A Silent Voice: The Movie (2016) Movie Script

"Quit part-time job"
Thank you for all your help.
"Sell belongings"
We can pay you a total of 30,000 yen.
I'll be withdrawing everything.
"I'll pay back your money"
"The last day"
Adapted from the manga
"A Silent Voice" by Yoshitoki Oima
"Koe no Katachi"
(Elementary School Class 6-2)
Director: Naoko Yamada
Hey, everyone sit down!
We have a new student today.
What is it?
You're lucky! It's a girl.
I'm not interested at all.
Well then,
please introduce yourself.
"For written communication"
"Nice to meet you. I am Shoko Nishimiya."
"I want to be friends with
you all through this notebook."
"Please use this notebook
when you need to talk to me."
"I can't hear."
"Hi, Nishimiya-san. I am Miki Kawai."
Hi, nice to meet you.
Hey, Nishimiya-san, can you speak Japanese?
Nao-chan, be a little nicer...
"Once again please."
Ah ha...
What did your friends call you?
I give up, I give up!
I see, "Sho-chan".
That's same as Ishida.
She is called Sho-chan, too.
That's so funny.
What? That's not funny at all!
Please write down what I'm saying.
From pages 20 to page 25, and drills on page 32.
That's what will be covered in the next test.
Give me your notebook.
First, "fulcrum". The point
that supports the strength.
Next, "the effort point",
the point from which strength is taken.
The point that supports the weight
is the point of loading.
With these three points,
You are starting too fast.
I will
teach you the timing, OK?
Then, let's start again from the beginning.
How will we do in the
upcoming chorus competition?
We just lost, didn't we?
That's the penalty for saying weird things!
Ouch, ouch!
So today
I missed what the teacher
said again because of her...
I'll lend you my notebook.
Thank you.
I am not wrong.
That's why I will never say sorry.
What a poor reading, Ueno.
Crap. That's enough. Next!
What the hell, ugly glasses.
From this sentence.
Ztop do be zdabborn aboud zach zings.
Mom zayz dizgazdingly,
bud I ave no indenzon do zay zorry.
OK. Good. Next, Ishida.
Really? Unbelievable.
Hey, Ishida! Stop that!
Ha ha ha...
Please let me know what you are talking about.
Let's go home.
Bye-bye, Nishimiya-san.
Hey you,
At this rate, aren't you going to
drag down your classmates?
I'm Kita, I'm in a special education class.
Today I wanna talk about "Shuwa" or sign language.
Write as "speaking with hands"
and pronounce "Shu-wa".
As the word says, Shuwa means
speaking by using your hands.
Isn't it amazing?
Sign... language...
So I am proposing a three-minute lesson
of sign language everyday morning,
to understand Shoko-chan even more.
Isn't it enough to use her notebook?
It's easier for Shoko-chan using sign language.
It's easier for me using the notebook.
I'll learn sign language.
"Teach me sign language for Sahara Miyoko"
Sa - ara
I - jo - ko
Got it!
Sa - a...
Good job getting brownie points.
I love him so much. He is so handsome.
I agree!
He will be in the drama next
week. You must see it!
Don't you think her clothes are ugly?
Stop that, Nao-chan.
The author described through this work...
After the experiment,
manganese dioxide should be...
Hirose, you write on that side.
What are you doing, Ishida?
You better stop that!
Ishida, you are going too far.
No, no, that's how it should be.
You're a terrible guy.
Nice, nice.
It's really nice.
"Congrats, Nishiyama-san.
Sahara-san went away because of you!"
That's so bad! Who wrote such nasty things!
Too bad!
I... will... kindly...
erase it for you...
All erased.
"Thank you."
You are welcome.
Let's go.
Joumon-era was...
Hey, Ishida.
Class is not over.
I see. I'm sorry.
Well... I forgot what I was talking about...
Well, what kind of house
were they living? They lived...
Are you so surprised?
Hey, Nishimiya-san.
Does this mean you can actually hear?
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, too.
Can I see it for a second?
What is that? Gimme.
Oh, what is this?
It's filthy!
Oh my god,
Nishimiya-san, are you OK?
What should I do....?
Hey, you went too far.
Crap, ugly glasses is so annoying.
What? Go away.
Don't interrupt.
What is she doing?
Let's go home.
"I'm sorry."
You liar!
If you want to say something to me, say it!
Stop it, you are disgusting!
Oh, Nishimiya-san is funny!
Shoya, you are blushing, aren't you?
No, I'm not!
Let's go.
Oh, is she serious, Nishimiya-san?
It's unbelievable!
See you tomorrow, Shoya.
Well, today I have a topic I
want to talk about to you all.
It's about Nishimiya-san,
who is absent today.
Yesterday we had a call from
Nishimiya-san's mother.
She said eight of Nishimiya-san's
hearing aids have gone missing
or been damaged in the past five months.
Nishimiya-san's mother is worried
that she is being bullied at school.
If any of you know anything about any bullying
or similar harassment addressed to
Nishimiya-san, please let us know.
We hear her hearing aids are very expensive.
So please confess, before your
parents get involved.
Hey, Ishida!
We all know it was you.
Stand up right now!
What do you have to say? You sit next to him.
Well... so...
He was just joking around... I tried to stop-
What about you, Shimada?
I'd been saying
"Hey, stop it!" to him,
but Shoya wouldn't listen.
Hey, Shimada,
We all did this together, didn't we?
And, the girls said terrible
things about her so many times.
Especially Ueno and Kawai.
How cruel you are...
I never did such things.
Why are you telling such lies?
Ishida-kun, you were terrible too.
You made her cry.
Huh? Why is this still here...?
I see. Yes.
I'm very sorry.
I see. I see.
Thank you for calling.
Wait a minute, Shoya!
I just got a call from school.
Why are you all wet?
Shut up! I jumped in the river like always.
Wait, Shoya.
Did you cause trouble with someone?
I don't know.
Is what your teacher said true?
Y... Yes!
Get ready to go out right now.
We have to meet Nishimiya-san.
(Mizuho Bank)
Sho-chan, let's go home.
Be a good boy from tomorrow, OK?
Huh? It's missing...
Great men and women experienced
hard times, and...
What is she doing?
Hey, what are you doing with my desk?
What were you doing? Disgusting!
Same smile again.
Don't pretend to be a good girl!
If you wanna say something to me, say it now!
You are always showing that disgusting smile.
You are angry, aren't you!?
Say something!
What you are doing!
What do you mean!
Doigg mah bezd...
I'b doigg mah bezd!
What are you saying!
I cannot understand what you are saying!
She is so disgusting...
Nishimiya-san has transferred to another school.
Hey, the class journal was not submitted today.
Who is in charge?
And, who is in charge of the flowers?
"Sign Language Study Club"
Hi, Shoko-chan. Hello.
Do you remember me?
I was your classmate in elementary school...
Shoya Ishida.
H... Hi.
Here it is.
I came here to give this to you.
This is what you left behind.
You're asking, "Why sign language?"
I learned it.
So, here...
You might not want to see this again.
I... and...
Can we be...
Damn, what am I saying!?
H... hey, you said so in the past.
I finally understood what you said...
Oh... Please don't cry.
Please don't cry, Nishimiya.
Can I be friends with you?
Sho-tan, wake up!
Sho-chan, wake up!
Good morning, Maria.
Sho-tan woke up!
I'm leaving.
Bye bye, Mom!
Here, Sho-chan.
Let's eat.
Dig in!
What's with the smile?
Because of...
You worked hard,
and you sold everything, even the bedding.
I'm delighted for all of your effort.
By the way, Sho-chan...
Why did you try to kill yourself?
Yeah, actually,
It's a long story you know,
But it's because...
I knew it...
I knew it!
I knew something was going on with you!
Your room was extraordinarily empty,
your phone was out of service,
and the calendar...
Pages after April were torn off...
Right now promise you will never try to
kill yourself, or I'll burn this.
For earning the 1,700,000 yen
you worked so hard for!
Hey, are you listening to me!?
Don't be stupid, mom...
You are stupid, what an ungrateful child you are!
Hey, well, ah...
I'm really sorry.
I'll stop.
I'll stop. I'm sorry.
You'll stop what, say it clearly!
I'll stop trying to kill myself!
I'll stop trying to kill myself!
OK, that's a promise.
Hey! Mom!
Hey, water, water!
Yesterday, I thought about
killing myself by jumping into a
river from some very high bridge.
The reason I went to meet Nishimiya because
it was the final formality before it.
It was the biggest challenge of my life
but the story has changed...
Stupid! Why did I say such a thing!?
When I just entered junior
high school, Shimada said,
You'd better stay away from
a guy named Shoya Ishida.
He is...
a bully.
What I did back then had
all come back to haunt me.
I fully realized
that I had to take full
responsibility for what I had done.
And I was isolated.
Good morning.
Well then
Translate these sentences by the next lesson.
Can I collect your math
homework if you finished it?
Oh... sorry, I forgot it.
OK, I see.
Please finish it soon as
the deadline is coming up.
Yes, I will. Sorry.
Let's have lunch outside.
"You can see Ishida-kun is always alone."
"Everyone knows it."
Oh, really?
"Oh, he is looking at us as always."
"Isn't he feeling desolate,
always being alone?"
"He will always be the same."
"Why is he still living?"
H... Hi, here it is.
I just bought this limited edition, and...
I quit being a fan of them.
Me too.
That's the reality...
I remember that hair.
Who is he?
I wonder,
can I meet Nishimiya again?
She said she feeds the carp in the river.
Do I have a reason?
Can I see her to apologize for what I did?
She said she will be there every Tuesday.
Would it be weird if I see her again?
I'm home.
You surprised me.
I'm very sorry for what happened this morning.
I burned the money you worked so hard for.
But I didn't want to use any of the money
that you saved to die.
Sorry, I'll save up again.
You can take your time, OK?
Are you hungry? Let's have dinner.
Hey you, why don't you lend me your bike?
Oh, I remember that guy.
I left something behind.
I want to go home and get it.
Huh? What are you saying?
You should use your own bike.
I asked you 'cause I don't have one.
Stop it please.
Hey, don't resist.
Oops. Stop it!
Someone please help me!
Oh, dear.
Please, please help me! Help! Help!
Shut up!
Stop resisting!
H... hey.
I... I'll lend you mine.
Really!? You are super!
It was ripped off...
Actually, today of all days is Tuesday.
Does this mean I should not see her again?
Of course I still can go on foot,
but it seems as if something
is telling me not to go.
I need an excuse.
Something very smart,
and natural reason to see her again.
A discount coupon for fresh baked bread?
That's it!
Uh... Is Nishimiya-san here?
No, she isn't
She is, isn't she?
No, she isn't
Shoko Nishimiya isn't here.
Sorry but,
are you really a friend of Shoko?
I found a rat.
A big creepy one.
Don't be afraid. It won't come again.
Why... is he here?
O--Oh, there you are!
Look! Look!
A bike! It's yours, isn't it?
Good timing!
Huh, you were lucky that your
address was written on the bike.
Wh... where was the bike?
It was abandoned in a rice paddy!
I was looking all over for it!
I'm glad I got it back to you!
Is something wrong, Ishida-kun?
Your name?
Oops! I'm Nagatsuka!
I sit just behind you in the class.
Oh, I see.
Won't you eat some bread?
This is so good, Nagatsuka-kun.
Good morning!
H... Hi, good morning!
Why don't we hang out after school?
Because we are now friends.
Ishida-kun, come here, come here!
What's wrong with you, Ya-sho?
Ya... "Ya-sho"?
Sounds like a "big friend", doesn't it?
Anyway, what are you worrying about?
You can tell me anything,
cause we are true friends.
What is the definition of "friends"?
Is it a kind of license,
or right or something like that,
to become friends with someone.
Hey, Ya-sho.
Give me your hand.
Hey, hey.
This is friendship.
I think, Ishida-kun,
friendship exists beyond words and logic.
License? No such things are needed.
It's a ridiculous idea.
She is not here.
She is, isn't she?
She isn't!
Huh, who are you anyway?
I'm Shoko's boyfriend.
Oops!... Dropped.
Um, it isn't about that,
it's just that the bread...
But, really?
Nishimiya likes younger guys.
I'm a little surprised by that.
OK, can you at least give this bread to her?
This is very good bread.
Don't come here again,
if you only want to ease your guilt.
Are you satisfied?
Then bye.
Hey boy!
My friend wants to see Nishimiya-san!
Stop complaining and bring her here right now!
Nagatsuka-kun, why are you here?
I followed you.
Sounds like a behavior of best friends?
Haha, so the friend of a turd had a turd hair.
Hey, you turd-hair!
Wh---what are you saying?!
Say that again boy!
Turd-hair, turd-hair, turd-hair!
What's happening?
Is that Yuzuru-chan?
Oh, no. They are fighting.
You, small boy!
Stop it, OK?
This is enough, so let's go home.
Oh? Aren't you the boy from the other day?
I--it's not like that!
Nagatsuka-kun, sorry for leaving you!
Crap, she found him.
Good for you, Ishida-kun!
Hey boy.
You are peeping now, aren't you?
Let me use it now!
Ishida-kun is waving his
hands and doing something!?
It's sign language.
Wow, I didn't know he knew that.
Hey, you can read sign language.
Then translate it for me!
Who was that turd-hair just now?
I don't know any turd-head.
Ugh, he was so creepy!
S-T-O-P J-O-K-I-N-G!
Leave me alone!
Be careful not to fall, boy.
"I was not sure if it was
OK for me to see you again."
"A kind of license to be friends with you"
"I have been for looking you the past two weeks."
"An excuse to"
"See you again"
"I have been looking for one."
"I'm glad."
"I thought"
"the same thing as you."
"That is so strange."
Nishimiya, here you go. Bread,
To feed the carp.
Feeding them is fun, isn't it?
Oh, I just remembered.
Y... you should not read it
too much!
Hey! wait, Nishimiya!
Oh! She fell!
What!? Something happened to Ishida-kun!?
Hey, boy!
Oops! Ishida-kun fell to the river!
Why did you do it!
Oops, what is this creepy thing!?
Sorry for dropping the notebook.
See you.
Shoko, you are such an idiot...
Ha ha...
Did you see this?
Hey, isn't this guy Ishida-kun?
"See you again"
Can I?
This is Ishida-kun, isn't it?
This guy.
What's this?
Ishida-kun, come to the
teachers' room right now.
"Notice of short-term suspension
from school - Shoya Ishida"
"I am very sorry that I jumped
into Suimon River from a bridge,
where it was prohibited to do so, and...
uploading that photo to the web..."
Hey, Shoya.
Sorry but could you pick
up Maria from the nursery?
I'm suspended from school
and prohibited to go out.
It will be OK if you
do it quickly. Please!!
H... hey!!
Maria, let's go home now!
Someone is in there!
Hey, are you OK?
Aren't you Nishimiya's boyfriend?
You'll catch a cold.
Huh? Oh, the rat.
What are you doing here?
...Why don't you get angry with me?
I am the person who uploaded the photo.
Oh, you did it.
I did it.
I am relieved to hear that.
I would like to know the reason why myself.
Get mad at me.
I cannot.
Originally, everything was my fault.
I am hungry!
Then I'll go home.
You go home, too.
Ha ha, you have a kid.
It's not mine, my sis's.
Hi Yuzuru-chan,
Please eat enough!
What about sis?
She is working late today.
Maria, isn't it too hot?
No, it's good!
Yuzuru-kun, why don't you eat?
Hi, Yuzuru-kun!
What's the matter with you.
I was worried when you disappeared in the night.
Here! An umbrella.
Anyway, use it!
Well, please use it now.
Thank you.
Well, excuse me.
I knew that.
Here! I'll give you these.
This was mine, but
I don't use them anymore.
You can have it.
Why did you run away from home?
I had an argument with Shoko.
That's kind of typical
for couples, isn't it?
I used Shoko's shampoo without her permission.
She told me she doesn't need me.
Hey, you two are living together!?
Use your umbrella.
You have only one, don't you?
It's my fault, I brought only one umbrella.
I don't want Nishimiya's
boyfriend to get wet and sick.
Hey you.
What kind of a man you intend
to be? A hypocrite?
You like taking care of a poor stray cat?
Or do you make fun when doing it.
And you also made fun of her
hearing disability, I know.
And now you learned sign language, huh?
What's this?
Do you think you changed into a good person?
You are disgusting.
I see.
It's natural you know what I did,
Nishimiya would have told you.
Yes. You are right.
I'm the worst human being alive.
I'm the one who doesn't deserve to live.
But, at least,
I thought I can prevent
Nishimiya from crying again.
Of course, I have no intention
to interfere with the two of you.
No intention. Ever.
But, actually,
It's about myself, too...
Thanks, we're here.
I'm very sorry that you
believed everything what I said...
But actually I'm Shoko's...
You understand?
You are her little sister!?
Oh, Nishimiya-san's mother...
Hey, let's go.
Hey, that hurts!
I'm very sorry...
I'm home.
Hey, sis!
I'b zorry, I'b zorry!
It's all right, no problem.
I wanna drink gramma's beefsteak plant juice.
You shouldn't be friends with that boy.
The same goes for you, Shoko.
We can decide by ourselves.
Both of us.
Hey boy!
Nice to see you!
Why are you here today?
To return his umbrella I borrowed the other day.
Oh boy.
You are doing a good thing.
Nagatsuka-kun, she is not a boy...
She's Nishimiya's little sister.
Of course, I knew that.
I'm glad to see a friend of
my best friend Ya-sho.
He is my classmate,
Hey, hey!
I got a new smartphone.
Do you have a smartphone too?
Then I guess you enjoy texting?
To whom?
Your classmates?
Oh, that's nice.
Then do you have someone you want to add?
The address of someone you'd like to know.
Great, then my address is...
Sa... Ha... Ra.
Sahara-san? The classmate
from elementary school?
Ya-sho, Ya-sho!
Are you going to look for Sahara-san?
Cut it out. That's not true.
But I really think Kawai-san is very clever.
But Mashiba-kun is also...
I... I have
something to ask of you.
Do you know the phone number
or something to contact
Sahara-san, our classmate
from elementary school?
Sorry, I don't know,
But I know her school,
as she goes to the same high school as Nao-chan.
Taiyo Girl's High School...
Shoot! I don't have enough money.
Use this.
What!? I don't need that much!
Don't mind, Ya-sho.
When you need travel, meal,
and then love hotel expenses,
So it's safe to have that much.
Here we are!
My sis says
She's pissed at you since you are looking
for a old classmate without her.
So take her with you, Ishida.
Are you tired?
Thank you for today.
I was happy to hear that you are
trying to look for Sahara-san for me.
I heard a lot about you from Yuzuru.
I'm very happy to be with you today!
Walking from here...
It's me! Sahara!
Do you remember me?
Huh? Ishida-kun?
Heh heh heh.
Long time no see.
I continued to study sign language after that.
Is this correct?
I disappeared from elementary school
I'm sorry.
I have been thinking of Sho-chan for long time.
I'm happy to see you again.
And surprised as well.
Uh huh...
Oh, really?
Huh, and now,
What high school do you go to now?
I see.
And, hey, your chest has grown.
What's your cup size?
I think I'll check for myself!
Where are you going?
To the restroom.
Hello! We are handing out
discount coupons for you!
Discount coupons!
Discount coupons!
Here you go!
"Meow Meow Club"...
From: Sahara-san
It's great that you learned sign language.
And thank you for bringing us together again!
Sahara is really something.
I could never be like her...
Can I bring Ueno along, too?
Huh? That's impossible, you know?
Yeah, I know, I know.
I think so, too.
Let's go, Nagatsuka-kun.
Now is the time to go to the "Meow Meow Club"!
Can I help you?
How long are you going to stay?
One hour, please.
Can we use this coupon?
Yes, you can.
I can't believe it! He actually came...
Well, I don't know how to say it...
What did you expect?
You're in the same boat.
No no. Don't be stupid.
I was simply interested in your old friend.
Yes, your friend.
Is she here?
Actually, she's not a friend.
Then what?
It's a little complicated.
Something happened during elementary school.
She doesn't seem to be here today.
Let's go home then.
Oh, really...
Hi, you came!
I came to play with Maria.
By the way, will Nishimiya be
pleased if I gave her this pouch?
A cat!
Sis, I've got something for you!
I'll leave it here.
Go, go!
Wait, wait, what is it!?
Long time no see!
Yeah. Long time no see.
The girl over there is Nishimiya, isn't it?
She seems still alone, ha ha.
Poor kid!
Ishida! It's been really a
long time since seeing you.
Let's hang out together sometime.
No thanks, I'm good.
Ishida, you hate me, don't you?
Not really.
I have been thinking
I should have talked to you earlier.
I'm sorry about what happened
back in elementary school.
Ueno, please get off my bike.
Why does she have the pouch of the
cat caf I'm working in?
Why? That's weird!
I gave it to her.
Oh... I see.
Nishimiya-san, long time no see!
Are you doing well?
H... hey!!
Huh? Why are you wearing only one?
Ueno! What are you doing!?
Throwing it away, just like the old days.
Sorry, Nishimiya.
Are you kidding, Ishida?
Wait! Wait a moment!
Are you two going out together?
No, it's nothing like that.
We're just friends.
Don't make me laugh!
You are friends with the girl you bullied?
I don't follow you!
Oh, I understand now.
You feeling a sense of guilt?
Ha ha.
Ishida, you have became such a boring guy.
Now you two are playing friends!
Ha ha ha.
"What were you two talking about"?
N--Nothing special.
Well, I have to leave now.
See you again.
I'z mornigg.
I'm awake. You surprised me.
Bregbazt, lez eed now.
Wait, wait, before that...
What's happened?
Ponytail? Why?
What a weird face!
I'll make sure Ishida sees her!
"So much carp. Shortage of
bread and feeding manpower."
"You MUST come."
Whea are yu goig, Ijida-gun?
"Where are you going?"
I'm going to the bread shop.
Yuzuru asked me to buy bread to feed the carp.
Yuju muzt habe id. Yuju only
wand do ead bi herzelb.
Hey, Nishimiya!
Ijida-gun, ju don'd need do go
Wait, wait. Sign language! Sign language!
Iz mai voize stranze?
Oh, sorry.
It's perfectly fine.
W--well, I have to go now... the bread.
I'll see you.
Huh? Is that for me?
Can I take a look?
...What are these?
...Thank you very much.
...ige... oo...
About this?
I... ige... moo...
I lige moo!
It's beautiful.
Ni... Nishimiya!?
(From: Big friend Nagatsuka)
"How about we go out and see a movie now?"
Hey Nagatsuka-kun,
Does this remind you of the moon?
Huh? I cannot see this as a moon.
It's not candy.
Nishimiya gave them just now,
but I'm not sure what these are for.
What's the matter, sis?
"I said I like you to Ishida-kun"
Eh, really!?
"But he couldn't understand what I said."
Wow, you have changed your hairstyle.
Why the change? What happened?
It matches you so much!
Stop, stop it everyone.
I was in a bit of rush this morning, that's all.
But that looks great anyway.
Hi, Kawai-san.
Why you have changed your hairstyle?
I didn't have any special reason to do it.
I see.
That's what girls do, you know?
By the way, Mashiba-kun
said he wants to be friends with you.
Why... why are you here today.
I'm Sahara, nice to meet you.
Me too. I'm Mashiba.
Hey! Stop doing that over my head!
Miyo-chan, long time no see.
By the way, where is Nishimiya today?
Sis went home, she had a stomachache.
I wonder if she is avoiding me...?
Why do you think so?
The other day,
She was trying hard to tell me something,
but I couldn't understand what she was saying.
Huh, what did sis try to say?
I cannot even understand
the simple words she says.
I guess that would make her mad.
If you want to know if
sis is avoiding you or not,
why don't you invite her out for something?
If she is angry, she will say "no".
That's a good idea.
(From: Ishida)
"We are planning to go to the amusement park,"
"I was thinking maybe we can go together?"
Hi all, let's start with that roller coaster!
Follow me so that you don't lost!
Hey, why is that girl leading us?
I don't know.
Who's that girl?
She seems a bit too familiar with sis.
Ueno?... Why?
Is she Shoko's friend?
From when we were in elementary school.
Can I sit next to you, Sahara-san?
Yeah, of course.
Is everyone all ready?
Then let's start.
Sahara-san are you OK being with Ueno?
I'm in the same class with her in high school.
I'm learning a lot from her
taste and design for clothes.
I had been scared to ride this
when I was in the elementary school.
I was a coward at that time.
But I changed my ways a bit.
I decided to ride it before I
decide if it is scary or not.
Actually, I am still scared a bit.
Here we go!
Hey, are you OK?
Your legs are so trembling, Sho-chan.
"Are you OK?"
Ha ha.
It's fantastic that you can use sign language!
You did your best to learn
sign language, Ishida-kun!
Hey, is this hand yours?
You are so rude to my best friend Ya-sho!
Huh? I simply want to be friends with him.
No, don't act like a child!
Nagatsuka-kun is so funny!
My permission is needed
when you speak to Ya-sho!
Nagatsuka-kun, is your hair natural one?
What!? Don't be silly!
Hey! Stop touching my hair!
Mashiba-kun, go faster!
Go, go, Ya-sho, go!
Can I...?
Am I allowed to have this much fun?
But it seems it...
What are you doing?!
Can it be...
I want to eat "takoyaki" ball snacks.
Let go and buy it together.
What!? Hey!
Here's the takoyaki. Thank you for buying.
Thank you very much.
Hey, Ueno,
I don't want your kindness.
Shi... Shimada...
Wait, Ishida!
Sorry, but I'll text you later.
Are you angry?
No. I'm not angry.
Angry -- No.
I just thought
if you two meet again,
perhaps you could be friends again.
Things might go well if you two met again.
I don't want your kindness.
I did the same things to them...
You and me are alike, huh?
No. we are not.
We are alike.
We are not.
If Nishimiya-san hadn't come,
we all would still be happy.
Don't jump to conclusions.
But it's true, isn't it?
If it wasn't for her,
I would not have quarreled with Sahara,
and the friendship between Ishida and
Shimada would have not been broken.
I want to go back to the
time when Nishimiya-san came.
As for things with Shimada,
I simply did so intentionally.
Ishida, do you hate me?
Now I feel like riding the ferris wheel.
I want to it ride with Nishimiya-san.
Nishimiya-san, let's ride
the ferris wheel together.
Hey, Ueno!
Sis, take the camera with you.
I'm going to ride the jet coaster again.
Hello, Yuzuru-chan.
Shoya is in his room.
I got a highly confidential movie.
Movie from the ferris wheel?
Huh? What do you mean?
Peeping cam.
You know...
I hate you.
Let's not use it.
I'll speak clearly so that you can understand
and I'll listen to what you have to say.
During elementary school,
I couldn't understand you.
But, I think you didn't understand us, too.
That's why you bothered me
with your weird notebook
and always smiled insincerely.
You always said sorry when something happened.
So I tried something different.
I ignored you and talked
about you behind your back.
Those were my messages to
stop bothering us any more.
you still didn't understand and got back at us.
By ratting us out to the teachers.
As a result, Ishida lost his friends,
You shattered a lot of precious things around us.
I... I'b zorry...
Actually, I don't want you to apologize.
Our view was very narrow minded during childhood,
and we did our best within that limitations.
But I don't wanna tell you we can be friends now.
I still hate you, and
You still hate me.
But how about declaring a
truce between you and me?
So let's shake hands, even
though we both hate each other.
Zat'z nod gorregd...
I hade myzelf...
So what?
What's that?
Are you saying "I'm sorry" again!?
After all this time,
you are shutting your mind when we talk,
just as you did five years ago.
What do you think?
I want Nishimiya
to be able to like herself.
Ueno--san, right?
Yes. Ueno?
Did Nishimiya-san have trouble with her?
Why do you ask?
Kawai-san said they shared
a past in elementary school.
By the way, I was surprised
Nishimiya-san was really unable to hear.
Yes, she is.
Oh, I get it now,
she was bullied because of her disability.
I cannot forgive
that kind of bullying,
What do you think, Ishida-kun?
What do you mean!?
You're accusing me of spreading
what you did in the past!?
Hey, you're talking too loud...
After all, Ishida-kun has not
changed at all from the past!
You have always said the cruelest
things since elementary school!
What's the matter, Ya-sho?
Calm down, Kawai-san.
What are you talking about?
Ishida-kun used to bully
a girl in the past.
What are you saying, Kawai-san?
Don't be silly...
It's true.
Kawai-san also said
bad things about others at that time...
I never badmouthed Nishimiya-san!
What!? Nishimiya-san!?
Ishida-kun bullied Nishimiya-san.
I asked him to please stop doing that,
but he didn't listen to what I said.
He scared me so much...
Are you OK?
Sorry, Nagatsuka-kun...
I hate myself...
Hi, Ishida.
What's wrong?
No, nothing special.
Hey, Ishida-kun, you are already here!
I got your bag here!
...I asked her to come.
I'm sorry what happened in
the classroom, Ishida-kun.
I still think you were to blame.
if Ishida-kun apologizes first,
we can forgive him,
Mashiba-kun said so, and...
Stop it.
That's not the proper way.
We have no right to blame
Ishida for what happened.
That's not correct, Nao-chan.
What's not?
She's no different from me,
Nao-chan actually bullied
Nishimiya-san too.
You should not treat me like yourself.
You're right. We are different.
Completely different from you.
All you could do was watch and laugh
at her when she was being bullied.
How cruel of you!
Hey, Sahara, what do you think about this?
Nao-chan also said so many
bad things to Sahara-san.
I only said what was true!
Hey, answer now, Sahara!
At that time...
I... I was...
I was scared of both of you.
What!? Whose side are you on!?
I'm not on either side!
Stop it.
Everything was all my fault.
I hate that kind of logic.
Stop it, Ueno.
Don't jump to conclusions by yourself.
Ishida-kun, don't talk like that...
Stop it, Sahara.
You ran away in the past and regret it now,
as if you are saying, "I was a coward".
What is wrong with you, Ishida-kun?
Stop speaking, Kawai.
You only liked yourself.
I'm always on your side...
Don't say that. You really don't know me.
That's enough! I'm going home!
It's all right. I don't mind at all.
See you again.
I'm sorry, Ishida.
I shouldn't have come here.
Ishida-kun, you were really bad.
Don't talk to me, you outsider.
I thought we were friends.
Oh, by the way,
Next week,
the summer holidays will start.
Why don't we go somewhere fun together?
You'll hurt your eyes reading
something in such a dark place.
Yuzu, are you still worried about sis?
Gramma worries about you, Yuzuru.
You always care about your sis,
and don't take care about yourself.
You do the same thing, gramma!
You don't join senior people groups
and study sign language all the time.
That's just what I want to do.
Then so do I. I also do
what I want to do myself.
You are a very good granddaughter, Yuzu.
I don't think so.
I'm scolded everyday by mom,
and I have not gone to school for a while.
You have a very kind heart.
Shoko is also trying her best everyday.
I'm very proud of having
two very good granddaughters.
How about a sweet manju?
Yes, of course!
Hi Nishimiya.
I got some very fresh bread today.
This bread is
as wonderful as you,
What am I saying today?
Nishimiya didn't come today?
"Hi, Nishimiya, do you have
a stomachache today too?"
Nah, that sounds weird.
Hey, Yuzu???
I guess I'll go home now...
What are you wearing?
What? This is my school uniform.
What do you think?!
About what?
About school.
But it's summer vacation now.
Really, what's wrong with you today?
Can I ask something... Is it a kind of cosplay!?
It's a text from my sis. I have to go.
I'll take you. Where?
No, I'm good.
I will.
I'm really fine.
But you were crying just now.
It's got nothing to do with you, Ishida.
Yes it does...
At least, I want to think so.
I worry about Yuzuru.
Don't say what my grandma would say.
Then I don't care if you follow me.
Thank you Ishida.
This is far enough.
"Funeral service for Ito Nishimiya"
Hang in there, Yuzuru!
I'm still scared a bit.
(To: Nishimiya) How about
hanging out somewhere tomorrow?
Oh, it's beautiful!
C'mon, Nishimiya. Let's keep going.
Ha ha... I'm a bit scared.
What? Why did you say sorry now?
I didn't say such a ridiculous thing!
Hey, Nishimiya, how about tomorrow?
Let's hang out tomorrow, too!
OK? Nishimiya.
Nishimiya said that
I will be unhappy as long
as I am together with her.
The person who made Nishimiya unhappy
was me...
I want to see the ocean,
I want to fall in love,
even a monster has
a heart...
I don't know what to do next...
Nishimiya! Yuzuru, too!
Then let's go to see a movie!
Ha ha ha, That was really funny!
Hey, here I am!
What a great summer we had this year!
You agree on that, Yuzuru?
I don't know...
It's really full of happy times.
Hey, Nishimiya,
How about tomorrow?
Let's go out somewhere tomorrow, too!
We cannot go tomorrow, we have something to do.
Really!? Are you serious!?
What are you going to do?
I---is this OK?
Is it OK for me to be here?
Now that Ishida is assigned to help us
to make a birthday cake for our mother.
I---is that OK?
Your mom will slap me again, won't she?
It might be even more than that.
She might even kill you.
Oh, it looks delicious!
What? Why is this guy here?
Shoko, what do you intend to do?
Get out now...
Stop, mother! Today is your birthday!
You look good with this!
This tastes good!
It was good that you didn't get killed, Ishida.
Good job, sis!
By the way, Yuzuru.
I submitted some of your photos
to the prefectural photo contest.
Sho-chan wanted me to submit them for you.
But aren't all the photos kind of creepy.
Not necessarily.
Hey, why did you two do it without asking me!
By the way, there will be a
fireworks festival next Tuesday.
Hmm, I'd like to pass.
Let's go together.
Is it OK here? Yes, yes.
Well, I'm going to buy some fried noodles.
Let's go together.
Oh thank you.
Well, thank you for inviting me
to your house the other day.
Your mom...
Did she enjoy the party?
Basically she had no expressions, but...
When is your birthday, Nishimiya?
Oh, it has already passed!
You are 18 years old already.
Next year, let's celebrate
your birthday together.
I said "together" unintentionally.
I see.
I get it!
It's interesting.
Oh, where are you going?
But the fireworks are not over yet?
I see.
Then I'll go with you.
I see.
See you again.
What? What happened to sis?
can you go to our apartment to pick up my camera?
Good evening...
Oh, it's dark.
Nishimiya, I'm here!
Here it is.
I wonder if it's charged...?
Huh? Oh, we can see the fireworks from here.
Hi, Nishimi... ya...
Wait, wait! Wait a minute!
What are you doing?!
Why, Nishimiya...
Nishimiya, railing!
Grab the railing!
Please, God...
Give me just one more ounce of strength.
I won't run from my challenges im my life.
From tomorrow,
I'll look at everyone's face.
I'll listen to everyone's voice from tomorrow.
I'll do everything properly from tomorrow...
Ni... Nishimiya...
Ah, the scar I made back then...
Did I properly apologize for that?
Sorry, Nishimiya.
Are you still mad?
I should have asked Nishimiya
what she really thinks of me...
By the way, you know, I---
Sis made pancakes for you.
Maria will go out to see the fireworks!
It's cold...
and warm...
Hi, ma'am.
Hi, Yuzuru-chan...
I finally found you.
No one answered when I called the salon,
and entering the room was prohibited...
Oh, it's OK now.
He changed rooms today.
Let's go to the room together and see him.
Ma'am, well Shoko...
Nishimiya-san... I'm very sorry.
Sorry again for troubling you like this.
I am very sorry.
Oh, please stop this.
My son must have done
something wrong to Shoko-san.
Ishida saved my stupid sister.
I take full responsibility for this.
I'm sorry.
Please raise your heads.
It is important that
Shoko-san is OK. Isn't it?
So are you, Yuzuru-chan.
"Why in the world did
Ishida have to be injured!"
Don't pretend to be the tragic heroine!
Say something!
"I made a lot of trouble and bothered everyone,"
"so I'll apologize by killing myself."
"I am very sorry??"
You've got some nerve!
Hey, Nishimiya.
You are a real pain!
You, a person who thinks all the time
and keeps it all in their head without speaking,
is extremely irritating!
Who are you!
Oh, you must be Nishimiya's mother...
If you cannot raise your child,
you shouldn't have had her in the first place!
What are you doing?!
Stop it!
Stop it!
What are you doing!?
...Are you Shoko-san?
I... I'b zorry.
I'b zorry.
I'b zorry!
I'b zorry!!
What are you doing?
I thought seeing these photos
would change sis's mind about wanting to die...
What should I have done?
Crap, it can't be opened.
She's holding it shut!
Oh, Nishimiya-san?
How about going to the lobby?
I'll buy you a drink.
(Hospital rooms #400-417)
I heard what happened between you
and Ya-sho.
"I destroyed what Ishida-kun
created working so hard."
Do you mean what happened at the bridge?
Actually, Ya-sho accepted
a nobody like me.
At that moment I learned what real friends are,
for the first time.
Ya-sho is my "big friend",
so I am totally at a loss
until he wakes up again.
"I want to fix what I destroyed."
It's silly you tried to kill yourself.
Even you were hurt!
You are speaking too loud, Kawai-san...
Nishimiya-san can't hear
unless we speak loudly!
Everyone was worried about you.
Everybody has had hard experiences in life.
Everyone has, don't you think so?
we have to keep moving forward, loving ourselves,
as a whole including our weaknesses.
I am relieved to know you are OK now.
I see,
you are going around to meet
everyone who were at the bridge.
You are strong...
Honestly, I'm scared.
Even when Ishida-kun wakes up,
I don't have the courage to see him again.
I couldn't change myself.
I ran away again and failed to save you again.
I'm still a coward.
Yu bill jange brom now on,
Thank you for coming to meet me, Sho-chan.
Hey, stop it!
I found you...
Are you doing well?
strange, isn't it?
I think
I am going to die.
Tuesday is almost over.
No! Nishimiya!
What's this?
Hey mom!
Get rid of this!
Aha ha ha.
Are you all right?
I'm glad to know
you are OK.
I'm OK now too
...more or less.
Please don't make such a serious face.
And, let me say...
I am sorry.
I never really apologized for
what I did to you in the past.
In addition, for what I did after we met again.
So many things.
I used you
to suit my needs.
Actually, I want to
talk more
with you.
Perhaps that's all.
But my selfish behavior had hurt you,
and forced you to choose the wrong path
Noooo, Zat'z nod gorregd.
Begauze I had nod jenged,
ju falld.
I ab
dodally blamed.
Everizing would go vell
Ib I vend away...
I'b zorry...
Don't cry, Nishimiya.
Well, Nishimiya.
I talked to you in my dreams.
In the dream,
I had tried to give up many things in my life.
But I realized it wasn't the right thing to do.
I thought the same way as you.
But then,
I realized,
that it still wasn't worth dying.
I want to apologize to the others, too.
So, Nishimiya...
I want
you to
help me
What did I just do!
Sorry, but forget what I just did, Nishimiya!
Forget what I just said now!
Hey, customer! You've arrived!
Hey, Maria, are you watering the flowers?
You are a good girl!
You die? die? dieeeeeee?
Maria, Sho-chan was brought back to life.
I'm not dead, Maria.
Is that Ueno-san?
She took care of you when you were asleep.
You should thank her.
I heard you took care of me.
I'm really a good-for-nothing person...
Even now, I am more or less,
unable to like Nishimiya-san.
Huh, maybe it's best not
to force to change myself...
And, it was Shimada and Hirose,
who saved you when you fell into the river.
They asked me not to tell you,
but I wanted to tell you.
Welcome back!
Then I'll be going home.
Thank you.
Oh, it's too short, isn't it!?
No, no, you will be so cute with short hair!
Hi, welcome back, Sho-chan.
Huh, h... hello.
Hi, welcome to the salon...
I'm sorry for everything that happened.
No, I'm sorry too.
That's right. My son is immortal.
Hi mom, I'll go and pick Maria up.
What!? Who is that guy?
My daughter's husband.
He came back from Brazil.
And Sho-chan. Yuzu-chan is in your room.
Take some desserts from the refrigerator to her.
Is that the winter-season
uniform? That suits you.
By the way, take a look at this.
Oh, my. Great!
And take another look at this.
Oh, my...
Have mercy, kind sir!
You must help me!
Sure. Of course I will.
You have started going back
to school again, haven't you?
Yes. Shoko gave me a
good reason to go back.
Well, I will do my best.
I wanna meet her expectations.
By the way, isn't there
a school festival tomorrow?
Shoko Nishimiya: "Hello"
"Everyone said they are going
to the school festival tomorrow."
"I will meet you at the front
gate at 10:00, is that OK?"
Good morning, everyone!
Are you all OK?
I'm sorry for what I said at the bridge!
It's time to go!
I'm going to school!
Bye! Cheer up!
Is that what they are used for?
Nothing. I'm off.
Good luck!
Good morning!
Why don't we get going?
Hey, isn't that Ishida?
Huh? The guy who jumped onto the river?
Honestly, this is the first time I told you,
I don't really fit in at school.
I have difficulty looking at someone in the eyes.
So it is easier for me to look downward.
Huh? It's OK to look downward?
Ni... Nishimiya...
I can walk normally by myself, you know.
Thank you, Nishimiya.
This is my class.
Ishida-kun? Hey, it's Ishida-kun!
Are you OK now?
I think I have a stomachache.
Ya-sho, are you suffering
from a stomachache?
Hi, Nagatsuka-kun.
Good morning. Are you OK?
Why you are looking downward?
Oh, really? I don't know why.
Actually I came here to face you all.
But I might be a bit scared...
Hey, Ya-sho...?
I'm really really happy you came back.
If you... oops,
If you didn't wake up,
I would have lost everything.
Don't mind any more about
what happened at the bridge.
Such minor troubles will happen
again and again as long as we live.
So, Ya-sho, please, please,
never leave me!
I'm very sorry
for so many things.
thank you.
By the way, what happened to your mustache?
Consider it a sacrifice for your recovery.
Why is everyone here?
We heard Nagatsuka-kun's
calling Ishida-kun's name.
I see.
Kawai-san. You have the
you-know-what to give him,
don't you?
Huh... yes, I have it.
But it was a failure,
so we cannot give him that...
Why not? Let's just give it to him.
This is... "thousand paper cranes"
I really worked hard to collect a thousand,
but I couldn't! It is far less than a thousand...
I asked all the classmates
again and again, but...
I'm very sorry.
N--No, it's amazing!
It's enough.
I've never gotten anything like this before,
and I am really happy.
Thank you Kawai-san.
And, I am sorry.
I'm sorry too, Mashiba-kun.
Not at all. You are amazing.
You are becoming friends, that makes me sick!
You are always saying
such nasty things, Nao-chan!
Oh? Kawai-chi?
Are you looking for a fight?
Hey, stop it, both of you!
Oh... Ishida-kun.
I'm sorry, Ishida-kun.
You have been through so much,
while I have not changed a bit.
Don't say that.
I have not changed, too.
Hey, let's not talk about anything
sad or serious now!
You said sorry again!
But, I suppose that is your personality.
Stu--pit! (Ha / ka)
Stu--pid. (Ba / ka)
Stupid! (Baka!)
Hey, now I'm hungry.
I'm going to get fried chicken!
Oh, she ran away.
No, she was just embarrassed.
Hi, everyone,
I have a favor to ask you all.
Is that OK?
I want us to go around the school
together, during today's festival.
Hmmm, it tastes really good!
Let's go to the gymnasium next!
I'm amazed he can even show his face at school.
Hey, hey, the stall by class #B is really good!
Really? Let's go together!
Fell in love as
Ah... I fell in love...
Well, please raise your face
Then you can see I am here in front of you
So stop crying any more
You gave me special time even
when my heart had been broken
A red which was a bit tangled
A white which was a color
of corridor at that days
Beginning, last time, and now
I'll convey you carving on
petals which are fluttering
You and I reflected on raindrops
No one in the world knows
Ah... I fell in love...
I don't remember since when
How many times I cried
If I count it, it will take the whole night
I'll be puzzled...
What I want to convey to you now
has been same and not changed
since the past time.
The only one signpost
we can walk without losing our way