A Royal Recipe for Love (2023) Movie Script

(Musical theme
Reel One Entertainment)
(energetic music)
(stove beeps)
- One, two, three.
(deep inhale and exhale)
(bells on door jingling)
- Morning, Rachel.
- Morning, Emma!
Oh, hey, any word from
Martindale Publishing?
- No, but they said they'd get
back to me in two weeks,
and it's only been 13 days
and 21 hours since we met.
Their decision just isn't
cooked through yet.
- I have a good feeling
about this, okay?
Your baking blog is... mwah!
It's perfect for a cookbook
and they would be crazy
not to wanna publish it.
- Fingers crossed.
Ah, should we start our day so
our customers can start theirs?
- Oh... we shall.
(Upbeat music)
(indistinct chatter)
- Go get them, Jerry.
That promotion is yours.
Good morning, Louise.
The usual?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Good morning.
What'll it be?
- May I have a scone
and your phone number?
- Of course!
There you go! Call or e-mail
and we'll respond
with a quote ASAP.
- Uh... thanks.
- You're welcome!
- Are you kidding me?
- What?
- He was cute!
- I know and he might
have us cater for him.
- Ugh, Emma!
Here you go.
(Phone chiming)
- Oh, my gosh, Rachel,
it's an e-mail from Martindale.
- Emma! Oh, my gosh!
(Deep inhale and exhale)
(bell on door jingling)
- Hello, ladies.
Could I trouble you for
an English Breakfast tea
and a scone, please?
- Of course.
- Although, perhaps something
a bit more exotic on my last day
in town.
- You can't go wrong.
I bake everything myself.
- Oh, you're the baker?
I'm staying at the Hotel Nioise
down the block.
I'm obsessed with everything
they serve in their caf.
I even started eating cake
for breakfast so I could try
When they told me
it's all from the Pale Blue Dot,
I just had to come see
for myself.
- I'm so happy
you like everything.
- Well, if you like this,
you need to check out Emma's
blog, Pinch of Perfect.
- I will add it
to my reading list.
Okay, so I will do the tea
and a scone, please.
- Great.
- Actually, uh,
one of everything else, too.
I want my family to try it all.
- Okay.
(Curious music)
- Hello, Mother.
Yes, it went well.
We will be back tonight.
See you soon!
- There you go.
- That should do it.
- Yep.
- Thank you kindly.
- Thank you.
- Thank you... kindly.
- Oh, my God!
(Cash register dings)
(heartbroken music)
- What does it say?
- Um, they said that they loved
the recipes, but the content is
a bit dry.
- What? I don't get it.
- She says,
"All Martindale cookbooks must
have a unique point of view"
and mine doesn't have anything
to say, so it's a pass.
- Oh.
Let's go get a drink.
There are plenty of boutique
lifestyle book publishers
in this city.
- I can't believe my cookbook
got rejected for things that
have nothing to do with cooking!
- I'm sorry, Em.
- Who are you? I'm a baker.
I spend all of my day
at the bakery, and then,
I go home to work
on my baking blog
so that I can publish my baking
book, and now,
I'm being punished
for baking too much?
- Well, I think--
- Stop dribbling,
Michael Jordan!
Stop painting,
Stop dancing
and doing crunches, J.
- Lo!
- Okay. Comparing yourself
to all-time icons of popular
I love the confidence.
- You know what I mean.
- I think I know
what Tilda means.
People don't wanna read a list
of steps, right?
They wanna feel like
their friend, Emma,
the amazing baker, is with them
teaching them how to bake.
You know, like you did with me.
- I live my life
by a list of steps.
I don't know that I can do it
any other way.
- We need to tackle this
one bite at a time.
You need some life experiences
and to get out of the bakery.
Hmm? What about going
on a date? Hmm?
- Who would I go on a date with?
- What about that cute customer
from today who asked
for your number?
- I thought he wanted
to place a catering order.
- That's because
your whole world revolves
around baking.
- Touch.
I appreciate the attempt,
but love does not fit
into my recipe for success right
now, so let's keep thinking.
- Oh, well.
Okay, I'm headed to produce...
Where I will try and produce...
Hmm, some ideas.
- Oh, man.
(classical music)
(Nervous chuckle)
- Um...
- Um... this is the last one.
- Look, uh,
I really need this flour
and I'm on a bit
of a tight schedule.
- See, the thing is,
I also need it for--
- A children's birthday party?
- Heh. I just need it.
- Fine.
Um, I'll pay you for it.
- Excuse me?
- Yes, that's what, $7?
I'll give you $20 for it.
I'm in a big hurry, so...
- Well, then, maybe you
should've planned better
for whatever
it is you're making.
- $30.
- Not interested.
- 50.
- You're really used
to getting your way, huh?
- Well, not as often
as you would think.
- Look, it's been
a really bad day
and I need this flour
to make it better.
- Fine.
(Clears throat)
First time baking? You know,
you're not supposed to use
that type of flour, right?
- I know what I'm doing.
Thank you very much.
- Okay, well,
enjoy your gritty cake.
- Enjoy your bad...
Whatever you're gonna make
with that... stuff.
People just don't have
grocery store etiquette anymore.
Do you remember
Banana-gate 2019?
- How could I forget?
Oh, I can't believe you turned
down 50 bucks, though.
We could've used that towards
the new oven fund.
- Your new oven fund.
I think the oven is charming.
- More like charring.
- Sorry, we're closed.
- Isn't that the woman
from this morning?
- Sorry, miss, we're closed.
- May I just come in
for a moment?
- Uh--
- I have a proposition.
- Well, you can always place
an order on our website.
- My apologies. I haven't
properly introduced myself.
I'm just a stranger barging
into your lovely shop.
- Kind of.
- My name is Princess
Alexandra Batcher
of the Kingdom of Sanovia.
Pleased to make
your acquaintance, again.
- I'm... Emma Morton of the Pale
Blue Dot,
and this is Rachel Jones.
- Of... Astoria.
- To what do we owe
the pleasure?
- Well, I'm hosting
a 40th anniversary party
for my parents.
- The King and Queen of Sanovia?
- Correct.
(Nervous chuckle)
It's going to be an intimate,
multi-day celebration
at our family's vacation
culminating in a banquet
with their closest friends.
I would be thrilled, Emma,
if you would bake your wonderful
creations at all of the events.
I've been through
your entire blog
and you are exactly
what I'm looking for.
- Wow! I've never catered
a royal event before.
There'd be some extra logistics
for shipping--
- Emma, I think I would
like you to travel to Sanovia
to be the head pastry chef
on the premises.
- Oh, my God!
- That sounds like
a really big job.
- No bigger than serving
your patrons between here
and the hotel!
- It's just that we're so busy
at the bakery,
and I have my blog, and I'm
actually working on--
- Emma, we are taking your blog
international, darling!
- International!
- This is my offer.
(Whispering): This would buy us
a very nice oven.
(Clears throat)
- This is a very enticing
number, Your Highness.
May I think about it?
- Of course.
Let me know by tonight.
- Oh, so a few hours. Great!
- Mm-hmm. Tell me,
is that little one spoken for?
- No.
- It's all yours.
- Au revoir!
(Emma): Au revoir...
- Bye.
I love her.
Okay, what could go wrong?
- What if a vendor messes up
an order?
What, what if
the oven breaks down?
I have been at this place
by your side for years.
I know it like the back
of my hand. It will be fine.
This is what Martindale
Publishing was talking about,
getting out of the West Village,
living a little,
getting inspired!
Plus, check out Alexandra's
older brother
and future king of Sanovia.
Hmm? Single and looking
for a queen.
(Hopeful music)
- My recipe for love definitely
does not include a prince
or anyone from a job,
and it's not happening
before I publish my cookbook.
- I don't think you guys
would get along anyway.
He's clearly a playboy.
And you, you deserve someone
who appreciates you.
(Sentimental music)
- Okay, I'm in.
- Ha! Yes!
(regal music)
Okay, what's it like?
Are there horses?
Is Prince Henry there?
Is he on a horse?
- Uh, sorry, no... horses,
no Henry, no... Henry on horses.
- Uh, large coffee
for Brian?
Oh, Brian.
Uh, here you go.
- Thank you.
- Have a good day.
Oh, and um,
Emma says hello.
- What... can you please focus
on running that place?
Are you following
my instructions?
- Yes. I am... uh,
yep, I'm... sticking to them,
uh, diligently.
- Is this a new scone recipe?
- What was that?
(Imitates static sounds)
- Sorry, you're breaking up!
Gotta go! Good luck!
- Emma!
Welcome to Sanovia!
- Yeah. Oh!
- Let me show you around our
quaint little country
- Yeah, it's... quaint,
all right.
Thank you.
(Regal music)
- Well, as you can see,
the place needs
a bit of a makeover.
You say in your blog that
you love the classics,
well, this family loves
the classics.
- I think it's charming.
- For a museum.
This place is stuck
in the 1800s.
And I'm not just talking
about laying new carpet.
It is about ushering in
a new era for the family,
the monarchy
and the country!
I want Sanovia to be
a global leader.
I want our family to have
a better relationship
with the citizens.
I want our name to appear
in The Times
for our humanitarian work,
not just in the tabloids
when Henry is spotted
with another love interest.
My mother was the first
ruling queen of this country,
and while I will likely
not hold that title,
I plan on using my degrees
from Harvard, Oxford,
and the London School
of Economics to continue
the tradition of powerful women
in the monarchy.
It is a big reason why
I brought you here, Emma.
Your baking is exquisite, yes,
but I love your story, too.
- Really? What is my story?
- Self-made entrepreneur
and businesswoman,
on the verge of a career
- You think that's my story?
I need you to be
my PR woman!
- Speaking of PR, to kickstart
this whole plan,
I have a journalist
from Marquess Magazine
dropping in throughout the week
to write a profile
on the family.
- I love Marquess Magazine!
It's like if Vogue wore a tiara.
(Phone ringing)
- Oh, well, if your baking is
as good
as I'm expecting it to be,
you should be featured
in the article.
- That would be amazing.
- Oh, pardon me.
I have to take this.
But please, explore
your workspace for the week.
(Deep exhale)
(bright music)
- Oh...
- Excuse me?
- Wha... I'm sorry,
I didn't realize I was...
- Flour girl?
- Flour napper?
- What are you doing here?
- I was invited
by Princess Alexandra.
What are you doing here?
- This is my house.
- Are you a gardener
or something?
- Why would a gardener
be using the oven?
(Clears throat)
- Heating up your lunch?
I... I don't know
what the rules are
for gardeners.
- Wait, what did
Alexandra invite you for?
- Ah, excellent!
You two have been acquainted.
- Uh, Allie, who is this?
A friend of yours?
- Apologies, Emma.
Is my brother being rude?
That seems to be
his default disposition.
- Your brother?
That's not Henry.
- You're right about that.
- That was not a compliment.
- Oh, my! Bantering already.
How fun! I have a feeling
you two are going to work
wonderfully together.
What are you talking about?
- Well, Ollie, this is Emma,
our head pastry chef
for the week's festivities.
And this is my brother, Oliver,
our guest chef for the week.
Together, the two of you will
create amazing meals
for our guests, impressing
one of the foremost journalists
in Europe, and setting
the nation on a path
to a larger global relevance.
- Heh, seems like an
oversimplified path
to diplomacy, no?
- I'm just getting started,
Emma, come with me.
- You are a... prince?
- Surprise.
- Ah, Emma, allow me
to introduce you
to our guests of honour.
This is my father,
King Simon.
- It's a pleasure
to meet you, Emma.
Welcome to Sanovia.
- Thank you kindly,
Your Majesty.
- And my mother,
Queen Evelyn.
- Hello... Your Queen...
My Queen.
- So, you are the great
American baker
Alexandra's been
going on about.
- That is a very generous
title, but I guess that's me.
- Alexandra, what is wrong
with our pastry chef
from the dedication gala?
His bistro has a Michelin star.
- As I've said, Mother,
this is not only a celebration
of you and Father,
but it is also an opportunity
for us to show a fresh,
modern side of the monarchy.
- And for what it's worth,
my bakery has a four-star rating
on Yelp.
- What is a... Yelp?
- Isn't Yelp a person?
- Oh...
- Oh, never mind!
I... I am thrilled to be here
and I will make sure that
this is a very special occasion
for the two of you.
- Speaking of,
we must find some time
to conduct your interview
with the journalist.
- Oh, goodness,
that silly thing.
We'll talk about it at dinner.
- It was n... nice to meet...
- Lovely to meet you.
- You too.
- Well, I think that went well.
- If you say so.
(Regal music)
- And here are your quarters.
So, just feel free
to get settled
and I'm really looking
forward to dessert tonight.
- What's that now?
- Oh, we always have
dinner at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
- Gotcha. Great.
- I'll see you in a bit.
And do not worry about Oliver.
His bark is worse than his bite.
(Phone ringing)
Oh, I have to take this.
Hola, Miguel!
(Gentle music)
(sighing): Okay...
Oh, Spooncer,
give me strength.
What's so funny?
- Oh, your coat,
it is so white.
Have you worn it since
graduating culinary school?
(Clears throat)
- No, I bought it for this trip
because I thought I'd be working
with a professional.
- So sorry to disappoint.
- What are you making?
- Pheasant stew.
Father's favourite.
- Carrot cake.
- Ah.
- May I?
- Be my guest.
You know, Mother loves
a carrot cake.
- Oh, good.
- And she has very high
standards for it.
- Oh, good...
(Bright music)
Well, hello there.
Take... take you.
Two eggs... Thank you.
Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
- What is it? The kitchen should
have everything you need.
- All the measurements here
are different.
- Oh, right, you Americans
insist on using unrelated
and arbitrary terms like feet,
and yards, and cups.
- All of my measurements are
in American and I don't know how
to switch tablespoons to grams.
- Well, just eyeball it.
- Uh, no.
- What, do you need to use
your GPS
to get to work every day?
- I take the subway.
- Oof.
- Okay.
Ugh, stupid battery!
- What is it?
- Nothing.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
- Can figure this out.
Can figure this out. Okay.
Eight... eight ounces is a cup.
16... 16 ounces, okay.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
- Maybe if you stare at it
harder, it'll cook faster.
(Ceramic lid clangs)
Dinner is served,
(Timer rings)
(tense music)
- Oh.
I wouldn't serve that
to the hounds,
much less a king and a queen.
Stupid metric system!
(Disheartened music)
Fruit salad. Fruit
salad. Fruit salad.
Fruit salad.
"Cut into one/4" slices."
Of course. Um, inches.
Shoot, okay, um...
- Uh-oh, onto Plan B already?
Well, you better work fast.
They're gobbling up
their dinners.
- I must say,
you are incredibly helpful.
- Oh! What can I help you with?
- I don't need any help,
This recipe doesn't call
for red wine.
- Ah.
- Ah.
- The moment we've all been
waiting for.
I trust the kitchen was
to your liking?
- Absolutely.
I've gone from Pale Blue Dot
to bright, shiny pots.
Anyway, I decided
to complement Oliver's--
- Prince... Oliver.
- Right.
I decided to complement
Prince Oliver's hearty meal
with something light
and refreshing,
so I've prepared an autumn
harvest fruit medley.
- Oh!
- Emma, this is divine!
And good instincts.
I'm quite full.
- Hmm, so, baker can cut fruit.
- Evelyn.
- Well, I was just expecting
the baker to bake.
I have this for breakfast.
- Your Majesty, my apologies.
- Thank you, Emma.
This is delicious.
And I'm sure you're only just
getting started.
- Mm! Wonderful.
- Simon.
(Melancholic music)
- How did it go?
- Ha, ha, ha.
This day can't end soon enough.
- You looked hungry.
I brought you some stew.
- Thank you.
I'm a really good baker,
you know?
- Yeah, okay.
- Pale Blue Dot is
a West Village staple
and I bake everything in there.
- Okay.
- And we supply the pastries
to the hotel where you stayed.
- Oh, that's funny.
I never saw sad carrot cake
on the menu
while I was staying there.
- That was an aberration, okay?
Your metric system
really threw me off.
- Well, maybe if you got
your nose outta that notebook
every once in a while,
you'd be better
at trusting your instincts.
- See, that's why
my bakery is successful.
Going exactly by the book leads
to the exact same,
delicious result every time.
- Almost every time.
- W... so, what,
no recipes allowed?
That's what you learned
at whatever fancy culinary
school you attended?
- Oh, no. My parents would never
allow me to attend school
for something so lowly
as cooking. Huh.
- Well, then,
where did you learn?
- Here and there.
- Very well,
Your Mysteriousness,
I should get to bed.
(Clears throat)
- Uh, I'm gonna go into
the market in the morning,
pick up a few things
for Alexandra's tea party.
Would you... care to join me?
- Yes, thank you.
That would be great.
Uh, 7:00 a.m.?
- Right.
Bakers rise with the sun.
Um, nothing will be open then.
- Oh, right.
- 9:00.
- It's a date!
9:00 a.m. is a time.
- You're correct, it is a time.
- Good night.
- Enjoy dreaming of
conversions and measurements.
(Sucks air)
- I will.
(Gentle music)
The metric system really does
make a lot more sense.
(Rachel): Maybe, but don't they
drive on the wrong side
of the road over there?
So, it evens out.
Okay. Enough about...
Tell me about Oliver.
- Prince Oliver is rude
and annoying,
and he thinks
he's extremely clever.
I mean, his stew is good,
but he knows it's good,
which is just so rude
and annoying.
- Yeah, sounds rude
and annoying.
- Yeah.
I can't believe I have to share
the kitchen with him all week.
- Well, does he look anything
like his brother?
- How are things going
over there?
Are you following
my instructions?
- Yes... I am following
Queen Emma's recipe
for bakery success.
(Banging on stove)
- Okay, I know that's the oven.
You need to bang it harder.
- Harder?
- Harder.
(knocking on door)
Oh, my gosh, someone's
at my door. What do I do?
- Answer it, weirdo.
- Ugh! This is it.
I'm getting fired.
(Steadying breath)
Good evening, Your Majesty.
- Hello, Emma.
Oh, have I disturbed you?
I'm sorry to come calling
so late.
- No, not at all.
- Enjoyed what
you served at dinner.
I imagine you were exhausted
after all your travels.
I'm sorry we put you
straight to work.
- Oh, that's why I'm here.
And I promise not to repurpose
the Queen's breakfast
for the rest of the trip.
- Splendid.
I have come
with a favour to ask.
Now, I imagine you have plans
for what to bake
for the anniversary party,
but I was hoping you could
help me with a little...
Surprise for the Queen.
- Of course!
- Are you familiar
with the dessert Baked Alaska?
- Mm-hmm.
- It's the Queen's
favourite dessert,
and I was hoping that,
in addition to what
you're preparing,
you could make it
to serve to her at the party.
- Absolutely!
What a sweet idea.
- That's excellent!
She will be thrilled.
Thank you, Emma.
Oh, and um, may I say,
I'm glad you're working
so well with Oliver.
I know, um, the boy can be
quite strong-willed.
- We are two peas in a pod.
- Hmm. Indeed!
Well, good night, Emma.
- Good night,
Your Majesty.
- Emma!
Emma, is he gone?
- Yes, he is.
- Did he just say
what I think he said?
(Whining growl)
- Oh, yes, he did.
- Well, that's just splendid.
- Why?
(Playful music)
(birds chirping)
(frustrated sigh)
- Morning!
- Good morning.
Nine o'clock.
9:07, actually.
- Uh, so it is.
- We're supposed to go
to the market?
- Yes, we are.
I will just finish this.
(Mutters indistinctly)
- Good puzzle?
- Uh, it is.
(Fingers tapping)
(tapping intensifies)
Could you uh... tap a little
more quietly, please?
(Clicks lips)
- Yep.
(Annoyed sigh)
(whispering): Okay, should I get
two of those?
(Pen clicking)
(clicking intensifies)
- I will finish this later.
- Oh, okay!
- Yeah.
- Wonderful.
(Regal music)
So, I'm making scones,
a sponge cake, madeleines,
petits fours and a trifle.
- Nice and traditional.
- That's what
your sister wanted, right?
- Sure.
- Okay, I don't know
this market,
but I'm thinking
I'll need about 45 minutes.
Meet you back at the car?
- Not factoring in any time
to wrestle away flour
from anyone?
- Ha, ha.
What's your plan?
- Oh, I think I'll peruse
a little bit.
See what's fresh first?
- You don't know what
you're making?
The party is in four hours
and 25 minutes.
- I'm just not into making
cute, little finger
sandwiches today.
So, I guess I know
what I'm not making.
- That's a bold strategy.
- You know what is not
a bold strategy?
Staring at that little book
and missing out on
all the wonderful ingredients.
- I'm not missing out,
I just know what works,
and I know what I need.
- Guess you're not curious
about what could work,
so I guess curiosity did
kill the cat.
- Hey, I am a curious person.
I'm curious
about a lot of things.
I'm curious about how
vinyl records work.
I'm curious about who decided
to name oranges, oranges.
But when it comes to baking
for a group of royal ladies,
I put my curiosity in a drawer.
I don't wanna say curious again.
It sounds really weird now.
- Yeah, what I'm curious about
is if you can include one
new ingredient into your baking.
- Like what?
- Oh, I'm not telling you.
This is a bet. Yeah.
I will pick one ingredient
that you must include,
which I will only give you
when we start cooking.
- Fine. And when I win,
you have to tell me where
you learned how to cook
that's made you so confident.
- And if I win,
I get to peek inside
that little book
you're so attached to.
- Ha! After all that, you wanna
peek behind the curtain? Deal.
(Bright music)
I'll meet you in there.
I just wanna check
in with Alexandra.
- Yeah, I can take those
for you.
- Why, thank you, kind sir.
- I may be rude,
but I'm a gentleman.
- Alexandra,
this looks incredible!
- Oh, thank you.
It's just a little get together.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes! Just...
Mother's friends are
so particular.
One tiny thing out of place
and it's all I'll hear about,
all afternoon.
And again once they leave.
Mothers, right?
- Yep.
- I feel so silly.
I mean, I have degrees
from Harvard, Oxford,
and the London School
of Economics,
and here I am, nervous
about throwing a tea party.
Excuse me.
- Funny how there's equal
pressure for a daughter
to impress her mother
as there is to impress
a group of dignitaries,
duchesses, and a queen.
- You'll be great.
You were impressing a princess
back in New York,
and you did not even realize it.
- I guess you're right.
It's gonna be great.
- Yes.
- Okay, I'll see you soon.
Okay, big improviser, what
have you decided to make?
What at the market looked fresh?
- Oh, I'll be making tea party
inspired flatbreads.
- You're making pizzas?
- Totally different.
- How so?
- Not entirely sure.
- Aren't these ladies expecting
finger foods?
It seemed like Alexandra wanted
a super traditional menu.
- Emma, you are looking
at someone who has attended
countless tea parties,
both real and imaginary,
and all at the behest
of Alexandra.
These ladies have eaten
a million little dainty cucumber
and turkey sandwiches.
They need a change.
Trust me.
- Okay.
- Speaking of change...
The bet is on.
- You better get
your origin story straight.
(Upbeat music)
(timer clicking)
Can you try this?
- Needs a little more sugar.
- Needs a little more aim.
Very good.
- Mm-hmm.
(Timer clicking)
- Ah, no pistachios.
Dang it.
- Everything okay?
- Yep.
(deep breath)
(energetic classical music)
- Mm! I have outdone myself.
What is it?
- I can't tell if
they like anything.
- Hmm, no reaction is
a good reaction, trust me.
(Worried sigh)
The only time I have ever seen
any of these ladies show
positive emotion is when
Hugh Grant came
to Henry's birthday.
- Oh, that would be exciting.
I just hope I didn't screw up
any of the measurements.
- Hmm.
(Alexandra): Unacceptable!
Completely unacceptable.
- I knew that was
too much cinnamon.
- Oh... not good.
Not good.
- Was it the scones?
Were they too moist?
- You just had to try something
different, Oliver.
- Are the ladies not enjoying
their flatbreads?
- Too spicy, too messy,
too... everything.
Do you know what happens
when white satin gloves touch
red sauce?
- Well, the gloves serve
their purpose and protect
the person's hands.
- Disapproval.
(Tense music)
- If those ladies can't handle
one red pepper flake,
then what do they know
about food?
- I didn't like that, Oliver.
- Oh, come on.
- I'm serious!
- You've never had a...
An angry customer?
- Of course I have,
but not because I blatantly
disregarded them.
- Ah, don't worry.
You're not gonna get fired
over something like that.
- Look, I wanna do better
than just not getting fired.
This is the biggest opportunity
of my life.
If I do well, I'll be put in
the magazine
and I can finally get
my cookbook published,
and that has been my dream
Look, I know that this doesn't
mean anything to you
and you're just playing around
in this kitchen but this is--
- No. This means something
to me, too.
- Well, you're not acting
like it.
- Okay. It's just my whole life,
Henry has always been
the golden boy,
and Alexandra's always been
the overachiever,
and I've always been... nothing,
you know, stuck in the middle.
When I discovered cooking,
I found my identity.
- That's good, right?
- Working in the kitchen isn't
a particularly royal pursuit,
so I guess I've been trying
to prove my family wrong
for a long time, which...
May have caused me to cook
spicy, messy pizzas
for a bunch of
very proper ladies.
- I suppose there's a lot baked
into this job for both of us.
Oh, speaking of baked,
can you keep a secret?
- Emma, I'm a royal.
It's in my DNA.
- The King has requested
a special surprise dessert
for the anniversary party,
a... a Baked Alaska.
- Ooh, how American.
- Just wait until I try it.
If you thought today was
a disaster...
- Oh, Emma, the great American
baker, has a weakness?
- Hey, I have tried it,
but it is ice cream, it is cake,
it is melting, it's on fire.
It should be illegal!
- Well, maybe if you got your
nose out of that notebook...
- Oh, no, no, no.
There is a writable, step-able
recipe for this,
I just haven't
figured it out yet.
- Hmm, if you say so.
- But I suppose I could use
some help
in the figuring it out
- That I can do.
- It was fun to do something
different today.
- I guess you can say our bet
turned out to be more of a draw.
- Well, then, don't think
of this as a prize,
think of it more as a thank you
for dragging me out
of my comfort zone.
- If you ever decide
to write something down.
- Thank you.
- Hey, how about this?
How about I teach you how
to write a proper recipe
for a big group, and you help me
with my Baked Alaska?
- Deal.
- Yeah?
(Door creaks)
- Oliver, it's time
for your interview.
(Gentle music)
- Ooh.
Royal duties call.
See you later?
- Yeah, I'll pencil you in.
- Okay.
- Oliver, this is Halora
Sinclair from Marquess Magazine.
- Pleased to meet you,
Your Highness.
- Oh no, please, call me Oliver.
- Halora has agreed
to not include
the tea party mishap
in her piece.
- How gracious of her.
Oh, don't worry, Sister,
I won't sully the family's name
on record.
- Of course not.
I'll leave you to it!
- Mm-hmm.
- So, Oliver, how do you feel
about your brother becoming
- Oh... oh, okay,
we're jumping...
We're jumping right in.
Uh, well...
I think Henry will make
a fantastic king.
(gentle music)
- Sorry. Were you going
to eat this?
I'm famished.
Every time I tried to eat
at the party,
someone pulled me
into another conversation.
- I'm really, really sorry
about the pistachios.
- Emma, I should be
They were a fun flourish.
And I was just...
What do you call being
in a bad mood due to hunger?
- Hangry?
- Hangry! Yes!
I was quite hangry.
And... I was also mad at Oliver
for being so stubborn
and... Halora witnessing
everything was just not great.
- Got it.
- But the most frustrating
part, Emma, is...
All those women just look at me
like I'm this pretty, little
princess who dreams of finding
a prince and hosting
tea parties all my life.
I'll have you know, I have
degrees from Harvard, Oxford--
- The London School
of Economics.
- Exactly! And I bring more
to this family than gossip
about whose wedding was
or a scandal
from 50 years ago.
Or why I'm not married.
- Well, I can't imagine
it's hard for you
to find a love interest.
- I haven't got the time!
I mean, of course,
I... want to find love someday,
but it's just...
- It's just not in your recipe
for success at the moment?
- Exactly.
Moving forward, just stick to
what you make at the bakery.
And don't let Oliver get
under your skin
and do something outrageous.
Your baking is excellent
and it is exactly what I want
everyone to experience
at the party.
- Absolutely. Understood.
- Now, off to hear what
my mother thought of the party.
- Have fun?
- I'm glad you're here, Emma.
(Gentle music)
- Mmm!
- Uh, would you care
for some more tea?
- Hmm, no, thank you.
So, what do you like most
about being a prince?
- Uh, well, the uniform's
pretty stuffy,
so definitely not that.
Although, I do get to carry
a sword for certain ceremonies.
There are many royal
that simply involve showing up
at dedications, and ceremonies,
galas, which I do not love.
The press has dubbed me
the broody one.
(Clears throat)
I do enjoy the philanthropic
bit, though.
I appreciate that I get to
travel the world
and meet all different
kinds of people
from different backgrounds.
Help them any way I can,
however I'm able.
I guess you could say,
I appreciate having
the privilege of helping people,
if that makes any sense.
- Wonderful.
We'll end on that.
Thank you, Oliver.
- Um, speaking of privileges,
I'm working with this woman,
She's a fantastic pastry
chef from America.
I can't wait to see what
she cooks up
for the anniversary party.
I think you're gonna wanna
write an article about her.
- I'll make sure to save
room for dessert.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
- Top of the morning!
Ready to write some recipes?
- We're gonna need
a bigger cup.
- Okay, what are
we starting with?
- I was thinking a Bolognese.
We can get fresh meat
and vegetables from the market.
- Great. Write it down.
- Right.
(Awkward chuckle)
- What are you doing?
- Oh, I'm just seeing
what we have.
- No, no, no, no,
you are writing down
what you want to put in.
- Right.
- Right.
- In there.
- Uh-huh.
- This is gonna be a long day.
- That's why we got up early.
- Okay, um...
Green peppers.
- Mm-hmm, sounds good.
(Inspiring music)
Hmm. Okay.
See this? These two...
And that one.
No, let's try that again.
(Clears throat)
- Baker's chocolate.
Big mistake.
- Yeah.
- Don't forget to write it down.
- Right.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Five, four, three, two...
- Ooh, look out.
- No! Get!
Would you...
(Nervous chuckle)
- Oh, hello.
- Good choice.
Oh, my goodness.
(Sigh of relief)
- Close.
- Yes.
- So, what do you think?
- Excuse my French,
but I think this menu kicks
some serious butt.
- Some serious...
- "Cul."
- "Cul."
- "Cul-l-l."
I think...
(Clears throat)
the King and the Queen will
approve of this menu.
- You do not think
it's too safe?
- Well, I think
it's contemporary,
but it honours tradition
and, most importantly,
it's delicious.
- Thank you.
- And you managed to make
a similar-tasting sauce
twice in a row.
See what happens when you write
things down?
Consistency, Your Majesty, is
the name of the game.
- Chef, you are correct, Chef.
- Oh, no, that's so weird,
not cute.
- Oh, so you think
I'm... cute?
- No, I said the bow was
actively not cute.
I didn't say that
you were cute by default.
- Yeah, sure.
(Clears throat)
Well, shall we get some
fresh air
while your perfect Baked
Alaska sets in the freezer?
(Deep exhale)
- Yes.
- You're telling me that
the best pizza in the world is
in New Haven, Connecticut?
- Don't knock it
'til you tried it.
- Oh, I'll be sure to try it
if I'm ever in that area,
'cause I can't imagine what else
I would do in New Haven,
- That's where Yale is.
- Oh, Alexandra didn't
tell you,
we're more of a Harvard, Oxford,
London School of Economics
kind of family.
- So I've heard.
So, where's your favourite
pizza place?
Some famous Michelin star
chef in Italy?
- Well, it is in Italy,
the birthplace of pizza,
I might add,
but it was far from fancy.
- Uh, far from fancy doesn't
just mean no white tablecloth.
- Touch.
My family and I were on
this humanitarian mission
in this little town,
just outside of Milan.
And I went for a walk,
which I was specifically told
not to do.
Now, I got lost.
I wandered around for hours
and hours,
until I finally found
this little hole-in-the-wall
restaurant, no sign.
Now, I only wanted a glass
of water,
but the owner, he took
one look at me
and he cut me a fresh slice
of pizza straight from the oven,
and it was the best thing
I have ever tasted.
And I was famished,
so that might've had something
to do with it, but...
(Timer rattling)
- Oh, gosh.
- The moment of truth.
- Yep.
Here goes nothing.
Ah, okay.
- The vanilla is...
- Why can't I get this right?
I followed everything to a T,
even the notes on my notes.
(gentle music)
- What am I supposed
to do with this?
- Whatever you want.
Look, you taught me
the importance of sticking
to the script, but sometimes,
you really have
to toss it aside.
That blob right there has
the ability to be the best thing
you've ever tasted.
But you don't get there by
measuring how far to stretch it
or how high to toss it.
It's... it's all about feel.
You try.
- I don't think I'm ready
to toss dough yet.
Um, I'll try braiding it?
- No.
- Wh...
- No thinking.
No counting, just let go.
- You're pretty good at this.
- Well, I had a lot of practice.
Alexandra was always begging me
to braid her hair
when we were kids.
I never thought it would
come in so handy.
- Now, which of the childhood
memories are gonna come in
handy for my Baked Alaska?
- Hmm... uh,
maybe the time that Henry and I
built a fire and a snow fort,
and his jacket caught on fire.
(Henry): Hello? I'm here
for a royal extravaganza?
- Who is that?
- Henry.
(Clears throat)
(pivotal music)
- Oh, what a wonderful surprise!
- Hmm, well, I was in Monaco
and I thought,
"What am I doing here when
I could be spending quality time
with the King and Queen before
their grand festivities?"
- Delightful.
- Welcome home, Son.
- Thank you, Pop.
The Prince-CEO.
Keeping everyone
on task and in check?
- Ah, as much as I can.
- Little brother.
How are you, Ollie?
Good to see you.
Seems like you haven't burned
the place down just yet.
- No, just waiting for
your arrival
so I could blame it on you.
- Ha, ha! Touch.
And who's this?
- Uh, this is Emma Morton,
our wonderful head baker
for the week.
All the way from America.
- Pleased to make
your acquaintance, Miss Morton.
- Oh. Oh!
- I'm Prince Henry.
- I am pleased to make
your acquaintance.
I'm Emma.
Uh, sorry, you know that.
Um, I am... such a mess.
- You look ravishing,
especially given the fact that
you're pulling double duty.
You're baking and babysitting.
(awkward chuckle)
- Henry, will you be joining us
for the dedication this evening?
- I don't know what it's for,
but I'm dedicated to
this family so, absolutely.
(Queen): Oliver, this is now
a family affair.
I would like you
to attend as well.
- Uh, well, I have
some more preparations for--
- You will manage.
I'm not in the mood to make
an excuse for your absence.
- As you wish, Mother.
- You go ahead.
I can clean up.
Your Majesty... ies...
- Great meeting you, Emma.
- Likewise.
Excuse me.
(Whimsical music)
(ice cream slopping)
(Rachel): Okay, dish it.
Prince Henry came early?
- Completely unannounced.
- Hmm.
Seems like that never
happens with him.
Okay, tell me everything.
- Rach, I spoke to him
for like, 30 seconds.
He's very...
Future kingly.
- Mm-hmm.
And handsome.
- He is unimpeachably handsome,
that's for sure,
but I sense some tension
between him and Oliver, though.
- That's just how brothers are.
They're probably goofing around
and catching up as we speak.
(Cash register dings)
(calm classical music)
(heavy sigh)
- Mmm...
(Deep exhale)
Orange and white chocolate,
blueberry ginger,
coffee and wattle seed.
Orange and white chocolate,
blueberry ginger, coffee
and wattle seed.
(Deep breath)
- Hey.
- Hi.
- That does not look
like Baked Alaska.
- This is...
I don't know what you would
call it, but making it calms me
when I'm stressed or scared.
- Semolina flour.
- You caught me
on a bad day in New York.
- Hmm.
- When I was little,
I used to bake with my mom.
She was...
An incredible baker.
One day, I insisted on making
a souffl, and by souffl,
I meant combining brownie mix,
cake mix and semolina flour.
- My mom went along with it
'cause she was the best.
- You keep saying, "was."
- She passed away when I was 13.
- Oh.
Emma, I'm... sorry.
- Thanks.
It's okay.
I use her recipes at the bakery
and that makes me feel
close to her.
I guess that's why I keep
my nose in my notebook
all the time.
I just got so used to sticking
to the recipe, her recipe.
I guess that kind of thinking
made its way
through my entire life,
just safe, measured
and methodical, like...
If I did something different,
I'd lose her.
- That's totally understandable.
(Emotional chuckle)
(deep inhale)
- All right, it's ready.
- The oven is off.
- Oh, we learned pretty quick
that this doesn't go
in the oven.
- Ah.
- Mmm.
- This is so good.
You have to serve this
at the anniversary party.
- No, I couldn't.
It's, it's weird,
it doesn't cook well,
and I don't think it fits
with anything.
- Suit yourself.
- Hmm.
I love it here
at this time of night.
- Do you creep around
in the middle of the night
- This is when
I learned to cook.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I got my love for cooking
from the palace chef, Reuben.
He used to work late into
the night, and one night,
I made a princely command
that he teach me how to make
a grilled cheese.
Hmm. I was so proud of myself.
I mean, the other royal
children could barely pour
a bowl of cereal.
- I bet they were jealous.
- Eh, they teased me.
Pretended like
I worked for them, but...
I did not care.
Cooking was so fun and,
and messy, and creative,
the complete opposite
of royal life.
It became my dream to go
to culinary school
and open a restaurant,
but then, I got caught up
in my relationship
with a princess
and those dreams just faded.
Then, we began to talk
about marriage and...
Suddenly, those desires to open
a restaurant came flooding
back in.
And she did not react well.
She wanted to live
the traditional royal life
and she broke it off.
It caused quite a rift
between our families,
and between me and my family.
- How does this story end?
- It feels like this is
my last chance to prove to them
I'm serious about being a chef.
- Don't say
it's your last chance.
They're your family at the end
of the day, and they love you.
But maybe now it is
a good time to tell them.
I mean, it's always a good idea
to tell people how
you really feel, right?
- It is.
(Happy sigh)
- I think it's my bedtime again.
- I'm gonna go over the menu
a couple more times before bed.
- You need to get your nose
outta that thing every once
in a while.
- Emma...
Tomorrow is...
Is gonna be great.
- It is.
Good night.
- Good night.
(Romantic music)
- You're whipping up
a last-minute recipe?
- Oh, nothing for you
to worry about.
How are you feeling?
(Deep inhale)
- Good.
Excited. Ready.
How about you?
- Me too.
Uh, I was thinking that after
the tasting,
you and I could go--
(Henry): Good morning, chefs!
- Good morning, Henry.
- And to what do we owe
the pleasure?
- Well, I hear there's
an important event
taking place this afternoon.
A tasting of sorts.
I wanted to give you
fair warning
that I will be in attendance.
- That's wonderful.
- Is there a problem, Ollie?
Should I not be
on the selection committee?
- Not at all. It's just, I was
only prepared to cook for three,
so I'll have to go to the market
and get a few more things.
- Good morning, chefs.
Oh my, we have ourselves
a little kitchen consortium.
We are on schedule, yes?
- Well, I have to go
to the market and get
a few more items.
- Ollie, Halora is
arriving shortly
for your second interview.
- Completely forgot
about that, um...
- I can go to the market
for you, Ollie.
- Really? But don't you have
your prep to do, still?
- I'll manage.
- And I would be happy
to escort you into town.
- Uh...
Emma's already been
to town, so--
- It's really no trouble.
- I insist.
I am the reason
for this errand, after all.
Plus, I'd love a stroll
through town.
Be amongst the people for a bit.
- Thank you, Henry.
Uh, we'll leave in ten?
- Perfect.
I'll be ready in nine.
(Awkward chuckle)
(regal music)
And I said,
"That is the last time
I hike the Alps
in desert boots."
- It must get difficult
being recognized everywhere?
- It is mostly fine.
Only an occupational hazard
when I'm doing something
I'm not supposed to do.
- Like hiking
with the wrong boots?
- Exactly.
Speaking of occupational
how is it working
with my brooding brother?
- We're starting to work
together really well.
I think the King and the Queen
will be pleased
by what we're cooking up.
- Well, that is excellent
to hear.
And hopefully, it will help
get this flight of fancy
out of his system.
- What do you mean?
- I'm sure Oliver's told you
of his dreams of being
a chef,
but what you must understand is
that Oliver has a long history
of interests
that are his passions
until they're not.
- Okay.
- As children, he loved
archery, then football,
then woodworking,
then the drums.
When anything got too difficult,
he'd just give up.
- Every kid goes through phases.
In the 3rd grade, I wanted to be
a pop star/astronaut.
- This has continued
as an adult.
So, my mother insisted
that Oliver do the cooking
for the party.
I believe it's her way
of expediting the inevitable.
- Which is?
- Well, that Oliver will
eventually find a career
being a chef too difficult
and finally come around
to accepting his royal status.
(Fake chuckle)
- Why are you telling me this?
- I love my brother,
but I would hate to see you get
hurt at Ollie's expense,
professionally or otherwise.
And selfishly, I would like him
by my side when I become king.
- Oh, it's so late,
we should get back.
- Sure.
(Regal music)
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Ah, look at this.
- I thought I'd be your
sous-chef for a little bit.
- Thank you.
I really appreciate it
and I'm sorry again.
- No, I'm impressed.
Seems Henry can even draw
the most staunchly prompt people
behind schedule.
- I did my best.
- Everything okay?
- Yes. Yeah, we should get
to work.
On the drive into town,
I read an article about
the best pizza in the world,
and guess which city
in Connecticut made the list?
- You cannot believe everything
you read on the Internet.
(Phone chiming)
- Hmm.
How did the interview go?
What's wrong?
- I'm... sorry,
I did not mean to look,
it just... popped up.
- Oh, my gosh, Oliver.
This is so wrong.
I... I meant to tell you--
- Hello, chefs.
Halora's ready to shoot.
Are we on schedule?
Oh, and Mother and Father have
to leave promptly after--
- We're on schedule.
- Excellent.
- Shall we begin?
- I--
(melancholic music)
Uh... yeah. Okay.
(Clears throat)
(Camera shutter snapping)
- Get a close-up.
- Oh, sorry.
- Excuse me.
(Nervous chuckle)
- Do you need the oven?
- No, thank you, um...
- Sorry.
- How's it going?
Everything looks great.
- Uh... fine.
Um, sorry, I just...
I really need to focus.
- Of course.
(Camera shutter snaps)
It's gonna be great.
(Clears throat)
- Wow, look at all this, hmm?
- Oh.
- Ollie, have you been hiding
Reuben back there?
- I can vouch that he is not.
- Uh, for passed
hors d'oeuvres,
we have a mushroom ragout
on a crispy polenta
with Comte cheese.
- Hmm.
- Parsnip wrapped devils
on horseback,
and a Spanish-style
tomato toast.
- Mm!
- Mm-hmm.
- Oliver, these are delicious!
- Oh, top notch, Son.
- The Spanish toast is
muy bueno, hermano.
- This will do very
nicely, dear.
- Great. Um, for the first
course, uh, I have prepared
a Prima Piatti, in honour
of Mother and Father's
favourite country to visit.
On the left, we have a gnocchi
in an arugula basil pesto.
In the centre is a pear ravioli
in a cream sauce.
And on the right,
we have a tagliatelle
in a rustic Bolognese.
- Oh, how clever is that?
(Clears throat)
- Hmm, speaking of Italy...
(Queen): Hmm.
- Carnivale in Venice
this year was a dream.
- Mmm.
- Oh.
- Oh!
- Mmm. Um...
- Oh, I got a little pear
seed in there.
- Ahem, I think
it's missing something.
- Or has far too much
of something?
- It's as if it's both
undercooked and also burnt.
- Well, the pasta is al dente
and um...
My apologies
if I overcooked the meat.
- Shall we move on to secondi?
Here, we have a lamb chop
with an Indian flair.
(King): Aha!
- That is a celery root pure
and charred broccolini
to accompany.
(Curious music)
(clears throat)
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
- It's like you're taking me
on a journey around the world,
but on a commercial
flight with layovers.
(King): Excuse me,
must I send you children
to your rooms?
- Sorry.
- My apologies.
I'm still tweaking the recipe.
- I tasted it yesterday
and it was amazing.
- Oliver, you can't expect me
to serve
experimental gastronomy
to our guests.
- Of course not.
Um, it is just that--
- Shall we move on to dessert?
- Mm, I would love that.
- I was just only prepared
to cook for three.
If Henry hadn't showed up,
then maybe um...
- Oliver, you will be cooking
for a large number of people
soon enough.
One extra person is not
the greatest excuse
in this situation.
- It's a spirited performance,
my boy.
I'm sure you'll have it
all buttoned down in time
for the party.
- Thank you, Father. Um...
Thank you, everybody,
for your constructive criticism.
- Stop.
(Curious music)
- Um...
- Um... so, I've prepared
a few different cakes for you
to sample,
an orange and white-chocolate
buttercream cake,
a coffee and wattle seed
lamington cake,
and a blueberry ginger
mascarpone cheesecake.
- Ah.
- Mm! Mm!
Mm, mm!
- Mmm.
- These are fantastic, Emma.
(Satisfied sigh)
- Ah!
- I probably gave myself
a heap of cavities.
I ate so much of this
in New York.
- Mm!
- Mm!
- I would like to go
with this first option.
Just delicious, Emma.
Your reputation is well earned.
- Hear, hear!
- Thank you, Your Majesty.
- Mm!
- Mm!
- This one is divine.
- Mm! Brava! Brava! Brava!
- Enjoy.
- Did she pick the buttercream?
- Yep.
- Hmm. Always a traditionalist.
I don't even know why I bother.
- It wasn't that bad.
- Oh, yes, it was.
- Oliver that picture
of me and Henry...
- No, you don't need to explain.
- But I feel
like I do because...
- Because...
Because this was it, Emma.
My chance to prove them wrong,
to show them I'm serious
about being a chef,
and I was humiliated.
- Oliver, I'm sorry.
- And meanwhile you're off
gallivanting with... with Henry.
- No, I was in town for you.
- No matter, it's my fault.
The first time I ignore
my gut and this is what happens.
- What do you mean?
- The... the rigidness,
the lack of life,
writing every single thing down.
That, that is not who I am.
That is who you are.
Before you came along,
I would have never been
so flustered to the point
of failure over something
as small as...
As a tight schedule.
- I was just trying to help.
- I know, and I appreciate it,
Maybe this was a mistake.
All of it.
(Heartbreaking music)
- I'll go talk to him.
(Shaky breath)
- That was not
your best performance.
- I know. I'm... sorry,
it's just...
- Are you okay?
- Emma did not deserve that.
- What happened?
- Well, essentially,
I blamed her
for why I screwed up
the tasting and um, well...
I was really upset over this.
- Gosh. Ollie, that is why
we blocked that site.
Remember when they claimed
Mother was a lizard?
- I know. I know.
- It's most likely nothing.
A fabrication.
- Or once again,
Henry swoops in,
bends the world to his will
and gets whatever he wants.
(Regal music)
- Ollie...
- I will talk to her.
- Good.
And I'm signing off on the menu
for the party tomorrow.
- Really?
- I saw a lot
of potential there.
It will be great.
Now come on.
- And then, he said
that this was all a big mistake
and he stormed out.
(Rachel): Gosh, Emma.
That sounds awful.
- I feel terrible.
If only I'd gotten back sooner
or... or not tried to make him
do things my way at all.
- No way.
Do not blame yourself!
You didn't sign up for this.
You went over there to bake
some cakes
and a few days later,
you appeared in a tabloid.
- Oh, I've gotten so caught up
in the family drama.
I haven't even thought about
the blog or my cookbook once.
- I wonder why that is?
- Why are you saying it
like that?
- Emma!
Come on! You have feelings
for Oliver.
- Feelings of frustration,
He drives me nuts. Like...
What do I do about
what Henry told me?
I mean, I feel like a liar
if I don't say something
to Oliver,
but I feel like
I'm meddling if I do.
- I mean, that's
a tricky situation.
- What am I supposed to say?
"Henry told me that your entire
family is just waiting
and hoping for this chef
phase to pass,
because every other phase has,
because you can never commit
to anything"?
And yes, I had fun
at the market.
It's not my fault that
Henry is funny and charming.
But... so is Oliver.
He really liked my souffl.
- Emma, you don't let anybody
taste your souffl.
- Okay, fine.
I like him.
- You're so into him!
- I am putting it
on the back burner
until after the party.
- So many feelings.
(melancholic music)
(sighing): Okay.
Hey! Oh, I thought
you were Henry.
- Emma, we have a problem.
Oliver left.
- Into town?
- He has left town!
- What do you mean?
- Oliver quit! He will not be
cooking for the event tomorrow!
- What? Why?
- I have no idea.
He just left a note that said
he was sorry,
but he doesn't belong here
and that this is what's best
for everyone.
- Is it true?
Has he flown the coop?
- So it seems.
- Wow, that's a shame.
I mean, it's not shocking,
but it's a shame.
- I know Oliver can be flighty,
but this is beyond what I would
ever expect from him.
Emma, he was going
to talk to you.
Did something happen?
- Did you tell him
what I told you?
- Of course not.
- Henry, what did you tell her?
- Well, you know,
that Mother sort of insisted
that you hire Oliver to cook.
- And that this sort of outcome
wasn't entirely unexpected?
- Henry, that is hearsay
to such a degree that I can't--
- I did not tell him!
- I might have told him
by accident.
I told my friend Rachel
about it in my room last night.
- I don't have time for this.
I need to find someone to cook
for our guests on
24 hours' notice.
Henry, go find your brother.
Save your energy
for tomorrow.
Take the rest of the day off.
Our guests may have
extra room for dessert.
(Heartbreaking music)
(heavy sigh)
- Oh! Good evening,
Your Majesty.
- Royal formalities are
suspended while wearing pajamas.
(Nervous chuckle)
When Oliver was a boy,
he would come down here late
at night to help Reuben,
our head chef.
I thought maybe
he had come back.
- I'm really sorry that he left.
I feel like it's my fault.
- Oliver was acting
on his impulses
long before your arrival,
- Yeah, I've gotten that sense.
- I do not know where
we went wrong
for things to come to this.
- May I speak in accordance
with your suspension
of royal formalities?
- You may.
- Maybe the reason
Oliver doesn't stick
with the things he tries is
that he feels like
you don't approve of them.
- I do not know where
he would get that sense.
- It's just...
Henry told me about
Oliver growing up and then,
being here for the week,
it seems like--
- When Oliver wanted to be
a drummer,
we bought him the nicest drum
kit a boy could ask for.
When he mentioned culinary
school, we did not forbid it.
And when it came time
for the party,
I did not command Alexandra to
hire him hoping he would fail.
I suggested she choose him
hoping he would succeed.
- I just... I feel like
there's a large gap
between tolerance and support,
you know?
- Go on.
- Oliver just wants you
to be proud of him.
- I am proud of him.
- But, Your Majesty, maybe
Oliver doesn't feel like it.
I'm sorry.
- No one has spoken to me
like that in quite some time.
- I apologize.
I, I--
- I needed to hear it.
I am so accustomed to expressing
myself by my actions.
I build a community centre
to show the citizens
I care about them.
I dedicate a statue
to honour someone who--
- That's your love language.
But I think that Oliver needs
something different.
If there's one thing
that he's taught me,
it's that there's more than
one way to reach the same goal.
- Well, this kitchen is stocked
with lots of lessons, it seems.
(Gentle music)
(regal music)
- Good morning.
- Emma! It's the big day.
It's very exciting!
It'll be great, right?
- Oh, uh, this is Reuben.
Note the healthy glow.
We pulled him from his beach
vacation to be here.
- And I'm thrilled about it.
(Nervous chuckle)
- Reuben's hilarious.
You'll see.
So, Reuben will be making
a traditional Sanovian meal.
Best we could do
on short notice.
But nobody makes it like him.
- That makes sense.
- Will you be making
the white chocolate and orange
buttercream cake?
Or all three,
as Henry has suggested?
- Uh, I haven't even looked
at this thing since the tasting.
Yeah, the Queen did select
the orange and white-chocolate
(Gentle music)
(Oliver): The recipe for love i
always changing, rearranging,
adding things.
What can I bring?
It writes itself on the fly.
With no plan, it dies.
You need fun, and trust,
and laughter, and crust.
You make a fuss.
You don't realize
you're cooking the recipe
for love until they're gone.
And you realize,
with watered eyes,
burning insides, that
they're your secret ingredient.
- Emma!
- I'm sorry, what?
- The cake?
- Change of plans.
I'm running to the market.
- For what?
- Whatever looks fresh.
Hi! Bye!
- What's gotten into her?
(Hopeful music)
(Indistinct chatter)
- Signore Oliver?
- Yes.
- Telfono.
- Thank you.
(Deep exhale)
- Let's do this.
(Upbeat music)
Alexandra, you look beautiful.
- Oh, thank you!
And how are we doing in here?
- Splendid!
- Uh, Reuben,
your Sanovian feast is looking
a lot different than I remember.
- Ah. These are some interesting
choices by my princely protg.
I was inspired
to give them a go.
- Oh.
And is that part of what
Mother decided on?
- It isn't, but everyone's
gonna love it.
I promise.
- Okay.
Seems Oliver rubbed off
on everyone.
How fun.
If I hadn't been getting ready
for the last two hours,
I'd be pulling my hair out.
- Alexandra,
it's gonna be great.
Trust me.
- Okay.
(Regal classical music)
- Thank you.
Well, you pulled it off, Sister.
- So it seems.
- The food has been exquisite.
It turns out, Ollie may know
what he's doing after all.
- I wish he were here.
He would have such fun making
jokes about everyone.
- I know.
(Fork clinking on glass)
- Good evening, ladies
and gentlemen,
and thank you all for attending
Queen Evelyn's 40 years
of patience with me.
From the moment I set eyes
on Evelyn
that first day at university,
I was in love with her.
But she was a princess
and I was a lowly law student.
Albeit, it should be said,
first in my class.
And I somehow got it into
my head that I couldn't take
Evelyn to my local pub
on our first date,
so instead, I got a job
on campus
and I saved up all semester
to take her
to the fanciest restaurant
in town.
Well, the date was going
In other words, Evelyn was
laughing at all of my jokes.
To further impress Evelyn,
I decided that I would order
Baked Alaska for dessert,
and as an added gag,
I thought I'd get a little close
to the flame. Well,
I leaned into the flame
a little too much
and I singed
my eyebrows straight off.
For that outrageous stunt,
I thought I'd lost
Evelyn forever.
But the very next day,
she showed up with a fur hat,
"To keep your forehead warm,"
she said.
- It made me almost forget
he didn't have eyebrows.
- I knew right then and there
that Evelyn was the woman
for me.
So, what do you give a person
who has everything?
Well, you start
at the beginning.
(Regal music)
(all): Oh!
- Aw!
- Ah! Bravo! Bravo!
- Bravo!
(glass clinking)
(sigh of relief)
(guests exclaiming)
(clapping and laughing)
- Mm!
- Mm! Delicious!
- Ah!
- Wonderful!
I would like to first
acknowledge our fabulous baker,
Miss Emma, whose cake you will
all soon enjoy.
And whose bakery,
the Pale Blue Dot,
you must visit if you are
in New York City.
(fork clangs on glass)
And thank you to my dear son,
the future king,
who's keeping us
all charmed and entertained.
Next, an enormous bravo
to my daughter, Alexandra,
who organized
all the festivities.
This phenomenal dinner was
dreamt of by my son, Oliver,
who could not...
Who could not make me
more proud.
And now, to our King.
I would have loved Simon
if his eyebrows never grew back.
He is sensitive, thoughtful,
kind, and brilliant,
and I am forever grateful
to have him as a partner
for all these many years.
So, cheers to my dear husband,
who risked bodily harm for
the second time on my behalf.
(glasses clink)
(guests): Cheers.
- Mmm.
- Excellent work
this week, Emma.
Listen, I'd love to write
a secondary piece about you,
to complement the profile.
If that's okay?
- That would be amazing.
- Great! I'll find you later.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
(Indistinct chatter)
(sentimental music)
- Well, better late
than never, Son.
- Father, Mother,
happy anniversary.
I am so sorry that I...
- I love you, Son.
And I am so proud of you.
I am sorry I did not
tell you how I felt.
- Thank you.
And I'm not ashamed
of being prince,
I just needed
to get there on my own.
- Well, does this mean you'd
like to be our new house chef?
- No, actually.
I'm going to open a restaurant.
It's been a dream
of mine for a long time.
- That's wonderful news.
It will be a great success.
- Thank you.
Excuse me. I have something
to take care of.
- Oh.
- Oh.
(Heavy sigh)
- I um... came to bring you
your journal back.
- Thanks, I didn't...
Realize it was missing.
- Look, um...
I know I can be...
Frustrating and impulsive,
and I know you had big plans
this week,
and I threw a wrench
into them.
- Prince Oliver, this has been
one of the most stressful
weeks of my life.
- I know, and I--
- But I'm glad that I got
to spend it with you.
(Romantic music)
You made me laugh and have fun
in the kitchen,
which I'd forgotten is
the reason that I loved baking
in the first place.
And I'm sorry that I tried
to make you do things my way.
It's a lesson that I've needed
to learn for a while
and it turns out you've made me
a better baker.
- I'm sorry that I left--
- Did you plan that?
- No, that was spur
of the moment.
It's kind of my thing now.
- Oh.