A Shot Through the Wall (2021) Movie Script

[water running]
Mom, did I wake you?
She left already.
I got it, mom.
[water running]
[Ryan] Are you
excited for Friday?
Can't wait.
What, are you afraid
of your Chinese parents
meeting the new black in-laws?
I'm sure it'll be fine.
Yeah, that's what
you said about Candace.
They love Candace now.
That's 'cause she's half, bro.
They like the white part.
Go fuck yourself.
[Boy] Come on, let's
go, let's go, let's go.
He's playing games right now.
He's playing games.
I'm not done with my slice.
Come on, you lazy fuck.
Aren't y'all supposed
to be in school?
There's no school right now.
How come you're wearing
those book bags?
We had school,
now there isn't any.
Yeah, well those
bags look pretty heavy.
What you guys got in them?
Hey, you want to show me?
Man, I ain't got
to show you shit.
[ominous music]
[Both] Ah fuck.
Don't fucking move.
Hey, stop!
[ominous music]
Hey, stop!
Are you fucking kidding me?
[dramatic music]
[Man] Watch out!
[gunfire blasting]
You okay?
You okay?
I'm okay.
Fuck, he's heading
back downstairs!
[woman screaming
inside apartment]
[knocking on door]
Ma'am, open up.
[Felicia] Please, help
me, my son, he's been shot.
He's been shot,
I don't know what happened.
Stay with us.
Stay with me.
How did this happen?
Stay with me, come on, breathe.
Breathe, Jordan.
Why aren't you doing something?
Where's the ambulance?
Get the fuck over here.
How did this happen?
How did this happen?
We need a bus, 2323
Grandview Avenue,
shots fired, man down.
[talking on radio]
[Radio] Responding,
what's your call sign?
Nine Charlie, can we get
a confirmation on that bus?
[talking on radio]
[Man] What the fuck?
What happened?
Give me the fucking phone.
What the fuck?
Give me the phone.
You shot him!
[indistinct yelling]
Do something
[Interviewer] All
right Officer Tan,
I think that's about it.
Make sure you're here tomorrow
night to meet with your rep.
Go get changed and
clean yourself up.
[shower running]
[somber music]
I'm sorry.
Give me that.
I got it.
I couldn't get away.
[Chao] You okay?
I'm fine.
Not enough time to eat.
[Chao] Pepto is on the table.
[somber music]
How are you feeling?
I have a meeting with
my union rep tonight.
Do you want me
to talk to my dad?
No, I'll do that.
I'm sure I'll see
him at the precinct.
What are you doing today?
I have a home visit
for a kid in Bay Ridge,
and other than that
just the usual.
You want some
company on the train?
Do you just want me
to take the day off?
I can switch with Kelly.
No don't do that.
I'll just text you
after the meeting.
You sure?
When are you gonna
talk to your parents?
I don't know.
Mike, just tell
them what happened.
I'll figure it out.
[suspenseful music]
How are you holding up?
I'm okay.
Coming in to see
your union rep?
Who is it? Ritchie Barrett?
He's got a good reputation.
I'm sure he'll take care of you.
Tell Candace and your parents
I'll be there Friday night.
It's okay.
Hey, I just checked.
Schedule's wide open.
Hang in there, kid.
You two really fucked up.
You're in a heap of
shit you realize that?
Lucky for you this one
is pretty clear cut.
Hard to prove intent when you
shoot someone through a wall.
Now, the department
is going to conduct
an official review, IAB
will be poking around,
so get your story
straight and consistent,
they're even gonna look
at all your old cases.
Now you're off the street
for the next couple of weeks,
paid leave, I don't wanna
hear a peep from you,
so don't let me catch
you talking to the press.
This is a PR nightmare
for the department.
Here's my card,
call me 24/7 if you need me,
leave your gun with
Jackson down the hall,
and don't worry,
you'll be back on the
street before you know it.
She never paid?
She doesn't pay, we won't
do it again next year.
I shot someone.
Are they okay?
He died.
It was an accident.
Not the kid we heard
about on the news right?
[Candace] What did
your parents say?
My mom was trying to
make me feel better.
I think my dad was worried and
just didn't want to show it.
[Candace] Hmm.
[sighs] Well, how are you doing?
I'm good. I'm fine.
[Candace] Okay.
Hey, Candace?
[Candace] Yeah?
What are you doing right now?
[Preacher] Well God
we thank you for today,
and we thank you for the
life of Jordan Wiggins.
His light will surely be missed.
And God bless all
of our sons tonight,
because we know that these are
difficult and trying times,
but God we believe in the power
of your healing and restoration.
We believe in your light
and your mercy, oh God.
We ask that you allow
your grace and your mercy
to rein in this moment.
On this plane or in
the next keep us safe,
and may you forever
stand beside us.
[Group] Amen.
Hi, I'm Felicia Wiggins.
Jordan was my son.
He was a good son.
He worked when he
was supposed to,
he came home to me when
he was supposed to.
Jordan was an artist.
I see that a lot of you
put up some of his work.
Thank you for that. He
would've like that, thank you.
Thank you, Felicia.
Why are we here today?
Jordan was a good kid.
Jordan was not a criminal.
Jordan did not have a gun.
So why are we here?
[somber music]
Are you gonna be alright?
I just wish they
knew what happened.
I mean, they
know what happened.
I mean like, how it happened.
But that doesn't
change anything does it?
You think I did
this on purpose?
That's not what I said.
It's just,
I mean the guy's dead, and,
I wasn't just gunning down
black people in the street,
what the fuck do you think I am?
That's not what I'm saying.
You think I went to
work the other morning
looking for some
black guy to shoot?
I didn't do that.
Mike. Shhh.
Look I'm not one of those
fucking racist assholes.
You think I wanted to kill him?
That's not what I said.
you don't know what it's
like to grow up in a world
where talking to a cop
could get you killed
just because of the
color of your skin.
It's just not something that
happens to someone like you.
What and that happens to you?
You're the daughter of a cop.
You're right, I
don't know their lives,
but my mom walked out on us
because she couldn't deal
with the color of my skin.
My dad gets dragged
up on that podium
to be a black face
for the department
every single time a black
man is shot in Brooklyn.
So no, I don't have
the problems they have,
but I have been dealing with
this bullshit my entire life.
I love you.
I believe you.
I know you're not that,
but you can't expect them
to know you like I do.
[rock music]
Hey man.
How's it going?
It's going all right.
Good as it can I guess.
Have you heard what
they're saying about us?
You cannot listen
to that stuff,
the press is looking
for headlines.
[Bartender] There you go.
Thanks, man.
That kid was the
same age as us.
There's an expression
in Chinese,
"the gray haired burying
the black haired."
I can't imagine
my mom burying me.
It's too real.
I killed him.
Hey, hey!
Seriously, don't say that.
I know that you feel
guilty about this,
but you can't be
going round the world
saying that you
killed somebody, okay?
My dad was telling
me this story,
about this guy in
the 70s that he knew,
killed this little white girl
in the upper east
side, by accident.
After the press took to him,
it wasn't long before he
was kicked off the force,
indicted, went to jail and
his family disowned him.
They found him a year later
in a shitty Bronx apartment
hanging from the top hook
of his fucking closet.
This can go downhill fast,
and if you're not careful,
we'll both go down with it.
You shot him, it
was an accident.
Remember that.
[suspenseful music]
I mean it was a horrible
thing that happened,
but you're not to blame here.
You were doing your job.
[video playing]
[Protesters] No
justice, no peace,
no justice, no peace,
no justice, no peace.
Justice for Jordan.
Say his name.
[door knocking]
Now what's going
on, I'm a little busy.
You've seen the video right?
I've been hearing people say-
- Oh, don't listen to
what people are saying.
A grand jury is a
standard procedure
with something like this.
Grand jury?
It's a show!
No cop's been indicted
for twelve years.
When is this?
In a few days.
Now don't worry, go home,
keep your head down.
Do I need to
testify? I can testify.
Oh, I don't think
that's a good idea.
They'll rip you apart.
Everything you say is on record,
you change any
part of your story
it'll come back and
bite you in the ass.
But if I tell the truth
my story won't change.
You're not getting it.
It's not about the truth, it's
about making you look bad.
Officer Tan, what were you doing
in the moments leading up to
the discharge of your firearm?
I was in pursuit of a suspect.
Ryan and I-
- Officer Doheney.
Officer Doheney and I were
following a suspect
through the hall
when he turned the corner.
[Ritchie] Which corner?
Which one? The one
at the end of the hall?
Which end east or west?
It was, I think it was
the west end of the hall.
You think? Well which
end was it Officer Tan?
It was the west
end of the hall.
And then what?
The suspect turned the corner,
and I pulled out my firearm.
Now was that before or
after you turned the corner?
So you can definitively say
that you pulled your firearm
before you turned the corner.
It was before.
And when did you call
for the suspect to stop?
Ryan was the one that called-
- Officer Doheney!
Officer Doheney called
out for the suspect
after he turned the corner.
So you pulled your firearm
before calling for
the suspect to stop?
No, I don't think so.
So you have no idea which
side of the hallway you were on,
when you pulled your firearm,
or when you called for
the suspect to stop?
Go home, Mike. Don't worry
about it. Keep your head down.
We got your back.
[protesters yelling]
Justice for Jordan!
Protect and Serve!
No Justice. No Peace.
Yeah, I see you!
Camera shy now?
You can't just walk away.
To protect and to serve, right?
You need to pay for
what you did to him!
[knives chopping]
Oh, okay.
[Candace] Where did
you learn to do all this?
A woman has to know
every piece of housework
even if she doesn't
do it everyday.
It's my mom's famous saying.
Men in this family are useless.
I'm sure it's not that bad.
I don't think my brother
knows how to do his own laundry.
I think you're
needed in the kitchen.
Come sit. Your father's
beating me at this game.
My boss gave me
the name of a guy
who's one of the top
criminal defense lawyers.
I don't need a lawyer.
You have to take control of
these things. It's important.
You can't just hope
that this goes away.
I just went to see my
union rep a couple days ago,
I'm handling it.
Do you know how much stress
this is putting on mom and dad?
I get it.
Well, then do
something about it.
This is a feast.
It's all her.
Eat, eat, you guys start.
Let me get you a fork.
No, no, no need,
I prefer chopsticks.
You sure? I'll get you one.
I need to make sure
to turn off the stove.
Ma, ma, ma, it's
off, sit down.
[Chow clears throat]
Our son is still young,
and he has a lot to
learn from you, sir.
And we are really
happy to meet you.
Candace, we spoiled Mike,
and you have a lot of
immaturity to deal with.
I wish you luck.
To Mike and Candace.
Yes, cheers!
[All] Cheers!
Eat, eat.
Eat when it's hot.
My favorite.
Do you want to try some tofu?
Oh yes, please.
Thank you.
[phone buzzing]
Sorry, I have to take this.
Let's eat.
[Mike] Hello?
[Ritchie] Hey, Mike. Ritchie
Barrett. How you doing?
I'm good. What's up?
[Ritchie] I'm sorry, Mike,
the grand jury came
back this afternoon,
you've been indicted.
[Ritchie] Don't worry, we can
meet before the arraignment.
Arraignment? What the
hell are you talking about?
[Ritchie] We'll have our
best lawyer working with you,
we are behind you 100%.
What the-what the
fuck is going on?
[Ritchie] You'll be fine.
Now you'll have to
turn yourself in
first thing Monday morning.
Is this because
I didn't testify?
How the hell did I get indicted?
What the hell happened?
I gotta go.
[Ritchie] Sorry, Mike.
Don't tell me you're
sorry, just go fix it.
[Ritchie] I'll text you
the address and everything.
Don't worry, it'll be okay.
It's very good.
I'm so glad.
Is everything alright?
[phone buzzing]
This duck is amazing!
You gotta give me the recipe.
Oh, it's really easy actually,
the secret is to blow
dry it for two days.
She means to air
dry it, air dry.
Mom, blow dry is for hair.
Thanks so much for everything,
it was great meeting all of you.
Just a little something
for you to bring to work.
Oh thank you so much, Grace.
It was so nice to meet you.
This is so kind of you.
Bye, darling.
Hey, you'll be fine.
Hang in there.
[All] Goodnight.
[door shutting]
[May] I hope you
enjoyed the evening.
Ma, Ba.
I got indicted.
What? What happened?
Your bosses are here.
Oh thank you.
We're not his bosses.
Hey, Mike.
Hey, how you doing?
I want you to meet Bob Petke.
He's in-house council
for the union.
He came in this weekend
to meet with you.
Yeah, it's a pleasure
to meet you, Mike.
I'm sorry we're meeting
under these circumstances.
It's so nice for
you guys to visit.
Sit, sit.
[Both] Thank you.
I'll jump right in.
I talked to the DA and
we've worked out a deal.
A deal?
If you plead guilty they'll
recommend minimum sentencing.
It's 2 years. You'll
be out in 9 months.
Wait, what?
Can I get you a
soda? Some water?
Or tea? We have good tea.
That's all right thank you.
[Bob] No, I'm okay thank you.
How could this have happened?
This is a very high
profile case for them.
It's an impossible situation.
Impossible? You said
this was all going away.
We're doing what we can,
but we can't ignore
reality, Mike.
You're being
charged with Man 2.
That's a potential 15 years.
You take this thing to trial,
you could see all of that.
Two days ago you said this
was all going to blow over,
and now I'm going to prison?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Lets not shoot the
messenger here, Mike.
We're working for
you, all right?
I mean, lets not fool ourselves,
a kid is dead, you
pulled the trigger.
It was an accident.
Well unfortunately it's not
gonna play like that, Mike.
The DA is going to
try this case herself,
and with all the
press out there,
the jury, they've already
made up their minds.
This is a Brooklyn jury,
if we play the odds,
you don't get a second chance.
[knocking on door]
[Cynthia] Come in.
Hello, Cynthia,
how's it going?
To what do I owe the pleasure?
It's been a while.
It has.
How's your daughter doing?
And John?
Still wasting his time
with all those books.
[Bill laughing]
That's good to hear.
Cynthia, I'm sure you
can guess why I'm here.
Why is that?
He made a mistake.
He's a good kid, Cynthia.
It doesn't matter
if he's a good kid.
He broke the law and he needs
to face the consequences.
Cynthia, he did not
intend to do this.
Why are you here, Bill?
Is this because
of your daughter?
My daughter's
business is her own.
Don't you know I empathize
with that family.
I know their loss.
I just don't think
this is right.
[whispered chattering]
[cameras clicking]
[Bailiff] All rise,
for the honorable
Judge Sharon Mosca.
Please sit.
Ah, Ms. Kostas,
it's nice to see you
popping your head
out of the office
and getting in the trenches
with the rest of us.
Just trying to serve justice
to my community your honor.
Aren't we all?
It's good to see you
as well, Mr Petke.
[Bob] Thank you, your honor.
Okay, let's get
down to it counselors.
Michael Tan, you
are charged with
manslaughter in the second
degree and reckless endangerment.
I understand there
is a deal proffered?
That's correct your honor,
the state offers
manslaughter two
and a recommendation of leniency
and minimum sentencing in
exchange for a plea of guilty.
How does the defendant plea?
How do you plea, Mr. Tan?
Not guilty.
[Judge] Settle.
[hammer hitting desk]
[hammer hitting desk]
Ms Kostas, Mr Petke, did
you have an agreement
before you came into
this courtroom today?
[Larry] Railroaded.
You've been railroaded.
Two rookie cops shouldn't
even be paired together.
That's outrageous.
Honestly, I'm glad
you came to me now,
but you should've come
to me a lot sooner.
There's a lot we can do.
First things first,
I need you to tell me
anything you may have told
anybody about this case,
and I mean anybody.
That means your friends,
your family, colleagues,
the barista at the corner coffee
shop, anybody, no suprises.
I guess I told-
- Not now.
Think about it. Write it down.
What about your partner?
Did you get your
stories straight?
He'll back me up.
Well, make sure of
that. If we lose him
this whole thing could go south.
Lock up the story. Do
not talk to anybody else
about this case
without me present.
I'm gonna set you up with
some rebuttal testimony
and I'm gonna get
you with my shrink.
Uh, shrink?
Yes, we need a psych
expert on our side.
That's important.
Now the most important thing,
is to control the narrative.
You're already being
vilified in the press.
We need to change that.
I've got someone at News26.
She'd love to do an interview.
Talk to your parents. We
need to get them on camera.
On camera?
Look most of the jury's
gonna walk into that courtroom
having already formed
an opinion about you.
Let's make sure it's a good one.
This is all about optics.
Most people aren't gonna
actually watch the interview,
but they are gonna
see a screenshot
of Mike with his parents
sitting next to him.
So even if they never
listen to a word he says
they're gonna think, "Oh,
this is someone's son,
and his parents are
standing by him."
That image is the
most important part.
Also, I think you
need to be there.
I'm not sure I wanna do that.
Look, I'm not
gonna lie to you.
This case is about race.
You think any of this would've
happened if Mike were white?
The department
needed a scapegoat,
they needed someone to
throw to the wolves,
so they found someone they
thought was expendable.
Also, a lot of the
discussion about this case
is going to be about
the black issue.
So, Candace, you
sitting next to Mike
would send a very
powerful message.
Look, you won't
even need to speak.
I don't think
this is a good idea.
If you follow my advice,
you're gonna be okay.
You're in good hands now.
The DA's not gonna
know what hit her.
So let me know as soon as
you talk to your parents,
and I'll send over the
information about the shrink.
I'm not gonna
do the interview.
I don't want them on camera.
Why are you so stubborn?
That just cost me $1500.
You think you know better than
the best lawyer in New York?
I don't think he's right.
This is about the accident.
We shouldn't be
using mom and dad.
We shouldn't be
using the race card.
I don't want
you going to jail.
So, if the interview
has a chance of helping,
we should do it.
I don't wanna put
you in that position.
I want, I wanna do it.
Make sure you think
before you speak.
You don't want anything
coming back to haunt you.
Whatever you do, remember
the words we said not to use.
Repeat them back to me.
Guilty, sorry, apologize...
Let me.
Oh, I-okay.
I'm glad you are here.
Now they can see
Mike is not racist.
What does this one mean?
That's just a
standard release.
It's basically
saying that we can
use the footage
wherever we need.
And I think your
lawyer's pretty much
looked everything over already.
Do we get to see the interview
before it goes on TV?
No, we don't do that, but we
can get you a courtesy copy.
You won't be able to
change or edit it though.
How are you doing?
How you doing, Candace?
Ready to get this over with.
Hi, excuse me, do you mind
if we get you mic'd up now?
Oh, I thought
I wasn't talking?
Oh, if you're
uncomfortable, that's fine.
I just think it might
be good for Mike
to see a little more
from his loving fiance.
Figured you'd want that too.
Yeah, of course it's fine.
I'll be back.
I'm gonna check in
with the producers.
If you can just turn
around towards me, okay,
and then I'm just
gonna drop this down,
Oh inside? Okay.
We're not doing this.
We're not doing it.
Sorry, just one second.
I don't want Candace
or my family on camera.
Wait, why?
Is this about the
Candace interview?
Mike, we need that.
No, I just don't
want them on camera.
Are you sure?
Because we're all set up.
Take a minute, let's
talk about the strategy.
No, I've made up my mind.
No family or no interview.
Alright. Alright,
I'll let them know.
You're making a mistake, Mike.
You're paying me for my advice,
and yet you're
choosing to ignore it.
You know, if you
wanna lose this trial,
by all means, tell me,
but I'm on your side.
See I'm just trying to
keep you out of prison.
I understand.
You sure you know
what your doing?
[Producer] Okay,
everyone let's settle in.
[Holly] Thank you
for doing this, Mike.
Of course
Is it your first
time on camera?
Does YouTube count?
Mom, he looks fine.
[Producer] Okay, we're
gonna roll camera and sound.
Camera A speed.
Sound speed.
Camera B speed.
Okay and Holly you
go ahead and take it
whenever you're ready.
Joining us today is
Officer Michael Tan,
the officer involved
in the fatal shooting
of Jordan Wiggins two weeks ago.
I know you've been busy since
the indicment came
down a few days ago,
thank you for sitting down
and talking with me today.
Thank you for having me.
The funny thing is, I
forget I'm not one of them.
It's only when something
like this happens
that you get put exactly
where you should be.
We're taught never to
air our dirty laundry.
We're taught to
keep our heads down.
Did you see the
other police shooting
that happened in the Bronx?
The guy shot
someone point blank.
My brother's gun
went through a wall.
Why does he have to pay
for these racist cops?
They're just hanging
him out to dry.
This is not a black
and white case.
He didn't just look at
a black man and shoot.
And I know I'm biased,
I love him, but
where's the line?
[notification chimes]
What time is it?
Go back to sleep.
Did Dean send those?
We look so young.
It's been six weeks.
I'm getting a lot of
flack from people, why?
Why do you wanna go on TV
and talk to everybody
about everything anyway?
My lawyer thought
it was a good idea.
They can use it against
you, you know that right?
I'll tell you, never
trust a lawyer,
they're always out
for themselves.
Aren't we all?
Well, you don't
want people to think
you're turning your
back on the department.
I'm not.
It invites the
wrong kind of people.
You don't wanna be
looking over your shoulder
wherever you go.
I'll remember that.
You do that.
[Ryan] How is Candace?
All right I guess.
As good as she can be.
Gotta be hard on her.
It'll be nice when
this whole thing's over.
I'm really sorry, man.
You already said that.
Don't worry about it.
I know. I just
need to say it again.
We're partners, I got
your back you've got mine.
[ominous music]
[phone buzzing]
[Candace] Hey, I'm
sorry babe, what's up?
I'm out with Stephanie.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
[Candace] Come over if
you want, we're at Joe's.
No, it's okay, I'll just
grab something back at home.
[Candace] Are you
sure you're fine?
We can meet up
after if you want?
No, I'll just, no
you guys have fun.
I have to go, I love you.
[ominous music]
That's a Glock 17.
Nine millimeter. Gen 4.
It's a reliable gun, very safe,
won't go off on
you accidentally.
I'll take it.
If you can fill out this form,
I'll need to see some ID
and your permit to carry.
I was told you'd be able
to put in a rush order.
[ominous music]
[spray can spraying]
Hold it!
Hey, go back inside.
What's going on?
[phone ringing]
What now? You're
not on call tonight.
You have to go, my
parents are coming.
Mom, I know.
Mom, it'll only be
for a few days, okay?
I'll see you at Grace's.
[Chao] Let's go,
let's go, let's go.
[dramatic music]
Mike, why did you agree
to come in here, today?
I know Larry told you to come,
but you don't have to be here.
Why did you want to come in?
I want you to understand
my side of the story.
It's important to
you that I understand
your side of the story?
Yeah, out there people
are calling me names,
and I want you to know
I'm not those things.
It's important to you
to be a good person.
Of course.
You know, my mom raised
me to be a good person,
be kind, of course.
How is your relationship
with your mother?
We're good.
You two are close?
We're a close family,
it's just my sister,
my parents and me.
Now you're bringing
someone new into the family?
Larry tells me your
fiance is African-American.
Is that correct?
And your parents have
no issues about that?
No, they love her.
The boy who was shot, he's
African-American as well.
Is that correct?
Do you generally get along
with African-American people?
Why is everybody
trying to paint me
like I'm some kind of racist?
You know it could
have been anybody.
That bullet went through a wall.
I couldn't see who it was.
It could've been
a Chinese family,
it could've been a white family,
anybody living in
that corner unit,
so this has nothing
to do with race.
How do you feel when someone
describes you as a racist?
I grew up in Brooklyn.
There's black people everywhere.
I'm fine with black people.
I don't see things the way my
parent's generation sees it.
How's that?
They, they grew up in China,
you know, where
people are homogenous.
So how do you think they feel
about African-American people?
They used to be
scared of black people,
because of the news.
But you know, and
as police, you know,
we, like statistically speaking,
the crime rates are higher.
But also that has
to do with like,
economy and education.
My parents' friends are
not as diverse as mine,
but they've been
here a long time.
They understand the
world that we live in.
They understand that black
people are not bad people
and that Chinese people are
not better than anybody else.
[Holly] Hi Mike, this is
Holly Crane from News26.
I just wanted to know
if you'd like to comment
on the press conference
this morning.
Perhaps we can set
something up in the studio.
Also, it might be good if
Candace can join us as well,
I know our viewers
would really love
to hear her perspective
on everything that's hap-
- Thank you for
coming here today.
Due to the heightened tensions
on both sides of this trial,
I ask that people remember that
Officer Tan is innocent
until proven otherwise,
but with the recently
acquired testimony
of Officer Ryan Doheney,
it is my determination,
that the initial filing
of manslaughter in the
second degree is justified.
[banging on door]
Come on, Ryan, you shit!
Open the door!
[banging on door]
Open the door! I
know you're in there!
I know you're in
there fucking asshole!
Turn the fuck around.
What do you want?
Did you ever give
a fuck about him?
Did you ever care
about Mike, at all?
You don't know what
you're talking about.
I know that he wouldn't
even be in this mess
if it wasn't for you,
so don't act like you're
so innocent in all of this.
We went after a guy,
cause that's what we do,
we're fucking cops, we go
after people who look shady.
People who look shady!
I'm not the one who
fucking shot someone.
It was an accident.
His gun went off.
And how is that?
My gun didn't go off, cause
my hand wasn't on the trigger,
because I didn't pull it
out when I didn't need to.
You're a fucking asshole.
I hope you drown.
[jazz music playing]
You're back early.
What's all this?
I thought I'd
cook dinner for you.
I'm almost done.
So I've got 20 minutes
before I have to take
that out of the oven.
So, take your pants off.
Hold on let's just slow
down for a minute all right.
What's up?
Look, it's just
that I just got home,
I need a minute, okay?
Yeah. Fine.
Hey, I'm sorry.
It's fine.
[music ends]
What is your problem?
Is it so offensive I don't
want to have sex right now?
We always do everything
you want, when you want it.
I'm trying to do something
nice for you, okay?
Well maybe you can
ask me what I want.
Instead of jumping on top of me.
You know what? Forget it.
You don't appreciate anything.
I don't appreciate anything?
Do you know what
kind of day I've had?
Why do you think I'm
cooking for you, asshole?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about Ryan.
Karma will come back around.
Candace, I-.
Go back to sleep.
I gotta go. I have
meetings all day.
But maybe we could grab dinner?
Sounds good.
See you tonight.
Oh shit.
[Holly] Hi. This
is Holly Crane.
I'm not available-
[ominous music]
Excuse me.
For deliveries you
have to call up
and have them come meet you.
Not delivery, I'm
here for News26.
Your name?
Mike Tan. I'm not on the list,
I'm here to see Holly Crane.
Yeah, I have a Mike Tan
here to see Holly Crane.
I see.
She's not at her desk.
Sorry, but you're
gonna have to wait.
I'm gonna need to go up.
23rd floor.
Hey, I'm so glad I caught you.
Mike, I saw your missed calls,
I was just about
to get back to you.
Sit, sit.
I just wanna make sure that
you don't use the photo
on the news tonight.
I'll even give an
interview if you need it.
It's just really important
that you do not use that photo.
It's already up
online, you know?
Our digital department
posts everything
almost immediately now. It's
been up since last night.
[Candace] Hey, this is
Candace. Leave a message.
[voicemail beeps]
I'll let you guys talk.
Please let me explain.
I don't wanna talk about it.
I made a mistake.
You know ever
since this happened,
I've had people come
up to me and say,
"How can you be with
someone like that?
Candace, you're black, how
can you marry a racist cop?"
And I tell them, "You don't
know what you're talking about,
he's not like that."
I stood by you. And in case
you haven't noticed, Mike,
I am black.
Well, I guess you have.
Babe, please let me explain.
[ominous music]
I think we did it,
because after the response
we've been getting
since the interview,
and after that
photo you published,
I really think the
tide's beginning
to turn in your favor.
The opinion polls are up 20%,
and I think by the
time we go to trial
you're gonna have the support
of the entire
Brooklyn community.
Things are really looking up.
I think we're gonna
win this thing.
Mom, I told you that the
cleaning lady comes once a week.
When do I have time to cook?
[Chao clearing his throat]
Make better decisions.
Ba, what's wrong?
I don't want your
mother to hear.
What is it?
You wanna tell me why I
found a gun in my house?
You found a gun in the house?
Don't play dumb with me.
You remember what you
promised your mother
when you started
this police thing?
We were in danger.
When you bring a
gun into our lives
you put us all in danger.
You wanna get yourself killed.
No one was gonna get hurt.
Did you think anyone
was gonna get hurt
when that boy was shot?
It only takes one shot,
whether it's on purpose or not.
You know how much your
mother wants grandchildren?
You know if something
happens to you,
she might never
have grandchildren,
you wanna take
that away from her?
And you know Grace is
not gonna give us any,
you think we don't know?
You are her only chance.
You are so selfish.
Your whole life, you
think about yourself.
Why don't you think
about others for once?
Do you have any idea,
how a mother feels
to lose a son?
Your mom would never recover.
You get that gun
out of my house.
[water boiling]
Did I wake you?
She left early.
I got it, Ma.
[dramatic music]
Thanks, Mom.
Buzzer's broke.
[doorbell sound]
[Felicia] One second.
Mrs. Wiggins?
I understand if you don't
want to speak to me.
But I just wanted you to know,
I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you that,
I'm gonna go to the DA tomorrow,
and tell her
that I'm guilty.
I just wanted you to be
the first one to know that.
I'm sorry I took your
son away from you.
Chief. Hey.
Hey, can I just-
if I could just talk
to you for a second.
I have to get home.
Chief, please.
What do you want?
Candace won't
talk to me and I-
- I don't blame her.
What is it you
want me to do, Mike?
You want me to explain to her
why you plastered her
picture all over the internet
saying, look I'm not a racist,
I got a black girlfriend.
I made a mistake.
You made a choice.
Now you have to live with it.
Goodbye, Mike.
[suspenseful music]
[phone buzzing]
[Candace] You need to
leave my dad out of this.
Candace, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I don't wanna hear it.
You know, all I've ever
asked for is honesty,
and I thought we were
in this together,
and you tricked me.
You did exactly what the
department does to my dad.
You're no better than they are.
I got scared.
I'm gonna go to the DA tomorrow,
I'm gonna tell them I'm guilty.
I took his life, and his mother,
she's never gonna see her son
again and that's my fault.
Can I see you?
I don't know what
it is you can say.
We don't have to say anything,
all right just stay
there, I'll be right over.
How you doing tonight, sir?
No, no, it's not
what it looks like.
- Don't move!
- I'm a cop!
[gun shot]
Shots fired, shots fired,
near 93-near 43rd and 1st,
we need a bus immediately.
[Woman on Radio] Copy,
shots fired at 43rd and 1st,
[indistinct talking on radio]
[talking on radio]
[phone ringing]
[somber music]
[Candace sobbing]
[somber music]