A Picture With Yuki (2019) Movie Script

I didn't know they still used those.
I didn't either, until I met Yuki.
Turns out there's a
whole community out there.
Professional photographers,
who shoot only on Polaroid.
It's a bit strange
This photographic community
connects shooting Polaroid film
with Buddhism.
According to Buddha,
life flows like a river.
A series of moments linked together,
giving the impression
of a continuous stream.
Yuki and this community believe
in the idea
of capturing the moment
as one, singular event.
To remove it
from the continuity of life's river
and preserve it,
in a perfect unchangeable state.
They believe that only
a Polaroid can capture the moment.
And in this way,
that a singular moment in a person's life
starts to exist outside of time.
It becomes perfect,
because it can never be altered.
Did that make any sense?
I understand the woman has
her reasons for shooting on Polaroid.
And when a woman has a reason
for something,
I stop asking questions.
The most important thing right now
is for your wife to be completely relaxed.
That's what I'm worried about.
If you don't cut it out,
no computer for a week. Got it?
You don't need in vitro.
I'll give you one of mine right now.
You were saying something, sorry.
The first two in vitro procedures
not only failed,
but they ate up all our savings.
The health insurance doesn't cover them,
so we had to pay for everything ourselves.
And we're not very
Well, we're okay for money
But we started looking into other options.
What about Japan?
It's even worse there, her cousin checked.
That's why we chose Bulgaria.
Another reason was
that you could finally meet.
Georgi, what exactly
is your wife's problem?
At that age most women
have trouble conceiving.
What did I say? Isn't it true?
Alright, let's not spoil
the nice evening now
Cheers to Georgi and our daughter-in-law,
who is visiting us for the first time.
How's work?
The school is great.
And the kids are wonderful.
That's what I'm talking about, Zdravche.
A brilliant mathematician.
His professor offered to make him
an assistant.
And what became of him? A teacher.
A small town teacher.
I don't even know where?
Somewhere on the North Pole.
I honestly can't believe
you're acting like this.
You haven't seen your son in five years.
You're meeting his wife
for the first time.
What's the matter with you?
Is it my fault that I haven't seen him?
Is it my fault that he went to live
on the other side of the world?
Did he ever miss something here?
Maybe it's my fault
she can't get pregnant, too.
I'm sorry I ruined your plans
for me, again Mom.
At least she's not black.
You turned out real smart,
didn't you, bro?
What do you mean?
Yuki, of course. She is so cool.
When I think of all the freaks
who were after you
at uni, I can't believe it Really.
And what's with those genes, man?
Next to her I look like my grandma
and I'm probably
ten years younger, damn
She's really something.
We're leaving tomorrow.
There's a week left
until Yuki's next procedures.
They said she needs rest
and it's obviously not gonna happen here.
I asked dad to give me
the keys to grandpa's house.
Dad's going to let you leave?
After I threatened him
with moving to a hotel otherwise.
She's gonna kill him.
I thought I was the only one
scared of mom?
First, she'll kill him, then me,
and it'll be on your conscience.
Stop. Don't move.
What's going on here?
What are you doing here?
This is my grandparents' house.
American, is that you?
Wow. You look old.
Do I know you?
It's me, Geno, Grandpa Krum's son.
Good to see you.
Damn, I almost smashed your head in.
You never know with those gypsies around.
Only the axe respects them.
Nothing is safe with them around.
Is this the wife?
Yes, well, this is my wife.
-Good day.
-Good day.
Chinese, eh?
No, she's Japanese.
Why not?
Maybe there'll be little Japanese kids
running around our village, who knows?
There they are.
You tell your woman not
to worry about the gypsies.
They ain't much trouble.
Well, they are.
The young people took off to the cities
and only the gypsies are left here.
And some waffles, please.
Can we take a picture, please?
A picture, please?
-I want one, too.
-Can I have a picture, please?
A picture. A photo.
-Hey, don't move. Are you alright?
Did you hit your head hard?
Think so, but it doesn't hurt.
-Your arms? Anything broken?
-What's your name?
Listen, Assencho, we'll drive you
to the hospital to see a doctor.
-No, no, I don't want to.
-Why not?
Wait, wait, look at me,
look at me for a second.
-Are you sure you are alright?
Let me help you.
We'll fix it up, put it in
the trunk and we'll drive you home.
Least we can do, you hear?
I don't want to.
If dad finds out I was at the river,
he'll beat me up.
Hey there, American.
Where's the wife?
The whole village is talking about her.
She's outside.
And I actually live in Canada.
Slept well, did ya?
Hey, let me tell you... They don't
have air like this in America.
-Take it from me.
-Definitely. Have a nice day.
This, please.
Six leva.
She's pretty, your wife.
-Have a nice day.
Hey, American.
-Did you hear what happened?
A kid died.
What kid?
A little boy. Gypsy.
There are only gipsy kids here
His father gave him a beating.
He used to be a boxer.
A real animal.
Drinks, fights But this time
He beats his kids all the time,
but this time he gave it to him good.
What can you do? Life
Are you the American?
You take these pictures?
My wife
And the pictures are ready right away,
Yes, we have a camera like that.
What's this all about?
I'll explain.
My boy died last night.
We bury him tomorrow.
And I have no picture with him.
In ten years
I didn't take one picture with him.
And now,
if you don't take
our picture, no one will.
-But isn't he
I know.
I want a picture with the boy.
I'll wait outside.
What are you doing?
Everybody out.
Everybody out.
These are the people.
I'm sorry if he bothered you.
All he can think about
is that picture.
As if it will fix anything.
It's not a problem, please.
My condolences and my wife's, of course.
After the picture.
There's isn't any space here,
we won't fit.
Wait outside.
There. Take the picture.
Once again, sorry for taking up
so much of your time.
No need to apologize.
You're doing your job.
Thank you for understanding.
Sadly, being a detective,
I'm always facing
a certain level of suspicion.
Thank you.
In my thirty years on the force,
I never understood
why a man should be worried
about the authorities
if he has nothing to hide.
What do you think?
I suppose that's true, yeah.
Unfortunately, around here,
we work mostly with stupid people.
And they are getting more stupid.
The good ones get out, off to the cities,
and only the elderly
and the gypsies are left.
And things are always difficult
with gypsies.
It can't be all that bad.
They are people too, after all
Well, they are people, I don't deny that,
but they are different.
They kicked them out of India, you know,
so how are we supposed
to get on with them?
Well, there are ways, of course,
but now that we are a democracy,
it won't do
Good thing I'm retiring soon.
I won't be wasting my time
with any of this.
But until then, there's a job to do.
And that's why I'm here.
About the dead gypsy.
You think that's a one-off?
They get drunk,
beat each other to death and go to sleep.
If it wasn't a kid,
they wouldn't even send me here.
Not that anyone really cares now.
Well, Mr. Antonov How can we help you?
It's just a formality.
I heard you were with the dead boy's
family yesterday, you took pictures.
I want to attach them to the case file.
Well, we left them with the parents.
That's why they called us.
We have a camera
that prints the picture right away.
Don't worry about the photos,
I'll get them.
And what about you?
Have you heard or seen
anything suspicious?
No. What could we have seen?
It was really depressing,
but given the situation
Please, excuse my wife, she hasn't
been herself since yesterday.
No need to explain.
I completely understand.
There's only one thing I don't get.
How did you get roped into
taking pictures with a dead body?
Anyone would be horrified by that.
Well, I'll be off,
and if you think of anything
Mr. Antonov
I don't know if it's alright to ask,
given the confidentiality, but
Do you know
what happened to the boy?
We know and there's nothing confidential.
According to the coroner, his death
was a result of a brain hemorrhage,
probably caused
by a hard blow to the head.
According to the locals,
the father has a tendency
to get physical when drunk.
That's not uncommon among the gypsies.
They don't admit to it, of course.
They never admit anything.
So it was the father's fault then?
I didn't say that.
The investigation is ongoing,
so it's yet to be determined.
Have a good day.
I almost forgot
I don't know if you've noticed,
but your bumper's come loose
on the left side.
The number plate is hanging off too,
it's about to fall.
Better get them fixed
so there's no trouble.
Thank you again for the tea.
Honorable Muslims, what kind of person
was this deceased friend of ours?
Good person.
-What kind of person was he?
-Good person.
-What kind of person was he?
-Good person.
-Do you give him your blessing?
-I do.
-Do you give him your blessing?
-I do.
-Do you give him your blessing?
-I do.
-What kind of person was he?
-Good person.
-What kind of person was he?
-Good person.
-What kind of person was this friend?
-Good person.
-Do you give him your blessing?
-I do.
If that's the case
I'm sorry, have you seen my wife?
Women don't come round here at this time.
Let alone women like your wife.
She might have stopped by earlier?
She might've, but I haven't seen her.
You're very kind. Thank you.
Come and have a drink.
I would, but I'm in a hurry right now
It's not for pleasure,
it's to honor the dead.
I'm looking for my wife.
She went out somewhere and
I'm worried she might be lost.
She'll be back.
Nothing gets lost around here.
Come, may God bless Assencho's soul.
God bless
I'm gonna get going.
Sit down, man.
Stay a while.
Those guys here don't wanna drink with me.
They're punishing me.
They think they're better than me.
Don't you?
Calm down already.
I'm sorry, but I really must go now.
You've been messing with a bike, yeah?
What are you hiding them
hands for, let me see 'em.
Grease from the chain
You know, my Assencho had a bike as well.
How many times have I gotten
my hands dirty like that?
But Assencho is gone now.
No more fixing his bike.
I'm sorry.
Nah, American,
I'm the one who's sorry.
I didn't deserve a kid like that.
And God took him away
You know what kind of kid he was?
He'd get up in the morning, smiling.
Go to bed at night, laughing.
I'm spanking him for something,
he's grinning,
like I've brought him a present
you're an educated man.
Tell me, what devil raised
my hand that night?
I need to tell you something
You think I'm a murderer?
Don't you, you chicken shits?
No one's gonna say it to my face?
What? Cat got your tongues?
Come on.
I'm waiting, come on.
Nowadays, people pay no attention
to the church walls.
They don't believe in God, so they
don't know about sin or forgiveness.
That's why they're all so messed up.
-I didn't know you were religious.
-I'm not.
But as a detective
I pay attention to details.
And how are you?
Planning to stay much longer?
I don't know why?
No reason. I'm just asking, in case
any additional questions
about the case pop up.
What questions?
I couldn't say, the investigation
could take several directions.
Now, for example,
we suspect that the dead child had
another accident, as well.
Why do you think that?
I'll try to be as clear as possible,
so that even you can understand me.
Here are two very interesting pieces
of evidence
that I came across
during my investigation.
The first is a paint sample
taken from the bumper of your car,
obviously damaged in some collision.
The second piece of evidence
is another paint sample,
taken from the boy's bicycle.
The same smashed bicycle
his father beat him up over.
Are you still with me?
I'm leaning towards the bizarre
conclusion that should I send those
two samples to the lab,
they will turn out to be a perfect match.
Call it professional intuition.
Do you believe in intuition?
Just a minute.
Allow me.
I'm not saying I'm going
to send the samples in for analysis.
I'm saying what would happen if I did.
But as far as I'm concerned,
this case is closed.
We both know you were involved
in an accident with the child.
But he was fine. We even tried to--
But to me, and according
to the collected evidence,
it's the father's fault.
I'm certain.
A systematic domestic abuser.
If it wasn't that night,
the boy would have been killed the next.
Or a month later,
after yet another beating.
Any additional prying into this case
would only lead to more destroyed lives.
I can't let that happen.
So I'll ask you one last time.
Are you planning to stay much longer?
Come on.
Come on now.
Not good
The bumper.
I saw it was broken the other day.
You did me a solid.
Now I'm returning the favor.
I'm certain that up to now
I have hurt many people.
And in turn
I've been hurt just as much.
Everyone makes mistakes.
As long as we are alive,
it's something that likely
can't be helped.
Even so
I've done something unforgivable.
The one that took your son's life
is me.
No matter how much I apologize,
no matter how much I may regret it,
there's no way I will ever
be able to erase this sin.
Just as you have to go on living
without your son,
I have no choice
but to carry this guilt with me.
This is
the only thing I have to offer you.
It's all that I have.
I ask that you please accept it from me.
Like new again.
May God bless you.
You carry a great burden.
You are barren.
Give me the herbs.
What is it?
Well These herbs are for your wife.
Boil them in water and make her
drink the tea three times a day.
-Because she is barren.
With these herbs, in a month,
she will bear a child.
We women know about those things.
Tell her not to worry.
Why are you doing all this?
You know nothing We
We deserve nothing
Take that back.
Who took the photo of my boy?
Who drank with my husband for his soul?
You were the only one from
the whole village who didn't judge him.
And that means a lot to us.
Whatever people say
about my husband, he is not a bad man.
He used to be an athlete.
A boxer.
He was supposed to go
to the Olympics, but
Some money went missing
and who's to blame?
The gypsy, of course.
He hasn't been the same since.
The kids are everything to him.
He works from sunrise to sunset
to put food on the table.
Takes them to school, buys them books.
If only he didn't drink so much
Now he decided he should die, too.
Assencho is gone
and only I know what I feel.
But if I lose my husband,
then we're all lost.
You hear me? Go away.
You should've told me, American.
I knew something wasn't right.
Nobody treats a gypsy well for no reason.
No one.
You just had to tell me.
I tried, but I couldn't.
I'm here now.
You did well, coming to me on your own.
Otherwise it would have been worse.
You should have just told me.
For pity's sake.
Now Go.
No, American. I'm not gonna kill you.
I've thought about it.
I won't kill myself either.
It's not gonna be that easy.
For what we did, you and I
We don't deserve to die, but to live.