A Shoe Addict's Christmas (2018) Movie Script

It's beginning to look
a lot like Christmas,
Everywhere you go.
Take a look in
the five and ten,
Glistening once again.
With candy canes
and silver lanes aglow.
It's beginning to look
a lot like Christmas,
Toys in every store.
But the prettiest sight
to see,
is the holly that will be
on your own front door.
A pair of hop-a-long boots
and a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Barney
and Ben.
Dolls that will talk
and will go for a walk,
Is the hope of Janice
and Jen
And mom and dad
can hardly wait
for school to start again.
It's beginning to look
a lot like Christmas,
Everywhere you go,
There's a tree in
the Grand Hotel,
Wow, Noelle!
Oh, Alex.
Great, here.
Hold these.
More Christmas decorations?
You can never have
too much Christmas.
Says the woman named "Noelle."
My mother loved
the holidays.
You know, she wanted
to name me Jingle
but my dad talked her out of it.
Well, my mother only likes
the retail aspect of Christmas,
so let's not over-do it, okay?
Oh, speaking of your mother.
Mrs. Fulton!
Hello, Merry Christmas!
Hello Noelle.
Alex, is there a reason your HR
manager is decorating the store?
I wouldn't think that would be
on her list of job
Well no, of course
not, but, umm-
I volunteered to help.
It's three weeks
until Christmas.
So all hands on deck...
the halls!
Well, I'm half expecting Santa's
elves to appear
and burst into song,
so I think we can assume
the halls are fully decked.
And besides, shouldn't you
be working
on the Christmas charity gala
for the fire station?
I have already talked
to Captain Pearson
and we're meeting this week.
Fulton's is the major sponsor
for the first time this year,
so we have to make
a good impression.
Think tasteful.
I'll make sure it's
all taken care of.
Are you sure everything's
taken care of?
This is very important, Noelle.
Alex, don't worry.
Besides, a fancy charity gala
means I have an excuse to buy
a new pair of shoes.
Everyone should have someone in
their life who looks at them
the way you look at footwear.
But they're more than
just footwear.
I mean they are an expression
of our mood.
They're... they're happy or
serious or fun or flirty.
Every pair tells a story.
Well just make sure the story
they tell
is one my mother
will approve of.
Alex, I promise.
The shoes, and the fire station
gala will be
tasteful, elegant and refined.
Thank you so much.
Nice work out there Jake.
I especially liked the part
where you slide down
the fire escape to getkto tck.
Well, it was faster than taking
the stairs and more fun.
But not exactly
appropriate behaviour
for a future deputy chief.
Can we do Secret Santa for
our Christmas party this year?
Peter, in all the years
that you've known me,
has changing the subject
ever worked?
Look Teddy it's not
a done deal yet.
I don't want to talk about it
and jinx it.
You sure it's not because
you're having second thoughts?
Yeah, I mean it's an office job,
You're not going to miss being
out on the front lines with us?
It's called a career path.
Can't slide down fire escapes
for the rest of my life.
Why not?
Lots of people do.
Your dad did.
My dad the hero firefighter.
But, it's time I grow up.
Do my own thing.
The only bad part is how much
you guys are going to miss me.
Oh, I think we'd find a way
to muddle through.
You guys are going to be
devastated without me.
It's gonna kill ya!
Yeah just for that
you're stowing
the rest of the equipment.
No can do.
I'm, uh, moving into
my new place tonight.
Ahh, a Christmas shoe tree?
Lorna I love it.
I knew you would.
You know, a picture of
this would be inspiring.
Maybe even the most inspiring
photo of the year?
Oh, Lorna come on.
You need to enter the contest
this year.
They're showing entries at
the Christmas charity gala.
So it's like kismet.
I haven't taken photographs
in years.
Submit the one of the woman
by the Christmas tree.
That is a great picture.
You're a great photographer.
Yeah, well I gave that up.
Now, I am a great Human
Resources Manager.
When I recommended you
for this job
it was supposed to be temporary.
Just somethin' to help you
pay the bills
while you got over
His name is Matt.
I know.
I just prefer What's-his-face.
Noelle, that was
three years ago.
You need to get over him.
I am over him.
You still follow his Instagram.
He's still a photographer.
Sweetie, it is time for you
to get back out in the world.
Personally, and professionally.
Lorna, this may not be
my dream job
but I am making the best of it.
Noelle, you know I love you.
But this isn't a time for you
to be making the best of it.
It's a time for you to be filled
with the spirit of Christmas.
We work in retail.
I'm just trying to get through
Christmas alive.
I appreciate what
you're trying to do,
but I promise, I'm okay.
I work with great people,
my dad and I are good.
And I have a best friend
like you.
You're only saying that
because I always get you
shoes for Christmas.
No, it's because I love you.
And because of the shoes.
This year, I'm gonna
switch it up.
I'm thinkin' boots.
Like those black ones
you used to have.
I loved those.
Merry Christmas, Mrs. Claus.
Hey dad!
You never visit on a Tuesday.
I'm sure that at some point
I've come on a Tuesday.
You call on Friday
and you visit on a Sunday.
The only time you visit
on a Tuesday
is if it's a holiday or
if something's wrong.
Actually, uh, I mean there
is something.
That's what I mean!
That's what I mean!!
Uh, there is what?
Uh, oh nothin'.
You two loved
to play dress up.
And her shoes.
We could've had a much
bigger house
if it hadn't been for your
mother and her shoes.
Yeah, it runs in the family.
Still love the necklace?
I do.
I never see you wear it.
Oh, it never goes with my shoes.
Ya hungry?
I could, um-
No! No.
I'm... I'm fine.
I, you know, I should get going.
You just got here!
Yeah, but you're busy and
I don't want to bother you.
I'll just, uh,
I'll call you Friday.
And see ya Sunday!
Noelle, you sure
nothing's wrong?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Bye, dad.
Oh! Careful! Careful.
Here let me, I'll move
some of these.
I'm... I'm fine. I'm...
Is this your obstacle course?
Yeah, I'm sorry,
I'm moving into 3G.
Oh, I, uh, live in 2G.
Oh! 2G.
I promise not to hold it
over you.
'Cause my apartment's...
it's over.
Yeah, I... I get it.
I get it.
Hey, let me help you
with those.
Oh, I, I can-
Really, it's the least
that I can do.
Here, no-
I can really manage.
I'm really making a great
first impression.
Not going to forget
this anytime soon.
I, I got it.
I'm Jake, by the way.
As in the first!
First... Noelle.
I'll just call you 2G.
Oh, Noelle!
I need a favour.
Can you find an old employee
file from the 1990s?
Well everything back to 2000
is on the computer,
but anything before that would
be paper files in the basement.
Hmm... I wouldn't ask
if it wasn't important.
It's part of a Christmas gift
for my mother.
An old employee file?
Wouldn't she prefer a sweater?
Well, it's about the people
who used to work here
when my dad ran the store.
I'm getting some old photos
and some funny stories
and I'm putting it all
into an album for her.
Aww, that's so sweet.
Uh, the employee, it is,
uh, Charlene Pennymar.
I'll see what I can find.
Thank you.
It is really coming
down out there.
Hope you didn't have
any big plans for tonight.
Oh, no my Christmas tree
came this morning,
so I'm just putting on
my comfy pyjamas
and putting up the decorations.
Good plan.
I'll see you tomorrow?
Yes, you will.
Be safe out there.
I will.
Where are you,
Charlene Pennymar?
Wherever you are, you're going
to stay here 'til tomorrow.
Hello? Anybody here?
Where is everybody?
Hey, it's Noelle.
The store is empty,
and dark
and all the doors are locked.
We shut down early
because of all the snow.
I sent everyone home.
I was in the basement,
looking for that file.
Oh, no.
Noelle I am so sorry.
I had no idea you were
still down there.
Well, I mean, just tell me
how I can get out
'cause I don't have a key.
There is no way out without one.
Okay Alex, what am I gonna do?
It's okay.
I'm gonna come down there.
Or I will send someone.
Have you even looked outside?
Because it's snowing like crazy.
I will figure it out.
And if I can't, I will just call
the fire department
and we'll get them to break
down the doors.
No, now that's a little extreme.
It's either that or you spend
the night in there by yourself.
There are worse places
to get stuck overnight.
Make yourself at home
until I get there.
But I will get there.
I'm not leaving you in
the store overnight.
And be careful out there.
Yeah, will do.
Make myself at home, huh?
We've hung the ornaments
with care,
It's Christmas time,
my dear.
You can feel it in the air
We've put out cookies
for St. Nick,
The snow is falling now,
and it's finally time
to tuck in the kids.
It's time to celebrate,
all the blessings
of this day.
Maybe I'll put that on
my Christmas wish list.
Kissing under mistletoe,
never want to let you go.
At least one thing is clear,
we can't wait to do it
all again next year
Oh no!
Look at the mess
I've made.
I... this is not how this
was supposed to go at all.
What happened?
Well, I was looking
for some shoes,
and they were there on the...
the very tippy top...
So you climbed the rack?
Well, they're very important
shoes, they...
they go with my...
Wait, who are you and how did
you get in here?
I'm Charlie.
And, and it, it is just...
Oh gosh, it's just so nice
to meet you, Noelle.
Wait, how did you know
my name?
Oh, I know lots of stuff
about you.
I... I've been watching you.
It's okay, don't worry,
they... they said that
you'd be skeptical.
Are "they" doctors?
They said "she'll think
you're crazy."
Well, whoever they are,
they were right.
Well... well of course
they were.
They've been doing this
a long time.
I... I'm new to all of this.
New to what?
Well, I'm here to...
Help... help you... um.
Sorry I have to look
at my notes...
Um... to help you overcome
your troubles, of course.
Oh, but I'm not troubled.
Well, you... you must
be because,
I wouldn't be here
if you weren't.
It was Alex who sent you here
with the key to have
a little fun.
Ha ha.
Very funny, Alex.
No, I'm here to help.
Help with what?
You see dear, it seems that at
some point you stopped trying.
You stopped pursuing
the things in your life
that meant something to you.
What are you talking about?
No, I am here because something
big is coming.
And if you miss it this time,
it could be the last time.
What is it?
That I can't tell you.
Why not?
Employee manual.
That part I remember.
Well then how are you gonna
help me if ya' can't tell me.
Well, okay, see that's why I was
climbing up the... uh... uh...
shoe shelf, because
when you were little
you used to go shoe shopping
with your mother.
And then you would go home
and you would play dress up.
How did you know that?
And then when you put
the shoes on
you would dream about
all the possibilities.
Put these on.
Because, well,
you've lost faith.
And, it's like you know
it's there
but it's like you don't
really consider it anymore.
Every pair tells a story.
Don't you want to see
what this one is?
You know, I had a pair
just like these.
I know.
Okay, I put the shoes on?
What just...
Yes! Yes, it worked!
Now we go back
to Christmas past.
Wait what, where...
It's Christmas Eve.
Three years ago.
Do you remember?
My tree.
I... I haven't decorated
my tree yet.
Oh, oh, no, no.
That... that's a different tree.
This is your tree
three years ago.
Maybe this will help
you remember.
Okay, I got
wine and ice cream.
I didn't know what type of
breakup comfort food you need.
Oh, don't worry,
she can't see me.
I can't believe that Matt broke
up with you on Christmas Eve.
Who does that?
You called Matt What's-his-face.
That's good.
Never say his name again.
I like it.
Go with it.
You'll remember everything.
You're better off without him.
You think so?
I said "you think so?"
I remember saying that.
He was holding you back.
You're a much better
photographer without him.
That picture...
is incredible.
Where did you take it?
Oh, at the tree lighting
ceremony downtown last year.
I don't even know who she is.
I just thought she looked so...
I don't know... hopeful.
You know what,
I'm gonna call my friend
that owns that gallery.
I don't need a gallery show,
I need a job.
I can't be Matt's assistant
on photo shoots anymore.
You can go out on your own.
I'll call my friend right now.
No Lorna, please don't.
Don't. Not yet.
You know, is the department
store hiring?
There might be something
in human resources.
But you don't really want
to do that, do you?
I mean, it would
just be temporary.
As long as it's just temporary.
But it wasn't temporary,
was it?
That was three years ago
and you're still there.
And you never had your friend
call the gallery owner.
And I believe that this was
the night that you put away
all your camera equipment.
Okay. I don't understand.
Just, what's the point
of all this?
To imagine the possibilities.
As long as it's just temporary.
How many times in your life
do you get a do-over?
You know what?
Go ahead and call your friend,
the gallery owner.
Atta girl!
Sorry dear, uh, that jump
made me dizzy.
I haven't got the hang
of it yet.
Where are we?
You're right where
you should be.
This is exactly where
you would be today
if you had made
different choices.
Celebrating Christmas
in your new apartment.
You'd have a fabulous
photography studio.
Wait... my studio?
Oh yes, yes, yes.
You are one of the most
sought-after photographers
in the whole city.
Is, is this a wedding ring?
Certainly is.
Hey, honey! I'm home.
That was fun!
It was like a rollercoaster.
Oh, I miss rollercoasters.
What... What just happened?
See, well, I knocked over
that shoe rack and you were all
"who are you?"
And then I was like all
"I'm here to help!"
No, I mean, I mean,
how, how did you just...
I mean... what did you...
Oh, I think I'm gonna
freak out now.
Oh, that's quite understandable.
Don't move!
I'm right here!
It's okay, we'll have
it open in a minute.
The manager gave me
the alarm code.
That's better.
You all right?
I don't know, I'm...
I'm not sure.
There's a woman back there.
We'll go find her.
She's in the shoe department.
But be careful.
And whatever she says,
do not put the shoes on.
You're a fireman?
Well, I hope so or I'd feel
pretty silly in this getup.
Not a jokin' mood.
Somethin' happened?
Something definitely happened.
There's a weird lady
in the shoe department.
Weird how?
Well it's, oh, it's kind of hard
to explain.
Don't look at me like that.
She's the weird one.
Got it. I'll make a note.
There's no one in
the shoe department.
The rest of the crew
is looking around but...
No, no. No, no.
She's there.
She had a big red,
wacky hat.
I'm sorry but we haven't found
anyone in here but you.
Not the weird one.
Got it.
Cute antlers.
You know her?
She's my new neighbour.
Good luck with that!
Alright, let's go!
All right.
Hey, what's going on out here?
Oh, now you're in trouble!
Oh! Oh!
Oh. Oh. Oh.
Oh. Oh.
Make a break for it, boys!
It's too late for me!
I... I'm so sorry.
Yeah, it's okay.
Boys will be boys, right?
How are you feeling today?
Uh, good.
Yeah. Better. Fine.
I'm not weird.
I never said you were.
But you thought it.
You did have on
reindeer antlers.
But I mean you were trapped
inside a big store by yourself
in the middle of a snow storm so
that would put anybody on edge.
Thank you for that.
You're welcome.
Hey, you're with
the fire station
that's doing the Christmas
gala, right?
Yeah, are you coming?
Well, Fulton's is sponsoring it
so I volunteered to oversee it.
Nothing. Nothing.
For a guy who doesn't say a lot
of things you sure do say a lot.
You know what I'm saying.
I'm just saying it's, uh,
it's a really big deal
for the fire station.
It raises a lot of money for us.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I am determined to
make sure it's a big success.
In fact, I, here, need to call
Captain Pearson right now.
Hi! Captain Pearson.
Noelle Carpenter.
Good, thank you.
I was calling to see when you'd
have time to get together
for the charity gala.
Okay, then who will I be
working with?
No, I think I know how
to find him.
Thank you.
Know where to find who?
Your captain just
volunteered you.
Well I guess we're
working together.
Looks like it.
Isn't that...
I'll get the door for ya.
How are you doing this?
How are you just showing up
whenever and wherever you want?
Well, no I can't just like
"show up" anywhere.
You know, there are rules.
Well, what are they then?
Well, I'm still learning them.
Oh great!
So people can see you
or can't see you?
Oh no, no.
That one I remember.
No. People cannot see me
when we take our little jaunts
into your memories.
See I wasn't there, you know,
when they originally happened
so I can't be seen there
when you relive them.
But I'm here now.
So you're like a...
because I mean... I...
Well, I can... I can touch you.
Of course!
See, I'm just as here
as you are.
Yeah but apparently you don't
need doors to get in and out.
Well, that's just one of
the perks of the job.
Okay. I still don't understand
why you're here.
There's only two and a half
weeks 'til Christmas.
There's a lot of work to do.
What kind of work?
First, you can start by spending
as much time as possible
with that handsome fireman,
working on the charity gala.
Well... how do you know a...
Did you have something
to do with...
putting us together to work?
Is he the guy that
I'm married to?
Is he the "honey,
I'm home" guy?
Now, don't go getting ahead
of yourself.
No, thinking that you know you
know before you... you know...
now that... that's a... that's a
sure-fire way of never knowing.
You know?
And regardless, I am not looking
for a romance.
Who said anything
about a romance?
What you saw in that future?
That was just one possibility
but you have the power
to change that
by what you do or what
you don't do and let's face it,
you haven't done much
of anything lately.
So, go out and live your life!
Have fun!
Embrace the Christmas spirit.
Well, yeah, but all we're doing
is planning a party.
It's just not all that exciting.
We're talking about having
faith here.
You seemed to have lost
some of yours.
But we're going to help you
find it.
Now she uses the door.
Well, I... I... I can... I can do
the other thing... if you...
I mean if that's your
favourite... I can do the...
No, no.
Door is fine.
When will I see you again?
When you need me.
We usually put the stage
over here,
dance floor in front.
Tables all around and the, um,
silent auction and photo contest
display can go over there.
Photo contest?
Oh, the most inspiring
photo of the year.
Yeah, all the photos
will be displayed
and then the guests can bid on
them during the silent auction.
Oh, nice.
Looks like you had quite a party
here last night.
Oh, it was a wonderful event.
You know what, maybe we should
use some of this.
Uh, I've been to the gala
and it's always elegant
and refined.
Which is why Fulton's
wanted to be involved.
Don't get me wrong,
the gala's always... nice.
But maybe we could...
I don't know... make it
a little less grown up.
Well what do you want,
a kids' party?
Like with dancing snowmen?
Oh! Maybe a snowball fight?
No, but maybe we could...
I don't know, just...
Have a little more fun.
Lighten it up a bit this year.
We have all sorts of
whimsical decorations.
We can do some festive lighting,
special effects.
We can even make it snow
in here.
Snow. Snow.
That would be fun!
Yeah, no, the family
that owns the store,
they don't really do whimsy.
So I say that we just stick
with what we know works.
Grown up.
Well, I will let you two
figure it out
and we'll chat more
at our next meeting.
Thank you.
I think we should get going.
I will call a cab.
There's no service in here.
Oh, I'm sure we can find a cab
out front.
Why are there no cabs?
Well Merry Christmas!
You folks need a ride?
You game?
Sure, let's do it.
Well, ho, ho, ho.
Away we go.
After you.
Just our luck.
So, with a name like Noelle you
must go all out for Christmas.
We used to.
All the family holiday
but now I just go over
to my dad's house.
It's a pretty low-key day.
Uh, my brother and I
and his family
go over to my mom's place
Christmas morning.
Presents, food and football.
In that order?
Well, it depends on
who's playing.
Later on in the day we go
to the fire station
for a big feast
with the families.
Oh, that sounds nice.
Yeah, I've been doing it ever
since I was a kid with my dad.
Oh, was your dad
a firefighter too?
Yes. He was the captain
at our station.
Before Pearson.
He was a legend there.
We all miss him,
he passed away.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I know what it's like not
to have a parent around
during the holidays.
My mom passed away
a few years ago.
Hence the low-key Christmas.
Well I'm sorry too.
Oh! You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Sorry about that!
Must've hit a... pothole.
Quite a pothole.
You know what, it's okay.
We'll just walk.
Oh... okay.
Rides on me.
Merry Christmas!
Thank you.
Should we walk?
Still don't understand why
we couldn't find any cabs.
Yeah, it was a real mystery.
Listen, um, I was gonna go
get something to eat.
I was wondering if maybe
you want to come with me?
We can see if we have anything
in common?
About the... gala.
For the gala.
Well, thanks but I brought
work home.
So, I'll just meet you at the
hotel tomorrow like we planned.
See you then.
You really need to stop
doing that.
Why didn't you go with him?!
What difference
does it make?
I told you.
I can't tell you.
I can't keep having these
conversations with you.
I have work to do.
Oh no. Not again.
I just love the hustle
and bustle of everybody
doing last minute shopping!
You tricked me.
You ambushed me with footwear.
I had to bring you back
to Christmas past again.
And why are you dressed like
Mrs. Claus?
I thought no one could see you
when we went back in time.
Well they can't.
I just... I just
couldn't resist.
I thought it was so cute.
I've always wanted to play
Mrs. Claus
and so I thought that-
What are we doing here?
I'm sorry.
I'm taking you back to a moment
where you didn't fight
for what you really needed
and you missed a chance
that could have
changed everything.
It was Christmas Eve,
two years ago.
I knew these boots
looked familiar.
Should have known Lorna wouldn't
get me the exact same pair.
They're really cute.
I know they are, aren't they?
I usually wore them with
a little cropped pant.
But I think they look pretty
with a skirt-
They do.
No! That's not the point!
What are we doing here?
We are talking to your father.
I was sure... I was sure
this was the right place.
I'm so bad at directions.
Do you have one of those map
things on your phone thingy?
What? No. I.
Oh! There he is.
Whoo. Relief.
Oh, I remember this.
I didn't know he was coming
to the store.
Just go with it.
It'll all come back to you.
Noelle, what are you
doing here?
I work here.
What are you doing here?
I forgot to buy your Aunt June
a Christmas present.
Well why didn't you call me?
We could have gone to eat
or something?
Well I... I didn't want
to bother you.
And besides, we...
we're eating tomorrow.
Christmas dinner?
Yeah, but that doesn't mean...
Do you need any help picking
out something for Aunt June?
You're working, I'm just gonna
grab a scarf or somethin'.
I'll be in and out of here
in five minutes.
See you tomorrow,
okay, sweetheart?
You should have gone with him.
Well he didn't want my help.
Well, you should have insisted.
I mean, you, you missed a chance
to have a better relationship
with your Father.
By helping him shop?
Well, how many real
conversations have you had
with him since your mother
passed away?
Or, are you both just not
wanting to bother each other?
Our relationship is fine.
Noelle, he's your father.
Things should be better
than just fine.
It's not too late.
You can still catch him.
No. No.
This is just... It's all...
There's a crack
in this Halligan.
We need to replace it?
Right, yeah, got it.
Where did you go?
Okay, the gala is two weeks away
and so far Noelle
has vetoed every single
suggestion I've made.
Like what?
I want it to be more
light-hearted this year.
You know, fun food,
Big candy canes.
Giant snowmen.
That sort of thing.
So, why don't we get
the giant candy canes
for the station party?
Don't encourage him.
Are you going to ask her
to our station party,
the night before the gala?
Uh, why would I?
It's... it's for the crew.
But you can bring a date.
I'm not interested
in dating her.
Besides, she wouldn't...
she wouldn't come anyway.
Well you never know
until you ask.
I don't think it's a good idea.
What do you want?
A sign?
A sign would be nice.
Come on, get back to work!
Yes sir!
Retail therapy
in our own store?
It's convenient, and besides,
maybe you might find something
inspiring here?
Hint, hint.
Lorna, I am not entering
that photo contest.
I mean, I don't have time.
Not when I'm planning a charity
gala with someone like Jake.
He wants a big snowman
and giant fuzzy reindeer.
He wants what?
Mrs. Fulton.
Noelle you know Fulton's
doesn't do that sort of event.
Uh, yes, our family has never
been a big fan of,
uh, what do you call it-
I think it sounds fun.
Right. That's it, fun.
Not a fan.
I promise, it will be
an appropriate, tasteful event.
If you have any problems
with the liaison at the station
just let me know.
All I have to do is make a call
and they'll assign someone else.
I have everything under control.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
Up here is where we keep all
of our decorations and lighting
and special effects equipment.
If you see something you like,
you just put a sticker on it
and we will hold it for you.
Now, you take your time
and I will be back.
Thank you.
Okay, I want all of this.
Jake, I am so sorry
but Fulton's is-
Traditional and classy.
Is there something wrong
with that?
No, but I think we can have
some fun with it.
Is that the only thing
that's important to you,
just having fun?
You may be okay with not
having fun but I am not.
I have fun!
You are the quietest neighbour
I have ever had.
Do you ever even play music,
sing in the shower,
yell at the TV?
You really need to learn
to live a little.
Oh, just because I don't sing
in the shower
or want inflatable reindeer,
at a tasteful Christmas gala,
doesn't mean I don't live
my life.
When was the last time
you took a risk?
I put on shoes.
Never mind.
Not all of us can run
into burning buildings.
That's not risky.
Okay, it's risky, but we have
training and safety gear.
We never go in without a plan.
Well, then what do
you consider risky?
Well, I'm being considered
for a big promotion
at the fire department.
Taking it would be a risk.
Because I'd be stepping
on my Father's shadow.
Asking people to take
me seriously.
So, which is it then?
You want to be taken seriously
or you want to have fun?
Can't we have both?
I wonder what that does?
Oh, it says "trained
personnel only."
I'm trained.
Oh yeah?
Lots of big red switches
in firefighting?
Come on. You know
you want to do it.
What? No, Jake.
Noelle, live a little.
Whoo, yeah
yeah, yeah
Yes, it is.
There's somethin'
about Christmas
That makes me grin
from ear to ear.
Listen close and
I'll tell you why
It's my favourite
time of year.
Did you find anything
you liked?
Yeah, we're going to go
with the lights
and the snow machine right?
Yeah, if we stay away
from the big fuzzy reindeer
I think we can make that work.
Aren't you glad you flipped
that switch?
You know, I am.
What switch?
So baby, come home
For Christmas?
So baby, come home
Don't you know
it's Christmas?
Christmas, baby.
Live a little.
Dad! Wait up!
You really didn't ed
to take all this time.
No, it's okay dad.
I wanted to.
Why don't we spend
more time together?
Your mother was always
the talker in the family,
you know that.
When she passed,
I guess,
you and I just haven't
figured out
how fill in all the places
she used to be.
You really think your Aunt June
will like that?
Oh, it's her favourite perfume.
She wears it on special
How do you know that?
She lives on the other side
of the country.
Because mom bought it for her
every year.
Yes, your mother was always
much better
at things like Christmas
presents than I ever was.
Do you remember that one
year that mom was busy
putting together
the Christmas pageant
and delegated the gift buying
to you?
Now, I still say
that a savings bond
is a very practical present.
Uh, I was seven!
We should do this more often.
Yeah, I agree.
Just give me...
Look up here.
Yeah. There we go.
They are great.
Hi. I'm Noelle's dad.
Hi there, Will.
Wait, what just happened?
You and your father!
You start opening up
to each other,
talking, sharing...
He encouraged you to go back
into photography and...
But that's not really the point.
It's not?
Your father, and your friends,
you have good relationships.
But you tend to keep everybody
at a distance.
I do not.
Yes you do.
Do not.
Do too.
Do not.
Noelle, have you
told anyone about
getting engaged?
Have you told anyone about
how that makes you feel?
You know, that...
that simple act
of having cocoa with your father
on Christmas Eve,
and really connecting
with him again,
opened you up to your family
and your friends.
And love.
This is where you would be today
if you had made that choice.
Hey, honey! I'm home.
No! No!
Who was coming to the door?
Hey dad.
What's wrong?
No, nothing's wrong.
I promise.
I was wondering, do you want
to go have some hot cocoa?
Sure, sweetheart.
I'd love to.
I hope you came hungry
because our chef has
some yummy things for you
to taste.
The chef will be out in a minute
so I will leave you to it.
So are you bringing anyone
to the gala?
Oh, as a matter of fact I am.
My dad.
We thought we should try
to switch it up
a little this Christmas.
Oh. That's great.
It's probably easier than
bringing your... boyfriend?
Oh, I'm not seeing anyone.
And what about you?
Are you, uh, bringing anyone
to the gala?
But, uh... maybe.
I wonder what's taking
that chef so long.
Yeah. Should we go find out?
Hi, uh, we're supposed to be
getting a tasting menu
for an event we're doing?
I've got something
very special planned.
Uh, special, really?
Very special.
We're going to make
Christmas cookies!
We are?
Oh yes.
They taste much better
when you make them yourself.
With love!
What about the tasting?
We have to finalize a menu.
We will get to that.
First thing's first.
Hmm. Well, it sounds fun.
Hey, you look familiar,
have we met before?
Uh, no, I don't think so.
Let's get started.
Well, I'm game if you are.
Sure, of course.
Grab your aprons,
we've got work to do!
Bon appetit!
Rocking around
the Christmas tree
at the Christmas
party hop.
Smells good!
Mistletoe hung
where you can see,
So what's it like doing HR
at a department store?
Oh, well I like it.
You really get to know
the employees.
So, we're a close-knit bunch.
Like a big family.
A close, happy family.
How did you get into it?
Uh, my friend Lorna helped me
get the job.
She does all the in-store
She did the Christmas
shoe tree one this year.
I don't get shoes.
What do you mean you don't
"get" shoes?
Well like, you know,
the fascination with them.
I mean, aren't they just things
to keep your feet warm?
No. A great pair of shoes
can change your life.
Change your life?
Come on.
Well, every pair of shoes
has a story.
Every pair creates a memory.
And sometimes all you have
to do is put 'em on
and then you remember
where you were,
and what you were
doing in them.
And then you think about
what might happen
the next time you do.
You think about...
The possibilities.
You know what,
I still just think they're
things to keep your feet warm.
Oh, oh, oh!
You will get a sentimental
feeling when you hear...
Well thanks for walking me
back to work.
Oh, no problem.
It was on the way home.
And it gave us a chance
to argue about
dressing the band up like
Santa and his elves.
That is a sentence
I bet you thought
you'd never hear yourself say.
That's been happening a lot.
Um, listen...
The station is having its
Christmas party next week,
the night before the gala.
You mentioned that.
And, I was wondering if...
if you'd like to come?
I would love to come
to the party.
Great. Great.
Uh, I need to get back inside.
We drew straws to see
who would have to set up
the Christmas tree.
Oh. You lost.
No! I won.
Everyone else has to do
equipment checks.
Well if, uh, you need
any help...
Yeah. Yeah. That'd be great.
Hey guys, there's someone
I want you to meet.
Hey, is it fair that he got
a civilian to help him
with the tree this year?
Yeah, I did it all by myself
last year.
Hey, don't you guys have hoses
to check?
Oh, I'm sensing a theme.
Yeah, that was a present
from my brother.
I got him a stethoscope
Wow, firefighters
and a doctor.
Hmm. Heroic family.
That's the family business.
We all have capes.
Have you always wanted
to be a firefighter?
When I was a kid, I used to come
here and play on the trucks.
I even had my own helmet
with my name on it.
Oh, that's sweet.
So, what about you?
What's your big dream job?
Um... I wanted to be
a photographer.
But, um, I was for a while.
Why did you give it up?
Big dreams are elusive.
And, and your new job,
oh, what was it?
The, uh, Deputy Chief?
Is that your big dream now?
It is.
I think it is.
But I have to admit, I can't
imagine leaving this place.
Yeah, all these people
are your family.
But it's Christmas time
and that is when
elusive, big dreams come true.
I have an idea,
just give me a second.
I, uh, borrowed this
from one of the guys.
I thought it would be nice
to get some pictures
around the Christmas tree?
I can do that.
Thank you.
Hey, guys.
Gather around.
We're going to do a family
portrait in front of the tree.
Put down the hoses!
Come on!
Uh, Santa!
Okay everyone, squeeze
in really tight!
Say Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
What are you looking at?
Oh, I took some pictures last
night at the fire station
when they were decorating
the tree.
You took pictures?
Does this mean that
you're entering the contest?
I don't think so.
I'll take that as progress.
Is this because of the handsome
Uhhh, not entirely.
Then what?
Okay, I'm gonna
tell you something
but all I ask is that you get me
a great pair of shoes
to go with my straightjacket.
And all this started with shoes?
The irony, huh?
Well it's quite a story.
You think she's, what,
your guardian angel?
Do you believe me?
I've known you a long time,
you are the most
reasonable, down to earth person
I've ever met.
You make me sound boring.
No, look, in this case
it's a good thing.
You're not the kind of person
that would make up something
like this.
Well, thank you.
The question now is what am I
going to do about it.
Well, if it were me,
I'd demand answers.
Why is she here?
Is Jake the mystery husband
walking into the apartment?
And what about the other guy
at the photoshoot... Will?
What if she doesn't tell me?
Then you know what you have
to do.
Hey, you didn't jump!
You're getting used to me.
Actually, I'm glad to see you.
We need to talk.
Of course, of course.
But first, another trip
down memory lane.
Not until I get some answers.
Oh Noelle. What happened
to having faith?
No, I, I believe.
I mean, I think I do.
I just...
That's not the point.
I just, before taking any more
leaps of faith
I need to make sure the ground
is going to be there
when I land.
But that's not a leap of faith.
Now, is it? At all?
I... I mean, I know
I'm new to all this but,
I mean, I think things have
been going pretty well?
So far. Huh?
Don't you?
Well. I don't know
how it's going.
I just think that
it's time that I--
We were looking for you.
Who are you talking to?
Oh, um, I was...
Mrs. Fulton!
That is a beautiful necklace
you have on.
Oh, thank you.
I just spoke with Evelyn Moore
at the hotel.
She mentioned something
about using a snow machine
for the gala?
Oh, well, that was just
an option.
Jake was--
Jake? As I suspected.
This is the same man
who wanted the snowmen
and reindeer, yes?
Yes, but we aren't doing that.
Still, it's obvious he doesn't
share our vision
of what a gala should be.
Yes, but it is
for the fire station.
But we're paying for it and
it must fit with our brand.
Right Alex?
Right. Yes.
Uh, we think it's time we made
some changes.
Are you taking me off
the project?
We're taking this Jake person
off the project.
Oh, please don't do that.
The decision has been made,
No, wait.
Uh... Let me tell him.
I'll ask him to step aside.
It... It'll be better
for everyone that way.
I'm sorry.
Still think things are going
pretty well?
He's right over there.
What are you doing here?
I brought you some cookies.
Thank you.
That's... that's really nice.
And I wanted to talk to you.
About what?
The gala.
Good, I actually wanted to talk
to you too,
I... I just wanted to say
thank you.
For what?
Well, working on this has been
a big responsibility
but you've... you've let me put
my own mark on it
and I feel if I could do that
with this,
I could do that
with my new job.
What I'm really
trying to say is,
I'm having a really good time
working with you.
Me too.
I... I'm sorry.
What was it that
you wanted to say?
Enjoy the cookies!
Thank you.
I'll see ya later.
Oh! These cookies are delicious!
Those were supposed to be
to soften the blow
for when I told Jake that he
couldn't work on the gala but--
Oh, Noelle, I, I'm sorry,
I'll just put it...
Look I, I know...
I know that things have kind of
hit a snag with you and Jake
but it's all going
to be all right.
You know, you just
have to--
Have faith. I know,
I know.
But I need some answers first.
So, does everyone have someone
like you, watching over them?
Oh yes.
They're always there,
working in the background
in ways you don't notice.
You know, we're sort of like
Santa's elves, you know.
Well... only, you know, taller.
But not everyone's shows up in
the shoe department at Fulton's.
Oh, no, no.
That's for very special cases.
I'm a special case?
Well, you know, don't quote me,
remember I'm just a rookie
at all this,
but, in some instances there
are people who stray
off the paths they're supposed
to be on.
So, it's like fate?
Oh no.
No, no, no, no.
We still have choices,
you know.
And as you've seen, there are
different possible outcomes.
In fact, I probably shouldn't
tell you this.
There is a certain combination
of decisions
that would have made you
the owner of a very successful
chain of hot dog stands.
I... really?
I mean for people to get everything
that they really need in life,
there's certain paths
that we need to
nudge them back onto sometimes.
And... and sometimes
it's... it's...
it's more than just a nudge.
Sometimes it's more like a...
you know, like a...
like a shove.
You know?
And, uh, you know, especially
people who are starting
to doubt that their prayers
are worth being heard.
I'm that far off my path?
Well, I mean you're not
"hot dog stand" off,
but pretty far off.
And it's starting to have
a greater effect
than you could poss-
On what?
Noelle, what we do or don't do
in life
makes a difference
in the world around us.
We have to decide
what difference it is
we want to make in the world.
Okay, I mean, I know
that you're new to this,
but, I mean did I have someone
like you before?
Yes, you did.
They... they send us where
we are more needed.
And... and they tried
to nudge me?
Oh, many times.
Well they shoulda
nudged harder.
Oh, that reminds me
of a story.
There was a great Christmas Eve
and a man was trapped
in the rising snow
and he prayed to God
to save him.
So along came a sleigh
driven by a jolly fellow
who offered the man
a ride to safety.
But the man declined,
saying that he had faith
that God would save him.
Then a while later the driver
of the sleigh came back
offered the man again
but the man refused.
Sleigh came back a third time.
Now, the man was trapped
in the snow up to his chin.
But he still refused
to get on board,
insisting that God
would save him.
And do you know
what happened?
God saved him?
Oh, no, no.
Sadly, he, he passed.
Okay, that is
a terrible story.
Oh, I'm not done yet.
So, the man is welcomed
into Heaven by God.
And he says to God,
"God, I... I had faith in you.
"Why didn't you save me?"
And God said "What are you
talking about?
"I sent the sleigh three times!"
See, the point is, Noelle,
the sleighs have been coming.
But you just have not been
willing to climb aboard.
Where are we going this time?
Christmas Eve.
One year ago.
Oh, I remember these.
I wore them to the-
- to the Christmas party
I had.
Do you remember
what happened next?
I don't.
I, I, I'm not sure.
I know you like to wait 'til
Christmas morning to open gifts,
but open this one now.
Okay. Thank you.
The guy at the camera shop
said it's the best one.
I know, I know, you don't take
pictures anymore,
but there's this
annual competition.
The most inspiring photo
of the year.
You need to enter it.
Do you remember what you did
with the lens after
everyone had gone?
Let me guess, the lens
was a sleigh?
That is one way of putting it.
Okay, I get it.
I passed up the chance to be
a photographer multiple times
but we already went over
the career stuff.
This isn't about your career.
This is about love.
Just say yes.
Alright. Just give me...
look up here.
All right. Okay, last one!
There we go.
Those are great.
Hi. I'm Noelle's dad.
Hey there. Will.
You know your daughter is,
uh, quite the photographer.
Yes, she is.
I have to admit, I am not used
to getting my picture taken.
Especially not with
the Santa cap on.
But Noelle here, she's
making it pretty easy on me.
Well that's why everybody
likes to work with her.
Although, I think sometimes
she works a little too much.
She needs to save time
for some kind of fun.
Maybe go on a date.
I am so sorry!
No, no don't be.
My, uh, my dad used to try
and set me up on dates
all the time too.
So is he correct?
Do you really not have time
to date?
Oh, no, I... I do have time.
I, I just uh, haven't been asked
out by the right guy, I guess.
But if the right guy did
come along and ask you out,
what would you say?
I'd say, yes.
Hey, honey! I'm home.
Wait. Will?
I'm... I'm married to Will?
Why, why, why isn't it Jake?
I mean why are you pushing me
towards Jake
if he's not the one I'm supposed
to end up with?
What I am pushing you toward
is taking chances.
Embracing joy.
Opening up to love.
If you were willing to take that
leap of faith with your heart,
then the details
aren't important.
Your true love is out there.
And he's waiting for you.
But it's not Jake.
I didn't think that people
still borrowed sugar
from their neighbours.
Yeah, well your Christmas
cookies inspired me
so I'm making some
for the station.
Your place is, it's great.
Hey, are these the pictures
you've been taking?
May I have a look?
Um, of course, yes.
These are... these are
Oh, thank you.
I'm a little bit rusty.
Well, if this is you rusty
I can't wait to see
what you're like when you're
running at full speed.
Those are back when I was
doing it professionally.
You are really talented.
Thank you.
I especially like that one.
You should enter that
in the photo contest.
Oh, yeah, I... I would
but I, um,
I didn't even get her name.
It was a spur of the moment
Well you have lots of other
really good candidates here.
You can submit more than one,
Yeah, I think so.
I think you should do it.
Hey, would you mind, uh,
making some prints of the photos
you took at the fire station?
Oh, sure.
Yeah, I'll do it
tomorrow morning
and then give them to you
at the party.
So you're still planning
on coming?
Of course.
I have to work
but I will be there.
Well, I will, uh,
I'll see you there.
Oh, don't forget your sugar.
Thank you.
Good night.
These are amazing.
You're gonna win the contest.
And Jake is gonna love these.
I hope so.
Even if he isn't the guy
I'm supposed to end up with.
You never know until you try.
And if he isn't, maybe
the "honey, I'm home" guy
will be at the party.
Maybe that's why Charlie
encouraged you
to get close to Jake.
Oh, that's my dad.
Hey dad, what's wrong?
I get why that bothers
you now.
But actually there is
something wrong.
Your Aunt June slipped on
some ice and broke her leg.
I might have to fly
out there.
Oh no. When?
You're gonna miss the gala.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
Yeah, I was just really looking
forward to going with you.
I know but your Aunt June
doesn't have any other family.
Dad, I have to go.
I love you.
I love you too, sweetheart.
I was in the neighbourhood,
thought I'd pick up the prints.
Yeah, here...
here they are.
Oh, good.
Uh, I'll see ya tonight?
Uh. Noelle, hold up a minute.
Hi, sorry to interrupt.
We just want to add some people
to the guest list for the gala
tomorrow night.
Oh, great, the more the merrier.
Helen Fulton.
Ah, you're the family that owns
the store.
Pleasure to meet you.
I'm Jake Marsden.
I'm with the fire station.
Thank you for everything
you've done for us.
I hope you understand about
the change we had to make.
Don't you have to get things
ready for tonight's party?
It was nothing personal.
I just felt it was better
to have someone else
working on the gala
with Noelle.
I... I don't... I don't
Mrs. Fulton I will follow up
with the names
on that guest list.
Thank you.
It was nice meeting you.
What is she talking about?
She heard about the things you
wanted to do at the gala and...
She didn't want you working
on it
and I was supposed to tell you.
Okay, so everything I thought
I was adding to the gala,
the snow machine,
the coloured lights,
everything we talked about,
we're not doing any of it?
Jake, I am sorry,
but Mrs. Fulton
is very particular.
Which is fine, I mean they're
paying for it,
it should be what they want.
I don't understand why you
didn't tell me.
Well, I... I didn't want you
to feel like-
Like I wasn't being
taken seriously?
Jake, I...
Aren't you getting ready
for the party
at the fire station tonight?
I thought you were
watching everything.
Didn't you see what just
happened with Jake?
Jake will be fine.
No, but you have to go
to the party.
It's very important.
I don't even know
if he wants me there.
And even if he did, I don't
think I could face him.
Trust me.
Things have a way of working
themselves out.
Do they?
Because I finally started
in Jake, and my photography
and my dad.
Honey, that's wonderful.
And for what?
Jake may not even be
the one for me.
I can't go to that party
and the gala was almost ruined
and my dad might even
miss Christmas with me.
I just thought that this
was going to be
such a good holiday this year.
It can.
You just have to have faith.
I wish you would stop
saying that!
Look, Charlie, I am having
a hard time believing
that anyone is sending
any sleighs for me.
I am here for you.
Well then do something.
Just work your magic
or your miracles.
Noelle, taking leaps of faith
means accepting
that you don't always land
exactly where you want to,
but believing that you are still
better than where you were.
But I was fine before
you showed up.
You know, it might not have
been the dream job,
and perfect life,
but I was content.
I was comfortable.
Well, Noelle, maybe God doesn't
want us to just be comfortable.
Maybe we shouldn't just settle
for being content.
Nothing worth having
comes without risk.
Yeah, but every time I risk,
I just wind up disappointed.
And I am so tired
of being disappointed.
I just wish you never even...
I didn't mean... I'm so--
Oh. I'm sorry. Charlie!
siizing to, well,
thin air I guess.
I don't know if
she heard me.
I'm sure she did.
And what about Jake?
I called him, got his voicemail,
I didn't know what to say.
Well, look at the bright side.
The gala is in a few hours
and that is going to be great.
Oh, maybe I shouldn't go.
You have to go.
You're the one who put it
all together.
I don't know.
I'll think about it.
You know, I'm gonna take
one last shot
looking for that personnel
file Alex wanted.
I'll call ya later.
I finally found that file.
Charlene Pennymar.
Oh, wonderful, thank you.
This will be such a nice
addition to my mother's gift.
Oh, I'm sure she'll love it.
I usually get her jewelry,
or a sweater,
but, uh, this might be a little
outside of her comfort zone.
Sometimes that's a good thing.
Yes, it is.
Oh good, there's even a picture.
Oh, may I see it?
She's the woman
from the photo I took.
Charlie DID send me
another sleigh...
Hello, Charlene Pennymar.
Well, I better go pick up my mom
and get to the gala.
Are you sure you don't want
to join us?
Really, it's no trouble.
We even have a dress for you.
Oh, it's perfect.
Thank you.
You know, it's just missing
one little thing.
This place looks great.
Oh, yeah, it, uh, turned out.
You still bummed about
this thing with Noelle?
I am.
Oh, um, I forgot to tell you.
They officially offered me
the Deputy Chief job.
That's great news, Jake!
I'm really happy for you.
Thank you.
Are you happy for you?
I'm not sure if I'm really ready
to sit behind a desk.
I love being a firefighter.
The excitement, the camaraderie,
the family.
Being part of my dad's legacy.
I'm gonna miss that.
Then maybe this new job
isn't what you really want.
Well, it's Christmas,
maybe I should ask Santa
for what I really need.
And maybe you'll get that sign
you've been looking for.
I'll keep my eyes open.
Shall we dance?
You came! You look stunning!
And the dress!
Oh, it was a gift from Alex.
I'll see you in a bit.
You do look beautiful.
You wore it.
were right.
Uh, you and I are all
we have left.
What about Aunt June?
Well, it turns out the break
wasn't so bad.
So, she is going to come
out here
and spend Christmas with us.
Oh, that's wonderful!
Merry Christmas, sweetheart.
Merry Christmas, dad.
Oh, there are some people
that I need to talk to
so go ahead and grab
a glass of champagne
and I'll catch up with you.
Okay, sweetie.
Mrs. Fulton, Alex.
You have done wonderful work
with the gala.
It's perfect.
Oh, good, I am so glad
you're both happy.
I was thinking though,
perhaps your firefighter friend
was right.
Maybe we could stand to have
a little more fun with things.
Well, no matter how things are
supposed to be,
we can always choose
to make them different.
Yes, we can.
I am so grateful for both of you
and I have enjoyed my time
at Fulton's so much but it's
time that I go out on my own.
So, I will be leaving to start
my own photography business.
Noelle, that's great.
But we'll miss you.
Well, we certainly will.
But I was looking at your
entries tonight
in the photo contest.
They are top-notch.
Thank you.
Fulton's would be honoured
to be your first client.
Wouldn't we, Alex?
We definitely would.
You can bring that fun,
creative spirit to our spring
advertising campaign.
Oh, wow.
That is so very generous
and I would love to.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Now you go and enjoy this
wonderful party you planned.
I will.
I am so sorry about what I said.
I should have never doubted you.
Oh, don't be silly.
How can you have faith if
you have nothing to doubt?
I'm just so happy that two
of your photos in the contest.
Oh, no, I just submitted
the one.
Well, I guess, uh, things have a
way of working themselves out.
I told ya.
So, what you're trying to say
is if God sends me a sleigh
I should get on it.
And I know you will.
Oh, I have something for you!
Here we go.
Okay now.
Don't open it yet.
You'll know when the right
moment comes along.
Thank you.
It's been lovely getting
to know you.
You too.
So, is this goodbye?
Will I see you again?
If you need me.
Jake, I'm sorry.
It's okay, I... I'm sorry too
about the party, and the job.
Oh, uh, the job.
Did you get it?
I did.
And I turned it down.
Really? Why?
Because of you.
Me? What did I do?
It was the picture of me
and my dad.
So, what are you going
to do instead?
Well, I talked to the captain
of our station,
he wants to retire next year
and he thinks that I would be
a good replacement.
Well, I think your dad would be
very proud of you.
Thank you.
Would you like to dance?
You know what, who cares who
the "honey, I'm home" guy is.
Never mind.
I would love to dance.
These were brand new.
So much for our dance.
Oh, um, wait here.
Well, if the right guy did
come along and ask you out,
what would you say?
I'd say, yes.
Well great, 'cause there is
someone I'd like you to meet.
Hey, honey.
I'm home.
That joke never gets old
with you, does it?
You know, I was the one
that asked her about dating.
So you could introduce her
to me.
Yeah, well I still met
her first.
And she did say that I was
more handsome than you.
Noelle, tell him.
Noelle, ignore him.
You see.
You see that.
My little brother gets promoted
to captain of the station
and now he thinks he can boss
everyone around.
Well, rank has its privileges.
Come on, we gotta get started
on dinner.
Lots of people coming over.
Is everything all right?
Noelle, is everything
all right?
What's your brother's name?
The doctor?
It's Will. Why?
No reason.
I would love to dance.
What's going on?
Oh, just livin' a little.
Merry Christmas, Noelle.
Merry Christmas, Jake.