A Puppy for Christmas (2016) Movie Script

NOELLE: My entire
life I've dreamed of...
owning a puppy!
It's not much of
a dream, I know.
But somehow it's been
thwarted at every turn.
I asked for a puppy
every Christmas,
starting when I was five.
First, they gave me a goldfish.
When I was six,
they gave me a turtle.
When I was seven,
they got me a cockatiel.
Then my parents got divorced.
You'd think the guilt alone
would bring a puppy my way...
In college,
we weren't allowed pets.
And let's face it,
I had no time.
And do you know how hard it is
to find a pet-friendly
apartment in this city?
I moved in with Todd.
...who is allergic
to everything!
NOELLE: But other than that,
he's perfect!
HELEN: Honey, no man is perfect.
Trust me.
NOELLE: But he is!
He's charismatic and funny,
he's got a great job--
Okay, so if he's so perfect,
wouldn't you be engaged by now?
You know what?
Get a Cockapoo!
They're hypo-allergenic.
Does hypo-allergenic
really work?
We had one and Bob
was allergic to everything.
Plus, maybe it'll give
Todd the nudge he needs.
You wanna see his
"daddy potential"?
Give him something
small and cuddly.
Next thing you know he'll
be "putting a ring on it!"
Well, Christmas is coming up...
You're still angling for
that 'mistletoe proposal'?
It sounds silly but--
Helen! We've gotten off track...
are there any other
insights you'd like to add,
on what makes a marriage last?
I don't know what
kept Bob and I together,
you know we could always
make each other laugh.
You must miss him terribly.
Oh, I do.
But it's been two years and
trust me honey, I wore him out.
[indistint conversation]
Our "Adventure Columnist."
HELEN: Oh, I could go
for an adventure.
NOELLE: It's hardly journalism.
He basically puts himself into
dumb situations and survives...
The village elder
gave me this box
and he said don't open it!
HELEN: Is he single?
NOELLE: (scoffs) He has a
girlfriend "supposedly",
but no one's ever seen her.
HELEN: He's got that rugged,
"salt of the earth" look.
NOELLE: He's got that
"I Need A Bath" look.
I can't wait to
get back to work.
Well yes, me either.
-Okay good!
Good luck with your research.
Nobody knows anything.
I'm so sorry.
It'spureAmazonian mud.
[sniffs] Ah!
You should smell the aroma!
So, [nervous chuckle]
there Jessica and I were,
knee-deep in a muddy river bank,
and then we started getting
nipped at by piranhas...
So we leap outta the river
and right into this
giant spider web!
With a spider, I kid you not,
But we make it to the trees...
and we start climbing.
Hand over hand, over hand,
until we get to the top.
And that's when we
see the sunrise,
right over the Amazon.
And I proposed!
[Liam chuckles]
FELICIA: Noelle?
A word?
You've been conducting
this research
for the past three weeks now,
The 'Secret to a
Lasting Marriage'.
Uh huh!
And what have you discovered?
Lots and lots of information.
This is not one of your quizzes.
This is a feature.
I'd hate to see an
opportunity wasted.
We are celebrating!
Only the finest
champagne for tonight.
I know it's only a few
days before Christmas but...
This is bigger than Christmas.
The last holdouts finally sold!
We're going to start
breaking ground next week!
Work was so thrilled,
they promoted me to,
wait for it,
[champagne pops open]
Managing Director!
[Todd chuckles]
[Noelle gasps]
They even got me
this Swiss made, hand-crafted,
incredibly expensive watch!
I am way off schedule.
I can't take
that dog anymore!!
Somebody will
adopt him eventually!
You really think someone's
going to waltz in here
and take this nightmare
off our hands?!
NOELLE: Hello?
I heard you have a
Cockapoo available?
We havejustthe pup for you!
MARY: C'mon
here Monster, c'mon!
He's perfect.
BOTH: Umm hmm!
NOELLE: I'll take him.
Are you excited to
meet your Daddy tonight?
Yes you are! Yes you are!
You are finally here.
[puppy whines]
N-no, no, no, no!
Oh, no!
[puppy barks]
PAM: Noelle, did you bark?
NOELLE: Yup! All the kids are
doing it these days.
Woof woof! Hashtag dawg life!
[puppy whines]
[puppy whines]
Well, hello!
Where did you come from?
Aren't you cute? Hello!
Who's dog is that?
If she gets to bring her dog,
then I get to bring my cats!
Pam! We have discussed this!
Noelle, it has to go home.
Darn it!
Why doesn't Todd
like mac n cheese?
I can cook that!
Who likes Beef
Wellington anyway? Ugh.
[timer beeps]
It's perfect!
[puppy barking]
Oh No-no-no-no-no!
[puppy continues to bark]
[Noelle protesting]
[puppy barks]
What... is happening?
Um, Merry Early Christmas?
With Christmas
approaching and all,
I thought we could be
one big happy family...
But... you know I'm allergic.
TODD: Oh, great...
NOELLE: Oh! You are going
to besucha good Dad...
NOELLE (whispers): Now you just
make sure that you're good
so that he can love you, okay?
Sweet dreams!
I can't believe
I finally got a puppy!
[puppy barks]
[puppy barks]
Come here!
Only for tonight.
TODD: No, no, no, no,
not my slippers!
My autographed baseball.
This was signed by Tony Robbins!
My Tibetan vase!
My imported Parisian
sofa, all busted!
Maybe we could
call him "Buster"?
[Todd sighs]
[sternly] I can't do this.
Bad boy!
Bad! Boy!
I can train him.
I mean I can't dothis!
What are you saying?
I'm not ready
to have a family,
or be a 'Daddy'.
So you need more time,
I get it!
I think we need a break.
A break?
What do you mean a break?
Is this because of Buster?
Nope,you'reclearly ready
to take the next step.
I wasn't even sure
about living together.
So you're...
dumping me?
[Todd chuckles]
I wouldn't call
it dumpingper se,
it's just, you know...
a break.
What's gonna happen?
Where are you going to live?
This is my apartment.
[Buster whimpers]
[Buster whimpers]
NOELLE (whispering):
Pleasebe good.
[Buster whimpers]
LIAM: You okay?
Of course!
There's a... I uh...
a sweet little old couple
waiting by the boardroom-
Oh, really?
Yea, they've been there
for like half an hour.
A sweet little couple?
[forced laugh]
I wonder what kind ofcrappy
advice they have for me today!
[forced laugh]
I guess I'll find out.
[indistinct conversation]
Oh, you're just as pretty
as our granddaughter!
NOELLE: Oh! [derisive laughs]
You must feel so great,
that you have a family; and
children; and agranddaughter.
Well guess what?
It's all lies.
You stick with someone forever,
best possible scenario:
one of you dies!
Can I have a moment?
[Buster whimpers]
I am so sorry about
what happened in there--
You keep asking for extensions,
and I'm beginning to suspect
that you haven't
I won't sleep,
until it's done.
I don't think you're
cut out for features.
I'm killing the story.
No, please don't!
I have worked too hard for this!
[Felicia sighs]
why don't you take the
rest of the week off.
Half of the office
is away anyway.
[indistinct crash]
[Buster chewing]
No pets allowed!
Oh Buster...
[Buster whimpers]
What have I done?
You work so hard...
but what's the point?
[Buster whimpers]
[Noelle sighs]
You're better than therapy,
you know that?
[Noelle sighs]
I always wanted
a puppy for Christmas.
[Buster whimpers]
Now you're all I have.
[Buster whimpers]
[Liam whistling]
Rise and shine!
[Buster whimpers]
What are you doing here?
What amIdoing here?
What areyoudoing here?
Gram was quite the artist,
she used to make these,
and Jessica's coming to
visit for Christmas,
I wanted to give her one.
[Buster barking]
Well if it isn't
the little sandwich thief!
What's this guy's name anyway?
NOELLE: Buster.
Because he keeps
busting up my life.
I have no boyfriend, no
home, and soon, no job.
Todd broke up with me.
well could you not head
to your parents place?
For some holiday cheer?
[nervous chuckle]
[chuckles] Yeah.
You mean ah, with my Mom
and her racist boyfriend?
Or my Dad and his new
family that hates me?
Yeah, I know this is
gonna sound strange but,
why don't you come with me?
We've got plenty of
room at the farm.
NOELLE: Are you asking me to
go to your family's place?
LIAM: Well, it's only
four days till Christmas
and you can't stay here.
NOELLE: [sighs] Well...
LIAM: Hey, maybe some fresh
air would do you good, you know?
There's plenty of room for
this little guy to run around.
Could help you train him.
NOELLE: Well...
He does need some training...
[Liam chuckles]
You know we're going to a farm?
Maybe uh...
maybe some jeans?
I'm not gonna wearjeans.
[chuckles] Suit yourself.
NOELLE: Wow, we are
reallyout here.
So uh, when is
Jessica coming up?
Well, her trip to Peru got
so she'll be coming up tomorrow.
I cannot wait to
show her all of this.
I can't wait to meet her.
You'll love her!
She ah, [laughs]
she stole my heart.
I knew the minute I met
her that I--
[sighs] I'm sorry,
is this hard for you?
I didn't even think before I
started talking--
No, it's okay.
Honestly it's...
kind of nice to talk to
someone at thebeginning
of their marriage instead
of the end of it.
That research of yours has
got you pretty stumped, huh?
You know,
when I hit a road block,
I just start writing
without thinking.
NOELLE: I bet.
LIAM: I write from the heart
and just keep on going.
So uh, your last
"hang gliding" article,
that was from the heart?
That wasparasailing, okay?
And I wrote
that one from my soul.
Anyway, ah...
back to you and Jessica.
How did you meet?
LIAM: We were doing one of these
outdoor adventure courses,
and uh, [laughs] we were both
crawling on our hands and knees
through mud - it was one of the
obstacles in the race, and ah,
you know I think when you see
someone else go through sort
of that much physical pain...
[conversation fades]
[upbeat Christmas music]
[Liam & Noelle laughing
and celebrating]
LIAM: Okie dokie.
I just gotta pop it
into 4 wheel drive here.
Gets a little bit bumpy
up ahead, hold on.
[Liam whistling]
LIAM: Whoa - there we go!
[upbeat Christmas music]
It's so peaceful.
Wait until you see inside.
[Noelle chuckles]
LIAM: Oh - y-
EVERYONE: Surprise!!
NOELLE: Oh my gosh! Uh....
MAN: We have heard
so much about you!
NOELLE: Oh...?
WOMAN: Guess you didn't
tan much in Peru!
MAN: Yeah, do they eat
guinea pig down there?
Or is that not true?
MAN: You're even
prettier in person!
NOELLE: [laughs]
WOMAN: Merry
Christmas tome!
MAN: Did'ya git
to birth a llama?
NOELLE: One moment, please!
NOELLE: Excuse me.
Why didn't you call
ahead to tell them
youweren'tcoming with Jessica?
I'm sorry about that,
the reception is
really bad out here.
And how did those
people get here anyway?
That road we drove up, looked
like it hadn't been used
in a hundred years!
In fact - I don't
think it was a road!
There's a paved
driveway in the front.
Oh! The back road's faster.
LIAM: Look everybody!
Ah, this is all so unexpected,
but there's something I should
really clear up, look--
OLD MAN: You're
under the mistletoe!
EVERYONE (chanting):
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
OLD MAN: What're ya chicken?
Kiss the girl!
LIAM: Ah, OK, whoa, whoa!
Everybody calm down okay
[nervous chuckle]
this is not Jessica!
This is Noelle from work.
OLD MAN: What're
you a swinger now?
LIAM: Gramps?! Whoa!
Easy! No!
Jessica's flight got delayed,
she'll be here tomorrow!
And uh,
Noelle just got dumped
and she had no place to go, so--
[crowd gasps]
Oh my god, I'm sorry.
No I didn't - that
came out wrong...
WOMAN: Moonshine?
Yes, please!
[club music]
[group laughing]
MAN: Models and bottles baby!
[group cheering]
We Have Heard on High"]
Whoa! Do you--
do you need some help?
Nah, [chuckles] I've
been putting this angel on the
tree for almost fifty years now.
Did Liam's grandma make it?
She did!
Remarkable woman.
You must miss her.
Not a day goes by
that I don't think of her.
Especially over the holidays.
But with this on the tree,
it kind of feels like
she's still here.
That's beautiful...
at least for this last year.
Last year?
We've been running
this Christmas tree farm
for over forty one years now.
I used to do all the chopping,
but [chuckles] she
was the brains.
Just got too
expensive to maintain.
life throws you curve balls.
NOELLE (slurring): That
moonshine sure was good!
LIAM: Whoa, I think
I got drunk
smelling your breath!
NOELLE: Hmm...
why am I Santa?
LIAM: Well, you insisted on
trading outfits with my sister.
Oh, I bet she loved that.
LIAM: Okay Mrs. Claus,
it's time for you to
dream of the North Pole.
NOELLE: Hmm...
Hey Liam?
Thanks for inviting me.
Your fianc's going
to love it here.
(pouting) I wanna be a fiance!
[blows raspberry]
[Buster whimpering]
You up, candy cane?
Just getting
my life back on track!
Wow, you sure are
chipper this morning!
That moonshine is magical!
I'm not even hungover!
Yeah, you passed out
at like eight o'clock.
JOYCE: Oh - what is this?
My Life Plan!
Reach Second Base with JTT?
That was a while ago...
I amnotgoing to stay down!
I'm the girl who won
the library contest!
NOELLE: I read three
hundred books over the summer,
and guess what I won?
JOYCE: A book?
NOELLE: Five books!
I-am-Noelle, and I don't
need Mr. Stupid Perfect Face!
JOYCE: You don't need any man!
NOELLE: In kindergarten,
I rallied the class
against nap time!
In high school, I was Editor in
Chief of two newspapers!
And I didn't even go to
the other school!
In college I wrote an expos
about the football coach
and got him fired!
As well you should have!
NOELLE: I am Noelle Baker -
journalist extraordinaire!
JOYCE: Yes you are!
NOELLE: I get up at
6am to do yoga!
And I'm a fighter!
I am going to get my
life back on track!
NOELLE: Where's Buster?
JOYCE: [hesitates]Oh, he's...
[Buster barking]
GRANPAPPY: Not to worry,
It's nice to have a
puppy around again.
Don't sweat it.
This is what puppies do.
We've had plenty of
chewed destruction.
NOELLE: Oh Buster!
You're a bad boy!
Bad boy!
GRANPAPPY: Ya know, Liam
here knows a thing or two
about dog training.
That's right...
In fact, you meet me
outside in twenty.
Why are we outside instead
of being cozy and inside again?
You'll see.
You know, I'm going
to get back on track
with my research.
If I have a killer
article on Felicia's desk,
I know I can save my feature!
It's good to you
see you motivated again.
[Noelle gasps]
[huskies barking]
LIAM: Purebred huskies!
After you.
[huskies barking]
LIAM: Alrighty! All tucked in?
You ready, buddy?
You ready?
Okie dokie.
Alright boys!
Hike, hike hike hike!
[huskies barking]
JOYCE: This should be
[huskies barking]
No, Christmas feels right
Without you by my side
Ooh, ooh, ooh
So baby come home
For Christmas
So baby come home
Don't you know it's Christmas?
(Don't you know)
Having fun in candle light
All I need is you here tonight
So baby please come home
Can't spend the holidays alone
Baby come home
For Christmas
So baby come home
Don't you know it's Christmas?
(Don't you know)
Having fun in candle light
All I need is you here tonight
So baby please come home
Can't spend the holidays alone
So baby come home
Oh no.
LIAM: So we've got a bit
of a family tradition,
you'll know the right
tree when you see it!
NOELLE: Can't we just pick
one and get it over with.
LIAM: NO, no, no - you
gotta pick the right one!
NOELLE: Trust me - family
traditions are overrated!
[heavenly choir]
NOELLE: That one!
Do we really
have to chop it down?
Well, Joyce is the
lumberjack in the family.
We mark it and she comes
and picks it come later.
But it's so beautiful...
Don't worry, for
every tree we cut down,
we plant two in the spring.
Circle of life and all that.
LIAM: [scats]
LIAM: There we go!
Well, this little guy
looks pretty cold,
you wanna go for a run?!
Come on!
NOELLE: C'mon Buster!
LIAM: Let's go!
C'mon Buster! C'mon!
[Buster barking]
LIAM: [laughing]
LIAM: C'mon Buster! C'mon!
[Buster barking]
-[laughs] Good boy!
Sit.. Buster...
NOELLE: Wait for me!
LIAM: Sit..
Good boy!
There you go!
Alright, let's go! C'mon!
[Buster barks]
NOELLE: C'mon Buster!
LIAM: [whistling
"Deck the Halls"]
TODD: Oh man...
Pretty wild night
last night, huh?
TODD: I haven't been this
hungover since college.
THE CHIEF: Yeah, we're
both single again.
Pretty great, huh?
TODD: Are your
kids coming today?
THE CHIEF: Yeah, I haven't
seen them in like, a month.
TODD: I think I've made
a terrible mistake.
THE CHIEF: Yeah...
TODD: Yeah...
NOELLE: [sighs]
It was only in the tranquility
of the countryside...
that a realization materialized.
The secret to a
lasting marriage is the--
[Buster growling]
NOELLE: Buster!
I'm trying to work!
NOELLE: No! Hey!
[Buster growling]
[Buster whining]
where was I?
Oh, ah, the secret to a
lasting marriage is the effort--
JOYCE (distant): Wooo!!!
I was born to ride!
NOELLE: What the...?
JOYCE: Let's do this! !
Joyce, to the rescue!
NOELLE: [laughs]
[guitar playing]
NOELLE: Hey Liam!
[guitar playing]
[laughs] Hey!
Joyce just roared in
with that tree we picked out.
Well let's go help her!
My parents.
I remember you said that
not around anymore?
Car accident, yeah.
Thank God for Gran
and Gramps, though.
NOELLE: Wow...
Easter Island?
NOELLE: Are these
all the places you've been?
LIAM: Yeah.
There's still so
much more to explore.
Jessica sounds like
she'd be all about that.
She is.
It's just...
getting her to sit still,
that's the problem.
she'll be here soon.
Yeah, hopefully tomorrow.
She got delayed again.
There's just not much
time left here, ya know?
Why are you guys selling?
This place is so magical.
Yeah it is...
Gran used to keep the books
for the Christmas tree farm.
She kept us afloat.
But uh, Gramps hasn't been able
to pay the property taxes
the last couple years.
We all thought Gran
had a rainy day fund saved up
but, there's no record
of it at the bank.
Gramps has no
choice but to sell.
They're turning this
whole area into a ski resort.
Maybe we could come
visit one day...
All that travelling must
really make you miss this place.
You know, I'm actually
thinking of giving up the
adventure articles and writing
about nature on the farm...
Your adventure
column is so popular.
Cover pagepopular.
My heart's just
not in it anymore.
You know,
I haven't decorated a
Christmas tree in years.
Todd is allergic to pine trees.
And ah, polyvinyl chloride.
It's what they make
fake trees out of.
Um, instead we usually put
a big Christmas bulb
on his interior bamboo garden.
That's the saddest
thing I've ever heard!
[chuckles] You know what?
It is kind of sad.
LIAM: Well,
let's go
decorate a Christmas tree!
Extra cream!
It really is the perfect tree.
Awww, will ya look at this!
Liam made this when he
was in kindergarten!
NOELLE: Aww, it's so cute!
So how should we attack this?
Um, is there a specific
color coordination?
Or a spatial orientation
between ornaments?
Uhh [chuckles]
It's been awhile since Noelle's
decorated a Christmas tree.
It doesn't have to be perfect.
Just pick an ornament
andfeelwhere it should go.
NOELLE: How's that?
That's it! [claps]
Oh ho ho...
GRANPAPPY: That's it!
[Buster barks]
NOELLE: Ohhh, hi!
let's get this tree decorated
for crying out loud.
I don't have a
bow but I've got aboa.
Hey, what's this one?
A souvenir from England?
Oh! That's an
ornament that Gram made
for our 30th anniversary.
We used to talk each other
in fancy British accents.
(fake British accent)
He was Lord Farthington and
she was Lady Primrose.
[laughs] Well when
you're with the one you love,
you can always be yourself.
(in British accent)
And we're all a bit daft
sometimes, aren't we, luv?
That's the most relatable piece
of advice on marriage
I've gotten so far...
Could I interview you?
Su-- Sure!
Oh yeah.
Martha's office.
NOELLE: ...What happened?
Things got a little
disorganized after she passed.
A little?
[Grandpappy chuckles]
GRANPAPPY: I've never
been interviewed before,
kind of feel like a celebrity.
NOELLE: Okay let's get started!
So you and Martha
were married for how long?
Forty three years.
Uh, it would've been forty
six this past August.
Would you say
your marriage was happy?
Definitely happy.
And definitely not functional
[both laugh]
but in the best way.
We were both passionate people.
We fought loud and
we fought hard.
But there'd come a point
in every argument
where we'd just look at
each other and laugh.
What difference did it make
who dragged mud into the house?
Or who set the barn on fire?
We loved each other.
Todd and I never fought.
I always thought that
was a good thing.
Either, one of you
didn't care enough,
or one of you cared too much
Are you okay, honey?
I don't know what
went wrong with Todd.
I tried really,reallyhard.
You can't change who you are
to make someone love you,
But if you let yourself
the right man will love
you for who you are.
Would you say she
made you a better person?
Let me put it this way...
when you spend a lot
of time with someone,
they have an effect on you.
Some people bring
out the worst in us,
some people bring out the best.
Both are equally true.
But with Martha,
not only could I be myself,
I was thebest
versionof myself.
[phone ringing]
BOSS: There's a
signature missing
on the resort development file!
Okay - I'm on it!
BOSS: You'd better be
or you can kiss that new
office of yours goodbye!
[phone clicks]
At least I still have you.
JOYCE: And that's
why I always say,
if you've got a grievance with
a beaver -
Don't climb a pine tree!
Can you believe this
is my first time camping?
Yeah,I can.
LIAM: [laughing]
This isn't camping.
GRANPAPPY: Yeah, the
bedrooms and the toilets
are right behind you.
LIAM: [laughs]
I guess this is my first time
around an outdoor fire.
And wearing flannel!
It looks fantastic on you.
And it's so comfortable.
I could get used to this!
Glad you like it.
I had a gas fireplace
in my old apartment,
but you couldn't roast
marshmallows there.
You guys have a fork?
GRANPAPPY: Oh you're funny!
Do you want me
to roast you another?
JOYCE: Yeah!
LIAM: [laughs] Nice throw!
Okay, thank you.
TODD: [sighs] Noelle...
[phone vibrating and ringing]
[Buster growls]
[phone continues
vibrating and ringing]
NOELLE: Goodnight everyone!
[sound of liquid streaming]
No! Buster!!
[Buster whimpers]
Buster, why?
[Buster whines]
That's not very nice.
This little fur ball needs
to go to doggy boot camp!
versionof training!
Look, I will never finish my
article if I can't
get my computer to turn on!
[Buster barks]
[Liam laughs]
think this is funny?
LIAM: Yeah, a little.
I guess it's kind of funny.
LIAM: Don't worry, Stanley
McGibbons can fix anything.
He's one of Gramps'
best friends.
NOELLE: "Inter-webs"?
LIAM: Yeah,anything.
NOELLE: C'mon Buster!
Well, hullo there, Liam!
LIAM: Stan Stan the milk man!
STANLEY: [chuckles]
Ah, former milk man!
Ah, good to see you!
So we have a liquid
damaged laptop for ya!
A computer book!
I'll have it fixed
for ya in a jiffy!
LIAM: [laughs]
Are you sure he
knows what a computer is?
Technical support has
nothing on old Stanley.
He's been fixing
things for decades.
Well, in the meantime,
I need to check
Jessica's flight info.
Oh, I'm going
to check my emails.
[computer buzzes]
NOELLE: What the--?
[Liam laughs]
Buster, mommy
really needs to check
her email...
Darn it!
LIAM: Let me try.
Buster, come.
[Buster whimpers]
LIAM: Good boy.
LIAM: There you go.
NOELLE: [laughs] Wow Liam,
that, that was really great.
LIAM: Thanks.
NOELLE: Umm, I'm just
gonna check my email!
LIAM: Yeah.
I'll uh....
I'll be across the street,
I just uh,
have a couple of errands to run.
Um, I'm just
gonna make a phone call!
[phone ringing]
Hey girl!
How's life on the farm?
It's uhh,
fun and frustrating.
Oh, I couldn't feel
frustrated if I tried.
NOELLE: [chuckles] Yeah,
I saw your selfie.
You thinking about
settling down again?
You know, the young one's
are good for a night or two,
(lowers voice) I nearly
threw my back out
trying to shave my legs.
Plus what's-his-name
doesn't get any of my pop
culture references.
I can't be myself around him.
You can't be yourself?
Nope, he's
Felix to my Oscar.
Yeah... I don't get
that reference either.
How's the hunky cowboy?
That's the thing, he's...
Really, really great.
Helen: Oh...
Yeah, uh, so far he's
ah, thrown me in a dog sled,
and we even decorated a
realChristmas tree...
It's been fun.
A lot of fun.
HELEN: Sounds divine.
Honestly, it's...
been more confusing
than anything else.
I don't really feel
like myself anymore!
HELEN: Well at least you're
learning how to have fun!
Where is Mr. Hunky now?
Running errands, huh?
Is everything okay?
LIAM: Jessica's not coming.
BARTENDER: What can I get you?
a glass of champagne.
[Bartender laughs]
did her flight
get delayed again?
NOELLE: Maybe she--
LIAM: She uh...
'lost her passport' this time.
I know what it's like
to have the perfect idea
of how things are supposed
to work out, but...
life isn't always like that.
[glasses clinking]
HELEN: Come in!
I'm going home to
change my relationship status!
(whispers) She's just
gonna break your heart.
You're not "Big Spoon
Searching For Little Spoon."
I'm Todd.
HELEN: Todd...
Todd... Todd...?
Noelle's boyfriend?
Don't you meanex-boyfriend?
I know she was close to you.
I'm just trying to find her,
I want to set things right.
I really,really
don't want to end up
40 years old living in a
bachelor pad,
eating I don't
even know what kind of take-out
wallowing in my own filth,
while my friends are
coaching little league
and I'm just the
creepy uncle that shows up
and everyone's like--
HELEN: Alright!
Hang on.
Noelle said
she could be found here,
in case I needed her.
thank you Heather.
[Buster whimpering]
LIAM (slurring):
You know, I get it.
Caged bird wants to sing.
But I just, I don't
wanna cage anybody!
You know?
I just wanna hold her tight,
close, you know?
Can we get another--
NOELLE: No, no, no, okay
Ah! Okay...
LIAM: Whoa
NOELLE: Okay cowboy,
you are cut off!
[Buster barks]
NOELLE: Come on,
grab your jacket, let's go!
I'm so sorry, yup mhmm
Uh, okay, you take--
LIAM: Where's Buster?!
NOELLE: Oh he's right here!
[Buster barks]
NOELLE: He's ready
to go, let's go!
NOELLE: Uh huh...
LIAM: Hey Buster! Hey Buster!
LIAM: Oh! Who turned the sun on?
Have we been out all night?
You just got an early start.
One step at a time.
NOELLE: Okay Liam,
where are your keys?
[Buster barks]
LIAM: In my pocket,
in the back pocket.
NOELLE: [straining]
Let's get you in the car...
NOELLE: Oh - Oh, sorry.
LIAM: Oh...
C'mon Buster!
NOELLE: You're gonna feel
much better than him.
[Liam groans]
I can do anything.
Including drive shift.
You mean 'stick'.
[engine roars]
[gears grinding]
[engine roars]
NOELLE: Okay, ah...
not bad.
STANLEY: Hold up!
NOELLE: That was fast!
"Fast" is my middle name.
It's on the house.
Thank you Stanley!
Just get him home safe.
[Liam laughs]
I'll try!
LIAM: Everything's backwards!
Alright, alright...
I'm sorry about this.
I know what it's
like to wait for something.
There's a lot of history
here, isn't there?
After Mom and Dad died,
she's the only home I had.
I just...
I just want to show Jessica
how amazing this place is.
It is amazing.
GRANPAPPY: Buster! Here, sit...
Buster, Buster, Buster.
Good boy!
Good boy, Buster!
Aww, that's so great!
You're a natural!
Well, I've had
a lot of practice.
Spent years working
with the dog sleds.
I can't get this guy
to stay though.
[scoffs] You and me both.
Give me a hand with the kibble?
[Huskies barking]
That's a lot of dog food.
Well when it came to the dogs,
Martha always kept the
place well stocked.
Grab an end?
Yeah sure.
[Huskies barking]
[Buster barks]
NOELLE: Buster, you
already had dinner!
It's important to set
rules when you're training dogs,
but Grams and I
were always softies.
How did you
know she was "the one"?
back in the day,
I was no innocent.
A regular man-about-town
if you will.
But she could see
right through me.
To the real me.
Do you think
you could ever love again?
You're sweet, Noelle.
But I'm a little old for you.
[laughs] You
still got it, Gramps.
[huskies barking]
[sighs] There you are.
I haven't seen you in days.
I'm proposing.
To Noelle.
[shocked gasp]
[dog barking]
NOELLE: Moose Feed?
LIAM: Noelle you in there?
[clock chimes]
Whoa... [chuckles]
(softly) Hey!
Hey, good morning...
(startled) I'm writing!!!
[Liam laughs]
[Noelle chuckles nervously]
Oh man, I must've
fallen asleep...
Wow, that looks great!
It's the only thing
I know how to make.
Well,thatand mac n cheese.
Mac n cheese is the only
thing I can cook too!
Did you do all this?
Ah, you know me,
I can't stand a mess.
Hey I want to
apologize for yesterday.
I was an idiot.
Don't worry about it.
And I also wanted to say
thank you for everything.
Are you kidding?
My dogruined your
Christmas tree,
peed on your blanket
and you're basically hosting
a homeless person.
Don't worry about it honestly.
I woke up this morning and uh,
I decided to write my
first nature article:
'Simple Pleasures on the Farm.'
Now it's, it's rough,
but I would love it
if you looked it over.
Yeah, of course!
I'd love to.
And I know you've got your own
paper to write and everything,
but it is Christmas Eve...
...and I thought maybe
we could have a little fun.
[Liam and Noelle frolicking]
[Buster barking]
All the girls and boys
Asking for special toys
Only time of year
that this could be
Presents, carols
Cuttin' down the tree
Sounds like Christmas to me
(Sounds like Christmas to me)
Santa needs some little helpers!
[snowball thuds]
Oh! You are so
lucky that there is a beautiful
ham in there that needs
immediate glazing!
Now, my rule of thumb
is the more cheese the better.
That's my kinda girl.
[nervous chuckle]
Not likemy girl.
Like a friend.
A girl friend.
[awkward laugh]
But not like...
NOELLE: [clears throat]
Mmm, that smells great!
JOYCE: Hot ham coming through.
Good job!
Thank you.
I wanna thank
you guys for being here.
You've made this last Christmas
on the farm very special.
And wherever life takes us,
I want you all to know
that Gramps is only a
phone call away.
I'd like to say,
that this has been the
best Christmas ever.
I never thought in a million
years that
I would ride a dog sled,
or build a campfire,
learn to sew.
Would you look at that...
NOELLE: Thank you,
all of you.
For everything.
[glasses clinking]
NOELLE: Merry Christmas!
EVERYONE: Merry Christmas!
NOELLE: [laughs]
LIAM: Mmm.
NOELLE: That's nice.
Now ,as Grandma
always used to say,
[bad cockney accent]
Let's have supper, guv'na!
Those potatoes were
absolutely creamy and delicious!
Oh, well instead of water
I boil them in whipping cream.
ham was heavenly.
JOYCE: Ohhh thanks Gramps!
GRANPAPPY: I think I know
your secret though...
JOYCE: Ohh, a little
bit of moonshine...
LIAM (whispering): Hey Noelle?
There's one last thing
I wanna do with you.
JOYCE: Aw Gramps, yeah...
I was pretty heavy
with the pour today.
Weren't there more of us?
I think they left.
LIAM: Is he cold?
[Buster pants]
LIAM: Okay!
You have to close your
eyes from here on.
Trust me.
Give me your hand.
Keep 'em closed!
NOELLE: [laughs]
LIAM: Woah, hey
[laughs] watch your step.
NOELLE: Is this where
you kill me?
LIAM: [laughing]
Open your eyes.
NOELLE: ...It's incredible!
LIAM: Mhmm.
NOELLE: Oh ah, sorry!
I know you have a fianc.
LIAM: I broke it off.
NOELLE: Liam... I am so sorry.
LIAM: Don't be.
I was always second in her life.
Second to work,
second to travel...
I don't want to be
someone's 'second'.
I'm actually starting to
realize it was for the best.
We are two very, very
different people.
LIAM: I ah,
I was going to share
this with her,
but I'm happier I get
to share it with you.
NOELLE: Thanks.
[car honks]
NOELLE: Looks like
she showed up after all.
[Buster whimpers]
What are you doing here?
I came to find you.
You're really roughing it, huh?
Well, it is the holidays
and Liam invited me
after youkicked me out!
About that...
I'm really sorry.
Everything happened so fast.
I just got spooked.
But I was wrong.
I need a good woman
behind me, Noelle.
Smart, sophisticated,
I was awful.
But I want to make it up to you.
I've got a surprise.
[Buster whimpering]
I love you.
Let's just be in the moment.
Oh! Ah,
don't forget to get Buster!
Of course...
[Buster growls]
Easy boy...
It's me, your 'daddy'.
[Buster growls]
LIAM: Congratulations.
TODD: [sighs]
This surprise is
going to beBIG.
I'm finally making
her dream come true.
We'll be back in an hour
to pick up her things.
[Buster whimpering]
where are we going exactly?
Let's not spoil the surprise.
What's this?
Oh, just some papers I
need what's his name to sign.
Happy coincidence, huh?
Two birds with one stone.
Wait, what?
It's just finalizing
the transfer of ownership.
Thisis the property that
got you that big promotion?
TODD: Yep.
Look at all this
wasted potential.
We'll fix that.
Don't worry!
We'll get you back
to civilization soon enough.
That guy is finally going to
ask her to marry him, isn't he?
I think you're right Gramps.
Youlovethis girl, don't you?
[snowmobile motor]
JOYCE: Get on!
[snowmobile revs]
TODD: Right this way m'lady.
NOELLE: What are we doing here?
TODD: You'll see.
[Buster barks]
Isn't... Buster coming?
[Buster continues to bark]
We should probably
just leave him in the car.
For uh,
safety purposes.
[Buster growls]
[Helen laughs]
I told you the dog would work.
What are you doing here?
you'll see.
[snowmobile revving]
JOYCE: Joyce to the rescue!!
Woo hoo!
LIAM: Whoa whoa whoa, look out!
Ah! Ahh!!!
Noelle, my love...
[gasps] I can't believe
you set all of this up!
Oh no, my interns did.
Good job!
(flatly) You're both not fired!
[laughing] We do have fun.
Don't we?
What... is all of this for?
This is part of your surprise.
STANLEY: Did somebody
NOELLE: Mr. McGibbons?
I'm also the town jeweler!
TODD: I couldn't
decide on one, so...
I just got them all.
NOELLE (breathlessly):
Oh my gosh...
TODD: Noelle,
we've been together
for five years,
and those have been the
happiest of my life.
You're the perfect girl for
me and with you by my side,
I can do anything...
Noelle Baker,
will you marry me?
[motor shutting off]
[running footsteps]
[Buster barking]
[Buster growling]
TODD: I thought I locked that
little mutt in the car!
What do you
mean, "little mutt"?
TODD: That flea bag
ruins everything!
Did you guys ever have a moose?
We need to et to the farm!
TODD: What is going on?!
I've driven shift!
I can do anything!
[snowmobile revs]
You heard the lady!
Let's jet!
You're riding with me, cowboy!
[Buster barking]
[Noelle panting]
NOELLE: C'mon Buster!
NOELLE: Hey Gramps!
[Buster whimpering]
What the?
Buster, what's going on here?
Oh my goodness...
oh my goodness.
What's going on?
NOELLE: Okay, "Moose Feed"
GRANPAPPY: Moose feed?
NOELLE: Does that mean
anything to you?
Gram always said the Huskies
had a moose-sized appetite.
Oh my...
GRANPAPPY: You see anything
out of the ordinary in there?
NOELLE: Not yet!
Moose Feed.
I got it!
are you going to do?
It was so beautiful!
Kids these days...
WOMAN: Where is everyone?
[Buster barking]
LIAM: What is that?
NOELLE: When I was
organizing Gram's papers,
I noticed that every month over
five hundred dollars
was marked under "Moose Feed".
That's when it clicked!
Thiswas her rainy day fund!
She's been doing this
for over forty one years.
There's gotta be hundred of
thousands of dollars in here!
We can keep the farm!
[Buster barking]
Christmas miracle!
[Buster growling]
What is happening?
we're keeping the farm!
TODD: Noelle...
how could you do this to me?
They're going to
repossessmy watch.
NOELLE: Todd...
When you broke up with me,
I was devastated.
It felt like everything
I ever dreamed of
was ruined.
In our time apart,
I got to knowme.
[Buster barking]
You're a perfect guy, Todd.
You're smart,
you still have all your hair.
You're just not the
perfect guy for me.
Are you...
breaking up with me?
ERICA: Don't do it, Todd!
Who are you?
I'm Todd'srealgirlfriend!
TODD: I...
TODD: Ugh!
[Buster barking]
TODD: Ugh!
I retract what I said
about you beingperfect.
JOYCE: Guys I have a
confession to make.
When I said we lost the
box of tinsel this year.
That wasn't entirely true.
NOELLE: Ohh, mmm. Yeah...
LIAM: Cause... because
you put it on the vest?
JOYCE: I put it on the vest.
LIAM: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
NOELLE: Oh yeah. It's working!
Aww Buster!
Look at him go!
HELEN: Oh Norman!
Your hot chocolate is ready!
JOYCE: Woo hoo!
Hot chocolate!
LIAM: I got you something.
NOELLE: Aw you shouldn't have...
NOELLE: A frame?
LIAM: It's for when you get
that first cover story.
We're gonna frame it.
Thank you.
Come here.
[indistinct barking]
[Buster whimpers]
NOELLE: I've spent a
lifetime searching
for the 'perfect' key to
make a relationship last...
I've learned that the
greatest relationships
are the ones you never expected
and through life's triumphs
and heartaches...
The one person you'll
always have, is yourself.
So be kind to yourself...
And if you
choose to share your life,
do it with someone
who makes you happy,
not someone you
have to impress.
When the person you're with not
only lets you beyourself,
but helps you be
the best version of yourself...
I realized that there is no
'perfect key' to a relationship.
It doesn't have to be perfect.
It just has to be true.
I'm so proud of you!
Well, a great
journalist once told me,
to write from the heart.
Oh that is good advice.
That guy must have
been a genius.
[Noelle laughs]
Next up is 'Simple Pleasures on
the Farm' by Liam Swift.
[Buster barking]
Ohh Buster!
NOELLE: Hi Buddy!
LIAM: Hey Buddy!
LIAM: Ohhh!
Here's your new sister Holly!
NOELLE: Oh there she is!
Go get her!
LIAM: Oh you're so cute.
NOELLE: No, that's my magazine!
LIAM: Hey Buster!
Are you guys getting along?
NOELLE: Do you
love him as much as I do?
LIAM: Ahh, puppies.
NOELLE: The best.
[upbeat rock]