A Place in Hell (2018) Movie Script

- There we go!
And we're on.
I accidentally hit un-record.
Look at that.
Is that a farm over there?
I love it.
What did I tell you guys?
Is this awesome or what?
This is a very creepy area.
- Yo, you got some good shit?
- You know I am, man.
- Look at Johnny and Nicole!
- We got the money shot.
Not that kind of money
shot, I apologize.
- She's so cute!
Kait's always prepared
with some sort of
controlled substance.
- Okay, now--
- Oh, hi!
- No.
The end of something great.
- This early example of the
German Expressionist movement
was made during the
height of silent cinema
and had a profound effect on
the history of horror films.
Yes, Miss Monroe?
- I love a good scary movie.
- Yes, horror films have
fascinated the movie-going public
since the beginning of
motion picture history.
I would like you all
to ask yourselves
what does horror mean to you?
Now since this class is part
theory and part practical,
I've created groups of five
person teams that will allow you
to create a horror short
and present it here in class
after the winter break.
Yes, Miss Monroe?
- Can we act in them?
- That is up to your director.
Okay, go out there
and make something
that is special and personal.
The local multiplexes are filled
with fast food hamburgers.
Go out there and make
a finely cooked steak.
- Winter
Ball's coming up.
Maybe Darren will take me.
You know, we haven't
been on that many dates.
But that could be really fun.
You wanna go?
You could take
- I don't think so.
- You're not yourself today.
- It's my mom.
What about your mom?
- She called and this
may be my last semester
in the psych grad program.
- But you only have
one more semester left.
- I know.
- Aw, dude, look.
They're about to make
out, look!
- Dude, she's
upset about something.
Come on, where's
your sensitivity?
- Dude, where's your balls?
What are we doin'
out here anyway?
- We're testing the 7-D.
Yeah well, if Lizzie knew
I was watching her
she'd be pissed off.
Plus I don't want her to
think I care that much, so.
Ah, I see how it is.
You like that
chocolate, huh?
- Come on, dude, we're
gonna be late for class.
- You
know, I can put a good word
in with Lizzie for ya. You know.
- Dude.
Dude, come on, that's
not, that's not cool.
- Is that
Darren and Johnny?
- Come on, dude.
I don't even like
know her that well.
- You know you want Nicole!
- Oh my god.
- Break up
with him right now.
- He's cute.
- I think
I'm gonna go, okay?
See ya later.
- Okay.
- Okay, so now
that we have an idea,
we need a location.
- We could shoot at
my parents' house.
- I got the best
idea for the location.
- What?
- Alright, do you guys remember
that Halloween fright
farm in Mullica Hill?
- Yes.
- Creamy Acres?
- Yeah,
yeah, what about it?
- I think that would be
the best place to shoot this.
- They're not
gonna let us shoot there.
- I
could talk to them.
They'll have a hard
time saying no to me.
- Yeah, no,
no worries there.
It's closed for the
winter so it's empty.
- Yeah, well the place is like
a Hollywood backlot for horror.
It's great.
It's a great job, man.
- Thank you.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi.
- Oh hi, Nicole.
- Hey.
- We're going to Creamy
Acres to shoot a movie.
- And I'm going to star in it.
- Actually we haven't
cast any parts yet.
- I
deserve to star in it.
After all, it is my calling.
- I wish we
were doing a love story.
- And who are you?
- Oh,
I'm Holly Monroe.
I had my mom change
my birth name
to the actress I
model my life after.
The only thing is, Marilyn
wasn't a filmmaker.
So I thought if I went to film
school I could write, direct,
produce, and yes,
star in my own movies.
- Mmhmm.
I'm Nicole.
- Do you think I'm pretty?
- Holly,
beauty is in the soul.
It's what's on the inside
that truly determines
our outer glow.
- Right on, sister.
Lizzie, I'll see you
back at the apartment. Okay?
That okay?
- Okay.
- Alright.
- Bye, Nicole!
- Bye.
Bye, Johnny.
- Darren.
Now about that part...
- Wait, Nicole!
I'm coming with you.
- Okay, kiddies,
who's ready to make a movie?
- Yeah.
Alright, uh, please state
your full name for the camera.
- My name
is Nicole Hart,
and I've joined this
crazy group of filmmakers
on a journey in
intellectual curiosity.
It was my best friend Lizzie
Davis who made me do it.
She manipulated me doing a
series of adorable gestures.
- Guilty.
- Johnny, I
have something to say.
That's much better.
I've always felt more comfortable
in front of the camera.
You see my name is Holly Monroe
and I'm what you'd
call a power woman.
- Okay, Johnny,
you should document
the making of this film, man.
- I would
if I had enough crew.
- Johnny, you should
make a documentary
about my rise to stardom.
I always smoke when
I take long drives.
Helps pass the time.
Here, babe.
- I don't
like to smoke usually,
but I guess this is
a special occasion.
Because it makes me so hungry.
And you know I'm trying
to watch my calories
because you know the
camera adds 10 pounds.
- Score!
- You alright there?
- It's been awhile.
- Yo, Johnny,
I want that tape, man.
- You got it, man.
- No, erase that.
Right now.
- That's right,
blackmail us with that footage.
- Ah, that's
Johnny "Handheld" Thompson.
He'll never do that.
- I might.
- Nuh-uh.
- Nuh-uh.
- Are we almost there?
- Are we almost there?
- You're
a terrible boy!
Wretched, putrid monster!
You hear me?
Do you hear what I'm sayin'?
You make me sick!
Why do you treat me like this?
You're disgusting!
You're filth, you're trash!
You ain't nothing!
You hear me?
You ain't never
gonna be nothing!
You're just disgusting!
Why do you do this to me?
Your man parts
should be cut off!
You hear me?
- Man.
- You see those
vultures up there?
- I see them.
They're waiting for something.
- They eat dead things.
- You know
I've been thinking
about what you said about Darren
and I really think you should--
- Nicole, I don't want to
talk about this anymore.
- Save yourself for someone
who really loves you.
- You don't know him.
There's a side of him
that you haven't seen yet.
- Mmm.
- Like when he was little,
his dad used to say
he was going to pick
him up and never did.
His parents are
divorced, you know.
He's trying, he just
has trouble trusting.
- I get it, but as
far as I'm concerned,
he has much to prove to
me to be worthy of you.
- Please, Nicole.
I need you to like him.
He's cute.
- Shut up.
Look at that.
- This place is creepy.
We should probably try
to catch up to them.
I don't want to get lost here.
- Yeah, me neither.
- Come on.
- This is really heavy.
It's hurting my arm.
- It's okay, Holly.
We'll get there.
- Oh, what the fuck?
- At least
this is good lighting.
- Beautiful.
- I'm gonna
look so pretty in it.
- Holly, please relax.
- That would be good.
So what did I tell you guys?
Is this place awesome or what?
Well I'm very glad
we found this.
- These girls are
truly gonna know
what guerrilla filmmaking's
all about.
- You're telling me.
So have you come up
with a title yet?
- I'm just gonna
throw this out there.
- Hmm?
- Familiar Stranger.
- I like it.
I like it, it's
got a ring to it.
- Yeah?
- Why do I have
to carry anything?
I'm a star.
- We have to work together.
If we work together,
it'll be easier on us all.
- God.
I need an assistant.
- Got the hangman thing going.
Got a fuckin' thing dead
and fuckin' people in there
in this like boardhouse.
It looks like someone built
this house in two days.
Could happen.
Dude, look!
A fuckin' pirate ship!
What is that?
- Oh my god.
Dude, that's gonna look great.
- I'll show her
my one-eyed willy.
- Girlfriend.
- Oh man, alright.
Let's keep movin'.
- Ugh!
This is so--
- Skeletons.
Ugh, we've got some crates.
We're gonna string
together the best
nonsensical story ever created.
- Donovan's gonna be
like, "Shit, this is amazing!"
- Right?
- He's gonna blow his
load over our movie.
- That's,
alright, well.
- Oh wow.
- God, these are
just not the right shoes.
- Look at this, look at this.
- Wow.
- Alright, alright.
Now let's stop here.
This will protect us
from the elements.
- I'll keep you warm.
Just make sure you always
shoot me from the right.
It's my much better side.
- Is this bitch for real?
- So, how do you
guys like the place?
- Great location.
- If you're going
to shoot a horror film,
this would be it.
- Uh, which brings me
to my next question.
Uh, Nicole, um, I know
you're not an actress,
uh, but, you know, you
have this real beauty
and style about you--
- Johnny, I'm
not someone you have
to beat around the bush with.
If you want me to be in
your movie, just say it.
- You mean you'll do it?
- For you, yes, I will.
- Thank you, Nicole.
You know, you really
are beautiful.
- I said I'd be in the movie.
Don't push it.
- Okay, okay.
Dude, she's in.
- Oh, that's great man.
You sure there's no one here?
- Yeah, dude, it's empty.
Why is everyone
so scared of that?
Come on, look at this place.
It's a filmmaker's dream.
Yeah, yeah, I know,
I just don't want
anyone fuckin' up our shoot.
This one will be my magnum opus.
- Yeah.
- What?
- That's that, that's
that guy McInnes.
- What
will it be, John?
- Beer.
- Shelly, can I have
a beer for John?
Enjoy, Johnny.
- Hey, buddy.
You're that guy.
- What guy is that?
- You're that cop.
- I was a cop.
- What happened?
- Retired.
Or they retired me.
Yeah, you're the guy
that was chasin' down the guy
that killed all those women.
- Yeah, that was me.
- I knew it.
I never forget a face.
But let me ask you a question.
How did it feel
when you caught him?
- We never caught the real guy.
- What
about the newspapers?
- Can't believe
everything you read.
What do you believe in?
- You know what I believe in?
I believe in God.
I believe in family.
And I believe there's a place
in hell for serial killers.
- Let's have a drink
together, me and you.
- Here's to my new best friend.
- Okay, kid, you
have to understand.
This place is filled
with strong egos.
Sometimes you gotta remind
them who's in charge.
Angelice, you think
this is a rest home?
Get your fuckin'
feet off the desk!
Giddy up, motherfucker.
Do somethin'!
- Captain, why you
always breakin' my balls?
- 'Cause it's fun.
You, keep your eye on him.
- You got it, Captain!
- Gentlemen, I'm
showin' the kid the ropes.
- Aw, ain't that sweet?
And who's gonna show
you the ropes, Cap?
- Is that insubordination
I just heard?
- Sounds like he
was kidding, Edward.
- Don't be such a sourpuss.
Didn't I get you a gift
when you made Captain?
- You
see, what Captain Links here
neglected to tell you was that
Mansfield and I have
been detectives since he
was wearing a blue uniform
and walkin' a beat.
- You two
are pains in my ass.
- Speaking
of pains in the ass,
how are those hemorrhoids, Cap?
- About as big
as your fuckin' ugly head.
- Ooh.
- So, what's it like
being the Captain's bitch?
- Leave the kid alone, will ya?
Voight, let's go.
These two are hopeless.
- I'm tellin' ya,
you're gonna wake up one
mornin' and have a baboon's ass.
- Cap, you got a phone call.
- Who is it?
- It's Cherry Hill
P.D. Captain Eason.
- I'll
take it in my office.
Make sure you shut that door.
Have a seat, kid.
Yeah, this is Captain Links.
- We got
a Detective McInnes
calling over here
regarding a murder victim.
- Tell me, is there a problem?
- No,
I was just calling
to confirm he was with you.
- Yeah,
he's one of mine.
What did he want to know?
- He
asked if the victim
was raped post-mortem.
- I see.
Anything else I
can help you with?
- No,
Captain, we're all good.
Tell me, what do you know
about the Corpse Collector case
from five years ago?
- So fucking cold out here.
At the time I was
newly appointed.
Lots of pressure from City
Hall to find this guy.
One night, guy walks in,
confesses to everything.
All my problems are solved.
Except for one small thing.
- What's that, sir?
- John McInnes.
This is your guy.
John, he made a full confession.
- You just want to
please the public.
- You think that?
I got a confession,
you got shit.
You got nothin'.
John, look at your desk.
You ever hear of a
fuckin' computer?
Why don't you join
the 21st century?
- Go fuck yourself.
- Mac was
workin' the case for me.
He was sure he had the guy.
Black guy named Harrison Graves.
Even I thought
the fucker did it.
And then comes Charlie Booker.
- Good evening, Mr. Booker.
My name's Kevin Mitchell and
I'm your public defender.
The detectives tell me
that you waived your right
to counsel and gave a statement.
- Yes, I did.
- In fact, they tell me
you're takin' ownership
of 15 dead bodies.
- I killed them all.
- Mr. Booker, I certainly
hope that's not true
because if it is, you're
almost certainly looking
at the death penalty.
- John, it ain't worth it.
Let it go, man.
- This
is about a month
after Mac lost his kid.
I let him stay on the case.
I thought it would distract him.
Mac was never the
same after that.
- I'm not sure that was
a good idea.
Give me another.
What, you're not gonna give me
another fuckin' drink or what?
- Wouldn't it be best
if you slowed down?
Got your car here, Johnny?
- You
sound like my ex.
That's why I got rid of her.
- That's not what
happened, John.
- You're my bartender,
not my therapist.
Give me another drink ,
you Irish bastard.
- Don't you lay your hands
on me in my fuckin' bar.
I'm cutting you off.
- Fuck it.
- I'm cutting...
Give me that.
- Don't you--
I'm cutting you off.
- Yeah, I'll fuckin'
beat the fuck out of you!
- Don't
you do this, John.
Don't you do this.
Give me that.
- Ha!
- You motherfucker.
- Ha!
- Get the fuck out
of my bar, John.
Get the fuck out of
here, you fuckin' drunk!
Get out of here!
Don't drive.
- I'm so sorry.
- Tonight is the night.
- Why do you feel so
compelled to be with him?
What's the rush?
- A man has needs.
And Darren says that a
good girlfriend's job
is to make sure
those needs are met.
- Oh he does, does he?
What about what a woman wants?
- Why do you have to be so
analytical about everything?
Have some fun!
Plus, I know Johnny has
a little crush on you.
- Oh, Johnny.
That boy wouldn't know what
to do with me even
if I was interested.
Plus it's, um, it's been
a little while for me.
- Hang out with him
tonight and see.
He really is sweet.
- Whatever.
You just promise me
not to do anything
just because Darren
wants you to.
You have to want to do it.
- I don't know why
you don't like him.
- It's not
that I don't like him.
He's cool and all.
I just see him in
a different light.
He uses his ego to make
decisions and I don't think
he treats you the way
you need to be treated.
- I know you're
worried about me.
- Mmhmm.
- But do you think this
could be something else?
- Like what?
- Well, it could go
back to that story you told me.
About your sister.
- I don't want to
talk about that.
- Come on!
It's okay for me to
tell you everything
and you won't even entertain
that this could definitely
have something to do with that.
- You know what, fine.
If you want to cheapen
yourself and be with someone
who doesn't deserve
you, that's on you.
- That was
wrong of you to say.
What you say affects me!
- Why do we
have to scout this?
- We're part of a team.
Darren needs us to.
- That thing is creepy.
- It almost looks like a real
person could be in there.
I will say this place
definitely has a darkness to it.
- Ugh!
Never was good at sports.
- You know, neither was I.
- Let's go.
I want to get back to shooting.
- Okay.
- So do you think I'll
be a big star some day?
- I think you
should follow your dreams.
- I'm sorry.
You were right.
It's your life and I just
want you to be happy.
- Thank you.
- Okay, now that we're set up,
let's continue the wondrous
process of creating cinema.
- Uh, do you want me to
take this off sticks? I could--
- No, no, no, no.
In this shot we're
composing inside the frame.
- I'm ready for my
closeup, Mr. DeMille.
- Yes,
Sunset Boulevard.
Paid attention in film class.
Good girl.
- This is Familiar Stranger,
scene four, take 20.
- I'm so sorry, it just slipped.
- Ugh.
Watch that thing.
- Is everyone ready?
Quiet on the set!
- Dude, there's no one here.
- Quiet on the set!
Camera's rolling!
Cut, cut, cut!
Just stop the camera.
Stop it.
I need time to think.
Kait, did you tell
everyone to come tonight?
- Yeah, I posted it on Facebook.
That we're making a
movie, so there should be
a bunch of people here
in about four hours.
- Alright, just
cut the camera off.
Gonna break till
the party scene.
- I'm good.
- Holly, this place
is really weird.
- Yo, hey, Johnny, you
gotta see this, man.
- Can you guys hear me?
- Huh?
- Where are you guys?
- Nicole?
- Johnny!
- Yo, Darren!
- Yo, Darren!
- Hello?
Can you guys hear me?
- Holly!
Where are you?
- Oh my god!
- That's gross!
- What?
- Ugh!
- That's gross!
- We can use that in my film!
- Ugh, no, you know what kind
of germs those things carry?
- What do you think
happened to that deer?
- Have you ever heard
of the chupacabra?
- No.
What's that?
- It's a creature
that's been spotted
on farms just like this one.
Affectionately known
as the goat-sucker,
it's known for attacking livestock
and drinking their blood.
Specifically goats, but I guess
this time it chose a deer.
- Stop scaring her.
The chupacabra is only
found in the Southwest.
I think we're safe from that
creature here, honey, okay?
Now the Jersey Devil,
that's a different story.
- Wait, how
do you know about that?
- I watch the
History Channel, you know.
- A girl after my own heart.
Lizzie, you never told me.
- Nice try, Johnny, but mmm-mmm.
This is disgusting.
Whoo, let's go!
- I'm gonna get my GoPro and
we're gonna come back out
and we're gonna shoot
this fuckin' thing.
- So disgusting!
- I feel bad.
- Oh, it's gonna look
- Hey, baby.
You lookin' for some company?
- Keep walkin', you
don't want any of this.
- I want you to be my daddy.
- Mmm?
- I'll make you
feel really good.
And I'll be a good baby.
What, you don't like Pepsi?
- Stop.
- Hmm?
- Is that your real name?
- Yes,
because I taste so good.
You don't like me, huh?
I knew there was
somethin' wrong with you.
When a girl walks
in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in
your face, you get sprung
- Please, please let go of it.
No, no, no, no.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Say Darren, Darren!
- Darren,
Darren, Darren,
Darren, Darren, Darren, Darren!
- And who's the star
of your movie but Holly Monroe!
Holly, Holly, Holly, Holly!
- Darren, Darren,
Darren, Darren, Darren, Darren!
- I decided that
tonight is your night.
- Really?
After all this time?
- I love you.
- That was awesome.
- I feel so connected to you.
- Yeah, that was great.
- Do you feel the connection?
- Guys, I
can't find my iPhone.
- Mine is gone too.
- Where is
everyone from the party?
- They must've stolen
our cellphones.
- Who?
- Someone from the party.
- Alright, mine's
gone too, guys.
We gotta get back to school.
Come on, wrap it up.
Lizzie, I told you I had
to study this weekend.
- Sorry.
- I didn't come here
to lose my phone.
- Yeah, I have
photos on my phone.
I can't have people just see
those photos on my phone!
They're not for everybody!
- Hey!
Hey, wait a second, calm down!
I know we're too
young to remember,
but there was a time when
there was no cell phones
and a group of hungry
filmmakers went out
and focused and made a
movie and created art.
Yeah, we could quit,
we could go home,
and that's what they
would expect us to do.
And we probably wouldn't
be wrong to do so.
However, I believe that
each and every one of you
has a fire burning
deep inside them
to create something special.
Something great.
Despite the setbacks
or the odds.
- That was one hell of a speech.
So I guess everybody
wants to stay?
- We can
make this movie.
- We can make this movie.
- Come on,
Nicole, that was inspiring.
- It's
inspiring because it's--
- That was amazing!
- I saw Copolla give that speech
on the behind the scenes
of Apocalypse Now.
It's all I had.
- It worked, bro.
- Darren, you are so talented
and such an amazing director.
I was just wondering
if you could use me
in this scene in any way?
- Holly, this is the scene,
uh, where Nicole realizes
who the familiar stranger is.
Your scene will
be shot tomorrow.
If you could just hang
around and help Lizzie,
that would be great.
- Fine.
- Shit.
- One of the coldest
winters in years.
- Fuck yeah.
- Voight, go get us some coffee.
Right over there, by
the train entrance.
- Okay.
- Hello?
It's Captain Eason
over here at Cherry Hill P.D.
- Yeah, what can I do for you?
- Your
guy, he came back.
- What's he lookin' for now?
- He told me
you gave him authorization
and consent to
catch this killer.
Hold on, this is what he said:
"Captain Links stands
behind all my--"
- Do me a favor, Captain Eason.
Just give me a call if
he needs anything else.
- Sure thing.
It's good to know you
stand behind your people.
- Thank you.
- Here you go.
What's wrong, Cap?
- You're not gonna fuckin'
believe who just called me.
- Who?
- Cherry Hill P.D.
Mac is at it again.
Crazy fuck.
- God, what he do this time?
- Fuckin' won't give up.
Fired him five years ago.
He was unstable after
Charlie Booker confessed
to those fuckin' murders.
I'll admit, there was a
point he was so convincing
he led me to believe that
this Harrison Graves
was the killer.
How 'bout that?
A black serial killer.
Who ever heard of that?
And this one, he looks like
a fuckin' underwear model.
Yeah, it was clear.
When Booker turned himself
in, he was our guy.
- Captain, can I
ask you something?
- Sure, kid.
- Whatever happened
to McInnes' son?
- We needed to find this guy,
so Mac was workin' long days
following down
every lead he could.
That winter his kid
Kyle got pneumonia.
Mac was out talkin' to
some local informant
who had some information about
one of the missing women.
When Kyle's fever
rose to the point
to where he needed to be
rushed to the emergency room,
McInnes didn't make it in time.
Kid Kyle went into shock.
Died right there before
he was even admitted.
- Fuck.
- After that,
McInnes started drinking
and him and his wife,
they just grew apart.
He really blamed himself
for what happened.
I think he blamed
me a little too.
I had to let him go
when he wouldn't accept
that Booker was our guy.
- Whatever happened to Booker?
- Booker, he got the chair.
Justice was served.
- You two were close?
- What, it wasn't my fault.
Shit happens.
I can't keep cleanin'
up after him.
He's gotta take responsibility.
It took me years to
get to where I am
and not him, or anyone
else, is gonna fuck that up.
- Well, I found out
where he's staying.
The sleazy motel on Route 73.
- That fuckin' hooker motel?
- Yup.
- Man, he has really
hit rock bottom.
Let's go.
Let's go see that fuckin' moron.
Come on.
- Take 17.
- The camera's
not focused, but okay.
- Camera's rolling!
Cut, cut, cut!
Holly, what the
fuck are you doin'?
- Oh, I thought that
if I was in the scene,
then it would make
the killing scarier
because I could react to it.
- Oh, that's what you thought?
First of all, Nicole
doesn't die in this scene.
Second of all, get the
fuck out of my frame!
- Fine.
If you don't like my ideas,
then I'm just gonna
go take the GoPro
and make my own
movie without you.
- Good!
Fuckin' hallelujah!
Grab the GoPro, get
the fuck out of here!
- Excuse you!
- Excuse me?
- You know who I am.
I am Holly Monroe.
- You're not a Marilyn Monroe!
You're in your fuckin' head!
- You wouldn't know talent
if it hit you in the face.
I am the star of this film.
If this film is successful,
it's because of me.
- Oh really?
- It's not because of you.
- You are nothing!
- What?
- You are nothing
without Holly Monroe!
I am the fucking star!
- Yeah, you may
look like a star,
but you can act
like fuckin' shit.
- Oh, really?
- So grab the GoPro and
get the fuck off my set!
- Oh I will gladly do that.
- Go!
- Good luck with your own movie.
- This is the last
you're gonna see of me!
- Thank you, thank you!
- Good luck without me!
- Thank you, thank you!
- Goodbye!
- Thank you, thank
you, thank you!
Jesus fucking Christ.
She's unbelievable.
- , dude.
- From the top, yes.
Can we start again?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- I want
the GoPro back.
- Hello, my name is Holly Monroe
and I am broadcasting
from my first big film.
Today I will be doing
a monologue for you
from To Die For
with Nicole Kidman.
what I found out:
That all of life is a
learning experience.
Everything is part
of a big master plan.
But sometimes it's,
well, it's hard to read.
It's like when you stand
too close to the screen.
All you can see is a
bunch of little dots.
You can't see the big
picture until you stand back.
But when you do, everything
comes into focus.
- McInnes!
Get out of there.
Get back, get away
from that fuckin' door.
Look at this fuckin' shithole.
- Hello, Edward.
- Holy shit.
- Congratulations, Edward,
you've become a drama queen.
- Will you look at this sorry
piece of shit over here?
Look at this fuckin' guy.
Want me to help ya up, John?
Yeah, let me help ya up.
Come on get up, get up!
Look at you souse.
Holy shit.
- And who the fuck are you?
- Wow.
- John, you called
Cherry Hill police
and tell them you're
one of my guys?
You fuckin' stupid or what?
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
- Maybe.
- Yes or no?
- Okay, I did.
I've called every fuckin' one
of them, you mother fucker!
Every fuckin' station I called
because you're not calling them.
Until last week at Cherry
Hill, he's been silent.
You morons can't figure
anything out, can you?
He's going to go again, Edward!
And this time the
bodies are gonna be
on your motherfucking head!
- Wow.
- Get, if you touch me I'll
fuckin' break your skull!
- Calm down,
just calm down. Captain.
- Let's just pretend like
none of this ever happened.
And why don't you
guys get the fuck out?
- That's
it, take this fuck!
Get this fuck!
You stupid son of a bitch.
- You must be
so proud of yourselves.
- Now you've done it, you fuck.
Shut up and listen to me!
Shut up!
This is what we're gonna
fuckin' do with you.
- You know you're
spitting on me.
- I am going to leave
you my phone number,
and you're gonna call me instead
of the fuckin' police station.
Fuckin' idiot.
We're gonna let him up.
We're gonna let him up.
- I'm not
lettin' him up.
- Let
him up, let him up.
- I have something to say.
- Okay, what's it
gonna be, John?
Go 'head.
- I bet you've no idea
what pain is like.
Every day I wake up
and because of you,
my wife doesn't want
to see me anymore.
And I lost my son
because of this case.
Now you need to
go fuck yourself.
- Let him up, let him up.
Let him up.
Fuckin' lunatic.
Voight, let's go.
Leave him be in
his fuckin' misery.
Holy shit.
- Alright, is
everyone ready for the scene?
- Yeah!
- Yeah.
- Alright, I think
this is our actor here.
Hello, Michael?
- Yeah, what's up?
- Darren. Thank you so much for
bein' in my little film.
- Mmhmm.
- Here's your mask.
- Mask.
- I was
gonna have you, uh,
go around the corner here
and then I'm gonna signal
you when I need you.
They're gonna have a little
bit of dialogue first. Okay?
Uh, can you fill up the
knife and give it to Michael?
- Yes, yes.
- Okay, thank you.
Now this is a real knife.
Just be, be very careful, okay?
- Okay, definitely.
- Be careful.
- Okay, this is
what's going to happen.
You guys are gonna run out
here, a little bit of dialogue.
Michael's gonna come
around from the corner.
He's gonna kill Johnny, he's
doubling as an actor today.
You fine with that?
- Oh yeah.
- You understand?
- Mmhmm.
- Yeah, so, I look back at
him as the killer kills him?
- Mmhmm.
- Do you want me to scream?
- I want you to act as
if it's really happening.
- Okay, I can do that.
- Alright, thank you.
- 'kay.
- Okay, well
I'm gonna shoot this one
because Johnny's in the scene.
Alright, let's
go, let's do this.
- Alright, let's do it!
- I'm ready when you are.
- I'm ready.
- You ready for my mark?
- Yep.
- Okay.
We have Familiar Stranger,
scene two, take one.
- Alright,
camera's rolling!
- What are we gonna do?
I think he killed them all.
- We have got to
get out of here!
- We should go
back to the house.
She might be still alive.
- No she's not.
I saw the body.
- Cut!
Oh shit, that's fuckin' amazing.
Oh, oh wow.
Michael, you walked off.
I need you to go after Nicole.
You know what?
No worries, no worries.
We'll get it in a closeup, okay?
I think I got that in one shot.
- I think so.
- Oh wow.
Come on, guys, yo, let's
take a look at this.
It looked so real, come on.
- Johnny.
- Johnny, get up.
Come on, let's watch this.
- This guy.
- Yo, everyone, it was so real.
You gotta see it.
- come on, Johnny.
- Johnny,
come on, get up.
I want you to take your
hand out, let's go.
Come on!
- Johnny.
Johnny, get up.
Johnny, get up!
He's dead.
- What?
Johnny, Johnny, let's go!
- What?
- Who was that guy?
We gotta get out of here.
Grab everything you
can and let's go!
Come on, let's go!
Darren, let's go!
Kait, come on, we
gotta leave him, honey.
Come on.
Come on.
No, no, no, no.
Let's go.
Darren, come on.
- What the
fuck's happening?
- In the
farming community made popular
by Creamy Acres Night
of Terror Fright Farm,
the terror for one family
has become all too real.
As I'm standing in
front of the home
of Betsy and John Andrews.
Parents anxiously
awaiting the news
of their missing teenage
daughter, Vanessa Andrews,
with a rash of kidnappings
and murders all
over south Jersey.
Earlier today, the mother
of this missing teenager
made a heartfelt appeal.
- My name is Betsy Andrews.
If you have any
information on my daughter,
my baby, Vanessa,
- Reporting
live in south Jersey for WMAM,
I'm Gail Scott Key.
- Shh.
- Oh fuck, shit.
Oh shit.
I wanna see where she went.
- Everything
comes into focus.
- Lizzie.
Let her go.
Lizzie, come on!
Let, let her go!
Okay, we have to get to a phone.
Let's go inside that farmhouse.
I know it's not safe
but we have to get help.
On three.
Okay, try to find a phone.
- Okay.
- Okay, we have to hide.
We have a better chance of
surviving if we split up.
You have to go now.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Go Lizzie.
- Hey, you fucker!
- Go!
Help us!
- If anything
comes outside that house,
just start shooting.
Get in the car.
Call my Captain.
Tell him I have Harrison Graves.
He's killed again.
- You're a cop?
- Today I am.
- I hope he kills
this motherfucker.
- Hey, Harrison!
- This is
Captain Edward Links,
please leave a message.
- Captain Links, my
name is Lizzie Davis.
We're on Creamy Acres Farms.
Harrison Graves is here.
Please come right away.
- It's over.
- The keys,
where are the keys?
- Come on!
- Shit, I got a voicemail.
- Captain Links,
my name is Lizzie Davis.
We're at Creamy Acres Farms.
Harrison Graves is here.
Please come right away.
- Shit.
Voight, come on, let's go.
- What's goin' on?
Harrison Graves is here.
Contact local police
and state troopers.
I gotta fix you up, buddy.
- Stop him.
- Are you sure
you want to do that?
See what happens the
next time you do it.
- It came from over there!
- Where'd he go?
- You got me?
- Got ya.
- Where is this fuckin' guy?
You got me?
- I got you.
- We are going to survive.
- You good?
- Let's go.
- Got it.
This is Captain Links!
Is anybody in here?
- Yes!
We're in here!
- Identify yourselves!
- Nicole
Hart and Lizzie Davis!
Don't worry, girls.
You're gonna come to
the sound of my voice!
We have the situation
well in hand.
Just come to me!
- Captain, this
place is a fuckin' maze.
- Let him go, motherfucker!
Let him go!
You son of a bitch!
Fuckin' fuck!
Just take care of them.
- Is there anybody
else in there?
- There's one more inside.
It's Harrison Graves.
He's dead.
We got that son of a
bitch for ya, John.
- I wanted to kill that fucker.
- Is that a toy?
- It was my son's.
He loved playing detective.
- Good news is,
as soon as you're better,
you're reinstated.
Special Victims Unit.
- Should've never
fired me, asshole.
Will you call my wife?
Tell her I was right?
Our kid didn't die for nothin'.
- I will, pal, I will.
Rest up.
- And tell my wife
I'd like to see her.
- Anything you want, John.
I will, I'll call her.
I'll tell her.