A Roommate to Die For (2023) Movie Script

Okay. Okay.
I'm coming.
Faith? No. Run!
Jeremy, wait.
No, faith. I'm done!
So that's it?
You're just gonna run
away like you always do.
Instead of owning up to your mistakes?
The only mistake I made.
Was not leaving earlier, faith.
So you just don't care anymore?
You don't wanna try to fix this?
There's nothing to fix.
Everything I do is an issue,
Everything I do is a problem,
and I'm done with it.
Fine! Leave!
It's what you're best at anyway, right?
I'll be back tomorrow
for the rest of my stuff.
When you're at work.
He leave?
For good this time?
I think so.
I'm sorry.
Wanna talk about it?
Not particularly.
Then how about a drink?
After work.
I'll buy.
Then you can unburden yourself.
About how you wasted
two years of your life.
With an emotionally stunted man-child.
Thank you but I'm gonna have
to take a rain check.
I have so many things to do.
I'm gonna have to be cleaning up
the mess that he left behind.
Plus, I have to find a tenant.
What do you mean?
Jeremy and I bought
that house together.
It was my dream home,
But I could never have
afforded it on my own.
His name isn't on the title, is it?
Oh, god, no.
Smartest decision I ever made.
But I still needed his income.
As unreliable as it was.
Then sell the house.
Buy a new condo on the water.
Jaden, I can't.
Not in this market.
I'm already underwater
as is with the mortgage.
So what are you gonna do then?
What can I do?
I'll have to find a tenant.
Ms. Davis?
Hey, please call me faith.
Vincent James. You can call me Vince.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.
Can I get you a drink?
Oh, no, thank you. I don't drink.
Not a weird story or anything.
Just never liked the taste.
Do you drink coffee?
Like it's going out of style.
Excuse me?
Can we please get two coffees?
One with milk and sugar,
- And?
- Black.
And black. Thanks.
So yeah, I have to admit,
I was a little surprised.
To see your posting on the website.
I was starting to lose hope
amongst all the college students.
And starving artists.
Believe me, if you ever
told me a year ago.
Or even six months ago
that I would be renting a room,
I would have said you're crazy.
So why do you need a place,
If you don't mind me asking?
Yeah. So I'm a lawyer,
Or I was a lawyer.
Well, technically, I am still a lawyer,
I just don't practice anymore.
- Oh, what happened?
- Nothing happened.
Nothing too crazy, I'm afraid.
Just burnout. You know,
I was doing 60 hours a week nonstop.
Right after graduating law school.
Personal injury claims.
And yeah, I just needed a break.
Yeah, and a long
vacation wouldn't cut it?
Well, it's actually
the other part of the story.
I've always wanted to be a teacher.
Like my parents had been.
Both of them professors actually.
And fortunately, I had reached a point.
In my life where it was possible for me.
To go back to school and pursue
a degree in education.
And they have a wonderful
program at the university here,
Didn't know what the area was like, so...
So you quit your job?
Well, I mean,
if I was gonna do this thing,
I wanted to do it a hundred
percent, you know.
No half-as sing it.
But I do have a small lsat
tutoring business,
Which allows me to get a little
income on the side.
While I get my degree.
Oh, nice.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Here we go.
- What's this?
- It's my website.
- Oh, very nice.
- Thank you.
You know, I hate to ask this,
but nowadays,
You can't really be too careful.
Do you happen to have any references.
From the previous place that you lived?
Oh, gosh.
I have owned my own home
for years now.
I actually just sold it when I moved here.
But you know what?
My last year at Stanford,
That's where I went to law school,
I rented an off-campus room.
From this one lady, wonderful woman.
Ah, here we go.
Just feel free to text yourself her number.
And she'll be able to tell you.
Everything that you need to know.
Yeah, this is great.
Thank you so much.
Faith Davis.
This is Barbara drake.
You left a voicemail
for me regarding Vince James.
Hello, yes! Thank you so much
for calling me back.
I was thinking of renting
a room in my home to Vince.
And he gave me your
name as a reference.
Well, he rented an apartment
from me when he was.
Attending law school.
Yes, he did mention that.
It's over 10 years now.
But he was a model tenant back then.
Oh, when you speak
to him again, please.
Send him my best.
We kind of lost touch over the years.
All right. Will do, Barbara.
Thank you so much.
All right. Bye-bye.
You sure you don't want me to stay.
And help you with everything?
Oh, no. Don't be silly.
Go have fun with your friend.
Okay. I just figured
you'd want some privacy.
While you were getting settled.
Thank you. That's very thoughtful.
All right. Well, if you need anything,
If you have any questions,
You have my number, give me a call.
I'm sure I'll be just fine.
Oh, one more thing.
- Ah.
- Here you go.
It's official.
It was official as soon
as I signed the agreement.
Have a good day.
You, too.
Oh, no.
Messy, messy, messy.
All right. Better.
Oh, he's just so normal.
It's gonna be such a nice change.
Jeremy wasn't normal?
Jeremy was great, but he was
just so irresponsible.
It got to be to the point
where I couldn't count on him.
And I get his job is stressful,
But, like, how many
times can he just flake?
You know what? I don't wanna
talk about him anymore.
Fair enough.
Let's talk about Vince.
Is he good-looking?
That's your first question?
What? Why not get right to the point?
Yes. I guess some would say
he's classically handsome.
You gonna sleep with him?
What? I'm just asking.
He's my tenant.
I don't even think that's legal.
You're not running an orphanage.
You're both consenting adults.
Well, the answer is still no.
You sure about that?
Hi. I am so sorry.
I knocked, but no one answered.
I shouldn't have come in.
Oh, no. I was just watching a movie.
Didn't know how loud it was,
Didn't wanna bother you if you're home.
Oh, thank you.
But you don't have to worry about that.
This is your home, too.
Anyway, I just wanted
to come by and check.
To make sure you're settling in okay.
Yeah. I mean, everything's great.
- Well, have a good night.
- You, too.
So he's kind,
considerate, and a good cook?
I mean, I don't know if he's a good cook.
He did make pancakes from a box.
They were good.
And he did clean up afterwards.
He didn't even leave
any dishes in the sink.
Well, it sounds like you hit the jackpot.
Well, yeah, I guess.
I don't know.
It's kinda strange having someone else.
Live in your house, you know.
Someone you're not sleeping with?
Yes, someone I'm not sleeping with.
So far he's been
the perfect tenant.
The last thing I wanna do is mess that up.
With something like sex.
Hey, are you okay?
Faith, we need to talk.
Yeah. Sure.
What is it?
I wanna be a respectful tenant.
And I'm assuming that you wanna
be a respectful landlord?
Yes, of course.
I guess, for this to work,
We need to be able to trust each other.
I couldn't agree more.
So what's this?
It's a camera, right?
It's a camera that I found in my room.
Not very well hidden.
And it was facing towards my bed.
And you think...
You couldn't possibly
think that I put it there?
Oh, my god.
Vince, I am so sorry.
My ex used to live here.
And he must have put it
in there when we were together.
To try to...
God, this is so embarrassing.
Look, Vince, I assure you.
I had no idea it was in there.
I checked the rest of the house.
- The rest of the house?
- Yeah, for cameras.
There weren't any.
Look, Vince, you have my word.
Privacy is very important to me.
As long as you're living here,
you have nothing to worry about.
I promise.
Come in.
Were you in my room
today at all by chance?
I told you. I checked
the whole house for cameras.
Don't worry. Made sure it was safe.
all right.
Oh. All right.
- Yeah. All right.
- Hey, over here.
Nice. Pass it.
Right here.
Timeout. Timeout.
- What?
- What?
Hey, I'm sorry,
I haven't answered your calls.
You're a real sicko, you know that?
What the hell are you talking about?
How long was the camera in there for?
What camera?
Don't play dumb with me, Jeremy.
It's not cute or charming.
I honestly have no idea
what you're talking about.
The camera you installed
in the guestroom.
Why in the world would I do that?
Come on, jer.
How many times did you
ask me to, you know...
To film us?
So because of that, you think
I hid a camera in that room?
Why in the guestroom?
Why not in our room?
Because if it was in our room,
I might find it.
Besides, we knew
our way around the house.
Faith, I know we have our issues,
But do you honestly
think I would do that?
Did you?
Here I thought you knew me.
Get some help.
All right, guys.
Let's keep running.
I feel like such an idiot.
Why? You didn't do anything.
The poor guy rents a room from me,
He thinks everything is normal,
And then finds
a hidden camera in his room.
I'd rather find a hidden
camera than mice.
I'd rather find neither!
In a few months, I bet the two of you.
Will be laughing about this.
I don't know.
Maybe this whole thing was a mistake.
What was?
Taking in a tenant.
Faith, you didn't have a choice.
What is it?
I don't know.
When I confronted Jeremy
about it, he denied it.
Of course he denied it, that little perv.
I know. I know.
But a hidden camera, though?
That's just not his style.
I mean, that takes...
That takes work.
Well, then who put it there, faith?
Santa claus?
I don't know.
Well, it doesn't matter.
I'm sure it'll be smooth
sailing from here on out.
Did you refer to section 3a?
Okay. So we're talking
about comflex.
Formal logic here.
So comflex formal logic statements.
Have multiple elements on it...
Oh, hey.
- Hey.
- I didn't know you're home.
Yeah, I just got home a little bit ago.
I didn't wanna disturb you.
Yeah, I was... I was just
with a client, actually.
Oh, do you normally work remotely?
I had been actually, more recently.
But, you know, I go to their place,
I go to the coffee shop,
I go to the library, whatever works.
You know you could
always bring them here.
Oh, no. I don't wanna impose.
No, no, it's fine, really.
I mean, this is your home too.
By the way,
I'm going to dinner with Jaden.
Tonight if you'd like to come.
You really don't have to feel so compelled.
To include me in all your plans.
No, I don't, but I want to.
Actually, why don't you bring her here?
Oh, neither one of us
are a cook I assure you.
I am, though.
I couldn't ask you to do that.
But you're not asking me, I'm offering.
I actually love cooking and, uh,
I don't wanna sound too immodest,
But I happened to be a pretty good chef.
And I'd love to meet Jaden.
All right, let's make a deal.
I'll cook dinner, if you like it,
We'll go from there.
Uh, if not, I will never mention it again.
Scout's honor.
Okay. Deal.
Good evening, ma'am.
What are you doing?
You didn't need to bring anything.
Come on. You're gonna feed me.
It's the least I can do. Where is he?
He's in the kitchen. Come on.
- Vince?
- Hmm.
- This is Jaden.
- Oh.
The closest thing that I have to a sister.
Uh, sorry. It's a pleasure to meet you.
So glad you could make it.
A home-cooked meal?
I wouldn't miss it!
Jaden brought us some wine.
Oh, very nice.
And Vince doesn't drink.
Ah, a teetotaler.
I wouldn't say that.
I've been known to have a glass
every once in a while.
Why don't you guys have a seat,
relax, open up the bottle.
I just need a few more minutes.
He's so nice, right?
He's so cute.
Easy. You go sit, sit.
I'll get us some glasses.
- Vince?
- Yeah?
Where are the wine glasses?
Oh, I put them right under there.
Why did you do that?
Oh, well, like you said,
I don't really drink,
So I figured we'd be getting
less use out of them.
That was delicious.
Thank you, Vince.
- It was my pleasure.
- Yes, thank you.
Just don't expect any dessert.
It's not really my thing.
Don't worry. I couldn't have
another bite of anything.
So, Vince, I fear
we may have bored you tonight.
With all of our real estate stories.
No, no, not at all. I found
it actually very interesting.
A lot more interesting
than law, I'm afraid.
Really? I figured being
a lawyer would be so exciting.
I guess it depends on the type of law.
I mean, nothing makes
your eyes glaze over.
More than the ever-changing tax code.
Tax code? Oh.
I thought you were
a personal injury attorney?
Well, sure. But you have
to understand the tax code.
In order to calculate the damages.
- Hmm.
- Anyway,
I studied all types of law at school.
Before I decided on my specialty.
At Stanford?
Yes. How do you know that?
A little birdie told me.
- Huh.
- I was just impressed,
That's all.
Well, you must be very proud
of your Alma mater.
And why do you say that?
Your ring.
Oh! This is not from Stanford.
This is my high school class ring.
- Oh.
- Oh, man.
I would not want to remember
a thing from high school.
It was four years of absolute hell.
Really? I would have pegged you
as the popular type.
Hmm, hardly.
Did you go to high school
around here, Vince?
Uh, no.
You from the area?
Well, where are you from?
Oh, boy!
Easy counselor, I already filled
out the rental application.
I'm sorry,
I guess I'm just used
to asking questions.
Occupational hazard,
Home buyers,
You're always trying to gauge
what they actually want.
This was so much fun, though.
- Yeah.
- We gotta do this more often.
He was great, right?
I got a weird vibe, faith.
Something about him isn't right.
Are you serious?
I gotta go. See you tomorrow.
Thanks for dinner.
I'm sorry about last night.
I just got a weird feeling
about him, that's all.
That's okay.
He's just a quirky guy.
He's definitely a quirky guy.
What kind of a man
throws away a lucrative.
Legal career in order to teach?
An idealistic one, maybe.
Sure, an idealistic one.
No wonder.
Hey, Vince.
Can I talk to you for a sec?
Hey, I'm so sorry to bother you...
Get the hell out of here!
I guess we should talk
about what happened.
Look, Vince, I realize...
Never enter my room, faith, ever.
Excuse me?
My room is my personal domain.
Your room is yours.
This is communal space.
I think you may have forgotten, Vince,
But this is my house.
Communal space.
Okay, look.
Vince, maybe we got off
on the wrong foot here...
No, I don't think we got off
on the wrong foot.
I just think you need
to stay the hell out of my room.
I'll stay the hell out of your room,
- But the electric bill came in.
- So pay it.
Paying utilities is part
of the renter's agreement.
Yeah, and having
hidden cameras in my room.
Is not part of the agreement!
I explained that!
The vent in my room is broken.
It is roasting in there.
You never said anything about that!
Yeah, well, I am telling you now!
I have a list of
problems as long as my arm.
You know, I-I-I would think.
It would make you happy.
That paying the utility bills.
Is the least I'm asking for in restitution!
- But...
- But what?
Bring me the list.
Here's your mail.
Oh, I turned the a/c back on.
But it's freezing in here!
Well, I'm quite comfortable.
Well, I'm not!
Then put a coat on.
Remember, communal space.
So you don't think
I'm overreacting?
If anything, I think you're underreacting.
He actually yelled at you?
He raised his voice.
That's yelling.
So what do you think I should do?
Talk to him about it.
Tell him that's unacceptable.
If he's responsible like you say he is,
Then he'll understand.
And if he isn't?
Well, then you have
a decision to make.
Excuse me. Can I help you?
No, ma'am. Already finished.
Finished? Finished with what?
- The job.
- What job?
Your husband had me install
a lock on the bedroom door.
My husband?
Vince? It's me, faith.
I need to talk to you.
Vince, open up the door now!
So I spoke to the locksmith.
I need you to open up the door.
So we can talk, please.
Hmm. No.
You had no right to do that!
My room, I needed to feel safe.
Safe? Safe from what?
From you. You sounded hysterical
the other day.
I was afraid of what you might do.
Vince, open up the door now
so we can talk.
I'm busy, faith.
Vince, we need to talk.
Have you seen my keys?
They were here last night.
I want you to move out.
This isn't working.
So just move your things out.
And we can both consider this
a learning experience.
I don't think so.
I don't think you really have a choice.
I signed a lease agreement.
Which required you to pay utilities.
Take care of the issues.
This list is absurd!
Most of the things on this list
aren't even an issue.
And the things that are are easily fixed!
So fix them!
All of them or I'm not paying!
- You're being ridiculous!
- Then evict me.
Evict me or shut the hell up.
And give me back my keys.
If you touch my property again,
You'll be very, very sorry.
It's a solid contract.
Damn it.
Did you not expect it to be?
I was just hoping.
Who drafted this for you?
I downloaded one of those
do-it-yourself templates online.
Ms. Beck...
- Natalie.
- Natalie.
Faith just wants him out of the house.
She'll even refund the prorated rent.
For the time that he's been there.
I understand.
But I'm afraid it's not that easy.
How is it not that easy?
It's still my house.
And legally, ms. Davis,
you've become a landlord.
And unfortunately, in your case,
The laws are designed
to protect the tenant.
So he can just make her life a living hell.
And there's nothing she can do about it?
I didn't say that.
Because this lease agreement.
You've downloaded is a template,
It takes a broad variety
of contingencies into account.
So what does that mean?
It means that
you can legally evict mr. James.
- For a number of reasons.
- Such as?
Unauthorized pets, drug use,
Vandalism, disturbing the peace.
What about refusing
to pay what he owes?
- Of course.
- Okay, then good.
Then that's what I wanna do.
I want him gone.
And how do you propose to do that?
I don't know.
You're the lawyer, you tell me!
This has been a very stressful situation.
I understand.
And you have my sympathies.
But I should tell you,
I think you're under the impression.
That this will happen
sooner than it's possible.
Just tell me what I need to do.
Well, first thing you need to do.
Is give mr. James notice.
Allow him to remedy the situation.
And when he refuses?
You'll file a complaint.
With who?
The local police department.
And after that,
there will be a court hearing.
If the judge rules in your favor,
A writ of execution will be issued.
- And then he's out?
- Then he's out.
If he won't leave,
the police will remove him.
How long is this gonna take?
A few months.
My god.
This is a complete nightmare.
There is a silver lining.
Once he's gone, of course,
you're free to pursue damages.
For what he owes you.
I don't want damages.
I just want him out of my house!
$350 for that load of crap?
Faith, she came highly recommended.
Well, she wasn't much help.
Okay. Just because she didn't tell you.
What you wanted to hear
doesn't mean she was wrong.
- So, now what?
- Now?
Now you stay at my place tonight.
We open a bottle of Pinot
and we make a plan.
- I love you.
- I know.
Thank you.
Have you told Jeremy
what's going on?
No. Why would I?
I don't know, for support.
I already have one psycho
living in my home.
I don't need to invite back a peeping tom.
And you're sure it was Jeremy
that put the camera there?
Who else? Vince is the one who found it.
Too bad it didn't upset him
enough to wanna move out.
What if it was Vince
that installed the camera?
Then why bring it to my attention?
To gaslight you,
Make you feel guilty.
So, you'd be less likely to kick him out?
I don't know.
I don't wanna talk about it anymore.
In fact, I don't really wanna
talk about anything anymore.
I just wanna get a good night's sleep.
You sure you don't wanna
sleep in the bedroom?
Yes. I'm fine out here. Thank you.
It's not your apartment that's dangerous.
Okay. But promise me.
You'll wake me if you need anything,
Anything at all.
- Deal.
- Okay.
Let me get you a pillow and a blanket.
Thank you.
You're up early.
You sleep okay?
Uh, I didn't sleep at all, actually.
Why didn't you wake me up?
I was busy.
So, I was thinking,
if I wanna get rid of Vince,
I should find out
all that I can about him, right?
- I guess.
- But then I realized
I never even did a proper
background search on him.
I thought you said you did?
I looked at his website,
his tutoring website.
And it had a thorough bio
about him on there,
So I just called his previous landlord.
That doesn't sound like
you did anything wrong.
But last night,
Last night I googled him properly.
And you wanna know what I found?
What do you mean nothing?
He has no social media presence.
No Facebook, no Instagram, no nothing.
He's not even referenced in other posts.
Oh, that's not so surprising.
I mean, some people
just like their privacy.
Okay. Maybe, but he should use
social media for his business.
And what about his previous job?
There should be archived pages.
- Okay.
- Okay.
But that's not even the weirdest thing.
The weirdest thing
is that there's no mention.
Of Vincent James anywhere.
Not in the white pages.
Not on peoplefinder.
Not on tax records or legal findings.
- Are you sure?
- I'm positive.
That's what I just spent
all last night doing,
Looking into Vincent James.
And it's not an uncommon name either,
So there's tons of possibilities.
But not one of them were him.
Vincent James doesn't exist.
Then who's that nut living in your house?
That's what I would like to know!
Okay. I'm gonna get coffee ready.
You can use the bathroom first.
No. That's okay.
I'm not gonna go into the office today.
I have a showing at noon
and I wanted to do.
Some more digging before then.
Okay. But, faith,
Please be careful.
Don't worry. I'm safe here.
Faith, I'm gonna be gone all day.
You gonna be okay?
Yeah. I'll be fine.
Have a good day. Love you.
Love you.
Good morning,
Stanford university.
School of law. How may I help you?
Hi. Yes. This is Ellen miller
over at Parrish & Taylor.
I'm calling to confirm the enrollment.
Of a prospective hire.
His name is Vincent James.
I don't see anything
listed for a Vincent James.
So, no record of his enrollment?
So, Vincent James is not
a member of the state bar?
What about other states, could he.
I see.
Nowhere at all?
We're sorry.
You have reached a number.
That has been disconnected
or is no longer in service.
If you feel the...
Son of a bitch.
Thank you for meeting with me.
I thought you had a showing?
I do. I'm headed there now, actually.
But I just had to tell you
what I found this morning.
Vince never graduated from Stanford.
What? Are you sure?
Yes. He never even went there.
He's not even really a lawyer.
How do you know?
Because I spoke with a representative.
From the American bar association.
I also called stanford's
administration's office.
This morning. But that's not all.
Remember that woman that I spoke with.
Who gave Vince the reference?
The number is disconnected.
- Okay.
- So, I paid 20 bucks.
From one of those services that tells you.
Whose number it really is.
Let me guess,
Vince James?
But you spoke to a woman.
Right. So, when I originally called,
I left a voicemail
and that woman called me back.
So, what I'm thinking happened
is that Vince.
Checks the voice mails
and then just had his friend.
Or his accomplice or whatever
you wanna call her call me back.
He's smart, I'll give him that.
Shady, but smart.
But we're still no closer
to finding out who he really is.
I think I have a solution for that too.
I'm not sure I like that look.
If the lsat formal logic.
Requires you to work
with conditional statements.
And determine what not to put on...
are you out of your mind?
He didn't wake up.
But he could have.
But he didn't.
That was an incredibly stupid thing to do.
Yeah, probably.
But it worked.
So what'd you find?
Valley ridge high school class of 2011.
Valley ridge? Where is that?
It's like 20 minutes right up the coast.
So, what now?
You're just gonna waltz into the school,
Ask them to open up their old records?
You still don't even know his real name.
No, but I have his picture
from the website.
Faith, I'm telling you,
They're not just gonna
give you information,
No matter what kind of lie
you come up with.
No, they probably won't.
But Tiffany brill will.
Who's Tiffany brill?
So the graduating class
has a Facebook page.
Tiffany was class president.
She was in charge
of all the class reunions.
So you're gonna reach out to her?
Already done.
We're actually meeting this afternoon.
Did you tell her why?
Hmm, not in so many words.
Oh, faith.
Look, I just told her that I was
one of the girls in her class.
Who just wanted to reconnect
with her fellow classmates.
And she agreed?
She seemed thrilled.
I think she's one of those girls.
Who still kind of lives
for high school kind of thing.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Tiffany. Hi.
Christa Caldwell, how are you?
I'm well. I'm well. How are you?
I have to be honest.
I wouldn't have even recognized you.
Well, you know, high school,
I was going through my goth phase.
You look the same though.
Uh-huh. I'm not so sure
if that's a good thing.
No, no, no. It is. It is.
You know, I have to say I was surprised.
When you reached out to me.
I mean, you know,
you and I weren't exactly...
Don't worry about it.
It was just high school.
I'm sorry you couldn't make it
to the reunion.
I thought about it.
But, you know, I got busy.
So, what's your situation?
Significant other? Career?
Are you still living in the area?
Actually, Tiffany, I, uh,
I had a question for you.
Do you happen to remember this guy?
Of course, everybody remembers
Wayne Travers.
Wayne Travers?
What do you remember about him?
Why don't you tell me
who you really are?
Okay. Look, my name is faith Davis.
I rented a room in my home to this man.
Only now he calls himself Vince James.
Why am I not surprised?
Look, please, I need this guy
out of my house, okay?
Out of my life. He won't leave.
And if you have any information on him,
Anything at all that you think
might be useful...
Uh, well, Wayne Travers
was good-looking,
Smart, charming,
Which if you remember in high school.
That that was everything.
He should have been the most
popular guy in our class.
- Operative word being should?
- Uh-hmm.
Yeah. He was a troublemaker,
A high school schemer.
- Schemer?
- Yeah.
You know, he got copies
of the exams and sold them.
He was always running
some kind of scam.
Yeah. Well, he hasn't
changed very much.
Yeah. I'm not surprised.
That he's still wearing his class ring.
You know, I mean, he always
struck me as the kind of guy.
Who peaked in high school,
Still the best years
of his life 15 years later.
So when was the last time you saw him?
Uh, it was close to the end
of the school year.
After the prom and a bunch of us
went to this party.
At Sarah malone's beach house.
And something went down
between Wayne and Sarah.
I'm not sure what,
But there was an argument.
- And things got physical.
- He hit her?
He choked her.
Was she all right?
Someone called the police.
But by the time they got there,
Wayne was gone.
Sarah told her parents.
And Wayne never returned to school.
I always assumed
that he had gotten suspended.
And that was the last that
I'd heard of him, until now.
Be careful.
There's no telling what he's capable of.
The cable bill is due.
So pay it.
You owe half.
Are we really gonna do this again?
What the hell is wrong with you?
I don't know what you mean.
You know exactly what I mean.
You pretended to be the perfect tenant.
I trusted you.
I brought you into my home.
Now you refuse to pay utilities.
You're disrespectful and rude.
I'm perfectly within my rights.
Like hell you are!
So do something about it.
Don't turn your back on me, Wayne.
What did you just say?
You heard me, Wayne Travers.
You sure know a lot about law.
For someone who never went
to law school.
So someone's been playing detective?
And someone isn't as smart
as they think.
I'll give you one last chance.
Leave now and we'll call it even.
- Or what?
- Or I'll ruin you.
You be careful, faith.
You be very careful.
You gonna strangle me
like you strangled Sarah Malone?
You don't know
what you're talking about.
Don't I?
Sarah Malone didn't mind
her own business,
And look what happened to her.
I would advise you
not to make the same mistake.
If you want
my professional opinion,
These laws were designed
to protect tenants.
From predatory landlords.
If you want my personal one,
Is that the laws can be easily abused.
And the process to evict someone
is far too cumbersome.
So what should I do then?
Exactly what the system allows.
You begin eviction proceedings.
But that could take months.
It's like I said.
Detective stein,
Isn't there any way
you can just arrest him?
- For?
- Lying, for one thing.
Lying isn't illegal.
If it was, our jails would be filled.
With 99% of the population.
But it's illegal to lie
in a tenant application.
But that's a civil matter.
And a suit will take
longer than the eviction.
What about the story that faith told you,
About the girl from high school?
- What about it?
- He never mentioned it.
On the application,
It asks if you've ever been
convicted of a felony.
You have no idea
if he was even charged.
In any case, it's not a felony.
It's a simple assault.
Class a misdemeanor at best.
Besides, you can't file
on behalf of this girl.
He has to have done something
actionable to you.
He threatened me.
- He did?
- Yeah. I...
- What did he say?
- I have it right here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?
I taped it.
Your conversation with mr. Travers?
Did he know
you were recording him?
No. Of course not.
What would've been the point of that?
Do not play that for me, ms. Davis.
And I'm gonna pretend that
you never even mentioned it.
I, uh, I don't understand.
California is a two-party consent state.
You need a person's permission.
In order to record a conversation.
Or what?
Or you could be charged with a felony.
Are you telling us
that it is perfectly legal.
For this jerk to do what he's been doing,
But it is a felony
if we record him doing it?
How is that fair?
Does that make any sense to you at all?
Welcome to my world.
Thank you for coming.
Yeah. Well, your voicemail
sounded pretty desperate, so.
Can you sit down, please?
I don't know.
Are you gonna accuse me
of any other crazy things.
Like the last time you saw me?
I am so sorry about that.
I really am.
I'm sorry about a lot of things.
Me too.
Really. I mean, I think we should talk.
I really need your help.
That's why you called me,
Not to talk about us?
Jeremy, please.
This isn't easy for me.
What do you need?
So, when you left,
Obviously, there was no way
that I could afford.
To keep the house on my own.
Hey, look, I'm... I'd love to help you out,
- But I don't have any money.
- No, I don't want your money.
Look, I rented our guestroom
out to someone, a tenant.
His name's Vincent James,
or Wayne Travers,
Or whatever his name is.
But it turned out to be the worst thing.
That I could have done.
Why, he stiffed you on the rent?
No, Jeremy.
He threatened to hurt me.
Wait, what?
Yes, multiple times.
And I don't know what to do,
but I'm scared.
And I didn't have anywhere to go. So...
Hang on, we need to call
the police right now.
I did.
But he knows the law so well
that no one can help.
Oh, okay. What about a lawyer?
Could a lawyer do anything?
Not for months,
If at all.
So you'll help me?
Just tell me what I need to do.
Open up!
I'm gonna knock this door.
Or you'll what?
Who the hell are you?
Someone you just disturbed.
With your inconsiderate knocking.
Oh, Vince.
I don't think you've met
my boyfriend, Jeremy.
Where's my doorknob?
I'm sure I don't know what it is
that you're talking about.
You took my doorknob off my door,
And I want it back on, okay?
I want it back on right now.
Sue me.
Oh, but, uh, just so you're aware, Vince,
That may take some time.
Oh, I wish I was there.
To see that son of a bitch's face.
Yeah. I have to admit,
it was pretty sweet.
And Jeremy?
He was perfect.
There was no way
Vince would do anything.
As long as he was there.
But he's not always gonna be there.
Which is why I feel like we're
gonna need to step this up.
I want the party this weekend.
To really push him over the edge.
You sure you should keep
poking the bear?
I'm just giving him a taste
of his own medicine.
Show him that two can play his game.
Yeah, I know.
But, after what his classmate said,
I just wonder if it's the smartest move.
What am I supposed to do?
Wait three more months for an eviction?
- Even longer for a lawsuit?
- I'm just saying.
Well, hopefully, after the party,
We won't have to worry about it.
That'll be the end of it.
You'll be there, won't you?
I'll be there.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- It's so good to see you.
- So good to see you.
- I love your house.
- Thank you.
Well, come on in.
Hey, gang, look who's here.
All I wanna do is dance.
I have to say,
we should do this more often.
I'm having a great time,
Crazy tenant or not.
And just make sure
you take it easy though.
Remember why we're doing all this.
Of course.
But you're the one that said.
The best way to get him out.
Is to be as loud
and obnoxious as possible.
Yeah, I know. I just... I think
I'm having second thoughts.
On whether or not this
is the right approach.
That's what I said,
and you told me we'd be fine.
I know, I know.
Has anyone even
seen him tonight?
No, but he's in his room.
His car is in the driveway
and his door is shut.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
So, I haven't seen
your new housemate yet.
- Yeah, he's kinda shy.
- Still?
He likes to stay in his room all night?
Not even come out and have a drink?
What is he, like a freak?
Who cares?
Don't let him ruin your good time.
No way. No way.
Just sayin'.
Faith. Faith.
Maybe I should get going too.
No, you should not be driving.
Just stay here tonight.
You want me to make you
a cup of coffee?
Ooh, thank you.
Who could that be?
Vince probably came back.
But he has a key. Why would he knock?
You saw how fast he ran out.
Maybe he forgot it.
Ms. Davis?
- Yes?
- We're looking.
For a mr. Jeremy Higgins.
Look, I don't know who called
about the noise complaint, but...
This isn't a noise complaint, ma'am.
- Mr. Higgins?
- Yeah?
We need to take you in for questioning.
For what?
You've been accused
of assault and battery.
Please come with us.
- Vince. That's son of a...
- sir, now?
Look, this is a bunch of lies.
- Sir. Sir. Stop.
- Wait. Wait. Wait.
You need to come with us.
- Jer, it'll be okay.
- What's going on?
Okay. Okay. Where are we going?
Franklin bluffs police station.
Let's go.
I'll meet you there.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Angry, but fine.
They didn't hurt you in there, did they?
Faith, this is Franklin bluffs.
I was in the interrogation room,
not san Quentin.
No. Cops were nice.
They brought me coffee.
So what'd they say?
They said that Vince,
But they called him Wayne,
probably because.
He had to show id, came to the station,
Said he'd been assaulted,
said that I assaulted him.
- That's ridiculous.
- Of course it is.
You were with me the entire night.
- Did you see Vince?
- No.
The cop on duty said he had
been beaten up pretty badly.
Did you tell him you didn't do it?
Absolutely. In fact, I told him.
Everything that's been going on.
And they didn't believe you?
It doesn't matter. I mean,
what do you want the guy to do?
"Oh, you didn't do it?
Okay. Have a nice day."
They said they're gonna
continue the investigation,
But I shouldn't leave town.
What about Vince?
He never came back.
Do you think he's there now?
I don't know,
But I definitely
don't wanna go home alone.
Don't worry,
I'm not leaving you.
- Detective stein.
- Good morning, ms. Davis.
- What are you doing here?
- Order of protection,
Otherwise known as a restraining order.
So, he's gone?
He can't come anywhere near her?
Ms. Davis, the restraining
order is against you.
Your tenant filed it early this morning.
Uh, I don't understand.
You have to stay away from mr. Travers.
The order is for 14 days.
You cannot come
within 100 yards of him.
- During that time.
- Well, that's fine.
I never wanna see that guy ever again.
No, you don't understand.
You can't return to your house.
- What?
- Oh, you have to be joking.
- How can he do this?
- Apparently,
Because of the assault,
And because of your relationship
with mr. Higgins,
That was enough cause
for them to issue it.
So you're telling me that
I can't go into my own house?
You can go in for 20 minutes.
To get some things.
I need to be with you,
And after that, 14 days.
I'm sorry.
Are you kidding?
So, there's nothing I can do?
I can't fight this?
After 14 days you can petition the court.
I feel like I'm going off to camp.
Well, at least here you don't
have to leave to use the outhouse.
You have no idea how much
I appreciate this.
Don't say another word.
It's what I'm here for.
I'm a little surprised that.
You didn't wanna stay with Jeremy.
I thought things were getting better.
Have you seen his new place?
It's a shoebox.
Besides, every time I look at him,
I just feel bad about everything
that's happened.
He doesn't deserve this.
You told the detective everything, right?
Yes. And she told me
I would have plenty of time.
To tell my side of the story.
So what are you gonna do now?
I'm gonna hit him where it hurts.
- So, you'll do it?
- Of course.
- Are you sure?
- Faith,
I'm an accountant for a non-profit.
This is like the most exciting thing.
That's happened to me in forever.
Let's just go through it again,
just to make sure.
All I'm gonna say
is that I graduated college.
A few years ago and I'm thinking
about going back to law school.
And how did you get his number?
I googled lsat tutors.
- His name came up.
- Perfect.
And how many references
do you want me to get?
At least three.
But any more than that,
we'll be pushing it.
He'll get suspicious.
You're sure about this?
- That it'll work?
- Why wouldn't it?
I don't know.
I mean, if this guy really
is as crazy as you say he is,
How do we know
he's just gonna back off.
Simply because we're
bad-mouthing him to his clients?
The one thing that Vince cares about.
More than anything is his business.
It's his only source of income.
He's not gonna jeopardize that,
Not even for free room and board.
Okay. Let's do this.
- Jennifer?
- Vince, hi.
- So nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
Don't worry. It, uh, looks worse.
- Than it feels.
- And the other guy?
I'm afraid
the other guy was a dirt road.
I had a little mountain biking mishap.
Well, I am just glad that you're okay.
I see you're not wasting any time.
Yeah. I mean, it's not like
I just graduated.
Uh-hmm. And I learned the hard
way that a poli sci degree.
Does not get you many jobs.
At least not any of the ones I want.
Don't worry. You're not alone.
I would say that over half of my clients.
Have been out of school
for five years or more.
They graduated, saw what
the job market was like,
And figured they might
as well get a law degree.
I mean, with society, how it is nowadays,
We're not gonna run out of a need.
- For lawyers anytime soon.
- That is true.
Also, thank you so
much for meeting me in person.
I mean, I saw your website
and everything,
But if I'm gonna make the investment,
I just wanna know that I'm comfortable.
- With who I'm working with.
- Believe me, I understand.
Then I hope you'll understand
if I ask for a few references.
Not too many, just a few.
You know, people
you're currently working with.
- Of course.
- I hate to ask really.
It's just that I've been
taken advantage of before.
And these days,
you really just never know.
Say no more. In fact,
Let me give you the names.
Of a few people
that you can call right now.
I'm sure they have nothing
but good things to say.
Three names,
just like you asked.
Ah, you're the best.
I am, aren't I?
- Any problems?
- No.
It went down just like we planned.
"Went down." listen to you.
You really do sound like a spy.
I have to say, faith,
He is pretty charming.
I can see why you thought
he'd be the perfect tenant.
Yep. Talk about looks being deceiving.
So, are you
gonna call these people?
Yep. First thing in the morning.
This is the beginning
of the end for Vincent James.
- Hello?
- Hi, Shannon Evans?
- This is Shannon.
- This is detective Mary smith.
I'm calling in regards to your
lsat tutor, mr. Vincent James?
- Yes?
- I'm so sorry to have.
To inform you of this, ms. Evans,
But we have been
investigating mr. James.
For quite some time now
and have ascertained.
That he is in fact a complete fraud.
He does not have a law degree.
And he is certainly not a lawyer.
Yes, I know he seems very good, Brian.
He's been running this scam
for a very long time.
And I realize you don't know me.
But do me a favor... Right.
I'm sure Vince did show you his website.
But go online and try to find.
Some additional information on him.
Anything at all.
Hey, is everything okay?
I was just waiting for you
to log in on the zoom session.
No. No, no, no. Wait, uh, let me explain.
I just have some competitors
that would do.
Anything to ruin my business.
You have to trust me. Everything that.
They're telling you is a lie.
Please, just... Tim.
Tim. Hello?
You called all three of them?
All three.
And they all believed you?
Well, I may not have told
them exactly who I was.
Well, what did you tell them exactly?
That I was a detective.
Hey, I figured since
everyone else is telling me.
Lying isn't a crime, I may
as well use it to my advantage.
Oh, I hope this works.
Is it him?
- What?
- You win.
- What?
- I said you win.
I'll move out.
- When?
- Today. Now.
I'll be gone in a few hours.
Well? What did he say?
He's leaving.
Let me go first,
make sure he's really gone.
He's gone.
How do you know?
If he was here,
I'd feel it.
He's really gone.
Faith, don't.
Just leave it.
Why? It's not a letter bomb.
Because there's nothing he has
to say that you need to hear.
What's it say?
Till we meet again.
What you watchin'?
This is nice.
Yeah, I know.
So what do you think
about me moving back in?
We had a lot of issues before.
I know.
I know I've never been
the boyfriend that you deserved.
But since I moved out, I just.
I miss you so much.
I miss us.
I know. I know. I...
And I wanna believe you. I do. I just
I promise I can change.
I can be more reliable.
I mean, I'm here for you right
now, right, when you needed me?
Yes. And I cannot begin to explain.
How much I appreciate everything.
That you've done for me with all this.
I just... I feel like we really need.
To take things slow this time.
Just see where it goes, you know?
Is that okay?
So, what's next?
Next, I'm gonna go back to the police,
And then I wanna figure out a way.
To get the word out about Vince.
Don't you think... I don't know,
That we should leave well enough alone?
I mean, we beat him.
Yeah, we beat him.
But I can't let him do this to anyone else.
I could never live with myself.
Well, I have your back.
Okay, okay, I'm coming.
Look, I hate to say it,
But sometimes that's exactly
what you need.
Jaden, man.
What is it?
Jeremy just texted me,
Saying he needs me
to come home right away.
What's wrong?
I don't know. I'm gonna call him.
It's her. Tell her she needs
to come home immediately.
Assure her that everything is fine.
I'm warning you.
Yeah. Faith, just come, please.
Jer, is everything okay?
You're kind of scaring me.
Faith, don't come.
Something's up.
- What are you gonna do?
- I need to go home.
Do you want me to come with you?
No, that's okay. I'll call you later, okay?
That was very stupid, my friend.
Just kill me then.
Oh, I will, in good time.
What is it that you want?
Room and board.
A few square meals a day.
A roof over my head.
Is that too much to ask for?
You had that.
You had that. You moved out.
I was forced out.
But your little girlfriend wouldn't let.
Bygones be bygones, would she?
What are you talking about?
Oh, I think you know exactly
what I'm talking about.
After all, you were smart enough
to try and talk her out of it.
How the hell do you know that?
Oh, I've been watching you two.
Oh, my god, the camera.
You planted it.
Not just one.
Actually, I got this whole place wired up.
Is that how you get off?
By watching women you can't have?
Nothing so sordid, I assure you.
I just had to keep track of faith.
Make sure she wasn't up to anything.
So, what's your plan?
Are you gonna kill us both?
I mean, the police will
never stop looking for you.
Looking for me?
No. No. I don't think so.
Not when they come back
here and discover.
What they'll think is
a lover's quarrel gone bad.
- It'll never work.
- Oh, won't it?
You're already suspected
of a violent assault.
Faith has a restraining order against her.
And when I go to the police
and tell them what happened.
When I try to retrieve my belongings,
I think they'll be very
likely to believe me.
- You're crazy.
- Don't call me crazy!
A man has to have his home
and his home is his castle.
And right now,
I am the king!
Jeremy? Jeremy!
- Jeremy!
- Faith, run!
You run...
He dies.
Why don't you come over?
Let's have a little chat, huh?
Vince, please don't hurt him.
I don't want
to, faith. I really don't.
But whether or not I do, that's up to you.
Why are you doing this?
This is your fault, faith!
I could've been the perfect roommate,
But you wouldn't let me.
Don't you mean perfect squatter?
Clever. You let a perfect stranger.
Into your home with only
a light background check.
What did you think was gonna happen?
Some might say you deserve
what's happened to you.
Look, okay. You want the house?
Fine, take it. It's yours, okay?
It's all yours. Just let Jeremy go.
I think it's a little late
for that, don't you?
Who's that?
I said, who's that?
Hey, this is faith.
Can't get to the phone.
Right now. Leave a message.
Faith, why aren't you picking up?
I'm really worried.
I'm on my way to your place now.
Faith, give me the phone!
Give me the phone.
Give me the phone right now, faith.
Okay. Okay.
Nope. Faith, the knife!
Watch out. Watch out. Watch out.
Faith, no!
He fell.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
How about you? You okay?
Oh, yeah, I'm good.
Where is he?
He's gone.
I've been looking
for so long for someone.
And when I saw your ad, mr. Taylor,
Well, you just seem like
such a perfect fit.
Well, thank you. That's very kind of you.
Have you been looking for long?
No, I just got to town actually.
- I see.
- I mean, if you would've.
Told me a year ago
or even six months ago.
That I would be renting a room,
I would've thought you were crazy.