A Second Chance (2014) Movie Script

- Was it 205?
- 205th
What the hell, man?
Keep your mouth shut!
Fucking ...!
Sit down!
- What?
- Tristan?
Who the hell are you?
- Did you call the cops?
- They should not be fucking here!
Are you good now? Are you happy?
Why don't we just talk?
What are you doing out here in the country?
I live here.
What are you doing here?
- What's wrong? What is this?
- It's not shit.
- Have you used your own shit?
- Fuck, you're a fagot.
If it is to have the elf in there, take him.
He didn't do anything. Fuck off!
What the hell?
You smashed down my door!
Now sit down
and relax.
- You ruined my door, man!
- Sit down.
- Do you have a warrant?
- What's in there? Move.
- Don't!
- Go to the kitchen!
This is my apartment.
- Simon. We need some assistance.
- I told you to sit down.
The police are here.
They have broken into our apartment.
- Andreas!
- Don't, man!
Don't do that!
- Let me go! Ouch!
- Now don't move!
- I got him.
- Damn!
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
- Is that your child?
- It is ours, fucking cunt!
You have a young Tristan?
This is a joke.
Come here, little buddy.
Sh. Up with you.
Sh sh.
- Give him to me.
- Stop. Sit down.
Sit down, I said!
- What's your name?
- Sanne.
- Why do you have a child with a psychopath?
- What's it to you, man?
- Are you a junkie? What?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
He is also ice cold.
Give him some damn clothes.
- Give him to me now.
- And you?
- No.
- No?
- Do you have infant formula?
- Tristan drank it.
Shut up, bitch!
- So.
- Now give him to me. Give him to me!
Give him to me.
Yes, it's not funny.
- Hi there.
- Give him to me.
- Hello!
- Hi, honey.
Oh, how nice.
Hey, little man. Hello.
- Why did you call?
- You have been so strong.
- It was stupid. Sorry.
- It's okay. But it was weird.
There was some trouble in an apartment.
One guy I had arrested in Copenhagen.
And then it turns out,
he's got a little boy.
This baby was covered
in his own shit and piss. Ice cold.
And then I just...
So I wanted to call you.
Yes, I did.
You are just about to fall asleep.
You're so fine.
Oh, are you mad now?
- I'll drive with him.
- No, I will.
- Shouldn't I come with you?
- No, you go to sleep.
You gotta get your pacifier.
Shh, shh. Shh, shh.
There. It's all right. So.
So. It's all right.
You just wanted to go for a ride
so you can fall asleep.
When your child is otherwise sound and healthy,
it can't be forced to be taken away.
It looked like shit!
They're junkies!
Her drug test is negative.
Why were we not announced that
Tristan was released?
Because he has a registered address
in Vrebroparken.
Otherwise they had informed.
He is out on three years probation.
- We better know it.
- He is not listed as the father.
Only because there is no child support
was to retrieve.
Now see what he usually does to his girls.
The man must be locked up again. The child should
be taken away. The man is the star psychopath.
We need something on him.
He will end up beating them both to death.
- Andreas?
- Yes.
- Is Simon free?
- Yes, it's his son's birthday.
He's at a restaurant with
Trine and her new husband.
- It is, isn't it?
- We must see.
Come on, man! Hey!
Is it okay if
I have a drink?
What's up, man?
It is a good scheme.
I can get rid of your dirty money.
Then I can get a free drink.
That's okay. Isn't it?
Isn't it a good system?
- You know, they all are gay?
- Is it true?
- What's your name?
- Pamela.
They are all gay.
Come on, dammit.
I just need a drink.
- I'm going.
- No, you go to sleep.
- Hello?
- Andreas?
- Who is it?
- Klaus from Dollhouse. Listen.
Simon drank a lot.
I have to run.
It is Simon. You know how it is.
- Should I go with you?
- Take Alexander to the strip club?
I'll skip that.
- What do you want?
- Is this your...
Where is he?
Whoa, whoa! Stop!
Get down!
Sit down.
Okay? It ends here.
- I have got him.
- We'll sit down and have a drink.
Boy, look at this.
It's damn disgusting, Simon.
- Why didn't you buy a stove?
- I don't cook.
Albert won't get past if it looks like this.
Albert does not come here anyway.
He's with his swim teacher.
How was the dinner?
Did you say something stupid?
I didn't fucking say anything stupid.
I sat there and smiled for four hours.
Friendly and all that
to his swim teacher.
Although we have talked about
not giving him something big -
- He gives him an iPhone.
And I'm coming with football gloves.
Don't feel sorry for yourself. Take your coffee.
Swim Teacher, that's no damn
job. Anyone can be a swim teacher.
Simon. You will have to
to go to sleep now.
I may as well be a swimming instructor,
if that's what.
I can do a damn good splash-around out there
from eight to four.
You can still get three hours of sleep.
You will need to take
your shit together. Stay off the booze.
You can also go out on the island to my mother's
cabin, if you like.
I'm on the toilet.
And I'll have a glass of milk.
No, no.
Try to see.
It is quite sick, man.
He can wear
it for confirmation. Perfect.
Typical mother. It is easier
to send something than to get even.
- Is he sleeping?
- Yes. He's sleeping
Good night.
I can't believe he's here.
Imagine that we have him now.
I still havn't grasped it.
I think he is good
in drawing the attention to himself.
Do you regret it?
Why do you say that?
Why do you say that? I love him.
He is the most important thing in my life.
- Why would you say such a thing ?!
- Anna, Anna ...
I just meant,
it's a bit harder than we thought.
- I'm getting ready here.
- Sonny must have food.
Do not touch him.
He is fine there. I mean it.
- He'll just start crying.
- He is fine. Do you hear me?
I'll take him.
Sanne! Put him down.
Sanne ...
Shh, shh.
- Make him.
- He's hungry.
What is it
you fucking do not understand?
- He must have food.
- Well, must he have some food?
Have I asked you to go here?
Do you hear what I say?
So then, tax,
there's nothing to be afraid of.
No, it's not there. Come on.
Yes, that's not good either.
Shut up.
Stay there. You will be there.
I mean it.
So ...
Yes. Shh, shh.
- Come on.
- He must have some milk.
Come on. Come here.
Come on.
You there!
- Stay down!
- I do not have anything!
You will be there,
or I fucking pans you one.
So ... so.
Stay down!
Yes. Well, it's sweet.
So ...
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up now, come on.
Wake up! Wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.
No! Wake up!
- Wake up.
- Anna?
- Anna?
- No!
Move away!
Do something.
Do something.
Just do something!
- Do something!
- Call an ambulance.
Anna, call an ambulance.
You must call an ambulance.
If you call,
they'll take him away.
- He's dead, Anna.
- Why do you say that?
- You are insane.
- He's dead.
We need to call.
- No phone calls.
- I have to call.
- Anna, he ...
- No !!
I have to call.
If they take him,
I'll kill myself!
- Anna?
- No!
- Anna, come here.
- No!
- No!
- Anna, sit down!
- No phone calls.
- No.
If they take him,
I'll kill myself!
I will kill myself. I mean it.
- I mean it.
- I understand.
Want some food?
Come on.
Come on.
Eat a little.
Eat something.
- Come on.
- You need to get some sleep, honey.
You just ...
You must take these pills, honey.
So you can sleep.
- Here.
- Thank you.
It's all right. Drink.
- No phone calls.
- I won't call.
You must sleep.
- No phone calls, right?
- I won't call. I promise.
Thank you.
He won't eat.
Leave a message after the beep.
Shh, shh.
My little treasure.
- Alexander?
- It is not Alexander.
It's another baby.
- Alex ...
- It is not him.
I have taken their child.
Those people that I've talked about.
I left Alexander there.
I have taken him.
- I want Alexander.
- He's dead.
- He's dead.
- Where is he?
He has died, Anna.
We don't have a child anymore.
We don't have Alexander anymore.
I want Alexander.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Hey, Sonny. Sonny?
Hey! Hey!
Sonny? Sonny?
Come on. Sanne!
- Sanne, come here!
- Yes. Relax.
Come, come, come.
Sanne, come on!
Sonny. Sonny.
- Sanne!
- Yes. Calm down.
Try and take him up. Check whether he is breathing.
Of course, he's breathing.
- What the hell, man ?!
- Is he breathing?
- What the hell have you done?
- Check if he is breathing.
He draws breath?
Check if he's breathing.
What the hell?
You fucking killed him.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
We are going to jail.
We are both going to jail.
It's fucking lie.
Fuck, fuck. Fuck! Fuck!
It is not fair.
It is not right that we get to
lose Alexander, and they get to destroy him.
You can't
lose a child, Anna.
I lost him.
Alexander is still dead.
You said,
that you would kill yourself. No?
You said,
that you would kill yourself.
When I met you, you said -
- That the only thing you ever wanted,
was to have a child.
He's ours now.
I need your help.
Call as soon as you hear my message.
Hello, Simon.
Everything is fine.
- What do you mean?
- The message that you've left.
You sounded
as if you've seen a ghost.
I was just ...
Everything's all right now.
Are you sure?
Is Anna okay? Alexander?
Yes, yes. Anna is doing fine.
Should I just come over?
Sonny is not dead!
- What are you doing?
- He is not dead!
- Shut up, shut up.
- Sonny is not dead!
Shut up.
Shut up.
Do you hear what I say?
If you shout again,
I'll cut your throat.
Do you hear what I say?
Yes, it is good. It's good. So.
- It is not Sonny.
- Keep your fucking mouth shut.
They seem different,
when they are dead, man!
- It's Sonny!
- Listen.
I won't go back.
I'm not going back and do time
because of you. Do you understand?
We have to do something.
I have a plan, okay?
And we follow through with it.
Trust me, baby. Okay.
Let him go now. Let him go.
Come on, baby. Come, come.
That's great, honey.
- What was that?
- They haven't reported it yet.
- Why not?
- Because they just don't care.
They are safe and sound.
- Someone will find out.
- There's nothing to find out.
They will never suspect us.
Come here. Here.
It is no crime. It would
it be if Tristan have smashed him.
We're going to save him.
I know it's hard to see that now.
We do something.
Oh, damn.
- Hello, Simon.
- Hello.
- May I come in?
- No. Lets just go out.
- You sounded strange on the phone.
- Everything is fine.
- I can see that it's not.
- Go now.
I won't go anywhere. You look like shit.
It is Anna.
She is not feeling well.
I have to go back to her, okay?
We'll see.
- Let me know if there's anything.
- Yes, yes.
Did you say that there was something wrong with me?
Why the hell
would you say that there's something wrong with me?
- Sorry.
- Stop it!
It's fucking not me,
there is something wrong with! It is you!
It is you.
Hello, you. Hello.
Maybe we should ask your parents
to come and help?
- They still wouldn't come.
- No.
I must go to work and find out
why they didn't report it.
So Alexander is just there.
I wish I could be there.
I will not be a mother.
- Come on.
- I don't think I'm supposed to.
I miss Alexander.
I do too.
Huh? Huh?
Should we turn around here?
So we can take a nap.
Should you have a little nap?
Excuse me? Hey! Do you have a light?
Thank you. Hello.
Yes? What?
From whom?
No, damn it! It's fucking lie!
Hey! Hey!
- What happened?
- He ran away with Sonny!
- He ran away with my son!
- Who?
Call the police! Hey! Hey!
No! Come back!
Come back!
I have to ask about it.
Is Anna okay?
- What's the matter?
- Hold up.
A baby of seven weeks has disappeared
on a playground at Solbakken.
Station 5 here. We are on the way.
Good morning. As you can see,
We have closed off the area.
- He ran that way.
- Is it those who have lost a child?
We can cancel the barrier.
No, Tristan?
- What did you say?
- We don't need a barrier.
He does not believe a damn thing I'm saying.
I stand there talking on my phone.
A guy comes running,
takes my son and runs in that direction.
I get them to call.
And I run down to a parked car.
I couldn't see the plates.
- He looked Eastern European.
- Shut up.
- I run after him ...
- Hey, hey. Wait right here.
Look at me, Sanne.
Look at me.
Where is Sonny?
Someone took him.
- Where is Sonny?
- Someone has taken him, dammit!
Someone has taken him?
You didn't just forget him somewhere?
Tristan, come here.
- What?
- Come here.
- I know that you are lying.
- What are you talking about?
Tell me,
where did you hide the child.
- My son has been kidnapped.
- Tell me. Where is he?
- I said, I ran after ...
- What the hell have you done to him?
- Hey, hey!
- You got a fucking problem?
Now relax, okay?
- Sorry.
- What the hell's wrong with you?
It just seems absurd.
- We can't know that for sure.
- You can tell he's lying.
I know damn well he's lying.
Quiet, right?
So let us take her.
I can break her in two seconds.
What have you done with him?
Don't bother.
We know he hasn't been kidnapped.
We are not idiots.
You've lied to us the whole time.
How have you done with him?
Is he dead?
Have you killed him?
- He is not dead.
- Where is he then?
- He is not dead.
- What have you done to Sonny, Sanne?
- It is not him.
- What have you done to Sonny?
- It is not him.
- "It's not him," you say.
Who was it?
We don't think that
you did anything to Sonny.
If something has happened to Sonny,
it doens't have to be your fault.
If you let Tristan do something stupid
with him, we can't help you.
I think there're enough people like me
who have children. I am a bad mother.
But I have never
harmed him.
Yes, I think you're a bad mother.
You should never have had children.
As of me, you can rot
in prison. It depends on you.
I could feel it
if he was dead. He is not dead.
- Hello!
- Hello.
My parents can not come for Christmas,
if the food is not in order.
So it is a rehearsal dinner.
- Are you hungry?
- Yes.
Sit. Lets eat.
Hi there. Hello.
- Are you awake?
- Andreas ...
We'll make it work.
It will be OK.
What happened?
Did something happen?
Please take him.
Take him. He must be cold.
He cried so much, so I took him up.
- I think I'll call ...
- No, he could get sick. Take him.
Take him.
You must help me.
He'll be sick.
- Take him.
- Don't worry, okay? Relax.
Take him! Take him to your truck!
I'll put him in the warmth, okay?
And then we go together to the city.
- Yes?
- Yes. Thank you.
Hey! Hey!
Help! Shit!
- Hello!
- Hello?
Who is it?
What did you say?
So I go up to her ... Suddenly
I just stand with that child in my arms.
As soon as I turn around
and looked at her ...
... Over the fence there.
She jumped down there.
She just asked if I
would put the baby into the heat.
Fuck, man. She just runs off.
Glad you came. He is inside
in the bedroom with the baby.
Try and hear. I am not the one
to say nothing of the situation.
But I'm
really sorry about Anna.
I'm damn sorry, Andreas.
It's as if he knows that something has
happened. His gaze changed.
Simon, you should go now.
Go. Go!
- Now just go.
- Ok.
Either way, you should know
I'm here for you.
So, dear.
So so.
So so.
And they are...
Come on in.
It makes me feel so bad.
I'm sorry.
- There is also a little milk.
- No thanks.
Ingrid and I think that a coffin made out of
would be really nice.
- You can of course choose it yourself.
- Of course.
There is a little sugar,
if you like.
Or white? That might be
more common here in Denmark?
- You can do both.
- We do as I want to.
With regard to hymns and flowers ...
We can't remember,
if Anna had a favorite flower.
But Ingrid loves the lilies,
so maybe you could choose that?
- Should I keep him a little for you?
- No.
He has been great.
We should have come earlier.
I think
you should take a few weeks off.
There's also an
internship if you need something going on.
Simon, you take Thomas along
with you. And then get some rest.
I am ready. It makes sense
to me, if we can find the child.
There is nothing
on the surveillance cameras.
It is only you who have seen
a man take your child.
- A man, you can not describe.
- I described him 20 times.
You've described 20 different guys.
You just need one with a wooden legs.
I know nothing! You use your
time on the victim! Fucking find him!
We're going to find him.
And you know what happens then?
- So do you time.
- You've decided that it's me.
Shut up, Tristan.
Sanne told everything.
What did she say?
She has not said a damn thing. It is
illegal to lie to the police.
She said, that you found him dead
on the bathroom floor.
She told that you panicked.
And then you took him.
So now we want to know:
Where did you take him?
She also said that it was you
who killed him.
Where is he?
Come on, Tristan.
Come on. No?
Okay, I'll tell everything.
I have tried to protect Sanne.
I come out in the morning,
I have just woken up.
And there he is, Sonny, dead in
the bathroom. I swear.
I have done nothing. Nothing.
What did you do?
Sanne must admit it,
I didn't have anything to do with him.
I am not going to jail for something
I have not done.
How the hell did you know about
the bathroom floor?
It was just a guess.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Can I have five minutes alone
with her?
Are sweet to close the door after you?
How are you?
Tristan has admitted
that Sonny is dead.
It is not him.
You sat with the dead child in your arms for several
hours and said, "What have I done?"
What have you done? What
happened? How did Sonny die?
It is not him.
People look very different
when they are dead.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
Just tell us the truth.
I don't know where he is.
Tristan buried him.
Did he say where? Where?
Where did he burry him?
Where has he buried him, Sanne?
Did I tell you what they do
in prison to child murderers?
Several have been poured
boiling water in the crotch.
Look at me.
You don't have to say anything anymore.
You'll go out soon.
Mother? Mother?
Yes, what is it?
I need to run for few hours.
It's just some work.
Then I'll take him.
Nrh, it's allright.
Thank you.
The police. I need to talk to
a patient. Sanne Thomsen.
- One moment.
- Thank you.
Andreas Juhl.
I need to talk to Sanne Thomsen.
- Right now?
- Right now.
She is sleeping.
- Yes, just sit there.
- Thank you.
I want him back!
I want him back!
No! Don't!
He is not dead! Sonny is not dead!
He is not dead!
- Take it easy, Sanne.
- Here is the syringe.
Why are you doing this to me?
I want him back!
Well, Tristan.
How are you?
You are fucked, huh?
Tell us now.
What have you done with Alexander's corpse?
- Who the hell is Alexander?
- Sonny.
If what you and Sanne say
is true, you have been very unlucky.
Death occurs.
It's not your fault.
But if we do not find the body
and get the autopsy -
- You will be convicted of murder.
You know.
It's your choice.
Think about it Tristan.
- I took him out in a forest.
- Where?
I took him out in a forest.
I took a bicycle and drove out.
I don't know where.
What did you say? You don't know
where you burried your own son ?!
I was out.
I want to show you how,
if I can figure it out.
I would like to be allowed to
to say one thing first.
It is Sanne, who did this.
I think she has strangled him.
She has tried many times.
I really tried
to stop her many times.
She woudn't have killed him directly.
She should never have had him.
That's fucked up that she
takes care of him when she has clients.
She's a whore, okay?
Now she has
turned my little boy to death.
Andreas! Stop it!
Stop it!
- Now you go home.
- I'm sorry.
You go home now.
Take a sleeping pill and get some sleep.
As normal people.
And then talk about it with someone.
Other than your mother!
Go home.
And Simon take over from here.
It will all be understood. And then
are you going to talk to a psychologist.
- Tristan Markussens
custody extended by four weeks.
Four weeks for something,
I have not done?
Tristan, hear what I say.
In addition to the current case -
- They have seized about
a kilo of hard drugs from your aunt's place.
My aunt's place! I have no idea
what Kirsten is doing!
In addition, they seized
a weapon with your fingerprints -
- From your residence. The maximum penalty
is up to six years for these conditions.
Therefore I extend Tristan Markussens
custody by four weeks.
- Fucking cunt!
- Can we get the prisoner out?
- I found something!
- Keep an eye on him.
Someone dug here recently.
Andrew, this is Simon here.
We have found the body.
We'll take it for autopsy. I'll call you
tomorrow when we have an answer.
Andrew, are you there?
Andreas? - Are you there?
Good morning.
Hello. Please.
- Well, you are early.
- It's just me.
- Should I come back later?
- No, no.
There are no signs of external damage.
But CT and X-ray
was very revealing.
Here is the child's head.
The fresh bleeding derived from
a subdural hematoma, which is the most evident here.
Can you see it?
What did you say?
There was a bleeding here
under the hard meninges.
There is also a hygrom,
a fluid-filled cavity, -
- Derived from
one or more previous bleedings.
However, the fresh bleeding
has beaten the child to death.
Let me show you here ...
I have taken a picture of the torso.
There are some broken ribs,
characteristic of shake violence.
Where the offender sticked his fingers
in the body and shaked the baby.
What we are dealing with is
shaken baby syndrome.
Now, I am not the police,
but this is a manslaughter.
What the hell are you doing here? Why are
you sitting here for? Have you been there?
You are bleeding.
What did you do to your fingers?
Hey, hey. What is happening?
I know it's hard now.
I want to help you.
Andreas, dammit.
Get out of here!
- Hello.
- Hello, darling.
What's happening?
What are you doing?
- What are you doing? Your hand!
- Mother! Sit down.
Sit down. Stop!
Andrew, what is happening?
Would you tell ...
What have you done
Alexander's body?
Who the hell is Alexander?
It's not him. I
could tell if he was dead.
Yes ...
What are saying?
You came again.
You're so fine. You're so fine.
If you want to get rid of me,
you need to try harder.
Where is Sonny?
I should have figured it out sooner,
but the idea was too crazy.
I thought,
it was the right thing to do.
It was the right thing to do.
Of course it wasn't
the right thing to do.
I didn't know,
Anna ...
When I woke up in the night,
and he screamed, it was...
He screamed for help.
He screamed for help.
They will all understand,
what you have done.
But he should be back
with his mother.
She'll never get out of it.
He'll go to a foster family.
There's nothing you can do about it.
It's not your business, okay?
You're redundant,
but you probably won't go to prison.
These are extenuating circumstances.
You'll certainly get a suspended sentence.
I'll have to tell her yourself.
Take me over to her.
- Here.
- Sonny ...
Are you lost?
- No.
- My mom forgot screws.
I've got a hammer.
I just can't get it out.
What's your name?
Are you sure you're not lost?
Yes, I work here.