A Royal Christmas Engagement (2020) Movie Script

Hoo hoo hoo
Yeah, yeah
It's the time of the year
When the church bells ring
- That's me, Lauren,
- Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
a marketing executive making
her way in the big city...
Thank you!
pursuing her dreams along with
the millions of other hopefuls
who abandoned
their small-town lives
for the sake of adventure.
I liked my job mostly,
but there were days when I
questioned if it was worth it.
But then there were days
like this day...
You wanted to see me?
when my boss put me on
a different sort of project.
Are you familiar with
L'Amour Chocolate?
I like chocolate.
Everyone likes chocolate.
But I didn't know how much
I would learn tolove chocolate
because chocolate
would take me back home,
where chocolate and Christmas
are king.
And ultimately, chocolate would
also be how I fell in love
with a prince.
Oh, Lauren,
I was looking for you.
Oh, please, Chelsea,
don't tell me it's bad news.
Okay, I won't.
It is bad news, isn't it?
Lauren, it's no news at all.
I just wanted to tell you that
Mr. Holiday wanted to see you
the second you got in.
Do you know what it's about?
Nope, but I wouldn't
keep him waiting.
Okay. I'll just put my stuff
down, and I'll be right there.
You wanted to see me?
Lauren, come on in.
Take a seat.
Lauren, a remarkable opportunity
has just fallen into our hands.
Are you familiar with
L'Amour Chocolate?
Of course. I love them.
If I had a boyfriend, I'd ask
for them for Valentine's Day.
Anyway, um,
Horizon had been in charge
of their American account
for several years,
and it's not really
anything special
because over 70%
of L'Amour's business
is done in Europe and the UK.
But after major realignment,
they decided they want
to change all that.
In fact, they have said
that in the next ten years,
they would like to split
their market share 50/50
with Europe
and the United States.
Wow. That is a tall order.
Yes, and I happen to hear
through the grapevine
that they're very unhappy
with Horizon's initial plan
for the rollout.
So they've been talking
to other agencies,
and they're in a hurry
to make a decision,
so we need to present
on December 20th.
Oh, wow.
Yes, wow.
- I want you to do the pitch.
- [taps desk]
Um, why me?
Why you?
Well, because you're young.
Let's face it.
The reason why they're willing
to kick Horizon to the curb
has to be because
they're too old-school.
You cannot reach the average
American buyer with old ideas.
It's not gonna happen.
So I want to start thinking
outside the box.
Make no mistake.
I do realize that putting you
in charge is a huge risk,
but I do like the risk-to-reward
ratio here.
And let's face it.
Playing smart odds is
what got me what I have today.
However, I am bringing in
an international consultant
to help bolster those odds.
Oh. No offense, sir,
but I don't need a consultant.
With all due respect, Lauren,
yes, you do, okay?
The L'Amour account
has far too much potential
for me to take any chances.
Okay. Who is it?
A young man named Paul Morton.
He comes from one of
our partner agencies in Europe,
from the kingdom of Candashire.
Right. And when
does he get here?
He gets here soon enough.
So why don't you
go to your desk,
start thinking outside
of the chocolate box.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Thank you.
- Yes.
- Don't mess this up, Lauren.
- Okay!
Can you set that up
with my secretary?
- Right away.
- Thank you.
Okay, so what did he say?
Well, you're
his executive assistant.
Shouldn't you know?
L'Amour Chocolates?
L'Amour Chocolates.
Oh! I'm so happy for you!
You deserve it.
Oh, thank you.
I just don't want
to get too excited.
I mean, it's a fantastic
but if I blow it,
it might be my last shot.
Well, don't worry.
You'll be great.
I heard about
the L'Amour Chocolate account,
and I don't know
how you can complain.
Well, good morning, Daria,
and I'm not complaining.
Selling chocolate to Americans
is about as tough as
selling tea to the British.
Well, I think if that were true,
they wouldn't have come here,
and I probably wouldn't have
been offered this project.
It should've been mine.
I have more experience than you
in that marketing category.
This is so unfair.
Well, if you really want
to get involved,
I'm gonna need some help in
the consumer behavior analysis.
What do you say?
Sorry, but I'm busy.
Okay. Catch you next time.
PAUL: So what are you thinking?
I'm thinking
I do love this whiskey.
You should. It's your whiskey.
Royal Share Whiskey.
Paul, that's just a name
you slapped on the bottle.
I still don't know
what it even means.
I explained it to you.
In whiskey distilling,
a tiny bit of the spirit
evaporates from the barrel
as the whiskey ages.
They call this
the angel's share.
"Royal Share" is just
a play on that.
After all,
everybody wants to be a royal.
What's the matter?
What could possibly
be the matter?
I get hungry,
and I click my fingers.
I get bored, and the royal
archive contains every book,
movie, TV show ever written
in the last 50 years.
I feel a cold coming on,
there's a dozen servants
with silk handkerchiefs
ready to wipe my nose.
So what could
possibly be the matter?
Occupational hazard
of being a prince.
You know when
I was most happy?
When you and I were at
boarding school together.
Of course! But the only thing
we had to worry about
was getting caught
sneaking into the girls' dorm.
I just want to do
something meaningful
with my life, you know?
Doesn't have to be grand,
but it's got to be rewarding,
and it's got to be mine.
Edward, listen to me.
Responsibility is overrated,
believe me.
I was supposed to go to America
for an important
consulting assignment.
Chocolates, of all things.
But with Natalie due
in just three weeks,
I just want to be here for her
when the baby's born.
Send somebody else.
You have dozens of good people
that work for you.
True, but no one
who I can really trust,
and no one who can really
explain the European market
to the Americans.
No one with your experience
or charm?
See, that's where you're wrong.
If you're looking someone
to take your place in America,
well, I know just the fellow.
You can't be serious. You?
Well, why not?
For a million reasons,
least of all,
you're the prince of Candashire.
Does anyone over there know
what you look like?
No, I don't believe so.
But someone might certainly
recognize you.
How could you ever
pull it off?
Look, Candashire is not exactly
on the front of the world stage.
And whether you
believe it or not,
my face is not
plastered all over
every magazine cover
in America.
Okay, agreed, but what about
your role as consultant?
You don't think I could
pull it off, do you?
You don't think
I look like a Paul?
- Well...
- May I remind you
that my grades
in market management
were just as good as yours.
Look, Paul, please.
I could really do
something like this.
With my brother next in line
for the throne,
I don't have much else
to look forward to.
What you're asking for is crazy.
Well, I can very well just
resort to the royal decree.
Well, then everyone would know,
wouldn't they?
And you wouldn't want that.
I just hope you understand
what you might be getting into.
Well, that settles it then.
To the two Paul Mortons.
Absolutely not! It's completely
out of the question.
But why?
Well, whoever heard
of such a thing.
A prince away during
the Christmas holiday?
Look, Edward, I understand
how you're feeling.
When I was your age,
I had a desire
to get away
from Candashire as well.
Remember when we spent a summer
on the Riviera?
The baron and baroness
of Dunshire
lent me the use
of their cottage.
The stories I could tell you.
Well, yes, but not
during the holiday.
Who will light the royal
Yule log or lead the hunt?
And what about all
the Christmas festivities
we have planned as a family?
Who shall do these?
Any of my cousins?
And for that matter, anyone.
Besides you and the royal press,
nobody even cares about
those things anymore.
Look, Mother, there were
Christmases in Candashire
long before I was here,
and there will be Christmases
long after I'm gone.
Edward, please, darling,
stop being so ridiculous.
Now a prince shall do
what it is a prince does.
I'm not being
ridiculous, Mother.
And furthermore, I am going.
I just thought I'd give you the
courtesy of letting you know.
But with or without your
blessing, I'm leaving tomorrow.
I shall hear no more of this.
Maybe as his brother, you can
knock some sense into him.
Look, Edward, I understand that
you're never going to be king,
and the tradition of
royal duties takes its toll,
especially under
those circumstances.
But try and see
the family side of it.
I am, but has anyone ever tried
to see my side of things?
I just need my own identity.
I need something
that's just for myself.
Besides, I'm only gonna be gone
a short while.
Well, your mind is made up.
She can't stop you.
But hurry back as soon as you
get this out of your system.
Thanks, brother, I will.
Safe travels. I actually wish
I could go with you.
Yes, this is
Prince Edward Charles.
Yes, yes, that Prince Edward.
I'd like to book a first-class
ticket to America, please.
Well, immediately.
Yes, I know it's Christmas.
Hmm. Well, for the time being,
we'll make it one-way.
Thank you.
You can forbid him
to go, Mother,
but if he decides
to do it anyway,
there's no way
we can stop him.
There is one thing
I must insist upon.
Yes, ma'am.
He absolutely cannot go alone,
especially to America.
You said so yourself, there is
much to do here at the holidays.
I couldn't possibly dream
of following him.
Oh, not us, darling.
Your Majesty.
Patrick, we have a unique
assignment for you.
You'll be going away
for a while,
but we must above all
be discreet.
As you wish. I'll pack my bags
immediately, Your Majesty.
And your passport.
Well, it's all settled.
Good morning, Miss Lauren.
Have a great day.
You too.
Good morning, Lauren.
Mr. Holiday has been
asking about you.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
He wants you to meet that guest
he has in from Europe,
Mr. Paul Morton.
Ah, right. I'm on my way.
So once we've sorted through
all that, I'm sure that if-- Ah!
- Good morning, Mr. Holiday.
- Good morning.
Lauren, this is Paul.
I told you about him yesterday.
It's an honor, Miss Luck.
Just Lauren is fine.
Paul and I were
just talking about
some of the logistical issues
that we have,
so as soon as we finish
our conversation,
the two of you
can get to work, so...
I look forward to working
with you, Lauren.
Yeah, that's great.
Pay her no mind.
CHELSEA: So how's it going?
I don't know.
I've been up all night,
tossing and turning,
thinking about this.
It's driving me crazy.
Well, I hope you got it
out of your system.
There's a lot of work to do.
Well, that didn't
take her long, did it?
Doesn't really matter.
Because she isn't the one
spending her days with him.
But I'll bet she wouldn't mind
taking a shot at him herself.
I'm sure she wouldn't.
Okay. Well, I am going
to get back to work.
Paul, if you need anything,
don't hesitate to call upon me.
Can we get something off the
table before it becomes awkward?
- Please.
- I didn't need a consultant.
I've run multiple accounts
by myself.
- I'm capable of handling it.
- That's too bad.
I was looking forward
to working closely together
on this fun project.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Mm, like what?
Like you find me amusing.
Inspiring, actually,
would be a better word.
According to John,
L'Amour Chocolates have some
major plans here in the US.
He wouldn't have chosen you to
represent them and do the pitch
if he was completely confident
in your abilities.
I'm merely here to fill in any
gaps that may or may not appear.
Well, I have
a lot of work to do,
if you want to meet in a couple
hours and go over the account.
That way it'll give me time
to prepare a brief for you.
Actually, uh,
how about lunch instead?
- Lunch?
- Yes, lunch.
I believe that's what it's
called here in America.
It's one of the three
main meals of the day.
It sits right in the middle,
right after breakfast.
Yes, I am aware.
I don't take lunch.
There's never enough time.
Ah, well, now that you're doing
the job of an executive,
maybe you should
start acting like one.
Right, and I suppose since
it's your first day here,
it would be rude of me
not to take you to lunch.
Well, if you insist.
I'm gonna go exchange
some funds.
I shall meet you down
in the lobby around noon.
LAUREN: Well, what's
Christmas like in Candashire?
EDWARD: Lots of, um, snow.
Come on, I'm serious.
If I tell you, I'm afraid
you'll think I'm provincial.
On that account,
I do have a confession to make.
Chelsea, that's John's
administrative assistant,
she told me
about your background.
She did, did she?
Well, uh, what did she say?
That you work for one of
the largest advertising firms
in Candashire.
Well, that would make it
a pretty small company indeed.
Tell me about one
of your biggest campaigns.
Well, the last one
was for a locally distilled
whiskey company, Royals Share,
endorsed by
the royals themselves.
For real?
Don't look too impressed, okay?
They're just people
like you and me.
So what else did she say?
That you come from a very
wealthy and aristocratic family.
Very wealthy.
On that one,
I plead the Fifth.
The Fifth?
Where'd you get that from?
Let's just say I watched a ton
of old American gangster movies.
Oh, I see.
Shall we?
EDWARD: So how's the tea?
Well, it's not exactly
the fine china
and finger sandwiches
you promised.
Well, it doesn't always have
to be like that, you know.
But I can do better.
- Oh, really?
- Oh, of course.
That's what you Americans
don't seem to grasp
about the fine art
of drinking tea.
It's not actually about
the tea itself.
Otherwise, we'd just have
coffee or whiskey.
No, it's about the ritual.
It's about taking time
out of our day,
no matter how busy we are,
to simply clear our heads
and think.
That's what it is
to be civilized.
Or some might call it lazy.
Eh, that too.
Look, the truth is,
I've been having trouble
coming up with ideas
for this pitch.
Well, that's what I'm here for.
Look, I know you're not crazy
about the idea of us
working together,
but since you don't really
have much of a choice,
you may as well
take advantage of me.
It might be the pressure
getting to me,
but if you have
a magic Euro fix for that,
feel free to let me know.
Hmm. I would just say
there is no such thing
as a new idea.
We simply take
a lot of old ideas
and put them into a sort of
mental kaleidoscope.
We give it a turn,
and we come up with new
and curious combinations.
Please don't tell me you
came up with that on the spot.
Absolutely not. No, a fellow
much wiser than me said that.
Samuel Clemens.
But you probably know him better
as Mark Twain.
Great. So you know more
about America than I do too.
Well, you don't have
to rub my nose in it.
I'm not rubbing your nose
in anything.
You're being defensive.
And you're being snobby.
Am not.
Oh, am. Definitely am.
Well, if you feel that way,
maybe you should
head back to the office.
Maybe I should.
What do you want?
Easy, sir.
What are you doing here?
It's your mother, sir.
She made me.
Of course she did.
Come on.
Please sit.
[liquid pours]
For your head.
Thank you, sir.
I'm sorry I startled you.
It's a good thing you're not
an enemy spy, Patrick.
Good thing for me.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
So you're telling me my parents
sent you to follow me.
I arrived the day
after you, sir.
I'm supposed to make sure
that you were getting on well
in America.
Without my knowledge.
Without you knowing, sir.
Well, you've done a bang-up job
of that, haven't you, Patrick?
I'm tempted to put you
on the next plane
straight back to Candashire,
but I'm afraid my parents would
just send somebody else,
probably somebody
more competent.
So how about we make a deal,
you and I?
What do you propose,
Your Highness?
You give me my space
while I'm over here,
and I'll tell my parents
what a fantastic job you've done
of never letting me
out of your sight.
Do I have a choice?
Of course not.
How's the head?
Nothing that another drink
couldn't fix.
You and I both.
EDWARD: So you want to show me
the art mock-ups,
so I can see if it's gonna be
something suitable
for the Candashire company?
A Candashire company
in America.
Okay, I get it.
But first you need
to understand the product
before you can
understand the market.
That's the thing.
The art director hasn't
ordered any comps yet
because I haven't sent him
the direction.
I was gonna work on it
this weekend, but...
now I can't.
Why not?
You'll laugh.
Try me.
I'm going back to Woodfield,
to my parents' house,
to decorate for Children's Day.
It's kind of
a family tradition.
That's sweet, but it doesn't
sound like a very good excuse
for avoiding one's duties.
No offense intended,
but I'm not exactly here
for your leisure.
The time in which I have
to help you is somewhat limited.
Well, I don't need any help,
and it's something
I've already committed to,
so I'm not gonna bail.
Tell me about it.
Every year, a few weeks
before Christmas,
my dad dresses up as Santa,
my mom and I
dress up as elves,
and it's a big deal
to the kids.
Now I know that doesn't
sound important to you,
but it means a lot to us.
I mean, a noble cause
for sure,
but is it really a bigger deal
than landing this new client
for your company?
Is it a bigger deal for you than
climbing the corporate ladder?
Is it a bigger deal
than earning the faith
that Mr. Holiday
has placed in you?
Not to mention you're gonna lose
a day to prepare for the pitch.
Don't worry.
I know what I'm doing.
I'm just trying
to help you succeed.
Then why don't you
come with me?
You'll gain an entirely
new perspective.
I don't know,
maybe something will come to us.
And you're just going up
for the day, you say?
Just the day.
Sounds like a plan.
Wait, you actually want to go?
Well, why not? We can discuss
the campaign on the car ride up,
away from all the phone calls
and distractions here.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
EDWARD: Do you get to
come back here often?
Not as much as I'd like
with my work schedule,
and it's kind of a long drive.
Well, it's worth it.
Look at this.
It's beautiful.
It's not like Candashire?
It's different.
Candashire is this amazing,
unspoiled country.
I never really thought I'd find
anything else like it,
but, uh,
this is pretty close.
Have you been?
I spent a semester in college
in London,
but that's the only time
I've been to Europe.
Would you go back?
I think so,
if I had a good reason.
[engine turns off]
So this is where
Lauren Luck grew up, huh?
Yep. Your textbook
small American town.
I like it. I can really
get used to it here.
Stay up here for a few days
with the spotty cell service,
then tell me how you feel.
Well, it all just seems
so uncomplicated here.
So simple.
People look happy.
No one's in a hurry
to get anywhere.
Right, because there's
nowhere to hurry to.
A town this size, everything is
pretty much at your fingertips.
I can see that.
Seems like
you really miss it.
I do, but you can't do here
what you can do in the city.
As you can imagine,
nothing much changes here.
That's not necessarily
a bad thing, is it?
No, not if you want to be
a waitress in the coffee shop
or a schoolteacher.
But I want to be
an ad executive.
And I want to help you
with that, if I can.
I'll let you know.
Here we are.
Home sweet home.
Mom, we're here!
Hi, sweetheart.
Hi, Mom.
And you must be Paul.
It's so nice to meet you.
How European. I love it.
Come here.
FRANK: Let the boy breathe,
Frank Luck.
Pleasure to meet you.
Pleasure's mine, Mr. Luck.
Please, it's just
Bonnie and Frank.
How are you, sweetheart?
I'm good.
Well, you're not eating enough,
but we're gonna take care
of that today.
I am eating plenty.
Hi, Dad.
Hello, princess.
Oh, you look great.
I was just about to make lunch.
I hope you're hungry.
Famished! How European.
Just sit down and relax.
BONNIE: Here you go.
EDWARD: Thank you.
Hope you enjoy it.
My mother's famous eggnog.
The recipe is a closely guarded
family secret.
- Delicious.
- Here you go, Paul.
- Thank you.
- So, Paul, tell us everything.
I want to hear exactly what
life is like in Candashire.
Is it really like it seems
in all those gossip magazines
I read in the grocery store?
Mom, please. Let's just
let him eat his lunch.
Didn't realize we were in
the magazines over here.
What a surprise.
Sure, ask away.
I don't mind.
Well, is it just parties
all the time?
Fancy balls,
things like that?
Mom, I don't think
it's a fairy tale.
I wish. No, my life is
actually pretty similar
to that of any executive
in any large city, really.
I spend most of the day in
the office talking to clients,
meetings with clients,
and discussing clients.
Then I go home and, you know,
watch the television.
Well, just make sure you don't
work your whole life away.
I've always told Frank
he worked too hard.
He should have spent more time
just enjoying life.
That's right, she did.
That's what I've been
trying to tell this one.
Slow down, take some time
to smell the roses.
Isn't that right, princess?
That is right, Dad.
It's ironic, you know.
What is?
Your nickname for Lauren.
- Why is that?
- Well, believe it or not,
I've actually met
a few princesses in my time.
No, really? Actual royalty?
Quite a few, in fact.
Oh, but believe me,
they are nothing like Lauren.
They're not?
Uh, no.
I mean most princesses are cold
and spoiled, whereas Lauren...
Lauren is just the opposite.
She's kind and caring.
A tribute, no doubt,
to a wonderful upbringing.
That's so sweet.
Isn't that sweet, dear?
Just need a little more padding,
that's all.
So how did your father
get suckered into this job?
Suckered? He volunteers.
I have never
seen him so happy.
Yep. He loves
to complain about it,
but as soon as the kids
sit on his knee
and tell him what they want
for Christmas, you'll see.
His face just lights up.
Now, that is something
I'm looking forward to seeing.
It's been fun, right?
Yeah, it's been delightful.
And a really welcome break
from the city, you know?
I figured
you wouldn't regret it.
You figured correctly.
And I really enjoyed
meeting your parents.
I can see where you get
your festive spirit from,
and it is adorable.
But don't forget.
We still got a lot of work
to get done
and not much time to do it.
I know, but I'll get it done.
Don't you worry about me.
Whatever you say, Miss Luck.
[door opens, closes]
Patrick, what are you doing
in my room?
And where have you been?
Following you, of course, sir.
You do realize
this can't end well.
What can't end well?
I saw you with the young lady.
I saw how you were
with each other.
And look, I sympathize with you,
sir, I really do,
but your parents,
they'd never understand this.
I refuse to go through life
making decisions
based on what my parents want.
I just...
What if I just gave it all up?
I don't--
I don't understand, sir.
Relinquish my stupid
royal duties and just let go.
But, sir, that's
simply unheard of.
You'd lose
your entire birthright.
You'd give up everything.
And for what, a commoner?
It's been done before.
And she's not a commoner,
She's an American.
[door opens, closes]
Well, well, well. So?
So what?
So this weekend.
No calls, no texts,
and then I hear
he spent the weekend
with you and your parents.
It was all very professional.
God, I hope not.
Okay, well, you owe me
some details later.
But right now
Mr. Holiday wants to see you.
What do you think?
Mr. Holiday?
Lauren, come on in here.
I need an update.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Okay, um, it--
Yeah, it's, it's, it's...
It's going well.
It's going well.
That's, that's a great update.
What's wrong?
I just got a call
from L'Amour Chocolate,
and they want us
to push our pitch up.
They tell me
they want to do a test
on some of their
social media buys,
which means they're probably
going to wanna tease
our advertising campaign.
Mm-hmm. How long?
I told him that would
not be a problem.
Now, that's not going to be
a problem, is it, Lauren?
No, no, no, of course not.
It is-- That is,
that's not gonna be--
That's not gonna be a problem.
- Lauren, stop stammering.
- Mm-hmm.
You need to sound
more confident.
Stand up straight.
Stand up straight.
Make me pay attention.
- Got it.
- Good!
That's the spirit.
Now go on.
Work on this!
Okay, slow down.
You okay?
Yeah. I just got the career
break I always wanted,
and I have nothing.
Zilch. I am a blank page.
Well, you told me not
to worry about you, right?
That you'd get yourself
together, remember?
That's not fair.
Don't use my own words
against me.
- I wouldn't dream of it.
- All right.
Hello? Is anybody here?
Over here.
Can I help you?
Perhaps. An old friend of mine
from university
said he was coming to town
for a few days.
He said that he works here.
Maybe you know him?
Paul Morton?
Well, he's not here.
I see. Any idea
where I might find him?
I think your friend is staying
at the Hotel Lafayette.
A colleague of mine
just went to check on him,
but you will probably
find them here.
- Okay.
- Knowing Lauren,
she probably wanted to take him
to her favorite restaurant.
If you hurry, you might
be able to catch them.
Thank you...
- Daria.
- Daria.
And if that doesn't work out,
my number's on there.
Give me a call, and maybe I can
think of something else.
Yeah, I might just do that.
I will.
Thank you, Daria.
Come on in.
Oh, wow. This is nice.
Make yourself at home.
What's that?
Well, you asked about
my biggest campaign.
Here it is.
My pride and joy.
A product of Candashire.
That bottle of whiskey.
I thought perhaps maybe
your father might like it.
I'm sure he will.
In fact, do you wanna try it?
Sure. Never really had whiskey.
Does it need ice?
No. Actually, for this,
we're just gonna drink it neat.
Without ice.
Yeah, I know that.
To L'Amour Chocolates
and a successful campaign.
You like?
My thoughts exactly.
Perhaps a little too elegant
for my taste buds.
Fair enough.
So what shall we do
about dinner?
Well, Mr. Holiday did give me
a company credit card
to help cover
incidental expenses,
so we could cover them at
my favorite Italian restaurant.
Splendid idea.
I'll get my coat.
That's one of the things that's
making this so challenging.
I mean, usually when we
release a new product,
we have a distinct demographic
that we're targeting.
But this isn't exactly
a new product.
No, but we do need
a new approach.
Something that takes
the same product,
but spins it in a new light.
In Candashire, we don't always
have this kind of luxury.
We're just too small
of a market.
It's the same for a lot
of European countries,
so we're forced to market
to practically everyone.
Right, but I don't think
that a broad-based approach
is exactly gonna blow them away.
Plus, the larger the audience,
the more careful you have to be
with your advertising.
I just really need to impress
L'Amour Chocolates.
It's a catch-22.
Look, it all comes down to that
Mark Twain quote, right?
There are no new ideas.
It's just about how
you repackage them.
So what you need is a new twist
on a time-tested idea.
Right, like putting out
a paperback version
of an old classic.
- Right.
- So instead of a big volume,
you have a small version that
you can fit in your pocket.
You reach a way bigger audience,
and you spend less
on manufacturing.
Gourmet chocolates to go.
- Would you like to order, sir?
- No, no.
I'm still looking.
Thank you, yeah.
[phone buzzing]
Your Highness.
Good evening, Patrick.
I've been expecting
a call from you,
a call that never came.
A thousand pardons,
Your Highness,
but I'm afraid my mission here's
been severely compromised.
I was afraid that might happen.
It didn't take Prince Edward
too long to discover
that I was surveilling him.
His senses are so very sharp,
so very keen.
I know.
Another talent he picks up
from Mother.
So what now?
Well, I'm doing my best
to stay out of sight.
He's having dinner right now
with a young lady.
I don't think he knows
that I'm here.
Well, don't press him
too closely.
Maybe he'll get this
out of his system quickly
and return home
in time for the holidays.
I mean, perhaps,
but I'm not so sure he isn't
falling for the young lady.
I think things
might get complicated.
Well, do what you can.
Mother will have our heads
if Edward misses the family
tree-lighting ceremony.
I shall do my best,
Your Highness.
LAUREN: I guess you've probably
had better meals in Italy.
This place is pretty basic,
but I love it here.
I mean, I have dined
extensively in Rome,
but I love this place.
Just feels so real.
That it is,
and it's been here forever.
And shall continue to be so,
I'm sure.
So what's life like
in Candashire?
Are the girls pretty there?
Some of them.
But if you asked me,
I prefer American girls.
They strike me
as more sincere and caring.
Definitely cuter.
How many American girls
have you met?
Just you.
EDWARD: So what happens
when this pitch goes well?
You know, if the client
is all happy, what then?
Well, I guess my stock rises
within the company.
Then what?
What do you mean?
I'm just trying
to work out your angle.
What is it
you're really working for?
I guess I never really
thought of it like that.
I mean, ever since I was
a freshman in college,
I wanted to be an advertising.
I started at the bottom rung
of a good agency.
Just worked my way up.
Better clients,
bigger accounts.
I knew the rest
would figure itself out.
And having all that,
that would make you happy?
And what about you?
You must be
in the same boat, right?
Can't imagine it's not different
in Candashire.
Yeah, I guess.
I guess I kind of got into
the business by luck.
I never really
had a passion for it.
I mean, I like working,
you know.
I like work, but there must be
more to life, you know?
Yeah, maybe for you,
there is.
It's cold out.
We should get going.
Yeah, come on in.
Sorry, sir,
I didn't mean to interrupt.
No, you're not interrupting.
I'm just signing
this year's Christmas cards.
- Ah.
- I like to do it myself.
Gives it that personal touch.
So how goes
the advertising campaign?
Fine. I mean, it's challenging
with the time crunch,
but it's going well.
Well, good, 'cause I wouldn't
want you to disappoint me,
especially not during Christmas.
Um, no, I'm okay, thanks.
I already have chocolate
on the brain.
I bet you do.
You know, these things
are really good.
I think the kids
would really love them
if they weren't
so darn expensive.
You make a point.
What is it?
Why are you hovering?
Uh, yes, I was just gonna ask
if you wanted me
to run my ideas by you.
Why? Do you need to?
Well, no,
I just thought I'd ask,
in case you wanted
to approve of my approach.
Lauren, I gave you
this opportunity
because I thought
you were ready for it, okay?
My job is not to be your
personal sounding board.
That's what Paul is for.
Go soundboard off of him.
Right, of course.
I'm sorry to have bothered you.
Hey, just a second.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
- Which way is your office?
- That way.
Thank you.
What did he say?
Um, he said that I should
do whatever I want
and stop bothering him.
No, but that's the gist of it.
So I just told him
everything's going well.
Is it?
And what about Paul?
What do you mean?
Come on, Lauren.
It's me, your best friend.
There's nothing to tell.
He works for a company
in Candashire, not New York,
so I'll never see him again.
He could decide to stay.
Yeah, and I could decide
to move to Candashire.
Please. We don't even know
if he likes me.
Here you are
just ready to marry me off.
Besides, I have got bigger
problems to worry about.
I have the most important
presentation of my life
in a few days,
and I'm so lost.
I... I don't know
if I'm coming or going.
Well, what you need
is a vacation.
Yeah, and I'll get
a permanent one,
if I don't figure
something out soon.
Well, that's what they pay you
the big bucks for.
You'll think of something.
You always do.
And as for pretty boy,
maybe you need
to make the first move.
Guys like that
are way too polite.
DARIA: She's right, you know.
Okay, what's the matter?
At this point, you should be
feeling better about everything.
No, I do. It's just
all of this is theoretical.
Our whole strategy,
it's just based on our past
experience as ad executives.
Okay, well,
what's wrong with that?
Nothing. I mean,
we need that, obviously.
But we're missing something.
You know, if we had
all the time we needed,
I would hire a market research
firm to conduct a study,
get out of our heads,
and figure out what
the ordinary customer thinks.
Right. I was thinking about
doing a focus group,
but the only problem is--
- Yeah, time.
- Exactly.
I know.
And those companies need weeks,
even months, to prepare.
Why don't we just
do it ourselves?
What, a market research study?
Well, for one thing,
this is a really big city.
Imagine going door-to-door,
asking questions to strangers.
Nine out of ten times, they
would slam the door in our face,
and that is if we're lucky.
Okay, okay, fine,
maybe not here,
but perhaps somewhere
a little more agreeable.
Well, why not?
You know, there is this
caroling event coming up.
There's gonna be
thousands of people
on Main Street at one time,
all singing Christmas carols.
I mean, it's perfect.
It's a premade market
right there at your fingertips.
But can you get your hands
on enough chocolate samples
to actually make it happen?
Yeah, well,
we certainly could try.
Then I say you go for it.
Are you down to help me?
You. You have--
- What?
- It's just you got it all on--
Okay. It might-- Yeah.
Got it?
- Okay.
- Actually--
Hey, you.
Oh, hey, um... Daria.
You know my name.
I'm surprised.
Of course.
We met my first day here.
So how's the campaign going?
Pretty good. I think
we have some solid ideas.
I hear the two of you might be
going on a vacation together.
Walls here are very thin.
- Ah.
- You know, a lot of people
didn't think that Lauren
deserved this account.
They felt it should
go to someone
with a bit more experience.
Just keep in mind if you're ever
at a loss for a good idea,
I have plenty.
All you have to do is ask.
Uh, thanks.
I wrote my cell number
on the back.
Good to know.
A trip to Woodfield?
No, I don't know, Lauren.
Just not sure how good of a use
of your time that's going to be.
I'm not arguing whether or not
it's a good use of my time, sir.
I'm not running my ideas by you
anymore, remember?
I'm just asking for a supply
of L'Amour Chocolates
to use as samples
for my research.
So yes or no?
Well, when you put it that way,
I can hardly say no.
Good. I'm glad you
see things my way.
- Okay.
- Oh, and, uh...
Merry Christmas, sir.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[clears throat]
He said yes?
He had no choice.
When are we leaving?
Well, how soon can you pack?
She was the cutest one
in the play.
I still remember that.
Oh, we knew you were gonna be
something special.
Paul, how about a bourbon?
Tennessee's best.
Actually, I've got a little
something I'd like you to try.
I told him you were
a whiskey drinker,
and he got really excited.
I think he might have
brought you a little something.
FRANK: He did?
Bonnie, would you like
to try some too?
Oh, no, not for me.
I'm not even gonna
bother asking.
Now, this gentleman knows how to
serve a good whiskey properly.
What is it?
Candashire's finest.
We call it Royals Share.
It's a brand I'm very proud
to have my company sponsor.
We created
the entire campaign for it.
So it's not really
from the royals.
Well, they did give it
their royal seal of approval.
Hmm. You know it doesn't get
any better than this.
A good whiskey,
my princess home
at the holidays,
and a warm fire.
Yeah, until you can't
walk tomorrow.
- Oh, here we go.
- What does that mean?
They sell perfectly good
firewood at the market.
$20 a bundle.
Plus there's half a dozen
neighborhood kids
who will deliver it
for a few bucks.
But no, your father has to
go out and chop it himself.
Dad, you cut that
in the woods?
The last time he did that,
his back was out for a week.
I am not gonna let you
sit there and tell me
that I am too old
to cut my own firewood.
Are they like this
back in Candashire, Paul?
I guess it depends.
I'm sure it's the same
Boys will be boys.
But what I'd really
like to know is...
what is Christmas like
over there?
It must be magical.
I know. It is indeed.
Perhaps more austere.
You mean less tacky?
No, no, no,
I didn't say that.
I meant it as a compliment.
It's so, so refreshing.
It's one of the things I love
about being here.
Just one of the things.
Can I freshen that up
for you, Paul?
Come in.
Hey. Mind if I sit down?
I never sleep well out here.
You kidding?
It's so peaceful.
I know. It's stupid, right?
I think I've become
too citified.
That's what I'm used to.
There's no honking horns,
no garbage trucks
in the middle of the night.
It's too quiet.
I stay up all night long,
thinking something's gone wrong.
I think I know.
What's keeping you up?
Well, I was doing some reading
before turning in myself,
and I saw this.
An old ad
for L'Amour Chocolates.
- Hmm.
- What does it say to you?
"When simply the best
isn't good enough."
It's cold, it's snobby.
it makes me feel like I'm not
worthy of their chocolate.
Exactly. So we need to come back
with just the opposite message.
Now, L'Amour Chocolates
needs to say,
"Take the taste of L'Amour
wherever you go."
Yeah, I like what
you're thinking.
Luxury fit for everyone.
good night, princess.
Something smells good.
Sit down, you two.
I'll make you some lunch.
Sorry. We don't have time.
What do you mean,
you don't have time?
They're busy, Bonnie.
Let 'em be.
We are going to conduct
a product survey
at the Winter Carolcade.
The Winter Carolcade?
We haven't been
to one of those in years.
Too many people, and I hear
it gets bigger every year.
That's what we're hoping for.
Besides, who doesn't like
free candies at Christmastime?
Nobody doesn't like free candy.
Hope you brought enough.
Well, we got all we could
lay our hands on.
Guess it'll have to do.
Well, if we didn't, we'll have
to rely on your charm.
And good looks.
Thanks, Mom.
Good luck, you two.
Beautiful day.
CROWD: Born is the king
Of Israel
They entered in
Those Wise Men three
You should've had that one.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
That was good.
- Hi. Do you wanna try one?
- Sure.
This one's got a chewy center.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah, it's really good.
You like it a lot.
Ooh, thank you.
And how do they compare?
And which one would you
buy for yourself?
- This one.
- That one?
Good, perfect.
Thank you so much.
Thank you. Bye.
This is really working out.
We're getting
real person answers
across a wide range
of potential customers.
I know. It's like doing
five different survey groups
all at once.
It's brilliant.
So what do you really think?
I think I've never
seen anything lovelier.
Lovelier? I don't know
if that's the right word
for the Winter Carolcade.
Carolcade! Yes!
We are talking
about the Carolcade.
Of course.
What else, maybe?
Okay, well,
since you're asking,
I've been meaning
to tell you this.
- Ooh, what are these?
- Oh, hi.
- Would you like to try one?
- Yes, please.
Okay, now give it
a score out of ten.
Mm. Ten, for sure.
All right, perfect.
- Thank you!
- Thank you.
You were saying?
Yes, I was saying, um,
maybe when all this is done,
we could, uh...
You know, we could maybe...
Having a good time?
Of course you are.
Who wouldn't be?
Carolcade's one of the biggest
events of the season.
Ooh, chocolate.
Thank you.
Please, take one.
Now, how about a nice big smile
for the camera?
No, thank you.
Excuse me, what is going on?
Thanks, folks. We'll see you
on the society page.
What was that?
That's the local newspaper.
Circulation, yes.
Top-shelf all the way
in Woodfield.
I suppose so.
Hi. Would you like
some chocolate?
You listen to me. If you ever
get tired of life in Candashire,
you always have
a place to stay with us.
Thank you, Bonnie.
And if I ever go
on that European vacation
that Frank's been promising me
since our honeymoon,
I'll expect the same.
You have my word.
If you ever make it
to Candashire,
you'll get the royal treatment.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, sweetie.
LAUREN: Bye, Dad.
Thank you both for everything.
You've been more than kind.
You're welcome.
You, uh, sure you don't want
to come up for a while?
I can help you put the finishing
touches on your presentation.
No, thanks, I...
I want to get as much of this
done as I can by myself.
It's really my chance to
show them what I'm capable of.
Plus I have this little
art project I want to work on.
Art project?
Well, fair enough.
You know, I-I never could have
done any of this
without your help.
I hope you know that.
Let's just wait
until tomorrow, okay?
You can thank me then.
All of our work, our planning,
the moment of truth,
it's finally here.
You've got this, right?
You know it.
You could sell ice to a penguin.
Just be firm and confident
and let your talent carry you.
And remember,
never doubt your instincts.
I, um... I still have
a lot of work to do.
Till tomorrow.
Yep, till tomorrow.
Good night.
Good night.
You almost ready?
Yep, just about.
The client's going to be here
any minute.
I will greet them and then take
them to Mr. Holiday's office.
That's where you come in.
Sounds good.
It's now or never, girl.
Good luck.
Thank you!
LAUREN: Um, I think--
I mean...
We believe
that we have the ability
to position L'Amour Chocolates
as a must-have item
for the American consumer.
Excuse me. Lauren, we believe
we have been exceptionally clear
about the direction we would
like to see this campaign take.
RANDAL: L'Amour Chocolates is
one of the most
exclusive confectioners
in all of Europe.
What sets us apart
from our competition
is our unwavering devotion
to the finest quality
And that's what will allow us
to capture the American market.
- You're wrong.
- What?
Look, I think you're a little
ahead of your skis here.
With all due respect,
if you knew how to capture
the American audience,
well, you wouldn't be
sitting here.
Excuse me?
But you don't,
so you need The Holiday Agency.
Look, the two of you strike me
as people who can
handle the truth,
so here it is.
America isn't Europe.
You think that you know how
to sell chocolates to us,
but you don't.
We do.
I have studied
your projections,
I have looked at them
and to get even close
to hitting
the numbers
that you're looking for,
you're gonna have to sell
your chocolates in more places
than Fifth Avenue
and Magnificent Mile.
And they will sell.
Here's the answer:
small, compact,
high-quality chocolates
that fit into any budget.
And you can sell them
movie theaters, gas stations,
drugstores, grocery stores.
I mean, anywhere
that you can think of.
And we have the data
to back it up.
It fits in your purse,
it fits in your pocket,
but most importantly,
they'll fit in your budget.
It's perfect for the consumer
who doesn't want to buy
a full 30-count box
of chocolates.
They only want to buy
one personal-sized
gourmet to-go box.
And once they try it,
well, they're hooked.
A smaller version
of our regular product line.
I never thought of that before.
I like it.
And you can market
these little jewels
in places you never even
dreamed possible.
This will open up an entirely
new set of demographics for you.
New customers treating
themselves to a taste of luxury
without breaking the bank.
Everyone will want
one of these.
thank you.
We were right
to reach out to your firm.
Yes, you were.
We aim to please.
You nailed it?
I nailed it.
So I don't want
to sound condescending,
but I'm really proud of you.
Thank you.
Oh, and tonight
we can celebrate.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
Um, with everything going on,
I forgot.
But it is the Central City
reception tonight.
- What?
- Central City.
It's our new museum.
They have an opening gala,
and Mr. Holiday is
on the board of directors,
so I have to go,
and I thought, you know,
if you weren't busy,
or you didn't have
anything to do,
I want you to be my date.
I don't know. Um...
Oh, come on! The press will
be there and everything.
You'll have a great time.
The press?
Oh, um, I'm sorry.
I just, I thought that,
you know,
maybe you'd just want
to go with me, but, um...
No, of course, of course.
I'd, uh, I'd love to go.
I heard Mr. Holiday had a very
productive conversation
with our newest clients.
They're about to leave,
if you want to say goodbye.
Of course.
And it would be bad form
if their new
account executive didn't.
If you'll excuse me...
So I guess
she did pretty well.
With a little help from you.
Well, "little"
is the right word.
She did everything.
She really is...
quite amazing.
And is that
Paul Morton talking
or Prince Edward?
I see.
How long have you known?
Daria gave me this.
I guess someone from the paper
recognized you.
Now it's all over the place.
Oh, dear.
I was afraid of this.
Does Lauren know who you are?
Well, no.
I mean, not yet anyway.
I mean, I haven't exactly been
forthcoming with her.
Have you told anyone yet?
I figured it wasn't my place.
Well, thank you.
I know I should have told her
a long time ago,
but I was just enjoying our time
together so much.
I don't want to ruin anything
by throwing a stupid royal title
into the mix. I...
I really liked being just me.
Well, it's none of my business,
but how are you
gonna handle this?
I think Lauren
really likes you.
And I really like her.
Do you think she'll be upset
when she finds out
I'm a prince of Candashire?
LAUREN: Why don't you
ask her yourself?
Lauren, I can explain.
You can try. I just don't see
how it's gonna change anything.
You lied to me.
You're not Paul Morton?
No. Paul is
a dear friend of mine.
His wife was having a baby,
so he couldn't come,
so I begged him to allow me
to come here and represent him,
so I could just escape
the frustration
and just utter boredom
of being a prince.
The royal life is killing me.
So you pretended to be him
because you were bored?
Did you find me entertaining?
Did you?
I'm such an idiot.
I thought...
I thought you liked me.
I do like you, Lauren,
more than I've ever
liked anyone ever before.
- No!
- Please!
Let me explain.
I don't even know your name!
It's... Edward.
Well, Prince Edward,
thank you for your time.
Lauren, I--
You can't imagine
How good it feels
to hold you
- It's an honor, Miss Luck.
- Just Lauren is fine.
At this holiday season
I'd like to make a wish
Upon a shooting star
And ask for
Just one dance
- When I have you near me
I think I've never seen
anything lovelier.
Never want to let you go
- Good night, my princess.
- Just one dance
I'm living
a dream come true
- Never doubt your instincts.
- As long as I am
Here with you
Here with you
Hit me.
Here with you
Just one dance with you
Are you sure?
You're sure I look okay?
If that's just okay,
then I might as well be
the Elephant Man.
I'm serious.
You look beautiful.
Beautiful enough
to be a princess.
Please. I think I drove
the last nail into that coffin.
I wouldn't be so sure.
When you were out of the room,
he told me he really liked you.
Hint-hint, reallyliked you.
Yeah, well, he had a really
funny way of showing it.
Besides, that ship's
already sailed.
I wish you'd change your mind
and come with me.
You don't have to go alone.
I mean, you do have his number.
What? I can't call him.
Why would I do that?
Because you didn't
give him a chance.
I know you were hurt,
but you could have
at least heard him out.
I heard enough.
Look, he is a prince.
Who knows what his motives were?
But if you never find out,
you're only hurting yourself.
Maybe, but I'm not
going alone.
Come on. Let's find you
something to wear.
Oh, what a mess of things
I've made, Patrick.
Tell me,
was it all a bad dream?
I'm afraid not, sir.
Has she called?
No, sir, but I have been talking
to your parents all afternoon,
and I'm afraid
that your appearance here
has made front-page news
in Candashire.
They were not pleased,
to say the least.
Naturally, I've been asked
to bring you home immediately.
We have a private flight booked
for 11:00 this evening.
Sorry, but I can't go.
I must speak to Lauren.
Sir, before your identity was
known, I could've understood.
But now that it's out
in the open, I have to insist.
You must think
of the crown, sir.
Ah, the crown!
The bloody crown!
My entire life, all I've ever
thought of is the crown!
Here, I've--
I've finally found someone
that I care about,
and who I believe
cares about me.
It's not because I'm royalty
or heir to a kingdom.
What did I do?
I lied to her.
Then what is done is done, sir.
And I'm afraid
that there's nothing
that neither one of us can do.
Your mother was very specific
with her orders.
You know, I'm a grown man
with my own mind.
And I don't take orders
from my mother.
And I certainly
don't take them from you.
No, of course, sir, no.
All that I meant--
No, I know exactly
what you meant, Patrick.
What's done is done.
And that doesn't mean
it can't be undone.
What does that mean?
It means get ready.
We're going out.
Hark! The herald
angels sing
Glory to the newborn king
Peace on Earth
and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled
all ye nations, rise
Join the triumph
of the skies
Mr. Holiday
really outdid himself.
He tends to do that.
I'm really glad you came.
Yeah. It's not a big deal.
It wasn't that
I didn't want to.
It was just that...
I was just hoping
that you would get over
your stupid pride
and call up your prince.
Stupid pride, huh?
Well, that's easy
for you to say.
Nothing good was gonna
come from it anyway.
At the time I would have been
head over heels for him,
he would have flown back
to Candashire forever.
Well, you could've
jetted back with him.
- It's happened before.
- Mm-hmm.
- You ever think about that?
- Oh, yeah.
At least a dozen times today.
Are you happy?
I'll get you a drink.
Make it a double.
You see her?
I don't see her.
Come on.
Mr. Holiday, I must apologize
for my charade.
I do hope no harm was done.
No, no, no. No harm was done
at all, Your Highness.
I'm just glad you decided
to come to our little opening.
And I can't tell you
how delighted I was
to get your phone call.
Well, when I heard about
your very special evening,
how could I resist?
I seem to recall you saying
something about
a generous donation.
Yes. Patrick?
- Oh.
- Here you go, sir.
With the queen's regards.
Thank you.
If you don't mind-- Oh!
That's fantastic.
This is a check
for a million dollars?
Yes, well, it's for your
most worthy contribution
to the education in the arts.
I have no idea what to say.
Um, here.
Ladies and gentlemen,
ladies and gentlemen,
may I have
your attention, please.
I would like to propose a toast
to our newest sponsor,
who just handed me a check
for one million dollars,
Prince Edward Charles
of Candashire.
Oh, brother.
I must be off, sir.
Thank you very much.
Yes, thank you, thank you.
What do you want?
Look, I just want to say
that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the way
this all played out.
And I'm sorry for my part in it.
I mean, it was
in the papers,
but I didn't have to be the one
who leaked it to Chelsea.
It was gonna come out anyway.
True, but I should have
stayed out of it.
I'm not proud of what I did.
I was just jealous.
You didn't deserve
to find out like that.
Well, thanks for that.
You okay?
I get it, but may I
give you some advice?
People always say
you should never be too proud
to admit when you're wrong,
but, more importantly,
should never be too proud
to admit when you're right.
What is that supposed to mean?
It means the guy
made a mistake.
But by not forgiving him,
think about who you're
really punishing.
EDWARD: Lauren.
That's a nice entrance.
Looks like you found
your friend.
I did. Thank you.
Well, let's get you a drink.
You look beautiful tonight.
My stomach is in knots,
my phone won't stop ringing,
and, um, my face...
is on the cover of every tabloid
in the supermarket.
I'm sorry about that.
Oh, and the guy
that I was falling for,
it turns out he's been lying
to me the entire time, so...
You have no idea
how sorry I am,
but I can't do anything
about who I am.
Why should I believe you?
Because the only reason
I didn't tell you before
is because I didn't want
what we had to change.
I wanted it to mean something
on its own merits.
And I wouldn't have done it
if you knew who I really was.
Oh, wow.
You must think
I'm pretty shallow.
Of course not. But you're
really gonna stand there
and tell me that everything
that we've done together,
everything that we've
been through,
nothing would have
been different
if you had known
who I really was,
if I told you
that I was a prince
instead of just
an ordinary person?
There was so many times,
so many times you could have
said something.
I know, and I should have,
and I didn't, and I'm sorry.
I was just--
I was afraid.
I was afraid that I told--
I was afraid that if I told you,
it would just ruin everything.
And, Lauren...
I've never felt
like this before.
Unfortunately, I don't know
if I can believe you.
Well, what about you?
I mean, you weren't exactly
the warmest when we first met.
- Excuse me?
- You made it perfectly clear
that you didn't need me
or want me around.
How on earth was I supposed to
open up and tell you the truth?
Oh, that is low, Edward.
That is really low.
All I'm trying to say
is that it doesn't matter
why we hit it off,
just that we did.
You're right.
It doesn't matter why.
But it does matter
who you are.
I'm the same person, Lauren.
The same person
who fell in love with you.
And the same person who I hope
you fell in love with.
Now's the time.
If you love me,
you have to tell me.
My flight leaves this evening.
Please, just trust
your instincts.
Tell me not to go.
I-- Okay.
What the--
Please don't go.
QUEEN: Well, they should
be here any minute.
I got word the plane landed.
No delays.
Excellent. Oh, Martin.
Majesty, someone to see you.
- Your Majesty.
- Patrick.
I'm afraid that there's been
a slight change of plans.
Prince Edward Charles...
has fallen in love.
Oh, dear.
[soft chatter]
[clears throat]
So if I may,
here's to the spirit
of Christmas
and goodwill to all mankind.
And above all,
here's to love,
the finding of it,
the cherishing of it,
and the keeping of it.
Merry Christmas.
ALL: Merry Christmas!
LAUREN: From that moment on,
my life would
never be the same again.
I went from being
a marketing executive
to a princess
almost overnight.
Or maybe we should say
marketing executive princess.
Mr. Holiday's faith in me
paid off big-time
when he signed a huge contract
with L'Amour Chocolates.
And Chelsea became
the ad executive
she always dreamed of.
After a tumultuous
three-week relationship,
Patrick enlisted
in the queen's royal army
to escape Daria.
And even my future
finally came to love me,
sort of,
with the help
of Edward's brother.
My mom and dad finally got
the European vacation
they had always dreamed of.
And everyone lived
happily ever after.