A Royal Christmas Holiday (2023) Movie Script

Good morning.
Let's take a look at some
of the holiday cheer
heading our way.
This weekend,
the annual Christmas Carol Fest
will be held in East Rochester.
Make sure to check it out.
It's gonna be a lot of fun.
I'm Katie Viana.
And now, back to Carol Jordan,
and good day to you.
So you see, Carol,
pumpkins aren't just
for Halloween anymore.
No, it can serve many functions
in your holiday plans.
Just think outside the box
and your pumpkin can become a beautiful
punch bowl at your family parties
or a totally organic cooking vessel
for your favorite green bean casserole.
I could go on and on and on.
Of course, you could.
Did I mention how inexpensive
a pumpkin is right now?
Yes, you did. Several times.
And it's all so, so fascinating.
But I'm afraid that's all the time
we have for today.
We'll see you again on Good Day To You.
I'm your host, Carol Jordan.
Carol, great show again today.
Perfection as always.
And, Jane, thanks for being
with us again today, okay?
Oh, it was my pleasure.
Hey, can I get you to sign
your release, please?
Just a--just a minute.
Here. Carol.
Just something is stuck.
Just, you know, strangling me.
I--I got it. Hold on.
- I'm just trying to help you.
- Just get this--
- get this off of me!
- All right. Right here.
Here. Let me take that.
And there you go.
Thank you.
Who handles these things anyway?
Well, it's normally Eddie
or the sound guy, but he left last week.
That's right.
He got a better job someplace else.
I can't imagine why.
Will you be a doll
and get me that double latte?
Sure thing, Carol.
The--the cafeteria is featuring
a holiday special today.
Peppermint cinnamon.
What do you think?
I think that's a hard no.
Right. And I'm in a hurry, so...
The glam of it all.
If I could just get your John Hancock,
you'll be all set for your vacation.
You pulled all of my old tapes
from the video library?
We're all set for your Christmas vacation.
It's gonna be a full week
of your old Christmas tapes.
Oh, perfect.
I am so out of here.
You deserve it Carol, because, you know,
not everybody can do what you do.
Oh, you flatter me, Jared.
Poor Marcy.
We're not paying that girl enough money.
You know,
I could do what Carol does.
Why don't you ever give me a chance?
Well, you're already on camera, Katie.
Doing public service announcements.
Jared, I could do so much more.
That's what we need you to be
doing for us right now, okay?
A minute of community updates
once every hour?
That's what you signed on for, Katie.
Look, I understand your frustration,
but not everybody starts at the top.
You gotta work your way
up the ladder, right?
I had a feeling you'd say that.
His Royal Highness
Prince Jonathan Wentworth.
Your Royal Highness?
Please. There's no need
for that. Thank you.
Yes, Your Highness.
If you could just stamp my passport.
Yes. Of course.
No, no. Uh, not on my face.
From Visaria to...
Ooh, America.
How exciting.
Thank you.
Thank you. And Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
This whole trip to America feels like
a giant waste of time.
Well, I know that right now
you don't think
it's important, Sir,
but I can assure you it is.
Louis, it's just another ribbon-cutting,
head-nodding, handshaking event.
Any of my cousins could've officiated it.
I'm sorry, Sir, but wasn't it you
that said that you couldn't get out
of Visaria quickly enough?
Well, yes, but that was simply
because of all the silly nonsense
that my mother keeps promoting,
me having a fiance
and soon to be a married. Oh.
And nothing could be further
from the truth, Sir?
I have absolutely nothing against Roselyn
but we hardly know each other.
I certainly didn't ask her to marry me,
had that discussion,
or anything of the sort.
Well, then perhaps when we return home,
you can make extra effort to try
and set the record straight.
I'd be doing that right now
if you weren't dead set on this trip.
Sir, you would dedicate to the
United States
Naval Museum, in the name
of your maternal grandfather
for his noble services
with the Allied forces
during the last great war,
the story of which you wrote out
in splendid detail
throughout the entirety of your new book.
Currently, Visaria's number
one bestseller, I might add.
Please. Don't remind me.
And I don't understand
what the urgency is all about.
Why are we doing this during the holidays?
Sir, the timing of the
dedication is significant.
It was at Christmas time back in 1943
that your grandfather's actions
were most legendary, or so your book says.
Hmm. That's very sweet of you, Louis.
I just don't understand
the importance of me
being there.
Nobody hardly knows who I am
or even recognizes me anymore.
Hey, Marcy.
Hey, Katie.
Thanks for helping out
with that microphone.
Oh, yeah. I mean, those things
could be an octopus
if you don't keep them untangled.
And we all know Carol
could be a little impatient.
That's an understatement.
I don't know why they put up with her.
She could be so rude sometimes.
Ratings, Marcy.
It's all about ratings.
You'd be better hosting that show.
Thank you. I would love that,
but they won't even give me a shot.
Why not? You're perfect on air.
The viewers love you.
Try telling that to Jared.
I keep begging him to let me do
something more important
but he's not having it.
He could make it happen if he wanted to.
He is the program director.
Yeah. The boss of all bosses.
The idea was for you to order the latte
and then bring it to me.
Sorry, Carol.
I-I was on my way but I--
I just got sidetracked.
We're running The Best
of Carol Jordan starting Monday.
Oh, of course.
Yeah. I heard you were going
on vacation next week.
Uh-hmm. That's right. Yes.
Don't miss me too much.
I'll catch you later, Marcy, all right?
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey, Jared.
You wanted to see me?
Yes, actually.
I was thinking about what you said earlier
about wanting to do
something more meaningful
with your time here.
Yeah. And?
And I just got this.
And with Carol on vacation next week,
I have no one available,
so I thought you might--
Oh, yeah. I'll take it.
You don't even know what it is yet.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
I don't care.
That's the attitude.
Listen, the museum
is opening a new exhibit
dedicated to World War II veterans.
One of the sponsors
is the Kingdom of Visaria
and they're sending this Prince Jonathan
as their representative.
He's gonna be at the big
Christmas preview party.
I just want a total puff piece, okay?
Nothing negative, all right?
Yeah, no.
I could totally do that.
Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
He's declined every attempt
at an interview.
All the other stations have
practically given up
at this point, and that's why
I want it even more.
I see. Okay.
I'll tell you what,
you get that interview...
and you've got your special.
What are you waiting for?
Okay. Okay. Yes. Question.
How would I locate him?
Well, you don't find pearls
on the shore, Katie.
If you want one, you gotta dive for it.
Got it. Okay. I will do that.
Thank you so much, Jared.
I won't let you down.
How busy are you?
Nothing major. Just completing
the morning program lock.
I need you to come with me.
- Right now?
- Yeah. Right now.
Sorry, Larry.
Can you finish these?
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Where are we going?
- To the airport. Come on!
Keep the camera rolling the entire time.
You never know what
we'll be able to use later.
I just don't understand why
you didn't ask for the regular
camera guys with this.
I brought you because I trust you.
Marcy, this is my big break.
I just wanna keep it to myself
for now, okay?
Okay. You're the boss.
Let's go.
How do we know
if we have the right flight?
He's a prince.
I made a few calls.
Turns out there's only one flight
arriving from Visaria.
One flight? Today?
One flight this year.
- Oh.
- I know.
Yes. Of course.
Thank you. Wonderful. Thank you.
So they've taken our luggage
to a special holding area
where we can then dispense
with formal customs inspection, Sir.
The longer we linger,
the more there is a chance
of someone noticing me.
All righty. Right up here.
Okay. All right.
How do I look?
You look great.
Okay. Where to?
International flights, of course.
- Yeah.
- This way.
How do we know when we see him?
The jacket. The coat of arms.
- That's gotta be him.
- Yeah.
I thought you said no one
recognizes you anymore, Sir.
Here. Get the camera rolling.
No. I said nobody hardly knows
who I am anymore.
- Ah.
- There's always that one chance
that someone will recognize me as--
Prince Jonathan!
Oh, dear.
Your Highness.
Um, yes?
I'm Katie Viana,
WYED TV, Channel 13.
Can we assist you, ladies?
Uh, yes. I just wanted to conduct a quick
little interview with his Royal Highness.
How did you know that
we were gonna be here with days
ahead of the engagement?
Oh, I'm doing a story to cover
the new display
at the military museum.
I knew you would be in attendance.
And since this is the only flight arriving
from Visaria, I--
You put two and two together.
I'm afraid that
we're on a very tight schedule.
I'm sure you'd understand.
Well, of course.
No, I completely understand.
But it would just take a moment
and it would mean an awful lot to me.
Would it?
One moment.
I know we don't normally do this
but perhaps we--
Sir, we have to go collect our luggage.
We've got a car waiting
in the red zone to go pick us up
and take us to the Hotel Clark.
That's all the way Midtown.
There's no time for such things,
and especially not here
in the middle of the airport.
I must insist, Sir.
I know. They're very pretty.
You're right as always.
But maybe we could arrange to meet
in a more convenient time,
if that's agreeable with you.
Oh. Oh, are--are you sure?
We're already here.
It would be so easy.
I'm afraid that
that would be quite impossible.
Did I mention it would mean
an awful lot to me?
Yes. Yes, you did.
But as Louis reminds me,
we have a schedule.
But I promise to make the time
for you, but later.
Later like later later
or later like later tonight,
maybe around dinner time?
You know, nothing
would bring me greater pleasure.
We will contact you
through your television station.
Until then...
- Oh.
- Ms. Katie.
Please excuse me.
Little old-fashioned but I'll take it.
What a looker.
He certainly is, uh, for a prince, I mean.
Okay. So now what?
Well, we can't afford
to keep the ball in their court,
so we move immediately to plan B.
Come on.
I was afraid you'd say that.
Starting Monday on Good Day To You,
you'll be treated to an entire
week of holiday reruns,
featuring me, Carol Jordan.
It's my gift to you.
Happy holidays from WYED.
Is that what television presenters
in America sound like?
She sounds so disingenuous.
And at Christmas time, Sir
Isn't that the TV station
that the woman at the airport mentioned?
Uh, certainly sounds familiar, Sir.
Katie, what are we going to do now?
I have an idea.
What are you up to?
You'll see.
All right.
That guy said that they were staying
at the Hotel Clark.
Here we are. All right.
Now, we just gotta figure out
what room our prince
would be in.
How could you possibly know that?
Well, it's simple.
He's obviously gonna stay
in the largest suite
that they have.
Here you go.
Room 305, the bridal suite.
The bridal suite?
Yeah. It's the biggest room in the hotel.
- Ah.
- All right.
Hi. Yes. Could you please
connect me to Room 305?
Thank you.
Hello. Louis speaking.
Oh, good afternoon.
This is Katie Viana.
We met at the airport.
Ah, yes. Ms. Viana
from the television station.
That's right.
I was just calling to follow up
on the prince's offer
to meet me for dinner this evening.
Dinner with the prince this evening?
I'm afraid that we already have a meeting
scheduled for that time.
Is it with another TV station?
No, it's not.
Ms. Viana, this is Prince Jonathan.
Why don't you come by around 8:30?
We should be done by then
and we can discuss things.
Di Paolo's Italiano.
Do you know it?
Everyone knows Di Paolo's.
That's an excellent choice.
Very elegant.
Wonderful. We'll see you then.
I'm looking forward to it.
Must I do everything myself?
I can't believe you just did that.
Marcy, this is my one shot at this
and I am not gonna let it slip away.
Oh, I have to go home and change.
I suddenly have dinner plans.
Hi, Mom.
Hey, sweetie.
I haven't heard from you in a while
so I thought I would give you a call
and see how you're doing.
I am doing great.
I'm just getting ready
to go out for a bit.
Ooh. A dinner date?
Kind of.
Hmm, that sounds mysterious.
Someone special?
- Well--
- Katie.
It's nothing romantic, Mom.
Just business.
Oh, that's too bad.
I was thinking maybe--
If something develops,
you will be the first to know.
Oh, Katie,
I hate to see you alone,
especially at Christmas time.
Your dad and I just want you to be happy.
I am happy.
I'm more than happy.
I don't need a man to validate myself.
I'm doing just fine on my own. Thank you.
I know exactly what you're gonna say.
You have your career at the TV station.
But, honey, that is no
substitute for real life.
I mean, come on.
There's more to being happy
than telling people
how to adopt a homeless kitty.
You saw that?
Well, of course.
I see all your little bits
whenever I can.
It's the only way
I get to see you lately.
I know. I know.
I miss you guys, but...
Oh, I'm running late, okay?
I'll call you guys later.
All right.
Bye. Okay.
Now, let's see what I can dig up
on the Kingdom of Visaria.
- Yeah.
- Great recommendation.
- Thank you.
- I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Gentlemen, I'll be back in a few minutes
with our dessert menu.
Please, please take your time.
We're in no hurry.
Prince Jonathan, speaking on behalf
of the museum's board of directors,
I can tell you how much we appreciate you
officiating the grand opening
of our new display.
It's my pleasure, James.
I just wish I could do more.
Perhaps that could be arranged.
If you really wanted to,
there are still a lot of older veterans
who have nothing to look forward
to this Christmas.
That is very sad.
But, unfortunately,
you know, my duties back...
you understand.
It's a very busy time of year.
Of course.
Just having your introduction
at the museum
is more than we could have ever hoped for.
Your grandfather's story is impressive.
We're ready to celebrate him
and the brave men who served with him.
The Queen was extremely heartened
when she received news of your ceremony
honoring her father.
As were we all,
I can assure you.
Sir, the meet-and-greet event
preceding the ceremony
has already generated
a very large cash fund
for veteran services.
One my family plans
to match dollar for dollar.
You can't know how much that means to us
and the men and women who risk everything
for the freedoms we all now enjoy.
There is nothing nobler.
Now, Sir,
if you'll excuse me...
You won't be staying for dessert?
I'm sorry, no.
As you say, it's a very busy time of year.
Right. Until then.
Until then.
He probably has a Christmas
party to attend.
'Tis the season, Sir.
Now, what I need is a little
excitement in my life,
something to shake me
out of this royal spiral
that I've fallen into.
Well, do not dispair, Sir.
Perhaps all that you desire
is right around the next corner.
- Hello.
- Good evening, miss.
Do you have reservations with us
this evening?
Oh, I don't.
I'm just meeting someone.
Sure. Of course.
May I take your coat please?
Oh, yes. Thank you so much.
I watch you every day on TV.
You're very good.
Oh, thank you so much.
I have to admit, I...
Here we are.
Oh, right on cue.
Good evening.
Good evening, Ms. Viana.
Oh, please.
You can call me Katie.
Isn't that the girl
who works at your station?
It is.
I wonder what she's doing here.
Um, please join us.
- Oh, thank you.
- Of course.
So how was dinner?
Dinner was perfect.
We're just perusing the dessert menu.
Oh, isn't the food here amazing?
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Uh-hmm.
Cheers, Your Highness.
Please call me Jonathan.
Oh, I can't do that.
I feel like that's not, um, proper.
Um, well, Prince Jonathan then?
Prince Jonathan.
Sir, if you don't mind,
I just remembered something
extremely pressing
that requires my immediate attention.
If you could excuse me.
I could.
If you need anything at all,
Sir, please call me.
I have your number Louis.
Looks like you're stuck with me.
Just to warn you,
I might talk your ear off.
I am fully prepared to take that risk.
Do you see anything that you like?
I do.
So my plan was an informal interview
that would cover the dedication
ceremony, your book,
and your time here in the States
leading up to it.
Nothing heavy.
Just something positive and uplifting.
How do you propose we achieve that?
Well, we could start by
talking about your book
and then your grandfather
and what all of that meant to you.
Oh, and then the actual
closing ceremony itself
could be the closer.
I don't know.
- I don't--
- I don't like talking about myself.
I don't crave attention.
Oh, I can respect that.
And besides I'd like to protect
my exclusivity.
All right.
So how shall we proceed?
I was thinking I could pick you
up tomorrow morning
and take you around the city.
We could get footage of you
just being you.
No agenda.
- I'm--
- I'm sorry. No. I don't like that.
I don't like the idea of a
cameraman following me around.
It--it...That's exactly
the kind of attention
I'm trying to avoid.
Oh, no. No cameraman.
Just me and my phone.
The quality I can get on these things
these days is incredible.
I do it all the time.
So you're saying
it would just be you and me?
Yeah. Just you and me.
If that's all right, that is.
Oh, yes. Yes. It's perfect.
What station did you say this is for?
WYED. The Big 13.
Yes. That's right.
That's right. I see.
Well, they're lucky to have you
working on this.
Thank you. If they only knew.
So tomorrow morning, 11:00 AM?
Have a wonderful night, Katie.
Thank you.
You too, Your Highness.
Goodnight...uh, Prince Jonathan.
How was dessert?
It's very interesting.
Not too sugary? Not too sweet?
Get off it, Louis.
You sound like my mother
clucking away like an old hen.
I sound like the Queen
clucking like an old hen?
You're too kind, Sir.
I had a nice time.
Okay. It was a great time.
You know what, Louis,
I had a wonderful time
and there's nothing wrong with that.
Nothing, Sir.
Ms. Katie Viana.
What a remarkable young lady.
Very committed. Very dedicated.
And very beautiful, Sir.
Did you come to some sort of arrangement?
Perhaps. Perhaps.
She's going to chauffeur me
around tomorrow.
See what happens.
And what time are we gonna be leaving?
We aren't going anywhere.
I won't be needing a chaperone.
Thank you.
But you'll be by yourself.
What if something was to happen to you?
That's exactly the reason
I don't want you skulking about.
But, Sir.
Goodnight, Louis.
Goodnight, Sir.
...for today, we'll see you again.
Well, here's the playlist
for next week's shows.
We're gonna start with the old tapes
and work straight through
to the new episodes.
It's the television, kiddo.
TV never sleeps.
And if Carol Jordan thinks
she can just disappear on vacation
during our Christmas rating sweeps,
well, I'd be happy to accommodate her.
Control room.
Yeah, he's here. Okay.
Who was that?
That was Carol Jordan.
She's looking for you.
Now? In the building?
We--we were just previewing
some of your old shows.
The tapes are in excellent condition.
Yes, they are.
That is really great.
Well, they're all great,
but that one is a particular favorite.
I'm glad you approve.
But what are you doing here?
I thought you were on vacation.
I am but I--I saw something
at dinner last night
that got me to thinking.
Is there any type
of an official event
that we may be missing?
An unveiling of sorts?
- An unveiling?
- You know what I mean?
I'm not sure.
A ribbon-cutting
with a visiting celebrity,
perhaps a prince or a duke or something?
Honestly, I--I don't know.
Well, it's your job to find out.
I was thinking how great
a holiday primetime special would be
for next week.
Just picture me
with a one-on-one interview,
in depth, with a prince.
It's all the rage.
I could win an Emmy.
Finally. Yeah.
There's only one problem.
You're not working next week.
You're on vacation, Carol.
Look, you find me a prince,
I'll find the time.
Got it?
Got it.
Have you spoken to Katie?
No, no. Not me.
Excuse me.
What am I gonna do now?
Katie, I need to talk to you.
Oh, okay, Marcy,
but I don't have a lot of time.
I'm expecting the prince at any minute.
Yeah. That...That's what
I need to talk to you about.
She's on to us.
What are you talking about?
Who's on to us?
Carol Jordan.
She just showed up here and--
and she knows about the prince.
Or, at least, she thinks she does.
I thought she was on vacation.
Yeah, she is.
Something must have tipped her off.
She's not totally sure yet though.
Well, what did you tell her?
I didn't say anything.
Oh. Well, then it's perfect.
All you have to do is drag your feet.
Okay, Katie.
Drag my feet. Got it.
If you don't know, you don't know.
Listen, there is no way
I'm giving this story to Carol Jordan.
Thank you, Neil.
Merry Christmas, Sir.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, I gotta go.
My prince has just arrived.
I'll call you later, Marcy.
Okay. Bye.
Yes, sir?
Katie having any luck with that interview?
I really can't say but I--
I know she's trying.
Good. Good.
Well, if she does manage to pull it off,
you tell her to keep it a secret, okay,
till she talks to me.
Yes, sir.
Prince Jonathan.
Oh, good morning, Katie.
Right on time.
And you look lovely today.
Oh, thank you. That's very kind.
So what shall we do today?
Well, I have a few ideas, if you're ready.
Indeed, I am.
I'll follow your lead.
Right this way.
The Arleigh was commissioned in 1943
and is the last of
the Fletcher-class destroyers.
The largest World War II ship of its kind.
Ah, yes. Of course.
I'm sorry.
I know you already know that
'cause the description of it in your book
was so fascinating.
I mean, I--I really
felt like I was right there
in the middle of all the action.
Thank you. Yes.
But about the book--
It was so vivid
and such a beautiful
tribute to your grandfather
who just seemed like
such a remarkable man.
Yes. Yes, he was.
He was my mother's father.
He was not king, of course.
He was a duke.
Sadly, I never had a chance to meet him.
You know, I read in your book
that every male subject
of Visaria is required
to serve for two years?
That is correct.
But it's done willingly.
Nobody is forced to serve.
The monarchy believes
that it instills patriotism
and national pride,
and the population seems to agree.
So no matter what level
of society you hail from,
when it's time to serve, you report.
And how did you spend
your two years of service?
Ah, well, I spent my time
in the Royal Signals, communications.
It's very humbling.
You know, I loved the chapter
in your book about how your grandfather
was rescued on this very ship
and how he saved all of those
lives on Christmas Eve
before tragically losing his own.
Yes. He was a great man.
He really was.
You know, I...I've learned
so much about myself
in that book.
Writing is therapy.
I--I love that.
That's a great angle.
If you only knew.
You know, why don't we
get some shots of you
maybe over here,
maybe looking at the ship? Yeah.
And let's--let's have you
standing up against the railing.
Now, let me...
Uh, look up this way.
And maybe up.
To the clouds?
Yeah, no. This is--this is it.
And now let's have you looking
at the ship,
with a sense of reverence.
Something like this?
Yeah. Just like that.
This is fun.
And now look towards me.
It looks great.
You know, Katie, it is freezing out.
What do you say we have
a spot of lunch somewhere?
I think I know just the spot.
Come on.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Candy cane hot chocolate?
What will they think of next?
That's delicious.
Okay. Now you gotta try this.
- Oh, moving on?
- Yes.
I did say that I was starving
but I would feel guilt-ridden
if I ate all of this.
What is it?
Will you trust me?
And you don't have to eat all of it.
Just let the ambiance soak in.
It's the best beef on weck in town.
- A beefy wreck?
- No.
Beef on weck.
It's roast beef on a kummelweck roll.
Don't analyze it.
Just put some horseradish on it.
I bet you enjoy living
dangerously, don't you?
Is that enough?
I just dive in?
Go for it.
All right.
Isn't it good?
Katie, that is--
that is outstanding.
I wouldn't steer you wrong.
You know, I truly believe that.
And I have to say, I can't wait
to finish our interview.
I'm really looking forward to it.
I have this feeling
that it's gonna be like
no other interview that I've done before.
I--I feel as though I--
I can talk to you, you know, honestly.
Not like the others
that I've done in the past.
Just you and I. The...
I feel like we're two
old friends chatting.
I'm so glad you feel that way.
That means a lot.
It means that I feel like I can be real.
You know, Katie,
I--I don't get to open up
to very many people.
I can't afford to.
There's something that's
very tempting for me
to confide in you about.
That's perfect.
That's exactly the type
of story I'm looking for,
something from the heart.
So no pretenses?
No pretenses.
All right. You ready for these?
- Oh. Yes.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- There's more?
- There is.
Right. Uh, so what is this?
These are our
Christmas stockings.
We decorate them with our names
and hang them on the walls
with everyone else's.
All the customers do them.
That is so fun.
Never did anything like that.
Great. So we just--
we just write our name
in glitter and then decorate it?
And then right before we leave,
we hand them in,
and they hang them up for us.
There you go.
So...so how long have you been engaged?
In this particular line of work.
Oh. Right.
Um, not very long.
That's all I ever wanted to do,
was just tell stories
that made a difference.
Try and make the world a better place.
Well, I must confess,
Ms. Viana, I--
I am not that story, but I'm very grateful
that you asked me
to assist you on this journey.
Well, I'm very glad you agreed.
Oh, one sec.
I have to take this. I'm sorry.
Yes, of course.
Hi, mom.
Uh, I'm kind
of in the middle of something.
Honey, it's your dad.
Mom, what happened? Is dad okay?
It's not his heart, is it?
No. No, no, no, no, no.
Thank goodness.
It's--it's his leg.
His leg?
Yes. He fell off the ladder
trying to put up
the outdoor Christmas lights.
Is it broken?
Well, we don't know.
Maybe. It was a pretty bad fall.
Dr. Curry's on his way over now.
But you know your dad,
he refused an ambulance
and I don't feel safe driving him, so.
He's upstairs in bed right now.
Dr. Curry will know what to do.
Mom, do you need help?
Oh, I don't know.
- Honey, I'm--
- I'm just kind of at my wit's end right now,
to be honest.
Okay. All right. Take it easy.
I will drive up there and make sure
you two get all squared away.
Oh, sweetie.
I would appreciate that so much
but, I know how busy you are.
Can you get away?
Of course I can.
Just give me a few hours
and I will be there.
I appreciate that so much. Okay.
I'll see you when you get here.
Oh, can you please pick up
something for me on the way?
Okay. Yes. I can do that.
See you soon.
Trouble at home?
It's my dad. I...
He fell off a ladder?
It sounds serious.
Well, I'm not sure yet.
He...He's so stubborn
and he refuses to go to the hospital.
I'm afraid I have to go drive up there.
It's about 60 miles away.
Yes, of course.
I'll drop you back off at the hotel.
Absolutely not,
I wouldn't hear of it.
Katie, we're wasting valuable time.
And I set aside my entire day
to spend with you.
So I'll go along
if you don't mind, of course.
No. Of course, that's all right,
but I'm...are you sure?
My parents live in Oakmoor.
It's pretty far away.
Yes, I'm sure.
And we must make haste.
So why don't you go get the car
and I'll take care of this?
Your parents, they must be very proud
and impressed by everything
that you've done.
Can't be easy to achieve what you have.
I imagine it takes years of work
to move up the ladder in your position.
Oh, well, you know how it is.
They're supportive,
but not overly impressed.
Yes. And I know that feeling all too well.
I can only imagine how exciting
the life of a prince must be.
Not as much as you might think.
I--I was deprived of so many
things growing up.
The sports teams,
I didn't even have a bicycle,
in fear that I might get hurt.
It's just my entire life, it's--
it's always been under a microscope.
Rarely have any private time to myself,
which is why I've really enjoyed
being alone with you.
You're very kind.
But I do have my reasons
for wanting to keep you all to myself.
Oh, and...yes.
No, I know.
I know you have a story to create.
- Correct.
- But I'm having fun nonetheless.
Most of the ladies I meet,
they have far more nefarious reasons
for wanting to keep me all to themselves.
Really, Katie,
I really am enjoying myself.
Well, you and I aren't done here yet.
I do feel terrible for dragging
you all the way out to Oakmoor.
I promise to try and make it
as painless as possible.
You do what you need to do
and we'll head back when you're ready.
Thank you, Prince.
I just really hope you don't regret this.
All right. I just need
to make one little stop.
I promised my mom to pick up
some of dad's favorite cookies
and a box of tea.
Helps him sleep.
What a--what a wonderful
little snow globe town.
It's something out of an old movie.
The town where time stood still.
I'm sure Visaria has its fair share
of small little villages like this.
Oh, indeed, it does. I'd love
to show them to you sometime.
Um, if you ever find yourself
up my way, of course.
I would love that.
It's right in here.
Hey, Merry Christmas, Katie.
Hi, Don. Merry Christmas.
Haven't seen you in a while.
I know. I've been busy.
I bet. I saw you on TV.
Oh, uh, thank you.
Uh, this is my friend. Um...
Ah. Pleasure to meet you.
Wonderful to meet you.
Uh, listen, Don,
I need to pick up some
Christmas cookies for my mom.
Uh, and also, where do you keep
your boxes of tea?
Um, two aisles over...
You know what? Just follow me.
Here is your tea
and there are your cookies.
Thank you.
Is everything all right, Don?
You seem a bit frazzled.
It's my Santa Claus.
His car broke down
and he's running behind.
And the kids are getting really anxious.
Oh, I'd imagine they would be.
Do you happen to have
the Santa costume here?
Yeah. We keep it on the back.
You're not thinking of...
Why not?
Sure. But only if we could spare the time.
Well, my mother isn't expecting
me for another hour or so.
Mr. Don, consider me at your service.
This is great.
Come on in the back.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.
It's cold out there.
Oh, we have so many children.
Who's first?
Oh, right here.
- What is your name?
- Leah.
Leah. What would you like for Christmas?
A baby doll.
A baby doll?
Well, keep being a good girl
and Santa's going to bring you
a new baby doll.
Merry Christmas.
Where'd you find him?
He's a natural.
He certainly is.
I can't even tell who's having more fun?
Who's next?
What is your name?
- Tommy.
- Tommy?
That's a strong name, Tommy.
What would you like for Christmas?
A bicycle?
You don't already have a bicycle?
Well, thank goodness it's Christmas.
Do you have a special bike in mind?
Yes. Is it here? Where is it?
Oh, it's right there!
That is a very nice bicycle.
No, no.
That is a very, very nice bicycle, Tommy.
I'm going to have to think about it.
You have been very nice.
A very good boy?
Hmm. But we can't always get what we want.
I know you can do it.
You're Santa Claus.
Oh, I am Santa Claus, aren't I?
I feel so bad for Mrs. Reed.
Her husband died last year
and I'm afraid Tommy's in
for a disappointment.
Well, I think perhaps not.
Hold on guys.
Hold on. Hold on.
Hey, that's for you.
- Wow.
- Gee. Thanks.
And mom, this is for you.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- Special delivery from Santa.
Why not?
I am Santa Claus after all.
You guys have a merry Christmas, okay?
Thank you. You too.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Shall we?
So, just to warn you,
my mom might talk your ear off.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, she takes after me.
Oh, and we might wanna
avoid mentioning you
being a prince and all that.
- Why is that?
- Well, she might freak out.
And besides,
she's always trying to marry me off.
Well, we can't have that now, can we?
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Mom, I'm home.
Oh, I'm so glad that you came.
Yeah. I brought the tea
and Christmas cookies you asked for.
Oh, I didn't realize we had company.
Oh, right.
Um, mom, this is Jonathan.
We were having lunch when you called
and he offered to keep me company.
My apologies.
It's a pleasure to meet you,
Ms. Viana.
My goodness, you're just
as beautiful as your daughter.
Please, uh, just call me Celeste.
And welcome to our home.
It's lovely. Thank you.
Thank you.
How's dad?
Oh, grumpy as usual,
but the doctor says he will live.
What is he doing upstairs?
I don't know. You know your dad.
He's so stubborn.
There was no way that
he was gonna be laid up
in the living room.
Well, hopefully
this will calm him down a bit.
If you don't mind,
I'm gonna check in with Louis.
He worries something fierce about me.
Oh, of course.
The living room's
right through there if you want.
Wonderful. Thank you.
Please excuse me.
Of course.
My, my.
Mother, don't start.
But he's so handsome.
And the accent.
We are doing a story together
and there's nothing more to it.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
I saw the way he was looking at you.
I wish.
Honey, a mother knows these things.
It will all make sense
in the end, trust me.
I do trust you.
I just want everything
to work out for you.
It will.
All good on my end.
I'm gonna go check on Dad.
Just make sure that he
doesn't bite your head off.
I won't.
Jonathan, uh, may I offer you
a cup of tea?
Oh, yes, I'd be most grateful.
Uh, regular or peppermint?
Peppermint. Please.
Come in.
So she called in the cavalry, huh?
Oh, I've been reduced to the cavalry?
No, no, you've been upgraded
to the cavalry.
Ah, you shouldn't
have come all the way here.
I'm sure you have
important things to be doing.
Well, nothing's more important
than checking in on you.
You wanna tell me how it happened?
Oh, come on, don't act like your mother
didn't give already a blow-by-blow
of the whole affair.
Let's just say there's not gonna be
any dancing for me this New Year's Eve.
Well, I knew you hated dancing.
I didn't think you'd go this far
to get out of it.
Still the comedian, huh?
But seriously, thanks for coming.
Of course.
She must have been the cutest child,
and you both must be very proud of her.
Oh, yes, we are.
We're very proud.
Hmm. Well, I've only known her
for a short while,
but I've grown quite fond of her.
Well, she's single, you know.
I'm sure Katie has
her fair share of suitors.
Well, you would be surprised.
She is very willful.
She will not take no for an answer.
She's headstrong that way.
When she gets an idea, she just...
you know, a lot of men don't like that
in a woman.
Oh, yes.
Well, I find her absolutely fascinating.
I've never met another woman like her.
She takes after her father.
More tea? Or maybe a cookie?
- Just move it to the right side.
- Yeah, right there.
- Yeah, for B camera.
- Yeah, that'll be good.
Yes, Jared?
Have you heard from Katie?
Not yet, sir,
but I expect to hear from her soon.
When you do, could you
give her a message for me?
- Of course.
- You tell her that
if I don't have that interview footage
by the end of the day today,
I won't be needing it at all.
You won't be needing it?
Marcy, it's Christmas.
Our holiday programming season
is booked solid.
You know that.
Yes, of course.
I created this special space
for Katie's story
and if I don't have the footage
right away, like right now,
there won't be time to edit it
for the available slot.
Understood. I'll, um,
I'll try to locate her.
Please, help me out.
Like, let's go.
Well, now that you've seen me,
you can head back.
You trying to get rid of me already?
No, I just don't like the idea
of you driving
those icy roads after dark.
One of us laid up in bed is enough.
I know.
But I came with a friend,
so don't worry. I'll be fine.
A friend?
Is that that girl Marcy?
No, it's a him,
but we're just doing a project together.
Don't get any funny ideas.
Ideas? Who? Me? What?
Knock, knock.
Sorry to intrude, your mother insisted
that I bring up some tea
and cookies for your father.
Well, you came to the right place.
Papi, this is Jonathan.
Good afternoon, sir.
Come in, son.
Oh, thank you.
Careful, it's hot.
Well, if mom's making tea,
then I'm going to grab a cup myself.
Um, would you like a cookie?
No, gracias.
You can put them over there.
So you served, and with great honor?
I did my part when they called on me.
With all due respect, sir,
they don't hand out purple hearts
for doing nothing.
No. You get one
for getting shot three times
and living to tell about it.
You were shot three times?
I barely felt a thing at first,
but I knew I had to make my move
and help my buddies that were pinned down.
And you succeeded?
I did.
And everybody got out alive.
I'm not gonna kid you, it hurt a lot
after the adrenaline or shock
or whatever wore off.
Those boys ended up carrying me out.
It's a shame to think so many old vets
find themselves alone at Christmas time.
Mom and I usually go out
and try to cheer them up,
but now fate stepped in to trip me up.
Still, sir, you...
you've sacrificed yourself
in a way that I will never know.
I really am truly grateful
and humble to be in your presence.
Ah, no, don't be.
Eight years in the army
and it's a string of war,
now Christmas lights
that finally did me in.
It's embarrassing.
No, I beg to differ, sir.
You friend of Katie's?
- Yes.
- Good.
Just make sure she gets home back safely.
Of course.
Of that, you can count on it.
And if you have
any other interests in her,
there's one thing you need to know.
Um, what?
Okay. Yes.
That one's a handful.
When she sets something on her mind,
nothing will stop her.
So if you can't handle that sort of thing,
you better keep looking.
Uh, yes.
I'm all set up for you downstairs.
Yes, of course.
It was very nice--
very nice talking with you.
Merry Christmas.
Same to you, fella.
Mr. Viana, could I--
could I ask your advice on something?
Sure. If I can ask a favor of you.
And it was my great pleasure
to be invited to the opening
of the new museum display,
honoring the brave men and women
who fought alongside my grandfather
all those years ago.
To preserve the freedoms we hold so dear.
An amazing tale of courage,
told vividly in your new book,
"A Noble Front."
Exactly. But...
I have a confession that I need to make,
something that
I'm not very proud of,
uh, about the book.
Available stateside next January?
Yes, indeed.
It is a very inspiring story of others,
much greater than myself.
Your grandfather was a true patriot.
He deserves better than this.
To be completely honest,
I didn't write the book.
Not a word.
It was written for me.
I'm sorry, what?
The book is the work of a ghostwriter,
someone who interviewed me
and then wrote it
as if I had done so myself.
Okay. Um,
maybe we don't need
to include that little bit.
But, um, off the record, may I ask why?
Uh, well, as you know,
the book's proceeds are for my charity,
which is a very good one.
And I just didn't feel
as though I had the time to write it,
which was my mistake.
So like many royals before me,
I agreed to put up the charade
to provide for a noble cause.
But here, now,
after speaking with your father,
I feel dishonest promoting it as my own.
I'm sorry if I've let you down.
No, no, you didn't let me down.
I admire your honesty.
But perhaps we should
skip over that bit for this.
What you've been able to accomplish
for others is a good thing
with many more good things to come.
And I feel like that should be
the focus of this piece.
Yes, of course.
I just didn't wanna sit here
and not be completely honest with you.
That means something to me.
All right. Well...
Is everything okay?
Uh, yes, it's--it's just Marcy.
- Uh, everything's fine.
- Good.
Well, I think
I have all the footage I need
and it is getting late so, um...
- So we should head home, yes?
- Yeah.
I just need to upload the footage to Marcy
so she can start breaking it down,
but it should only take a few minutes.
Of course.
I'll go say goodbye to your parents.
Katie, what's going on?
I haven't heard from you all day.
I know. I'm sorry.
I had to run home for a bit.
My dad had an accident.
Nothing serious. He's fine.
But I got the interview.
You got the prince on camera?
That's fantastic.
Jared has been all over me about this.
I know. I know.
I'm uploading the footage
to our drop space right now.
Okay, great. I will
connect the shuttle drive.
Perfect. Okay. Now, Marcy,
I need you to take a look, trim the fat,
and tell me what we've got.
I think I have the running time,
but I'm not sure.
You got it.
Jared is going to love this.
Great. Thanks, Marcy.
You bet.
My very own special at last.
Well, here we are.
Here we are.
Thank you again for walking me.
It's very unnecessary.
You would've done the same for me.
And thank you
for everything today.
We really did do quite a lot.
Yes, we did.
And I enjoyed every moment of it.
I especially liked meeting your parents.
I can see where you get
your sense of integrity from.
Thank you.
Um, would you--would you like
to come inside for some hot chocolate?
I--I really shouldn't.
I--I have a lot of work to do.
Right, of course.
Of course. Absolutely.
It just feels like
we're always saying goodbye
on some sidewalk somewhere.
But if you insist.
Excuse me, Sir.
What are you doing out here?
It's cold.
Just grabbing some fresh air.
- It's freezing.
- Yes, it is.
I'll see you inside. Thank you.
I--I really should go.
Oh, uh, wait, wait, Katie.
Uh, so...I was thinking,
uh, you know, perhaps tomorrow,
maybe you can help me with a small speech
that I'm preparing for the ceremony.
Yes. It would just be, you know,
some minor editing.
You know, make sure it's not too stuffy.
I could really use your help.
I--I would love to
if that's what you want.
Yes. Maybe we could go back to that cafe.
Finish the meal we started.
You liked it?
Honestly, 'm more interested to see
where our Christmas stockings ended up.
We could do that.
Then it's a date.
It's a date.
Goodnight, Prince.
Good evening, Louis.
Good evening, Sir.
You certainly made a day of it.
It was quite thought-provoking too.
Thought-provoking how, Sir?
Believe it or not,
I found a young lady who's trustworthy
and she doesn't throw herself at me.
Actually, no.
No, I'm not.
Today was a day full of detours
and a bit of self-reflection.
Self-reflection? Then I take it,
it was considered productive, Sir.
Right. Well, I have
assembled our itinerary
for the museum dedication.
It is the day after tomorrow.
And then we will return home
back to Visaria
just in time for the royal ball,
which will no doubt please Your Highness.
You know, Louis,
I'm not sure what pleases me anymore.
Well, it will certainly please the Queen.
She's been ringing all day.
Perhaps it's time
I need to rethink my priorities.
You'll have plenty of time to rethink them
on the plane back home, Sir.
Will I?
I wonder.
Listen up, Louis,
there's something very important
that I need you to do.
I'm all ears, Sir.
So to wrap it up,
you thank the museum staff and organizers,
and finish with a short statement
praising the veterans
for all their efforts.
I think you did a great job.
It's easy and hits all
the points that you wanna make.
I just had a few minor things
you might wanna take a look at,
but other than that, well done.
Just beautiful.
So I will get this all typed up
and ready for your speech tomorrow.
I was referring to you.
You're absolutely beautiful.
I'm sure I don't hold a candle
to all the women in this area.
I mean, you're royalty
and I'm just, well, you know, normal.
Katie, they don't hold a candle
to you and neither does this.
What is it?
Merry Christmas, Katie.
May I?
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Do you need to take that?
It's my boss,
but I can call him back.
No, no, no.
Please, please take the call.
Could be important.
I'll be right back.
Louis, what are you doing here?
You haven't been taking my calls.
What else should I do?
Hey, Jared. What's up?
Well, I wanted to let you know
that I've been watching
the interview footage that you sent Marcy,
and it's just excellent.
Yeah? You like it?
Like it? I love it.
We're editing now.
Now? But I have to see it first.
All you have is the raw uncut footage.
I have a very specific order.
I need the footage to appear in.
Katie, Katie, you can see it all
when you come in tomorrow.
But in order to give it its proper push
on such short notice,
we're running a teaser on it tonight.
A teaser?
Tonight? When?
On the next break
and every half hour after that.
Well, that's incredible.
Thank you.
Don't thank me. You earned it.
I did my best.
Your best turned out
to be pretty darn great.
And we're gonna talk again next week
about you having your own show.
Looks like you may have
what it takes after all.
Talk later.
Thank you, Jared.
Um, so I managed to assemble
everything that you requested.
I knew I could count on you.
But the Queen,
she continues to be very
insistent on speaking to you.
Don't worry about my mother,
I'll call her, okay?
I intend to set the record
straight about my future bride.
I wanna put this whole absurd
story to rest once and for all.
Well, perhaps
sooner rather than later, Sir,
as your fiance has
also been trying to reach you.
My fiance?
Ah, right. Yes.
I will call her soon too.
We'll have a little chat.
Okay. Naturally,
she's just concerned about
you being out of touch.
She worries about your well-being
and she doesn't understand the silence.
Of course.
She doesn't understand
my silence, but you do.
So the next time my fiance calls,
just give her a proper excuse.
- As you wish, Sir.
- Yes.
Let's meet back at the hotel.
As you wish, Sir.
Is everything okay at work?
They loved the interview.
You were--you were a hit.
They, uh, loved the interview.
That's wonderful.
Are we making more stockings?
Yeah. You forgot to make one.
For whom?
You forgot to make one for Rosalind,
your fiance.
Uh, oh.
Um...Katie, I can explain--
You don't need to explain anything.
You didn't do anything wrong.
It's--it's on me, really.
Katie, Katie...
No, it's fine.
I--I just, uh...
Because I got caught up
in what felt like a daydream.
I can't tell if it's...
You were just that charming
or I was just that lonely.
But either way I made a mistake.
I thought you cared
about me and I was wrong.
So that's on me.
No, no, no. No, no.
There is a perfectly
good explanation for this.
You don't need to say anything.
I'm fine.
Tomorrow night, a WYED exclusive interview
with Prince Jonathan of Visaria.
I have a confession that I need to make,
uh, something that I'm not very proud of.
What is the dark secret
the Prince of Visaria has been hiding.
Find out this and more.
Tomorrow night at 8:00 PM
on WYED TV special holiday
interview featuring Katie Viana.
Oh, no.
Oh, no. What--what did you do?
No, I--I didn't do that.
I trusted you.
It wasn't me.
This is unbelievable.
No, I...
I--I promise that wasn't me.
I take it she heard.
Yes, she heard.
I'm so sorry, Sir.
I should not have spoke of
sensitive matter in such a public place.
No, please stop.
Please don't blame yourself, Louis.
I knew that I was
falling in love with her,
but I had no idea how she felt about me.
And now that I do, well,
just everything is a muddle.
Did you see the spot
they ran for my interview?
I did, Sir, it's been running regularly.
Just how could she do such a thing?
Well, perhaps she didn't.
It seemed that the two of you
were constantly together.
When would she have found
the time or the opportunity?
I don't know.
She says she didn't do it.
But how can I trust her now?
'Tis a tangled web
that won't be easily untangled, Sir.
I don't even know where to start.
Well, of course you don't.
You're from two different worlds.
I believe they call it being star-crossed.
Just wasn't meant to be.
You're a prince and
she's a television presenter.
How could you possibly
have made that work?
I don't know.
But I was willing to--to try.
Right now,
I just don't know what to do.
We came here to honor your grandfather,
so perhaps we do just that
and then we return home
with all due haste.
I don't know if I can.
You rest assured, Sir,
I will do anything to help you.
All right. Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Thank you so much for being here.
- Lovely to meet you.
- Thank you.
You as well.
Welcome, Prince Jonathan.
Thank you for coming.
It's my pleasure having you here.
- Hi.
- So nice to meet you.
I can't begin to tell you
how sorry I am, Sir.
I don't wish to talk about it,
if you don't mind?
Came here to open display
and that's what I plan on doing.
Then it's probably best that
we just get on with it then.
Louis, I'm just so conflicted.
Conflicted in what way,
in pangs of what-ifs or maybes,
might things have been differently?
I don't know.
Just seems so pointless now.
Of course. There's nothing
you can do now, Sir.
You can't sort it out.
What's done is done.
It's water under the bridge.
It's--it's six feet under.
- It's kicking up the daisies.
- Okay.
Please, stop trying to cheer me up.
Your Highness,
I'm Jared Mathers,
Katie's producer at WYED
and this is, uh, Carol Jordan,
our top on-air personality.
Good afternoon, Your Highness.
Yes. Uh, good day to you.
We just wanted to tell you
how excited we are
about the piece that Katie did on you.
Uh, she did an outstanding job.
Yes. Well, you're very lucky to have her.
Uh-hmm. I couldn't agree with you more.
I'm just, you know, sorry about the way
the, um, promo turned out.
You are sorry for what?
Well, I'm afraid
that the promo was created
without consulting Katie first
and there were a couple
of off topic sound bites
that shouldn't have been in there.
Actually, it was my fault.
I--I was just so excited that, uh, I--
I guess I just moved
too quickly for my own good.
I see. And...
And we won't be running the interview,
at least the one that we promoted,
but I really think
you're gonna love it anyway.
Such an honor to meet you.
Your highness, I...
Katie really did an excellent job
and I couldn't have done better myself.
Well, actually, I--I did
sit down with her this morning
and help her construct
the piece into something
that was worthy
of the effort that she put in.
Thank you.
I'm relieved to hear that.
And if it means anything at all,
we're all very proud of Katie.
She's getting her own show
in primetime right after mine.
Look at what the cat dragged in, Sir.
If you'll excuse me.
Of course, Sir.
Your speech.
I promised to type it up for you.
I just...
didn't wanna leave you hanging.
Come on, Katie. Let's go.
Thank you for the interview.
It really did mean a lot to me.
If I may, Sir,
you told me that you wanted
someone different,
someone independent,
and then you found her, and well,
there she goes.
Don't bet on it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
and now for the opening dedication,
we would like to invite
Prince Jonathan of Visaria
to say a few words.
You know what to do.
Of course.
Good afternoon.
Thank you all for coming.
I would especially like to thank
the members of Legion of America
for honoring us with your presence.
These surviving heroes are the reason
we all stand here today.
So please accept with my humble gratitude
all that you've done, please.
Thank you so much.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you so much.
Thank you. Merry Christmas.
Now, if I may be permitted...
uh, I would like to reflect,
uh, for just a moment
on this wonderful occasion.
I'm going to be moving off-script.
And if I might, I'd like to say
that since coming to America,
there are so many things
that I've become aware of
that had never occurred to me before.
I've learned of the struggle and sacrifice
of those who gave everything
so that we can stand here today
as free people and celebrate
their unselfish devotion
to doing what's right.
I'd also like to thank the staff
and organizers of this incredible event.
It's been very eye-opening,
so thank you very much.
I've learned humbleness.
If I may be so bold to say
that I've discovered what courage
and true love look like,
and I've learned
these lessons the hard way.
I'm not one for speeches,
but I am forever grateful
for the opportunity you've
presented me with here today.
Thank you very much.
Please enjoy the event.
Straight ahead, Sir.
Go. Go get her.
Katie, please don't go.
Why not?
You did great
in spite of me
making a mess of everything.
I'm sure you have a lot of hands to shake.
No, no, no. Please, please.
I'm sorry.
- I've--
- I've been a fool.
I should have been
honest with you straight away.
This entire trip, it--
it--it was strictly business,
supposed to be a professional obligation.
I had no idea.
Not even for a moment that
I would meet someone like you.
What about your fiance?
I don't have a fiance.
I never did.
It was a stunt that my mother concocted
to try to keep people
interested in the monarchy,
the anticipation of a royal wedding.
It was never going to happen.
I don't love Rosalind.
Never did.
I barely know her.
What are you trying to say?
I'm trying to say
that I love you, Katie Viana.
I love you.
- You love me?
- Yes.
Now can we please just have a fresh start?
Give it a shot.
Total honesty.
I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
Please don't.
Just listen to your heart.
It knows that the answer is yes.
Katie, it would mean an awful lot to me.
Well when you put it that way,
I love you too, Prince Jonathan.
- Yes!
- Yes!
Joy to the world
The Lord is come
Let Earth receive her King
Let every heart
Prepare Him room
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven, and Heaven
And nature sing
Oh, yeah
Joy to the world
The Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
While fields and floods
Rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy