A Not So Royal Christmas (2023) Movie Script

Sorhagen Palace
was first built in 1536
and later renovated
in the 18th century.
And ever since then,
there's been a royal decree
for the grounds to be decorated
every Christmas.
As you can see,
everything from our ornaments
to our silver bells
tell a story
of the legacies of the Counts
who once called
Sorhagen Palace home.
-Is Count Lars
actually living here now?
Will we get to see him
on this tour?
Or is it true that he hasn't
made a public appearance
since he was a teenager?
-Uh, the current Count prefers
to work behind the scenes.
Now, the original
stone was forged--
-Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Is it true he doesn't
show his face
because he lost his nose
-The Count's nose, I assure you,
is very well intact,
and you should not believe
the conspiracy theories
that you read at gossip sites.
-Ah, you all are in luck today.
This is Sir Gustus,
the Count's Royal Advisor.
-Ah! So you can tell us
if the Count is actually here?
I mean, it's the only reason
why we came on the tour, anyway.
Right, guys?
-On behalf of Count Lars,
we are so happy
you chose to spend the day
visiting Sorhagen Palace.
We hope you stay the month
as Christmastime here
is always magical
and the town's festivities
are open to all.
A word?
-Just one moment.
I don't think we're
seeing the Count today...
-Remember, the less Count talk,
the better.
-I know.
I'm sorry, sir, I'm trying.
They just keep asking.
-Only three today?
-The most we've had
this month.
Do you think if he made
one quick appearance,
we'd get more sign-ups?
-Remember to highlight
that the oldest Christmas lights
in Northern Europe
hang in our library.
-Yes, sir.
Come on, somebody!
Give me something,
something for the ladies!
The Queen
and the Duchess of Doverly
showed up wearing the same dress
to the Royal Banquet.
-"Fuel to the fire of the feud."
Yeah, what else?
-Ooh, uh, there's
a rumour going around
that the Prince of Bulgaria
invested his entire trust
in his girlfriend's nightclub.
-Yeah, we can work with that.
Something like
"Party prince pays the price."
Jot that down;
I'm not gonna remember.
Come on.
What else?
-Um, so apparently,
the Earl of Greyson
fathered an illegitimate child
in his late teens
and he's spending this Christmas
with the family
in the Swiss Alps!
That's what I'm talking about!
-The irony, of course,
being that his
the Earl in 1885,
secretly fathered a baby
with the-- what?
-Oh, oh....
I'm falling asleep.
-What, why?
That's a good story.
-No, it's so boring.
Skip the history lesson,
This is RGE,
Royal Gossip Entertainment.
We stick to the now scandal.
Let's get to it, people!
Time is money!
Hey, Tony?
Can I speak to you for a second?
-Yeah, I always
have a second for you.
Is this about your story about
the Baron's botched tattoo?
I trust your sources, yeah?
-No, no, no,
it's nothing like that.
It's, um...
Okay, so next month
will be my five-year anniversary
working here.
-And we've been loving
every second of it, yeah.
And you could say I've published
some pretty major stories
in that time.
-Some of the best!
-Good, yeah.
I was hoping
I could ask for a raise.
A raise, yeah...
Now's not really
a good time, Charlotte.
I mean...
you see how it is
around here--
they barely have enough
to pay me.
But I'm really looking forward
to your piece on the Earl.
-Yeah, we're done.
-Oh... okay.
-Guessing it didn't go well?
You could always
threaten to leave.
He knows you're an asset.
-It's just my visa
is up next month,
and if he calls my bluff I have
to either leave the country
or find another job.
And let's be serious,
it's not like any credible
news organization
like Monarch Insider
is gonna hire me
after working here.
-Well, you're always welcome
to crash at my flat.
That's really kind of you.
-I don't know
how you're managing
ever since your ex moved out.
-I actually had to dip
into my savings this month.
-Offer still stands.
-Thank you.
I'll keep that in mind.
Adam Pederson?
I was hoping I'd see you today.
-I heard you were back in town!
You look so different.
No beard and you've
really slimmed down.
-Oh, it's all that backpacking.
-Ah, yes, that's right!
You've been all over the world.
-Seven countries in ten years.
-Never in one spot
for too long, then?
-No, still looking
for that one job
or that one place
that makes me happy.
-And now?
Back following
in the old man's footsteps?
-Oh, well, no,
just here for Christmas.
You know, saving some money
until the next adventure.
Hey, how have you been?
Who's that?
-Well, a new volunteer
tour guide.
Trina's niece.
She's quite something!
-Have you asked her out yet?
You've been gone too long,
thinking I'm in that league.
better get back to work.
Catch up later?
-Definitely. See you.
And, Jensen?
-Remember, there are no leagues.
You've seen where we work,
Do you think I could
pull off an ascot?
-Um... it feels very
formal for the office.
-Yeah, I think maybe
not the most--
-Oh, you're here.
- Unfortunately,
the Count of Sorhagen
could not be here in person
to drop off
the royal toy donation
for the Nordin
Children's Group,
but would like to wish
all the children
who will be receiving
these gifts,
a very merry Christmas.
-Why can't they just
admit the guy's a flake?
He's probably out partying
on some yacht somewhere.
-I heard he has some weird skin
rash that they can't figure out.
-Eww, please!
Thank you.
Whatever the reason,
an interview with him
would be a gold mine.
-Uh, would that gold mine
include covering my raise?
Because although
every news source in Europe,
including the Monarch Insider,
has tried to get
an interview with the guy,
he's going to give you,
a tabloid columnist,
the time of day?
-I got the Princess of Gibraltar
to admit she laundered money.
I found the Marquis of San
Marino's lover's home address.
I'm pretty sure I can ask
a dodgy Count a few questions.
-Alright, yes.
If you can land an interview
with the Count of Sorhagen,
I'll give you a raise.
could I...
could I get that in writing?
-Where would you even start?
-Well, Sorhagen Palace throws
a Yuletide Ball every Christmas,
and tradition
calls for the Count
to oversee all the aspects.
-He hasn't been seen at the ball
since he was bestowed the title.
He hasn't been seen by anyone,
since he was a teenager!
-Well, it doesn't mean
he hasn't been there.
-Could you imagine
if I land the first interview
or get the first picture?
RGE would go from
a small-time gossip site
to the biggest name
in royal news.
-Alright, I give you my blessing
to attempt an interview
with the Count of Sorhagen.
But if for one second
it feels like a lost cause,
I want you back here
straight away.
-Got it.
I'm gonna go book my flight.
Are you sure
you're not gonna be lonely
at Christmas, huh?
-I think I'm good.
Plus, I got
my career to focus on.
This profile with the Count
is a huge opportunity for me.
-I always thought that
RGE was more of a job,
and not necessarily
a career for you.
-Well, turns out I'm good at it.
And it pays for
this apartment... sort of.
-If you run out of money,
you can always come home, huh?
And there's always room for you
at the insurance firm, too.
Stability can be a good thing.
And, uh, Milwaukee's
a lot more affordable
than London, huh?
-I'll, uh,
I'll keep that in mind!
Listen, Dad, I gotta go,
but I love you.
-Love you, too.
Enjoy the North Pole.
-Sorhagen, Nordin.
Same thing!
-Okay, bye!
-Oh, welcome, welcome!
I wasn't expecting anyone,
but so glad to have you.
-Oh, thanks!
-Oh, peppermint square?
-Oh, yum!
Thank you.
Sorry it's so late.
It's kind of a last-minute trip.
But the cab driver said
this was the best place to stay.
-That it is!
-I'm Trina.
Welcome to Sorhagen.
What brings you to our town?
-The Sorhagen Palace.
I'm a journalist.
Hopefully not from one
of those nosey tabloids?
-No, I'm, um...
I'm from, uh, Monarch Insider.
-Monarch Insider?
A proper journalist?
You know, my niece
just got a volunteer job
giving tours at the palace.
-Has she seen the Count?
-She says she has.
-Okay, how do I
sign up for this tour?
Morning, Mother.
-Mm-mm, mm.
Here, let me help you.
Come down, come on.
-Oh, thank you.
Oh, whoops!
-You alright?
-Hmm, smells fresh.
-You know your dad
would roll over in his grave
if I ever put up fake garland.
-That he would.
-It is so good
getting to see you here
and not having to visit you
on a mountain top in Zermatt
or take a speed boat
to Rathlin Island.
-Ah, it's nice to be home, too.
-Hmm, you know,
you can stay longer this time.
You don't have to
dart off after the holidays.
-I know, but I got the job in
the reindeer ranch in Finland.
-Free room and board
and no long-term contract.
-Well, while you're
waiting to hear about
yet another job
with little to no future,
just think how nice it is
to have a mother willing
to do her grown son's laundry.
-That alone might
actually get me to stay.
What's this?
-Oh, yes, I found
that outside the palace.
Yeah, I've been
meaning to return it.
This has
the Count's crest on it.
This is the Count's medallion!
Well... what was it
doing on the ground?
-You need to return
this right away.
The last thing you want
is for someone to
think you stole that!
No, that's a good point.
I'm going to do it.
-Ah, ah, no--
Don't go to the palace
like that!
I didn't iron that--
-Thanks, Ma!
If you'll follow me,
up ahead we have the library.
We can see
the oldest Christmas lights
in all of Northern Europe.
Ah, Pederson!
-Jensen, have you
seen the staff manager?
-He was just in
the drawing room, why?
Oh, just returning
something I found.
I'll... I'll go find him.
The drawing room is...
-Copy that.
Your Grace?
Uh, sorry,
I shouldn't be in here, uh...
-No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait, hold on!
If I could just have
a moment of your time...
Your royal
It is you.
I'm Charlotte Collins
and I write for...
Monarch Insider, and I would
love to interview you.
Though, I, um...
never thought a Count
would be dressed so casually.
At least have an ironed shirt.
-So, um...
let me just get this straight.
You think the best way to get
a private interview with me,
the Count of Sorhagen,
is to insult my clothes?
What in the King's
name is going on in here?
This area is off limits
to the public!
-Um, Sir Gustus, is it?
Hi, I'm Charlotte Collins
and I write for Monarch Insider,
and I would just
really love to speak
to the Count for a few minutes.
-The... the Count?
-Look, I know you want
to keep a low profile,
I totally get that,
but people have questions.
They want to know you.
-If you don't leave at once,
I'm calling security.
-No, I totally get it.
-But if you want
this picture splashed
across every
news publication tomorrow,
giving me an interview?
-Get out, now!
-Okay, just--
I'm staying at the B&B in town!
-Uh, I was just leaving, too!
-Why does that
brusque Yankee think
that you're the Count?
-Uh, because of...
-Why do you have
the Count's personal medallion?
-Now, I found it
outside the palace
on the ground
in the front gardens.
-Uh... who are you?!
-Oh, I am Adam Pederson.
I'm the new, uh,
seasonal landscaper.
-May I suggest
you be on your way to work?
At once!
-Yes... yes!
No, I'm gone, gone.
Not even here.
Monarch Insider?
And you say she took a picture
of this... staff member?
-Yes, she truly believes
she met the Count.
The only way
to get ahead of this
is to finally release the truth.
We can't.
We'd go from having
at least some tourists
to absolutely none.
-We're headed there either way.
Not necessarily.
If this reporter already
believes this man
to be the Count,
perhaps a new solution
has just presented itself.
You could
have been fired!
What were you thinking?
-Honestly, I was more impressed
with that journalist.
She just barged in there
thinking that she could
get a private interview
with the Count.
I'll tell you, the confidence
that that requires...
-Sounds like
she's off her rocker.
Besides Jensen, is there
any security at that palace?
Our security
is the best in Nordin.
-Ah, Sir Gustus!
Um... can I get you anything?
Uh... tea, coffee?
-No, thank you.
I just need
a moment alone with...
with Mr. Pederson.
-I'll be in the back.
I'm so sorry again
about what happened today.
-Mr. Pederson--
-Oh, please, call me Adam.
-Mr. Pederson,
after conveying our incident
to the Royal Council,
much to my dismay
I've been sent here
to speak with you.
-Thanks to your
outright desire to lie,
this reporter believes
she met the Count today.
If that photo is released,
it will cause a crisis
of grand proportion
for the Royal Family.
-Just release
a photo of the real Count.
Discredit hers.
What I'm about to tell you
demands the utmost secrecy.
Do you understand?
-There is...
no Count of Sorhagen.
-Yes, there is.
-Count Lars abdicated
the title four years ago
when he fell in love
with someone
on Spring Break
at Daytona Beach.
-Let me guess...
what happened in Daytona
didn't stay in Daytona?
He's been with her ever since.
He threw that medallion
out the window in protest.
We've been looking for it
for some time.
Because it was just right--
well, hang on,
why are you
telling me all of this?
the Royal Council believes
this is an opportunity
to avoid a bigger scandal.
Since this reporter already
believes you to be the Count,
will you step in
asthe Count for...
a brief interview?
She'll have to
turn over the photo
in order to speak with you.
We'll satisfy her curiosity,
allow her to publish
a puff piece about how polite
and cordial the Count is.
Oh, you're serious?
-Just one very short,
very rehearsed 15 minutes.
-Are you sure
that's such a good idea?
-The Royal Council
knows that businesses here
depend on tourists
believing there is a Count.
They feel a short interview
will keep that belief alive.
It's Kirsten!
-Come in!
-Lost you on the tour today.
I was worried
something happened,
but then Sir Gustus told me
to give you this.
What's going on?
I've got the interview!
I got the interview!
Shoulders back.
Chin up.
You sure this is really
necessary just for an interview?
-Decorum and elegance
is the standard
for the Nordin Royal Family.
You sure you're qualified
to tailor a suit?
-Would you prefer
that I called on Mr. Henrik,
Sorhagen's chief suit-maker,
and have you explain
how your indiscretion
with that reporter
led us to this charade?
Chop chop!
-Feet flat on the ground.
Your back, straight.
Your buttocks should touch
the back of the chair.
Your weight evenly distributed
over both hips.
Got it?
-I've got-- ow!
A hundred pins in me.
The Count would
never wear glasses to the press.
I need those to be able to see.
-We got you contacts.
Wait... how did you
know my prescription?
-We have resources.
A reporter from
the Monarch Insider
will be able to tell
a fake from a mile away.
Remember, keep it light and fun.
She needs to believe
she met the Count.
We must do something
about your hair...
Miss Collins.
You clean up nice.
A proper
introduction this time.
Miss Collins,
Lars Ludwig Von Taylor,
the Count of Sorhagen.
Before we start, I must ask
if you've deleted the photo
that you took of
Count Lars yesterday.
-Yes, you made it
very clear: no photos.
-And the agreement?
-Signed, sealed, and delivered.
You may commence.
-Your Grace, thank you so much
for allowing this.
I'm very sorry
for bombarding you yesterday;
there's just no other way
of getting in contact with you.
Which brings me
to my first question:
why are you so private?
-I feel that
the best way to serve
the country of Nordin is...
out of the limelight.
-Right, that's what all
your press releases say,
but what does that
actually mean?
-It means he doesn't
get bogged down
with the showmanship
of the position.
However, Sorhagen's
economy has suffered
since your father passed,
and many people believe
that's because you haven't made
any public appearances.
You don't feel any
responsibility to your country?
-Uh... perhaps you'd
like to ask about
the Count's Children's Charity?
-Sir Gustus, no offence,
but maybe the Count
would feel more comfortable
if it were just us?
Copy that. Okay.
Well, um,
what do you do for fun?
-I, uh, serve on...
the Royal Warrant...
Appointment... Committee
and The Northern European...
Trust of Commerce.
Oh, you're serious?
Oh, wow. Um, okay.
Well, what about
the Yuletide Ball?
What's your role in that?
-I oversee the event planning.
-Oh, are you a fan of Christmas?
-Yes, no, it's
my favourite time of year!
-Good, now we're talking!
What are some of your favourite
Sorhagen Christmas activities?
-The Nisse Hunt.
-And then the Wreath Lighting
at the town square.
My dad...
-...used to take me sledding,
and then we would stay up
very, very late
and watch the northern lights.
-I didn't know
Counts went sledding.
They normally don't.
-Well, uh, so it seems
like Christmas is your thing.
How about a special
in-depth article
on Christmas with the Count?
Everything leading up
to the Yuletide Ball.
Give people a real chance
to know you.
-That sounds amazing.
-Absolutely not!
I think the Count's a bit
sleep-deprived at the moment.
-Fifteen minutes.
That was our agreement.
-Yes, um...
but weren't you also the one
that was telling me
that the Royal Council
is very worried about
tourism numbers?
And wouldn't an in-depth article
on Christmas with the Count
After all,
I am the Count of Sorhagen.
My decision.
-His decision.
Fifteen minutes.
That's what we decided.
I-- I tried
to stop him.
I don't think
he truly comprehends
what a full Christmas spread
with a publication
like the Monarch Insider
will entail.
-What do we do now?
-We stick to the plan.
Sir Gustus will
have to take charge.
-Oversee that we give
the journalist
tidbits here and there.
And keep her and Mr. Pederson's
interactions minimal, hmm?
If all goes well, we walk away
with an uptick in tourism
and time to find a more
permanent solution.
-With all due respect,
keeping Mr. Pederson in line
might be a...
a tall order.
-Surely not for you, Sir Gustus.
The King
has the utmost faith in you.
So, let me
get this straight...
there's actually no Count,
but now you're the Count?
-Yeah, see, I am...
I am temporarily...
pretending to be the Count.
But, you see, because
she's doing an exclusive
on Christmas with the Count,
that means that I get
to stay at the Palace,
which apparently means
that I can order anything
from the kitchens.
Now, that is a pretty sweet gig.
This is madness!
come to think about it,
I probably shouldn't be out.
Sir Gustus gave me a lecture
about keeping a low profile
because, well, the journalist...
she's staying
at Trina's B&B nearby.
-Oh, then she's
probably met Kirsten.
Maybe you could, uh, find out
if they know each other?
-Oh, yeah.
No, sure, in addition to
pretending to be the Count
I'm gonna ask a prestigious
journalist to play matchmaker
to the B&B owner's niece.
-Wouldn't be the craziest
thing happening here.
Fair enough.
That's her!
Oh... okay.
Now I get why you're
pretending to be a Count.
-Well, what do I do?
-First off, stop acting weird
and stop looking back at her!
What are you, Superman?
You look the same!
let's go out the back door!
-I am so sorry.
-Your Grace?
-You look so different.
-I do look different,
I am undercover.
Yes, you see, the Count
cannot just go into a local pub
and have a drink
like everyone else.
No, I have to use a disguise.
Uh... this is Jensen.
He is my personal
security guard.
He goes with me everywhere
when I am... undercover.
-Nice to meet you.
-Oh, great to meet you.
Hey, listen,
I was thinking we could start
the exclusive right now.
-No, I don't think
that's a good idea.
-It's a great idea!
There's a Christmas
shuffleboard game back there.
Right, that.
For every point I score,
I get to ask you a question.
Let's go!
I'll, um,
see you back at the palace?
-I'll make sure your bed
is turned down...
my liege.
So that's how you've
kept private for so long, huh?
No one here knows
who you actually are.
-Uh, yes, yes.
They all think I'm a local.
So it's just
something I do to unwind,
I just put on a disguise
and just, you know,
go out into town.
-I knew there was an explanation
for those cheap clothes
and this wrinkled mess--
it's a disguise.
-Good to know how much
appearances mean to you.
-Well, no, it's just
I was making an observation
on attire I've never
seen a royal wear.
Aw... oh!
-Okay, again. Oh!
-Ah! Now...
-Now, now, now, watch.
-Now, don't aim
for the first one,
aim for the second one,
because once you get a set,
you double the score.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Oh!
-Or you could do that.
Uh, are you sure you've
never played this game before?
-I have beginner's luck.
It's really interesting,
you know, this morning,
you were so stiff.
Up until I mentioned Christmas.
But here,
you just seem more regular.
-Oh, is, um... regular
a good thing or a bad thing?
-Well, it depends.
-Depends on what?
-On what kind of Count
you want to be.
-I... want to be
the kind of Count
that beats you at Sjoelbak.
Good luck!
Hardly recognized you
without your glasses on.
-Oh... funny.
You're funny.
So, what's in the bag?
-Right, well, are you ready
for your first official Royal
Sorhagen Christmas tradition?
-Yes, I'm ready.
-Oh, it's a gnome!
-Uh, no, it's a Nisse.
Totally different.
-It's a mythological creature
that symbolizes
the Nordic Winter Solstice.
And we, um,
hide them all over the grounds
so that children can find them
and win prizes.
So an Easter Egg Hunt
with gnomes?
I wasn't aware that humour
is what you were gnome for.
Good one!
-Well, this was my favourite
Christmas tradition as a child.
Yeah, my parents used to
bring me here every year.
-Well, yeah,
didn't you grow up here?
-Oh, yes.
No, I meant that I
also got to participate.
-Oh, okay.
Are you close with
the rest of your family?
Like Lord Limburg,
who's technically both
your father's first cousin
and your mother's fourth cousin
twice removed,
but the only living relative
on your maternal side?
-Wait a minute...
You know all that, but you
don't know what Nisse are?
-Well, my mother
was a history professor.
Royal bloodlines fascinated us.
You must really love
what you do,
working in such a prestigious
and historical publication.
-Well, I'm good at it,
but being good at something
doesn't necessarily mean
you're passionate about it.
Well, at least
you're not still trying to
figure out your
direction in life.
I don't even know
where to focus my endeavours,
let alone know what I'm good at.
-Well, must be nice being able
to figure out your passion
without any monetary
-You do know that money
can't buy you happiness, right?
-Ha! Says the Count
in a million-dollar palace.
No, it's just...
-...good to know what you see
when you look at me.
Be sure to check
the Christmas Trees!
Slow down!
There'll be plenty of treats
to go around!
-Nothing like children enjoying
the true meaning of Christmas.
-Uh, is that what you'd call it?
-I'm Jensen.
-Yeah, I know.
You work security. I'm Kirsten.
I just started a few weeks ago.
- You're doing great.
- Oh!
-Just from the tours
I hear walking by.
Not that I eavesdrop,
I just enjoy it.
The, uh, the tours, that is.
Not you walking by.
-Um, do you need help
handing those out?
-Oh, um, yeah,
that'd be great.
Actually, I've had to pee
for like a half-hour.
Come in?
Good morning.
Your breakfast, sir.
Oh, I could get used to this.
Your Grace...
Miss Collins...
Welcome to the Yuletide Ball
Planning Committee meeting.
We have the royal crystal
coming in on the 22nd.
-And the pheasants
will arrive on the 23rd
to give the King's chefs enough
time to brine them properly.
-Ah, there's been
a candle shortage
in the capital factories.
We'll have to ship some in
from the Newhaven Castle.
But we have a candlemaker
here in town.
Why not ask him to make them?
-Uh, because, Your Grace,
the Yuletide Ball has been
done exactly the same way
for over a hundred years.
It's about regality.
I never realized that everything
was imported for the ball.
We have amazing craftsmen
and chefs here in Sorhagen;
wouldn't it be better for
the community if we hired them?
Count Lars!
Of course you knew that!
Tradition is what
the Yuletide Ball celebrates.
The guests are nobles
and dignitaries
from all over the world.
Not to interrupt...
Um, technically
the Yuletide Ball exists
because of
the pagan holiday Yule,
which was implemented to lift
the spirits of the local farmer
after the harvest as the days
got shorter and colder.
So it's always been
about the people.
-Right, so honouring
its history would mean
honouring this community.
It would make more sense
to open up the ball to everyone,
not just the nobles.
-Absolutely not.
-There is a royal standard
of conduct...
And rules
for the ball.
Unless you want to take it up
with your uncle...
The King of Nordin?
No, I just thought it was
worthwhile suggesting.
But I guess...
tradition wins.
-You're the Count, and you
let them shoot down your ideas?
-Well, they are
the royal advisors.
I have to respect
their advising.
-Yeah, but it was
such a good idea.
-Ah, well, it appears
they don't like good ideas.
In the grand scheme of history,
who am I to change things?
But I do appreciate the support
of a passionate historian,
though, so thank you.
-It was actually nice being able
to flex those muscles again.
-Oh? Hmm.
-And since you brought it up,
this historian was hoping
since we're in the East Wing,
maybe I could have a look
at the Royal Tannenbaum?
-The... uh...?
-You know,
the family Christmas tree?
It has, like, the jewelled star
gifted to the Count of Sorhagen
in 1848 after
the Treaty of Borg...?
-Uh, yes!
-Of course, yes.
That one. I...
Follow me.
-Isn't that west?
Wow, it's stunning!
-It really is, isn't it?
the ruby red heart!
This was given to Countess Freya
by Count Odin
on their wedding day.
Can you imagine?
Your great-great-
finding love despite
coming from different kingdoms?
This is worth a fortune!
-Is it? Hmm!
You must know
about some of these.
-Yeah, no,
they sort of all get jumbled up.
I'm actually more impressed with
how much you know
about everything.
-That's thanks to my mother.
I grew up with her telling me
bedtime stories
about the real kings
and queens of Europe.
She always said
that real history
was so much more interesting,
and she was right.
She would have loved this place.
Ah... yeah, Christmas was
her favourite holiday,
and it just hasn't really been
the same since she passed.
-I'm sure she would
be very proud of you.
Yeah, I don't know,
trying to write clickbait
about royal families is a lot
different than studying them.
Come on,
give yourself a bit more credit.
Your publication is more
prestigious than that.
Look, Your Grace, I--
-No, no, please.
I understand.
I lost my father.
That must have been so hard,
going through that
with the whole world watching.
-Yes, yes.
No, it was. I just...
I just meant that Christmas
isn't the same without them,
is it?
-So, spill the beans!
I haven't heard from you!
-Well, I've been kind of busy
getting the biggest exclusive
RGE could ever imagine.
-You know, the information
I'm getting is illuminating.
Everything we thought he was,
it's the complete opposite.
-Great. Love to hear it.
Now, as you know,
visuals are everything, right?
Not that I think you would,
but you could be making
the whole thing up, so we need
to release some photos,
get some proof going.
-Um, you know...
Okay, it's all about building
trust with him and the firm,
and right now
that is still off the table.
-We're not in
the trust business,
we're in the gossip business!
- And as of late,
you've been the queen of that,
so let's keep that up, yeah?
-You know, I don't really
think of this as gossip.
It's more us reporting
very specific news.
-Well, you know, my motto is
"Like apples and pears,
the juicier the better," yeah?
-Great motto.
-I need a picture!
-Alright, I'm on it.
I'm glad to see
you've made yourself at home.
The kitchen staff have been
very accommodating.
You fancy a taste?
-No, thank you.
We need to talk about
what you tried to do
at yesterday's meeting.
-Quick question first.
If I had been the real Count
and suggested
using local resources,
would you have
turned down my idea?
-He would never have tried
to impose on royal tradition.
-Hmm, didn't the Count choose
love over royal tradition?
-Look, I know that
all of this is temporary,
but Charlotte
has made me curious.
So I requested a list of
all the things being imported
for the ball, and everything
from crystal stemware to glogg
can and could come from local
businesses here in Sorhagen.
Why do you care so much?
-Being away for so long,
I hadn't realized
how tough things had gotten
for local businesses here.
I was just looking
for ways to help.
But you're right,
I'm not the real Count...
let alone an economist.
I was raised
never to ruffle feathers.
My father was the advisor
to the Count before Charles
and his father before him.
Tradition is all I know.
For my entire life,
it's been my responsibility
to uphold this legacy.
-Sounds suffocating.
Where are you going now?
-Well, I promised Charlotte
that I would take her
to the Wreath Lighting
in the town square.
-It's not good to go
into town with her.
Too much could go wrong.
-Don't worry, Gus.
I have a foolproof plan.
She thinks that
this is the disguise...
not this.
It's okay to ruffle
a few feathers once in a while.
Actually, it's quite fun.
-You're slouching!
It's so beautiful.
When I was little, my mom and I
used to make dioramas
of medieval towns out of clay.
This place reminds me of them.
-So you're saying that Sorhagen
is stuck in medieval times?
-Yeah, but in a good way,
with the bonus of electricity
and indoor plumbing.
-I have missed this place.
The town square, I mean.
I don't get to
come here that often.
I have missed going
all out for Christmas.
For so long, it was just a day
that reminded me of my mom,
which always made me so sad.
-And now?
-And now, I can see
her loving all this,
whispering to me about the great
debate on the origin of wreaths,
and whether they're based
on Greco-Roman coronas
or whether their existence
didn't come into fruition
until after Christianity as
a symbol of never-ending life.
-Well, you're welcome to
whisper all of that to me.
-Well, I mean, your eyes get
this special sparkle in them
when you go all historical.
It's really rather lovely.
Historical Society.
Uh, give me one second.
I'll be right back.
What's that?
-Oh, it's a brochure
from the Historical Society.
I actually didn't realize
that Nordin University
had a history doctorate program.
Is that something
that you'd be interested in?
You know, being here
has made me realize, like,
I don't know if I really
want to report on royals
for my livelihood.
-Mm-hm, has spending time
with me really been that bad
that you want to
give up your career?
-No, no, it's just being here
has ignited passions
I had forgotten about.
I don't know.
What about you?
You know,
all those people tonight,
I bet they would have
loved to have known
their Count was amongst them.
-Maybe it's time to go public?
-But no, I just--
well, I don't think
that it's really the right time.
-Well, when is the right time?
What are you afraid of?
-Letting people down.
-Not possible.
-I-- we should...
-Yeah, probably go.
-I don't want to
upset Sir Gustus.
-He might blow a gasket.
Well, thank you for tonight.
Goodnight, Your Grace.
I don't know
how this happened.
-I'll tell you how it happened.
Miss Collins isn't
as trustworthy as we thought.
Legal action
will have to be taken!
-No, no, no, but see,
she couldn't have taken
that picture.
She had just gone
inside that door.
-Perhaps she isn't
working alone?
Either way,
the ruse is surely over.
The Royal Family
will have to come clean.
-But this was supposed
to be a temporary fix,
anyway, right?
Maybe the truth
can come out now.
I mean, perhaps
this is a good thing.
-Don't do anything
until I speak to the council.
Why didn't you tell me
the guy I've been seeing you
around with is the Count?!
Good morning!
Trina here makes the absolute
best eyeball-skeevers.
You simply have to try one.
-This is Tony.
He's also a journalist.
He's from
Royal Gossip Entertainment.
-Yes, and I just found out
that you work
for the Monarch Insider?
- Prestigious.
- I'm jealous!
-Can I speak to you
privately for a second?
-Uh, sure!
-What are you doing here?
What's with the picture?
-I just came to help.
I figured you could
use the big guns.
-Help? Help?
No, I don't need your help.
This violates
the agreement I signed!
-No, no, no, no.
There's nothing in your contract
that says your editor
can't fly in
and snap one little photo.
Now, I do hope
that you're just pretending
to work for the Monarch Insider
and not actually thinking
of jumping ship.
-I said that
because I wanted the Count
to think I was legitimate.
Ouch! But clever.
-Oh, what if he thinks
I've led you to him?
Which, let's be honest,
I kinda did.
-Come on,
you didn't take the photo!
And perhaps now
with his anonymity gone,
he'll be more inclined
to give you more intel.
-Now, I really do
have to get back
and get more of those
They really are to die for.
-It's pronounced aeble-skiva!
I think...
I need
you both to know
that I had nothing to do
with that photo being leaked.
-How can we be sure?
Well, the article
was leaked by one of those,
uh, tabloid sites.
I mean, Charlotte
does work for Monarch Insider.
Someone from RGE, they
found out about the exclusive
and followed me here.
I'm so sorry.
I just--
I know you weren't ready
to be a public Count yet, and...
-Oh, it's okay, um...
Don't think I was ever ready
to be any type of Count.
-Can I still finish the article?
Your Grace.
Your uncle, the King,
is on the phone demanding
to speak to you at once.
Address him properly,
let him guide the topic
of conversation...
-And make sure to enunciate!
I'm sure he'll call
the whole thing off;
it's the sensible thing to do.
And stand up straight,
for God's sake!
-It's a phone call!
He can't see me.
-Your Uncle--
-Mr. Pederson,
this has gotten out of control.
-Oh, I agree.
I never meant for this
to go so far and--
-My royal advisors,
the Queen,
we're all very concerned.
Mr. Pederson,
this is disastrous.
-Why don't we tell
everyone the truth?
-Absolutely not!
That would ruin Sorhagen,
our entire country!
-Fine, then...
I'll make a public statement
as the Count.
-A formal introduction
would be best.
We will invite the royal press
to a Julebord
hosted by you tomorrow night
at the palace.
-I'll agree to that...
if my mother
can cater the desserts.
She does makes
an award-winning krumkake.
-Do as you please.
The Queen and I
will see you tomorrow night.
-So... how bad is it?
-Well, I am now hosting
a Julebord tomorrow night,
for the King, Queen,
and the royal press.
-You are?
I would love it
if you could attend.
For support.
And while there will be
other press there,
you will still be the only one
doing an exclusive on
Christmas with the Count.
-Ah, thank you!
Thank you!
It's such an honour.
-Look, I do know
that it wasn't your fault
that my photo got out.
-I know that I really
can trust you.
What are you doing
tomorrow morning?
I doubt she'd recognize you
in any of those photos.
-Can't take any chances.
I'm worried about you.
This is all getting--
-Out of hand?
Oh, I'm well aware.
All because of
a little white lie,
I could bring ruin to this town,
the Royal Family,
and everything that you
have worked so hard for.
-Well, that's a lot of
pressure to put on yourself,
especially for someone who's
been running from this place
for so long.
-Mum, I haven't been
running from here.
So, what would you call
constantly travelling
for ten years,
avoiding all responsibility?
-Looking for my passion.
Trying to find a job
that I'm good at
and that I can make
a difference with.
Oh, let's just hope that I can
still make a positive impact
before I leave again.
Oh, here we go!
-Ah! Come in!
You must be Charlotte.
-Good morning.
Are you two ready to prep
for a Scandinavian feast
during the Christmas season
with lots of traditional
food and drinks?
-You had to Google "Julebord,"
didn't you?
-I had to lightly refresh
my knowledge.
-The Count tells me
he wants you to cover
the making of the krumkake.
And since being royal
doesn't get you out of helping,
both of you can grab an apron.
I have to admit
I'm really not the baking type.
You know, my mom and I used to
make Christmas cookies,
but they were always from a box.
-Krumkake is a classic.
Crispy wafers rolled into cones
with cream and chocolate.
The key is to beat
the butter and sugar first,
then gradually add the eggs.
Oh, uh...
-Ooh, you are
really not good at this.
-Oh, and pointing it out
really helps my confidence...
What-- hmm!
Why are you so good at this?
-Well, you know,
grew up practicing.
-Oh, they have baking classes
at boarding school?
-Yeah, something like that.
Wow, look at you.
The Count of many talents.
Oh, you have no idea.
Always refer to them
as "Your Majesty."
Do not commence eating
until he commences eating.
Do not finish
until the King finishes.
-What if he eats
faster than I do?
-You will finish
when he finishes.
How in the world
did we get here?
You ready?
-Ready as I'll ever be.
Your Majesties.
-Good to see you,
Good to see you, indeed.
-Although we respected
and understood
our nephew's desire
to remain anonymous
as a way to excel in his
charitable endeavours,
we must admit we are relieved
and overjoyed that he has
now become a public figure.
Since your photograph
was released,
we've had more nobles
and dignitaries
purchasing tickets
the last 48 hours
than in the last
four Yuletide balls.
-Wonderful for the nobles.
Well, if it's ticket sales that
you're really concerned about,
what don't we open the
Yuletide Ball up to the public?
-I beg your pardon?
-I learned from an historian
that the original Yuletide
was a celebration
to raise the spirits
of the community
during the long, dark winter.
It was something for everyone
to rally around
and look forward to.
Think how tourism would soar
if we invited everyone
to the Yuletide Ball.
-That is a... unique idea.
-Perhaps we can discuss this
after the Julebord.
In private.
I apologize
if I overstepped tonight.
-When my brother fell ill,
I had a meeting with Lars,
my real nephew,
about what it would mean to him
to become the next Count.
Before I could get a word out,
he told me he wasn't interested
in being Count.
He was in love, and wanted
to have a nice, quiet life
with a random
American woman.
-Not random to him, dear.
-Nevertheless, I was appalled.
I pleaded with him.
But alas, for some, love,
more powerful than country.
-So I've heard.
Since I only have a daughter,
who of course one day
will become Queen, there are no
other current heirs or relatives
to bestow
the imperative title upon.
There has been
a Count here for centuries.
That is why, Mr. Pederson,
we need you to continue
to be Count,
until a better solution
presents itself.
After all,
now that you're in the public,
our hands our tied.
I want to help all I can,
but, well, I've already done...
exactly what we agreed upon
for the interview.
-But you must continue.
-But I'm leaving
the first of the year.
I have a new job.
-Will you at least
host the Yuletide Ball?
Be front and centre,
so we can stretch the publicity
as long as possible?
-I will.
I will be the host
-If you open up
the ball to everyone.
And there are a few local
vendors that I suggest we hire.
-Very well.
So, tell me everything!
What was the food like?
What were the King
and Queen like?
-Okay, so the King and Queen
were very proper.
The food was delicious.
I ate so much.
But the best part
was the Count opened up
the Yuletide Ball to the public!
-He what?
-That Count of yours
is pretty great.
-Oh, he's not...
he's not mine.
-Not yet.
-I can't believe how busy it is!
-I know!
Ever since
that picture came out,
reservations have been up.
I am so glad that the Count
decided to go public!
Oh, I don't think I dressed
warmly enough for this.
-Wear my scarf.
-That'll keep you warm.
-Thank you.
-It suits you.
It's breathtaking.
-Did you know the first
reference of the northern lights
were from cave paintings
30,000 years ago?
-I did not.
Well, now you do.
-Do you know that you
can't always see them?
But I had a feeling
they'd be out tonight.
My father used to
bring me here every winter.
To me, this is Christmas.
You know, it's funny, I...
thought I was coming out here
to get an interview
with the Count,
and instead I got the best
Christmas I've ever had.
Me, too.
There you are!
-Oh, I was just, um...
-...showing Charlotte the view.
-Ah, yeah.
Well, Sir Gustus sent me.
I've been given
direct instructions
to see Charlotte back
to the B&B.
You know how Gustus gets
when that vein in his neck
sort of... pops?
-Oh, yes.
Yes, we wouldn't want that.
Oh, no.
I should get going.
Yeah, the last thing
I'd want is for him
to ban me from doing
the exclusive, so... yeah.
Goodnight, Charlotte.
-Goodnight, Count Lars.
Thank you for tonight.
Miss Charlotte...
Do you think Kirsten has a date
to the ball this year?
It's Adam... actually.
What can I get for you?
-Well, the Count invited me to
Little Christmas Eve Dinner
-Which Kirsten thankfully
informed me means
the night before Christmas Eve
and not something to do with
little, small foods.
He's lucky
to have your company.
-So, I was, um...
I was hoping to bring a dessert.
I just don't know
what it should be.
I have just the thing.
with raspberries
and a touch of cinnamon.
-It's one of his favourites.
-How would you know that?
-I meant more
it's everyone's favourite.
-Well, if you think
he'll like it, I'm in.
-You care for him,
don't you?
-Is it that obvious?
-And what is it about him
you admire most?
-That's sort of
a strange question.
-I'm just curious.
-Well, um...
he's just not really what
I thought a Count would be like.
You know, it's funny,
there's actually
not much regality to him.
He's, uh...
he's kind,
and he's adventurous, and...
And he's kind of a dork.
-I'll go grab you those bowls.
-Thank you!
Do you have a thing
for the Count?
-Tony, do you just
lurk around every corner?
-It's part of the job.
-Okay, it's kinda not.
-He's kinda cute, hmm?
I could see how one would fall.
But this isn't gonna interfere
with your write-up, right?
I mean, we're looking for juice,
not lovestruck admiration.
-Tony, I've really been
thinking about this,
and these articles we write,
we treat these people
like they only exist
for our amusement.
-And their mistakes
and misfortunates
are a good thing.
But these are people, okay?
And they're doing their best.
-Yes, but they are royals,
and we're not and never will be.
And people like us, we just
like to peek behind the curtain.
-So worry a little bit less
about them,
and get me what you have so far.
-Fine, I'll email you a copy.
But I'm just warning you,
it's taken on more
of a wholehearted tone.
-Oh, darling.
That sounds horrible!
-You know, at first,
I thought Little Christmas Eve
was another thing having
to do with those Nisse.
You know,
because of the "little" part.
But well done for, uh,
trying to use the proper name.
Well, speaking of proper names,
I have a surprise for dessert...
Rayna's risgrynsgrt!
How'd I do?
Yes, very good.
-Thank you.
-Well done, uh...
Do you know that
this is my favourite?
I heard.
-Did Rayna tell you
what's so special about it?
-Hmm, that it's a fancy name
for rice pudding?
-In every few bowls,
there's a hidden almond.
-Mm-hm, and whoever
finds the almond in their bowl
wins a prize.
-Wow, there's lots of prizes
in your Christmas traditions.
We call it, uh,
Christmas motivation.
-In fact, um, you've, um...
you've motivated me.
Finding a way
to invite the community
into the Yuletide Ball has...
given me a new sense of purpose.
I've not felt like that before.
And if you hadn't come here,
none of it would
have happened, so...
Thank you.
-I got the almond!
-Okay, I--
-You got it?
-I got the almond!
-Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
I just want my prize.
-The truth?
There's something
that I need to tell you.
Get her
out of here at once!
Excuse me?
What's got into you?
-See for yourself.
But I thought you worked
for Monarch Insider.
-Okay, I can explain.
-No need to explain!
She's a fraud.
A tabloid gossip columnist.
She tricked us.
Get out of here, now!
-Look, I only said
that I worked for them
so that you would
see me as credible.
-"Falling for the Count"?
So this was all
for tabloid gossip?
No, it...
-Get out!
Okay, I'm going.
-You lied to me?
-I'm so sorry.
Why did you change my article?
-It just didn't have the pop
that RGE is known for--
no scandal, no gossip.
I mean, quite frankly,
it was kind of boring.
But then I realized that the
situation itself is the story.
-What? You didn't think
to run this by me?
Well, I'm your boss.
-I quit.
Wait, wait, wait--
Don't be hasty!
Look, you were a little bit
off your game this time,
but you're quite good at this!
Don't give it up.
-I don't want to be
good at this.
-Well, what about your raise
or your apartment?
Not to mention your visa.
-You know, I'd rather
find a different path
than work for a publication
that lacks integrity.
Never did work
for Monarch Insider.
-I'm so sorry.
I didn't see that coming.
-I can't believe
she would do that.
-To be fair,
you did lie to her, too.
-I know, it's just if I...
were the real Count of Sorhagen,
then, well...
I'd feel hurt...
and betrayed.
-But you're not.
No, I am just some random bloke
who fell for a girl
who clearly just wanted
to meet a Count
to sell papers.
-Look, both of you
have fallen for someone
who isn't the real person.
It's not like it would
have worked out, anyway.
Besides, you're leaving soon.
It sounds like this
might all be for the best.
-You're probably right.
It's just I've never met
someone that I wanted to...
have around.
All of the time.
Talking to her about
everything and nothing.
It was the best part of my day.
But it wasn't real.
Whatever happens,
I still think it's important
that the Yuletide Ball
is still a go.
Now, I left a note
in Kirsten's mailbox
asking her to be my date.
You sure you don't
want these eggs, hmm?
-They're all yours.
-I meant to return these sooner,
but things got a little crazy.
-So I saw.
Everyone's talking about
the gossip columnist
who tricked the Count.
-Look, I just--
I panicked and I wanted to get
a good interview, so I lied
about who I worked for,
but that was never
supposed to be my article.
-So it wasn't just
to get close to a Count?
-Honestly, my intentions
were just strictly
to write about Christmas
with the Count of Sorhagen.
That's it.
You look understaffed.
Could I please offer you a hand?
-If you could get some napkins
from the back kitchen,
that would help.
-Okay, I'm on it.
Where are the napkins?
He's your son, isn't he?
He's not the Count.
I'm sorry!
Strict orders from Gustus:
I can't let you in anymore.
-Are you even
a real security guard?
-He lied to me!
-Your presence
is no longer welcome here.
-He's not the Count.
I have proof.
Let her through.
You lied to me!
You're not the Count!
-Hang on.
Um, why would you think that?
-I gave up my career
for what, a fraud?
-You were the one who just
assumed that I was the Count.
-Oh, so this is my fault?
Because there was never a time
where you could have
told me the truth?
-Look, I did try to--
also, you were the one
that was pretending to be
a prestigious journalist
when all the time, really,
you're just a, a, a...
a gossip tabloidist!
-At least my lie
didn't involve deceiving
an entire country!
-No, no!
You both, you both,
should be ashamed of yourselves.
Miss Collins,
let's discuss this in my office.
No, I'm done.
You were mad because
I was a gossip tabloidist?
Well, guess what?
The world is about to get
the best piece of gossip
they've ever read--
the truth!
I don't want to interrupt,
but there's someone
waiting for you in the study.
-I don't want to see him.
-He said it's a matter
of life or death.
-Life or death?
-I needed to talk to you.
And it might not be
life or death,
but there are many people's
livelihoods at stake.
Charlotte, if you tell everyone
that there is no Count
and that I was
pretending to be him,
this town is ruined.
And it's not just
the Royal Family
that will hurt.
It's regular people, like...
like Trina,
and Rayna...
my mother,
people whose livelihoods
depend on there being
a Count of Sorhagen.
-But don't you think they
deserve to know the truth?
-Charlotte, the truth
is the real Count
abdicated for love.
Look, when I led you to
mistake me for the Count,
the royal firm
saw an opportunity
to temporarily fix the problem.
I thought that it would
all just be a small fib.
But then things escalated,
I never expected to develop
feelings for you.
I had feelings for you, too.
Past tense?
-Past tense.
Well, to be fair, neither of us
were honest, were we?
Well, just so you know,
everything that I felt,
everything that we shared...
that was me.
That was Adam Pederson,
not the Count of Sorhagen.
-How can that matter
when it was all built on a lie?
Then I have to ask you,
did you like me just because you
thought that I was the Count?
You need to leave.
-Charlotte, please.
Don't write that story!
Should we cancel the ball?
If she writes a story
about the Count being a fake,
we're all done for.
what do you think we should do?
-Well, I understand
the consequences
and how disastrous
this will be for everyone.
Until the truth is out there,
I think we carry on as-is.
The ball should go ahead;
the community
is looking forward to it.
-I agree with Adam.
I brought you some cocoa.
-Why didn't you just tell us
that you worked for RGE
from the start?
-I knew the reputation
the site had,
and I was embarrassed.
Part of me always has been.
You know, I, uh,
I did it for the visa, and...
I got carried away.
I just never had to face
who I was hurting.
-Well, it all
sort of worked out.
I mean, look at all the people
visiting, thanks to you.
Also, I found some dresses
that you might like
for the Yuletide Ball.
-You know, I think
I'm gonna sit this one out.
There's just...
a lot I need to figure out.
-Well, I don't know exactly
what happened between
the two of you,
but being a history buff,
attending a centuries-old
Christmas ball
in an actual palace is not
something to skip out on.
The King and Queen
have arrived.
They've requested your company.
You alright?
No, I'm just...
taking it all in.
-For what it's worth,
I'm glad you ruffled feathers
and opened up
this place for all.
Mr. Tradition?
You sure?
-Perhaps you've
inspired me to...
sometime on the rarest
of occasions...
to loosen up the rules a bit.
-Gus, is this
your way of telling me
that you're going to miss me?
Babysitting a loose cannon
is not something
I'm going to miss.
Though you have brought
an interesting energy
to the palace--
not entirely bad.
Ladies and gentlemen...
King Sven, first of his name,
and Queen Anna of Nordin.
I've yet
to tell them
that Charlotte knows
who you really are.
-Don't worry, Sir Gustus.
You won't have to.
May I?
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to the Yuletide Ball.
My name is Adam Pederson.
I am not the Count of Sorhagen.
I have been pretending
to be the Count
because the real Count
I led a journalist to believe
that I was him,
and then I maintained the ruse,
at first for fun and then,
for what I thought was
for the good of Sorhagen.
But it, um,
clearly got out of hand.
You see, the real Lars,
he traded royalty for love.
And I think
he was right to do so.
Because, you see,
love is so much more important
than power or status.
I know this because I love
this town, this community,
and I want it to be
the very best that it can be,
which starts with me
being honest with all of you.
I never meant to hurt anyone,
and I'm sorry if I did.
So, let's raise a glass
to truth, Christmas,
and to all of you,
the beloved people of Sorhagen.
Jolly good!
I guess not!
-Didn't see that coming.
What are you doing here?
-I couldn't miss the first ball
open to the public.
Wow, what a twist!
A fake Count!
Still quit?
Be quite a story
coming from you.
-It's all yours, Tony.
But you might want to get on it.
It looks like everyone's
already getting the word out.
-Ah, bollocks!
Excuse me!
Does this mean
you're not leaving?
-You were right, Mother,
about everything.
I'm staying.
I want to help you with the cafe
and do everything that I can
to make sure Sorhagen thrives.
-These last few days,
I've learned that taking on
responsibility is a good thing,
especially when
I can make a difference.
-I'm so proud of you!
-I'm sorry.
May I have this dance?
-Yes, you may.
-You look beautiful.
-That was, uh, quite a speech.
-I know it might have
scooped your story a bit.
-No, I actually
decided not to write it.
-Yeah, it just...
didn't really feel right,
especially after seeing
how much good
came from having
a Count in Sorhagen.
I'm really sorry I lied to you.
Although your lie was way worse.
-Oh, way worse.
-So if you're not going
to write the story,
what happens now?
I hate to think that
I ruined your career.
-The opposite, actually.
I realized that journalism
isn't my passion.
History is.
So I'm going to follow in
my mother's footsteps and apply
to University of Nordin's
History Doctorate.
-You're going to make the best
history professor in the world.
So this means
you're sticking around?
-I'm staying right here.
-I think it would be nice
to spend some time
with the real Adam Pederson.
We, too,
want to apologize.
We have not been honest
with our royal subjects,
the fair people of Sorhagen,
and for that we are sorry.
-Adam has shown us that
the true strength of a title
doesn't come from its power
but from what one does with
that power and responsibility.
-Having said that,
by decree and law,
for decorum and tradition,
our country must have
a Count of Sorhagen.
-And so, we would like
to bestow the honorary title
onto Adam.
If he would accept.
I will, if I can still be me,
and not necessarily
live in the palace.
And not follow
those insane rules.
-Also date whoever I wish.
To our Count.
-To our people!
To our people!
Merry Christmas,
honorary Count Adam.
-Merry Christmas, Charlotte.
Let's make it one for
the history books, shall we?