A Royal Runaway Romance (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
Please ask the Queen to join us.
Did you finish?
Your eyes were the hardest part.
How so?
I don't know.
There's a twinkle living
in there
but surrounded by
a hint of sadness.
Are you suggesting something
in my life is missing?
I only paint what I see.
Meet me in the east wing
reception hall tonight at 8:00.
Mr. Riverton.
Good afternoon.
I understand you've finished.
Your Highness.
I hope it's to your liking.
Oh, it's exquisite.
You have done brilliant work.
Although I, I'm sure you must be
eager to get back to the States.
You're from Chicago, yes?
I am, yes.
But I'll admit I will
miss Bundbury.
You must at least join us
for dinner.
Your Highness, you do have
an early dinner
with the Minister of Education
this evening.
Of course. I nearly forgot.
My flight is early tomorrow
and I still have to pack anyway,
but it would've been nice.
Ah, Camille.
Please be sure Mr. Riverton
receives his compensation.
Of course, Your Highness.
Thank you.
I'll stop in to say goodbye
before I leave.
It's been an honor painting you.
I've loved every moment.
Do you not want to see?
It's beautiful.
Though is that really
how I look?
Maybe I should've smiled.
Well, you would be the first.
This job doesn't exactly allow
for much levity.
I'm so glad we've captured
this moment in time.
You in between being a young
woman and the future queen.
Your father would've been
so proud.
Especially if he knew
all the wonderful things
you've been doing for
the country as of late.
Speaking of,
do I have a 2:00?
Ah. Yes.
Well then, you best get to it.
What time will we be finished
having dinner?
Oh, don't worry,
you'll be done by 8:00.
Also, your new Instagram post
on early education
just got 10,000 likes.
You look beautiful, Amelia.
Thank you.
So, I haven't been
imagining this,
this thing between us
these last few weeks?
What thing would that be?
I'm so sorry, I shouldn't
have presumed that...
You weren't imagining.
To be honest, I've never had such
great conversations with anyone.
It's not like the men
I meet here.
The formalities.
With you it's been easy.
Real, it's refreshing.
You don't mind
that I'm not royalty?
I prefer it.
I like you for you, Wes.
And I'd love to go to all
the places we've talked about.
So come visit me in the States.
I would love to.
I need to see when I'm able.
My mother is stepping down
next year.
You'll be queen soon,
I understand.
No pressure.
Just an open invite for you
to visit me
and for us to explore
what this is.
Because I would love to.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, sorry.
Oh. My mother.
Sorry. She's always
watching over.
I'll see you in the morning.
You have my cell, email,
all that.
Your Majesty.
Thank you for everything.
Safe travels.
So... I assume you and Wes became
acquainted during his stay.
He's a wonderful man, Mother.
Fascinating what he does
with art.
His paintings are so much more
than just portraits.
He really delves into the
psychology of his subjects.
I know portraits are far less
common than they used to be,
but 'tis a tradition
of the Crown.
Yes. And I thoroughly enjoyed
it in spite of all the pain
from four weeks of not moving
my neck.
A stiff neck will be the least
of your worries
when you become queen.
What else did you both discuss?
All the amazing places
he's been.
Can you believe he's been
to all 50 states?
Sounds like your father.
He was a little bit of a
vagabond before we met.
We also talked about
my upbringing,
my training over the years,
studying to be queen.
He thought it strange I did
not need to be married
to become queen.
And I told him this isn't
the Dark Ages.
Well, hopefully you will meet
someone before I step down.
But darling, I don't think that
person is Wes.
I see.
He lives halfway around
the world.
Mother, it shouldn't matter
where a person you fall
in love with comes from.
Who said anything about love?
That's not what I meant.
Oh dear.
You must realize
it could never work.
My dear niece.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Hello Uncle.
I hope I'm not calling
too early.
Oh, no, no, no.
Us Angelinos are
always up early.
Gearing up to take over
the throne, I suppose?
It's coming ever closer.
Yes, we are.
But that's not why I'm calling.
Don't you have a birthday
coming up?
Oh, yes.
Turning 39 yet again.
Any birthday wishes this year?
Well, assuming a boyfriend
is too much to ask for,
how about a visit
from my favorite niece?
I would love nothing more.
But can you help
convince Mother?
Anything for you, dear.
Right then.
All right, Andreas.
See you then.
I just got off the phone
with your uncle.
He suggested the Crown was well
overdue for a visit to America
with a not so subtle suggestion
that his birthday was coming up.
So, I told him we'd travel over.
Wonderful idea, Mother.
I'd forgotten how convincing
he could be,
which is probably why
he's such a good emissary
to the American people.
You didn't talk him
into all this, did you?
No. I... I only said that
I would enjoy seeing him.
Very well, we leave for
Los Angeles in two weeks.
I'll have Camille build
an itinerary for our trip.
If you'd like.
I'm sure you were hoping
to spend some time in Chicago.
But this is the role.
You have to accept it.
You can't just run off whenever
and wherever you like.
Yes, Mother.
After all, it's been two months.
Yes, Mother.
You wanted to see me, sir?
My niece is going to visit
LA in two weeks,
and when that happens
I think we should hire
an additional security team
to help out around here.
It'll probably be good
to train an extra hand
to fill in for Mattias
in case something happens
while I'm on my vacation
as well.
Oh, right.
Your big camping trip,
when do you leave?
Three weeks from next Tuesday, sir.
Perfect timing, because
when they arrive
you are going to have
the most important task.
Which is?
To serve and protect
Bundbury's most valuable
treasure... my niece.
We're going to America!
We're going to America!
We're going to America!
Are we going to see Wes?
Of course.
First, we'll see my uncle in LA
and then I'll see Wes.
Well, how far is Chicago
from LA?
Not sure.
The United States really is
quite a large country, isn't it?
That's fine.
Wes will come to me.
I know it.
How are you?
Great thanks.
And you, what's new?
It's finally happening.
I'm coming to America.
We arrive in two weeks.
Well, that's wonderful.
This is what you always wanted.
It really is.
And we have a chance to be
together again.
That is if you can come
to Los Angeles.
Amelia, you know that
I would love to see you
more than anything.
It's just... remember last month
when I told you
I had an opening coming up soon?
I just have so much to do
to get ready and I...
I don't know if it's realistic
for me to take a trip right now.
I see.
But what if you came here?
You could be my plus one
at the opening.
I mean after all, you did
inspire my latest piece.
Well, of course, I'd love to be
at your opening.
It would be an honor.
Maybe you could stop in Chicago
for a few days
before you return.
Sounds like it would be
perfect timing.
I'll see what I can do.
You have to wear this.
Ugh, the one from my portrait.
It's far too regal.
You are regal.
You're going to be queen.
Take it.
I never see you wear these.
Yes. They're a gift from
the French Ambassador.
They're quite expensive.
Well, you should have some
jewelry for formal events.
You're being quite pushy.
I'm much more worried
about what I'm going to wear
to Wes's art opening.
If you go.
When I go.
And how do you plan to do that?
Every moment will be scheduled.
Where there is a purpose
there is a path.
This one.
It's perfect for an art opening,
don't you think?
America, here we come.
Oh, I'll take your passports
for safekeeping.
Mother, we're grown women.
We're not going
to misplace them.
It's not that.
Your uncle secures them
in a safe.
It's protocol.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
Little brother,
how I've missed you.
My dear sister.
And look at this young woman.
I hear you've been doing
wonderful things.
Thank you, Uncle.
So good to see you.
Pleasure's all mine.
Please, in, in, in.
Camille, how are you?
Lovely. And you, dashing
as ever.
Ah, to be young and beautiful
as yourself.
Apologies, it hasn't rained like
this since 1927 in Los Angeles.
I'd like to introduce you to
my head of security, Grady Beck.
Nice to meet you all. Welcome.
Amelia, Grady will tend to you
during your stay.
Tend to me during my stay?
As your personal security.
Do I need that?
If you'd like to go see
the Hollywood sign
or any of the other sights,
you might.
May I take your luggage upstairs
to your room?
No, thank you.
I can take it.
And just to be clear, I don't
need a bodyguard.
Amelia... give Grady
a chance.
He knows the town like
the back of his hand.
He'll take you anywhere
you want to go.
This is Los Angeles, dear.
Like any big city
it can be dangerous.
Absolutely. We have round
the clock security here,
even in Beverly Hills.
We want you well taken care of.
And Grady is the best.
I doubt anyone here even knows
who we are.
Actually, I knew who both
of you were
from your social media presence
even before I began working
for the ambassador.
Well, Camille handles all that.
I don't really pay
much attention.
Others do.
And I assure you
they'll recognize you as well.
Let's get the kettle on.
This way.
What are the big birthday plans?
Well, tomorrow we're going
to host a little party
on the grounds and I'll
introduce you
to my crazy American friends.
Ah, Camille.
Could you get us a full
itinerary for Amelia and myself
including any lunches,
charity auctions,
diplomatic and consular events,
dinner plans,
and any one-on-one meetings we
have scheduled with the various
dignitaries Andreas
would like us to meet?
I'll have those for you
at 9:00 AM tomorrow.
And I'm assuming that Grady
will be accompanying Amelia?
Yes, absolutely.
As I said, won't a bodyguard
following me around stir up
more attention?
Oh, touring this city alone
would not only be irresponsible
but also reckless.
Right. I'll take Camille
with me.
I see not much has changed
with you, my dear niece.
Do you remember when
she was seven years old
and there was a tour of American
children came through the castle
and she tried to sneak out
with them?
I was homeschooled every day.
What do you expect?
And didn't you try to steal
your mother's horse
when you were 13?
Hmm, she did indeed.
She took it down to the beach
and tried to escape
on a little dinghy.
It was a bleak and depressing
winter that year.
Vitamin D deficiency
is a real thing okay?
You really blossomed into an
incredible young woman, Amelia.
Thank you, Uncle.
Hopefully with a bit
more culture
and worldly experience of my own
before Mother steps down
I will be properly equipped
to wear the Crown.
Hear, hear.
Indeed you will.
Do you need anything
before I go to bed?
I'm good thanks.
Maybe I should just book
a ticket and fly up there
this weekend for the opening.
Your mother still has
our passports
and those are pretty essential
for getting on a commercial
flight these days.
Especially if you don't have any
other ID because you're royalty.
Also, your uncle was right.
It's not safe for you
to go alone.
All right.
You can come with me.
Absolutely not.
I've been there before
and I am not dealing with
the wrath of the Queen again.
Oh, come on. That was
a long time ago.
Can't I still have nightmares?
Fine. I'll make plans
of my own.
Or you could just tell Wes
about the restraints
you're under.
Perhaps if he understood
he'd make more of an effort
to come out here.
Anyway, I'm going to bed.
Good night.
Or maybe I just need to think
more creatively
abouout how to escape.
Wes, hi.
I'm just calling to let you know
that I'm working it out
to actually drive up to Chicago
to see you
first thing tomorrow morning.
So, um, call me back
when you can.
You again.
Were you eavesdropping
on my phone call just now?
Just cleaning up the SUV in case
we decide to take it out.
I guess it's safe to assume
you're going to follow me around
the party tonight as well then.
Not following.
Keeping an eye out.
You're worried one of my uncle's
socialite friends
is going to kidnap
the princess for ransom?
Well that is on the end
of extreme.
But you know what?
It is my job to be prepared.
Well, my uncle must really
trust you
to give you such responsibility.
He does.
I've got to-
I've left something that I was
going to get.
Watch out for that.
Thank you.
You look stunning.
Thank you.
And the clutch is pretty too.
Well, I need a place to stash
the bodyguard's keys
when I take them.
I'm sneaking out
tomorrow morning
and driving straight to Chicago
to see Wes.
Tell me you're kidding.
You'll see.
All right.
Let's go check out our first
big Beverly Hills party.
I've heard so much about you.
It's lovely to meet you.
You ladies look lovely.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You clean up nicely too,
Mr. Beck.
- It is a brand-new tie.
- Hm.
That man is ravishing.
He couldn't keep his eyes
off you.
Oh, that's only because
he thinks I'm a loose cannon.
Lovely, thank you.
Hello, Mummy.
And who is a loose cannon dear?
Oh nobody.
Shall we get about making
a good impression?
How do you do?
Please don't do that,
Mr. Beck.
It's Grady.
And do what exactly?
I'm just doing my job.
You act like you've never had
security detail
in your entire life.
I've never had anyone
in my shadow.
That's for certain.
You're my boss's niece
and you're one of
the most important people
in the world to him.
Not to mention you stand out
in a crowd.
So please forgive me if I take
my job seriously.
I stand out?
Guess it's the whole
princess thing.
Maybe I'd like to dance.
Or am I not allowed to do
that unattended either?
Of course, you can dance.
What are you doing?
This is my car.
What are you doing?
I, was just-
I found your keys on the floor
of the party last night
and I was going to leave them
in the vehicle.
Well, that certainly explains
the suitcase.
Look, I need to get
to Chicago all right?
There is a man there
that I have feelings for
and this might be my only chance
I get to see him.
And you felt the need to steal
a car to do that.
Oh, come on.
You've met my mother.
Why not just fly?
It'd be a lot faster you know.
She has my passport.
Plus, I have no money of my own.
And driving across the US
sounds like fun.
Something I've always
wanted to do.
You know I can't let you go,
It is way too dangerous.
Not sure you're
a capable driver.
Drive me there then.
That's not, that's not happening.
Plus, I already told your uncle.
You what?
He would've killed me
if I hadn't.
Plus, I happen to like my job.
So yeah, yeah, I told him.
Amelia. What are you doing?
I'm just borrowing your car
to go see the artist
you recommended.
The one who painted my portrait.
The one from Chicago.
Wes Riverton.
Oh, my.
We spent a month getting
to know each other.
I need to see him to see
if it's real.
Amelia, your mother
would never let you
traipse off without security.
Mother would never
let me go at all.
But you would.
Is that the real reason
you came to the States?
To see Wes?
I'm sorry Uncle.
I didn't know another way.
You know, I initially came here
following my heart
over a man as well.
You must go.
- Really?
- Yes.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you so much.
What about Mother?
Well you're a grown woman.
You deserve a big adventure
before you assume your duties.
I'll take the heat.
Thank you, Uncle.
I love you.
And I you.
Grady, get your things.
Sir, um...
My camping trip up the coast.
I was supposed to leave
on Tuesday?
Yes. Well, you can
take it after.
Driving to Chicago is a very,
very long trip.
It's a big ask.
You'll be well paid. I need you
to do this, Grady.
For me.
And I have one more way
to make it worth your while.
Sir, are you sure?
This is your baby.
Absolutely. If you're going
to drive across America,
you better do it in a Mustang.
Expense anything you need.
Give my niece a little freedom.
She's been waiting her
whole life for it after all.
Yes sir.
All right.
Thank you. Bye!
The places love takes us.
I'm outta here
I'm on my way
I know baby that I don't
want to stay
It's been too long
I been too blue
I miss your sky
and all that you do
Well, it looks to me like
we could get there
by late tomorrow afternoon.
Tomorrow afternoon.
Not a chance.
I'm not driving overnight
and I'm not driving that fast.
Plus, if you want to see
anything other than gas stations
and fast food outlets that's
going to take even more time.
What do you mean?
We are bound to hit traffic,
probably construction.
Not to mention the breaks
we'll need along the way.
You're quite the optimist, hmm?
Turns out I don't like
being pulled away
from my days off to play
cross-country chauffeur.
Well, you're not just driving.
You're here to protect me,
I thought you didn't
need protection.
And I thought you were always
supposed to do
what was asked of you.
Ugh. Mother is already
texting me.
What are you going to tell her?
I'm just going to send her
this photo
I took of the Hollywood sign
on our way out so she
still thinks I'm local.
So, how long do you think it's
going to take us realistically
to get there?
Um, Monday night?
Wes's opening
isn't till Wednesday
so it gives us plenty of time.
All right then.
We've got a plan.
Just a lot further to go.
Can we eat soon?
I'm a bit hungry.
I'll just pull right over.
In the desert.
Never going to find something
out here
in the middle of nowhere.
Alright. Turns out there was
a place out here
in the middle of nowhere.
What? Still afraid someone's
going to kidnap me?
Well, I guess, if they did
I could finally go
on my camping trip.
This is so strange.
They serve breakfast here
all day.
Some people like breakfast.
Even for lunch or dinner.
I'm going to order something
I'm never able to at home.
So why is it that you've never
been to the States before?
My father actually scheduled
a tour across America
for the two of us
but passed away unexpectedly
before we got to do it.
I'm sorry to hear that.
He said when he travelled
across America
he didn't just learn about
the country,
he learned about himself.
Is that what this whole trip
is about?
Your dad?
Well, him and I realized
with mother stepping down
I needed to travel now or seeing
Wes again might never happen.
So, you're in love
with this guy.
I never said I was in love.
Only that I see potential
for it.
It's impossible to fall
in love that fast.
You don't believe in love
at first sight?
I especially don't believe
in love at first sight.
Oh, it takes years to build
true love.
And even then it might not be
as true as you think.
Look, it's a two-way street.
I mean like,
why isn't this guy meeting you
at least halfway, huh?
I offered to go there.
And he's got this art opening
he's trying to finish pieces
for that.
And you never thought to,
I don't know,
make him work to win your love?
I'm not into playing games, Grady.
I didn't say anything
about games, Amelia.
What can I get for y'all?
Y'all. That's adorable.
I think I'll have some of
your loaded fries please,
and I'm also interested in some
of these custom add-ons.
I'll add on bacon bits,
onions, sour cream,
some of the melted
American cheese please.
And some jalapeos
and extra salsa side.
I like it spicy.
Anything else?
A vanilla shake
sounds delicious.
American breakfast
with fruit please.
- Gotcha.
- Gotcha.
American breakfast, wow.
I love the sound of that.
What do you even eat
in Bundbury?
Utah is so beautiful.
Driving with
the windows down
Around this town
Where nothing
ever changes
The roads are steeped
in history
Are we going to be able
to find someplace to stay?
Maybe in the next town.
Not going to be a fancy
five-star hotel though.
That's fine, because
I wouldn't want to stay
in some place like that anyway.
Weren't you going camping
before my uncle roped you
into all this?
Let's do that!
You've been camping?
But it's a true American
pastime, isn't it?
It'll be just like in
the movies,
only preferably
without the grizzly bears.
We don't have any gear.
That's what my uncle's
credit card is for.
We'll camp.
Oh, your side's much better
than my side.
No. Don't.
Can you move your arm?
Oh, that's good.
...Feel like I belong
Amelia, is that you?
No, it's me, Your Highness.
Where's Amelia?
A trade dinner.
I'll go check to see if she
made it back all right.
She sounded very tired
when we spoke.
If Amelia wasn't with Camille,
who was she with all day?
I spoke to them earlier.
She's fine.
She did send me an awful
lot of photos
of all the places they've been.
No wonder she's spent.
Just give her some space.
So, the princess is a fan
of hot dogs?
They are so different
from the frankfurters
I'm used to at home.
I mean this relish
is to die for.
What even is this?
It's uh, it's basically
minced pickle.
It's very exotic.
Well, I appreciate the minced
pickle approach
and all the other add-ons
you got from the market.
You don't, uh-
Usually they don't call them
add-ons, they're called fixins.
Well, I'm in fixings bliss.
- Fixins.
- Fixins.
There you go. Yeah.
I mean, they're not usually
this good at a Dodgers game
or a movie theatre,
but they're close.
Two more things to add
to my must-do list.
Why are you so in love with
our country anyway?
My father fell in love
with American movies,
and growing up we'd watch all
the classics from John Wayne
to Marilyn Monroe.
Katherine Hepburn is actually
my favorite.
The man taught you well.
He did.
I think he saw movies
as his escape.
His role as my mother's regent
was quite restrictive.
There you go.
Second course.
So, you just want to hold it
near the fire
until it's as golden
as you like.
Okay. Right in.
Right in. There you go.
Did you ever think about
studying in the States?
Yes, I actually wanted
to attend this dance academy
in New York.
My mother refused.
She said it didn't fit into
my obligations, so.
I've never really fit into the
mold my mother's made for me.
Oops! Oh, fire.
What do I do?
Blow it out.
An honorary American already.
Never figured it'd be tough
being royalty.
My father actually encouraged me
to live the life
I always imagined.
And on his deathbed,
I... I promised I would.
You're different than
I originally assumed.
Not nearly as spoiled.
So, what about you?
My dad owned a struggling
ranching and saddle company
when I was growing up.
Just took off as I graduated
high school.
Work made him hard.
And I told myself
when I was a kid
that wasn't going
to happen to me.
Does your dad still have
this ranch?
Yeah, he does.
We haven't talked in
a while though.
He wasn't exactly thrilled
when I decided to move out
and not stick around to help out
with the family business.
Maybe you should call him.
Sounds like you miss him.
I'm going to stop you
right there.
What you're doing is hurting me
on a metaphysical level.
Here you want to.
Let me just spread it
because I don't have a knife.
Here, you want to sandwich
the marshmallow in between.
There, there. That's it.
That's, that's good form, see?
Now enjoy.
All right. I just go for it?
Just go for it. That's all
you've got to do, see?
Just squish that
little fellow down.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What are these called?
S'mores. Some mores.
We had like a team of engineers
work on the word.
Enjoy the world
I think it's time
for me to leave
Hey look. A real
small-town festival.
We must stop, can we?
We're on track to be
in Chicago by Monday
and I'm starving, so yeah,
why not?
What do you think?
Gosh, this is so sweet.
We don't have anything like
this in Bundbury.
Oh no. This is a quintessential
it's like a rite of passage.
We did these things
all the time as a kid.
Right. What do you call it?
This is a county fair.
Oh wow. County fair.
What is this?
They don't have a ring toss
in Bundbury?
No. What's this?
It's a little attempt
to celebrate spring.
Toss the rings and win a prize.
Well it takes so long for
spring to come around here,
so we like to make a big deal
out of it when it does.
What about your snack there?
You're going to need both hands.
Give me a minute, I'll be done.
Quite impressive.
Okay. Okay.
Hold on, let me uh, help you
out just a touch here.
Oh, we'll give it...
Let me help you out,
just a touch here.
All right. Shall we give it
a try?
Okay. I have to see this.
Use your wrist.
I find that works best.
She's the pro.
You've got to listen to her.
Okay. Here we go.
All right, you got it.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
Woo! Oh no, the sound
of failure.
Aw, it's close.
You've got it.
You've got to give it
another try.
All right.
Come on. Focus.
I've got this.
Yes, I knew it.
So good.
There you are. Congratulations.
These are pretty.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. That was fun.
- You did it.
- I did it.
- You are the champion!
- I am the champion.
How does it feel?
Oh, it feels like
I've always dreamed.
That was so much fun.
I sure would love to go
to the dance.
Well, we still can if we get
rooms for the night.
It's... it's pretty late anyway,
might as well.
There was a darling little
hotel we passed
around the corner earlier.
Let's do it.
Would you mind grabbing our bags
and I'll meet you at the lobby?
You're not going to run off
on me are you?
I believe you still hold
the keys.
Ah. Okay.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Are you all right?
You seem down.
I'm Amelia.
I played toss while you were
working earlier.
I'm Becca, nice to meet you.
You too.
Do you mind if I?
Thank you.
I remember you.
I like your outfit.
Oh, thank you.
Are you here alone?
I really wanted to go to
the dance after my shift,
but I forgot my dress
back at home
and I can't go looking
like this.
And now the boy I like, Bryson
definitely isn't going to ask me
to dance.
I don't even see a point
in going now.
Listen. I happen to believe
if Bryson wants to ask you
to the dance,
he's not going to care
what you're wearing.
You think?
Where are you from?
Ah, not from here.
Though, I am just like you.
I just always want people
to see who I truly am.
Come on. I think I may
be able to help.
Where have you been?
I was about to come looking
for you.
Hello. Becca, this is Grady,
my friend.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Becca was just borrowing
a little something of mine.
I know I said borrow,
but this is all yours.
Please, take it.
It's so pretty.
I couldn't possibly take it.
It will look even prettier
on you.
And if anything is going
to win Bryson over
besides your wonderful heart,
it will be you in this dress.
Thank you, Amelia, seriously.
Oh, it's okay.
- I love it.
- Oh good.
This is exactly as I imagined
it would be.
It's perfect.
Yeah, what is?
Small town dance in an old barn.
I've never been to a dance
that wasn't in a huge ballroom
with chandeliers and staff
and all sorts of
diplomatic protocols.
Come on. Dance with me.
I don't like to dance.
You promised.
Whatever I want to do.
Isn't that lady a royal?
Like from Europe.
Please be mine
Hmm, okay. You're pretty good
at this.
I get it now, it makes sense.
You studying dance and all.
I studied many forms.
Why the passion for dance?
Where'd that come from?
I don't know.
I guess growing up dance
was always my escape.
Come on baby
Let's get out of this town
I got a full tank of gas
With the top rolled down
There's a chill in my bones
I don't want to be
left alone
So baby you can sleep
while I drive
And you?
How did you get so good?
I thought you said
you didn't dance.
I said I don't like to dance.
My ex Emma and I, we took
a bunch of dance lessons
right before the wedding
so we'd look good.
Before she called it
off for good.
What happened there if you
don't mind my asking?
We just grew apart.
I think we wanted different
things in the end.
I wanted a wife, a family, kids.
A life I think she just wasn't
ready for.
She was more focused
on launching her career.
What's wrong with that?
As long as it's not her
only focus.
I'm sorry, Grady.
You deserve better.
Thank you.
Oh look. Becca was asked
to dance.
That must be Bryson.
They look so cute together.
They could fall in love
tonight you know.
That was really sweet
by the way,
what you did for them earlier.
This is really sweet by the way.
What you're doing for me.
For what it's worth, at least
you know what love is.
To me that sounds like a risk
worth taking.
You say that now,
but you've never
felt heartbreak.
I suppose not.
Has uh, Wes, uh, given you
a call back yet?
Um, I don't know.
I'm pretty sure I should
check actually.
I left my phone at the hotel.
We should, we should get
back then.
It's late.
And we've got to be on the road
early anyway,
The stranger, the lover,
you're free
Can't you get that with me
Come on baby
Let's get out
of this town
I have a very good instinct
for directions,
even if I'm not from here.
Excuse me.
Are you Princess
Amelia of Bundbury?
The princess is on
official business.
Excuse us, pardon us.
Is the queen in town too,
Princess Amelia?
Just one, one glance over
your shoulder please.
Princess Amelia, are you here
for the weekend?
Are you staying for long?
Oh no, she's getting away.
We're on a tight schedule.
Please, please back up.
Princess Amelia, please,
just a couple of questions.
If we could just,
just a comment.
Maybe, maybe just a photo.
Just a, just a couple
of questions.
And that was Princess Amelia.
There she goes...
on her way.
Is Amelia coming down?
She's not still feeling ill,
is she?
Amelia's not...
Amelia's not what exactly?
Amelia's not available.
What do you mean
she's not available?
Where is she?
Amelia went to Chicago.
She left the morning
after the party
so she's probably quite far away
by now.
And you both knew about this?
It was my fault. It was
my responsibility.
Camille wasn't even there
when Amelia left.
I granted permission.
It wasn't your permission
to grant.
She's a grown woman,
dear sister.
It's not yours either.
I'm very disappointed
in you for lying to me, Andreas.
Both of you.
Ava, where are you going?
Ava, your tea's going
to get cold.
She's in great hands with Grady.
I'd trust him with my life.
We might need to find a place
to stay again tonight.
Looks like that storm's coming
right for us.
Wes. Hello.
Amelia, hey.
Look, I'm so sorry it took
so long to call you back.
I just, I've been working
around the clock
and I left my phone on silent
so as not to disturb my creative
process, and...
No no, you're totally fine.
I understand.
I um, we're stuck in the
Colorado mountains though
and service is a bit spotty.
Yes, I'm with my friend Grady.
He's the one driving me there.
Oh, I don't think you mentioned
a Grady.
He's a friend of my uncle's.
Anyway, um, we might arrive
later than I said
in my last voicemail.
There's a storm coming in.
I think we're going to need
to find a place to stay.
Yeah uh, honestly, I've just,
I've been so slammed
trying to finish these last
few paintings.
I might not even have much time
to spend with you
until Wednesday.
Oh. I suppose that works.
But hey, hey.
I'm, I'm excited to finally
see you
and spend some time with you.
Hello? Hello?
Not available till Wednesday,
Good thing we're rushing
to Chicago.
I thought you of all people
would understand
professional obligations.
Voicemail: Hello. Thanks for
calling. Please leave a message.
It's really coming down
out there, huh?
That's spring in Colorado.
Oh dear. Let me take those
for you.
I'll put them in the dryer.
Oh, thank you so much.
Do you possibly have rooms
available for tonight?
That we do,
Mr. and Mrs...
Oh, we're not together.
He's... he's my driver
because I don't have an American
license, sadly.
Well, fortunately we have
two rooms left.
We'll take them.
Thank you.
This is my husband, Arnie
and I'm Rosemary.
You can call me Rosie.
Both: Just don't call me Mary.
It's nice to meet you both.
I'm Amelia and this is Grady.
- Hi.
- Pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
Wonderful to meet you.
Now you two follow me
and I'll get you settled in.
Arnie's about to make dinner.
Your room's here.
Oh my.
This quilt is spectacular.
So soft.
Thank you.
I crocheted it myself.
You did.
That's impressive.
Holler if you need me.
I like your shirt.
It looks even better on, huh?
There we go.
So, where are your other guests?
Just one other couple,
but they retired early
so it looks like it's just
us for dinner.
Well, it smells wonderful.
This is my famous baked
barbecue chicken
with corn on the cob,
hot garlic mash,
and a tasty farm fresh spring
salad right from our garden.
Bon appetit.
Thank you so much for this.
This is, um...
Heavenly. Really.
I know.
He makes it hard for me
to keep my figure.
How long have you been together?
Our life story spans
nearly 50 years.
In fact...
The big 5-0 is next year.
That's so sweet.
- Rosie.
- Hm?
How did you know that Arnie
was the one?
Guess it was love
at first sight.
And now here we are.
Three kids, four grandkids,
a lifetime later.
But my Rosie still steals every
room she steps into.
Now do you believe in love
at first sight?
Maybe it was for them.
Or... but like maybe they didn't
realize it was true love
until like, way further down
the road.
I wonder how long
they've been bouncing off
each other's sentences.
Please. You and I
already do that.
It's old news.
That's true.
Did you have that with Emma?
Emma and I didn't even speak
the same language.
Have you spoken since it ended?
She tried calling once.
I didn't answer.
I figured...
if I did I probably would've
said something I regret, so.
I admire that about you.
How you always think
before you speak.
Well, I admire how you always
say exactly what you feel.
Just be cautious when it comes
to your heart.
You're worried about my heart?
I'm here to protect you,
aren't I?
Not that you need it.
I should probably get to bed.
It must take forever to do one.
Anything made with love
takes time.
Well, the one on my bed
is far comfier to sleep
under than my 1,000 thread count
silk sheets from Monaco.
Monaco silk?
Sounds fancy.
Where you kids headed to anyhow?
To Chicago.
Though I wouldn't mind at all
staying here a while longer.
It's been great having you.
We don't get many visitors now
since they put the new freeway
below the mountain.
Actually, we'll probably have
to sell next year.
Property taxes.
We can't keep up anymore.
Rosie, I am so sorry.
This place, this is your home.
Home is with Arnie.
A house is just a place to be.
That one there? He seems
pretty sweet on you.
Hold on now.
Don't forget this.
Oh, no Rosie.
I couldn't possibly.
It's just something
to remember us by.
Well, thank you.
And I have something
for you too,
but don't open it just yet.
Once we leave.
Thank you.
Arnie. Thank you.
Sandwiches for the road.
These look amazing.
You're a master chef.
You should sample it
before you say that.
Thank you.
Those two are going to
end up together,
don't you think?
I sure hope so.
Let's see what this is.
Oh, my gosh.
Look at this.
"I believe I was given these
so I could do something
truly special with them
"Keep this place so I can come
back on my next adventure."
Voicemail: Amelia dear.
This is your mother,
and I am very worried,
and very angry with you.
Call me back.
Voicemail: Amelia,
it's me again.
We are en route to Chicago
tomorrow morning
and I would like it
if you would...
You all right?
Yes. I'll be fine thanks.
I suppose Chicago is the last
place I want to go now.
Or maybe you should meet with
Wes before you see your mom.
I mean you don't want to be
in the wrong headspace
reuniting with him after
you've come so far.
I guess we take our time now.
Where did you say you were
from originally?
Why don't we swing by there
so I can see where you grew up?
I don't know.
I haven't been back in a while.
If your father has been upset
with you,
maybe it's time to see him
in person.
Make things right.
Fine. Fine.
I'll text my mother.
See if she's around
so we can swing by.
I love this song.
The first day of
the rest of our lives
Yeah this could be,
this could be
The first day of
the rest of our lives
My mother must be so upset
with Camille and Uncle Andreas.
I feel bad getting them
wrapped up in all this.
It was pretty brave of your
uncle to let you come like this.
Yes. I've always been in awe
of my uncle.
Unlike my mother, he was
the rebel of the family.
Yeah. How so?
He just had little patience
for the aristocracy
and it was brave of him
to come out publicly
at such a young age.
Oh, I'm sure when you are queen
you will be a trailblazer
as well.
You think?
I've seen the effect you have
on everyone you meet.
It's amazing.
I sure hope so.
Can I see?
It's, it's old.
It's a film camera.
It was my dad's.
He says everything looks better
on film.
Do you think my eyes are sad?
When Wes painted my portrait
he said my eyes were sad
or something.
No, I don't think your eyes
are sad at all.
I think they're beautiful.
If we had time,
there are places in America
I would love to show you.
Well, maybe we could just keep
on driving.
You're on private property.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
Sorry! Woah, okay.
We gotta go.
Sorry man.
Okay gotta go. Gotta go.
Sorry, sorry, so sorry!
Hi Mom.
It's so good to have you home.
It's been far too long
since you were here.
I know. I'm sorry my schedule's
been so crazy.
This is Amelia.
- Hey Dad.
- Hey son.
It's good to see you.
It's been a while.
It has.
So, how was the drive?
It's been uh...
Quite the adventure really.
Oh, well.
Let's get you kids inside
and show you to your rooms.
I'll take that.
Your dad's fired up the grill
so we're having a cheeseburger
night tonight.
- Oh, with American cheese?
- Whatever kind you want, dear.
Hello Camille.
Have you arrived in Chicago yet?
Yes. You're not here yet?
No. I'm in Nebraska.
I'm staying at Grady's parents ranch.
How's mother? Is she
still enraged?
I haven't seen her.
She hasn't dined with us since
she found out you were gone.
I'm so sorry for any trouble
I caused.
Stop. I'm so proud of you.
You deserve this trip,
remember that.
Thank you.
I don't think we'll arrive
in Chicago
until late tomorrow evening,
but please don't tell mother.
I want to see Wes
before I face her.
- Of course.
- Okay.
I'll talk to you later.
- -Good- - Bye.
- Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey Dad.
Can I give you a hand?
Sure, you can help me
flip these.
All right.
I didn't get a chance
to tell you how sorry I am
about the way things ended
with Emma.
I know you really cared
about her.
I know now leaving with her
was probably a mistake.
Ah, making a sacrifice
for someone you love?
That's never a mistake.
I'm sorry also.
Up and leaving so quick
the way I did.
That's all in the past.
Now, my feelings were hurt
for a while
but I had to remind myself
that this ranch is my dream,
not yours.
And you need to make
your own way.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Here comes the fixins, boys.
Great, and these are just
about done.
Let's eat.
- That one looks good.
- Yeah.
Your home is amazing.
How long have you lived here?
Since Grady was a boy.
We inherited it from
my grandfather.
Needed a lot of work
over the years.
We just finished fixing up
the stable.
You ever ride a horse?
She has.
I think she might have
stolen one at one point...
It was my mother's.
Grady, I can't believe
you told your parents that.
We don't mind.
Grady was a pretty mischievous
kid himself.
Just don't steal my horse
and you'll be just fine.
Now, if you've gotta take one,
take Pat's.
I didn't slave over a hot grill
for an hour
to take this kind of abuse,
Is it everything you imagined?
Mm, this burger is the best
thing I've ever tasted.
Be still my heart.
I like this one.
She knows good food.
So, Amelia...
what is this Chicago quest
all about?
Um, there's a man there
that I met at home.
We sort of fell for each other.
Now I want to see him.
So, you going to tell him
how you feel?
Well, it's just a friendly question.
Actually, I don't know.
Well, I didn't even like Pat
when he and I first met.
I mean, we just had all the same
friends back then,
but he made me crazy.
And then he made me laugh,
even when he's being
a big stick in the mud.
And then we sorta grew
on each other.
And then we grew together
and one day I just realized
that's it,
there's no one else.
And that's when it set in
for me.
It's not what you set sight on
with your eyes,
it's what I set sight on
with my heart.
Here's to seeing
with your heart.
Gus here.
He was real sad
when I moved to LA.
Until Mom adopted Miss Daffodil
to keep him company.
Sometimes I wonder
what my life would be like
if I hadn't given up everything
here in Nebraska.
You didn't give up anything, Grady.
You can have the life you want.
You going to hold
yourself to that?
At first, I thought I was
just running towards Wes,
but now I kind of wonder if what
I've been running towards is me.
We should probably get going.
Amelia, you are always welcome
back here.
Thank you.
And you, mister.
If you can possibly get
back down
for the anniversary barbecue,
please do.
I'll try.
I love you, son.
I love you too, Dad.
Come back soon.
Never this long
without visiting again.
Thank you so much.
It was such a pleasure
meeting you both.
You too.
You've raised a very good man,
you know.
We know.
All right. See you soon.
Love you guys.
I guess I'll get the bags?
I can help.
Thank you.
Okay, bye!
This isn't a song
of surrender
This is a song of
Pretty amazing, isn't it?
I've always loved Chicago.
You have got to take your
picture under the big bean.
I'd like that.
Hey, you all right?
You've been quiet ever since
we left Nebraska.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just thinking.
About you and Wes?
Aren't you excited to see him?
Yeah, of course.
It's just too bad this part
is coming to an end.
The uncertainty of what's next.
For what it's worth...
I admire you.
Finding your way out here,
putting your heart on the line.
Takes courage.
Thank you, Grady.
And you?
What will you do next?
Probably swing back
by my parents' place.
Join them for their anniversary
party on Friday.
It'll be 35 years for them.
Sounds lovely.
Amelia still isn't answering
my calls.
Am I a bad mother?
No, ma'am, you are
a great mother.
I just think that you care
too much.
But this trip was never
about you
or anything that you've done.
It's about her having
a moment for herself.
Amelia is going to be
a strong woman,
and that's because of you.
But respectfully,
you can't keep her under
lock and key forever.
That was never my intention.
I only want her to stop seeing
the world so innocently.
But in order for that she needs
to see the world.
I don't want to lose her.
It's lucky for you then
that she loves you dearly.
So that'll never happen.
Guess this is it, huh?
Yeah, I guess so.
I'll drop your bags off
at the hotel for you.
Are you sure you don't want me
to stick around?
No, I'll be fine thanks.
Plus, I've taken up enough
of your vacation as it is.
Maybe I'll see you in LA?
Not sure I'll make it back
in time.
Let's be honest,
things go well with Wes
you might not return
to LA at all.
Well, I do hope I see you again
in some capacity, someday.
Me too.
Amelia, hey!
You made it.
This is my bodyguard, Grady.
Grady, this is Wes.
- Hey.
- Hey. Nice to meet you.
Okay, I was just heading out.
I'm glad to see she's
in good hands.
Thanks for getting her here
in one piece.
Okay. See you around.
Come on up, I'll show
you around...
Really is great to see you.
And thank you for coming
all this way.
You look beautiful by the way.
Thank you.
This is so amazing
to see all your work presented
here so wonderfully.
Thank you.
So, tell me more
about this road trip.
Well, we went camping
and I got to try s'mores.
Then we found this
spring festival in Utah
which was lovely.
I got stuck in a storm
in Colorado
and this morning
I got to go horse riding
on a ranch in Nebraska.
Wow. Sounds like fun.
I don't think I've camped
since college.
Well, I'm a pro now
so I'll take you.
Sorry, I guess I'm just
a lot more focused
on my work these days.
Speaking of, let me show you
my latest piece.
I just finished this last night.
It's wonderful.
They look so serene.
It was a gift from the husband
for their wedding anniversary.
They remind me of a couple
we met on the road.
How long have they been married?
Uh, you know I never thought
to ask.
I guess for me it's, it's mostly
about the moment,
not necessarily the stories
behind the subjects.
Was that the case when you
painted my portrait?
What? No, I...
Excuse me.
Are you Princess Amelia
of Bundbury?
I am.
Could we take a photo with you?
Of course.
Would you mind taking it?
Uh, yeah. Of course.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Well, you attract attention
even here.
If I'd have known
I would've included
your portrait in the show
You know, maybe we should
go outside
and take some photos
with the media.
Could be good press
for the both of us.
What do you think?
Have you ever been in love, Wes?
Of course.
But would you move,
change your life,
for someone you love?
Well, I mean, I've worked so hard
to establish myself in Chicago.
It's where my art
and my heart thrives.
I'm sorry, I don't really see
where this is going.
Me neither.
I should leave.
What do you mean?
You just got here.
Yes, and I never
would've come here
if it hadn't been for you.
But if you'll excuse me,
there's something
I must make right.
You waited up for me.
Of course.
Plus, your father was snoring
so I couldn't sleep.
It didn't turn out so well, huh?
I can see it in your face.
You went and fell in love
with a princess, didn't you?
I mean, how did...
A mother always knows.
Plus, I looked her up,
so there's that.
You know what else a mother
also always knows?
That if it's true love,
it'll find its way back to you.
Even if you weren't brave enough
to actually tell the person
that you love them?
If she has any sense at all,
and I think she does,
she already knows.
Camille, I...
I'm sorry mother, that I left
and I didn't return any of your
calls, and I worried you so.
I truly am.
And you were right about Wes.
He isn't the one for me.
I'm so sorry, dear.
But that being said,
you cannot protect me
my entire life
simply hoping I will avoid
being hurt.
You're right.
After losing your father
I've... I've held on too tight.
I understand. I know.
But I'm not going anywhere,
and I would never give up
my responsibilities of wearing
the Crown.
I don't think anyone who truly
loved me would expect me to.
Of course.
So, tell me, how was America?
It was like I always
imagined it.
And thanks to Grady
I've never had such fun.
He really was
the perfect partner.
He's very special
and the funny thing is,
he doesn't know it.
You didn't want it to end,
did you?
Hmm, well then.
You best get to it.
See this wonderful man
both you and your uncle speak
so highly of.
Finish your big adventure, dear.
But the Crown.
Will be safe and sound
until you are good and ready.
But Mother.
I don't know if he feels
the same way.
Well, you'll never know
if you don't tell him.
Thank you.
It's so good to have you
back again!
Happy Anniversary!
I knew you'd come back
for our festivities.
I brought some supplies,
some fixins.
But I know it's not much.
Thank you, it looks great.
Just seeing you here
is gift enough for us.
Thank you.
But, I think, who Amelia
actually came back to see
is down by the stable,
so if you'd perhaps like to go
and say hi.
There you go Gus.
Good job.
Why aren't you with the party?
I didn't feel much like company.
You came back.
I came to prove you wrong.
To prove falling in love
can happen in a matter of days
if your heart is open.
You proved that.
We both did.
I'm in love with you.
I'm in love with you too.
Sounds like an adventure.