A Podcast to Die For (2023) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)
(music brightens)
(birds chirping)
(tile clanking, sighs)
Off in the clouds again?
I'm just daydreaming
about this past month.
Impromptu wedding and now,
a brand-new house?
I just... I can't believe
it's all ours.
I can't believe you said yes.
(door closes,
footsteps approaching)
Get a room!
Huh, better get used to it.
I'd rather lock myself
in my room, thanks.
Which, by the way, is already
way better than the old place.
Well, I am just happy that we
found a place that we all liked.
I was worried we'd be stuck
in my old apartment forever.
I liked your apartment.
- I didn't.
It smelled like cabbage.
- Hey, watch it, kira.
It's okay, cam.
And thank you, maddie.
It was way too small for the four of
us, though. - Yeah, totally.
We have so much more space now.
And not enough stuff
for our rooms.
I need some like, art,
or shelves, or something.
Tell you girls what,
give me a couple more hours
To unpack the bedroom and then,
Maybe I can take you guys to the mall
and we can get some dcor for your rooms?
- Sure!
Okay, cool!
Can you take this one out?
- Yeah. - All right.
(calm music)
(frame clunks gently)
Well, hello.
(box thumps on floor, grunts)
You really accomplish a lot
when no one bugs you.
Efficiency is my middle name.
- I thought it was celeste?
Yeah. Lacey celeste
efficiency wilson.
- come here.
Do you know how grateful
I am for you?
I do.
You could tell me again if you want, though.
- Hmm.
I never thought the girls could find
someone who compared to their mother.
When she died...
I'm sorry.
- Hey.
I get it.
I lost a mom to cancer, too.
(melancholy music)
After six years
of failed relationships,
I thought it was hopeless.
And then I met you.
(chuckles under breath)
(music brightens)
So, what's on the docket
for school on Monday?
I have a geology test.
- Nice. Kira?
Uh, dissecting frogs, or something.
- Gross.
I think I skipped that class
back in the day.
I wasn't super into school.
Spent most of my time in the library with
my sister, reading books on true crime.
Oh, dad never lets us read
anything like that.
He never lets us do anything, so.
- That's not true.
We went mini golfing last week.
I meant with our own friends.
Well, he's just
That is normal dad attitude.
It's dad-itude.
(all laugh)
Have you asked dad if we can
help on your podcast yet?
Uh, he's still thinking about it.
- Ugh.
My friends at school would die
If they found out I was helping
on your podcast.
You know,
everyone listens to it.
Even the teachers.
Imagine if we helped solve
some of the cold cases.
We could have our own show.
The... Murder sisters,
Or something creepy,
something like that.
I don't think I can handle
all the, you know, gross stuff.
And that is perfectly fine.
Listen, it's
in your dad's hands now.
Whatever he says, goes.
- Come on, lacey!
Can't you convince him
to let us help?
Don't you have some say
now that you're new mom?
Listen, my full mom powers
haven't been activated yet.
(calm music)
(footsteps clack)
That last episode was intense.
Oh, I feel a little queasy.
That's a new one.
- Yeah.
Think I might be turning
into maddie.
My stomach can't handle
all the gory details.
Or maybe it's the baby?
Yeah, it could be her, too.
We need to keep you in tip-top
shape over the next few days
Because there is a lot of stuff
going on.
Don't remind me.
Oh, but I'm definitely going
Tomorrow you have the interview
with the northway times,
And then we have to prep for
the pembrooke podcast festival.
They said all your meet-and-greet
spots have sold out.
(phone chimes)
Oh, and we just got
our information for the booth.
That's amazing.
- Great.
Uh, I just need
a glass of water.
Do you want anything?
- Uh, no, I'm good.
I'm actually just gonna wait for valentine.
- Sounds good.
(mysterious music)
(door clicks open, lacey sighs)
(computer chimes)
"more feminist propaganda."
"this podcast sucks."
"lucy sounds like
a chain-smoker."
"lacey..." at least
they got my name right.
(ominous music)
"how does it feel to make a
profit off the death's of others?"
(lids clunks closed)
(blows out breath)
How was your vacation?
- Amazing.
You'd love the cabin
the four of us holed up at.
We should go there sometime
before the baby comes.
A mini vacation.
- Vacation?
What is that?
You went a few years ago,
didn't you?
Cabo, right?
Oh yeah.
You have a good memory.
I didn't even remember that.
How's the new house?
Are you all settled in?
I'm sorry I couldn't help
No worries. You know,
I wanna have you guys over
Once we're just out of the
disaster zone.
And maybe we can let you
settle in to mom life. (chuckles)
But she's already in mom life
with kira and maddie.
Well, we'll figure it out.
Where are we
on new potential cases?
You two are gonna love this.
Two murders
in the past six years.
Both cold cases.
Both in towns close to here.
And both have
some eerie similarities.
This first one is
sarah mitchell.
Kinda looks like you.
- Yeah.
And this is marisa hunter.
Murdered three years ago.
Both marisa and sarah were
stabbed to death in their homes
And discovered
by their boyfriends.
No sign of forced entry
for either.
And both had some personal items
reported missing after the fact.
Sarah was missing a family ring.
Marisa was missing a necklace.
Their killer took trophies.
- And only three years ago.
I can't believe
we haven't heard about this.
There wasn't a ton of
information on either of them.
But I think their killer is
going to strike again.
First it was sarah.
Three years later it was marisa.
Guess how long it's been
since marisa's murder?
I don't wanna jump
to any conclusions
But this could be
a serial killer.
Well, there is potentially
a pattern
But I think that we should dig a
little deeper before we say for sure.
Valentine, I want you
to do a deep dive on marisa.
I need all the details.
We need to know her inside and out so
that we can really give her a voice.
I have to go but I will
see you both later.
Where are you headed?
- I have a doctor's appointment
And then, a meeting
that I cannot miss.
(suspenseful music)
(papers crinkle)
(office phone ringing)
(cellphone chimes)
Everything okay?
Yeah, no, um, every... Thing
is fine.
I'm just... Work is crazy.
- That explains it then.
Uh, explains what?
Your blood pressure is
through the roof.
You're at a risk for preeclampsia,
which isn't good for you or your baby.
How is she doing?
- She's fine.
She's measuring normal.
Heartbeat is strong, healthy.
But you keep this pace up...
Okay, so what can I do?
Well, bed rest is a good start.
- Okay, for how long?
'til the baby comes.
That... Uh, I'm sorry,
but that's a couple months.
I can prescribe you
some medication
But removing yourself from the
stress is the best solution.
Think about it?
Not just for the baby's sake,
but for your own.
Thank you.
(ominous music)
Come on.
Come on.
Do we have to do this?
- Yes!
Family game night is fun.
- Yeah!
Fun... Damentally boring.
Oh, that's very smart.
- Hmm.
I like it, so...
- Thank you, maddie.
And you should really try
and be a little more receptive.
This is important to lacey,
this bonding time.
And it should be important
to us too, okay?
- Okay.
You guys?
I found it!
And it is still
in such good condition.
Seriously, jocelyne and I
used to play this all the time.
It is so fun.
You guys are gonna love it.
Trust me.
(sentimental music)
What do you say loser
does dishes for a week?
(blows raspberry)
- yeah?
Loser's a strong term.
- I'm gonna pass.
Come on, you guys, we need stakes!
- Okay, I'm in.
I'm in.
- Come on.
You're in? Okay, you girls,
you're in?
What are you scared of?
- I... I don't lose. - We'll beat them.
Cam, this one's for you.
- Nice.
Ooh, I'll be that!
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
(eggs sizzling,
spatula scraping)
Hey, morning!
- Mornin'.
Have you seen my bracelet?
- Oh no.
Um, but we can look for it
after breakfast?
When are you back on nights?
Oh, later this week.
One of my best electricians
just quit
So I have to pick up the slack
Until I can find a replacement for her.
- Yep.
It's what you have to do
when you're the boss.
Yeah, well, it is what it is.
But I'm still here
for family night.
What do you girls
wanna do this week?
No more board games, please.
Um... I am pretty sure that you
were having a blast last night.
Oh, no, no, no, she's just
upset because she lost.
(sucks air)
dishes for the whole week.
How's that feel?
(laughs under breath)
Hey, is everything okay?
You can talk to us.
Have you thought about letting
us help with lacey's show yet?
- yeah.
Um, no, I, uh... Don't think
it's a good idea.
I don't want you two getting
involved in something...
You know, gruesome.
Eat your breakfast.
We wanna help.
You said we could.
No, I said
that it was up to your dad.
We can handle it.
- Okay, that's enough, kira.
We're not kids anymore.
- Enough!
What? Lacey still does it
even though her sister...
I said that's enough!
You never let me do anything.
You know, I hate
being trapped at home.
And I hate you.
- kira.
(chair rasps on floor)
I'll go look for your bracelet.
- Okay.
(melancholic music)
(giggles awkwardly)
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps stomp on stairs,
(bracelet jingles)
(doorbell chimes)
(lid clunks closed)
(items clatter)
(door clicks open,
dog barks in the distance)
(envelope crinkles)
(paper crinkles)
(threatening music)
(ominous music)
It was at your front door?
Yeah, b, it was a photo
of jocelyne and I
With our faces scratched off.
- Oh, that's unsettling.
- What picture?
No, the same one
that jocelyne got.
(phone buzzes)
hold on.
(winces in pain)
Uh, hey b, I gotta go,
but I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay. Stay safe.
(pills rattle in bottle)
(gloomy music)
(swallows hard)
(inhales and exhales deeply)
(message alert chimes)
(key clacks)
(message alert chimes)
(menacing music)
(message alerts chiming
(keys clacking quickly)
(music swells)
(quick knock on door,
music stops, lacey gasps)
Oh, my god.
(cam exhales) (lacey
exhales deeply) - cam.
I almost popped the baby out.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't realize
you were so on edge.
Is it the new episode
you're working on?
This one's just... Uh...
(exhales) - I thought
you could use a break.
How about dinner at
chez marcel's?
(laughs happily)
Okay, great.
I'll go uh, get ready.
(footsteps thump away)
(menacing music resumes)
(exhales deeply)
(pills rattle in bottle,
drawer rasps open and closed)
(gentle music)
- ah, that was delicious.
Oh, both baby and I
are very satisfied.
You know, it still feels like
yesterday we met on our blind date.
And now, here we are.
About to be parents.
I got extra lucky that
you have two beautiful girls.
I feel so grateful
to get to help raise them.
Cam, hun, what is it?
Are you okay?
(breathes shakily)
There's something...
- hi.
So sorry to interrupt,
but are you lacey wilson?
Yeah. That's me.
- Oh!
I'm your biggest fan.
The episode you did
about the murders at willard?
I can't believe the killer left
those women in a pit to die!
It was brutal.
And what he did to their bodies!
Yeah, that episode was tough.
I, for one, can't wait
'til your new episode.
What was the dead lady's name?
- Excuse me.
Oh, excuse me.
(footsteps thump away)
Hey, I'm sorry about her.
You know that happens sometimes.
It's your podcast.
Your fans.
People talk about murder
Like murder is the most normal
thing in the world.
I just... I-I don't get it.
I don't get how you can do it.
(crickets chirping)
Look, I've thought about it
some more and uh...
I don't want kira and maddie
Look, we all have
this thirst for knowledge.
So, I think it's natural for
the girls to wanna explore it.
(cam exhales sharply)
I hate how much attention
you get from this.
Like the time that woman showed up
at your apartment and wouldn't leave?
I don't want that to happen
to us in our new home.
You know that I would never
let work interfere
With the life we've built for
ourselves, right? - I know!
I guess I just... Like,
I thought you'd move on
to something else by now.
Aren't you tired of surrounding
yourself with death?
I mean, after jocelyne?
It's just...
It's been haunting you
your whole life, hasn't it?
(melancholic music)
(cam clicks tongue)
- you know what I'm... Tired of?
This restaurant.
What do you say we skip dessert?
Is that a yes?
Come on.
- Yeah.
(door clicks open)
(exhales deeply)
(envelopes crinkle)
(worrying music)
(paper rasps on envelope)
(music turns sinister)
She was pregnant
when she was murdered.
That's messed up!
And that's not all of it.
I got a package delivered
to the house yesterday.
It was a photo of jocelyne and
I with our faces scratched off.
I still can't believe that.
- Whoever did this
Is telling you to back off.
I think whoever did this
is telling me
That marisa and jocelyne's
deaths are related.
But her case is solved.
Her killer's behind bars.
Come with me.
(footsteps thumping)
(door clicks open)
We can use this place to put
everything together.
Just uh...
See how the pieces fit.
I'm surprised
you went in here.
It's a smaller room.
Aren't you claustrophobic?
I'm okay,
as long as the door's open.
Hey, do you want us
to take over all this?
It's a lot for one person to
handle, let alone with a baby.
I am okay. Really.
I... Hate to say this but...
If jocelyne and marisa
are connected...
Is the wrong person behind bars?
I identified him.
I helped put him away.
No, this has to be...
...It's something else.
So, a copycat.
I'm going to check out a new
lead on marisa after lunch.
I'll let you know
if it's worthy.
Can you pick up
the festival merch?
Are you sure about that?
I-I don't know, I feel like we
shouldn't be doing business as usual
If there's a copycat out there
harassing you.
And what about
your blood pressure?
No, we need to be
doing business as usual.
If the killer finds out
that we're panicking,
Who knows what this person
might be capable of? So, no.
We keep going, and we just keep all this
information between the three of us, okay.
I don't even want cam to know.
At least, until I can figure out
how to tell him.
(energetic leading music)
We have to stay on this.
For marisa.
and for jocelyne.
(screwdriver rattling)
(grunts, exhales)
(screwdriver rattling)
Hey, did you... Uh,
did you check the truck?
For what?
For my bracelet?
- Oh, no.
But uh, I can go look right now.
No, I mean, it's fine.
Maybe just when
you're done with this.
(phone buzzes and chimes)
(screw grinding in wood)
(message sent chimes)
(phone buzzes)
Uh, listen, cam, um...
There's something that I wanted
to talk to you about.
You know, this is exactly
like kira and maddie's crib.
You know, same design
and everything.
I still remember the days we brought
them home. (sentimental music)
Oh... They were so small.
I remember thinking that if I
held them too hard, they'd break.
Their mother, though,
When she held them...
They looked like they fit
perfectly in her arms.
And I know that's how our
baby's going to look with you.
Hey, where's all this coming
(chokes back tears)
I just, um...
I've been thinking a lot.
About everything.
I know I'm protective,
I know I'm overbearing,
But I am trying.
I am.
(exhales deeply)
The girls can help out
with your show,
But only
in the smallest capacity.
I still don't want them
seeing anything... Gruesome.
Yeah, that's... Okay.
That's great!
Just maybe with the next one,
because this case is really...
This one's tough.
Yeah, yeah, when...
Whenever you think is right.
Oh, you um... You had something
you wanted to say to me?
Yeah. I...
...Love the crib.
I do.
Yeah, I think
we made a good choice.
(wind whooshing,
leaves rattling)
Thanks so much for agreeing
to help me out, professor white.
I haven't been able to find out
much about marisa,
Uh, except for the fact
that she was a student of yours.
(recording beeps on) what
can you tell me about her?
She was a driven young woman.
She enjoyed being challenged
and excelled in my class.
She was just a few months away
from graduating
Before she was taken from us.
Was there anything going on
with marisa that you noticed?
She kept her head down and did
her work. That was all.
Did she have any enemies?
Anyone... I don't know, anyone
that would wanna hurt her?
The police may have had
a few leads.
A couple of students
who exhibited behavioral issues,
But nothing was ever
But was there ever
an official suspect?
Her boyfriend,
but he was cleared.
And another student
of mine, clara thomas.
Do you have the boyfriend's name?
- No.
Did... Marisa ever mention
a jocelyne wilson
Or sarah mitchell?
- Sorry, no.
My turn to ask some questions.
Go ahead.
Why are you so interested
in a woman you didn't know?
My sister, jocelyne,
was murdered.
It was 20 years ago now.
Marisa's case,
It reminds me of jocelyne's.
All of the women that I talk
about on my podcast do.
So, that's why I do it.
Marisa's address.
Thank you.
(lacey's phone rings)
(call beeps on)
- hey.
Everything okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine.
I need you to look
into a clara thomas.
She may have had a thing with marisa
and it'd be good to get her side of it.
Yeah, will do.
So, can you come down
to the festival
To help with set up?
Valentine and I could
really use your help,
But only if you're feeling up for it.
- Uh, yeah. Yeah.
I just, I need to uh, pick up
the girls from school.
Oh, bring them.
They'll love it.
I don't know, b.
There's a lot going on.
And three sets of eyes
on them is better than one.
I guess cam did say he was
more open to them being involved.
Um, yeah.
Yeah, okay. I'll bring them.
I'll see ya soon.
(call beeps off)
(indistinct chatter)
(inspirational music)
- You shouldn't be carrying anything heavy.
Oh, bianca, I'm pregnant,
I'm not breakable.
Hey, I just saw
kira and maddie.
They've gotten so big.
Yeah, they are growing
like weeds.
How'd the university
lead work out?
Good. Good.
It was really good.
- Hey, everything okay?
Yeah, no, she's just kicking
right now.
How much time are you
taking off when it's born?
You know, I don't know.
It depends on how well
she sleeps, I guess.
But you're still doing
the podcast, right?
I mean, why would I stop?
(chuckles nervously)
Guess she's stressed.
- Yeah.
All right, I need
to get one more box.
I think it's in storage.
- Oh, wait, let me go get it.
No, I got it.
Why don't you give kira
and maddie something to do.
I'll be right back.
- On it.
(door clicks open)
(door stop rattles)
(blows out breath)
- this one.
(worrying music)
(box crinkles)
(door squeaks)
(door clunks closed)
(ominous music)
Can anybody hear me?
Uh, I'm locked in here!
(loud scratching in hallway)
Can anybody hear me out there?!
Can anyone hear me?!
Let me outta here!
(hand banging on door) hello?!
(gasps then pants)
(ominous music)
(indistinct chatter) - excuse me, excuse me.
(phone call ringing)
(annoyed sigh)
oh, god.
Lacey, is that you?
Yeah, hi, yeah, hi.
Uh... Tanedra, right?
- Yeah!
Yeah, gosh,
how long has it been?
About a year since the podcast
festival in portland. - Mm-hmm.
Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm just...
I'm trying to find...
Uh, bianca! Hi!
I saw that you called.
I'm so sorry.
My hands were full.
- Where are the girls?
They're just behind the booth.
What's up?
(relieved sigh)
um, sorry,
Bianca, you remember tanedra?
Yes, how's it going?
Good, good, nice to see you.
- Bianca?
Oh, and this is valentine.
I should uh... I think
there's one more box.
This was the last box.
Come with me.
Do you two know each other?
Okay, I am so sorry
for what I'm gonna tell you
But yeah, I knew valentine.
She and I were both researchers on
another podcast about six years ago.
Yeah. Um...
She referenced that
when we interviewed her.
It was "the mystery tapes," right?
That show ended abruptly, didn't it?
It did.
But did she tell you why?
The host quit.
That was the line
hr wanted us to use
While the investigation was
going on but mary didn't quit.
She disappeared.
Um... Valentine did everything
for mary.
She went above and beyond
the job description.
I'm talking running her errands,
being a shoulder for mary to cry on,
Things that should not be going
on between employer and employee.
She had the references, though.
I mean, they were checked.
They were fake.
(mysterious music)
Okay, sorry, are we talking
about the same valentine here?
Because I know that she can be
a little... Enthusiastic,
But that's
what makes her special.
She hides her true self well.
Nothing about
that woman is real.
(confused chuckle)
- no, this...
This, it doesn't make sense.
I looked into her,
before mary disappeared.
I found out that her parents abandoned
her with her aunt when she was younger
And the two of them moved around
so much
She really didn't have the time to
create and fully formed relationships.
And when her aunt died,
She started clinging on to anyone
who would give her the time of day.
Her need to be loved
has grown to dangerous levels.
Okay, so what happened?
Mary got pregnant
And that was
valentine's last straw.
She said that mary wouldn't have any
more time for her once the baby came.
She tried to end mary's
pregnancy any way that she could.
Things escalated to the point where the
police had to detain valentine for a week.
And when she got out,
mary was gone.
For herself and for the sake
of her baby,
She needed to get as far away from
that woman as humanly possible.
Have you spoken
to valentine since?
It's been years.
When mary vanished,
so did valentine.
I didn't realize
she was still so close to home.
Or that she found somebody else.
(blows out breath)
Hey, girls, go pack up your stuff
'cause we're gonna leave in a sec, okay?
What happened?
Tanedra practically ran out of here.
- Has valentine come back yet?
What's going on?
Right before tanedra showed up,
someone locked me in the supply closet.
- Yeah.
And they carved initials
on the door.
What initials?
L, j, and m.
L, j, and m.
Lacey, jocelyne, and marisa?
That's what I think.
You think the copycat's here?
Just call me if valentine
shows up, okay?
In the meantime, take the girls
to the office
And I will meet you there.
- Okay.
Wait, where are you going?
- To marisa's house.
(tires rumble)
(cuts engine)
(suspenseful music)
(blows out breath)
(door rattles)
Can I help you?
How long have you lived here?
Oh, I'd say close
to 40 years now.
I've seen a lot of young families
come and go on this street.
And marisa was your neighbor for two
years, right? - Mm-hmm.
What can you tell me
about her?
She was a very well put
together young woman.
Always out and about but she
always had time to stop for a chat.
Was marisa seeing anyone?
Aaron blake.
Yes, there was something
very odd about him.
He's a very closed person.
Very cold.
Which is odd considering
what a warm person she was.
Do you know how I could get
in contact with aaron?
Oh, I haven't seen him
in years.
I wouldn't know where to start.
- Hmm.
What about the house?
Has it been for sale since the murder?
- Oh, yes.
Empty and rotting.
I mean, hardly anyone
comes to see it.
I mean, why would anyone want to
live in a house like that? - Huh.
I'm sorry, dear, I wish
I could remember more.
That's fine.
You have been very helpful.
If you think of anything else,
Please give me a call.
- Yes.
I see shadows sometimes
at night.
In the house.
A shadow?
- Mm-hmm.
Tried to catch them a couple
of times to see who it is,
But I can never catch them.
Well, who do you think it is?
Marisa's killer, of course!
Who else would it be?
(disturbing music)
(computer keys clacking)
- hey.
Your kids are getting
real anxious.
They've asked about 10 million
times if we can go home.
Yes, and we will soon.
Um, has valentine tried
to get in touch yet?
Not, but tanedra filled me in
after you left.
Do you believe that?
After everything
that's happened,
It's the best explanation
I have.
Well, I looked
into valentine's old podcast.
Turns out everything
that tanedra said was true.
And it can be backed up
by police reports.
How did we miss this
when we interviewed her?
I... I have no idea.
- We gotta find her.
Get to the bottom of this before
things start spiraling. - Mm-hmm.
Also, did you ever manage to
get in touch with clara thomas?
No, but I did reach
her brother.
Clara has been in and out
of rehab for the past five years
And she was in treatment
when marisa was murdered.
A dead end.
I did find the name of marisa's
boyfriend, though, aaron blake,
So let's see
what we can find on him
Because I think that
he might actually be
The key to some of this.
I haven't been able to... (lights clunk off)
Did we forget to pay
the electric bill?
(suspenseful music)
Can you go find the girls?
I'm gonna check the panel.
- Yeah.
(door creaks open)
(switches click)
(door clunks closed)
Did you find the girls?
- Yeah, they're outside.
All right.
do you smell that?
Yeah, kind of.
What is that? (sniffs)
(phone beeps off)
Oh, shoot.
Uh, why don't you go
check it out.
I'm gonna look for a candle.
(footsteps thumping)
(music swells)
(hissing in distance)
(hissing intensifies)
(music intensifies)
(lighter snaps)
Okay, thanks.
All right, the gas is off
and maintenance is on their way.
- So, we can head home.
Girls, uh, get in the car,
The rip in that gas line
wasn't an accident.
It was valentine.
It has to be.
You know, I'm starting
to wonder about everything
That has happened
since we took the marisa case.
And since I got pregnant.
- So, what are you saying?
You think that valentine is copycatting
your sister's and marisa's murders
Just to get to you?
(exhales sharply)
- I honestly don't know.
But too much has happened for it
to all be a coincidence, right?
(doors clunk closed)
(mysterious music)
(photo crinkles)
(inhales and exhales deeply)
(footsteps tap away)
(footsteps clunk, approaching)
(sinister music)
(photo flops)
(pills rattle in bottle)
- Lacey!!
(footsteps tap, approaching)
Maddie, I am...
So sorry that you saw all that.
I've put everything away.
I don't think I'm cut out
for this murder stuff.
- and you don't have to be.
Kira's right.
Talking about this stuff,
it is not for everyone.
So, why do you do it?
So you can feel better
about your sister?
And because I want people
to know jocelyne's name.
Not that she was just
some victim,
But that she was a living,
breathing person who loved spaghetti,
And rainy days, and painting,
And hated romcoms, and chihuahuas,
and bad drivers, and she was...
(chokes up)
You must really miss her.
More than anything.
(door slams in distance)
Marisa, she...
(cam): Maddie!
Uh, you're home early.
Yeah, kira texted me.
I got here as soon as I could.
(hurried breathing)
Are you okay?
- We're fine.
Everybody is okay.
Go inside.
- Inside, now.
- cam, listen.
I don't know what's going on
in that head of yours
But we need to have a serious conversation
about all this once maddie's calmed down.
(mysterious music)
I thought I might
find you here.
Today has been somethin'.
(thumbs clang on mug)
I brought the crime scene
photos home
And maddie found them.
You should've...
Should've heard her, b.
The way she screamed.
And I just...
I want the girls to like me,
so I thought that bringing them into this
Would score me some mom points,
not scar them for life.
Well, lacey, those girls
love you unconditionally.
Yeah, I just... I feel like
I need to be trying extra hard,
You know, especially right now.
So... I looked into aaron.
There is nothing on him,
Other than one or two
articles about marisa.
Another dead end.
(lacey's phone chimes)
It's valentine.
She wants to meet.
What are you gonna do?
Get a restraining order.
I would like to know
what she has, though.
But is it worth it?
(sinister music)
(crickets chirping)
(light switch clicks)
(door clunks open,
bottles rattle)
(ominous music)
(bracelet jingles)
(music intensifies)
(footsteps run away)
(breathing quickly) (banister
crashes) (screaming)
(music intensifies)
(car whooshes)
So someone tampered
with the railing?
I have been lugging boxes up and
down those stairs since we moved in.
It's never felt unstable.
(exhales sharply)
- who could've done this?
I... I think it was valentine.
(ominous music)
How's the baby?
- She's fine.
But your blood pressure
has gotten worse.
I'm putting you on bed rest
'til the baby comes.
What is she talking about?
- It's nothing. It's...
It doesn't sound like nothing.
Why didn't you tell me
about this?
I didn't want you to worry.
I'm sorry.
(footsteps tapping)
(plates clanging)
Do you... Need anything?
A... Water or...
I don't know, some aspirin?
I'm fine.
(plates clanging)
Look, why don't you go
lie down.
Let me take care of this. - I'm okay,
really, I just... I need to stay busy.
The doctor said
you needed rest.
I need to just finish up here,
Then I need to go to pembrooke
to finish unpack.
You need to stop
doing your podcast.
(melancholic music)
(cam exhales sharply)
Maddie is traumatized
over those photos.
Valentine, a woman you knew
and trusted,
Broke into our house
and sabotaged the attic stairs.
This job is threatening
our lives!
Nowhere is safe!
Not even our own home.
(breathes deeply)
look, it's not just us
That we have to think about
It's our child.
This job,
It's important to me.
I can't just... Walk away.
- even after all this?
There's only so much I can do
to protect you and the girls,
But if you're going to put
yourself in harm's way!
I'm not putting myself in harm's way!
- You're being selfish!
I am not being selfish!
- You are baiting danger into our lives.
I'm not baiting danger, okay?!
I think that whoever is after me knows
more about marisa and jocelyne's murders!
Jocelyne's murderer is
in jail.
Well, I'm not sure...
That the man I helped convict
actually killed her.
I just, I bumped into him on my
way into the apartment complex.
So it was just a flash.
I didn't...
I just wasn't really paying
attention because why would I be?
The first thing I saw
was all the blood.
That's when I saw my sister.
Just limp as a doll.
So when the police showed me
that lineup,
I picked him out
And I told them
that I was 100% sure
That that man killed my sister.
But then I've always had just
A sliver of doubt.
What if I picked the wrong man?
(sighs) (sniffles) ugh.
So there's a reason I do this.
There is a reason
that I have to do this.
And it's because I don't want any
other woman to feel as broken as me.
I don't want anyone
to feel as afraid...
Helpless, and small
as I did that night.
But if it's gonna cost me
everything that I love...
Where are you going?
- Out.
(foot thuds on cupboard)
(blows out breath)
(hopeful music)
My dearest voice
for the silent listeners.
I wanted to tell you
how grateful I've felt
Every day
for the past five years.
How you've changed my life,
and how, together,
We've played an integral role
In bringing many
forgotten voices to rest.
But all good things
must come to an end.
Though it is a dark day here
in the studio,
I know that you'll continue
to band together,
To keep that community afloat,
And maintain the friendships
that you've made.
And though you may not
hear from us again,
Know that we'll always
be thinking of you
And the time
that we had together.
From myself, lacey wilson,
and bianca garcia,
We thank you
from the bottom of our hearts.
And remember,
if you heard it here,
It must be true.
(computer key clicks)
And we're out.
(crickets chirping)
(exhales deeply)
(melancholic music)
(sheets rustle)
(crickets chirping)
(wood cracks in distance)
(footsteps shuffle, approaching)
- hey. Hmm.
Another nightmare?
I'm sorry dad made you
quit your podcast.
Your dad didn't
make me do anything.
I made the decision
that's best for our family.
But it's your life.
Sometimes when
you're a parent,
You have to make sacrifices.
I wish I was as strong as you.
You are one of the sweetest,
smartest people that I know.
Don't you ever devalue yourself.
Honey, what is it?
(clicks tongue)
- I...
(lacey's phone chimes)
- ugh.
What's valentine saying?
She has new information
on the marisa case.
What information?
She didn't say.
And she wants me
to meet her at her place.
This could be your last chance
to help marisa.
Would you be able to live
with yourself if you didn't?
(suspenseful music)
If you don't hear from me
in 30 minutes, call the police.
(rapping knocks on door)
(indistinct recorded voice
in distance)
(door creaks open)
(lacey): Hello?
(sinister music)
(light switch clicks on)
(lacey's final podcast plays)
...Good things must come to an end.
Though it is a dark day here
in the studio,
I know that you'll continue
to band together,
To keep that community afloat.
(music swells)
(music intensifies)
(police sirens wailing)
I am sorry.
I am so, so sorry.
I didn't know.
I didn't know that she was a-a dang...
I just, I-I wasn't thinking.
- It's okay. It's okay.
You're safe now.
I'm done.
I am 100% done.
- Mrs. Wilson,
We just have a few more questions
and then you can be on your way.
Did you know about
her former accusations?
No, I didn't know anything.
When I... When I met her, she said
that she was interested in true crime
And she wanted to help
solve cold cases.
(chuckles under breath)
she reminded me of myself.
We removed several items
from ms. Jones' home.
Some personal notes and items
That indicated she knew more about the
marisa hunter case than she let on.
What items?
Would you have any reason to
believe that ms. Jones killed marisa?
No, that's not possible.
Okay, okay.
- Thank you for your time.
You should get home.
(police car engine starts)
(cam, softly): Hey.
(melancholic music)
(doorbell chimes)
(footsteps tap, approaching)
- Hi.
How's it goin'?
- Uh, good. Good.
Come in.
- Thanks.
What's in the box?
Did I leave something
at the office?
Oh, um... This is uh, awkward
but um...
Left this at my place the night
of um...
You know.
I mean, what's in it?
I didn't open it.
I thought you should have it.
You know, stash it,
or throw it away.
Whatever you decide.
I'm sorry.
This is stupid.
I'll... I'll go throw it away.
- No, no.
Um... Just leave it.
Come on, I actually... I wanted
to show you something. - Okay.
(footsteps clunk on stairs)
(both chuckle happily)
(calm, happy music)
I am so happy for you.
I really am.
- Thank you.
Look, I know things
came to a... Screeching halt.
But I hope
that you'll stick around.
For me.
And for the baby.
She would be lucky to have
someone like you in her life.
Well, once she's outta there,
You are going to have a very
difficult time getting rid of me.
(both laugh)
- I hope so.
Oh! Oh my gosh,
she's kicking right now.
Wait, put your hand right here.
- No.
Feel that?
- Oh! Yeah!
That's her foot.
- That's her foot?
It is.
It's so crazy.
(sentimental music)
(music turns gloomy)
Hello again.
- Helen, hi.
How are you?
- I'm fine, dear. How about you?
I'm well, thanks.
Tell me, did you find out
anything else about marisa?
Uh, we did, actually.
- Oh?
The police caught the killer.
The case is closed.
Oh, that's wonderful news.
And tell me, was it aaron?
No, it was a woman named
valentine jones.
A woman?
Oh, I was convinced
it was aaron.
Oh, such a shame.
I mean, the daughters were
the ones who found marisa.
All they wanted was a mother.
Instead, they found tragedy.
- Daughters?
You never mentioned
that aaron had kids.
They didn't show up
in my research.
Well, my memory
comes and goes,
But I do remember those girls.
They didn't get out much.
Not that I ever really saw them.
It's... He kept them
on a very tight leash.
Oh, I remember, I found
A photograph of aaron
and his family
Taken at a block party just
a few months before marisa died.
I thought it might help that...
That you could use it.
(shuddering breaths)
(ominous music swelling)
They knew marisa.
Cam was dating her.
They were... They were living
together when she was murdered.
I mean, the girls found
marisa's body!
So, they knew you'd been working
on this case the entire time
And they didn't say anything.
My guess is that cam
wanted to protect the girls.
That he didn't wanna drag them
back into the spotlight.
I dunno. I dunno.
- Okay.
So, how does valentine play
into all of this then?
I don't know. B, I...
(cam clears throat)
- I gotta find the truth.
I... Hey, can you call me back
in 30 minutes?
Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
(call beeps off)
You knew marisa.
You were dating her when she was murdered!
- Hey...
(exasperated sigh)
Everyone thought it was me...
Who killed her.
Did you?
No! I didn't!
How could you even...
Think that?
I don't know what to think.
How was valentine involved?
Did you know her too?
No! I-I-I didn't.
You didn't what?
- I don't know!
I have thought about who could have
done this to marisa, every day.
Every single day.
But valentine...
It makes sense.
Why else would she have had some
of her things in marisa's house?
Please, I didn't wanna lose you.
Look, no one
would leave us alone.
They-they-they treated us
like... Like criminals.
The girls especially.
We had to...
We had to move,
change our names,
Hire a private investigator
to... To wipe our records.
Lacey, it was horrible.
I couldn't watch
the girls suffer anymore.
You lied to me
about everything.
I didn't want
to reopen the wounds.
I didn't... Wanna...
...Be exploited again.
By your show.
I would never hurt anyone.
I mean, you know this.
Please tell me you know this.
I think you should find
somewhere else to sleep tonight.
- lacey...
No. Get out.
I don't want you
anywhere near me.
You stay away from the girls.
(cam sighs)
(blows out breath)
(hand rustles on sheets)
(quick knock on door)
- hey.
Almost ready for school?
- Almost.
(footsteps clunk, approaching)
- where's dad?
I didn't hear him
come home last night.
Your dad is at work.
And I-I want you guys to know
that he told me about everything.
Everything about...
About what?
(suspenseful music)
Come here.
You girls have been through
so much trauma.
You do not deserve the hand
you've been dealt.
I mean, you're just kids.
I was 20 when my sister
was taken from me,
And it took me years
to come to terms with it.
I mean, I'm... I'm still
coming to terms with it.
Just that...
That shame and...
The way people look at you,
you know?
It stays with you.
But I want you to know
that I am here now
And nothing bad is gonna happen
to you while I'm around, okay?
No matter what?
No matter what.
Okay, let's get you guys
off to school.
Come on.
(footsteps thump up stairs)
(suspenseful music)
(box lid clatters)
(frame rustles)
(envelope crinkles)
(photo rasps on envelope)
(sinister music)
(music intensifies)
(panicked breathing)
Oh, my god!
Hey, it's kira. Leave a message.
(voicemail beeps)
Kira. Stay at school.
I am coming to get you and your sister.
Newspring high school.
How can I help you?
I need kira and maddie tindle
removed from class immediately.
They're not here.
What do you mean
they're not there?
I dropped them off
at school this morning.
We received a call
excusing them from class today.
From who?
- Their father.
(sinister music swells)
(tires rumble on pavement)
(phone call dials)
Hey, it's b. Leave a message.
(voicemail beeps)
B, cam knew marisa and sarah.
That's what valentine
was trying to tell me.
He... He set her up and he...
He killed her,
And now he has the girls
at marisa's old house.
(cardoor clunks shut)
B, I have to save them.
(call beeps off)
(gripping music)
(footsteps crunching gently)
(crickets chirring)
(handle rattles)
(door creaks open)
(door clicks shut)
(footsteps thump, approaching)
(breathing shallowly)
(music intensifies)
Open up, cam!
(knocking continues)
Cam, open this door!
Hi, cam.
- Bianca.
I'm looking for lacey.
- How-how did you find this house?
It doesn't matter.
Where is she, cam?
- What? - Where is she?
Where is lacey?!
- I-I-I don't know.
I don't know.
- Bianca!
(thudding blow)
(body crashes to floor)
(ominous music)
It nearly broke me...
Losing marisa and sarah
that way.
(inhales and exhales deeply)
I couldn't uh...
I couldn't bear
to bring it up again.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't.
(breathing shakily)
But I had to think
about my girls.
It is my job as a father,
to protect my children.
They cannot suffer
because of what I've done.
After my wife died in the
accident, I... - accident?
But you said she died of cancer.
(breathes shakily)
It was a car accident.
And the girls were
in the vehicle with her.
And I uh...
I nearly...
Nearly lost everything I had...
...In the blink of an eye.
I vowed to never let anything
bad happen to them,
Ever again.
(breathing shakily)
I love you guys so much.
(music intensifies)
- I did it.
No, cam.
- I killed marisa.
I killed sarah.
- Dad?
No, cam, you didn't.
- Yes, I did, lacey.
Call the cops, lacey,
tell them where I am.
I know you didn't kill them
because they were pregnant.
(music swells)
- what?
Sarah and marisa
Were in the early stages of
pregnancy when they were murdered.
B-but how could you know?
- Their autopsy reports.
You wouldn't have known
unless they told you.
(necklace jingles)
- but someone knew.
(breathes shakily)
It's marisa's
missing necklace.
How did you get this?
From there.
My missing bracelet
is in there, too.
How could you be
so careless, kira?
I said I would take
the fall for you.
(breathes shakily)
You set valentine up
And then you killed her
because she was on to you.
You killed sarah and marisa
because they were pregnant,
And you have been trying
to kill me.
I was trying to protect you,
(breathes shakily)
(stammering, sobbing)
(cam): It's all over.
Everything's ruined.
Everything's ruined!
Kira. Kira!
I knew.
I found their pregnancy tests
in the trash.
I couldn't let them do it.
I couldn't let them
take our dad away.
Kira. I get it.
I do.
I know what it is like to have someone
that you love ripped away from you,
And to have that gaping hole
in your heart
That feels like it can never be
filled. I get it.
Someone did that to me
when they took my sister.
Don't do that now.
I just wanted you gone!
Why couldn't you
have just left?!
It's not true.
Please tell me it's not true.
I'm sorry.
Maddie, I just wanted
to protect you.
We were good.
Just the four of us.
We were a family.
You know, I actually
really liked you at first.
But then you had to go
and get pregnant.
You wanted to push me and maddie out.
- No.
Take our dad for yourself,
just like the others and their babies.
It's easy to push out
the motherless kid
When you have a kid of your own.
You can't have him!
You can't take him away from us!
Kira, stop!!
No more!
Look what you've done!
- No!
I am talking!
Listen to me!
You need to stop.
You don't need to protect me
(breathes shakily)
- you're all I have left.
(wrench clatters)
- no! No!
No! (grunts) (lacey
crashes, glass shatters)
Just know that everything
that's happened,
And everything that's about to happen...
- No!
...Is your fault!!
(cam crashes into kira) - no!
Let go! No!
- No, kira.
No! No!
How could you do this to us?
(sobbing uncontrollably)
How could you do this to me?
(sobbing) (kira): No!
(all continue sobbing)
(indistinct police
radio chatter)
Remind me to never...
Save your life again.
(chuckles dryly)
How are you doin'?
I'm okay.
I guess.
How 'bout you?
- Yeah... Yeah, just great.
(relieved chuckle)
(sad, dramatic music)
Take care of maddie.
(cam): I was just trying
to protect her from herself.
From everybody.
(breathing shallowly)
I love you both.
What are we gonna do now?
Let's go home.
(hopeful music)
Hi, lacey.
Uh, this is detective campbell.
I'm calling you
with some good news.
We've confirmed the dna samples
from your sister's body
With the man
convicted of the crime.
The right person is in jail.
I hope this helps.
(call clicks off)
(baby cooing)
How are you, sweetie?
Come here!
Oh, hi!
Should we go get some bottle?
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, what do you think?
(door clicks closed) - hey, lacey.
- Hi, hannah banana!
How was school today?
- So great!
I got an a on my ap
english paper
And my guidance counselor says it's gonna
look really good on my college application.
Oh, that's amazing!
Hey, do you wanna celebrate tonight
with some pizza? - Yes, please.
(zipper whooshes)
- ooh!
And don't forget this weekend.
- do we really have to go?
They're still our family.
And one day your dad and sister
are gonna get out
And they are gonna need
our support.
I don't think kira's
ever gonna get out.
- she's still your sister.
Even after everything.
What do you say?
(laughs happily)