A Safari Romance (2023) Movie Script

(camera shutter clicking)
(camera shutter clicking)
(lion snarling)
- (camera shutter clicking)
- (growling)
(camera shutter clicking)
Woman on radio:
Megan, return to base.
greet in one hour.
Copy, traveling.
(engine revving)
Can you believe this?
That's a giraffe.
That's a real
giraffe right there.
(camera shutter clicking)
This one here.
- You good with everything?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Hello, Tim!
- Yes.
- Yes!
Welcome to Ukubuyela Endle.
And... yes,
we do offer traditional
handshaking classes.
- (chuckling)
- I'll have to work on that.
Nozizwe, it's great to
finally meet you in person.
Everybody calls me Mom Nozi.
Okay, Mom Nozi.
Well, this is Darius Pacheco -
the videographer
and my right hand man.
Hi, Mom.
Ahh. Now, that's how you do it.
Where are you from?
Cape Town, but I've been in
the US the past few years,
working with Tim.
- Welcome home.
- Thank you.
Now, let's get you
inside out of this heat.
I'm gonna finish up here.
All right.
I'll take you
to your reception.
- Hi.
- Both: Hi.
Mr. and Mrs. Foster.
I'm Megan Henry.
I'll be your ranger tomorrow.
- Mrs. Foster: Oh.
- Mr. Foster: Thank you.
Why don't we meet back here
tomorrow morning?
Is 6:30 too early?
No, that'll be great.
Okay, great.
Have a wonderful rest.
Thank you.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, wow.
This is beautiful.
Thank you.
We're very proud of it.
Ukubuyela Endle means
"A return to the wild."
Well, I can't thank you enough
for letting us use your reserve
for our little project.
I've seen the presentation
on your theme park ride.
It'll be like people are
on actual safari.
And they'll find out that it was
sponsored by Ukubuyela Endle
and want to come and
experience the real thing.
I believe they
call that synergy.
Yes, they do.
I've organized a ranger
for tomorrow,
so you can get
started straight away.
You know what? I think I'm
going to stick around here,
just get the lay of the land,
relax a little bit,
take some photos.
I'll see
if your room's ready.
All right.
Thank you.
(exhaling sharply)
Oh, can I help you
with something?
I'm good, thank you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm just
checking out these photos.
They're incredible.
How do lions stay so
relaxed up in a tree like this?
It's a good place for a nap and
a great place for a lookout.
How about this one, too?
This cheetah is beautiful.
Yeah, that's one
of my favorites.
I took it last week.
- You took this?
- Yeah.
You're a talented
Thank you.
Is there any way
that I can buy these?
They're not really for sale,
but I could leave
a few copies of them at
the front desk for you,
if you want.
That would be great.
Thank you.
Who should I say they're for?
Yeah, Tim Erickson.
Megan Henry.
- Nice to meet you, Megan.
- Yeah, you too.
And you're sure I can't
help you with anything?
- I got it. Thanks.
- Okay.
Hey, Kamara.
Wait. Did you take that apart
and then fix it again?
Yeah, just needed
a little tweak.
Wow. I have to give it to you,
you are pretty resourceful.
Yeah, if I could just
figure out
how to turn three weeks into
six months, I would be golden.
I don't know how you do it -
working part-time
and finishing your PhD;
it must all be so hard.
Yeah, sometimes.
But I am in South Africa,
living my dream, so...
Oh, and when is your
thesis defense due again?
It's due too soon.
Okay. And then, what happens if
you don't finish it on time?
I'm going to feed
myself to the lions.
(both laughing)
Hey, do you want
to get dressed up
and go to the Boma for dinner?
What's the occasion?
I don't feel like
doing my thesis.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
(both laughing)
(Megan laughing)
Megan: He might be.
I don't know.
Oh, good evening ladies.
Both: Hi.
Perfect timing
for an introduction.
Tim, this is Dr. Henry.
Nice to see you again.
- You too.
- Doctor?
She's working on it.
This is my friend, Kamara.
She's one of the rangers here.
Not yet.
I'm working on it.
I'm a trainee.
And I'm Darius.
I work with Tim.
- Oh.
- Darius: Hi.
So, how long
will you be staying?
We'll be here
for three weeks.
So, we'll definitely be
seeing each other again.
Well, we will let you
enjoy your dinner.
Have a good night.
You, as well.
- (chuckling)
- I'll leave you to it. Enjoy.
Thank you.
Two very handsome guys.
And here we are,
completely available.
Oh, speak for yourself.
I'm available for one thing
and that is work.
Wow. Well, after
knowing you for three years,
I think I have that
figured out.
Are you calling me boring?
No, never.
I will have you know
I think about things
other than work
all the time...
Okay, fine,
every once in a while.
Maybe I do spend a little too
much time studying dung beetles.
Oh, morning, Shandor.
Oh, hey.
Wow, that's, um...
That's a lot of great
equipment for a safari.
you can never have too much.
I agree. Besides, if you're
going out in the wild,
you want to get as many
good photos as you can.
As long as we get some
great video, we're good.
Oh, are you filmmakers?
- No, theme park designers.
- Oh.
We're here getting some ideas
for our new attraction.
Cool, like
a roller coaster or...?
No, but I've done those.
This is-- it's a little
more impressive.
It's an immersive attraction,
virtual reality, special
effects, robotic animals.
So, all of this equipment
just to make a
fake savanna and fake lions
that jump out and go "roar".
Do lions go "roar"?
So, how long you been
a photographer?
Well, my grandpa got me my first
camera when I was about four.
I fancied myself pretty good
at taking pictures
of people's noses,
and then, you know,
every once in a while,
I'd catch an ear.
Well, by the looks of it,
from those pictures inside,
you've improved
just a little bit.
Thank you.
It's just a hobby.
Oh, so, you're a ranger now?
Yeah, but, um, in real life, I'm
actually a research scientist.
So, I guess you'd know
if a lion goes "rah"!
Mmm. I would.
Oh, morning.
You can get on in.
I should get back to work,
but be careful out there.
It looks pretty safe to me.
Oh, yeah, I mean it
looks innocent enough.
But you see that
field over there?
I was driving by
and I spotted a pride
of 18 lions sleeping,
hidden in the grass.
- Eighteen lions?
- Yeah.
Are they here
at the lodge, too?
Oh, yeah, they're free
to roam wherever they want.
No fences?
No fences, no nothing.
Have fun.
(engine revving)
Yeah, there's 18 lions over
there... Or there was.
- There's fences, right?
- No, there's no fences.
(animals grunting)
(elephants trumpeting)
Megan: The babies are trying to
cool themselves off with mud.
Get some pictures.
Beautiful, aren't they?
Absolutely beautiful.
- Mr. Foster: What's that noise?
- What?
Come in, Kamara. Over.
What's up?
Hey, so, I just spotted a drone
flying low over the park.
Can you check it out?
10-4. I'm on it.
Thank you.
I think we're pretty
good here for now.
Oh, it's absolutely fabulous.
It never gets old.
What's that?
See, this is
what I'm getting.
Oh, yeah, check out that.
- What's that?
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
We're just checking to see
what's lurking in the bushes
before we venture out.
This drone is fantastic.
I'm sure it is,
but you can't use it here.
- Really?
- Really.
What's the problem?
Well, for starters,
it's illegal
to use a drone in
a legislated protected area.
So, if the authorities catch
you, they'll take your drone,
and you'll be banned
from using the reserve.
You're kidding, right?
Well, how am I supposed
to get my job done?
I need to use a drone.
The old-fashioned way,
like everybody else.
You get a ranger,
you drive around,
see if you can
spot something.
That doesn't sound
terribly efficient.
Well, neither's
your drone,
seeing as you're gonna
have to stop using it.
You just-- you have something
against technology, right?
No, but I do have
something against
disturbing the animals
in the natural world.
I don't think a little drone
is disturbing anything.
It's a flying camera.
Think of it as a bird.
You can think of it
however you want,
but you're going
to have to stop using it.
I don't think
you're right about that.
Would you prefer
I write you a ticket
and give you
a fine right now?
You don't have
the authority to do that.
As a park ranger,
I do have the authority,
and I'm afraid you're
going to have to deal with me.
- You?
- Yeah, me.
Darius, can you please
bring the drone in...
- Tim?
- Bring the drone in.
All right.
Thank you.
Okay, I'll see you later.
Morning, Megan.
I was looking for you.
I need a little favor.
Anything for you.
I was hoping you'd say that.
I've changed your
guests for today.
I put the Fosters
with Bandile.
Okay, no problem.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, I'll see you later.
Let's go see some wildlife.
Darius: Oh, yeah.
You know what? I think there
might have been a mistake.
I'm just gonna go check
with Mom Nozi really quick.
Uh, no, I spoke to Nozizwe
and she told us to take
the vehicle
that's in the driveway
at 7 a.m.
It's 7 a.m. and...
I don't
see any other vehicles.
You don't have your
drone with you, do you?
No, but I can go get it,
if you want me to.
If you're all ready,
we can head out.
Oh, and today,
we need to see some giraffes.
Oh, okay, yeah. Giraffes.
I'll just give them a call.
How difficult
can it be to spot a giraffe?
All ready to go?
- Both: Yeah.
- To the giraffes.
They're expecting us.
(engine revving)
Yeah, good luck
with that, man.
There's like
zero signal out here.
Well, this is great.
I guess my safari attraction's
going to be
a bunch of people looking out
over an empty Savannah,
listening to weird sounds.
Shh. Shh.
Darius! Darius! Crazy!
Oh, wow.
Look at that.
Look at this.
How did you know
it was there?
I know what to
listen and look for.
You know,
the crazy thing is,
you can be right beside them
and not even realize it.
How? They're so big...
and beautiful.
Do you want to follow her?
- Yeah.
- Can we?
- Yeah, let's do that.
- Okay.
(engine revving)
Hey, Darius,
just give me a minute.
- I'll catch up with you.
- Okay, cool.
- Um...
- Yeah?
I owe you a huge apology.
I shouldn't have had
my drone out yesterday,
and I did not take
being set straight very well.
It's okay.
I'm sorry, too.
I, uh-- I get
a little passionate
when it comes
to the wildlife.
Well, I appreciate passion.
You don't have to be sorry.
It was all on me.
Can we just...
...put this
behind us and start fresh?
I would like that.
Do you want to grab
a cold drink or something?
I have a ton of work
I've got to get done.
Everybody needs a break.
Yeah, sure.
I just need
to go get changed.
I can meet you
on the veranda in 20 minutes.
- Hey.
- Tim: Look at this.
I know.
They come almost every day.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Got you an iced tea.
- Oh. Thank you.
Oh, man.
You could
be a professional.
It's just part of my job.
Which one?
Research scientist?
I'm working on my thesis,
so I need a ton of
photos to do my defense.
Master's? PhD?
PhD in Ethology.
Yeah, it's the study of
animal behavior.
Like... Jane Goodall?
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, she's one
of the greatest in our field.
So, where did you study?
Braxton University
in Pennsylvania.
What made you come out here?
The dream was always to come
here to do research for my PhD.
So, you're an underachiever.
- (chuckling)
- It's an expensive dream.
Yeah, and it was one I couldn't
really afford, to be honest.
But then, I heard about
this rangers program
and it would allow me
to work part-time
to pay for my expenses.
So, four years ago,
I packed my bags,
came out here, got my rangers
license, and here I am.
So, you've been here
for four years?
No, not altogether.
The first two years,
I was here working as a ranger
to get the money together
that I needed to do my PhD.
And then, I went back to
Braxton to do all my courses.
So, when did you come
back here?
Five months ago
to do my research.
And then, now, I've just been
working on my thesis defense,
which needs to be accepted
before I get my PhD.
When do you have
to have it completed by?
- (chuckling)
- Yeah.
I'm going back in a month
to get the presentation ready.
Well, it seems like you
got it all figured out.
Yeah, we'll see.
I still have
a lot of research to do,
and then, I have to
come up with a creative way
to present my thesis defense.
that is the scary part.
Wow, that's a lot of pressure.
Speaking of which, I really
should get back to work.
Is it okay
if I walk with you?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Tim: So, what exactly is
the research you're doing here?
The big cats;
I study their population,
their behavior,
their response to habitat loss.
For what purposes?
A lot of the big cats are on
fast track to extinction, so...
- That's unthinkable.
- Yeah.
You know I admire you
sacrificing so much
to come out here
and stick with it.
I do it because I love it.
Well, this is me.
It's been really nice
talking with you.
Yeah. Yeah, you too.
And literally,
I did all the talking.
I don't quite know
how that happened.
I guess I'm
an inquisitive human.
Yeah, well,
you'd make a good scientist.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I don't have the patience.
The good thing
about theme park design
is that
I get to travel a lot.
I finish one project, and I move
on to the next challenge.
Hm. Do you like being
on the go all the time?
Yeah. Yeah, I love it.
I'm here.
If inspiration is
what you're looking for,
you definitely came
to the right place.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, Tim look at that.
So beautiful.
Darius: Oh, look at them go!
Tim: Wow.
The wildebeest came in?
- Megan: Mm-hmm.
- (Tim chuckling)
Um, Tim, I want to see
if I can get a few shots
of the warthogs and impalas.
- Yeah?
- Tim: Yeah.
So, I'll catch up
with you guys later.
Sounds good.
See you in a bit.
Everyone's meeting here now.
- How was lunch?
- Oh, perfect, as always.
- Thank you.
- Excellent.
I hope you're both coming to
the Boma for braai tonight.
- Wouldn't miss it.
- See you at six.
- Tim: Okay.
- Sounds good.
What's a braai?
It's kind of like a barbecue.
Well, count me in.
Hey, would you be interested in
doing a short walking safari?
Now? Here?
- Yeah.
- What about the 18 Lions?
Well, we have areas that are
cleared by our trackers,
and we take the ranger trainees
out there all the time.
Yet another job
to add to your resume.
Yeah, well, we all
participate in training here.
I just hang out with Kamara.
Come on.
This is what I envisioned
for the theme park.
Imagine bringing this
experience to kids and families?
I just got to figure out
how to make it happen.
Oh, wow! Look at that.
Oh, yeah, they're so cute
when they run.
So cute.
Well, I think it
all sounds very exciting.
It's not as exciting
as what you do.
What? You create.
Not everyone can do that.
How did you get into it?
For my tenth birthday, my
parents took me to Disney
and it blew my mind.
I came home that day and I said,
"I want to design something
like that,
so I can go whenever I want."
So, you went
to Penn State.
Did you grow up
in Pennsylvania?
No, no.
I grew up in upstate New York.
- Where do you live?
- New York City.
- New York City.
- Yeah, a long way from home.
Must be exciting.
It is. It is. I love it.
I work for this great
boutique agency called
Colvin Designs.
It's the best job ever.
I'm working on this proposal
for Chipperfield Theme Parks.
They're one of the biggest
players in our industry.
Oh, that's amazing.
Yeah, if I get
this contract,
it would be a huge step up
in my career.
Now-- now, I'm the one that's
been talking the entire time.
Sorry about that.
It's okay,
I don't mind.
I've liked hearing
more about you.
Folks, are you ready for
tonight's entertainment?
- Oh, yeah.
- Of course you are.
- Oh, yeah.
- Drums, please.
South African singing)
Who me?
Oh, that was fun last night.
It really was.
Mom Nozi really knows
how to throw a party.
And you were actually
having a good time.
I've never seen
you laugh so much.
(laughing) Okay, me?
What about you and Darius?
What's going on there?
- He's cute, isn't he?
- Mm-hmm.
And Tim, what a handsome guy.
He'd be perfect for you.
Yeah, I've had
the "perfect-for-you" guy.
It hasn't worked out
so well for me.
So, I am going to stick with
my very faithful companion:
Ah, work isn't the only thing
in life, you know?
No, but right now,
getting my PhD kinda is.
Okay. Too bad
because Tim is so handsome.
I hadn't noticed.
Oh, you're coming with me
to the school tomorrow, right?
Oh, yeah, of course.
I wouldn't miss it.
Um, why don't we invite
Tim and Darius?
I don't know.
I mean, Tim's here to work on
his presentation and...
Well, it's just that I'd like
to spend some time with Darius,
and it would be awkward if I
invited him on his own.
Okay, fine.
We will invite them.
- (laughing)
- Ugh.
(singing in African language)
(audience applauding, cheering)
Thank you for inviting us.
Yeah, of course.
You know, Kamara actually
went to school here.
Her and Mom Nozi come and visit
the students every month.
So, what do you think?
- It's amazing.
- Yeah.
Megan said that you
went to school here.
Yeah, well,
except, when I started,
there was one small building.
Mom Nozi made
all of this possible.
Yeah, she raised all the money
using profits from the reserve.
It's so great that
she's done so well
and she's paying it forward.
Did you want to meet
some of the students?
- Yes, please.
- Yeah, please, let's do it.
- This way.
- Okay.
All right.
Megan: Get in there.
- Tim: I'm getting it?
- I'm losing my beat.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Tim: Shoulders, right?
Welcome to Ukubuyela Endle.
Thank you.
I'm Amy Bradshaw.
Miss Bradshaw, of course.
We have one of
the best suites
ready for you
in the Upper Lodge.
- Oh, fantastic.
- Tim: That was incredible.
I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
I think they're so sweet.
Okay, Daddy,
I'll let you know how it goes.
Yeah, sure. Talk soon.
- Love you. Bye.
- Megan: I'm not even kidding.
- Amy?
- Hi.
- Hey.
- It's so good to see you.
Uh, yeah, it-- wow.
- Wow.
- I'm so sorry.
This is Megan Henry.
She's our ranger here.
Oh, ranger. Hi. Amy.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Amy and I went
to school together.
We went to the
same design college.
Oh, very cool.
Well, I hope you
enjoy your stay.
I'm sure I will, thanks.
What are you doing here?
Oh, it's a long story.
We have so much to catch up on.
But I am just
about to order lunch.
Do you want to join me?
Yeah... sure.
Do we have enough time
before our next drive?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
There's time. For sure.
Why don't you two go ahead?
I'll catch up with you later.
No, no.
You should join us.
Oh, no.
I have so much I have to do.
I should get back
to work anyway.
- You sure?
- Yeah, absolutely.
It was really nice
to meet you, Amy.
- You too.
- Bye.
Okay. See you in a bit.
Looking good.
Thank you.
So are you.
What a coincidence...
(conversation continuing
I cannot believe it's been ten
years since we saw each other.
- Ten years...
- Since we graduated.
I mean,
it's so great to see you again.
You too.
So, are you here on vacation?
I am here for work.
We're actually going
to be working together,
at least I hope.
You're working
for my company now?
The thing is, Tim, my dad
just bought your company,
Colvin Designs.
So, um...
(chuckling nervously)
And I am now running
the theme park division.
So, does that mean
that you're my...
- Boss.
- ...boss?
- You're my boss.
- I am. So, I'm guessing--
Um, I'm guessing you're
wondering why I am here.
That's the burning question.
I knew you'd be shocked
when you found out,
so I thought it
would be best to come here
and tell you in person,
especially since
we've known each other
for so long, you know?
Yeah, yeah.
Did you know that I was
working for Colvin Designs
before the sale?
No, not at all.
Imagine my surprise.
Well, I appreciate you
coming all the way out here
to let me know.
Yes, of course.
We have a lot of things to
look at with the new company,
and I guess I just
wanted to check in with you
to see if we could
work together, you know?
Well, I'm sure we can.
- Yeah.
- All right.
You know,
why don't we go on a drive,
so I can show you the world
I'm planning to bring
into my new concept?
- I would love that.
- Great.
- Hi.
- Can I take your order?
Oh, wow.
Look at that.
- It's a baby.
- They're so cute.
Hey, Tim, why don't we get
a few shots of you out there?
I mean, it'll be
great for publicity.
Can you imagine the headline?
"Theme park designer
walking with the elephants."
I'm really sorry, Amy,
but we're just a little
too close to do that.
But why? They're so calm.
Everything looks so serene.
I know it looks serene,
it's just really not safe.
Oh, come on,
it'll be just for a minute.
It doesn't really matter.
See the thing is,
we have to remember is that this
is their world.
We're simply visitors in it.
As long as we respect their
space, they'll let us be here.
Yeah, besides, we don't know
what's lurking out there.
And lions,
hyenas, leopards.
All right, let's move on then.
Can we find a safer space?
Yeah, sure.
- How's this?
- (camera shutter clicking)
All right, that's lovely.
Could you scootch
over to the left a little?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Cool.
Amy: Couldn't you find anything
better for a backdrop, Darius?
I mean, this is--
this is gorgeous,
Amy, and you wanted safe.
This is the best I
could do at a minute's notice.
Yeah, but we should be standing
out in a field
with zebras running
and lions roaring.
I could have stayed home
and photoshopped these.
Okay, I, uh...
Well, why don't
I talk to Nozizwe
and see if she can
suggest someplace better?
I really need wildlife
in the background, Tim.
I would even settle
for a cow at this point.
They have cows here, right?
Yeah, yeah,
I think they have cows here.
Hey, uh,
you have a drone, right?
- Yes, I do.
- Yeah, let's put it to work.
You can't fly a drone here.
- Says who?
- Megan.
What a surprise.
All right,
I'll have a chat with her.
I'm sure we can
sort something out.
Well, look,
why don't I talk to her
and see if she can
take us out on another safari
and find someplace safe
I can get out of the vehicle?
- Sounds good.
- Tim: Okay.
Megan: Okay.
You can get out, but I need you
to stay close to the vehicle.
- Are you sure? They...
- (hippos grunting)
They don't sound too happy.
Well, it's daytime, so they'll
stay in or close to the river,
and I'll keep an eye on them
in the clearing. Come on.
So, Tim, why don't you run
a little closer to the bank,
so Darius can get
a few good shots of you?
Oh, no. No, I'm sorry.
We can't do that.
But why not? You just said
that they stay in the river,
and if something happens,
then Tim can just run
back to the car.
Well, how fast can they run?
Well, they'll outrun you.
I mean, they don't call them
a river horse for nothing.
Yeah, I'd say it's
probably a pretty bad idea
to go down there.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Did you bring
your drone with you?
Darius: Yeah,
but you know we can't use it.
Yeah, I know,
they're not permitted.
But I mean,
we're in the middle of nowhere.
Who's going to notice?
Um... I'll notice.
But we're all
friends here, right?
Sure, yeah.
It's just, um, as a park ranger,
it's my job to ensure that all
of the protocols are followed.
Everyone breaks the rules,
Megan. Let's loosen up.
Let's have
a bit of fun here.
Amy, if you're
going to be out here,
I need you to understand
one thing very clearly:
poachers use drones to
find our rhinos and elephants,
so they will not be tolerated
under any circumstances.
I knew I'd find you here.
Oh. Hey.
Um, I just...
I wanted to say
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I appreciate you
taking us out,
and I know how busy you are.
It's no problem.
I just don't know
how helpful it was.
It was great.
Is Amy settling in okay?
Yeah, yeah, she's fine.
You know you're a lucky guy;
not many people have a friend
who would travel halfway around
the world just to visit them.
I guess so.
So, you guys have been
friends for a long time?
Well, outside of
going to college together,
we dated for a few months.
That was like
ten years ago.
I haven't seen her since
or even really kept in touch.
So - sorry, I don't mean
to sound intrusive -
but... why is she here?
Her dad...
just bought Colvin's.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
What does
that mean for you?
Amy is now running
the theme park design division,
she's effectively
my new boss.
So, what's more stressful,
being a ranger
or doing research?
Oh, research, hands-down.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, it's...
nothing I can control.
I mean, I still want to do some
more research on the leopards.
And then, there's
this pride of white lions
that I was following, but
they've been so elusive lately.
I've never seen a leopard
and white lions.
They're really rare.
There's only about a dozen
of them left in the wild.
What I wouldn't give to
a white lion... and a leopard.
one of our trackers
just spotted a leopard
and her cubs
down by the river,
and Kamara and I
were planning on going
to see if we could spot her.
If you and Amy wanted to come,
you're welcome.
Amy's got
video calls this morning,
but I'd love to come.
Meet you in the front in ten?
Yeah, I just have to
put my stuff in my room.
Yeah, okay.
- Hear those alarm calls?
- Yeah, what is it?
It's guinea fowl and baboon.
They know that she's here.
Where do you think she is?
I would say she's about
a hundred yards away
in that brush up there.
That's where the trackers
last spotted her.
Wait a second.
Oh! I see her!
Yeah, yeah. Just to the right.
To the right of the bush.
- Okay.
- Darius, you getting this?
Yes, man.
I'm getting it.
- (animals screeching)
- Megan: Nice work.
That's her.
You know what?
There's-- there's actually
a road up ahead.
If we head over there, we might
be able to get a better view.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
(air hissing)
What was that?
A... flat tire.
- Hmm.
- What do we do now?
Well, we'll just have to
call road service and, uh...
if they can't come,
then we'll grab a cab.
You don't have
those out here, do you?
No, we don't even have service.
All right,
everybody out, let's go.
Darius: Whoa, whoa, hold on.
Wait, you're kidding, right?
I mean,
there's a leopard out there.
- Yeah.
- Megan: Yeah, and your job
is to make sure she
doesn't come over here.
How do we...
What am I supposed
to do with this? Defend myself?
If she does
come over this way,
just, whatever you do,
don't run.
Megan, you're kidding,
Uh-uh. Out.
She's kidding, right?
No, she's not kidding.
(clearing throat)
Let's go. Let's do this.
(animals screeching)
(animals chittering)
We should not be out here.
There's a leopard over there.
Stop holding onto me, man.
- Okay, looks like we're done.
- Yeah.
(Tim sighing)
You okay?
You look a little pale.
I'm good. I'm cool.
- Megan: Mm-hmm.
- Tim: Let's go.
All right,
you know, we're just, uh,
not completely
out of the woods yet.
That's a bad joke.
Thank you very much, yeah.
Uh, we're gonna
head back to the lodge.
- Megan: Okay.
- Yeah.
Doesn't get much
better than this.
(phone ringing, vibrating)
Hey, Ames.
It's good to hear from you.
Have you settled in?
I'm doing okay, Daddy.
- Just a few little issues.
- Oh, what's up?
I'm not getting to spend as much
time with Tim as I'd hoped.
What's the problem?
He seems more
interested in spending time
with a certain
ranger over here.
Well, don't let that
get in your way.
I mean, you've been
friends for years;
that should count
for something.
Yeah, I'm working on it.
He's your
best asset going forward.
So, you better lock him down
before one of our competitors
comes in and snaps him up.
Yeah, I know.
Working on it.
And getting that
Chipperfield contract right now
is a priority,
and you know it's not going
to happen without Tim.
Yeah, I know.
All right,
we'll-- we'll talk again soon.
I'll check-in. Bye.
Do you want
to get out?
There's no leopards,
is there?
I mean, there might be,
but it's one of our
walking safari locations.
Don't worry,
you're safe with me. Come on.
Pretty cool, huh?
You know, I admire what you do;
give your all for this.
Do you find any time
for a personal life?
This is my personal life.
But do you miss
going out with friends,
hanging out, having fun,
being spontaneous?
I'm sorry, is changing
a tire beside a leopard
not spontaneous enough
for you?
(elephant trumpeting)
That's a good point.
Thank you.
Look at them.
Wow, they're beautiful.
- Megan: Yeah, they are.
- (trumpeting)
I haven't seen many two-legged
eligible bachelors around.
You never know, I might
find one hiding up a tree.
Seriously, though.
I dated someone
for three years in college.
We... got engaged.
And when we graduated, we
planned on traveling the world,
doing our research,
starting a family.
And then?
then, he changed his mind.
Yeah, we--
we spent some time apart
to figure some things out.
I came out here, and while
I was gone, he met someone else.
So, it ended.
I spent a little
too much time crying over it.
And then, decided I should
just get on with my life.
That was it for love?
Pretty much.
I mean I've dated a bit.
I just... I don't know,
I don't see the point
in pursuing something
if it's just not
gonna go anywhere.
Well, what if you unexpectedly
met someone and fell in love?
The timing would
have to be right.
What about you?
I haven't-- no,
I have nobody special
in my life, either.
I dated someone on and off
for a couple years,
but work got in the way,
we drifted apart,
we split up
about a year ago.
So, not a relationship guy?
No, actually,
quite the opposite.
I'd like to find love.
It's just work seems
to always get in the way.
Yeah, I get that.
work just has to come first.
Yeah, or maybe
we just work so much
because we haven't
found the right person yet.
Yeah, maybe.
(elephant trumpeting)
Amy: Oh, look at all these
magnificent animals.
It's such a missed
opportunity to use that drone,
don't you think?
I guess so.
You know,
I don't understand
why Megan is being such
a stickler for rules.
I'm sure lots of people
send their drones up
and no one really cares.
You just have to be careful.
Look, Amy,
I'm just here to do my job.
Oh, yes, of course,
of course.
Yeah. Can I?
Ah. Look.
- These are amazing, Darius.
- Yeah?
- Hey, can you send them to me?
- Of course.
Yeah, I'll make sure they get
into the hands of the CEO.
As a matter of fact, I can just
introduce you when we get back.
- No way.
- Yeah, of course.
That would be great, Amy.
Thank you.
I mean, you're part of
the family-- well, company.
You know what I mean.
- I get you.
- Yeah.
Honestly, I must say,
that's really good to hear.
I wasn't sure what was going
to happen after the sale.
Don't worry,
I got your back.
Thank you.
Such a shame that
we can't use the drone.
Can you imagine how impressed
head office would be if we did?
Just picture elephants,
giraffes, lions, cheetahs,
leopards, all roaming
across the savannah.
But I guess
it is what it is.
All right,
see you later.
- (animals chittering)
- (camera shutter clicking)
(camera shutter clicking)
(camera shutter clicking)
Oh, great,
not working again.
What happened?
Is that your only camera?
I know it's a dinosaur,
but it's served me well.
Well, you can use my camera.
It's brand-new.
The latest in technology.
I know how much
you love that.
Here, let me get a picture
of you with the cheetah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
(camera shutter clicking)
What do you think?
That's great.
We should probably
get back before it gets dark.
I'm sure it gets pretty
scary out here at night.
Yeah, but it's really
beautiful with the stars.
- (thudding)
- (gasping)
(both gasping)
How didn't you get scared?
Part of the job.
We should, um-- we should
head back for dinner.
That was amazing.
I would like to make
a toast to Mom Nozi
for being the reason
that we are all here,
and to the beautiful friendships
that we've made this week.
But most importantly,
to my friend Kamara
because, tonight,
Mom Nozi has officially
certified you as a park ranger.
Kamara: Oh...
Oh, wow.
- Megan: You deserve it, Kamara.
- Kamara: Wow.
Thank you.
I would also
like to make a toast.
I came here to get
inspiration for my work.
I got so much more than that.
Thanks, Megan.
Thanks for giving us
a safari experience
that we will never forget.
- Cheers, Megan.
- Kamara: To Megan.
- Darius: Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
Tim: Cheers.
(guitar playing softly)
(all laughing)
No, it was crazy.
Oh, it sounds like you
guys had an awesome day.
We did.
Maybe next time
you can come with us.
Yeah, maybe I will.
Who wants an a nightcap?
Uh, not for me.
You know what? I'll have one.
Whatever you're having.
Sure is a charmer,
isn't he?
Oh, look at that smile.
Come on, don't tell me
you haven't noticed.
He's having fun here, Megan,
and with you.
It's part of the job
to make sure everyone has
the best safari experience.
You know we dated, right?
Yeah, he mentioned.
Sometimes still wonder
what would have happened
if we'd stuck it out.
All right,
here we are.
All right,
well, I am heading out.
We have a big day tomorrow.
All work, no distractions
because he's all mine
for the next few days.
No cheetahs, I promise.
We're just going to a hyena den,
full of hyena pups.
- Hyena pups?
- Megan: Yeah.
See you at seven
for breakfast.
I'll be there. Doesn't sound as
fun as hyena pups, though.
Goodnight, Megan.
Goodnight, Amy.
Good luck with your work.
Yeah, thank you.
Tim: Yeah, I can't believe
that day that we had.
- I know.
- Honestly.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
Hyena pups.
So cute.
I looked at your
design yesterday
and I thought it would be
helpful if you could maybe
lay out a small
prototype or something.
You know what? I had one,
but I pressed pause on it.
I think I'm going to be
changing it up quite a bit.
How come?
It's just I have to
find a creative way
to incorporate all the things
I've seen and experienced here.
All right, sure.
Can I ask you
a personal question?
Yeah, sure.
I've been thinking a lot
about our college days,
and remember when we broke up,
we agreed to remain friends,
and we were for a while.
Do you think
we'll ever get that back?
It was ten years ago.
I think we've
changed a lot since then.
We're still
the same people, aren't we?
I think most
people change over time.
We have new experiences,
we mature,
we meet different people.
We make new friends
that replace the old ones.
I don't think
meeting new friends
means you need
to replace the old ones.
I see the way
you are with Megan.
And I used to be that friend
that you laughed with
and had fun with,
and I guess I'm just--
just a little envious of that.
I guess I just feel
a little slighted.
I'm sorry,
that wasn't my intention.
I guess when we
bought Colvin Designs,
I assumed that we could just
rekindle our old friendship
and work together
to build my new division.
You're now my new boss.
It's impossible
for things to stay the same.
All right.
How's everything going
with Tim?
That-- that's it?
Yeah, I'm having fun.
Wow! Megan Henry finally
admitting to having fun.
Now, that's progress!
Wait, is that a spark of love
that I sense in the air?
Okay, don't take it
too far.
In two weeks,
he's going to be home,
and I'm going to be
back to my statistics,
chasing lions,
and finishing my defense.
Yeah, okay. And then, he'll be
back in New York with Amy.
Don't you just
find it strange
that she's here
in the first place?
Yeah, I do,
but she's his new boss.
Where did that come from?
Looks like the lodge.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Kamara and I just spotted a
drone flying near the hyena den.
It looked like it was
launched from here.
Yes. Several other rangers
saw it too and called it in.
Well, any idea
who's flying it?
No, but one of the reports
said it was a guest of yours.
Looked like the same one
they saw last week.
- It had a yellow stripe.
- No, that's impossible.
I mean, the only person I know
of that has a drone is Tim,
and there's no way
he would be flying it.
Is it possible
that it was another guest?
Tim's drone is the only one
I've registered here.
It doesn't make any sense.
No, it doesn't,
but you know how unbending
the anti-poaching team is
about the use of drones.
They may ask for a temporary
suspension of your license.
Is there anything
I can do to resolve this?
I only have two more weeks.
You'll have to ask Tim to turn
in his drone immediately.
Do you know where he is?
I saw him a little while ago in
the giraffe garden with Amy.
Thank you.
Hey, um, can I talk
to you for a minute?
Yeah, sure.
Privately, if that's okay.
- No problem.
- Thanks.
Do you know anything about
a drone flying over the park
about a mile
or so from here?
No, no. I've been working
with Amy all day.
Why? What's up?
Is something wrong?
Yeah, some complaints
were registered.
My name was mentioned.
Look, Tim, I'm-- I'm gonna
have to take your drone.
I need to confiscate it.
You're not suggesting I was
the one that was flying it.
No, I'm not accusing
you of anything.
Well, it sounds
like you are.
Tim, I need you to understand
I have a lot on the line here.
This is the second drone
incident in two weeks.
If this is linked to me
in any way,
I could lose
my ranger's license.
Do you know
what that would mean?
- Well, I can't--
- It would mean
that I would have to
shut down all of my research.
Well, I can tell you that your
name won't be linked to it
because it wasn't my drone.
Well, is there any way
that somebody else
could have gotten
their hands on it?
No, Darius is
the one that has it
and there's no way
he would have flown it.
Well, I'm gonna
need you to check
because you're the only guest
that we know of that have one.
I don't know what
to say, I'll--
I'll make sure we hand
the drone in later today.
Thank you. We should get it
back to you when you're leaving.
- Hey, man.
- Hi.
I just spoke to Megan.
Yeah, she came to see me.
She seemed pretty upset.
Where's the drone?
It's in my room.
You didn't lend it
to anyone, did you?
No, I wouldn't do that.
We need to hand it in to
Mom Nozi right away.
Okay, I'll do that now.
Okay. Thanks.
Catch you in a bit.
- Hey, Panco.
- Hello. How are you?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Any news
on the drone yet?
Nothing yet,
but I'm working on it.
Mom Nozi, I hope you know
I would never allow
one of my guests
to fly a drone here.
Oh, Megan,
I know that.
You'd be the first person
to shut them down.
Is this going to reflect
poorly on you or the reserve?
Don't worry about us.
It'll all get sorted out.
Thank you for everything
you've done to help me.
I'm shutting down
for the night.
Can I offer you a nice
cold glass of white wine?
(chuckling) I would love one.
- Oh...
- Thank you.
You're the best.
- Thank you, Panco.
- Panco: Thank you so much.
Have a good sleep.
I will.
Megan, hey.
Um, do you have a second?
Today, was a strange day.
Yes, it was.
I hope that you know I had
nothing to do with the drone.
I would never do anything
to ruin your reputation
or jeopardize what you've worked
so hard to accomplish here.
I know. I just panicked when I
thought there was a chance
that I could lose
my ranger's license
and not be able to
complete my research.
Well, that's understandable.
You know,
when I first came here,
I was so proud of myself.
I would just hate to
leave feeling ashamed.
Why would you feel ashamed?
You're smart, strong,
hands-down you're the bravest
person I've ever known.
I'm not that brave,
believe me.
I'm serious!
There's not one the same that
you've been afraid of out there.
Oh... lots of things
scare me, believe me.
Okay, like what?
Like failure.
Not finishing
what I came here to do.
Haven't you achieved
everything you came here for?
No, I still want to do more
research on the white lions.
That was my biggest goal.
And if, for some reason, you
can't find them, then what?
Hmm... Then,
I will still submit my thesis
and hopefully get my PhD.
Of course
you're gonna get your PhD.
You know what?
I can't drink wine
without a snack.
I can't drink beer
without a snack.
Do you think
we should order in?
- Yes!
- Maybe pizza?
Yeah, I'd love pizza.
Wait a second, is this one
of those cab jokes again?
Oh. Ha-ha.
Got me again.
Well, now, I'm hungry.
Follow me.
I have an idea.
Okay, don't mind
if I do.
What do you think?
Malva pudding is officially
my new favorite dessert.
Maybe I should add
chef to my resume.
I don't know if it's actually
going to help me
with my defense.
Don't underestimate
I've seen people be swayed
by a delicious dessert.
Speak for yourself.
Hey, I'm going to head into the
village tomorrow with Kamara.
Do you want to come?
Yeah, I'd love
to take a break.
Darius is coming, too.
If you want to,
you can invite Amy.
I think she has a day
at the spa tomorrow.
- Hi.
- Hi.
And this is my mom
and my sister Annika.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
So, my mom has a
store in Johannesburg.
She comes here once a week.
All the profits from here
go back to the village
to supply clean water.
Oh, that's great.
I love that.
- That's so nice.
- Yes. Thanks.
These are beautiful.
What do you think?
Like this? My color?
You know what? I think
you're more of an autumn.
Let's see.
Oh, yes.
It's definitely your color.
It's so you!
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
These are nice.
Yeah, my mom's
going to love these.
She-- she makes clothes
for all of her grandchildren.
Do you have
a big family?
No, actually. It's, um--
it's just me and my mom.
My parents
split up when I was two,
so she raised me
on her own.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Was that difficult?
I mean, we didn't
have a ton financially,
but she made up
for it with more love
than any kid
could ever ask for,
even though she was working
two jobs to make ends meet.
You sound a lot
like your mom.
She was really young
when she had me,
so she had to
give up a lot to raise me,
but she always made sure
I had the best,
went to the best schools.
Is that why you're
so determined?
Yeah. I-- I want her to be
proud of who I've become.
I'm sure she is.
How could she not be?
Where is she now?
She actually has an apartment
by mine at the university.
After I got my undergrad,
she went to college and
got a degree in nursing.
That's incredible.
Yeah. Yeah,
she even found new love.
It's about time she had some
real happiness in her life.
That's why I would never want to
do anything to disappoint her.
Wait, hold on.
Do I hear a tiny bit
of you being a perfectionist
creep back in?
Is that what I hear here?
No! Me?
That is so yesterday.
I got you a little something.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I got you something.
- Really?
All right, well...
- On three?
- On three.
One, two, three.
- No.
- What?
The same one?
Which hand would
you like yours on?
- Put it on this one here.
- Okay.
Thank you.
There you go.
Thank you.
I love it.
I love mine.
Oh, man, I got some
really awesome footage today.
I'm going to go ahead and
start downloading this, yeah?
Do you want some company?
I'd love some company.
Come on.
Well, looks like
we've been ditched.
- Hey.
- Megan: Hey.
- Hope you guys had a good day.
- Yeah, it was great.
- Oh, I love your bracelet.
- Oh!
Thank you.
Yeah, um...
Tim actually
got it for me today.
And Megan actually
got me the same one.
What... are the chances?
(Megan chuckling nervously)
You know what?
I should get this
stuff back to my room.
But we're still on
for the drive tomorrow?
- Yes, we are.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Amy: Bye.
I'm glad you're back.
It can get
kind of boring around here.
Yeah, I guess so.
Yeah. Hey, so I would love to
talk with you
about something important.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
So, why don't we grab dinner,
maybe a glass of champagne?
We might have something
big to celebrate.
Yeah, I'm a little tired.
Can we just grab a coffee?
Yeah, coffee.
Yeah. Coffee it is.
Right now?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Did you get everything
What's wrong?
Darius needs to
tell you something.
Megan, I feel really ashamed
of myself and I'm so sorry.
Sorry about what?
I'm the one
who flew the drone.
I don't understand.
I made a really
stupid mistake.
The thing is,
I was chatting with Amy
and she had said she'd
really like some aerial shots.
And seeing that
she's now my boss,
I figured I'd at least
try to get her a few.
Look, I really hope I didn't
harm your reputation.
I'll tell Mom Nozi
right away.
No, Darius,
it's okay.
I appreciate your honesty
more than anything.
I just don't really understand
why Amy would have
asked you to do that.
She didn't exactly ask me.
She just said
she'd like some shots.
And so, I took it
upon myself to get them.
In retrospect,
it was a really stupid idea.
Have you told Tim?
No. Please, don't say
anything to Tim or Amy.
I won't.
But I do think you
should tell him yourself.
I really think
he'll understand.
How would you
feel about taking on
more responsibility
with the company?
What do you mean?
I need a business partner, and
you're the best in the industry,
and Daddy and I would just
love to have you on the team.
Well, thank you.
But what would that entail?
Um, overseeing
all the new projects,
a step up the ladder...
a big raise.
Does that mean
I'll be on the road more
or stationed
at head office?
Oh, no,
you'd be working
more directly with me.
And of course, a vice president
position down the road,
if it all works out.
What about my team
at Colvin Designs?
Oh, no,
I already have my own people.
- (elephant trumpeting)
- Oh!
I'm so sorry. I got a call
saying they were here.
Well, I could think of
worse places to be.
I think I might come out
again tomorrow afternoon
to see if I can spot them,
if you want to come.
Count me in.
I forgot to tell you I have
to do a quick trip
to Johannesburg tomorrow
to pick up some equipment.
Okay. Oh, do you think you could
pick up a thumb drive for me?
Yeah, of course.
why don't you
come with me?
We could leave early,
get back just after lunch.
Yeah. Okay. Yeah.
That would be fun.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, finally!
Aren't they beautiful?
Yeah, they're just right here.
How did we miss them?
(low growling)
I think this might be
the best day of my life.
(sighing contentedly)
- Hi.
- Hi.
Tim Erickson, there was a
delivery that was made for me.
Yes, Mr. Erickson.
Would you like us
to bring the packages
to your vehicle right now?
Yeah, that'd be great.
- No problem.
- Thank you.
You hungry?
I made reservations
at Aduna here.
I'm hungry.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Oh, I keep forgetting to
ask you about your design.
Have you done more work on it?
I'm getting a lot of... great
ideas, which is why I came here.
Good. I guess you must be
getting down to the wire.
One week left.
It's going to be
kind of a jolt to leave here
and not see you every day.
You never know, it might be
a refreshing change of pace.
No, no,
I'm going to miss this place,
and I'm going
to miss you.
I'm going
to miss you, too.
It's been
really nice having you here.
What if,
when we leave here,
I come visit you,
and we can go out
on a real date?
Tim, I don't want to get
my heart broken again.
And once you leave,
I just don't see how we
could make something work.
How will we know
if we don't try?
relationships are hard,
trust me.
Can we just try to enjoy
the time we have left?
We got a flight to catch.
Why don't we go back and try
to find those white lions?
I cannot tell you
how happy I am
you're getting
to see them again.
This is so special
- Yeah.
- (camera shutter clicking)
I can't believe I get to
experience this with you.
Me, too.
Oh, no.
Don't go, don't go.
(camera shutter clicking)
I think it's about that time.
What time?
Time for a sundowner.
A sundowner?
Have you never had one?
Okay, well,
it's tradition here,
and you have to
have at least one
to have a true
South African safari.
Okay. Let's go!
(animals grunting
in the distance)
This is unbelievable.
I don't want it to end.
Yeah, it's pretty magical,
isn't it?
Do you think you're gonna be
spending a lot of time
in New York
when you get back?
More than I planned.
Amy offered me
a partnership.
That's a generous offer.
It's a great opportunity,
but I'll be doing
a lot less design work
and more administration to
help build out the company.
Do you think
that'll make you happy?
I don't know.
So, where does that
leave you and Amy?
Well, I guess
I'll be working
out of the head office
a lot more.
You think that's
going to be easy to do?
With your history?
Yeah, I think so.
The boundaries are clear.
The past is the past.
Do you think
it'll be easy for her?
I don't see why not.
Why do you ask?
Just a feeling.
Tim: Yeah, that sundowner last
night was really incredible.
Um, hey, Tim.
Look man,
I'm just gonna cut to the chase.
There's something
I need to tell you.
It's about the drone.
Uh... I'm the one
who flew it.
I'm really sorry, man.
Why didn't you admit it?
I didn't want to lose my job.
Why would you ever
worry about that?
Wait a second.
Did Amy put you
up for this?
No. I'm not blaming
Amy for anything.
She didn't ask me.
She just said she'd
like some footage.
And so, I foolishly went
ahead and did it on my own.
Darius has taken full
responsibility for this.
He told us the truth and he's
told Mom Nozi the truth.
No, no. Wait.
But what about Amy?
She's responsible
for all of this.
No, Kamara, I 100% take
responsibility for this, okay?
Tim: I'm gonna straighten
this out with Amy,
if that's okay.
What if she fires me?
You will always
have a job with me,
no matter where I am.
- Thanks for telling me.
- Darius: Yeah.
- (elephant trumpeting)
- Hey.
Best view I ever had.
Hey, maybe we can do, like,
a satellite office over here.
What do you think? We could work
here during the winter.
We need to talk.
I just, I spoke to Darius
and he told me what happened.
Oh, my gosh,
did something happen?
Come on, Amy.
Don't play this game.
You know what's going on.
I'm sorry,
I honestly don't.
- The drone?
- Yeah.
Oh, sorry.
You don't think I had something
to do with that, do you?
You didn't tell Darius you
needed some aerial shots?
I told everybody.
I told you,
Megan, Darius, everyone.
Guess he
misinterpreted what I said.
Did you ever consider what this
could have done to Megan?
She could have lost
her license and missed out
on the opportunity
to finish her research.
I wouldn't worry
about her too much.
She can take care
of herself.
Oh, come on, Amy.
You know what?
I'm done with this.
I'm done with the
way you treat people
and pretend like you're
when you know full well you've
done something wrong.
The only reason I came here
was because of our friendship,
because I wanted to offer you
an opportunity
to build your career.
I don't need you
to bolster my career.
And honestly,
I don't know if I could
ever work with you again,
not after this.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Well, I talked
to Amy last night.
And it didn't go too well.
I quit my job.
Tim, are you sure
that's what you want to do?
Yeah, it's the right move.
I mean, what about your design?
You've worked so hard on it.
I know.
So, what are you going
to do?
I have to go back tomorrow.
Amy left this morning,
but I need to get back
and talk to my old boss
Jim at Colvin Designs
and see if we can
figure something out.
I'm really sorry
this happened.
I know how important
this job was to you.
It was, but, you know,
I'm glad it happened.
Made me remember
the type of person Amy was
before I started
working with her.
Well, I'm sure something
good will come from this.
I mean you're smart, you're
talented, you're creative.
Thank you
for believing in me.
Of course,
I believe in you.
You're an amazing person.
And you even
taught me that
I don't need to take everything
so seriously all the time.
That's not an easy task.
Can I see you again
before I go?
Maybe do dinner tonight?
I would like that.
These past two weeks,
they've gone by so fast.
Yeah, they have.
This has been...
one of the most phenomenal
experiences of my life.
For me, too.
We don't have
to say goodbye.
This doesn't have to be
the end.
Tim, I...
I just don't see how
a future for us could work.
I know
all the odds are against us.
I don't want this
to be over.
Me neither.
But you have a life to get back
to and you have to figure out
what you're going to do, and I
don't want to be the person
that stands
in the way of that.
I don't want to be the person
that gets in the way
of you either.
You've worked your entire
life for what you have.
Our lives,
they're just too different.
But they're not.
We can't both live our dreams
if we're together.
What if we can?
If there was a way to make
this work, I would want to.
But I just don't see
how it's possible.
Will I see you tomorrow
before I leave?
I don't know if
I can say goodbye to you.
Then, don't.
I'm sorry.
(both laughing)
Oh... It's been so
great having you here.
Thank you for everything.
- Travel safe.
- Yes.
- Darius.
- Mom.
(engine revving)
(breathing shakily)
(camera shutter clicking)
Hey, Megan.
Tim left this here
for you this morning.
He didn't want to leave
you behind, you know.
I didn't want
to see him go.
I hope you can find
a way back to each other.
Love doesn't
come along very often.
I know.
Follow your heart;
it'll take you
where you need to be.
And this...
is confirmation that
the complaint against you
has been withdrawn.
Your ranger's license
is still in good standing.
- That's a relief.
- I'm so sorry.
This shouldn't have
happened in the first place.
No, it's okay.
I mean, there's a lesson to be
learned in everything, right?
This taught me not
to jump to conclusions,
and to trust people
like you...
who have my back.
Tim (narrating):
"Thanks for all the memories.
"I left the footage
from the leopard
"and the white lion sightings.
"I hope it'll help you dazzle
your thesis defense.
"And if you see
the white lions again,
"I'd love
to see the pictures."
(camera shutter clicking)
(camera shutter clicking)
(camera shutter clicking)
(camera shutter clicking)
(phone chiming)
- I love you so much.
- Megan: I love you.
I love you, too.
Okay, my turn.
We're all going
to miss you.
Thank you both
so much for everything.
I'll be back, I promise.
You better.
Okay. Thanks, Josh.
Okay, yeah.
I'll be right there.
Oh, my gosh!
What are you doing here?
I'm visiting Darius
for a couple of weeks
and I wanted to come
and surprise you.
Well, this is
an amazing surprise.
Oh, do you have
a couple of hours to spare?
Yeah. Why?
Well, Darius is working
on a short film project
and he asked me
to come and see it.
So, do you want
to tag along?
Yes, I would love to.
I just have to grab my purse.
Come on,
I'll show you my office.
Yeah, yeah.
I can't believe you're here.
Uh... Kamara, are you sure
we're in the right place?
Let me grab Darius.
I'm happy you made it.
I missed you, Megan.
Yeah, I've, um--
I've missed you too.
You know, there hasn't
been a second in the day
that you weren't
on my mind.
Can I show you something?
Remember how you said you
wanted something spectacular
to impress your committee
for your thesis presentation?
Yeah, I mean, it's a--
it's a little low-key, but...
Wait, just one minute.
(clearing throat)
It's beautiful.
It's like we're back there.
The more I thought about what
I wanted the attraction to be,
the more I realized...
it needed to feel real.
It does.
Thanks to you.
You're the one that
inspired all of this.
It's perfect.
I love it. Oh!
What happened with your job?
I talked
to my old boss, Jim.
This project
had been in development
long before Amy came around.
I was the one that
originally thought of this.
So, Jim and I,
we ran with it.
And we started our own company
and hired all the employees
that were let go of by Amy.
That's incredible.
I'm really happy for you.
And the best part is
that Chipperfield -
the company that I originally
pitched my concept to -
they bought it,
and they gave us
a contract to create more.
All your hard work
paid off.
I want this company
to become our dream.
What do you mean?
They want more
immersive experiences
from exotic locations
in the wilderness.
I can work anywhere.
I can travel with you
while you do your research.
I can do my designs from
wherever we are in the world.
Are you sure that's
something you would want?
I have never been
more sure about anything.
The time I spent
with you in South Africa
was the happiest
time of my life.
Mine, too.
I was maybe...
just a little miserable
after you left.
I'll go anywhere
and do anything for you, Megan.
I love you
with all my heart.
Please say you'll
take this chance with me
and make this dream
our reality.
You know, no one's
ever been willing to...
make their
dreams fit with mine.
I'll do whatever
it takes to make this work.
I love you, too.
(audio of fireworks whistling,
popping, crowd cheering)
(Megan laughing)
Tim: I told Darius
I didn't want fireworks.
Hey, you can never
go wrong with fireworks.
And this is why
we must make every effort
to save these
incredible creatures.
I'd like to dedicate my thesis
defense today to my mom.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Dr. Henry.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
(elephant trumpeting)