A Rumor of Angels (2000) Movie Script

Damn it.
They got us in our scopes.
It's infrared.
Come here.
What the hell are you doin'?
What the hell's goin' on
out here?
Do you have any idea how long
I've been lookin' for you?
Scared you there, huh?
What's goin' on?
You all right?
You OK?
Come here.
What the hell's goin' on?
I can't remember.
Do you remember what time
you were supposed to be home?
I do.
You're an hour and a half late.
Don't tell Dad about this, OK?
Please, Charlie, you gotta
swear that you won't tell him.
You know, you would pull
this shit while he's gone.
I'll tell Dad,
just as soon as they get back.
You'll tell him.
Please, Charlie?
I'll weed the garden.
I swear.
Here, put that on.
James, get that.
James, get the damn door!
For cryin' out loud.
Where is the boy
that belongs to this bike?
Get your ass down here now!
Damn it, Charlie!
He's my sister's kid.
You're Charlie?
Yeah. Hi, Mrs. Bennett.
James, get your butt down here!
Yeah, you.
Get down here.
That's him.
That is the boy
who broke my fence.
Jimmy, did you break
Mrs. Bennett's fence?
Don't give it a second thought,
Mrs. Bennett.
I'll fix it.
You didn't break it.
What do you have to say,
young man?
-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
When are you going to come
and fix my fence?
We'll take care of it
right away.
He broke it.
I want him to fix it.
OK. Fair enough.
We'll be right over.
Do you know who that is?
Yes. Maddy Bennett.
Go on, get dressed.
She's got a gun.
She shot at me.
I thought you didn't remember.
I bet she scared
the memory out of me.
Jimmy, shut up.
Her house is haunted.
I'm sure of it.
Boy, you are really startin'
to bug me.
Billy Ray told me
he saw her eat a cat.
Guts and all.
She has seances,
talks to dead people.
I'm sure of it.
Billy Ray's full of shit.
Billy Ray's f amily
is full of shit.
-But Charlie, she's--
-Shut up!
The scene of the crime.
Jesus, kid.
What the hell did you
hit this thing with?
My arm.
Man. Let me see that.
That hurt?
How about that?
Gee! You jerk!
Hold that. Here.
Stand there.
Hold it still.
Hold it!
You gotta be workin' here.
Hold that.
I'm gonna go into town
and get the wood.
You go ahead and get started
cleanin' this up.
You said you wouldn't
leave me alone with her.
I did not.
She has a gun,
and she shot at me.
Yeah? She hit you?
What you cryin' about then?
Besides, it's just salt.
I can do it.
I've got it, really.
I can do it.
I've got it, really.
OK, now I've got it.
You ever used
one of these before?
-A hammer?
-Hold the nail.
Set the nail in the wood.
Mind your hand. Don't move.
Little tap....harder.
-You moved!
You silly twerp!
You hit my hand!
Use the other hand.
You're scared.
-I am not.
-Then pick up the nail.
Come on.
You have to look at it
to set it.
Open your eyes.
Don't move.
See? You didn't move.
Where are your parents?
Dad's in Boston working.
Your mother, too?
She's my stepmother.
The level's wrong.
Lower the nail.
Well, what was it?
If you've got something to say,
say it.
-It's just that...
-Just what?
I can't fix your stupid fence...
if you stand over me
all day givin' me orders!
Good point.
I'm outta here.
Damn it!
What did you do?
You hit that with a hammer?
No, she did.
Yeah, right.
I'm serious, Charlie.
She did.
Nice try.
You're not gettin' out of it,
-Out of what?
-Finishing the fence.
Charlie told me what happened.
Dad said it's
your responsibility, Jimmy.
James, and I'm not going back.
You know, James, we all have
to do things we don't want to.
-Maybe I can help you.
-I don't want your help.
Hey, play nice.
Yeah, you look like it.
Are you in there?
You up there?
Hi. I decided to skip
my afternoon meeting.
Your dad can finally
make it up this weekend.
Who's Bobby?
My son.
Live around here?
He's dead.
Did you say something?
Hi, I'm Mary Neubauer.
Charles told me what happened.
I just wanted to say
how sorry I was.
Why are you sorry?
You ran out so quickly
this morning, James.
I thought we might--
your f ather and l--
thought that it might be nice...
for the three of us
to take a ferry trip...
out to the island this weekend.
I can't.
I've hired James
to paint the fence...
haven't I?
I gotta paint the fence.
Well, don't you think...
we should discuss this
with your f ather first?
He'll be home tonight.
We'll talk about it then, OK?
Well, now, I'll see you
at dinner, OK, honey?
Wonderful to meet you,
Mrs. Bennett.
To paint the fence.
I'll pay you $2.00 an hour.
What makes you so sure I wanna
paint your stupid fence anyway?
I'll smack you
if you speak to me ever...
like you just spoke
to your mother.
She's not my mother.
She is now.
She doesn't give a shit
about me.
What do you say?
I'm sorry.
I should have hit her back.
Salt witch.
The garden. Yeah, I'm sorry.
No, forget about that.
Come here.
Hand me that socket wrench.
-Right there.
-There you go.
Here. Come here.
Gimme a hand here.
Hold it.
Say, listen, buddy,
your dad called.
He's not gonna make it
for dinner tonight.
I'm sorry about that.
Hand me the 7 /16, will you?
OK, Nathan.
You'll be back
tomorrow night, yeah?
Yeah, in the...
Yeah, I know. OK, darling.
Please just don't skip
another night, really.
Bye, honey.
It is exactly six minutes
past noon.
If you refuse to be punctual,
I refuse to pay.
Don't mumble.
You're gonna have a hard time...
finding somebody else
to do this job...
for two bucks an hour, you know.
Would $2.20
help you be punctual?
I guess.
Speak up.
I want that last plank put up.
I want that brushwood cleared
down to the shed on the beach...
by the time I'm back.
How are you?
The prodigal returns.
Help me with my bags,
would you, kind sir?
-Yes, bro.
-Thank you.
Have you talked to James lately?
Why, what did he do?
What did he do?
He didn't do anything.
What makes you think
he did anything?
Then why are you asking,
Yeah. Good point.
You're only here for a day.
Why screw it up
talkin' to your kid?
Hell, he's twelve. He'll be
a crackhead in two years.
You won't understand him then
You're losing him, Nathan.
You still growin' pot out back?
No good for my tomatoes.
Sucks all the nitrogen
up out of the soil...
just like it sucked all
the brain cells out of my head.
That was a long time ago.
So what should
I talk to him about?
I don't know. Baseball?
He doesn't like baseball.
So you've met?
I got it, Charlie.
You know,
he's my sister's kid, Nathan.
His dad's screwin' up.
It's my job
to crawl up his butt.
You relish doin' it, don't you?
No, I live for it.
It gets a little slow
around here.
A job worth doing
is worth doing right.
I like your hair like that.
I found a couple extra planks
down by the shed...
so I figured, what the heck?
Now! Let's paint!
Come on, paint!
You're not listening.
You're not keeping the rhythm
of the music at all.
I'm not trying to.
I thought you were.
You did not.
This doesn't mean I have...
to split the money
with you, does it?
You know, Mozart wrote this
when he was about your age.
-No way !
-Yes, way !
Does Mom have any Mozart?
Yeah, I think so.
Did he really write
his first symphony...
when he was only eight?
-You're askin' me?
-Yeah, he did.
That was
the "Symphony in E Flat."
Maddy says that...
I'm gonna get inspired
like that, too, someday.
You know, I bet you will.
How come
you don't use fresh water?
Seawater's best.
It's salty.
-They're not opening.
-They will.
So your husband died in Mexico?
It was on a dig.
Terrence was
an anthropologist...
and he was standing at the base
of a stone wall...
and it collapsed.
What happened to Bobby?
He was killed in the war.
My mom was killed, too.
Do you ever talk to her?
Who, my ma?
Nah, she's dead.
So I don't talk to her.
They're opened.
We're here,
and if we use our eyes...
we can see this f ar.
And if we use
modern technology...
we can see this f ar.
And if we use
our hearts and minds...
we can see and know
amazing things.
Mozart heard the voices
of the angels.
The angels are all
out here somewhere...
and here.
Do you hear voices?
He's spending
a lot of time out there...
and I don't know
anything about her.
That's enough!
I've known Maddy
for over thirty years.
Listen to me. James has found
a friend, somebody he trusts.
He hasn't been this full of life
since before Lillian died.
I'm not gonna take that
away from him.
You know as well as I do anyone
who's a little eccentric...
in a small town
is considered nuts.
They thought that Charlie was
the Unabomber, for God sakes.
These people probably
still think he's the Unabomber.
Hello, people.
I'm home! Hey, Dad.
Hey, Jimbo.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three.
Go on, buster.
You and Mary
been gettin' along OK?
Yeah, I guess.
Look, I'm sorry
I've been away so much lately.
Work's just been kinda rough.
It's OK, Dad.
You've been busy.
Charlie told me
that somethin' happened.
Remember your first day at that
school after your mom died...
when I sent you to Aunt Edie's,
that thing happened?
I froze.
I can't really
remember anything, OK?
That was two years ago...
and the counselor helped you
with that problem...
and it's all gone, isn't it?
I'll get it.
Isn't it?
-He's indisposed at the moment.
-Who is it, honey?
-It's Phil.
-Just a second.
I gotta go get this.
I'll be right back.
This really is just
a very inconvenient time.
He needs his parents. I told him
you can call him in the morning.
James and I are talking.
Everything's fine.
-Relax, please.
What is it? I can't talk long,
so just--What is it?
You didn't tell me
that thing happened before.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
I don't care.
Hey, Maddy, you know, I've been
reading about the Morse code.
Have you?
-I don't know.
What is that?
How many beats did I tap?
-Were they long or short?
I don't know.
-You didn't listen.
-I did, too.
I'm not talking about
those wind flaps...
on the side of your head.
You have to feel it here.
Wait. Hold on.
Close your eyes.
Short, long, long, long.
The letter "J."
Two. "A."
"M." James.
Intuitive. Anticipate.
Always anticipate.
Hey, give me something harder.
-Listen, James.
There's a pause between
each letter, equal to a dash.
It's like music and painting.
It's like Mozart.
That's your call sign.
"Mad?" Who's mad?
You are.
The in-spir....
Like Einstein.
How's the fence comin' along?
Done. Finished it
a couple of days ago.
So, what do you and Maddy
talk about?
I don't know.
All sorts of stuff.
Like what?
Nature, death, physics...
Know of him?
Yeah, I've heard of him.
She's pretty weird,
but she's fun.
Hey, Dad?
You ever dream about Mom?
Never mind.
Go out there to the rock,
out there on the point.
How am I supposed to know
which rock is "the rock"?
You'll know it when you see it.
Oh, look, another rock.
Maddy, I found it!
"The soul leaves the body...
"as a schoolboy
jumps from a school door...
"suddenly, with joy."
"There is no horror in death."
What the hell did that mean?
You're a witch.
I was sitting on that rock...
on the night of the fifteenth
of September, 1974...
when the signal lamp
flashed that message.
Bobby was in Vietnam.
I rushed into the house.
I rushed up into the room.
I thought he must be home.
The light was off.
The signal lamp was unplugged.
I touched it. It was cold.
I rushed through the house.
There was no one there.
the soul leaves the body...
"as a schoolboy
jumps out of the school door...
suddenly, with joy."
A week passed,
and I got this telegram.
"We are deeply saddened
to report that your son...
"Corpsman First Class
Robert Terrence Bennett...
"was killed in action
on September..."
"aboard the signal ship,
U.S.S. Pershing...
"at the battle of Hai Phong."
"He served his country
All aboard were lost.
I brought the Bushmills.
I forgot you said
you were coming over.
Sam, this is
my good new friend James.
James, Dr. Jenkins.
I suppose you want some dinner.
That was the plan.
You must be starving.
I guess.
How you doin'?
You OK?
I suppose she's been
talking your ear off, has she?
Just wait a minute.
Stay right there.
I know what you're doing, and
I want you to stop right now.
It's not right.
..and I'm shaking my fist
at her...
He's absolutely drunk!
Wait a second, wait a second!
We were on our bikes
through Naples...
and I asked her to marry me
on Mount Vesuvius.
You did not.
All right, I didn't!
But I was on my knees!
You were not. You were
dead drunk, and you fell over.
So, you wanna see balance?
I'll show you balance.
Funiculi funiculi
funiculi funicula
Funiculi funiculi funicula
-What's that?
Tchaikovsky !
Are you gonna cut in?
l--I can't dance.
Get over here!
Follow her lead.
I do!
Well, nature calls.
How did you guys meet?
Oh, Sam was
my husband's best friend.
We all met up in London.
Then, when my husband died...
Sam bought two bicycles
and took me off to Naples.
He wanted to cheer me up.
So, how come you guys
are just friends?
Damn you, Maddy Bennett...
you haven't taken
one of these pills!
That's why.
And you promised me
you'd stop smoking!
And that's why.
Your fly's open.
What are the pills for?
-Indigestion, my ass!
You're one of the stupidest
women I've ever met in my life.
Do be careful
not to f all down the steps.
I'll run down the steps.
you really shouldn't smoke.
Don't you start.
I'm healthier than he is.
Did it really happen?
What do you think?
You got some company here,
Well? Shall we go?
Yeah, yeah.
Get the hell out of here.
-Thanks, Charlie!
-Yeah, I know. You'll help.
You'll come back.
You'll weed a lot.
You're a whole lot of help.
Take this ride on my bike,
everything will be great.
Which way?
So, let's go this way.
Let's go up the coast road.
I'd like to go this way.
You OK?
You stop asking me that.
Open your eyes.
-Open your eyes.
-I can't! I can't do it!
You have to look.
-Don't make me do this!
-Trust me. You have to look.
It'll hurt much less,
I promise you.
Look. Open your eyes.
That's right. Open your eyes.
James, what do you see?
What do you see?
A raccoon!
That's right.
Oh, God, it's a raccoon!
Now, that's right.
Yes, dear. You tell me.
Come on, dear. You tell me.
-I don't--
-Tell me, dear. Tell me.
Why'd I have to yell?
Why couldn't I keep
my stupid mouth shut?
Dad says that
animals were unimportant.
Mom thought that they were.
So she tried to miss it.
I kept telling her I was OK.
She never knew.
-She never knew!
-Yes, she did.
You know what my son told me?
He told me that for
every man, woman, and child...
that's hurt and terrified,
there are comforters.
And he said one day...
I was easing
a wounded boy in my arms...
but he was crying
for his mother...
and I couldn't comfort him.
I heard someone
beside me say...
"I will take him."
There was
a soft, strange, white light.
I didn't dare look up...
but I knew who it was.
Do you think that my mom
had someone like that?
I'm sure she did.
Why did you wanna come
this way?
I saw you on the bridge...
the night you broke my fence.
When I froze.
I knew you had a terrible grief.
What if you don't know
the Morse code?
We have to open our minds.
Bobby and I
knew the Morse code...
but people communicate
Like Mozart and his angels.
But how come I didn't hear her?
Perhaps because you never
talked about your grief.
Grief often gets in the way.
I'd like you to read this.
"Message two--
"September 22, 1974.
"The day the telegram came.
"Was sitting on the rock
when a passing ship signaled...
I am alive and loving you.
"My body is with thousands
of other mother's boys...
"near Saigon.
"Get this back to others,
if you can.
"It's awful for us
when you grieve...
"and we can't tell you
we're all right.
"The capacity for believing
is enlarged tremendously...
"by experience.
"If you could only
fix in your mind that I am I.
"Not a ghost...
"but a being
just as much as I ever was."
"You have never f ailed me,
What's wrong?
You didn't come to bed.
What's that?
From Mrs. Bennett.
It's a book of messages from
her son Bobby after he died.
This is yours.
We don't want you to have any
more contact with James, Maddy.
How could you do this
to a twelve-year-old kid?
What is it exactly
that I'm doing?
This is a young boy
who's never come to terms...
with the death of his mother,
Mrs. Bennett.
How could you possibly give him
a book like that?
-To help him understand.
-Understand what?
Something you f abricated?
You made this up, Maddy.
There's no horror in death...
and the sooner
you understand that...
the sooner
you'll be able to help James.
It's staying alive
that's difficult, isn't it?
I'm not gonna let you
hurt my child.
I'm not hurting him.
Oh, and I am?
This is dangerous.
Can you understand that?
How you choose to justify
the death of your son...
that's your business...
but I'm not gonna let you
impose this f antasy...
on a child
as fragile as James is.
So, please, just stay away.
He needed someone to talk to.
I don't want him here.
So be it.
-Where's my book?
-We took it back to her.
It was mine! It was a gift!
-You had no right!
-James, knock it off.
You're forbidden to go over
to Maddy's. Come on. Inside.
Yeah, come on, James,
let's go inside and--
You're not my mother!
Go to hell!
What did you say?
James, get back--
If you don't
get your ass home...
you're grounded for the rest
of the summer, you hear me?
How would you know?
You're never home!
What's wrong?
Go away. I don't want you
to come here anymore.
Why? Because of Mary?
No, because it isn't true,
it didn't happen.
Mary told you to say that!
No. Listen.
I talked to Bobby in my mind
after he was killed...
and then I wrote it all down.
The messages?
I made them up.
You lied to me?
Yes. I did.
Hey. Is he there?
No, I don't know where he is.
I'm over at Maddy's.
No, she's not here, either.
I don't--
OK. Mary. Mary, Mary, Mary,
listen, listen.
I'm gonna find him.
Oh, my God.
Aw, we don't know anything yet.
I mean, I didn't see any blood.
Look, I'm gonna go
call the hospital.
All right, I'll keep looking.
Come on, Maddy !
Come on, I can't carry you!
You're gonna have to help me!
Come on, Maddy !
I know you can hear me!
Wake up, Maddy ! Wake up!
Don't you dare die on me!
Oh, my God.
Come on, Maddy !
Wake up! Wake up, Maddy !
-Dad! I think she's dead!
Wake up!
Wake up, Maddy, come on!
Go call Dr. Jenkins.
I just saw him in town.
Go on! Go! Call Jenkins!
She's still breathing.
-Hey, doc?
Uh, her pulse
seems a little low.
James. James, come on.
She'll be OK, buddy. Come on.
Oh, God!
How is he?
Oh, and James is--
James is all right, yeah?
Trust me, he's OK...
until I get his butt home.
Charlie, he's fine.
He's at Mrs. Bennett's.
What happened?
Oh, my God,
she's had a heart attack.
We're gonna stay the night
until we know that she's OK.
Hey, Mary, you know, none of
this is your f ault, by the way.
I'm just gonna
say something, uh...
You know, I'm a weirdo...
and, uh, Maddy's a weirdo,
and there's not really...
a whole lot to like
about either of us, but...
James kinda seems to like
both of us, and, uh...
it's pretty much 'cause
we just let him be who he is.
Uh, you know?
Sad and all, you know?
And we don't take
any shit off of him, either.
And I do?
Well, yeah.
Hey, bud--What are you doing?
How's Maddy? She OK?
Yeah. She's just resting.
What about you? You OK?
Yeah. I'm fine.
-You sure?
How long you been up?
-I think since 5:00.
Damn it, Maddy.
You almost died last night!
You need antibiotics!
-Who are you?
-I can't stay !
-I've gotta get back to Boston!
-Get back to Boston.
I'm getting you a nurse.
No, you are not.
I'm a tough old english bitch.
I'll stay.
James, come on, we should go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Nathan, you got a minute?
-Say good-bye, OK?
Take care, Maddy.
When I found you,
I didn't freeze.
I didn't even have
to do my breathing.
I don't care what you say.
I believe it.
She's got me backed
into a goddamned corner here.
It's all right, Dad.
She told me everything.
It's all a lie.
But she's my best friend...
and she almost died,
and I can't leave her.
I've gotta go to Detroit.
I want you home
by the time I get back.
You got it?
Mary's gonna call
every couple hours...
just to make sure
everything's OK.
don't mess around with me.
She's gonna call
every couple hours.
All right.
I'm staying!
"Attention, attention,
Lillian Neubauer.
"Please contact your son
immediately at Maddy Bennett's."
Maddy, wake up!
Maddy, wake up! Wake up, Maddy !
Maddy, I think it's my mom!
Wake up!
Wake up, Maddy.
Trem--Wake up!
Trem, trem, grem-ka...
Trem, trem, trem wer-ka...
what the hell are you doing?
You scared the shit out of me!
Come on down and have a beer.
Man, now you don't even
trust me?
Dad sent you, didn't he?
You know something, James?
you're starting
to really piss me off.
-I knew it.
-Hey, you little shit.
Think I enjoy driving around
looking for your carcass?
Quit thinking of your damn self
all the time.
You scared the hell
out of everybody.
Hey, I'm glad Maddy's OK, too.
Don't bust my balls.
-Hey, shithead!
-You holler if you need me.
-I won't.
Hey, butt-breath.
Holler if you need me.
I appreciate that.
No problem.
It's me, James.
You're not going anywhere
until you talk to me!
I have nothing to say to you!
If it wasn't for you, none
of this would have happened.
Yeah, well,
that may be true, but--
The question is,
where do we go from he--
Just stop packing!
Just shut up and leave me alone!
You know, I'm fed up of you
talking to me like this!
You are gonna stay here
until your f ather gets back!
And Charlie
can look after Mrs. Bennett!
You don't get it!
You're not my mother!
I never wanted you
in the first place!
"September 30, 1974.
"I sit against
the porch railing.
"The lamp by my armchair
"Lieutenant Wells told me to
stand by a young marine today...
"impel him to move
to avoid danger.
"I could estimate the speed...
"and determine the course
of the shells.
"I nudged him here and there
and kept him from being hurt.
"I asked if it was
in answer to a prayer.
"Wells said no.
"Prayers are answered,
"but not according
to the material ways...
"of looking at things."
"Number nine--
"I know that spirits
return many times.
"I don't understand
how this is accomplished.
"Is it voluntary?
I do not know.
"But if I can't be your son,
"I'd rather take a flame
over the other worlds."
"Lillian Neubauer...
"I'll see you soon.
"I love you...
"more than words can tell.
Charlie, where's James?
-Where's James?
-He's upstairs.
James, get out here! Now!
Don't you shush me!
You get out here now.
I'll deal with you
in a minute, Charlie.
All right.
Shut up, Charlie.
Told you.
You lied to me.
You lied.
I told you I wanted you home
by the time I got back...
and you practically
move in here.
And I'm not gonna let you speak
to Mary the way that you did.
I got half the mind
to put you over my knee...
and beat the hell out of you,
but Mary wouldn't let me.
James, you go get your things.
We're going home now.
-I'm not going anywhere.
-Don't talk back to me!
You get your things,
we're going home.
I heard you say to Mary...
that you wouldn't take this
away from me!
Well, I was wrong,
and Mary was right.
This is all her f ault,
James, there's a lot of things
that you don't understand!
And there's a lot of things
you don't understand, either!
She loves you, James!
I don't care
how much she loves me!
She's trying her damnedest
to be part of our f amily !
Oh, yeah? Well,
she's trying too damn hard!
Listen to me. You need somebody
just like I need somebody.
We can take care of ourselves,
You never asked me
if I wanted another mother!
You just said
here's your new mother!
you don't know what you want!
Oh, yes, I do!
I want you to be home!
I wanna talk about Mom!
You never ever
wanna talk about Mom.
You never wanna talk
about what happened.
I was there!
Mom died
while I was holding her!
And never once did you ask me
what that was like!
Maddy is someone who I can
talk about anything I want!
I froze on the road, Dad!
I tried to tell you,
but you wouldn't listen!
I took Maddy to the bridge,
and she made me talk about it!
She listened, Dad!
She was interested, Dad!
The night that Mom died,
when you were in your room...
I heard you crying.
You said that you never got
to tell her that you loved her.
You know what, Dad?
Neither did I!
She knew, James.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Do you miss her, Dad?
Terribly, buddy.
Me, too.
I won.
I'll be right back.
Sorry !
He's a good kid.
Some socks and underwear.
Oh, why don't you
give it to him?
No. Just take it.
-You sure?
Here's some socks and underwear.
From Mary.
Hey, Jimmy.
I really love you.
I love you, too, Dad.
I thought you wanted
to talk to me.
Oh, boy. Look at that.
That was awfully nice of her.
Yeah, it was.
You think Maddy's OK?
She should be all right.
I'll be back later, though.
You call me
if you need anything.
All right. Thanks, Charlie.
What's wrong?
Phew! I'm hungry.
-What are you doing?
-Find my shoes, will you?
I want to come downstairs.
I don't know
if this is such a good idea.
You want to keep me
in this room forever?
Come on, then, let's go.
Hold on tight.
Towel, towel!
Are you too warm?
No. I'm perfect.
James, could you read me
some from Bobby's book?
I love you.
I love you.
I was afraid
I wasn't gonna get to say that.
If it's not true,
why do you want me to read it?
Because it's beautiful.
You're a pretty good writer.
"I have not seen
anyone with wings...
"but we can cover any number
of miles without f atigue.
"I think our bodies
are composed like clouds...
"but it's hard to say.
"Don't talk of houses..."
Don't talk of houses or jewels.
Everyone will be stripped down
to their souls...
before this is done.
"When will it end?
When or how? I cannot tell.
"I do not know the plan
that is being evolved...
"on this cast of the world's.
"As we progress,
we shall discover...
"even greater f acilities
for communication.
"People invent machinery
to improve...
"on god's gift of perception...
"but refuse
to credit the voices...
"and visions that inspired them.
"I am so busy
that I do not think...
"of saying the loving things
I know you long to hear.
"I know more about you,
more about mothers everywhere."
Do you hear?
Such beautiful voices.
"Some people
will understand these messages.
"Others must find comfort
in different ways.
"They will all
come to understand in time."
"The soul leaves the body...
"as a schoolboy
jumps from a school door...
"suddenly, with joy."
Say hello to Bobby.
And my mom.
Don't you think, uh...
two weeks on a rock's enough?
He's gotta find out
for himself...
that it's not gonna happen,
I really wanted it
to be true, Mary.
I didn't wanna believe that
she was just seeing things.
Some people see things we don't.
Oh, God, I love you
more than words can tell, James.
The lighthouse!
Don't grieve.
Grief is remorse
for things left undone.
I am closer to you now
than I've ever been.
The ties of love continue.
I will always be with you.
Speak with me
as if you could see my f ace.
I've reached a river
of surpassing beauty.
I'm running down
to the water...
as we used to run down
to the ocean...
tingling with joy.
It may be that
this is our point of egress.
Good-bye for now, James.