A Prince for Christmas (2015) Movie Script

oh god I've been thinking a lot lately
yeah me too him this whole you and me
yeah just isn't working
what are you talking about i thought
everything was going great then I think
I'm ready to take you to the next step
with you you know what I mean you and me
building a real-life here together you
see that's the thing Todd I love this
place i do that it's not enough i want
to travel wanna go places see things do
things here look these are amazing i
would love to do those things but we have to
be realistic i have my business
your father's business your Diner Todd
there has to be more to life pushing
meatloaf on Thursday and topping up
coffee cups
what about Alice he too had a really
rough these last few years and I admire
every ounce of fight that you have in
you but anyone that isn't gonna put your
sister to college I can't
sorry Todd we can't marry for money this isn't
about money this is about history our
you ready to wake up and stop dreaming
give me a call don't wait too long
opportunities come opportunity go timing is everything
Todd wait
your InFocus remember I told you
instinct instinct boys house first
it's going on tell me what the trouble
is Jeffrey in certain days time tomorrow
a perfect stranger in front of thousands
of other perfect strangers and you asked
me what the trouble it
well I think very strange stretching a
bit but I get your meaning
I mean it's our cake whoever heard of an
arranged marriage that you get the
I mean Isabelle yes she's she's very
sweet and certainly she's very beautiful
but there's just no spark
spark exactly what is your bride-to-be
think about all this then the Pogo read
about in the bloody newspapers tankard i
watched over you since you were born as
your trusted confidant and valet but
more importantly as your friend and as
your friend I employees follow your
heart not what tradition is certainly no
other ministry has to say he's be
treason clearly
season to be jolly another Haley what
about flowers and help for can't get to
New York City running special right now
for Big Sisters thanks kid
I don't make enough today to buy the
vases let alone the flowers themselves
how her
well how did it go with the king of cars
oh good good on don't worry about him
he'll get over it
my children know actually said timings
everything babe stomach has done so our
sales pickup is the season to be jolly
fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la don we now
our gay
you care
listen to this belmont's royal family is
a state and lifeless relic of a media
evil past and it is time to create a
true 21st century Republic well at least
we still have the support of the prime
minister that was the prime minister
then it's settled
he's sitting next to your mother during
the reception everything our idea
you haven't touched your frozen how when
you call this wedding off
why on earth would I do that this is
going to be the most spectacular
Christmas wedding that this country has
ever seen Isabel as a terrific young
woman shall make an ideal princess and I
love with her all that well what's love
got to do with it
you don't think that's important don't
be silly Duncan it's only a wedding dad
when you and Mom got married didn't you
love each other
well yes of course we were very lucky
i still remember the first time I laid
eyes on the Duke of Norway's ball there
was a more beautiful woman in all of
belmont when there still isn't you see I
want that i want to know what you love
it I I need to know for myself
Duncan there are much bigger things at
stake here than love
did you know that after prince william's
wedding support for the British royals
rose by over a hundred and fifty percent
well howdy just a three-day holiday to
the calendar or reduce taxes or
something I cannot and I will not be a
part of this conversation and I'm not
calling off the wedding and besides I've
already sold the cable and internet
rights children well well there you have
it was easy
another one no another man fella please
wait just
what's the problem that we've had plenty
of time to find a suitable girl i know
i've gone out with about a dozen women
and i never found that I couldn't live
I mean isn't that the point isn't that
what it's supposed to be that you
couldn't live without them
it's hard to explain but when it happens
you'll know it
Alice spread first so big sis I've been
thinking huh
oh not again haha very funny anyway I've
been saving up some cash and i was
thinking how drab this places and how
about is a Christmas tree
come on mi it's been three years to talk
about it later can but we never do you
think about it okay
christmas tree didn't kill her parents
car daddy don't forget your flower forms
got a quota to me and help your school
make that trip I've gotten my that fact
don't worry I'm your big sister it's my
job to worry
come on your belief
I don't understand why I can't have my
Briona black pudding and the bloody King
off call you do want your royal robes to
fit don't you know just stick to the
oatmeal your Majesty's Thank You
Geoffrey no separate out the sports
section for don't really so rabid about
the results
where is Duncan was 15 minutes late I'm
the prince is not her what do you mean
the prince is not him
we're going your majesty dawn exactly
that I went up this morning to roust him
and I noticed that is better not been
slept in his travel case and some
clothes are missing but the weddings in
one week we don't have time for this
kind of nonsense
on the contrary Ariana abscess is
exactly the kind of monstrous the boy
does need time alone to sort things out
to be ridiculous
well he's a grown man and he's proving
it to us right now won't stand for it
Jeffrey identified him for us we owe
most certainly course your majesty
the one where he has gone
in 100 feet turn right then continue
North to the New York Expressway which
was no continue for another half-mile
recalculating yes thank you
turn a u-turn look at you told me to go
back to the main road please
continue another 400 feet
in 100 feet
turn right
another mile early seventies isn't
supposed to be called this should be
able to go
you have arrived at your destination
this is just marvelous
yes thank you
down here
absolutely well I have some good news
and I have some bad news
alright good news is i don't see any
major body damage just a few scratches
fantastic was the bunnies the entire
undercarriage of your car is trashed and
his buddies can you fix it
no this is a rental car I'm not allowed
to fix it so no well they come get it
when they're good and ready
bolus is another rental agency in town
sorry no you're gonna have to take a
train into the city to pick up another
car they're just a couple hours away
together schedule right here so i let me
go check
thank you
where's any hiding he's some these
well i'm selling Christmas bouquets to
benefit the high school orchestras trip
to New York interested in buying
on what it looks like you're all sold
out Billy I don't carry them with me you
order them now and then they'll be
delivered right to your door and
christmas eve
oh well I'd love to help but like him
for the company use any really i find it
very hard to believe that someone like
you doesn't have anyone they'd like to
give some pretty flowers to someone like
me huh
I know someone you can would love to get
some beautiful flowers from someone like
you on Christmas Eve
well in that case maybe I'll take two
that'll be fifty dollars just make sure
the right person gets more Christmas
morning okay
so I have you down for two case mr. uh
David Alice you're not bugging my
customer are you not in the least
looks like the next train isn't until
tomorrow marvelous is this somewhere
around here I can get a bite to eat in a
cup of tea
oh there's a diner that's a down the
street to the right they have the best
food in town
fantastic thank you
what you're not playing matchmaker with
your sister was already tied up with
Todd are you
she was tied up but now it's one of
those off-again off-again kinda things
Denver omelet with hash cross mother and
covered thanks max don't look down honey
want me to show him out for you
no it's my mess it up
bama what looks good today besides you
can be fashioned eggs
well out and wait I think we should give
us another chance mean you've had a
night to think about it and you know
that I'm the right guy for you
you're right girl for me if you're not
gonna order anything at the restaurant
to run am I didn't get my toast
sorry Jerry I'm on it please don't make
the biggest mistake of your life
everything you've ever wanted is
standing right in front of you i really
need to get back to work
hey just tell you what
christmas is in seven days let's make a
merry one promises just think about it
I'll talk to you later
you don't think he's mr. right mr. not
right now
long story
that you wiii I'm sorry have we met over
the carriage you were across the road
that was you i will just take a seat and
some of the right with you
Emma number three is ready for their
greats cheesy grits pinks in blankets
bacon waffles on the American welcome
mr. you need a little time to look at
the menu
well as such a lot to choose from would
you recommend everybody likes our
biscuits and gravy for biscuits and
yeah biscuits and gravy OIC I think
perhaps my columns guns
um no why not let's try that
let's measure how many majors broken
leaf tea
you're right back
thank you copy
no thank you mi Allah stick with heat
how'd you know my name
well I suppose everything about you just
seems to say I'm
and this on your name tag oh I'm David
you're not from around here are you
David I didn't think it showed no i'm
from europe which country just Europe
it's really more like 10 mins country
these days you know
yeah I read about that in the travel
brochures in the travel brushes and I
plan to go there one day and I can we
should I yeah I think you'll love it
so what are you doing here did your car
break down in a matter of speaking is
i'll be taking the train out tomorrow
oh that's too bad about the car
yes well I did it has not been that
tasty huh mmm so just let me know
there's something else I can get you
thank you you're actually seen your kind
enough well I need a place to stay
I mean hotel of course not i'm right
there's a bed and breakfast at the end
of the street just take a right at
mainstreet thank you
hi can I help you
good afternoon Nancy I like a room
absolutely for how many nights just 1
i'm taking the train out tomorrow
where you headed I suppose wherever the
winds of fate take me up with the winds
of fate i remembered them that's what
brought me here
what happened two kids and a mortgage
you'd be surprised this town has a way
of keeping people from leaving
well not me whatever you say I'll need
to see identification and a major credit
card cools
oh hi I don't think I've ever seen a
black one of those before actually a
problem could I pay you in cash instead
i only use this for the incidentals
still I'd rather just give you a deposit
is all the same you're not in any kind
of trouble are you
no not at all i just like to avoid the
foreign currency exchange rates sure
that I'm $85 great and you're into be
thank you you look familiar
if you stayed with us before first time
in aurora
oh I just have one of those faces
maybe that's it
did you eat yet
I brought you something thanks but I had
some cereal uh-huh not gonna let you
become one of those kids it's got
protein peanuts peanuts count so how was
your day today
interesting i know what you mean come on
you gotta admit he was tall handsome and
he's got that i sent Alice I appreciate
the thought but really what does anyone
know about him you know he wasn't
wearing rain so I have no idea what kind
of dark secrets that might be hiding
well there's only one way to find out
nobody comes back to the diner for
breakfast tomorrow
knock it off during a besides you know I
don't work too well sorry I wasn't
thinking what you readin it's all about
this mysterious nobleman who brings a
single woman back to his elegant manners
state to become a governess for his
young daughter you wish this only
wouldn't you
so this guy turned out to be a vampire i
think it's interesting in that tall dark
and handsome comes to town just as
you're breaking up with the carking like
it was meant to be sorry not taking
relationship advice from a
seventeen-year-old remember
timing is everything babe don't start
actually reading on chunk it's not junk
it's got the grown man
checking out yes thank you
well it was nice having you Prince
everyone I look your name up from the
credit card i just knew you looked
familiar i just knew it
I'm afraid you must be mistaken I never
miss an issue I see look you mustn't
tell us all to me yeah thank you didn't
know don't either them you're sure luck
with as much as I love reading about
this stuff
your secret is safe with me
however if when this is all over
maybe you could tell everyone about the
life little bed-and-breakfast i
discovered that would be just wonderful
of course hope to see you back again
we have a beautiful honeymoon suite just
and we delivered on cookie morning is
how sales go today i've sold 62 case 6
well you'll be well on your way to the
big apple in no time at all thanks to
people like you thought you had a train
to catch
well I had a little time to kill coffee
winning run
what time you treat i'm a little while
why do you ask
sure I wouldn't want you to miss it
well thanks I'm sure I'll be fine so any
exciting plans for the day
no not me and your sister and little and
no she he's not working today
she never works on the 19 December oh
that's a shame i was hoping my say
well that's nice
he thinks you're hungry famished want
some pigs in a blanket
how many pages be talking his IV i'll
have to look under the blanket
just some good news for a change
Allison accepted into state university I
know that's what you always hope or
she's worked so hard for it
any problems
little short on cash right now take
three-thousand-dollar sure
you need some really her decisions
please forgive me for what I'm about to
David what are you doing here that well
I thought that for a walkin and it's
something that you were I thought you
had a train to catch
I do but I had some time to kill and
well I thought I might see something
interesting and did you
I think so i'm sorry i'm shooting once
again no it's okay I'm fine
sure well in that case I still have a
couple blocks to me that she might
company for a while
sure one
this is Aurora
four square blocks
established 1870s
yeah well it is rather beautiful it's
always been a family town
folks been their whole lives here
they're born here marry you
the reason kids here
he weren't raised your parents
I was just a little child and before you
came up
I'm sorry I didn't realize okay sounds
just mean Alice were a little our focus
is to bring us here and we'll make
snowmen and snow angels together for
snow angels
oh come on don't tell me you don't make
snow angels where you come from
I'm the focus study were talking about
you're serious
my family's idea of the great outdoors
tour of the Alps and he did motivate
wait you've been to the Alps every
spring without fail how you've never
made a snow angel
I'm afraid that singular pleasure has
eluded me that's just unacceptable quite
agree let's fix that right but ID okay
stand here and drag her back close your
eyes tight
take your arms out like a bird
I feel quite ridiculous perfect setup
what now
through this savage now I want you to
wave them like this but there you're
doing it I'm doing what I'm making a
snow angel best-ever can't believe
you've never played in the snow when
you're a kid i fade in the show
snowball fights I sports huh
not exactly i was captured the curling
team when I was university that caroling
that sounds like some pretty serious
Buster i love you know it's very serious
well designed to keep out the family
honor of course you know i just spent so
much of my time appeasing them
I've never really had the opportunity to
do my own thing no take risks to have a
meaningful relationship you know I've
never even been enough
wow I was feeling sorry for me
you trust me
internet should i absolutely not but
you're gonna
here we go again
ok i just want you to relax okay
just loosen up and hold on okay keep
seriously Mary done this before he said
what parents or other on the
conservative side said you wanted to
take a risk right yeah you're not
worried are you that thing down the
mountainside and runaway sleigh with
nothing to stop us person but he large
trees was too worried glad you feel that
way past your phone
we don't make it smile ready
David David are you okay did okay
I'm fine just an ordinary playing up I
wouldn't normally mention it but I said
a couple of years in the military
really how did that happen
national service manager in my country
regardless of what your parents think is
best feet forward you like a commando or
no I'm the cornet in the calorie cornet
2nd left-hander walls back
that's like that cupcake
why not
two coffees and two other creams thanks
got it got it at the time to check out
your little town it's everything you
said it would be I wouldn't steer you
wrong must have our time you know the
snow and icicles all of the lights
you must intrude magical christmas is
here used to do not so much lately you
know how it is just don't always have a
lot of time to celebrate
mom you and your business school takes a
lot to die now is my father's dream but
now barely makes enough to keep the
lights turn on it can trim and keep
dad's dream alive
then the walk close to your own dreams
analysis doesn't she want to have a
proper Christmas she does
and she will
thank you but what I really want to see
what life is like in other places must
be so fascinating different I mean I
love this little town i do that i know
that there's this big old world out
there waiting for me i wish that i could
show you that world
guess you missed your dream
there'll be another one so unless you
again tomorrow maybe
here we are wow she's very pretty isn't
she yes she is very someone looks happy
I think you might be confusing happiness
with you Tara tell me is there something
going on here
I don't know
I'm kind of new at all this
another thing my timing was terrific
with today being you know I know her
parents were good people
that's so sad what happened to them it
was a car accident four years ago today
they just bought the Christmas tree and
they were driving home when they hit a
patch of black ice
Emma and Alice were pretty banged up
but person Julie didn't make it
I'm terrible mm it's always hard to lose
a parent but to lose both them in that
way it Christmastime
it's just tragic
I had no idea and our memories raising
his sister Alice yep she's put her
entire life on hold to take care of your
little sister that hand keeping her
father's diner open that's what drives
our everyday
emma is a remarkable girl
so how do you know her
we met at the diner ship around this
mhm would that have something to do with
why you missed your train today it might
have something to do with that yes
people now I know this is none of my
business but let's just say
hypothetically someone were interested
in Emma and they asked my advice
well with everything that she's been
through I think she would really
appreciate it if someone were to offer
her some help for a change
hypothetically of course
Your Majesty anything he's still here
never boarded why not i'd venture to say
he was highly distracted
what kind of distraction five today
good work Jeffrey would you like me to
intervene sir em they're Russian not yet
just stand close by in case he needs you
shot reportedly well what about the
Queen mm let's just keep this between
ourselves now understood your majesty
our not good night but yes
there you are mother is there any news
on Duncan know my love
nothing yet i know it's all my fault
i've driven him away
simple as that wedding of this magnitude
would be stressful on anyone
it wouldn't be a wedding of this
magnitude if it wasn't for me
I mean you only get married once and I
just wanted us to be the most perfect
wedding and now we have everything at
Ariana they just titles
that's all I was Duncan's age once and I
know what he's going through
he just needs time that's all really
mm don't think I didn't have
reservations even about our wedding
that's true and we worked out all right
didn't we yes we did and that's because
no one made us get married we got
married because we wanted to and I
promise you
all will be well and Duncan will come
home it's certainly better
I have a delivery for gorgeous
let me see oh there for you from you
know who
I know you need your time to think but
don't take too long
only five days until sandals you under
my tree love Todd ok take the
good morning and beginning to think you
don't actually have a train to catch it
why is there a sale sign outside and
gets time to wake up and realize I can't
keep going like this and the money would
come in handy
maybe I can help you but and it's
this place should be packed and really
is dead mother's day an orphanage but
what I'm trying to say is that perhaps
selling the diner isn't the only option
maybe we can liven things up a little
bit at least try
we yes let me introduce your customers
to some mutations something a little bit
out of the parts but you have to leave
you serious absolutely right
we have mine is what I was thinking
you go everything on your list except
for suet nobody here knows what sue it
is ok well nice try max I'm dying to see
what you're gonna do with all this stuff
well I've got a few tricks up my sleeve
you have a passion for international
I like cooking for people if that's what
you mean this burger flipping is only
temporary until I open my own place
really you're in place to be the only
gourmet restaurant in all of the roar
but first i gotta pass the interest exam
to get in the culinary school I was
stopping unfortunately school and was
never my thing so here I am slinging
well i can help you if you like you have
the time i'll make time
exactly you know the best piece of
advice anyone ever gave me
trust your instincts you got this man
I'm almost afraid to ask David help me
on my interesting day
is that right okay what about the next
124 wait 30 good
remember you have to create a new title
you don't worry Dave I got this you got
a pound
come on found it
pound it exploded and let it rain down
come on
well he's played this before
feature-laden normal shorts haha you
have to play pool before when i come
from me Michael if you can shut up and
c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon this is a very
precise sport
I don't know kind of snooker you've been
thinking about what you might call a
warm-up shot
here watch this
that was a lucky shot
there's a new k told him in a couple
days ago two numbers rental car
you're holding it all wrong here
it has to go between phase two fingers
like that
can't your drive huh
you know what the girl show you how to
play away Tod no no I want to see doctor
who you're single shot
Emma come on
you cannot seriously be interested in
mr. fancy-pants i believe the lady asked
you to go away i believe whatever you
want how I just stay on my way
Todd please when you just walk away or
what you throw me out
yeah 50 you're embarrassing yourself
did Emma happen to mention to you that
she's engaged to marry we are not
it will be Christmas so why don't you
just you know whether off people call it
ok enough you think
official standstill let's go
we might be none of my business but
would you mind explaining what happened
Todd's not a bad guy was just hurt that
makes a man crazy sometimes
so you actually went down with that guy
I did we grew up together
when you live in a small town like this
you'll find their own a lot of
efficiency so settling becomes a real
Emma teehee yourself I know
after a while you realize that no one's
gonna show up on a white horse and sweep
you off your feet
there is no prince charming
first has do come true sometimes
for me they don't have a few big
decisions to make
Palace think i'm gonna make them there's
no Russian you have everything going for
you you're young you're beautiful that
make a decision now that you're gonna
regret easy for you to say the
jet-setting around the globe that
fencing the curling had a pretty good
i'll teach you all for a normal life
yeah I'm serious you know this town the
snow the lights
the people
snow melts David lights come down
it's all just an illusion
that's he told me about your parents
blabbermouth and you are capable of so
much and when he talking about certainly
what I can think is that world out there
we'll never get to see what you have to
I valises college fees to think about my
parents mortgage to pay off a failing
business to unload maybe I don't get to
dream anymore is not about that
maybe we should have
he trusts me up Oh
you want to get even don't you look just
let me pick you up at five o'clock
enough in here so how did it go
yesterday what that look I know you're
only 17 but I think you can figure this
one out for yourself
I mean how did it get in here i was
thinking about what you said you're
right it's just a tree good David talked
you into it
no maybe you want to help me finish
oh yeah
hold on Prince whatever happened just
passing through and going where fate
takes you believe it or not i think this
is my fate took me besides you were the
one who said i might appreciate a little
more help
i was thinking more along the lines of a
gift card for massage or something
well next time you might be a little
more specific well it sounds like things
are heating up with you David Beckham is
different you know nobody don't like
that before
he's polite and the girls back and
suddenly the ones that I got was just so
proper doll whatever you know she's
different she's smart she's funny she's
independent culture free-spirited Shiva
Lawrence sharks attack and consider
selfless well-traveled hard-working
mature machine drinks beer place nucca
that he wants to surprise me later
so what's the problem that caused a
further have to go soon when he leaves
we'll be back to Todd and the monster
truck rallies
look I never thought mom and dad would
be gone who knows how long anyone has
whatever time days however long it lasts
enjoy it
I've been looking all over for you
is something the matter actually 85a
past what I took the test last night
after work and they email me the results
this morning i'm in fact fantastic looks
well done i couldn't pull it off without
you bro
well I only point you in the right
direction you did the rest yourself
yeah guess I did do that bro
banging close enough okay
actually you know listen I'm glad you're
here I was wondering if I'm like to
require your help for a little something
sure what do you need
you know mr. alleys of course
Alice come on in
is the lady of the house of him
that depends is that for me I'm afraid
not but that one is
you're looking chanting
you look pretty good yourself thank you
wow the Christmas tree
also lead
I don't want to make sure
it's like something i was just scary to
him life itself is the most wonderful
fairytale your carriage awaits
this is amazing I've always wanted to
come here but we could never afford it
when it came highly recommended and
denied the whole restaurant is yours
you can't mean I thought he'd never
travel the world of my time in the world
to you know why every girl has to feel
like a princess at least once in their
let's see your way over to you
I love it what happens next
well perhaps you should ask the chef
oh my we'll begin with a small cock suit
served with poached egg followed by
gravlax serve chilled with toast points
you made all that yourself
I gave max acute my old family recipes
for main course braised loin of field
stuff with the black truffle dressing
with a warm best male sauce on the side
mmm enjoy thank you want to say well
where words fail music speaks
oh my goodness
what do you think
wonderful no one's ever done anything
like this room before
like I'm dreaming
you know sometimes dreams do come true
what are you trying to say
I'm just glad you like it
can I help you with something
Todd again is that four guys still
staying here
yes I'd like to have a word with them if
you don't mind okay I'll check and see
if he's here but I don't want any
trouble here right here
he's not here top
thank you for everything
anytime thank goodness you're home
what's up with you you look like you've
seen a ghost
it's kind of important oh alright good
night night
that's anywhere are you doing here
didn't see your car my partner i'm back
and you better sit down
I hope there's a point to all this
how much do you really know about this
guy David shall i say Prince Duncan
Humphries bail minds but its better this
is getting married in a few days
no I'm so sorry this is all my fault if
I'd never pushed you if if I hadn't sent
to the diner that day parents were
strict they had a family business
this is just after one last fling before
time and not get out of my house
christmas is just a few days of what
helped you're gonna look foolish need to
good morning
today's break a special will be a
prophet international affair with
poached eggs kippers save it
Duncan so you know when I am sorry that
the best you got
I wanted to tell you tell me what you
lied about who you are i never said i
wasn't a prince you got no just left out
a few minor details family business that
you're different
I trusted you please allow me to explain
getting married on Christmas day when
were you gonna tell me about that after
you've had your little fun here
look I know that this looks bad and I'm
sorry I I truly truly am
and the truth is the the yes I i haven't
been entirely forthcoming with you but I
wanted to tell you honestly I did you
have to believe me that i left home
because I couldn't bear the thought of
being forced into emerging the woman
that I didn't love I came here to escape
all of that keep I never expected to
fall enough him I did
you know by the time that I realized
that I couldn't figure out a way to tell
you the truth without hurting me
I wanted to tell you so many times
and how long would have been until you
needed to escape from me
it's not like that at all you know if I
told you who I was we do have treated me
the same how would I ever notice that
the you cared about me for who I am your
prince even a castle you own your own
you're never gonna settle down here Emma
shouldn't you be going i'm sure you've
got a lot of important things to do we
planning a royal wedding understand like
how foolish do I look now two men in my
life and the honest one turns out to be
the used car salesman
what are the chances
I think you should leave because we
really want
all the best school max
so this is where you've been hiding very
Jeffrey your closet back at the palace
is bigger than this
you finally we're not exactly a master
spun using cash was good idea
thankfully rental car with credit card
not so much but there's no way if I have
been keeping up and for the record he's
been very supported he understands you
better than you think Duncan I'm sorry
about the young lady she seems very nice
you know about that too
come on maybe I think it's time we got
you might be right
good news is we were able to get
everything back on track
Johnny yeah I what about the guests
oh um yes well we did lose a few of the
politicians and the American president
ended up booking golf holiday instead
but for the most part we're all set
and best of all our ratings are off the
Oh a slit let's say you Duncan
how was your trip to America dieing and
was some character building
maybe ski
what are you doing
doesn't look like we have star for this
them enjoy their dinner for goodness
sake and also haven't even want to sit
please guys going to finish eating in
the dining room in the royal dining room
I don't dare please I insist gonna
finish eating in the royal diamond
thank you sir you are a prince and you
better start acting like one knows that
exactly rude entitled and I was happy in
aurora and people like me not because of
a crown or because they were supposed to
go because of who I am inside
I don't love is about I never have
and your mega wedding isn't gonna change
Duncan's right Arianna we've been
fortunate but we can't expect him to be
happy just because we are sometimes we
have to listen to our hearts
you know i might be a duchess and maybe
she didn't go to Oxford she is the
hardest working most independent
free-spirited woman I've ever met and
the truth is that i am in love with her
when y is standing here you should be
with her
it would be cruel to keep your part
don't know she was prettier what you
find out the truth about me
well it didn't stop you before at least
give it a try
what you got to lose don't worry i'll
call Isabel's family
I'll let him down gently
thanks mom
oh honey that to get this case
little boy
yuan sons and make it quick some closing
early today
can you at least right at your appt
Christmas Eve sorry just got a lot of
stuff mine does stop thinking about him
turns out he has a crazy half-dozen
locked in a tower room
you're right he did turn out to be a
he turned out to be a prince
and some Wild Oats you showed them to
you hadn't tripped up colors to it but
he said he loved you men say a lot of
things did you love him back
yeah I did
how do you know it was really love and
not just the fancy restaurant and a cool
accent it was like every time we're
together never wanted and never wanted
to say goodbye just want to keep going
never stop
and what if he felt the same way that
you did guess we'll never know
honey every school girl dreams of being
Cinderella falling in love with their
prince charming actually meet him and I
thrown out with the trash there said
happy ecstatic
now you don't mind
you're supposed to drive me over to the
train station transition the flowers
they come in today we're supposed to
pick them up remember completely forgot
good thing you came by timing is
you did good kid
come and see
what i paid for two bouquets of flowers
the royal family faced with something we
always collect Oh
well you're just in time can take your
already made my decision
she's the row standing in front of me
your matters
just licensed a thousand summer gardens
Rose I desire files only this
not even
and I believe you got me to this is not
John's you have to take it
he loved me
I can't do this you think about the
heck with Alice college doesn't even
start till next fall i'm going to leave
you have your bridesmaid and I have my
best man
which really is in 30 minutes willie's a