kelly's assistant, correct?
- I sure am.
- Great.
I actually wanted to stop by next week
when I'm in the area
and drop her off some more brochures.
So if you could fit me on her
schedule, that'd be perfect.
- Okay, I'll take a look at her schedule
and I'll contact you
with the time and date.
- Well thank you.
- Mhm.
- Mhm.
(Renee laughs)
(cart clattering)
- Hey, are you seriously
gonna let Gary sit over there
and do nothing while we over working
our butts like we crazy?
- Crazy.
- Well first of all we all know that Gary
hurt his back not too long ago
and he asked to be on
light duty for a while.
That's it.
- For a while, he been on light duty for,
carry the two, for two and a half years.
You know what, I hurt my back
too, I'm on light duty too.
- Now see that's your problem Steve,
you always trying to be funny.
Its not the time right now.
Now look, how about y'all stop crying
and complaining all the time man,
and just worry about
getting your own job done?
Let's start with that.
- Hey Stan, many hands
make light work, ya know?
- Well we got many hands,
let's make light work.
And you're out of uniform.
- I'm on light duty.
- Hey, its Stan.
- Hey baby.
- Hi, what's going on
with you baby, what's up?
- Nothing, I tried to call
you a few times earlier today.
- Yeah, its been a
little crazy around here,
its been a little busy.
- Oh.
- Why, what's going on though, what's up?
- Look I know you're busy so
I will make it quick okay, umm
You know that lady I be listening to on
the radio all the time, Minister Norton?
- Nah, not really, why what's up with her?
- Anyway, so the girls
are going to Chicago
because she's going to be speaking
at a women's conference
in a couple of weeks
and they wanted me to go.
So just wanted to clear it with you first.
How long is that for Kelly?
- We leaving on Wednesday
and coming back Sunday.
- Hey, look, I don't know about that babe.
- What do you mean you're not feeling it?
- I mean what I said Kelly.
Like that's five whole days
you're talking about being gone.
Look babe, I'm a little busy right now.
Can we please just talk about
this later when I get home?
- Hold on, I was just
calling you to be respectful.
I really don't have to
ask you for anything
and furthermore, you
know what you sure right,
yes, we can talk about it later.
- All right babe, I love you.
- Love you too.
- All right.
(phone clatters)
- You're still going right?
- Renee what are you doing
ear hustling in on my conversation?
- Sorry girl, anyway, I needed favor.
- What is it, Renee?
- Well, you know that guy I
was telling you about right?
- Which one, and why do
you keep playing Rick?
He seems like a really nice guy
and I think he like
you for real, for real.
- Who likes nice guys plus
those the ones you gotta watch out for.
- My God.
- Anyway, I'm talking about
the one from Michigan.
(women laughing)
- [Kelly] Girl.
- [Renee] You know what I told you.
- Girl, what is it?
- Well he asked me to go
out on a date with him,
for his company party,
so I'm just gonna need maybe
two, three days off tops.
- Okay Renee seriously, going
forward you're gonna have
to submit your time off
requests to human resources.
- Why Kelly, you the
head of human resource.
- I know Renee, look
I'm working on a new me
and they have guidelines
that need to be followed.
So we as in you, are
gonna have to follow them.
- Wait a minute Kelly, I don't
know what's gotten into you,
this has never been a problem before.
- I know, and listen,
please don't take it personal
because I promise you its not like that.
Look, I'm just trying to change okay,
and I gotta do things different.
- Change?
I don't think I like
all this change Kelly,
I don't know what's wrong with you lately,
but friend to friend, I'm not liking it.
I'm not liking it Kelly,
what's getting into you?
- And we are back,
right here are Mix 99.5,
the heart and soul of St. Louis,
this is your host Dee Marie
right here with Be The Voice Live
and we are at the question
and answer part of our program
and it looks like we have
quite a few callers today.
So we're gonna get right to it,
caller number one, are you there?
- [Woman] My name is Claire
and I have a question for Minister Norton.
- Praise God Claire,
what's your question today?
- [Claire] My question is, my husband
and I, we are, we were
high school sweethearts
however when we got
married I wasn't saved.
- Okay.
- [Claire] My husband
still likes to party,
he doesn't want to come to church with me,
I just really feel that
we're unequally yoked.
And I just want to know
if you have any type
of advice that you could offer.
- Fist I wanna say congratulations
on accepting Jesus as your savior,
that is absolutely the best decision
that you could have made.
Second, I want to
congratulate you on accepting
your God given assignment
in your marriage,
yes you are on assignment in
your marriage to be a light
and be obedient to Gods word.
Also you know part of
your assignment is to pray
for your husband and his deliverance
and then you also have an assignment
to be the light to your husband.
To be patient, to pray for
him and his deliverance,
and then to take all of
your frustrations to God
because truly he is the only one that
can change your husbands heart, not you.
Also I wanna recommend
that you read 1st Peter,
Ch 3 and just meditate on that, okay?
- [Claire] Thank you so
much Minister Norton.
- Oh absolutely, its my pleasure.
I also wanna recommend another
book, its an excellent book,
its called Are You Really His Good Thing
by Kyria Williams and Chrissie Appleby.
In that book is an entire section
that is dedicated to
those sorts of situations
and Claire I thank you
again for calling in
and I hope that helps.
- [Claire] Thank you so much.
- Oh wonderful, God bless you.
- [Claire] Thank you.
- Minister Norton, that was awesome.
- Praise God, praise God.
- So it looks like we
still have some callers.
- Okay, okay, wonderful.
- That you can take so, caller
number two, are you there?
(door knocks)
- Who is it?
- [Ebony] It's Ebony.
- Give me a sec Ebony.
- [Ebony] Kelly, open the door.
- Oh my God.
Hey Ebony.
- Dang Kelly, what took you so long?
- Girl I am so sorry,
but I've been very busy.
- Busy getting lit, girl
and you didn't call me?
What kind of friend are you?
- Ebony girl, look, Stan
and his friends just left,
they were here celebrating
a promotion he just got.
- Please, Stan and his friends?
They would be here
getting this mess up too.
- Don't start with me,
I'm not in the mood, okay?
- Kelly when are you gonna wake up?
When are you gonna quit letting
this man just walk all over you?
- And what make you think he's
walking all over me Ebony?
- First of all you been saved
going on four years now.
This man aint thinking about
getting himself together.
He's still drinking Kelly.
Girl he smoke.
I just ran into him in the club last week.
Don't you think you deserve a man
that's gonna live for God the way you are?
- Yes, I deserve a man
that's living for God,
but unfortunately I'm not
married to one right now.
And anyway who's knows
what his future holds.
- Girl, nothing.
- Listen you right Ebony I've been saved
for about four years now,
but you know what I've
been doing the whole time?
- Girl what?
- I've been lipping God to my
husband, not living for God.
- You've been doing what?
(kelly chuckles)
- Okay, so look the bible
says that we as wives
are to draw our unsaved
husbands by the way we live,
not by our words, but by our actions.
- Girl you serious about this Jesus stuff.
My girl is changing for real.
- I am.
I really am, I even have
an accountability partner
that helps me out so much.
- Well pray for your girl babe
because I ain't no where near that point.
- Trust me, I will.
But look, I appreciate you coming over
and seeing about little old me,
but girl you see I got
all this work to do.
- Girl look I was just coming
by to check on you boo.
Make sure Stan aint have you
locked in no cage or nothing.
But if you need anything call me okay?
- Okay, I will.
- Oh, Kelly.
Julie invited me to some
conference thing, are you going?
- Stan doesn't want me to go.
- Stan don't want you
to go, wait a minute,
so now think you his
daughter and not his wife?
- No Ebony, he doesn't think that.
Look all you need to
know, just understand,
that I'm trying to draw
my husband by what I do.
Not by what I say.
- You know what Kelly, let
me tell you something baby.
You already know me honey,
I'll never understand nothing like that.
I'm gone, call me.
(dramatic music)
- Oh my God, I can't believe
she's still mad at me.
I need y'all to help me with this apology.
Okay, okay, I can go in
there, I can go in there
and I can just be like,
please, please, Kelly, please.
- Nah, that's too much begging.
- You right, you right.
I'm not a beggar.
I know I can just write
an old school letter,
say I'm sorry and slip it under her door.
- No, no, no, no, much too cowardly.
Make it natural.
- You right, cause I'm not a coward.
I know, take her her
favorite cup of coffee
and just apologize.
old school, I'm sorry best friend, period.
- [Woman] Yes, sounds good to me.
- On my way.
(dramatic music)
Hey friend.
- Renee, what's going on?
- I just wanted to apologize.
You know, for the other day,
the way I ran up out of
your office the other day.
I don't want to seem unappreciative
because I really do thank you
for this opportunity
that you're giving me.
It's just this new you,
it's going to take some getting used to.
Now I'm not going to say I
like it, but I do respect it.
- Oh Renee, that's sweet, thank you.
Apology accepted.
- Awwee, so friends for life?
- Of course, you know you're my girl.
- All right.
(Women kiss)
- Girl, let me go and get back to work.
- Please.
- Now don't say it like that Kelly.
Like I'm not the only one
around her doing all the work.
I do everything, you don't want me
to take no lunch, can't
eat my chicken, huhh
Oh, I forgot to tell you Mrs. Erickson's
out here to see you,
want me to send her in?
- Yes please.
- Okay.
(Susan knocks)
- Hello.
- [Kelly] Hi.
- Hi.
- [Kelly] How are you?
- Good, and you?
- Nice to see you again.
- Same here.
Thank you so much for fitting
me into your schedule.
I know you're busy,
but I'm wanting to definitely drop
these brochures off as promised.
- Thank you.
I will get these to Renee
and make sure she puts them in
their mailboxes before this evening.
- Perfect.
Is this you and hubby?
- Yes, that is my baby.
- You guys look so happy.
How long have you been married?
- Seven years.
- Wow.
- I remember Scott and I were happy.
My, my, my.
How things change.
- Mrs. Erickson, are you okay?
- I'm fine, I'm sorry, and
please just call me Susan.
We're just going through
a divorce right now
and things are really hard
because we're still
living in the same home.
- I'm so sorry to hear that.
How long have you all been married?
- Four years and a day.
- Wait a minute, your
anniversary was yesterday?
- I shouldn't be bothering you
with my personal issues, I apologize.
- Susan, you are fine.
Listen, I believe nothing
happens by coincidence.
- Why do you say that?
Well, my girlfriends and I,
we started a wives' book club recently
and I would love to invite
you to the next one.
- I couldn't.
- Susan, listen, marriage is hard work.
That's why we started this book club.
So that we can hold
one another accountable
and encourage each other
and from the sound of it,
you don't want your marriage to end.
Why don't you think about it?
- I think it's a little too late for that.
- Trust me.
I think, I think it will help.
Have you heard of Minister Norton?
Tracy Norton?
- her name sounds familiar.
- Okay, so she has a podcast,
I listen to it all the time
and recently she recommended this book.
Are You Really His Good Thing
by Kyria Williams and Chrissie Appleby.
I recommend you pick it
up and bring it with you
when you come to the book club.
- I'll think about it, I'll consider.
- Okay, well I'll text you the address
and I really, really hope you can make it.
I think it will help you.
- Thank you so much.
I really appreciate that.
- I know we just met,
but I'm here for you.
I can understand how
it could be, you know,
and I'll keep you in my prayers.
- Thank you so much.
- No problem.
You have a good day.
- Have a good one.
- [Kelly] You to.
- Thank you.
- Hey, what's up with
the Mrs. Business woman?
- Hi baby.
- What I gotta do, pull a number
or something just to speak to you?
you poppin' now
- Stop acting silly,
what are you doing here?
- Well since I was in the area,
I decided to stop by and
ask you on a date tonight.
- Stan, you know it's Friday,
I have church tonight and
we're handing out turkeys.
- See what I mean Kelly?
- [Kelly] What?
- Its like I got to pull a number just
to spend some time with my wife.
- Stan don't be like that.
Listen, I've been going to
Friday night service for years,
you know I don't like to miss it.
- I'm sorry that I even
came down to ask you.
- Really Stan?
Don't nothing and nobody
come before my God.
- Minister Norton you
are preaching here today.
You said something that was so profound,
you said that as wives our
first ministry is at home.
Can you please talk to our
listeners more about that?
- Absolutely, I would love to.
You know, we as women must realize
the season that we're in, in our lives.
If you are a married woman,
there's a season for you.
If you're unmarried,
there's a season for you.
In the Bible in 1st Corinthians 7:34,
it talks about the difference
between a wife and a Virgin.
And it says that the unmarried woman cares
about the things of God
and how she may be Holy,
both in body and in spirit.
But that the married woman,
she cares about the things for her husband
and how she may please him.
And I want to say something
to all of your listeners out there today.
I do not care what your
title is in the church.
I'm not concerned about that.
What I am concerned about
is that you are running
to the church every time
the doors swing open
and you're volunteering
for every opportunity that comes by you.
All the while you are neglecting
your family and your husband.
But your first ministry,
your first ministry is
at home, sweetheart.
- Oh my God.
I'm neglecting Stan.
(dramatic music)
I'm glad you're still here.
Look, I'm sorry, I change my mind.
I would love to go on a
date with you tonight.
- I'm good Kelly.
You can go ahead and pass out
your little turkeys or whatever
I don't want to
inconvenience you or nothing.
You got your little church thing going on,
so go ahead and do that, its cool.
- Baby I promise you it's fine, okay?
- Yeah alright.
- I love you.
- Yup.
- Mm mm mm.
Again, Holy spirit have your way.
- Yes, have your way.
- Renee, get back to work.
- I'm om lunch.
- Hey ladies, so we have a visitor.
- Everybody, this is my girl, Susan,
Susan, this Tasha, Candice, and Ebony,
and you already know Julie.
- Hi.
- Hey Susan.
- [Susan] Nice to meet you ladies.
- Hey.
- Thanks so much for
allowing me to join you all.
I've actually never been
to anything like this,
so I don't really know what to expect.
- Girl, let me warn, you can expect
a whole lot a bougieness.
- Cut it out Ebony.
Susan please don't pay her any attention.
But its okay, we're just
glad that you could make it.
Actually we're just about to get started,
so feel free to listen
in or if you wanna jump
in at any moment feel free to do so.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
All right ladies, so go ahead
and make yourself comfortable.
All right ladies so we are on chapter two,
romance and riches.
- [Woman] Yes honey.
- Okay, so Susan, what we do is we read
a chapter of the book each week.
At the end of each chapter,
there are little things that you can do
to enhance your marriage, you know.
We come back together, sitting like so,
and each lady gets a chance to talk
about what she got out of that chapter.
- Okay, great.
I'm just listening.
- Oh, that's fine.
All right, so we'll go ahead
and begin with you Tasha.
What'd you get out of this chapter?
- Okay well, this chapter
actually helped me a lot.
In this section she focused
on making her obligation as
a wife, our first priority,
over everything we have going on
and you all know I have a lot going on.
(group agreeing)
There was one thing that really stood out
to me in this section
and I highlighted it.
The enemy will play on your emotions.
And have you thinking that withholding sex
from your husband will teach him a lesson,
but she pointed out that in the bible,
it states that by withholding sex,
we're actually placing
them in a tempting state.
- Whoa, wait a minute.
What about the wives that don't withhold
from their husbands and
he still ain't no good?
And out here giving his baby mama money
that we aint even got?
- Ebony.
Come on, that's not the
focus right now, okay?
We'll deal with that in
another subject girl.
- Positive vibes only Ebony.
- Girl didn't I tell you,
a whole lot of bougieness.
- Anyways, Tasha that was
really good, and you know what?
That was certainly a word for me.
What'd you get out of this week's chapter?
- skip me, I wasn't feeling it this week.
- Ebony.
- Girl look, I be doing all this stuff
and he act like he still
don't see me changing.
And you already know, I'm not
about to be nobody's fool.
- Ebony, look we all agreed
that we were gonna take this seriously.
This is not a journey
that you can take lightly.
Look, we ought to be this way
as wives whether they notice it or not.
I mean because, we're not doing
this unto them, we're doing it unto God.
- You know what?
We already said it before,
let's say it on the count of three again.
One, two, three.
- [All] We're doing this unto God.
- Yes, okay ladies let's get
back to our book discussion.
- Thank you Candice.
- So in section three she talks about
being good managers of our homes
and a good example she wrote about
was the husband being the thermometer
and the wives being the thermostat.
Now the thermometer, it just reacts
to what's happening around it right,
but that thermostat, that thermostat
it monitors the environment.
And if it gets to hot or to cold
it decides what to do to
correct the situation.
- [Woman] Girl now that's good.
- No it really is good, though
because when he comes home with
an attitude I instantly get one too.
Look, I don't care what
you've been through today,
don't walk up in my
house with an attitude.
- Now that's what I'm talking about boo.
- [Woman] No.
- I'm saying that's how
I used to react to it.
But now I see that I am the thermostat
and I can just adjust the temperature
in the environment baby.
(women cheers)
- Can I just cut in here
ladies and say something?
- Sure, go ahead.
- First of all, what you all
are doing here is amazing.
I mean, I really wish that
I had met you guys before Scott
and I got on this page in our marriage.
- Sweetheart, look, if you want
your marriage to work, it can,
nothing is too hard for God.
- And I know, but you know,
Scott and I are going
through a divorce right now.
And honestly, I'm just listening
for when God gives me an instruction
and blesses me with my next husband.
- Your next husband?
- Baby, cause he would
give you another one honey.
- Stop it girl.
- Susan you married to Scott right now.
That should be your focus.
Why is it that we could trust God,
you know, for jobs, you know,
we can trust him to watch
over and save our kids,
heal our bodies, but when
it comes to relationships,
most importantly, our marriage,
we don't believe that he could fix it.
Girl, God can fix anything.
- [Woman] That's right.
- All he needs is a willing vessel,
a yielded vessel in your house
in order for him to work.
Trust me, I know.
- [Woman] That's good.
- I honestly do want our marriage to work.
I just don't think it can in this state.
- Oh my God.
- Honey have y'all tried counseling?
- Listen, this church,
the pastor and his wife,
they hold these marriage
sessions every month called
Marriage Works If You Work It.
I really think you should go.
- And the pastor also has
a book out now called
The Marriage Cup and The
Covenant, Kelly did you read it?
- I did, I've been trying to
get Stan to read it with me,
but you know how that is.
- Do they do counseling at all?
- You know what I believe they do,
but I'll find out for you.
- Please do.
- Okay.
It's going to be all right girl.
(dramatic music)
Welcome home Mr. Stevenson.
- Hey now, that's sexy right there.
- You talking about the food or me baby?
- Most definitely not the food.
- Bonappetit.
- Now look, Kelly, I could
get used to this right here.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- Well good because I just wanted
a nice romantic dinner
with my husband tonight.
- I'm a tell you what, let me get out
of these sweaty gym clothes,
and I'm a be back to join.
- Okay, you better hurry up.
- I'm coming, believe that,
(Kelly chuckles)
I don't know what got into her
but what ever it is I'm most definitely
about to take advantage
of it, I know that much.
(computer clicks)
(dramatic music)
- Baby what are you doing?
You're supposed to be in the shower.
- Well you know I was planning on getting
into the shower until I seen
that all our money is
going down the drain.
Kelly what is this?
- Baby, they're small tithes
and offering statements,
put that down okay.
I'm in here waiting on you.
- Are you telling me that you
are giving this church this much money?
- Stan, I pay my Tithes,
and I give a little
more tithes and offering,
why are you tripping?
- Why am I tripping?
Kelly this statement
say that you been giving
that church over $10,000 within a year.
What is wrong with you?
You lost your mind or something?
- Baby you really need
to calm down for real.
Look, I got dinner ready, come on boo.
- Like some thing is
certainly wrong with you,
like them people got you brain washed.
Do you know that you
living in an apartment
but I you that little preacher,
he got a nice little lavish home
with nice cars and taking
care of his family.
But you giving him all our money.
- I'm not about to go back
and forth with you about
no tithes and offerings.
You don't even go to church.
Stan I went and dressed sexy for you,
I went and got sushi for god sakes,
trying to set up this
whole romantic evening
and you wanna sit up and
argue about some tithes
and offerings, you are unbelievable.
I can't believe you.
- Now see typical Kelly, you always try
to make it like I'm tripping or something,
well you aint gonna get it off this time
cause at the end of the
day Kelly, you were wrong.
You act a complete fool when I go out
to spend some money, its
always we're on a budget,
we can't spend too much money here.
I see why now Kelly, cause you
spending it at that church.
- Baby you are not about
to make me feel guilty
about my obedience to God, okay.
You kill me Stan when you want prayer or
you want God's favor to help
get your out of some trouble,
then it all good, but
the moment God requires
something from you like
money, now its a problem.
And he the one that blessed
you with it in the first place.
- Wow.
So instead of you understanding
where I'm coming from
you're really going to sit
over there and defend this foolishness?
Kelly, I don't get you like, I don't.
- I don't want to do this tonight okay.
We were having such a nice evening.
Can we please just finish what we started?
We have a long day tomorrow
and I just want to enjoy this night
and not let this ruin it.
- Well, it's too late for that.
It's certainly been ruined.
- Stan are you serious?
- As a heart attack.
I'll be on the couch.
(upbeat music)
- Look at this.
Girl look, come on now.
- Lord have mercy.
Smell like your mamas, and grandmas,
and auntie, and all them been
in here cooking with y'all.
- Hey, hey you funny man,
but hurry up with that
sweet potato though.
- At your service.
- Thank you.
- Hey everyone.
- Hey Tasha.
- What's up, what's up big man.
- What's up man.
- Everything looks so
good, and smells so nice.
- [Julie] Thank you girl,
you knew we try honey.
- Yo, yo, yo, what up with it family.
- What's going on people.
- Hey yo, hey J dude.
- Yes sir?
- So I hear that the turkey that you got
is supposed have me biting my fingers off.
Well I'm here to be the judge of that.
- Yeah cause you know me big J.
I'm ready, I got a big
old healthy appetite.
- Five to ten minutes and guess what?
- What's up?
- Y'all are gonna be, tasting greatness.
You feel what I'm saying?
(men chatters)
Hey but, he Stan, is Scott coming or what?
- Nah man, no Scott man,
you know what I'm saying.
Him and his wife, they're
going through it right now,
he thought it was gonna
be a lil fellas night,
but when I told him it
was a couples thing,
he was Like ah, he'll pass.
- Ladies, come help me set the table.
- We don't want you doing
anything, we got it girl.
- Right.
- Let's go.
- Now James, look.
I aint gonna lie, I still got my fingers
but that turkey was good though.
- Thank you.
- Everything was absolutely amazing.
- [Man] True that, true that.
- But it is my favorite
part of the evening.
We're about to play a new game
and its inspired by the newly wed game.
Just a little bit different, right babe?
- That's right, check this
out, so real simple game.
Each couple gets a note card, okay.
Now women, you're going to
have the note cards first.
We got men and women on
opposite sides of the table.
Just to make things a
little more interesting.
- [Man] All right.
- All right, we're going
to ask 10 questions.
After those 10 questions,
ladies, you're going to write down
what you think your husband would answer.
- [Woman] Okay.
- Men, you give the answer
and ladies we'll see how
well you know your man.
- We got it babes, we got it.
- We got this.
- Simple enough, right?
- Absolutely.
- Well let's get started.
(group chattering)
- All right, y'all ready?
- Question number one.
When and where did y'all first kiss?
- Easy one.
- Come on.
- Let's start with Henry.
- Yeah let's start with him.
- Yeah that's easy.
- Okay.
- In the bat-mobile on her lunch break.
(group laughing)
- Girl you was getting it in on break?
- Go ahead and reveal your answer.
- He is correct.
(group laughs)
- Well for us it was the
first day that we met.
- Dang, my girls are some undercovers.
- Slow up Ebony because it was actually
a week after we met at my house.
- Girl please, same difference.
- Girl stop it.
- Come to think of it,
I think I remember that.
- Okay, okay, listen, listen,
Donte, what you got to say?
- Oh yeah.
Under the mistletoe.
- [Woman] What?
- At my family's annual holiday party.
- The mistletoe.
- You ole romantic fellow, you.
- I will never forget that day.
- Oh my goodness.
- Okay, Antwan, what about you?
- [Antwan] Oh me?
- Yeah.
- I have no idea.
- Really?
This guy here, Ebony what did you write?
- I knew this fool didn't knew
but yall may as well gone
and give us our point.
- Clueless.
(group laughing)
- She the one that didn't know.
- You know what, while we're
here, just go on and tell us
when and where it was.
- Right here.
- I couldn't tell you when
and where it was neither.
- My God.
- Wait a minute, y'all not participating?
- No, we're hosting.
- So sweet.
- Anyway, all right next question.
What one word best describes
you in the morning,
and remember gentlemen, its
what she would say about you.
All right, this time we're
gonna start with Antwan.
- Babe, it's a good pie.
My baby know I be horny.
(group laughs)
- We may as well go on and end the game,
cause we already the winners.
I know my man baby.
That's my man.
- [Julie] Donte, what about you?
- Energetic.
- Hyper, energetic, its
the same thing right?
- It is.
Stan, what about you.
- I'm gonna say hasty.
- Hasty?
Why in the world?
Bro you use the word hasty bro?
- What you write down.
- I wrote lost.
What does hasty even mean Stan?
- Oh so now you trying to front me out?
Well it mean rushed,
swift, hurried, you know?
- Okay boy, you better
know those synonyms.
- [Stan] Thank you.
- Don't encourage him.
- All right so, you Henry.
- Cranky.
- Crabby, extremely.
- Maybe you need to adjust
the temperature in the environment.
(women laughing)
- Wait a minute, now listen.
Y'all already know his
attitude changes after that.
- I'll bet it does.
(women laughing)
- Wait, hold on everybody, hold on.
Okay now Julie, get your pen
and your piece of paper ready
and write down your answer.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You need to let us be great man.
We just here hosting bruh.
- Right.
- On to question number three.
What is the first thing that your
spouse would do if they won the lottery.
- That's a good one, that's a good one.
- So that's what I would do right?
- [Julie] Right.
- Right, okay what would she say?
Pay tithes.
- Henry you don't even go to church,
where would you pay tithes to?
- Baby I can send my money
through Kelly, or Julie, or James.
I mean they go to church.
- The bible says you have to bring
your tithes, not send them Henry.
- [Ebony] I was gonna try to send mine to.
- Wow.
- Trust me, listen to Kelly
cause she know all about that, don't you?
- That's what we doing Stan?
- Let's keep the positive vibes going.
But Stan you're next, what would you do?
- You know what I'd start up a church
so I can get rich off all these
people paying their tithes.
- Right, now that's a good idea bro bro.
- Antwan shut up.
- You shut up.
- Okay Kelly, what did you write down?
- Certainly not that, so
again, no points for us.
- Hey Donte, what you got man?
- Simple.
Invest in the indoor
golf facility, of course.
- I know this man, like
the back of my hand.
- That is good, okay.
Anton, what about you?
- I'd get like an amusement
park, something like that.
- You know what, that's what's up.
Ebony, what you write down?
- Give a majority of it to his baby mama.
- Come on with all that shade Eb.
- [Ebony] Boy please.
- You tripping, you need to chill out.
- All right, all right,
all right, check this out.
We're going to switch it
up a little bit, okay?
Ladies, now y'all in the hot seat.
- [Woman] Right.
- Question number one,
which one of y'all are
better with finances?
- [Woman] Yeah, that's good.
- Kelly, we'll start with you.
- Well, I think we all know
that I am much better at
managing the finances.
- Really Kelly?
Are you?
You know, I did believe that to be true
until I realized how much money
you was taking out of our household.
- Oh my goodness.
- Really Stan, are you serious?
You know what?
I'm sorry y'all.
We about to go.
- [Julie] No Kelly.
- It's okay, it's just a lot of
negative energy coming from over here
and I do not to ruin the vibe.
Come on Stan I'm ready to go.
- Hold up, so now you're
just gonna leave me here?
- No I'm not leaving
here Stan, you coming to,
come on I'm ready to go, please.
- Hey Stan.
- Alright yall.
Y'all have a good night.
- [Man] Alright.
- [Woman] Bye.
- I cannot believe that
you humiliated me in front
of our friends like that,
what is wrong with you?
- What's wrong with me?
I can't believe that you've
been humiliating me behind my back.
- How am I humiliating you Stan?
- What you mean Kelly?
- You know what, you are unbelievable.
I just came home the other day and you
and your boys was in the
house smoking and drinking.
- And your point Kelly?
- That's my house Stan.
- Yours?
- Yes, you know what you do what ever
you want to do when you want to do it,
I'm tired of the disrespect Stan.
- Hold on who you think you talking to?
Oh so you my mama now?
- Nah, nah, nah, Stan aint ruin the vibe,
that was Ebony over here with
all that woody woody woo.
Getting all negative and now
its just spread like wild fire.
- So its negative cause
I'm speaking the truth huh?
- Yes.
- Don't get mad at me cause you a fool
for your baby mama and you the
only one who don't know it.
- Stop it please.
You guys are disrespecting
each other and its not cool.
- You know what Julie you right.
We shouldn't bring this vibe
into your home, it is Friendsgiving.
Kelly aint the only one leaving,
I'm gone too, I'm outta here.
I can't stand her
- that's that 50 50 I
was telling y'all about.
Right there.
- [Ebony] Antwan, let's go.
- Antwan.
(door bangs)
- [Julie] I'm sorry.
- Well we can stay and finish
the game if you guys want.
- Stan, I have every right to have
a say so in what goes on in this house,
look I've been holding
so much in for so long,
I'm not doing it anymore, I'm tired.
- But when we were smoking
and drinking together it wasn't a problem.
- You doggone right its a problem.
Look that was our life style before Stan
but I'm not living like that anymore,
why can't you get that through your head?
- You do understand this is my house
just as much as yours, right?
So you can't be telling me what
I can and cannot up in here Kelly.
And you most definitely aren't going
to be taking no money out of here neither.
- Look, I said, what I said.
- And I'm saying what I'm saying.
Look, I've been dealing with
you, with your whole change
and I don't say nothing to you about it,
but then you want to pull this up on me?
Like what more is it that
you want from me Kelly?
- What more I want, I want
you to listen to me Stan.
- Man look.
- See look at you, that's
what I'm talking about Stan.
I'm trying so hard.
To be a good wife to you.
When you told me I
couldn't go out of town,
I didn't go out of respect
for you as my husband.
But you, baby it's so unfair
because you do whatever you want to do
whenever you want to do it
and I'm tired of it Stan.
I'm sick of your mess, I
deserve so much better.
- You're tired of and you sick of my mess?
- Yes.
- And you deserve better?
- Yes I do.
- You know what Kelly, you right
and I've been doing some serious thinking.
You just not the same woman
that I married seven years ago.
You all into this whole
new religious stuff
and you always trying to force it on me
and I'm just not with it.
- Okay, look babe you
right, I'm sorry okay.
Look, we ain't getting nowhere.
It's like we talking at each other
and not to each other baby.
Look yes, I decided to
serve God and prayerfully
you will to one day, but
that has to be your decision.
- Exactly Kelly my decision
and that's just not it right now.
Look I can't do this no more.
- You can't do what anymore,
Stan what you talking about?
- Us Kelly, this marriage,
its just not gonna work.
- Wait, wait, hold up.
You don't know if you want
our marriage to work, are you serious?
- Look like I said Kelly,
we on two different pages.
(dramatic music)
You just said that you deserve better
and you do, cause the truth of the matter
is our marriage is not what it once was.
We're unequally yoked.
Aint that what your bible said?
- Hold up babe, Stan, Stan hold up, Stan.
Baby look I am so sorry, look
I want out marriage okay.
No Stan when I said I want better,
I want better with you babe.
- Kelly don't do this.
I want a divorce.
- What?
Wait hold on, Stan.
(door bangs)
- Sweetheart.
Now tell me what happened.
- I can't, I can't do it anymore.
I give up.
I've been giving my
all, I've been praying,
I've been fasting, I've been submitting,
I've been doing everything
that the bible tells
me to do as a wife but its
like he's forgotten about me.
- Who do you feel has
forgotten you sweetie?
- God, Mrs. Anderson, he is
punishing me for something,
I just don't know what it is.
- Oh Kelly listen to me.
Okay, anytime storms
in life come your way,
don't always assume that
you're being punished.
As long as you're walking
up right before God,
it's either one of two things.
He's either testing you or
baby he is showing you off.
- I know what it is, I've
been too nice to him.
Letting him walk all over me.
I should have been mean and cruel
like any other wife would have been.
- Not a wise wife Kelly.
Honey listen, you are doing
the right thing right now,
I know it don't feel like it but you are,
you are being obedient to the word of God.
Well look what my obedience has gotten me.
Headed to divorce court
- Divorce court?
Who told you to go to divorce court?
That is the first thing
that comes to mind among
marriages these days.
We don't even get to experience
the fullness of God and all his promises
because we just give up too easily.
Why don't you turn in this bible
to 1st Peter, Ch 3.
- Mrs. Anderson, right
now is not the time.
- Right now is the perfect time, honey.
Come on, turn to 1st Peter, Ch 3.
And I want you to read verses one and two.
Come on, come on.
- Wives in the same way,
submit yourselves to your own husbands.
So if any of them do not believe the word,
they may be won over without words
by the behavior of their wives when they
see the purity and
reverence of your lives.
- That's right, see there?
Now you are doing exactly that honey.
What the word of God instructs you to do.
So whatever happens out of all this baby,
it is supposed to happen.
Look you're right when you
say you can't handle this,
that its too much for you to bare.
Because this is not your battle.
Honey this battle belongs to the lord.
- But what about Stan?
You know like, I have you.
Here you're talking to
me and you helping me
but who, who's gonna help him?
Who's gonna.
Who's gonna be there for him?
- Well that's your next prayer.
You need to start to pray and ask God
to send him someone into his life
who can speak godly wisdom to him.
- Yeah.
- And you know what?
I want you to take this journal
and I want you to write your thoughts
in this journal every single day.
And anytime God answers a
prayer, write that in here too.
- Thank you.
- Well sweetheart, we all could
use a little guardian angel sometimes.
(dramatic music)
- Scott.
You've been quiet the whole
ride here, what's wrong?
- One minute you're
talking about a divorce.
Now you got us in a counseling
session with a pastor.
I don't even know him, you don't either.
- You remember I told you
I was going to the book clubs, right?
- Said something about it.
- Well they've actually been helping.
And I just, looks lets just,
we'll talk about it later.
- Hello, Scott and Susan.
Very nice to meet you both.
- Nice to meet you too pastor.
So the reason that I
arranged this session is
because my husband and I,
Scott we're currently
going through a divorce.
- [Pastor] Okay.
- However, we're still
living in the same home.
- Okay, all right.
So share with me some
of the details and background information.
- Sure.
So Scott and I have been
married for four years.
I was a customer service representative
at a rental car company and
he was a frequent customer.
He asked me out one day,
but I wasn't interested.
- You wasn't interested?
- No, initially I wasn't
interested Scott, you know that.
- Yeah, yeah okay.
- However, he was very persistent.
So I finally gave in
and we went to dinner.
He was such a gentleman.
He wowed me with his conversation
and things were really great.
I mean, we started spending more
and more time together and we clicked,
almost a perfect relationship.
Until things changed.
After he cheated.
- You would just skip to some
cheating stuff, wouldn't you?
- But that is what happened.
- No things changed way before I cheated.
You act like you can't just get past it.
Like I said, I did it.
She forgave me, now she's
still just going on with it.
Like I said, man, things
changed way before I cheated.
- What changed Scott?
- Everything.
We had way more sex before we
got married than we do now.
- And I wasn't saved then either.
- What does that have to do with anything?
- Everything.
- Saved women can't have sex?
- Whatever.
- When it's time for intimacy,
she used to come to bed,
looking all sexy and beautiful.
Now she come to bed all wrapped up
with this helmet looking thing on,
looking like a linebacker.
- A linebacker what?
You're not looking to hot yourself.
- She only look like
this when she going out,
she don't look like this all the time.
Like when we at home,
she don't look like this.
This aint the same woman in the crib.
You have no sex appeal at the crib,
but you go out you looking all good.
- I am so sorry, clearly
we can never resolve
anything because it always
ends up in argument.
We obviously need some help.
- Yeah, she needs some help.
- God.
- Scott, Susan, what I
hear right now is nothing
that I don't hear on
an every session basis
as I counsel lots of couples.
Scott I'm a start with you.
As the husband and in
Gods order he's made you
the leader of your marriage
and for you the two things
you need to focus on
is protecting and providing for your wife.
And unfortunately what happens
in infidelity is that you broke trust.
And once you break trust its
difficult to get it back.
Because trust is not given
Scott, its actually earned.
And trust is time tested
and in order for it to
be earned, you got to get
to a point where you give her what
she needs and not what
you want her to have.
And Susan as it relates
to your faithfulness
God puts a tremendous,
big responsibility on
the wife to care for her
husbands needs as well.
And so as it relates to
you, listen to Scott.
What I hear form Scott is not anything
out of the ordinary that I
hear from men all the time.
What he wants is to enjoy his wife,
and the way God has set things up,
he can only enjoy that
level of intimacy with you
and with you alone.
Scott and Susan are you
both willing to put forth
the effort that's needed in
order for this marriage to work?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Okay, well if you are, if
you would mind joining hands.
We'll touch and agree together
and I go before the lord in prayer.
Lord God, we thank you for our time today.
We thank you for speaking
specifically to my heart
about what you wanted both
Scott and Susan to hear God.
- Hey.
You finished with the microwave?
- Yeah bru.
Hey man, let me get that man.
I don't even like my food that hot anyway.
- Man, guess what Gary just made him do.
- What?
- He was at the microwave,
Gary made him take his food out
the microwave and it wasn't
even done warming up.
- Stop it bro.
- You letting Gary take your lunch money.
(men chuckling)
- Real funny man, aint
nobody scared of no Gary.
- What's wrong with you boy?
Why he sitting all up with is
tail tucked between his leg?
You all right?
- Hey look bruh, I left Kelly man.
- What?
- Say what?
- What?
- I just couldn't do
it no more, so I left.
- So y'all thinking
about getting a divorce?
- Listen, man, she said out her own mouth
the other day that she deserved better
and she fed up with me
and I'm fed up with her.
- Well I know what you shouldn't be doing
is sitting here and beating
up yourself about it.
I mean, from everything you're saying,
if she didn't change too much for you
and you can't deal with it,
then you need to do what you need to do,
but our break almost over,
you know, we only get 30 minutes.
We outta here and I'll see
you later. Mr. Stevenson, sir.
(chairs scraping)
- What's up Stan?
- What's going on with you?
- You mind if I sit here for
a minute and rap with you?
- Not at all.
- I don't mean to get
in your business man,
but I couldn't help but to overhear
your conversation with your guys right.
And I have some advice for you.
- All right, what's up what's that?
- Your story, it reminds
me so much of my own bro.
But you see the only difference is
it was me that gave my life to God
and my wife stayed out of the world.
- Hey man, that's crazy.
Like that's the exact
way that I feel, man.
- Let me ask you something Stan.
Have you ever asked
your wife how she feels?
- Be honest with you I haven't.
Like there ain't no reason to
cause I already know how she feel man.
Look, check this out.
When I say to my wife, like
she has completely changed,
like, I mean it.
Me and my wife, we used
to do everything together,
go to the clubs, party,
hang out, drink, smoke
or whatever the case may be.
But now she is totally
different man and I mean that.
- You know, I met my wife in the club,
but I was deep in the dope
gang, running the streets.
But then I went to the
penitentiary for seven years
and that's when I gave my life to God.
You know, man, my wife hung in there
with me the whole time I was locked up.
But you know she thought I was playing
because that's what brothers do.
When they go to jail, they find God.
And when they get out,
they leave God in there.
- We all know them kind, now don't we?.
- That wasn't the case with me.
I was serious.
When I came home, I was
a completely changed man.
And when she saw this change in me bro,
she thought I was trying to be a preacher,
but I'm like, baby, no, I'm
just trying to, you know,
I'm just living for God,
but she didn't want to hear it.
She thought she be getting
in the way of my calling.
So she left.
- That's crazy, man.
Like that's the exact
same way that I feel.
Like don't get me wrong or nothing.
I love the new woman that Kelly becoming.
But then again, I just feel
like she deserves better.
And I can't give her that right now, man.
- Stan what you mean, bro?
You can't be that better for your wife?
- Hey look Gary I aint
gonna even lie to ya.
I don't even know if I
can or a how to be it.
- Stan, listen man can't you see
that's just the enemy's
way of distracting you
for what all God called you to be.
See, look, when you give your life to God,
he becomes your GPS system
and all you got to do bro,
is just be obedient to his voice.
He got you.
- Hey man, that's deep.
Hey well tell me something,
so how long have you and your wife,
y'all been divorced now?
- Stan, I can happily say me and my wife
have been back together
now four and a half years.
Let me ask you a question.
You ever heard of this
lady named Minister Norton?
- Have I heard of Minister Norton?
Yes, man like that's
all my wife listen to,
all day, all night.
- My wife is Minister Norton.
- Straight up?
That's great man, that's
a small world man.
- But listen, bro, let
me tell you what we did.
My pastor wrote this book.
It's called The Marriage
Cup and The Covenant.
I got a copy of that book.
I really would like for you to read it
and prayerfully, it'll help
you understand what God
ordained married to be and not to be.
Don't take for granted,
your wife praying and
her faithfulness to God.
I'm gonna keep you and your
situation in my prayers.
- All right Gary man,
I appreciate that, bro.
- No problem.
(dramatic music)
- [Julie] Ladies, I promise as soon
as Ebony gets here, we will get started.
- Yall, I'm so sorry.
I couldn't find my keys no where.
- Oh my God, girl.
You lose those keys more
than anybody I know.
- Girl, we're gonna get you
one of them clap things.
- Girl no, what I need it that
shirt, better late than ugly.
I shouldn't even be here.
- Let's get started.
- I ain't all the only
one y'all waiting on
I see, where Kelly at?
- Well, just between us.
Kelly called me the other day
and she asked me to pray with her
and she also asked me not to say anything
but I figured since we're all girls,
we all could just pray
together about her situation.
- [All] What situation?
- Don't say nothing y'all.
- [Woman] Okay.
- Stan left Kelly.
- [All] What?
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
- Girl wait a minute,
you mean Kelly left Stan?
- Stan left Kelly, and check this out,
he said he didn't want
to be with her anymore
because he's not ready to change
his life the same way that she had.
- You know what, I don't feel
sorry for her, that what she get.
- Why would say such a thing?
- Girl look, I told Kelly a long time ago
that their relationship
was not gonna work.
She's so submissive.
The bible says this,
and the bible says that,
girl that stuff is for women
back in the bible days,
that is not for women today.
(women chatters)
- Girl look, I stopped by the other day
because she hadn't been
answering the phone for me.
Girl, Stan and his potnas had just left,
girl they had stuff everywhere.
- I remember a time when
Stan was laid off from work.
- Girl, Stan used to always be laid off.
- I called Kelly just to
ask her if she can loan me
some money until Friday when I got paid.
- Oh, James and Julie
needed to borrow money? Hmm
- Be quiet Ebony.
Y'all know she told me to
let her discuss it with Stan?
- That's probably why she
was so mad last week when
she told Ebony she wasn't
taking the book seriously.
- Right, talking about some, Ebony,
we all agreed not to take
this journey lightly.
- Stop.
- You ladies ought to
be ashamed of yourselves
and you all are supposed
to be her friends?
And you, she told you something
in confidence so that
you can pray for her.
Not broadcast her business to everybody.
Kelly is going through a dark
season in her life right now.
And all you all can do is sit
around and talk about her?
You may say that the
word is for the old days,
but honestly I have never
seen the righteous forsaken.
And it's working in my life.
If you all are her friends,
she definitely don't need enemies.
(dramatic music)
- Who is she?
Girl anyway, she don't come around here
and try to tell us how
we discuss our friend.
Kelly is our friend and she
the new kid on the block.
Anyway onto the next chapter of the book.
Girl please.
Oh, there's power in submission.
I guess Kelly found out
all about that power huh?
- Ebony.
I feel horrible.
Susan's right.
We should just pray for Kelly.
Man, I know this is gotta be hurting her.
(phone ringing)
- This is Kelly.
- Put her on speaker.
- No, sh.
Oh honey.
Okay sweetie, yeah.
Yeah, okay, yup.
I'm on my way.
- What's going on?
- What she say?
What did she say.
- Candice, first we need to know, Candice.
- This is not you.
Have you even left the house?
- I can't eat, I can't sleep.
I can't do nothing.
Candice, why did it end up like this?
Like this is not supposed
to be the end result.
(door knocking)
Oh my God!
- Are you sure?
- [Kelly] Yes.
What are you guys doing here?
- Kelly, we came over as soon
as we heard what happened.
How could he just walk out of your life
like this as good as you've been to him?
Where is he at?
Matter of fact, where's his clothes at?
- Sweetheart I am so sorry.
Is there anything I can do?
- No, there's nothing nobody can do.
Look, I'm just going to
continue to pray for him.
- Okay, hold on.
Enough is enough, you mean to tell me
that you still want to pray for this man
after he walked out of
your life that easy Kelly?
Girl you saved now, God
has a better husband
in store for you, someone that's saved
and not still out here in these streets.
- Maybe Stan is a stumbling
blocking in your way
and God just had to remove him.
- You Know what Kelly, we have
been through a lot of things together
and I have just never seen
you play this role before.
- [Julie] Never.
- The submitting, and that loyalty stuff,
you know men now a days,
they take that for granted.
- I know you said that God told
you your marriage would work,
but clearly he isn't speaking of this one.
- [Ebony] Couldn't have been.
- There is nothing in scripture
that says to be this way only
if your husband is saved.
Yes, God did tell my marriage would work,
thank you for reminding me of that Tasha.
Look, if God said it I'm gonna believe him
because it shall come to pass.
You know what, I'm going
through a real rough
time right now and the last thing
I need around me is non believers.
- No.
- Please, y'all just let yourselves out.
- You can be a fool all
you want, don't call me.
- Ebony get out of my house.
- I'm so sorry.
Oh I know if I leave
I'll take a chance at being alone
And honestly I'm afraid cause
I don't wanna live that way
See late at night
when you hold me close
Baby I feel so safe
And its a cold cruel world out there
And baby I'm leaning on faith
Can we get to love
Can we get to love
Can we get to love
Can we get to love baby
Can we get to love
Get to love
Can we get to love
Can we get to love
Can we get to, get to love
Can we get to
- Y'all I just feel so bad for Kelly.
- Girl so do I.
Y'all know this is the
first time that Stan's
not here for her
companies Christmas party?
- She seems to be holding
up pretty good though.
- Girl you know how it is.
She is in the presence of company,
she got to put on her game face.
- That's true.
- Why are y'all over here
looking all gloomy in the face?
I mean come on, its Christmas
eve, snap out of it already.
- Ebony, we're just really
feeling sad for Kelly right now.
- Girl, feeling sorry for Kelly for what?
- You know this is her favorite holiday
and Stan's not even here with her.
- Girl, well whatever, life goes on.
And anyway from my understanding,
wasn't she just praying and asking
God for a new husband for Christmas?
And girl with all these fine,
successful men in here, girl,
she might be getting her prayers answered.
- Goodness Ebony just stop.
- Oh Lord, here come Ms suchy much.
- She looks so beautiful.
- Must be her husband.
- I just love when marriages work out.
- Girl, I need another drink.
- Hey Scott.
- What's up.
- Man this is my beautiful wife Susan.
- Nice to meet you Susan.
That's Donte, and that's my man James.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure to meet you all.
Babe, I'm gonna go to the
rest room, be right back.
- All right, okay, all right.
- Good God, please tell
me she got a sister.
A cousin, friend, anybody.
- Gentlemen, gentlemen, have we purchased
our raffle tickets yet?
- No sweetie I haven't, my name is Steve.
- [Woman] Steve.
- How much are they?
- Only one for 150, and five for 600.
- No sweetie, one for 150, five for 600?
No, I'm talking about the raffle tickets.
- And so am I.
- My wife already purchased
our tickets, so thank you.
- You must be James.
- I am.
- Julies husband.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You as well.
- And thank you so much for
that annual contribution.
- Listen we're blessed to be a blessing.
- Raffle tickets, we sell raffle tickets.
- Oh my God, fellahs, hi.
You don't know how
happy I am to see y'all,
thank you so much for
coming again this year.
- Of course, why wouldn't
you think we wanna come?
- Well you know, things
have been kinda crazy
and given the circumstances,
I just wasn't sure.
- Hey Kelly, you and Stan are our friends
and we're going to support
you all no matter what, okay?
- Oh, Donte, Thank you, that is so sweet.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
- Hey Kelly.
- Yeah?
- Stan normally volunteer
for the raffle auction
every year, so who gonna do it this year?
- I asked my daddy to it.
- Man, your dad is old.
- Henry don't clown my
daddy, I know it won't
be like last time, but
trust me it'll be fine.
- Excuse me, hi everyone.
Would you excuse Mrs.
Stevenson for just a second,
we're gonna go ahead and get
started with the raffles.
- Okay, I'll catch up with
you guys later, all right?
- All right.
- Later Kelly.
- See you.
- Call her daddy old?
- I'm just saying.
Just saying man.
- If I can have everyone's
attention please,
we're gonna start our raffle drawing now.
(audience applauding)
- Oh hey Susan.
- Julie, how are you?
- I am ready for my bundle of joy.
- I see, how adorable.
- Thank you.
Susan, I really wanted to apologize
for how we acted at our
last book club meeting.
We have all acknowledged
that we were wrong,
and we've even apologized to Kelly.
- That's so good to hear because honestly
the apology to Kelly is
what's most important.
I mean you guys have known
her far longer than I have
and I just, I was shocked to hear
you guys speak of her in that manner.
That's all.
- Oh my God, we shouldn't have,
and I promise we will never do so again.
- We're good girl, because true,
genuine friendship is so
hard to find these days,
and Julie you all really
do have something special.
- Thank you Susan.
- Your welcome.
- And I see that you and hubby
has decided to work things out.
- We have and let's just say,
I'm a adjusting the
temperature in my environment.
- Well okay, girl that is
what I'm talking about.
- Yes.
- Congratulations girl.
- Thank you girl.
(both laughing)
- Kelly, what's wrong?
- Sorry.
It's just not the same
without him being here.
I miss him so much Susan.
- I'm so sorry Kelly.
You are such a strong woman.
- You are but you don't
have to be strong for us.
- Susan's right.
We all have our breaking point.
But listen, we're are your girls.
So it is okay not to be okay sometimes.
- I mean, you know I've been praying
and asking God to help me
because I thought it was
going to be different.
I didn't know it was going
to turn out like this.
- [Susan] Oh Kelly.
- Look at me, I'm alone.
- No you're not.
Listen, listen to me.
I don't care how it looks.
You keep trusting God
and you believe that
whatever your heart desires,
if it is in God's will,
he will give it to you.
Kelly you were there for
me in my darkest season.
and I'm going to be here for you in yours.
- Yes, we all are Kelly.
- Girl, just to shed a little light,
didn't you just pray
and ask God for a new
husband for Christmas?
And girl with all these fine men in here.
You better dry your face and
come get your prayers answered.
- Oh my God, Ebony.
Girl you are crazy.
I can always depend on
you for a good laugh.
I really appreciate y'all.
I do, you're my girls and I don't know how
I would have gotten
through this without y'all.
I love you all so much.
- [All] We love you too.
- Thank y'all so much.
- Kelly, you need to get out here,
you need to see this,
come on y'all, let's go.
- What in the world, Renee, hold on.
What's going on?
- All right and the last
ticket number is 311.
- [Woman] That's me!
(audience applauding)
- All right, all right, all right.
That's it, that's it, that's it.
You got it, you got it.
All right, make sure you check
with Mary to get your prize
at the end of the night.
And to the rest of y'all we
appreciate y'all for coming out,
thanks for the support
because this event is
very, very dear to my wife
so we appreciate y'all, now party on,
and, a Merry Christmas to y'all.
(audience applauding)
- Girl see, I told you he was here.
What you gonna do?
(audience applauding)
- Can't believe he came.
(people chattering)
- What's up with it?
- Catch up with yall in a minute.
Merry Christmas Mrs. Stevenson.
- Stan what are you doing here?
- Hey, what am I not welcome this year?
Well I did say I would be
the raffle ticket announcer, right?
So I'm just here to honor that.
And plus besides, you
know this party wouldn't
be nothing without old Stan the man right?
- Is that the only reason why you came.
- Of course, what other
reason would I be here?
- Thanks for honoring your commitment.
- Kelly, Kelly, sweetheart,
sweetheart, I'm kidding.
Seriously, I miss you.
- I um, You do?
- I do.
And I have some things
I'd like to say to you.
- I'm listening.
- Can we step outside.
- Sure.
- After you.
- So why did you have to bring me
out here to talk, it's freezing.
- Look, I know babe, I just wanted
to get you away from the noise.
I just got a few things on my chest
I wanted to get off, that's all.
- I'm listening.
- All right so Kelly.
Never in a million years,
would I have thought
that my mindset would change
the way they that it did
like in the short span of time.
you know the same week that I had left
this guy, my job, he had
sat down, spoke to me
and he I gave him this book to read,
he invited me to come out to his church.
- Okay.
- Now the name of the book is called
The Marriage Cup and The Covenant.
- Oh wait, hold on.
You mean to tell me the
book I've been trying
to get you to read with me Stan?
- I knew that book had sounded familiar.
- Oh my God.
It's too cold for you to be playing.
- Hey well everything happens
in God's timing right.
- You right.
- So anyway like I was saying,
like the book is so powerful Kelly.
You know, you read the book
but what got me is the way
they speak on the roles
and responsibility of
a husband and a wife.
- Yeah.
- And when I was reading the
part about a wife, Kelly,
like you was doing everything that
you were supposed to do in
our marriage, it was me.
Like I wasn't leading the way
I should have been leading you.
So, but anyway, the crazy part
about it is the author
of the book is actually
the pastor of the church the
guy invited me to go out to.
- Wow, did you go?
- Yes, I had to go, like,
cause I had to speak to
him like, personally,
like in that very moment,
and I really understood
my role more as a husband.
So I even joined the church.
- Wait a minute, you
joined the church Stan?
- Yes I joined the church.
That's not even the crazy part about it.
- What's the crazy part Stan?
- I gave my life to Christ Kelly.
- Wait a minute.
You gave your life to Christ?
- Yes.
- Really?
- I did.
- Baby, that's so good.
- To be honest, like the
real reason I'm here Kelly is
because on this past Sunday
the message was about forgiveness.
So I just simply came here and
ask you for your forgiveness.
- I forgive you.
- And if you don't want to
forgive me, I totally get that.
- I forgive you.
- You do?
- I said I forgive you baby.
Merry Christmas, Mr. Stevenson.
- Merry Christmas Mrs. Stevenson.
(dramatic music)
Thank you Jesus.
(dramatic music)
- [All] Aw.
- Oh my God.
- [All] Merry Christmas.
(people yelling)
(dramatic music)
- Antwan, it reads, do understand
that forgiveness and trust
are two different things.
Just because you might forgive,
does not mean trust is going
to automatically be restored.
I really like this book.
Learning your husband's style
of communicating is beneficial.
- That's what I'm talking
about right there.
Keep reading!
Nah, nah, here, I'll read.
It said learning your husband's
style of communicating is beneficial.
Okay, every man is not the same.
However, one thing they all have in common
is that they all want to be respected.
Speaking to him as if he is
a child will not be received very well.
Amen to that.
Many times we, y'all have
a valid point and are right
in what y'all are trying to communicate,
conversely, meaning at the same time,
the way y'all communicate at times
is where the challenge is.
This is one heck of an author.
Where's your highlighter?
(upbeat music)
(Kelly knocking)
- Mrs. Anderson?
- Excuse me.
Are you the lady that lives downstairs?
- Yes, hi, I'm Kelly Stevenson.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm just looking for Mrs. Anderson.
Her apartment is empty
and she didn't tell me she was moving.
- I'm sorry, who?
- Mrs. Anderson, she lives here.
- No, this apartment has been
vacant now for over a year.
- Excuse me?
- No one has lived here in over a year.
- Okay, so it couldn't
have possibly been vacant
because I've spent time with her here
talking many times over this past year.
- No, Mrs. Stevenson, right?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Mrs. Stevenson, you may want
to give the leasing office a call.
I know it's the holidays, so
you may have to wait a week,
but give them the call, they may be able
to help you out with the situation.
- Okay, but I know I'm not crazy.
Are you 100% certain that no one has lived
in this apartment in the past year?
- I am 200% certain dear.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
(upbeat music)
- Wow, God you are truly amazing.
(upbeat music)