A Scottish Love Scheme (2024) Movie Script

Now... are you all packed?
Yes. Yes, all packed.
And Lily's coming over tonight
so we can all leave together
in the morning.
But I haven't told Lily yet.
You haven't told her yet?
Well she's been through so
much, I don't want to add to it.
Well, yes.
But now that the divorce
is finalized, uh,
don't you think you ought
to tell Lily?
I mean, especially since she's
going to be traveling with you.
I just want to have an amazing
time with her.
Without this weighing over us.
I understand.
Oh, hold on a moment.
Logan's just arrived.
Oh, Finn's exhausted
after his rugby this morning.
I'd let him sleep.
Nothing wrong with a wee snooze,
I'm not above it myself.
Thanks Mum.
Oh, and there's a form
in his rucksack
that requires your signature.
And his rugby kit
needs washing.
Sorry Cait, Logan's here
to pick up Finn.
But I agree with George.
You need to tell Lily
you've decided to make the most
of the time you have left.
I hear you, my friend.
But promise me
you won't mention it.
You know I won't.
But I do wish you
would reconsider.
Good luck, boss.
We're gonna miss you
around here.
Thanks Chad, I'm gonna miss
being in Boston.
You guys'll do great
without me [chuckles].
You know you don't have
to leave, Lily.
You have just as much right
to be here as me.
Your family's name
is on the building,
and as much as I loved
being here,
I don't belong anymore.
But you helped build
the DePaul brand.
I mean, you're responsible
for the marketing
that put us on the map.
Thank you.
But your family started
this brewery.
It's yours.
We were friends before
we got married, you know.
Yes. And I'm glad
we're still friends
but exes, friends,
whatever you wanna call it...
we can still be all those things
and not work together.
It just feels like
everything's changing.
It is.
You're about to be
married again.
I am so happy for you
and Yvonne.
I'm ready for my next
chapter too,
I wanna build something
for myself.
If you change your mind...
I won't.
Mum and I go to Scotland
How come you decided to take
your trip with your mum
earlier this year?
I'm not coming back afterwards.
Photography, huh?
It always was your dream.
It's about time I made
that happen, don't you think?
Well I hope the program, Spain,
is everything you want it to be.
You take care, Phil.
Mom, Dad. I'm here!
Oh, my god!
I can't believe
we're leaving tomorrow.
I know!
So, I'm all packed.
But Dad, I was wondering if you
could ship my other suitcase
and some boxes once
I've settled in Seville.
Of course, sweetheart.
Whatever you need.
I can't wait to go on our
mother-daughter trip tomorrow.
One last trip.
Why do you say that?
We can go again.
Uh... of course!
Of course.
We just don't know when.
Now you must be hungry.
Who's for dinner?
I'm failing the lot of you,
You'd have known
how to fix us.
Hi mate.
If you're wanting to moan
about the poor performance
of Finn's last rugby match...
I'm all ears.
Anything else?
Like what? I'll take
a raincheck.
What? Finn's rugby's
been fine.
He's at training just now.
Oh. I hope they're running
different drills.
I think he could use more
one-on-one time before tryouts.
Tryouts are next week already.
Well thanks for the reminder.
I can't believe I nearly forgot.
You're an amazing Dad.
Stop being so hard on yourself,
we all have hectic times.
And look, Finn's a good kid.
Yeah, well hectic doesn't begin
to cover it.
That's why I'm calling.
Could you go to Mum's later
and look after Finn?
I promised her I'd pick up Lily
and Cait from the train station.
Right, no problem.
What about the meeting
with Wilson Marketing?
I've cancelled it.
You, me and Rory need
to talk as soon
as he's back from holiday. Yeah?
Okay. Cool.
See you later.
Seems it's a busy day.
What gave it away?
You need to take some time off.
Go fishing with Finn or play
a round of golf with Rory.
You'll burn out at this pace.
Things are just busy right now.
But I'm here, Mum.
Oh thank you, Logan.
I just, I didn't feel
like driving alone.
No, just remind Rory and Caleb
I'm your favorite son.
As far as favorites go, you
have been overthrown by Finn.
It's okay.
My direct descendant,
the one true heir.
It's stunning here.
They're here!
We made it.
You look lovely.
I Iook a disaster.
But never mind, I'm so happy
to see you.
To be here.
Isn't it wonderful?
Oh, it most certainly is.
Oh, darling.
Oh, but listen, we would have
collected you from the airport.
I can't believe you came
by train.
Me neither.
I wanted to take the train.
I wanted to see the countryside.
So good to see you.
Oh, lovely to see you.
You look lovely.
You gonna to say hi?
Sorry, uh, you look different.
Not bad different.
Good, different.
Not that you looked bad
the last time I saw you.
It's good to see you, Logan.
Okay. We should get going.
Scottish men
are such charmers.
And yet you married
an American.
No, wait.
I can't sit in the front
while my elders are squished
together in the back.
Why don't you sit in the front
with Logan?
Less of the elders business.
We are young at heart, Lily.
And besides, I want
to chat with Cait.
You could catch up with Logan.
If you say so.
All right, ladies.
Jump in.
- You alright, Mum?
- Mm-hmm.
Last time I remember, you were
a bit of a rogue driver.
This is a tank.
Do you think you can handle it?
I'll show you rogue.
Here you go, Lily.
Buckle up.
Midnight cries
Let's dry your tears
Running down
The fading years
Every moment held
and shared
Call my name
and I'll be there
Yes, I will.
Come in, come in.
Oh, it's so good to be
back again.
I believe you know the location
of your quarters, your highness.
Indeed I do, my lady.
Lily. Why don't we go and
sit down until your mum is ready
for a cup of tea.
It is so good to be back
here again.
Thanks for inviting Mom and for
having us stay here with you.
Your mum hardly needs
an invitation.
After all the years we've been
friends, well, this is her home.
Yours too.
Oh, it's wonderful to see you,
sweet girl.
Your home is just as
I remember.
Well, some things
don't change...
and some things do.
Finn, you remember my old friend
Cait's daughter, Lily?
Finley Campbell,
is that you?
Yes, Mrs.
Oh, don't call me Mrs.
I'm too young for that.
You know, the last time I saw
you, you were a lot smaller.
You have grown into quite
the strapping young man.
Thanks, Miss... Lily.
And who is this?
He's called Brody.
He's my best friend.
Oh, he is adorable.
I just love Gordon Setters.
Me too. Dad got him
for me.
And Nana lets him
inside the house?
I distinctly remember
your dad and uncles
were never allowed
to have a dog.
Well, I'm Nana's
favorite, so...
Shh! Finn, you'll make
your uncles jealous.
Look, why don't you take
Brody upstairs
and we'll meet you
in the kitchen?
Hi. It's Logan Campbell here.
I wonder if I could speak
to someone
about my overdue invoice.
Great. Thanks.
I've prepared a little lunch.
It looks delicious.
Lily Reed.
Oh, it's good to see that smile.
Good to see you, Caleb.
What's it been,
five years?
More like, seven.
Seven? You don't look
a day over 30.
Welcome back.
It is so good to be here.
Come and have a bit of lunch.
Oh yes.
Alright little man?
I need to speak to your father.
Is he in his office, is he?
I think he's on a call outside.
Well, you're in charge of tea.
I'll be back.
Let me help you with the tea.
What grade are you in now?
Year seven.
So what, you're ten?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Do you like school?
You play any sports?
Rugby. Tryouts for the regional
team are next week.
The regional team?
Wow, you must really be good.
I hope I make the team.
It's my first time trying out.
Last year Dad had to work,
Uncle Rory was traveling
and Uncle Caleb was sick.
So I missed them but this year
Dad promised me he'd be there.
I hear your Dad's
running things
over at Campbell's right now.
Seems pretty busy.
He works all the time.
That's why he got me Brody.
When I was your age
I had a cat, Miss May,
and she used to chew
on all my Mum's slippers.
Good thing Brody's
Yeah. Your Nana
must be relieved.
Brody and I spend
the most time here.
And Nana has a secret
snack stash
that no one knows about
except us.
And now you.
Well, you should know that I am
a phenomenal secret keeper.
I won't say a word if you
tell me where that stash is.
It's gonna go in the vault,
just between you and me.
Wow. Mairi has the hookup.
Take one.
Thank you.
Guess I'll be spending a little
more time with you and Brody.
Seriously, though, do you think
you could show me
some of the local sites?
I'd really like to take
some pictures.
I'd love to.
Brody and I know
all the best spots.
I'm sure you do.
Okay. I'll leave it
to you then.
- Everyone... tea is served.
- Oh, lovely.
Okay, where were we?
Your turn.
Oh, come on.
Winning champion.
You win again, Finn.
I'm gonna go get some more
sweets before supper.
Good idea. I'll clean up.
I'm sorry.
Um, looking for
the guest bedroom?
- Yeah.
- It's, uh, down there.
Got it.
- Settling in?
- Yeah.
I just finished playing cards
with Finn.
He's a trip.
You've raised a great kid.
Thanks. Well, he makes it easy.
Did he talk your ears off?
No. I learned a lot,
especially about Brody.
Let's see, Golden Setters
are to be walked
a minimum of two hours a day.
And mental stimulation games
are highly recommended
for the breed.
We took Brody for a walk
before playing cards.
Yeah. Thanks for hanging out
with him.
It was nice.
Yeah, to just hang out and chat,
play cards without being rushed.
Yeah, I bet.
I also learned that
your snack game is weak
and Mairi's house
is the place to be.
Logan. Lily?
Time for supper.
Mairi's cooking waits
for no one.
- After you.
- Right.
Well, now that you're here,
I am officially declaring myself
on holiday.
Oh, goody.
It'll be like a girls
Logan and Caleb, you are
in charge of clearing up.
Uh, what about Finn?
He is my favorite.
Hi five.
That's fine.
I was hoping to chat to you
and Caleb about some things
that are happening
at Campbell's.
Yeah, of course.
We can chat over supper.
Let's eat.
Oh, Finn must be starving.
Slainte, everyone.
Yes. Welcome.
Oh. Alright Logan, do you want
to tell us what's going on?
No, I can speak to you
and Caleb after supper
so we can loop Rory in.
No, nonsense.
I mean, it's a marketing issue,
isn't it?
We've got a marketing guru
right here at the table.
Oh, I saw what you did for the
DePaul 50th anniversary release.
You are a clever girl.
Oh, well, I don't...
So... hmm...
Um... last year we purchased
a bunch of ice wine barrels
from Canada.
We wanted to age some whiskey
in those sweeter barrels
instead of the typical
cherry ones.
Honestly... I tried to draw
on a younger demographic.
Oh. Familiar story
in the marketing world.
Sorry, go on.
We're calling it Frost.
The whiskey itself has come out
so much better
than we could have hoped.
I think it's going to blow
people away, but...
But the buying and shipping of
the bottles, it's...
it's been pricey.
It's a big risk.
It's been aging for months,
and now it's finally ready
to be bottled.
Is Rory ready to take it
to market?
Well he wants to start as soon
as he's back from France.
Ooh-la-la. Paris.
We're ready to go.
Well, not exactly.
What's the problem?
Well, it turns out our main
competitor, Bonnie Auld,
has been working
on something similar.
They've just released all their
new packaging on their socials,
and it's... very similar
to ours.
So now it looks as though
we've copied them,
despite this being our idea,
and our whiskey being
far better.
Who's doing the marketing?
Can't they make it better,
more current?
Agencies tend to have
little flexibility
when it comes to extra work.
We've spent so much on this and
now we've got a ton of whiskey
ready to be bottled with no
labels to put on the bottles.
Bonnie Auld are releasing
in about three weeks.
So if we want to compete,
we've got between
two and three weeks
to design a label in-house or
I think we lose a market share.
Or... keep it bottled
until next time.
Next time?
Logan, we went all in
on this idea.
We appropriated the funds...
I know, I know.
I feel awful that
this is happening.
What about another
marketing firm?
One with lower quotes.
Too short notice.
So what do you think, Lily?
She'd love to do it.
Oh. Well I'm... I'm going
to Spain, so I...
I can't ask Lily to do that.
You're not asking. She is.
Well, it's just that I don't
have a lot of time.
I would have no problem
doing the marketing plan,
but as far as being able to do
graphics, I just, I don't see...
Surely you can sit down
and discuss concepts at least.
Does this mean you're gonna
miss my rugby tryouts, Dad?
Of course I'll be there, Finn.
Why don't we meet later
in the week?
Try to figure something out.
If you work together you can
finish it faster, Dad.
Think you can help, Lily?
Yes, of course I can.
I promise.
I won't let you down.
Don't make promises
you can't keep, Lily. Yeah?
Logan Campbell!
Dad, Lily will be there.
You'll see.
You see?
Finn is the voice of reason
at this table.
Does that mean I can
get dessert early?
So clever.
You sure you don't
mind meeting?
No, I'm fine.
I'll head to the distillery
later this week
and just give me a few days
to settle in
and we can chat.
Thank you, Lily.
You're welcome, Caleb.
This really is delicious.
Especially the haggis.
I really missed it.
Hey. What are you doing
in town?
I mean, how are you?
Well, my mom asked me to post
a letter for her,
and I'm good, thanks.
I wanted to go for a walk,
and Mom told me
there was some good coffee
to be had around here,
but I can't seem
to find it anywhere.
Just around the corner,
I'll show you.
Oh, thank you.
It's not even on the street.
No. Trust me?
- Maybe.
- Uh-huh.
This old heart can hold
if you need it to
You're not going
to be disappointed.
Hello. Um... I'll take
a latte.
And can I have a flat white, please?
Have you got a second?
And two cookies as well, please.
Oh, you don't have to.
Please, let me.
It's the least I can do.
Thank you.
Shall we sit over there?
So... I owe you an apology.
An apology for what?
I had no right to talk to you
like that last night.
The familiar way Finn acted
around you, he just...
he sometimes reads into things
since losing his mum
and I don't want him
to read into this
as anything other
than business.
I get that. Finn is easy
to click with.
I understand you wanting
to protect your son.
Sorry. I'm not always the best
with words in the moment,
you know.
I'd like us to be transparent
moving forward,
whether it's business,
or family, friends.
Whatever it is.
I'd like to be honest.
I couldn't agree more.
Honesty and transparency.
Thanks for going easy on me.
And thanks for the treat.
You're welcome.
I don't want to ruin
your holiday with your mum,
but if you could just push me
in the right direction.
Full disclosure, I'm only here
for two weeks
because then I'm going to...
Seville. Yeah.
I'm taking a six-month
photography course there.
Wow, that's exciting.
I thought you worked
in a brewery.
I did. Things happen.
Because of the divorce?
I must admit, my mum has kept me
very up to date
with your love life.
I'm sure she has,
but... partly, yeah.
When I worked at DePaul Brewery,
I was a DePaul.
I put my creative aspirations
on hold for his family business,
and I loved it.
I was good at it.
But when we got divorced,
I just,
I realized that it was time
for me to do my own thing.
I get that.
It gave you the freedom
to explore a new path.
My mom thinks I'm going through
a midlife crisis.
Photography has always been
my passion
and I'm not ready to give up
on something
I haven't taken a shot at.
Good for you, Lily.
You're going after what you want
and for the right reasons.
Life is short.
We both know that.
Thank you for the caffeine hit.
I needed it.
I should be thanking you.
Got me out of my own head
for an hour.
I can't remember the last time
that happened.
How long have you been
running the distillery?
Um... about five years.
My mum ran it solo for ages
after Dad passed.
Mairi is one powerful woman.
She sure is.
Little by little my brothers
and I took over.
I've been head of things
for a while now,
managing and overseeing.
What do your brothers do?
Well Rory runs distribution.
That man was born
to network and travel.
And Caleb's in charge
of operations.
He's created a brilliant
His team will do anything
for him.
I can see that.
You know, we all pitched
in whenever we needed but...
this idea of the ice wine
it's all mine and I just...
Feel responsible?
And guilty.
If this launch doesn't go
the way we hoped
then my decision affects
my entire family
and their livelihoods.
I need to get it right,
you know?
Yeah. I felt that kind of
pressure working at DePaul.
Every launch was the launch.
It's exhausting.
And exhilarating.
If you love what you do.
And I do, truly, even
when it's all falling apart.
I wouldn't want any job
but mine.
And Caleb and Rory,
they feel the same
which is lucky for
a family business.
It's incredible that
you've all found your roles
It's very important.
I just... I want my brothers
to feel like
they've achieved their dreams.
What about your dream?
Oh, two seconds.
It's Finn's school.
No, um... I'll swing by
and get it done.
Right. Cheers. Thanks.
Everything okay?
Yeah. I just forgot to sign
Finn's permission slip
for rugby tryouts.
I'd better go.
Um... can I give you
a lift anywhere?
No, I'll walk. It's beautiful.
- Alright. See you later.
- See you later.
So how was your morning?
Did you find a good coffee spot?
I did.
Actually, I ran into Logan.
Yeah, he took me for coffee.
We had a nice walk.
Oh, he didn't take you
for a proper meal?
Well, Finn's school called
and Logan had to fill out
some paperwork.
Oh, I bet it was that rugby
permission slip.
Do you know, I reminded
him about it.
Well, you know how busy
those early years are.
Cait, Finn's 10 years old.
All he does is talk about rugby.
And Brody.
You know, you should come
to his rugby tryouts with us.
We could be part
of his cheer team.
We'd love to!
Maybe we should check
with Logan first.
Oh, nonsense.
Finn will be thrilled.
And that's all that matters.
We'll be there.
Oh. This rain is
a perfect test.
Scottish weather.
Nice wee plan, you getting
Logan to post your letters.
Oh, I know.
I couldn't believe the timing
lined up so perfectly.
Well, of course Lily was bound
to run into Logan
after I gave her the wrong
address for the coffee shop.
You know, Lily's in a really
good place, Cait.
Don't you think it's about time
you told her the truth?
No. Not yet, Mairi. No.
I want her to have
some more time.
And here she is.
What did you get?
Some chocolates
and this brooch.
Oh, a beautiful Celtic brooch.
Oh. Oh, it's Logan.
He's asking if I want
to go to dinner tonight
to start on the concepts.
But we were going to go to
that restaurant you wanted to...
Oh, no, no, no.
We can go there another night.
Right Mairi?
- Oh, absolutely.
- Mmhmm.
You go out with Logan tonight.
The sooner you start on
the concepts the better.
Alright, if you're sure.
Oh, listen. Come on, I know
a really good spot for lunch.
Okay, great.
Hey, how you doing?
How's life been
treating you?
It's been so long since
we've all been together now
It's just dinner at a pub.
Come on, Lily.
We took it all for granted
The sweetest love is
always there for you
Oh, oh...
Oh, oh, oh...
Oh, oh...
Love is the sweetest thing
Oh, oh...
Oh, oh, oh...
Oh, oh...
The sweetest thing
And I'll be back
with you some day
and life will move on like
we were never away
It's been a real turn...
I thought you and Lily were
meeting to talk about the label?
I am, in about
half an hour or so.
Quite cozy for a business
meeting, don't you think?
What you drinking?
Here comes Cam.
Another Campbell.
What can I get you, Caleb?
Ah, just a lager.
Whatever you have on tap.
So... you think Lily
will be able to help us?
You know, I haven't talked
about the label yet
but I hope so.
Have you talked
about other things?
I saw how hard you were
checking her out at Mum's.
If I checked her out,
it's because she's beautiful
and... and smart.
And she's funny.
Listen, you went at her pretty
hard for kidding around
with Finn.
Are you jelly of their banter?
It wasn't kidding around,
you eejit.
What's jelly?
I can't believe you just
abbreviated jealous.
I just... I don't want Finn
getting the wrong idea,
thinking she's sticking around
when she's not.
They seemed chummy for a few
hours playing card games.
Is it not a good thing
that Finn took to her?
I mean, it seems like
he can confide in her.
Aye, if she was staying.
But she's not.
I don't want them
getting attached.
But what about you?
Do you think that you could
form an attachment?
It's good to see you
laugh again.
You think there's more to this
than you letting on?
No. I mean, maybe if the timing
was different.
Spain's only for six months.
It's not only Spain.
It's Cait.
What's wrong with Cait?
She's ill, Caleb.
I heard her and Mum talking
and, um...
I'm pretty sure it's terminal.
- You're sure?
- Aye.
And here's Lily putting
on a brave face,
being so strong and optimistic
and focusing on the positives
when it's easier
to spite it all.
I should've focused more
on the good moments with Meg
instead of losing hope
so quickly.
Is that why they're here?
To say goodbye?
I think Cait wanted
one last trip.
That's what Lily and Mum
are doing for her.
I had no idea.
And we're taking up Lily's time
with this label redesign.
Aye. Another thing
to feel guilty about.
Mum and Cait seem to think that
Lily's involvement is great.
So maybe working and spending
time with you
is an outlet for her as well.
Hey... I better go
before Lily arrives.
But whatever the reasons Logan,
enjoy tonight.
Hmm? You deserve it.
You've been surprisingly
My emotional intelligence
is unrivaled, brother.
No, trust me.
It's... there's more with you
and Lily than this label excuse.
So we're just encouraging you
to lean into it.
I'm not leaning in.
It's Jimmy.
We're on for dinner.
Talk to you later?
I hope Lily can help with
the new branding of Frost.
Mmm. Oh, I'm sure she will.
But what do you bet
they talk about things
not related to the label?
I don't know. They're both
very career-orientated.
Well, I told Logan to take her
to the Tartan Inn,
Sit her in front
of the fireplace,
- make sure she was warm enough.
- Oh...
And, um... you know...
added ambiance.
Good thinking.
They need a bit of extra help.
Oh, those two wouldn't
recognize a date
even if they were on one.
But Lily did change
her dress three times.
And Logan rang twice
to check
that Finley could have
a sleepover.
- Late night?
- Late night.
Dad's always home by 9PM.
Exactly, Finn.
I hope they're up to some
naughty fun.
I need your love tonight...
I walked a million miles
to you
- You find it okay?
- I did.
Oh. It was lovely.
You look amazing.
Well, you don't look
so bad yourself.
And our table's not ready yet.
You want to have a drink
here first?
Thank you.
What can I get you?
I will take an Aperol
Spritz, please.
Ah, an American lass. Eh?
My name's Cameron.
I'm Lily.
Can I make a suggestion, Lily?
What you need
is a Cam special.
It's a wee bit like
an Irish mule except
that it's Scottish and therefore
infinitely better.
I get the impression no one
says no to you, Cameron.
That's a fair assumption.
I'll take a Cam special.
Zero percent, thanks.
So, um... how was your day?
It was pretty good.
We went shopping.
Our mums are hilarious together.
Did you buy anything?
I bought some chocolates
and a trinity knot brooch.
I always thought that it was
linked to Christianity.
The father, the son,
and the holy spirit.
But the woman in the shop
told me that back in the day
it meant to honor
the triple goddess.
The maiden, the mother
and crone.
The three life cycles
of a woman.
The crone?
I'm not touching that,
but there's another
interpretation as well.
The family, two parents
and the child.
Did you and Phil ever think
about kids?
Yeah. Yeah. I mean,
for years.
Maybe that was the hardest
part of getting divorced,
was that I...
I want that kind of love.
You know, the home,
the family dog, the children.
It just didn't happen for us.
But you'd be open
to settling down again?
Yeah. I mean, someday.
What about you?
I don't know.
It's not been anyone since Meg.
Because Caleb says
you're hounded
by a flock of
attractive suitors.
Well, yeah, Caleb
talks too much.
Just to clarify, there's been
no one I've, um...
well, connected with.
But I mean, if you did find
the right woman,
you'd consider doing it
all again?
The marriage,
expanding your family?
I'd have to find her first
and know that she wanted
those things too.
Well, if Mairi gets
another grandchild
before my mom gets even one,
just watch out.
Now that sounds like pressure.
It's a lot of
pressure, you know.
But we're nurturers.
She just wants someone to love
on and spoil rotten.
I bet even more so now, huh?
Well, thank you.
Your table's ready.
Cam, this is a fabulous drink.
I will listen to you always.
Now that we've nearly finished
our cheesecake,
maybe we should start talking
about the branding of Frost.
What are you thinking?
I want something edgier
and new and fun.
You know, I'm not opposed
to a symbol.
Maybe something that ties
in with the Campbell name.
What does Campbell mean?
Crooked mouth.
Well, you could do something
with that.
You're joking.
No, I'm not.
We'll do something fresh.
Logan, I understand how
important the branding is
to you and your family.
Thank you.
Why don't we start working
tomorrow bright and early?
I look forward to it,
Lily Reese.
Me too, Logan Campbell.
Oh, happy endings.
Yeah, love that. Oh!
Ooh! It's after midnight.
They've gone well
past the acceptable time
for a working dinner.
It was definitely a date.
A date.
I do hope they're
having some fun.
Oh, I hope Logan kisses her
good night
when he drives her home.
Ooh, we could stake out
the front door.
I'm not opposed.
We haven't spied on anyone
since Fiona's hen night.
Do you remember?
Oh, that was so naughty.
May I?
I know it's harder now
than it needs to be.
And if our time runs out
I want you to believe.
That I waited
so long for you
I guess I'll wait
a little longer too.
But I'm not scared.
I'll keep running, running
'till you're there.
Out from underneath,
it isn't fair.
I'll be loving you so long,
I swear.
I'd replace your
love for air.
I would.
I would.
I would.
I would.
We have to get into it.
Into what?
The mindset.
Where does your mom keep her
whiskey glasses?
Mum's a hoarder.
Oh, I like this one.
And the engraving.
She still has these.
These were a gift
from her parents.
I've not seen them
since Dad died.
My mom has a similar pair.
She got them from her parents
on her wedding day.
It's sweet.
Okay. So, um...
what else do we need?
Right. Uh...
just thinking here.
If I was a young person
and I put absolutely everything
on social media,
which glass says trendy
but not trying too hard?
You're asking
the wrong person.
Okay, um... Vintage glassware,
this is your moment.
Bit of a stiff pour?
Think you can handle it?
Perfect. Let's see.
Hmm. Anyone for tea?
We are drinking something
way better, Mairi.
I can see that.
We're working.
Funny. My work never looked
like this.
Aye, well I endorse
Lily's style.
My brand of trouble
is harmless,
Hardly harmless.
Gosh. You're clever,
aren't you?
Rory, old chap.
Good of you to make it back
from the continent
to join us today.
Finn is going to be thrilled
that you're here.
After last year, I wouldn't
miss this.
You remember Lily?
Oh, brother.
It's so good to see you.
Laying it on a bit thick, mate.
Rory always
was the charmer.
Should we grab a spot
in the first line?
I'll grab some snacks.
Oh, Logan, if you could
get Cait some water
and I'd love a coffee.
You guys?
- Please.
- Thank you.
- Great.
- Great.
And no hospitality boxes,
I'm afraid.
Why don't I go with you?
You'll need some help.
Oh, that reminds me.
I took some pictures
and had them printed.
I wanted to show you.
Oh, wow.
They're amazing.
Aren't they just so Finn?
Here, let me hold them
during the tryouts.
Thank you for coming today.
It's sometimes hard for Finn not
having his mum on the sidelines.
It's nice to have another
person cheering.
Well, I'm so happy to be
part of his super fan club.
I'm so excited for him.
Whoo. Is it always this
Even worse than it appears
it was as a kid.
I want this for him
just as much as he does
but it's out of my control.
Well I don't know anything
about the game,
but he seems like he's really
good at it.
He's fast. He scores
a lot of tries.
It's kind of like a touchdown
in American football.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, he's pretty fast.
Oh, go!
Go Finn!
Run! Run, you've got this!
Go Finn! Go Finn!
Go Finn!
And he's got the try, whoo!
Oh, he's so good.
Yeah, we don't really do that.
What, cheer?
Yeah. Not so, um...
- Loudly.
- Yeah.
I'm not really with the...
whoo, yeah!...
Spirit fingers.
Well, you wouldn't have made it
in America
because we love our signs and
noisemakers and foam fingers.
Let's just watch the rest
of the tryouts.
Uh, says the guy who regularly
gets into it with the ref?
Rory, please. No.
That last call at the end
of last season.
You know the one that
I'm talking about, right.
It was completely out of order.
I mean, he was clearly onside
and the ref just...
No, no, no. Caleb...
So you would have been fine
in America.
Thank you.
I am so proud of you!
Finn, you were fantastic.
Thanks Lily.
Oh. Did you hear me cheer?
Ah, they heard you in Wales.
Well, I was just
really excited.
You did a great job.
Well done, mate.
You're getting faster, Finn.
So when will you find out
if you've made the team?
Hopefully tonight or tomorrow.
Will invited me and other lads
over for a sleepover.
Can I go, Dad?
Of course you can, pal.
Sounds great.
We'll run by home and get your
things and I'll drop you off.
Oh Finley, I am so proud
of you
and have a great time
at William's.
Thanks for coming, Cait.
Oh, thanks for asking me.
I had such fun
and you were great.
Alright, off you go
and see Will.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Okay, we're going to have
an early night at Mairi's.
- We'll see you in the morning?
- Absolutely.
Have a nice night, eh?
- Bye guys.
- Bye.
I'll drive. Bye boys.
- Bye Mum.
- See you later.
Cait looks exhausted.
Aye. I'm glad they're having
a quiet night.
I'm gonna run Finn to Will's.
Can the three of us get together
for an early meeting tomorrow?
Aye. 8AM?
- See you tomorrow, Logan.
- Cheers.
Have fun tonight, Finn!
You played well, pal!
Thanks Uncle Caleb.
Thanks for coming Uncle Rory.
I wonder what he wants
to talk about.
We'll find out tomorrow.
I've got a feeling
it's not good.
Any word on Finn's tryouts?
Aye, made the team.
Oh, that's fantastic news!
Will's mum said the boys had
a late night celebrating.
They're still asleep.
Good for them.
Thanks Laura, cheers.
So... what'd you want
to discuss?
I know what it is.
Bonnie Auld released their
new line early yesterday.
Beat us to it.
That's impossible.
I thought our timeline
was solid.
With our branding setback they
must have seized the opportunity
and just went for it.
Do you know, I really thought
we could beat them to market.
That was the plan.
And so what's the plan now?
I mean, this is our first
new line since Mum retired.
We need everyone to see
that Campbell's
is still in good hands.
I know.
Lily's branding idea is amazing
but she's not finished yet.
Tell her how important it is.
If we move fast, we can still
get the bottles on the shelves
almost at the same time
as Bonnie Auld.
I agree with Rory.
We need the label done
this week.
Every time I think
I've got it sorted
it just seems to fall apart.
That's life, Logan. Hmm?
Okay. I'll talk to Lily.
She's coming in tomorrow.
We need to agree on a new
launch date as soon as possible.
Keep us posted, yeah?
I must have dozed off, sorry.
You ready for a film?
Well, you look exhausted,
we can always raincheck
the movie.
No, no, no.
Worst case scenario, I'll doze
off during the opening credits.
Did you enjoy the rugby?
Yeah. It was a good day.
You were away for a long time
before the tryouts started.
Does that mean something
transpired between a certain
delightful single father
who happens to have
a delicious accent
and runs a distillery?
Yeah. Yeah, Mom.
Right in front of
the concession table.
Everybody got a good show.
Thank you for asking
for all the details.
Well, you didn't share any.
That's because there's
nothing to share.
Not really.
But you like him?
Yes, I like Logan.
But his life is here,
and I don't know if he's ready
to move on from Meg.
Besides, I'm moving, so...
Losing Meg...
really gutted Logan.
But it's years, Lily.
He might be open
to something now
and Spain is only
for six months.
And you could always keep
in touch.
I guess.
We could extend our adventure
here. Hmm?
I mean, how long would it take
you to settle into Seville? Hmm?
I bet you, you could be on
the plane the night before
your program starts
and still be in time
for your first class
in the morning.
No problem.
Just saying.
Okay. Well, I have been
thinking about extending my stay
just until the launch of Frost.
Ah... very pragmatic of you.
Maybe. But who are you
and what have you done
with my stickler, always
prepared, sensible mother?
Enjoy the company
of a good man, Lily.
And Logan is a good man.
And I can tell you have fun
being with him.
I could stay for
two more weeks.
Not that my opinion matters,
but I wholeheartedly agree
with this plan.
Plus we get some
more time together too.
Oh, yes!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
How's your mum?
She's great.
She's lying in with a bit of
a headache, but she'll be fine.
Here we go, a little something.
You're spoiling me.
Well, you deserve
to be spoiled.
I've got news.
I pushed back my flight
to Spain.
I want to see Frost through,
be here for the launch.
So, is um... Frost
the only reason
that you're staying, or...
Well you were right about me.
I have developed an attachment
to Finn,
and Brody's not bad either.
Well Finn is gonna be
that you can make his
first rugby match.
Wait, he made the team?
That's wonderful.
So you guys will be cheering
along with me. You'll see.
Well, for what it's worth,
I'm happy you're
sticking around.
Me too.
So do you have work for me?
Are you sure you don't want
to spend
the rest of your time here
with Cait?
Good. You're here.
So if we all put
our heads together,
we can roll out the launch
campaign quickly.
What are you talking about?
You haven't told her,
have you?
She just got here.
Bonnie Auld just dropped
their seasonal whiskey.
They launched early.
Their product already hit
the market.
We need to move up
our timeline.
Mum said that you're
staying longer.
Can you get a label done
this week?
Yeah. I mean, I'll have to push
but I can get it done.
Lily, you have been amazing
but maybe you should be spending
this extra time with Cait.
I extended my trip so that
I can help with the launch.
But your mum...
My mom thinks it's a good idea.
You're not giving up
on this, are you?
Why won't you accept my help?
Because I don't want
to encroach on your time
any more than I already have.
But thank you.
If you can help us accelerate
the timeline, then I'll...
Buy me lunch.
Yes, but we'll have
to get it brought in
because we've got work to do
and the rugby match to see.
Right. Then let's get started.
Go, go, go! Go Finn!
You came?
I did! Nice game, Finn.
I mean, I'm just figuring out
the rules but that was some try.
Have Gran and Cait
gone home then?
Yeah, the old timers
can't hack it.
- Come meet my mates.
- Okay.
Okay, hi.
How are you guys?
You did a great job
and that was so good!
You were right.
About which thing?
I mean, I'm right about a lot,
I haven't felt this way
since Meg.
It's different.
She's different.
You gonna tell her?
I don't know if now
is the right time.
If you wait for a good time,
it'll never come.
You'll miss your chance.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Hey, if you guys don't mind,
Finn and I thought it would be
kind of fun if we could
all get dessert.
Could we go to the ice cream
truck, Dad? Please?
You think your dad's gonna
say no?
With all of us here desperate
for floats and 99's.
The van does the best floats
in Scotland.
Rory would know,
he's sampled them all.
Let's do it.
We can go.
Ah! Slow down. I can't run
that fast.
Oh, well I'm looking forward
to it.
I mean, I'm excited
but he's really excited.
There you be.
Thank you.
Try this one first, Lily.
That's because you want the
neon orange float, don't you?
It's not just a float.
It's made with Scotland's
national drink
and, yes, it's a million times
better than anything.
But... you should try both.
I'm Team Finn.
Floats all the way.
I think Finn's looking
really tired.
Am I?
Aye, mate.
I mean, that match must have
worn you out.
You did play very hard.
I mean, you gave it...
gave it your all.
We'll drive Finn home, um...
I need to get those folders
from your house anyway,
so no rush.
You all good, Finn?
Yeah. We're going to play
video games, aren't we?
And then there were two.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
I saw the nighttime talking
to the dark
I saw fire, it started
with a spark
But can we keep it steady,
can we keep it true
Can we keep it real
cause I'm counting on you
Way over yonder, I
heard a rooster crow
telling me move on
it's time for me to go
Thank you.
That was fun.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for all your help.
Do you think we'll pull
the design off?
Yeah, it's crunch time
but we can do it.
I've really enjoyed spending
a few weeks with you.
A lot.
I know you're moving and have
a whole future dreamed up.
Well... dreams shift
I haven't done this
in a long time.
You know, Meg and I were married
for eight years and, well...
I haven't felt like this
about anyone since her.
It's taken me by surprise too.
I don't suppose you could plan
these things.
It's a different world to
the one I started dating in.
I don't want to send
mixed signals.
It is hard for me to enjoy
what's right in front of me.
I don't know how to trust it.
I get it.
It's terrifying to put yourself
back out there.
But for me, I don't want
to spend the rest of my life
dwelling on what was
or what could have been.
I want to live my life
in the moment, you know?
I am in awe of you, Lily.
I'm just happy I get this time
with you.
You are the unexpected
bright spot on my trip.
Logan, I feel like you
understand me
and what I wanna do like...
no one else.
Plus, you reminded me that
I may not be a crone forever.
Your outlook is so optimistic.
You're inspiring.
You are a very special woman.
So, um...
do you want to do
something spontaneous?
More spontaneous?
Well apparently all bets
are off.
What do you have in mind?
Well, I've been piling work
on you to design a label
but you still haven't had
a proper tasting
at the distillery.
Whiskey tasting?
Right now.
Right now.
It will be our time soon
I'm in.
So let's just try to
see the summer through
And there will always be
another time
to say the things I should
have said to you
Let's start with Frost.
Oh, you know more than you
let on.
Hmm, maybe.
What do you think?
Ooh, I like it.
Mm-hmm. It's, it's...
it's sweet.
Ice wine can give you
a toothache.
I mean, it's sweet,
but not too sweet.
Plus, it smells better
than most whiskeys.
I'll be sure to put that
on the bottle.
Go easy on me.
I'm new to this.
You're doing great.
You make some
pretty good whiskey.
This is way better than the time
I tried it in college.
I'm glad to hear it.
To Frost.
To you.
We wouldn't be getting
this off the ground
if you didn't swoop in
to redesign the label.
It's your mom.
Mairi, what's going on?
Wait. No, no, hold on,
hold on.
What? Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
Alright. I'll be right there.
What's wrong?
It's my mom, she fainted
and there's an ambulance
at the house.
I... I gotta get back.
An ambulance?
Is she taking her medication?
Her illness.
Are they just keeping her
comfortable, or...
What are you talking about?
Lily, I... I'm sorry.
I thought you knew.
Well, I don't.
And you worked with me day after
day and didn't say anything?
I don't really know anything.
Well, you know more than I do.
Whatever happened to
transparency and honesty, Logan?
Or is that something
you just reserve for Finn?
You know what?
I don't have time for this!
I'm coming with you.
No, I'm going alone.
Come on.
I'm so glad that you were here.
Could you tell me
what's going on?
Dad's not answering.
George will be in touch.
I have no doubt he'll be
on the next flight out.
How is she?
What are you doing here?
I want to be here
for you, Lily.
I don't really know anything.
It's not my story to tell.
It needs to come from your mum.
Could somebody please tell me
what is going on?
Because everyone seems to know
something that I don't.
It's not my place to say
anything either but, uh...
under the circumstances.
Oh Lily, there's no easy way
to say this.
Well, then just say it.
Lily, darling...
Cait was diagnosed
with liver cancer.
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid it's...
it's terminal.
She, uh...
she came to before
the paramedics arrived
and when they learned
of her diagnosis,
they settled her and made
her comfortable.
It's all anyone can do.
Your father and I urged Cait
to tell you sooner
so that you wouldn't find out
like this.
But you know your mother.
She's stubborn.
Oh, she so wanted this last
mother-daughter trip with you.
One that wasn't tainted
with her illness.
Excuse me. It's my dad.
Logan, you'll have to talk
to her.
But not tonight.
Guess the cat's out
of the bag then, eh?
It's not funny.
No. No, it isn't.
Are you okay?
Yeah, just felt
a bit lightheaded.
Mom... why didn't you
tell me?
Oh, I wanted to so many times
but what would it have achieved?
I could have been there
for you.
But you were.
Don't you see your bustling,
exciting life gave me hope,
it gave me joy.
And I knew that once
you learned the truth,
our relationship would change
and I didn't want that.
I wanted... I wanted this trip,
this time with you.
I didn't want this big black
cloud of doom hanging over us.
I still wish you had told me.
We only kept the truth
from you...
To protect me.
No! To protect me.
I wanted this trip
the way things were
not the way they are.
Oh, Mom.
I love you.
I love you too
my darling girl.
Okay. Okay.
Here's what I think.
Uh huh?
We are going to go home
and we're...
No, no.
Our trip isn't finished.
Do you know what being back
home reminds me of?
Life. It's an adventure.
So you have to go to Spain.
What? Mom, no.
I'm coming home.
And take the most
beautiful photographs...
and send them to me, Lily.
Remind me that life
isn't hopeless
when such beauty can exist.
Take me with you, Lily.
Even though I can't actually
be there.
Please, Mom.
I can't.
You need to live your life,
So live it.
Promise me?
I promise.
And when you win your award,
you can dedicate this to me
because I love accolades.
Of course you do.
Now, I've had a good night's
sleep and I am hungry.
So let me out of bed and get me
my dressing gown.
Oh, and Mairi had promised
to make tattie scones.
I'm sure she'd save some for
you if you wanted to rest more.
No, no, no.
I'm taking no chances, Finn
is coming around this morning.
Oh, right.
Oh, right, here you go.
There you are, Finn.
Hiya pal. What you doing
out here?
Just thinking.
So... is Cait going
to die then?
She's... she's ill, Finn.
Like Mum?
Does that mean Lily's
going to leave now?
Lily was always planning
to go to Spain, you know that.
I know. I just
thought that...
I just thought maybe,
maybe now she'd stay.
Or maybe...
you'll have to visit Spain.
A beginner's pocket guide
to learning Spanish.
For kids.
There's even some swear words
in there.
What do you say mate, eh?
Wee trip to Spain?
But first, I think we should
plan something special
for Cait and Lily.
That's a great idea.
Uncle Caleb, you think
you could help me?
Of course.
And what about me?
Don't you have to work?
Finn... I know I'm busy
right now.
But I'm always here
if you need me
if you want to talk
about something.
You know that, right?
Dad, you work all the time.
Finn, if I don't work...
You're right.
I've been too busy letting work
affect you and our family.
Campbell's is a family
business, you know.
I know.
And sometimes when people
have a family business,
they become too focused on it.
They don't know how to take
breaks or holidays.
Unless their name
is Uncle Rory.
Then you're well-versed
in holidays.
But the important thing
to remember
is why the family started
the business in the first place.
To be with family, of course.
I mean, what's the point
if we can't all be together?
Your dad...
your dad is the best at making
sure that Uncle Caleb and I
can do all the parts of our jobs
that we love.
Sometimes we don't realize how
much he's juggling and taking on
so that we don't have to.
Cait and Lily are like
Nana's family.
They are.
So, does everyone have time
to make a surprise?
The best surprise.
All the time in the world, pal.
I'm in too.
I need to go tell Nana.
She has the right supplies.
Oh Rory, can I just get
into the oven?
Sorry, mum.
Thank you.
How are you feeling, Cait?
Better, now that supper's
nearly ready.
Wee dram then?
Oh, I wouldn't say no, Caleb.
Right. Come on, boys.
Give me a hand to get this
on the table.
Can I do anything?
No, no, you're fine.
Ooh, hot!
You know, Lily.
Mairi and I were reminiscing.
And you know where
we haven't gone yet?
- Where?
- Church.
I want to go to our wee church
where I was baptized.
It was built then?
Finley Campbell, that church
is over 150 years old.
It's a fair question, Finn.
Very fair.
And I was married there-
Oh, thank you.
As was your Nana.
Can I come?
Yes, I'd love you to.
We can all go.
Oh, that's a wonderful idea.
I can't remember the last time
we were all in church
as a family.
Thanks a lot, mate.
How you holding up?
I don't know.
I'm all over the place.
That's normal.
When I first learned
of Meg's illness, I...
I couldn't get my head
around the fact
that she was sick.
You know?
I can't even imagine.
I'm sorry, Logan.
I'm sorry.
I.. I never meant to
blindside you like that.
I honestly thought you knew and
were putting on a brave face.
No, I know that.
I just, I don't understand.
Mom is seeming fine
with everything.
She's in there laughing
with your mom,
having steak pie and talking
about a church outing and...
She's had more time
to accept things.
I guess.
I don't know if I should go
to Spain.
Mom made me promise her
that I'd go,
but it just... it feels...
it feels wrong.
I feel... I feel...
Whatever you need,
whatever I can do to help.
I am here.
I really like you, Logan.
I guess I just...
I need time to myself to try
to figure this out.
Why is life always
so complicated, Lily?
Tell me about it.
Before you go, I...
I got you something.
You did?
Yeah. Wee gift.
Something for your new home
in Seville.
A whiskey tasting kit?
I love it.
And every time I drink whiskey,
I will think of this trip
and leaving you
at the distillery.
I'm sorry that I couldn't see
the branding through.
I just, I really would have...
really would have liked to stay.
It's not where your focus needs
to be right now.
But I'm glad I got to spend
some time with you.
Thank you for understanding.
Good night, Logan.
Good night, Lily.
All the old familiar signs
I was hoping still to find
The weather easing
ever shielded
By the pine
Oh, mom.
Logan, Lily, Finn...
Who was I kidding?
It was never going to work out.
Did you finish it?
All done, Dad.
Did you even go to bed
after picking me up last night?
No. I hope he likes
what I've done.
I'm sure all the Campbell boys
will love it.
Yeah, well... at first it was
to help them out.
Mom roped me into it.
I know.
Who would expect Mom to be
so meddlesome?
Especially when she's scheming
with Mairi.
Oh, Lily. It's perfect.
And so thoughtful.
Now... hurry up, get dressed,
because we leave in 30 minutes.
Leave? Where are we going?
On an adventure.
What kind of adventure?
A mother-daughter kind.
So... Rory and Finn
gave me that.
It's a full itinerary.
A whole day's worth
of sightseeing.
The Scotland of my childhood.
And who better to spend it
with than you?
It says here kites on a beach?
Not just any beach,
the one where I proposed.
And high tea in the gardens.
What about you, Dad?
I'm going to leave this
to you and your mum.
You fancy taking Logan's car
for another wee spin?
Yeah, but I think I'll take
it a little smoother this time.
Hey, I assume
we've asked him
so we don't get in trouble
for grand theft auto?
I can neither confirm nor deny,
but better hurry along now.
Okay. I will change my clothes
and grab my camera.
Oh, I can't wait to see
the photograph you'll take.
As the city lights go down
And the amber fills the sky
It's only you and I
Just another night
in this old town.
and we walked
without a care
through the streets
we knew so well
I'm gonna remember
this moment forever.
It's only you and I
In the sweetness
of the summer
You and I
Okay, what's next?
we held each other tight
time will take its toll
I'll never let you go
Your love is like a high
You and I...
Our love can never die
I love you.
My bonny, bonny lass.
I will let you know
You're my reason why
I love you.
The kites!
Thank you.
Oh thank you, thank you!
What a day.
Did you feel like
a girl again?
I did and I do!
Oh, it was the best!
Thank you so much
for planning all of this.
We were really surprised.
That was the idea.
Finn's pretty smart like that.
And you, thank you.
I'll take that for you,
you're welcome.
You know, you didn't have
to go through all that trouble.
It was no trouble.
Still. Thank you.
It was wonderful.
I have... I haven't seen her
this happy in years
and I just... it was the best
way to spend time with my mom.
I'll cherish it.
I'm glad.
So I, uh, I got your email.
And it seems like
you've been busier than me.
I love it.
Really. It's... it's bold
and it's different.
I love how you've combined
the Campbell boar
with the crooked smile.
It's the perfect nod
to our family's history.
Caleb did an early review
on our socials,
it seems like everyone loves it.
You must have worked on
this around the clock.
I'm just glad
that I could help.
We're printing as we speak.
Rory says the distributors
think we've got the edge.
Lily... you did it.
No, we did it.
This time I've spent with you,
you've opened my eyes
to a future
I didn't think was possible.
Alright Finn, let's give
these two some space.
Don't want to be taking
romantic notes from your dad.
His game is weak!
I'm not so sure about that.
Logan's odds are looking
surprisingly favorable.
What are you saying, Logan?
I'm saying that Spain
is only a plane ride away.
I want another shot.
A real shot with you.
Even now?
When it feels like my life
is falling apart.
Especially now.
Let me help you build it back up
again. Hmm?
What do you say?
I say I've got a long weekend
coming up.
I would love to see Barcelona
with you.
Precious are the moments
that pass before our eyes
A fleeting glimpse
of sunrise
The turning of the tide
Beneath a lucid sky
We did it, Mairi.
Did you ever doubt us?
Good times never die
Don't let them fade away
Love inside a memory
is always there to stay
Good times never die
Don't let them fade away
Love inside a memory
is always there to stay