A Single Shot (2013) Movie Script

No, no.
"Dear tools...
"By now,
"I guess you know I'm gone.
"I couldn't take it no more.
"Not so much
my foster dad's drinking
and losing his temper..."
Gotta get a lawyer, Johnno.
It ain't gonna go away
by you ignoring it.
Boy, you been
mule-kicked in the head?
Who the fuck you think it is?
I thought...
Thought you was out... west,
on a bridge job.
Ah, the fuckin' bridge
is built, Johnno.
I'm sitting right here.
Who you been talking to?
Made you think I need a lawyer?
Yup. She waited on me
at Puffy's earlier.
Said she'd moved
into town with Nolan
and hit you
with divorce papers,
and you won't go get a lawyer.
Aw, shit.
That's old news, Simon.
Well, not to me, it ain't.
I been drillin' steel
out in Montana
these three months, remember?
Says she's gonna go
back to school,
be a teacher?
Know what the end of
the world is, Johnno?
When your heart stops
beatin', partner.
Anything else
is just a setback.
How good you'd get to know
Ira Hollenbach?
How good what?
When you worked for him?
Hell, I only worked
for him near a year,
before he and Molly got killed.
Knew him to be a decent boss.
Yeah, but look here.
Go and see my lawyer.
Daggard Pitt.
I don't want a divorce, Simon.
I want my family back.
Yeah, well, go
and see him anyway.
He'll take good care of you.
Thought you'd get away...
Did ya, John?
You know me?
It's a small town, John.
Daggard Pitt.
Uh, Simon Breedlove said
you'd be a good one
for me to talk to 'bout this.
Come on in, John.
Let's see what you've got.
Well, these were served on you
over 40 days ago.
The law doesn't allow
but 20 to answer them.
They got under somethin'.
The problem, thankfully,
isn't fatal.
I need your help.
Uh... I ain't
interested in a divorce.
Me and Jess don't
see eye-to-eye on that.
I'm so sorry.
She's got this idea
about the boy.
Your son?
After he was born,
she started to see things...
- Different.
- "Different"?
Yeah, all of a sudden,
she wanted more.
Now, I've always provided.
She can't say I don't provide.
I-I ain't lazy.
Says here you've had
trouble keeping a job
ever since your father
lost his farm?
No, sir.
I've had plenty of jobs.
Plenty of jobs,
just not for long.
I even took a job
at that creamery,
just to get her
a few extra things,
and when I lost that,
she... uh...
I can't stay cooped up
inside all day.
I was raised to farm.
It's all I know.
How can I help you, John?
She mentioned counselin', once.
I'll go now,
if it'll bring her home.
You tell her lawyer that.
I was acquainted
with your parents.
I represented the bank
when they foreclosed on
and sold their farm
to Cecil Nobie.
I felt awful about it.
We all did.
The bank did what it could
to keep your father afloat,
but the economy at that time,
and him having
overextended himself...
Then, of course...
him taking sick.
The question you have
to ask yourself is,
will you be
comfortable with me?
Simon says you're cheaper
than the rest of 'em in town.
That mean you ain't as good?
Compensation takes
many forms, John.
Mm. Main one says money.
I have no wife,
no family,
only my clients
and their often-sticky
and heartfelt situations.
I've known our friend, Simon,
for example,
through thick and thin.
How serious of scrapes
you got him out of?
Well, that's between
him and me, John.
Just as anything you tell me
as your lawyer
will be between you and me.
You're not wondering
about my criminal defense
as a result of
more troubles you've had
up in the conservancy, are you?
Your, uh...
Your poaching arrests...
Is it three now?...
Have all made the paper.
I'm afraid another one'll
cause you more serious problems
than just a couple of
weekends in jail.
There isn't something
of that nature
that might get in the way
of your custody
or visitation rights, is there?
No, sir. No, sir.
I don't want a divorce.
I want my family back.
You just delay matters
long as you can.
Appreciate your time.
Thank you.
You look pretty.
Friend of yours?
Just some guy looking
for some other guy.
What other guy?
Not a guy worth knowing,
called "The Hen."
You'd ever seen him,
you'd know the name fits.
You want to order?
Yeah. I'll take
a cheeseburger plate.
Cup of coffee.
What kind of cheese?
You know what kind, babe.
No. I'll get
a tossed salad.
You don't eat tossed salad.
Well, I thought
I'd give it another shot.
Doctor says it's good for me.
Make it a large tossed salad.
I hired a lawyer,
like you wanted.
I told him to tell your guy
I'm ready to go
to one them counselors.
Well. I think you ought to.
I mean together.
Oh, John.
I thought it was your idea.
That was before we separated.
We didn't separate.
You moved out.
With our son.
A day after I lost my job.
I know the timing was bad,
I got some things at home
for the two of you.
I'll bring them by later.
How'd that be?
What things?
Food things and money.
Can't you give 'em to me now?
I've got a class
until 8:00.
I'll come by after, then.
I'd really rather you
wouldn't tonight...
Why not?
You got a date?
I can't talk right now.
You can't talk 'bout it now,
you can't talk about it later.
When can you talk about it?
I'm sorry.
The hell you say.
Christ almighty.
I'll come by
and see Nolan then.
He's gonna be there, right?
It's not a good time.
I need to see him.
And you.
I got somethin' important
to tell you about our future.
John, I...
Lookit what you done my pants!
What about your goddamn pants?
They look pissed in.
We got some kind of problem?
What'd I tell you about
comin' in and raisin' shit?
Don't trouble yourself, Puffy.
We're good over here.
Ain't we good over here?
You get your pants cleaned.
We got 'er straightened out,
right, we got it
straightened out.
Drop the goddamned bag.
Is this... is this
1201 Belmont?
I ain't shitting you, man.
Okay. I think
I got the wrong house.
No. He don't.
That's John.
The husband.
I'm Jess's friend, Carla.
From Puffy's?
I'm babysittin'.
Shit. Where's Jess?
I didn't ask.
Are you watchin' pornos
on the fuckin' TV?
Yeah, well, we got
a constitutional right.
You got a fuckin' gun on me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I put it away.
And you're fucking
in front of my kid!
Well, he was sleepin'.
Till you woke him, John.
You best be gone, or dressed,
when I get back.
I don't want to see
your sorry ass naked
in my wife and kid's house.
Hey. Hey...
Hey! It's daddy!
Can you say "dada"?
Oh, shit.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Better let me have him, John.
What's the matter with him?
Oh, he just ain't
used to seeing you is all.
What do you mean,
ain't used to seeing me?
Aw, I know, baby.
I know.
What's the matter with him?
What'd you people do to him?
He's just a little scared
is all.
Yes, you are, baby.
Is that right?
I'm gonna tell Jess
what I found here.
Best believe me that.
How's that?
Say "bye-bye, daddy."
You know, the look on your face
makes me think
you do remember me.
I'm wondering why you can't fuck
in your own place is all.
Shit, you know how it is, John.
My dick's a basset hound.
I'm just the poor
son of a bitch
holding its chain.
I can't figure out why
you're still here neither.
Nobody lives here's
asked me to leave.
Yeah, well, most guys
who make assholes of themselves
don't wait to be.
Well, hell, John,
that was nothin'.
I mean, you should've come
a few minutes earlier,
got the same show
the pizza man did.
Should I put this
in the fridge?
It feels like
maybe it needs it.
You mad at me
for some reason, John?
I don't like guns
being pulled on me.
If a fucking lunatic madman
breaks into a place,
what would you do? Huh?
I don't like 'em
around my kid, neither.
Oh, come on, now.
A lifelong hunter
like you, John?
I don't believe that.
See, the truth is,
John, is I'm like you.
I am, you see,
a person who makes
good use of what he kills
shouldn't have to worry
what time a year it is
or whose fuckin' land he's on.
Does Jess know you're here?
Why don't you ask her?
I might.
You do that, John.
You do that.
And when you give Jess
her little bag of goodies,
you ask her
if she knows old Obie,
that's short
for "Obadiah," Cornish.
That's like "The Hen."
Well, no shit, John.
You know, we might
actually be acquainted.
Yeah? How's that?
Well, seeing's how as,
a number of years back,
old Obie Cornish
spent many a day
busting his ass for peanuts,
up and around that
old mountain you're on.
Back in town now,
after a lot of years,
only to find that
not much has changed,
except I understand
that you and yours had
a string of bad luck.
Money must be pretty tight
for you these days, huh, John?
I don't recognize you
from a clump of cow shit.
Ain't you gonna
leave the bag, John? Huh?
Do you know me?
I don't think so.
Then what are you looking at?
A face I ain't seen before.
I know this place
ain't upscale enough
to have
a rent-a-cop, so...
You must be
a concerned citizen.
Well, I just know people
who live on it, is all.
I wonder if we know
the same ones.
Where do the ones
you know live at?
They ain't home.
Well, then maybe not.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Pretty bad, huh?
Yeah. Right there.
Hold still.
Ah! Hey. Hey!
Well, I appreciate
your time, John.
Git! Hyah!
You got any work, John?
Yeah. Plenty.
Just not much
of the paying kind.
Grady's off
to college come fall.
Got hisself some smarts
from his mother, I guess.
I'm proud as can be
of that boy,
but he ain't never
took to farming
any more than that one has.
Can't hardly blame 'em.
World's pretty exciting
out there these days.
And for sure there
ain't no money in dairying.
I ain't never had use for
a full-time man before,
but once Grady goes,
it ain't right that his mother
should take up his slack.
So if you could
see your way clear
to working for me
on your old home,
I'm offering you
a job, come fall.
Good job. Long-term.
You run this farm better
than my daddy ever did.
That's the truth of it.
Him losing it
is no fault of yours,
and I thank you for your offer,
only I just, uh...
You got an interest
in that piece of junk
before it goes to the dump?
I might. I might.
Now, ain't that
a persistent son of a bitch?
That's twice in 24 hours
it's gone by
toward Hollenbach's.
Maybe after six years,
somebody's finally looking
to buy that place.
Got to be
from out the area, though.
Wouldn't ya say, John?
Nobody local's gonna
buy that place,
knowing its history.
Be like walkin' on
Ira and Molly's graves.
You believe in ghosts, John?
As much as I don't.
Yeah, sure.
Me too.
Yeah, as nice a piece
of land as it sits on,
I wouldn't live in that house
for all the gold in the world.
Hey, you remember a foster kid,
worked for Ira
a couple summers
before they was killed?
- Cornish.
- Yeah.
- Obadiah Cornish.
- Yeah, that's him.
Called himself "The Hen."
- Yeah.
- Pecker...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
'Cause I used to buy
a lot of stone
back in them days,
from Ira and, uh,
that looney-tune kid,
and your buddy,
Simon Breedlove,
would help me load it.
Simon and him worked
for Ira at the same time?
Didn't Cornish get fired
for stabbing a goat
or something?
No, it was his heifer,
he stabbed a heifer
in the heart.
He got shit-canned for it.
Hey, now I know that one
is like a big brother to you...
Yeah, and he can work
the tits off a mule
when he's sober,
but he goes on one of
his drinking jags,
that's a different
man altogether.
Yeah, but he can
take all comers.
You wanna hose off
before you go?
Nah. I'll wash up at mine.
Well, I hope the somebody
you got in mind for that
is gonna... gonna get
some good use out of it.
Ah, it'll need
a little work first.
Well, then the right man
salvaged it.
You'll get back
to me, right, John?
About the job?
You bet.
I want you to stay away
from the house, John.
All right.
You can't just go around
breaking through doors...
...And leaving rancid meat
in people's cars.
What have you been up to?
Did you...
John, for God's sakes,
where did you get that money?
It's for you and Nolan.
There's over $4,000 there.
I didn't trouble countin' it.
What's going on, John?
Are you all right?
Hey, you remember that farm?
Used to talk about
buying that farm.
You remember that?
You used to talk about it.
I-I don't want to live on no farm.
Sure you do.
No. I don't want to
live on a farm.
I love you, baby.
Stop that, John.
What's going on with you,
Who was that skeezy
piece of shit
fucking Nolan's babysitter?
About had me callin'...
John? John?
You're okay.
I'm right here!
I'm right here!
Dog got in the way.
Who is this?
You know, right?
How things get in the way?
What things?
If what you took
ain't back by tomorrow mornin',
ain't gonna be no dog
that shows up dead next.
I'm gonna find you
and I'm gonna slit your throat.
You hear me?
Do you hear me?
Here he is!
C'mon, y'all.
You taking visitors, Johnno?
The hell are you doin' here?
Oh, yeah.
- Hey, man.
- How're you doin'?
That's enough applejack for me.
You remember big Colette?
No, she ain't familiar.
No. Colette Gans.
Married to Ralph Gans.
You know, he got that
scrap metal yard in Cortland
we hauled a couple
demo wrecks up to
four or five years ago.
You know him.
Oh, come on.
She got a starter on her...
Yeah, why do you think
we call her big Colette?
Soon as you look down there,
you think you're lookin'
at half a man.
Gotta be careful.
That's her cousin, Mincy.
Yeah. She got
a lion tattoo
on the back of her hind parts.
Hind parts!
You be doin' me a favor,
you make that son of
a bitch roar for her.
Aw, shit, I don't know.
I don't know.
Think on that, bro.
One cousin's all
I can handle tonight.
I don't know.
Come on, John.
Old co-worker of yours
pulled a gun on me
last night.
Old co-worker of mine?
Yeah, at Jess's,
after I walked in
on him balling the babysitter.
Obadiah Cornish?
Calls himself "The Hen."
What the hell?
Last I heard,
that motherfucker was doin' time
up in Greensville.
Well, he ain't now.
He got a hard bark on him.
He was one them
the police talked to
that night old Ira and Molly
got sliced up.
Where's that old
hound of yours?
He's usually all
slobberin' up on me,
time I get here.
He was shot dead a few hours
before you got here.
By who?
Somebody I didn't see.
Well, somebody must've
had a reason, John?
No. I'd guess not.
Well, shit.
Must've been a reason.
We're gettin'
awful lonely over here, boys!
Does he got himself a date?
Oh, fuck.
See what's happening?
Simon said.
Oh! Geez!
Well, I'll lead the way.
Ah! Oh!
Simon said you might
take some convincing.
He tell you I got a wife?
He said she left you
and that you needed to
get your mind off it.
Yeah? Hah.
Feels to me
like you already have.
Where's my watch?
The rain'll ruin it!
Help me find it, please!
I had it since I was five!
This it?
Yes! Woo!
Yes, darlin'?
Wrong number, Johnno.
I had me
this breather one time,
so I breathed
right back to him.
I started huffin' and puffin',
like I was about
gonna blow my nut.
Mister pud-puller
gets so scared,
he hangs upon me!
Cops'll trace
that shit, if you ask 'em.
I wouldn't ask 'em.
I wish you two hens
would quit your clucking.
Like two ball-peen hammers
with feathers
bangin' in my head.
You still hunting with
them deer slugs, John no?
Ain't this fun?
Would you get lost somewhere?
You ask me nice.
- Mincy
- Mm?
Come on. Come on.
Go on outside
and get in the caddy.
Rude mean old guy.
I'll tell you what, Johnno.
A woman is about
the awfullest trick of nature
on God's green earth,
you'd better believe it.
I'll see ya.
Steady, boy. Steady.
You scared us to death!
I'm sorry.
I took you for somebody else.
Who'd put a fright
like that into you?
Steady, boy. Steady.
Shh, shh, shh.
Jesus, John moon!
Must've dozed off.
In the rain?
With Mr. 12-gauge?
I thought I might
see a pheasant.
Or a deer?
I'd never tell on you for it.
You gonna take that job
he offered you?
Oh, I ain't had
much time to think on it.
You ought to.
Not everybody gets a chance
to do what they love
and get paid for it.
shit and milking cows?
And I'm daughter to one,
just like you.
Daddy had to work in a factory,
he'd die.
Yes, ma'am.
In my summer school
economics course,
we're studying
on profit-sharing.
You know what that is?
No, I don't,
but I bet you're gonna
tell me though, ain't ya?
Uh, it... well, it's when
employees get to own
a piece of the companies
they work at.
Was me, I'd suggest
something like that
to daddy.
I-I'd tell him
I'd take that job,
if part of my pay
could go toward
buying a piece of his farm.
You want me to buy back
a piece of my own farm?
John Moon.
If you keep looking back,
you ain't never gonna get ahead.
Maybe you ought to worry
about losing your inheritance.
I won't need one,
I'm gonna be a millionaire
by the time I'm 30.
I got a thousand ideas
how to do it,
like making you
my daddy's partner.
You got it all
figured out, don't ya?
I have faith in you.
You're only gonna make
my inheritance bigger.
Your daddy know
what they're learnin' you
in school?
I appreciate you
not discussing it with him
when you go to him
with my ownership proposal.
You will think
about it, won't you?
Be careful back in them woods.
It's slippery underfoot.
Don't you worry about me.
I'm an experienced horsewoman.
Whatcha doin'?
Well, I was bird-huntin'.
In the trailer?
I just got back.
Well, I just came by
to pick up some things.
What things?
My clothes are still
in my closet.
Well, I can't keep
wearing the same thing
all the time.
Why not?
I think you look great.
Can I come in?
I'll get them for you
so you ain't got to see how
the place has gone to hell
since you left.
I'll bet.
Good to see ya.
Cecil Nobie offered me
a full-time job the other day.
Soon as Grady
goes off to school.
Yeah? Well, you'll be
too proud to take it, won't you?
Is that what you think?
I was fixin' to see
if he'll agree to let me
buy a few a his heifers
to start my own herd with.
It's called
That right?
What do you think about that?
Well, I think
Cecil'd be getting
a hell of a bargain
for whatever it costs him.
I gotta go.
"Yer wife, yer kid.
"Hand over the money,
or... bang! Bang!
Why don't ya call the law?"
Come on, Jess, come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
Where's my family at?
I don't know nothing about it.
You don't know
nothing about what?
I don't know nothin'
about nothin'...
Especially not about
where Jess and Nolan's at.
Well, sister, you'd better
get smarter in a hurry.
Get off, John!
She don't talk to me no more,
thanks to you.
Where's he at?
You know your boyfriend
kills cows and dogs for fun?
What are you smilin' at?
You keep smiling,
and I'll snap
your fuckin' wrist.
That psycho
is not my boyfriend.
I hear from him
when he feels like, is all.
You know where I can find him,
though, don't you?
John, I know
he don't like surprises,
and if he's wantin'
to see somebody,
he'll find them.
Why don't you just
give the man an answer, Carla?
I ain't got the one
he's wanting.
Maybe you ought to
try a little harder.
I'm obliged to you
for the support, fat man.
You're a real prince.
You know, there was
a real pretty
young thing in here
just yesterday,
lookin' for a job.
She had two things
that you don't...
A pleasant demeanor,
and tits
the size of cantaloupes.
Told her to leave her number.
I'll bet she's just
holding her breath.
Where's he at?
Where's he at?
He's movin' around nights.
Try the Bonanza.
That wasn't so hard, was it?
You best not come around
for a few days, John.
If he broke somethin',
you're payin' for it.
Not hurrying away
from a bad
Puffy's lunch special
are ya, John?
What say you detour with me
away from whatever
you're rushing from, or to,
back to my office,
to sign those papers
I told you I'd draw up?
Not now.
Wait. You're not agreeing
to anything, remember?
We're just protecting
your rights.
Later, Pitt.
Not too much later I hope.
Shall we say this afternoon?
Maybe, uh...
Maybe there's another matter
you'd like to discuss?
Other than the divorce, I mean.
What matter?
I hope I'm not stepping
over the line, John.
It's just I-I know
you've been under
a lot of stress lately, and...
Well, I hear things.
I'd hate to see
your whole life get ruined
for a mistake or two.
And it's not just
your life, John.
What'd you say?
There's a boy to think about.
He ain't in this.
Well, of course,
he's in it, John.
He's your son.
Most problems, John,
aren't as bad as they seem.
Thing is,
you got to deal with 'em
before people
get backed into corners.
You got somethin' to say,
spit it out.
There're so many overlapping
interests in a small town, John.
It's a small-town lawyer's
cross to bear...
Then, too, there's...
There's the law.
My only problem
is getting my family back.
If you can't help me with that,
I ain't got time to talk to you.
Hey, hey, mister,
can you give me
a ride back to town?
You believe
them titties is real?
Well, they ain't.
It's a man, got plastic tits,
pussy made from the skin
off his own leg.
Doctor cut off his dick
and had them things sewn on.
Can I help ya?
A guy named Cornish
staying here?
Can't say.
You can't say, huh?
Long arms and legs?
Gangly, tattooed son of a bitch.
You seen him?
Oh, maybe got him an alias.
Guess he don't want to
be found.
Don't wanna be found, huh?
What room's he in?
Room seven. I'll call,
tell him you're on your way.
I'll go on down there myself.
And I weren't
never here, neither.
You's one of them
Fitch boys, ain't you?
I ain't no Fitch boy.
Open up.
Room service.
Aw, hey, man.
What you been up to?
I went to Hawaii.
What do you fuckin' think?
Waiting for you to turn up
with the money.
I been on the case, man.
I been on it.
Yeah? You been on it?
Fucking-a, man.
Shit's had me on the run.
Two days, I've been
keeping my guys sweet.
If you don't turn up
with the money,
we gotta ding ourselves
for the fuckin' drugs.
You understand that?
You get that?
You gotta trust me.
I am this fuckin' close
to gettin' that money back.
If you can't trust
your cellmate,
who can you trust?
Goddamn straight.
Assholes on the outside
got no fucking idea.
It's when you get on the outside,
you realize you spend your time
with thieves and murderers,
and fuckin' liars.
Yeah. That's right.
It's like we're all
in one of them big clubs
you get in a college.
What do you call that?
Fraternities, you moron.
Yeah, that-that...
That's what it is.
Where's the fuckin' money at?
Listen, man,
this fuckin' Woodchuck
that lives up
by the quarry has g...
Don't talk.
What's his name?
John moon.
I just ain't sure
where he's hid it, man,
but-but listen,
I've got someone real close
to his wife and kid
working with me to find out.
There's no...
You sure he's got it?
You seen it?
No, but I know he's got it, man.
Where's germ at?
I don't know, man.
Maybe she went
to her mom's or something.
Bullshit! She would
never run away from me.
Where is she?
I don't know.
Maybe she got scared
or something, man. I don't...
You're fuckin' lyin'!
Don't fuckin' lie to me!
Where's my girl?
She's dead, man.
I found her
in that container, man.
God's truth.
She's... she's dead?
I didn't want to tell you.
I didn't want to blow
the fuckin' deal, man!
I didn't do it!
Your terrorizing tactics
have put me
in a very delicate situation.
I thought we'd agreed
I'd handle John moon.
I'm wonderin' if
John moon's a donut-eater?
Is this what you want?
That was my last crull...
I'll kick your ass.
Where is she?
- John...!
- Where's my sow?
John, I know you're angry.
Just let me talk t...
Where's my wife?
Where is she?
Jess came to see me yesterday!
Next thing you say better be
'bout where she's at.
I'll snap your fuckin' neck!
I told her, as your attorney,
I wasn't allowed
to talk to you,
but she insisted!
You pick up that phone
and you call
who's got my family.
Your family?
John, John, I-I...
I think you're confused.
Jess asked me to talk to you.
She's up on oxbow road.
I'm not supposed to say.
She's scared, John.
She said she'd tried
to understand you,
but she couldn't make any sense
of what you were saying
about this money,
or where you got it,
that you were acting
as if it just fell out of
the sky into your lap.
She doesn't know
what terrible things
you've done
or-or-or what repercussions
it might have
on you, or her,
or-or especially Nolan.
- You threatenin' me?
- Mm...
Don't play games with me.
I already know
you're workin' for 'em.
John, I don't know...
Cut the shit!
How'd they come by this money?
How'd they come by it?
I didn't ask,
for the same reason
I won't ask you
what it is
or how you came by it.
If, let's say,
it's ill-gotten gains,
then I'd be legally obligated
to turn it over to the law.
That, I think,
is something all parties
would like to avoid, yes?
Call Waylon.
Waylon, yeah. Call him.
Oh, Jesus!
One who's working with Cornish.
I think we ought to
talk to Obadiah.
We ain't gonna be able
to talk to Obadiah. He's dead.
Now you call this Waylon,
and you tell him you got
the money he's owed.
Where's he at?
J-John, I... I-I...
Don't know who you...
I don't know no Waylon!
What're you doin' here, Johnno?
Son of a bitch, Johnno.
You got a gun on me.
Yeah, how 'bout that?
I think I'll just
go back to sleep.
Tried to wake up, but no way.
Look at these, Simon.
Why's your name on this?
Found that
in Obie's hotel room.
Don't think I don't know
you was goin' through
my shit the other night.
What're you
talking about, John?
I was there, Simon.
Set down, John no.
I'm gonna get you a drink.
You're gonna get me a drink?
Maybe a couple girls, too.
You serve me up?
I wasn't gonna
let 'em hurt you, Johnno.
Talk to me, Simon.
Did you shoot Mike?
I don't shoot dogs, now.
Go on!
Get outta here!
Go on, get outta here. Get!
You serve up
my wife and kid, too?
Let's just talk about this,
Yeah. Let's
talk about it.
Let's talk about it.
- Let's talk about it.
- Alright.
Gettin' my shit through to you
right now?
You tell me.
Talk to me, Simon.
You'd be doin' me
a favor, Johnno.
You know what
a big ol' pile of cash
would do to a poor man,
don't ya, Johnno?
You been drinking?
Like a rich man.
There you go.
I was up at the Bonanza
two days ago with big Colette,
hiding out from her old man,
when he moved
all my livestock in here.
The son of a bitch.
And damned if I don't run into
that hen shit-for-brains.
Still got his convict tan
and surprised as hell
to see me.
He give me some old cockamamie
bullshit song-and-dance
about he was gonna look me up
soon's as he got his hands
on that stash,
and swearin' up and down
that somebody snatched it
from where he dug it up
after it were buried,
and got a good mind
is was you, Johnno.
Thought of that cash got to be
like a cancer in my gut.
I known you 20 years.
This ain't you.
Ira and Molly was supposed to be
gone that night.
At a fireman's dance
or some shit.
I ran into Obadiah
at the pink lily over in Raburn.
Now, that had to be
'bout three, four years
after Ira shit-canned him,
and he claimed
he'd been holding on
to Ira's safe combination
all that long while,
and all we had to do
was just walk right in
and open it.
I figure,
there's a safe in it at all,
all that's gonna be in there's
the two weeks' wages
Ira shorted me.
I tell you, God's honest truth,
Johnno, the drunker I get,
the more reasonable
the most un-fuckin'-reasonable
things seem to me.
We walk in through
the front door,
except that hen can't crack it
with the number
he got writ down.
So he says "fuck it,"
he is gonna run upstairs
and grab some of Molly's jewels,
make the trip worthwhile,
and I ain't real happy
about him ransacking the place,
so I stays right downstairs,
go over to the fridge there
and grabs me a beer,
sat down and watched some TV.
15 minutes don't pass
and here come Obadiah down,
covered in blood,
talkin' 'bout how Ira'd
straightened him out
on them numbers,
and I runned upstairs,
and Molly's dead, thank God...
But Ira's still breathing,
bleedin' like
Jesus stuck on the cross,
and staring at me with a look
that'll follow me
into the ground.
I finished him off...
Just like I would
a wounded deer.
Ira treated you decent.
Molly too.
Old Ira weren't bullshittin'
all them years
about being
a rich man neither...
But that much you know,
huh, Johnno?
Hen said it best we split up,
him taking the cash
back through the conservancy,
and me winding down
through the hollow,
to where my car was at.
I reckon he'd planned all along
to stash whatever we took
till he got out.
Now he's out.
Don't take that little
pencil-dick Cornish
just for bluster, Johnno.
Well, he's dead now.
Got his throat slit.
Should not've done that, Johnno.
Even if he did
have it comin' his way.
I didn't do it.
Your friend did.
I don't got no friends, Johnno.
Except you.
Well, you got
a queer way of showin' it.
I wasn't gonna let
him hurt you, John no.
Wasn't gonna let 'im hurt you.
It's just the money they want.
What'd you take that
money for, Johnno?
What'd you take that
money for, Johnno?
What'd you take that
money for, Johnno?
You stupid bastard.
What'd you take
that money for...
One bullet'll take
your head clean off, Johnno.
Let it go.
Relax, man.
John moon.
What you doin' here, darling?
I brought you
some homemade bread...
And fixings for a few meals.
I'm going to make you
the first one myself.
Are ya? I'm lucky.
What you got there?
Italian Hoagies, my speciality.
Oh, your speciality, huh?
Mama's worried, me too, John,
you're up here
fading away to nothing.
Aw, me, I'm all right.
You don't exactly
look all right.
You don't smell
that way either.
Yeah, well, I was
chopping wood up the hill.
I bushwacked down
to get some clean plugs
for my truck.
Go jump in the shower,
John moon,
while I fix you a nice lunch.
Go on!
Make me just one.
Then I want you to get on home,
you hear me?
Hey, Abbie.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Takes a little work...
Finding room for it,
with all that's in there.
I'll do it.
John, are you okay?
Yeah. I'm just...
I'm tired.
Real tired.
It's the wind, John,
against the shutters.
Yeah, I know.
We gonna eat?
Let's get you fed.
Was on the news this morning,
about a murder
in town yesterday,
up at the oaks.
Police aren't saying who,
only that it's a fella
with a long record
and roots in the area.
They see anybody in particular?
Mm, a woman who was
staying in the room
two down from the dead guy,
and a man a maid saw with her
not long before
the body was discovered.
What is troubling you, Diablo?
Jealous, must be.
I sure hope you used protection
with whoever she was
kept you out so late.
Weren't nobody but me
kept me out.
Gentle, but strong,
with a good sense of humor?
All you need to be
a woman's perfect catch,
John moon, is a secure job.
You leave a radio on inside?
Guess I must've.
I'll go turn it off.
You go on home.
What? Why?
Your folks'll be wondering.
My folks aren't home,
no one is.
Plus, I'm not done eating.
You go on home
like I told you to.
I'm not going
anywhere, John Moon.
Please don't hurt her.
Just let her go.
I'll give you the...
I'll give you the money.
Throw your gun down here.
Throw it down!
Pull your knife out.
Now go get that rope
and tie her up.
Get the rope!
Let's go!
Tie her hands up.
Tie her fuckin' hands
up, will ya?
Fuckin' tie, I said.
Tie tight.
It was an accident.
I took her for a deer.
A deer? Right.
Now get her feet.
Tie her feet up.
Where is she?
I buried her, up in the woods.
I can take you there right now.
No way. Corpses
give me the creeps.
If I could do anything
to take it back, I would.
Did you fuck her?
I found a letter on her.
Said she loved you.
Said you was gonna
take her to Hawaii.
You read my Ingrid's mail?
You take me for
a fuckin' idiot?
Alright. Alright.
Where's my money?
It's up the hill, up yonder.
I could
take you there right now.
Just leave her be,
and you and I'll
go up there togeth...
No, no, that ain't how
it's gonna play out.
See, you're gonna go
fetch my money,
and I'm gonna stay here
with... what's her name?
Yeah. Abbie.
And I'm gonna get
real well acquainted,
just like you did
with my Ingrid.
Just leave her be,
and you and I'll
go up there right now.
- Where's your truck?
- Let's you and me...
Where's your truck?
It's up there. It's up...
It's halfway up.
Got a weapon in it?
I ain't got no guns.
You took all my guns, man.
- You swear it?
- I swear.
You swear on your life?
I swear on my life.
Now, you see, I want to
trust you, John,
but you killed my girlfriend.
I'm gonna find that hard.
You understand that?
Now I need me some insurance.
- John, put your hand out.
- You don't need to, trust me.
Put your hand on the table now.
you cow-dumb
son of a bitch.
Your gun hand.
Think I'm fuckin' stupid?
You don't have to do this.
I was talkin' about...
Open your mouth!
Put your fuckin' hand
on the table now!
Sick of the sound of you.
Now, bite down, real tight.
See, now I trust you, John.
Now go get my money.
Aw, Jesus.
Alright, go inside,
get yourself a band-aid
or something.
Go on.
Your boyfriend
ain't made of much.
It's gonna be alright.
You're a pretty little thing.
You might wanna hurry on back
and get yourself a piece.
Gimme a holler, John!
Where you at?
Check in with me.
I'm at the truck!
You got the money?
I gotta dig it out first!
Take a few minutes.
I'm coming as fast I can!
Don't die on me out there.
Hurry up, John!
Easy, darlin'.
Easy, darlin'.
He ain't gonna hurt you no more.
I promise.
You all right?
It's over.
You all right?
Up you go.
Up you go.
Whoa. Easy.
Go call the sheriff.
John, you need
to go to the hospital.
I'm fine. Go on, now.
You have to have that looked at.
I'm all fine.
I got something
I gotta go do first.
Go on, now.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Son of a bitch weren't even...
Weren't gonna take you to Hawaii.
That's who you died for.
Gotta dig it deep enough so nobody...
...Digs you back up.
That's from your daddy.