A Simple Event (1974) Movie Script

A SIMPLE EVEN Actors: Anne Mohammad Tarikhi,
Habibullah Safarian, Hedayatullah Navid
Director: Sohrab Shahid Saless
Hey boy, clear off the track!
The crow was cawing with pain.
The tree consoled him.
"It's life, friend. There's pain and then
there's happiness. Do you see my branch?
Its dry and leafless
but has still stuck with me."
The crow felt better and said:
"We share our pain.
If Im not disturbing you, allow me
to build a nest on this branch."
The tree said: "Its my pleasure.
You have wings
to fly and bring me back
news of the mountains.
My biggest wish is to know what
goes on behind the mountain.
Im certain there are cool springs.
Trees there arent thirsty like me. I yearn
for a river that can quench my thirst."
Who knows the meaning of that word?
Zamani, do you know
what quench means here?
It means to spray water.
To pour.
To sprinkle.
Keep reading!
The raven said "if I make a nest here,
you won't be so lonely and hopeless."
And I'll do everything
in my power for you.
Now that you've rested, I'll go beyond
the mountain to bring you the news.
He said it and flew off to the skies.
When he reached beyond the
mountain, he saw a valley
with pleasant weather
and flowing rivers.
And he followed a stream until
he reached the fountain...
with crystal clear water.
- Did you write it?
- Yes, sir.
You may go now.
Turn the light off.
All the species of the same gender,
and animals...
Where were you?
Go and sit!
And objects...
and also places which look identical
I said people...
Now let's talk about people.
Like, father... mother
and sister... and brother
Now we are talking about animals,
such as cows, camels, horses, cats.
Get out!
As I was saying, animals such as
cows, camels, horses, cats.
Now places:
such as alleys, streets, mountains,
plains, deserts.
Give me two loafs.
[Praying in Arabic]
Watch out. Its hot.
Go get some water.
Shut the door!
Although... they treated him... tenderly
Although... they treated
him... tenderly,
he wouldn't calm down.
He wouldn't calm down.
To the extent...
To the extent that the king...
To the extent that the
king became... restless...
restless and angry.
They found no way out.
No way out.
A wise man...
a wise man...
a wise man...
was present on that ship.
He said to the king...
He said to the king...
If you order...
I will...
quiet him...
quiet him down.
Him... down.
The king said: "You'll
be doing me a big...
a big
and... service..."
He asked
He asked
the scared servant
the scared servant
to be thrown into the sea.
Thrown into the sea.
All rise!
We are students of 5th grade.
30 students present. One absent.
This is the dictation class
with Mr. Zomorrodi.
Please take your seats.
I'm introducing you to Mr. Zomorrodi.
Pleased to meet you.
- What were you doing?
- Spelling practice.
He has memorized a poem. May he
recite it? -Of course, please go ahead.
Iran, dear Iran's our house.
Our homeland, our country, our nest.
It's our heritage from Cyrus and
Artaxerxes. We've inherited this land.
You see greatness around all borders,
From Khosrow, Toos, Giv, and Goodarz,
from the Hirmand to Vakhsh, which
Rostam travelled on his mighty horse.
Any brick that build this land,
bears the marks of our men's heroics.
The mountains and the prairies
have all been blessed by God.
The mighty people of this land,
brave and bold and pious,
Died with their souls in peace,
and left this land to us with honour.
Today, you splendid children,
that you rule on this mighty land,
do not rest on your inherited laurels.
Seek art, power and greatness.
Never be idle and leave the land.
Fight with your life to keep it in hand.
You, stand up!
- You!
- Who? Me?
No, not you. The one next to you.
Stand up!
- How far did you get in history?
- Until Shah Abbas the Great.
Explain the Ghaznavids dynasty to me.
Speak up! The Ghaznavids!
Haven't you studied the Ghaznavids?
The Ghaznavids!
Tell us about it!
Come on!
Hey you! Where do you
think you're going?
Come closer!
Give me that letter.
Read it out loud.
My dear uncle, hope you are well.
If you ask about us,
thanks to God, we're all well.
We are praying for you.
Naneh Badji is well too and says hello.
Abbas Ali is well and says hello.
The children send their regards.
Ramazan left for Tehran a week ago.
He hasn't written us yet.
Karim sends his special regards.
Karim's smallest son has
finished primary school.
Karim wants to sell the shop.
We are very well.
Naneh Badji says hello.
A few days ago Rajab was here.
He hasn't gotten his money yet.
I showed him your letter.
He said hello to you.
He wants to go for pilgrimage,
taking his daughter along.
To visit Imam Reza's shrine.
If you ask from us, we are praying too.
Haj Hassan's daughter married
Davood, Rahman's son.
Naneh Badji says hello.
She is very agitated.
I hope you come here in the summer.
So we can see you and your children.
Mohammad Khodabakhsh passed away.
Passed away. God rest his soul.
This is the same Mohammad who had a grocery
shop. Now the shop is closed down.
God rest his soul.
Mashadi Taghi too passed away.
God rest his soul.
He was very old.
Abbas Ali send his special regards.
Karim sends his special regards.
Go in!
I sent the files a long time ago. It should
have reached you in a couple of days.
For now, register with
whatever document you have.
If you're in a hurry, I will personally
follow it up for you.
No, don't worry, sir.
Thank you!
Your son doesn't study
hard. He is lazy!
They throw him out of
the classroom every day.
Do as you wish Mr. Head Teacher.
Why hasn't his father come instead of you?
-My father works from morning to night.
Mail this!
If your son continues like this,
he won't finish school.
Do as you wish. You have the authority.
You screwed up in front
of the inspector yesterday.
Return to your class!
Half of them...
Go to your seat.
At 3 pm...
left the place.
The other half, left
a quarter hour later.
Another half, left at
3:30 pm.
Again, another one half of them
left at 3:45.
And finally, Ali and Jamshid left.
Give me 2 rials worth of sugar.
Mohammad! Mohammad!
Go and fetch the doctor!
Wake up, your mother's ill.
Wake up!
- Who is it?
- It's me.
- Who are you?
- My mother's ill.
- Where's your house?
- Not too far away.
Is this the patient?
What's wrong with her?
She is dead.
Take this and eat at school.
I'm going to the cafe.
Why are you late?
It is the set of all points that are
at a given distance from the centre.
Go to your seat.
The name of this line is radius.
The distance between any of the points
and the centre is called the radius.
Everybody understood?
Now let's talk about a rhombus.
Rhombus has for sides.
It has four sides,
and two diameters, one
smaller than the other.
It has four angles, two acute angles,
and two obtuse angles.
- What was the problem with your mom?
- She had stomach pain.
Don't worry, don't worry.
We all die some day.
It was God's will. Don't be sad.
Be quiet!
Is there anyone left?
Sit down right now!
No, theres no one left.
Okay. Take off your jacket
so we can do yours.
Go sit over there!
- Give me that jacket!
- Which one?
- This one?
- Yes, that one.
Lets try it on.
- How much?
- 90 tomans.
What is this for 90 bucks?
It isn't worth that much.
Pay what you think its worth.
Give us a discount.
- For you, 85 tomans.
- 50 tomans!
No sir, I can't give
it away for that price.
Take it off.
What a rip off!