A Ranjith Cinema (2023) Movie Script

Everybody, freeze!
- Freeze!
- I said, freeze!
Get out! Get on the floor!
- Nobody moves!
- I said, freeze!
- Hey, Vishnu!
- Kneel down!
Kneel down, I say.
Kneel down, idiot!
Kneel on the floor.
Get on the floor!
I said, freeze!
Nobody moves!
Get up!
- Get up, man!
- Move!
Move forward, man!
Come on, move!
- Move!
- Come on!
- Move!
- Kneel on the floor!
I said, "Kneel on the floor,"
you idiot!
Open the door, man.
Open the door, man!
Come on!
Come on, quick!
- Lie down! I said, lie down!
- Get on the floor!
Lie down on the floor!
- Lie down, old man.
- Get down!
- Lie down, old man.
- Can't you hear us?!
- You want to die?!
- Get down!
Lie down!
Have you been waiting
for a long time, sir?
Why are you so indifferent
when it comes to doing your duty?
You give lame excuses to escape from it.
If I get a chance
to write a report against you,
you will have to remove your cap
and sit at home!
- Understand?!
- Sir
What's the matter?
I'm Yousaf.
I'm the senior producer
of New Vision Channel.
He is Shivarajan, the bank manager.
They were shooting
a program called Taken for the channel.
Sir, do you know about that program?
Where they prank others
by coming in disguise.
Mind your own business!
You don't need
to stamp the ground so hard.
You can go. Go!
Sir, it was a mistake on our part.
They mistimed the execution.
That's what happened.
The bank has no
complaint against them.
For us, it was a mock drill.
Yes, I am aware.
I was waiting for the concerned
people to show up
to let them go.
Do one thing.
Provide in writing
that it was a channel shoot,
not a robbery,
and you have no complaint.
Let them go.
Thank you, sir.
- Come on.
- Go.
- Okay, then.
- Okay, sir.
Four monkeys spoiled the episode.
This ought to be aired
the day after tomorrow.
What will we telecast this week?
You only injured your head, right?
Be happy about it.
- Idiots!
- Hey, hello.
Get going.
The station SI will come now.
He is not as calm as our CI.
If he learns about such public matters,
he'll thrash you so hard
you might burp breast milk.
It's best to leave.
Hey, your Chikku is coming.
- Thanks, dude.
- Put it on.
But you didn't give it to me yet.
Sir, two minutes.
Hey, hold her bag.
Madam, give us a smile.
Do one thing
Oh, God!
Run! The police are here!
- Oh, God!
- Run, all of you!
- Run!
- Oh, God!
Sir, please don't hit me.
Excuse me.
Thank you, sir.
It's my life!
It's my life!
It's my life!
It's my life!
It's my life!
My wife!
It's my life!
Hello, my dear wife.
I'm reaching within no time.
Dad and investors have already reached.
- Where are you?
- Don't worry, babes.
True, I abducted you
and married you secretly.
Isn't that the reason
why your dad is angry at me?
Observe his attitude shift today.
Upon seeing the draft
and my business presentation,
your dad will feel happy and embrace me,
saying that he has gained a son
instead of a son-in-law.
He will feel proud of me.
Hurry up, Sunny.
Anyway, I'm reaching, okay?
I am hanging up, okay?
It's my life!
It's my
- Seban, tell me.
- Sunny,
if we can't clear
the entire debt tomorrow,
should we inquire
about paying in installments?
Seban, they've been eating up
our money
through interest for too long.
No need. Let's make a one-time payment.
We don't owe him a small amount.
That day, because we fell at his feet,
he spared your car
and granted us more time.
My account is going to be credited
with a huge amount in two hours.
Teena's dad has brought in
investors to help me out.
I worry you might break your promise.
When her dad decides something,
not even God can change his mind.
He is so adamant.
So, we're relieved of tension.
Let's celebrate.
Call me after everything is done.
I'll wait for you there.
Hey, hello
What happened to you?
I'll call you back.
Hey, hello
- Shit!
- Hey, Sunny
- Any issue with getting the money?
- Nothing has changed.
I'll call you back.
Tell me if there is anything.
- Don't keep it from me.
- Fool, I'll call you back.
He wouldn't understand if told once.
Excuse me.
- Yep.
- Hi, can you hold this bag for me?
- Sorry?
- My shoelace
- Oh Okay.
- Thanks.
Hey, stop!
Keep the vehicle running.
What's there in the bag?
- Excuse me?
- What's in the bag?
Oh, this bag? This is not mine. This lady
Where is she?
Which "she"?
There was a lady sitting here.
- Making fun of me?
- Sir, what are you doing?
Open it.
- Sir, this is not my bag.
- Open it!
- Please try to understand.
- I said, open it!
What is this?!
Sir, this is not my bag.
Severed the head of a human being,
packed it inside the bag,
and you don't know anything about it?
- Tell me!
- Sir, I have an urgent meeting.
Stop there!
I want to go for a meeting.
Everyone is waiting for me.
- I was trying to help her.
- I'll make you tell the truth.
- Park the car over there.
- Get in!
- Get into the jeep.
- You may check the CCTV camera.
Sir, please leave me.
Sir, please try to understand me.
Get into the jeep.
- Which station officer are you?
- Sir, let me go.
Let me go, please.
- Sir, I have an urgent meeting.
- Walk with me. Come!
Sir, everybody is waiting for me.
- Sir, get hold of that lady first.
- Come with me!
I was trying to help her.
Congratulations, Mr
Oh, I forgot to ask your name.
Sunny Cherian Sunny.
Hey, Sunny Cherian, congratulations.
No need to stare at me like this.
I'm not a cop.
My name's Ranjith.
I'm from New Vision Channel's
program, Taken.
And you are taken!
Bring the gifts!
Take it.
Cheer up, man.
All these gifts are for you.
You may take it without fear. Here.
Another thing,
having a helpful mentality is good,
but the times are not right.
Okay, guys.
So, this is Ranjith signing off.
Okay, Sunny. Thank you so much.
Awesome dude. Take it.
It was because
of the boss's emotional blackmail
that I returned
for a show I had abandoned.
No matter what happens in the future,
I won't come this way again.
Let him know.
- Sir.
- Okay, bye.
Where is your husband?
Sunny "blockhead" Cherian?
His car broke down.
Further, he got held up
with something, it seems.
Quite obvious.
When it comes to him,
he would cook up unbelievable stories.
So, folks
Let's call it a day.
We shouldn't waste any more
of our precious minutes.
For my freaking loser son-in-law
Sunny Cherian Sunny.
it's better I leave now.
I'm going back today.
When I come back after two months,
we shall think about that project.
Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
It was a golden chance, sir.
Where the hell were you?
- On my way
- Dear
Our success and failure depend
on the decisions
that we make in our lives.
there is no use in blaming you.
Your husband is two years younger
than you, right?
I can't expect him
to be more mature than this.
Think about it once again,
and make a decision.
You are still young.
You can rectify this mistake.
I'm going to entrust this project
with someone
who is truly competent to do it,
unlike you.
I'm leaving.
At least I can catch the flight on time.
- Dad
- No.
- Hey!
- Not your dad.
I got held up by a bastard
on my way.
You wouldn't believe me.
Do you say anything that is believable?
- I feel ashamed of myself.
- At least you try to understand me.
After having fun all day,
look at the time you've come
for an important meeting.
Take it off, Mom.
Drink it.
I think I'll spend my whole life
huffing and worrying about you.
Why are you getting tense
thinking about me?
How long will you survive
doing these prank shows?
When you completed the direction course,
you told me that you would
immediately start working in the cinema.
My dream will come true, Mom.
I will soon stop taking pocket money
from the salary you receive
from the college.
Go and sleep, Mom.
I want to go early tomorrow.
I have a meeting.
Yeah, I know.
The judgment of your case
will come after some days.
I had warned you when you started
doing this program
that you were going to be in trouble.
We will definitely win the case.
Your prayers are always
there with me.
If your deeds are bad,
there is no use praying.
After your dad passed away,
when I used to hold you on my hips,
there was nobody to help me out.
It was after I got a job
that people started talking to me.
If Dad were there,
you wouldn't have to get tense.
Have you thought about me,
who has grown up without a father?
You talk about my father more
when you blame me.
I'm not blaming you.
What's it, dear?
The two flower pots that we have
hung in front of our house
Be careful when you water them.
When I see you watering the plants
and pulling out the hose,
I am worried that it might break.
I fear that something similar
will happen to you as well.
You must understand that.
Oh, that's the thing.
You are born to get terrified
at each and everything.
I accept my defeat today as well.
Greetings, sir.
- Please make him understand.
- Listen
Dear, take it easy.
Now the show has more reach.
No way. I am done.
What is your plan?
Any problem?
They are from that channel.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Alright, bye.
They are contesting a case in the court.
Why, sir? Any problem?
There must be some issue for sure.
Or else, they wouldn't have stepped
inside the court.
What's their case all about?
They have a program where a guy
comes in disguise and pranks others.
Somebody who saw it on TV
filed a court case against them.
What's the status of the case?
The court said that only the person
who is directly subjected to defamation
can file such a case.
Also, the court said that
the audience has the choice
to browse any channel they wish.
Is that a valid point?
Are you questioning the court?
I didn't mean that.
I was saying that the court is right.
Are you acting
like a bigger court than this court?
What about the case?
She didn't tell anybody's name today.
She has put the government
in peril, saying that
MLAs and ministers
are involved in the case.
Come on.
She seems to be challenging
the judiciary.
She, lifting a paper
inside the court, says that
she has a list of people who have
sexually exploited her,
and she will publicize it
when the time comes.
- Anyway, she has been humiliated.
- Yes.
So, she would have thought
of pocketing some money
from the people who marched behind her.
Quite natural.
Where's the ACP?
He is on a mission
to bring her outside the court.
Moreover, many people have
gathered to see her.
As if they
don't have their own wives at home.
Get out of the way.
Step back!
Hey, move!
Move all of them!
Ask the media to move away!
Get in the vehicle!
Get in!
Get her inside, fast!
Close the door!
The car is moving.
Get the people to move aside.
Move, all of you.
You need not come.
Sorry, sir.
I'm really fed up, sir.
It's better to work
for daily wages with Bengalis.
She also needs people to help her, right?
She is smart enough
to get what she wants.
Who are we working for?
For the government or the judiciary?
We must work for the salary we are taking.
Agree. We are getting
our salary through the bank.
But do we have to salute the bank manager?
Do one thing.
Request the court for her custody,
saying that she isn't cooperating.
Dear friends,
the challenge our country is facing
is not dacoity or murder.
Not even rape.
But the corrupt government.
When the people are deprived of
their well-being because of corruption,
- dacoity and murder take place.
- Excuse me.
He started this
a few days back, all alone.
Then, people joined him.
The hunger strike is just a tool.
Regardless, the revolution will come.
Isn't it, sir?
If I could take this strike
that I initiated to this level
Please move, brother.
What are you doing?
Don't beat us, brother.
I told you, it's a prank.
This is a prank, brother.
- Don't hit me!
- How dare you!
Please understand.
Don't hit him.
Brother, please
Hear me out!
You may sit there.
There's no empty seat.
Aren't you the person who saved me,
even though in disguise?
Actually, I'm not a full-time host on TV.
Not a police officer either, right?
I'm a film director.
Which film?
I'm going to do a film.
Will you tell me the truth
if I ask you something?
If you wouldn't put me in trouble,
I swear, I'll tell the truth.
Why did you save me
at the bus stop that day?
The thing is,
I had confidence
after wearing the police uniform.
When a beautiful and attractive girl
You have a nice name.
Pournnami is a nice name.
The name is written on the file.
Oh, okay.
Hello, I'm Ranjith.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Please move from the seat.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Guys these days don't think twice
before taking a lady's seat.
Let him sit there.
You came to me, on the wings of my dreams
Which stayed only for a short time
You came to me, on the wings of my dreams
Which stayed only for a short time
You became the sea waves
Inside the moon of my heart
A thousand lights are lit inside me
Making me blissful
You came to me, on the wings of my dreams
Which stayed only for a short time
I saw it in your kohl eyes
The lightning amidst the clouds
You are my silent love
You are the cool of the rain inside me
When you come
The pathway is lit with moonlight
Like waves
The love that turned thorns into roses
Your long hair fills desire in me
I saw it in your eyes
All that I wanted to tell you
And forgot
A single word from you
Is like a spring for me
Just your thoughts
All day long
Oh, my dream
I want you to stay more and more
Hey, look.
- That's him!
- The fake police who thrashed us.
Yes, that's him.
- Catch him.
- Get him!
Go that way.
Where's he?
- There!
- Go straight.
Go that way.
Don't let him get away.
Get hold of him.
Hey, rickshaw!
Get inside.
- Are you not coming?
- Go. No.
I have some work.
- This way.
- Over here.
- Come on!
- Let's go!
- Where did he go?
- Oh, no
- Come on.
- Let's go!
- Don't let him go.
- Let's go.
- Had dinner?
- Yes.
Why are you laughing?
What's the matter?
- Come here, Sunny.
- What happened?
Come here.
Sunny, watch yourself on TV.
When did all these happen?
You didn't tell me anything about it.
It is so funny
seeing you all embarrassed
for the first time.
Didn't you know
that they were recording?
What are you doing?
Switch it on.
Are you making fun of me?
When I told you about it,
both you and your dad
showed a grand attitude.
The attitude of big business magnets.
Didn't you?
- Hello.
- Did you watch it on TV?
Yes, Dad. I saw it.
What a funny show!
You need not fight with him for this.
Christmas is coming.
I'll arrange two flight tickets to Zurich.
Dad, let me ask Sunny
and then get back to you.
Why are you calling this late at night?
I got hold of her.
The woman who challenged
the court and the system
through her advocate.
She has started talking.
Her list contains names
that would shock us.
Where are you now?
I'm here at
No need.
I'll call you tomorrow morning.
- Okay?
- Hey
Damn it.
I'll serve him food.
Okay, madam.
Did you eat?
Let's go for an outing.
It's been a long time
since we've gone out together.
Dad called me.
He suggested
we go to Zurich for Christmas.
He will send the tickets to us.
We shall think about it.
Eat peacefully.
Let's put the joker costume away
and prank people wearing
Arab costumes.
I saw it on YouTube.
This is why you get thrashed all the time.
Are you still doing that program, Ranjith?
I saw Pournnami while I was shooting
the last episode
of that program.
You will take a couple of hours, right?
- Maximum two hours.
- How much?
Two hours?
Even if it is two hours,
I'll stay right here.
- You may go. I'll join you.
- I'll call you when I'm done.
- Bye, Sunny.
- Okay, sweetheart.
- Bye, dude.
- Bye.
You're going to finish college, right?
What is your plan after that?
Are you going to become a teacher?
I'm not going to stop studying.
I want to do an M.Ed. as well.
Then, I'll try for a job.
So, we have time.
No, I was saying there's still time
for you to become a teacher.
It's a violation
to step into somebody's privacy,
capturing the private life of a person,
- and broadcasting it to the public.
- I will call you back.
Nobody should do it, no matter what.
No cultured society will allow that.
I told you, stingy,
that I'll call you back.
Hey, Sunny!
Heard that you have become
a star, appearing on the TV.
Are you Sunny Deol?
Do one thing.
Do you know that girl, Sunny Leone?
Act with her.
You will make a good pair.
What a fate!
Their porn will become popular.
He will be popular as well.
Now, you may stop directing.
My house is nearby.
I'll walk alone.
- Here is your camera.
- Oh.
I'm leaving.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Come on.
Open the trunk.
- Let's put it there.
- Yes.
Come on.
Cut it.
He won't even allow me to say "cut."
Hello, director.
There's a sequence performed
by actor Dhanush in Jagame Thandhiram
"Rakita, Rakita, Rakita." Remember?
Shall we do something similar?
- No, sir
- That's enough.
- Let me see.
- That's correct.
- I shot it using another angle.
- This is good.
Mr. Producer
You must see the photos
and videos taken by this guy.
If the camera fails
to capture what we are shooting,
we can use these.
This is awesome.
Quite obvious.
It's me who is doing it.
Ranjith, come here.
- This angle is really good.
- Really?
- Shall I give you a cup of tea?
- Tea?
- Hello, sir.
- He is Ranjith.
- He has come to meet me.
- Greetings.
Have you come to narrate a story?
- Yes.
- Kunjappa
- Thanks.
- Sit.
What genre it is?
This is a cinema-related story.
Mr. Shashankan,
people like him have a craze
to bring cinema inside a cinema.
You must be aiming
to embarrass actors, isn't it?
- Who are you ridiculing this time?
- No, sir.
Is it Amitabh Bachchan?
Or is it poor me?
Sir, the shot is ready.
Oh, is it? But I'm not ready.
Sir, we will lose daylight.
Daylight will come again tomorrow.
If my date goes, who will come?
Ask the director to come and see me.
- Okay, sir.
- Listen
- Did you eat anything?
- Yes.
This is the problem
when you do double roles.
What's it?
In the climax,
one of them is getting killed.
So what?
Do I have to shoot and kill myself?
As it is a double role,
one of you will be alive, right?
That is why
we have named the film "I or I."
What crap are you saying, Shashankan?
- Sir.
- Hold it.
Come with me to the caravan.
I need to revamp the climax.
You may carry on.
Cinema is a place
where you may encounter small mischiefs,
such as showing nudity in darkness.
You'll find many questionable things
- Why did you show him the script
- here and there.
But we must be sharp and withstand it.
My entire hope is on my next film.
- Jesus.
- Yeah.
There is a scene
where the Roman soldier, Longinus,
stabs with a spear.
The reaction I will give there,
- will be very "academic."
- What?
I mean, the award.
Our Jesus' writer is rocking over there.
- He is good, right?
- Yes, of course.
is there so much comedy
in the film Jesus?
That's true.
Let him write in his own way.
- I will make the necessary corrections.
- Correct.
Bro, have you brought this
for the shooting?
- Yes, sir.
- Is it a cobra?
Haven't you plucked its teeth?
No, the snake will die
if its teeth are plucked.
It has scenes with me.
Ask him to act well.
Learned the dialogues?
Who? The snake?
Dear boss, please come with me.
- Let's go.
- I have an idea.
- What's it?
- Give me the umbrella.
Take out your phone.
Take a picture of me.
Take it.
name the snake Gold or Ruby.
Work on the photo in Photoshop,
and ask our guys
to spread the photo online.
What about the caption?
"The superstar"
"When he named a snake."
Why are you guys following me?
Go and mind your business.
So, what about the climax?
Yes, sir.
I read the script that you wrote.
It didn't work out for me.
Didn't you tell me you have
another story with you?
Can I hear it?
Sir, that's a real-life story.
Oh, then tell the story.
Sir, the story starts at a bus stop.
The heroine is waiting for the bus.
Some locals are there as well.
When the hero finds out
that they are disturbing the heroine,
- he comes into the scene...
- Stop it.
Is this how you narrate a story?
Who is the hero and heroine of your story?
Anson Paul
and Hannah Reji Koshy
are the actors in my mind.
Okay, then name them
and narrate the story.
So that we could feel the story.
When you name the characters,
we will feel as if
we are watching the movie.
Try that way.
The film starts at a bus stop.
Hannah Reji Koshy comes in.
When she comes to the bus stop every day
some locals always pester her.
Dude, your Chikku is coming.
Sir, it's a movie.
It's natural to have some buildup.
The hero enters in a police costume.
Anson Paul.
Get lost!
Get lost!
Excuse me.
Thank you, sir.
We can see gratitude
and a bit of love on Hannah's face
as she looks at Anson, a police officer.
In the next scene,
in an extreme wide shot,
a youngster is driving a luxury car.
Sir, let's introduce
a new face for this role.
Okay? When he was waiting for an Uber,
he offered to help a girl.
In fact,
it turned out
to be a life-changing incident for him.
What's inside the bag?
Oh, this bag? This bag is not mine.
This lady
Where is she?
Amidst the commotion,
the character of Ramesh Kottayam
is introduced.
He is a public prosecutor.
Which station officer are you?
Get lost!
Now you are taken.
Okay, bye.
Anson and Hannah meet again,
and their love
for each other becomes explicit.
Usually, it's the moms
who worry about the heroes.
Our hero's mother is Ms. Sobha Mohan.
You were saved from this case.
What if anyone else who gets pranked
on your show files a suit?
My dear mom,
why don't you forget about the case?
I'm scared, Son.
Mom, I swear, I will quit.
You know very well
that cinema is what I like.
Even though he missed Anson
from the mall,
he encountered Anson
when he was coming back from the bar.
This is a golden chance to retaliate
and put up a good performance.
But what happened was
Come outside. Your car was speeding.
There is a camera in that vehicle.
Go there. You will get
the remaining details from there.
- Pay the fine and go.
- We forgot the documents.
- Isn't it enough to show a copy of it?
- Okay, I understand.
I'll put an end to his business today.
- We don't need to keep the original.
- Sir!
Raising your hand on the police?
Show your damn smartness
in front of your family.
Get him inside the vehicle.
- Sir.
- Get in!
- What are you all staring at?
- Get in!
Get him inside the vehicle!
Get inside.
- Leave me.
- Get in!
Get him inside.
We will show you our true colors.
Let's reach the police station.
You come to the police station
and file a suit.
You will learn a lesson,
held up in the court for a day.
Shall we?
- Get out.
- Step out!
Lock him inside the cell.
- Sir, please.
- Hold him.
- Stop resisting!
- Come.
- Come here.
- Keep walking.
He is so arrogant.
Come with me.
Go inside the cell.
- Hey.
- Sir.
Bring him to me.
Hey, come here.
Go, he is calling you.
He was teaching us "law" on the road.
Impose a fine on him.
- Come here.
- What case is it?
He fit a camera inside a bathroom.
Nice, you come here.
What is it, sir?
Get inside!
Come inside.
Do you know them?
He is my father-in-law's manager
and advocate.
- Sir, please
- Be quiet, Mr. Advocate.
He has hit a police officer.
I can't let him go so easy.
Given the VIPs who have called me for him,
this is the minimum beating
I could give him.
Sir, I had talked to you earlier
about this.
How did such a moron
get into a reputed family?
- Take him.
- Thank you, sir.
Say sorry to that police officer
before leaving.
Hear me?
Do whatever is necessary
to appease him, okay?
Okay, sir.
Come on, Sunny.
Sunny, give it to him.
- Is that okay?
- Sorry, sir.
Don't you understand from
my uniform that I'm a cop?
- Sir
- Keep it there and go.
How did you come to know about it
in such a short time?
Sir informed us.
But how can he know?
How can Dad know about it
from the UK? No chance.
Sunny, you must know about his
connections and network.
Don't mind me saying this.
When he called,
he asked me to tell you something.
He wanted to know from you
how much money
you need to leave his daughter
and go forever.
Let me go to the office.
- We should have paid earlier.
- Then, we wouldn't be at the station.
Hey, come here!
Come here!
What's this blood all about?
Open the trunk.
Hey, don't let me escape!
Hey, stop the vehicle.
- Stop the car!
- Stop!
Hey, stop there.
Get out!
Get out of the car!
Get hold of him, sir.
Get in!
- Leave me.
- Catch him.
- Come on!
- Get in!
I don't know how
that body ended up in my car.
It's a trap!
Stop resisting!
Assistant Public Prosecutor,
Vijay Antony's dead body
was found by the police
in a suspicious situation.
The person driving a luxury car
was taken to the police station
for a quarrel
he had with the police.
- He will be presented in court
- Sir, I told you.
Getting bail is a bit difficult
in such a case.
I don't want to know
about the court procedures.
My daughter has asked for one
last chance to make him a decent person.
I'm sure he wouldn't change
for the better if he gets out.
Once the chance is over,
I can remove that fool
from my family myself.
Okay, sir. I'll try my best.
- Yes.
- Okay, sir.
I was on a call with the boss.
He had called me as well.
He said that money doesn't matter.
It's that girl.
She just finished two rounds of crying.
I can't hear it anymore.
- What?
- It's for you.
- It's me, the SP.
- Yes, sir.
- Give this phone to Sunny.
- Okay, sir.
- Do whatever he needs, okay?
- Okay, sir.
Sunny, Teena is on the call.
Hello, Sunny.
What am I hearing about you?
I'm at the SP's house.
Some strangers have come home
and are creating a ruckus.
What do we do now?
Where are you, Sunny?
Why are you not talking?
I haven't done anything.
I haven't done anything wrong.
- I swear!
- Sunny.
Don't worry, Sunny.
I have informed Dad about it.
I'll call him again.
There is nothing that Dad cannot manage.
Sunny Cherian Sunny, a suspect
in Vijay Antony's murder case,
has been granted bail.
It is evident from the CCTV footage that
Sunny Cherian was inside the same bar
when Vijay Antony was killed.
The prosecution argued that the murderers
might have intentionally
left the dead body in Sunny's car
to make him criminally liable for murder.
It's on that basis
that Sunny was released on bail.
Sir, good morning.
- Got the bail, right?
- Yes, sir.
Give the phone to him.
Sir is on the call.
- Hello.
- My daughter told me that
she would not ask for anything else
other than this.
One more thing.
I'm ready for the offer
that my manager told you about.
Make a wise decision.
You can communicate the rest
with my advocate.
Let me tell you,
only if it's a mutual petition
will you have any benefit.
I can get you more money from them.
Otherwise, you will fall into trouble.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Hello.
- Hello, sir.
- What's it?
- Sir
I'm in Malappuram right now.
I have come here for a case.
I feel that Vijay's death
is a pre-planned one.
With his death,
everybody is worried
about the fate of the case.
- Okay.
- Most probably,
the court might
hand over the charge to you.
If so, you must be careful.
I mean,
you must take care.
Okay, let us see.
Okay, sir.
If you have a wealthy father-in-law,
you can get bail not just for
a murder case but for rape as well.
But there is a problem.
You will have
to serve him like a selfless slave.
How can a guy who lives
in his wife's house have dignity?
Yes, tell me.
It's late at night.
Why are you not at home?
Dad rang me up.
I promised him
that you would obey him all the time.
Where are you coming from?
Christmas is around the corner, right?
I visited Seena's house.
Is that why you are wearing a sari?
That's not the case.
Once a month,
all the students must take a class.
Today, it was me.
- How do I look in a sari?
- Nice.
What happened?
Can I ask you something?
Do you know when a guy
would feel that a girl is beautiful?
When she is dressed up for her wedding.
Or when he comes to her house
for a bride-seeing ceremony.
That day, she just dresses up
to make herself presentable.
I'm asking about other occasions.
When a guy feels true love for a girl,
she will be the most dear one to him,
even more than his mother or friends.
That's when she looks so beautiful to him.
At that moment,
he will be madly in love with her.
Don't you understand what I'm saying?
You didn't say anything.
Yes, I didn't say anything.
Tell me the truth.
Where have you hidden the camera?
Ca Camera?
Please don't pester me.
If you include me in your show,
my dad won't even allow me to study.
Switch off the cameras and leave me.
I'm not pranking you.
You just have to prank somebody
and do the show.
My case is different.
When I say this now,
you are the dearest one to me.
She was deliberately acting so,
to prank Anson,
who always pranked others.
I'm head over heels for you.
I don't know any other way
to express my love to you
more seriously than this.
If you feel that I'm pranking you
using a camera,
I'll go.
Love is mostly like this.
Love is more about freedom
than love itself.
I melt in your smile like the moonlight
I melt in your wings, like a dream
You are like the stars
That kiss on my chest
We spend time together like love birds
Like a butterfly that touches me
Near my eyes
You make my day calm and cool
You fill my eyes and heart
My mind always searches for your memories
I always love
To feel your touch
You are like the stars
That kiss on my chest
We spend time together like love birds
Like a butterfly that touches me
Near my eyes
You make my day calm and cool
The honey that the night showers
Spread on you
You shine like a sun in my life
You join me as my better half
You are my desire
You are like the stars
That kiss on my chest
We spend time together like love birds
Like a butterfly that touches me
Near my eyes
You make my day calm and cool
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Come with me.
Happy Christmas!
Sunny, where are you?
I'm packing our luggage.
Why are you not talking?
Don't we have to fly tomorrow?
Happy Christmas!
is there any use in calling a number
that has been switched off?
If she switches on the phone
and her dad picks up the call,
that will be even worse.
I don't want her to worry too much.
I must talk to her.
She will only believe what her dad says.
All that you need
is her landline number, right?
It's me.
Why did you call here?
I am worried.
What did your dad say?
He hasn't talked to me until now.
He hasn't asked me anything about us.
I am scared to go near him.
Don't worry.
Your dad knows me.
But there are some confusions.
I will fix it tomorrow.
The problem will be solved
if I apologize to him.
Are you there? Hello.
- I want to talk to you.
- Hello?
You may take any decision
after hearing it.
With your permission,
I will cut this call.
Move, sister.
Let me carry my boss. Come on!
Hurry up!
- Hold him tight. Don't put him down.
- What happened?
- Fast!
- Hey, what happened?
- Tell me the issue.
- Nothing to worry.
The person with the snake
had just arrived.
I accidentally pricked him
with the safety pin I was holding,
- and he passed out.
- That's all?
He might scold him
for not taking him to the hospital.
- Come on, let's go fast.
- Hurry up!
Start the car!
No need to bother about him.
Sit, Ranjith.
You continue.
After that incident,
they didn't meet again.
They didn't? Why?
How will the story continue
if they don't meet?
This is my life story,
which recently happened to me.
Anson is me.
Hannah is my Pournnami.
My mom, her dad,
and some people I encountered in my life,
along with my inquiries into their lives,
make up this story.
Oh, is it?
Won't this story have a climax
if you don't meet her again?
I didn't mean that.
After we were separated
I completed the story,
adding some elements
that popped up in my imagination.
That's awesome.
Realistic fiction.
Tell me the rest of it.
Sir, the next scene starts on a road.
Do you recognize me?
Isn't he the one we pranked the other day?
You've become a TV star now.
We need a treat.
- Oh, God!
- What the hell are you doing?!
Why are you beating us?
Somebody stop him.
- Where is he?
- Who?!
The other idiot!
I'll kill him today!
- Where is he?
- He is in Chala.
Crazy guy.
What is this? Are you hurt?
My nose is broken.
- May I help you, sir?
- I don't need your freaking help!
- Where is he?
- Sir?
Haven't you entrusted a guy with a camera
to prank the public?
- Where is he?
- I don't understand...
- Where the hell is that devil?!
- Hey, mister.
Where's the guy with a camera
who pranks people?
That is a program we outsource.
He is not on my staff.
He deceives the public
with more extravagant stories.
- Tell him to come outside!
- Mister!
Don't forget that this is a channel.
Tell him that
I also live in this place.
I will finish him as well as his program.
- What's the matter?
- Where were you?
He's driving away!
Who are you? I don't recognize you.
You need to understand one thing.
Your son must not pursue my daughter.
If he tries to meet or talk to her,
I have my own ways of dealing with it.
I've been a lawyer for the past 30 years,
and I can easily punish or save a guy
who is the son of a mother like you.
Otherwise, consider that you lost your son
because you haven't raised him well.
Just wait a minute.
When you interact with others,
you can show a little decency.
The court and the law apply to everyone.
You are just one of the many advocates.
I haven't come to teach you the law.
You'll understand the wrath
of the law when you experience it.
Your son will be inside the jail,
and you'll be outside.
Your life will be an ordeal.
Hey, I want to talk to you.
Leave me alone. I need to go.
What happened to you?
My dad doesn't like our relationship.
Don't ask me further questions,
and be practical.
Isn't it because you love me
that you ask me to be practical?
Please, this is a public road.
If anybody who knows my dad sees us
Your dad has threatened my mom,
saying that he will file a case against me
and put me in jail
if I meet you again.
Don't make allegations about my dad.
So, you are saying that only
your dad is right.
Please don't disturb me.
- Stop for a minute.
- You may go.
- We will deal with him.
- Move!
- Hey
- I want to tell you something.
Brother, Jawahar Nagar.
Brother, you are not taking
her anywhere.
Oh, is this a command of Romeo?
- Get lost!
- This is important.
Do one thing.
- Look after my family as well.
- Please, brother, please understand.
- Move away!
- Can't you understand what I'm saying?
How dare you?!
You must arrange three
to four bottles of blood immediately.
B positive.
Make it fast.
- B positive, right?
- Yes.
The call is not going through.
- I will arrange it
- Okay.
- How much?
- Fifty rupees.
- Son, I'm not feeling well.
- Mom!
- Can you come home?
- Mom!
Please get up!
And then?
Sir, actually, the film ends here.
How can it end here?
How is that possible?
Why, sir? Any problem?
Of course!
You can't end the story this way.
In your story,
an advocate is getting killed.
So, make a villain for it.
Write a fight scene as well.
Let it be a commercial movie.
What happened to Sunny,
who wanted to kill you?
In the climax,
either your mother or lover dies.
Finalize who is dying.
Otherwise, the audience will poke
on the screen with a cigarette and go.
Let your mother die.
If your mother dies,
the audience will cry their eyes out.
A tragic climax
after the film Akashadoothu.
We shall end the film
with your mother's death.
Ranjith, it's not your mother.
I meant to say the mother
in your story.
So, you write accordingly.
It's a new year in two days.
We will announce
the movie on the first of January.
A small token amount in advance.
We will decide the rest
after announcing the movie.
Okay, sir.
Thank you, sir.
We must nail the climax.
Why an unusual call at this time?
Something unusual has happened today, Mom.
What's that?
I'm doing a movie.
The producer agreed to finance it.
Then, come home.
I want to hear everything
directly from you.
Sure. Okay, Mom.
- Boss.
- Where are you, Ranjith?
I'm in the town.
Don't go anywhere else,
and come to our office now.
There is an urgent matter.
What's the matter? Tell me.
First, you come here, then I'll tell you.
A guy created a ruckus over here
in the name of our program.
But I'm not related
to that program anymore.
That's not the matter.
He is looking for you.
He threatened that he would kill you.
It is good to be a little vigilant.
I am just saying.
He broke the glasses a while ago.
Let the car go.
The loss is manageable.
Come inside.
Let's talk inside the office.
- Yes, Ranji.
- Mom
Has anyone come looking for me?
No, why?
Nothing. I'm coming home.
If anybody comes asking for me,
call me before you open the door.
- Understand?
- What happened to you?
Nothing. I'm coming home.
Do you know the reason why he came?
Don't you want
to know what he told me?
He must have said that
life ahead would be an ordeal,
with the son in jail
and the mother outside.
He must have cursed both of us.
Who other than me
can understand that better?
Let me lie down for some time.
I'm exhausted.
It will work out.
Everything will work out.
If the water level goes above your head,
you must row the boat above it.
That doesn't mean that you will be saved.
Whatever ought to happen will happen.
Let's go.
Didn't I say everything will work out?
This is me working out.
You didn't believe me
when I said that, did you?
Look at him rolling his eyes.
- Do you drink tea?
- Yes.
Then shall we drink some tea?
No, not now, sir.
Come on, dear.
We shall talk over a cup of tea.
You are drinking the tea
that you just said no to.
I didn't say it
to stop you from drinking it.
When I asked you before,
you didn't want to drink tea.
That was true for your mind.
But your body wanted it.
Similarly, when we are awake,
only ten percent
of our conscious mind is working.
At the same time,
even though you are sleeping,
ninety percent
of your subconscious mind is active
and is capable of working all day.
Taking into account
what is right or wrong,
they start confusing us.
I'm struggling to confront my thoughts.
I can understand you, Ranjith.
When human beings started conquering
the world through senses,
they started believing that there
was something beyond the sixth sense.
By the way,
have you heard of ESP?
Extrasensory perception.
You will feel that many things
are going to happen.
Same as dj vu.
That's a French word.
When you experience something,
you feel that you have
experienced it in life before.
The reason why
I'm telling you all these things is
A small thing that we do
might affect others' lives in a big way.
If anything of that sort has happened,
and you know
that you are the reason for it,
it is better to keep away from it
to avoid problems.
To be frank, doctor
I'm even scared to sleep.
Ranjith, our mind is like a mustard seed
on a pot turned upside down.
Once you misplace it,
the circumstances won't allow you
to place it again in the right place.
What you must do is relax.
If you feel that you need medication,
I'll give you a tablet for today.
In your story,
you have predicted what would
happen to your loved ones.
And you fear that
all of it would happen in real life.
Nothing that you fear is going to happen.
If you feel that you are not all right,
we shall arrange
for one more session, okay?
Listen, the year is going to end.
It is a new year in two days.
Forget all these, and do your movie.
Come on!
Yes, Mom
The plant pot has been broken.
Which plant pot?
The ones we hung in front of our house.
One among them.
Are you hurt?
No, I am not.
Tell me the matter, Mom.
Take care of your tongue.
That's all.
Go and stand in front of a train instead!
What's wrong, dear?
Will you tell the truth,
if I ask you something?
Go ahead, ask.
I have never lied to you,
even as a joke.
Am I a headache for you?
I had back pain
when I was pregnant with you.
And the labor pain
you cannot hurt me more than that.
I'm serious. Tell me.
Dear, what's your problem?
As your film is set to take off,
have you switched to flight mode?
Where are you going?
I want to meet somebody.
It is a court matter.
Don't rush it.
Bro, can I meet him?
What's the matter?
It's regarding a case.
It's urgent
- Can I talk to him?
- Please wait.
That guy is here to meet you.
- Which guy?
- Your daughter's
He is standing over there.
He says it's urgent.
He wants to talk to you personally.
That's not possible. Ask him to go.
He is busy.
He can't talk to you right now.
Okay. I'll wait.
He doesn't have the time.
This is not regarding me.
It's regarding a case that he's handling.
Whatever it is, you cannot meet him now.
This is a court.
No use in making a fuss here.
- Get going!
- It will not take much time.
- Please understand.
- Go away!
Don't create a scene.
Don't you understand it?
- I just need to talk to him.
- No means no!
He needs to know this.
- Sir, please.
- What a guy!
- Where the hell has he come from?
- Please understand what I'm saying.
Get inside!
- Go and sit there!
- Come on!
- Hold it.
- Sir
- Frisk him!
- Sir
You bloody
- Write the FIR.
- Step aside.
He must not see
the outside world ever again.
- What's the matter?
- I'm Ranjith's mother.
- Is this regarding the ACP's case?
- Yes, sir.
Your son is smart.
Sir, what did my son do?
He tried to barge into the room
of the Asst. Prosecutor.
When he is presented in court tomorrow,
he will face charges for various offenses
that he'll have
to bear throughout his life.
- Sit.
- Sir
Is there a way
to stop this from going to court?
- Step outside.
- Sir.
This is a case
in which the ACP has interfered directly.
Meet him directly and beg for this guy.
You may get help.
Otherwise, he is going to be in trouble.
If I do not forward a registered case,
I'll be in trouble.
Sir, I told you
about their poor family background
As you requested,
I cannot allow you to meet him.
I am responsible for his security.
How can I myself?
He didn't have any intention
to pester the girl.
They have been friends for a long time.
My son is all I have in my life.
You must have made your son
understand this rather than me.
Stop crying.
Let me talk to him.
I can only do this if he allows it.
It depends upon your luck.
What is it?
That guy's mother is crying in the office.
Why are you so interested in this case?
Let them suffer.
Only then, they will fear the law.
Please don't mind me saying this.
They are ready to apologize to you.
They will definitely appear
in court with the help of an advocate.
If that happens,
what if your daughter agrees
to appear in court?
If you wish,
we can do it on your terms.
I hope you understand
what I am trying to say.
I'll handle them.
Do what you like.
If it turns out
to be a problem in the future,
you will have to bear the brunt.
Remember that.
I'll take care of it, sir.
He has agreed to drop the case.
If he creates any problem again,
he will be taken to court by the police.
You may go now.
Make him understand.
I'll call the station
and ask them to leave him.
Thank you, sir.
We don't have anyone else to help us.
It is the Asst. Commissioner's kindness
that you are sitting in front of me now.
At least, pray for his family
before going to bed.
You'll receive some blessings from them.
Stop it!
If you have so much pressure,
go and consult a counselor.
The government
is giving facilities for it.
Aren't you the guy who was behind
Mr. Chandran's daughter?
Why are you here?
You can leave.
Come in.
Why are you here?
Need help?
Mom told me that you convinced him
to close the case.
The case has not been closed.
Why are you troubling
your mom at this old age?
What is in the camera?
Let me have a look.
You are the guy who pranks people, right?
Let me see it.
Bloody moron!
Stop with this.
In this department,
there are police officers
who are better killers than goons.
You and your mom will vanish
as if you both
never existed on this earth.
From now on, not even her shadow
must fall on your camera.
Where are you going?
Outside. Move!
Okay, but you must not go to the club.
It's me who decides where I must go.
Not my wife!
I know that you are going
to the club.
Going to drink, play cards,
and have fun, right?
I won't allow it anymore!
That brings shame to my father!
He is your father, not mine!
The reason why I have become
a waste is because of you and your dad.
Yes, the fault is mine, who tried
to lay a leech on the mat.
Yes, I'm a leech who lives in a dry well.
You and your dad are concerned only about
business, profit, and honor.
And advising me to live well?
If you don't respect someone,
that doesn't mean he doesn't have honor!
Are you not eating anything?
I'll eat after I come back.
What are you looking for?
I I was checking
if we have run out of your medicines.
This is good.
We can air this without the knowledge
of the management.
But it's going to get us in trouble.
We were going
to telecast the full episode of this.
But before we could telecast it,
it went missing.
No one raised
their voice against it as well.
Don't keep it in your hands.
Destroy it.
It might be impossible for you.
Let me see what I can do.
Brother, please take me
to St. Thomas College.
Brother, please hurry up.
Hey, brother, please
- St. Thomas College.
- Hop on!
Hey, my drink, please.
I'm joining you in the next round.
Distribute some cards for me as well.
Why are you here?
- What's your intention?
- What do you mean?
Can't I be in a place where my
husband is having fun?
I want to have a drink
and play cards with you.
I'm going to stick with you
wherever you go.
Teena, please
You might be coming to the club,
after completing your work
at the office and home.
But my husband is not like that.
So, I will have to follow him
wherever he goes.
You may continue.
I won't be at peace if I stay here.
Pull over here.
- Thanks.
- Okay, bro.
Hey, Pournnami, wait a minute.
Leave me alone, Ranjith.
I must go now.
Don't go alone.
Please listen to me. It's dangerous.
I'll drop you, please.
My father doesn't like our relationship.
So, be practical Ranjith, please.
I'm not here to romance with you.
- Listen to me. Please!
- Leave me.
- Leave me, Ranjith.
- Let me explain it to you.
- Let me...
- Just listen to what I have to say.
At least, you must trust me.
- Pournnami, please listen to me
- Hey, you!
We have seen many lovesick
people like him.
What the heck is your problem?
Move away!
- Move.
- Hey
If anything of that sort has happened,
and you know
that you are the reason for it,
it is better to keep away from it
to avoid problems.
I am off duty right now.
Bro, it's urgent.
I told you I am off duty.
It's urgent, bro.
No, sister.
Brother, please drop her.
It's urgent, please.
I'll give you any money you ask for.
- Are you bribing a rickshaw driver?
- Brother
- Please don't say like that.
- Move!
Please understand, bro.
- It's urgent.
- Get lost!
Can't you understand that it is urgent?
Assaulting a rickshaw driver?
How dare you?!
Take off your hand.
Acting smart with me?
Take your hands off me!
Bro, it is an accident.
Please help me to take her
to the hospital. Please.
- Make it fast.
- Please.
Do you recognize who he is?
He is a TV star who pranks
people on the show.
Oh, the one who pranks everyone.
This must be fake.
He will have cameras around.
Sorry, it's now I realized who you are.
When my driver told me
I watch your programs.
It's good. All the best.
- No, sir
- Let's go.
Sir, please
Madam, help!
We need to go to the hospital.
Can you drive the car?
- Tell me, Daughter.
- Hello, sir.
- It's me, Ranjith.
- Ranjith?
Why are you calling
from my daughter's phone?
Sir, Pournnami has met with an accident.
- What?
- I'm taking her to the City Hospital.
Please come there.
- What's the matter, dear?
- Mom
Have you taken the inhaler with you?
Get lost, you kiddo!
What's wrong with you?
I have noticed a change
in you over the past two days.
Come home immediately.
Have you taken the inhaler with you?
What's your problem in answering me?
Yes, there is a problem.
And you'll face it.
Come home.
I haven't hit you so hard
for you to cry this much.
Tell me the matter instead of crying.
My car met with an accident.
Are you okay?
I'm alright.
But a girl
She has been admitted
to the City Hospital.
It's okay.
The doctors will take care of her.
Sunny, she has been admitted
to the operation theater.
I don't even know if she is alive.
Can you come here immediately?
I'm scared.
My hands and legs are shivering.
Please come fast. Please
Okay, don't cry.
I'll be there in no time.
- What the hell did you do to my daughter?
- Please stop it!
- Leave him.
- I will kill you!
What are you doing? Stop!
- Let me explain, sir.
- Stop it!
- Stop it!
- Hey
- He hasn't done anything wrong.
- Let me go.
- You
- Leave him.
- I won't spare you.
- Please!
Sir, please understand what I'm saying.
He hasn't done anything wrong.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Let him go.
- Stop abusing him,
- You
and listen to what I have to say.
You were after my daughter
Sunny, what happened to you?
Stop, Sunny!
What the hell are you doing, Sunny?
Sunny, please listen to me.
Leave me.
He has set out to ruin my life!
I won't spare him! I'll kill him!
His girlfriend was hit by my car!
Stop it!
His girlfriend?
She is my daughter.
She is my girl.
Latest updates.
The murder video of Assistant Prosecutor
Vijay Antony has gone viral,
revealing ACP Dinesh Raj
and his team as the perpetrators.
Vijay Antony was the public prosecutor
of Sanjana's case.
And ACP Dinesh Raj is the investigating
officer of the same case.
Vijay Antony's death is related
to Sanjana's case
- Hello.
- I'm going live now.
Tune in to our channel.
You are going
to be a star in Kerala today.
Getting into the details
- Hello.
- How long do you plan to stay in hiding?
What if I seek help from a lawyer?
You need not bother us.
Do as you wish.
Sir, what can we do about it?
Sadly, your intelligence
is even lower than a beggar's.
What I meant is,
how will we prove it otherwise?
And without knowing who it is
Hey, moron.
Which channel are you watching?
Switch to New Vision.
Regardless of their political affiliation,
everyone is going to be hanged.
I hope you know that.
No more discussions over the phone.
We'll meet in my hometown
after everything settles.
Have a clear plan
about what you're going to do.
Got it?
The brave cameraman
who captured these visuals
is Ranjith,
our anchor at the New Vision channel.
Ranjith has brought pride
to New Vision for capturing these visuals.
Our reporter, Gayatri,
is online with more details.
Can you hear me, Gayatri?
You must arrange
three to four bottles of blood.
B positive.
Arrange it as soon as possible.
One minute, sister.
Hello, where are you?
- Hello
- Hello, listen
- I am in City Hospital.
- I can't hear you.
- I'm in City Hospital. Pournnami
- Hello?
Can you hear me?
Come to the production house
for the new year program.
We have been waiting for you.
Sir, I'll arrange the blood.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- How is she?
- Let's wait for 24 hours.
Can't say anything now.
My blood is B positive.
Go to the blood bank downstairs,
and tell the patient's name.
- Okay?
- Downstairs. Yes.
What are you doing?
You can't give blood if you are drunk.
If I'm not drunk,
Daddy's girl doesn't have any problem
if I give blood, right?
Sunny, I'll let me join you.
Where are you going?
I'm in a rush
to arrange some blood urgently.
We've witnessed many of your emergencies.
Please understand, it's really urgent.
- Please hear me out.
- Wait.
You're good at putting
on a show in front of ladies, right?
Listen to me.
- Where the hell are you going?
- Brother
Should we let you go,
having you in our grasp?
Let me go.
Understand the situation.
Sunny, don't go.
- Leave my hand.
- It's urgent.
Please understand what I'm saying.
- I need to arrange some blood urgently.
- Let him go!
Bro, you can go.
I will handle them!
Get lost!
Go away!
- Get lost!
- Come on!
Who are you?
It's me, Ranjith.
Please go.
Let me be.
I don't know if the others are alive.
Before they reach
You must go.
Go fast.
Ranjith, I'm telling you to go.
No, you must not go there.
Ranjith, no!
No, you must not go there!
Hey, Ranjith!
Please do as I say.
It's dangerous to be here.
No, Ranjith. Don't go!
I told you not to go there!
He is shocked.
He got scared.
He has lost his mind.
In fact, what you are saying is right.
Our program really messes
with people's lives.
We selected you
to make the last episode special.
So, the very last episode
where we all prank you,
who used to prank the public until now.
Now, you are taken!
He is really shocked.
- It was a nice plan.
- Congratulations, Ranjith.
Have a nice time with team Taken!
- Hey!
- Oh!
What are you doing?
- How could you...
- It might be a joke.
We have made fun of a lot of people!
I've bothered many people,
without considering their time
or circumstances, for you all!
Do you know
why I have come here, at this time?
Do you have any idea?
Pournnami met with an accident,
and she is in ICU.
We just
She needs some blood!
That's why I came here
Have some sense!
- Son
- Mom.
I'm not feeling well.
- Please come home immediately.
- Mom!
I want to go home urgently.
- I'm taking your vehicle.
- Okay.
- Can you go to City Hospital?
- Okay.
Hello, City Hospital?
I need an ambulance. It's urgent!
Kowdiar, No. 22, Second Avenue.
Happy New Year!
- Mom
- She is not dead.
We haven't done anything either.
Your house is somewhere
we can be safe now.
Make a new story stating
that the visuals you aired today
are not real
but just a part of your program,
and air it on your channel.
Do this by tomorrow.
That's not possible.
The visuals are real.
I cannot do that.
I hope you know
that you have put us in peril.
We will handle the law and the court.
Make only those visuals
that are convincing.
Sir, please
I won't be able to help you right now.
Let me take my mom to the hospital.
You are not taking her to any hospital.
Let us conduct her funeral
right over here!
Hey, take him.
Grab him.
Get up, Ranjith.
- Hold him.
- Sir!
Lay him there.
Stop there.
Sir, let me explain.
I have signed all the documents
you have asked for.
Now, it's my decision whether
to shift her to another hospital or not.
- She is my daughter!
- I know, she is your daughter.
But she is in a critical stage.
She is losing her last trace of life
from her body.
We, doctors, are trying to save her.
Shifting in this condition
is too risky.
Please believe us.
We lawyers assure our clients
that we will win the case.
Similarly, doctors claim
the patient will recover
and charge a hefty fee.
You continue to assert until the end
that the patient will survive
and the case will be won.
Sir, her body lacks
the strength to withstand
even the slightest movement
of this structure.
Please understand.
No more arguments.
I will not treat my child here anymore.
I have already made up my mind.
- Please
- Sir
Hello, Mr. Shashankan,
is the movie releasing today?
My dear TSA
I'm going to the theater
to watch the premiere show.
I sent you the invitation, right?
- Oh, then I'll come to the theater.
- Okay.
Dear Manoj, please go fast.
Will you take me there
before the premiere show finishes?
- Hello.
- Sir
I'm Anson's Fan's Association Secretary.
Yes, tell me.
I heard that the movie
has a tragic climax.
When true stories are made into films
Yes, it is a tragedy.
Everybody is committing suicide
towards the end of the movie.
- Sir
- If anyone survives,
I'll kill them as well.
Finally, I might kill myself.
What do you say?
If so, it will be more tragic than this.
- Sir
- Now, are you happy?
Guys, hurry up.
We need to go for a regular show
soon after this.
Okay, brother.
Doctor, my son
He is alright.
You may go inside and see him.
Doctor, has he shown any improvement?
Mom, are you okay?
I'm alright.
It's you who is not well.
Mom, what about her?
Don't think about it now.
Everybody will experience love
in their life,
and they will want to live together.
But not everyone is lucky enough
to marry that person.
So, my son, you must now concentrate
more on your profession.
God will give you everything
that is meant for you.
Son, sleep peacefully.
I'm there with you.
- Good job, man.
- Thank you.
It was really nice.
Thanks, dude.
It's me, who must say thank you to you.
Now, the climax is fine.
Thank you, brother.
you haven't said anything
about Pournnami in the end.
I had called Pournnami's friend
to tell her about the film.
When I asked about Pournnami,
she didn't say anything.
We are someone who understands
the depth of your love
more than anyone else.
We really wish you could be together.
We inquired about her.
Even though it took us some time,
we found Pournnami and spoke to her.
Let's go.
They will come.
Yes, Dad.
Are you not ashamed?
First on TV, now making a fool
of yourself in movies as well?
Just to insult me and my family.
Oh, sorry, my son.
I said that because it's a habit of mine.
You did a great job.
Now, I can be proud that we have
a celebrity in the family.
You have become a good son-in-law.
Now, you must become a good husband.
Teena is not only my daughter.
She's your wife as well.
She will be back home tomorrow.
Next time, when we meet,
I must see her as a good wife.
Okay, my dear son.
Take care.
Best wishes.
Thank you, Dad. Thank you.
- We shall leave now.
- Okay.
We are leaving.
- Mom, we are leaving.
- Okay, my dear.
- Let me see them off. Come.
- Okay, go on.