A Night for Crime (1943) Movie Script

By order of the fourth interceptor
command work is leaving the air to
retrain when the blackout is over
How about letting me out a while okay
mr. Paulo but I wouldn't try driving
through the blackout
oh don't worry I'll be where I'm a half
- the street lights are off good night pop
- good night.
Oh is it I could answer that but it
would only lead to bloodshed Oh Lady.
Macbeth I do believe you do all your
calling in black houses how do you like
I raised it all by myself the biggest
publicity stunt since Munich couldn't
you arrange with the army to have a
- searchlight spell out motion picture
- associate Oh story in Technicolor well.
Come on in be careful not to break your
neck did you come from your office or
from the Basel it serves your right
Susan for being so glamorous that
gorgeous every time I look at your
things just go black elephants in the
back oh well now just a moment as long
as I'm in this position I might as well
take advantage of the situation and
propose to you the most beautiful the
most gorgeous they oughta ration that
soft stuff as well as sugar Susan Susan
will you.
Saved by the Bell hello what is the use
I thought you might be a little romantic
by candlelight but it might as well blow
it out oh yes just a minute yes for you
it's from the studio who is it who else
would it be but ham heart he might hear
oh come he knew I was here the mystery
has only been calling you here for the
last seven years
hello get hard what's cooking mr. Hart
yeah that's all.
Bona Harrison didn't show up on the set
tonight make at locator in a long time
hope it's not just an ugly rumor Oh have
a hard heart
I mean mr. Hart listen it's tough enough
to have to write that stuff about it
without having to play bodyguard to well
health course if you put it that way mr.
but it'll go on the expense account okay
mr. Hart yes I will mr. Hart
yes sir mr. Hart yes mr. Hart
no mr. Hart hey you better get some
fresh air what for
you actually said no to him for once so
you sure you well no I'm sick I got a
person named well at least we can do our
night clubbing on the studio expense
account you're not dragging me out to
look for Mona Harris and I'm afraid we
might find her but there might be
another blackout you mean there is
another blackout
well that's strange lights are going on
all over Hollywood you won the civilian
defense better get together hey maybe I
forgot to pay my rent
a ventriloquist say you've been
rehearsing with Charlie McCarty that was
the real thing Joe yeah it sounded like
- it came from across the hall maybe we
- better go see what it is.
Sounded like it came from there and
apartment it is well let's see what's
going on
well if it ain't my old friendship that
way just because I solved that swimming
pool murder for you Hoffman that doesn't
make us friends who said you solved it
district attorney remember I don't
remember nothing well I'm glad to hear
you admit it say how did you get on the
scene of the crime so fast or did you
commit it what happened why don't you
look around maybe it came to the wrong
house so you're in on this too
nobody go away do you know anything
about this did you say hey that girl is
dead oh you figured that out all by
and that phone is off the hook come on
start talking somebody done the man's a
genius that's what the chief told me
this morning don't change the subject
what happened here when the blackout was
over the lights suddenly went out again
- miss Cooper and I heard a scream we came
- in here and found Miss Smith just as you.
See her
what's my Smith got to do with it
nothing nothing at all Hoffman she just
happens to be the victim Smith so that
was her name I did I thought the name
sounded familiar Hoffman you may need
mr. Powell I can saw
this without any help from you but you
can't go not yet I gotta ask some
questions now here's how I got it
figured see she was in here getting
ready to go out somebody snuck in and
tried to run she tried to call the
police they got scared murdered it's an
open-and-shut case
yeah descent all you have to do is prove
it I'll prove it don't worry.
Brit call headquarters and tell him to
send over some help okay get back to
your switchboard and as for you you
bully your apartment and stay there
until I call you
don't look now but we're being shadowed
don't tell me it's the gorilla all cut
out the wisecracks you two maybe you
don't realize it but you're in a jam hmm
this is beginning to make sense this is
going to be good hmm
why did you do it why did I - why you
can't squirm out of it playing innocent
you lured the poor kid in here and got
into a fight then you - strangled and
drug it across the hall it's an
open-and-shut case well you are method
one thing Hoffmann you forgot to say
that we caught you so you could get here
while the body was still warm I'll
figure that out too and when I do it'll
mean the hot seat come on Susan where do
you think you're going we're going out
and paint the town red and then we're
going to sign a confession you can't do
that you don't want a confession
any confession obtained under the
influence of alcohol ain't legal why
quibble well come on Susan let's go see
you again I'm afraid.
Oh Frederick yes sir
as for the Harrison bin here tonight I'm
sorry mr. Powell not tonight I mean she
hasn't been here at all no ma'am but if
she does show up will you tell her to
get in touch from the studio right away
I'm sorry sir but the terracing hasn't
been in for several evenings Oh am I
relieved look under the table pretty
that's where she usually winds up and be
sure look in the vacuum cleaners in the
morning certainly sir
good evening mr. ban mr. Paulo good
evening ready sir oh no Louis sir we're
on business tonight
we're slumming from ona Harrison what a
heavy so damn you haven't head Oh
everything about it except where she's
no no I'm in the paper I just bought one
one moment I'd show you what well what
do you suppose she's done now
That's your power folding yet no yes of
course I want you to keep trying yes
that's the matter with him where is that
guy don't worry he'll show up come in
come in well it's time I heard from you
now just a minute mr. Hart I'll do the
what's the idea of pulling a corny
publicity stunt like this either I'm
your publicity director or I'm not okay
you're not no way win
- aren't you can't
do this to me I got a contract it's got
some clauses in it right mr. Hardin
throw your only to produce it's all
right I'm sorry I'm all upset I guess it
looks as though Mona's run out on the
picture even Mona wouldn't do a dirty
trick like that
not with pictures still unfinished I've
got three hundred thousand sunk in that
office a lot of difference that makes to
her can't you finish the picture no ever
since I need are those of her this
picture means a lot to me if it's a
failure I don't know whether oh yeah
this way chief sorry to intrude mr.
Harkins your call sounded so urgent that
I decide to get on the case myself
- that's very nice of you mr. Williams Oh
- laughs mr. Cooper miss Lynn mr. Powell.
Hello chief
I know miss Cooper sure you know her
chief she gummed up that left in robbery
case from Pittsburgh well you may call
it gummed up but I'd say that she solved
it perfectly there's a nice bit of work
miss Cooper thank you
well where's the ones two bodies in one
night Oh Thursday Hoffman are you two at
someday I'm going to book both of you
for disturbing the peace okay by me
providing you execute him yeah may we
all sit down miss tart yes of course.
I thought you might know something about
Ellen Smith who was murdered earlier
this evening oh then you didn't come
about Moana Harrison I imagine she'll
show up when she has enough publicity
out of this oh yes of course you're
right I was a little worried though I
- learned this Smith girl been working on
- this lot lately as an extra I thought I.
Might pick up something on which to
hinge my investigation I told you chief
it's an open-and-shut case.
Shh Ellen Smith that's me thank you
take a look at this why yes I absolutely
Smith before what mr. Hot means is that.
Ellen Smith was a guest at Mona.
Harrison's dinner party last night
of course we didn't have anything to eat
or drink but we all had a splendid
opportunity to tell Mona exactly what we
thought of her I knew it the minute I
saw you and him they were in the room
with the body chief what do you mean in
it we put it there who else was at this
party follow all of us here and Ellen
Smith and Mona of course anybody else.
Ramona servants tell me service she had
three a chauffeur a maid and a cook
that's the last I've seen of Mona the
last resolved Ellen Smith until this
evening and today Ellen Smith is
murdered and Lauren Harrison disappears
that gives the case an entirely
different complexion it's just like I
figure it Keith I know open-and-shut
just another robbery I think we'd all
better meet miss Harrison's apartment an
hour from now maybe we can find out what
happened last night I'm dead tired go
home and take a shower and change my
clothes think I'll try that too let's
meet at lineman's for some coffee before
we start this Inquisition mr. Hart will
you and Carole meet us there I'd love to
we'll be there Hey
what's cookin here Oh Hoffman I want you
to round up all of his Harrison servants
I'll have them present tonight
check Keith don't forget all of you 12
Everyone is here but Hoffman oh he's
probably out rounding up Clues on a
great train robbery Harmon well here I
am cheap right on the dot just like you
said sit down
what's your name.
Alice Jones so I'm the cook at least I
was the cook what do you mean by that
when I handed in my resignation just
before dinner
last night were you in the habit of
resigning before each meal Alice no sir
I work for the same family for 15 years
well suppose you tell us in your own
words just what happened welcome me and
my niece Louise your niece this time
she's my only living kin we've been used
to working for quality folks real hard
tone people wearing custom I haven't
folks talked to us like we just pray my
hand didn't like what she did to me what
was that Louise yeah I was helping miss
Harrison to dress for dinner last night
and I'm married the dude that looked
better with a gown she was wearing then
the huge he held yes my guess she must
have been on edge I'll say she's on the
edge of a breakdown seems like to me
she's always that way Alice your
newspaper articles didn't help miss
Harrison any well there's a swell idea
put some real publicity for your Joel
chauffeur dependence ma no Harrison's
reputation such as it is right Charlotte.
Susie I'll make a note of that we ought
to find out more about her she may have
secrets could be let's get on with us
unpleasant business every time you to
say anything it's making me more
suspicious come on Louise well sir when
I mentioned shoes she flat up and told
me keep the dress herself without my
help then Louise told her to just try to
read shoes off what happened then well I
went to the closet to get him and before
I could open the door she sprang across
the room and slapped my face and then I
start crying
it must have made him more mad because
she pushed me out of the room Oh China
she come right down to me in the kitchen
killed was treatment Donald face what
did you do Alice put in a separate SPEC inside a water dog
I quit and I took movies yeah right
along with it we didn't even wait for
weeks wedges notes so not us then you
left the house yes Arthur there doc
permission miss hash in the drivers home
did you take them home yes sir what's
your name it's Arthur Evans sir
alright Evans tell us what you know well
sir when Allison Louise came out all
I called miss Harrison from the garage
and asked if I was to take them home
miss Harrison said yes and that I could
have the night off as she would have to
take all of them to dinner and did you
take the night off
I'm sure I'm all set I know when I'm not
wanted around just what do you mean by
that well nothing I guess I well I'm
just upset at all as bad publicity for
miss Harrison you seem to take a lot of
interest in miss Harrison's personal
affairs I merely try to be a faithful
employee you took Alice and when we
straight home of course oh yes sir I did
- then where did you go to Harry's bowling
- alley near where I live I met some of.
The boys and we bowled for a couple of
hours well you can check on that make it
all that Hoffman don't worry chief I'll
pin it on him that's what worries me
then did you go straight home the
landlady saw me coming in she'll verify
what I said you can go and you too
thanks your cooperation well just a
moment please
did any of you see Miss Ellen Smith here
last night
no what about you I told you I drove the
servants home I don't like the tone of
your voice Evans that'll be all
suppose you tell us what you'd mr. Hart
as I remember we all got here about the
same time I brought miss Linton Susan
and Joe were together I rang the bell
and Mona answered it herself I'm so glad
you came along Hamilton was able to
bring your it rather takes him off my
hands for one evening he doesn't weigh
so heavily online
nice going Carol hello Mona nice of you
to come Susan thank you it just goes to
prove the tuber really don't mean all
those tacky things you write about me in
your columns and the contrary it really
means if I'm hungry I don't care all
these Hollywood comments are so clever
what a shame the public doesn't read
them well I'd say that you both made a
birdie on that hole
now that we've been properly how about
some cocktails now you're really earning
part of your salary thanks chief you'll
have to do the mixing job My servants
walked out on me a little while ago cam
Hamilton you lost that wonderful cook
Alice you've always been bragging about
we just make conversation because she
became quite intolerable Oh Alan hello
everybody how mothers this is Ellen
Smith how do you do and she's been
working on a lot that she really can act
to she's a clever child I wanted you to
meet her oh and a little Joe our
publicity director I have a last name
its power
this is Susan Cooper yes I know mr.
Cooper I follow your column religiously
well thank you splattering - no you have
at least one reader we live across the
hall we've seen each other often oh and
this is Carolyn what's your name Lynn.
Tony said Carol Gannon there in her own
small you're a very generous Mona wish I
could say the same for you a Joe do fix
the call.
Revan and solids usual team make mine
the same life can be beautiful oh please
make yourselves comfortable
step over there bring your cushion no
but it's not supply space no thank you
yeah Hamilton I want you to give Aaron a
chance and she's very lovely I agree
with that.
Thank You mr. Hart isn't she charming
and as I said before she's very talented
you know she can act rings around some
of those would-be actresses that thing
around your studio if I weren't a lady
I'd like to punch her right in the nose.
Oh Molly darling I'd like to write a
biography of your life really I'm
planning a book on Hollywood so much has
been written about the upper crust I'd
like to write a story about a crumb hey
Mona little Goldilocks has been here
ahead of us the bottles are decidedly
empty everything was prepared
looks like you're also stuffed for the
drinks that Mocambo the dinners on me
I heard that trashy savvy Hamilton I'm
sorry I can't go what do you mean of
course you're coming along if you read
your contract you'll see each other you
run along and I have something very
important to do what I'll join you later
well don't be too long I'm starving now
I'll run up and change my goal well.
Susie if you don't mind I'll wait for
Mona I want to thank her for introducing
me to you reason to thank her too hey
you don't know how happy you've made me
we all left for dinner
but neither moral or Ellen showed up at
the Mocambo well didn't you telephone to
find out where Mona was yes I tried all
day but got no answer
hmm can anyone add to what mr. Hardy
said hmm no it's about everything
Harlan Oh chief I practically had it
figured out in my mind you mean in your
dreams don't you Hoffman oh it's an
open-and-shut case where is this cool
right Cooper what happened to mr. Cooper
that's what I'm asking you go and see if
you can find her and don't go to sleep
- on the way far chief it's that hot milk
- that doc told me to drink from my ulcers.
Well from now on you drink it on your
own time
not on the taxpayers fine miss Cooper
miss Cooper
looking for something I you know I was
just climbing the stairs for my health
you ought to do something about that
figure Hoffman
unless you're developing that gas tank
in case of a national ration shall we go
down now
yeah would you like to powder your nose
your little shining oh that's just a
reflection from my badge I thought it
was the brilliance of your mind what's
the matter with my mind so you found her
right in Mona's bedroom and she was up
to something too I was chopping up
bodies and stuffing him in a trunk
there's a huddle over we haven't heard
from you yet Oh didn't Hoffman tell you
I committed the murder you couldn't do
that not without a motive but I had a
motive Hoffman I had a wonderful motive
yeah why well you see Ellen bought a
dress exactly like one of mine now you
- know what that does to a woman well we
- may as well go home for tonight but I.
Want you all to remain in town in case
we need you
come on Hoffman here's your bag Suze
I'll take you down to Barney's and you
can buy me some onion soup oh no thanks
I'm tired Joe I'm heading straight home
well can't shoot a man for trying
Come out of there whoever you are I'll
shoot oh so we knew is it come on Z get
opposed to feel nothing at what what
don't be more stupid than necessary
listen Hoffmann somebody opened that
favorite wedding in the closet then when
I came out he tried to choke me sure I
know just a guy you mean you had a long
black beard black Pearson are you dumb
cluck I'm not kidding neither am I don't
call me buck that's better and don't
give me no more trouble I'll book you
for resisting arrest what about that
sellers have tried to choke me I think
I'll let Sherlock Holmes pick him up and
we'll see if we can get you adjoining
rooms at Alcatraz get me Mike Graham and
the camera department like Clarke
talking now listen carefully this is
important and confidential I want you to
meet me at the back gate in 45 minutes
bring along a camera and a roll of film
I figured out a way to get those scenes
so we can finish Mona's picture better
bring something along for Charlie get my
car and traveling bag brought to the
back gate in 30 minutes
you've been stalling me for two hours
you can't do that where is Mona Harris
oh you where did you put the papers I
hate them I was hungry and the food and
jail is off put that down.
Calendar can't even have Thursday no you
oh come on Sylvie some kid who killed.
Ellen Smith I won't tell anybody honest
I'll keep it a secret mom told chief.
Cooper what do we owe the pleasure of
this early morning call
does the stupidity of this mastermind oh
so now you admit I got a mastermind I'm
glad to hear you say that that makes us
unanimous says it's a desperate point on
her I spent the night in your steel
hotel service is very bad really nah mr.
Cooper you think she's kidding
where do you think I found that well
according to this in miss Harrison's
bedroom I never know Hoffman could write
you're charged with illegal entry
- resisting arrest abusing an officer I'm.
- Robbery I can't believe the robbery.
just what were you after mr. Cooper I
closed come on ahead
since when does Mona keep her clothes in
a safe what's happened to heard that's
where they're keeping everything since
the ration how'd you sugar oh I got two
pounds up in the attic oh hey wait a
minute what are you trying to do get me
in trouble with the FBI
sit down Hoffman but if she squeals on
me Keith say you went back after some
clothes from this Harrison oh then I
take it that she's not missing after all
yeah just a publicity stunt cooked up by
Jill Powell you don't believe me Colin
that's just what we're going to do miss
Cooper Oakland okay chief give it to
Paul on the phone okay I hope you're
telling the truth miss Cooper because if
you're not it lungs Oh easy with you you
what yeah I got the dog pound what's his
be careful you know what'll happen to
you if they catch you barking without
the wisecracks and tell me the number
state 111 hello that's you pal
this is Hoffmann detective bureau we got
that Cooper gal here
yeah Cooper you know Cooper say she
tells us more NAT Harris named missing
after all hold it
you always tip our hand give me that
hello miss Williams
hey I want to congratulate you that was
quite a publicity stunt you pulled for I
flattered thanks Williams no hard
feelings I hope that's fine or say I'd
like to speak to Susan we'd like to talk
to you
good tell him I'll call him as soon as I
leave here mr. Cooper says you go talk
to you later
what's that oh well just a second I
think you better talk to him now
hello Joe darling oh I hope you're not
angry at me for spilling the beans about
Mona odd yeah oh that's sweet of you yes
I did unless you come down and bail me
out I'm stuck okay then you're stuck
there who cares you realize the spot you
put me in suppose Mona doesn't show up
what then right for two cents I'd wring
your neck so tight of course I'll marry
you darling
just as soon as you bail me out of this
best deal yeah yes dear
mm-hmm yes darling
all right he wants to tell you he'll
send the money right down
do you want us to release her very well
yeah right away let me go miss
comfortable hey and don't make my bed up
I am won't be using it again tonight I
Am at the heart have a nice trip
no thanks Joe I just had one yeah what a
sense of humor where'd you go Palm
oh yes yes I went to Palm Springs I felt
I needed a rest after the Smith girls
murder and Mona's disappearance and all
left I just thought I had to get away to
figure things out
yeah certainly as funny police haven't
turned up a thing on Mona no one I saw
in the papers where they hadn't made any
progress on the Smith case either too
- bad about her she was a lovely child
- yeah looks like we're throwing 300,000.
Bucks right out the window
tough luck to another dare and we would
have had the picture right in a bag.
Kjell we're going to finish the picture
we can't do that not without those shots
of Mona no I was resting I felt I had to
get out of Hollywood to find a way out
I've always given you credit for being a
great producer but if you've got this
one worked out you're a genius this is
confidential Joe if it ever got out your
business is your business my business is
telling it to the public that's just
what I don't want you to do this time
well you're paying me what is humorously
called a salary so if you say forget it
I'll forget it I remembered some old
scenes from some of Mona's earlier
pictures by inserting them it'll give us
exactly what we want certainly got a
better memory than my not I don't
remember any old scenes you'll just
leave that to me with you of course I
will mr. Hart but all right then you go
right ahead with your publicity campaign
give it everything you've got
sparing no expense this will probably be
our last Mona Harrison so I'm hoping to
clean up on it what do you mean the last
Mona I'm fed up with our little actions
I'm going to use the absence clause to
care for a compact okay yeah ever come
right in it's Susan Cooper she ought to
be barred from the lot I just assumed
she didn't learn about what I just told
you I didn't like what I saw on the
papers about her trying to rifle Mona's
safe come in Susan ah my little
bride-to-be come into my aching arms and
see what Pappy's got for you the nuptial
permit no less a dollar down and you
keep paying for the rest of your life
all it needs is your moniker on the
dotted line are you kidding am I kidding
certainly I'm not kidding did you tell
Williams and Hoffman you were going to
marry me didn't you say you would if I
bailed you out
listen Romeo the law says that any
confession gained under duress maybe
bothers evidence but what's good enough
for the American courts of good enough
is Susan Cooper Oh mr. Hart out to say
I'm terribly sorry for your take about
the bad news
bad news bad news oh don't if you of all
people haven't heard about Mona
I can't believe why do you say that oh
nothing nothing to us this makes me feel
awful that's iron it for you half the
people in Hollywood would gladly have
strangled it what actually happened that
really puts the kibosh on the picture
three hundred thousand dollars right in
the ashcan I'm not so sure come in your
secretary said you wanted this film
- delivered to you personally mr. Hart
- well yes just the foot well in that.
Closet right over there please
yes sure special film for the War.
Department of course you'll know
there'll be an inquest I'm afraid so
but of course there could be some
mistake yeah if Hoffman has anything to
do with it it'll probably turn out to be
two other people yeah you and I I hope
the police are positive in their
is Jimmy Starr here yes yeah mr. Starr
you were a columnist I believe I wish I
could make my boss believe I am now in
your experience as a columnist you would
have become personally acquainted with
the deceased
I know Maura Harrison very well over a
number of years is there any doubt in
your mind that this is Mona Harrison no
I don't believe so thank you that is all
mr. Mr. Hart you better give me your
keys your car's parked in front of a
fireplug it is not my back that way up
the street well maybe you didn't set
your brakes in front of the plug now you
might get a ticket all right
many thanks.
Mr. penguins cello please yes mr.
Shallot with your intimate knowledge of
Hollywood celebrities you would be in a
position to know Mona Harrison very well
yes I would mm-hmm I'd say without
hesitation if that that isn't Mona I'm
badly mistaken Thank You mr. Shut up
Mr. ISKCON Johnson please yes mr.
Johnson you conduct a column and a radio
program I believe that's right and on
your radio program picture stars appear
from time to time yes the program
concerns personalities I occasionally
present them on the air
miss Harrison appeared only last week
you're sure of this identification
positive thank you that's all here chief
thanks mr. Harry Crocker please all
right here mr. Crocker your experience
as a columnist Ruth place you in a
position to make a positive
identification of Moana Harrison it does
furthermore I lunched further just a day
or two before her disappearance
and this body unquestionably will
inherit thank you that's all
I think that is sufficient
identification still teentop in my mind
I only feel that way because I do that
way because he knows who's gonna oh how
do you like that priority on brains
that's all as far as the police are
concerned okay with Givens I would like
to have everyone come here for a moment
now I'm going to ask each of you to
confirm your identification yes
that's moon you definitely I am
absolutely sure there's no doubt in my
mind I'm positive well that's mana don't
change my mind yeah that's more than
that is all I thank you.
Len Hoffman I brung in the Carolyn like
you said I see know what I think II go
ahead well it's an open-and-shut case
just a little fancy deduction that's all
you stick to plain to dr. Hoffman it'll
get you a lot harder you're always
kidding cheap I'll go ahead but make it
brief I want to get through with
questioning miss Lynn okay chief I'll
let you have it straight from the hip Oh
I mean children first on the Harrisons
dead is that right right second somebody
done it intended for a motive.
Byrd the marks on Mona Harrison's throat
were different from those on Ellen Smith
so I figured the murders were done by
two different people that's the smartest
thing you've figured out yet that's
practically what I've decided myself I
know sometimes it takes me a little
while to figure things out
but when I do I'm pretty near right well
go ahead without your thing just one
more point number 4 Ellen Smith was
strangled by a man but Mona was
strangled by a woman uh new figure well
the autopsy shows that Ellen Smith's
neck was broken
no woman could have done that Mona's
neck wasn't broken but there were
scratches and traces of fingernail
polish the medical examiner told us that
you know Hoffman there are times when I
wonder if I keep you on the force and
then you suddenly come up with something
really worthwhile thank you but that a
doll I've narrowed it down to two
suspects boy ho Hamilton heart for one
love and Susan Cooper ridiculous licked
bring in miss Lin
here's Miss Lipp chief sit down please
I'm sorry to inconvenience you this way
may I ask why you had me brought here
let me see your fingernails see chief
red nail polish huh
I suppose every girl in Hollywood
doesn't wear it that'll be enough often
miss Lin moly Harrison was in love with
Hamilton high wasn't cheap I I couldn't
say exactly but she was very fond of him
I don't know anything about Hamilton
hearts private eyes
but it's possible isn't it yes it's
Hamilton heart might have had a motive
for murdering Mona harass me oh no no
that's foolish right but he couldn't
possibly have you might have wanted to
kill her yourself.
Oh No well there are 59 people in huh
might have wanted to but that doesn't
mean that any of them did if nobody did
how come she's dead well I know but but
you know it wasn't your heart I know it
wasn't him because it was either you or.
Susan Cooper oh man's man I'm sorry miss.
I'll handle this often but okay chief
there's just one more question this limb
have you any idea where mr. Hart went
when he left town the other day I don't
mr. Woody
honestly I I don't know I'm sorry to
have troubled you my car just outside
- the driver will take you home good
- evening miss Lynn
Toplin I want you to shadow Hamilton
heart but teeth I are wasting time often
you get on a bike trailer and stay on it
until I take you off but chief I was
figuring do I have to know you don't
have to see you later chief
Hey no Mickey Mouse what are you doing
here I was leaving in fact I am leaving
wait a minute what do you make of it
well I don't know what do you make of it
mr. Bones of course that couldn't be.
Oh certainly not well then I'll sing you
one of these evenings when he gets
through work maybe I'll let you take me
out and buy me a cocktail excuse me
wait a minute sit down you're going to
have a nervous breakdown all right well
if you keep this up you know very well
that was Mona suppose I do what is the
proof it simply proves there's something
fishy about the whole business yeah I
- saw you fishing for hearts P this
- morning to double-cross me I'm sorry.
Darling but you've been trying to
double-cross me from the very beginning
what's there for one is very fun
well it's Susan if I want so much in
love with you what you are you know I
can just see us fifty years from now a
lovely little cottage big open fireplace
you and I sitting in front of it
trying to give each other a hot foot Oh
on the level Jill we could just work
together nothing would suit me better
soon well alright then you wind up that.
Pillman let's talk
What do you think Jill come on not be
honest remember we're partners all right
Susan I'll give it to you straight
those were shots of Mona they weren't
cut off from any old pictures they were
they've just been made how do you know
that I checked at the laboratory this
when I came back from the morgue that
means that Hart got them someplace well
it is out of town that's just in that's
what the coroner said that Mona had been
dead for a week
have you any idea where those shots were
no there's nothing outstanding about the
background that I could see did you
notice anything particular anything
special well there's a bridge and a
public building there might be a
courthouse yeah with that that could be
anywhere and it could be Joe it seems to
me that when Mona first came to.
Hollywood she had a different name by
jingle you were right I figured out that
Mona Harrison moniker myself why didn't
I think of that before if you could
remember her right name it might give us
a clue there was some corny name like
upsets their crews a bit skier Jones or
what's that a clue to mmm nothing then
again it might be the clue to the whole
mystery anyway we all find out well I've
got the information in my files oh look
it up for me like a darling will you why
sure Susan and aren't you coming along
you're not suspicious already oh no of
course not they're right for my
etiquette you know if I don't check in
every once in a while he has an annoying
- habit of trying to keep me off the
- payroll.
Hello hello this is Susan Cooper will
you give me the boss
well okay okay boss go ahead fire me but
if you do you'll miss the biggest story
that's broken in Hollywood in years how
do I know well I don't care but I will
in a minute
okay there doesent rags it'll pay me
plenty for it now you're running on
synthetic rubber yeah
mr. Hart's office please
hello sue yeah I thought a real name is
Martha Halverson yeah Martha held us
we've got it
but that all Susan's certainly I'm not
going to double-cross you
you don't have to get so upset about
I'll give you just five minutes if
you're not here by then I'm going
without you
Okay chill I don't know what you're up
to but here goes
See if you're fouled us busy
never mind I'll go over there but the
idea is still that key off my ring if
you think I'm gonna stand for that Joe
Joe what's the matter Joe
oh boy I certainly don't want to go
through anything like that again
come on don't start talking why did you
steal my key why did you try to choke me
why did I say I don't even know what
you're talking about
you mean you didn't do it in one more
minute I'm gonna have you thrown out of
this studio bodily now cancel your
chill wait a minute mr. Hart if you
didn't do it then where's Susan
wasn't she in your office what time is
it one question of the time I don't know
where Susan is now do I care
unless hey dude you have to tell her
about Mona I mean about finishing the
picture well as a matter of fact mr.
Hart we didn't see the film I came over
here to check on lonely Harrison's real
name Susan knows as much about it as I
so whoever tried to get me is probably
after her too well that's possible if I
know Susan she's found out where Mona is
and with that murderer after her listen
mr. Hart this is a matter of life and
you've got to tell me where Mona is no
no I uh come on oh there's no time to
wait you've got to take me to her
take your tour it's all the way to Reno
Reno come on operator hello operator get
me two tickets for Reno all there now
listen hands that you listen to me and
don't call me hand now Carol's waiting
outside my car if we're gonna Reno with
what are we waiting for come on hands I
mean ball.
Oh chief this is Hofmann say I guess.
Hart's gonna get a divorce yeah a
divorce human power are headin for Reno
besides everything else I've called you
your people minded this may be the break
we're waiting for
and you think hearts going to Reno for a
divorce huh he isn't married stupid okay
chief I'll be waiting at the depot
hey hey why'd you try to run me off the
road like you been following me I want
to talk to you yes I I followed you
because because I
oh yeah I want to see my pelvis you mean.
Louise oh yes that's right I forgot it
is Marie who shall I state
well you won't have to announce me just
give me the number of her room I'm an
old friend well I'll have to let her
know you're coming up oh well Susan are
you all right
you got here okay okay hi did you expect
something to happen to me he certainly
did and by the way how did you hear
about Moreno uh-huh well it feels like
this and I should never really break
down a marriage oh he'll be my seventh
husband and I was right here in Reno I
divorced the other six hey the sweet boy
turtle correct
I'll cut out the comedy you had inside
information have you had the same
information only I used my head while
you used to protect you I don't get it
neither do I
you remember that same Ramona comes down
a flight of stairs and the bridge where
she throws the ring into the river yeah
you walk right down the street you'll
see the boat I catch the women in
America every note come over here I
wanna talk to you
look at me excuse us Kelter you antara
mute yourselves
Susan any adverse publicity and I stand
to lose 300,000 dollars invested in.
Mona's picture though I admit you've got
me on a spot but I figured if we could
get together and make a deal
uh-huh I could use a little nest egg
because I don't think Joel ever they
contended with anything but the best
but it's no deal mr. Hart you seem to
forget we're mixed up in a murder what
key it's a reunion that isn't funny.
Hoffman the junior g-man where he
brought a friend
he ain't no friend he's a Reno detective
hey you can be the dummy said I'd be
never mind the repartee miss Cooper
what's going on here why the gathering
of the clan y-yeah we were we were
worried about Susan Oh speak for
gentlemen I'm here on a vacation could
you give me a room and a bath yes
sydorov don't get personal
well what's the idea of hiding out on it
go away let me alone come on moto what's
the lowdown on this deal can't you let
me alone you heard their power
besides Brunner Harrison's dead how
could she be walking around
what's the strange about that you've
- been doing it for years oh yeah now look
- here not only enough Hoffman is this.
Moment Harrison mr. Hart
why yeah not quite
oh wait pardon me gentlemen
I think Sisyphus things up the signed
confession from Arthur
well that's children knowing I am dying
I must tell the truth I murdered Ellen
Smith and Mona's twin sister Katie you
see this tool stop mumbling in my ear is
it the first time I ever knew Mona had a
twin according to this your sister came
to Hollywood the day of the murders and
demanded money otherwise she threatened
to expose the fact that you were not her
was secretly married yes that's hot buzz
off Maria called he lost it here and
then killed her
so he lost his head and killed her huh
yes yes to protect Julie sent you up
here to hide out while he covered up all
took the rap attorney yes that's it I
wanted to stay but he wouldn't let me
our little Mona was married all the time
no wonder she wouldn't give anyone a
tumble but how does Ellen fit into the
picture well that's a sick
Ellen was in on the blackmail with more
news sister splendid Hoffman you ought
to be promoted to a flat but for such a
deduction yeah what's wrong with her
everything Eleanor a name behind the
night of the dinner party fizzle and she
saw Arthur with a body she got scared
and ran but she was afraid to go home or
to tell the police because she knew
Arthur would be looking for but she did
go home the night of the blackout and
started to call us
Arthur was waiting in the apartment yes
he was my husband
I know I shouldn't say it but it's true
every word of it
well miss Cooper again it seems the
police department is indebted to you
murder is dead and we've got moment the
accessory I should be pulling this on
Hoffman not you but you have things just
- a little bit reversed the accessory is
- dead the murderer is still very much.
what oh she couldn't be a wise guy now
and cook up some wild yarn why don't you
let the police handle things I'm afraid
they might put you on it keep it safe if
anyone's insane it's you
why should kind of call me crazy I'm.
Terra peace Oh time your name is on with
it cool give her our pen William sit
here mama find your name of it be bad
she's got a pen on a right hand I don't
get well neither did I until I saw those
pictures you remember the scene where
Mona throws the ring into the river she
did it with her right hand now I know
Mona well enough to know she's
left-handed doesn't Mona but her sister
that's right Mona's dad this is Marie oh
who told him on his real name I remember
the story about her having a sister a
psychopathic Kate she always kept him
That's a tough break
Carol are you alright yes much better
thank you
there's still Harvey for darling well
chief I guess that answers up the case
thanks to Susan
yeah thanks Susie you did a swell job
what were you going to say Harlan I uh I
I forgot one thing still puzzles me how
did you know it wasn't Mona before she
picked up the pin I just played a hunch.
Arthur didn't write that confession I
did he died without saying a word
girlfriend I'm beginning to appreciate
you more every minute I am too that's
swell of you fellas but there's one
thing I'd like you to explain to me mr.
how did you know that the girl you
thought was Mona was in Reno well
between the time I called you at your
place and we went out to Mona's place
for the questioning she called me from
the railroad station she asked me to go
to her safe and get some letters but
before I'd agreed I made her promise
that I could come to Reno and shoot the
rest of those scenes did she tell you
why she was leaving town oh she was
having some trouble with a boyfriend
said she was on the verge of a nervous
ah then it was you who tried to strangle
me that night I say what is this a
frame-up oh she's kidding your heart she
knows it with the chauffeur told me I'll
give you a lift back alive you certainly
may baby Hoffman I up stay here to clear
up some details
we're not the splendid opportunity for
you to divorce Hoffman from his bed
listen nobody's taken my badge away not
- till I've had time to lock you up some
- fine day for life on that sweet of you
Hoffman but you're a little bit late
I've already promised y'all hey is that.
Cale screwy or am I yeah yeah well
here's the payoff bought the chauffeur
was married to this demented sister
they'd been blackmailing Mona for years
and when she clamped down on them Murray
choked her to death so to protect her
the chauffeur killed a Smith girl none
attempted a few other murders
yeah how hot was it Suzy go away the
boss will hear you yeah
we'll lose your story now how about that
race yeah but we could be different
Susan we could get married here in Reno
no Joe no I mean yes boss
yes oh you're a peach huh
ah think nothing of it if a certain pal
of mine would say it's just an
open-and-shut case
come on I ought to give up but I don't
sport we've got to get back to Hollywood
further over the fourth interceptor
command the Hollywood Network is now
leaving the air we will retrain when the
blackout is over another blackout go
through that business all over again
yeah but let's get the beginning and go
on right from here together you really
think it about do I big why all the
illumination brother don't you know
there's a blackout turn out those lights
see here our guides at the civilian
defense but to me you're just a bundle
of nerves do you turn out those lights
or do I have okay uncle this matter
hey you own a second-story window turn
off those lights well Sue's now that
I've got that satellite
hey what Susan wait a minute Susan I I
want to ask you something
the answer is still no then hoax them up
there in that camp if you don't come to
see me sometime I mean you're sure honey
and before I go I thought yo I've always
been crazy buddy uniform