A Royal Winter (2017) Movie Script

Outside, it's snowing
The wind gusting
and blowing
But I'm toasty warm
through and through
Yeah, October, November
Counting down to December
The winter days
warm my heart
With thoughts of you
And when the world's
all covered in a sea of wet
I go sha la la la la
The winter days remind me
Of you
Of you
The winter days
remind me of you
WOMAN: "The young princess,
you may be sure,
was not long in saying yes
to all of this.
As they spoke,
a royal coach drove up
with eight beautiful horses
decked with plumes of feathers
and a golden harness.
They then took leave of the king
and got into the coach,
and all set out
full of joy and merriment
for the prince's kingdom,
which they reached safely.
And there they lived
a happily great many years."
And there you have it,
The Frog Prince.
Still one of my favorites.
I hope you all enjoyed it
as much as I enjoyed
sharing it with you.
And let's all show Miss Marks
how much we enjoyed
having her read to us
this semester.
Thank you so much
for your help.
Good luck on your interview.
Thank you.
Finished top of your class.
The City Literacy Program,
what's that?
They send volunteers
to read with kids
in inner-city schools.
All through law school?
- Yes.
- You had time?
Yeah, I made the time.
I love working with children.
Maggie, let me be really clear.
We need somebody razor sharp,
focused, committed 200%,
rain or shine.
Once you're on the team,
there isn't time for much else.
Are we clear on that?
Clear as rain.
I mean glass.
I mean...
very, very clear.
That was tough.
A lot tougher than I expected.
She was just testing you.
They're a top firm.
They're weeding out the weak.
That's me, the weak.
No, you are not.
They want commitment,
you can commit.
Honestly, I don't know
if I'm cut out for this.
So you try a smaller outfit,
something more boutique.
Yeah, that'll go over
really well my dad.
"Boutique is for shoes.
You need a top firm."
Okay, I'm no lawyer,
but there are--
It's not just that.
The bigger question is,
do I really wanna be
cooped up in an office 24/7,
surrounded by guys--
yes, mostly guys--
clawing their way
up to partner
while doing meaningless work
that helps no one
but some corporation's
bottom line for years?
You know what?
You are stressed out.
You're exhausted.
It's not the best time
to be making life decisions.
Which is what I wanted
to talk to you about.
Come to Europe with me.
What? No.
- Why not?
- Even if I could,
I cannot handle
your friend Jenny for two weeks.
And that's just it.
Jenny canceled. She got a job.
That's what I need, a job.
Look, they said they'd get
back to you in two weeks.
It's the perfect time
for a getaway.
I got it all set.
All you need to do is show up.
Trust me, you'll have
way more fun without me.
Maggie Marks, when's
the last time you had fun?
From LSATs through law school,
the bar exam,
you've had your head in the
books for how many years now?
You're the spontaneous one,
not me.
It's not you, which is exactly
why you should do it.
You said so yourself.
Don't you wanna live a little
before it's all billable hours,
cooped up in an office 24/7?
Where are you going again?
MAN: Calpurnia?
Where's that?
Europe. It's southwest
of the French Alps.
Here we go.
Big enough?
Yeah, that's perfect.
Thanks, Mom.
And you'd be gone
two whole weeks?
What if they want you back
for a follow-up interview
while you're away?
Then you'll buy her
a new return ticket.
You can afford it.
"Calpurnia, a virtual
winter wonderland".
It really is a proper kingdom
with its own royal family.
"The perfect mixture
of quaint and romantic".
Who knows? You might even meet
a nice European gentleman.
Mom, please. That is
the last thing I need right now.
- She needs to focus on work.
- She needs a break.
Oh, hang on.
I have something else for you.
I did try my best.
You had one tough interview.
- I'll call.
- Please don't, Dad.
Look, I know you wanna help
but you gotta let me do this.
Or maybe I just can't.
I don't know.
Of course you're anxious.
It's natural.
But you're the toughest
and smartest gal I know.
Thanks, Dad.
Here we go!
Winter wonderland looks cold.
I love you, Mom.
I love you, too, honey.
MAN: Let's see then.
Today you've got
a luncheon at noon,
followed by a meeting with
the chief of staff at 12:55.
He requested the full hour to
review your coronation speech.
Then a 2 p.m. fitting
with the tailor and his team
for your coronation uniform.
- Whoa, no, hold on, hold on.
- Highness?
Mother just left a five-minute
gap between 1:55 and 2 p.m.
I'm not sure I'll know
what to do with myself
for those 300 seconds.
[phone vibrates]
Ah, speak of the...
...queen bee.
Her Majesty requests
your presence immediately.
It's in all caps.
That's me done for.
I blame you.
You're the one
who showed her how to text.
It's fine. Just tell her
I'll be down in a minute.
Thank you.
Good morning, Mother.
Good morning, Dory,
You made the papers... again.
Must be a slow news day...
This is ridiculous.
She was a tourist.
I was giving her directions.
You certainly seem
very happy doing it.
- Mother, seriously--
- You have to be careful,
especially with
your coronation coming up.
More so than ever, you represent
not only our family,
but the entire country.
So we want to present
Calpurnians as what, exactly?
A surly, unsmiling lot
who are rude to tourists?
Don't dare be daft.
You know exactly what I mean.
I want you to limit
your gallivanting about town
in this last stretch
before the coronation.
I'm not staying cooped up
in here for a week
because some trashy tabloid
prints lies.
Your father,
may he rest in peace,
had a wonderful saying:
"Sacrifice in--"
"Sacrifice in service of
your country is not sacrifice."
Yes. I don't think
he meant it to include
house arrest for his son.
Very well.
In that case, I must insist
that Felix go with you
on your little outings
- at all times.
- Mother!
I will consent
to be chaperoned
if you consider
my previous request.
Absolutely not.
I'm not turning
a centuries-old tradition
into a public free-for-all.
Why shouldn't the coronation
be open to the public?
They're our citizens.
If not for them,
we wouldn't have a country.
Adrian, the coronation is
one of the few traditions
the noble families have left.
I will not take it away
from them, from us.
- Yes, but--
- I won't discuss it further.
Well, then I guess
I'm free to roam,
sans chaperone.
I'll try not to disrupt
the almighty schedule too much.
SARAH: Yes, yes, yes,
you need a new hat.
MAGGIE: I'm okay, really.
- These are classy.
- Okay, let's see.
How about this one?
Mm, I don't know.
I look silly.
You look adorable.
- She'll take it.
- Thank you.
Thanks. And thank you.
You're welcome.
It's definitely you.
And if we're lucky,
the new you.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Stop checking your emails!
We're on vacation.
We're supposed to be
having an adventure, not--
Here, give me that.
This is all you need.
You can have your phone back
when you start having fun.
Let's see,
the Forever Fountain.
Legend has it that if you
throw in a coin and make a wish,
it'll come true.
Okay, let me give this a try.
What'd you wish for?
For you to lighten up.
I will, I promise.
Good, 'cause what happens
in Calpurnia,
stays in Calpurnia.
I think we need
to go on a tour
with that tour guide.
No, thanks. The last thing
I need is guy trouble.
It's not guy trouble
if it's the right guy.
You go. Honestly, I wouldn't
mind wandering around for a bit.
I'll be fine.
Let's meet at the hotel
at four,
and we'll figure out
dinner, okay?
Okay, thanks.
Hey, my phone.
Okay, I'll give it back to you
on one condition.
You have to do something
adventurous today.
Something not you.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
- [horn honks]
- Watch out!
Watch where you're going!
Hey! Hey!
Come back!
I guess that qualifies
as an adventure.
Looking for this?
'Tis indeed I.
And this, I believe, is yours,
with my apologies.
How did you clean it up
so fast?
Did the store have
the same one?
I will tell you
on one condition.
It's an ancient
Calpurnian custom
that a knight on horseback
who rudely tramples a lady's hat
buys her a latte.
That's cute,
but I gotta run.
Run if you must, but aren't you
forgetting something?
If you're looking
for another thank you--
Oh, no, I meant this.
How did you--
Give me that back.
How did you do that?
A magician never reveals
his secrets,
unless he's plied
with very strong coffee.
No, honestly, I can't.
The whole spontaneous thing,
it's not really me.
How about tonight?
Tonight is definitely
less spontaneous than right now.
- Uh...
- You know what?
Don't answer.
Let's just leave it to mystery.
If you decide to come,
meet me at the fountain at 8:30.
If you decide otherwise,
well, then I hope you enjoy
our little kingdom.
I'm enjoying it already.
I'm enjoying it already?
I'm enjoying it already.
What is wrong with you?
- Good day, Your Highness.
- Mr. Wickford!
How fares the hardest-working
chief of staff in the land?
Well, sir,
I can't complain.
It's very kind of Her Majesty
to lend us her office.
My mother is nothing
if not generous.
Sorry I'm late.
No apologies necessary.
To save us a little time,
I've drafted something
we could use
as a template
for your coronation speech.
Great, thank you.
"Citizens of Calpurnia,
assembled members of..."
Assembled members.
Sounds like something
out of Frankenstein.
Of course.
Well, we can can always
adjust later.
"As your future monarch,
I solemnly pledge--"
Nope, not "solemn."
It's not a funeral.
can I ask you something
a bit off-topic?
Of course.
What are your thoughts
on opening the coronation up
to the public?
You know, 21st century,
bring the people in
on the process.
- Well, it's not really my--
- Come on, come on.
I'm not looking
for an official position.
Just, you know,
your personal opinion.
[clears throat]
Whilst I admire
your intentions,
I feel that the coronation
is a special tradition
set aside for
the noble families.
My mother already spoke to you,
didn't she?
Never mind.
"The law of succession
is an immutable--"
I'm sorry.
This sounds nothing like me.
Well, to be honest,
Your Highness,
I used your late father's
coronation speech
as a framework
for this draft.
Oh, well,
that explains a lot.
All right, once again,
in case no one's noticed,
I'm not my father.
Of course, Your Highness.
And we will adjust
as necessary.
MAGGIE: And then
he asked me out.
A near-miss
with a motorbike?
Yeah, that definitely counts
as an adventure.
- I keep my promises.
- You gonna meet him tonight?
- I don't know, should I?
- Why not?
We're an ocean away
from home.
If you don't like him, you don't
ever have to see him again.
- I guess. Thank you.
- Thank you.
I could shadow you
if you're worried.
You can what?
Go with you,
hang in the background,
make sure he's safe.
What are friends for?
Hello, ladies.
Might I interest you
in a souvenir?
I made them myself.
We're raising money
for our school trip to Rome.
What did I tell you?
You may do
your fundraising outside.
You may not disturb
the guests in here.
Excuse me,
she wasn't disturbing us.
I was actually just looking
for a souvenir for our trip.
My apologies, mademoiselle.
You must understand that
management tends to frown upon--
Students showing leadership
and creativity?
I'm a leader,
not to mention creative.
Let's see.
That one looks
really beautiful.
Oh, let me see.
So lovely.
You can quote statistics
all night long,
but the fact is the Arabian
is the only purebred racehorse
left in the world today.
Not quite.
Your Arabian is the oldest,
but still
a human-developed breed,
so not technically pure.
What do you think,
Your Highness?
Oh, I think they should
ask the horses
whether they enjoy racing
in the first place.
The Royal Equestrian Rally
is one of your late father's
favorite traditions.
Not all traditions
deserve to be continued.
My Lords, if you'll excuse me.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Ah, there you are.
I want to introduce you
to Lady Camilla.
- She's dying to meet you.
- Oh, I--
We need her father's vote in
Parliament on a trade agreement,
unless you have
a more pressing engagement.
Then come.
Lady Camilla, may I present
my son Prince Adrian.
Your Highness,
I am so delighted to meet you.
Pleasure is all mine.
I'm so sorry, honey.
I guess he's not coming.
That's all right.
Let's just--
There you are!
Sorry I'm late.
Family thing ran over
way past its time.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm glad you came.
Hello, I'm Adrian.
Hi, I'm Sarah Payne.
I'm just here to--
Make sure I'm safe?
Perfectly understandable.
Did I really make
that bad a first impression?
You're right,
he is funny.
And definitely
easy on the eyes.
- Sarah.
- Sorry.
I forgot that was
my outside voice.
So do you want to get
that coffee now?
- And would you like to join us?
- Yeah, you should come.
Oh, no, no, I'm...
I'm really tired.
The jet lag
is catching up with me,
so you guys go.
Okay, okay.
Go have fun! Bye.
Come on.
I know the perfect spot.
By the way, I'm Adrian.
Yeah, you already--
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm Maggie.
Just one cup, okay?
Otherwise I'll be up all night,
and the jet lag.
You have my word.
One cup only.
If they offer us refills,
we'll have them executed.
Oh, Y-Your...
You're more than welcome
to sit anywhere you like.
[light piano]
MAGGIE: I'm good at it,
but lately I feel a little
trapped, like I'm...
someone else's plans.
Like it was expected of me
to be a lawyer,
so I never really gave
anything else a try.
And then it dawned on me
at this interview
that here I am
desperate for a job
where I'll be spending
millions of hours
just a cog in a machine.
Maybe you should
trust your instincts.
Don't do it.
Not that simple.
I mean, it's a good career move,
I want the security,
I need the salary,
and to be fair,
my parents did give up a lot
for me to get to this point.
Yes, never underestimate
the power of parental guilt.
Yeah, but it is also me.
I've been on this path too long.
I'm too scared to get off.
I know the feeling.
I've had my life
pretty much dictated for me
since before I was born.
Hmm, let me guess.
They always wanted you
to be a doctor.
Uh, no.
We have a family business.
A very old family business.
Lots of rules and regulations.
No, mostly real estate,
a bit of politics,
boring stuff.
My late father was really good
at running it.
Now my mother and everyone else
expects me to take over,
but sometimes it's the last
thing that I want to do.
No siblings?
You don't have a younger sister
you could pass the torch to?
Sadly, no.
When I was younger, I loved
being the only child. Now--
Now you're like, "Please!
I wish there was someone else
they could obsess over
for a while."
So come on, out with it.
Tell me your secret.
Excuse me?
I went for coffee with you.
The trick with the watch.
Well, you want to know
the real secret?
The secret is that
you don't really want to know.
Well, sir, that's very
presumptuous of you.
You don't want to know 'cause
it would ruin the mystery.
You enjoy the mystery
too much to ruin it.
I can see it in your eyes.
Can you?
Uh, well, it's late.
Thank you for the coffee
and the mystery.
You're very welcome.
You free any other days
while you're here?
Uh, well, my friend Sarah
planned the trip.
I'm kind of just along
for the ride.
I'm not sure
what the schedule's like.
Why don't I just
check in with you tomorrow?
We can leave it to mystery.
Okay. I'd like that.
Good night.
I had a great time.
Me too.
I worry about you,
riding that machine at night.
Thank you, Mother,
but I'm fine.
And a bit old for a curfew.
When we were young,
your father loved to go dancing
on Friday nights.
Did he?
But after his coronation,
he stopped.
Because he realized
it was unseemly
for a king to just be
one of the guys.
The people expect us
to be different, separate.
We're not just citizens.
We're symbols of state.
That is just sad.
Profoundly sad.
Good night, Mother.
Room service.
I didn't order this.
You did not,
and yet here it is.
Oh, come in, please.
What's going on?
"If you're into more mystery,
eat a good breakfast
and let Henrik, your concierge,
know if you're available
for an outing at 10 this morning
or any time thereabouts.
He will get the message to me.
P.S. Dress warmly
and tell your friend Sarah
she's welcome to come along."
Do you know Adrian?
Since he was a boy.
And his family.
Wonderful people.
He said they were in business.
What do they do?
I am sorry, mademoiselle.
I have been
sworn to secrecy.
Come on, out with it.
I have also been threatened
with unemployment.
Do they own the hotel?
I'll be back with tea.
Should we go?
You should go.
You're not coming?
Maggie, this is
breakfast for two,
but it's an invitation for one.
Yeah, but he wrote--
Uh-uh! Just the facts,
please, counselor.
One, and I quote,
you guys talked for hours.
Two, you said you felt like
you've know each other
- your whole lives.
- Okay, okay, I get it.
You don't want me along,
trust me.
Besides, I still owe you
a birthday gift from last year.
I'm gonna pick that out
this morning.
I'll meet you at
the art museum after lunch,
and you can act surprised.
I don't know.
I gotta think about it.
What is there to think about?
He sent bacon.
MAGGIE: It's not that I don't
wanna practice law anymore.
It's just that I want my work
to mean something.
Wow. It's beautiful out here.
Really beautiful.
So if you weren't a lawyer,
what would you do?
I don't know.
Probably teach.
I love working with kids.
Right, yes, the tutoring.
Hey, you know,
I work with kids, too.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, I coach volleyball.
And the kids,
they're amazing.
You show them something new,
and their faces light up.
They realize they can
finally do something
they never thought possible.
Opening up the world
for someone, it's like...
[phone chiming]
- Uh, it's work, um--
- Of course.
What is it?
FELIX: Apologies,
Your Highness.
The Royal Trust Judiciary
No, isn't that in...
Uh, no, I lost track of time.
The Judicial Secretary's here.
Your mother's insisting
you sign the transfer documents
as it's so close
to the coronation.
She's ready to tear the kingdom
apart looking for you
- and blaming me.
- Okay.
Tell them I'm on my way and
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, I forgot about a meeting.
Lost track of time.
Easy to do out here.
Yes, it is.
Well, we should get you
to your meeting then.
I mean,
I'd much rather not, but...
I get it.
The real world calls.
SARAH: Lost track of time
is good.
And he's taking me on a ride
around the countryside tomorrow.
Excuse me?
ATTENDANT: Yes, please.
Who are these people?
Well, like the plaque says,
that is the royal family
of Calpurnia.
That is our late King Albert,
may he rest in peace,
and that is his wife
Queen Beatrice.
She is our current monarch.
And that one?
That one is their son
Prince Adrian.
In just a few days, he will be
crowned as our next king.
Uh, Maggie?
You may wanna get over here.
That is the Prince of Calpurnia.
Yeah, so?
Wait, that...
That's Adrian.
There he is,
Prince Adrian of Calpurnia.
That's crazy.
- Uh-oh.
- What?
"Europe's most eligible
the Playboy Prince."
Oh, no.
[motor idling]
[motor turns off]
Hey, ready to go?
As you wish, Your Highness.
Cool, let's...
Your Highness?
You know?
Sarah and I went to the museum.
Portrait gallery.
- Yeah.
- Right.
Hey, it's the prince!
Oh, my God!
[excited chatter]
Your Royal Highness,
a pleasure as always.
The pleasure is all mine.
I was wondering, is the atrium
closed for the winter season?
Yes, sir.
Please follow me around back.
- [woman squeals]
- [laughter]
ADRIAN: I'm really sorry.
I should have told you.
MAGGIE: Yes, you should have,
Your Worshipfulness.
Forms of royal address
obviously not covered
in American law schools.
I gotta say,
I feel a little foolish.
Maggie, we were
getting along so well.
I didn't want to
ruin anything with--
With the truth.
No, no, just...
You seemed to enjoy my company
for who I am,
not because of my title
or the money
or what they write about me.
Wait, some girls wanna
go out with you
because of what they write?
You'd be amazed to what attracts
some people to celebrity.
I come from a completely
different world.
Yes, yes, exactly.
And that is what is
so great about you.
One of the many things,
I might add.
Do you say that
to all the other girls?
Come on. The tabloid stuff,
it isn't true.
- No, I'm just sorry that--
- That you got caught.
No, no, just...
that we were getting to know
each other as real people.
The real me
and the real you.
That's the thing, Adrian.
For me to get to know
the real you,
that means all of you,
not just the part of you
that you want me to see.
Okay, fair enough.
I'd like to show you
the real me,
but in a different way.
What do you mean?
But not here.
Okay, the thing is, I'm actually
really terrified of motorcycles.
Oh, no, no, it's fine.
We can walk there.
It's only a couple
of blocks away.
And you can escape back to
your hotel anytime you want.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Uh, okay, come on.
There's another way in.
You see,
avoiding paparazzi is like
the royal sport
of the Calpurnian crown.
Let me guess.
You're the reigning champion.
Smart and beautiful.
I like that.
Okay, now this,
this is what
I wanted to show you.
This is the real me.
This is where
I feel most at home.
Ooh! How lucky.
[blows whistle]
Okay, just carry on.
Felix, this is my friend Maggie.
Maggie, this is Felix,
my valet.
He also helps out here,
out of the goodness
of his true Calpurnian heart.
A pleasure.
The pleasure's all mine.
Felix, do you mind
telling Maggie
a little bit about
what we do here?
Uh, sure,
what exactly should I--
Tell her the whole truth
and nothing but.
BOY: Come on, Adrian,
we need you!
Right, okay, my lady,
you'll have to excuse me.
My presence is requested.
[blows whistle]
Okay, guys,
let's practice serves.
Everyone line up
on the other side.
You must be a really good friend
for him to bring you here.
Does he bring
other friends here?
He's never
brought anyone here.
You are the first.
His own mother doesn't know
anything about this.
You're kidding.
The work we do here
is his true passion,
and he is
very protective of it.
See, when he was a boy,
Adrian was shocked to learn
that there are people
in Calpurnia
less fortunate than he,
so when he turned 18,
he received a large sum of money
from the royal trust,
and he spent most of it
setting up this foundation
for children
from low-income families.
FELIX: It's funny.
The tabloids call him
the "Playboy Prince."
What kind of playboy spends
most of his money on this?
[blows whistle]
All right, guys, good stuff.
Right, let's run some drills.
Uh, Felix.
Excuse me. Duty calls.
Thank you.
So what kind of lies
did Felix tell you about me?
Only the truth
and nothing but.
So this is the real you, huh?
Well, it's the part of me
I like best.
I like it, too.
Can I ask you a question?
Of course.
Why keep this a secret?
The press gets one whiff of this
and your whole
public image changes.
I don't trust them.
"Playboy Prince" sells papers.
"Good-Boy Prince" doesn't.
WOMAN: All right, children,
everyone up on the stage.
What's going on over there?
Oh, choir practice.
Yeah, some of the kids
aren't as into sports, so we--
- BOY: Adrian!
- I'll tell you what.
Can you just give me
two seconds? I just--
Frre Jacques
Frre Jacques
Sonnez les matines
Sonnez les matines
- Hi.
- [singing continues]
Remember me?
Frre Jacques, Frre Jacques
You don't like singing?
Not up on stage.
I used to be scared about
talking in front of people, too.
And my daddy was a big lawyer,
and he had to talk
in front of a lot of people
all the time.
He taught me a trick.
All you have to do
is imagine the audience
clown outfits.
It might help.
You should give it a try.
Sonnez les matines
Din, dan, don
Din, dan, don
Frre Jacques
Frre Jacques
Sonnez les matines
Sonnez les matines
Din, dan, don
Din, dan, don
Frre Jacques
Frre Jacques
Sonnez les matines
Sonnez les matines
Din, dan, don
Din, dan, don
Frre Jacques
Frre Jacques
Come on, I have to know.
How did you get her to sing?
I told you, it's a secret.
Don't you like mystery?
All right, that's fair,
but be warned.
I am going to make it
my life's mission to find out.
- Your life's mission, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
I guess that means we'll be
seeing each other again.
Only if you want to.
I guess I do.
It's just...
I'm only here for a short while,
and you seem pretty busy.
I'll make time for you.
That's sweet,
but don't you have a coronation
to get ready for?
Yes, my lady, but we have
people for that sort of thing.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you drop by the palace
for dinner tonight?
You said you wanted
to meet all of me.
This would be your chance
to see the other side.
Wow. I--
I mean thank you.
But is the palace
someplace you just drop by?
It is if you're
with the prince.
- [chuckles]
- All right.
How about I send a car
to pick you up at your hotel,
and we get you
on the guest list?
All proper like.
Maggie, trust me,
it'll be fun.
SARAH: I can't believe
that you're dating a king.
He's not king yet,
and we're not dating.
We're just enjoying
each other's company.
I think that's the actual
definition of dating.
I don't know.
This one?
Is this fancy enough?
I guess.
Maybe next time you should
consider your wardrobe
before accepting
a palatial invitation.
- Hello.
- The Prince realized
you might need some assistance
for this evening.
Oh, my...
Dating a prince
definitely has its perks.
Adrian's bringing a guest?
Why wasn't I informed
of this before?
I am sorry, Your Majesty.
It's a last-minute addition.
I've only just
found out myself.
Would you like me
to talk to the prince?
No. Let's meet this person.
But as with any palace visitor,
I assume you'll run
a full background check.
Right away.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I knew you'd pick that dress.
You did?
I wish you would have told me.
It took me an hour
to make up my mind.
You look beautiful.
I'm really glad you came.
You dress up pretty nice
yourself, Your Highness.
I guess that's not a joke.
That's your real title.
I'm chattering on.
I'm sorry.
The only other time I've been
to a castle was at Disneyland.
Well, we're not much
for amusement rides here,
although dinner with my mother
can be a roller coaster.
- Good evening.
- Mother!
May I introduce Maggie Marks,
an American visiting
our fair land from New York.
Maggie, this is my mother
Queen Beatrice of Calpurnia.
How do you do?
Fine, thank you.
Welcome to our home,
Miss Marks.
I'm delighted
that you could join us.
Since my forgetful son
has kept everything about you
a mystery up till now,
I'm eager
to make your acquaintance.
He does love his mystery,
doesn't he?
Well, I'm famished.
Shall we?
New York's lovely at this time,
but not like here.
To us tourists,
you live in a fairy tale.
CAMILLA: So how exactly
do you know the prince?
The street.
I mean, we met on the street.
I ran over her hat.
Oh, how adorably
uncivilized of you.
Perhaps it's time
to give our American guest
a chance to eat.
Your Highness, I hear
the final arrangements
for the coronation
are moving along smoothly.
Yes, my mother and staff
have me on quite a tight leash.
Speaking of which,
I'd love your opinion.
As an expert
in government affairs,
- Adrian.
- do you see any reason
why we shouldn't open
the coronation to the public?
Ah, the age-old question
of modern populism
versus aristocratic tradition.
I believe your father,
may he rest in peace,
said that there is
an inverse correlation
between how long
a monarch has ruled
and their desire to be seen
as one with the people.
It takes awhile
for young rulers to realize
that their job is
not to be popular,
but to govern.
It's not about being popular.
It's about allowing our citizens
to be part of a ceremony
that will very much
affect their lives.
Well, personally, I
appreciate that the coronation
is one of the few
traditions we have kept
according to its original
centuries-old design.
People love the aristocracy
because our traditions
give everyone a window
into a more civilized past,
as far back as the Renaissance,
even the Middle Ages.
I hardly think the Middle Ages
were civilized.
And the Renaissance
wasn't great either.
I mean, didn't the Inquisition
happen during the Renaissance?
Well, certainly not here.
No, I wasn't implying that.
And what would be the American
perspective on the issue?
Oh, I wouldn't want to meddle--
I mean intrude.
No, not at all.
We'd be very grateful
for your opinions
as an outsider.
Well, of course, I don't know
as much as all of you
about the issue,
but I agree with Adrian.
I don't see anything wrong
in inviting the people
to the coronation.
Wouldn't it give the press
something positive
to write about?
That's exactly
what I was saying.
I read a survey recently that
said the whole idea of royalty
is becoming quite obsolete
and not just in
third-world countries.
So maybe connecting
with the everyday people
would make the monarchy
more relevant?
Well, I for one,
do not feel obsolete.
No, I didn't mean that.
And Calpurnia is far from
a third-world country.
Dory, I think
time for more wine.
Yes, please.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no, if anyone should
apologize, it's me.
I just threw you
into the lion's den.
I had no idea
it would get that tense.
I need to speak to you.
Felix will see Miss Marks
back to her hotel.
- I'd rather take her.
- No, no.
No problem at all.
Felix can drive me.
Please. And again,
thank you so much
for your wonderful hospitality.
Dinner was delicious,
and you have a beautiful home.
I'll give your compliments
to the chef.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I'll call you
in a bit, okay?
Adrian, you hardly know
that girl.
Why did you bring her here?
Because I really like her,
and I'm getting to know her.
You are the future king.
Do you not understand
the implications?
You can't just
date anyone you wish.
That's the thing,
you see.
I can.
I will.
The rest of you
just have to deal with it.
Want to go for a walk?
Are you sure?
Of course I'm sure.
I'm sort of a lot of trouble
for you.
Maybe I like trouble.
Give me a minute.
[distant chatter]
Sorry for all the sneaking
around on the back streets.
- It's just--
- I get it.
You're not just some guy.
As much as I want to be.
Maybe you shouldn't try so hard
to be someone else.
Find your own way of being king.
Easier said than done.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just not ready.
I wish you could see yourself
the way I see you.
The way you are
with those kids at the church.
You're kind, you're caring,
you're funny.
Funny looking.
You'll make a wonderful king.
Well, you are very kind.
But that's not
what makes a good ruler.
Who defines that,
your mother?
My dad was so good at it.
Like at dinner. He would have
run circles around those nobles
and their pretentious nonsense.
He would have had them
and my mother agreeing
to whatever he wanted
before the second course
and then thinking it was
their idea in the first place.
So he's a master manipulator.
Pretty much.
I don't know how to do that.
Who says you have to?
You're more of a doer
than a talker anyway.
Oh, well,
don't sell my dad short.
He was a great guy.
No, I didn't mean that.
You miss him.
When I was little,
he used to make up
stories for me
with whatever was around.
Like if he was here,
he'd say these lights
are mystical flowers
that bloom only at night,
and they grant wishes
to whoever knows
how to unlock their secrets.
Who says they aren't?
See, the lights are magic.
They turn your hair to gold.
You've a beautiful way
of seeing things.
And you're just beautiful.
Thank you, Your Highness.
I've never kissed
a prince before.
How was it?
[camera clicks]
Thank you.
MAGGIE: Oh, I slept in,
and I still can't believe
how tired I am.
That's what happens when you
stay out most of the night.
You're just jealous.
Hey, there she is!
What's happening?
Out, out!
Please go back to your room.
You must leave immediately! Out!
This is private property!
Have you seen the papers?
Do you ever think about the
consequences of your actions?
I messed up again,
and I apologize.
Where are you going?
To see if Maggie's okay.
To see if Maggie's okay?
What about us?
It's your coronation
in a few days.
We have to mitigate the damage.
You have an entire staff
to mitigate the damage.
- You don't need me here.
- It's not me you're avoiding.
It's yourself.
Your responsibility.
Sometimes I'm glad your father's
not here to see this.
Do you know what, Mother?
The truth is you don't want me
to take the crown.
You want Dad back,
and that's not happening.
- How dare you!
- No, I'm not a puppet,
and I never will be.
And I don't think my father
would want me to be one either.
"Although there has been
no official statement
from the crown,
the young lady in question
appears to be
Maggie Marks of Manhattan."
Nice alliteration.
Not funny.
It just goes on to say
that you are
a recent law school graduate
on vacation, bla bla bla.
Uh, there is no mention
of me anywhere.
This is bad. Right before
the coronation, too.
They must be going crazy
at the palace.
Did you talk to him yet?
- It keeps going to voicemail.
- [phone chiming]
- Adrian?
- No, it's Dad.
Oh, hi.
How are things at home?
Not as hopping
as things are in Europe.
That made the U.S. papers?
No. You didn't call last night,
so your father
Googled "Calpurnia"
to see if anything bad
was happening.
Maggie, what exactly
is going on there
between you and this prince?
Nothing. They're making
a big deal of nothing.
Well, that's good
because from here,
it looks rather embarrassing.
Dad, it was just a kiss.
Brockton & Pierce take
appearances very seriously.
So what do you want me to do?
That's not for me to decide.
You've got a good head
on your shoulders.
I'm sure you'll
do the right thing.
Love you.
Love you, too.
SARAH: What did he say?
I think he's expecting me
to go home.
Did he even ask you
if you like the guy?
Out, out!
You got my text?
Are they still out there?
Yeah, just some of our more
die-hard journalists.
Vultures, really.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
It's not your fault.
I'm happy you're here.
Let's go to Paris.
Just for a couple of days.
It'll be a lot more fun
than sneaking around here,
avoiding the vultures.
I'm not sure
that's such a good idea.
Well, your friend Sarah
can come, too, of course.
I'll get you guys your own
hotel suite, everything.
That's very generous of you.
but aren't you being crowned
in a few days?
That's all set in motion.
I'd rather
spend the time with you.
And I with you.
but right now
the whole country is watching,
waiting to see
what kind of king you'll be.
And running off to Paris
with some American girl
may not be the best idea.
You're not just some...
Do you know what?
It doesn't actually matter
what I do.
The tabloids will print
what they want.
Surprise them.
Tell them about
the children's foundation.
No. I wouldn't let them
use the kids as pawns,
even if it helps me.
You are so wonderful.
I want everyone to see that.
I'm just glad you see it.
[phone chiming]
The palace?
No, volleyball.
I have practice in half an hour.
Do you wanna come?
I would love to,
but I promised Sarah
I'd finally go shopping.
Ah, of course.
Well, try to stay clear
of the vultures,
and if you get into trouble,
this is Felix's number.
He'll extricate you
anytime, anywhere,
and bring you
straight to me.
Thank you.
Any other expert advice
on avoiding the press?
I have two words for you.
Winter wardrobe.
Who knew your mom's clothes
would work well as a disguise?
Why don't you say it louder
so that everyone can hear you?
I can't believe
you turned down Paris.
I just met him this week.
So maybe he jumped the gun
a little bit.
- You think?
- But he's not just a guy.
He's a prince.
Remember Lenny Schwartzman
with the crazy beard,
who lived upstairs from me
on 23rd Street?
- Yeah.
- So we go out on a few dates,
couple of good night kisses,
next thing you know,
he wants me to drive
to the Poconos to meet his mom.
So? Prince Adrian of Calpurnia
taking you to Paris
is Lenny Schwartzman
taking me to the Poconos.
They're royals.
They fly everywhere.
Who wouldn't wanna
live like that?
[phone chiming]
Oh, no.
They must have
seen the tabloids.
I should take this.
- Hello?
- Maggie?
- It's Janice Brockton here.
- Janice!
- It's so nice to hear from you.
- Likewise.
Listen, we have
some news for you.
Look before you say anything,
the article, it wasn't--
What article?
Oh, uh...
Maggie, it's not an article
we need to talk to you about.
- It's a job.
- Really?
JANICE: We'd like to offer you
a position here,
an associate position
in litigation.
We're willing to make you
a very reasonable offer,
but there's a catch.
We need you to start right away.
How soon?
We need an answer
by tomorrow morning
so we can get you started
on Monday.
We're emailing you
the offer right now.
You're gonna make your dad
real proud, kid.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
What's wrong?
WICKFORD: It's done.
They've offered her the job.
Did she accept?
They'll know for sure
She's an ambitious girl,
but she struck me
as a little timid.
She'll go for the safe choice.
I'm so glad our background checks
proved useful, Your Majesty.
- There's really no choice.
- There's always a choice.
Like what, give up the perfect
job for some guy I just met?
For a prince you just met.
That's irrelevant.
Let me rephrase that, counselor.
For a prince that you're
quickly falling for.
- I'm not.
- Oh, please!
Tell it to the judge.
How about this perfect job?
Would this be the meaningless
job that had you terrified
you'd reduce your life
to billable hours,
working in an office 24/7,
a cog in the machine?
I came here for a vacation,
not to have my life
turned upside-down.
Let me ask you a question.
Rushing back home like this,
does it make you happy?
No. I--
There are more important things
in life than just being happy.
Oh, of course!
What was I thinking?
ADRIAN: All right, good game!
Well done!
BOYS: Bye!
Hey, stranger.
Hey. Can we talk?
Oh, but before I forget...
What's this?
It's from little Katia.
She made it for you.
She said it's a thank-you gift
for helping her sing.
What's wrong?
They offered me the job
in New York.
That's great.
They want me to start
right away.
Well, when would you leave?
The day after tomorrow.
The day of your coronation.
I see.
Well, of course you should go.
I mean, it would be crazy
for you not to, right?
This is the job
you weren't thrilled about.
It's a really good
career move.
The perfect one, really.
No, yeah, of course.
And I've been thinking,
I'm a huge distraction for you.
Like last night.
No, no,
that was just a hiccup.
Stuff like that
happens all the time.
To you, not to me.
See, we're from
really different worlds.
For me, being with someone
is a personal decision.
For you, it's an act of state.
Well, you've certainly
thought this through
for both of us.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to...
All right.
Last night, you told me not to
try so hard to be someone else,
to find my own way to be king.
So I ask you,
and of course,
I'll respect your decision,
just make sure you're not
trying to live the life
you think you should,
instead of the life
you want.
What are you saying?
I don't want to lose you.
I'm sorry. I can't.
I was thinking.
After the coronation,
I'll stop riding my bike.
Not too seemly for a monarch.
[phone ringing]
I wanted to see
if you were okay.
Are you still leaving?
I'm sorry.
Well, then I'm not so okay.
But hey, at least
my mother's happy.
She's getting the coronation
and the son
that she always wanted.
Will she at least
let the public come,
give you something
to make it your own?
You met my mother just once,
so it's understandable
that you don't know her at all.
And she doesn't know you at all,
not the real you.
You need to show her
who you are.
Don't give up.
Neither should you.
I guess I should pack.
And I have a speech
to memorize.
Has to be perfect
on the big day and all that.
Right, right, of course.
I'll let you go.
If you need anything...
I'll call.
You too.
Felix? It's Maggie.
Is Adrian coaching the kids
today? What time?
No, no, it's not for me,
but I have a favor to ask
A big one.
Begging your pardon,
Your Majesty.
You have a visitor.
I do?
There's nothing
scheduled until...
Ms. Marks.
I'm so sorry to intrude,
Your Majesty.
Did my son bring you?
No, he has no idea I'm here.
I brought myself.
Don't blame Felix.
It's really important,
or I never would've barged in
on you like this.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
You'll never see me again
and neither will Adrian,
but there's something
I must tell you.
Then you better come in.
Lavender's blue,
dilly, dilly
Lavender's green
When you are king,
dilly, dilly
Who will be queen
When you are grown,
dilly, dilly
How will you know
Your own true heart,
dilly dilly
Will tell you so
Call up your men,
dilly, dilly
Set them to work
Some to the plow,
dilly, dilly
Some to the fork
Some to make hay,
dilly, dilly
Some to cut corn
While you and I,
dilly, dilly
Keep ourselves warm
You'll be a man,
dilly, dilly
Young as you are
Without a fear,
dilly, dilly
You will go far
Lavender's green,
dilly, dilly
Lavender's blue
The heart that finds love
Will be the heart
that is true
Yes, guys,
that was beautiful, really.
Really good work.
I'm very proud.
I'm going to let you in
on a secret.
I asked Madame here
to teach you that song
because it's very special to me.
You see, my dad
used to sing it to me
when I was a little boy, so...
thank you for making an old man
very happy.
It was great.
Weren't they good?
What are you doing here?
That was quite something.
I remember your father
singing it to you.
So this is where you come
on your outings to town.
This was all your idea?
Yes. Why did you
bring her here?
Oh, he didn't.
He drove me here,
but it wasn't his idea.
It was your friend Maggie's.
She arrived
at the palace uninvited.
She burst into my office
and demanded to be seen.
Then she told me
I didn't know my own son.
She was adamant that there was
something I ought to see,
something that might convince me
he wasn't just a dilettante
gallivanting about town,
that he was a serious man,
ready to be a leader.
- Maggie told you all this?
- Yes.
She felt she owed it to you
before she left for America.
She's still leaving then?
I've had an idea.
We should invite the children
to sing at your coronation,
that very song.
It would be a beautiful tribute
to your father's memory.
You're serious?
Invite the children?
Oh, for heaven sake,
let's just invite everybody.
Yes, yes!
[Adrian laughing]
HENRIK: Special delivery.
From the palace.
Invitations to the coronation.
- Thank you.
- For the first time in history,
the royal coronation has been
opened to all our citizens.
Good night, miss.
We're invited to the coronation?
Wow. Maybe it worked.
You should go.
I can't. You go.
Oh, I'm definitely going.
I'm not cutting
my vacation short.
It's beautiful!
Gold lettering?
Oh, you should definitely go.
It's the chance of a lifetime.
When's the next time you'll be
invited to a royal coronation?
Can't you get your dad to pull
some old-boy networking strings
and have them wait an extra day?
I can't.
Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry.
Of course I wanna go
see him become king,
but I'm scared.
Of what?
That if I go,
I'll want to stay.
Would that be so bad?
My real life isn't here.
It's at home.
This is a vacation,
a fantasy.
Your life is
whatever you make it.
No need to put that on yet.
You've still got hours
before anyone shows up.
Couldn't sleep.
Neither could I.
She was right, you know.
You're going to make
a wonderful king.
I'm so...
very, very proud of you.
I'm sorry it took a complete
stranger to make me see.
Not a stranger.
Of course.
Forgive a foolish mother
her choice of words.
It's all right.
Oh, make sure to have breakfast.
These things can go on forever.
DESK CLERK: Here you go.
You enjoyed your stay?
MAGGIE: I did. Thank you.
I'm sorry to see you go, miss.
I'm sorry, too.
Thank you for everything.
Happy to be of service.
Let's get you
to your car then.
Car! Oh, my goodness.
I've been so all over the place,
I forgot to call a taxi.
I wouldn't exactly
call it a taxi, miss.
What's going on?
Someone wants a word.
I don't think I can.
Adrian, I--
Your Majesty.
Good morning, Miss Marks.
I know you're in a hurry.
Well, um, just my plane--
Oh, I'll have them hold
the plane if necessary.
Oh, thank you.
First of all, I came to
thank you for yesterday.
The children,
my son's work
at his foundation,
it really opened my eyes.
I'm glad, very glad.
And Adrian...
misses you.
He's really...
suffering without you.
I miss him, too.
I have a confession to make,
a rather embarrassing one.
Our family has sizable
business dealings in America.
A few days ago,
I instructed my chief of staff
to retain the firm
Brockton & Pierce
to represent us in three
very lucrative negotiations.
I convinced them to offer you
the job you wanted.
To get rid of me?
Yes, as I am most ashamed
to admit.
Oh, you have to understand
they were delighted to have you.
You greatly impressed them,
so it wasn't a difficult push.
but it was wrong.
I thought
I was protecting my son.
But really I was
protecting myself.
I'm going to make up for it.
What did he say?
It wasn't Adrian.
It was the queen.
- She offered me a job.
- What?
She wants to expand
Adrian's children's foundation,
not just here,
but all over Europe,
try to get other royal families
to participate.
And you'd be...
Its legal counsel.
Use my negotiation skills
to forge new partnerships.
So you'd get
to work with kids,
and you'd actually
be helping people?
This is so awesome.
That sure beats all-nighters
at Brockton & Pierce.
I gotta think about this.
It's all happening too fast.
My flight leaves in two hours.
- Shall I call for that taxi?
- Yes, please.
[bell tolling]
And part of that pledge,
perhaps its most
important part,
is to make your concerns my own
and to listen to you,
all of you,
which is why it was so important
for me to have you here
because it is only through
the support and goodwill
of the people,
each and every citizen--
yes, even the members
of our ubiquitous press--
that monarchy has any place
at all in a modern government.
As someone very special to me
recently told me...
I'm more of a doer
than a talker.
So it is with a humble heart
and doors open to all
that I ask you
to let me show you
what I can do for Calpurnia
and for each
and every one of you.
Thank you.
BISHOP: Your Highness?
Your Highness?
So much for listening.
[drumbeats continue]
BISHOP: Ladies and gentlemen,
citizens and loyal subjects all,
may I present
His Royal Majesty
King Adrian of Calpurnia.
Long may he reign.
Long live the king!
Long live King Adrian!
[soft chatter]
Congratulations, Your Majesty.
If you'll follow me this way,
the press would like
a few photographs.
I'm sorry, I just need a minute.
- But, sir, they've been--
- Wickford, they can wait.
Of course, Your Majesty,
as you wish.
You're here.
You sent the invitation,
gold lettering and all.
What about your job?
A mysterious stranger
once told me,
after destroying my hat,
mind you,
that I shouldn't follow
someone else's plan.
And I may have some new ones.
Might they include
you sticking around for a while?
Well, that's the thing.
I was thinking...
if I'm gonna give up
the job of a lifetime...
I might need to be persuaded.
How's that for a start?
You're getting there.
Lavender's blue,
dilly, dilly
Lavender's green
When you are king,
dilly, dilly
Who will be queen
Lavender's blue,
dilly, dilly
Lavender's green
When you are king,
dilly, dilly
Who will be queen
Lavender's green,
dilly, dilly
Lavender's blue
The heart that finds love
Will be the heart
that is true