A Night to Remember (1958) Movie Script

[Crowd Chattering]
I name this ship...
May God bless her...
and all who sail in her.
[Crowd Cheering, Applauding]
- Hip! Hip!
- Hooray!
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Cheering, Shouting]
Listen to this, Sylvia.
"The new White Star liner R.M.S. Titanic
is the largest vessel in the world.
It is not only in size,
but also in the luxury of her appointments...
that the Titanic takes first place
among the big steamers of the world.
By the provision of Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap
for her first-class passengers...
the Titanic also leads...
as offering a higher standard
of toilet luxury and comfort at sea."
Let me see.
For the first class passengers,
mark you.
- The rest don't wash, of course.
- [Laughs]
Excuse me, sir,
but are you a foreigner?
- Me?
- Or a radical perhaps?
I ask because my wife and I
find your sneering remarks in bad taste.
What's that?
Let those who wish to belittle
their country's achievements do so in private.
Every Britisher is proud
of the unsinkable Titanic.
- [Woman] Yes, indeed.
- I'm sure my husband would agree with you.
He's going to join the Titanic
as her second officer.
[Clears Throat]
I, uh - I apologize.
A misunderstanding, of course.
Oh, of course, madam.
Soap is no laughing matter.
It was the suggestion of criticism.
Of the advertisement, sir,
not the ship.
Uh, quite so.
You're joining her at Liverpool,
I take it?
No, sir, Belfast.
Then we sail down to Southampton.
Ah, how I envy you. The newspapers say
she's a veritable floating city.
Symbol of progress...
of man's final victory
over nature and the elements.
- 800 cases shelled walnuts, Titanic.
- Yes.
- 3,000 dozen fresh eggs, Titanic.
- Yes.
- It's all Titanic this.
- All Titanic.
250 five-pound jars Beluga caviar.
- [Men Chattering]
- 2,000 pounds of jam, greengage.
Definitely not the veal.
But we'll take the rest,
subject to inspection.
The final passenger list
for the Titanic, sir.
- How many first class?
- Three hundred and thirty-two, sir.
Two hundred and seventy-six, second.
Seven hundred and eight, steerage.
- Total with crew?
- Two thousand, two hundred and eight, sir.
More than half the steerage
join at Cherbourg and Queenstown.
There we are.
That's eight wardrobe trunks, 10 suitcases.
Eighteen pieces in all.
- They're ready.
- Mm-hmm.
- All ready, sir.
- Thank you.
Well, good-bye, sir.
I hope you have a pleasant journey.
Thank you very much.
- Are you sure you're warm enough?
- Yes, thank you.
All right, Perkins.
Now, children, here they come.
Show Sir Richard and Her Ladyship
how much we respect them.
- Hooray!
- [All Cheering]
- [Cheering Continues]
- Hooray!
- Who are they?
- The workhouse kids.
Making sure of their Christmas turkey
from the home farm.
[Chattering, Laughing]
Good-bye, darling, good-bye.
You won't forget to write to me,
will you?
We'll send you a wireless
from the ship.
Oh, do take care of my little one.
[Chattering Continues]
[Engine Starts]
[All Cheering, Chattering]
- [Bell Tolling]
- [People Chattering]
- Well, Godspeed to thee, child.
- Thank you, Father.
You'll all come back
when your fortunes are made.
We will that, Father.
What will you do with
the horse and cart?
I'll sell them in Queenstown
before we get on the ship.
Well, get a good price, Tom.
They're sharp in Queenstown.
Don't worry, Father.
I'll watch me step.
Don't grieve, Mrs. Farrell.
It's a wise thing your husband is doing.
- Can I help you up, miss?
- Thank you.
That's very kind of you.
- [Chattering Continues]
- Hey, wait for me!
Do you think they'll promote you
to first officer after this trip, Bertie?
Well, that depends whether
they keep old Wilde on or not.
- After all, you were first on the Majestic.
- Ah, but that was temporary.
- Don't you mind?
- No.
Bill Murdock's the one
with his nose out ofjoint this trip.
Ambitious fellow is Bill.
So are you.
You know you are.
I'd rather be second in the Titanic
than first or even chief in any other ship.
With me, madam, it's the honor of
serving the company, and to hell with the pay.
What would you like me
to bring you back from New York?
There's nothing you couldn't buy
better or cheaper over here.
Ah, but there is. Garters!
Ladies' silk garters
with big frilly bows.
There's a shop on Broadway full of 'em,
just in from Paris.
- Blue ones, pink ones, scarlet!
- [Laughing]
What's the matter?
The idea of you buying garters
with big frilly bows on them.
[Both Chuckle]
The idea of you wearing 'em.
Oh-ho! Ooh-la-la!
Now, Bertie, look at the time.
It's late.
And you have to get down to the shi -
[Horn Blowing]
- Morning, sir.
- Good morning, Pilot.
- The engine room wheel has been tested.
- Quite a send-off, eh, Captain?
- Yes, sir. Yes, they have.
- Thank you, sir.
There should be quite a welcome
waiting for us in New York too.
It'll be a proud moment for you,
Mr. Chairman.
Oh, and for you, Andrews. [Laughs]
You're the man who built her.
You're the one who ought to take the bows.
I'm only the office boy.
We should arrive - Uh, let's see.
- Wednesday morning.
- We might do better than that.
- Not out for a fast run this trip, are you?
- Oh, no, no, no, nothing like that.
She'll do better
when the engines have settled down.
Naturally, Captain,
you'll use your own judgment.
I'm just an ordinary passenger
on this trip.
- Mr. Murdock.
- Oh, Andrews.
Get the men to stations and let me know
when the gangway's landed.
Aye, aye, sir.
[Horns Blowing]
[Passengers Chattering]
See? Steady as a rock.
- That's remarkable.
- [Laughs]
Of course the sea's dead calm
at the moment.
All the same, Captain,
dead calm or not...
there are lots of other ships
that'd be rolling anyway.
That's perfectly true.
As you say, sir,
she's as steady as a rock.
- [All Laughing]
- No, someone must have jogged the table.
So sorry.
[Bell Clanging]
- Got any more sugar there?
- Yes, sir.
- What is it?
- More ice warnings from steamers ahead, sir.
One from the America
and another from the Baltic
Just south of Cape Race.
Never known pack ice
come that far south before, sir.
Been a mild winter
up in the Arctic.
This ice must be drifting down
on the Labrador current.
Well, our passengers
aren't in any hurry.
Wouldn't be with us if they were.
[Orchestra: Up-tempo]
- Messages for the captain.
- Oh, very good, Sparks.
- Would you see he gets them right away?
- Certainly.
Excuse me, sir.
From the wireless room.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Ice warnings
from steamers ahead of us.
Excuse me.
- Serious?
- Oh, we shall keep a sharp look out.
- [Headset: Telegraph Buzzing, Clicking]
- Hear it? That's the Titanic.
What's she saying?
"Best wishes to Joe and Hattie.
See you Wednesday. Love, Mina and Bill."
- Private stuff.
- [Chuckles]
Yes, there must be a lot of money
in that ship.
They've been at it
for the best part of the day.
Float ice.
"Buy 200,000 Rand.
Market price.
Opening Monday."
This chap's spending a fortune.
- What have you got there, Sparks?
- Titanic on her maiden voyage, sir.
She's working Cape Race.
- How far away is she?
- It's hard to tell.
Signal strength's pretty good.
About 50 miles back,
I should think.
- Get this off to all ships, will you.
- Yes, sir.
From S.S. Californian.
Ice reports.
[Strings, Accordion]
[All Singing]
With me bundle on me shoulder
Faith, there's no one
could be bolder
I'm leaving dear old Ireland
without warning
For I lately took a notion
For to cross the briny ocean
And I'm off to Philadelphia
in the morning
Oh, me name is Paddy Leary
From a spot in Tipperary
The hearts of all the girls
I am a thorn in
But before the break of morn
Sure, 'tis them who'll be forlorn
For I'm off to Philadelphia
in the morning
With me bundle on me shoulder
Faith, there's no one
could be bolder
I'm leaving dear old Ireland
- [Speaking Foreign Language]
- Without warning
- For I lately took a notion
- [Foreign Language]
For to cross the briny ocean
And I'm off to Philadelphia
In the morning
- Bravo!
- [Cheering]
Ah, well, now, that's enough of that.
Give us something livelier.
- Give us a jig now, Aloysius!
- [Woman] Ja! Ja!
- [Jig]
- Would you care to dance?
- [Foreign Language]
- Dance!
- [Foreign Language]
- [Foreign Language]
Oh, 'tis only a dance.
Come on now.
Come on.
- [Continues]
- [Cheering, Laughing]
[Orchestra: Chamber]
Good evening, milady.
Sir Richard.
Good evening.
Leadville Johnny they call him.
And he was the best
gol-durned gold miner in Colorado.
Fifteen I was when I married him.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
And he didn't have a cent.
Well, three months later
he struck it rich...
and we was millionaires.
- You know what he did?
- No.
He built me a house.
And he had silver dollars cemented
all over the floors of every room.
I say, how very tiresome for you.
- [Shovels Scraping]
- [Furnaces Rumbling]
- Evening, sir.
- Evening, Kemish.
- Any troubles?
- No, sir, she's a beautiful job.
- Thank you, Hesketh.
- Good night, sir.
[Telegraph Buzzing, Clicking]
I've sent off as much as I could, John,
but the purser's office kept sending up more.
Here he is again.
- Good evening.
- Sorry, Mr. Phillips.
"From the Titanic at sea.
Wish you were here."
Well, how's Cape Race working, eh?
There's a lot of repeats.
Not too bad.
There was an ice report from the Californian.
It went to the bridge.
All right.
Oh, no peace for the wicked, eh?
[Headset: Telegraph Buzzing, Clicking]
[Buzzing, Clicking Continue]
- [Knocking]
- Come in.
- What, more?
- Afraid so.
Put them down there, will you?
Having trouble, Sparks?
Certainly not.
- Good night.
- Good night.
[Clears Throat]
[Wind Whistling]
- Keep on course, Q.M.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- You sent for me, sir?
- Ah, yes, Chippy.
The temperature's dropping. We don't want
a freeze-up in the fresh water tanks.
- So keep an eye on them, will you?
- Aye, aye, sir.
Thank you.
[Orchestra: "Blue Danube Waltz"]
It's getting jolly cold.
Are you warm enough, darling?
Let's go back.
We ought not to be here anyway.
This is first class.
- They're welcome to it on a night like this.
- [Giggles]
Come on.
[Waltz Continues]
[Buzzing, Clicking]
[Headset: Buzzing, Clicking Continue]
- Evening, Mr. Lightoller.
- Good evening, sir.
- Any more ice reports?
- No, sir.
What's the temperature like?
It's almost freezing point, sir,
and still dropping.
In an hour or so
we'll be in the Labrador current.
Well, the weather
looks clear enough so far.
If there's the slightest bit of haze,
we shall have to slow down.
- Let me know at once if you're doubtful.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Now, Mr. Moody.
- Sir?
Call up the the lookouts and tell them to keep
their eyes skinned for small ice and growlers.
There might be some of that about.
- Make sure they understand.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Tell 'em to 'pass it on when they're relieved.
- Yes, sir.
Ice ahead, sir!
Aye, aye.
- Stop engines.
- Stop engines.
- [Bell Ringing]
- Stop engines, sir.
That's field ice, Mr. Groves.
I'm not trying to find my way around that
until daylight.
- Shall we report it, sir?
- Yes.
- Work out our position.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Evans, what other ships
are there near?
- Only the Titanic, sir.
- Mmm.
You'll have to call her and tell her
we're stopped on account of ice.
Mr. Groves will give you our position
when he's worked it out.
Order from the bridge.
Special watch
for small ice and growlers.
I say, you won't drink
all the cocoa down there, will you?
I told Chippy to keep his eye
on the fresh water.
Oh, and the lookouts have been warned
to keep their eyes skinned for ice.
I think that's about the lot.
- I'm off on the rounds.
- Thanks, Lights.
You're welcome to it. Good night.
[Orchestra: Waltz]
- [Woman Gasps]
- Here, I -
- Oh, sorry, sir.
- Hello, Blake.
Oh, uh, pop my coat in my cabin for me,
will you, please?
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
[Orchestra Continues]
That'll be brandies for the gentlemen
and a hock and seltzer for the ladies.
- Is that correct, sir?
- That's right.
Now, look here. You're sure about
this full speed trial tomorrow?
That's what I heard from one of the officers,
sir. I can't guarantee it, naturally.
Well, here's somebody
who ought to be able to tell us.
- Hey, Lieutenant.
- Sir?
- Good evening, ladies.
- Uh, have a drink.
Thank you, no, sir,
I'm on duty.
We've decided to win a sweep
on the ship's run tomorrow.
Now, rumor has it the captain's going to see
how fast she can go. Is that right?
- It's possible.
- Aha!
Now, what would be your guess
about the run, Lieutenant?
- I don't think I ought to tell you that, sir.
- Why not?
Well, wouldn't you feel worried
about betting on a certainty?
[All Laugh]
Are you sure
you won't have a drink?
A little later, if I may.
Please excuse me.
Here, lad.
We're trying to find our bunks.
Well, you can't come this way
This is second class.
Oh, sorry. No offense, lad.
Down to the end, then left.
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening, Steward.
- Everything all right?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
- Can I do anything for you, sir?
No, thank you.
Winning a lot, is he?
- Pardon?
- You know the one I mean.
Oh, uh, yes, sir, he is.
Ah. I thought I'd seen him before.
The Majestic, I think it was.
- The name of Rogers, sir.
- Oh?
It was Yates last time.
Can they afford to lose?
- Wealthy gentlemen, sir.
- Mmm.
If you get a chance tomorrow, try and drop
them a hint about what they're up against.
- We don't want any complaints of that sort.
- I'll do that, sir.
Get the ship a bad name.
Get you a bad name too.
- Good night, Steward.
- Good night, sir.
I said I'll see you.
Here's our position,
as near as I can work it out.
Uh, the old man says he gave you
the rest of the message.
That's right.
Telegraph Clicking, Buzzing]
[Clicking, Buzzing]
[Clicking, Buzzing Continue]
What's the matter?
What's he saying?
He says keep out.
- [Clicking, Buzzing Continue]
- Now he's calling Cape Race again.
What's he sending to Cape Race?
More private stuff.
Some big bug wants his private railway car
to meet him in New York.
How about that?
Well, it's time I signed off
and got a bit of shut-eye.
Oh, uh, when I get off watch,
I'd like to listen in a bit. All right?
- Beginning to get the code now, are you?
- One word in three, sometimes.
Have to make you second operator.
Then you can wind up the detector.
I'll take you up on that.
- Hello, Doc.
- Hello, Lights.
- What's the matter? Somebody ill?
- I'm on an errand of mercy.
Hope she's not too young for you.
Oh, you've got an evil mind.
- [Knocking]
- Come in!
Hello, Doc.
What can I do for you?
You can stop working on this grand ship
of yours and have a nightcap.
Well, I've got one here.
This is sound medical advice
I'm giving you.
Come in.
What is this?
"Restaurant galley hot press
not working.
Alterations needed
to the writing room.
Two few screws
on the stateroom coat hooks."
[Clicks Tongue] This ship of yours
must be falling to bits.
I like to have things just so.
People first, things second.
- Your very good health, Mr. Andrews.
- Good health.
Go on! Get on with it!
[Bell Clanging]
There's a big ship
coming up to starboard, sir.
- How far away is she?
- Maybe 10 miles.
Well, better find out who she is,
I suppose.
- Contact her with the Morse lamp.
- Right, sir.
[Wind Whistling]
- What did you see?
- Iceberg dead ahead, sir.
Iceberg dead ahead, sir.
- Hard to starboard.
- Hard to starboard, sir.
- Full astern both.
- Full astern both, sir.
- [Bell Ringing]
- Close watertight doors.
Close watertight doors, sir.
Hard to starboard it is, sir.
[Bell Clanging]
[Furniture Rattling]
[Clanging Continues]
Come on! Go!
Come on!
Up the ladders, boys!
Come on! Up top!
- What is it?
- Iceberg, sir.
I put her hard to starboard and reversed
the engines, but she was too close.
- Stop engines.
- Stop engines.
[Bell Ringing]
I splashed my drink.
- Yes, I saw it. Huge thing.
- Good Lord!
You can't see it now though.
Must've just shaved past it.
- What do you think of this for a souvenir?
- Where did you get that from?
It's off the berg.
There's tons of it up forward.
- Oh, sorry.
- Steward, bring me a whiskey and soda!
We've run aground, I tell you.
We've run aground on Newfoundland.
That's what we've done!
- What are you talking about?
- Oh, shut up!
- You don't know the first thing about it!
- Shut the dampers and get the fires doused!
Thanks, mate.
I tell you she's thrown a propeller blade.
I was in the old Majestic
when the same thing happened.
- [Scoffs]
- We'll be going back to Belfast. You'll see.
They've got the pumps working.
You get a gang down here
and draw the fires.
You heard!
Come on, me lucky lads!
All right, lads, come on.
Down again.
- Come on, Ted. Come on.
- I don't know.
Get down the ladder, lad.
It's my birthday today as well.
Aw, come on.
Come on, lads.
Well, if there's nothing to see up on deck,
I'm going back to bed. Good night.
Good night.
- What's the trouble?
- Nothing serious, sir.
In a few hours
we'll be on our way again.
[Passengers Chattering]
- [Knocking]
- Yes?
[Passengers Chattering]
- Why have we stopped?
- A bit of trouble, sir.
The captain's compliments,
would you please join him on the bridge?
- Now?
- If you please, sir.
She's making water fast, sir.
The mail hold's practically full already.
- Aren't the pumps working?
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you, Carpenter.
- The engine room say they'll need more.
They're rigging them now.
This is most unfortunate, Captain.
Yes, sir.
Do you think the ship
is seriously damaged?
I'm afraid she is.
Excuse me.
How long is this likely to delay us?
- Not long.
- We've struck a berg.
I think she's badly damaged.
I'd like to know how badly.
All right.
I'll go down and have a look.
Oh, glory be! Come on!
[Shouting, Chattering]
- Here we are!
- Come on!
Oh, no, no. If we're gonna play a game,
we'll play it properly.
- Right?
- Right you are!
[All Chattering, Shouting]
Oh, well played, sir!
[Chattering, Shouting]
I say, let's go down and join the fun.
But they're steerage passengers.
Come away, Ireland!
Get down there!
[Shouting, Chattering Continue]
[Rumbling Continues]
Anything more you want to see?
Chief, I'd get those men up
as soon as you can.
Yes, I'll -
I'll do that, Mr. Andrews.
[Woman] The knocking woke me up.
I don't know what it was.
- What have we stopped for?
- There's talk of an iceberg, ma'am.
I expect we've stopped
so as not to run over anything.
What's up?
Oh, we're stopped and blowing off steam.
Something's wrong. I don't know what.
Bumped a bit of ice, I think.
Well, I can't sleep with this racket going on.
Do you want me to give you a hand?
Well, I've finished the Cape Race traffic.
Uh, you can help with the accounts,
if you like.
I'll get some clothes on.
- Do you think we'll have to turn back?
- Oh, don't say it.
If we do, we won't get
a moment's peace in here.
Here's the position.
Water in the forepeak.
Numbers one and two holds.
The mail room
and boiler rooms six and five.
That means a gash
300 foot long...
from there to there...
below the waterline.
- Do you agree?
- Yes.
The pumps are keeping the water
down in this boiler room...
but the first five compartments
are flooding.
Well, what's the answer?
She's going to sink, Captain.
But she can't sink.
- She's unsinkable.
- She can't float.
She could float with any three of her
first five watertight compartments flooded.
She could even float
with four of them gone.
- But she can't float with all five full up.
- Yes, but -
These watertight bulkheads here
only go as high as E Deck.
The weight of water in the bow
is going to pull her down by the head.
So you're going to get the fifth watertight
compartment overflowing into the sixth...
the sixth into the seventh and so on
as she gets lower.
It's a mathematical certainty.
With that amount of underwater damage,
she can't stay afloat.
How long will she last?
Just trying to work that out now.
As far as I can see,
she made 14 feet of water...
in the first 10 minutes
after the collision.
That's not very fast.
She should live...
another hour and a half.
Yes, about that, I think.
There must be no panic.
You'll be careful what you say
to the passengers?
Of course.
How many people
are there on board?
Twenty-two hundred or more.
And room in the boats for...
how many?
Twelve hundred.
I don't think the Board of Trade regulations
visualized this situation.
Do you?
[Rumbling Continues]
[Passengers Chattering, Laughing]
[Laughing Continues]
we are in a precarious position.
We must be prepared
to abandon ship.
Mr. Murdock,
you will muster the passengers.
Mr. Lightoller, you will have the boats
uncovered and swung out.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Boxhall, call all hands
and get them to boat stations.
Mr. Moody,
you will help Mr. Lightoller.
Mr. Wilde and Mr. Pitman
will remain on the bridge.
Everything will be done
quietly and calmly.
There must be no alarm
and no panic.
I will give the word when the boats are
to be loaded with the women and children.
Carry on, please.
Aren't you exaggerating the danger?
I'm afraid not, sir.
Well, where's Andrews?
I am acting on his advice.
This ship is going to founder.
But she can't.
In any case,
we can't get everyone in the boats.
I know that, sir.
Please God,
it won't come to that.
[Rumbling Continues]
All right, now listen to me.
The ship has been seriously damaged.
The captain's ordered the boats swung out.
- It's got to be done quickly and -
- [Rumbling Stops]
It's got to be done quickly and efficiently.
We don't want any panic.
If you keep your heads,
the passengers will keep theirs.
Now, I know you've had no chance
for a boat drill.
But you're all seamen and you've got brains.
Now's the time to use them.
- All right, bos'n, get busy.
- Yes, sir.
[All Chattering]
The ship is badly damaged.
Send out the call for assistance.
- The regulation distress call, sir?
- Yes, and at once.
As soon as you're in touch
with the ship nearest to us...
tell them to come
as quickly as they can.
- You understand?
- Yes, sir.
- That's our position.
- Yes, sir.
- [Click]
- [Telegraph Turns On, Humming]
[Clicking, Buzzing]
What about that steamer over there?
Who is she?
I don't know.
Suppose she's in the ice too.
She stopped at about seven bells.
I tried calling her with the Morse lamp,
but she didn't take any notice.
- Well, me for bed.
- Right.
- Good night.
- Good night, sir.
[Buzzing, Clicking]
[Buzzing, Clicking Continue]
[Buzzing, Clicking Continue, Stop]
[Buzzing, Clicking]
Any luck?
The Frankfurt - 150 miles away.
The Olympic says
the Mount Temple's nearer.
Well, there must be
someone nearer still.
Try sending SOS.
That's the new call.
It may be the only chance
you'll ever have.
[Telegraph Buzzing, Clicking]
Come in.
Sorry to disturb you, sir,
but captain's orders.
- What is it?
- There's a little trouble with the ship.
Everyone's to put on warm clothing,
get their life belts on and go up on deck.
- What?
- It's only a precaution, ma'am.
Excuse me, sir.
Everybody up, get dressed,
get your life belts on at once.
- [Passengers Chattering]
- [Speaking Foreign Language]
I said, you get dressed,
get life belt, quick.
- Savvy? Chop-chop!
- [Foreign Language]
Goodyard, here!
Will you get your life belt
and get dressed!
- [Shouting In Foreign Language]
- Get your life belt! Get it!
Come on, lads, hurry it up.
You've had time enough.
Unfold those covers.
- Mr. Lightoller, I must insist.
- What's in that sack?
- Bread, sir.
- Right. Chuck it in the boat. This one.
Very good, sir.
Every boat must be manned by seamen.
That's laid down.
Everything's in hand, sir.
Will you please go down to the lounge.
Come along.
Ship those turning handles.
- [Water Trickling]
- Water?
[Speaking Foreign Language]
Come on, get up.
We're sinking.
- Get out of it!
- I'm fine.
Everybody up!
- Captain's orders!
- Why don't you put the light out!
- Stewardess.
- Yes, sir?
Why aren't you
wearing your life belt?
Well, the passengers
mustn't think I'm scared.
Let them see you wearing it.
Put it on, child, for your own sake too.
Oh, madam, let me help.
Come along.
Really, it's too tiresome of them.
Everybody knows this ship can't sink.
Ah, there you are.
And me sleeping sound for the first time
since we left Queenstown.
- Never mind now. Never mind.
- It'll be cold outside.
- Where's Pat off to?
- Here, hold my bag, will you?
Get up top, quick.
[Clicking, Buzzing]
They say they always grow up
to look like their mothers.
The older one's keener,
if you know what I mean.
I know what you mean.
Why don't you try
giving them both a miss this trip?
And take the mother out?
Yes, you might do worse,
by the sight of it.
You're heating my blood.
I think I'll turn in.
- Sweet dreams.
- Good night, Sparks.
Telegraph Clicking, Buzzing, Faint]
[Clicking, Buzzing Continue, Faint]
[Clicking, Buzzing Continue,
Volume Louder]
[Telegraph On, Humming]
[Clicking, Buzzing]
Mr. Dean! Sir!
- There's a distress call just come through.
- Who from?
- The Titanic. They've struck a berg.
- Is this a leg-pull, Sparks?
No. They've struck a berg. They want us
to come at once. They're sinking.
- The Titanic? Don't be a fool.
- It's true.
I'm going to the captain.
- There's nothing in sight. Take over.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Sir. Sir!
What the devil's going -
Haven't you learned to knock
before you come in here?
It's a distress call, sir, from the Titanic.
She's sinking.
I'm sorry, sir. I -
Mr. Dean, turn the ship round.
Head northwest.
I'll work the course out for you in a minute.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Now, Cottam.
- You're sure this is the Titanic?
- Yes, sir.
- Certain?
- Absolutely.
All right, check back.
Find out everything you can.
- Tell them we're coming as fast as possible.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, we've contacted the Carpathia.
Eastbound from New York.
She's on her way to us.
- Well, how far away is she?
- Fifty-eight miles, sir.
She's making all possible speed.
Should reach us in four hours.
Four hours.
- Yes, sir.
- Well, what about that ship over there?
About 10 miles away.
You can see a light.
- Isn't she replying?
- No, sir.
- Well -
- She'd blast our ears off if she did.
Maybe she can't keep a 24-hour watch.
Maybe she hasn't got
wireless at all, sir.
All right, Bride. Thank you.
- Mr. Moody.
- Sir?
Tell Mr. Boxhall
to fire the distress rockets.
One every five minutes
from the port side.
Aye, aye, sir.
Port side boats all swung out, sir.
Shall I fill them?
Put the women and children in
and lower away.
Aye, aye, sir.
[Projectile Streaking]
[Passengers Chattering]
Looked like a rocket, sir.
I wonder what a ship like that
would want to fire a rocket for.
[Passengers Chattering]
Right then. Number 22.
One, two.
Step aboard please, madam,
and I'll pass the children across.
- But what about my husband?
- I'm sorry. Women and children first.
- Yes, my dear, I think you better had.
- But in a small boat like that!
- I can't go without my husband.
- That lady's right.
- It's absolutely ridiculous.
- Now, madam, I assure you.
- Kindly help me out of here, please.
- It can't be helped if she won't go.
Now, madam, please.
Now, would you be good enough
to step into the boat, madam.
And catch my death of cold?
Certainly not!
- Step into the boat please, madam.
- Thank you.
- Eileen!
- Yes?
You won't get back on board
tomorrow without a pass.
[Women Laughing]
- [Orchestra Continues]
- But I don't see why -
I have my orders,
ladies and gentlemen.
The ladies are certainly safer here
than on those little boats.
The captain's opinion about that
is different, sir.
Look here, sir.
I don't know whether you gentlemen
have noticed it...
but this ship has gotten
quite a list on it now.
- That's not right.
- I don't suppose that's very serious.
You can't sink this boat.
That's quite certain.
Get a move on.
Come on, lads.
Come on.
Move along there.
What's the use, Chief?
All the pumps in Belfast
would never keep that water down.
That may be so,
but the longer we can keep her afloat...
the more lives will be saved.
So put your backs into it.
- Sorry, sir.
- I'm sorry.
- Mr. Andrews.
- Martin, there's a job for you.
- Aren't you going up top, sir?
- Presently.
Open up all the spare cabins,
take out all life belts and spare blankets...
and get your men to distribute them -
the blankets to the boats.
- Right, sir. I'll see to it at once.
- Good.
- Oh, Mr. Andrews.
- Yes?
I'd like you to tell me something. I -
I have a wife and three children on board.
Just how serious is it?
I'm not the panicking kind.
The ship has about an hour to live.
A little more, if some of the upper
bulkheads hold, but not much more.
Get your wife and children
into the boats.
Thank you.
Oh, Mr. Andrews.
I take it you and I
may both be in the same boat later.
Yes, we may.
Oh, this way, madam.
This way, please. Quickly as you can.
Straight the way down there.
[Door Opens]
Please, will you tell me
what's going on, Robert?
People have been rushing about,
and noises overhead.
Oh, it's very tiresome.
We've struck an iceberg
and damaged the ship.
- We may be a day late getting to New York.
- Oh, that is annoying.
And to make matters worse...
the captain's being very fussy
and correct.
All women and children have to go
up on deck and get into the lifeboats.
- Oh, no!
- Mmm. Afraid so, dear.
But I don't want to wake the children.
Is it really necessary?
I think we should do
what the captain says.
Very well, Robert.
We - We must wrap
the children up warmly.
We can take the blankets
off the beds too.
I can deal with Tom
if you'll look after the girls.
Yes, all right.
Tom. Come on, old boy.
You've got to get up now.
- Anne, Jennifer. Wake up, darlings.
- Sorry. There we are. There's the boy.
Come on! Come on!
Up, quick! Out of it!
Quick, lads!
The bulkhead's going!
[Men Shouting]
- [Orchestra Continues]
- [Cork Pops]
- I say! What a whizzer!
- That was spiffy, eh?
What a whizzer!
- [Passengers Chattering]
- Marvelous!
Get to your boats, please.
But it's only
a safety precaution, madam.
I refuse to wear it.
- You must wear your life jacket.
- But I dislike it intensely.
- I-I don't want to wear that.
- Try it on, sister.
Everyone's wearing them this season.
They're the latest thing.
Hey, Steward, cancel my appointment
with the hairdresser, will you?
- Tell her I've gone boating.
- Yes, madam.
Get to your boats, please.
Come along.
- Really, I'd rather not wear it.
- Come along, please.
[Chattering, Shouting]
Will you let me have one, please?
A big one.
- That's mine.
- Be quiet. Too many people.
- Purser! Here. Purser!
- Careful, please.
I must have my jewels. I must have them.
They're in the safe.
I've a receipt here to prove it.
But the word's going round that the women
and children are taking to the boats.
You can't go through here.
This is not the way to the steerage boat deck.
- I've told you!
- Which is the way, then?
They'll be opening the lower deck ports
when the orders are given.
Oh, they will, will they?
We'll soon see about that.
I'm going to have to
cut down more steam.
- I'll have to get rid of some of the load then.
- Yes.
Well, you can cut the boiler room fans
for a start.
- That'll help.
- Good.
How are things up top, sir?
Any chance for us?
Whatever happens,
we've got to keep the lights going.
I'll give the word when it's time to go,
and then it's every man for himself.
But it won't be so bad.
They say the Carpathia's on her way to us.
It should be here anytime now.
Well, let's hope they're right.
Eh, boys?
And if any of you feel like praying,
you'd better go ahead.
The rest can join me in a cup of tea.
Cut your heating and hot water.
Cut anything you like.
I've got to have
every ounce of steam you can give me.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- All right.
- Mr. Dean.
- Sir?
Get all hands on deck
and prepare to receive survivors.
Knock off all routine work.
Get your boats ready
and swing them out.
Rig electric lights
down the side of the ship.
Open all gangway doors.
Hook a block and line rope
in every gangway door.
Canvas slings.
Get those ready for the injured.
Oh, and see that
all your side ladders are down.
- Have you got that?
- Aye, aye, sir.
All right.
Telephone the doctor
and the chief steward.
Ask them to come
and see me on the bridge now.
Aye, aye, sir.
No, no, she can't get on!
She'll swamp it!
- Not on this boat! There isn't room!
- [Girl] Mommy!
You must let her on!
It's Mommy!
- You must come on! Let her on!
- All right.
- Come on!
- It's all right, lady. You can have my place.
- Thank you very much.
- Joe, you take the helm.
- Mommy!
- Right, darling!
Stand by to lower!
What's the matter?
Aren't you in charge of this boat?
Oh, I'm no seaman, sir.
Joe can manage just as well.
Ladies first, eh, sir?
Lower away together!
Come along, you men!
- Quickly!
- Hold it!
- What the -
- Will you kindly not interfere, sir.
We've got to get these boats away.
We are getting them away.
Do you want me to drown everybody?
Because that's what will happen
if I lower these boats too quickly.
Now stand back. Please.
Carry on lowering.
Hey. There'll be trouble about that
when we get to New York.
[Ropes Creaking]
What's the matter with him?
Is he blind?
That's six rockets she's fired, sir.
Maybe I'd better tell the captain.
[Whistle Blowing]
What is it?
That big steamer, sir.
She's firing rockets.
Six up to now.
Well, perhaps they're
company signals of some kind.
Call her up with the Morse lamp
and ask her.
Aye, aye, sir.
The captain thinks she must be
signaling to another ship about the ice.
Looks a bit queer, doesn't she?
I'll try signaling her again.
- Looks as if she's listing.
- That's because of the angle she's at to us.
If you please, ma'am.
My friend has been put into that boat.
We want to stay together.
- But, madam -
- Madam, you must get in.
- But I don't see why.
- Madam - Please, madam.
You cannot pick and choose your boat.
Get in.
Gangway, please!
I want to go back to bed, Daddy.
You're going for a ride on a boat, old Son.
First they tell us to go up,
then they tell us to wait down here.
- The boats are up top, ma'am.
- Well, I wish they'd make up their minds.
Very sorry, ma'am.
- The indecision is most bewildering.
- Yes, ma'am.
If there's no danger, why do you want us
to put our life belts on? Tell me that much.
Listen. I'm not here to argue with you.
I want everybody with their life belts on.
Pat and I have found a way up.
Follow me.
- Where is Pat?
- He's gone ahead. It's all right.
It may be someone trying to signal,
but I can't make any sense out of it.
Could be a masthead light flickering,
couldn't it, sir?
If I had a gun,
I'd put a shell into them.
- [Chattering]
- This way, madam. Quickly as you can, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Straightaway down to the end, please.
This way, madam. That's right.
The water's up to E Deck forward.
There's not much time left.
- If they won't get in, chuck 'em in.
- Right.
- Keep straight on for the boat deck.
- Oh, this way, madam.
Thank you. Quickly as you can.
Right the way down to the end, please.
- Please don't put me in the boat!
- Now come along, madam.
I'd rather die, I tell you!
I've never been
in an open boat in my life.
No, I can't do it! I shall fall!
Oh, no, no, please!
You've got to go, madam,
so you may as well keep quiet.
Off we go, then.
Good boy, Michael.
- Through here now.
- [Chattering]
Come on.
Here, I say! No steerage up here.
This is second class.
- Oh, it is, is it?
- Good God, man, will you let
these ladies pass to the boats?
It's against the rules.
I shall lose me job.
You'll lose your teeth
if you don't shut up.
- Get off me.
- Little rat.
Come on, quick,
before he fetches someone.
Look there.
Which way to the boats?
Any way you like, friend. Any way you like.
All roads lead to Rome.
This way, Pat.
- [Woman] No! No!
- [Man] Come along, madam.
No! I won't! I won't!
It's women and children first, ma'am.
Please, Lottie, for God's sake.
Be brave and go.
I'll get a place in another boat.
- This way, madam.
- Come on, Lottie, please.
Robert, I can't go through with it.
It looks as though we shall have to forgo the
drive down to Philadelphia and take the train.
- I can't leave you here, Robert.
- Cousin Henry won't mind us
being one day late...
but he'll draw the line at two.
I'm not going, Robert.
My dear, I never expected
to ask you to obey me...
but this is one time you must.
It's only a matter of form for you
and the children to go first.
Everyone here will be quite safe.
Is that the truth?
Certainly it is.
If you please, madam.
The children will follow.
Now you be good girls
and look after your mother.
Here we are. Hup!
Good-bye, my dear son.
Come on, son.
- Thank you.
- Right.
- Keep everybody back well clear of the boat.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Stand back! Come on, everybody!
Stand back, please!
Stand back please, sir.
We're going to lower. Back.
Right. Lower away together.
[Ropes Creaking]
Watch your hands, ladies.
Keep them well inside the boat. Thank you.
- Say good-bye.
- Bye, Daddy.
- Let's follow somebody, Pat!
- Oh, and get chucked out?
No, no. Let's try this way. Come on.
First class.
Come on, Pat.
I don't care, Mary.
I don't like the look of it. We're going up.
Just a minute.
You'll be told when to go up!
[All Shouting]
Right. Eighteen.
Right! Lower away together!
[Ropes Creaking]
Hold it!
If you please.
But there's room in the boat.
I thought -
Women and children only.
Miss Russell, I thought
you'd gone to the boat.
My pig. I must have my lucky pig.
Well - Well, uh -
I - I've had enough.
We can settle later, if you like.
Yeah, yeah. Later.
Maybe he's got an appointment.
Maybe he's right.
I don't know much about ships...
but I'm beginning to think
that we're in a tight corner.
Then what shall we play now, gentlemen?
Happy Families?
Well, Phillips?
Carpathia, sir. She's making 17 knots
and should be with us about 3:30.
That'll be too late.
- There may be someone nearer. Keep trying.
- Yes, sir.
I got you a life belt, John.
Oh, put it down there, will you?
[Telegraph Buzzing, Clicking]
- Don't they see us?
- No, sir.
There was a light flashing, but it must
have come from their masthead.
- Quartermaster Rowe.
- Sir?
- Can you send and read Morse?
- Yes, sir.
Then signal and keep signaling...
"We are the Titanic sinking.
Please have your boats ready."
Aye, aye, sir.
- You go along and help with the boats.
- Yes, sir.
- Mr. Boxhall.
- Sir?
Ask Mr. Wilde where the arms
and ammunition are kept.
They may be needed later.
Yes, sir.
[All Shouting, Clamoring]
We've done it, Michael.
- No! No, I don't want to go!
- [Protesting, Indistinct]
I want to stay with you! No!
No! No!
- [Man, Indistinct]
- [Screaming Continues]
- [Screaming Continues]
- Come along, ladies. There's no time to lose.
You heard what he said, the pair of you.
Get along.
The same with you now. Come on.
- [Speaking Polish]
- Mama -
- Your boat full, Mr. Lowe?
- There's some ladies here for the boat, sir.
Come along then, please.
Quickly. Come along.
Quickly, ladies. Hurry.
Come along, please.
Go along with you now.
Watch your step.
Make room for them in the back.
Watch your step.
But surely they'd let us take
just one bag.
No, dear. No bag.
But there's my trousseau.
Everything we have is here.
Not quite everything.
[Ropes Creaking]
Say, we only got one sailor with us.
That's not enough to manage this boat.
Hold it there!
Avast lowering!
What's the matter?
Hey, son!
We only got one sailor on this boat!
Are there any spare hands here?
I'll go... if you like.
- Are you a sailor?
- I'm a yachtsman.
If you're seaman enough to nip down
that lifeline, you can go. Below!
- Sir?
- Let's have that line!
Right. Good luck.
Lower away together!
[Water Splashing]
[All Shouting, Clamoring]
Women and children to the boats!
Women and children first!
- Please, Rachael, get in the boat.
- Yes, Mrs. Straus, you must.
I've always stayed with my husband, Colonel.
So why should I leave him now?
Please. Be sensible.
We have been living together
for many years, Isodor.
Where you go, I go.
I'm sure nobody would object to an old
gentleman like Mr. Straus going in a boat.
I'll ask the officer.
No. I will not go before the other men.
We stay.
Come, my dear.
She's right, you see.
We'll stay together too.
But she's old. You're young.
Please, darling.
I can look after myself.
We both can.
- Watch your step!
- All right, now you two. Come along.
- But, Dad -
- Wait a minute!
He can't go.
It's women and children only.
Of course he can go.
He's only 13.
All right, son, go on.
You can look after your mother.
Now, keep back, please,
ladies and gentlemen! Keep back!
It's absurd.
On the other side the gentlemen
are going in the boats with their ladies.
Why on earth we're standing here,
I don't know.
will there be room in the boats
for everybody?
Of course there will.
- [Young Man] Yes, oughtn't we to ask?
- [Baby Crying]
Somebody just said
we had to hang about here.
- What are we supposed to do, mates?
- I don't know.
- Perhaps you ought to go up top.
- Sir?
Please, sir, where are we supposed to go?
Put those cigarettes out at once.
Don't you know the rules yet?
I'll have you on the captain's report.
Make way.
Come on, you two, out of it.
- Come on, you! Get out of there.
- I want to get on the boat!
Please let me stay in the boat!
Please let me stay in the boat! Please!
That's it.
All officers are requested to report
to the chief officer's cabin, sir.
No men are allowed in these boats
until all the women have gone!
- Come on, lady.
- Thank you.
Now, Mr. Guggenheim,
you really ought to hurry.
I'll see your valet knows where you are.
This thing's uncomfortable. It hurts.
You should really be up top, sir.
My valet. Send for my valet.
- May I go too?
- Yes, sir. In you go.
- Room for me?
- Yes. Get in.
Evening, ma'am.
I guess this is the best place to be.
Open the gate!
Open the gate! Let us through!
Here, what do you think
you're up to?
I'll have you arrested for damaging
the company's property! The lot of you!
All right, lads, leave it now
and try and save yourselves.
[Cranking, Whooshing]
- Still no answer?
- Not yet, sir.
- You'd better fire the rest of the rockets.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Come along, please, ladies. Quickly now.
Come, my dear.
It's time for you to go.
Good-bye. God bless you.
Take care of yourself. And Jeanie.
- [Crying]
- Come.
Seamen to man this boat!
That's us, mates!
Off turns for lowering.
Lower away.
There's only about a dozen in there.
That boat's supposed to take 40.
If they're going to lower them,
why don't they put some people in them?
Come on, mate.
[All Shouting, Clamoring]
Women and children up top!
All right. Women and children up top!
Women and children only up top!
[Shouting, Clamoring]
Come along.
- [Shouting In Foreign Language]
- [Shouting, Clamoring]
Look! Look! All the boats are gone!
There's only four!
There must be more!
[Classical In Background]
[Ship Creaking]
[Woman Screams]
- Quartermaster -
- Stand back, sir.
That's the last one, sir.
No reply to your signals?
No, sir. I think the bastards
must be asleep.
Report to Mr. Murdock
He's shorthanded.
Aye, aye, sir.
God help you.
[Shouting, Clamoring]
Now come along! Don't hang about!
[Screaming, Shouting]
This way, ladies!
It's only for a short while!
Your men will be all right!
Stand back! Stand back!
Sir, Captain told me to report to you, sir.
- Take charge of this boat.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Watch yourself, or she'll swamp.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Stand aside!
- [Screaming]
Madam, please.
If I don't get through, will you send this
to my sister? The address is on it.
Come along, please.
Don't forget.
Just a minute, sir.
A bit pessimistic, aren't you?
The sea's freezing.
A man won't last long in that.
We've drawn a bad hand this time.
I've never been a good loser.
I intend to get into a boat.
Then I wish you luck.
All right. That's all.
No more room in this boat!
No more space in this boat!
- Where do we go?
- Where do we go then?
- Up there!
- Up the other end!
[Shouting, Clamoring]
Off turns for lowering!
- You ready there?
- Sir!
Is there no one else?
Lower away!
[Ropes Creaking]
Avast lowering!
Lower away.
[Ropes Creaking]
Well, Phillips?
Nothing fresh, sir.
Carpathia's coming as fast as she can.
The Olympic wanted to know
if we were steaming south to meet her...
and the Frankfurt keeps asking
for more details, the idiots!
They don't seem to understand, sir.
It can't be easy for them.
The engine room's flooding.
You won't have power to send much longer.
- Tell the Carpathia.
- Yes, sir.
- Tell her to hurry.
- Yes, sir.
[Telegraph Buzzing, Clicking]
[Headset: Buzzing, Clicking]
I've got blankets piled
at every gangway, sir...
and we're preparing the smoke rooms
and lounges as dormitories.
We shall have to regroup
the steerage passengers though.
All right.
Just a minute.
Our own passengers will have to keep
to their cabins.
It's going to be difficult enough as it is
without them underfoot.
Will you put stewards in every alleyway
and tell them that if I see a -
What is it, Cottam?
From the Titanic, sir.
Her engine room's flooded
and she's sinking by the head.
The wireless operator says he won't have
the power to transmit much longer.
Her Captain wants to know
how long we'll be.
Tell them another two hours.
[Shouting, Clamoring]
Keep back!
Ten ladies, that's all!
[Screaming Continues]
Ten more ladies!
Ladies only! Ten ladies!
That's all! No more in this boat!
[Screaming Continues]
[Screaming Stops]
- Come on! Try down the other end!
- [Shouting, Clamoring]
Now don't panic! Hold on to yourselves!
Get back! Come on! Get back!
Don't panic!
Take charge of yourselves!
Don't panic!
Come on. Get back.
Mr. Lowe, take charge of this boat.
Start lowering!
Ah, here you are, sister.
- You take this. It'll help keep you warm.
- Oh, no, please.
Don't you worry about me.
I got plenty of fat.
Keep pulling.
The officer said
to stand by close to the ship.
If we stay too close, we'll be caught
by the suction when she goes down.
You row with me.
One of the ladies can steer.
I'm in charge of this boat.
Your job is to row.
Some of the ladies can help row too.
Can't we, girls?
Sure. It'll keep us warm.
[Murmuring Agreement]
- Well, I -
- Button up, skipper.
You want rowers? Okay, you got 'em.
Hurry along. Thank you.
Sorry. Only one more lady.
- You go first.
- Oh, no.
- You've children waiting at home.
- No, my dear -
Hurry along, please, ma'am.
We haven't got much time.
Just down there. Ma'am.
Right, off turns!
Still here, Miss Evans?
We'll get you off in the next boat.
Thank you.
She's going fast now.
Are all the boats away?
All except the other two collapsibles.
There'll be no time
to get them off the davits.
We'll have to try and float them off
as she goes down.
I'll need some hands
to get them unlashed.
Hey, you two! Follow me!
Any spare hands there?
All right, get that shoring timber!
Right, two men to each one!
- Right, Jim?
- Yep.
What's the use? No one's listening.
People don't listen when they're eating,
but we play just the same.
Isn't that so, sir?
They say it helps the digestion.
That's because it soothes the nerves.
Right. Number 24.
[Chattering, Laughing]
[Man] You said quite clearly that you were
going to drink the whole bottle!
- The whole bottle!
- [Laughing]
Mr. Guggenheim, your life belt.
It was uncomfortable.
We have dressed now in our best...
and are prepared to go down
like gentlemen.
- That is so, sir.
- But surely -
If anything should happen to me...
I would like my wife to know
that I behaved decently.
[Ship Creaking]
Get two check lines
and we'll try and break her outboard.
The crew are trying to clear
two of the collapsible boats.
If they succeed, I'm sure there'll be
a place for you, madam, in one of them.
You see, you can still go.
Please, darling.
We started out together
and we'll finish together.
Are you married, Mr. Andrews?
And if my wife were here,
I think she'd do as I asked.
But you have a family?
That would make a difference,
wouldn't it?
[Woman Screaming In Background]
Let me give you both some advice.
Don't stay on the ship until the end.
Put your life belts on...
and lower yourselves down into the water
by the ropes hanging over the side.
Don't jump if you can avoid it.
When you're in the water,
swim away from the ship at once.
The boats will stay well clear
when she sinks.
Thank you. We'll remember.
Oh, and, uh, I should wear
something white...
so they can see you.
I wonder if he'll save himself.
We'll save ourselves.
Now ease forward.
All together. Heavy.
Keep the strain on those check lines.
[Loud Bellowing]
Everybody out!
Come on, lads! Out!
Everybody up top!
[Shouting, Clamoring]
[Buzzing, Clicking]
Power's going, John.
It's time to go now, Phillips.
You've done your duty.
You can do no more.
Abandon your cabin.
It's everyone for himself.
Look after yourselves now.
I release you both.
God bless you.
[Buzzing, Clicking]
It's no use, John. The power's gone.
- Hey, you!
- Live and let live, sir!
Live and let live!
John! John!
- [Blow Lands]
- [Groaning]
Come on! Put your weight in it!
Put your weight in it!
[Classical Continues]
- Hold on to your check lines!
- Hang on to it!
Keep her square on!
[Shouting, Clamoring]
Keep going, Michael!
Hold on to those check lines.
Hold on to those check lines!
Leave it! There's no time! We'll try
and free the starboard collapsible! Hurry!
Abandon ship!
Every man for himself!
Mommy! Mommy, where are you?
[Man Screams]
[Classical Continues]
[Woman Screaming]
[Man Screams]
[Screaming Continues]
Come on! Quickly! This way!
It's the end, boys.
We've done our duty.
We can go now.
[Man Shouting In German]
[Woman] Otto!
[Shouting In German] Otto!
[Violin: "Nearer My God To Thee"]
[Others Join In, Continues]
Nearer my God to thee
Nearer to thee
There let the way appear
Steps unto heaven
All that thou sends to me
In mercy given
Angels to beckon me
Nearer my God to thee
Nearer to thee
- Then with my waking thoughts
- [Woman Screams]
Bright with thy praise
Out of my stony griefs
Bethel I'll raise
So by my woes to be
Nearer my God to thee
Nearer to thee
- Look out!
- [Screaming, Shouting]
Help! Here, come back! Help me!
Get out - Get out of the way!
Get out of there!
Oh, save me! Save me!
[Screaming Continues]
Hold me.
Keep together!
[Man Gasping]
Clear the ship's side!
- Help! Help!
- Clear the ship's side!
Swim for the upturned boat!
Aren't you going to try for it,
Mr. Andrews?
[Ship Rumbling, Creaking]
[Creaking Continues]
- [Furniture Scraping]
- [Creaking Continues]
Hello. What are you doing here?
I want my mummy.
Oh, then we'd better go and find her,
hadn't we? You come with me.
[Shouting, Clamoring]
[Shouting, Screaming]
Michael, I can't make it!
Come on, Mr. Farrell!
Come on, Mr. Farrell.
Here you are, Mr. Farrell.
Come on.
Head for the rear now!
[Loud Creaking]
[Ashtray Shatters]
[Creaking Continues]
Keep together, all of you!
Clear the ship's side!
Swim clear! Keep clear!
[Shouting, Clamoring]
[Man Screams]
[Shouting, Grunting]
Keep off this child!
Keep off this child!
[Screaming Continues]
Let me go!
Get off my legs!
Let me go!
Get off! Get off!
She's going.
Swim clear! Keep clear!
Look! Oh, look!
[Screaming Continues]
A prayer. We ought to say a prayer.
Our Father, who art in heaven...
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done, on Earth -
[Praying In Foreign Language]
Oh, God!
...the power and the glory,
forever and ever, amen.
[All Shouting]
We'll find Mummy. We'll soon find her.
[Screaming Continues]
[Screaming, Sobbing]
Well, what the hell are we waiting for?
Those people are drowning!
This boat isn't full!
We can go and pick some of them up!
Are you mad? If we get among that lot,
they'll swamp the boat.
- They'll capsize us!
- We can't just sit here and do nothin'!
Come on, girls! Row!
I give the orders around here!
Don't you know
you're speaking to a lady?
I know who I'm speaking to,
and I'm in command of this boat.
You get fresh with me, son,
I'll throw you overboard!
Come on! Row!
- Now look here!
- [Women Shouting]
I tell you, you'll drown the lot of us!
This boat's returning to pick up survivors.
I'm going to pass
some of our passengers over to you.
We got no room in here, sir.
You've room for about 20 more.
Now hold your tongue
and do as you're told.
Excuse me. Mind your back.
Just keep calm.
Madam, would you, please?
- I absolutely refuse!
- I'm awfully sorry about this, madam.
I've had quite enough!
Just as much as I could stand.
Well forward, please. Thanks.
Thank you.
I still say we ought to turn back!
We'll only get swamped!
You heard what he said.
We ought to try, I reckon.
What do you think, sir?
We're crowded enough as it is.
I'm feeling most unwell.
It's difficult to say.
Only one of us is a seaman.
I think we ought to take his advice.
Well, perhaps if we wait a bit,
until things are quieting down, and then -
Well, then we can try.
Wait until they're half dead, you mean!
That won't take long in this cold.
[Shouting, Shivering]
[Shivering Continues]
That big steamer that was out there, sir -
the one that was firing rockets.
- What about it?
- Well, she seems to have gone now, sir.
[Whistle Blows]
That big steamer, sir -
the one that was firing the rockets.
She seems to have gone now.
- And she didn't fire any more rockets?
- No, sir.
Very well. What's the time?
2:45, sir.
Well, enter it in the log.
Aye, aye, sir.
[People Shouting, Shivering]
- Get off that back there!
- Keep away from this boat!
There's no more room!
You'll have it over!
- You'll capsize it!
- [Shouting]
Get off!
Stay away from here!
Hey, you, get away!
There's no more room, mate!
Get 'em off!
Stay off! Stay away!
She'll capsize, I tell you!
All right, take it easy!
Get off then! Get off!
Get away!
Good luck.
God bless you.
Come back!
No! Come on back!
There! Throw him off!
All right, men, pull yourselves together!
- Get away!
- [Shouting, Indistinct]
- There's no room!
- Get him off!
- We can't take any more or we'll sink!
- Shut up! This boat's not sinking yet!
But it soon will be
if we don't get organized.
- It's every man for himself!
- Shut up and do what the officer says!
- Hear, hear!
- Is that you, Sparks?
Yes, sir.
How long before the Carpathia gets here?
- An hour or so, sir.
- Right.
There's a bit of a swell getting up.
We'll have to trim the boat.
- Now listen to me, all of you!
- [Muttering]
Wait a minute.
Come on, lads. You're all right now.
Give 'em a hand, Sparks.
Aye, aye, sir.
Take care of the child.
Straighten up!
Lean left!
To your right! Lean right!
There's one back here dead, sir.
Are you certain?
- We are, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Right. Lower him over the side.
Lean left. Lean left! Gently. Gently.
All right for the baker
to come aboard now, sir?
Yes, pull him in!
- Lean right!
- Sir.
Lean right!
Thank you, sir.
I beg your pardon, sir.
It's the cold.
Look, sir. Boat. Boat ahead, sir!
All right. Steady, lads, steady.
[Blows Loudly]
To your right!
To your right, to your right!
[Whistling Blows]
That's an officer's whistle.
Make way together, lads. Starboard helm.
Uh, to your right, please, madam.
My baby.
My baby.
[Crying Continues]
That man over there -
He's smoking a cigarette.
I think it's disgraceful that anyone
should smoke at a time like this.
People really ought to control themselves.
I want my husband.
I'm so cold. Please, I'm so cold!
I'm so cold!
Oh -
[Music Box]
- We should be there by now, sir.
- Yes.
Not a sign of her.
Must have given the wrong position.
Iceberg on the port bow, sir.
- Starboard a point.
- Starboard one point, sir.
- Slow ahead.
- Slow ahead, sir.
- [Ringing]
- Starboard one point.
There's a flare ahead, sir.
Fire a rocket.
- [Child Sobbing]
- [Man] I tell you, we're done.
Ah, shut up.
No water, no food.
Got no compass, no chart.
That's the North Star up there, isn't it?
What's the use of that?
We're hundreds of miles from land.
What was that?
A falling star. Flash of lightning.
Lightning, my foot!
That was a rocket! Look!
- [Excited Murmuring]
- It's a rocket!
Pat, will you look?
There's a ship sending up a rocket!
Sit down, please, ladies. Sit down.
You may lose your balance.
[Murmuring Continues]
- We'll give them an answer.
- Look over there! Look!
They'll see this.
Look, boyo. There's a ship comin'.
She's firing rockets.
Go on. Let me be.
Ah, come on now. Brace up.
It'll not be much longer.
[Rocket Whooshing]
- [Murmuring]
- [Popping]
Oh, look at them rockets!
Look at them lovely rockets!
Will that be the Carpathia?
Aren't you glad to see her?
Yes, I'm glad.
But then I'm still alive.
If only she'd been nearer.
There are quite a lot of "ifs"
about it, aren't there, Colonel?
Keep up, Quartermaster!
Keep that line slack!
If we'd been steaming
a few knots slower...
or if we'd sighted that berg
a few seconds earlier...
we might not even have struck.
If we'd carried enough lifeboats
for the size of the ship...
instead of just enough
to meet the regulations...
things would have been
different again, wouldn't they?
Maybe. But you have nothing
to reproach yourself with.
You've done all any man could
and more.
You're not -
I was going to say...
you're not God, Mr. Lightoller.
No seaman ever thinks he is.
I've been at sea since I was a boy.
I've been in sail.
I've even been shipwrecked before.
I know what the sea can do.
But this is different.
Because we hit an iceberg?
Because we were so sure.
Because even though it's happened,
it's still unbelievable.
I don't think I'll ever feel sure again.
About anything.
[Rocket Whooshes]
[Bell Clanging]
Almighty God,
father of all mercies...
we, thine unworthy servants, do give thee
most humble and hearty thanks...
for all thy goodness and loving kindness
to us and to all men...
particularly to those who desire now...
to offer up their praises
and thanksgivings...
for thy late services
vouchsafed unto them.
We bless thee for our creation,
and all the blessings of this life...
but, above all,
for thine inestimable love...
and redemption of the world
by our Lord Jesus Christ...
- for the means of grace -
- [Child Fussing]
And for the hope of glory.
And we beseech thee...
give us that due sense
of all thy mercies...
that our hearts may be
unfeignedly thankful...
and that we show forth thy praise
not only with our lips...
but in our lives...
by giving up ourselves to thy service...
and by walking before thee in holiness
and righteousness all our days.
- Through Jesus Christ our Lord -
- Yes, all right.
To whom with thee and the Holy Ghost
be all honor and glory...
world without end.
- Amen.
- [Child] Amen.
We're at the place now.
I thought you'd like to see for yourself.
Oh, yes. Thank you, sir.
We only found one body, I'm afraid.
The rest must have been carried
further on by the current.
But of course we'll go on searching
for survivors until we turn back to New York.
Yes. How many -
The purser's checked the figures now.
We have on board 705 survivors.
Several of those in the boats were dead,
I'm afraid.
- 1,500 lost?
- That's right, yes.
Excuse me, sir.
Oh, Cottam, yes, what is it?
A message from the Californian, sir.
She's nearby.
Just heard about the Titanic.
Wants to know if there's anything
she can do.
Tell them, no, nothing.
Everything that was humanly possible
has been done.