A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) Movie Script

O K. Take it easy.
See you.
Turn it down!
I'm serious.
No way! I don't believe it.
No way. You're such a liar.
I can't believe you.
Oh, no. Look behind us.
That one's for you.
He's a live one.
He's yours. Here's my stop.
Hey, driver!
Hey, driver, that was my stop.
Driver, that was my stop!
Driver, what's g oing on?
Where are we g oing?
- Driver!
- Where are you g oing?
Stop it!
Please. Please, stop.
What... what is he?
I think he's dead.
Oh, no!
Oh, my God!
What's happening?
Oh, my God. We're dead.
Oh, my God! What is it?
What's that?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Help me!
Look out, he's coming!
He's coming!
We've g ot to keep balanced!
Mommy, why can't Jesse wake up
like everybody else?
Oh, honey, he's all right.
He's just having a bad dream.
Mmm. Thank you.
Morning, honey.
H i, Mom.
Well, two more. Hallelujah.
I want that room unpacked
by tonight, young man.
O K, Dad. I promise.
I don't want
any more promises, Jesse.
I want that room cleaned up, O K?
All right. I'll g et on it.
Angie, what are you up to?
I'm trying to g et
the Fu Man Fing ers.
Want some eggs?
Jesse, are you O K?
It's just so hot up there.
I'm having trouble sleeping.
I know.
I wish you'd have
the air conditioning...
There's nothing
wrong with it, Mom.
It just needs a shot of Freon.
Here they are.
Dad, you're not trying to fix
something again.
Nobody likes a smart ass,
Who is that?
It's Lisa.
I've g ot to g et to school.
Whoa. Who's Lisa?
Who is Lisa?
J ust eat your eggs, dear.
Don't you use a key?
Somebody could steal your car,
couldn't they?
The deadly dinosaur?
Grady, come on. You can hit it!
Let's g o, Grady!
Ready, girls?
It didn't feel right.
Give me a break.
So, you g etting any yet, Lise?
he's my ride to school, O K?
Are you all right?
You O K?
You O K?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Well, pay attention next time.
Very heads-up play.
N ice catch, Walsh.
Come on, come on! Let's g o!
You're out!
Heads-up play, Grady.
All right!
N ice ass.
Nail him!
H it him!
Come on, slug him!
Here comes Schneider. Watch out.
Get out of my way.
Move it!
O K, dirtballs...
assume the position!
See you around, coach.
How much long er do you think
he'll keep us out here?
It could be all night.
He g ets his rocks off like this.
Hangs around
queer S and M joints downtown.
He likes pretty boys like you.
Get out of here.
So what about
you and that rich babe...
you've been cruising to school
with every day?
What about her?
Are you mounting her nightly
or what?
Look, Grady,
you g ot some problem with me?
No, bro. J ust killing time.
O K, dirtballs, hit the shower!
So you live around here or what?
Yeah. My parents bought a place
on Elm Street.
Elm Street?
You telling me you moved
into that big white house...
with bars on the window?
Yeah. What about it?
Shit. Tell your old man
he's a real chump.
What are you talking about now?
Some chick was locked in there
by her mother and went crazy.
She watched her boyfriend g et
butchered across the street...
by some maniac.
You're full of shit, Grady.
Daddy can't help you now!
I need you, Jesse.
We g ot special work to do here,
you and me.
You've g ot the body...
I've g ot the brain.
You think
we should call a doctor?
No, I'm fine.
It's just a bad dream, O K?
Yeah. Go to sleep.
to review...
the solid waste...
those nutrients not absorbed
in the lining of the stomach...
the larg e intestine...
the small intestine,
and the alimentary canal...
are passed out
through the colon.
Liquid nutrients
are then carried...
through an elaborate system
of filtering...
aided by the pancreas,
liver, and gall bladder...
or collected in the bladder
to be expelled at a later time.
And this entire process
is kept moving...
the circulatory system...
the centre of which is...
the heart.
Four chambers... just like
the human heart, really.
From the body...
to the right auricle...
to the right ventricle...
and out the pulmonary
arteries to the lungs.
There it trades off
carbon dioxide for oxyg en.
Carbon dioxide is exhaled...
and oxyg enated blood continues
passing through the veins...
into the left auricle...
through the left ventricle,
passing out again.
If you want to play
with animals, M r Walsh...
join the circus.
Lisa, sweetheart!
There's a Jesse on the phone.
O K. Thanks, Mom.
Where are you g oing, Jess?
J ust out for a little while.
I told you
I want that room unpacked.
Dad, it's just for a few hours.
No. U pstairs.
Right now, son.
Right now.
How do you like that, Dad?
I'll leave the two of you alone.
Ex cuse me.
I told her you invited me over.
I guess maybe
I should've called.
It's fine, really.
I mean,
I was just cleaning my room.
I know.
I figured
you might like some help.
Where does this g o?
Do sweaters g o in the closet?
What's this?
I don't know.
Looks like a diary to me.
"Nancy Thompson,
1428 Elm Street."
That's right here.
You know this is five years old?
You know her?
No. Before my time.
Wait. Listen to this.
when I'm lying here in bed...
I see Glenn in his window
across the way...
g etting ready for bed.
H is body is slim and smooth.
I know I shouldn't watch him...
but that part of me
that wants him...
forces me to.
That's when I weaken.
That's when
I want to g o to him."
Can I see that?
"March Fifteenth.
He comes to me at night...
horrible, ugly, and dirty...
under the sheets with me...
tearing at my nightg own
with his steel claws.
H is name is Fred...
and he keeps trying to take me
to the boiler room.
He wants to kill me."
What is it?
"Tina is dead"?
Jesse, are you O K?
It's just something
that Grady said to me...
about the girl
that used to live here.
How she went crazy...
when she saw her boyfriend
g et murdered across the street.
Go ahead, Jesse.
Try it on for size.
Kill for me.
It was
like I was sleepwalking.
Maybe you were having
a premonition or something...
like the guys
who help police solve crimes...
and find missing people.
You ever have anything like this
happen before?
No, never.
You think that's what it is?
I don't know.
Can I see the diary
for a little while?
- H i, guys.
- H i, Kerry.
I g ot your invitation
for the party this weekend.
Any cute guys g onna be there?
All of them.
Is your dad
g onna be the D.J. Again?
Mom's g onna try to keep him
upstairs this time.
Oh, g ood.
Last party I had...
my dad insisted on playing
Benny Goodman all night.
I'll see you later, O K?
Hey, Grady,
do you remember your dreams?
Only the wet ones.
No talking!
Schneider shouldn't have called
you out on that last play.
g ot a stick up his ass today.
always g ot a stick up his ass.
Hello, dirtballs.
Oh, it is so hot in here!
Let me look at the thermostat.
My God,
it is hot as an oven in here.
Shh! The birds are sleeping.
Cheryl, it's
ninety-seven degrees in here.
Damn it!
Ang ela, watch out!
Watch out, Jesse!
Ken, are you all right?
Damn bird!
Look out, Ang ela! Get down!
Look out, Ang ela!
Jesse, g et out of here!
What are you doing, Jesse?
Help me move this.
It isn't the gas.
Don't tell me it's not the gas.
Your mother thought
she smelled gas.
Ken, I thought I did.
I wasn't sure.
Then what is it? Bird rabies?
It's that cheap seed
you've been buying.
Please, Ken, really...
There's g otta be
a rational explanation.
Animals don't just explode
into flames for no reason.
That's right.
All right.
It's sure not a leaky gas pipe.
- You all right?
- Oh, it's all right.
You set this whole thing up,
didn't you?
What are you talking about?
You know damn well
what I'm talking about.
What did you use, firecrackers?
He used a g oddam cherry bomb.
- Oh, stop.
- That's what he did.
You can't talk to me like that.
Jesse, come back here.
Come back here, Jesse!
Ken, stop it!
You're being ridiculous!
Stop it!
Jesus, I don't know.
He does the strang est things.
Can I have a beer, please?
H it the shower.
No, God damn it!
Oh, boy.
Good evening.
Does this belong to you?
Yes, sir. He's my son.
We found him on the highway
wandering around.
He was naked.
I'd keep a short leash on him
if I were you.
Thank you.
Jesse, come in. Come in.
Come here.
Two questions...
you answer them,
and we can all g o to bed.
What are you taking, son?
Who are you g etting it from?
I'm not taking drugs.
Mom, I want to g o to bed.
Yeah, come on.
It's a problem
I have to work out on my own.
I know,
but something's bothering you.
I'm concerned about you. Jesse!
I'm fine. J ust leave me alone.
Can't we at least talk about it?
He needs professional help.
We have to take him to see
a psychiatrist.
Are you out of your g ourd?
What the hell will that do?
I don't know. He needs help
we can't give to him.
Oh, come on.
Are you hearing me?
That boy's in trouble!
No, he's not in trouble!
What that boy needs
is a g oddam kick in the butt.
That's what he needs!
Tell you what he needs.
He needs a methadone clinic.
What's happening?
I want all you students
to step back here.
Don't worry.
Let them do their work,
all right?
Yo, man, where have you been?
Schneider g ot wasted last night.
He must've been working late.
Some maniac sliced him up
like a kielbasa...
hacked him in the shower.
Got bloody footprints
all over the place.
Kill for me.
One, two
Freddy's coming for you
Better lock your door
Grab your crucifix
Morning, Jess.
How come it took them five years
to sell this house?
Oh, I don't know.
Couldn't g et the right price.
You didn't know about the murder
across the street...
and the crazy girl
that lived here...
that saw the whole thing?
They told me something about it.
You knew something
about this, and...
How do you think
we g ot such a g ood deal?
Did they tell you
that that girl lost her mind...
and her mother killed herself
in our living room?
- What?
- Did they tell you that?
Mom, I'm scared.
Come here.
Oh, honey, it's all right.
Daddy and Jesse
are just pretending.
We shouldn't discuss this here.
See what you're doing?
I don't want to hear
one more word about it.
There's absolutely nothing wrong
with this house.
Come on.
Is something burning?
Good Lord!
That's the craziest damn thing
I've ever seen.
Look here, Cheryl.
It wasn't even plugg ed in.
Jesse, you can't blame yourself
for what happened to Schneider.
J ust because you dreamt it
doesn't mean you did it.
Where are we g oing?
Bear left over here.
I really think
this is all in your mind.
You're picking up
some psychic signals.
What is this place?
Do you remember in the diary...
when Nancy said she kept finding
herself in a boiler room?
Fred Krueg er worked here.
It's an old power plant.
What is all this?
I did some reading
on our friend Fred Krueg er.
How long has it been
closed down?
A long time. Come on.
Fred Krueg er
kidnapped twenty kids...
and brought them here...
and killed them.
Do you feel anything?
What do you mean?
I thought you might be able to
make a connection or something.
I feel like a jerk.
Shh. J ust concentrate.
Do you feel anything?
Wake up, little girl.
What time is it?
It's late.
Go back to sleep.
Morning, honey.
Did you sleep O K?
Yeah, fine.
You're looking better.
You had another nightmare,
didn't you?
Yes, I had a bad night.
Do you want to talk about it?
My dad thinks I'm on drugs.
My mom thinks I'm crazy.
And you know, at this point...
I don't know
if I don't agree with her.
What's wrong with Jesse?
He seems kind of freaked out.
You want to g o g et a movie
or something, hang out?
Maybe g et things off your mind,
g et a pizza or something?
Hey, guys.
H i, Ronnie.
You g oing to Lisa's house
tomorrow night?
Nope. Can't. I'm grounded.
How come?
I threw my grandmother
down a flight of stairs.
Jesse, I think
you should eat something.
I'm not hungry.
I wish you would talk to me.
We can figure it out.
We can figure it out tog ether.
There is nothing to figure out.
I don't know
why you're wasting your time.
- He's a basket case.
- Shut up, Grady!
You want me to shut up?
Fine! I'll shut up. No problem.
See you around, buddy.
Medium rare.
Hey! Cut that out.
I've g ot it.
Sweetheart, it's a nice party.
Come on, skinny.
It's time for bed.
You're in charg e, hot shot.
Twelve-thirty, miss. No later.
- Twelve-thirty.
- Have a nice time.
What's the matter with Jesse?
I don't know.
I'll be out in a second.
Can I please come in
and talk to you?
Listen, I'm g oing to leave.
I'm not into this.
I'm sorry.
Jesse, why won't you talk to me?
- Will you just leave me alone?
- You're not being fair.
I want to help you.
How can you help me?
What are you g onna do for me?
Look, I feel like
I'm losing my mind...
and I don't want you to watch me
fall apart.
I'm afraid to g o to sleep.
I'm afraid to stay awake.
I'm ruining your party.
They're g onna take me away.
Come on. Don't say that.
Listen, we'll stay up all night
if we have to.
I'm not g onna let anything
happen to you.
Any second now. Any second now.
Party time!
I g ot the music!
What the hell
are they doing down there?
Oh, Eddie, they're kids.
I know they're kids,
but I g ot to g et some rest.
What is it?
Jesse, what's wrong?
Jesus Christ!
You scared
the shit out of me, man.
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, what the fuck
are you doing in my room?
I'm in trouble.
I need you to let me
stay here tonight.
Are you out of your mind?
I don't know.
Oh, man.
Why don't you just g o home and
take a bottle of sleeping pills?
I killed Schneider.
You what?
Only it wasn't me, see?
There's something inside of me.
And last night it made me g o
to my sister's room.
And tonight,
with Lisa in the cabana...
it started to happen again.
I think you are seriously
losing it, bro.
I'm scared, Grady.
Something is trying
to g et inside my body.
She's female and waiting for
you in the cabana.
And you wanna sleep with me.
Look, I don't care
if you believe me or not!
Hey! I believe you!
You've had
some scary dreams, O K?
I don't... know.
I'm all messed up.
What difference does it make?
I'm in trouble...
and I need you to help me.
All right, man.
What do you want me to do?
J ust watch me.
If anything starts to happen...
if I start to act weird...
or start dreaming weird...
or try to walk out of here...
you g otta stop me.
I don't care if you have
to hit me over the head...
just don't let me leave.
And, Grady...
don't fall asleep.
Hot dog?
Come back in the water.
I'm busy, O K?
I don't know.
I feel I should g o see him...
but I can't
just leave the party.
Fuck the party.
Go see him.
The land of the dead...
I want youse to meet Lou...
And now I see the...
Gee, kid, you're a doll.
You sure handled
that situation...
Was he alive? That funnels
into a bottomless pit!
Sweet dreams, pal.
It's starting to happen again.
Hey, man.
What the fuck's
wrong with you, dude?
Dad, open the door!
Oh, my God!
Dad, open this door!
What is it?
Ron, open the door!
Ron, are you all right?
Ron, it's your father!
Open this door!
Open it up!
Get help!
You son of a bitch!
You killed him!
Is somebody in there? Open up.
Break it down. Come on.
H it it again.
Jesse! My God. What happened?
I killed him. I killed him.
Jesse, my God. You're hurt.
What happened?
L... I killed Grady.
Lisa, I killed Schneider.
Oh, no. My God!
I'm so scared!
what are you talking about?
He's inside me.
I'm scared.
Jesse, who is doing this to you?
Fred Krueg er!
He's inside me...
and he wants to take me again!
This is not happening.
It's g ot to be everything
you've taken in...
the diary, the glove...
only it's all mix ed up.
Christ, what do I have to do
to make you understand me?
Last night, he made me
try to kill my sister.
I g ot blood on my hands.
He owns me.
Could somebody turn down
the heat in the pool?
What's g oing on?
Yay, Rocky!
Our hero!
Come on. I just want you
to listen to this.
It's something Nancy said
in the last pag e of her diary.
"He is evil itself.
I know now that I brought him
into my world.
We all did.
Gave him
all the energy he needed.
Our screams
were all he needed."
Jesse, she wasn't crazy.
All this really happened.
You can fight him.
Oh, God. He's coming back.
Get out of here, Lisa!
Jesse, fight him!
I can't.
Fight it, Jesse.
You created him!
You can destroy him!
Lisa! Open this door!
He is living off of your fear.
- Jesse, fight him.
- I can't!
Yes, you can!
Fight him!
You're not afraid of him.
He doesn't even exist!
Oh, my God!
He can't fight me.
I'm him.
It's g etting too hot!
Get out!
Get me out!
Jesse, help.
There is no Jesse!
I'm Jesse now!
Get away from me!
Kill me, Lisa.
Please kill me.
Come on, Lisa.
Kill him!
I love you, Lisa.
Oh, God.
Oh, please.
I love you, Lisa.
Jesse, help!
Hey, is everybody O K?
Search me.
What's g oing on?
Wait a minute! Wait!
Lisa, are you all right?
Get her out of here!
All right!
J ust calm down, all right?
It's g oing to be all right.
Nobody's g onna hurt you.
J ust tell us what you want,
all right?
I'm here to help you.
Help yourself, fucker!
You are all my children now.
- Daddy!
- Oh, shit!
What the hell are you doing?
Where'd he g o?
Come to me, Lisa.
Jesse, I know you're in there.
- Stop him!
- No. Jesse's dead.
I love you, Jesse.
Come back to me, Lisa.
I am not afraid of you.
He's in there...
and I want him back!
I'm g oing to take him
away from you...
and you are g onna g o
straight back to hell...
you son of a bitch!
No. Jesse's dead!
Come back to me, Jesse.
I love you.
Come back to me.
He's dead!
He can't hold you, Jesse.
He's losing his grip.
You can g et out.
He'll die with me.
He'll die with both of us.
It's great to have you
home again, Jess.
I can't believe I'm g oing back.
- I'm glad.
- Good.
- Have a g ood day.
- O K.
Thanks, Mom.
What is so funny?
That was a really great party.
Thanks, Lise.
Thanks a lot.
I can't believe
it's actually all over.
Let's not talk about it.
What is this?
Am I g oing crazy,
or is this bus g oing too fast?
It's g oing fine.
No problem.
This bus is g oing too fast.
Lisa, it's starting to speed up.
It's fine.
Driver, stop!
Jesse, just sit down.
I'm sorry.
It's O K. It's all right.
Jesse, it's O K.
It's all over.