A Second Chance: Rivals! (2019) Movie Script

(text alert)
(phone rings)
Surprised Dad didn't call you
as soon as he noticed his
precious Charger was missing.
It's lovely to see you.
(both laugh)
- Come on.
- Oh, my gosh.
What happened?
Dad's just hassling me
about what to do now.
Just the usual.
I just really needed a break.
Well, why don't you stay here
for a while,
and we'll have some chats
and we'll work it out?
Did you bring any clothes with you?
A couple.
I was sort of hoping you'd say
(both laugh)
Well, go get your clothes.
The spare room is
already made up for you.
And, Maddy, call your dad.
He is worried about you.
(text alert)
(text alert)
Just a few things, hey?
(both laugh)
Are you expecting someone else?
Tess is coming to stay next week
for three months
while Kate and Shane are
heading off.
I know that was the dream.
I just worked so hard for it.
Come on, get your stuff put
I mean, I know you're on a,
what shall I say, a sabbatical,
but I've...
we've got gymnasts to train.
(both) Hey, Charger.
(Maddy) What was that about?
It's a '70s thing. You had to
be there.
(Maddy) So, they finished
the new sports center?
Yup, years of lobbying councils
and MPs has all paid off.
(phone rings)
- Hey, Tess.
- Alkira, hey.
- Handstand challenge?
- Er, now?
Okay, coming, okay.
I'll be there in a sec.
Tess, where are you going?
You still have homework to do,
I told you not to go out!
Hey, I'm practicing this time,
and I'm gonna smash.
- Hmm?
- And what's that?
A chill pill.
I am so going to beat you this
I've been practicing, and I'm
actually getting really good.
I can last for, like, ages.
Dream on. I always beat you.
I'm so fat.
- Thanks. How are you?
- I'm good.
Okay, girls, Maddy is going to
be here for a few weeks,
so you can chat to her
and do your selfies later.
Let's get started on the floor
for some warm-up. Thank you.
You girls better go warm up.
- Yeah.
- I'll come see you after, yeah?
Er, Maddy.
Er, can you supervise and coach
the elite competition girls?
I'm not really a coach, I
Oh, please.
Okay, sure.
Show me what you got, girls.
Let's go. Bars.
- Bars, bars, bars.
- Okay!
More in. Alright?
Straighten the arms...
Girls, that was so good.
I'm really impressed.
- What apparatus now?
- Beam next.
Actually, we might go to floor
Good. Alright, that's it.
And really you have
to stretch your leg up.
Good. Great, excellent.
Beautiful! Yeah, that's really
Okay, girls, break time.
Grab your snacks and take a
- Where's yours?
- Not hungry.
You're crazy. I'm starving.
Want some of mine?
Go on.
Right-o, girls, break time's
Let's get back on the floor.
Handstand competition time.
Now you know the rules.
Handstand walk is okay, but
Alkira and Tayla
need to be stationary.
Alkira is our current champion,
and she has the call.
Can Maddy do it, too?
Your ankle is still recovering,
but your back is okay, isn't it?
- Oh, a handstand won't hurt.
- (kids encourage Maddy)
You can do it!
- Yes, do it!
- Can I walk in handstand?
(both) No way!
Okay, everyone, ready?
One, two, three.
(kids shout encouragement)
Yeah, Alkira, come on, you've
got it!
Come on, come on!
Very good, Maddy.
Very good. And great, girls.
You girls are fantastic.
You really are the best, Maddy.
Great coaching, too.
Aw, thanks, girls.
She's so good!
Alkira is so impressive.
Like, she just about had me...
(chuckles) Yeah.
- Oh, she's so determined.
- Yeah.
But she needs a lot of strength
and conditioning.
Reminds me a lot of you
when you were that age.
Say, since you're staying for a
why don't you coach them
for the next competition?
They'd love it.
Give you something to do,
take your mind off.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Come on.
I think that's an awesome idea,
What? What'd I miss?
Please, please, please, Maddy,
coach us for the next comp.
Okay. Alright.
I mean, you guys are away,
I'm here anyway. I'll be...
(phone rings)
Alkira. Hey.
Oh, yeah, just arrived.
Tess, manners.
Er, yeah. Should be good.
I've got super-exciting news,
Erm, Maddy, Alkira wants
to show you a special spot.
I can show you the way.
Tess, how about you ask us
for permission first?
Mother, really?
- Let's go.
- Where are we going?
It's a special spot,
just first, let's take a selfie.
Thanks. Okay, can we just do,
like, another one?
So, like, just turn around
and then put your arms up
and do sort of like a pose.
Yeah. Cool.
Sweet. Thanks.
(scoffs) Kylie, of course.
Tess is so difficult.
All she does is her gymnastics
and watch old movies.
Seems to hate me with a passion.
Me, her mother.
The only way I can communicate
with her these days
is to text her.
I seem to remember
around the same age,
you were fighting with your
Really? Was I?
Don't worry, it's just a girl
thing around 11 and 12.
It'll pass.
She's totally fine with me.
That's because I'm left to do
all the disciplining.
No wonder she is fine with you.
Handstand challenge?
You ready? Maddy?
No, thank you.
Alkira almost got me the
other day,
so I'm gonna quit while I can.
Thank you, girls.
Keep it going, girls.
Still up!
Hey, she's cheating.
That's unfair. You cheated!
- Good.
- You were amazing, girl.
Competition tomorrow, girls.
Who's excited?
(all) Me.
My first comp as a coach,
this'll be interesting.
Don't worry,
we'll look after you, newbie.
What is the competition like?
- We can do this.
- We've got...
- We've got a new coach.
- We gonna smash.
(chatter continues)
Becky? Oh, my God!
I haven't seen you since you and
Chelsea left for World Juniors.
- What are you doing here?
- Coaching.
Would you believe? Girls elite
stream at North Flinders.
Well, we'll be up
against each other then.
I'm coaching the Aerial girls.
My city girls always smash
country girls.
Well, good luck with that.
You know what they say,
those who can, do,
and those who can't, teach.
Did Becky just try to insult
Maddy, but insulted herself
at the same time?
Don't worry.
And pity about missing out
on the Olympics.
You must be devo.
Come on, girls.
Some things never change.
(announcer) Gymnasts, please
line up for the presentation.
Oh, my God!
- They're so full of themselves.
- Yeah.
Come on, girls, they're not
worth it.
Come on, girls, cut it.
Congrats on the win,
I can definitely see what
you were saying about
city beating country.
Thanks. My city girls are just
No, it was pretty close,
The judges certainly seemed
to favor your girls.
No, they don't.
My girls are better
trained and coached.
I've been coaching for years.
And everybody can see your girls
are just going
over the top in the skills
they're attempting.
How is the ankle?
It's been this way for years!
The same as when I was
completely biased
against country kids.
And as for Alkira's score,
look, it's disgusting!
It's racism, just like when I
was little!
You'd think things
would have changed by now.
Look, I can't say how things
were when you were competing,
but I can assure you
that every judge here
just watches the performance
and scores accordingly,
regardless of race, nationality
or what location they come from.
You know, she's sort of right.
Show me where...
Well, I'm gonna show you
the scores.
Maddy Cornell, isn't it?
Hi, I'm Jason McCloud.
First time coaching, I hear.
- Yeah.
- Your team did great.
You're lucky Beverly
trains them so well.
No, I actually trained them.
Oh, no, no, no, that's awkward,
I didn't mean to say that you
couldn't coach
or that they're not good...
You know, I'm gonna stop before
I dig a bigger hole for myself.
I think that's a good idea.
My daughter deserves better
than this and you know it.
But there's something
I want to say...
Do you wanna maybe go see
a movie or go to dinner,
or something, with me?
- Sure.
- Really?
Great. Cool. When?
Sorry, what?
When do you wanna
go out with me?
(laughs awkwardly)
- No.
- What?
I'm sorry, you said...
You said yes.
I meant thanks for asking,
but maybe another time?
What did you mean
that she's sort of right?
Well, if you go out with me,
then I'll tell you.
(laughs then sighs)
You know,
a man bun would look good.
Hey, girls, girls, girls.
Do you have, like,
a hair tie or something?
Er, nah.
As if I'd give him a hair tie.
(makes explosion sound)
Crash and burn, huh, Mav?
Dr. Matheson, is everything
Beverly just likes me
to keep a close eye on her.
Thanks, Bruce.
- How did it go?
- Good.
Finished just out of placings.
Did you not know that Becky's
coaching the Aerial girls?
It was like being back
at primary school again.
Honestly, she is so competitive.
And she just has it in for,
like, me
and all the country girls,
that's for sure.
I cannot wait until the next
My girls are gonna smash
her city girls.
So, you like coaching, then?
Much rather be competing,
but... listening to Becky,
I'd seriously like to stick it
to her.
Anything else happened?
Yeah, actually, this judge,
Jason, introduced himself to me.
He's cute, isn't he? Well...
Yeah, he's cute.
Did he, erm, say anything?
He actually asked me out. I
said yes.
- Great!
- Then I said no.
I wasn't really paying attention
when I said yes.
Then, you know, I was listening
to Sally and Mary
argue about the judging.
and then Jason came over
and he said Mary had a point,
and then he just became, like,
really evasive
about what he was trying to say,
and then he was going on about
going out and, you know...
So you're not going out with
- Yes.
- I mean, no. No, I'm not.
Wait, what do you--?
What did you mean,
did he ask anything?
That's fantastic! I'm so proud!
That's a great result
for North Flinders!
you should keep coaching them.
No, it's Beverly's team.
I was just happy to help out.
But, Maddy, please keep
We all love having you.
It's awesome!
Can't get a better endorsement
than that, Maddy.
I'm not sure.
I just don't know what I want
to do.
Hi, Bev.
I was just speaking to Tayla's
and he will pay you
to coach the team
till the last State Championship
You get to do what you love,
It's just coaching, and you'll
get paid.
And that will get your dad
off your back.
Plus, you get to take on Becky
and beat her.
Wow, that's awesome, Beverly,
and a perfect fit for
you, too, Maddy.
Please, please, please?
Okay. Only till the last
championship round, though.
How's it going over there?
It's intense.
Shane and I are doing training
and teaching sessions
with elite gymnasts
every few days in a new city.
It's awesome, though.
Tess, are you doing
your homework?
Yes, Mum, I'm doing my homework.
You have a tendency
to leave it to the last minute.
Well, I have been really busy
this week.
I don't want you to stay up
until 1:00 a.m. desperately...
I'm sorry. She's out.
I'm not putting her
through what I went through.
I know you were treated badly.
I saw it with my own eyes,
but I am sure it has changed.
You weren't at the comp.
It's the same biased judging
towards city kids,
and quite frankly, racism
towards Alkira.
Mary, the team did
really well
and they're gonna do
better next time.
The judging was harsh,
but we can prove them wrong.
- See? Even Maddy sees it.
- No!
No, that's not what I'm saying.
I'm trying to say
that Alkira and Tess are the
best gymnasts I've seen.
The best gymnasts
around here by far.
Clearly, Maddy is out of her
Coaching, dealing with young
gymnasts and biased judging.
You better catch up with Tayla.
Maddy is
an ex-world champion gymnast...
and a brilliant young coach.
That may be.
But it doesn't solve the judging
issues, does it?
I'm sorry. Let's go.
(mouths) I'm sorry.
Hey, Maddy, check this out!
Tess, that's dangerous!
- Who taught you that?
- No one.
I copied them off the YouTube
clips I've been learning from.
They are so cool
and way more advanced stuff
- than what we're doing!
- Right.
I knew Beverly wouldn't be
encouraging such reckless moves.
I know you wanna do bigger
but they need lots and lots of
build-up work so they're safe.
You are not to use YouTube
for your training skills.
It's dangerous!
Mum, I want to go back to gym.
Alkira, no.
Mum, I just want to train
and compete with my friends.
No. We'll find something else
for you to do.
(phone rings)
- Gabby, hi.
- Hi, Maddy, how are you?
I'm good. Thanks.
Listen, I've just seen
the most recent scans,
and as you were advised,
your back's completely healed.
And your small tear in your
is almost completely healed
as well,
so you're clear to start
training again.
I know missing out on
the Olympics
was a huge disappointment,
for you
but now we've got time,
we can work on those big skills
and get you ready for Worlds.
I was thinking
you could start next week.
Might as well get you back on
the horse as soon as possible.
Er... Erm...
Sorry, when do you think?
Next week.
I'm not sure.
I'll have to think about it.
Thanks, Gabby.
Gabby wants me back at training.
What do you think?
Are you ready?
I don't know.
My confidence... I just don't
Just give it time.
Looks like you need more treble
in the first leap.
Or maybe I'm just doing
my footing wrong or something.
I'll just try again.
I thought I told you no back
flips on the beam,
and certainly no back flip
and to stop getting your
training off YouTube!
I'm not allowed to even be here.
Catch you later, Tess.
But, Maddy, you won't teach me,
so I'll have to teach myself!
Tess, you have to understand
without the right preparation,
this can go so terribly wrong,
Just trust me.
Mum, I'm serious,
I wanna go back to gym.
Alkira, we've already spoken
about this. No.
No, we haven't. All you've said
is no.
Mum, what happened to you
was horrible.
I totally get that, but this is
my life!
It's what I love doing,
and I'm really good at it.
- But it's not fair.
- Mum. I don't care.
I love doing it.
How does holding on
to the past help anything?
Do something good
and be a part of the solution!
Be a judge or something
So, can I go back?
I can't do that to you or to
Mum, it's not about you! It's
for me!
Tess, can you just train
on your own for a bit, please?
- Tays, are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, just feel a bit
Alright, come, sit down.
Sit down for a second, here.
Sit down.
Have you eaten?
Of course.
Oh, what did you have?
Cereal and a banana.
Well, that's what
I was going to have, but...
Has anyone being bullying
or hassling you?
No one has said anything about
your weight
or the way you look
No. Why? Are you saying I'm fat?
No. No, I'm just asking.
Look, Tayla, I've been in
gymnastics for years.
I've seen it all.
And I've seen these signs
You're burning up heaps of
energy, okay?
You need it.
- Ow!
- Tess, don't do that again!
Like I said before, you won't
teach me,
so I'll have to teach myself.
No, even with the correct
training and preparation,
that can go horribly wrong!
- But I know what I'm doing!
- No, you don't!
Yes, I do!
You're not teaching me anything!
Just be patient with me, okay?
Just because you've lost your
and don't have the guts
to do big skills anymore,
doesn't mean others have.
- Tess! Apologize at once!
- Why?
Because that's
an appalling thing to say.
No. Truth hurts.
(phone rings)
Hi, this is Gabby. You've
missed me. So leave a message.
Gabby, hi, it's Maddy.
Sorry I've missed you.
I'm ready. I will be back at
training next week.
Alright, thanks.
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
- Hello!
- Hey, kiddo.
What's wrong?
Beverly's passed away.
Are you serious?
I'm afraid so.
It was earlier this evening.
I was just with her.
Was it anything I did?
Oh, no. No, no, no. No.
I spoke to her doctor.
She was worse than anyone knew.
I feel so responsible!
You know, me and Tess,
we had a massive fight.
Beverly was trying to call me.
I know, I heard.
- Tess is absolutely distraught.
- Oh, no!
She feels totally responsible.
Poor Tess.
It's just too much, Dad.
I can't believe it.
Tess hates me,
Alkira quit, Tayla hates me.
I told Gabby I was gonna go back
to training for Worlds, but...
I know I'm not ready,
and now Beverly...
It's just too much, I just...
- Thank you so much.
- Welcome.
It was so beautiful.
She would have loved it.
Thank you.
Maddy, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean...
I didn't mean anything I said.
What I said to you was horrible
- It's all my fault.
- Hey. No.
No, Tess, I feel horrible, too.
I left without speaking to her
and I didn't take her calls,
which I will forever regret.
But no matter what, neither of
us are responsible, okay?
She was really, really sick.
- And she didn't tell anyone.
- Yeah.
And, Mum, I've been so horrible
to you, too, and...
I'm going to do better. Promise.
Tess, honey. Honey.
We can all do better.
You know, Tess, you were right.
I have lost my edge.
And it, it just hurts so much
to hear it
from someone so much younger
and braver than me.
But I want us to finish this
for Beverly.
I want us to stay and train
and win the championship for
But I thought you were going
back to training for the Worlds.
Maybe after all this is done.
But this is all that's important
to me right now.
Alright? We're taking this for
Come here.
Mary, I need Alkira on the team.
We can't win it without her.
And it's what Beverly would
have wanted.
Mary, it gives me a second
chance too.
That's good reverse, Tayla.
Come on, Tess.
So, gals, I think the best
is to keep a low profile
at the next comp
and to sneak up on the Aerial
girls for the championship.
Sounds like a plan.
No, no, aim for three,
and then we can get there.
Maddy, I'm so sorry about
She was, and always will be
an inspiration to gymnasts
and coaches.
Thanks. I owe her heaps.
Hey, just so you know,
we're coming for you guys.
We're here to win.
Is that right? Well, bring it
What happened
to keeping a low profile
and then jump them
for the championship?
Yeah, but then I thought,
"Nah, let's just put it on them
and see if they crack."
Felt good.
- Maddy is back and she's bad.
- Yeah.
Hey, Maddy.
I'm so sorry to hear about
I... Listen, if you need
someone to, like,
talk to or something, then
I'm here.
I've known Beverly since I was
a kid. So I'm pretty devo, too.
Thanks. I really appreciate it.
Maybe another time or
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
Any time.
He's so sweet.
It'd be nice if you went out
with him.
I mean, I'm sure it's what
Beverly would have wanted,
anyway, so...
What'd you say to her?
I think we need to make a date
and a rose ceremony
she can't refuse.
- What?
- What?
Come on, guys.
(makes explosion sound)
Crash and burn, huh, Mav? Again?
(impersonating Robert De Niro)
Are you talking to me?
Are you talking to me?
De Niro. Nice.
And yours was
Top Gun: Maverick, Charlie?
Well, I mean, it seems
Well... I'll be back.
Beverly liked you, you know?
We all like you.
Thanks... I think.
The girls and I reckon
we can get you over the line.
Want our help?
Maybe. What did you
have in mind?
Send me an e-mail and I'll send
you a link to a song.
A song?
Yeah, I've got a plan.
I don't know...
(scoffs) Don't worry,
I won't stalk you or anything.
It's a good plan.
And Maddy will love it.
Well, I do love it
when a plan comes together.
The A-Team. Hannibal?
- We're so close to winning.
- Yeah.
I just need to do something big
for extra points.
Got your phone, Tays?
No, Maddy's not watching.
Ah, don't worry about it.
Okay. A top choice.
Here we come for the gold,
- Yeah.
- Come on.
(polite applause)
Tess, what was that?
We were so close to winning
and I needed to go big
to get some extra points.
(announcer) That completes
today's event and presentations.
Nice work, North Flinders.
The championship is cumulative
scores from each event.
So just one to go.
Good luck catching up.
Keep up those big routines,
and you never know...
Did you just--?
Never mind.
I don't get it.
How's that?
All my girls did bigger routines
with maximum start value for
that level.
Half of Becky's team, they left
off the more difficult skills,
yet somehow they out-scored us.
What is with the bias towards
Becky and the city girls?
There's absolutely no bias
between city and country girls.
Well, the scores are saying
very differently.
Well, you are completely wrong.
We just judge
the performance that is given.
You know what, I actually think
Alkira's mum is right.
There is some serious bias,
guys, especially towards Alkira!
That's complete rubbish!
It couldn't be further from
the truth.
No, that is wrong!
Her mum's been--
Well, actually...
I do judge the North Flinders
girls slightly harder...
than the...
Well, I mean, I judge fairly.
Of course, I judge fairly.
Maddy, your three girls,
they have way more talent
than most of the gymnasts here,
but they have the least
technical refined skills.
I'm sorry, but it's frustrating
to see that talent wasted,
That is just one
isolated judge's opinion.
Well, okay. Okay.
Who else here judges
the North Flinders girls harder
because they are so talented?
Come on. Come on.
Well, I mean, Jason is sort
of right,
not that he explains
it all that well.
It's not that we are biased,
it's just that the other girls
have refined their skills.
I mean, North Flinders are doing
bigger skills, absolutely,
but they don't have the work
ethic to perfect or refine them.
I mean, your girls are
attempting skills
they're not really ready
ready for.
I mean, your girls are
attempting skills
they're not really ready
ready for.
Maddy, I just think
we should go for broke.
Push the limits,
smash out the big routines.
I don't know, it seems high
High risk, big reward.
It's what you've always done,
the big skills,
and you pull 'em off.
This is ultimate for me.
I just feel like I need more
Trust me, I want this as bad as
We need to go big.
You can refine the skills later
after qualifying.
(Judge) They're attempting
they're not really
ready for.
I mean, put simply, your girls
just don't work hard enough.
We are only 0.8 behind Becky's
team for the championship.
Okay, wait for it.
The judges admitted that they
were biased
towards the city teams.
- I knew it.
- (all) That's so unfair!
Yeah, but wait, let me explain.
You work and train the least.
Tess, you think because you have
well-known gymnastic parents
that you're judged harshly.
- Yes!
- You're not!
You're just not working hard
enough to perfect the skills.
You think you're owed something
because you're trying these
big moves.
And, Tayla, you're very similar.
And you work hard, but you're
focusing on other things.
And, Alkira, you are probably
the most talented gymnast here,
all right?
Your flexibility is amazing!
And your determination
is second to none, but...
And, Mary,
this is why I brought you in.
It's not racism. All right?
It might well have been in your
day, but the thing is it's not.
How do you know that?
Mary, I sat down with the
We went through every single
score sheet,
our girls and Becky's girls.
And it's all the same thing.
Tiny deductions for sloppy
little skills.
- Do we wanna beat Becky's team?
- Absolutely yes.
All right, well, Becky's team,
they're training seven times a
What are we training?
(all) Three.
If we wanna win this
championship in six weeks,
our strength and fitness, girls,
it's not good enough.
We're gonna start this off
by doing seven sessions a week
and a boot camp.
I might get someone in
to help us with that.
And, Tess, I'm gonna make
a deal with you, okay?
You find me any gym action
from YouTube,
anything that we have the
skills for
and that we can safely
incorporate into the routines,
we will, all right?
Are you girls in?
(all) We're in.
You don't beat me on the way
Guys, look, it's
Sally Pearson!
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!
That is so cool.
Girls, this is my good friend,
She's the most motivating
and inspiring athlete I know.
So who better to get us
started, right?
Well, Maddy's asked me here to
help out
because I know what
it takes to win gold.
Could I please take
a quick selfie with you?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Ah, you girls.
You are so cut!
- Yeah. Ripped.
- Can I?
Well, we have two days to set
you girls on the right path.
Are you ready?
Didn't this used to be
an old army training ground?
It looks really hard.
We can do it. Maximum effort.
Oh, that's really cool.
I like it.
All right. You ready?
- Yeah!
- Let's go.
Let's go. Come on, come on,
come on, girls. Beautiful.
Faster, faster! Come on!
Come on, come on, go faster,
Great work, girls. That's it
for today.
Let's eat and get some sleep.
Oh, no, I don't think so.
What? We're gonna sleep out
- No, thanks.
- Seriously?
Why do you guys get to sleep
in the comfort?
Well, that's easy. I've done
the work.
I'm not the one training
for State Championships
in six weeks' time, you are!
You have to toughen up
to be worthy of gold.
Come on, guys.
Have fun!
(they laugh)
We're probably gonna die!
We'll get eaten alive by
- And freeze to death.
- Goodnight.
Oh, I'm so sore.
So many stars.
I wonder where they came from.
Well, stars are created
from nuclear fusion.
The outflow of energy provides
the pressure
to keep the star from collapsing
under its own weight.
I reckon the sun lights our way
in the day
and the moon at night.
One night
the moon was being stolen,
so five of the bravest warriors
went to the highest mountain
and jumped into the sky to
protect it.
Whenever a warrior passes,
their spirit leaps into the
night sky
to become a star
to protect the moon.
Wow, I like your explanation
a lot better than science class.
Good job! Well done!
Come on, keep going!
Faster, faster, faster!
Right, girls, keep it going!
Come on!
- You need to out-train.
- You're doing really well.
Well done! Let's go!
They are improving so much.
Yeah, they're doing really
This is torture!
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
It was fun!
She's gonna love it!
- What do you think?
- It's awesome.
- Yeah.
- So good!
You girls aren't watching
YouTube and doing routines
from there, are you?
Because we had an agreement
about that.
- No, no, absolutely not.
- No. No.
Oh, my God, guys!
Good job, gals. Who's heading?
- Me.
- Excellent.
Hey, girls, I need your help
with something.
Good job, Alkira! That was
We wanna rotate this...
Come on, Tayla. Yes, nice. Good.
Keep it strong, keep it strong.
- Okay.
- All good.
It's all good. Good job.
Just go, go do it again.
Give it another go, all right?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Tayla has improved so much.
I feel like the more confidence
she has, the better she does.
But I just feel like...
something's holding her back.
What was it called?
Ah, yes.
Sweetheart, have a good day.
- See ya.
- Enjoy training.
- Hey, Tay.
- Hi, Alkira.
I was looking
at the gym chat site last night.
Those Aerial girls, Kylie and
Cassie, are complete tools.
You know you are
absolutely awesome, right?
They're just stuck-up,
brain-dead city trolls.
You are already
a super-fit muscle pot.
I want you to help me
get into that shape.
Yeah, but when I look in the
I think I'm dumpy and ugly
just as they say.
(sighs) Hey, see this?
This don't wash off, you know?
I've seen
the crap comments all my life.
I'm not letting anyone put me
I'm just gonna show 'em.
Just quit the site and
the chats.
They'll stop if they aren't
getting to you.
You are awesome.
Let's show 'em and whip their
Yeah. We're deadly.
Yeah. Yeah, let's show 'em.
Come in. Let's go.
You know, you can just use
Doesn't need anything else.
Yeah? Deadly.
Come on, Tayla, that's it!
- Tayla, you are amazing!
- Amazing.
Smashing it out!
bring on Becky and her team!
- (all) Maximum effort.
- Come on.
So you girls definitely don't
know where Mary and Alkira are?
No, I just tried to ring again,
but it just rings out.
I'll try.
(announcer) Gymnasts,
please complete your warm-up.
Guys, what do we do now?
We're starting.
Stand out of the introduction.
We'll join in when she gets here
for the first apparatus. C'mon.
All right, just stand here.
We'll just watch and
warm-up here.
(announcer) Gymnasts, please
line up for the presentation.
Has Mary withdrawn Alkira?
Well, I mean,
it'd be nice if she told us,
cos there goes the championship.
I don't know. I hope not.
(announcer) Teams competing
today are Queenstown,
North Flinders.
North Flinders.
- What's going on?
- No idea.
They'd better at least just
start up on the first apparatus,
otherwise they'll be
(announcer) Gymnasts, to your
first apparatus.
- Look, there they are.
- Oh, yes.
But, wait, Alkira's not with
So none of you girls spoke to
No, I tried calling her before,
but she just didn't pick up.
What are we gonna do?
Well, our best, and Alkira will
do the same when she gets here.
(both) Maximum effort.
Let's go.
No answer.
It's Mary who called.
Yes. It's alright.
Love to know what's going on.
Wait, where's Kate gone?
I'd definitely want to know
what's going on now.
(phone rings)
Kate? Where are you?
What, you left? Why?
Okay. Yup. Yup. Yeah, got it.
Okay, okay, okay. Yup.
Pat and I are on to it.
What's happening?
Kate wants us
to look through the rule book
to see if there are any bylaws
about gymnasts and rotations.
Who would have a competition
rulebook in their handbag?
A coach who doesn't like to lose
and won't take no for an answer.
Like mother, like daughter.
Oh, Kate, you're a lifesaver.
Finding a flat car,
couldn't get a hold of anyone.
What a day!
Don't worry, we're on
our way now.
But Alkira's already missed
half the competition.
We might be okay. Pat and Shane
are looking into it.
Alkira, get warmed up.
- There they are. Go, go.
- She's here! She's here!
Oh, hey.
Hey. Don't worry.
We've got this, all right?
- Did you find anything?
- Not a thing.
- All right, let's go.
- Oh, yeah.
Hey, Sally, okay, so Alkira's
here now, so she can compete.
No, she can't. She's late.
She's missed out.
But it doesn't say anywhere
where she can't.
Just compete now,
the comp's still going.
- That's not how we do things.
- You can't do that.
It's not in the rules.
If she completes each apparatus
before the comp finishes,
she has to be allowed to
Have a look.
Look, competing per rotation
with your team
is just an accepted practice.
It's not what the rules say.
But you'll need to be finished
all her apparatus
by the last gymnast
in the last rotation.
This will conclude the
and if she's not done by then...
- Okay?
- Yes.
Thank you, Sally.
Great news.
Alkira, you can compete.
What happened?
(all) Maximum effort.
Come with me, Alkira. Come on.
It must be close.
I think Alkira's floor might
make or break it for them.
- Yes!
- Line up!
Come on, Alkira.
(both) Maximum effort!
Let's go!
Well, any idea who's won?
(ceremonial fanfare plays)
(announcer) Congratulations,
gymnasts and coaches,
another great championship.
This being the third and final
round of the State Championship,
thank you to the parents and
friends for supporting
and coming out today.
In third place,
Queenstown Gymnastics.
The top two teams with
accumulative scores
over the three rounds
are Aerial Gym Club
and North Flinders Gym.
What I can say is
North Flinders have done
an exceptional job in getting
so close with a record-smashing
set of performances in this
final round.
The winner of the State
Championship by just 0.01 is...
North Flinders Gymnastics.
Of course, in second place,
with brilliant results each
round, Aerial Gymnastics.
Australian Olympic gymnast,
Larissa Miller
will be presenting the medals.
I'm also delighted to announce
the State Championship cup
will be named after someone
who's contributed so much
to junior gymnastics.
Beverly Teague.
And now would everyone
be up standing, please,
for the presentation
of the inaugural
Beverly Teague Memorial Cup.
I would like to invite
North Flinders coach
and long-time close friend
of Beverly, Maddy Cornell,
to accept the cup
for the State Championship.
Thank you.
I'd like to invite
Kate Fuller-Jones
to come and accept this
with me.
(loud cheering)
Thank you, everyone.
That concludes tonight's events
and presentations.
Well done! Yes!
Look at you, guys.
- Maddy?
- Oh, my God.
Tess, Alkira, Tayla,
That was an amazing performance.
I thought we had you covered,
but your big routine and fine
skills pipped us at the post.
Hey, that's so kind.
We really appreciate it.
Great competition, girls.
It brings out the best.
And I can't think of a more
fitting finale than for you guys
for the first-ever Beverly
Teague Cup.
We're coming
to get it next year, though.
All right. I wouldn't have it
any other way.
I'm so impressed with the
Aerial girls and the coaching.
I'd like my girls to come and
train with you guys
whenever possible.
I feel like you girls could
learn a lot
from Cassie, Kylie and Li.
- What do you think?
- I'd be honoured.
Maybe we can do an exchange.
We could come down to the
country to do some training,
you guys can get with us
and do some training.
Actually, I know just the spot
to do some training.
It'll be fun.
We do need to address the
gymnastic chat-group posts,
There's some real cyber
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Girls, there's nothing wrong
with some serious rivalry,
but don't cross the line.
I'm sorry. It was too far.
Me, too. I'm really sorry, guys.
Group hug.
(all chuckle)
I've been thinking and...
I'd like for you both to train
me for Worlds.
Maddy, that would be a dream
come true for us.
But what about Gabby?
I'm gonna decline.
I wanna stay home for a bit,
do some coaching,
and be around coaches I know
and can trust.
I can't think of anyone better
than you guys.
- Mum! Dad!
- There she is!
Here she is, our little
See, all the hard work pays off,
doesn't it?
Hello, Mary. How are you?
Hello, well done.
That is brilliant. Well done.
Here you go, Mary. We'll see you
in three weeks' time.
Well done again.
Really? I told you.
Hey, Maddy, I have something
special to show you.
Something I picked up
from YouTube.
(music starts)
All he needs is just an
He likes you a lot
But you were just too
blind to see
He wanted to say it for so
He'd been giving you hints
But you don't catch on
We know you're sad
Because you didn't make the team
We know you're down
Cos you didn't make your dream
Girl, you could be happy
Just stop and think
He might even be romantic
He's cute, we think you both
He'll fit right into our crew
All he needs is just an
He likes you a lot
But you were just too blind
to see
He's a real sweet guy
And he's just so cool
Every girl likes him in our
He's the guy
And you two will fly fast
Just don't let him burn and
Cos we really like him, too
So now you know what to do
Don't let him walk the other way
And please say yes to a date
All he needs is just an
He likes you a lot
But you were just too blind
to see
Movie or dinner?
You are persistent.
Movie and dinner?
All right, come on, let's dance.
Even you, Maddy.
- What are you doing?
- Dancing.
Just follow me.
(music starts)
So, what did you have in mind
for training
when we come up next?
This is torture!
I'm so sorry to hear
about what happened to Kate.
But the harsh reality is that
there's only one spot
available for Worlds.
You two are gonna have to fight
each other for it.