A Picture Perfect Wedding (2021) Movie Script

Can I get you to look out the window?
Now, let's get you to
move a little to the left
and think exotic honeymoon.
Don't forget the sunscreen.
Oh, Anton, could I get you to move
the bounce down just a smidge.
Could you give me an
angle or a measurement?
Hmm, about 20 degrees.
So we can then say smidge as 20 degrees?
Not really.
You look great at all angles.
OK, great.
I think we got it.
Thank you so much.
You are a vision of loveliness.
Thank you.
You'll wear that get up someday.
And you'll be my maid of honor?
Of course.
I have my powder blue tux and
ruffle shirt all ready to go.
Oh, that will totally
be my color scheme too.
You're teasing.
I don't even have the man
yet, but that can wait.
Well, it's a bit hard to
be a couple without one.
I just wanna meet someone who gets me,
who can finish my sentences.
But for now, career first.
Well, how are they going
to finish your sentences
when you never stop talking?
Thank you so much for
putting this together.
You have no idea what
it means to me, Lindsey.
Fiona, I was so happy I could
help, and pay when you can.
You're going to be big, huge.
Your designs are gorgeous.
I'm going to go help with the dresses.
Thank you so much.
So we pay our rent with promises now.
Because I'm not sure the landlord
will be so amenable to your
new financial arrangement.
Oh, no, you expect me to cover you.
Best roommate ever.
And I swear I will get a paid gig soon.
Speaking of, I gotta fly.
Wish me luck.
But I don't believe in luck.
Well, wish it anyway.
If I get in with this wedding
planner, sky's the limit.
She's that big.
I could be shooting royalty.
Good luck.
You were a beat photographer
for "The Tribune"?
That's right, for five years.
But I hated being lumped
together with the paparazzi.
You know, intrusive.
There's something missing from your work.
Your photographic samples
are merely adequate.
My business, my brand aspires
to something grandeur.
Well, I'm sure if you looked
at the Barington wedding,
you'd see...
Oh, I do see what you mean.
Oh, that's Berniece, my niece's dog.
I've seen enough.
We won't be able to add you
to our roster of preferred
photographers at this time.
But I have more.
Perhaps, you should consider
a career in pet photography.
We're done here Miss Morrison,
and I do have another meeting.
Um, thanks for seeing me.
Morning, can start...
Gazing at the shape of the moon
I wondered about you, way...
Good morning.
Out there and all around and deep within.
Talk to me Earth wisdom.
Waving your bows
and branches, what are the
chances you grew to be...
Lindsey Morrison Photography.
Hi, uh, I'm hoping you'll be
able to help me with something.
How's that?
Are you looking for a photographer?
My sister is actually.
She's getting married and I
just saw your photography book
here at this coffee stand.
Wait a second.
Can you do something for me?
Turn around.
See the girl in that cute
orange top waving at you?
Hey, I'm Lindsey.
Nice to meet you, Josh.
Have a seat.
So what's this about your sister
needing a wedding photographer?
She is an amazing person.
And I love her dearly.
A very why wait attitude.
I like her already.
Her fiance proposed to her last week
and she wants to be married
by the end of the month.
So there is a lot to get figured
out in a short amount of time.
And you're the big brother
trying to help out?
I'm guessing she's not really a city
hall kind of wedding girl?
Ah, somewhere between a fairy tale
princess and city hall with
a pinch of rustic tomboy
thrown in.
You have a sense of humor.
I like that.
I like that you, uh, like that.
Anyways, are you available...
For the wedding... next weekend?
The long weekend?
Uh... you're in luck.
I have an opening.
Well, I will have to run
it by my sister, of course,
but your work really speaks for itself.
Um, I'm going to grab a book and...
Oh, you know, you should really get two.
They're going quickly.
I'll do that.
It really is a great book.
Well, my sister will be in touch.
Be sure that she does.
I don't know how long I
can keep this spot open.
Of course.
It's nice to meet you.
You too.
Hi, Lindsey Morrison calling.
Hey, Jim.
It's Lindsey calling.
Yeah, Lindsey Morrison.
How are you?
Good morning.
I did a photography gig at your hotel
and I was hoping to speak with your...
Email's best.
Got it.
Yes, I'll hold.
I was actually just wondering if you're
looking for any photographers right now?
Oh, yeah, totally understand.
He's not back until next week.
Uh, that's too long to hold.
I'll phone back.
You know, building
houses, running a company,
it's all about structure.
Start with a good
foundation and away you go.
You're going to do great.
Besides, you'll be learning from me.
I appreciate the offer, dad.
You know, Josh, you take after your mother.
She was the creative one.
It's good.
We'll harness that
creativity in the business.
How is Hanna coming
along with the planning?
Well, it's pretty low key thankfully,
but there's still a couple
of things we need to do.
I wish your mother were still here.
She'd have had that whole thing planned
in about 2 minutes flat.
She would've loved to see a
little girl get married too.
Reminds me, I got something for you.
Mom's ring?
Hanna got the wedding band, but she
wanted you to have that to...
To give to the one you...
Dad... I'm not sure about Bronwyn.
Oh, come on.
You kids have been crazy for each other
since we were teenagers.
She's coming to the wedding, right?
Yeah, she's planning on surprising Hanna.
So you have spoken to her.
We talk every few days.
You know, you two always
just made sense to me.
Trusted family, friends, she's successful,
challenges you intellectually,
plus she's gorgeous,
which doesn't exactly hurt.
She is.
She is all of those things, dad, but, uh...
We get along for a while and then...
We... just... don't.
You've been... uh, you've been
busy building houses, you know.
And now it's time to start
building your future.
What time is it?
4 o'clock.
Mary-Ellen Rogers, Lindsey Morrison.
I... never responded to your emails?
Oh, I'll make sure and
check my spam filter.
I'm so sorry.
Um, I was just calling to see if you're
still tied to the Guilford
Golf and Country Club.
General manager, congrats
I'm sorry to bug you,
but I was up for a couple
of photography gigs,
but I didn't get any...
Of them.
I see.
Well, thank you, Mary-Ellen.
That didn't sound too good.
Is everything all right?
I've been completely shut out.
By who?
That snobby event planner I met with.
If you're not on her list,
you apparently don't exist.
Was it an issue with your
career or existential angst?
I'm better with angst.
That's it.
What's it?
I have to get on her
list, whatever it takes.
Yeah, you are the wolf.
Photo-savvy, hungry wolf.
I can totally do both, I think.
OK, Josh, be honest with me,
do you think it's too quick?
Oh, absolutely.
But that sums you up quite
perfectly, doesn't it?
Brock's a great guy.
Thank you, Josh.
That's sweet.
You've always known
what you wanted, where...
Me, I'm a little bit more, uh...
Examine every possible angle or outcome
to the point of paralysis?
Hey, it's my superpower.
Hey, it's too bad Bronwyn
can't come to the wedding.
Do you miss her?
Sometimes, yeah.
It's hard not to.
We've known each other since like...
Hey, that photographer has another offer.
- Oh, shoot!
- She's wondering if, uh...
I totally forgot.
This afternoon for sure, yes.
Thank you for being on top of this.
Thank you.
Hang on, I just have to
send a quick work message.
Is that the brother?
I'm not interested in him.
You checked out his shoes, didn't you?
I don't do that.
If the guy's got potential,
you always check out his shoes.
Italian, casual, clean with
a possible recent light buff.
Shoes are the window to a man's soul.
What about me?
You are on permanent holiday.
Oh, my goodness.
These are amazing!
Oh, it is so nice to see you.
It's nice to see you too.
Um, who are you?
I'm Hanna Taylor-Hall, uh, Josh's sister.
The one getting married.
He said you might be calling.
I've just been chatting with Anton
and he's shown me some more of your work.
Lindsey, your stuff is amazing.
It is, isn't it?
Oh, yeah.
She's a real inspiration for me.
You left your phone here, so I answered it.
Thank you.
Thank you, both.
So are you available for the long weekend?
Sure, which day?
Well, all of them.
Friday through Monday.
Wedding dress fitting,
a dinner, gift opening.
It'll be pretty low key, but we want to be
able to capture all of it.
I am available.
Oh, good.
OK, so, uh, as for compensation.
Oh, we could just do hourly?
Well, the wedding is up in Napa,
so there is a travel
aspect to consider as well.
Why don't you give me your daily rate
and add, uh, two days for travel?
You know what, make it three.
Oh, done!
I actually thought it'd be higher.
Awesome, Joshy's here.
Hi, come on in.
I'm Anton.
I'm, um...
Yes, Joshy.
I'm all up to speed.
So everything's sorted?
It sure is.
That's, uh, that's great.
All right.
So another one.
More blue.
Light or dark?
In between.
My favorite.
Josh, do you mind? JOSH: Not at all.
Thank you.
So Anton, will you be coming up, too?
I don't have a vehicle, so, yes.
Plus, I do carry equipment on occasion.
And I could paint the wedding party.
Oh, that would be super.
I'll send you both the details.
So we'll see you both there then.
I suppose so.
Thank you for putting us in touch.
Don't mention it.
See ya.
See ya.
This will make my year.
Whose adequate now, Miss Snooty Pants.
And you, periwinkle?
Fine, I sold out.
But please don't knock periwinkle,
It's a very undervalued color.
Are Anton and Lindsey?
Yeah, they share a studio together.
Oh, her card.
I'll be back in a second.
I forgot to tell you, but
I thought you should have
the wedding planner's card.
She might be in touch.
She's supposed to be the best.
I was so lucky to get her.
Sure, thanks.
I'll see you both on Thursday.
Take care.
Is this some kind of strange celebration?
Miss Snooty Pants it's her wedding planner.
Do you even know who Hanna is?
OK, so I didn't know who Hanna was.
Sue me.
I can't believe you've lived in the city
your whole life and you've
never heard of the Taylor-Halls?
We obviously run in very different circles.
Well, Stephen, the father, was a trucker,
so he buys more trucks and
then companies, then truck
stops and then fuel depots.
He's a rather shrewd individual.
Hm, well, Hanna seems really sweet.
Check out Mr. Recently
Buffed Italian Shoes.
Oh, wow!
Is it dirt?
There's always something solicitous.
No, nothing like that.
He's an architect.
He won a medal for his designs.
They're really beautiful.
A fellow artist.
So I crush this gig, post
like crazy across all
my social media platforms.
Which have digital cobwebs on
them because you never post.
And, boom!
I make her list, my site lights up,
and I become the most sought-after
photographer in the Bay Area.
And you open up your heart.
Not listening.
Just lost cell reception.
No bars?
No bars.
Try that one.
Yeah, up here.
That driveway.
With every breath you breathe,
the time keeps changing.
And I keep changing.
I'm moving forward.
Hey, welcome.
Hi, I'm Lindsey, the photographer.
Hello, Lindsey, the photographer.
I'm Stephen, Hanna's father.
I'm the guy who's paying for
this last-minute shindig.
It's a pleasure.
Who's your tall friend here?
A pleasure Stephen.
You're the, uh...
Painter and driver.
Oh, hey, here's Josh.
Josh could you show our
new friends around the...
Sure, dad.
Mind if I get a quick shot?
Yeah, sure.
Very heroic.
Thanks, that's great.
Right this way.
Is it all right if I check out the garden?
Ah, be my guest.
Really, please make yourself at home.
The fridge, the bar, whatever you'd like.
Ah, mm.
I read that you're an architect.
Did you design the house?
No, uh, the original house has
been in the family for years.
It was tiny.
My dad and I spent an entire summer helping
build this when I was 15.
He let me work with the
different tradesmen.
It was a... an amazing education.
And it definitely inspired
me to become an architect.
Well, it's just beautiful.
And I think all this
because, uh, Hanna needed
somewhere to put a horse.
It's always about Hanna.
Well, want the grand tour?
You don't mind?
I'd love to get some shots of the place.
Oh, well, then it'd be my pleasure.
I, um, I noticed some of
the architectural photos
in the book was, uh, very impressive.
Um, while I'm here, can I?
Just in front of the fireplace.
Oh, I'm going to get a photo of
them coming in the front door.
Of course.
Oh, it's you, little Miss Puppy Dog.
I just want to say that I am...
Gift wrapping this afternoon,
make sure you're ready.
Josh Taylor-Hall I presume?
Would you be kind enough
to show me to the kitchen?
Of course.
Just be ready Miss Morrison
and do the best that you can.
Uh, this way Maxine.
I prefer Ms. Bauer-Smythe.
Keeps everything professional.
She's the best event
planner in the country.
And if you're on her list, your set.
And you...
Didn't make the list.
Now, if she finds out I'm
the one who found you...
Does that mean I'm in trouble, too?
I doubt it.
Can I ask you something?
I looked up your work.
Why do you put your
designs in your firm's name
and not your own?
I'm a Taylor-Hall.
My work would never be
judged on its own merit.
It would be put under a microscope
and ridiculed, so I...
From one artist to another,
your work is amazing.
You don't need to hide.
It means a lot, but, uh,
I prefer to work under the radar.
Designers and builders know who I am.
What are you working on now?
I'm not, actually.
I'm transitioning out of architecture.
I'm moving to New York to work with my dad.
That's a big opportunity.
Or not?
It is.
No, it is.
What do you want to do?
Be an architect.
But, uh, it's more complicated than that.
My dad is set on keeping
the business in the family
and my girlfriend, Bronwyn,
although technically we're
on a break, lives in Paris, so it
makes more sense logistically.
And I thought my life was a soap opera.
I'm sorry to be chatting your ear off.
I usually talk to Hanna
about this, but she's all...
busy with the whole wedding thing.
I don't mind.
Anton says I'm easy to talk
to when I'm not talking.
I would agree.
What about you?
What do you want?
I want someone to be able to
look at a photograph I've taken
and say, oh, that's a Morrison.
I don't need to be famous, just
some sort of quiet recognition.
You sound like an architect.
You'll get there.
I've been hammering the
same nail for a while now.
Well, maybe it's time to take a new angle.
I should get back.
I don't need to be in Ms.
Bauer-Smythe's bad books.
Of course.
Now, honey, it's not too late.
I can book the Plaza grand ballroom,
fuel up the Gulf Stream.
We can be there in...
Daddy, you can relax.
This is what I want at my favorite place
with my favorite people.
Although, I wish Bronwyn
could have been here.
Well, I think it's time for this gift.
Usually, it's jewelry
in those types of boxes.
Well, I don't need that anymore.
You ever get tired of doing that?
Not really, no.
"Look behind you."
Oh, my goodness!
I missed you so much!
Oh, I can't believe it!
You look beautiful!
Brock, who is that?
Oh, that's Bronwyn, Josh's ex.
She and Josh have had this
on-again, off-again thing
for years.
I'm so glad she could make it.
So the wedding is...
It's been a couple days, yeah.
Really? HANNA: Yeah.
- Do you have a dress?
- No.
- No.
- No.
- No dress.
The look on Hanna's face when you
walked through that front door.
Oh, it was so good.
You know, I wasn't even sure I
was going to make it on time.
I had three new exhibits coming in.
Well, it's good to see, Bronwyn.
You too.
So, New York.
New York.
How do you feel about that?
Have you, um, thought about
us getting back together?
I have.
You know we're putting together, Josh.
Yet, somehow, we always end up breaking up.
Oh, well, we're passionate,
complex people, right?
I just don't think it should
be this hard, Bronwyn.
Good things always are.
Taking advantage of the scenery?
It's too beautiful to pass up.
Yeah, I am a sucker for sunsets here.
The way the colors streams
through the trees, it's just...
I'll bet the stars
really jump out at night.
They do, actually.
I made sure to bring a few low-light
lenses just to capture them.
What are you working on now?
That's amazing!
This place has never looked so good!
It's easier to be patient
in this type of photography.
Buildings don't move.
I probably shouldn't have said that.
No, no, I understand.
From one creative to another.
The place is amazing.
That one.
I like that one a lot too.
And once I get the color corrected
and play with the light
balance, they'll really pop.
You know, I would love
to see some of these...
black and white.
I loved the stillness this morning.
It was the perfect time
to photograph the house.
So how are things going with...
Pff, kind of a relationship no man's land.
I'm just scared to move on.
The wedding planning?
Can't believe I just said that.
It's OK.
Sometimes it's hard to
keep feelings bottled up.
It's, uh...
Miss Morrison?
Excuse me.
Of course.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I'll need to see the color
corrected proofs from the gift
opening EOD, just to make sure
everything is as it should be.
I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?
Uh, no, Miss Bauer-Smythe.
I actually just sent you the link
to the digital Dropbox with
all the color corrected
proofs from the gift opening.
All my updated photos will be there.
And the password is your
last name all lowercase.
Oh, well, thank you, Miss Morrison.
Make sure you're prepped and
ready for the rehearsal dinner
Of course, Miss Bauer-Smythe.
There you are.
I was looking everywhere for you.
Good morning.
Good morning.
How was your sleep?
She's right.
Who's right?
Were you expecting someone else?
So who's right?
Snooty Pants.
If I'm being truly objective,
my work is adequate.
Why haven't you said anything?
Well, you're like a sister to me.
I support you unconditionally.
And neglect to tell me I'm
a mediocre photographer.
Can I have some time alone, please?
Lindsey, greatness is in you.
I know it is.
Acting so weird lately?
Did you know Bronwyn was coming?
Of course.
How did you keep that a surprise?
You are so terrible at surprises.
Engagement, I honestly
thought that you were...
Just don't to me.
Well, I love you. HANNA: I know.
I love you too.
Oh, do you think they have my favorite
I don't think so.
- It speaks!
- Yes.
Yes, it does.
It's speaking.
I just want to say how grateful I am
that we're all here together.
It's very special.
I think that, uh, I think that life is
made up of moments like this.
Now, Hanna, we all know that, uh, Hanna has
her own way of doing things.
I also know that Hanna always gets her way.
Yeah, not wrong, OK.
So Brock, I have to tell
you, you are in trouble.
I also want to thank, uh,
Bronwyn for gracing us
with her exquisite presence.
You've got a few things to say.
Thank you, Stephen.
Our families have been close
for, um, well, decades,
Summers in the Hamptons digging in the sand
with this one who always
knew how to decorate
her castles just right.
Where this one, who always built
the most elaborate structures.
It's no wonder you became an architect.
But more than anything, these memories
serve as signposts to
what truly brings one joy.
I am truly overjoyed that
my work at the Louvre
didn't keep me away from
this surprise event.
This weekend here with all of you
will forever be etched
deeply within my heart.
So to Hanna and Brock.
Love, happiness, and many fond memories.
Cheers. JOSH: Cheers.
No, that will not do at all.
You asked to see me.
Ah, yes.
How are the photos?
I've got some great shots.
So you have plenty of
coverage for the evening?
Yes, I think so.
All right.
I'll send a plate of food up to your room.
I'm sorry, what?
Well, it's nice for the client
to have some private moments
with no photos.
Be themselves.
Of course.
Good night, Miss Bauer-Smythe.
Good night, Miss Morrison.
Is everything all right?
Just peachy.
Well, hey, you should join us.
Be my guest.
It's fine.
This is for family and friends
of which I'm really neither.
Besides, you've got a
lot of catching up to do.
About what I said earlier...
Hey... you don't have to explain anything.
I hope you figure it out.
I really do.
You seem like a good guy.
Who's this, Josh?
Sorry, I missed meeting earlier.
Lindsey Morrison.
Well, welcome, Lindsey Morrison.
I'm Bronwyn Charles, but you
probably already knew that.
I did.
Good night, guys.
Good night.
Good night.
She seems nice.
Come on.
All right, Hanna.
First one.
Mm, I'm so excited.
You'll give me an honest opinion?
I'll be brutal.
Thank you.
Um, is Bronwyn coming?
Oh, no.
She and Josh will be attached at the hip
until they get everything figured out.
They always do.
I'm not sure about this one.
This one will be featured
in Fashion Week in Milan.
I really appreciate getting it
before it even hits the runway,
but I'm just not sure.
Next one, please.
I don't love it.
I want to love it.
Do we have a possible?
Yeah, I... I guess.
I'll... I'll pull some
strings and we'll come
up with something.
But at this late date, we might
have to go with the possible.
Well, not exactly what I was hoping for.
You know what?
I think I have an idea.
Open your eyes.
Stolen from the palm of your bedtime...
What do you think?
In the morning, I search for my old ways.
I love it.
Oh, my gosh, it's...
It's perfect.
I... I don't know what to say.
Oh, my goodness, Fiona,
this is so beautiful.
Thank you.
And thank you Lindsey
for putting us in touch
and getting this together so quickly.
I saw it last week and
thought it would be perfect.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm so happy!
Who's it by?
You're obviously very talented.
It's a beautiful dress.
I take it you were the
one to find this dress.
I photographed Fiona's catalog last week,
so I had a pretty good idea
of a style that would work,
especially after we saw so many that...
Let me enlighten you.
Please do.
If we use a designer, we
had glossy magazine pages.
And that kind of publicity drives
the business, Miss Morrison.
My success depends upon
it and your future success
will depend on it.
You're already successful,
Miss Bauer-Smythe.
I was just trying to make the bride happy.
If you'll excuse me, I need
to go download these photos.
Of course.
Thank you so much, Fiona.
You saved the day.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
Like, the magazine?
I've been trying to get in there for years.
I did a flower girl dress for
a friend and this "Vogue" lady
was at the wedding.
She loved it.
We talked and I mentioned your name.
My name?
Lindsey Helen Morrison?
I didn't know your middle name.
But she'll take my call?
Look at my work?
It's a shot, Linds.
Good things happen to good people.
I'm being honest.
It's been a while.
Thank you.
Hi, it's me.
Listen, get Leonard up here
ASAP for some portrait work.
He's a better photographer
than this Lindsey girl.
It's just business.
I understand.
Now, let's talk a bit about yours.
Oh, wow!
Look at the flowers in
the meadow, that's new.
Where can a fella get a drink around here?
Oh, actually they have something
set up for us right over...
That's a joke, Brock.
We're at a winery.
Hey, yourself.
So what do you think?
It's hard to know where to even begin.
They look so happy together.
I've always envied that about my sister.
She's always known exactly what she wants.
And you?
Nah, I think too much.
So you never make mistakes?
Well, you'd think, but, uh,
no, still plenty of mistakes.
You need a new angle.
I feel like I've heard that before.
Yeah, I think I do need a different angle.
It's what I've been doing.
Trust your instinct.
Hey, let's get this thing fired up.
Lindsey, what do you think?
Should we do a group shot?
Yes, you should get over there.
Josh, you have to try...
Oh, I know this thing's
about as old as I am.
Josh, I forgot to tell you.
You're going to love the new apartment.
It's right on the Seine.
It has the most amazing
view of the Eiffel Tower.
Seems like a decent guy.
But decidedly indecisive.
You got all that from
my mediocre photograph?
No, it's a really good photo.
I mean, caring about your subject
forces you to be patient.
Let's see a couple of Hanna.
That one.
It's really good.
You're not just saying that?
I mean, you just have to replicate
that vision that you've
captured over and over again?
Right, but that photo of Joshy...
Yeah, that was special.
You have a connection with him.
I don't want a connection.
I need to focus on my work.
By the way...
Fiona gave me a contact at "Vogue."
That's great!
We show them the photos of
Hanna and you'd get the cover.
I'd be happy with the
website or back pages.
Ugh, come on.
Hey, there's a winery down
the road, live music, TAPAS?
Meteor shower tonight.
Meteor shower.
Are you going to come with me?
If I'm awake.
Pff, your room is so much nicer than mine.
Where are you going?
Oh, hi.
Do you trust me?
Can I carry the lantern?
Come on.
So do you do this thing often?
Lure unsuspecting architects on nature
walks in the middle of the night?
No, not really.
You do this sort of thing where Bronwyn?
Bronwyn may be many things,
but an outdoor adventure
is not one of them.
If she can't get there in designer heels,
she wasn't meant to go.
Where are we going anyway?
You're not planning on
photographing Bigfoot, are you?
If there's more than one of
them, do you call them Bigfeet?
This will do nicely.
We are, uh, we are in the
middle of a golf course.
You are missing the point.
Look up.
You can see so much more
when there's no city light.
I used to love stargazing when I was a kid.
It gets better.
Oh, is that a...
It's the Perseid meteor shower.
Of course!
It's that time of year, isn't it?
I have to set up my time-lapse.
This is going to be amazing.
My mom used to take Hanna
and I ought to do this.
She loved the night sky.
So New York.
You ready to be a corporate titan?
I miss architecture already.
The designs... blueprint...
Even the smell of the tubes
when you first pop them open.
You could always tell your dad no.
I could, but I don't think I could stand
disappointing him like that.
Well, can you stand disappointing yourself?
Way easier.
Well, that will just eat away at you.
Drive you crazy.
You'll end up being a mid-life
crisis guy with a sports
car and a bad comb-over.
Hey, my hair is good.
I have my barber check on it regularly.
But you're not arguing with the rest of it?
No, it... it all sounded pretty good.
Whoa, look at that one!
Thanks for coming with me.
Thank you.
I feel like I'm getting to know you a bit.
And, uh, how do you feel about that?
Come on, I'll buy you a coffee.
What's going on?
He's the best portrait
photographer in the country.
I thought Hanna deserved the absolute best.
And she signed off on this?
It did take some convincing.
You're still shooting
the wedding as backup.
Excuse me.
Hey, don't worry, this will be fine.
Did you know about this?
I did.
And you didn't say anything to me?
Well, I had a word with
Miss Bauer-Smythe about
you and about the list and how it
might be in her best interest...
Josh, I didn't meet you to do that.
I didn't ask you to do that.
This is my career.
Well, I thought that she was being unfair.
You're very... talented.
Oh, got to get to you now.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, you might be never.
I need you right now,
Yes, thank you.
It was so
Oh, shoot!
Whoa, you brought me heaven.
Oh, shoot!
I'll check back with you to confirm.
Thank you so much, Marissa.
Talk soon.
Hey, Hanna.
I'm... I'm sorry, I don't mean to intrude,
but look I have to talk to you
about the other photographer.
No, you don't.
At the end of the day, it's your wedding.
I want it to be exactly how you want it.
I just have to tell my
ego to get out of the way.
That makes me feel so much better, Lindsey.
I've been so worried.
Don't be I'm fine.
I will be fine.
Maxine's kind of hard to say no to.
Isn't she?
Look, Maxine's going
back to the city today.
We're just going to have a pool day.
A couple of casual shots.
Getting my best side.
Why don't you join us?
You can have some
margaritas, soak up some sun.
I think it'd be a lot of fun.
I'll see you there.
The day I got a message from you
it said you want to meet
around 2:00 at my apartment.
Let's be together and we can
sit and talk about whatever.
And time will see if you
and me can finally be
back to being the trouble
that we used to be.
I'm sorry.
I should have said something.
I was just trying to help with Maxine,
but that was not my place.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry for how I reacted.
I think it was the Dalai Lama that
once said about forgiveness...
You don't have to...
OK, good.
Because I can't remember the quote anyway.
Josh, I just want to
do a good job for Hanna
and stay out of Maxine's way.
That's it.
That's the objective for the weekend.
Josh, could you some sunscreen, please?
So are you going to hang by the pool
or what, Miss Morrison?
Your Maxine impression?
Honestly, Lindsay?
You've been working really hard.
Don't be afraid to just relax today, OK?
So have you had a chance to think
about if you're going to come
visit me after the wedding?
I have and if I'm being honest, Bronwyn...
Josh, can I have a word?
Will you pardon us, Bronwyn.
It's OK.
Excuse me.
What's going on, dad?
Well, we've got a bit of
a situation at the office.
I was thinking this might
actually be a good opportunity
for you to get your feet wet.
Yeah, I think so.
My dad's got that look on his face.
It's a family business, right?
And don't you have a business degree
from an Ivy League school?
I do.
I'll be back.
So, oh...
Is everything, OK?
Honey, um, listen, I'm going
to have to go back to the city
and then fly in the day of the wedding.
I'm sorry.
Um, I... I promise I'll be here on time.
No, if you need to go, daddy, I understand.
What's the problem?
Oh, it's the refinery.
- Newbury?
- Yeah.
They're down.
Yeah, at half capacity.
That means the truck fleet will be idle.
Yeah, I was thinking of using diesel
from the Danforth refinery.
Well, that's agricultural, right?
The truckers can't use that.
They can if we pay the tax on
the fuel subsidy ahead of time
and submit the paperwork,
it'll be better than having
half our fleet idle.
And then claim the tax
back the next quarter.
No downtime.
And we get the money back.
I'll call the office.
Please do.
Because you're not missing a
day of the festivities, old man.
Miss Bauer-Smythe.
Ah, I see you weren't expecting me.
I was just invited to spend...
With all the last-minute decisions,
I need you to accompany me to the florist
and take some photos.
That way Hanna can make
some informed decisions.
I'll get my things.
Five minutes.
Huh, I am somewhat impressed.
These are a big improvement
upon your earlier work.
You know, I never wanted Josh to...
You know, on my behalf.
You're a good photographer.
You captured the subject, background,
foreground, interesting
angles, et cetera, et cetera.
But a wedding photographer
is something different.
They don't just capture
the reality of the moment,
but the dream behind that reality.
You see, I create an event that's magical.
It has ethereal qualities.
But that magic is gone as
soon as the event is over.
So that's why the photographs
have to capture that magic.
And it's why I use the same
people again and again.
But I have to admit these...
They are approaching that standard.
Keep it up.
Thank you.
In that moment we just shared,
I have received 26 text
messages and as many emails.
If I'm curt, it's because
I have to be to keep pace.
I have three other weddings
up here this weekend.
Do you ever get to enjoy it?
Excuse me, I need to fire the caterer.
Cute PJs.
Calling it a night?
Big day tomorrow.
It sure is.
I'd really like to talk to you...
I'd really like to talk to you, too.
Little clandestine meeting?
Um, I was just going to brush my teeth.
Oh, good.
I'll just borrow this
one for a nightcap then.
Don't forget to floss.
Good night.
Good night.
To us.
To us.
I... I think we both
know it feels different.
Yeah, I know.
I, um, I found your
mother's engagement ring
in your bedroom.
I was hoping it was for me.
Bronwyn, I...
I know.
Just for a moment, it felt really good.
You know, the whole dream was there.
And then I realized that I think we're...
We're different people now.
You know?
And I just didn't want it.
Not anymore.
We had to find, didn't we?
We did.
You know you'll always be
very special to me, Bronwyn.
Well, we'll always have
a hard time in Paris,
You know, not many people can say that.
They can't, can they?
Oh, shoot.
My earring.
Let me get that.
What do I need I have more
than I could ever ask for.
But can you help me, please?
In a world where people want more.
And it's, , and it's one that..
When the people, , I fall to my knees.
Cos we got lost somewhere along the way.
And we forgot what our
hearts are meant to say.
And inside Cos we are lost...
Yes, of course.
I can be there this afternoon.
Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Miss Bauer-Smythe?
Something's come up and I
have to head back to the city.
Oh, well, will you be back
in time for the wedding?
This is most unprofessional.
And just when your work was
starting to have more depth.
It's "Vogue".
Their wedding issue.
It's too big to pass up.
And the other photographer's here, so...
Are you sure that's all?
I think you know it's not.
I see.
Have you thought about how
this will affect Hanna?
Obviously, it's not ideal.
I'm finding nothing really is.
Lindsey, is it true?
I don't know what to say.
You got "Vogue".
It's too big an opportunity to pass up.
I'm sorry.
Hanna, I...
There's never any cell service here.
Oh, no.
But that cannot be?
Oh, no!
Oh, my god!
I can't go in!
I mean, I thought that got on the green.
Not even close.
You, uh, you haven't mentioned New York.
Well, I've been thinking a lot
and, uh, I'd like to see where
I can take my home designs.
Make it on my own like you did.
Uh, disappointed?
No, I'm proud of you.
Your mom would have been too.
Thanks, dad.
I mean, I do wish you'd
say that those designs
were Taylor-Hall's just so everyone
could see how talented you are.
Lindsey just said the same thing.
What's happening with Bronwyn?
Well, we've, um, decided that we
are going to stay good friends.
It, uh, hasn't felt right for a while.
But we've both been afraid to move on.
Have you moved on?
I think I have.
It's been a long time,
though, so it's hard to know.
Well, you've got to imagine
what it'd be like waking
up next to her every day.
And if the thought of that makes you happy,
then, well, I'd say you're good to go.
I got to find her and tell her.
Oh, I thought you would have
spoken to her before she left.
She's heading back to the city.
I'm glad I made it back from
the city to pick you up.
I really don't think I can do this.
But what about "Vogue"?
I want to see Hanna walk down the aisle
through the lens of my camera.
I don't care about "Vogue".
I don't care about Josh and Bronwyn.
If they can squeeze a little happiness out
of life, then good for them.
I thought that we had...
A connection.
I could say anything to him.
And he had this look in his eye
like he saw right through me.
Like he saw who I was.
Not that that matters anymore.
What matters now is what I'm going
to do next, which is give Hanna
the most amazing wedding photos
I possibly can.
Well, should I turn the car around then?
Ready to speak to Josh?
I don't know.
I'm sorry, Miss Bauer-Smythe.
I'd like to stay and finish what I started.
I'm ruined.
What happened?
A disaster.
What do you mean?
I've got the caterer, waitstaff,
wine steward, and string quartet
on the way to Eugene, Oregon.
Actually, they're probably there by now.
Business address for tax reasons.
I'm surprised you're not gloating.
I understand how much pressure you're under
and how much pressure you put on yourself.
Thank you.
But this is about Hanna.
The big question is, how are
we going to pull this off?
Oh, I don't think that we can.
There's only a couple of hours before she
walks down the aisle.
Everything up here
basically just shuts down.
How many people were supposed to be here?
Well, it's not an insurmountable number,
but that's not it.
We don't have anything to serve them.
The internet is down.
Cell service is spotty at best.
I have... I've absolutely
painted myself into a corner.
You know, I even tried to use the landline.
Can't believe we used
to communicate that way.
I have to tell Stephen of my dilemma.
I just have to own it.
Not yet.
We can do this.
I don't see how we can.
I have tried.
And it turns out there's
not a long line up of people
willing to help me, so I need to them.
You are the best event
planner in the country.
Let's give Hanna the wedding she deserves.
You'll help me do that?
Of course, I would.
You've made me a better photographer.
Steel sharpened steel, Miss Bauer-Smythe.
I can help too.
All right.
Let's get to it.
Come on.
I've got some thoughts.
I'm glad you came back.
You're awfully quiet.
Just taking it all in at the moment.
No, no bars.
Should I congratulate you or
are you waiting to announce?
What do you mean what?
What are you talking about?
You and Bronwyn.
Oh, I...
I don't really think that's appropriate.
I see.
You don't want to take away
from Hanna and Brock's day.
I just don't think it would be
appropriate making a breakup
announcement at a wedding.
It would be strange announcing
a breakup at a wedding.
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
Didn't you propose to Bronwyn?
Bronwyn and I decided
to go our separate ways.
But the living room.
I saw you down on one knee.
I saw you propose.
You saw me hand her her earring back.
It popped off and I...
You know, knelt down to pick it up.
Can I have one of those golf things?
You mean a mulligan.
Yeah, a mulligan.
You could just call it a do-over.
I know you liked golf.
Any service?
Hey, I think I got something.
Yeah, I do.
That night we spent
watching the meteor shower
was one of the best
nights of my life, Josh.
It was for me, too.
So where do we go from here?
You mean, the wedding stuff or with us?
Hey, I've made that mistake once before.
I've been afraid to open up in the past.
I didn't realize how much it
was affecting my work, how I see
things, how I see the world.
You've helped me view things differently.
And I just want to say...
Hang on.
You just want to say, hang on,
like in the metaphorical sense?
Does Hanna like Mexican food?
She loves it.
And what about Brock?
Not really.
Well, that's why they have tums.
It's called, Le Novia Ruborizada.
It means The Blushing Bride in Spanish.
Well, that's perfect.
That's wonderful, thank you.
Ola' muchacho.
Ah, gracias.
Ah, you need to go get ready.
I need to make sure my
dad put his tie on right
and that Brock has his pants on.
I know.
OK, thanks
Who would've thought, huh?
I know.
Um, thank you for helping.
No, um, it's fun to be
back in the trenches.
Reminds me of my first year at the Louvre.
You know, um, here I was
all this time thinking
that you were the competition.
And I realized I was no
longer really competing.
He's a wonderful man.
Hi, I thought we were
doing a sit-down inside?
Ah, you know, I thought
this was more Hanna.
Mexican themed?
Well, they are honeymooning in Cabo.
Time to go put on my penguin suit.
Looks like we're all set.
Go and get dressed and get your gear.
You're still shooting this.
And I want you to take the main
shots of the bride and groom.
I'll have Leonard focus on B-roll.
I don't want to be lead
just because I helped you.
No, you're getting this on merit.
Your work has improved substantially.
Leonard will still take the
portraits, that's his strength.
But your strength is capturing
the magic of the moment
and the dream behind it.
I'll get my things.
Oh, honey, you look, uh...
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Thank you, Joshy.
I knew you'd come back.
I wouldn't miss it for anything.
You look amazing, Hanna.
Thank you.
Thank you for understanding.
Lindsey, you look totally hot.
OK, Daddy, let's do this.
You got this.
You go, guys!
Well, what a perfect day
for my beautiful Hanna
to get married.
Honey, I don't think I've ever
seen you look more stunning.
Thank you, Dad.
What a day.
Everything going according to plan.
And I'd also like to welcome
Brock into our family.
I couldn't be happier or more proud to have
you come on board.
Speaking of which, are you ready?
I would like to formally
announce that Hanna will be
joining me at work in the head office
where she will eventually transition
into running the whole shebang
in the due course of time.
Congratulations, honey.
Thank you.
So Brock, if and when grandchildren find
their way here, I hope you won't mind
taking on the role of stay-at-home
dad for a little while.
Details to be worked out later.
But for now, I wish
health, happiness, and love
to you both.
Anything after that is gravy.
- To the bride and groom.
- Cheers.
You played me.
You never even wanted
me in New York, did you?
I had to find out how much Hanna wanted
it and how much you didn't.
And you needed a little
nudge in more ways than one.
Not bad for an old trucker, huh?
Not bad.
You should dance with him.
Leonard can handle it and so far, nobody's
dying to dance with him.
Thank you, Lindsey.
My pleasure, Miss Bauer-Smythe.
And Lindsay, let's see you
get to the top of my list.
Have you have been to Paris?
Oh, really?
I've seen so much emotion
through the lens of my camera,
that sometimes when it's right
in front of me you miss it.
Well, sometimes it's hard to focus.
I think I knew the moment I met you,
but I just didn't trust myself.
I felt the same way.
I never connected with someone so quickly.
When I think about you,
I just can't help but smile.
You just get me.
Finish my sentences.
You're artistic in a different way.
And you're funny.
And you've got great shoes.
And I happen to think
that we'd be pretty good
together, Josh Taylor-Hall.
I do, too.
So where do we go from here?
Can we just get to work
on our happily ever after?
I'd like that.
One ridiculously strong coffee?
So I will drop you off at the Fremont House
for your photoshoot and
then you are meeting
a couple about their wedding?
Busy, busy.
It's great.
I will tidy up my spec design
for the Hammersmith project
and we should finish up
around the same time.
Funny thing about finally
getting everything you wanted.
It makes you incredibly happy?
Yeah, it does.
Now, dinner tonight?
I thought we were having
dinner with Hanna and Brock.
We are, but where?
Well, that, uh, place...
By the fountain?
Across from the...
Don't you love that place?
I do.