A Rose Reborn (2014) Movie Script

- ...a company worth more than the GPD of Fiji...
- ...the biggest conglomerate in China.
- We need a closer on this one, Stephen.
- They've got money to invest but no date to the dance.
No middle men, no phone calls.
Gentlemen. Please.
I've got four faces shouting ten things
and I'm not hearing any of it.
So, the Qi Huan Group is the biggest
conglomerate in China
maybe the world. Fine.
One at a time, please,
what is it you want me to do?
You must meet their president immediately.
We are in no position to pick and choose.
When there's a buyer,
we say thank you and sell.
We need this merger to cut our losses
and get out while we still can.
Our best chance is if we send our CEO
personally, face-to-face.
It's a Chinese thing.
Also, the Project Egg is your brainchild.
Nobody is more qualified.
The president's last name is Lu.
Otherwise, his identity...
Or her...
is a mystery.
Rumor has it that Lu likes riddles,
and respects courtesy
in the most particular way.
He sounds like a very unique man...
Or woman.
We've already requested a meeting,
so expect to hear from them soon...
Good luck then, Stephen.
Look, John, I don't expect them
to understand, but you...
you of all people know that I didn't
develop this technology to get rich.
This is my life.
You want me to hand it over to some Chinese
billionaire I've never even heard of?
You're not wearing
that to the meeting, are you?
But I thought it was a Chinese company.
200 meters underground?
I'm not saying that's crazy but...
Come on, that's crazy!
Meet at 3am?
What's that their time?
That is their time?
Who works at 3am in the morning?
What's that our time?
That's in exactly 24 hours.
What time do I have to be on the flight?
Tamara, that's three hours from now!
I speak with the voice of Mr. Lu.
If there is a creature that thinks
only of the wind its entire life,
what would it be?
I suppose a tightrope walker.
The wind can be
his killer and his savior.
Shall we celebrate by exchanging jackets?
Like after a football match?
They're the same, no?
Are they?
When can I meet Mr. Lu?
What's he like?
Hey, you're killing me!
Please, no. It's okay. I got it.
How have you found your journey so far?
That depends on the destination.
And if there isn't one?
But that's impossible.
In life every journey has a destination,
unless I'm dead.
I lost a bet.
Hey, I saw you look at my cards!
No helping him.
Hello guys, your drinks.
Make your bet.
And for you.
What two things are closest to,
yet cannot see each other?
So what now, Mr. Lu?
Have you reached your destination?
This is a place of death.
So you must mean to kill me?
My favourite time.
Is this still a place of death?
This egg alone could hold up
to a 100 litres of water.
It has all the elements
required for plant life.
It's the perfect fertilizer.
You see, Mr. Lu, if what you have
and what I have become one,
we can turn deserts green.
Now it's my turn to
ask you something, Mr. Lu.
Mine is not a riddle,
just a simple question.
Are you ready to give this to the world,
and ask nothing in return?
Now our journey begins.